Chapter 2 A Scotsman’s Wrath

Chapter 2

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Gemma tilted her head and had Bella twirl about.

“Much better…”

“They’re a little tight…”

“That’s the whole point, sweetheart. You’ll have him wishing he had a quarter.”
“A quarter?”

“To bounce off that tight little ass of yours.”

Bella’s jaw damn near hit the ground.

“Did you just…”

“Here try this little number on.”

Gemma handed her a mini-skirt and mid-riff blouse to match.

“I can’t wear that!”

Gemma narrowed her eyes and looked to the outfit thinking it was defective somehow.

“I don’t see anything wrong with it.”
“I think I’ll just stick with the jeans.”

“Nonsense. Look, I’ll pay for it myself. This has you written all over it.”
“Not even close.”
“Just shut up and try it on.”

Bella sighed and headed back inside the changing room. She tried it on and to her great surprise, Mrs. Morrow was dead on. Bella spun about and she blushed in thought of Chibs’s reaction.

“Are you a thong or G-string kind of girl?” She heard Mrs. Morrow call out.

“Thong?!” Bella whispered in horror.

“Got it! Though I gotta admit the G-string would look better in that skirt. Maybe we should grab a set of both.”

When the women returned to the clubhouse, the boys were holding a meeting. Chibs was discussing Bella’s situation when he caught wind of her through the blinds. She was in one of her new skirts and black knee-high boots. Her hair was lively and full of curls. From the looks of things she had it highlighted and permed. The man continued with the present conversation but he was leaning further and further back in that chair of his. Jax saw it coming and he covered his mouth in laughter as Chibs’s chair gave and he fell back.

“Something else on your mind, brother?” Jax taunted.

Chibs flipped him off causing him to laugh even harder.

“It’s open…” Bella called as there as a knock at the door.

When Chibs entered the bedroom Bella was lying on her tummy, reading a book. He tilted his head as he could make out the slight curve of her butt cheek. Bella closed her book and Chibs tossed a folder onto the bed.

“What’s this?”
“Everything ye need.”

“That fast?!”

“I have my ways.”

Bella opened the folder and looked over the new birth certificate, driver’s license, and social security number. Chibs even went as far as to get her a passport.

“I bet this cost you a pretty penny…” She murmured looking ill.
Don’t… It’s what ye needed. So there ye go. New life. New start. Just do me a favor an’ stick around.”

Bella rolled on off the bed. She walked on over and hugged him.

“Thank you.”

He nodded and kissed the top of her head.

“The new look… it suits ye by the way.”

“So you don’t think it’s too much?”
“Not even a little. It’s more you… if that makes any sense.”

Chibs cleared his throat and refrained from running his hands along her ass.

“From here on out, Isabella Marie Swan is no more.”

The young woman nodded in understanding.

“If ye even hear the name yer not to react. Got it?”

Bella nodded once again but with this rather gloomy countenance. Chibs sighed taking notice. He cupped her chin and looked her in the eyes.

“I’m here… Every step of the way. I’m sorry about yer father and everything else. Ye didn’t deserve this shite.”

She got a little teary eyed and Chibs wrapped his arms around her.

“Think of this as yer room. Just make yourself at home. I want ye on club grounds. We can keep ye better protected that way. And just so ye know this isn’t permanent. It’s just until I know for certain yer safe. We can make other arrangements later.”

“But what about finding a job?”

“Ye won’t be needing one. I got ye covered. Ye have enough ta worry about.”

“Chibs, I can’t just sit around and do nothing while you and the club are taking care of everything!”

“Ye can and ye will.”

“I thought I was going to hide in plain sight?”

“Aye… But we need ta take this a step at a time. We gotta test the waters a bit and see if there’s really someone after ye. If there is… Ye can’t receive the protection ye need if yer off ta work somewhere. And I highly doubt there’s a job where they’ll allow us Sons as bodyguards.”

Bella frowned on this.

“And ye seem ta be forgettin’ somethin’…”

“I want ta do this. So stop questionin’ everythin’ and let me.”

They turned as there was a knock at the door.

“Yeah?” Chibs called out.

“We’re headin’ out.” Jax called in return.

“On my way.”

When Chibs looked back over he used his thumb to wipe a tear off her cheek. He hated leaving her like this but they had ‘business’ to take care of.

“I gotta get. But a few of the boys are stayin’ behind. They’ve been given specific instructions already. And I need ye ta respect that and do whatever they say.Understood?”

She nodded.

“I’ll be back in a couple days. If ye run inta any trouble, talk ta Clay. He’s the Prez and he can help with whatever ye need.”

Chibs retrieved a cellphone from his pocket and handed over.

“My number’s already logged in. Just keep in mind what ye say over that… Yer the daughter of a cop, so ye know damn well what I’m talkin’ about. Keep yer senses aboutcha, Ava darlin’.”

Chibs drew back the deepest of breaths and he glanced her over one more time, then headed on out.

Bella aka Ava now… hadn’t realized she’d fallen asleep when she heard a knock at the door. When she answered it she saw it to be Cherry and Half-Sack.

“We thought you might be hungry.” Cherry said.

The mere smell of burger and fries had Ava’s stomach growling. Half-Sack handed her a beer and Cherry motioned for her to follow. Ava followed them outside where they sat at one of it the picnic tables and ate.

“This is soooo good.” Ava moaned causing them both to laugh.

“Greasy goodness.” Cherry agreed whilst popping a fry into her mouth.

“It’s Ava, right?” Half-Sack questioned and she nodded.

“Edward, but everyone calls me Half-Sack or Kip.”

“Good, because I’m sooo not calling you Edward.”

“Um okay.”

“Long story…”
Oh?!” Cherry perked up with interest.

“Long boring story…” Ava added hoping to veer away from the subject.

“So why Half-Sack or do I even want to know?”

Half-Sack sighed and came to a stand.

“It’s better if I just show you.”

He went on to unzip his pants and Ava shot out a hand in protest.

“On second thought… You just keep that to yourself there, slugger.”

“Suit yourself.” He said with a shrug.

“He gets a kick out of showing off his balls or lack of…” Cherry taunted but with a frisky wink his way.

Half-Sack went to comment on this but Clay had welcomed himself to the table. He sat right beside Ava.

“Lack of is right…” the president murmured.

He lowered his shades and Cherry took notice of how Clay was giving Ava the once over. Once he finished he pushed his shades back up and sent Cherry a cocky grin.

“We’re heading out first thing tomorrow morning. From my understanding, we can’t leave you behind so you’ll be joining us on this ride. You too, Cherry… Get a goodnight’s sleep, ladies. You’re gonna need it.”

Ava hadn’t a clue as to the hint Clay was making. But Cherry did and she was shooting the man daggers. She knew his reason for staying behind now. It’s just how he worked, the bastard. Ava gave a mere nod and went back to eating her burger. Clay reached over and snatched a fry, before walking away.

The following morning:

“You’re riding with me!” Clay announced as Ava made her way over.

She cut him an odd glance but thought back to what Chibs had said. Clay handed her a helmet.

Once she had the helmet on she climbed onto the back of Clay’s bike. She had her hands placed about his cut, awkwardly.

“You’re gonna have to get a better hold than that or you’ll fly right off.”

The young woman nodded and wrapped her arms around him.

“There you go.”

When Ava looked over she saw that Cherry was riding with Bobby. This had her feeling somewhat better about the situation. Cherry sent her a smile and waved her off as they headed on out. The trip itself was a little over four hours. Once they got to their final destination. They pulled into what looked to be a bar or club of some sort. Clay got off the bike and rubbed his hands looking as though he were in pain. “Are you alright?” She asked out of concern. He nodded but had this rather pissed off vibe about him. He reached over and helped her off the bike. Ava took the helmet off then handed it over. Clay draped it over one of the handlebars. As they headed inside he had his hand along the small of her back.

These were obviously friends of SAMCRO’s, as Clay hugged one of the men then proceeded in shaking hands. Cherry had inched her way over and she took Ava by the hand. The guys went about their business.

“He shouldn’t have brought you here…” Ava heard Cherry whisper.


Cherry led her into the girl’s bathroom and was quick to lock the door.

“Whatever happens just let me handle it.”
“I’m afraid I don’t understand.”
“You’re about to get a rude awakening. Chibs… He should’ve made his intentions clear. He’s going to regret not doing so.”


“Look, just stay close and let me do all the talking.”

“Um okay…”

Cherry unlocked the door. When she opened it the girls jumped as Clay was already standing there. He tilted his head upon Cherry.

“Something wrong?”
“You know how us girls are. Can’t go to the bathroom alone. ” She said with a kittenish grin.

He nodded and Ava swore that she felt his hand brush against her ass as they walked away.

She fought the urge to look back. After all it had to have been her imagination. The man was married and he was Jax’s stepfather, nevertheless. She felt silly for even assuming such a thing. However as the night progressed the boys were getting plastered and pretty rowdy. Ava never felt so out of place and she was very uncomfortable. If Chibs was there he’d help to ease those nerves of hers. He just had that way about him. He could make any situation seem so much better than it truly was. The young woman did her best to ignore the strippers and all the sex. She took Cherry’s advice and stayed close. But she wanted nothing more than head outside and be away from all this crazy. After a couple more hours Clay announced that he was calling it a night. As he did this he walked on over. He leaned over the couch and ran his hand along her thigh.

“I could use some company…” He whispered.

Her face felt as if it were on fire. She was somewhere between pissed and utterly humiliated. She looked to Cherry and Half-Sack in alarm. Clay kissed along the crevice of her neck and took her by the hand. Ava’s heart was going ninety to nothing as he led her towards one of the backrooms. Ava pried out of his hold and backed away from him.

“Whatever this is… it can’t happen.”

The president of SAMCRO laughed as he backed her into a corner. He towered over her tiny frame and got right in her face.

“Relax, we’re out of Charming… So you haven’t anything to worry about. Whatever happens stays between us.”

She tilted her head not understanding the reference.

“I don’t think you understand what it is I’M saying.”

“You’re living under OUR roof and under 24/7 SAMCRO protection. I don’t think that gives you much say. As far as I’m concerned you’re better off becoming a sweetbutt. Besides, you owe me…”

“Owe you?!’

He nodded and went on to kiss her. Ava used her entire weight to shove him back, then popped him across the face. Clay got this crazed look in his eyes and he was quick to return the favor. He went on to unfasten his pants.

“If you’re gonna stick around you had better earn your place and get to sucking…”

“Shit…” Half-Sack uttered as he and Cherry caught the tail-end of this.

Cherry looked to the prospect pleadingly.

“Look, just get her out of here. I’ll take care of Clay.”

Half-Sack wasn’t given much time to think as Cherry sauntered on over. She ran a hand along the president’s chest.

“Come on, baby. I’ll take care of you.”

Clay cocked a brow as Cherry reached into his pants and got his ‘attention’. He let out a moan and Cherry motioned Half-Sack over. He was quick to grab Ava and haul ass out of there. Once they were outside, Half-Sack checked her over. He recoiled seeing as how Clay had gotten her pretty good. Her nose and lip were busted open and she was covered in blood.

“Damn…” He muttered under his breath.

Ava covered her face and started to cry. Not knowing what else to do, the prospect wrapped his arm around her shoulder and led her to his bike.

“Come on sweetness. Let’s go.”

Half-Sack pulled into a nearby hotel and got them a room for the night. He gave Ava her space as she headed into the bathroom and got herself cleaned up. Once she stepped out, he tossed one of his shirts over.

“Figured you might wanna change…”


He turned his head so she could swap out.


He nodded and looked over. The two shared an awkward moment of silence. The only thing to break that silence was the clearing of his throat.

“I’ll um… get you some ice.”

He grabbed the bucket and was quick to dart on out of the room. Once he was out of sight, Ava brought that cellphone out. She looked to Chibs’s number but had this internal war going. She thought about all the pros and cons to that particular phone call. She found herself throwing it down in defeat. The young woman paced the area. She hadn’t a clue in what to say or do from here. As of now, she was at THEIR mercy. She wasn’t sure who she could trust. For all she knew this Half-Sack guy had plans of fucking her as well. She was so lost in thought, she hadn’t heard him reenter the room. The prospect placed a hand along her shoulder and she screamed out, knocking the bucket out from his hand. The look on his face said it all and she staggered back in realization.
“Oh my god… I’m so sorry!”

“It’s cool…” he murmured and went on to pick up the ice.

Ava let out a frustrated sigh and helped. He placed the ice into one of the hotel hand towels then handed it over.


He nodded as she placed the towel over her nose and lip.

“I’m sorry he did that…”

She closed her eyes, doing her best to keep her shit together.

“Is he always so…”

“He has his moments.”

“Is she going to be okay?”

“Cherry can handle herself.” He said but realized how that sounded.

“That’s not what I meant…” He was quick to clear up.

“You wouldn’t offend me either way. I know how this looks.” Ava said behind a laugh of sheer misery.

“Just a small town girl that’s in way over her head…”
“Small town, huh?”

She nodded and he managed to smile.

“I would’ve never guessed. You seem to be doing just fine actually.”

“You call this fine?”

“You handled it better than most. I mean hell… You sure let Clay have it! And you’re still alive to tell about it!”

Ava recoiled in thought.

“I can’t believe she’s having to sleep with that asshole.”

“That makes both of us…” he murmured with this offbeat look about him.

“Wait, are you two…”

“No… I wish.”


“You and Chibs?”

The young woman sat at the edge of the bed and sort of laughed.

“No. And I’m not so sure I’d wish that on him.

“What do you mean by that?”

“Let’s just say I can be a bit of a handful and he’s got enough on his plate. He doesn’t need me cramping up his style.”
“What if he wants you to?”

“Trust me, he doesn’t. This isn’t my first rodeo. I know when I don’t fit in. This is just another one of those times.”

“Hey now… I think you fit in more than you realize. Don’t let Clay convince you otherwise. Stick to your guns and let him know he can’t get to you. Easier said than done, trust me. I would know. But give it a chance before hightailing it.”

“No offense. But you barely know me.”
“True. But I know Cherry. And if she sees something in you then I’m going to back her up, always will.”

“You should tell her…”
“Tell her what?”

“How you feel.”

“Have you told Chibs how you feel?”

“How I feel?”

He nodded with a touch of a smirk.

“It’s a bit obvious.”

Ava blushed in thought.

“It’s funny actually.”

“How’s that?” She questioned with a touch of bitterness.

“Nah, I don’t mean that. I mean… You and I have a lot in common – at least when it comes to the club and our feelings towards certain members. We want to fit in, but aren’t quite sure on how to go about it. Whereas Cherry and Chibs? Well they live and breathe it. It comes naturally for them. But hey… we’ll get there, eventually.”

“I hope so… For our sakes.”


“You should get some sleep. I’ll take the couch.”

“I can ta…”
“Don’t even say it.” He was quick to interrupt.

“I’m beat. You’re beat. Let’s just call it a night and put this shit behind us.”

“Fair enough.”

Ava plopped down on the bed but looked over as Half-Sack got himself situated on the couch.

“How’d you end up with half a sack anyhow?”

Half-Sack chuckled.

“You really wanna know?”

“Probably not, but you might as well shoot.”

“Got blown up during the war in Iraq.”

Ava regarded the prospect in surprise.

“You served?!”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Wow… Impressive. You actually gave a nut for this country!”

Half-Sack died of laughter.

“Thank you for your service by the way.”

Half-Sack had this thrown off kilter look about him.

“Did I say something wrong?”

“Just wasn’t expecting that… I’ve taken a lot of shit since…”

“So I’ve noticed…”
“Just comes with the territory. You gotta prove you can deal. Hell… Why am I telling you all this stupid shit?”

“Hell if I know, but you can shut the fuck up now.”

“See?! There you go. Now you’re fitting in! Way to bitch up!”

“Now that’s something I never thought I’d hear…”

When they exited the hotel the following morning the entire MC was waiting outside. Clay revved the engine on his bike then hopped off. He headed right for Half-Sack and without so much as a warning; he socked him in the gut, then slammed his head up against the hotel door.

“What makes you think you can take our pussy, prospect?” He harshly whispered.

“STOP IT! PLEASE!” Cherry shouted as Juice was holding her back.

“WHAT IN THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?!”Ava shouted as she went to intervene.

Tig was quick to grab her as Clay sent him a jab to the kidney.

She flung her elbow back and spun around, taking her knee to Tig’s crotch. She snatched his gun right out from it’s holster and aimed it Tig’s direction.

“I swear to GOOOD if another one of you bastards touch me, I’m gonna blow some dicks and not in the way you’re hoping. Now back the FUCCCK up and leave HIIIM alone!”

Bobby sort of laughed and he nudged Juice.
“I think I’m in love…”

Juice chuckled in response.

Clay sighed as she turned the gun on him next.

“You really gonna shoot me, sweetheart?” He questioned in a mocking matter.

Her hand was shaking unmercifully. But she wasn’t an idiot either. She knew she was as good as dead now. Still, she kept that gun aimed at Clay and continued in backing away from the entire MC. She figured it best to go down guns a blazing. Sure beats becoming their bitch. The cellphone Chibs had given her sounded and it caused her to jump, therefore causing the gun to go off.

“SHIT!” Clay hollered as it barely his foot.

Ava was quick to answer the phone and was eyeing Clay down.

“Chibs…” She answered with a trembling yet somewhat relieved voice.

“Hey darlin’, how ye holdin’ up?”

She covered the receiver.

“Chibs wants to know how I’m doing. What should I tell him?” Ava taunted.

Clay rolled his eyes. She put the phone back to her ear.

“Ava?” Chibs called out with concern.

“I’m just peachy. In fact I’ve never been better.”

“Aye now, what’s goin’ on?” ‘

“Just tell me you’re going to be home soon.”
“Givin’ ye a hard time now are they?” The guilt was thickly laced within his words.

“I should’ve stayed behind Ava darlin’… I tell ye what. Why don’t ye hand the phone ta Clay.”

“No need. I’m fine and so is Half-Sack! We can’t wait to see you.” She did her best to hint.

She hung up the phone and lowered the gun.

“Now you might want to think on that one… ” She warned knowing that phone call was her only save.

“Think you’re reaaal cute, don’tcha?”
“Oh, I’m fucking adorable.”

“Hm. Get on the god damn bike.”
“Yes, sir.” She said, handing the gun back to Tig.

Just as soon as they got back, Ava locked herself in the back bedroom. She paced around wondering what her next move should be, if anything. She kept expecting that door to be busted down followed by Clay putting a bullet in her head. Ironic, considering they were meant to be HER protectors. She didn’t feel so safe now. Ava knew the minute Clay got her alone he’d kill her ass. These guys hadn’t any issues in taking a life and coming up with a cover story, even if were against one of their own. This was something Chibs had confided in her once. He often felt as though the ‘brotherhood’ had died. This ate the man up as they were the only family he had. The more she thought on everything the harder it became to breathe. She headed into the bathroom and turned the shower on. Ava didn’t bother with undressing. She stepped inside and stood beneath the ice cold water. The young woman focused on taking nice long breaths.

“Where is she?!” Chibs demanded just as he climbed off his bike.

Tig shrugged and this only set the Scotsman off. He marched on over and grabbed Tig by his cut.

“Where’s my girl, Trager?”

“Shit…” Jax uttered as he had just pulled in.

He was quick to park his bike and rushed on over.

“She’s in the guestroom.” Another voice called out.

Chibs turned and saw it to be Half-Sack. The kid was beat to a pulp. This had Chibs rushing into the clubhouse. He headed right for the backroom and when he couldn’t get the door to open he used his knife to unlock it.

“Ava!” He called out but froze as he heard the shower going.

When he entered the bathroom he saw that Ava was in full blown panic attack. Chibs reached over and cut the water off. Ava screamed out as he startled her.

“SHITE!” Chibs hollered as she lost her footing and started to slip.

He flung himself over and broke her fall. Once he saw the damage done to her face this fire within him ignited and it took him by storm.

“Easy now… It’s me, mo ghaol. (my love)”
She gasped back but struggled in catching her breath.

“Aye now… I need ye ta breathe and tell me what happened…”

“You should’ve made your intentions known.” He heard and turned as this came from Cherry.

“And just who in the hell are ye ta talk ta me like that?!”

“You wanted me to watch over her, right?! Makes it rather hard when you didn’t let the others know she was your old lady.”

“What are ye ramblin’ on aboot?!”

“Clay got handsy and I had to take one for the team!”

“Ye mean ta say that Clay did this?”

Chibs ground his teeth together and loud enough that Cherry could hear it. He handed Ava off and stormed on out. Chibs headed outside and right into the garage where Clay was. Clay had no warning as Chibs charged right for him and like that of a bull.

“WHOA!” Bobby and Opie chorused as this was followed by several punches to the stomach.

Clay returned a few of the blows but that only added fire to the flame. Chibs let out this battle like cry and he took his knee to Clay’s crotch. Not just once, or twice, but three times.

“That oughta ruin yer weekend, ye lowdown greasy scum! I’ve just aboot had it with ye!”

Chibs went to walk away but let out a grunt as Clay took a crow bar to his back. Chibs came to his knees and fought to catch his breath.

“THAT’S ENOUGH!” Jax shouted as he made his way over.

“Church… Now!” The VP barked.

SOA Meeting:

“Aye and she’s here because she needs our protection! The girl isn’t just some gash brought here for yer personal entertainment. She’s here because I wanted her ta feel safe! Now she’s a mess and that’s all yer doin’!”

“You never made any claims.” Clay fired back.


Clay got this cocky grin about him.

“Are you sure about that?”

“Is Gem sure aboot that?”

That was enough to wipe that cocky grin right off his face.

“And is that what it’s come ta, brother? Ye haven’t any idea what ye’ve done. It was hard enough convincin’ her ta stay. Ye just made me out ta be a liar and ye made this entire MC look bad. I wasn’t aware that we were a bunch of filthy rapists.”

“Rapist?” Clay scoffed.

“What else do ye call it? I’m willin’ ta bet that she said no and ye ignored her.”

“She should’ve known what was expected out of her.”

Everyone jumped as Chibs shot to his feet and slammed his fists against the table.

“So yer sayin’ that I should’ve told the young lass that if she needed our help, she was ta become the sweetbutt of the MC in exchange?! I wasn’t aware of them rules myself but it’s good ta know!”

“You should’ve told us she was your old lady.” Tig uttered and Clay nodded in agreement.

“Whether she is or isn’t shouldn’t matter.” Jax defended.

“Chibs is right. There is no excuse for what happened. I can’t believe you hit her. Amongst other things…” Jax said with a certain glare.

Clay rolled his eyes and merely dismissed what his stepson was hinting at.

“So it shouldn’t matter when I say that Kip managed to get himself a piece of that forbidden fruit?” Clay fired back.

Chibs reared back and sort of laughed.

“The one nut wonder? Yer full of shite is what ye are.”
Tig shook his head.

“He’s right. Saw it for ourselves. They came out of the hotel and she was wearing his shirt.”

Chibs nodded and left the room for a brief moment. When he returned he had Half-Sack with him. He forced the prospect into a chair. He placed a hand along his shoulder and was squeezing the hell out of it. Chibs leaned into his ear.

“So is true?”

“Is what?” He asked with slight panic in his voice.

“Did ye fuck the little lass?”

Half-Sack let out a painful groan as Chibs’s fingers were digging into his shoulder.

“Answer the question, boy. Did ye or did ye not?!”

“What the fuck, man?”

Chibs’s hold got even tighter.

“Of course not! She took the bed and I was on the couch!”

Chibs released the prospect and sighed amongst himself.

“And you’re going to believe him, just like that?” Tig questioned and Chibs nodded.


Clay chuckled in mere amusement.

“Ye can leave now.”

Half-Sack nodded and had this wounded look about him. But took Chibs by surprise when he decked him across the face on the way out. Chibs closed his eyes for a instant and let out an hysterical laugh. He was too angry to focus on some prospect at the moment.

“I’m makin’ myself clear. Right here, right now. Brother or not ye had better not lay a hand on that girl. NONE OF YE! I MEAN IT! I don’t know if she’s my old lady or not. But she fuckin’ means somethin’ ta me and I won’t have ye humpin’ her leg everytime she comes around. And I sure as FUCCCCK won’t have any of ye knockin’ her around!”

“That’s not how this works and you know it. If you want her then you had better make your claim and quit toying with the idea.”

“Is that what ye think of me? Some barbarous arse that’s gonna tell that girl that the only way for TRUE protection is ta become my old lady?! The little darlin’ has just as much say in this as I do! And whether or not I end up fuckin’ her doesn’t change the promise I made her. I am a man of my word and thanks ta ye, that’ s been broken. She’s havin’ a complete meltdown and now her face is all jacked up. And ta top it all off she’s on the run from some pretty bad men. Ones that killed her father! She hasn’t had the time ta even mourn. She’s been on the fuckin’ run and she went through UTTER HELL in order ta make it this far. She’s lucky ta be alive! Prez, VP, Sergeant. I don’t give a SHITE who ye are. Ta disrespect her is ta disrespect me and I’ve been a part of this brotherhood longer than most of ye! And I won’t be havin’ any of that! Ta do so will have ye seein’ more than just the back of me hand. Now I love ye. Each and everyone of ye, more than any of ye wretched bastards will ever know. But if ye go and hurt that girl – I’ll have a bullet with yer name on it and on that ye have my word.”

Jax swallowed back as Chibs had the beginnings of tears in his eyes. His hands were shaking as he lit up a smoke and exited the chapel. The VP pinched the bridge of his nose. Chibs had never gone off like that before. And Jax knew it ripped his heart out to do so. But he had every right…

The MC looked to one another and Jax shook his head.

“I’m with him on this one…”
“Ditto.” Opie threw out there.

Piney sighed.

“I can see both sides. Chibs should’ve made his claim even if he wasn’t quite sure on where he stood. It would’ve saved him a lot of trouble.”

“You gotta admit… We’ve all thought about fuckin’ that pussy.” Bobby added with a smirk and Jax rolled his eyes.

“It doesn’t make it right. What Clay did.”

“You really want to lecture me on what’s right?”

“No. But someone needs to. You’re the one running this club. Can’t you see that EVERYTHING you do reflects on us as a whole? And I’m just gonna put this out there. If you ever and I mean ever lay your hands on my mother like that. I’ll fucking kill you.”

Clay gritted his teeth.

“Big difference between Sweetbutts and Old Ladies. On that I think we can all agree.”

“Do you even hear yourself?! And Ava Fey is not a sweetbutt or anything of the such. Each of us just witnessed this man damn near breakdown. Yet you sit there with this look as if to say how many fucks do I give. You make me sick.”

When Chibs entered the bedroom, the girls were lying on the bed, talking. Cherry reached over and moved a strand of hair from Ava’s face.

“I don’t need an apology. So you can stop that right now.”
“But if you hadn’t…”
“Ava hun, it’s what we do. Granted, I’ve had my eyes on someone else. But I hadn’t gone out my way to let him know that either. So no real harm was done.”

“Please tell me it’s Kip.”

Cherry narrowed her eyes on this.

“Why? Did he mention me?!”

Ava sort of laughed and sat up on the bed. She wiped her face with a tissue and nodded.

“He didn’t like the idea of you and Clay…” she hinted.

Cherry perked up on this.

“Did he say anything else?”

“Not exactly, no.”

Cherry lifted her eyes as she took notice of Chibs leaning against the doorway. He gave a simple nod.

“I’ll check up on you later. Get some rest.”

Just as she was to exit the room, Chibs stopped her.

“Thank you.” He whispered with full sincerity.

Cherry smiled and pecked him on the cheek. Once she left Chibs pulled the door to. He struggled in finding the right words. The guilt was incredible and at the moment he felt as if he didn’t deserve to be in the same room as she. There was a part of him that hoped she’d beat the ever living shit out of him. He’d take whatever she dished out. It was no more than he deserved.

“Ava…,” he paused and shook his head.

“Shite…,” he uttered in complete misery.

The man ran his fingers through his hair. He lit up a cigarette and took a nice long drag. He forced himself to look upon her.

“An apology seems like a slap in the face. Ye’ve had yer share of that already. And I’ll be damned if I’m one of the ones doin’ the slappin’. I’ve taken more than a likin’ ta ye darlin’ and I won’t lie, it scares the livin’ shite out of me. I wasn’t lookin’ for anyone when ye barged on into my life. But I’d be damned if I never see yer arse again. And now it’s lookin’ like I might be gettin’ pretty close. And I can’t even blame ye. Ye already know about Fiona and all that mess. Ye know I…” Chibs sighed as he trailed off and took another hit off his cigarette before putting it out.

“I’m just gonna say it and I’m kind of hopin’ ye go on and slap the ever livin’ shite out of me when I do. I love ye… Too damn much I suppose. And I know I’m too damn late. I should’ve told ye back in Forks. Ava darlin’,’ I fell for ye the moment I saw ye. But ye deserve so much more than what I have ta offer, ye always have. We come from two different worlds. We could never have what’s considered a normal relationship. Yer the daughter of a cop and I’m criminal. Not exactly what I’d call destined ta be. So here’s the deal. I’m gonna keep my word and help ye sort this shite out. When this is all over and done, I’ll help ye start a new life whether it be here or someplace else. And whenever the time comes, ye just let me know when yer done because that’s the only way yer ridden of me. I can’t walk away, it’s gotta be you this time.”

Ava came to her feet then walked on over. She placed her hand along his cheek. He closed his eyes and leaned into it. He was taken back when she grabbed him by the cut and kissed him. The moment he felt her tongue against his own, he was gone. He lifted her up off the ground and carried her to the bed. Once he had her right where he wanted he unbuckled his belt then proceeded in freeing himself. After lifting that skirt of hers, he froze. Ava blushed as he had this rather cunning grin about him. He pulled that G-string aside and eased his way in. He reached over and tossed her a pillow. She gathered the hint and he gave a simple nod. Ava bit down and he let out a simultaneous moan as he plunged his way through. He figured it best to keep going. But he kept a steady pace so not to hurt her.She used that pillow to silence her cries. Before long Chibs threw his head back and let out a finishing growl. He shook his head directly after.

“Three years of wantin’ ye, Ava darlin’…” He hinted as to why he spilled his seed so quick.

Ava covered her mouth in laughter.

“Aye now… Don’t be cruel. Besides ye weren’t quite ready for the Telford marathon”

He cued that smirk of his and pulled out.

“At least ye won’t have to worry on the whole virgin thing. I done took care of that for ye. Ye should be thankin me, ye little liar.”

She tossed the pillow at his face. He chuckled and went on to get himself cleaned up. When he returned he had a washcloth in hand. Ava looked over in surprise as he took it upon himself to wipe her down. He took his time as he was enjoying the view. He found himself wondering just how the hell he fit in that little slit of hers. He’d never seen such a perfect pink pussy. Out of curiosity, he placed a single finger inside. The fit was like that of a glove. This had his dick aching with envy. If he hadn’t just taken her virginity he’d be fucking her again already. He cleared his throat in thought and tossed the washcloth into a nearby hamper. He let out a bit of a moan however and looked down to see Ava playing with his cock.

“I just wanted to see what it felt like. I didn’t know it throbbed like that.” She said with a blush and dropped her hand.

“Ye just go on and ‘feel’ yer way around, whenever ye want…”

He put himself away and they adjusted their clothes. Chibs had her scoot on down and he lay beside her on the bed.

“If we’re to do this… I just want to make a couple things clear.”

He saw that coming a mile away.

“And what would that be, mo ghaol?”

“Don’t turn me into the next Mrs. Morrow and don’t end up in a fucking body bag.”

Chibs narrowed his eyes and rolled over so he could see her face.

“Mrs. Morrow?” He questioned thinking that meant she didn’t wish to be tied down.

“Chibs… I think we both know what I mean. This makes me your old lady, right?”

“If that’s what ye want…”

“But is it what you want?”

“Ava darlin’, all I know is that I love ye. I’ll take ye, in whatever way ye’ll let me. But if that is what ye decide. Ye need ta realize that being an old lady can be a lot ta take in, more than most women ever realize. And I wouldn’t want ye ta end up resenting me or regretting that ye ever took that route.”

Ava rose and had this nervous look about her.

“Aye now… What is it?” He knew that look all too well.

“I love you, Chibs. But I don’t play games. If I become your old lady…”

Chibs sat up. And she looked downright pissed as she pointed to the marks on her face. He gritted his teeth once he realized where this was going. But that anger wasn’t so much directed at her.

“Never. Ye hear me. I done told ye how I feel! And I don’t care ta have ye thinkin’ that of me! So I’m gonna say it once and once only and I had better not have ta say it again. I finally got what I always wanted… Why would I do ANYTHING ta jeopardize that? If that doesn’t spell it all out for ye then I don’t know what will. Now quit questionin’ everythin’ and get yer sweet little arse over here.”

Ava laughed and crawled into his lap. He had her lying against his chest as he kissed the top of her head. This would make or break them and he wanted to soak up whatever time they had.

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    “Do either of you know what is going to happen?” I asked quickly as I opened a new notepad on my computer. “Jax you are looking a little too innocent over there. Anything you need to confess?”

    “Nah Darlin.” he said as he sat back and put his arm across the back of the couch and propped his feet out in front of himself. “Just glad for a little peace and quiet away from Tara.”

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    Love ya


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