Chapter 19 “Happy” Trails

Chapter 19

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                 Chibs sighed once he got off the phone.

“Something wrong?”

“I gotta stop by Cara Cara on the way home. Sorry darlin’, sounds like one of the director’s is stirrin’ up some trouble with our girls.”

“Gotta do what you gotta do…” Ava said with a shrug.

“Ye oughta wear those more often.” Chibs murmured as she was adjusting the string to her bikini top.

The Scot nearly nutted himself when she exited the hotel room this morning. He’d never seen her in a bikini before and he hated that they hadn’t time to ‘play’. They spent a just a little over an hour on the beach before having to head on back. They’d be going their separate ways come morning. And it seemed as if his to do list was growing, the closer they got to Charming. Everyone needed something from him. Chibs stole another glance then went on to ‘adjust’ himself. If he wasn’t behind the wheel he’d have her in his lap and riding him.

Chibs pulled into the Cara Cara parking lot then looked to his wife with slight apprehension.

“Ye comin’ in? There’s no tellin’ how long it’ll be…”

Ava looked to the building but shared that same apprehensive look, remembering what all she witnessed last time. She rather cringed in thought. But another part of her knew she needed to get used to the idea. Her husband ran a porn business. She might as well see what it was all about rather than waiting in the truck like a scared little chicken.

“Um okay…”

“Ye sure? Cause ye don’t hafta, Ava darlin’.”

“I’ll be okay.” She said but more to herself than that of Chibs.

He gave a simple nod. Ava stepped on out in her denim shorts and bikini top. Chibs draped his arm around her shoulder and they headed on in. He wanted to make her as comfortable as possible knowing she wasn’t too keen on all this. Not that he blamed her. But it was just the way things were. Lyla was first to greet them. She let Chibs know that this particular director was finishing up a scene. Chibs nodded as Lyla pointed out an area in which they could sit and ‘observe’ until he finished. Chibs took notice of the massive blush on Ava’s face. Lyla was already off and talking to some of the other girls. Chibs had never been more uncomfortable watching a scene before. He just knew Ava was about to lose her shit and slap the hell out of him. He had to keep from laughing however as Ava jumped during a ‘whip’ scene. He narrowed his eyes however as she hadn’t taken her eyes off the stage. In fact, he reared back at one point as she was chewing on that bottom lip of hers and crossing her legs. The scene before them was two girls and one guy. He had the girls bent over the bed and was ‘punishing’ them. Chibs couldn’t help but to laugh at the irony. This knocked Ava out of her little trance. She snapped him a ‘look’ and he cut her a wink.

“Like what ye see?” He whispered with a wide grin.

“Filip…” She hissed a scolding manner.

Ava folded her arms about her chest but was glanced that direction once again. Her jaw dropped as the guy had both women going down on him now. Every once in a while he’d give them a slight thwack with that whip and demand they choke on it. Chibs leaned over.

“He got his pointers from me, lass. Ye’ve seen those moves…”

Her entire face flushed over and Chibs was back to thinking on how adorable she was. He couldn’t help it. That innocent side continued to peek through every now and then. Wrong as it was, he loved that he was getting all the fun in corrupting her. She wouldn’t admit it but he could tell she was all kinds of riled up. He was more than willing to bet that her panties were soaking wet; especially considering how nice and erect her nipples were.

His train of thought was interrupted though as he’d finally seen what Lyla was complaining about over the phone. The director called cut and waved one of the girls over. Chibs narrowed his eyes as the director went on to run his hands along the area of her sex and ass while giving her further ‘direction’ on her next coming scene. The woman looked highly uncomfortable and even went as far as to shove his hand away. When she did this the director grabbed her wrist and forced her into his lap. Ava looked to Chibs.

“They can do that?!” She whispered looking mortified.

“Nah, lass. That’s a big no, no.”

Chibs pecked her on the lips and had her stay put while he went and handled the situation. Ava watched as her husband marched on over. He took the girl by the hand then led her out of the director’s lap. He made the gesture for everyone to take a break. Just as soon as the area was cleared, Chibs hauled off and punched the man, right out of his seat. He pointed to him directly after.

“That’s not how we run things around here. Ye’d do good ta remember that. Keep yer filthy hands off our girls or I’ll ramp my boot right on up yer arse!”

Something about that had Ava even more astir. The man had the nerve to laugh and was merely shrugging it off as he came to his feet. This had the Scot tilting his head.

“They get paid to entertain…” The director cruelly hinted.

“Yer right they do, consensually… And what yer doin’, isn’t. So hands off.”

The director rolled his eyes but when he did this he caught wind of Ava.

“Ho-ly sh-it… Could you imagine having that sweet thang bouncing up and down your cock? What I wouldn’t give…”

Ava gasped out as Chibs lifted the man up off the ground then hurled him across the room. The Scot took his belt off and had this murderous look in his eyes.

“FILIP!” She shouted and rushed on over as her husband had that belt and was beating the ever living shit out of the director.

It took Ava, one of the male leads, and a couple of Cara Cara girls to pry him off. Even then he had that crazed look in his eyes and stared the man down.

“Get yer shite and get the FUCK out! If I see ye around here again, I’ll bury yer arse alive. And believe me no one’s gonna miss a greasy scumbag animal like ye! NOW OUT!”

The man was tripping over himself he couldn’t get out of their fast enough.

Chibs ran his fingers through his hair and paced the area a bit as he focused on calming down. Once he managed to get there he locked eyes with Ava.

“Ye alright?”

She nodded but had this stunned look about her. Chibs looked over as the rest of the cast was making their way back to the room but were fully dressed now. He pulled the one girl aside and profusely apologized and went on to ask if there was anything she needed. Ava couldn’t help but to have a newfound respect in her husband. He truly cared about these girls and he treated them with upmost respect and dignity. He went on to hug this particular girl then sent her off with Lyla. He walked back over and cupped his wife’s chin.

“Ye sure yer alright? I shouldn’t have dragged ya…”

Ava put a single finger to his lips and hugged him. Chibs was taken back but returned the hug.

“And what was that fur?”

“Just being you…” Ava said as if in awe.

Chibs brushed her hair back and caressed her cheek. He cleared his throat however and backed her up against the wall. He leaned into her ear.


“So?” Ava questioned wondering where this was going as she could literally feel his ‘excitement’.

“That little scene before shite went down… Truth now. It was turnin’ ye on, wasn’t it?”

“Chibs…” She uttered looking downright embarrassed.

“Come on, darlin’. It’s me. Ye’ve nothin’ ta be ashamed of or ta hide even. I’m merely curious…”

Ava looked to the ground and Chibs lifted her chin with his fingers.

“If somethin’ turns ye on, lass. I wanna know. Whatever kink yer inta please feel free ta hit me up. I’m all fur playin’. No need ta be shy around me. Ye understand?”

Ava nodded but still had those rosy cheeks going. Chibs couldn’t help but to chuckle.

“Always learnin’ somethin’ new about ye… And here I was damn near pissin’ myself at the thought of bringin’ ye here and yer just as pervy as I am. Admit it, darlin’. Ye’d have let me fuck ye, right there, if we hadn’t an audience.”

“Filip…” She groaned.

“Hell, I’m gonna take ye by the porn shop and let ye pick some stuff out!” He uttered and he wasn’t really joking.

He wanted to see just what all he could get her into. The mere idea had him rock hard – his sweet little Ava in a porn shop picking out toys and videos.

“…fuck…” he whispered not realizing he’d said this out loud.



“Are you alright?”

“Oh yeah…”

Once Chibs had everything squared away with the girls and the rest of the staff, they headed on out. Ava looked over however as he pulled onto a dirt road and was heading towards a more secluded area.

“Where we going?”

“Ye think I can head back like this?” He gestured towards his raging hard on.

“Yer killin’ me, darlin’. I need ye in a baaad fuckin’ way.” All he kept seeing was how turned on she was getting during that scene and it was enough to drive him mad.

Chibs parked the truck and unfastened his belt. He scooted his seat as far back as it would go and reached over undoing Ava’s belt as well.


She crawled on out of her seat and made her way over. Chibs thought back to that particular scene and her reaction. He wanted to test his little theory and only hoped it didn’t get his sorry ass into trouble. He wiggled his finger and once she was within reach, he grabbed a fistful of her hair and kissed her. He leaned into her ear after.

“Suck that cock, Ava.” He demanded through gritted teeth and brought her to her knees.

He’d never been so mixed in feelings. He didn’t wanna push things too far and have her pissed with him. But at the same time he couldn’t help his curiosity. He was dying to know what all turned her on. He looked on in sheer disbelief as Ava was all over that cock and moaning up a storm. He took his shades off and observed more closely. Hell if this was the reaction he got he’d take her to Cara Cara more often. He’d turn her into a fucking nympho.

“Ye like that, don’t ye baby?”

She nodded and continued on.

“God damn…” He uttered as she had her hand down those little shorts of hers and was going to town.

“That’s right ye just play with that little pussy while ye suck it. Get that floor nice and wet!”

“Filip…” She gasped out between breaths and he couldn’t help but to grin.

He could see those juices running on down her legs. He licked his lips in thought. He grabbed a fistful of her hair again and had her stop. Chibs looked her in the eyes.

“I want ye in the backseat. Naked. Legs spread. Hurry it up.”

She blushed in response but did as requested.

“Jaysus…” He murmured as she was dripping all over the place.

He couldn’t get in there fast enough. He had that tongue lapping all up and down those legs and along her pussy. He left nothing behind.

“Good god, you taste so fuckin’ good.” He whispered while slipping a finger inside.

That alone had her gushing in response. He kept that finger going but had his tongue cleaning up whatever spilled out. He couldn’t get enough. Chibs brought Ava back to her feet but spun her around so that she was bent over the seat. He ran his hands along her perfectly round ass and that little kitty shot of hers. He gave her a little pop, just enough to get her ass but a send a little twinge to that pussy. He observed her reaction closely. He’d spanked her many times but not with that little hint along her sex. She backed herself against him he gave her another pop.

“Yer a naughty little thing, aren’t ye? Admit it… My little Swan likes herself some porn.”

She giggled in response and he gave a touch of a smirk as he spanked her yet again. His eyes rolled back as he had her cumming all over again.

“Damn…” he whispered amongst himself.

He couldn’t get over just how INTO this she was. Chibs couldn’t take it anymore. The moment he entered he threw his head back. The girl was soaking wet and on fire. Within a few strokes they were both gone. Chibs pulled out then spun her back around. He shot a massive load into her mouth. “Swallow that shite down.”

She did as requested then licked herself clean after.

“Jaysus…” He uttered whilst out of breath.

“Yer comin’ ta Cara Cara with me from now on!”

Ava laughed and he sent her a wink.

“Ye don’t hold back on me! I want more of that! Got it?”

Ava nodded and Chibs helped her get situated. But it was during this he noticed the slightest little ‘bulge’. He swallowed back and put his hand along it.

“Ye have any idea how sexy that is…?” He murmured in awe.

He kissed her belly then rested his head against it for a moment. He drew back the deepest of breaths.

“I suppose we’d better head on back.”

“If we must.”

Chibs chuckled in response.

“Unfortunately, we got shite ta handle before ye fly on out in the mornin’. I’ll be headin’ out myself as well.”


“Yeah. The boys and I got a run…”

Ava grimaced gathering the meaning behind that.

“Aye now, none of that. We’ll be fine and ye know it.”

“You better be.”

Once Chibs was done scanning everything over, he gave Ava the clear. He wasn’t taking any chances after what took place that one night. From now on they’d have to check the inside and outside of the house and both vehicles, especially if this was IRA related. All the more reason he wanted his wife out of town and ASAP. No one would think to look for Ava in Forks of all places. He could breathe a little easier knowing his wife was safe, even if just for a few days.

Ava headed into the bathroom and showered. During which, Chibs got everything ready so they could head out come morning. He set out a suitcase for Ava. The only thing he hated about her flying was that she couldn’t carry. But hopefully there would be no need for that in Forks of all places. While he was packing he ran into Ava’s old journal. He reared back thinking that had gotten lost in the fire. He ran his fingers along it remembering how she wrote in that thing every night. Even through his temptation he went to put it back but as he did this a couple of pictures fell out. He narrowed his eyes and picked them up. He smiled seeing as how one of them was of him and her back in Forks. The other was of Charlie. He nodded amongst himself and opened her journal so he could slip them back inside. But he couldn’t help but to notice how she’d written something about him. He glanced towards the bathroom door with that inner battle going.

“Don’t ye do it…” He muttered under his breath and started to put it back.

His eyes however wavered back to that particular page.

                Not a day goes by that I don’t think about him. I find myself wondering what Filip’s doing now. Has he moved on and married? Or is he off in a ditch somewhere? That’s how crazy life can be. At least ours… Maybe we’ll cross paths again. But honestly? It might be for the best. Maybe we were only meant to have that one moment. I suppose it’s better than nothing. Still… I don’t know if I could ever love anyone the way I love him. And even if I could… I don’t want to. It’s too painful. I’d much rather leave it at this – knowing at least I had something, even if not for very long.

                 Chibs heard the shower come to a stop and he was quick to close the journal. He put it back where it was but his heart was all a flutter.

“Everything alright?” She asked as she stepped into the bedroom.

“Yeah.” He said and pecked her on the lips.

“I love ya.”

Ava smiled.

“I love you too.”

Chibs headed into the bathroom and got cleaned up as well. Ava went on to get dressed and packed her bag. She hid the files within a hidden area in the suitcase and went from there. She frowned however as she thought about the duffle bag with Edward’s head. As much as she wanted to bring it along, she knew she couldn’t. She could only imagine the look on the staff’s face at the airport. She giggled in thought. But like that of Chibs, it’d just occurred to her that she couldn’t carry. She frowned in thought. This was going to be a little riskier than she’d hoped for. Chibs would have her ass if he knew the truth behind all this. But she couldn’t think on any of that now. She’d deal with everything once she got back. For now she had to focus and think on how to go about this once she got to Port Angeles.

Ava finished up then headed into the kitchen. She took her prenatal vitamins but looked towards the front door. Chills ran up her spine as she thought about that boy. Ava stepped onto the porch and gawked at the tree in thought. As she did this she thought back to Mr. Goodman and everything he’d said. But it was during this that something else came to mind. Ava reached to her temples as she remembered waking up after that fall. She thought about her husband’s questions, on whether he was Irish or not.

Are ye alright?

Ava dropped her glass and it shattered. She staggered back in memory. How could she forget that? Or did she?

“Nooo…” Ava murmured but jumped as she felt a hand along her shoulder.

“Jesus…” She uttered with a hand over her heart as it was Chibs.

He nodded upon her.

“Ye alright?”

Ava nodded but had this nervous twitch about her.

“Sorry, lass…”

“Chibs, you remember asking if Mr. Goodman was Irish?”

He nodded.

“There’s a chance I could’ve be wrong…”

This had the Scot rearing back in wonder.

“I don’t know why but it just occurred to me. I was half out of it but I swore I heard a bit of an accent in there when I first came to. It could’ve been my imagination. But I remember thinking how strange it was. His accent did a complete 180. Then again, I wasn’t exactly myself.”

Chibs led her back inside then sat her on the couch.

“Ava, just let me handle it. Alright? I want ye ta relax and not get yerself all worked up.”

She nodded and Chibs grabbed his cellphone. He called the sheriff and made plans to meet up so they could watch the surveillance footage from the hospital – something that hadn’t occurred to him or Wayne, until now. But even Chibs couldn’t deny the possibilities. If Ava was right about that accent coming through… it was enough to make the Scot’s skin crawl. Just the mere idea of her being alone with him… had the man feeling like he’d have a heart attack.

“Filip?” She called as he grabbed his wallet and keys.

“Ye just head on over to the clubhouse and I’ll meet ya there.”

He didn’t give her the chance to argue as he practically ran out the door.

The sheriff waited until the coast was clear and hurriedly ushered Chibs inside. He locked the door after and was quick to show him what he’d found.

“Familiar?” The sheriff asked and Chibs recoiled.

“Jaysus Christ…”

Chibs leaned against the wall looking ill. Wayne took notice of the president’s trembling hands and the way his entire body reacted to what he was seeing. The footage showed this particular man carrying Ava into the ER. She was out cold and that had Chibs’s mind going ninety to nothing. He watched as the nurses helped the man get Ava situated and they wheeled her into another room. Wayne stopped the footage and went on show him another tape. This was the footage leading to the room in which they had her in after examining her. Chibs’s eyes went wild as the nurses stopped at her door but when they did this, the man caressed Ava’s cheek as she was still out and went on to kiss her on the lips. Wayne recoiled on Chibs’s behalf. The nurses merely smiled and wheeled her into the room. Chibs’s heart sank to the pit of his stomach as the door came to a close and from there they hadn’t a clue what happened. The Scot pulled at his hair and shook his head. He’d this desperate and lost look about him.

“Hey…” the sheriff called out in concern.

“I take it that’s no Mr. Goodman?”

“Aye…” Chibs uttered looking like he’d throw up.

The sheriff placed a hand along his shoulder.

“You wanna let me in on what’s going on?”

Chibs shook out of his hold and wiped a stray tear off his face. He said nothing as he opened the door and darted on out of the hospital. The entire drive to the clubhouse he felt like a failure. He pretty much handed his wife over to the wolves themselves. Fucking Jimmy O’ pretending to be him… It was happening, ALL OVER AGAIN!

Jax and Opie snapped a look his direction as they heard the squealing of tires. He parked his bike and threw his helmet off. One simple look had his VP rushing over.


“Jackie…” Chibs uttered and pinched the bridge of his nose.

Jax and Opie led him into the office and shut the door behind them

“What’s up, brother?” Jax questioned seeing that defeated look on his face.

“Fuckin’,  Jimmy. Dammit, Jackie boy. He had his hands all over her! Like he already owned her!”

This had the VP and sergeant rearing back in wonder.

“I let him get ta me girl! And I swore ta GOD I’d never let that happen!”

Chibs went on to destroy whatever was near him. The guys grabbed ahold of him and slammed him back.

“Come on, brother! Look at me!”

Chibs lifted his eyes and Jax sighed.

“You can’t do that to yourself. You understand me? This shit happens!”

“Nah, kid… Ye don’t get it. I’m that same worthless piece of shite that let that bastard take me wife and daughter. And now here he is with his hands all over MY AVA and he’s makin’ claims already! FUUUCCK!”

He grabbed Jax by the collar and shook him.


Jax and Opie nodded in complete understanding.

“And now he knows she’s with child…” Chibs uttered whilst sinking to the floor.

This had Opie and Jax exchanging bewildered glances. The president combed his fingers through his hair.

“He’s gonna do whatever he can ta get ta her. That’s why he gave the fake name and wanted her workin’ fur him. He’d means of gettin’ close and personal. But his plans got fucked… so he tried another route only me girl’s no Fiona. She’s too smart fur that shite and it downright pissed him off!”

Chibs pulled at his hair yet again.

“Now how do I look that girl in the eyes and tell her that I let Jimmy O’ LITERALLY get his hands on her?”

Jax hunkered down to his level.

“Now if there’s one thing I know… Is that Ava loves you and she would NEVER hold something like that against you. She’s well aware of how Jimmy works. Like you said she’s smart. If anything, she’s in the need to know. And that’s how we go about this. Tell her the truth so she can better protect herself. In the meantime, we keep a better eye on the situation. Look at it like this… He could’ve taken off with her, but didn’t. So he’s on our turf still. And think about it… How do you think the others will react? Seeing one of their members stoop so low. So low… he’s willing to fuck up this whole cartel and all because of a personal vendetta. Imagine if the kings were to get word of this? You think they’re going to want their share fucked with, because of Jimmy’s stupid mistakes? He’s not going about this professionally at all. He’s getting too personal and that’s going to backfire. You see… THIS could actually play out to OUR advantage. If we could find a way of ratting ole Jimmy out and without the knowledge of it being us that did so… You get where I’m going with this?”

Opie looked to Jax rather impressed and Chibs nodded.

“It’s on, brother… more than ever. Jimmy won’t know what hit him. And by the way did I hear you correctly?”

Chibs narrowed his eyes on this.

“Did you say that Ava’s pregnant?!”

Chibs managed to smile and the guys laughed in response.

“Well hell, brother. I suppose congratulations are in order! That’s fantastic!”

“Bobby!” Ava scolded as he kept spraying her with the water from the bar.

He chuckled when she reached over the counter and went to pry the nozzle from his hand.

“Dammit, Bobby that shit’s cold!”

He shrugged and did it once again. Ava gritted her teeth and shot to her feet.

“Uh oh…” He murmured with a chuckle as she was coming right for him.

Ava grabbed one of the beer nozzles and hit him in the face. Chibs, Opie, and Jax reared back as that’s what they walked in on. Ava started to slip and Bobby was quick to catch her. But he lost his footing in the process and they both fell to the ground. Ava punched him in the gut then rolled off him.

Bobby let out a painful grunt.

Asshole…” She sputtered and Bobby chuckled.

He let out another groan as she came to her feet and kicked the shit out of him.

“God damn woman, chill!”

You fuckin’ chill.” She spat in return and went to dry herself off.

Chibs took a seat at the bar and lit up a cigarette. He nodded upon his wife.

“What was that aboot?”

“Just Bobby being a cocky son of a bitch.” She mumbled a slew of curse words and Bobby died of laughter as he came to his feet.

“So sensitive…” Bobby taunted and Ava shot him daggers.

“All I did was spike your fucking drink. Ya didn’t have to go ape shit on me! Hell, you look like you needed it. So yeah… I hosed your ass down when you went off like a bat shit crazy bitch.”

Jax covered his mouth in realization and Chibs shook his head.

“Ye really are an idiot…” He muttered towards Bobby.

Bobby reared back and looked to everyone at the bar then back to Ava who was nearly in tears.

“Am I missing something?”

“Yeah yer brain…” Chibs replied whilst flicking his ashes into the ashtray.

Opie sighed and went on to help Ava. He cut Bobby a look of hell during.

“What?!” Bobby called with utter confusion.

“You alright?” Opie asked once he had her cleaned up.

She nodded but was quick to head on out of the clubhouse. Chibs sighed in response and pinched his eyes shut for a brief moment.

“Ye can’t be doin’ that shite.”

“Doing what? I was just messing around and she got all sensitive about it. I mean what’s with her anyhow?”

“She’s pregnant!” Chibs, Opie, and Jax chorused.

Bobby reared back and glanced towards the club doors.

“Well shit…”

He sighed and grabbed his jacket on the way out. Bobby grimaced as she was leaning against the truck and wiping a few tears off her face.

“Hell darlin’, I hadn’t a clue. If I had…”

Ava closed her eyes and drew back the deepest of breaths. She looked towards the clubhouse then back to Bobby. He narrowed his eyes as she went on to reveal something else – something she couldn’t believe she or Chibs didn’t take notice of before. She lifted the back of her hair and right at the area of her hairline and dead center of her neck was a shamrock with a “J” in the middle.

“Jesus…” Bobby uttered looking a little green himself.

Ava nodded and lowered her hair back down.

“I hadn’t a clue… I didn’t even feel it.” She murmured with a hand over her gut.

Bobby was quick to hug it out as she looked like she were about to lose her mind.

“Shhh…” He whispered whilst doing his best to console her.

Chibs was heading out in preparation to give Ava that big reveal when he caught wind of this. Bobby nodded upon him but continued in his reassuring. Chibs tilted his head and sent Bobby a confused glance. Bobby swallowed back and went on to lift Ava’s hair. The Scot staggered back on this and Bobby lowered her hair back down. Bobby winced as Chibs leaned over the truck and upchucked.

“Call Happy and get that shite taken care of!” He demanded afterward and Bobby nodded.

“On it.”

But as Chibs said this, another realization hit. Jimmy had to of given Ava something in order to keep her knocked out. If that’s the case… What all did he do to her?! The Scot was having a full on meltdown. He couldn’t believe this shit. Once Bobby was on the phone with Happy, Chibs grabbed ahold of his wife.

“I fucked up. Ava, please… God, I’m so sorry. I failed ye. Baby, I failed ye big time. I…”

Bobby grimaced as the two were hugging and literally breaking down. Chibs kept apologizing over and over but Ava was so distraught over everything she couldn’t muster up a single word.

Happy looked at the damage that was done and nodded amongst himself. He looked to Chibs.

“How much do you trust me?”

Chibs narrowed his eyes on this.

“I got an idea but I need your and Ava’s permission to do my magic.”

“Do whatcha you gotta do.”

Happy nodded but cupped Ava’s chin.

“And what about you? Do you trust me?”

Ava nodded but still had that distraught look about her. Happy looked to Jax.

“I’m gonna need some scissors and a hair trimmer. Hope you’re ready for a new kickass look.”

The guys looked on in silence as Happy went on to cut Ava’s hair and shaved part of her hair.

Thus giving her a completely new look. At first Chibs wasn’t so sure about it. It was awfully short and not something he ever pictured his wife in. But the more he observed what Happy was going for… the more he approved. Once Happy finished with that he went on to fix that dreadful tattoo. The guys smiled once they saw what he was going for. Happy made that clover into a middle finger. He looked her over then motioned towards Michaela.

“Ya got some makeup on you?”

She nodded and handed her bag over.

“Help yourself.”

Happy took it upon himself to fully fix her up. He went all out with eyeliner, smoky eye shadow, and massacre. He added a little blush to her cheeks and a touch of red lipstick. He nodded amongst himself once he finished. He waved Chibs on over.



Chibs couldn’t help but to find himself taken back. His Ava had never looked more badass than she had now. She had a whole new edge and Happy had all of Chibs’s respect. He could see it in his wife’s eyes the moment Happy gave the big reveal. He knew what Happy was going for. Ava was smiling now and had this whole new vibe to her. She hugged the hell out of him and thanked him profusely. Happy gave a mere nod and went about his way like it was nothing. Jax nudged Chibs then cut him a wink.

“Hell… now you really gotta watch out…” He hinted but with a playful smirk.

“Aye…” Chibs said but was still taken back by what Happy had done for Ava.

This was something he’d never forget and would always stick with him.

“Do you like it?” Ava questioned with a touch of nerves.

“Oh yeah…” Chibs uttered with a wide grin.

“It’s very you…” He said whole heartedly.

“Are you sure?”

Chibs put his forehead to hers.

“Ava darlin’, ye’ve never looked more beautiful.”

When Ava woke the following morning, Chibs’s eyes were locked onto hers and he was thrusting with everything he had. He slapped his hand up against the headboard in order to stop it from rattling. His eyes rolled into the back of his head as her nails dug into his back. Chibs went on to feverishly kiss her knowing this was their last good fuck before parting ways. Ava arched back in response and Chibs let out a finishing moan. He gave a few more strokes whilst continuing in their heated kiss. Once his lips parted with hers, he put his forehead to hers.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“Watch your back. Don’t let your guard down, even in Forks.”

She nodded in response.

“You’d better get goin’ yer flight’s aboot ready.”

Ava looked to the time and was quick to her feet. Chibs lit a smoke and merely observed as she rushed to it. He stepped into his jeans and loaded her bags into the truck. He popped the hood and checked everything over. It wasn’t long before she stepped on out. Still, he couldn’t get over her new look. He found himself taken back each time. Chibs opened the door for her and once she was inside, he kissed her once again.

“Be safe, lass. I mean it.”

“I will. Promise.”

Chibs shut the door then waved her off as she pulled on out of the drive. The Scot headed back inside then went to on to shave before he showered. But as he did this he couldn’t help but to gawk at those scars in memory. He thought back to that video footage and the tattoo Jimmy left behind.

Chibs wiped the shaving cream off his face and without another thought… He hollered out and took his fist to that mirror over and over again, until there was nothing left.

“What the…” Ava shouted as she had to slam on her brakes in order to keep from hitting the truck in front of her.

She reared back as the door opened and Clay stepped on out. He walked on over and knocked on the window. Ava grabbed her gun then rolled the window down. “What the fuck was that?!”

Clay sighed as he took notice of the gun aimed his direction.

“Had to get your attention somehow.” But as he said this he’d this shocked look about him and was looking her over.

“Changed your appearance I see.”

“Look, just get to whatever the fuck this is. I’m in a hurry.”


Clay retrieved something from his jacket then handed it over.

“What’s this?”

“Your one way out… I’d take it. Everyone thinks you’re headed back home. No one would ever suspect otherwise.”

“You’re fucking kidding me, right?” Ava uttered seeing as how it was a ticket straight to Belfast.

“Do I look like I’m joking? Room and board’s already prepared. All you gotta do is show up. I got it handled from here.”

“And just what in the fuck makes you think I’d agree to this?”

“You care about that baby, don’t you?”

Ava’s heart sank and he gave a mere nod.

“Word spreads fast, sweetheart. Now if you care anything about that baby. You’ll cancel your plans and make certain you and that child are safe. I’ll call when the time is right and you can return home, once the coast is clear. Things are about to get ugly… real ugly. And this…” He tapped his finger along the ticket. “Is your best bet. So quit being so stubborn and get your ass somewhere safe.”

“And why the fuck do you care?”

“I owe you one and this is the only way I know. Someone’s gotta look out for you and that husband of yours isn’t doing such a great job from what I hear.”

Ava retrieved a lighter from her purse then set the ticket on fire. Clay jumped as she slammed the ticket up against his chest afterward. He was quick to put the fire out.

“SHIT!” He hollered as Ava put the truck into reverse and he had to jump out of the way in order to keep from getting hit.

She put the truck in drive taking out his side mirror in the process then flipped him off.

“That everything?” Chibs questioned as Happy was looking everything over.


“Good deal.”

Chibs nodded upon the rest of the Sons.

“Let’s get this over with…”

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12 thoughts on “Chapter 19 “Happy” Trails”

  1. Loved it. Can’t believe she didn’t feel it cause I have four and you have to keep them bitches well taken care of they can’t get to dry and have you ever seen a infected tattoo? It’s some nasty shit. But any who lover it please update ASAFP.

    1. I have 7 tattoos. All in various places. I have one directly on the back of my neck that I practically slept through. It’s all about the person. And it hadn’t been that long so infection wouldn’t have set in.

  2. I’d say poor Bobby but I’d be lying lol. And the tattoo? Kinda brilliant on Jimmy’s part. Though I dig her new look and wtf clay??? Still trying this shite. Homey don’t play that. Now let’s see what’s going on in Washington! I’m anxious 🙂

  3. I’m glad they took care of that tattoo, but you’ve still got me worried at what will happen to both Chibs and Bella…sigh. Great update hon, I love it and can’t wait to read more…thanks, huggs.

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