Chapter 26 Slip Kid

Chapter 26 – Slip Kid

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                 Chibs gritted his teeth as he continued his pushups. He’d been in solitary confinement for a little over ten hours now. He kept his body busy in order to keep from losing his mind. All he could think about was his old lady and boys. He hadn’t a clue what any of them were facing and he hated that feeling. Chibs’s arms began to shake as he forced himself to do another set. Beads of sweat trickled down his face and onto the floor. Just as he was to call it quits, Jimmy came to mind. The Scot let out the deepest of growls and he found himself pumped enough to do yet another set. By the time he came up his arms were sore and his abdomen was on fire. It’d been awhile for him. Now he kept himself inshape for the sake of having a younger woman to keep satisfied, but he had a workout like that in sometime.

Chibs grabbed the undershirt to his scrubs and used it to wipe the sweat off his face and neck. He tossed it into a corner afterward then plopped down on the cot. He stared at the ceiling and placed a hand over his tat with Ava in mind. He hadn’t realized just how much of a beating he’d taken today. Not until a good five minutes passed and it wasn’t just the workout he was feeling, but EVERYTHING. Everything – from what the cop did, to the fucking Nazi lover, to having his heart ripped out. He knew that wasn’t Ava’s intention, but she managed to do so all the same. The more he thought on it, the more he understood her reasoning. There had been enough bloodshed and that’s what his old lady was trying to prevent. She truly was the queen, putting SAMCRO and their family first. Chibs needed to find a way of getting ahold of Keith and get the word out. SAMBEL needed to keep their eyes and ears open for any signs of Ava showing up in Ireland. That and SAMCRO could use some help from surrounding chapters. Half-Sack was juggling everything as it was. He knew it couldn’t be easy keeping the prospects in line whilst running the shop, Cara Cara, keeping up with club matters, and watching after their families. All of that staked on top of taking care of HIS old lady who was with child as well. This had the Scot shaking his head in thought. The boy had come a long way since his prospect days.

Chibs sat up as he heard someone enter the area. He looked over seeing a couple guards at his cell. They unlocked the cell and motioned him over. There were no words as they led him back to the original cellblock. AJ’s face was stitched up where Chibs had busted him up pretty good. The moment he spotted Chibs however, he backed away giving the Scot his space. Chibs gave a simple nod as if to say that’s right fuck off. The Scot had that way about him. Sure AJ was bigger and in better shape, physically speaking. But Chibs was a force to be reckoned with… push him past his limits and it didn’t matter WHO you were, he’d have you on your knees begging for mercy. And if AJ continued in pushing his luck… Chibs hadn’t any issues in making some new ‘friends’ and turning this Nazi peg into his personal bitch.

“What the…” Bobby uttered as Jax entered the courtyard.

One of his eyes was swollen shut and his lip had a few stitches. The rest of his body was covered in cuts and bruises where the Mayans took turns in letting him have it.

“Jesus.” Opie said and rushed on over.

Jax signaled for them to lay low and keep their cool. The boys sighed but did as requested. One look from the Mayans though was all it took and they knew.

“No, Op!” Jax snapped and was holding him back as Alvarez sent him a menacing glance.

Opie let out a bit of a growl and shook his head whilst eyeing the Mayan prez like that of a guard dog.

“That’s what they want. So sit your ass down.” The VP scolded.

Jax took a seat and the others joined him. Happy got a better look and made the cut throat gesture towards the Mayans. He sent them a menacing wink after. Jax narrowed his eyes however as he looked around the courtyard.

“Any of you seen Chibs?”

They shook their heads and Jax let out a concerned sigh. The boys sat in silence but were observing everyone else around them. Like that of Jax, they were keeping an eye out for any possible allies. Opie nudged Jax as Chibs finally stepped out but with AJ Weston right behind him.

“You’ve got to be kidding.” Jax muttered under his breath.

AJ headed towards the area where the other Aryan brothers were. That made four in all. You factor that in with the six Mayans and the Sons were outnumbered. Chibs planted his hands along Jax’s face and really looked him over.


“I should be asking you the same…”

“Aye now. I’m fine. Ye not so much.”

“Weston?” Jax whispered in question and Chibs gave a mere nod as he sat beside him.


“Well aren’t we lucky?” Chibs taunted and Jax chuckled.


Like that of the others, Chibs wanted to let loose on those Mayan fuckers. But he knew if he so much as glanced their direction, they’d make Jax’s life absolute hell. The mere idea had Chibs sick to his stomach. He knew this was more or less targeted at him, rather than that of Jax or the club itself. Alvarez knew Chibs’s feelings when it came to Jax. Hurting that boy was like hurting that of Ava.

It was personal and Chibs had to think of a way to get Jax out of this, before he wound up dead. So it wasn’t enough… ratting out his old lady and nearly getting her killed in the process. They had to come after his boy as well. This had the Scot seeing red. It was time he amped things up a bit and made certain the Mayans knew he meant business. Messing with his club was one thing… Going out their way to target those he cares about most, was something else entirely. That would get them a free bag of dirt and a headstone with their name on it. Chibs meant it when he said he was done. Done – as in ANYTHING that posed a threat to his boys, the club, or his wife and son. He’d meet with the devil himself before he allowed another one out of his grasp.

The boys looked to be in silent conversation as they’d look around the courtyard then back to one another. They didn’t need words… They’d worked together long enough to know what the other was thinking, at times like this especially. It was up to the president however to make this right and get the Mayans off his VP’s back. The only way of going about that? Was to light a fire up their asses and send them a friendly little reminder. That reminder being… You don’t fuck with the Sons of Anarchy.

A few days later…

Chibs was sitting with the others when Jax entered the cafeteria. The Scot’s hands balled up into fists and Happy placed a hand along his shoulder, keeping him in place.

“Jaysus.” The president muttered as Jax looked even worse than the first time they’d gotten ahold of him.

Alvarez gave the SAMCRO prez a mere nod and Chibs looked to the guards wondering which ones were being paid off. Jax sat between Opie and Happy and his hand shook as he picked up a roll and bit into it. His knuckles were raw showing that he’d been fighting back but there were just too many.

Chibs came to his feet and took his tray with him. He walked on over to the table where the Mayan’s were and gave a simple nod. Alvarez nodded in return and signaled for his boys to leave the table.

“Ye really wanna do this?”

Alvarez took a bite of his food then chewed and swallowed before answering.

“We’re facin’ some hard time because of you.”

Chibs folded his arms about his chest and leaned back.

“Ye do realize where this will get ye?”

“More threats, homes?”

Chibs leaned over and looked the Mayan prez in the eyes.

“Let’s just get one thing straight, right here, right now. I’m not your homes and haven’t been since ye went back on yer word…” Chibs did his best to hint and the Mayan prez nodded.

“It’s like I told your VP already… It isn’t personal. But like you… we have to get our point across.”

Chibs nodded in understanding.

“So ye won’t take it personal when I tell ye that a couple of me prospects are at the home front? Ye know… just ta keep an eye on things while yer away. I’d hate fur anythin’ ta happen and after ye took such good care of my Ava.”

The Scot reared back as Alvarez made some sort of gesture but with this rather startled presence. Before Chibs could even think on it the breaker to the cafeteria went out causing a blackout it wasn’t long before the lights were back on.

“JACKSON!” Opie shouted on top his lungs and Alvarez sent Chibs this pleading glance but was quick to his feet and darted off with the rest of his boys.

Chibs looked over and his heart dropped to the pit of his stomach as someone had shanked Jax and good.

“JACKIE BOY!!!” He hollered in such a way and was pushing other inmates out of the way and flipping tables in order to get to him.

The guards made their way over and were doing their best to clear the area but a full on riot was taking place as the Mayans and the Sons were taking one another on. Chibs took off his prison scrub off and held it against the area, doing his best to stop the bleeding. They’d stabbed him four times in the stomach.

“Hang in there, Jackie.” Chibs said whilst doing his best to keep from losing his shit.

Jax nodded as the staff to the infirmary made their way in. They had to pry Chibs away from Jax and one of the guards shoved him towards the riot taking place. Chibs took advantage of this by slamming Alvarez’s face into a nearby table. He leaned into his ear directly after.

“I bet yer regretin’ that one, aren’t ye…?” He cruelly hinted.

One of the guards grabbed ahold of him and then shoved him up against the wall. Chibs’s eyes never left Alvarez’s. It was on, more than ever. Blood would be shed.

Half-Sack gave a simple nod once he got off the phone with Chibs. He called the prospects that were watching over the Alvarez place and gave the orders. A gunshot was heard…

“Done.” The prospect known as Rat stated.

“Alright, you know what to do. Tig’s on his way. In and out, I mean it, guys. Don’t fuck this up.”

“You got it.” He said before hanging up.

Chibs paced the area of his cell. He hated making THAT call. But it was clear… Alvarez had meant to have Jax killed. Only he didn’t succeed as Chibs had gotten word that Jax made it through surgery and was currently in the infirmary, recovering. Though the president hated how it came about, he felt a little more at ease knowing Jax was in a safer place. But they had to get out of here, more than ever now. The Mayans had nothing to lose as they were facing the max. Once word got back to Alvarez about HIS old lady, war was sure to come. Chibs hadn’t a choice. He had to prove himself as president. He couldn’t afford to think with his heart right now. He had to remember the ‘reason’ behind all this and get down to business. The Mayans had it coming and THIS was the only way. He wanted to hurt Chibs so the Scot returned the favor. The way he saw it? He probably did the old lady a service. Ava came to mind however and this had the Scot recoiling. He could only imagine what she’d think of him now, killing an innocent woman in order to seek revenge and get his point across. Then again, the old ladies weren’t truly ‘innocent’ and they knew what they were getting themselves into. Often enough, they had just as much blood on their hands. If not blood… skeletons lurking about. Ava most certainly had her share. Not that he held that against her. It was unavoidable and came with the territory. He only hoped to hurry and clean this shit up, before it affected Abel and Lil Jackie, or drove his wife to the brink of insanity, if Jimmy hadn’t managed to do that already…

“You have a visitor.” The guard stated as he unlocked the cell and led Chibs into one of the interrogation rooms.

This had the Scot rearing back and looking to the guard in question.

“Have a seat, Mr. Telford.”

The Scot sighed in hesitation but did as requested. Once he was seated, he heard someone enter the room. They cleared their throat then shut and locked the door behind them. He narrowed his eyes as the man made his way around. He gave a simple nod then adjusted his cufflinks and tie before taking a seat before him. The man looked Chibs’s files over then nodded amongst himself.

“Ye wanna tell me who ye are and what this is about?”

The man didn’t answer as he continued in reading his files. He shook his head once he finished.

“Man, you really went all out. Looks like I’ve got my work cut out for me. But I’ll have you and the others out here soon. It’ll take longer than originally expected but not much we can do about that now. Just do yourself a favor and stay out of trouble. I’m talking no more fights, no more riots. I need you to do YOUR job before I can do mine, got it?”

“And I’m gonna need ye ta tell me just who the fuck ye are, before I go makin’ any sort of deals.”

“Is that what you think this is? Some sort of deal?!”

Chibs shrugged and the man sighed as he brought out a pack of smokes. He got one started then handed it over. The Scot narrowed his eyes as he took a nice long drag.

“No offense, Mr. Telford but there aren’t any deals to be made. You’re pretty much fucked. But that’s why I’M here. You see I’m not doing this for you, or that ridiculous club of yours. No. I’m doing this because I owe that stubborn wife of yours.”

Chibs raised his brows on this.

“You see Mr. Telford… I promised myself that I’d come through just as soon as she needed me and well now looks like as good of time as any. Considering how she’s come up missing and right along the time you and your boys were brought in. So I’m guessing you need out of here in order to get to wherever she may be? Am I right?”

The president nodded but with this uneasy presence about him. The man took notice and sighed as he held his hand out in greeting.

“Agent Knox. Your wife and I tend to have a little history. In the nonromantic sense of speaking that is.”

“I sure hope so.” Chibs fired back with a threatening smirk.

Agent Knox couldn’t help but to chuckle.

“Don’t get me wrong, she’s a knockout. But I’m also a happily married man.”

Chibs cleared his throat and leaned back in thought.

“Agent Knox…” he murmured as it finally dawned on him.

The Scot got this wide eyed look to him and the agent nodded.

“I take it she told you about me?”


“So you know all about our little adventure?”

Chibs glanced towards the camera and observation window.

“Room is paid for…” The agent hinted and Chibs nearly choked back on that cigarette of his.

“That’s right and our time is limited… So now would be a good chance to come clean, about everything. Do not hold back or you’ll fuck this up and I can’t guarantee shit after that. So let’s just agree to be honest with one another for starters and go from there…”

Agent Knox handed Chibs a card.

“I’ve already let your lawyer know that her services are no longer required and that you’ve someone else in mind.”

Chibs looked to the card seeing that it was another lawyer.

“I suggest you call him, just as soon as I leave.”

“Ye fired our lawyer?!”

“Sure did.”

“Ye can’t do that.”

The agent leaned back and sighed looking somewhat annoyed.

“Well obviously I can, considering I did. Now can we move along? I haven’t a lot of time…”

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  1. Humm…god I hope Knox can get them out before all hell breaks loose. He also has to get Bella back as well…great update as alway hon. I can’t wait to read more…thanks, huggs. Peggy

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