Chapter 23 The Front Line

Chapter 23 – The Front Line

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“What do you want, Jimmy?”

She could hear him laughing on the other end.

“You sound a little stressed. Is everything alright?”

Piney overheard this and he looked over with concern.

“Why are you doing this?”

“I tell you what… Why don’t you meet me for a nice dinner and we’ll get to whatever questions you may have.”

“You can take that dinner and shove it right your ass. Do you even realize that fucking the boys over got yourself fucked as well?”

“Yes well, the invitation still stands and if I were you… I’d show. I’d hate to have another incident… But I suppose that all depends on you, now doesn’t it? I’ll text you the address.”

The line went dead and Ava started laughing. The others had made their way inside and that hysterical laugh continued.

“Well if he wants me then that’s exactly what he’s going to get!” Ava snapped and headed on out the door.

Piney closed his eyes looking ill as they heard the sound of tires squealing not long after.

“What’s she doing?” Gemma questioned in alarm.

“Offering herself in our stead…” Piney said and everyone within the room winced.

“We’ll never see her again!” Gemma said and looked to Tig.


Tig nodded and rushed on out the door.

Ava put on one of her husband’s dual gun holsters and stepped into a pair of her new maternity pants. She hid another gun and knife on her then slipped a black hoodie over her blouse. She adjusted her hair leaving it down as she stepped into her boots. Her nerves were shot whilst she glanced upon herself in the mirror. The young woman jumped stifling a scream as someone knocked on the door. She brought one of her guns out and headed that way.

“Who is it?”

“It’s me, dollface.”

Ava opened the door and Tig shook his head in disapproval.

“What are you doing, baby?” He asked.

“Whatever it takes.”

“You do this and we’ll never see you again. Is that what you want?”

“You know it isn’t. But if I don’t… he’s going to take another life and he’ll keep taking them, until I give in! All he wants is to destroy Chibs, inside out!”

“You go to that dinner Piney mentioned and you’ll be doing that yourself. You know what the old man would say…”

“Jimmy won’t pull anything in a public setting.”

“That’s not to say he won’t have men waiting for you. You gotta think, baby.”

“You truly believe the entire IRA is in on this little feud Jimmy’s got going with Chibs? Come on, Tig. This is Jimmy and a couple of his henchmen. The IRA is far too concerned with the cartel and what Jimmy just pulled… fucked everyone over, even that of the IRA. What makes you think they’d play a part in that?”

“And you’re certain it was Jimmy that got the boys arrested?”

“Chibs mentioned something about this last run going sour on them. You take the school shooting into account and how the Sons were ratted out. I mean honestly who rats out their fucking dealer?!”

“You’d be surprised…” Tig said with a frown.

“No. Not something THIS big. I don’t buy it. Not like this. There’s more behind it. Everything just falls right into place and to top it all off… He calls the moment the boys are taken.”

The phone rang again and Ava rolled her eyes.


“You’re late.”

“I’m on my way.”

“No need. I suppose a raincheck is in order. Besides, I’ve got my eyes on something else at the moment. She’s a little shorter. Her hair is nowhere near as vibrant as yours but I suppose she’ll do. Oh, and I do believe she’s carrying as well! Lovely!”


A gunshot was heard and Ava screamed as the line went dead.


Ava looked to Tig with tears in her eyes.

“Tig, it’s Cherry…”

He nodded and they hopped onto his bike.

Just as soon as Tig parked the bike, Ava hopped off and ran up to the house. The door was locked and Ava banged on it, relentlessly. When there was no answer Tig flung his entire body through the living room window and landed inside. They heard a scream directly after and Tig looked up seeing Cherry, in nothing but a towel and her hair was wet.

“WHAT THE FUCK, GUYS?!” She snapped and Ava’s phone rang yet again.

“Beautifully done. You just gave me everything I needed to know. About that raincheck… I’ll be getting ahold of you again soon. And I have to say… Not too crazy about the new look but we can fix that. Sorry about your friend’s window. I’m a little disappointed however. Just how cruel do you think I am? I wouldn’t kill your friend. I only wanted your attention. Now that I have it… Let’s keep it that way, shall we?”

Chills ran down her spine as she pivoted about and looked around the area.

“Dammit… Where are you, you son of a bitch?” She questioned but the line went dead.

She stepped on off the porch and walked towards the curb.

“What are you doooing…?” Tig sang.

“He can see us…”

“And you’re making yourself more obvious because…?”

“He’s not going to hurt me, I’m too significant. He’s going to play me in order to get to the king. If he can take the queen out of the equation, the king will fall, and that’s exactly what Jimmy wants.”

Cherry sighed once she got everything packed.

“Got Kip’s things too?” Ava asked.

“Yes, but I really wish you’d explain what’s going on.”

“I will. Promise. But right now… we gotta jet.”

“She’s right.” Tig uttered and Cherry shook her head as he was boarding up her window.

“I’ll pay for the window.” Ava offered.

“Don’t. It’s fine. You were only looking out for me.”

“We’ll meet you at the clubhouse.” Ava told Tig.

“And what about hubby’s rules?”

“He’s a little preoccupied. Besides, all we have is Piney, Kip, and a few prospects. We could use the help. I think he’d appreciate the extra hand. But if he gives you hell over it then I’ll deal with him. Right now, we gotta worry about the SAMCRO family and get everyone under one roof.”

“What about the Winstons?”

“I’ll gather them once I get my truck.”

Tig nodded and climbed onto his bike. He followed the girls to the clubhouse. Just as soon as Ava got there she hopped into her truck and headed to the Winston’s’.

“So this is what it’s like to be queen…” She whispered once she parked outside the house.

There was no resentment behind her words. If anything, she felt a strong sense of pride in doing whatever she could to help her husband.

“You’re kidding me…” Donna whispered and Ava sighed.

“Fraid not…”

“And you expect us just to up and leave and take shelter at the clubhouse?”

“I can’t tell you want to do, Donna. But I do think it would be wise…”

“And why are we taking shelter again?”

Ava wasn’t sure how to answer that, considering she wasn’t sure what all Opie had told his old lady. She felt as if it wasn’t her place to dive into all that. That was between husband and wife, a sergeant and his family.

“Look, it’s just for everyone’s peace of mind. It’s better if we stick together and have everyone in one place. At least until we figure out what’s going on exactly.”

“Jesus… The kids have school and I have a life.”

“Between everyone, we can get your kids to and from school. As for the life bit… Sister we both do. But sometimes you have to put it on hold. It’s not going anywhere, it’ll be here when you get back.”

Donna shook her head but called to the kids.

“Pack your bags we’re staying at the clubhouse for a couple nights.”

They looked to their mother in question but did as they were told.

“Truth… How much time are we actually talking?” Donna asked whilst glancing towards her children’s bedrooms. “As in how bad did they fuck up this time?”

Ava drew back breath on this.

“I’ve no real way of knowing that. All I know is that Chibs is doing whatever he can…”

“God dammit. Just spill it out what are we dealing with here?!”

The kids had entered the room at this point and Donna recoiled.

“Dad’s in jail, isn’t he?” Kenny threw out there and his younger sister looked to their mother in shock.

“Dad’s in jail?!”

“I always knew he’d put me in this situation…” Donna uttered somewhat bitterly.

“And we talked about that…” Ava reminded.

“Yeah well, no offense but your husband isn’t leaving children behind and expecting you to finish raising them.”

Ava raised her brows on this.

“Opie isn’t leaving anyone behind, neither is Chibs.” Ava hinted with a hand along her slightly protruded belly.

Donna looked to Ava in comprehension and Ava gave a mere nod.

“I’m sorry. I…”

“Look, this isn’t going to be easy, not by any means. You have every right to feel the way you do, all of you. But if there’s one thing I know… Is that Opie will do ANYTHING within his power to get back to you. He’s not leaving his wife and children behind, understood?”

The three of them nodded and Ava forced a smile on this.

“We’re stick together on this. So let’s go and make the best of it.”

Ava walked about the clubhouse, doing a head count. All the prospects were there and accounted for, along with Half-Sack and Piney. Amongst the SAMCRO family itself was Cherry, Michaela, Abel, Gemma, Donna, Kenny, and Ellie. Out of respect for Chibs, Tig was camping outside the clubhouse. That and he figured it would be easier to be on the lookout that way. Ava called the Cara-Cara girls and let them in on the situation. She offered to let them stay at the clubhouse but Lyla politely declined. Due to Ava’s concerns on this Half-Sack and Piney sent a couple of the prospects to watch after them. Gemma, Cherry, and Michaela helped Ava gather whatever they needed in order to make everyone comfortable.

“You sure this is really needed?” Gemma whispered and Ava looked to everyone as they were spread about.

“No. But it’s a chance I’m not willing to take.”

Gemma nodded in understanding.

“And how are you doing?” She asked out of concern.

“It helps… keeping busy.”

“I get you.”

“I thought we could grab some burgers or pizza here in a bit. That ought to brighten the kids’ spirits a little.”

Ava said as she looked over and saw that Ellie was crying and Donna was doing her best to console her. Gemma laughed however as Ava stuffed another piece of gum into her mouth.

“That bad, huh?”

Ava nodded as she gnawed on that gum.

“I could smoke an entire carton at this point.”

She downed a bottle of water then headed outside for some fresh air. All she could think about was how this was all a set up and by yours truly aka Jimmy O’. She found it rather childish considering the situation he put EVERYONE in. She didn’t understand that constant need to make Filip Telford pay. After all this time… what was in it for him? How could someone have THAT much need for vengeance? But that was another thing… Why? She could understand it coming from Chibs’s side of things, but not the other way around. What did Chibs ever do to deserve this?

Ava jumped as her cellphone rang.

“Stop that…” She scolded herself and went on to answer the phone.

“Hey, darlin’…”


“I don’t have long… But I wanted ta give ye the heads up. Looks like we’re stuck until the bond hearin’.”

“And when will that be?”

“Tomorrow, hopefully.”

“Alright.” Ava said but wanted to let him in on what was going on. She hadn’t any doubt their session was being recorded however.

“Just let me know and I’ll come get you.”

“Aye.” He replied but sounded somewhat hesitant.

“There’s something else, isn’t there?”

“Let’s just see how that bond hearin’ goes, lass. Don’t ye go and get yerself all worked up.”


“Where ye at by the way?”

“The clubhouse… ”

“Good deal. Ye just stay put.”

“You got it.”

“I love you, Ava.”

“I love you too, Filip.”

Ava closed her eyes after he hung up. She’d a bad feeling about this bond hearing. Children were dead and the Sons were at fault, even if it be through a third party. They would be held just as accountable. Nothing about this was looking good on SAMCRO.

Ava took it upon herself to lock up the gates for the night. Once she finished, she took an all too familiar duffle bag from the back of the truck. She walked over to one of the barrels by the junkers and opened the bag. She looked to Edward’s head then shook her own.

“I think it’s time we parted ways…”

Ava tossed the head into the barrel then retrieved a small tank of gas from the garage. She poured the contents into the barrel.

“Here’s to forever…” She scoffed while tossing the lit zippo inside.

“A little dark, don’t you think?”

“Not even a little…”

Tig nodded and pecked her on the cheek.

“Been a long day. I’m turning in. Be in that van over there if you need anything.”


Tig went to walk away and Ava reached out taking him by the hand.

“I mean it, Tig. Now I haven’t exactly forgiven you for nearly killing the love of my life… But you’ve come through in ways I never dreamed of. At the end of the day, you have my respect.”

Tig smiled and kissed her hand.

“A queen’s respect goes a long ways, doll.”

Ava snorted on this and he sent her a wink.

Ava pulled the door to once she got Donna and the kids set up in the backroom. Gemma and Abel were passed out on the recliner. Michaela was on the couch across from them. Cherry and Half-Sack were locked away in one of the other rooms. Piney nodded upon Ava as he was sitting at the bar.

“Aren’t you tired?” Ava asked and he shrugged.

“Too much going on to even think about sleep.”

“Right?” She said and went on to pour him a shot.

Piney made a gesture towards Chibs’s keys.

“One of those goes to the office. Got yourself a couch and some privacy.” Piney offered.

“You take it…”

“Don’t need it. I’ll keep an eye on things. Go on… get some rest.”

Ava sighed as he pushed the keys her way.


“Hello?” Ava answered but was half out of it as she’d just awakened.


The sound of his voice had her sitting right up on the couch.


“Look darlin’, the bond was denied so it looks like we’re joinin’ the big boys till the trial.”

Ava’s heart sank to the pit of her stomach.

“Jesus. What can I do, Filip?”

“Ye just let me worry on it, alright? I need ye ta focus and you and our baby.”

“I have to do something.”

“Ye already are from what I hear. Word is ye’ve taken the entire SAMCRO family and put them under one roof.”

Ava hated that she couldn’t go into detail as to why. But after Jimmy’s little threat towards Cherry, she couldn’t run the risk.

“I only did what I felt needed to be done.”

“Well ye did good. Yer thinkin’ like the prez’s old lady and I couldn’t love ye more fur it. All I ask is that ye don’t forget about yer own needs, darlin’. I’m sorry things turned out the way they did. But it’s not over, not by a long shot. Just know that whatever happens, I’m bustin’ my arse over here.”

“I’m not going anywhere.”

“I hope not. Alright, I got a couple more calls ta make before they go and yank the phone away.”

It wasn’t like Chibs to sound so unsure of things. But she could hear it in his voice. He felt as if she’d give up on him.

“Take care, ma ghaol.”

“You too.” Ava said whilst doing her best not to break down over the phone.

That’s the last thing her husband needed. But the moment he hung up, she covered her face and had herself a good cry knowing it could be quite some time before she saw him again, outside of prison that is.

Once she got it all out, she dried her face off and put on that brave front of hers. She could only imagine how the other old ladies were taking the news. She was certain they’d gotten their calls as well by now. Sure enough, she stepped out and the other women were even more of a mess. Michaela was in literal sobs as she held Abel. Ava drew back a breath and nodded towards Gemma who was consoling Donna. Ava and Gemma seemed to be in silent conversation. Gemma’s eyes were bloodshot and she too had been crying. The older woman walked on over and hugged Ava.

“Looks like it’s just us for a while.”

Ava nodded.

“For once I’m glad it’s you and not me…” Gemma taunted and Ava sort of laughed.

“Oh I bet…”

“You’ve no idea. The world is on your shoulders and I’m rather curious as to how this plays out.”

“Well I was never one to accept failure…” Ava said with utmost sincerity.

“That’s my girl.”

“Where you off to?”

“To get everyone some breakfast. It’s going to be a long day…”

“Need some help?”

“Nah, I got it.”

“Will that be all?” The cashier asked and Ava nodded as she went to pay.

“I got it.”

She heard in a voice that was like nails on chalkboard to her. Ava closed her eyes for a brief moment then turned around. The man smiled and sent her a wink as he paid for the food.

“Someone’s feeling awfully brave…”

“I believe generous is the word you’re looking for.”

“No. I believe I had it correct the first time. Oh and you can stop with the phony American accent. It’s rather insulting to be honest, Mr. Goodman.”

He chuckled and followed her out of the café.

“Beautiful day, isn’t it?”

“Haven’t noticed.” Ava said as she was heading to the truck.

“Please allow me.” He said whilst taking the keys from her hold and unlocking the passenger side door for her.

“Such the gentleman.” She bitterly scoffed while placing the bags inside.

“You know it.” He uttered then shut the door once she finished.

“So dinner tonight. Say…” He looked to the time and shrugged.

“Sevenish? I’ll do my best to be a little more patient this time.”

Ava rolled her eyes but recoiled as Jimmy went on to caress her cheek.

“Ye have my sincerest apologies by the way. Things didn’t quite go as planned. It was never my intention to frighten ye or make ye feel threatened in anyway.”

Jimmy flinched as she punched him across the face. He gritted his teeth then shook it off.

“I’ll let that one slide. Do it again and I’ll gladly return the favor.”

He took a kerchief from his blazer and placed it onto his busted lip.

“Nice hook.”

“Thanks! I learned from the best.”

Jimmy smiled on this.

“Did ye now?”

Ava nodded.

“He taught me everything I know.”

“Hmmm… Everythin’?” He taunted but curled his lip once he realized his tattoo had been covered up by another.

He twirled her about and got a better look. He shook his head then made a tsking sound.

“Someone’s misbehavin’… Such a distasteful cover up.”

“All in your honor.”

“Lovely. Does this mean yer offerin’?’

Ava spun back around but let out a painful grunt as he blocked her attempt in hitting him again.

“Ye got spirit. I’ll give ye that much.” He said with her arm up against her back.

Jimmy leaned into her ear.

“But are you anythin’ like her…?” Jimmy laughed at her reaction.

Oh… Did I touch a sore spot?!”

“Why are you doing this? I mean honestly… Don’t you think it’s time to move on? It’s been how many years? And still… You can’t seem to get out of first gear.”

They turned as they heard the roaring of a bike. Half-Sack took off his helmet and nodded towards Jimmy.

“I think it’s time you moved along…” Half-Sack warned.

Jimmy had a good laugh at this.

“Oh ye do, do you?”

Half-Sack let him know he was carrying and this had Jimmy laughing even harder.

“How chivalrous of ye… In fact, that’s downright adorable!”

The Irishman cleared his throat and made a gesture about the area. Ava recoiled as a couple of men made themselves known from across the way.

“Off with ye. The lady and I were havin’ a moment.”

Half-Sack looked to Ava with concern.

“Go on… I’m okay.”

He shook his head on this.

“I believe my little clover made herself perfectly clear. So go on, do as yer told. She is the prez’s old lady after all…”

Ava gave a simple nod and Half-Sack reluctantly went about his way.

“Now where were we?”

“I believe we were talking about how much of a douchebag you are.”

Jimmy sighed as his cellphone sounded. He looked to the message and nodded.

“My apologies, I do believe our time has been cut short. But I’ll more than make up for it later. Meet me at this address, alone. Unless ye have a secret death wish for someone, then I can surely oblige. Otherwise, I’d take heed to my warnin’, love.”

Ava watched as he went about his way. She flipped his men off as they too got into their vehicles and drove away. Once she was inside the truck, she looked to the card he’d handed her then stuffed it into her purse.

“I bet you’re somewhat relieved…” Ava whispered as she and Half-Sack were sitting at the bar.

He lifted his eyes.

“You’ve no idea…” He said with a touch of a smirk.

“I only wish it was at my hands.”

“You would’ve had to get in line.”

“That’s no lie.”

“So what did they do… you know with the body?” She hinted and Half-Sack looked about the clubhouse before answering.

“He had a little visit to the incinerator.”

She recoiled in thought.

“Through that friend of yours?”


“But Clay was… well, you know…”

“On the hefty side?”


“Certain ‘arrangements’ were made…” He implied and Ava felt nauseas all of a sudden.

“Look, I need your help with something…”


She nodded and gestured for him to follow.

“You can’t be serious…” Half-Sack uttered looking ill.

“What choice do I have?”

“Just stay put and let the asshole stew!”

“And we know what would come of that. I told you about the scare with Cherry already. You want that to become a reality?”

He recoiled but kept his head turned as Ava was getting ready.

“All set.”

He nodded and rolled on off the bed. He walked on over then cleared his throat.

“You gotta take your shirt off.”

Ava frowned and Half-Sack looked to be blushing.

“Um, maybe we should have Cherry in here as well?”

He sort of laughed.

“Point taken.” He headed to the door and called his fiancé over.

“Sup?” Cherry asked once he pulled the door to.

“Kind of need your help…” Ava said.

“Sure! With what?”

“Well Kip needs to walk you through setting this up.”

Cherry raised her brows as it was a wire with a mic and tracking device.


“Well, take your shirt off.” Cherry said with a dismissive shrug.

Ava looked to Half-Sack and he rubbed the back of his neck uncomfortably. She let out a sigh then took her shirt off leaving nothing but her black bra on. Half-Sack walked Cherry through hooking up the wire and tracking device… Ava couldn’t do it herself as they had to go about this as discreetly as possible. That way if Jimmy were to check her over it wouldn’t be so obvious. Now if he were to go as far as to strip her down… there wasn’t much they could do. That was a possibility but they hoped this would buy them a little time. At least long enough to figure out what he was up to.

Cherry helped Ava with her dress and got it situated around the wire they’d set up.

“How’s that feel?”

“Alright…” Ava said as she tested it by jumping a couple times and moving about.

“Everything good?”


“Alright, let’s test it out…” Half-Sack said but looked to her as he was heading out.

“He’d be losing his shit about now…” He hinted and Ava recoiled in thought.

“And that’s why we’re keeping quiet on this. Chibs has enough to deal with.”

“And how did that go…?”

Ava reared back in question.

“You know… the last time you kept ‘quiet’ on something.”

“That was different. Chibs… He can’t afford ANY distractions right now. I mean it, Kip. This stays between us. If my husband ends up getting himself killed in prison and all because YOU chose to flap that lip of yours, you’ll see a side of me you’ve never seen before.”

“She’s right…” They heard and looked over to see Piney poking his head in.

“Ever heard of knocking?” Ava teased and Piney smiled as he welcomed himself inside.

“Word of this gets back to Chibs and you know he’ll stir up whatever kind of trouble he can in order to get to her. So like she says… this stays between us, for now.”

“Great. Nothing like being on Chibs’s shit list!” Half-Sack scoffed and Piney laughed.

“Ah, he’ll get over it, eventually.”

“Are you sure about that?” Half-Sack uttered.

“I’m kind of attached the only nut I have left!”

The three of them laughed.

“That wasn’t really a joke.” Half-Sack said with a sigh.

“Nothing’s going to happen to your precious half-sack, crystal ball boy…” Ava teased.

“I sure hope not.”

Cherry let out a bit of a gasp and the three of them looked over in concern. She’d a hand along her tummy.

“Are you alright?” Ava asked and Cherry giggled.

“She kicked!”

“She?!” Ava questioned with smile.

Half-Sack chuckled and for once he had a genuine beam about him. He reached over and placed a hand along her stomach.

“That’s so cool.” He whispered and looked to be in awe as Cherry kissed him.

Ava nodded towards Piney and they ducked out giving the two their privacy.

“You sure about this?” Piney asked as Ava looked to the time.

“No. But it’s gotta be done.”

“But are we doing the right thing?”

“Well it’s not like I can give the Prez or the VP a ring and ask their permission. It’s you or nothing. Mr. Original Nine.”

“Right…” Piney uttered in defeat.

“I’ll be fine. I promise.”

“Well I sure hope so. You’ve grown on me, kid.”

Ava smiled on this.

“Likewise. I can do this, Piney.”

He nodded and hugged her before she got into the truck and headed on out. Half-Sack exited the clubhouse at this point and the two exchanged glances.

“Think she’ll be okay?” Half-Sack questioned.

“That girl’s got more balls than the two of us put together, in your case especially.”

“That doesn’t really answer my question.”

Piney unhooked the tank to his oxygen mask tank then patted Half-Sack on the shoulder.

“If the girl says she’ll be fine. Then it’s time we take her word for it. She’s proved herself time and time again. Why should this one be any different?”

Half-Sack nodded as Piney hopped onto his tric.

“Where you going?”

He didn’t answer as he hauled ass. Half-Sack shrugged on this then waved a couple prospects over.

“We’re on… So let’s go.”

They nodded and hopped into the van.

“That’s quite a dress…” Jimmy declared as Ava was waiting outside the destination he’d marked on the card.

He walked around letting himself known. Ava raised a brow as he took her by the hand then spun her around.

“Quite a dress indeed. However, I do believe I made myself clear…”

Ava narrowed her eyes on this.


“Hm. You shall see soon enough but for now dinner is in order.”

He took her buy the arm in a gentleman like fashion then escorted Ava to another vehicle, a black limo at that. This had her stopping in her tracks.

“What are you doing?”

“Taking you to dinner…” He murmured with a shrug.

“There’s a perfectly good restaurant right here.”

He nodded and opened the limo door anyhow. Without further explanation, he stuffed her inside then slammed the door shut.

“Shit…” Ava muttered under her breath.

The wire wouldn’t pick up if she was too far away. Jimmy stepped inside and motioned for his driver to go on.

“Now we can go about this in a more civil manner or I can be as gentle as possible. Yer choice.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

Jimmy sighed as if merely annoyed. He reached over and unzipped her dress in the back.

“What are you doing?!” She hissed and he rolled his eyes.


“I don’t think so…”

“Shit!” Half-Sack hollered as he was picking up on this.

“What’s he doing?” One of the prospects asked as they were listening in.

“One of two things and neither are going to end well.”

They looked over in misperception and he let out a sigh of frustration.

“So that’s what it’s like…” He hinted as to the boys dealing with his prospect days.

“GOD DAMMIT!” He shouted and punched at the van walls as they not only lost connection but her whereabouts, altogether.

“Now we can continue about our night…” Jimmy said after destroying the wire and tracking device.

To her great surprise he put the gun back in it’s holster and her knife as well.

“Impressive set up… I mean the wire I expected but the gun and knife? In that little dress?” He shook his head and smiled as he zipped her back up and went on to adjust her dress.

“I can see why he likes you. Yer a bit of a handful, aren’t ye?”

“You’ve no idea…”

“Hm. Well this should be very entertainin’, to say the least.”

“For you maybe…”

Ava looked to Jimmy in alarm as they were heading outside Charming city limits.

“Just a precaution. I’ll bring ye back safe and sound.”

They ended up an hour away before the driver finally stopped. He pulled into a rather fancy restaurant.

“Hold up…” Jimmy called as he exited the limo.

He opened the door for her and yet again acted the perfect ‘gentleman’. Ava wanted to gag knowing the truth behind it all. Jimmy stopped at the door and looked to Ava.

“Now, no drawin’ any unneeded attention. Don’t go and get yerself inta trouble tonight. This doesn’t have to get ugly. It’s a simple date, that’s it.”

“This is no date.” She made clear and Jimmy smiled.

“Well shall see about that…”

He started towards the door and Ava jerked out of his hold.

“I mean it, Jimmy. I love my husband. There is nothing here, no matter how badly you may wish it.”

“Then why are you here?” He challenged.

“Because I would do anything for HIM and the rest of the SAMCRO family. So you can get off that ridiculous pedestal of yours and realize this hasn’t anything to do with YOU!”

“Ah… but yer wrong it has EVERYTHIN’ to do with me, love.”

He said and practically dragged her inside. The hostess seemed to recognize him right away and led them to what Ava assumed to be a reserved seating. Ava shook her head as it was in the far back and a ‘private’ booth. Jimmy gestured for Ava to have a seat first. To make matters worse he scooted in right beside her.

“There’s plenty of room over there…” She said while pointing to the area across the way.

This had the hostess sending them a puzzled look. Jimmy laughed in response.

“Women…” he murmured with a shrug and the hostess sort of laughed.

“You might want to get that one a bottle of wine.” The hostess witted.

“I would but she just happens to be with child, our first in fact!”

Jimmy discreetly stopped Ava before she could elbow him.

“Awe well, congratulations! I thought she was carrying but didn’t wish to be rude by commenting.”

Just as soon as the waitress was out of sight, Ava turned to Jimmy.


Jimmy cleared his throat. He grabbed her arm then forced it behind her back. She let out painful whimper and he leaned into her ear.

“Behave darling, we’re in a public setting.”

“God, you’re such a dick. Do you get off to this shit or what?”

“Well aren’t ye the life of the party. We haven’t so much as ordered or drinks, yet yer dyin’ ta know what gets me goin’…” He cruelly mocked.

The waitress cleared her throat letting herself known and Jimmy sent her a ‘look’.

“My apologies, I’ll give you a few more minutes.”

“That would be wise.” He scoffed.

Ava’s jaw dropped.

“You have got to be kidding… You own the restaurant, don’t you?!”

Jimmy gathered this rather egotistical grin.


“A lot comes with money and power. You should keep that in mind.”

“Yeah greed and overcompensating.”

“Now who says I’m overcompensating?”

“So you admit to being greedy?”

“When I truly want somethin’, I can be.” He admitted whilst wrapping his arm around her hintingly.

“Let’s just get this straight…” She said while removing his arm and looking him dead in the eyes.

“I am not your next Fiona and I never will be. I’m Ava Telford and nothing about that is changing. You seriously need to stop with the games and move on.”

Jimmy waved the waitress back over and ordered their drinks. When she left he leaned into Ava’s ear but looked straight ahead.

“Yer right. Ye’ll never be her. Ye’ll never smell the way she did. Ye’ll never laugh or smile the same. And I doubt ye fuck or give as good of head. So ye got yer youth and a body that turns men into driveling saps. Other than that, yer utter shit in comparison ta my Fiona, making that husband of yers an even bigger fool. He downgraded if ye want my opinion. Yer a cheap imitation ta mine and Filip’s girl. And I can promise ye, if he had a choice between the two… Filip would pick Fiona. He’d watch you and that baby of his burn in order ta get her back.”

Ava had a good laugh at this.

“You truly are delusional. Any love he had for her died the moment she willingly spread her legs for you. All Fiona did was prove how much of a power hungry slut she truly was…”

Jimmy came to his feet and offered his hand.

“It won’t take long…”

She drew back a breath and grudgingly accepted. He led her into the kitchen and from there he took her to the back door and they ended up in the alleyway. Ava let out a gasp and stumbled about the area as he popped her one. He grabbed her by the hair after and got right in her face.

“Ye’d do good ta watch yer mouth when yer talkin’ about me girl. Ye understand?”

Ava gritted her teeth and brought her gun out. She aimed it at Jimmy and he folded his arms about his chest. He’d this amused look about him.

“Go ahead. See what happens…”

The gun was shot out of her hand and Jimmy was quick to kick it out of reach. He grabbed ahold of her then brought him against her. He let out a whistle. Ava grimaced as the men from earlier made themselves known.

“By all means if yer still feelin’ it. Ye just go right ahead, my little clover.”

He dropped his hold then did a slight bow. Jimmy lifted his eyes observing her reaction.

“I hope I’m there…”

This had him cocking a brow in question.

“When Filip rips you apart then pisses on your remains.”

Jimmy had a good laugh at this.

“Oh yer-a coutin’ on that, are ye?”

“You betcha…”

Jimmy adjusted his cufflinks and tie. He jerked her back over and she recoiled as he licked the blood off her lip.

“Hmmm.” He hummed after then closed his eyes for a brief moment.

Ava let out a grunt however as he drove a syringe into her neck.


“Shhhh. Easy now, darling. It won’t hurt the child, I assure ye. But it will calm ye down. Maybe we can get through that dinner now, yeah?”

Ava’s eyes batted about as everything started to blur.

“Whoa…” He said behind a chuckle as he helped her into the kitchen.

The cooks looked over with concern and Jimmy smiled.

“Morning sickness…. Hits her at the oddest times!”

Jimmy was quick to lead Ava back to the booth. He sat her down then brought a glass of water to her mouth.

“Drink up. Yer gonna need it. Believe me that’ll leave ye pretty dehydrated.”

“What’d you do to me?” Her words slurred together and he sighed the water dribbled on out of her mouth and right down her chin and dress.

He wiped her clean with a napkin.

“Ye’ll be right as rain by the time dinner is over. I do apologize but ye were causin’ a bit of a scene and in all fairness I did warn ye about that, didn’t I?”

Ava spent the rest of dinner half out of it as she hadn’t any control over her body. Whatever he gave her made her feel like she was completely wasted. As for Jimmy? He went on and on about himself and would kiss and touch her every now and then. But it was just as he said… Once they entered Charming city limits it wore off but left her with one hell of migraine. They pulled up beside the truck and Jimmy cleared his throat.

“Well I certainly enjoyed! I hope ye did as a well.”

Ava went to open the door only to have him stop her.

“Not so fast, my little clover. Did I not mention how ye went against my warnin’…?”

Ava narrowed her eyes on this.


Jimmy leaned back and looked to be in thought.

“I tell ye what… If ye agree ta goin’ with me right here, right now, I’ll let ye off the hook.”

“Go with you?”

“I think we both know where I’m goin’ with this. It was never meant to be Clay. He was nothin’ more than a distraction and ole Filip fell fur it, nicely. Don’t get me wrong… Clay wanted ye, in a bad fuckin’ way. But like I said… When I want somethin’, I take it. I had him believin’ he had a chance. He thought I’d let the two of ye run off and build yerselves a life in Ireland and that I’d help in gettin’ ye to see the light when it came to forgivin’ him.” Jimmy shook his head in laughter.

“He was gettin’ to be more trouble than he was worth. So I took matters into my own hands. Clay was nothin’ more than a pawn and I have plenty of those. What’s the sense in keepin’ another around? Especially, one that seeks interests in the very things I do. Ye see my little clover… I do have a house set up. That part was no lie. Only it was never intended to be Clay’s and ye were never meant to be his. You see, I’ve been lookin’ for a good replacement since I lost Fiona. Irony has it that ole Filip got himself a new bride and he even manages to go and knock her up! And I remember thinkin’… How would he take it if I were to take her off his hands and raise another child of his?”

Ava’s hands balled up into fists.

“So here’s where I’m goin’ with this…”

“I already know where you’re going and you can go fuck yourself.”

“Now darling, let’s not be so hasty. Ye might wanna hear what I have to say first.”

“I’ve heard enough. Answer stays…”

“Then I’m truly sorry for yer loss…”

Ava narrowed her eyes as he took his cellphone out. He motioned her over and for a brief second Ava could’ve sworn she saw a picture of someone awfully familiar on his background. Her train of thought was interrupted however as a video started playing.

“Piney…” she whispered then looked to Jimmy wide-eyed.

“NOOO!” She shouted as the footage played out.

“AYE NOW! I told ye to make certain ye were alone! Did I not?!”

“I WAS! YOU SON OF A BITCH!” She roared.

He forced her into his lap and roughly cupped her chin.

“Then it would be wise to make certain ye haven’t a tail next time! Look at it this way… At least it wasn’t the bestie.”

He opened the door then escorted her back to the truck. Once she was inside, he got her buckled in then locked eyes with hers.

“It looks as if ye’ve got a few things to think over. Now go on… but drive safe my little clover.”

Ava couldn’t get out of there fast enough. She headed back towards the restaurant and to the area they had Piney in. But it was too late… By the time she got there all that was left was a single red rose with a clover inside. Ava came to her knees and screamed. She looked to the rose within her hand and with gritted teeth she squeezed with everything she had. Blood seeped out between her fingers and onto the asphalt. She came to her feet then headed back to the truck. She made her way back to the restaurant and everyone looked to Ava in question as she helped herself into the office. Ava looked right at the security camera. She placed the rose with the clover inside onto the wooden desk then she took her knife and ran it through. Blood ran down the blade itself and dripped onto the rose and desk.

“Hey! I’m calling the police!” The manager threatened from behind.

Ava pivoted around then grabbed him by the collar. She slammed him up against the desk.

“No you’re not. This entire establishment is being run illegally and you know it. The last thing you want is police lurking about and pissing off your precious GOD!” She roared as the man pried himself free.

“You just make sure Jimmy gets the message.” She scoffed before darting on out the door.

Ava parked outside the clubhouse but just sat there as she thought about everything that took place. She shook her head and ended up back on the road. She made her way to Chibs’s old place. Juice came to mind as she entered the living area and walked on through the house. She headed to the back room and flipped on the light. Ava got herself cleaned up in the bathroom then dried herself off. She walked on over to the nightstand and her heart had that funny sinking feeling.

“Kerrianne…” She whispered as she picked up the picture and thought about how familiar it looked in comparison to what she’d seen on Jimmy’s phone. Only she was at least 13 to 14 years old in that particular picture. Where was here, she was only 9 maybe 10? How? When Chibs made it clear this was the last picture he received before she died. Ava sat on the edge of the bed. Was she mistaking? Maybe it was a glamour shot of her younger years and she only looked older? All these questions ran through her mind but all she could think about was Piney’s gruesome death and how she needed to find a way of contacting the boys. Opie deserved to know.

“I’m going to look into this, Keri. I promise.” Ava said as she sat the picture down.

Ava cut off the lights, headed back out and straight to the sheriff’s office.

“I’m sorry. It’s out of my hands. No visitors until after the trial…”

“Wayne…” Ava pleaded whilst following him about the sheriff’s office.

“You don’t understand… it’s important.”

Wayne sighed and waved her into his office.

“We never talked about what went down in Seattle…” He whispered as he headed to his desk.

“We will but first… I really need to talk to the boys.”


“Something happened. Something bad and…”

“You do realize that the only way about seeing those boys is to get arrested yourself.”

“Then arrest me.”

“Jesus Christ.” He uttered and pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Me and my big mouth… You haven’t done anything warranting an arrest. Not to mention you’re WITH child.”

“So…? Come on… Press some sort of bogus charges against me!”

“Keep your voice down, will ya?”

Ava grimaced and paced the area a bit.

“Look, whatever it is I’m sure it can wait.”

“But it’s their last night here.”

Wayne recoiled in realization.

“Fine… have it your way.”

Ava marched on over and socked him one.

“What in the hell?!”

“Boom! Assault!” Ava called and held her hands out so he could cuff her.

“Are you infuckingsane?”

“Did I hurt you?” She whispered looking shameful all of a sudden.

Wayne resisted the urge to laugh. He rolled his eyes and forced her up against the wall.

“I swear…” He uttered and Ava smiled.

“Get that grin off your fucking face. You’re being arrested and I’m pressing actual charges.”

Ava looked to him wide-eyed.

“Well what did you expect? You fucking hit me. We can toss it up to emotions…” He hinted whilst pointing to her belly.

“I’ll suggest some counseling and a small bail…” He whispered while dragging her out.

Wayne fought to play along as Ava put on quite the act on the way out and all the way to the jail cells.

“What the hell?” Jax uttered as he was the first to catch wind of Ava being brought in.

Wayne shoved her into the cell beside them. Ava knew the cameras were on them still so she spit in Wayne’s face. The sheriff forced her up against the wall then waved one of his deputy’s over.

“HEY!” Chibs hollered once he saw what the others were seeing.

The deputy undid her cuffs and Wayne went on to read Ava her rights. Chibs cut him a dirty look on the way out. Ava ran up to the bars and Chibs made his way over.

“What are ye doin’, Ava darlin’?”


“What happened ta yer face and why are ye all dressed up?”

“Long story…”

Chibs ran a finger along her busted nose and lip. He reared back taking notice of the puncture marks along the palm of her hand as well. The girl looked like absolute hell even her hair was a mess. This was something he wasn’t used to seeing.

“Jimmy?” He questioned.

“Look, we don’t have much time. So I gotta make this quick. Something happened…”Ava’s eyes locked with Opie’s.

“I’m so sorry…” She cried.

“Sorry? For what?” He questioned in alarm and made his way over.

“Piney he… Well he got himself into something he shouldn’t have and… Hell, whom I kidding?”Ava uttered in defeat.

“It’s my fault. Op, it’s all my fault. I had the chance to save him but didn’t. I hadn’t any idea… You gotta believe me. I would’ve chosen differently if I had known.”

“Known what, lass?!”

“I’m gonna make this right. By all of you… I promise.”

“Ava! What are ye goin’ on aboot? Talk ta me!”

“He’s dead, isn’t he?” Opie said looking ill and Ava recoiled.

“I’m so sorry. Just what you want to hear, right?! How FUCKING sorry I am?!”

Ava punched at the bars and Chibs grabbed her hands, stopping her.

“What’s goin’ on?”

Opie dropped to his knees and Jax was doing his best to console him.

“I can’t bring him back. But I’m going to fix this.” Ava said while looking her husband in the eyes.

“What do you mean by that?!” The Scot called in a panic.

“I love you.”


The sheriff and a couple of his deputies entered the room at this point. Wayne shook his head as if to scold Ava.


“CHIBS!” Jax scolded as he was the only one to see the sheer amount of agony on Ava’s face when he dragged her out.

“Well great, we got two deaths on our hands now!” Chibs looked over and Jax shook his head.

“You just killed her!” Jax spat.

“Ah the hell with her!”

Jax lunged his way over and slammed Chibs up against the bars of the cell.


Jax walloped Chibs in the gut and Chibs was quick to return the blow. This led to a full on brawl. Happy and Bobby pried the two apart. By now each of the Sons was an emotional mess. Opie lost a father and they’d lost a brother. And it was pretty obvious who was pulling the strings. Ava had become his newest puppet. As for Chibs? He hadn’t meant a word he said. But he was distraught over Piney and the mere idea of Jimmy touching his girl drove the Scot insane.

“SHITE!” He hollered and paced the cell whilst pulling at his hair like a mad man.

He called for the sheriff over and over until he finally entered the area. Chibs wrapped his hands around the bars.

“Let me talk ta me girl.”

“I can’t…”

“Then ye tell that little lass I didn’t mean a word of it. I…”

“I can’t… because she left.”


“I dropped the charges then sent her about her way. She doesn’t belong here.”

“Then ye had better let me call her.”

Normally, Wayne wouldn’t budge on something like this. But he could see it in the Scot’s eyes. He was losing it, big time. Wayne unlocked the cell and waved him on over. Chibs tried getting ahold of her but after the eighth time of trying he gave up. Wayne sighed on his behalf.

“Look, I’m not sure what all that was about. But I’m guessing she took what you said to heart. I’m sorry but there’s nothing I can do.”

Ava ran her hand along the crib and did a walkthrough of the house once again. As she did this she felt as though her entire world were crashing down and all her dreams were being ripped away and with one clean sweep. She hid a picture of her and Chibs and a copy of the sonogram picture in a ripped seam to her jacket then headed on out, leaving everything else behind, including that of the truck.

She called for a cab and merely waited. Once the cab arrived, she climbed on in and didn’t look back…

“What do you mean it’s safe now?” Gemma questioned as she was on the phone with Ava.

“Everyone can go home now. There’s no need to hang around the clubhouse. Just do me a favor and look after them for me.”

Gemma started to question what she was up to but Ava hung up.

When Ava entered the office, Jimmy was kicked back with his feet about the desk and he had her knife in hand. He raised his brows looking somewhat surprised by her presence. He came to his feet then walked on over.

“And what brings ye?” He questioned while walking a complete circle around her.

“You know what… So let’s just get this over with.”

Jimmy stopped and cupped her chin.

“And what would that be exactly?”

“You always get what you want, right?”


“Well, here I am.”

Jimmy gathered this cocky like grin.

“A very wise decision.”

Ava recoiled as he took her blade then cruelly traced it along the area of her cheeks. He tilted his head and observed her reaction. She didn’t budge even with the knowledge of what he was going for. He was shoving what he’d done to Filip Telford in her face. He continued in running that blade along her neck, on down her torso, but the moment it touched her belly, she slapped his hand away. He chuckled in mere amusement.

“Well, I suppose we’d better get goin’!”

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