Chapter 24 Haze

Chapter 24 – Haze

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“Ready?” The sheriff questioned as he unlocked the cell doors and a few officers made their way into the room.

Chibs was first to step out. They cuffed him and led him straight to the bus waiting outside. The others weren’t far behind as they too were cuffed and loaded up. The officers bound their ankles and they were given a set of ‘rules’ to obey by on the drive to the prison. The Scot hadn’t heard a word however as he was off in his own world. He kept thinking about the day he compared Ava to Fiona and how that all played out. Yet here he was again… He’d let his anger get the best of him and that could be the last words he’d ever said to her. And after he swore to never pull that shit again… Jax had it right. He truly was a jackass. He didn’t deserve Ava, not by any means. But he’d be damned if he went and let Jimmy have his way with her. He’d tried getting ahold of Ava again this morning. Still, there was no answer. He knew there were only two reasons behind that. One – Wayne was right and she took what he had said to heart, so she was ignoring his calls. Two- Worst case scenario… Jimmy managed to blackmail his way in and they were heading to Ireland already. He prayed it was the first. He’d much rather make amends on how much of a jackass he was then to sit behind bars and worry on her wellbeing night and day. He’d a bad feeling it was the second; considering how unforthcoming she’d been about what all took place. It had to of been something she couldn’t talk about, such as anything IRA related knowing the trouble that would cause them if anyone overheard that particular conversation. Piney’s death was pretty risky as it was but he understood her reasoning. Chibs regarded Opie in thought. He’d kept to himself since the news and hadn’t said a word on it. But everyone of his boys were utterly broken at the moment. Piney was dead and now there was a possibility of Ava turning up missing.

“It’s my fault. Op… It’s all my fault. I had the chance to save him but didn’t. I had no idea… You gotta believe me. I would’ve chosen differently if I had known.”

“I’m gonna make this right. By all of you… I promise.”

“I can’t bring him back. But I’m going to fix this.”

Her words stuck within that mind of his and he was doing his damnest to decipher what it meant exactly. How was Piney’s death on her?! What could make her believe such a thing? And furthermore… Who killed Piney and why? She mentioned something about him getting into something he shouldn’t have, but what? And what did she mean by chosen differently? Chibs swallowed back in thought. No matter how many times he went over everything, he hadn’t the answers. But one thing was certain… Jimmy O’ was playing a part in this somehow. And he was beginning to wonder if it was because of him they were ratted out and facing serious time now. Would Jimmy put himself at that much risk and all in order to put him through more HELL than he had already? Chibs thought back to how fast Opie managed to pull off that deal and how smoothly the run itself went. How it wasn’t one of their usual clients etc… The president waited until the bus hit the road then he nodded upon his sergeant.

“Did they find you or did you find them…” He did his best to hint and Opie lifted his eyes looking to be in thought.

“Ye know what I’m talkin’ aboot…” He whispered and Jax narrowed his eyes as he’d overheard this.

“Clay had made the suggestion once… So I looked them up.”                 Chibs curled his lip at this.

“And when did he make this ‘suggestion’?”

“Not long before you took the gavel.”

“I bet…” Chibs bitterly scoffed.

And even though Piney’s death, the president found himself angry with his sergeant all over again. Here he was prez and his sergeant was still keeping in mind the stupid shit Clay had mentioned over the years. Chibs drew back a breath however as Opie looked absolutely destroyed. They were here because of him in a roundabout way, he’d just lost his father, and he was leaving a wife and kids behind. And there wasn’t a man that didn’t pity Opie when it came to dealing with his old lady. Donna was a handful and set in her ways. She hadn’t any issue with putting her husband in his place and right in front of his brothers. The woman had no shame and no respect for that matter. That’s not to say she didn’t love Opie. Even Chibs could tell the two were mad for one another. But she had a way of getting under the Scot’s skin. He couldn’t imagine Ava talking to him the way Donna talked to Opie. And as much as he loved Ava, he wouldn’t stand for it. Then again, Chibs just wasn’t one to put up with that kind of shit from women. Not that Ava wasn’t free to speak her mind… she herself had her moments of putting him in his rightful place, only she had a little more class about it. She didn’t go out her way to humiliate him or put him on the spot in front of the boys. This had the president recoiling in thought, considering what HE pulled.

“Jaysus…” he whispered not realizing he’d said this out loud.

Jax nudged him then looked to him in question. Chibs didn’t comment and leaned back in misery. He hadn’t any idea how long it would be before they had a proper trial. And from there they would be sentenced, if there wasn’t another hearing. This could be dragged out for everything it was worth, or it could wind up like that whole bond hearing, which was pretty much set and done. If they were found guilty that could be the maximum of 40 years, if not life itself. Unless, they were given some sort of deal, even at that they were looking at a good 10 to 20 years. Lil Jackie could wind up being a grown ass man before he got out, same issue with Jax when it came to Abel. But this wasn’t their first rodeo when it came to prison time. However, it did make the first in being brought in all at once.

Tried as he might, Chibs couldn’t help but to picture Ava having to raise that kid all on her lonesome. It was reasons such as this as to why he and Jax wanted OUT of the cartel and wanted to clean shit up a bit. It wasn’t just about them… but their families. This could destroy them all if the Sons didn’t find a way out of this. Chibs wasn’t down for watching his boy grow up behind bars and having to see that look of disappointment on his wife’s face. Then again… If his assumptions were correct, she was long gone and she could be facing something else, entirely. Raising their son with fucking Jimmy O’…

“Easy…” Jax uttered as the mere idea had Chibs jerking about in his seat.

The officers looked back and cut them a look of warning. The Scot closed his eyes and drew back the deepest of breaths. He wanted nothing more than to break out of this fucking bus and get to his wife! He knew one thing for certain. Jimmy would die and in the most gruesome of ways… Chibs was beyond done. When he opened his eyes he took notice of the way the others were looking upon him. Each of them had this pitiful presence about them and he felt as though it were directed at him. And that only pissed the Scot off. He was fucking president! Yet they looked upon him like he was already a failure and a downright mess. Now deep down? He knew that wasn’t how they felt but it was how HE felt and it was eating the Scot alive. How in the fuck was he supposed to keep his shit together when everything around him was crashing down and at such a fast pace?! His boys were fucked. His girl was fucked and probably in more ways than one if Jimmy managed to get his way… Why the FUCK did Jackie want him at the gavel?! Was THIS the vision he foresaw? Chibs started laughing and the boys looked to him with concern. “Quiet down back there…” One of the officers scolded again and this had the Scot laughing even harder.

The officer snapped him a ‘look’ and Chibs rolled his eyes.

“Ah, go fuck yerself! Better yet go fuck that pretty boy partner of yers. We won’t judge.”

Jax laughed in response and this had the boys joining in. The bus came to a stop as the driver pulled over. The officer made his way over and the Scot raised his brows on this.

“Ye lost?”

“HEY!” The boys shouted as the officer took his baton to Chibs’s face.

Chibs shook it off and nodded upon the officer.

“That all ye got?”

“NO!” Jax hollered as the officer took that baton to Chibs’s face a handful of times.

He grabbed him by the collar afterward.

“Think you’re funny now?”

“Oh yeah…” Chibs uttered and spit one of his back teeth out on the man’s boot.

“I’m fuckin’ hilarious.” He said but deep down… The Scot wanted more. He deserved it, turning his back to the ONE person that ALWAYS had his corner, no matter what. At the moment… he truly felt as though he were the lowest son of a bitch that’s ever walked this earth.

Everyone’s attention was on that of Gemma as she carried out Ava’s message. It wasn’t long after that everyone started to question her as to Ava and Piney’s whereabouts. She let them know she hadn’t a clue and would let them know as soon as she herself knew anything. Half-Sack looked to Gemma in alarm and she waved him over. She led him into one of the rooms and shut the door behind them.

“Don’t go losing your shit, just yet.”

“I can’t run everything by myself!”

Gemma sighed on this.

“If it comes down to it… You can and you will.”

“The shop and the prospects?!” But as he said this he got a little emotional thinking of the possibilities when it came to Ava and Piney.

Gemma took notice and planted her hands along his face.

Don’t. If anything… They need you to be at your strongest right now. The entire SAMCRO family is counting on you, at least until Piney gets back. Look, if you need a little help… Tig’s out there practically begging for something to do. He might not be a Son anymore but he loves you boys more than you’ll ever know. And if there’s one thing I know… Is that man would give his life in order to make things right between you all. So if you would… Just give him something. No matter now big or small, something to make him feel whole again.”

Half-Sack nodded in understanding and Gemma kissed his cheek. “Now’s your time to shine. So get your ass out there baby and show them what a Halfling can do.”

“Halfling?!” “You haven’t exactly earned those big boy stripes just yet…”

“That’s fucked up… I have you know my balls dropped a long time ago.”

“And look at where that got you!” Gemma witted and Half-Sack managed to give a tearful laugh.

He was just about to head out but stopped.

“You don’t think Piney and Ava are… you know.”

“Well I can say one thing for certain if they are… Ava’s got some SERIOUS daddy issues.”

Half-Sack reared back as it took a moment to process.

“Dude! That’s so fucked up. You’re kind of nasty, you know that?”

“So I’ve been told.” Gemma muttered whilst lighting a cigarette.

“I meant…”

“I know what you meant… Look, let’s just wait it out before making any assumptions.”


“Here we go…” Jax murmured once the bus pulled into the Stockton prison grounds.

“It’s been awhile since I’ve taken ye ta the circus, huh Jackie boy?!”

“You’ve never taken me to the circus.” Jax said as if he were pouting.

“Oi, cause yer face was buried in pussy by the time ye were 15!”

Jax nodded like he had a point and the guys laughed.

“Try 14…” Opie threw out there and Jax raised his brows.

“Come on, Jackson. The babysitter…” Opie reminded and Jax got this smirk about him.

“Oh yeah… Maria! Sweet 16. I wonder what happened to her.”

Chibs shook his head on this.

“And I thought I had problems…” The president muttered under his breath.

“You had a babysitter at 14?!” Bobby questioned and Jax chuckled on this.

“No… But Opie did…” He said whilst wiggling his brows.

“Bro, you fucked your best friend’s babysitter?!” Happy asked and Jax nodded.

Opie rolled his eyes.

“I’ve never been prouder…” Happy declared with a wide grin.

The boys were dragged on out of the bus and into the prison, where they were strip searched and given orange scrubs. From there, they were forced to go their separate ways…

Chibs couldn’t help but to let out a rather amused chuckle once he was introduced to his cellmate. It was one of the Nazi lovers and not just ANY Nazi lover but the head honcho himself – AJ Weston. The one that had been causing so much trouble around Charming and was going out his way to pin it on SAMCRO, for whatever reason. The Sons never understood why he had it out for them, but he did all the same. But he was sloppy and the Sons were able to clean up after him and erase whatever attempts he’d made, before word had truly spread. Spread as in getting back to the guys in blue. Now there were rumors. But at the moment, that’s all they were, making the Sons of Anarchy unattainable.

AJ gave a menacing nod as Chibs was escorted inside. Once the cell was shut and locked, he let out an obnoxious chuckle. The guards ignored this and went about their business. Chibs didn’t give him the satisfaction of reacting as he plopped down on his cot and folded his arms about his chest.

“I couldn’t think of a better roommate! Oh the fun we’re going to have.”

“Ye just keep that mouth of yers shut, ye cum guzzling Nazi peg!”

“What’d you say?”

Chibs rolled over and looked him right in the eyes.

“I don’t believe I stuttered. So ye just turn up that Beltone of yers and keep heed ta me warnin’, I’m not in the mood for any of yer shenanigans. Cross me, Weston and see where it gets ye.”

The president was yanked right off the cot and slammed up against the wall. He was sent several jabs across the face and gut. Chibs’s entire face lit up a nice fiery red and this battle like cry escaped him as he brought his knee up and managed to hit AJ in the groin several times, before flinging one of the mattresses off one of the cots and taking his face against it. He did this until one of the guards made their way in and separated the two. Chibs was taken into solitary confinement and he laughed in utter misery. He realized his mistake, considering this was his first day. This would make it damn impossible to get out now. Chibs muttered a slew of Scottish profanities as he paced the area and punched at the walls off and on. But the longer he was in that cell, the more he thought about his wife and Piney. The man crossed himself then said a prayer on their behalf. With a hand along the area of his swan and crow tat, he came to his knees.

“I’m sorry…” He cried and pinched his eyes shut.

“I’ll find ye. Whatever it takes… this isn’t over, baby. Not by a long shot. I’m done. So fuckin’ done. I’m fixin’ this shite, once and fur all!”

Once the cell doors closed, Jax nodded upon his all too familiar cellmate.

“Just remember, it’s nothing personal.” The man said and Jax drew back the deepest of breaths.

“And that’s where you’re wrong. It’s very personal.” He corrected and his cellmate sort of laughed.

“Tell me, Marcus. What would you have done in his situation?”

The Mayan leaned back then folded his arms about his chest. He looked to be in thought.

“That’s about what I figured. So don’t you even begin to tell me this isn’t personal. Your boys ambushing our prez was one thing… But you made it personal when you were working with Clay and ratted Chibs’s old lady out and got some very serious men involved when doing so. So you just keep that in mind before you go seeking revenge. Your punishment could’ve been far worse. THIS… is a fucking cakewalk in comparison to what Chibs should’ve done and you know it. We don’t touch family. That’s just a golden rule amongst all MC’s.”

The Mayan president nodded.

“Like I said it’s not personal…” He reiterated before waylaying Jax across the face.

Jax went to return the blow only to hear the cell door open as the guard never actually locked it.

“What the fuck?!” Jax shouted as more Mayans entered entering the area.

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  1. Oh boy..this is going to get bloody, lots of bodies are going to be dropping like flies, before it’s over. jimmy O Is crazy and just plain stupid if he thinks Ava is going to put up with his crap. I look forward to seeing Ava put Jimmy in his place. I’m also wondering if Ava is going to find Kerri and alive (based on last chapter). That would be a big twist and shock for Chibs. I love this story. I love all of your stories. Thank you so much for sharing your stories.

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