Chapter 18 Expecting The Unexpected

Chapter 18

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“And when do ye plan on headin’ out?” Chibs questioned while flicking his ashes into the ashtray.

“Maybe this coming weekend?”

The Scot nodded.

“I think it might be fur the best.”

Ava regarded her husband in surprise. She hadn’t expected it to be that easy. Chibs cleared his throat and went on to tell her about his ‘little’ encounter with Jimmy O’ and what all was said. This was his reason for agreeing in the first place. Ava laughed however when he got to the part about Jimmy threatening to have her take Fiona’s place. This had the Scot cocking a brow.

“Now that’s a joke in itself. That bastard truly believes he stands a chance?!”

Chibs drew back a breath on this.

“Ava… He will say and do whatever it takes.”

“Well he doesn’t know me, now does he?” She darkly uttered.

That’s what concerned him most. He knew Ava was no Fiona. Jimmy could torture Ava to the ends of this earth and she’d never give in. She’d find a way out. But he didn’t like the possible outcome to that. He ran his fingers along his scars in thought.


He lifted his head and his eyes locked with hers.

“I can deal with Jimmy. It’s like you said. He’s on SAMCRO turf now. He doesn’t stand a chance. He only thinks he does. And he’s going to do whatever it takes to make you believe that as well.”

“I know… I’ve gotten a taste of that already.”

She grimaced and ran her finger along one of his cuts on his face.

“We should watch Braveheart!” She randomly threw out.

Chibs reared back on this.

“What’s that hafta do with this?”

Ava headed to the fridge but with a smile. She opened the freezer and tossed Chibs an ice pack. He put it to his eye and waited for an answer.

“Have you ever worn a kilt?”

“Where are ye goin’ with this, lass?”

“I just wanna be there when you paint your face and give your William Wallace speech. Cause it’s going to happen and I rather pity poor Jimmy O’ when that day comes.”

“Aye.” He said with a grin of his own.



“That’s his name! You look like Morrison!”

“Back ta Braveheart now, are ya?”

“It’s uncanny… Kind of creepy if you think about it.”

“I look nothin’ like the bastard.”

“The hell you don’t. He could be your…” Ava refrained however remembering Rory.

Chibs caught on and nodded upon her.

“I get where ye were goin’, lass. Ye don’t hafta hold back on my account. That was a long time ago.”


Ava went on to make them some breakfast.

“Just let me know when yer headin’ out and I’ll have one of the prospects go with ye.”

Ava stopped what she was doing and looked to Chibs in disbelief.

“Um… what?”


“No. We’re not doing that shit again.”

“Ava darlin’, ye know I mean nothin’ by it. It’s fur yer own protection!”

“Protection? From what? The IRA? Clay? Jimmy? Come the fuck on, Chibs. I can’t continue like that and you know it! After all that shit with Toric, I gotta fucking breathe!”

Chibs closed his eyes then pinched the bridge of his nose.

“You want me to look for car bombs – got it! You want me to carry – got it! Hell, I’ll watch my every FUCKING move. But I refuse to keep up with this 24/7 nonsense. I’m in danger, no matter the day, or time, or year for that matter. So are you and everyone else around us! Now I don’t mean ANY disrespect to you – as my husband or to your patch. But I can’t and will not live like that and you wouldn’t either. Chibs, you gotta let me fight my own battles and trust that I can keep up! I mean seriously… What does it take to prove myself?!”

He came to his feet and walked on over. He planted his hands along the apple of her cheeks and looked her in the eyes.

“Yer right. I’m sorry. Ye’ve more than proved yerself. That’s just my overly protective side peekin’ through. Ye’d every right ta call me on it.”

Her husband put his forehead to hers and sighed.

“Pay yer respects and let the old man know I’ll visit whenever I can.”

He kissed her forehead afterward.

“Chibs… I…”

“Don’t. I get it.” The Scot sort of laughed.

The president placed his hand along the area of her heart.

“Ye always needed someone that could keep up with ya.”

She started to say something on this and he put a finger to her lips.

“Shhh… just hear me out. In return, I got someone that keep up with my crazy as well. I tend ta forget that. It’s not that I think ye incapable or weak. Hell, yer anythin’ but.. And at times, that scares that shite out of me. Cause ye swallow back that fear like it’s nothing and grab the bull by the horns. All I ask is that ye don’t take on more than ye can handle. Ye let me know if it ever becomes too much. We’re in this tagether now, darlin’. And don’t ye ever forget that. I’d stick around fur breakfast but I’m runnin’ late as it is. Make yerself a hardy meal and drink ye some coffee. Don’t ye fret over my stupidity. It’s gonna happen from time ta time because I love ya.”

Ava just stood there as he grabbed his wallet and keys and ducked on out. But the moment he was out the door she looked to the closet where she hid those files. Ava threw her frying pan at the closet and covered her face as she broke into sobs.

“Everything’s set up… We’ll head out this weekend.”

Chibs stopped what he was doing and looked to Opie rather stunned.

“That fast?!”

Opie couldn’t help but to smile.

“I got my ways…”

“Well shite, I’d say so.” He uttered whilst wiping the oil off his hands.

“At least we don’t have to worry about the Mayans…” Opie threw out knowing they’d be going through their territory again.

“Right? They’re a little busy fightin’ over the soap.” Chibs replied with a chuckle.

“OH SHIT!” They heard Jax holler and they snapped their heads that direction.

Chibs and Opie looked to one another then back to the scene before them. Michaela and Ima (one of the Cara Cara girls) were beating the shit out of one another.

“YOU WANT A RIDE. I’LL GIVE YOU A RIDE, YOU FUCKING BITCH.” Michaela roared getting the upper hand.

She took Ima’s face and slammed into the back of Jax’s bike.

“You like that?” She spat afterward and Jax was quick to pry her off Ima.

“Jesus!” He shouted and held his hands out in order to keep the two apart.

“So you wanna give her that ride, Jax?!”

He reared back on this and Chibs sighed.

“That’s right. I heard you. I was in the bathroom, asshole!”

Jax started laughing and Chibs winced back.

“Not very wise, lad…” He whispered as Michaela cut Jax a look of utter hell.

“Michaela, she wanted a ride HOME…” Jax reiterated.

“Oh please… she wanted more than that. Don’t you even pull that shit with me!’

Jax sighed on this.

“I’m only taking her home because her car is in the shop.”

“You’re not taking her home.” Michaela made clear and Jax reared back on this.

“Come on, baby. You know it’s not even like that.”

“Then it shouldn’t be a problem to have someone else do it.”

“Michaela, what’s with you?” He whispered looking awfully embarrassed.

“You think I don’t know what goes on during these ‘rides’ home?! This bitch in particular?” She said with tears in her eyes.

Jax recoiled as if the thought hadn’t occurred to him. He couldn’t argue that either. That was about typical. But he truly meant that he was taking her home, nothing more. Chibs shook his head. Jax had a lot to learn when it came to women and relationships in general. He wasn’t considering the fact that Michaela had just lost their baby and their relationship was taking a new and awkward spin. The Scot saw it for what it was. Michaela wanted something more concrete. Not so much a proposal but something from Jax’s end. Something indicating that she was his. Jax had made this very mistake with Tara. He didn’t think at times and it got him into a lot of trouble, more often than not. Ima was just ONE of the girls Jax had fucked while he was with Tara. He couldn’t afford to make that SAME mistake again. Chibs walked on over and nodded upon Ima.

“I’ll take ye home, darlin’.”

Michaela stormed off and Jax looked lost on what to do next. Chibs gestured towards his bike but shook his head as Ima leaned into Jax’s ear.

“Maybe next time…” Chibs heard her say before kissing him on the cheek.

“How’s Ava gonna feel about that?” Opie called as Chibs was heading towards his bike.

“I’m not fuckin’ her just given her a ride.”

“You do realize that…” Opie started to hint as to Ima’s expectations.

“Aye… I’m well aware.” Chibs was quick to interrupt.

“Well it was nice knowing you…” Opie teased and Chibs chuckled with a touch of nerves.

He knew Ava would kick his ass for letting another woman ride bitch seat. It was an unspoken rule amongst old ladies. They hated that shit. It happened but not always by choice. He wanted the heat off Jax considering everything he and Michaela had been through. He’d take Ava’s wrath and more than make up for it later, if it came to that. He walked on over to the bike and handed Ima his helmet.

“Hold on…” He called before heading out.

Chibs parked outside Ima’s place.

“You wanna walk me in?”

The Scot raised his brows as she was running her hands along his chest and down his crotch. He said nothing as he followed her into the apartment. But once they were inside, he shut and locked the door behind him. Ima smiled and offered Chibs a drink as she was stepping out of her clothes. Chibs picked up her bra and walked on over. He backed her up against the wall.

“Well someone’s antsy…” Ima murmured and went to kiss him.

Chibs stopped the kiss by covering her mouth and looked her in the eyes.

“Ye stay away from me boy… He’s got a good thing goin’ and yer not gonna mess it up by pullin’ that same shite like ye did when Tara was around. This one mean’s somethin’ to him, darlin’. And I’ll be damned if yer the one that goes and fucks it up fur him. Ye see, lass. There’s a reason ye and I have never fucked. I don’t particularly like ya. In fact, when it comes ta the Cara Cara girls yer just about the lowest of the totem pole ta me. Ye haven’t any issue in takin’ a man’s Johnson and givin’ it a good jerk and right in front of his old lady. Now I’m no saint and I’ve done my fair share of sinnin’ . But women like ye… lose all my respect. Clay might’ve been okay with that sort of shite. But I’m not.”

Chibs tapped his finger along his patch.

“Ye just keep that in mind the next time ye wanna go and start some trouble with me boys. Yer merely around fur entertainment purposes, nothin’ more. If they wanna dip their ink where it don’t belong, that’s their business. But I best not see ye encouragin’ it, unless they want it encouraged. Ye got me?”

She nodded and Chibs removed his hand.

“One day yer gonna pull that shite in front of the wrong old lady… If it had been mine, instead, we’d be makin’ funeral arrangements this weekend.”

Ima gave a touch of a grin and shook her head.

“Ah… ye think that’s cute, don’t ye? I tell ye what… I dare ye. The next time the old lady’s around. I want ye ta come on ta me. In fact, that’s an order. Ye need the rude awakenin’ and Ava… she’s just the one ta give it.”

And on this note, Chibs headed on out the door.

Ava let out a sigh of frustration as the manager let her know they weren’t hiring. That made her third attempt on trying to find a job. The second place had an opening but they were more interested in her stripping, rather than working the bar. Ava grabbed one of the local papers on the way out then scanned it over with a highlighter in the truck. She jumped however as there was a knock at the door. She narrowed her eyes and casually placed her hand into her purse, where her gun was.

“Can I help you?” She questioned once she rolled the window down.

“I couldn’t help but to overhear that you were looking for work?”

Ava nodded but kept her hand wrapped around that gun. The man smiled and offered his hand.

“Brian Goodman.”

The young woman hesitantly accepted.

“Ava Telford, right?”

She narrowed her eyes on this. The man nodded towards the bar.

“My apologies, I overheard you talking to the owner. By no means was I eavesdropping.”

“Are you sure about that?”

The man sort of laughed.

“Okay you got me, maybe just a little. What kind of work are you looking for exactly, if you don’t mind me asking?”


“Well how do you feel about driving about half an hour to and from work?”

“I stand by my last answer on that one.”

He had a good laugh at this.

“Well it’s no bar but do you know anything about data entry or keeping records?”

“I’m sorry but don’t you find this just a little awkward?”

He nodded and looked around the area.

“I’d think that if I hadn’t just fired my last assistant for embezzling…”


“I suppose I’m done with taking applicants. I’d much rather put forth the extra time and look for someone worthy enough.”

“And how do you know I’m this ‘someone’.”

“I heard what you said back there… You’re willing to put in the hours as long as you get a decent paycheck.”

“And let me guess you’re willing to offer that?”

He nodded.

“Just like that, out of the blue. You don’t know shit about me.”

The man smiled on this.

“You’re right. Forgive me. I’m clearly wasting your time. I wish you well and the best of luck.”

Ava lowered her shades and observed as the man headed towards his car. She glanced upon the wanted ads once again then back to the man.

“Hold up!” She called and exited the truck.

He pivoted back around and nodded her direction.

“You got a business card or something, at least?”

The man patted his pockets and retrieved one from his blazer. He handed it over and Ava nodded amongst herself.

“TPI?” She questioned.

“Trucks and Parts Inventory.”

Ava raised her brows on this. “Really?”

He nodded.

“Well that’s right up my alley!”

“Is it now?”

Ava smiled and the man smiled in return.

“Well how’s an interview sound… Say Monday morning around eight?”

“That can be arranged…” She said.

“Are you sure? You sounded a little hesitant.”

“Well I’m heading out of town over the weekend. But I should be back before then.”

“Oh? And where are you headed if you don’t mind me asking?”

Ava started to say but something within had her refraining.

“Maine, actually.”

“Ah well, if wish to get it out of the way we could make that interview tomorrow? Same time? If we see eye to eye you could start that following Tuesday. That should give you plenty of time.”

“I can do that.”

“Good deal. The address is on the back. Just make certain you bring your ID and a resume, Miss. Telford.”

“It’s Mrs… actually.”

“Ah… well he’s a very lucky man.”

“If you say so…”

The man laughed and went about his way. Ava looked to the business card once again then placed it into her purse.

“What’s this?” Ava questioned as Chibs handed her an envelope.

“Yer ticket ta Washington. I figured ye’d fly out ta Port Angeles and I got ye a car rented out.”

“You didn’t have to do that.”

“Aye… It’s the least I could do…” He hinted as to his recent behavior.

Ava pecked him on the lips.

“Thank you.”

He nodded and went back to work. Ava placed the envelope into her purse and headed into the clubhouse. It was then that it finally dawned on her… They hadn’t told Cherry and Half-Sack about Clay yet. She grimaced in thought. They were sitting on the couch talking. Ava made her way over and sat beside Cherry.

“Sup?” She flirtatiously taunted and wrapped her arm around Cherry’s shoulder.

Half-Sack cocked a brow on this.

“Well go on… Don’t be shy.” He said with a smirk.

“You two just pretend I’m not even here.”

Cherry laughed but elbowed Half-Sack.

“Owww. That was completely uncalled for.”

“Was it?” The girls chorused.

“Well this got unhot incredibly fast…” He mumbled with a frown.

Ava drew back the deepest of breaths and was just about to make the big reveal. But she froze as the club doors opened and irony have it… he walked right on in. Ava shot to her feet and Clay sighed.

“Of course you’re here…” He muttered.

“And why are YOU?” She scoffed in return.

Ava looked back to see Cherry and Half-Sack’s reaction. Cherry was awfully pale and Half-Sack’s hands were balled into fists. Ava shot a hand Clay’s direction.

“You just stay put. I mean it.”

He gave a mere nod and watched as she grabbed Cherry and Half-Sack and dragged them into the back room. She looked to Half-Sack and pointed his direction.

“Don’t even think about it. You let Chibs handle this. For one thing if you act… He’s going to know something’s up. You cannot let on that she’s carrying his child.” Ava harshly whispered.

Half-Sack paced the area and pulled at his hair.

“What’s he doing here?! I thought he was in prison!”

“I was about to tell you…”

“Wait… You knew about this?!

Ava nodded with a grimace.

“For how long?”

“I just found out not long ago myself.”


“A couple days ago.”

“WHAT?! You mean to say that you waited two days to tell us?!”

“Kip… That wasn’t my intention. Something came up and…”

Ava leaped on over and blocked his attempt at exiting the room.

“I need you to think!”

“I’m thinking just fine.”

Half-Sack took out his gun and nodded upon Ava.

“Step aside and let me deal with this.”

“What the fuck?! Really, Kip?! You’re just going to go in there and shot him?”

“Yep. I’m done.”

Cherry rushed on over and clung to his arm as she begged him not to do it. Kip shook his head and shoved Ava out of the way. When Ava hit the ground and a shot was fired. Cherry screamed out as Ava had her gun in hand and Kip looked to her wide-eyed.

“That was a warning shot… Get your head straight and sit the FUCK DOWN!”

Ava kept her gun aimed his direction. She picked up his gun and with a trembling hand, she pocketed it. It was pure luck shooting it out of his hand like that and she knew it.

“I’m sorry, Kip.”

Cherry and Half-Sack looked to Ava in utter disbelief.

“Stay put, until I PERSONALLY gather you!”

She exited the room then grabbed one of the chairs from the bar room. She propped it against the doorknob so they couldn’t get out. It wasn’t until she looked up that she realized she had an audience. Ava swallowed back and tucked her gun away.

“Where is he?!”

“Who?” Bobby asked as if she were losing her mind.


This had Chibs and the rest of the Sons rearing back in wonder.

“He was here!”

Ava narrowed her eyes as she caught a glimpse of something. She turned her head to see not only HIS, but Gemma’s reflections. She gave a simple nod and headed that direction. She kicked the door open and aimed her gun at Clay.


“I don’t believe that’s your call.” Clay uttered and went back to talking to Gemma.

“Ok fine… Chibs!”

She called but jumped he was already standing behind her. He nodded and waved Opie over.

“Take the little lass outside, will ye?”

Opie nodded and draped his arm around her.

“Let’s go, Annie Oakley.”

“But I want to watch…” She groaned rather childlike.

Opie couldn’t help but to laugh.

“Me and you both, sister.”

“Her too.” Chibs uttered with gesture towards Gemma.

Happy nodded and escorted Gemma out of the room as well. Gemma sent Chibs a pleading glance and he ignored it.

“First thing’s first…” He walked on over.

“You don’t deserve that cut.” The president said while removing it.

He tossed it over to his VP.

“Isn’t that something that should be voted on?” Clay threw out there.

Chibs looked to the others, aside from Happy and Opie who were outside with Gemma and Ava. Clay reared back as Bobby died of laughter. Chibs smiled in response.

“I think ye have yer answer.”

Piney and Jax nodded in agreement as well.

“Feel free ta ask Happy and Op’s opinion on the way out. That’s after we blacken yer ink.”

Clay shook his head on this.

“I should be heard, at least.”

“So ye’ve come ta plead yer case. Is that the reason behind Gemma sneakin’ ya in?”

“All my doing, leave her out of it.”

“But she drove ye here and willingly snuck ye in…”

Jax recoiled once he realized where this was going. Chibs sighed and made a gesture towards him.

“I’m sorry, Jackie. But I gotta set her straight on this one as well. Her actions went against the club.”

“Now hold on! I’m just as much SAMCRO as any of you! I lived and breathed this MC!” Clay snapped in response.



What happened next took everyone by surprise. Piney marched on over and socked Clay across the face then grabbed him by collar.

“Now I’ve kept my mouth shut over the years, but I’m done. Like he said… You already pissed it all away. You’re not what this club needs or stands for. You’re right. Each and everyone of us has fucked one another over, in order to get the upperhand. HOWEVER… Never have we gone after a fellow brother and their family, in order to hurt them or get some sort of revenge. And you’ve managed to do that TWICE!> That we know of… That’s right. We know you’re behind JT’s death. So don’t you even stand here and act as if you’re OUR equal. As for working your way up? If this club happens to go that route, I’m done. The hell with you. I won’t be a part of a brotherhood that spills the blood of their own!”

Chibs nodded in agreement but had this look of pride about him.

“Amen.” Bobby uttered with a nod of his own.

“I’d like to add something to that…” Jax declared gathering everyone’s attention.

“If the Telfords end up ‘suspiciously’ missing or dead, we’re coming after you. No questions asked. It’s a done deal. So you’d do well to keep that in mind. I already lost one father, I’m not losing another.”

Clay’s entire face lit up once he gathered the meaning behind that. He pointed to Chibs.

“Father?! I taught you everything you know. That precious VP patch of yours… is because of ME! And that garage that’s OUR BABY! It’s Teller/Morrow for a reason and don’t you ever forget that, SON!”

“You played my mother then set up my father’s murder and kept it hidden for YEARS! Yet you have the balls to look me in the eyes and call me son?! And FYI…” Jax pointed to Chibs.


This had everyone rearing back. Jax used the back of his hand to wipe his tears.


Chibs and the others looked to Jax in surprise.

“That’s right… You threatened him because you knew his father was black. And that goes against MC rules. A pretty stupid rule if you ask me.”

“Aye…” Chibs uttered in agreement.

“So let’s just add racist to that list as well… asshole.”

“You told Juice that you’d keep his secret as long as he played along and did whatever you said.”

The Scot closed his eyes on this and Jax patted his shoulder.

“I’m sorry… I know what he meant to you.”

The guys recoiled as Jax went on to hug him and the Scot broke down. He’d spent this entire time resentful and hating Juice for what he’d done. When it wasn’t all his fault. He loved the club just as much as any of them and was doing what he could to stay in. Jax shed a few tears of his own. Bobby and Piney nodded upon one another. Each of them grabbed an arm and escorted Clay into one of the rooms. Where they disarmed him and stripped him down to his boxers.

“I’ll get Happy…” Piney said and Bobby nodded.

The moment Piney exited the room; Bobby punched Clay across the face but hugged him directly after. He said nothing as he kissed his forehead. Clay shook his head.

“I’m sorry…”

“Too little too late, brother… Too little too late.” Bobby said with tears in his eyes.

Chibs shut the door and motioned for Gemma to have a seat. He locked the office door then leaned against it with his arms folded about his chest. He took notice of the way her hand shook while lighting her cigarette. The president sighed and took his zippo out from his pocket. He walked on over and lit it for her. He sat on the desk then reached over, grabbed a couple tissues, and a bottle of water she had laying out. Gemma looked to him in question as he used the water to wet the tissues down. He took her shades off then went on to cup her chin. Just as he was to put that wet tissue to her eye she recoiled. Chibs gritted his teeth and grabbed a fistful of Gemma’s hair instead. He wiped the makeup from her eye and neck as those were the areas Ava mentioned. He nodded amongst himself once he finished.

“There were these guys and…”

Chibs closed his eyes for a brief moment then shot to his feet. Gemma jumped out of her seat as he took the desk and hurled it across the room. He backed her up against the wall then planted his hands along it. He looked her dead in the eyes.

Don’t. I got enough of that from me ma. Yer not aboot ta pull that shite with me. Ye wanna let that man of yers smack ye around, that’s yer business. But that boy of yers, he means somethin’ ta me and I’ll be damned if ye go and break his heart. He needs ya and so does that grandson of yers. Are ye willin’ ta turn yer back ta them and all fur the sake of CLAY MORROW?! I really need ye ta think on that one. Think of EVERYTHING he’s done and ye tell me if he’s really worth it. Because if that’s the road ye plan on takin’… It’s gonna be very lonely. He’s gonna say whatever you want ta hear. And if that doesn’t work… He’ll threaten ye with whatever he can. Ye see, Gemma darlin’ … I’ve LIVED it! And like ye… me ma had the biggest heart and loved her family more than anythin’. She’d do anythin’ for me da and us kids. But it came at a price.”

Chibs drew back a breath and wiped a tear off her cheek.

“Jax already lost his father. Don’t ye go and make him bury ye as well.”

Gemma covered her face and Chibs swallowed back as he hugged her.

“Now I’m gonna let it slide, just this once. But don’t ye go and betray this club ever again.”

He dropped his hold and planted his hands along her face.

“Ye do that and I’ll have no choice… Rules are rules.” He hinted and she recoiled.

“Now I love you and so do those boys. We can’t bear the idea of losin’ ye. So if there’s somethin’ ye need ta tell me… Now’s the time. If Clay’s forcin’ yer hand or if he’s got somethin’ on ye…”

Gemma drew back a quivery breath and Chibs waited for a response.

“Clay didn’t do this… And he means every word he says.”

Chibs gave a mere nod and stepped aside. He looked to the ground but pointed towards the door.

“Chibs…” Gemma whispered and he shook his head and pointed once again.

She swallowed back and was quick to duck on out, considering the look on his face said it all.

“You took the bullets out?!” Half-Sack complained once Ava handed his gun back.

“You betcha!” She said as she had them within the palm her hand.

He frowned.

“And since when did you become a dead shot?”

Ava snorted on this.

“All luck…”

“Wait… WHAT?!”

“Truth? I was aiming for the lamp. But gun is just as good.”

“Dude! That’s fucked up! You could’ve taken my hand or the gun could’ve exploded and…”



“Just get in the fucking car and take your old lady home.”

He sighed but nodded and did as requested. Ava opened Cherry’s door and hunkered down to her level.

“Everything’s going to be fine, you’ll see.”

Cherry nodded as Ava took her hand and gave it a little squeeze.

“I’ll come by and check on you guys later.”

She lifted her eyes upon Half-Sack.

“By the way… she needs you to keep that anger in check. You keep that shit up and word of this is sure to get out and there’s nothing we can do after that.”

“I know. I’m sorry… Both of you. Thanks for keeping my ass in line, sweetness.”

Ava smiled.

“That’s what pesky little sisters are for!”

“Awww…” Cherry said in a gooey like manner.

“Are you blushing over there, Kip?”

He rolled his eyes but chuckled as he started the car.

“Later guys…”


Ava waved them off then grabbed a cigarette from her jacket. She fired it up and took a long drag. Her eyes widened however as she was quick to bowl over and upchucked. She hit at her chest as she started choking.

“Whoa…” Opie called and she held up a finger and fought to catch her breath.

He reared back as Ava darted into the clubhouse and straight into the women’s room. Chibs caught wind of this and nodded upon Opie.

“What’s that aboot?” He asked as Opie entered the room.

The sergeant shrugged.

“I think something went down the wrong pipe…” Opie murmured.

Chibs walked on over and knocked on the door.

“Ye alright in there?”

“I’m good…” She called as he could hear the sink going.

“Ye sure?”

“Yep! Just do what you gotta do.”

Opie shrugged on this and Chibs sighed.

“Alright, guess it’s time ta black that ink.”

“Let’s do it.”

Once Happy finished blacking Clay’s ink, Chibs asked for a moment alone with Clay. He took something out from his cut and showed it to him.

“Now here comes the real test. Ye want everyone ta believe ye’ve gone and seen the light… Then ye’ll do right by Jackie and sign yer share over ta him.”

Clay shook his head and sort of laughed.

“You want me to give up my half of the shop?”

“Aye… It’s the least ye could do. Ye spent how long lookin’ inta those deep blue eyes and fillin’ that kid full of utter nonsense? Ye killed his old man then went on ta play house with his mother and took over JT’s place. Hell, yer no better than Jimmy. In fact, yer worse! And now ye have yer eyes on me girl. Don’t you even pretend otherwise. I saw the way ya was lookin’ at her. Ye just keep in mind that she’s MY WIFE and I’m not yer JT or yer Trager. Test me and see what comes of you.”

He handed Clay the pen and pointed to the area he needed to sign..

“You know Gemma has done a lot for this club and it was HER and JT’s dream. It’s only right that she and Jax share that.”

Chibs narrowed his eyes and looked to be in thought.

“So yer willin’ ta sign yer share over ta Gemma?”

“Yep. It’s the least I could do and this way Jax has a partner he can count on.”

“And what’s in it fur ye?”

“Nothing. I lose everything…” Clay said with a shrug.

Chibs paced the area and thought on this.

“Aye… But I want a written contract and it’s gotta be notarized agreein’ that Gemma will never hand her share over to you. It stays in her name or Jackie’s that’s it until Abel is old enough to have a say.”


“Then yer ta meet me and Jackie at the treasury department, first thing tomorrow mornin’.”

“As soon as they open.” Clay agreed.

“Alright. But fur now… I want ye out of my sight. Yer no longer a Son, therefore yer no longer welcome behind these walls and that goes fur the shop as well, since ye’ve agreed ta signing it over.”

Clay drew back a breath on this but nodded in agreement.


“And what are ye all dolled up fur?” Chibs questioned as he reached for a cigarette off the nightstand.

He reared back as Ava stepped into a pair of high heels and was putting on hoop earrings.

“It’s a little early in the marriage ta be havin’ a boyfriend now, darlin’. Can’t ye wait another month or so? Ye’ll need that time just ta learn how to walk in those things!”

Ava frowned and threw a pillow at him. He chuckled as he dodged it. He took a drag off his cigarette and gave her the once over.

“Damn…” he murmured and looked to the time.

He wanted nothing more than to lift that skirt of hers, bend her over, and fuck the ever living daylights out of her. He couldn’t get over just how incredibly hot she looked in that little secretarial getup. She grabbed her purse and cursed under her breath as she nearly tripped on the way over. He raised his brows as she kissed him.

“Filip!” She scolded but with a grin as he ran his hand on up her skirt.

“Can’t be helped. Just do me a favor and save that little outfit fur later on…”


“Oh yeah…”

“Well, wish me luck.”

“If it’s luck ye want then climb aboard, darlin’.”

“I would but I’ve an interview to rush off too.”



“Well that was fast.” He motioned her over and he kissed her once again.

“Good luck, mo ghaol.”

“Thank you.”

He nodded whilst doing his best to hide his apprehension. It wasn’t that he didn’t want her working. It was the risk behind it. Ava dashed on out the door and Chibs drew back a breath knowing he had to get ready as well.

“Can I help you?”

“Yes actually, I was looking for…”

“Mrs. Telford!” Ava heard and she lifted her head to see Mr. Goodman poking his head out from the office door.

He smiled and waved her on over. He looked to the woman at the front.

“Hold all my calls please.”

“Yes, sir.”

The man gestured for Ava to have a seat. He shut the door behind her then went on to adjust his tie and took a seat at his desk.

“And how are you this morning?”

“Good actually and you?”

“Couldn’t be better… Though I must admit I didn’t expect you to show.”

“Well I’m here.”

“That you are. That’s a good start!”

Ava laughed and handed her resume over. The man looked it over then leaned back with this disappointed look in his eyes.

“Well I see that you excelled as a student. But there isn’t any REAL work history. Is there a reason behind that?”

“I was a little busy studying law at the time. Didn’t have time for much else.”

“How old are you, Mrs. Telford?”


The man had this astonished presence about him.

“Well that certainly explains things! So you studied law…”

She nodded.

“For what reason exactly?”

Ava’s heart skipped a beat as she realized her mistake. She shot to her feet and jerked the resume out from his hold.

“Forgive me but I can’t accept this job after all. Not that you were planning on hiring me anyhow.”

“Now why is that?”

When she’d written up her resume… she’d put down Ava Telford. But she was diving into “Bella’ Swan’s” history and she never felt more foolish. Chibs would have her ass for being so careless! For whatever reason it hadn’t occurred to her to ‘make up’ something for Ava Telford. Then again, that wouldn’t have worked either. Ava darted on out of the office and out the building. The man sighed and came to his feet. He followed her out to the parking lot.

“MRS. TELFORD!” He hollered as she hit the ground.

He rushed on over then hunkered down as he checked her over. Her eyes batted about as she fought to come to.

“Are ye alright?”

Ava narrowed her eyes as she swore she’d heard a rather familiar accent in there. But the young woman took it to be her imagination as there were swiveling lights and her ears were ringing. The man lifted her up off the ground and her eyes rolled into the back of her head.

“Rise and shine…”

Ava swallowed back and reached to her head as it was pounding.

“How you feeling?”

“Okay…” She replied with slight confusion.

“Where are we?”

“The ER. Talk about leaving one hell of an impression. It’s not every day someone runs out during an interview and passes out on your parking lot.”

The young woman grimaced.

“I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t be. I’m just glad I decided to follow you.”

Ava narrowed her eyes seeing as how the man was holding her hand. She cleared her throat and pulled away. She was about to mention calling her husband when the doctor entered the room.

“Well you got quite a bump there, Mrs. Telford. But the good news is the baby seems just fine.”

Ava looked to the doctor and laughed.

“Now that’s a good one!”

The doctor had this bewildered look about him as he redirected his attention to Mr. Goodman.

“I suggest that she go home and get plenty of rest. She took quite a fall and we want to watch for any signs of concussion.”

Ava just lay there looking to be in another world as the doctor went over the dos and don’ts, while thinking Mr. Goodman was her husband.

“I’m sorry…” Ava called out.

“You must have me mistaken for another patient. I’m not pregnant.”

“I’m afraid the lab work and sonogram say otherwise…” He murmured whilst looking her records over.

“You’re about eight… maybe ten weeks along? Of course that’s not exactly accurate, considering we don’t know when your last menstrual was. That’s something you and your OB need to go over.”


“You were pretty out of it… When your labs revealed that you were pregnant, I had them run a sonogram just for our own peace of mind.” Mr. Goodman made clear.

“Wait… you ordered a sonogram… and were there for it?”

“Well yes, I wasn’t about to leave you alone.”

The doctor smiled.

“I suppose congratulations are in order. If you or your husband need anything, please do not hesitate…”

Ava let out a nervy laugh.

“This man is NOT my husband.”

Mr. Goodman sort of laughed.

“She does this when she’s cross with me. Could you give us a moment?”

Once the doctor was out of the room, Ava trolled on out of the hospital bed.

“How dare you! Why would you do that?!”

“Do what exactly?!”

“You know damn well what! Claiming to be my husband?! That’s a bit much don’t you think? And to think… you got to see the baby before me or my ACTUAL husband ever got to.”

“Please just calm down. Can’t you see that I only had your best interest in mind. I meant no harm.”

“Calm down?! Don’t you even…” Ava braced herself against the wall then pointed to the door.


“Come now… It was the only way to make certain you were safe. They wouldn’t have let me stay with you otherwise. I don’t see the harm in that. And it wasn’t like I had a number in which to call anyone, otherwise, I would have.”

Ava shook her head and pushed the call button for the nurse. The man rolled his eyes but raised his hands and headed towards the door.

“Very well, I’ll leave you be.”

“That would be wise.”

The man gave a simple nod and exited the room.

“Don’t let that man into this room and I want my things.”

The nurse cut her an odd glance but nodded.

“Yes, ma’am.”

Ava grabbed the hospital phone and tried getting ahold of Chibs but there was no answer. Her hands were shaking as she tried Jax instead but she’d the same issue.


Before long, the nurse brought Ava’s belongings. Ava went on to get dressed but during this the nurse nagged her about needing to rest etc… Ava snapped a look that direction.

“Don’t. Your staff let a man that WASN’T my husband see me at my most…” Ava closed her eyes and gritted her teeth.

“I’m leaving this hospital, ASAP, and I will continue treatment in MY hometown!”

“Yes, ma’am. I’m so sorry.”

“I bet you are. And I bet nobody even thought about asking for is ID or some sort of proof…”

“Let us call you a cab it’s the least we can do.”

“You’ve already done the LEAST you can. I could sue this entire hospital!”

“It was the worst! And now I’m freaking the FUCK out because Chibs made it abundantly clear that he didn’t want children, not right away. I mean can you honestly blame him?! He’s got enough on his plate and here I am about to throw MORE on top. Jesus, I can’t believe I’m pregnant. I know my last couple periods had been light but I thought that was just my body adjusting to the birth control shot I got back in Seattle.“

“I know. I’m trying. Just ugh… I’ve never been scared to tell this man anything but now… I’m fucking terrified! I mean what if he ends up resenting me? After what he went through with Fiona? Well, I can’t do that shit to him!”

“Don’t. Please, I’m fine really. He’ll be home soon anyhow. I just gotta think on how to rip the Band-Aid off so to speak.”

“Eight to ten weeks… And to think I was smoking and drinking like nobody’s business. FUCK! I could’ve killed the poor thing and it would have been my own stupidity! I’m already a terrible mother!”

                Chibs nodded amongst himself and quietly darted back out the door.

Hate to bother you but think you can meet me at the clubhouse? 

Ava narrowed her eyes as she looked at the text message her husband sent her. She swallowed back and nodded amongst herself.

“Well here goes nothing…” She murmured.

The young woman grabbed her purse and locked everything up before heading outside. She climbed into the truck, got her seatbelt on, and then started the truck. She reared back seeing as how the rearview mirror was turned at an odd angle. But it was what she saw that had her looking into the backseat.

“What the…” She whispered and reached into the back as there was a car seat but inside the car seat was a Harley Davidson onesie and a SAMCRO baby beanie.

Ava jumped however as she heard a motorcycle pulling up behind her. She peered into the side mirror and saw that it was Chibs. He hopped off the bike and walked on over. She gawked upon him in disbelief as he opened the passenger side door and climbed on in.

“So eight ta ten weeks… That’s aboot two… almost three… months, right?”

Ava’s jaw dropped and he gave a mere nod as he took his gloves and shades off.

“So ye was knocked up when we got married…” He murmured in thought.

“Chibs… I…”

“Fur the record, I could never resent ya, Ava darlin’.”

Ava had that funny heart dropping feeling. She closed her eyes and Chibs took her hand into his own. He kissed it then went on to unfasten her seatbelt. Chibs pulled her into his lap. Then he brushed her hair back and looked her in the eyes.

“So we’re havin’ us a baby…” He said with a certain beam and Ava managed to give a tearful smile.

Chibs chuckled and wiped her tears with his thumbs. He kissed her and that kiss lingered as he wrapped his arms around her.

“Now how could I resent you when ye’ve given me everythin’ I never knew I wanted? So who was ye talkin’ ta anyhow?”


He nodded.

“If you heard me over the phone… How’d you manage to get the baby stuff?”

“Drove like a bat out of hell. The beanie however… that’s Abel’s old one. It doesn’t fit him anymore. Jax asked me ta hold on ta it, knowin’ we were plannin’ on havin’ wee ones of our own one day. I wanted ta get my point across. Yeah, we weren’t exactly ready ta dive inta all that, just yet. But here we are and I can’t think of anythin’ I want more, mo ghaol.”

Ava broke into sobs and Chibs smiled as he held her even closer.

Chibs couldn’t believe what he was hearing as Ava told him about her little adventure and how she found out she was pregnant in the first place. He wanted to hunt the son of a bitch down and give him the beating of a lifetime. What the hell was he thinking, pretending to be her husband? And like she… he was just as upset about missing out on seeing their child for the first time. But it was during this conversation that someone rang the doorbell. Chibs gestured for her to remain seated as he answered. He looked to the teenage boy in question as he’d flowers and a clipboard in hand.

“I’m looking for a Mrs. Ava Telford?”

“Aye…” Chibs uttered and waved Ava over.

Ava cut them both an odd glance as she signed for the flowers. They watched as the delivery boy got into his van and drove away. Ava took the flowers into the kitchen and opened the envelope. Once she read the card she staggered back and looked to Chibs wide-eyed. He narrowed his eyes on this and took the card from her hold.

“He’s got some nerve…” Chibs muttered after reading the card.


I cannot apologize enough for today’s events. I hope you have it in you to forgive my horrible call in judgment. That being said… I do hope you’ll reconsider and give my offer another chance.  


Brian Goodman 

P.S- Do get to feeling better soon, love.

Chibs raised his brows as Ava took the flowers and stuffed them into the garbage disposal. She turned on the water and flipped the switch. “Creep…” He heard her mutter. Ava reached to the bump along her forehead and staggered back.

“Hey…” Chibs called with concern.

He cut off the disposal and checked her over.

“Why don’t ye go lay down? We’ll order out tonight.”

Ava would normally argue this but she was exhausted. Chibs led her into the bedroom and pulled the covers back. He signaled for her to crawl on in. She stepped out of her shoes and crawled into bed. Chibs got her tucked away then kissed her forehead.

“Get some sleep, lass.”

She nodded and he cut off the light then pulled the door to.

Chibs looked at the message on the card once again and shook his head.

“Love…” He scoffed and tucked the card into his cut.

He grabbed a beer from the fridge then went and sat in his recliner. He picked up the onesie from the table and gazed upon it. He shook his head as it was still processing. He’d never dreamed of walking in on that news. But it broke his heart hearing Ava so upset and all because she was concerned about HIS reaction. He folded the onesie and set it aside. Just as he was to have him a smoke and cut on the TV, Ava’s cellphone rang. He didn’t recognize the number but answered it anyhow.


“Do I have the right number? I’m looking for a Mrs. Ava Telford.”

“Aye, but she’s busy at the moment. Just leave me a message and I’ll have her call ye back.”

“Well I believe a name should suffice. Just let her know that Brian Goodman called.”

“Nah… I won’t be doin’ that. I don’t want you callin’ her and don’t be sendin’ her anymore flowers. Ye done creeped the girl out. And I’ve half the mind ta head on over there and kick yer fuckin’ arse after what ye pulled. Last I checked I was Mr. Filip Telford, not ye. Ye not only forged my name but ye gone and took care of her medical bills I see. That’s my job. Ye want someone ta play house with then ye’d best find yer own wife.”

Chibs hung up the phone then sit it on the table. The more he thought on what that bastard pulled, the angrier he became. He found himself wondering just what all he saw. Was Ava fully exposed when they examined her? He cringed in thought. He looked to his own phone and seen where Ava had tried getting ahold of him. He remembered Jax saying something about her calling him as well but they were in the middle of dealing with Clay and the treasury department and as of now Jax and Gemma owned the Teller/Morrow shop. He only hoped that didn’t backfire. But he’d like to think that Gemma wouldn’t fuck her own son over. If that day came about… Chibs would surely deal with her, only he wouldn’t be so nice this time round. She’d see a side she never knew existed.

Chibs sent Jax a text letting him know he wouldn’t be coming in tomorrow. He felt like he needed to be with Ava, hence the recent news and he wanted to keep an eye on her and make certain she hadn’t any side effects from the fall. That and he wanted to spend some time together, considering they’d be going their separate ways this weekend. When Ava fell she must’ve fell hard, she’d quite the goose egg. Chibs found himself wondering if she’d fainted or if it was those heels of hers. She never was one to be able to walk in those things, as to his surprise to see her wearing them.

Chibs hadn’t realized he’d fallen asleep. Not until he woke to Ava cooking something for supper. He stretched his arms about then looked to the time.

“Hey there, darlin’.” He called and she looked over.

“How ye feelin’?”

“Better actually.”

He nodded and came to his feet. He walked on over and wrapped his arms around her waist.

“Smells good. But I thought we were orderin’ out.”

“I woke up starving. Just figured it best to hurry and cook something.”

Chibs popped a piece of carrot into his mouth then pecked her on the cheek.

“I thought you would’ve headed back to the shop.”

“Nah… thought we chill out tonight but I wanted ta head ta the beach fur the day tomorrow.”

“The beach?” She said in surprise.

“Aye…” He murmured whilst running his hands along her stomach.

He couldn’t believe there was a baby in that little tummy, HIS nevertheless.

“Maybe we should put a warnin’ fur the ladies not ta drink the water at the clubhouse. It’s knockin’ everyone up.”

“RIGHT?! I thought that same thing!”

“SAMCRO’s gonna have their own baby factory before long.”

Ava snorted in thought but frowned when Michaela and Jax came to mind.

“It’s a shame about Michaela…”

He nodded in agreement.

“As heartbreakin’ as it might be, lass. I think it woke them up a bit. Maybe now they’ll take their relationship more seriously.”

“I hope so, for Abel’s sake. He needs some stability.”

“Couldn’t agree more.”

Chibs set the table as Ava finished supper.

“Ah, you really do love me!” Chibs remarked seeing as how she’d fixed one of his favorite meals from back in Forks.

Ava laughed as he filled his plate with homemade steak fries, salad, and a hamburger.

“I remembered…” She uttered with a shrug.

“I get yer chicken fried steak next, right?”

“We can arrange that.”

Chibs looked to his stomach in thought.

“Ye keep feedin’ me like this and I’ll be the one lookin’ like I’m carryin’.”

“And that’s exactly what I’ll tell everyone.” Ava teased.

“I think I was aboot there back in Forks.”

Ava rolled her eyes.

“You know I hate that. You were hot and still are.”

He chuckled but it was true he had a bit of gut. Not that Ava cared but it bothered him in the sense of wanting to give her something better – better than some beer bellied middle-aged man.

“So when was yer last menstrual?”

“You really want to discuss this, now?”

“Don’t bother me none, lass. Human nature…” He uttered with a shrug.

“You’re trying to pinpoint ‘when’, are you?”

“Aye…” He said whilst wiggling his brows.

“Well that’s just it. I haven’t really missed a period. I mean sure my last few have been light but still.”

“Light as in pink?”

“This is so weird.”

“Ye’ve had my cock in yer mouth yet ye wanna act all shy aboot plumbin’ and how it works?”

“In all fairness… the cock in my mouth bit is more fun.”

He raised his brows on this.

“Well by all means, darlin’…” he hinted.

“Later… I’m eating!” She playfully snapped.

“Yer right, can’t have yer dessert first.”

“The doctor acted as if there was no reason for concern. In fact he made it sound normal!”

“It can be… As long as ye don’t go red on us, ye should be fine. But I do want ye ta take it easy and get you an actual OB.”

“Taken care of that part already.”


“Tuesday at 3 pm.”

“Ah… Well I’m taggin’ along, considerin’ I’M the father and all.”

Ava grimaced on the meaning behind that.

“Chibs, I’m so sorry.”

“Ye’ve nothin’ ta be sorry fur. Ye were just as robbed as I was there. But we’ll make up fur it and see aboot gettin’ ye another sonogram. Might be fur the best anyhow. I’d rather be safe than sorry.”


“So hot flashes but no nausea yet?”

“Pretty much. Although I did throw up the other day.”

Chibs narrowed his eyes on this.

“Guess it was a sign because it was right after I took a drag off my cigarette, made me sick as fuck.”

Chibs chuckled on this.

“That’s not funny.”

“Guess we’ll hafta replace yer cravin’s with somethin’ else…” He hinted and Ava laughed.

“I’m game.”

Chibs was on his second burger when they heard something hit against the front door. They looked upon one another and Chibs started to check it out only to have Ava stop him.

“I got it. I’m done anyhow. It’s probably the cat from next door. He gets confused.”

Ava opened the door but didn’t see anything. She shrugged and stepped on out. But when she did this she heard an odd sound as some sort of mechanism was triggered. Ava caught herself as she nearly tripped over it. This was followed by a horrific scream. Chibs shot to his feet and ran outside.

“JAYSUS!” He shouted as it was the delivery boy from earlier.

He was hanging from the tree out front and with a rope around his neck. The boy had his hands around the rope and was clinging on for dear life.

“NO, AVA!” He yelled as she stepped out to help him.

Chibs grabbed her and was quick to shield her as the boy went up in flames. Chibs grimaced as the boy hollered out in terror as was burning alive. The Scot rolled his wife over.

“Breathe…” He said as she was going into a panic attack.

She went to look towards the boy and Chibs forced her head back his direction.

“You just look at me… Nothin’ else.”

He covered her ears and kept her pinned down. If she had taken one more step she’d have been caught in the crossfire of whatever hit that boy.

“There ye go… Nice and slow, darlin’.”

Chibs drew back the deepest of breaths and came to his feet. He pointed to his wife.

“Don’t ye even think about movin’. Ye stay right there.”

She nodded but covered her face. Chibs grabbed the water hose and was doing his best to put the boy out. But he did this knowing it was too late. The boy was charcoal. As he did this he saw the sheriff and a few of his men pulling in. There was a fire truck and ambulance off to the distance. One of the neighbors looked to Chibs.

“Is your wife alright?”

He nodded but motioned for them to stay back. The woman placed a hand over the area of her heart. Then crossed herself.

“Oh thank, God. I thought it hit her too!”

She said this as she was on the phone with dispatch still.

“Yes they’re here now. Thank you.”

Chibs drew back an uneasy breath. He knew she was only trying to help but he didn’t like the idea of the cops getting too involved. Especially, since he hadn’t a clue who did this. He’d blame the Irish if it wasn’t for recent events with this Mr. Goodman. But this certainly seemed like something they’d pull. They loved explosions and anything to do with fire. Sitting something like this up? Was the very “Jimmy” thing to do. But the last thing they needed was for the sheriff’s department to put the dealings with the Irish and SAMCRO together. That could mean LIFE in prison. Chibs recoiled in thought.

He looked around for any signs of it being the Irish. But he saw nothing of the sort. Normally, they’d leave something behind indicating their personal middle finger, such as a clover or something along those lines. Chibs nodded upon the sheriff as he made his way over.

“Jesus Christ…” Wayne murmured in disbelief.

Chibs sighed and went on to help his wife to her feet.

“Are you guys alright?” The sheriff called with concern.

“Aye…” He replied as he had Ava head back inside.

“You know this kid?”

“He delivered some flowers ta Ava today.”

Wayne nodded and signaled for his men to go on and investigate. Chibs just hoped they didn’t trigger anymore traps. He kept his eye out for anything suspicious, while Wayne questioned him as to what took place.

“You okay, sweetheart?” Wayne softly questioned as Ava was all shaken up.

She nodded but was staring off into space. Chibs got some coffee brewing knowing they were in for a long night. So much for a relaxing night… He thought bitterly. But like that of Ava… he kept seeing that kid burn and could hear him screaming. This sent chills up his spine. He looked over and saw Wayne doing his best to console Ava. She kept going on about how he was just a boy. Once the sheriff got their statements he investigated the scene then got it cleaned up. He let Ava and Chibs know that they would investigate the establishment and this Mr. Brian Goodman she mentioned. It was nearly midnight before they cleared out. Chibs took that opportunity to scan the entire area, inside out. He wasn’t taking any chances. He even went as far as to check his Harley and Ava’s truck. Afterward, he called Jax and let him in on what had taken place. He wanted the Sons on high alert. When he reentered the house, Ava was sitting at the dining room table. She hadn’t said a lot since the incident, other than answering the sheriff’s questions. She ran her finger along the rim of her coffee cup and had that lost look about her.

“Let’s go.”

Ava lifted her head and looked to him in question.

“Let’s just hit the road and put this shite behind us. Pack a bag enough fur a couple days. We can deal with this when we get back.”

“Filip… We can’t leave.”

“We can and we will. So get off yer arse and let’s go, baby.”

Ava had this stunned look about her. He’d never called her that before. He took notice and gave a mere nod. He hadn’t called another woman that since Fiona and Kerrianne. But that’s was how strongly he felt about Ava now. And wrong as it was… he never loved Fiona the way he loved Ava. She had him heart and soul and with Ava… He felt complete.

Just as soon as they hit the highway, Chibs rolled the windows down. He turned the radio on and had it blaring to Joe Cocker’s When The Night Comes. Something he found rather fitting. He took Ava’s hand and headed on out of Charming. He’d be damned if THIS was the only memory they had when discovering she was with child. He had it in mind to have Half-Sack take over his usual shifts at the shop while they were gone. He’d been asking for more hours anyhow. After a couple hours’ drive he pulled into a drug store. She looked to him in question as he gestured for her to follow. He grabbed a basket and loaded it with a few things they might need. Ava laughed as he tossed some prenatal vitamins in as well. He sent her a wink.

“Grab whatever ye want, darlin’.”

She nodded and grabbed a Gatorade. He took notice of her eyeing some of the baby toys. She picked one of them up and looked it over before putting it back.

“Think we’re having a boy or girl?” But the moment she asked Ava gathered this look like she’d done something wrong.

“What is it?”

“I just realized how inconsiderate that was…”

Chibs tilted his head in bewilderment.

“I wasn’t thinking…”

“Yeah… Ye done lost me…”

“Kerrianne…” She practically whispered.

Chibs nodded and put the basket down.

“Ava, I don’t want ye holdin’ back on this. Ye haven’t said anythin’ offensive or “inconsiderate” fur that matter. I don’t want ye thinkin’ that my past is gonna haunt this marriage or this pregnancy, fur that matter. Fur one thing… That wouldn’t be fair ta ye, now would it? I married you knowin’ that we were buildin’ a life tagether and that’s what this is. So please quit doin’ that to yerself. Yer not doin’ wrong by me or Kerrianne. Hell, I want ye just as excited as I am aboot this. Now am I nervous? Fuck yeah! But this is OUR beginnin’ and I don’t want ye questionin’ yerself ta the point of where yer afraid ta even express yerself. Now as ta yer question… It’s gonna be a striking young lad like myself.”

Ava laughed but had this nervous twinge about her.

“If it’s like YOU it’s going to be a greasy little asskicker.”

He chuckled in response. Chibs was doing his damnest to remember that feeling, which wasn’t far of a stretch considering he kind of felt that way all over again. Chibs picked up the basket but Ava reared back as he stuffed the toy she had looked at inside.


“A little early for that, isn’t it?”

“I saw the way ye were lookin’ at it, might as well grab it.”

“Abel has this same one…” She said as they headed to the cash register.


She nodded and it was then he saw it… That “beam”. And it was enough to turn the man into a gooey mess.

“It’s his favorite.”

“Kerrianne had a stuffed dachshund like that. Only hers was black and brown.” He said wanting her to know it was okay to mention Kerrianne, yet be excited about the child they were expecting.

In some ways, talking about Kerrianne like this… felt somewhat therapeutic. And a small part of him felt as if that was his way of keeping her alive. He found himself wondering what Kerrianne would have thought about having a little brother or sister. And he hadn’t any doubt that despite the age difference, Kerrianne would’ve loved Ava. Kerrianne was more like Rory. She was quiet and shy. She didn’t get that from him or Fiona.

When they got back to the truck, Ava flipped through the stations on the radio. Chibs raised his brows as she stopped on Rebel Yell by Billy Idol. Ava snapped a look his direction as he started to sing along. He drummed his hands along the steering wheel and continued with his little serenade. Ava giggled and dug through the bags. She placed the dachshund into the car seat in the back. Once the song was over, Chibs glanced her direction.

“Ye’ll be cryin’ more, that’s fur sure…”

“Will I now?” She taunted and he nodded.

“Oh yeah…”

Chibs rolled the windows down as they were getting closer to the beach.

“Breathe that in, darlin’.”

He pulled up to the beach but spun the truck around so the tailgate was facing the ocean.

“Hold on…” He murmured and stepped on out.

He grabbed a couple blankets and pillows from the back.

“Alright.” He called and Ava headed that way.

“Make yerself comfy. We’re stayin’ put till check in time.” Chibs uttered while lifting her into the back of truck.

“Check in?”

The Scot nodded then pointed towards a hotel off to the distance. Chibs climbed on in, he kicked his boots off, and had them at the foot of the truck.

“We got a couple hours till sunrise.” He murmured as he lay beside her and pulled her into his chest.

He draped the other blanket over them as they were lying on top of the other.

“Ye comfy?”


“Good deal.”

“Ye remember when we’d do this back at La Push? In the back of yer truck?”

Ava snorted on this.

“Kind of hard to forget, especially since that one night…”

Chibs laughed in response.

“Yeah, yer little Quileute friend didn’t take kindly ta me hand bein’ up yer shirt.”

“I still can’t believe Jacob called you a ped; this coming from the guy that used to tell me that age was just a number.”

“He was just pissed because it wasn’t his hand instead. Speaking of which…” Chibs whispered and went on to unbutton her shirt.

He took it off then tossed it aside.

“Chibs…” She whispered with a giggle as he unclasped her bra and removed it as well.

He scanned the area they were in, before lowering the blanket and taking a gander. The moon shined against her just right and that only added to the appeal.

“I want ta see all if ye…” He uttered, pleadingly.

Ava blushed in response but did as requested. He lowered the blanket even more and shook his head.

“Ava…” he whispered in such a way.

There was a slight breeze with just enough chill to have her nipples nice and erect. Ava closed her eyes as he took his time worshipping every inch of her. He leaned into her ear.

“So tell me… Did ye think aboot me…? When you were locked away in that room of yers?”

She chewed on that bottom lip and nodded.

“And what were ye doin’?” He murmured whilst placing her hand along her sex.

“I want ye ta think back ta those nights… when I had ye all riled up. Show me…”

He made certain there was no one about then went on to fully remove the blanket. He nodded amongst himself as she gave into his wishes. She had him all worked up and to the point that he was dripping with precum.

“Call ta me, Ava.” He said while pleasuring himself.

She purred his name and this had his eyes rolling into the back of his head. Chibs gave a couple more strokes then crawled on over. He took her hand then licked her fingers clean.

“Hmmm.” He hummed and shook his head.

Something about her scent and the way she tasted. It always gave him that ‘high’ feeling. Ava covered her mouth as he took his time licking her clean. The Scot spread her legs further apart and slipped his tongue in as far as it would go. He flicked it back and forth and this had her squirming about. He lifted his eyes to see her biting down on the blanket and arching her back. He gave one last thorough lick then went on to kiss along her sex and up her abdomen. Ava let out a pleasurable gasp as he drove his entire length in. He paused however and went on to kiss along her neck and sucked on her nipples. Ava could feel him throbbing inside her and her hips reacted in response. Chibs stayed put and continued.

“Filip…” She implored.

“Hm?” He hummed.

“Please…” She said with a touch of a growl and this had him grinning.

He kissed her lips then put his forehead to hers.

“Are ye wantin’ somethin’?”

She nodded and he leaned into her ear once again.

“Then ye had best tell me what it is ye want…”

“Fuck me!” She snapped but was quick to cover her mouth.

The Scot gritted his teeth as that alone nearly had him blowing his load.

“And how do ye want me to fuck ye? Nice and slow? Or hard and fast?”

“HARD!” She shouted like she was about to erupt.

He raised his brows and made certain she hadn’t gathered any attention. Thankfully, it was still dead out. He gave a mere nod and braced himself. Chibs didn’t stop until he had her knees quivering and that blanket beneath them was covered in evidence of a job well done.

“Ye alright?” He asked behind a chuckle.

She nodded but had this out of it presence. He reached for his cut and retrieved a cigarette.

“Smoke one for me.”

“Will do!” He said with a touch of guilt.

He knew it couldn’t be helped but he did feel kind of bad about lighting up in front of her like that. But at the moment she didn’t seem to care. She’d this ‘heavenly’ look about her and a genuine beam. And that’s all he wanted. To give her that little something, considering how the day went to hell.

Chibs handed Ava her clothes back and he too got dressed. If it wasn’t so close to sunrise he would’ve stayed in the buff. He finished his cigarette then lay back beside her.

“Ye know what I’m thinkin’?”

“You’re able to think after that?!”

He smiled on this.

“Imma thinkin’ that I got ye knocked up first go! I mean hell… ye were a virgin and I’d three years of thinkin’ about fuckin’ ye. Must’ve been one hell of a fight to the finish line. Can ye imagine? Backed up as I was?”

Ava had a good laugh at this.

“You really think so, huh?”

“Oh yeah… I’m willin’ ta put actual money on that. Guess if yer gonna get the job done ye might as well go all out and do it right. I killed two birds with one stone. Took yer v-card and got ye knocked up. That’s talent right there, lass. I’m the fuckin’ man!”

“And so humble…”


Ava laughed and curled up against him.

“So we’re talkin’ about a spring baby? Around March or April?”

“I still don’t get HOW… I mean I should’ve been good for another couple months, at least.”

“I think the antibiotics you were on played a factor in that. They’ve been know ta wipe out whatever birth control yer on.”

Ava nodded and looked to be in thought.

“Your birthday’s in March.”


“This feels so strange…”

“How’s that?”

“I just never dreamed that asking for a couple of junkers would get me here.”

Chibs sort of laughed.

“So ye never dreamed that a dirty old man would trick ya inta marryin’ him and get ye nice and knocked up, before the actual I do’s. Is that what yer sayin’?”

“You were pretty dirty…”

“Hmmm. With child or not, I’ll spank that little arse if ye don’t watch it.”

“I was just agreeing with you.”

“Look at that…” He muttered and pointed to the sunrise.

“Wow…” Ava said in awe as it was reflecting off the water.

They looked over however they heard a woman squealing. The man she was with grabbed her then twirled her about, kissed her, then promptly dunked her into the water.

“Now that’s something you’d pull.”

Chibs laughed and nodded in agreement.

“Water’s gotta be awfully cold aboot this time of year.”

“Something tells me they don’t give a damn…” Ava said as the two were making out and heavily.

“I bet we could outfuck and outmoan them! Climb aboard; ye have the captain’s permission.”

“Did you seriously just refer to your dick as a ship?!”

“Oh yeah, big arse one. It takes one hell of an anchor ta hold it down!”

Ava covered her mouth in laughter. She yawned directly after.

“Let’s see aboot gettin’ us that hotel…”

When Chibs entered the truck, he saw that Ava was already out. He stuffed the keycard into his cut then parked outside the hotel room. After getting her situated he gathered their things. He locked up after and was ready to knock out as well. Ava’s cellphone rang and he was quick to answer it, before it woke her.


“Ava around?”

“She’s asleep.”

“Look, I just wanted her to know that we checked out that TPI place she told us about.” “Oh?”

“There wasn’t anyone around. In fact, that particular building has been vacant for sometime. There was no evidence of anyone having been there recently.”


“Sorry, I couldn’t be more help. I’m doing my best to find this Brian Goodman but no one’s even heard of him or this TPI place. And there’s nobody by that name around Charming. Maybe if she were to come in and give a better description of the guy? I mean she was pretty upset when we went over everything…”

“Aye, well it’ll be a couple days before we can get ta that and she’s leavin’ town this weekend.”

“Couple days? I kind of need that information, ASAP.”

“Then I’ll have her call ye after she’s had some sleep. But I don’t want her bothered on it again. Least not till she get’s back. Ava needs a breather fur once. It’s one thing after another.”

“Whole heartedly agree there. I wouldn’t bother. But we need to know if this man’s responsible for that kid or not.”


“Well alright. I’ll let ya be. Have Ava give me a call if anything comes to mind, other than what’s she’s said already.”

“Will do.”

“Ava…” Chibs called as he woke to an empty bed.

He cut on the lamp then looked around the room. He could hear the sink running in the bathroom. The Scot rolled on out of the bed then knocked on the bathroom door.

“Ye alright?”

When there wasn’t an answer he opened the door.

“Hey…” he called as Ava was sitting against the wall, white as a ghost.

He rushed on over and cupped her chin.

“Another spell?”

She nodded but those eyes of hers were batting about. He nodded in return and headed to the sink where he wet down one of the hotel washcloths and brought it over. He placed it behind her neck then went on to dab it along her face.

“Sorry…” She uttered with a blush.

That part hadn’t changed. She was the same way back in Forks. She was all for taking care of everyone else but heaven forbid if she showed any sign of weakness and needed taking care of in return.

“None of that, lass…”

Chibs scooped her up but he could tell she’d been crying. He laid her on the bed then brushed her hair back.

“Are ye hurtin’?”

She shook her head no.

“Just a long night…”

“Night terrors back?”

Ava closed her eyes and he nodded amongst himself.

“I just keep seeing that boy… I can’t believe Mr. Goodman would take things that far. It doesn’t make sense. I barely know the guy. And an innocent boy? What point is he trying to make?!”

“I haven’t the answers, but I will. I assure ye. Now I want ye ta focus on you fur once. Ava, ye need ta free yer mind a bit and realize these things are out of yer control. Now I know yer gonna worry it’s just who ye are. But there’s nothing wrong with bein’ a little selfish from time ta time. Give yerself some breathing room and focus on ye and the baby. This little outing is fur us. So here’s what yer gonna do. Yer gonna think back to whatever ye might’ve left out and think on how ye’d describe this Mr. Goodman. Call Wayne and let him know whatever he might need, in order ta find this son of a bitch. That way he can bring him in fur questionin’. If it wasn’t Mr. Goodman then we’ll take over from there. I’ve a pretty good idea on who it could be but I don’t wanna dive inta all that mess, unless I know fur certain.”

“Who do you think it is?”

“Let’s just wait and see if this Mr. Goodman is behind it. If not… then I’ll let ye know. I don’t wanna add more ta it if not needed. But fur now. I don’t’ want ye thinkin’ about that shite. This is OUR time.” He said with a hinting hand along her stomach.

This was something he wished he and Fiona would’ve done. But they didn’t. They were too focused on everything else and they let anything MC or IRA related eat them alive. And that’s all they knew. And while he loved his brothers and was SAMCRO through and through, he couldn’t and wouldn’t turn his back to Ava. He had to balance the two. He wouldn’t make that same mistake again. He couldn’t bear the idea of losing Ava and his unborn child. It would devastate him and he truly meant it when he told Jax he’d ask him to take him out of his misery. He was like JT in that sense without his family (what little there was) he was nothing. But that’s where his confusion lies… Without his brothers he was just the same. He needed them, ALL OF THEM. And he would do ANYTHING to keep it that way.

“What if there’s something wrong?”


“With the baby. I mean I was smoking pot and cigarettes, not to mention my drunken nights. Nearly three months… There’s no telling what damage I…”

Chibs placed a finger along her lips.

“If there was somethin’ wrong they would’ve told ye back at the ER. The baby is just fine. I promise. Ye can’t beat yerself up over somethin’ neither of us expected or knew about. And even if there were something wrong with the baby – it wouldn’t be yer fault, lass. These things just happen. Yer so hard on yerself. Ye gotta let up, mo ghaol, it’s eating you alive. So please… ye gotta stop that shite.”

“Is it just me or is it stuffy in here?”

Chibs raised a brow on this.

“Ye need some fresh air?”

She nodded with this pleading look in her eyes. Chibs was quick to lift her up and got her outside.

“I could’ve walked…”

“Nah… besides I like spoilin’ ye…” He said with a wink.

“Spoiling me?”

He nodded but with this serious look in his eyes.

“So just let me do my job and stop questionin’ everythin’.”

“Yer job is to spoil me…?” She said behind a touch of sarcasm.

Chibs placed her down and had her leaning against the door of the hotel. He caressed her cheek and looked her in the eyes.

“Ava, I should’ve spoiled ye from day one, love. Ye deserve nothin’ less and I would’ve had ye a lot sooner. Could’ve saved us both some heartache.”

“I don’t need spoiling…”

“No. But ye deserve it and ye know it. So ye let’s get that phone call out of the way then get ye some breakfast. Then we can walk the beach and forget about everythin’ else. So what do ye say, lass?!”

“Fine. But it’s pancakes or no go!”

Chibs had a good laugh at this.

“Then I’d best make sure ye get those pancakes!”

Chibs narrowed his eyes but didn’t comment as Ava went on to describe this Mr. Brian Goodman and what he looked like. But she made no mention of him being Irish; in fact she made it clear to Chibs that he was American. That pretty much wrote off Chibs’s assumptions. He felt he could breathe a little easier. Wrong as it was, he’d much rather it be some whack job with a crush other than anything relating to the IRA. This was easier to deal with. He could tell by the sheriff’s questions that Wayne thought this had something to do with her past. He asked her a handful of times if she was certain she didn’t know the guy and if he had anything to do with Charlie Swan’s death etc… But she made it clear she’d never met the guy. Once Wayne was satisfied with her answers, her let her go.

Ava finished her pancakes and he chuckled as she went back for more. He did think it a bit odd that she wasn’t having much nausea yet. But the poor girl was awfully pale and seemed to stay that way off and on. She looked miserable. Because of this, Chibs stayed close in fear that she’d pass out again. She still had that goose egg as it was. Thankfully, the swelling had died down and it was looking better.

“Did ye get full, darlin’?”

“Oh yeah…” She murmured while rubbing her tummy.

She frowned however and Chibs nodded her direction.

“What is it?”

“This would be about the time I have a smoke…”

He chuckled.

“Not fur another 6 ta 7 months…”

“That’s a long time.”

“Nah… It’ll go faster than ye realize. By then ye might not even wanna smoke. Besides, it’s a bad habit I got ye inta, love.”

“You got me into a lot of bad habits…”

“Suckin’ cock is not a bad habit. How many times must we go over this?” He taunted.

“Could you be any louder?!”

Chibs drew back a breath and Ava was quick to clamp a hand over his mouth. He chuckled against the palm of her hand.

“Ye make it too easy…” He uttered then pulled her into his lap.

He was kissing her when a little boy walked past. He stopped and looked right at them.

“My daddy says that’s how babies are made.”

Chibs tilted his head and nodded towards the boy.

“He’s right.”

Ava blushed and buried her face into Chibs’s shoulder.

“You’re going to have a lot of babies.” The boy said but in a questionable manner.

“Oh yeah.”

“My mommy and daddy have a lot of babies too.” He said with a frown.

“I don’t want anymore but daddy won’t stop kissing my mommy.”

“Maybe it’ll help if I catch up…” Chibs murmured and went back to kissing Ava.

“Ewww.” The boy groaned and his father walked on over and smacked him in the back of the head.

“Gunner, what did I tell you about talking to people you don’t know?!”

The boy shrugged. But Ava looked over as three more boys and a girl followed along with the mother that looked to be knocked up again.

“Holy shit…” Ava muttered and Chibs was the one covering her mouth this time.

“Easy, lass…”

“I mean seriously… does he even give her time to air out?”

“Ava…” Chibs scolded but behind a chuckle.

“I wonder if they’re Catholic…”

“Maybe they just like ta fuck, a lot…”

“So Catholic…”

“Guess ye’ll find out soon enough…” He teased but had this rather peculiar look about him.


“I think we just got a name fur a boy.”


“Aye… Jackie Gunner Telford!”

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15 thoughts on “Chapter 18 Expecting The Unexpected”

  1. Ok no doubt in my mind “Mr Goodman” is Irish. Can’t wait for her to remember that little slip. And yeah I just wanna kick clay’s arse. Like a lot….. and I KNEW SHE WAS KNOCKED UP!!!! Hahaha!!!!! Chibs is seriously adorable though. Anxious to see her get to Seattle and whatever shall be revealed there!!

  2. Great update as always. Is she suppressing the recognition of the drawl in the man’s voice? So excited to see how the club reacts around her and to see if Ima atually tries to pull something infront of Ava.

  3. Fantastic as always!!
    Clay needed to be taken out. Gemma needs a wake up call cuz Clay has knocked all sense out of her. Mr Goodman seriously creeped me out at the hospital. I think Chibs is correct to assume who he is. I really hope Ava remembers the slip of accent. Knew she was preggers. So happy for her and Chibs.
    On pins and needles to see what’s next.

  4. It’s Jimmy, isn’t it? Can’t wait for more, I love this so much. And my oldest just broke his face, so this update is a really welcome cheer me up – thank you!

  5. I just know that Goodman is part of the IRA if not Jimmy himself. Bella needs to tell Chibs about her thinking she heard and accent as she was coming back after her fall. She might think she imagined what she heard but every little thing could help figure out what was going on.
    I also wonder if Gemma is honest about saying Clay wasn’t the one who beat her then who else could it be. Maybe it was the IRA as well and Clay finally figured out his mistake in trusting them…wow, I love this story and am dying to see what is coming next…great update hon…thanks, until next time…bigg huggs. Peggy

  6. I knew something was off about that Mr Goodman and my guess is he is one Mr Jimmy of the IRA. Awesome update and I can’t wait for the next one.

  7. Oh wow! Mr. Goodman has to be Jimmy. Pretty creepy guy. I hope she remembers the slip of his accent. Why didn’t she tell Wayne about the hospital incident? There should be footage of him on security tapes.
    I’ve got the feeling this isn’t the end of Clay being around. Wish Gemma would’ve fessed up to Chibs.
    Knew she had to be pregnant! Chibs is being too cute about it.

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