Chapter 20 Crimson and Clover

Chapter 20 Crimson and Clover

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I feel the need to put a reminder that this is an SOA crossover. Anyone that has ever watched SOA knows it is VERY action packed, with constant drama. I had some complaints in my last SOA story. But I will not be changing how I write when it comes to SOA in particular. If I made it all warm and fuzzy with no deaths and nothing really happening to the characters it wouldn’t be SOA. Also I’m the writer so… yeah. 😉 Now’s your time to back out if you have an issue in how I write my SOA crossovers… otherwise – ONWARD!


Ah, now I don’t hardly know her

But I think I could love her

Crimson and clover


Ah when she comes walking over

Now I’ve been waitin’ to show her

Crimson and clover over and over

Yeah, I’m not such a sweet thing

I wanna do everything

What a beautiful feelin’

Crimson and clover, over and over


Crimson and clover, over and over

Crimson and clover, over and over

Crimson and clover, over and over

Crimson and clover, over and over…

Ava sang as she pulled into Forks city limits. She drew back a breath once the song came to an end. For whatever reason, she felt incredibly awkward. She hadn’t been there long, yet Charming was more home to her than Forks ever was. Even now she had that feeling as she headed for the cemetery. She’d a bit of jet lag from the plane ride and at the moment all she wanted was to get a hotel room and pass the fuck out. But she couldn’t, not without paying her respects. Ava pulled into the cemetery gates and headed for the Swan area. It felt so strange seeing her own tombstone. She stepped out of the car and with a heavy heart she walked on over. She placed some flowers along her father’s grave and as awkward as it felt, her own as well. She couldn’t afford to raise any suspicions. It had to look as if someone was paying them BOTH respects. She ran her fingers along the pink and yellow roses on her grave. She found herself wondering who placed them there. The young woman cleared her throat in order to keep from losing her cool. Ava rose and regarded her father’s grave in thought.

“I know you hate the hair…” She found herself whispering with a touch of a smirk.

“The husband even more, right?”

Ava drew back the deepest of breaths.

“He’s a good man, dad. I know you find that hard to believe with everything he’s done. But hopefully you’ve seen what I’ve seen by now. That’s the only way I can get through this. I have to believe there’s something else, something beyond all this, and that you’re looking down on us. If Filip Telford doesn’t have your approval by now, he never will. We meant no disrespect. But we can’t control the way we feel. What we have… it’s real. Always was.” Ava ran her hand along her belly in thought.

“You got a grandkid along the way. I wish you were here for that. Despite your and Chibs’s differences, we could’ve found a way to make it work. Like locking up the guns during reunions and holidays? As to following your footsteps, let’s face it. I never was cop material. I can’t seem to stay away from the bad boys and that’s a conflict of interest. No offense, but they’re a lot more fun. And there are times I swear they have more heart than most of those guys on the field.”

Ava took a seat along the grass and propped herself up against her father’s tombstone.

“You can be at peace… We got him, dad. Toric… We got him.”

They’re coming, Bells. Watch your back. You hear me?! THEY’RE COMING!

Ava shot up with a gasp and scrambled to her feet. She looked around the area with alarm not realizing she’d fallen asleep. Without another thought, she got into the car and hightailed it out of there.

Her hands were shaking as she headed to Chibs’s old shop. The shop was under his name still but he hadn’t done anything with it since he’d returned to Charming. Ava stepped out of the car but she reached to her temple as he father’s words replayed in that mind of hers. The young woman took out her cell phone and snapped a picture. She sent it to Chibs with a text message saying It still stands… She slipped her phone back into her purse afterward then made her way to the door. Ava smiled when she managed to find the hidden key. It was one he’d kept hidden just for her during her visits. Ava opened the door but was quick to choke back. It reeked of mothballs. Chibs had set them out before he left in order to keep any pests at bay. It seemed to work as she didn’t see anything about the area. Other than that, the place was just as it was before. Not a lot had changed. The memories played out as she made her way throughout the garage and to the attached apartment.

She raised her brows upon the old black leather couch. They’d quite a few memories on that particular couch. She found herself wondering how she remained a virgin for as a long as she had. She ran her fingers along it and continued throughout the apartment. It didn’t take long as there wasn’t much to it. But she wouldn’t take back the memories for anything. Her cellphone rang and Ava sat at the old card table as she answered.

“I thought ye were visitin’ yer old man. Not that asshole!” Chibs taunted once she answered.

Ava laughed.

“What can I say? He draws me in.”

Chibs chuckled on the other end.

“Hmmm. What’s the inside lookin’ like?”

“Just like old times… I don’t think you spread out enough mothballs though.”

That bad, huh?””

“Oh yeah… The smell hit the moment I opened the door.”

“I can’t believe the key was still there. Hell, I’m surprised the building didn’t burn down by now.”

“It should’ve with the amount of flammables you got in here. Don’t light a match if you ever visit this place again.”

He chuckled once again.

“I thought you would’ve sold the place by now.” She admitted.

“Nah… Didn’t have the heart.” He hinted and she smiled.

“Not sure what I’m gonna do with it. But it stays fur now. Alright, Ava darlin’, we gotta eat and hit the road again. Just wanted to check in and make sure ye made it okay.”

“All’s well…”

“Good deal. I love ya.”

“Love you too.”

Ava hung up the phone and was about to head out when it rang again.

“Hey, look beneath that loose board under the sink in the kitchen…”


“Just do it… Ye might need it. I’d forgotten all aboot it. Just ignore whatever else is in there. But ye’ll know it when ye see it, ma ghaol.”

“Um… okay.”

He hung up the phone and Ava made her way to the kitchen. It took a bit but when she finally managed to pry the board free, she saw an old coffee container inside. Ava picked it up then dusted it off before opening it. Her jaw dropped as there was a gun, an awfully familiar pair of panties, and a bottle of jack inside.

Ava removed the panties and shook her head.

“Really?!” She hissed but with a smile.


She remembered those pair of panties and ‘that’ night all too well. The young woman blushed in memory. She couldn’t be mad at him, not really. He’d asked for those after one of their heavy make out sessions. Ava found herself snapping a picture of the panties and sending it to Chibs.

Whose are these?! #asshole #fuckingperv

It was nothing. Just some teenage pussy, I swear!

Btw, think you can bring those home?

#eating #wishiwaseatingsomethingelse #yourfault 

Ava laughed and put the phone away once again. She’d never been more thankful to see a gun in her entire life. She was quick to make certain it was loaded and ready to go before hiding it on her. She felt a little more secure now. Not just in the sense of the possible trouble she could be facing in Seattle (if that’s where this place was). But in the sense of knowing the IRA and Clay were still out there, somewhere. And after that dream… she felt a little on edge. Was Charlie trying to tell her something or was it really just a dream? She put everything back the way it was then locked up. She looked to the shop once again before heading to the Forks Motel. She was too tired to even think about chancing the drive anywhere else.

“You alright there?” Jax questioned as to the odd yet playful look on Chibs’s face.

“Oh yeah…” He uttered with a smirk and put his phone away.

“I take it she made it alright?”

Chibs nodded and took a plunge off his beer.

“Bet that’s a relief…” Jax hinted.

“Temporarily…” Chibs admitted.

“Better than nothing.”

“I got this…” Bobby called as Chibs went to pay the tab.

This had the Scot rearing back.

“Least I could do…” He said with a shrug and threw a few bills down.

“Spiking your pregnant wife’s drink and all… heavy shit too.” Bobby murmured whilst shaking his head in shame.

“You really are a dick…” Jax uttered with a chuckle.

“Tell me something Ava hasn’t.” Bobby said with a chuckle of his own.

“That doesn’t leave us with a lot.” Chibs witted as he went to light up.

“Right?! She’s nowhere near as sweet as she started out as.” Jax replied.

“Aye… She’s always had that edge though. Small town girl… That don’t mean shite. Don’t let it fool ye. Ye don’t fuck with the little lass.”

“Makes one hell of a queen already, just wait until that baby comes along.” Jax said with a toast towards Chibs.

The others joined in, surprising the hell out of Chibs. He’d never dreamed that his old lady would get the approval of the brothers. Especially with all the drama Clay and Tig caused about her very presence to begin with. Chibs drank to this as well and they hit the road directly after.

“Dammit…” Ava muttered as she rinsed her face off at the sink.

The hot flashes were bad enough to wake her and it was only five in the morning. The young woman started herself an ice cold shower then stepped on in. She let out a breath of relief once the water hit. It sent welcoming chills all along her body. Ava stood under the water and closed her eyes. She’d hardly slept at all as the neighbors were on a sex binge and when she finally managed to fall sleep; she’d one nightmare after another.

Ava decided on getting ready for the day, knowing there was no way she could go back to sleep. There was just too much to do and very little time in which to do it in. So she showered, dressed, and made herself a cup of coffee. Then she retrieved the files from the suitcase. She sat at the table and took her time going over the evidence and all the pictures. From there, she made notes on anything that stuck out in particular. The more she studied the pictures, the more she realized just how extravagant the concrete walls were, obviously old sewer tunnels. Still… the bigger question being was there something beneath the sewers themselves? Something in which the public eye would never catch wind of, yet was somehow protected by the government itself – as in hidden in order to never raise questions. Ava leaned back and sipped at her coffee. She thought back to everything Toric had said and was doing her best to piece it altogether.

“Come on, Chief… You wanna help me out here?” She questioned whilst going over all the evidence again.

Ava tilted her head as another idea came to mind. She smiled and looked to the page with what she assumed to be agent names, considering Toric was on that particular page. She circled a couple of names that were in the immediate Seattle area, one in which was the Waterfront.

“Thanks, dad.” She uttered feeling rather silly but it was something she truly needed at the moment.

Ava finished her coffee then packed it up, but with another place in mind at the moment. She swallowed back with a touch of nerves. She wasn’t quite sure how this visit would go. But she hadn’t a choice, or so she felt. She needed to let him know it was safe… That the shifters could finally come out of hiding and head back to their rightful home. The problem? Everyone thought Bella Swan dead. And she couldn’t run the risk of the truth getting out, even if Toric was out of the picture. She felt it best if Bella Swan remained dead. Ava pulled up to the house and put the car in park. She sat there for a solid two minutes while thinking of what to say and how to go about this exactly. There was sure to be bitter feelings. Charlie wasn’t the only one to have an issue with Chibs Telford. Then again in Chibs’s defense they hadn’t given him the chance to even prove himself before judging. And as much as she loved her father, he’d the same issue. He judged before getting the real feel of who Chibs Telford was. All they saw were the tattoos, the Harley, and boots. Chibs was nothing but respectful around Charlie and her friends. Not so much in Edward and Jacob’s case, but he’d his reasons as the two never seemed to take no for an answer when it came to Bella Swan. Chibs had gotten his fill and he hadn’t any issues in setting them straight even through the knowledge of ‘what’ they were… The man had no fear.

Ava checked herself over in the rearview mirror then nodded.

“You got this…” She whispered and stepped on out of the car.

As she knocked on the door, the memories played out. She thought back to the pack and all her times of visiting. Towards the end the pack had become more like family, more so than that of the Cullens anyhow. Ava started to knock once again only to have the door open. The familiar man tilted his head.

“Can I help you?”

“Billy…” She whispered whilst looking around the house making certain he hadn’t any other guests.

He reared back on this.

“Do I know you?”

“Yes and no…”

“Oh, I think I’d know a pretty face like yours.”

Ava’s looked to Billy in shock. Was he honestly flirting with her?! BILLY BLACK?! EW. She thought. Not that he was bad looking or anything but she grew up with his son and that felt so bizarre.

“Billy…” She hissed as he was giving her the once over.

“Don’t do that!” She uttered with a flushed face.

Billy cleared his throat and looked around the area.

“You wanna give me a name before I invite you in?”

“I’m not so sure I want to be invited in…” She replied but with a touch of a smile.

Billy’s eyes widened on this.


“Shhhh…” She quickly hushed and darted inside.

Ava was quick to shut the door and Billy gawked upon her in absolute shock.


Ava pivoted around and sort of sighed.

“They turned you, didn’t they?”

“It depends on what y ou mean by “they”.”

“The Cullens…”

“Nope just as human as you are.”

Billy let out a sigh of relief.

“You’re supposed to be dead…”

“Supposed to be and are… two different things.”


Ava narrowed her eyes as Billy looked a little teary eyed.

“I’m sorry, Billy. But it was the only way…”

He nodded in understanding.

“Missed you, kid.”

Ava smiled.

“Missed you too.”

“Can we just forget about earlier…?” He damn near pleaded and Ava laughed.

“Already forgotten.”

He chuckled but shook his head as he actually looked to be blushing.

“Didn’t recognize ya… You… well you’re different, that’s for certain. But it suits you.”

“Thank you.”

Billy gestured for Ava to have a seat.

“Can I get you something to drink? Some coffee or tea perhaps?”

“Coffee would be great.”

He nodded and gathered them both a cup.

“Sugar and cream still?”


Billy handed the coffee over and Ava sipped at it.

“Perfect. Thanks.”

They sat in silence but glanced upon one another while drinking their coffee. After a few minutes passed, Ava sat her cup down.

“You remember what we last talked about, right?”

He nodded.

“Well it’s time.”

Billy looked to Ava in surprise.

“You’re kidding.”

Ava smiled.

“A promise is a promise. I’m only sorry I didn’t get here sooner… I’d other matters to tend to and well it was one thing after another. Now I’m limited on time. So if you could give me their whereabouts… I’ll go from there. But I got one thing to take care of before taking that road.”

This was where the guilt lied… Ava knew if it wasn’t for Wayne giving her that little push, she might’ve never returned to Forks, much less La Push. Heartless as it sounded, she’d her reasons. Edward wasn’t the only one to turn on her towards the end. She hadn’t a clue if Billy knew or not but Jacob was nowhere near the friend he once was. In fact before she left… he’d turned a whole new leaf and not for the better. She cringed in memory and Billy seemed to take notice.

“You alright?”

“Yeah just a lot going on…”

“I can imagine. Nice tattoo by the way. I’m not certain the chief would approve.” He taunted as to the flip of the bird.

Ava sort of laughed.

“If he knew the reason behind it, I’m sure he would.”

Billy took a card out from his wallet and locked his wheelchair in place. He handed it over and Ava nodded.

“You’re certain THIS is where they are?”

“Last I heard.”

Ava looked to the card once again and sighed.

“That’s a ways off…” She uttered looking rather ill.

She knew her husband was going to have her ass for this.

“They hadn’t much choice…”

She nodded in understanding and pocketed the card.

“Have they been in contact?”

“Not since… hasn’t been safe.”

“Well if I’m heading to Canada I’d better cut this visit short. Sorry, Billy but there’s a lot I gotta take care of.”

“I understand.”

He cleared his throat as Ava gathered the empty coffee mugs and rinsed them out.

“I see that you’re married now?”

Ava glanced towards her wedding ring and nodded.

“Who’s the lucky fella?”

Ava sort of laughed and leaned against the counter in thought.

“You remember Chibs Telford?”

Billy wrinkled his nose and reared back.

“Thought so.”

“Wasn’t he old enough to be your old man?!”

“So are you. But that didn’t stop you from looking…”

“I thought we were putting that behind us!” Billy said with a grin.

“Then play nice, Billy. We’re happy and that’s all that matters.”

“You deserve better.”

“Like your nephew?” She taunted with a touch of resentment.

Billy sighed taking notice.

“I mean in general. Someone that…”

Don’t… Please. Just don’t.”

“You belong here, Bella. Always have…”

“It’s Ava Telford now. In fact, it’s best if Bella Swan remains dead and is never mentioned again. And no offense… but I never belonged here. I hate everything about this town. The weather, most of the occupants, hell there’s only a handful of good memories.”

“Just like your mother…”

Ava snapped Billy a look.

“Excuse me?”

“She hated this town too. Put your father through hell over it.”

“Wow… You really went there.”

“Just calling it the way I see it.”

“Watch it, Billy. You’re crossing a line. You don’t know shit.”

“I know you put your old man through hell, just as Renee did. Charlie… Always ready to please… He loved you that much! But you hurt him in ways you’ll never know. And this…” Billy tapped his finger along the wedding ring.

“Would kill him if he wasn’t dead already.”

Ava hauled off and slapped him. He reared back in surprise and rubbed at his cheek. Tears streamed on down her face.

“I believe I’ve worn out my welcome…”

“Bella…” Billy called as she was heading for the door.

With her back to him…

“I’m bringing your nephew and the others back. But after that, I’m done. Done with everything.”

“Bella…” He called once again.

“I already told you… Bella’s dead.”

On this note… Ava headed out the door. She got into her car and hauled ass out of there. She hadn’t a clue on where to go from here. And she couldn’t believe she had to head to Canada of all places. All she could think about was the look of disapproval written all over her husband’s face. But she had her things to take care of, and he had his, neither had time to dive into the others. She only hoped Chibs would understand and respect that it all the same. Ava decided on hitting Seattle, she’d make a decision from there. She kept that particular agent’s name in mind and called for a reservation at one of the hotels near the Waterfront.

It started out as mere rumors – the hunters. There was talk amongst the shifters and the cold ones but they were quick to shrug it off and a few of them even laughed at the mere idea. It wasn’t until their little meeting with Aro that they learned the truth, only by then it was too late. Even now the guilt weighed upon her. She should’ve left Forks and never returned. If she had… her father would be alive. Their only reason for being there was for her. Only they were never meant to “kill” Bella Swan. They were meant to torture and bring her in for questioning. She thought back to the men that rushed into the Volturi palace, how she ran like a bat out of hell. Only now she knew those men to be Toric and his agents. They must’ve followed her and Alice there or gotten word somehow. Once they took care of the cold ones. They headed back to Forks with plans of cleaning house. Only they needed Bella Swan in order to finish the job as there were only a couple cold ones left and a handful of shifters – all in which went into hiding. Now she had known where the cold ones were… but they were no longer there. She grimaced as she thought back to the pictures in the file. And the shifters? Well, they went into hiding once the Clearwaters were hunted down. They left NO survivors. Ava’s heart sank in memory. The hunters displayed them for the other shifters to see, it was beyond gruesome, yet it was enough to set the fear of GOD into them and they were quick to haul ass and find a new home. She cringed when she thought back to young Seth. It was after this she and Billy met one on one, before she was shot and headed to Charming. She’d made him a promise, one she intended on keeping at the time. She told Billy she’d make it her personal mission to gather the shifters and let them know it was safe to come home. She had to do it in person as they’d cut themselves off from any technology or any other ways of being tracked. Ava turned on the windshield wipers and sort of laughed.

“I didn’t miss you…” She uttered as it started to downpour.

She flipped the switch for the defrost and cut on the radio knowing she’d a bit of a drive ahead of her.

Opie turned and the rest of the Sons followed as he was heading for the meeting place for the ‘exchange’. Chibs look his helmet and shades off then nodded upon Opie in slight confusion.

“Last minute…” Opie reminded and Chibs sighed.

“Not so sure I like the looks of this…” The president whispered as these guys looked like trouble and that was saying a lot, considering their usual clients.

But Opie had a point… They hadn’t much choice if they wanted this done in a timely manner. Chibs only hoped this didn’t come back to bite them in the ass. These guys looked like little thugs aka drug dealers and Chibs wasn’t too keen on this. They were used to dealing to other MC’s or other things alike. This was a little out of left field, at least for the Sons. This felt like a Clay move and that didn’t make Chibs feel any better. When Opie said he ‘dealt’ with the situation, Chibs assumed it was one of their usual clients, he hadn’t a clue his sergeant had taken this route. But he had to put his anger aside because all he could think about was ripping Opie off that bike and teaching him a much needed lesson. There was a reason behind choosing Opie as sergeant. And at this very moment… The president felt let down and mislead on what they were getting into exactly. Opie knew better and this made a first that he’d disappointed. Chibs climbed off that bike and nodded towards the supposed front-runner.

He was leaning against a black Cadillac. In fact there were four other Caddies alongside of this one and these little thugs outnumbered the Sons by three. The president hadn’t a clue what they had on them or in those Caddies for that matter. For all he knew… They were about to be ambushed and Chibs felt as though he were seeing his and the other Sons lives flashing before his very eyes. Opie knew he screwed up once Jax locked eyes with his.

“Really?” Jax hissed and the sergeant swallowed back on this.

“He’s going to kick your ass…” Jax whispered and Opie sighed.

This made one of the few times Chibs Telford felt downright fearful during a run. He didn’t like diving into the unknown. Now that he had a wife and child to think about, it had a whole different feel to it. And all he could picture was the look on Ava’s face when the news got back to her that he and the others were gunned down. The more he thought on all this, the angrier he became. He wanted to take Opie into that ring back home and let him have it. He knew Opie could hand him his ass, but at this very moment… He didn’t give a fuck!

Chibs spread his cut revealing his weapons. The head honcho revealed his as well.

“You must be the Prez.”


The guy nodded and motioned for his men to check on the guns. The Sons went on to show them that everything was legit and even tested a few of the guns out. They let them test out a few as well but the tension was there and amongst both sides. Never had the Sons been THIS uncomfortable. Chibs kept a close eye out for any funny business or any sign of hostility. To his great surprise the exchange ended with them wanting to deal with the Sons again. Chibs gave a mere smile and let them know that this would be their last run. They looked disappointed but ended the exchange on friendly terms and went as far as to shake their hands after. Both parties were quick to clean up and go their separate ways. The Sons headed to a local bar and Chibs made the gesture everyone was waiting for. Opie gave a mere nod towards Jax as he knew it was coming. Jax shook his head in disappointment and headed on in with the others. Just as soon as they were inside, Chibs yanked Opie off that bike and socked the ever living shit out of him. Opie didn’t fight back knowing he had it coming. And like that of Chibs, he was thinking about his family back home and knew how bad he fucked up. He’d never pulled anything this stupid and he wanted Chibs to beat the shit out of him.

Once the Scot finished with Opie’s little beat down. He hugged him then kissed his forehead.

“Dontcha ever pull some shite like that again, brother. Ye got me?”

Opie nodded and Chibs helped him to his feet.

“Now get yer arse in there and get shitfaced. Yer gonna need it cause yer gonna feel that shite in the mornin’!”

The sergeant headed inside and Chibs closed his eyes for a moment. He hated what he’d done but knew it was needed. It was his job as president. He had to keep these guys in line and demand respect or they’d walk all over him and wind up getting killed.

Chibs took his gloves off and popped a cigarette into his mouth. He’d half the mind to call and check in on Ava. But he didn’t wanna come off as THAT kind of husband. Last thing he wanted was to annoy the fuck out of her or have her thinking that he didn’t trust her. He reared back however as he went to check on their bank account and saw where she’d reserved a hotel in Seattle.

“What are ye doin’ there?” He muttered whilst shaking his head.

“Sight seein’ or ye burned out on Forks already, darlin’?”

He stuffed his phone into his cut feeling a little bitter about her being in Seattle. It had to do with her not being more forthcoming on what her plans were exactly. Then again, he was trying to be fair. Maybe she just needed to get away from whatever she was dealing with in Forks. He only hoped she wasn’t getting herself into any trouble. He was too far away to do anything about it if she took that route. The mere idea had him on edge. Then again, the events of tonight had him on edge period.

He was just about to head in when he realized the old lady sent him a text message a couple hours ago. He raised his brows as she had sent a picture along with it. She’d taken a picture of herself in the hotel mirror with the words wish you were here written on her even more noticeable belly. Chibs swallowed back on this. She was breathtaking as always and had a genuine glow about her.

“Damn…” he uttered and kissed the cross he wore around his neck.

And where is here, ma ghaol?

He knew he was being a bit of an ass in what he was going for but wanted to know if she’d bite.

The Marriott Waterfront hotel in Seattle…


Yeah… only so much to Forks…

                He nodded amongst himself.

Well you look beautiful, as always.

Thank you! I’ll let you get back your black leather and strippers.

He chuckled on this.

No strippers tonight lass but lots of black leather and little bitches. Get some sleep and call if you need anything.

Will do. Love you!

Love you too, darlin’. 

That alone felt a bit strange for Chibs. He’d never had a relationship where he kept THAT in touch with a woman. But this one was different and with everything that was going on he didn’t mind it one bit. At least he knew she was safe and sound. That and he couldn’t help but to have that smile planted on his face even when he entered the bar. He couldn’t believe how that little belly of hers was ballooning and she never looked sexier. He glanced upon the picture once again then put his cellphone away. Jax patted him on the back and Opie slid a shot and beer over. He sent him a respectful nod and Chibs nodded with a mutual understanding. And just like that… things were back to normal. The guys were back to cutting up and laughing like nothing even happened.

The following morning:

Ava lowered her shades as she waited in the car. She’d been on this ‘stakeout’ for a little over two hours now and hadn’t any luck whatsoever.

“Come on, man. I’ve gotta hit another country and get back before my man takes notice.”

She narrowed her eyes however as someone pulled up to the house she was watching. A woman and child exited the vehicle.

“So Mr. Agent Knox has a family…” She whispered and grabbed a set of binoculars she’d borrowed from Chibs, only he wasn’t aware she had them.

Ava watched as the woman went on to unload groceries.

“Ah… there you are, Daddy Knox. Sweet little family you got there.” She said as he exited the house and went on to help his wife.

Ava lowered the binoculars and shook her head.

“Jesus, Ava.” She scolded realizing the Sons had rubbed off on her a little too much. But she laughed once she realized she referred to herself as ‘Ava’.

She gave a mere nod in acceptance and went back to scoping out this agent and his family.

“Now how do I get you alone? Or even better when do you leave for work?”

Ava let out a mere sigh of frustration as he headed inside with his family. She’d a few ideas running through that head of hers but none of them were too appeasing on how to go about this. That and she had to take into consideration that she was dealing with an agent. There was not telling what experience he had and what his personality was like. Her stomach churned in thought. It was followed by a growl not long after. This had her looking to the time and it was then she realized she hadn’t eaten anything.

“Hold on and we’ll get some grub in a little bit.” She uttered with a hand along her belly.

Another hour passed when Ava was just about to give up and try again tomorrow. But the guy stepped on out. He went on to take out the trash then got into his vehicle. Ava drew back a breath and followed while keeping her distance. The longer this continued, the more she could hear Chibs scolding her. She felt as if he were in the backseat shaking his head and disapproval and cussing up a storm, in that Scottish tongue of his. Part of her was angry with herself for taking things THIS far when with child. But she and Wayne had planned this way before she even knew. And judging by the look of those photos, it wasn’t something she could put off. They needed her and ASAP. However… she hadn’t much hope. It was hard to tell from a simple photo. But from the looks of things… she was far too late. But she couldn’t allow herself to think like that. There had to be some sort of hope. Ava followed this guy throughout town. She narrowed her eyes however as she wind up following him into the middle of nowhere, five miles out of town.

“Shit.” She uttered knowing she’d been spotted.

Just as she was to back off the man slammed on his brakes. She had kept her distance enough that she was able to stop before slamming into him. But the car door flung open and her eyes widened as he came out guns a blazing. Ava was quick to take cover and brought her purse down along with her. She grabbed her gun, got it cocked and ready to go. Just as soon as she saw him at the window she fired.

“SON OF A BITCH!” The man shouted and Ava hit the trigger, yet again.

He let out a grunt and grabbed at his shoulder. The man opened the car door and Ava kept her gun at him.

“Don’t even think about it. If you want more children…” The man raised his brows and looked towards his crotch Ava smiled and the man sighed.

“Who sent you and who do you work for?!” The man yelled as they had their guns aimed at one another.

Ava’s heart was going ninety to nothing. She hadn’t expected this. And she felt dumb in the sense knowing she should have. The guy’s a fucking agent and has worked with some pretty nasty men. Of course he’s armed and ready to go. Ava grew angry with herself for not thinking this one over more.

“I work for no one and I’m here on my own terms.”

“Those being?”

“Look, why don’t we put our guns away before someone drives past and calls the authorities.”

The guy had a good laugh at this.

“I believe they’d take my side over yours…” He uttered whilst flashing that badge of his.

“Not when I show them what I got on you…”

The man reared back on this.

“That’s right… You might be an agent but you’ve been dealin’ dirty for quite some time. And before you even THINK about doing something stupid you should know that I got backup and believe me when I say you don’t want HIM or THEM involved. So do yourself a favor and put up the gun. Let’s talk this out like adults and see where it gets us.”

The man looked towards the oncoming traffic and cursed under his breath. He put his gun away and Ava gave a mere nod as she put hers away.

“Get your hazards on and pull on over. We’ll discuss things from there. Oh and don’t even think about running… I shot one of your tires out. So you wouldn’t make it that far.”

“This is a rental, jackass.”

“Not my problem.”

“Oh I’ll make it yours…”

The man smiled and gave a mere nod as he got back into his car and pulled over. Ava pulled up behind him and both had their hazards going. The man used his badge to wave concerned drivers off. From there, he walked on over and welcomed himself inside.

“Well one thing’s for certain…”

“That being?”

“You’re no government official.”

“Gee, what was your first clue?”

“Well you did pretty good with the tailing. I hadn’t a clue until I passed city limits and the traffic died down a bit. I looked in the rearview mirror thinking I could’ve sworn I saw that car back in town. In fact… you were watching the house, weren’t you?”

“I suppose it’s best I didn’t follow in my father’s footsteps after all.”

The guy cocked a brow on this.

“That being?”

“He was chief of police.”

The man had a good laugh at this.

“Like I said you didn’t do too bad. The only reason I took notice of you back at the house was because my wife mentioned something about wanting a car like this one. You were too far off to make out but I glanced your direction a time or two, in hopes of figuring out the perfect gift come time for her birthday in a couple of weeks.”

“Wow. A whole car!”

He nodded.

“Well Agent Knox, you have a nice looking family.”

“That I do. And before you go and make threats… You should know that if anything happens to my family I’ll…”

“Kill me and bury me in a ditch somewhere?”

He nodded.

“Sounds a bit like my husband.”

“Oh? And what does he do for a living?”

“That’s a bit of a loaded question. My husband’s a number of things hard to pinpoint just one.”

“Hm. Let’s skip the small talk and get to why you’re stalking me and my family in the first place.”

Ava placed the files into his lap and he looked to her in question.

“Go ahead. Oh and you should know there are copies of those. So I wouldn’t make any rash decisions.” She lied.

The man cleared his throat and went through the files. The more he looked through them the paler he grew.

“Just how in the hell did you get ahold of these?!”

“I’ve my ways, Agent Knox.”

The agent closed the folder then pinched the bridge of his nose.

“And what is it you’re wanting exactly?”

“For you to show me where this place is and help me get my friends back.”

“Friends…?” The man questioned.

Ava took the file from his hold and pointed out a couple of pictures.

“Fucking Christ…” The man whispered.

He gawked out the window for a moment and truly looked as if he’d be sick.

“Look, I got other things to tend to. So the sooner we could ge…”

“I’m sorry about your friends.” He said with fullest sincerity.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this but if you follow me to the nearest mechanic I’ll pay for the damage done to your car. We can go in mine from there.”

Ava cut the man a mistrusting glance.

“You were tailing me, remember? Besides, I’m not about to harm a pregnant woman. We can exchange stories along the way. But I suggest we get going and now.”

Ava drew back an uncertain breath but nodded. The man exited the car but peered back inside.

“Keep to the shoulder with your hazards on. It’s just a mile ahead.”

She nodded and watched as the man got into his car. Once he started the car, Ava locked her doors and grabbed her cellphone. The man kept on the shoulder as she followed.


“Hey… Just know if something happens to me look for an Agent Knox…” She went on to give his description and his place of residence.

Wayne sighed directly after.

“What have I gotten you into?”

I’m fine. Just felt the need to take that precaution.”

“Should I inform the department over there?”

“Don’t. This stays between us, remember?”

“Yeah well my job isn’t worth your life. If it’s a choice between the two…”

It won’t be.” Ava said and hung up as she pulled into the shop.


(Agent Knox)

                The agent waved her towards one of the garages and she pulled on in as he went on to talk to a few of the mechanics. He showed them the damage done to the car and signed off on it. He opened her door then signaled towards his car.

“Bring your gun if it makes you feel better…” The agent whispered.

“Oh I am…”

“Fair enough.”

“How’d you know I was pregnant?” Ava questioned once they were in his car.

“I didn’t…” He gestured towards the prenatal vitamins in her purse.

“A bit of giveaway… It wasn’t until I saw those that I noticed you had a little tummy going. I mean no offense by that.”

“None taken.”

“I suppose you’re wondering why I’m helping you.”

“Actually, yes. If I’m to be honest, I’m waiting for the part where you drive me out in the middle of nowhere, blow my brains out, and then bury me where I’ll never be found again.”

The agent sort of laughed.

“Sounds like an awful lot of work…”

“Well the last part, sure.”

“I’m sure I could find another way to rid of your remains, one that isn’t so tedious and time consuming.”

“There’s plenty of water around… If nothing else I’m sure you got means of getting to some acid somehow, being an agent and all and especially considering the field you’re in…”

“Are you giving me ideas now, Mrs…?”

“I’d wish to remain anonymous, if you wouldn’t mind.”

“Of course you do. Don’t you think it a bit unfair?”

“How so?”

“Well seem to know an awful lot about me and my family…” He bitterly uttered and stopped at a red light.

“If I wished your family harm it would’ve been done already.”

“That sure of yourself?”

She nodded.

“Says the girl that can’t even tail properly.”

Ava rolled her eyes on this.

“Ah don’t be too hard on yourself. Seeing as how it was obviously your first time and all, I’ll give you an E for Effort.”

“Dude, shut the fuck up.”

The man raised his brows and looked over.

“So there’s the real girl… I thought you were acting a little TOO nice, considering the ink on that neck of yours. One hell of a hairdo you got there too.”

He narrowed his eyes however and looked down.

“Hm and how long’s that been there?” He muttered as to the gun she had aimed his direction.

“Since the first red light…” Ava said with a shrug.

“Nice. Didn’t see that one coming. Pretty clever. I suppose I can bump that E to a B plus!”

Ava sent him a scowl and the man sighed.

“Fine A minus. You’re a needy little thing, aren’t you?”

The man reached to his shoulder and Ava sighed seeing as how he was bleeding out.

“Lucky shot…” Agent Knox said as if reading her mind.

“Is that so?”

“Yep.” He said in a cocky like manner.

“Wanna test that theory?”

The man slammed on the brakes and Ava caught the him by surprise as she braced herself but managed to unbuckle his seatbelt.

“HOLY SHIT!” He hollered after she slammed his face up against the steering wheel.

“Did I pass?!”

“Are you fucking mad?”

“You betcha!”

“God damn woman you broke my fucking nose!”


“Hell…” The man muttered and put the car back in drive.

“Two and none…” Ava taunted keeping score and the man snapped a look her direction.

“Sorry about the shoulder. But not the nose… You had that one coming.”

“Bounty hunter?” He randomly threw out.


“Are you a bounty hunter?”

“If that was the case why would I come after you?”

“I’m just asking if you are one. You sure as hell act like one!”

“And how do bounty hunters act, Agent Knox?”

“Fuckass crazy! That’s how!”

“Well maybe I should look into that!”

The man couldn’t help but to laugh and Ava handed him some tissues from the glove compartment.

“Thanks.” He said whilst putting them to his nose.


“Feel bad for that husband of yours.”


“Why do you think?”

“Are you suggesting that I abuse my husband and treat him like a little bitch?”

“That’s exactly what I’m suggesting.”

Ava smiled on this.

“Well if you must know… My husband taught me everything I know.”

“And what does he do again?”

“Nice try.”

The man parked his car in a nearby garage – A parking garage which required his ID and a coded password just to get into. He leaned back in his seat.

“Alright so here’s how we’re going do this.”

“I’m not so sure about you calling all the shots.”

“What choice have you got?”

“Are we to wait until sunset and go about this in an old fashion showdown?”

“That would be entertaining, to say the least. But I happen to adore my wife and kids and would like to see them again.”

“So you’re admitting that I’d win?!”

“Um hello?! Look at me you crazy b…” He trailed off and sighed.

“You were saying?”

“Just put the gun away. We had an agreement, remember?”

“Yeah we did… But I don’t particularly trust you after knowing the man you worked for.” “He’s missing you know?”

“Is he now?” Ava said uttered rather darkly.

The man tilted his head on this.

“So you knew Toric?”

“In a around about way…”

“That being?”

“You’re getting ahead of yourself there…” Ava warned.

“Hm. We’re not getting anywhere, are we?”

“Not particularly. I suggest we skip the small talk and get to this…” She tapped her finger along the files and he nodded.

But the longer they sat there, the more on edge Ava became. She looked in the rearview mirror and all around the area. She kept her finger on that trigger. But she kept her other hand on the door handle.

“Jesus. What was I thinking?” She whispered and thought back to how he was alone in his car giving him every opportunity to call someone and let them know they were coming.

Ava opened the door but kept that gun on him.

“I can’t believe I fell for this.”

She grabbed her purse and the files. The man tilted his head in confusion as Ava took off like a bat out of hell. He shook his head and as she headed into the nearest elevator. He hoped on out the car and headed that way knowing she was about to get into a world of trouble if he didn’t get to her first.

Chibs and the boys pulled into the gas station and filled up their bikes. Each of them beat from the night before and was suffering from hangovers. Chibs was so out of it he hadn’t realized his fly was down until Jax pointed it out. The Scot looked down and merely shrugged as he zipped himself up.

“Ye lookin’ at my crotch, Jackie boy?”

“Fine. I’ll let you walk around like that next time.” Jax called as they were heading into the gas station.

“Makes fur easy access.”

“Oh, I’m sure the old lady would love to hear that.”

Chibs smacked him in the back of the head.

“Not fur fuckin’, get yer mind out of the gutter, kid!”

“But it’s such a fun place.”

“Not when yer concernin’ yerself with me Scottish sausage.”

“You got problems, you know that?”

“I wasn’t the one starin’ at another man’s crotch!”

Jax’s entire face flushed over as they walked past a rather attractive woman. She giggled a bit and Chibs sent her a wink.

“That’s fucked up!” Jax snapped when she exited the gas station.

“Relax, we’re not stickin’ around long enough fur any fuckin’. Ye’ll never see her again. But she’s got a story ta tell her friends now.”

Jax threw a bag of Cheetos at Chibs and that had the Scot thinking back to Ava’s “Chibby aka Chester Cheetah’s cousin” he’d won her at the festival. He picked up the bag and acted on impulse.

“Since when do you eat Cheetos?” Jax questioned as they were heading to the register.

“I don’t.”

“Um okay…”

They lifted their heads however as the sales associate let out a gasp and was turning up the news to the TV. She covered her mouth and started to cry. Jax nodded upon Chibs.

“Wonder what that’s about.”

“Damn…” They heard Bobby utter as he was already at the checkout.

“Those poor children!” The woman sobbed.

“Jaysus…” Chibs whispered once he caught wind of what they were watching.

There was a school shooting and so far they’d counted four children as being deceased and three were injured. Chibs narrowed his eyes however as he took notice of where and cringed. The guys looked to him as well as they’d just left that county. For once the Sons had no words. They paid for their gas and whatever else they got before heading on out.

Ava let out a grunt as she was forced up against the wall.

“You do that and you might as well sign your own death certificate, kid.”

“Kid?!” Ava scoffed.

“That’s right…” Agent Knox flashed Ava her driver’s license then waved her wallet about.

“Well I suppose you finally got one.”

“Managed to swipe it just as you exited the car, such a dramatic exit by the way.”

“Thank you.” Ava sarcastically remarked.

Her jaw dropped as he cuffed her.

“There. That ought to keep you out of trouble. You’re just a baby… twenty-one.” He scoffed.

Ava went to punch him and he blocked the attempt.

“Knock it off and listen. If you can play nice, I can get you to the area we need to be in. But I STRONGLY advice you do whatever I say and play along or you’ll end up getting us both fucked over.”

Ava swallowed back on this but something in his eyes told her that she could trust him. She nodded in agreement.

“Good deal, Mrs. Telford.”

Ava grimaced on this and he sighed.

“Look, your secret is safe with me but if I live to regret it…” He hinted and she nodded.


“I can respect that.”

Agent Knox stuffed everything back into her purse then zipped it shut after.

“You ready?”

She nodded.

“I apologize in advance…” He said a certain way and he went on to drag her towards the door, one that required an ID with a keycard to even enter. The agent patted himself down in search of this. Ava cleared her throat and gestured towards her jacket.

“Impressive…” The man said as it was in her pocket.

“Well Mrs. Telford that’s three and one. I suppose it’s time I amp things up a bit. And I suppose an apology is in order. Maybe you should’ve followed in daddy’s steps after all.”

He said as he scanned his ID card. Once the door opened his eyes locked with hers.

“Why didn’t you?”

“Conflict of interest… you know… change in lifestyle.”

“Choosing breasts over dicks doesn’t change the fact that you would’ve made one hell of a cop. However you might want to change your looks a bit. You don’t strike me as the homosexual type.” The man taunted and Ava raised her brows on this.

“Now who’s stereotyping?”

He chuckled then drew back a breath.

“Here we go…”

Ava let out a bit of a painful grunt as he got a little rough and dragged her throughout the room. He was knocking stuff down along the way and acting pissed. People were quick to step out of his way and give him whatever space he needed. This continued throughout a couple more rooms and a long hallway. He grabbed Ava by the hair and forced her into another elevator. Just as soon as the doors closed he lifted his eyes but kept his head down.

“…sorry about that… Surveillance…” He did his best to hint

Ava didn’t reply out of fear of giving him away. She got what he was doing now, even if it sucked. He didn’t hold back by any means but kept in mind that she was with child. The elevator door opened before long and he grabbed her by the arm and shoved her on out the door.

“Knox…” A man called out and the agent gave a simple nod as he grabbed Ava and brought her against him.

“Another one?” The man said whilst tilting his head upon Ava.

“Yes, sir.”

“Hmmm. You know what to do.”

He nodded and continued about his way. It seemed like forever before they got to another elevator. Agent Knox had to take several security measures – ones involving his ID, badge, and a retinal scanning before the elevator would even open. Ava couldn’t help but to notice that the elevator had no buttons. She cut the agent a peculiar glance but he didn’t utter a word on it. That heart drop feeling came over her as the elevator continued its way down. Just as soon as the elevator opened this chill hit. She swallowed back in realization. They were surrounded by very familiar concrete walls. And just as she had assumed it was an abandoned sewer.

“You should’ve been here for the cleanup…” He teased and took her cuffs off.

“Are you alright?”

She nodded whilst rubbing at her wrists.

“Okay, so here’s the deal. We have to go about this in a timely manner. The entire area has been shut down and all evidence is to be ‘rid’ of soon. So there is no monitoring at the moment as no one works in this area, not anymore.”

But as he said this he’d this solemn look about him.

“Like I said… I’m sorry about your friends.”

The way he said this had her heart sinking to the pit of her stomach. She followed him throughout the tunnels and to a set of double doors. He scanned his ID and the doors opened.

“Watch your step…” He said as they were heading down a flight of stairs.

The temperature dropped and this incredible sense of fear hit Ava. It was rather dark and she hadn’t a clue where they were headed. Once they made their way down, he hit the lights and Ava shield her eyes as they were sensitive at first. But the moment they adjusted she staggered back.

“You hear about the government being corrupt. But I doubt you ever imagined anything like this…”

Ava regarded the agent in shock and he gave a simple nod. The young woman walked about the room and used the sleeve of her jacket to wipe the dust of the tanks. She grimaced as there were still bodies inside a few of them. The tanks were filled with some sort of chemicals and water. The bodies had tubes coming out of their bodies and what looked to be oxygen mask over their faces.

“Jesus…” Ava whispered with a heavy heart.

“I should’ve gotten here sooner.” She whispered with tears in her eyes.

“That would’ve been a death trapped. It was shut down just recently. Not long after…”

“Toric and the others didn’t make it…”Ava finished and he nodded.

“I’m guessing you have something to do with that?”

Ava didn’t answer as she continued about the area.

“Jasper!” She called and the man reared back as she took off running.

Ava walked over to one of the tanks and looked to him in desperation.

“Please… Get him out of there!”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that.”

“God dammit! Get him out!”

“Shhhhh, I need you to keep it down…”

Ava walked the area and saw where Edward’s headless body lay on an examination table, beside it was Alice’s body. It was chopped up and they could see where they tried piecing it back together. Ava staggered back at the sheer about of surgical supplies, once she’d never seen before. Ava staggered back but bumped into another tank and it truly felt like a horror movie when she pivoted around.

“Quil…” She whispered and put her forehead to the glass.

“Why? Why are you doing this?”

The man swallowed back and walked on over. He placed a hand along her shoulder.

“We’re not. At least not anymore. If anything… I’m trying to clean up after Toric and his men.”

“But that man…” She hinted as to the one they ran into the hallway.

“Yes well… unfortunately part of that cleanup has to do with ridding of ALL evidence, including anyone that knows of the supernatural and their existence.”


“Meaning I have to “kill” you, if you get my drift. So we won’t be coming out the way we came at least not in your case.”

“But how’d he know…”

“He doesn’t. He only made that assumption considering the area we were in. That’s normally the area we bring ones like yourself in for interrogation, through whatever means necessary. We make the promise that we aren’t going to hurt you etc… But that’s not typically how it goes.”

“So you’re no better than Toric?!” Ava hissed.

“I never claimed I was. Yet, I never said I agreed to all this either. Rests assure this…” he waved his hand about the laboratory.

“Is over.”

“Angela Webber…” Ava questioned through sheer desperation.

She flashed him one of the pictures and he recoiled.

“I remember her…”

“She was human.”

“That she was.”

“So why was she brought here?”

“Like you… she knew too much.”

“So what is this…? Because this doesn’t look like a simple execution.”

The agent drew back a breath on this.

“Toric was a rather disturbing individual. He wanted to take the venom from the cold ones and mix it with that of the shifters. He used Angela Webber as a test subject.”

The agent went on to sit at one of the monitors and pulled up footage from that day. He couldn’t believe the risk he was taking but he owed this girl. He hadn’t the heart to reveal the truth… But he was there when Toric killed her father. He knew those big brown eyes from anywhere and they haunted his very dreams. He thought her dead. Proving she was one hell of an actress, even then. Now that he knew the truth… He vowed to himself to make it up to her. Only by doing this he was taking one hell of a risk. Thankfully, he’d taken Toric’s place and he had a little more leeway as he was higher in ranking now. He only hoped to convince the others to put an end to all this hell, once and for all. He wanted it all behind him and forgotten. He looked over once they finished the footage and Ava broke into sobs.

Angela had faced a torturous death as the venom caused her to go into organ failure and her body eventually shut down. It was during this footage that Ava caught wind of the blue prints for some of the weapons they were using against the vampires and shifters. Ones she’d never even seen or heard of, heavy shit at that. Still, she wondered how they managed to deal with the supernatural but when it came to dealing with SAMCRO, they turned into whiny little bitches.

“I don’t mean to be inconsiderate, but we must wrap this up and play along with their expectations.”

Sure he could go all out and lay down the law. But being new to this position… He didn’t want to run that risk, just yet. He needed to gain more of their support, which shouldn’t be too difficult as they were short on men and everyone was seemingly at their wits end over all this. Ava was numb as he went on to prove that her friends had no life in them. They exited the area promptly after. He led her back to the area where the man questioned Agent Knox. They made their way into the ‘interrogation’ aka ‘torture’ room he mentioned.

“Surveillance…” the man whispered in reminder.

“Keep your head down and whatever I ask you’re to remain silent.”

He stuffed her into a chair then locked her wrists and ankles in. She started to lift her head only to have him force it back down.

“Fuck this up and I have no choice but to actually go through with it.”

The way he said this had chills running down her spine. He leaned into her ear before placing this electronic device on her head.

“I’m going to send you the least amount possible. Time to earn that Academy… I’d go as far as to piss myself after the third hit.”

Ava swallowed back on this and he sat in the interrogation chair before her. At this very moment, he was just as fearful as she. If they got caught… She wasn’t the only one done for. It’d be him and his family as well. Agent Knox asked her a few questions pertaining to what she “knew” when it came to the Supernatural etc… And just as he said he gave her that slightest sting and she reacted like it was the full voltage. He found himself impressed as they continued about this. She went as far as to take his advice and on the third hit she managed to urinate. He came to his feet afterward. He grabbed her by the hair then forced her head back. Her eyes were rolled into the back of her head and she was shaking all over. Again… all her doing. He hadn’t given enough voltage to do any real damage. Just enough to give that slight uncomfortable sting and nowhere near enough to hurt the child within.

He shook her a bit and yelled in her face as he tried getting through to her. Again part of the ‘act’ and she did beautifully as she spit his face and told him to fuck off. He grimaced on the inside as he smacked her one. Only this time it was the real thing. This had him wanting to take a bullet to his own head. As if this girl hadn’t been through enough. He undid her restraints, forced her out of the chair then dragged her on out of the room and to another area. Once the doors were shut he worked diligently.

“There are no cameras in here…” He hinted towards the walls and Ava nodded realizing this was nothing more than a giant incinerator.

He undid some screws along an area on the wall and behind it was a vent leading to a crawlspace.

“You’re going to hear three clicks. It’s important that you move like you’ve never moved, BEFORE that third click or you’re no more. Understood?” He said whilst stuffing her purse into her jacket and zipping it shut.

He dashed on out of the room and Ava’s heart galloped within her chest as she darted into the vent and crawled like there was no tomorrow and in her case… there wouldn’t be if she didn’t make it out in time. But as she did this she realized he hadn’t told her where to go from here. But there was no looking back now. Ava hauled ass but jumped as she heard that first pressurized click. She had turned a corner when the second one hit. She was beyond frightened at this point as the way out seemed so far away. Ava barely made it by the third click she leaped on out with no idea of where she was landing. But to her great surprise, she wind up in the sewers again, with a ladder leading to her escape. Ava climbed on up and pushed against that sewer lid with everything she had. Once she was out she ran and didn’t stop until she had nothing left to give. She darted into a nearby alleyway and hid behind a dumpster. She jumped however as her cellphone sounded. The number showed up as unknown.

“Nicely done… There’s a taxi on the way. It’ll take you to the mechanic… I suggest you get out of town and never look back. As to everything else… I give you my word. This is coming to an end. If it wasn’t… I would’ve had no choice but to end you. Oh and you can remove the tracker from your phone battery now.”

“Tracker?” She said as the line went dead.

Ava could make out the taxi from where she stood and rushed on over. The driver needed no instructions as he drove with purpose and got her to the shop. When they arrived, the car was ready to go and Ava couldn’t get out of there fast enough.


By the time the guys got back to the clubhouse they were dog tired. So much so, that a majority of them ended up passing out at the clubhouse. Jax and Opie were the only ones to head on home as they’d others to worry about. Since Ava wasn’t back yet, Chibs plopped down on the couch. It wasn’t long before he too was sawing logs.

A few hours later…

“Hey…” Chibs opened an eye and nodded upon Bobby.

“Sheriff’s here… Says he needs to talk to you one on one.”

Chibs rubbed the sleep from his eyes and sat up. He retrieved a cigarette from his cut then popped it into his mouth. He patted himself down in search of his zippo and Bobby went on to light it for him. The president took a long drag before making his way out of the clubhouse. He let out a bit of a yawn as he made his way over. Wayne was talking to Gemma and once she caught wind of Chibs, she dashed into her office and shut the door. This had the Scot sighing amongst himself.

“Sup?” He questioned.

The sheriff looked about the area making certain they hadn’t any eyes or ears.

“I don’t suppose you heard about the school shooting that happened a couple towns over?”

“Aye.” Chibs uttered with a frown.

“Well word is that you and your boys take some sort of responsibility.”

The Scot reared back on this.

“And how might that be?” Chibs questioned in mere amusement.

“Well the shooter was a twelve year old boy who stole the gun from his uncle. The uncle was brought in for questioning and he says SAMCRO sold him the guns.”

“And ye believe that?” Chibs said with a cocky smirk.

Deep down, the president was damn near shitting himself. Fucking Opie… One stupid mistake and now they could be facing serious time.

“Didn’t say I did… I’m just here to give you fair warning. This is out of my jurisdiction. And even if it weren’t… this is some serious stuff. Not something you can turn your back to.”

“Well ye have nothin’ ta worry about considerin’ we’d nothin’ ta do with it. Ye know how rumors spread. That don’t mean shite!”

“So you wouldn’t mind me asking where you were this weekend?”

The president thought back to the bar and hotel they’d hit that night. There was bound to be footage of them somewhere. So he had no choice but to be honest, at least to a certain degree.

“Aye. We went on a little road trip.”

“Road trip?”

“Just some MC business and did a little sight seein’ after…”

“MC business? As in criminal activity?”

“Nope. Just MC business pure and simple.”

“Is that all you’re going to tell me?”

“No offense, Unser. But you’re not about to tell me your business and I’m not about to tell you mine. We tend ta do things on opposite ends of the fence.”

“Fair enough. I felt the need to give you the heads up. I could be back in a couple days, if not less, with a warrant for each of your arrests.”

“Hm. Well I suppose we’ll just see aboot that.”

The sheriff drew back a breath on this.

“If you’re found guilty… That could be some serious time. How would the old lady feel about that?”

“Like I said… you worry aboot yer business and I’ll worry aboot mine.”

Unser gave a mere nod and opened the door to his cruiser.

“Can’t say I didn’t warn you.”


The president watched as the sheriff drove away. He headed back inside and made his way into the chapel. He shut the door behind him then sat at the gavel. Chibs twirled that wedding band about his finger and leaned back in his chair. He took a few moments to think everything over. The last thing he wanted was for Ava to return and to find out he and the boys were in jail or worse. He knew things were about to get dirty. He had to come up with some sort of plan and an alibi for him and the boys and fast. Chibs had to go about this like they were about to be brought in. He hadn’t a choice but to take all precautions now. He’d much rather be prepared than to be caught flatfooted and end up seriously FUCKED.

He took out his cellphone and looked to it in thought. He hadn’t heard from the old lady in over 10 hours now. The president decided it was best if he called and checked in before setting up an emergency meeting with the boys. But when he called it went straight to her voicemail. He reared back thinking that was rather strange. So he tried yet again and still it went to her voicemail.

“Hey darlin’, just wanted ta see how ye were holdin’ up. I’ll see ya tomorrow. Just don’t go and miss yer flight.”

He hung up the phone afterward then ran his fingers through his goatee.

Meeting in half an hour… Make sure everyone attends.  

                After sending his VP the message he tapped his fingers along the table and stared off into space.

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 20 Crimson and Clover”

  1. Holy shit! What a chapter! I’m disgusted by what happened to Jasper, Quil and Angela. Those poor kids. WTF was Toric doing and thinking? Glad he’s gone but it’s just sad news she found.
    Hope Obie’s deal doesn’t screw the guys in the end.

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