Chapter 22 Homecoming Queen

Chapter 22 – Homecoming Queen

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“Hey…” Jax uttered as he nudged Chibs and was nodding towards the clubhouse doors.

Chibs lifted his eyes and they locked with hers. The Scot came to his feet as he and Jax were sitting at the bar. The clubhouse was packed with Crow Eaters and Cara Cara girls as the Sons were having themselves a little gathering. He took a couple steps towards her and Ava dashed on over. He swallowed back as she clung to him, like her life depended on it. Chibs lifted her off the ground as he hugged her. “I gotcha…” he whispered as she started to cry. Ava stepped out of his hold and glanced towards the women’s bathroom.

“Just give me a minute I’m about to burst.”

He chuckled as she took off. Chibs waited where he stood but with concern as he couldn’t help but to notice how banged up his wife was. He was so lost in thought he hadn’t taken notice of Ima standing directly behind him and he’d forgotten all about his little demand of her. Ava stepped out of the bathroom and Chibs froze in place as he felt a set of hands running up along his chest and Ima whispered something about getting a ride in his ear. She went as far as to lick his earlobe and he cringed knowing NOW was not the time. He could see it in his wife’s eyes when she first entered the clubhouse. She was already pushed past her limit. Only now? She looked like as though the Grand Reaper himself. Before he could so much as react, he was shoved out of the way and Ava had her hand wrapped around Ima’s throat.

“OH SHIT!” Jax hollered as Ava slammed her through a table and brought her boot to her sternum.

“AVA!” Chibs shouted as she took out her gun and put it to Ima’s chin.

Michaela and Cherry caught wind of this as well and were looking to one another wide-eyed.

“In the ring, BITCH!”

Chibs reared back on this. Ava put her gun away and literally dragged Ima out to the ring. She stuffed her inside and climbed on in. Everyone crowded the ring and Chibs shook his head as all he could think about was how Ava was pregnant and hadn’t any business being in there. But everything seemed to be happening in the matter of seconds. Ava had Ima off to a corner of the ring and her punches were unrelenting. Ima just stood there as she couldn’t get a hit in. Chibs swallowed back as Ava’s entire face was flushed over and she’d tears in her eyes. Chibs hopped into the ring and pried her off Ima. Ima took a couple steps before passing out and Ava spit in her face then kicked her directly after.

“Damn…” Jax muttered.

It wasn’t until she saw that everyone’s attention was on her, that it truly dawned on her what she’d done. One look was all it took as Chibs was quick to bury her face against him and got her out of the ring. Jax signaled for everyone to head back inside and mind their business. As for Chibs, he felt like an absolute dick at the moment. He wished he’d have never demanded that out of Ima, not for her sake but that of his wife’s. It was more than obvious that she’d been through hell already and all that did was push her past the brink.

“Let’s go home, darlin’.”

He saw that her suitcase and purse were by the truck where the taxi dropped her off. And that’s when the thought occurred to him.

“Why didn’t ye call me? I’d have picked ye up.”

“I figured you might be busy…”

Chibs sighed on this.

“I wasn’t. But even if I were… I would’ve sent someone. Ye didn’t have ta call fur a cab.” Chibs said as he opened the truck door then helped her inside.

He handed her purse over then tossed her luggage into the back. The drive to the house was unusually quiet. Chibs reached over and took her hand into his own. She glanced out the window and wiped a few stray tears off her face. Once he pulled into the driveway of their house he killed the engine and looked upon her.

“Truth now… What were ye up ta, Ava darlin’?”

Ava drew back a breath and closed her eyes for a moment. After a few moments, she reached beneath the seat and pulled out the files. She handed them over and Chibs narrowed his eyes as he flipped through them.

Jaysus… What am I lookin’ at exactly?”

Ava went on to tell her husband the truth, behind everything. No matter how painful it became or how much the guilt weighed upon her, she didn’t hold back.

“Ava…” He whispered looking ill.

“Why didn’t ye tell me?”

When she wouldn’t answer he shook his head in disappointment.

“I thought we had a deal about bein’ honest with one another…”

“We did and still do.”

“Then why’d ye go and lie ta me?”

“It was never my intention to lie. But you had your shit to deal with and I had mine. All I’m asking is for you to respect that.”

“Ava, your shite is my shite! That’s how this marriage stuff works.”

“Filip, you’re president now. The last thing you need is an old lady that expects you to drop whatever you’re doing and answer to her every beckoning call. I took care of my business and you took care of yours.”

Chibs pinched his eyes shut and just sat there for a moment.

“So yer friends were murdered after bein’ tested on. Ye had ta pretty much fake yer death all over again and ye went and got yerself almost raped and killed…”

“Is that all you took from everything I said?!”

“Nah… But those are the parts that stick out the most. And don’t ye even go and get mad at me fur that. Ye knew damn well I was gonna be PISSED aboot this. As ta why ye went and hid it from me in the first place! And here I was thinkin’ I went and sent ya somewhere safer but yer full of shite is what ye are and I’m done playin’ these games with ye. I don’t care what I am nomad, Prez… what have ye. Now I’m aboot ta piss ye the fuck off but I don’t really give a SHITE at this point.”

Ava let out a bit of a gasp as he ripped her seatbelt off then pulled her into his lap.

“Don’t ye ever pull some shite like that again! I mean it, Ava. This is me at my most serious of moments and ye’ve done pushed that threshold. Yer not only my wife, but yer carrying OUR child. We’re buildin’ us a new life and family. And yet ye go and take a risk ye know you shouldn’t be taken. I done lost a wife and kid and I’ll be DAMNED if I go and lose the two of ye as well. So do me a favor the next time ye want ta go against my wishes on somethin’. Somethin’ ye know damn well is gonna go and put the two of ye in danger. Ye just go ahead and take that gun ta me head. Ye got it?! Ye’d be doin’ me a fuckin’ favor. Now I don’t ask a lot out of ye and I’ll give ye whatever space ye need. All I want in return is fur ye ta keep that damn head of yers on straight and THINK! If yer doin’ somethin’ ye know’s gonna piss me off then chances are ye shouldn’t be doin’ it. And if ye absolutely hafta… then ye had better let me tag along. I married ye fur a reason. We made vows and I’d appreciate if ye’d stick ta yers, cause I’m goin’ out my way ta stick ta mine. Now I’m not perfect, not by any means. But when it comes ta ye… I’ll never leave ye in the dark. So do me a solid darlin’ and do the same in return.”

Chibs drew back a breath and kissed her forehead as he had her in literal sobs.

“Ava darlin’, I know I’m hard on ye… I’ve always been hard on ye, in more ways than one.” He hinted with a touch of a grin.

“But I hafta be. I love ye too damn much ta ignore the potential dangers we face every day. And due to yer past and mine… that only ups the stakes. So ye just keep this ONE thing in mind. Me and those boys… We’re family, lass. Now that means somethin’. No matter when or where… We’ll bat fur ye, always will. So I want ye ta make me a promise right here, right now. Next time ye got some shite ta face that ye’ll let me and the boys help ye out, even if we’re busy with somethin’ else. Ye’ve ta remember the golden rule amongst us Sons – Family first, MC business later. We’d have found a way to make it work. So don’t ye ever doubt that again.”

Ava nodded and he lifted her chin with his fingers.

“I’m gonna need that promise, love…”

“I promise…” She said with a quivery voice.

He nodded and brought her against him.

“Now that we got that shite sorted out… I’m sorry about yer friends and how all that shite went down. As fur Jacob… he’s a dead wolf walkin’ if that alpha of his didn’t take care of him already.”


“Aye now, he has it comin’. I ain’t gonna stand fur that shite. It’s bad enough Clay’s alive and breathin’ after everything he’s done. I’ll be damned if I let it slide again.” But as he said this he thought back to that footage with Jimmy and ground his teeth together.

Ava lifted off his chest as she actually heard it. He said nothing on it and opened the truck door.

“Go ahead but don’t go in just yet. I gotta check everything over.”

Ava waited by the porch as Chibs went on to check the outside and inside of the house. Once he was certain everything was good to go, he waved her in. He locked everything up as she went had herself a nice long shower. Chibs got undressed and joined her. The poor girl was emotional mess. She’d go from laughing, to crying, to downright pissed. If she felt the need to break something, he let her and said nothing on it. All he cared about was doing whatever he could to help her vent and get it all out. But the second her head hit that pillow, she was out. Chibs caressed her cheek as he found it hard to look away. He shook his head as she’d whimper off and on. The Scot turned off the lamp then pulled her into his arms.

“Please tell me you’re just fucking around…” Ava said and Chibs sighed as they were lying in bed.

“Wish I could.”

“Damn… Do we need to lawyer up or…”

“Don’t go divin’ inta all that just yet.”

“Please don’t go and get yourself sentenced, to where I’m writing you letters and you’re watching our child grow up behind bars.”

“Don’t plan on it. Besides, ye know me… I’m gonna do whatever I can ta get me and the boys out of this.”

Chibs had her straddling him as he ran his hands along her breasts and on down her tummy.

“And how’s little Jackie doin’?” He questioned with a beam.

“You’re that sure it’s a boy?” Ava teased and Chibs nodded.

“Oh yeah.”

“And if it isn’t?”

“Not so sure about Gunner but Jackie still works.” He uttered with a shrug.

“Dontcha got that appointment today?”


He nodded and looked to the time.

“Why dontcha come with me ta the clubhouse? I think Michaela’s gonna be there with Abel anyhow. I’ll work the shop with the boys then we can head out when it’s time.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

He nodded but let out a bit of a moan as she rubbed herself against him. The Scot raised his brows as she continued her teasing.

“Ava…” He scolded as it was damn near torture.

She was warm, wet, and overly inviting. He planted those hands along her hips and stopped her long enough to guide his way in.

“Continue…” he uttered with a smirk.

Ava looked to Chibs in surprise as she was experiencing one orgasm after another. He chuckled a bit and smacked her on the ass encouragingly.

“That’s it… ride that cock!” He grunted as she rode him like no tomorrow.

“SHITE!” He hollered in a finish as Ava screamed out his name.

Chibs flipped Ava onto her back and went on to finger her. Something about seeing his cum dripping out of her was a massive turn on but even more so when he had her squirting all over his fingers and the bed sheets. He lifted his eyes and shook his head in disbelief.

“Ye just keep cummin’. Yer gonna need an IV bag by the time I’m done with ye.”

Ava regarded Chibs in full on lust as he had a mixture of their cum caked onto his fingers and used it as lubricant so he could go back to fucking her.


“Ye alright there?” Chibs questioned with a grin.

“Yep.” Ava said as if she were in another world at the moment.

He chuckled and lit up a cigarette.

“Ye done messed up our new bed sheets…”

Ava blushed once she realized how bad they were. Chibs sent her a wink.

“Never had a woman cum as much as you do. I could watch ye all day. That’s so fuckin’ hot.”

“So it’s not too much?”

This had the Scot rearing back with a what the fuck look.

“I read in a magazine that some guys don’t like it when women do that. They call them squirters or something like that.” She said with her face even redder.

“Probably written by some gay schmuck or a man that’s never enjoyed sex ta begin with. What man would complain aboot that?! Ye can’t believe everythin’ ye read in those stupid magazines. Where’d ye read that shite anyhow?”

“A playboy, back at your old place…”

Chibs cleared his throat on this.

“I ain’t never had no playboys, Ava darlin’…” He said with a bit of a grin.

“Sure you haven’t…”

Truth of the matter? He’d rid of that shit not long after they married. Still he thought it a bit odd that she actually read it and didn’t bitch him out for having it around. Not that he cared either way. He had the real thing now.

“Must’ve been Juice’s…” He said with a shrug.

“You’re so full of shit.”

“Am I now?”

“It was in your room…”

“Ava, are ye admittin’ ta being a snoop?”


“Are ye sure, cause it sure sounds like ye were snoopin’…?”

“I’d never…” She said behind a giggle.

“So ye didn’t go diggin’ fur somethin’ ta pin on me?”

“Nope. But I can if you want!” She teased.

He knew she wasn’t really like that but did think it was funny that she found that. He kept those in his nightstand, under a lot of other shit. So she had to do a little ‘digging’ at least. Knowing her it was more out of boredom than anything else. If she hadn’t anything on him other than a fucking playboy, he thought he was doing pretty damn good. He couldn’t remember the last thing he’d flipped through one of those things.

“If yer up fur the challenge ye just go right ahead.”

“God, that sounds exhausting…”

Chibs had a good laugh at this.

“Yer somethin’ else ye know that?”

Ava smiled but gathered this serious vibe about her. She brushed his hair back with her fingers and looked him in the eyes.

“All joking aside… You have all of me, that includes my trust. I don’t have any reason to ‘snoop’.”

Chibs kissed her then put his forehead to hers.

“Likewise, mo ghaol. Always.”

“Dammit!” Ava snapped whilst throwing a third pair of jeans out of the closet.

Chibs narrowed his eyes but picked them up off the floor.

“What’s that aboot?”

“Nothing fits me!” She complained while trying on another pair.

Chibs watched as she tried desperately to zip them up but it was no go. Ava took them off and went to throw them as well but he took them from her hold instead.

“Jesus! Did I swell up overnight or what?! Those fit me just a couple days ago! I wore them while I was in Forks!”

The Scot chuckled in response and she sent him a look of hell.

“Yer pregnant…” He reminded with a shrug.

“Why dontcha wear one of yer dresses fur now? We’ll get ye some maternity clothes after yer appointment taday.”

“But I’m barely 12 weeks, if that!”

“Imma thinkin’ yer more like 14 or so, if ye do the math. I suppose we’ll find out soon enough.”

Chibs pulled a dress off a hanger then handed it over.

“I can’t wear that!”

He looked to the dress in question.

“Why not?”

“That’s like a fun time party dress. You know for special occasions…”

Chibs held up the dress and looked it over. He wiggled his brows once he saw what she was talking about. It was short and low cut in the back. He handed it over anyhow.

“Looks good ta me!”

Ava frowned and hung it back up.

“I’m not dressing like a slutty momma!”

Chibs choked back in laughter. This had the Scot laughing so hard he had tears rolling down his face.

“It’s not funny!”

“Yeah it is. Slutty momma… That’s good shite there!”

Ava grabbed another dress and slipped it on over her head. He tilted his head as he gave her the once over afterward.

“I don’t think ye can help it…”

“Help what?”

“The slutty momma thing. Yer just too damn sexy fur yer own good.”

He pivoted her around so that she was looking in the lengthwise mirror. It was a simple spring dress, still it was enough to have him hard on all over again. He loved the way it showed her little belly off. If anything it felt more concrete. He kissed along her neck and ran his hands along her belly.

“Like it or not yer a MILF, lil darlin’. It doesn’t matter what ye wear, it’s there.”

Ava blushed in response. He twirled her back around and lifted her up off the ground as he kissed her. His hands ran right on up her dress and into her panties.

“Hm… We better get, before I end up fuckin’ ye all over again.”

“I’m okay with that actually…”

“I bet ye are… ye little nympho.” He said behind a chuckle.


Ava laughed as Chibs was singing along to Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing on the way to the clubhouse.

“Oh no…” Ava whispered once they pulled up.

Clay, Gemma, Jax, and Michaela were in a heated argument. Chibs grimaced seeing as how Jax had Abel in his arms during this. Chibs was quick to park and they darted on out of the truck.

“You can’t keep your mother from seeing her grandson!” Clay barked.

“As long as you’re in the picture… I sure as hell can and will.”

“So you’re punishing her, is that it?!”

“Punishing her?! I’m only looking out for my son, ASSHOLE!”

Chibs walked on over and held his arms out for Abel. Jax handed him over and Chibs handed Abel over to Ava.

“Take him inside.”

Ava nodded and headed into the clubhouse. Chibs looked upon Clay and shook his head.

“I believe we had a deal…” He reminded and Clay sighed.

“I’m only here to set Jackson straight on a few things.”

Chibs raised his brows on this.

“I don’t think yer on any sort of grounds ta be settin’ anyone straight. And ye’ve ta keep in mind WHERE yer standin’. If Jackie boy says ta stay away from his son then that’s exactly what he means.”

“I wouldn’t hurt my grandson!” Clay snapped and this had Chibs grabbing Clay by the collar.


Gemma covered her mouth in a gasp as Clay popped the living hell out of Chibs. Chibs went to return the favor only to have Jax beat him to it.

“JAX!” Gemma scolded and rushed over in attempts to break it up.

Clay shoved her out of the way and returned the blow. Chibs was about to intervene when a gunshot sounded. They turned the direction in which it came from and Ava gave a simple nod as she had her gun facing the air. She lowered her gun then aimed it Clay’s direction.

“How’s that side mirror?” She questioned and Chibs narrowed his eyes in question.

She walked on over and stood before Clay.

“I know you’re kind of in the middle of something. But I have a question.”

Clay tilted his head on this.

“Why Ireland?”

Chibs looked to his wife wondering that very thing himself.

“Answer the question…”

“You know why…” Clay practically whispered.

“No, actually I don’t. Why are you so gung-ho about me going to Ireland and Belfast of all places?”

Chibs’s eyes widened in realization and without so much as a warning he flung himself over and knocked Clay to the ground.


“You really think I’m working with fucking Jimmy?!”

“Why else would ye be so set on Ava goin’ ta Belfast?! It makes no sense otherwise…”

“Well, I’m not sure about Jimmy but he’s certainly planning something…”

They heard and turned that direction. The man sighed and cut Ava an apologetic glance.

“Now before you go and ask me why the fuck I’m here…” Tig held up a recording/tracking device and waved it about.

Clay regarded Tig in shock and Tig smiled.

“I have my moments…” he hinted as Clay was patting himself down in search of the bug Tig obviously planted.

Tig retrieved something from his jacket and tossed it over to Chibs.

“You might wanna look those over…”

Chibs opened the packet then curled his lip. Tig waved Gemma over and Clay sent Tig a look of utter hell has she inched her way there. Once she was within reach, Tig planted one hell of a kiss. Ava couldn’t help but to smile as it was all coming together.

“Tig…” Clay uttered threateningly as Tig hit play.

“He won’t know what’s coming. I’ll have the little bitch eating out of my hand while I’m eating that sweet pussy.”

“And just how do you plan on doing that?”

“Worked for Gemma… And this girl… Well she’s nothing more than a younger and much more improved version. Fuck. I’m hard just thinking about it. It’s time I had something of my own and she’s going to give me that.”

“But what about the baby she’s already carrying.”

“Accidents tend to happen… I’ll have her knocked up in no time. You could join us you know… You’d be surprised in what Ireland has to offer.”

“You’d want me tagging along…? After fucking the old lady and all?”

                (Clay laughing)

                 This had everyone looking to Clay in disbelief.

“Oh you sneaky sly son of a bitch!” She said with a beam and Tig smiled as he wrapped his arm around Gemma.

He cupped Gemma’s chin then nodded upon her.

“I told you I’d take care of you. Didn’t I, baby?”

“You sure did…” Gemma said with a taunting grin upon Clay.

“By the way… Thanks! You know for letting me fuck the old lady and all. Best pussy I ever had!” Tig snidely stated in return.

Gemma elbowed Tig but with a smile.

“I’m sorry, sweetheart. But we had to leave everyone in the dark… just long enough. Trust me it damn near killed me, going without my grandson!” Gemma told Jax.

“Oh she had her moments of nearly caving…” Tig admitted with a sigh.

Ava giggled in mere amusement.

“Oh Clay… This is like THE BEST DAY EVER for me!” She expressed and he rolled his eyes.

“Karma is such a BITCH! Your entire life is going down the drain and it’s wondrous!”

“Isn’t it?” Gemma uttered with a wicked grin of her own.

Chibs cleared his throat and handed his wife the proof Tig had gathered. Ava flipped through the pages and shook her head.

“You can’t join another chapter once you’ve been kicked out of one. Even I know that much…”

Chibs nodded in agreement.

“Unless you have a hearing…” Clay declared and Ava laughed.

“So you thought you’d give it ALL a second chance considering the first time round didn’t work for you? Only this time you want to start off with a new chapter and new family entirely? Did you honestly believe that you could somehow convince me into taking YOUR name? And killing our baby…? Just how fucking demonic can you get?! So what was your next move? To have Chibs run down by an eighteen wheeler?!”

Gemma and Jax grimaced on this.

“He just wanted a younger and newer model, that’s all.” Gemma said with disgust.

“No. You guys don’t understand. Ava, I really need you to hear me out. I meant what I said about protectin…”

Gemma let out a horrendous scream and Ava just stood there and gawked as a bullet was launched into Clay’s head. She thought it to be Chibs’s doing, considering she’d seen his gun in hand, not long after that recording played.

“GET DOWN!” The Scot hollered and was quick to bring Ava to the ground.

Jax brought Michaela down as well and Tig shoved Gemma back behind an old junker then flung his body over hers. They watched in horror as whatever hit Clay caused his head to explode. Each of them ended up covered in his remains.

“Everyone alright?” Chibs called.

Everyone checked one another over then came to their feet.

“What the fuck was that?!” Tig said in a panic.

“That was someone goin’ out their way to shut Clay up and they did one hell of a job!”

Chibs recoiled as his wife leaned over and puked at the sight of Clay. He himself was trying not to gag it was pretty gruesome.

“FUCK!” Jax shouted whilst pulling at his hair and pacing the area.

“What in the fuck do we do with this shit?!”

Tig and Chibs looked to one another as if lost on how to go about this as well. Gemma was in literal sobs.

“I want ye ta gather Gemma and Michaela and head on inside.” Chibs told his wife and she did as requested.

“Trager, ye know where the tarps are…”

“On it!”

“Jackie… Ye alright there?” Chibs questioned as Jax continued in his pacing.

He nodded but looked like a mess. Both of them looked around wondering where that came from. Chibs walked on over and planted his hands along his face.

“Whoever it was is long gone. We got this, alright Jackie boy?”

Jax nodded and Chibs gave him a bit of a slap on the cheek.

“Ye know what ta do, son.”

The VP nodded and got to work.

“Just what in the hell is going on out there?” Piney asked as he had Abel in his arms.

The rest of the Sons were on a small mission of sorts as someone was causing trouble in town and using the SAMCRO name in order to do so. From the sounds of things it was the Nazi lovers again.

Once the girls were cleaned up, Ava picked Abel up then went to hand him to Gemma knowing she was aching to get her hands on him. Michaela and Ava shared a moment of silent understanding.

“I’m sorry…” She said with fullest sincerity.

“You haven’t anything to be sorry for.”

“Actually I do… I doubted you, when I should’ve known better. Since when would you pick Clay over Jax and your own grandson? That’s not a very Gemma like thing to do.”

Gemma managed to smile and Ava handed Abel over.

“I doubt Jax has any qualms about this now. If he does, I’ll take the blame.”

Gemma kissed Ava on the cheek then went and sat down with her grandson. Piney reached out and took Ava by the hand.

“What’s going on?”

Ava drew back a breath and explained to the best of her knowledge. Piney recoiled.

“Jesus…” He whispered.

“You alright?”

“Yeah just wasn’t expecting that.”

“I can imagine.”

Ava couldn’t help but to think about Half-Sack and Cherry. This would be somewhat a relief to them and honestly as gruesome and fucked up as it was, it was a relief to her as well. Yet on the other hand… this had her feeling a bit on edge. For one thing… Who killed Clay Morrow and why? If it was Jimmy, why didn’t he kill Chibs as well? She’d a number of questions bouncing through that head of hers. Tried as she might she couldn’t answer one without it bringing up another question. Ava looked over to see Michaela and Gemma making amends. She smiled on this and gave a mere nod Michaela’s direction.

A few hours passed and the clubhouse was unusually quiet, it seemed as if no one knew how to act or what to say. Ava sipped at some water from the bar and merely observed from there. Despite recent events she found herself glad to be home. Home… she thought whilst feeling somewhat emotional. She never felt that way back in Forks, La Push, or Phoenix even. No matter where she was, Ava aka Bella felt out of place, like she never fit in. But there was no questioning herself when it came to Charming. Sure her life was batshit crazy. Then again, when wasn’t it? Everywhere she went shit seemed to follow. But now? At least she had the backup and the family she truly needed in order to get through it.

“Ye ready?” Chibs questioned interrupting her train of thought.


“Yer appointment…” He reminded while looking to the time.

“Are you sure now’s a good time?”

“Ava, ye need ta get seen. So let’s get goin’.”

She nodded and Gemma glanced her direction.

“Appointment? What appointment?”

“Of the expecting variety…”

Gemma looked to Ava in surprise.


“It seems so.”

“Well that certainly explains things. I thought you were getting a little pudgy.”

Ava’s jaw dropped on this and Gemma smiled.

“Looks good on you.”

“Um thanks. I think…”

Chibs wrapped his arm around Ava’s shoulder and led her on out the door.

“Ye alright?” Her husband questioned once they got her situated.

Ava nodded but had that nervous twinge about her. And like that of Chibs, she was still resentful over what Jimmy had done. Chibs took her hand and kissed it.

“This might be a little cold at first…” The OB warned as she placed some gel on Ava’s abdomen.

Chibs lifted his head as the woman went on to point out the healthy heartbeat etc… This was followed by her pointing out the arms and legs.

“Oh my…” The woman uttered whilst tilting her head.

“Well I believe we have the sex confirmed, if the two of you are interested.”

“It’s a boy, isn’t it?!” Chibs said and the woman smiled.

“And he’s rather obvious about it…” The woman said behind laughter as she circled the area of the sex.

Chibs reared back as the boy looked like he was playing with his ‘unit’.

“Takes after his father…” Ava uttered with a giggle.

Chibs chuckled but looked to be rather choked up.

“I knew it!” He said full of pride.

“And he’s a perv already…” Ava added.

“Nah… He’s just proud!” Chibs said with a shrug.

“I have to admit this is the first I’ve ever seen…” The woman admitted as to the boy touching himself.

“As in a penis?” Chibs witted.

“FILIP!” Ava scolded and the OB laughed.

“Afraid not… Your husband has quite the sense of humor.”

“Oh, he has something alright…”

“From the looks of things and you’re about 14 maybe 15 weeks along?”

Chibs sent Ava a cocky grin.

“But I only missed a couple periods… And they weren’t really missed but light…”

“Not judging by this sonogram… Life has a funny way about things. Maybe you just hadn’t realized how many you missed?”

“Ava, ye’ve been in Charming fur about four months now…” Chibs reminded as it was the first week of October now and she’d arrived around the end of May.

“Time flies… I guess…” Ava said as if in another world.

“So we’ll be having a baby in five months…” She said looking rather pale.

“Won’t be long.” The woman said with a smile and went on to clean Ava up.

“But we don’t have anything yet! I mean the room isn’t ready and…”

“There’s plenty of time…” The woman assured.

Chibs narrowed his eyes however as Ava looked to be on the verge of tears. The woman took notice and gave them their space.

“There’s so much to do!” Ava said as if on the brink of a panic attack.

“Hey… Look at me.”

Her eyes locked with his as he caressed her cheek.

“He’s gonna have everythin’ he needs, alright?”

Ava closed her eyes and drew back the deepest of breaths.

“I just wasn’t expecting it so soon. I didn’t realize it was that long ago.” She hinted as to the first time they had sex.

“There’s more ta this, isn’t there?”

Ava opened her eyes and nodded.

“I’m sorry, Filip. I’m trying, really I am.”

“What is it, love?”

“I don’t want to lose our baby!” She cried and Chibs flinched knowing exactly WHAT she was referring to.

He was quick to hug her and kissed the top of her head.

“No one’s hurtin’ MY babies. You got me? I’ll die before I allow it!”

“Don’t say that. Please. No one dies… Just promise me that.”

Chibs swallowed back on this.

“I know it’s irrational but I just want to hear you say it, because I know you’re a man of your word.”

Chibs cringed on the inside knowing he wasn’t. He’d let her down twice already.

“I’m not gonna make you anymore promises, Ava.”

She recoiled on this and he cupped her chin.

“But I’m tellin’ ye flat out. In five years ta come… I’ll be sittin’ at that gavel. Abel and Lil Jackie will be goin; ta the same school and ye’ll be SAMCRO’S toughest, meanest, yet the most lovin’ momma there is. I just need ya ta focus on that and believe in it. Ye got me?”

Ava nodded and he hugged her once again.

“Now… this is supposed ta be a happy moment so cheer the fuck up, darlin’. We’ve much ta celebrate and that’s just what we’re gonna do, tonight!’

“Are you sure now’s a good time for all that?”

“Oh yeah, now more than ever!”

“Maybe we should head on back. We can do this another time.” Ava said as she and Chibs were looking through the clothes.

Chibs removed a dress from one of the racks and looked to his wife.

“Women wear this shite?” He said looking rather appalled as it was a pink and white polka dot dress.

“Not this one.”

“Thank God…” Chibs uttered whilst putting it back.

“None of this looks like ye…” He said looking rather miserable.

“It’s a maternity store…”

“Yer havin’ a baby not turnin’ eighty…” He picked up another outfit and held it against him.

“I mean fur reals what is this?!”

Ava laughed as it was some sort of puke green one piece jumpsuit.

“Did you just say for reals?”

“Nah… We’re takin’ ye somewhere else. Yer the wife of SAMCRO’s prez not Mary Poppin’s on a fuckin’ acid trip.”

“Keep your voice down…” Ava whispered as he was offending everyone around them.

Chibs shrugged like it wasn’t bothering him any. Then again, the Scot had no filter and said whatever he pleased.

“Let’s just do this another time. Today’s not really the day for all this. Like a celebration… feels to be in bad taste about now.”

“How so?”

“Clay…” she whispered as they were heading out the store.

“Why should that get in our way?”

“Chibs, I know we’re not as affected but others might take offense…”

He opened the truck door for her and she climbed on in. He shut the door and headed to the driver’s side. Once he was in the truck, he looked over.

“After everythin’ he’s done I doubt anyone will even bat an eye on it. If anythin’ whoever it was did us a fuckin’ favor.”

“More like whoever did it has their own hidden agenda.” Ava said with a frown.

“That might be but ye gotta admit that’s one last worry. Not just in our case, but Kip’s and Cherry’s. That baby will never the difference and I imagine that’s a HUGE relief.”

Ava nodded in agreement.

“I’m talking about Piney, Bobby, even that of Gemma and Jax. He played such a big part in their lives and even through all the hate… You know there has to be some love there.”

Chibs nodded and looked to be in thought.

“Alright ,we can do the celebration another night but ye need the clothes either way. So let’s find ye a better store.”

“Maybe I should call Cherry or Michaela and get some ideas?”

“Sounds good, lass.”

Chibs went to put the truck in reverse but stopped and gazed upon her once again.

“Ye really are somethin’, ye know that?”

She cut him a puzzled look and he smiled.

“Always thinkin’ of others. No matter how wrong someone’s done ye. Ye should be pissed and sayin’ good riddance to it all. But yer sittin’ there and thinkin’ of everyone else. I know I’ve said it before but I gotta say it again. How in the hell did I manage ta get a woman like ye?”

“It’s the accent. Women love that shit!” Ava taunted with a shrug and went on to call Cherry.

Chibs chuckled on this.

“Why do I believe that?”

She smiled but went on to ask Cherry about any good maternity stores.

“Better?” Ava questioned once they left the store.


“You didn’t have to go with me you know. I could’ve gone with one of the girls.”

He popped a cigarette into his mouth and shrugged.

“Don’t bother me none.”

“You looked miserable…’ Ava said with a grin.

“Nah… Just a lot on my mind.”

“Admit it you were bored out of your mind.”

The Scot chuckled on this.

“Maybe a touch… But I did enjoy the little previews, the skirts especially.”

“See! You should’ve…”

Chibs reached over and put a finger to her lips.

“Ava, I made a lot of mistakes durin’ my first marriage. So just let me do this the right way fur once. Just because I’m not totally inta somethin’ doesn’t mean I’m not enjoyin’ myself. We’re havin’ a baby and I can’t even begin ta express how thankful I am ta be givin’ that second chance. Now when I say that I don’t mean any disrespect ta Fiona or Kerrianne… I just wanna know what it’s like ta have it all fur once.”

Ava smiled and crawled into his lap. He raised his brows as she kissed him. They got into a heated session and Ava laughed as she leaned back and accidently sounded the horn.

Oops…” She said as they had a few eyes on them.

Chibs rolled the window down and nodded towards the onlookers.

“Ye can take pictures but it’s five dollars per snapshot!”


“Yer right make it ten!”

The spectators were quick to vanish and Ava hit him on the arm.

“What?!” He said putting on this innocent front.

“You’re unbelievable…”

“Why thank you, darlin’. Not so bad yerself!”


“Wait!” Ava called as they were a few blocks from the shop.

Chibs narrowed his eyes as his wife pointed to a local secondhand furniture store. Before he could even fully park, she dashed on out of the truck. He reared back and killed the engine. When he exited the truck he saw that Ava was on the side of the building, admiring a crib that was obviously custom made. It was wooden and carved to look like that of a train. It had a set of drawers connected to the side and on top was a changing table. She ran her hands along it and went on to test the drawers etc… Chibs himself was somewhat taken back by the sheer amount of craftsmanship.

“Can we get it?!” Ava asked with literal stars in her eyes.

Something Fiona NEVER had when it came to Kerrianne. There wasn’t a chance in hell he’d say no. Besides, the more he looked upon the crib the more he himself wanted it. It was perfect.

Chibs looked for a price tag but couldn’t find one.

“Let me find someone and we’ll see aboot it.”

Ava nodded but he wanted to laugh on how excited she was acting. She couldn’t pull herself way from that crib, no matter what. Chibs managed to find someone and had them follow him outside. The man smiled once Chibs pointed the crib out.

“Ah…” He said and walked on over.

“How much?” Ava asked and the man looked to be in thought.

“Are the two of you expecting?”

They nodded and the man sort of laughed.

“I made that crib for my grandson. But my son’s wife thought it too big and gaudy.”

Ava looked to the man in disbelief.

“You’re kidding…”

“Nope. I put a lot of time into that crib, only to have her put her foot down, and turn her nose up at it. She ended up buying something they could barely afford and I believe their still paying it off.”

“What did your son have to say about that?” Ava asked out of curiosity.

“Well he loved it. But you know how it goes… You women have the last say in these situations. Wasn’t much either of us could do. She put her foot down, end of story. So it sits here collecting dust.”

“How?” Ava questioned as she couldn’t believe no one showed any interest.

The man shrugged.

“Not much call for something like this I suppose.”

“Well I’m certainly interested… if you’re selling.”

“Not selling…”

“…oh…” Ava said looking disappointed.

The man nodded towards Chibs.

“If you pull that truck around and lower the tailgate. I’ll help you load it up.”

Ava’s jaw dropped and the man smiled.

“Nah… Let us pay ye somethin’.” Chibs went to take out his wallet and the man stopped him.

“I don’t want a dime. Just knowing it’s going to someone that truly appreciates it is all I need. Keep your money. You’re going to need it. In fact why don’t you go and pick you out bed set to go with it. They’re inside.”

“Sir, please let us offer you something.”

“I tell you what… You bring that baby by once it’s born and that’s payment enough.”

Ava looked to her husband in disbelief.

“Well go on… Get your truck and you go and pick out whatever bed set you want. Don’t concern yourself with the price.”

The guys got the crib loaded up and the man laughed once Ava exited the store.

“I’d a feeling you were going to pick those.” He said she’d grabbed the crib set he’d intended for his grandson. It too had a train theme.

train-baby-crib bedsheets-for-lil-jackie

Ava smiled.

“Thank you.” She said getting a little teary-eyed.

“No. Thank you. You made my day, little lady. Just seeing that little sparkle in your eyes… It couldn’t have gone to anyone better, so congratulations and good luck to you both.”

The Scot shook his hand and thanked him once again. Chibs and Ava looked to one another in surprise, as the man headed back inside like it was nothing.

“Let me grab Jackie and we’ll drop this off at house.”


He headed to the clubhouse and had her wait in the truck as he gathered Jax.

“Hey darlin’.” Jax greeted once he entered the truck.

He pecked her on the cheek then sat in the back.

“We should trade trucks.”

“Not happening…”

He chuckled on this.

“Worth a try.”

Ava glanced into the rearview mirror.

“How are you doing…?” She did her best to hint and he lifted his eyes.

“Been better… Been worse… Just one of those things.”

She nodded in understanding.

“And you?”

“About the same.”

Chibs opened the door at this point and looked to the both of them with concern.

“Ye two alright?”

“Yep.” Jax said with a wink upon Ava.

Ava smiled and gave a mere nod.

“Alright then…” Chibs uttered as he started the truck and headed to the house.

“This is kickass!” Jax said once they had the crib set up in the ‘intended’ baby room.

Like that of Ava he tested the drawers and looked everything over.

“A lot of time and heart went into this.”

Chibs told him about the man and how he just gave it to them and Jax was just as surprised as they were. Jax narrowed his eyes however and nodded towards Ava.

“I can’t believe you’re already showing. That’s so cool. Have you felt it kick yet?”

“Not yet…”

“Just wait. It’s trippy as shit but man… Nothing quite describes it. Shouldn’t be long now…”

Ava looked to Chibs in thought.

“Have you told him?” She asked and Jax looked to Chibs in question.

“Told me what?”

Chibs leaned against the wall and gestured towards the crib.

“Well it’s a boy…”

“I kind of figured…” Jax said behind a chuckle.

“I think it’s awesome. Abel will have someone to grow up with.”

“Yeah, I think Lil Jackie will like that too.” Chibs said and Jax didn’t catch on at first as he was going on about the boys going to the same school etc…

Ava giggled and Jax trailed off as it finally dawned on him.

“Wait… what’d you say?”

“I was wonderin’ if yer hearin’ was off, boy!”

“Did you say Lil Jackie? As in….”

Chibs nodded and Jax staggered back looking to be in shock.

“Jesus. Just how much do you hate your son? Naming him after my sorry ass?! He’s not even born yet! Have a fucking heart, you Scottish prick!” Jax teased but seemed rather emotional.

“We’ll call him Lil Jackie but his first name’s Gunner.” Ava added and Jax appeared to be blown away.

“I don’t know what to say guys… I almost feel for the kid!”

Ava laughed but grabbed ahold of him as he lost it. Chibs swallowed back as Jax pinched his eyes shut and hugging the hell out of Ava. Jax cleared his throat afterward and looked to be slightly embarrassed. He sniffled back and wiped his eyes with the sleeve of his shirt.

“So Gunner Jackie Telford, huh?”

Chibs nodded.

“That’s a terrible name!” Jax teased and Chibs laughed.

“It sure is.” He said with a grin.

Ava kissed her husband’s cheek then left the two alone, figuring they needed it. Once she was out of the room Chibs nodded upon Jax.

“Get over here.”

Jax chuckled and walked on over. Once he was within reach Chibs hugged him then kissed his forehead.

“Make fun of it all ye want. But it’s the only name that came ta mind. Might not be blood but I meant what I said about thinkin’ aboot ye like a son. I figured this was the best way of showin’ it.” Chibs himself got a little choked up.

“I’m sorry about Clay.” The Scot said whole heartedly.

“I know he meant somethin’ ta ye boy and there’s no shame in that. It took the old lady ta wake me up ta that, but she’s right. No matter the recent events between Clay and the club itself. He was family to us Sons at one point and ta ye and yer mother. So I know it’s gotta hurt like a son of a bitch and there’s no shame in that, Jackie.”

And like usual… The old lady was right. Jax lost all composure and Chibs himself lost it as they hugged it out.

“I love ya, kid. Dontcha ever forget that. I’m here. Ye got me?”

Jax nodded and Chibs used his thumbs to wipe his tears.

“Yer one of the good ones. Despite what ye think, ye would’ve made one hell of a prez.”

“You’re wrong.” Jax said and drew back a breath.

“Chibs, the more I read into those manuscripts, the more I could see where I’d take the same path my old man did. Hell, I understood his reasoning for giving in and not succeeding in the end. I’m a better soundboard than anything. I can walk through hell and back with you on this, Chibs. But I can’t take that gavel. I don’t belong there, never have. That gavel needs new blood and a fresh face. And I think it’s safe to say us Tellers are cursed when it comes to leadership in general. Hell, look at my mother she’s a great example – She was the fucking queen and look at what Clay did to her, to me even. And JT as much as I loved my father, he failed us too. I can’t, nor will I sit at that gavel and do the same to my family.”

“And if I fail ye?”

“You won’t…” Jax said with full conviction.

“How can ye be so sure?”

“I just know. Call it a gut feeling.”

“I hope yer right, fur everyone’s sake.”

“I gotta say it…”

Chibs tilted his head on this and Jax nodded towards the doorway.

“That wife of yours is fucking glowing.”

“Right?” Chibs said with a beam.

“Big difference between her and Wendy…”

“Oh yeah, I can imagine.”

“I almost envy you.” Jax admitted and Chibs narrowed his eyes on this.

“Aye now… What about Michaela?”

“That’s why I said ‘almost’.” Jax said with a wink and Chibs chuckled.

“Ye had me worried there for a moment.”

“Nah… We’re doing good. Hasn’t been easy but we’re getting there. In fact, she moved in just few weeks ago.”

Really?” Chibs questioned with a grin.


“Playin’ house already?”

“She’s at the house so much already, I figured why not. Hell, she’s a saint when it comes to Abel. I think he adores her more than me as of late.”

“But how do you feel about her?”

Jax drew back a breath and dug into his pocket. Chibs looked to him in surprise.

“Ye ready ta take that plunge all over again?”

“Didn’t quite get there the first time, remember?”

Chibs nodded in memory. Chibs took the ring from Jax’s hold and looked it over.

“That’s certainly an attention grabber.”

“Yeah but does it say Michaela?”

Chibs narrowed his eyes in thought.

“Why dontcha see what Ava has ta say? They’re a lot alike. She’d know more aboot those sort of things then I would.”

“Yeah but you had Ava’s ring picked out, way before you even proposed!”

“Let’s just put it this way, Jackie. If that ring called ta ye the way Ava’s called ta me then yer in good hands.”


“Just one look, that’s all it takes. You’ll know what I’m talkin’ aboot once it hits. If ye didn’t get that from that ring then take it back and ye keep on lookin’. “

Jax took the ring back and gazed upon it. He let out a miserable groan afterward and Chibs chuckled whilst patting him on the shoulder.

“You have the receipt?”


“Then ye might wanna get ta that first chance ye get. But first thing’s first… Ye need ta make certain this is what ye want. It could be ye rather than the ring itself. Give yerself sometime.”

“It isn’t the ring…” Jax said looking somewhat defeated.

“Then what is it?”

“I fuck up everything I touch. I love her, Chibs. So does Abel. I’m afraid of popping the question and being a disappointment in the end. I don’t wanna fuck this up.”

“Look at me, kid.”

Jax lifted his head and Chibs cupped his chin.

“Ye just go with that gut feelin’ of yers. It’ll tell ye what to do. Just don’t go do somethin’ stupid like fightin’ against it. That’s where ye fucked up the last time. Ye once told me that Tara wasn’t meant ta be apart of this life, but the two of ye went and forced it anyhow.”

Jax recoiled on this and Chibs nodded.

“So that’s whatcha gotta ask yerself. Ye say Michaela’s golden with the two of ye… But how’s she acceptin’ the MC life? Is she just as commited as ye? Because we both know that no matter how many times ye told Tara ye were gettin’ out and startin’ over… Ye didn’t have it in ye. Face it, Jackie you’re just as much SAMCRO as I am. It’s all we know. So don’t go foolin’ yerself or anyone else on the matter. The next time a woman wants ye out, ye had better see that as a red flag. Step the fuck back and let her down easy. Cause it’s in yer blood. Say ye did run off with some woman that wanted away from the MC life. Ye’d be miserable and ye’d end up resentin’ her.”

Jax nodded in agreement.

“I got lucky. I managed ta find someone that gets me. She’s accepted the life and already considers you boys family. I couldn’t ask fur a better life at this very moment. It isn’t every day you can actually say you got it all but I do and I’m not aboot ta take advantage of that either.”

“You better not…” Ava piped in teasingly as she entered the room and handed them both a beer.

Chibs smiled and pecked her on the lips.

“Never.” He said with fullest sincerity.

“Hate to ruin the moment but Gemma called… there seems to be some sort of issue at the clubhouse.”

“Wonder what it is now…” Jax uttered.

“No tellin’.” Chibs replied.

They were just a block away when Gemma called Jax and was pleading for him to go into hiding. It wasn’t until they pulled into the parking lot that they understood why.

“No…” Ava whispered as the sheriff and his men were there.

They had the boys down on the ground and were in the middle of cuffing them and reading them their rights.

“Ava…” Chibs said doing his best to keep his cool.

“Look at me, baby. It’s gonna be alright. Ye got me?!”


“You just take care of yerself and our boy. I’ll find a way out of this.”

Ava grimaced as the sheriff’s men darted on over and yanked Jax and Chibs out of the truck. One of them opened her door and gestured for her to get out as well.

“NOOO!” Gemma cried as they brought Jax and Chibs to the ground and were cuffing them as well.

Tig grabbed ahold of her and was holding her back with everything he had.

Ava clamped a hand over her mouth and Chibs kept his eyes locked onto hers. Just as soon as they lifted him up off the ground, Ava darted on over. She ignored their warnings and wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him.

“HEY!” Chibs hollered as they pried her off him and shoved her back.

“She’s with child; don’t be rough with the lass!”

“I love ya!” He hollered as they stuffed him inside the van.

Ava blew him a kiss and watched as they loaded up everyone involved in the gun run. Once the parking lot was clear, everyone left looked to one another in sorrow. Ava said nothing as she headed into the clubhouse. She paced the area but froze as her cellphone sounded. Yet again, the number unknown… Ava closed her eyes and with a trembling hand she answered…

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  1. That’s convenient, that her phone rang just as the boys were arrested…sigh…the last update was a little scary, but this one was kind of cute outside of Clay being shot and the boys being arrested at the end…:)…another great update hon as always. I can’t wait to read more…thanks, huggs. Peggy

  2. Holy crap what a way to get rid of clay!! Lol very much how I wanted him to go. And awwww I love the crib! It’s wonderful. Jax, and Chibs made me want to cry. I love their relationship. Now who’s on the phone?????

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