Chapter 25 Emerald Isle

Chapter 25 – Emerald Isle

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AN: I apologize for any mistakes ahead of time. I was nodding off during the editing of this chapter but wanted to keep my promise and get it out. I will look it over again once I’ve had some shut eye.  

AN: (Some of this will sound like events that took place In The Shield of Anarchy. The reason behind that… well I honestly hadn’t planned on writing a Bella/Chibs story. But when I wrote Shield of Anarchy and what went down between Galen, Angel aka Bella, and Jax. I’d Chibs and his history in mind. But then I got the idea for THIS story after I wrote The Shield of Anarchy and THIS is how I wanted it to play out. So please just bear with me and you will see the storyline differ, dramatically. I just wanted something that would fit the Chibs and Jimmy ordeal. Thanks for understanding.)

Ava looked to Jimmy in question as he pulled up to a private runway with a plane ready to go. She let out a laugh of mere mockery and Jimmy cocked a brow at this.

“Of course you have your own runway and plane! Why not?!”

He said nothing on it however they exited the limo. The closer they came to the plane the harder her heart galloped. She’d the urge to throw a childish tantrum and plead for Chibs and his boys to appear and wipe this motherfucker out. And that feeling alone only pissed her off more. She hated the whole damsel in distress bit. But that’s exactly what this was and there wasn’t a damn thing she could do about it. Jimmy had her right where he wanted. All that money and power went straight to his head and he knew exactly what he was doing. Like he’d planned this all along and knew how she’d react and what decision she’d make in the end. Little did he know her actual reasoning for giving in. Yes, a good part of it had to do with to do with keeping SAMCRO and anyone related safe. But she’d one thing in mind at the moment and one thing only. She only prayed to God she was right and wasn’t making a HUGE mistake. If she was… all of this would be worth it. She’d do anything for her husband, even if that meant ripping his heart out, just long enough to bring it back. Still, his words repeated in that head of hers and even though she knew a good part of that was his anger talking, it hurt all the same. She never dreamed of being on the receiving end of Chibs’s cruel words. Even now, there was this massive hole in her heart where the Scot had punctured right on through. A small part of her questioned whether he truly meant it or not. Could they be really be done? She shook her head in thought. Jimmy took notice as they were about to board.

“Penny for yer thoughts?”

“My thoughts are worth a lot more than that…”

Jimmy laughed in response.

“Well by all means… I shall keep that in mind, love.”

Ava placed a hand along her stomach as the plane lifted into the air.

“Ye alright?”

“Do I look like I’m alright?” She snapped in response and Jimmy raised his brows as she went to unfasten her seatbelt.

He reached over stopping her.

“Ye just wait until the plane is a little more level.”

Ava ignored this and darted into the bathroom. Jimmy and a couple of his men made disgusted faces as they could hear her upchucking.

“Guess she’s not much of a flier…” Jimmy witted and they laughed.

She did this a couple more times, while doing her best to keep her balance as the plane was unsteady. Once she finished, she flushed then rinsed her mouth out. She splashed some cold water onto her face then dried off after. When she made her way back one of the guys was looking her direction and laughing. Without another thought, Ava lunged on over and smacked him one. “HEY!” Jimmy hollered as the man put a gun to Ava’s chin and the two were staring one another down.

“You don’t have the balls.” Ava hissed.

Jimmy let out a sigh of annoyance and jerked her back. He forced Ava into her seat then pointed to the man.

“I’d better not see that shit again, yeah?”


“Nah… Not this one. Understood?”

The man nodded and Jimmy nodded in return. He took off his jacket and tie then tossed them into one of the empty seats. He undid a couple of buttons to his shirt before sitting down.

“Ye might wanna get comfortable. We’ve a bit of a flight ahead.”

“That’d be a hell of a lot easier if you’d shut that trap of yours.”

Ava found herself saying and doing things she wouldn’t dream of when it came to Chibs. But this man got on her nerves and his voice truly was like that of nails on a chalkboard. She wished she could carve that tongue of his out.

“Ye do realize what yer agreein’ to, don’t ye?”

“I agreed on going with you, nothing more.”

“And how would that benefit me exactly?”

“In pissing Chibs off… What more do you need?”

“Well the first one is most certainly a bonus. But I’m goin’ to need a little more than that.”

“I can find you some good hookers if that’s where you’re going, because you’re not about to tap this.”

“That’ll make it rather difficult… Considerin’ yer to become me new girl and all.”

Ava turned and looked him dead in the eyes.

“The only way of going about that would be full on rape. Are you a rapist, Jimmy? Because I’m not about to give into you and your barbaric ways. Not to mention I’m with child and you could cause me to miscarry!”

“Ah now… Pregnant women have sex every day. And I’m not too worried about ye givin’ inta me. There will be plenty of time to get to know one another and believe me where we’re goin’… can get rather lonesome. Yer gonna want a warm body at night. It won’t take ye too long.”

“Whatever you have to tell yourself.”

“As to bein’ a rapist… Not my style.”

“Then what did you call it when you fucked Fiona the first few times?”

Jimmy cocked a brow on this.

“Are ye insinuatin’ what I think ye are?” He said sounding rather offended.

“So she was willing? And by willing… I mean she actually rode that like there was no tomorrow and with a genuine smile on her face?”

“Ye’ve quite a mouth on ya! As to yer question… oh yeah. She was most certainly willin’.”

“Then that only leaves me to one more question, when it comes to Fiona that is.”

“Hmmm…” He hummed in annoyance but signaled for her to go on.

“Just how long were the two of you fucking, before Chibs caught wind that something was ‘off’ and you went all white knight on her and saved her from a world of disgrace, considering she was married and had a little girl?!”

Jimmy pulled a certain face on this and Ava covered her mouth in laughter.

“I knew it! You were having an affair and way before shit went down between you and Filip Telford. I bet she didn’t want to leave him because he was this standup, LOYAL, and remarkable man – one that truly loved her. That… and they had Kerrianne. I bet you lost your shit when she wouldn’t leave him… and I bet she was all but I can’t hurt him like that… He doesn’t deserve that. He’s a good father and husband. So you took things a step further. You went OUT your way to show Fiona that you were a man of wealth and power – a fucking God if you will. At least that’s the way you see yourself. For whatever reason she found herself swooned and gave into you and your wishes. She turned her back to her husband and if you really think about it… Her daughter, in a roundabout way.”

Jimmy came to his feet and yanked Ava out of her seat. He dragged her into the bathroom and locked the door behind them. He lifted her up then placed her on the counter. Ava let out an agonizing scream as he drove a knife through her hand. He grabbed her tongue and held it between his fingers.

“I’m goin’ say it one more time and one only… Ye go and mention me girl again and I’ll have yer tongue.”

She looked on in a panic as he brought the bloody knife against it.

“Ye got me?”

She nodded with tears streaming down her face.

“Good girl. Now I suppose we better take care of that.”

Jimmy cut on the water to the sink and placed her hand beneath the faucet. Ava let out a painful gasp as the water caused her more pain. He grabbed a towel and wrapped it around the wound. Then he took a zippo out from his pocket and flicked it before removing the towel. He wrapped his hand around her mouth as he brought the flame up against her flesh. He’d his entire weight up against her as she squirmed about the counter in agony. “Just a little longer…” He said as he brought the zippo to the other side of her hand.

The room started to spin and her eyes rolled into the back of her head.

“Aye now… I’ll have ye trained in no time. Ye’ll be eatin’ right out of my hand and beggin’ for more. Ye’ll see and ye’ll be thankin’ me for it in the end.” He said whilst looking her over.

“Ye won’t be needin’ that now.” Jimmy muttered while taking her wedding ring off.

“Ah now, Filip… Ye really went all out. What a ring!” He said with an amused chuckle.

He narrowed his eyes reading the engraving.

Peg o’ my heart… Ye always were a bit of a sap.”

Jimmy pocketed the ring, scooped Ava up, and placed her back into the seat.

When Ava came to her hand wrapped up and it was throbbing all to hell. The pain was so intense it shot all up and down her arm and fingers. Ava tried balling her hand up into a fist but couldn’t. She could barely move her fingers and she hadn’t any doubt that she’d a few broken bones. She looked over seeing that Jimmy was sound asleep. She came to her feet and Jimmy’s men observed as she headed into the bathroom. Ava shut the door behind her and did her business then did her best to clean up afterward. She looked into the mirror as she dried off but shook her head realizing she truly looked like that of a battered woman now. The young woman found herself wondering if he had pulled that with Fiona and Kerrianne as well. Chibs had never laid a harmful hand on Ava, even at his maddest moments; he never took things that far. Then again, he’d grown up watching that very thing take place and he didn’t condone that shit even in the slightest. Ava narrowed her eyes however as her left hand felt ‘naked’. It was then she took notice of her wedding ring missing.

“No…” She muttered and went on to pat herself down, in hopes of finding it.

Ava searched throughout the bathroom and even went as far as to retrace her steps. She took notice of the suspicious looks Jimmy’s men were giving her. She drew back a breath and sat back down. But she eyed Jimmy’s pant pockets off and on wondering if he had the ring. Jimmy opened his eyes and nodded upon her seeing as how she was staring a hole in him.

“My ring… Where is it?”

“What ring?”

“You know what ring…”

Jimmy gave a mere shrug and closed his eyes again.

“Don’t take that from me. It’s all I have left…”

He opened an eye on this.

“And why do ye need it?”

“It’s the least you could do, considering you’re ripping me away from everyone I love.”

“Ye got the wee one comin’…”

“Jimmy…” she said whilst holding her hand up near her heart.

She gritted her teeth as the throbbing sensation grew even worse.

“I don’t have your ring. It must’ve fallen down the sink when we were in the bathroom.” He said as he undid the wrap to her hand and looked it over.

“We’ll get that looked at as soon as we land.” He assured then wrapped it back up.

“Just give me the ring…” Ava pleaded looking a little green.

“I done told ye… I don’t have it.” Jimmy gestured one of his men over.

“Get us somethin’ to eat. Perhaps some salmon and wine? Water for her of course.”

The man nodded and headed into a curtained area of the plane.

“Dammit. I don’t want your fucking salmon or water. All I want is my ring!”

“The ring or the wee one?”

“Excuse me?!”

“Ye heard me… Which do ye really want? The child within yer womb or that stupid hunk of metal?”

Ava grimaced once she grasped where he was going with this. It was Chibs’s ring or Chibs’s son.

Jimmy gave a simple nod and got their trays ready.

“In about a year from now all of this is goin’ to seem so trivial.” He said as they received their food.

Jimmy held his glass of wine up and had her pick up the glass of water. With his free hand he reached over and lifted her hand a little higher.

“To movin’ on… It seems ye were destined to find true love in emerald isles but ye were in the wrong area.” He said with a rather smug look about him.

He clanked his glass against hers and drank to his own toast. Then he reached over and had her do the same.

“Sorry about the hand…” He said as he took a napkin to her chin where some of the water dripped down.

“Time to put that lefty to some use…” he gestured towards her silverware.

Ava’s hand trembled as she picked her fork up.

“There ye go. Yer eatin’ for two now so be sure to empty that plate.”

She cut him a mistrusting glance. Jimmy rolled his eyes and went on to test everything on her plate himself. He sent her a wink after.

“Ye really think I’d go through all this trouble just to poison ye?” He took a bite of his salmon after then chewed and swallowed.

“Besides, if I was to take that route I’d have gone with the water.”

Ava didn’t comment as her nerves were shot and all she focus on was the amount of pain she was in. She forced herself to eat but only for the sake of her child. Once they finished, Jimmy had his men put everything away.

“Just a couple more hours…” Jimmy said while looking to the time.

He pecked her on the cheek.

“Gotta hit the head… Behave.”

Jimmy headed into the bathroom and dug into his pocket. He tossed the ring into the toilet and took a piss, but he didn’t stop there. He went on to fully masturbate and with Chibs’s wife in mind. He gritted his teeth once he came to a finish.

“I’ll take care of her, Filip… Ye just rot in that cell of yers.” He said before flushing.

“Alright, my little clover…” Jimmy uttered as they were about fifteen minutes away from landing.

“It’s time we went over some rules. But first thing’s first…”

Jimmy brushed her hair back with his fingers then placed a black clothed bag over her head and tightened the straps along it.

“How’s that feel?” He questioned while running his fingers along the seam, making certain it wasn’t too tight.

“What are you doing?”

He didn’t answer and went on to fasten her seatbelt as they prepared for landing. But from there he wrapped his arm around her shoulder then leaned into her ear.

“Yer about to discover a few things about me, things I’d like to keep secret. So here’s the deal. Ye get one warnin’ and one only. If anyone and I mean anyone catches wind of what I got goin’. I’ll carve that wee one out of yer belly and send the remains to yers truly.”

Ava jumped as she felt the coldness of his blade running along her belly in a threatening matter.

“Rules: Yer not to speak unless spoken to. Yer not to leave the house unless I’m accompanyin’ you and yer not to ask ANY questions. Yer goin’ to accept whatever it is ye see and realize that’s the new norm. If ye go as far as to mention any familiar names or let yer true identity be known, ye will feel more than just the back of me hand and a blade runnin’ through ye. I mean it, love. This is not somethin’ ye wish to test me on or things will get real ugly, quick. If anyone asks… We met back in the states, fell in love, and got married. So I brought ye on home so we could build a life together. The child yer carryin’ is mine. And yer to become a mother to someone else as well. I suppose ye already are if ye wanna dive in a little deeper.”

Ava felt the plane lowering as it was getting ready to land.

“If ye do everythin’ yer told, when yer told. We won’t have any issues and we’ll be one big happy family!”

It wasn’t long before the plane touched ground and from there it seemed like forever before they came to a full stop.

“I got ye…” He said as he carried her off the plane and stuffed her into some sort of vehicle.

“I won’t force myself on ye but ye will act as a wife and mother should. If I kiss or touch ye then so be it. Don’t ye go and make a big spectacle about it and ruin what we got goin’.”

“And what is it we got goin’?” She challenged and Jimmy pulled her into his lap.

“Everythin’… go against my wishes and ye’ll see what havin’ a vengeful lover is like. Ye don’t know me, cailín. I don’t handle things the way Filip does. Ye wrong me… and yer gonna wish I’d have killed ye instead of what I’m goin’ to do to ye. But if yer a good girl… I’ll spoil ye and give ye everythin’ ye’ve ever wanted and more. Ye will have my all, if I have yers. Now, that’s the only time we’re goin’ over this. So I hope ye were payin’ attention and took what I said ta heart. Now let’s move on…”

Ava felt him place something onto her wedding finger.

“Yer not to take that off, ever. Allow me to welcome ye home, Ava O’Phelan.” He said then removed the bag.

Ava found herself completely baffled as she hadn’t expected the sight before her. The house itself was covered in vines but looked like something from a fairytale. That and it was out in the middle of nowhere, the way Jimmy wanted it. She swallowed back feeling a touch of guilt in finding beauty to the house and the scenery itself.

“And what do ye think?” Jimmy questioned as he wrapped his arms around her waist and was kissing along her neck.

It was then that Ava took notice of the girl peeking out from one of the windows. Just the sight of her had Ava feeling a mixture of emotions and rather lightheaded. She’d the urge to run into that house and hug the living hell out of her. Then she wanted to find whatever she could to put Jimmy in his place and take off with her.

Jimmy took Ava by the hand and led her inside. The house smelled like apples and cinnamon, which felt a little strange considering there were two men with guns, just as soon as you walked in.

“How’d she do?” Jimmy asked and one of the men nodded towards him.

“Did good. Kept to herself, mostly.”

Jimmy nodded and looked towards the stairs.

“I’m gonna need the doctor first thing tomorrow mornin’.”

“Yes, sir.”

Jimmy took his and Ava’s jackets off then hung them up in a nearby closet. He took her arm in a gentleman like fashion then led her on up the stairs. He headed into one of the bedrooms.

“This will be our room…” He whispered and moved about quickly.

He got her a bath started, picked out a dress from the closet, then set out whatever else he wanted her to wear or use even.

“We’ll take care of that hair another day…” He said with a look of disgust.

“Get yerself cleaned up then yer to meet me downstairs so ye can meet me pride and joy.”

You mean Filip’s pride and joy… she bitterly thought. Just as soon as he exited the room, Ava drew back a quivery breath.

“Kerrianne…” She whispered with tears in her eyes.

She climbed into the tub but with caution. From there, she did her best to bathe and wash her hair. Once she finished, Ava did what she could about cleaning up her hand. It was pretty gnarly looking and she knew it was getting infected. She shook her head knowing this would be a permanent scar and a hideous one at that, as her skin was melted together now and on both sides of her hand. Ava gritted her teeth as she held it underwater for as long as she could but that burning sensation grew more intense and it caused her entire arm to spasm. She let out a painful gasp as she brought it back up then ran some cold water over it. After the throbbing tamed down a bit, she drained the tub, then grabbed the towel he’d set out for her. Ava looked upon her reflection as she dried off. She jumped however as she picked up Jimmy’s reflection as well. He nodded and walked on over.

“I figured ye could use some help.” He hinted with a gesture towards her injured hand.

Jimmy had the dress he’d laid out in hand. He yanked the towel out of her hold and went on to put the dress on. To her great surprise he didn’t take advantage of the situation by touching her inappropriately. He adjusted the dress then brushed her hair.

“I really wish ye hadn’t done this to yer hair. Ye’d such lovely hair. And this…” He tapped his finger along the tattoo Happy had done in order to cover his up.

“Not very ladylike… Yer to keep it covered. I don’t care how ye go about it. But it will be done and yer to grow yer hair back out.”

Jimmy dabbed some perfume onto her wrists and neck then breathed her in. He nodded amongst himself afterward. Once he was satisfied with everything, he took her by the hand then led her back downstairs. They headed into the living room where Kerrianne waited on the couch. She’d a set of headphones on and lifted her eyes as Jimmy cleared his throat and sit in the recliner across from her. He signaled for Kerrianne to remove her headphones then pulled Ava into his lap. Ava fought against her natural urges to let him have it. But she couldn’t afford to take his warning lightly. She had Lil Jackie and Kerrianne to worry about now.

“Ye remember me tellin’ ye there was someone I wanted ye to meet?”

Kerrianne nodded but had this incredibly shy presence about her.

“Well Tessie, this is Ava – Me wife and she just so happens to be carryin’ yer new baby sister or brother.”

Tessie? So that’s what he was calling her now… But there wasn’t any doubt in Ava’s mind. She knew that was Kerrianne Telford. Kerrianne narrowed her eyes and looked to Ava as if stunned.

“Married…?” She practically whispered and Jimmy sighed.

“It was never my intention to keep it from ye, Tessie darling. Ava was in a heap of trouble back in the states and we had to play our cards right in gettin’ her home. But all is well now and she’s right where she belongs.”

Kerrianne tilted her head as she looked Ava over.

“They do that to her?”

“Aye…” Jimmy lied and kissed Ava on the cheek.

The teenage girl recoiled and Jimmy smiled.

“Ah now… Don’t ye go and worry yer pretty head on it. I’ve taken care of it and that’s all that matters. Ye know yer da takes care of his girls.”

Ava regarded the ring on her finger in thought. It was gaudy and nothing like ‘her’. Jimmy had on a wedding band as well now. Ava couldn’t believe he’d play his own stepdaughter like this.

“Isn’t that ma’s perfume and dress?”

Ava swallowed back on this. Why hadn’t the thought occurred to her? Was she wearing her ring as well?! The whole idea was insulting! Jimmy however gave a mere nod like it was nothing.

“It’s just until we can get her a few things of her own.”

Kerrianne had this odd look about her. She came to her feet and was heading out of the room, when Jimmy took her by the hand.

“Are ye alright?”

“Yeah…” She uttered but jerked out of his hold and headed into her room.

“She tends to do that…” He said whilst running his fingers along Ava’s leg in a caressing manner.

“Ye know who she is, don’t ye?”

Ava nodded and he nodded in return.

“I figured… The look on yer face said it all. Let’s just say I’ll do whatever it takes to protect me girl. And that’s what it came down ta. Tessie needs a mother’s touch and well… I could use a woman’s. It’s been awhile.”

Jimmy narrowed his eyes and took his time looking her over.

“I take it he told ye…”


“And what did he tell ye exactly?”

“Why does it matter? You have him believing that she’s dead.”

“As he should and everyone else and ye had better keep that in mind, my little clover.”

“I wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize Filip’s daughter.”

Jimmy raised his brows on this.

“Ah now… make no mistake. Kerrianne is mine. I’m the only father that girl’s ever known.”

Don’t.” Ava whispered threateningly.

“We know the reason behind that. So don’t even go there.”

Jimmy cupped her chin then looked her in the eyes.

“Ye’d do good to remember my warnin’s. In fact, ye should go on to bed. The doc will be here first thing in the mornin’ to look ye over. I’ll be up shortly.”

He lowered her down then merely observed as she exited the room. He came to his feet and went to the kitchen where he poured himself a glass of Jameson. He downed it then placed the empty glass into the sink. From there, he headed to Kerrianne’s bedroom and knocked on the door. When she opened the door he went on to caress her cheek.

“We’re headed to bed. I expect ye down for breakfast come mornin’. I want ye and Ava to get to know one another. Do we have an understandin’?”



Kerrianne drew back a breath before correcting herself.

“Yes, da.”

“That’s me girl.” Jimmy said with a smile and kissed her forehead.

“I love you.”

“Love you too.”

Jimmy shook his head after lifting the bed sheets.

“That’s how ye sleep?”


Jimmy frowned as she was still in her clothes.

“Nah… Take off the dress and bra, at least.”

Ava closed her eyes on this.


“Cause we need to make this look legit, at least until ye get over yerself and realize the “Charming” part of yer life is over.”

“I wish to remain as I am…”

“I don’t remember askin’ what ye wished…”

Ava ignored this and kept her face buried into the pillow. She jumped however as the sheets were suddenly ripped off the bed. Jimmy leaped on over and he forced Ava onto her back. He took it upon himself to remove the dress and bra.

“That’s how the wife of an O’Phelan sleeps.” He declared as she was in nothing but a pair of panties.

He didn’t bother with the covers as he lay down, wrapped his arms around her, and then pulled her up against him. Ava clamped a hand over her mouth then cried amongst herself as she could actually feel his erection pressed up against her. It wasn’t long before he was out and he spent the rest of the night snoring, right in her ear. Ava just lay there like a log, afraid to even move.

When Ava woke the following morning, she could hear the shower going. But it wasn’t until she sat up that she took notice of the sticky residue along her abdomen and breasts. Her heart sank in acknowledgement. She fought the urge to go in there and let Jimmy have it. How dare he respect her like that?! So he didn’t rape her but she was violated all the same. The only reason for keeping her silence on the matter… was knowing what he was capable of. He could wind up raping her after all if she pushed the subject too far. Nevertheless, the more she gazed upon the nasty deposit, the angrier she became. She knew this was Jimmy’s way of marking his territory so to speak. Ava did her best to ignore the pain, got dressed and darted into the kitchen. She grabbed a handful of paper towels, wet them down, and lowered the straps to the dress. She went on to wipe herself down only to wind up frozen in place. Her eyes were locked onto a familiar set of deep brown ones. Ava was quick to fix cover herself. She sent the girl an apologetic glance as she was sitting at the dining room table. Ava took the paper towels into the bedroom and finished cleaning herself off. Jimmy had stepped out of the bathroom at this point and nodded her direction.

“Sleep well?” He taunted and Ava didn’t answer.

She headed into the bathroom and showered as well.

The doctor shook his head as he looked Ava’s hand over. He took off his glasses then nodded upon Jimmy.

“If ye want that hand back to par, it’s goin’ to require some surgery.”

Jimmy rolled his eyes on this.

“Are you certain?”

“If ye let it heal as is… She could have permanent damage. I’ve given her a shot of antibiotics…”

He handed Jimmy a couple bottles of pills.

“These won’t hurt the wee one?” Jimmy asked.

“Not at all.” The doctor murmured as he went on to test Ava’s fingers and the palm of her hand.

He took her hand into his own then looked upon her.

“I want you to squeeze as hard as you can.”

Ava nodded and gave it her all. But the pain was so extreme the area around her spun and her back arched off the couch as she let out an agonizing cry.

“Stop.” The doctor said and looked her hand over once again.

He grimaced as the area Jimmy had fixed had opened and it had a nice gooey mess to it.

The doctor took his gloves off then replaced them with another set. He grabbed a syringe and went on to remove whatever fluids had gathered within her hand.

“Ye want to lose that hand?” The doctor asked as he removed a good two syringes full of puss.

Ava closed her eyes in order to keep from passing out. This was Jimmy’s fault yet the doctor was treating her like a disobedient child. When finished, he disinfected the area then injected her with something else to flush it out. He stitched the area that had opened then wrapped her hand and wrist up. He put it in a sling afterward.

“I don’t have what I need in order to perform the surgery. I’ll come back tonight. If you could… get her a sterile room set up.”

“What about the van?” Jimmy hinted.

“Ye mean the new medical one?”


The doctor raised his brows as if the thought hadn’t occurred to him.

“That would be a lot easier. I hadn’t used it yet, so hadn’t dawned on me. Alright, I’ll bring the van and we’ll get her set up.”


They looked over to see Kerrianne poking her head into the room.

“Yes, darling?”

“Ye wanted me down for breakfast…” She reminded and Jimmy nodded.

“We’ll be right there, love.”

Kerrianne nodded but glanced upon Ava before she left. The doctor gave Jimmy and Ava a list of instructions for proper care until he was to return later that night. Jimmy shook his hand then thanked him on the way out. Once the doctor was gone, Jimmy nodded towards the two men keeping guard.

“I want some time with me girls.”

They nodded and exited the house taking the hint.

Jimmy rubbed his hands together then smiled Ava’s direction.

“How bout some breakfast, love?!”

Kerrianne and Ava sat at the dining room table as Jimmy got breakfast prepared. He was humming to himself and popping a few grapes into his mouth off and on.

“I have a whole day planned for us. I thought we could have us a picnic out by the docks.” He said while setting their plates down.

He pecked them both on the cheek.

“Eat up, loves!”

Kerrianne and Ava exchanged uncomfortable glances. Jimmy sat between them then sipped at his coffee. He took a few bites of his food then looked towards to the girls’ plates.

“Eat up. Both of ye…”

They picked up their forks and ate the eggs and sausage he’d made. Jimmy nudged Ava once she finished.

“We have breakfast at seven, lunch at eleven thirty, and supper at six. That’s what’s expected once we get ye back in shape. The laundry room is over there. That should be self-explanatory. Tessie and I like our clothes ironed so ye got ye a board and iron in there as well. Monday and Fridays are house cleaning days…” He pointed to a cabinet under the sink.

“Everything ye need’s in there.”

Ava cut him a look of disbelief as he went on to tell her everything that was expected out of her; everything from the house, to his, and Kerrianne’s needs. Kerrianne kept quiet with her head down the entire time. From there, he went on about how he would be leaving in a couple days for another ‘business’ trip. He made it clear that he expected Ava to take care of the house and Kerrianne especially. He let it known that he would have a couple of men staying behind, in order to keep an eye on things while he was gone.

Jimmy cleared off the table then Kerrianne dried the dishes as he washed. Afterward he leaned against the counter and dried his hands off.

“How bout a board game before we get to that family outin’, yeah?”

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12 thoughts on “Chapter 25 Emerald Isle”

  1. I know Jimmy had something to do with they guys being put in the situation there in. I was hoping that the sheriff and Ava had some plan to trap that S.O.B before they took off or set up something with the I.R.A. all I know is I’m sitting here with my stomach cringing with the way he’s treating Ava and the whole time I’m hoping that she’d stab him threw his heart…Ass hole…sigh…Taking a deep breath now…great updates as alway hon…thanks, huggs. Peggy

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