Chapter 28 Open Arms

Chapter 28 – Open Arms

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“HEADS UP!” Keith hollered and each of the Sons withdrew their guns as a black van came barreling into the SAMCRO parking lot.

Chibs narrowed his eyes as the door to the van slid open. A black and white collie ran on out and greeted Jax right away. He wagged that tail of his and begging for attention.

“What the…” Keith murmured as a teenage girl stepped out afterward.

Her eyes locked with Chibs’s and she gave a small wave. The Scot looked upon her as if he were seeing a ghost.

It’s me girl…” The Scot uttered in shock.

“Keri?” He called with a quivery voice.

She nodded and he put his gun away. He was inching his way over when he heard the driver’s side door open then shut. He narrowed his eyes and observed as the driver lowered her hood.

“It’s me girls…” He corrected and staggered forward.

Ava smiled and gave a mere nod.

“How?!” He questioned as he went on to hug Kerrianne.

Jax shook his head and let out a chuckle.

“Well I’ll be damned…” She heard him mutter.

Chibs kissed his daughter’s forehead then looked her over. Ava covered her mouth as Chibs lost all composure. He lifted his daughter up off the ground and was hugging her all over again. But as he did this he nodded his wife’s direction.

“Ye did this?”

Ava nodded.

“Ye brought me girl back from the dead?!”

“In a way… And I thought YOU were still in prison.” She said as she hadn’t expected SAMCRO to be there, much less out of prison. So at the moment Ava was in a bit of shock herself.

Chibs thought back to his last words and waved her on over. Ava headed that way and he pulled her into his arms as well.

“Fur the record, I could never be done with ye, mo ghaol.”

“Pffft… I knew you were a lying sack of shit.” Ava retorted.

Jax smiled and the rest of the Sons chuckled. They headed into the clubhouse giving the Telfords a moment to themselves. Kerrianne blushed as her father went on to kiss Ava.

“Look at ye two…” Chibs said with a tearful smile.

He shook his head as he caressed their cheeks. This just didn’t seem real and he was struggling to make sense of everything. He lowered his hand then placed it along Ava’s belly.

“And how’s our boy?”

“He’s doing just fine.”

Chibs tilted his head once he got a better look at his wife.

“What happened ta ye, lass?”

“We can talk about that later. But right now… We need to get inside and have us a family meeting and by family, I mean SAMCRO. I know it’s breaking the rules but THIS old lady is sticking around for this one.”

Chibs sort of laughed.

“I don’t want ye goin’ anywhere, neither of ye.”

He said and hugged them yet again.

Each of them shared the same look of disbelief; once Ava revealed the truth behind what all had taken place. Chibs’s hands were balled up into fists and he’d this vengeful look in his eyes. Ava took off the wedding ring Jimmy had given her and tossed it onto the table. It was then that Chibs took notice of the hair and clothes and how they were like that of Fiona’s. Ava’s gaze met his and she went on to take her jacket off.

“Jesus.” Jax whispered as Ava showed them a little preview of what Jimmy and his boys had done.

Ava cleared her throat then put her jacket back on. Bobby ran a soothing hand along her back as she placed both hands along the table. The young woman closed her eyes and took a few seconds to collect herself.

“I know you boys don’t like the old ladies getting into MC business. But I want to be there…”

Ava lifted her head and her eyes locked with Chibs’s.

“I want to be there… when Jimmy dies.”

Chibs gave a simple nod and the guys nodded in agreement. Ava exited the room and Chibs took his fist to the wall. Jax placed his hand along his shoulder. The Scot drew back the deepest of breaths as he had his forehead up against the wall.

“I won’t give Jimmy O’ the satisfaction of dyin’ on Irish soil. We’re takin’ this war back home!”

“Amen, brother.”

SAMCRO watched as their president left the room. Each of them shook their heads afterward.

“We gotta take these fuckers out.” Jax uttered.

“Every single one of em…” Bobby added.

“Where’d she go?” Chibs asked as his daughter was talking to Michaela.

Kerrianne pointed towards the ladies room and Chibs kissed the top of her head, before heading that way. He didn’t bother knocking knowing she was the only one inside. “Ava…” he whispered, with a heavy heart as she was leaning over the sink and sobbing, uncontrollably. He walked on over then grabbed ahold of her. He said nothing as she cried into his shoulder. Chibs swallowed back as he went on to fully undress her. He shook his head once he got the full picture. He knew those markings from anywhere. They were the very ones his old man used to leave on him and his mother, using his belt. From the looks of things, this was the punishment of choice as Ava was covered in bruises (old and new) and there were marks showing where she’d been hit with the buckle, quite a few times. Chibs lifted her up on the counter then planted his hands along her face.

“Did he rape ya?”

Ava closed her eyes but shook her head no.

“But he got close, didn’t he?” Chibs caressed her cheek then lifted her chin with his fingers.

“Talk ta me, darlin’.”

Ava hesitated at first but went on to tell Chibs about Jimmy’s means of relieving himself. Her husband encouraged her to go more into depth and that’s when she told him about all the times she woke with semen on her. She even went as far as to admit that there were times he’d just whip it out while she was in the shower or undressing and he’d pleasure himself, right there. Whenever she called him on it Jimmy would blame Ava for not “giving into her wifely duties.” Like that of his wife, Chibs knew what Jimmy was doing by cumming on her like that. The son of a bitch was marking his territory, like a goddamn dog that needed neutering. And that’s exactly what the Scot planned on doing… He’d neuter the motherfucker, amongst other things he’d in mind… Ava told Chibs that she had moments of fearing he would rape her. But he ended up taking his belt to her instead and would leave it at that. She let it known that he never hit Kerrianne but that Jimmy had his ways of controlling her and mentally abusing her all the same.

The two shared a moment of silence as he simply held her. The Scot wasn’t about to go on about how sorry he was. That was the last thing she wanted to hear. He knew the best way of going about it was to show her. She needed action, not words. And he’d show her that by taking out every last of those IRA fuckers. After faking his daughter’s death, abusing his wife then turning her into a literal slave?! Filip Telford had even BIGGER plans for Jimmy.

“Look at me, lass.”

Ava opened her eyes and he brushed her hair back with his fingers.

“I can’t even begin…” Chibs drew back a breath as he was trying to find the right words.

“I don’t know how ye did it. But I can never repay ye fur bringin’ me little girl back. Ava, ye have no idea what…” He trailed off and started tearing up all over again.

Ava reached over and wiped his tears away.

“Filip, I don’t need repaying or a thank you even. All I care about is having OUR family together, safe and sound.”

This had the Scot shaking his head in disbelief.

“Ava darlin’, I could never love a woman the way I love you. I don’t deserve ye but I’m gonna do my damnest ta get there, somehow.”

Ava smiled on this.

“You’re already there.”

He went to argue this, only to have Ava wrap her arms around him and they were back to kissing. He cocked a brow however as Ava unbuckled his belt. He started to ask if she was sure about this, considering everything she’d been through. But the look in her eyes… said it all. Chibs gave a simple nod and gave her his all. By the time they finished, they were out of breath and covered in sweat.

“No man could ever replace you.” Ava whispered while running a hand along his chest.

Chibs narrowed his eyes on this.

“I mean it, Filip. Don’t you ever forget that.” Ava made clear.

He nodded then pointed to the clothes Jimmy had her dressed in.

“Same goes fur ye darlin’, as ta why I don’t want ye in those… So ye just stay put and I’ll gather yer things.”

“Thank god…” Ava murmured but looked to her husband in playful manner.

“I’m glad no man could ever replace me…”

Chibs chuckled on this but cut her a serious look.

“I’m glad ta have me girl back, pain in the arse and all.”

Chibs couldn’t help but to practically gawk as he watched his wife and daughter from the bar. The two were smiling and laughing off and on as they talked. He’d always said that he knew his daughter would love Ava if the two were ever given the chance to meet. But this was something he never thought he’d see. The man found himself taken back. Yet a part of him was a little envious but only in the sense of him and Kerrianne being estranged for so long. This had Kerrianne a little more standoffish when it came to him. But he knew that would die down, once they were given the chance to reconnect.

Still, he couldn’t get over everything Ava had done for him and his daughter. That only added to the guilt on what he’d said back in that jail cell. He knew what she meant by making everything right now. She was talking about Kerrianne. She must’ve known or had an inkling then, at least. He thought back to what Ava had said about Jimmy having an updated picture of Kerrianne on his cellphone and that’s how she knew. If it wasn’t for his wife… he’d have never known about Kerrianne and Kerrianne would’ve lived a life of utter hell because of it.

Chibs sipped at his beer and observed as Ava kissed Kerrianne on the forehead and was making her way to the bar. He cleared his throat and made himself seem distracted by something else. This had him rolling his eyes at his own sheer stupidity.

“Is there an area where Kerrianne and I can crash? She’s wiped out and I could use some shut eye myself.”

The Scot downed the rest of his beer and nodded. He hopped down from the barstool he was on and had them follow him to the room he’d slept in the night before.

“Not much but I can get a couple more pillows and some blankets.” He said with a gesture towards the pallet he’d made on the ground.

“We thought it best to stay under SAMBEL roof fur now.”

Ava nodded in understanding.

“This is fine.”

Chibs headed on out but was quick to return. He handed the pillows and blankets over then helped in getting them situated. Benny curled up in Kerrianne’s lap.

“Ye need anythin’ else?”

“I think we’re okay.” Ava said but with a wince as she clamped a hand over her ear.

Chibs tilted his head and moved her hand, looking it over. She’d cleaned it up some already but it was bleeding out again.

“I think ye done ruptured yer eardrum. We’ll have ta look that over when we get back. I can clean it up and get ye some cotton ta plug it up fur now.”

Once he had that taken care of he went to exit the room.

“Da?” His daughter called and this had the Scot stopping in his tracks.

“Are ye comin’ back?” The way she asked this had him heading on back.

He squeezed in between the two then wrapped his arms around them.

“I’m not goin’ anywhere. I’m stayin’ right here with my babies.”

It wasn’t long before the girls had fallen asleep and up against his chest. He knew they must’ve been tired when not even the sound of the Sons getting rowdy seemed to stir them. Chibs leaned back and decided on making himself comfy as well. He wasn’t about to leave them, not after the way Kerrianne called to him. It was enough to bring the man to his knees and still… this had him looking to his wife in complete awe. His mind just couldn’t process everything she endured in order to get his daughter back.

“Much better…” Ava remarked as Michaela finished drying her hair.

Michaela smiled and combed her fingers through Ava’s hair.

“That touch of blonde really set it off.” Michaela remarked as Ava was putting her makeup on.

“What do you think?” Ava asked once she finished getting ready.

“I think it’s good to have you back.”

Ava sort of laughed.

“It’s good to be back in my own clothes, that’s for damn sure.”

“I can imagine. I can’t believe he had you wearing her perfume as well. Talk about creep factor.”

“Right?! You should’ve seen poor Kerrianne’s face. He kept going on about buying me new clothes but that never happened. Needless to say, I got a taste of his obsession, not a pretty sight.”

“Think that’s his reason for smacking you around?”

Ava narrowed her eyes on this.

“Think about it… He took you from Chibs, like that of Fiona. Only he found himself disappointed when you wouldn’t give in the way she did.”

“Well what did he expect? For me to fall madly in love with him and worship that pathetic thing he calls a cock?”

“That bad?”

“The worst. You wanna talk about pencil dick.”

Michaela laughed so hard she snorted.

“You think I’m joking… I kept expecting it to snap just from a simple breeze, puts a whole new meaning to ‘got wood’.”

Chibs cleared his throat letting his presence known. Ava looked to Michaela wide-eyed and Michaela broke into a fit of giggles. He walked on over and gave Ava the once over in the mirror.

“There’s me girl…” He uttered in awe.

Ava smiled as he kissed her cheek.

“Ye got a little more blonde this time…” He murmured.

“Too much?”

“Nah… It’s ye.”

Michaela sent Ava a wink and headed on out of the room.

“So Jimmy O’s got himself a pencil dick?”

Ava nodded and Chibs chuckled.

“Well that certainly explains things…”


“I’d be pissed too.”

Chibs ran his hands along her tummy and was kissing along her neck and shoulder when he froze. He regarded his wife through the mirror as he went on to lift her dress then placed his hands back along her stomach. He got this genuine beam about him and moved his hands about.

“Well hello there, Lil Jackie!” Chibs declared with a chuckle.

Ava smiled in response.

“He’s a movin’ alright… When’d he start that?”

“A few weeks ago. Keri felt him…”

“Did she now?”

Ava nodded.

“And how’d she react?”

“I think it freaked her out at first. But she seemed pretty stunned once it truly dawned on her.”

Chibs nodded then spun her around. He kissed her belly then came up and kissed her forehead.

“I love you, Ava.”

“I love you too, Filip.”

Chibs lowered her dress then looked to her wedding finger in thought.

“So he went and replaced me ring?”

“I’m sorry.”

“Hey now… The ring’s replaceable. Ye aren’t.”

“But I loved that ring. It had history.”

Chibs smiled on this.

“I know ye did… and yer right it did. But I’ll get ye somethin’ even better.”

“I don’t need anything fancy, really.”

“Ye just let me worry on it. Now I want ye ta come with me so ye can get better acquainted with everyone.”



“How’d you get out?”

“Yer friend…


“Agent Knox. He really came through fur us.”

Ava looked to Chibs in absolute shock.

“He got us lawyered up and pulled some hella strings in order to get us out.”

“So is this solid or you going back to trial?”

“All good or Scot free as you would say.”

Ava snorted on this.

“He made it clear that he owed ye. All he asks in return, is fur ye ta let him know yer okay.”

“I’ll do that once we get back.”

“Who’d have thought that lil Isabella Marie Swan would became Ava Rhiannon Telford – a fuckin’ badass.”

This had her blushing in response.

“Admit… ye know ye are. Yer right hand is jacked, yer beat all ta shite, and with child. Still, ye managed ta take down three of Jimmy’s men and a fuckin’ PIG at that. Yet here ye are… back in yer sexy little dresses, ye got yer boots and makeup on, like it was fuckin’ nothin’. And I’m one lucky son of a bitch!”

“That you are…” Ava teased and Chibs smiled.

“Oh yeah.” He said with a wink and took her by the hand.

Chibs led her outside where the Sons were gathered. Ava laughed as Jax had his shirt off and was challenging one of the SAMBEL members to a friendly match. Once he caught wind of Ava and Chibs he nodded their direction.

“Always causing trouble.” Ava teased and Jax smiled.

“You know it.” He said then pecked her on the cheek.

“Good to have you back, sweetheart.”

She nodded as he dashed off.


Ava pivoted around.

“Op! I didn’t know you were here.”

He gave a simple nod.

“How you holdin’ up?”

“I should be asking you that…”

He waved her over then had her following him to a more private area.

“How’d he die?”

Ava drew back a breath on this.

“Firing squad… Irish style.”

Opie recoiled on this.

“Jimmy sent it to me via video message. By the time I got to the area they had your father in, he was gone. All that was there was a single red rose with a clover inside, one of Jimmy’s romantic gestures…”

Ava pinched her eyes shut in memory.

“Look, I was given a choice… But you gotta believe me; I hadn’t a clue that’s what Jimmy meant. I was to take him up on his offer or pay the consequences. Those consequences… having to do with me breaking one of the rules when I met him for our supposed ‘date’ as he referred to it.”

Opie reared back in misperception.

“I was told to come alone. The only thing I knew about was the wire Half-Sack set up so he could make certain I was in good hands. I had no intention of getting him or Piney involved otherwise. Half-Sack was parked a couple blocks away so he could listen in. I hadn’t a clue about Piney. He must’ve found the address in my purse, or something along those lines and took matters into his own hands. Op, if I had any inkling of what your father was up to, I would’ve stopped him. Or if I could… I’d go back and I would’ve taken Jimmy up on his offer, in order to save Piney.”

“And he would’ve kicked your ass.”

Ava raised her brows on this.

“If my old man died in order to keep you safe then I stand behind him on that.”


He nodded towards Kerrianne who was talking to her father.

“I see you kept your promise.”

“Yeah well… that doesn’t exactly bring your father back.”

“No, all that proves was that his death wasn’t in vain. He had his reasons for being there. And we need to respect that, even if we don’t agree. Now if there’s one thing I know… Is that Pops would be pissed if he knew you were blaming yourself for what went down.”

Ava lowered her head on this and Opie lifted her chin.

“It’s not your fault. Alright?”

“I could’ve saved him…”

“Like you said… You hadn’t a clue.” Opie cleared his throat and wiped a stray tear off his cheek.

“Hell, you might as well grow a dick and become one of us.”

Ava gave a tearful laugh.

“Get over here…” Opie said with open arms and hugged the hell out of her.

“You might not be a brother. But you’re one hell of a sister and I guarantee my old man felt the same way. He wouldn’t have died for you otherwise. So you just keep that in mind. Alright?”

Ava nodded and he took a step back but placed his hands along her shoulders.

“So Jax tells me you’re naming that kid after his sorry ass.”

Ava snorted on this.

“What’s wrong with Harry?”


“That’s my first name.” He said with a chuckle.



“You don’t even look like a Harry.”

“Right? Blame the old man on that one. I suppose that’s why everyone calls me Op! You could always go with Harry Jackie Telford!”

Ava frowned on this and Opie sighed as if truly disappointed.

“Fine. Still… naming that kid after that son of a bitch…” He pointed towards Jax.

“That’s just asking for trouble. Can you imagine Chibs as a father and Jax as an uncle figure? That kid’s already fucked.”

Ava laughed and Opie wrapped his arm around her then led her back to Chibs. He gave her shoulder a bit of a squeeze as he went on to talk to a few of the SAMBEL members.

“Everythin’ alright?” Chibs questioned and Ava smiled.

“All good.”


Ava raised her brows and looked to Michaela.

“Can’t be helped, he’s hot as hell right now. I mean look at him!”

Chibs cocked a brow on this.

“That’s like a grey area, considering he’s theoretically my stepson…”Ava muttered and Michaela died of laughter.

Chibs caught wind of this and found himself laughing as well. Kerrianne regarded her father in disbelief.

“How many kids ye got, da?”

“There’s no tellin’.” He teased and Kerrianne wrinkled her nose.

“He’s teasing, at least he better be.”

“Wouldn’t ye like to know, lass?”

“I think Keri will vouch for me when I take your balls.”

“Yeah.” Keri agreed and Chibs reared back.

“Hell, ye had better hurry and get her Lil Jackie. I’m outnumbered over here!”

The girls laughed and Ava signaled towards Benny.

“You got him…”

Chibs tilted his head as Benny was sniffing Trinity’s crotch. He grimaced when she popped him on the nose.

“I know the feelin’…” Chibs muttered under his breath and Ava sent him a rueful glare.


Before the day was over, Ava managed to meet Maureen, Trinity, and the SAMBEL members she hadn’t the chance to meet yet. She remembered the others from their visit to Charming. Keith personally apologized for the mix u with Clay and about her coming to Belfast. He hadn’t a clue what Clay was up to and at the time, he truly believed he had her best interest at heart. As for the SAMBEL gatherings? They were pretty much like that of SAMCRO’s only they kept it a little tamer for Kerrianne’s sake. If things got too carried away, Ava would simply steer her another direction.

“You alright?” Jax questioned as Ava was sitting at the bar and running a hand along her belly.

“Yeah, just needed to sit for a moment. He’s really active today.”

Jax raised his brows on this.

Wait… you mean he’s already kicking?”


“May I?”


Jax reached over and placed a hand along her belly.

“Man, you weren’t kidding. He’s all over the place!”

“Right?! Is that normal?”

“You’re what… about five months now?”

She nodded as if doing the math herself now.

“Six nearly seven…” She said as it just occurred to her how long she’d been in Ireland.

“Hey…” Jax said and nudged her taking notice.

“Sorry just a lot going on.”

Jax nodded in understanding.

“Maybe you should lie down for a bit.”

“I’ll be okay.”

“As to your question… I think so. Wendy’s didn’t start until she was about six months. But then again that was around the time Abel was born.”

Ava grimaced on this.

“Hell, Wendy was so high; she wouldn’t have known either way.”

“I can’t even imagine that. Who does that to their own baby?”

“You’d be surprised, darlin’.”

“As much as I want a stiff drink and a good smoke right now… I couldn’t stomach the idea of giving in, too much risk.”

Jax hopped up and kissed her cheek.

“What was that for?”

“Being you.”

Ava laughed as he grabbed a couple of beers and darted off. She tilted her head however as she caught wind of one of the younger SAMBEL prospects flirting with Kerrianne. He had his arm around her and was getting a little too ‘handsy’ for Ava’s liking. She drew back a breath then came to her feet. Ava walked on over and smiled upon Kerrianne but sat right beside the SAMBEL prospect. Ava leaned into his ear.

“How old are you?”

The young man sort of laughed.

“Eighteen.” He uttered with a shrug then went back to flirting and running his hand along Kerrianne’s leg.

Ava gave a simple nod. Kerrianne looked to Ava in shock as she brought her knife out then put it to the prospect’s throat.

“Get lost.”

The prospect looked to Kerrianne with an oh shit expression but was quick to do as Ava requested.

“Why’d you do that?” Kerrianne hissed looking beyond embarrassed.

“Because you’re 13 and he’s 18.”

“You’re one to talk.”

Ava raised her brows on this.

“That’s completely different.”


“Well for starters I’m of LEGAL age.”

“That doesn’t change the fact that me da’s old enough to be yer da!”

Ava let out a nervous laugh as they had the attention of everyone around them now, including that of Chibs.

“Look, I get it… You’ve been sheltered for quite some time. But let me get one thing straight… And I don’t care if it pisses you off, sweetheart. If someone’s messing with you, I’m coming to the plate and I’m going to bat, whether you like it or not. So you can get mad all you want. But one day you’re going to look back on this and realize as a mother yourself, that I only had your best interest at heart. So yell at me all you want. That’s not going to change a damn thing!”

And on this note… Ava headed on out. Chibs sighed and walked on over.

“Fur whatever it’s worth, I do understand where yer comin’ from. I can see both sides to this argument but she’s right about one thing. Even here in Ireland yer a minor and what that little punk was thinkin’ about is statutory rape. Not only that but yer 13, ye got no business thinkin’ about sex right now. I know ye’ve been put through a lot because of Jimmy and your mum, but don’t be so quick to grow up. Yer only a teenager once, even though I’m sure yer goin’ to give me a few more grey hairs. I love ya darlin, and so does she. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have bothered in the first place.”

Kerrianne lowered her head and Chibs patted her on the leg.

“Ye two will be just fine. Just give her a minute ta cool off. The both of ye have been through a great deal. So it was bound ta happen. All I ask is that ye keep in mind what that woman’s done fur ye…”

“Welcome to the raising teenagers club…”

Ava looked over and laughed as Opie raised his beer to her.

“Yeah well, I’m doing a fantastic job!” She sarcastically uttered.

“Actually, I think you were pretty dead on. She’ll get over it.”

They raised their brows however as the prospect was making his way over.

“A little uncalled for, don’t ye think?”

Opie couldn’t help but to laugh at the nerve of this kid.

“A little uncalled for…? She’s thirteen, jackass.” Ava barked in response.

The man sent her a cocky grin and to Ava’s surprise, Opie grabbed him by the collar and socked him one. This was followed by Chibs yanking him out of Opie’s hold and sending him another blow. Chibs grabbed him by the hair and dragged the prospect towards Keith.

“Ye might wanna give this one a firm talkin’ ta, if not a pistol whippin’!” Chibs spat whilst shoving the prospect his way.

Keith narrowed his eyes but looked to his prospect in disbelief as his VP was whispering into his ear and letting him know about the incident. The SAMBEL prez shook his head and regarded the prospect in disgust.

“Is that what ye think we’re about?”

“Keith… I…”

“Ye what?! Well go on, boy. Give me a good excuse. I dare ye.”

Chibs and Opie grimaced as Keith and his VP pulled the prospect into an area, one they couldn’t see. But they could most certainly hear the prospect getting the beating of a lifetime and from there, they took his cut and sent him about his way.

“Can ye give us a minute?” Chibs asked and Opie gave a simple nod.

“I bet ye weren’t signin’ up ta be the stepmother of a teenage girl when we said our vows…”

Ava laughed.

“Not exactly…”

Chibs nodded.

“Nevertheless, I knew what I was getting into when I came to Ireland.”

“Ye know I was pissed at ye fur given in so quickly. Doesn’t make me the greatest president, when we lose a brother and I’m yellin’ at me old lady fur doin’ what she could ta save everyone else. But when I saw Keri step out of that van and saw you were at the wheel… That’s when it truly clicked.”

“That being?”

“That yer the King and I’m the Queen…” Chibs muttered whilst looking around the area.

“When did I become the bitch?!” He whispered in shame.

“I told you this already… Remember?”

Chibs shook his head but with a chuckle. Ava gathered this serious demeanor however.

“The Queen backs her King, no matter what. That’s how this works. I will always back you, Filip.”

“I should’ve listened ta ye about Ireland…”

“Don’t. You can’t beat yourself up over this. I got lucky in finding out the truth myself.”

“I just hate that ye and Kerrianne ended up payin’ fur me past. Ye deserve better, both of ye.”

“We deserve a husband and father that truly gives a shit and we got that already.”

“That ye do… And I’m gonna do my damnest ta give ye, Keri, Lil Jackie, and those boys my all.”

“Clean up the club, make time for them and your family, don’t put your dick where it doesn’t belong and we’re golden.”

Chibs smiled on this. He grabbed her hand then placed it along the area of his dick.

“I think it’s safe ta say he’s pussy whipped. Now if ye go and repeat that ta anyone else, I’ll hafta kill ye and bury ye in Bella’s empty coffin.”

“Now Chibs, don’t kid yourself.”

He narrowed his eyes in wonder.

“Well it’s like you said already… you’re pussy whipped. You kill me and you have to go back to Crow Eater pussy.”

“Yer somethin’ else ye know that?!”

“Ooohh, do tell me more.” She said in a teasing, yet flirtatious manner.

Chibs gave a mere nod as he spun her around then popped her on the butt. He gave it a bit of a squeeze after. She giggled as he pinned her against the wall of the clubhouse. He leaned into her ear then gave it a bit of nibble.

“And what would ye like ta hear?” He whispered in that seductive tenor of his.

“How I could eat that pink pussy of yers for hours on end? Suck on those teets like there’s no tomorrow? Or how I could give ye a good punch up yer knickers?”

She let out a bit of a gasping moan and Chibs chuckled. “Oh Ava, I might be pussy whipped but I got ye just where I wantcha and ye know it. I can practically taste it, yer so fuckin’ wet.” He said but in that Scottish tongue of his.

The Scot walked away leaving a stupefied Ava behind.

“That’s fucking gross…” Michaela commented as Ava had her head in her lap and was drinking pickle juice and eating cottage cheese, right out of the container.

Ava shrugged and continued.

“Seriously. Stop.”

“But it’s sooo good.” Ava said with a wide grin and tried feeding Michaela and spoonful of cottage cheese.

“Pregnant or not, I drop you like a bad habit, right onto the floor.”

“You wouldn’t…” Ava said with a shrug and placed another spoonful of cottage cheese into her mouth.

She went on to flash Michaela the contents inside her mouth. Kerrianne laughed gathering Chibs’s attention as well. He looked over and shook his head as Michaela was in attempts to shove Ava out of her lap but Ava stiffened her entire body up and wouldn’t budge. Ava nuzzled up against her breasts and looked her in the eyes.

“Tell me a story…”

“You’re one fucked up bitch, you know that?”

Ava had a good laugh at this and Michaela looked to be in thought. She combed her fingers through Ava’s hair, in a motherly manner.

“I have a story actually.”

“Do you now?”

Michaela nodded.

“Once upon a time there was this woman that needed help with her truck. And this much more attractive woman came to her rescue.”

“Pffft hardly.” Ava murmured and Michaela put a single finger to her lips.

“Shhh. Momma’s telling a story.”

Ava snorted but gestured for her to continue.

“She asked for her phone number but the woman was disappointed to learn that she only wanted to get back at her supposed ‘stepson’. She played along anyhow, hoping that she might still score in the end but she ended up falling in love with the supposed stepson instead. Who’s easily a ten in comparison to the ‘stepmom’ that was clearly an eight, at best.”

Ava’s jaw dropped on this and Michaela clamped a hand over her mouth. But that’s when Ava’s eyes widened in realization. She shot up and took Michaela’s hand into her own.

“HE PROPOSED?!” She damn near squealed and everyone looked over.

Michaela sighed.

“You didn’t let me finish my story…”

Ava snorted on this.

“I can’t believe Jax proposed! That’s awesome!”

“Yeah, I thought so too!” Jax hollered in response and everyone laughed.

“Sorry…” Ava sheepishly uttered.

“I wasn’t supposed to say anything yet, was I…?”

Michaela laughed.

“You’re good.”


Ava looked the ring over and nodded Jax’s direction.

“Kudos on the ring there, Jackie boy!” She said with a grin and Jax chuckled.


Ava narrowed her eyes however as Keith was waving her over. He’d the clubhouse phone in hand and handed it over once she got there.


“I’m gonna give ye one more chance. I’ve a couple of me boys waitin’ nearby. Grab me girl and head on out. Just a couple blocks, we got ye from there.”

Ava looked to Kerrianne in thought. She made the gesture for everyone to quiet down and put the phone on speaker.

“And what do you got on me now?”

“Just do as yer told and there won’t be any need.” He said but his words slurred together like he’d been drinking.

“You see that right there is the reason it would’ve never worked out between us. I’m not one that likes to be told what to do.”

“Now ye listen here, cailin. Ye bring me girl back or I’ll go back on me word and fuck ye, till that little bastard of Filip’s is no more. Then I’ll cum and piss on ye like that wretched weddin’ ring of yers, only this time I’ll send ole Filip the footage. It’ll end with me cuttin’ ye up, alive, and then sending ye off ta SAMCRO, so they can put the pieces together and try figurin’ out which parts belong to the baby and which of them belongs ta ye.”

The entire room was quiet as a tomb and Ava gave a mere nod as Chibs looked like Death himself. Kerrianne just sat there in absolute disbelief.

“And what about the cartel?”

“Fuck the cartel, you little wench. I WANT YER HEART, IN ME HAND!”

Ava smiled on this.

“Oh Jimmy… I can’t wait to see what the kings have to say about this.”

                Ava had Jax’s cellphone in hand and hit the playback button. He’d let her borrow it, just for this very moment. He hadn’t any doubt that Jimmy would try getting ahold of her, somehow, and he gave her pointed on what to say and do, just in case. Jax sent her a wink as the entire conversation replayed.

Later, pencil dick!”

Ava hung up the phone and Kerrianne came to her feet.

“I’ll go back.”

“The hell you will!” Chibs and Ava chorused.

They snapped one another a look but gave each other a simple nod.

“Now that was creepy…” Bobby uttered towards Opie and Opie sort of laughed.


“Ava went through utter hell in order ta get ye back! Yer not goin’ anywhere, darlin’. So ye just sit yer arse down!”

“But he’ll kill her!”

“Not if I kill him first. I just got ye back, kid. Yer my little girl and I’ll be damned if ye or Ava are ripped away from me arms again!”

Meanwhile SAMBEL was having their own little discussion on what they’d just heard. Keith and Chibs nodded upon one another then Keith signaled for him to head into the SAMBEL chapel.

“So… how are you and yer boy’s gettin’ out of this one?”

Chibs drew back the deepest of breaths. He went on to light up a smoke as the two sit at the table.

“Not ta mention how this will affect us as well.”

“Aren’t ye tired, Keith?”

Keith narrowed his eyes on this.

“Come on, now… Ye have it worse than us at the moment. They got you right where they want ye.”

“And they’d be lost without us.”


“And where are you goin’ with this?”

“I’m talkin’ aboot cleanin’ this shite up. We’re in neck deep and if we don’t do somethin’ aboot it here soon, we’re gonna drown, right along with the IRA. Now I can’t tell ye or yer boys what ta do but we’re pullin’ out, just as JT should’ve years ago.”

“That’s one hell of a burden…”

“Aye… it is. But someone’s gotta do it, might as well be me and my boys.”

“Man…” Keith whispered and leaned back looking slightly ill.

“Ye pull out and ye know that’s goin’ ta mess with our alliance as well.”

“That’s not my intention, but we can’t continue like this. It’s time we fought back, before it’s too late. Hell, me wife and daughter is a fine example of what it means ta be in bed with the IRA.”

“Ye mean Jimmy…”

“Nah… I mean the IRA, period. The kings themselves might not be in on this but ye know a few members helped Jimmy in his sick requests ta make this a personal fuck you.”

Keith tapped his fingers along the table.

“A lot of us count on that money, Filip.”

“Aye. So do we. But what’s it ta ye when ye have no one left ta spend it with?”

“Ye should’ve come ta us about ye pullin’ out, before ye went and dragged us inta all this.”

“Don’t ye think I had every intention of doin’ that? Jimmy fucked us over before I could even think aboot settin’ up a meetin’. He got our arses thrown inta prison and there wasn’t shite we could do about it. He had us facin’ some serious time too! If it hadn’t been for one of Ava’s friends, we’d still be in there rottin’ away, while me wife is gettin’ beat, raped, and me girl is bein’ controlled by Jimmy.”

“So it’s personal.”

Chibs slammed his fist down on the table and shook his head.

“Yer goddamn right it is. But ye just go and run yer club the way you see fit and I’ll run mine the way I do. Now I love me boys and I’d do anythin’ fur them, ye know that, as do they! But I’m not turnin’ me back to my family! I made that mistake once before and I’ll be damned if I go and do it again.”

“So yer choosin’ those girls over the club?”

“Did I say that?”

“More or less.”

“Nah, I don’t believe I did. I’m not aboot ta walk away from that gavel, anytime soon. Ye’d have to pry me cold dead hands away. The same goes with me family! I got them both in a firm grip and I dare anyone ta come and try ta take them away.”

The two presidents had a moment of silence. Chibs cleared his throat.

“I suppose our decision to get out is goin’ ta affect our relationship with ye as well?”

Keith held up a hand on this.

“Let’s just get all the boys together and see what they have to say about all this.”

Chibs nodded.

“Fair enough.”

Keith nodded and came to his feet. He called in every member to SAMBEL and SAMCRO.

The meeting went on for a little over two hours, before coming to a decision – That decision leading in favor of backing SAMCRO, one hundred percent. Each of them knew exactly what this meant. Things were about to get ugly and quick. Once the IRA discovers they lost both unions, they’d be out for blood. But SAMBEL agreed with SAMCRO whole-heartedly about showing the other chapters the right path. It had to start somewhere and it might as well start with the home of the Original Nine. After Keith found out the truth behind Piney, as an original nine himself, he was all for putting the IRA in their place. They talked a little longer on how to go about this exactly. SAMCRO would let their intentions known first then SAMBEL would pull out from there. Once the meeting was over they went on to call the kings. This went against Jax and Chibs’s original plans. But with the evidence Ava had now… They had Jimmy right where they wanted and with SAMBEL backing them up. They hadn’t any qualms about taking this to the kings themselves now. Besides… if they truly wanted out. They’d have to deal with them as well. And that was the plan… SAMCRO would head out first thing tomorrow morning and deal with everything back on their turf. They only hoped that Jimmy and the kings themselves would follow them there so they could end this war once and for all, without getting SAMBEL too involved.

Chibs took it upon himself to get ahold of the kings and put them on speaker. From there, he revealed the truth behind what all Jimmy had been up to. When they acted to be in disbelief and started to question Chibs on this. He played out the phone conversation between his wife and a very drunken Jimmy O’. He revealed the truth behind Jimmy faking his daughter’s death after Fiona was murdered.

Chibs cleared his throat afterward.

“As ye can see he’s gone and made this quite personal and it’s not only damaged me wife and daughter, but it’s gotten a brother killed as well.”

Keith and Chibs nodded amongst one another as they could hear the kings discussing this amongst one another.

“We will deal with Jimmy…” Galen made clear.

“Nah… I’ll be dealin’ with Jimmy.” Chibs corrected.

“I’m afraid we can’t give ye that option.”

Chibs let out a dark laugh.

“I wasn’t askin’ yer permission.”

“Are we goin’ to have a problem?” Galen questioned and Chibs looked to everyone else in the room.

Each of them gave a simple nod.

“Oh yeah, big one.”

“Hm… Now correct me if I’m wrong. But Jimmy made it perfectly clear that you wanted out.”

“Aye, there be no need fur correction. We’re done with the cartel.”

“Then perhaps that explains Jimmy’s reasonin’?” Galen said in such a way that got under Chibs’s skin.

“Nah… make no mistake. It hadn’t anythin’ ta do with the cartel. This was personal. Fur one thing, we hadn’t told anyone we were pullin’ out yet. He made that assumption himself once he saw me patch!”

“We’ll be in touch, Mr. Telford.”

Jax shook his head as the line went dead.

Great…” he muttered afterward.

Chibs rubbed his hands along his face and sort of laughed.

“We best prepare. There’s no tellin’ what we might be facin’ now.” Keith declared.

“We need ta get back home so this doesn’t become yer burden.”

“And they’ll have ye outnumbered…”

“We have our ways…”Chibs said with a nod towards his VP.

“He’s right. We’ve dealt with some pretty sticky situations. If we can get out of those and live to tell about it then we can get out of this one.”

“The IRA is somethin’ else and ye know it. Ye add the kings ta that mess and yer all as good as dead, that includes yer families as well.”

“Say we deal with this here and shit goes down… What’s to keep us from ending up behind bars? That’s the last thing SAMCRO needs. We just got out of AMERICAN prison. We get put behind Irish bars and we’ll never see the light of day.” Opie threw out there.

This had everyone looking to one another in thought.

“Same goes for us on yer turf.” Keith tossed out there.

“Exactly. As to why we need to deal with this our own way. We can’t put you guys at risk. That’s not to say they won’t come after you soon.” Jax said.

“Aye. But we’ll be ready fur them.” Keith said with a wink Jax’s way.

Jax chuckled on this.

“Well by all means…” Jax replied with a smug grin.

The Sons froze however as they heard an all too chilling sound. One pop after another, followed by screams. This had each of them bolting on out of the room.

“Jesus…” Opie whispered as the bodies of the SAMBEL and SAMCRO’s prospects lay about the clubhouse.

Chibs and Jax ran outside as the girls were nowhere in sight.

“NOOO!” The Scot hollered as Ava, Kerrianne, and Micheala were tossed into a van.

He and Jax hopped onto their bikes and drove like bats out of hell in order to get to them. They were firing shots here and there, when they could, in order to take the van’s tires out. The rest of SAMCRO and a few SAMBEL members were right behind them.

Ava brought Michaela and Kerrianne into her arms protectively as they were huddled into a corner of the van. She was staring the men down, when one of them walked on over and got right in her face. He cupped her chin.

“Ye killed my son…”

Ava flinched as he ran his blade along her neck.

“Jimmy wants ye alive… But I’m not so sure I can keep that promise.”

The man tilted his head and glanced upon her stomach.

“Ye see I’m thinkin’ an eye for an eye. Ye took my son and now I’m gonna take yers.”

The man went to stab her when another gunshot sounded.

“NO!” Michaela shouted as the man had blood running out of his mouth now, but still had the knife in hand and he was about to fall forward, right on Ava.”

Michaela flung her legs out and hurled the man back towards the others. Ava looked to Kerrianne in shock as she was the one that fired the gun.

“You kept that on you?”

“Ye told me to…”

Ava smiled and kissed her forehead.

“Good girl.”

“SHIT!” Michaela hollered as something hit the van and it started to roll.

Ava grabbed ahold of Kerrianne and braced for impact but she couldn’t reach Michaela as she slid on out of reach.

“Michaela!” Ava shouted as one of the men landed on top of her but they ended up in a struggle as he had his gun in hand.

The van came to a stop and Ava looked to Kerrianne.

“I’m going to help her.”

“Anyone comes near you. Shot. I mean it.”

Kerrianne nodded.

Ava kicked the gun out of the man’s hold but was sent flying back as one of the other guys charged right for her. She let out a grunt as she was pressed up against the van doors. The doors opened however and Ava’s fall was broken by Chibs as he managed to catch her. Jax grabbed the man and shot him in the gut, multiple times. Chibs waved his daughter over and she crawled on out as the Sons gunned down any remaining men. The president checked his wife and daughter over then kissed their foreheads.

“Ye alright?”

They nodded but were still shaken up.

Jax carried Michaela out of the van but sat her down as she was unresponsive.

“Hey!” He called and Chibs rushed on over.

He narrowed his eyes and went on to check her head. Sure enough she had a good gash going along the back of her head.

“She’ll be fine, Jackie boy.” Chibs assured putting some pressure to it and checking her vitals.

“Easy…” Bobby murmured as he braced Ava against him.

“I just need to lie down…” She said turning pasty.

Bobby nodded and was quick to lay her on the ground. Chibs looked over with concern as he was helping Jax with Michaela.

“How ye doin’ over there, darlin’?”

She gave a thumbs up but shield her eyes with her arm as she focused on nice steady breaths.

“Ye wanna hand that gun over now, Keri? Yer-a makin’ me nervous.” Chibs called and Ava sort of laughed.

“She’s a natural already like her old man!” Ava stated and Chibs reared back on this.

Happy patted the teenage girl on the back but took the gun from her hold.

“Are ye admittin’ ta givin me girl a gun?!”

“I sure did!”

“And I thought ye were the more responsible one in this relationship!” Chibs called as Michaela finally came to.

“How ye feelin’, darlin’?” He asked and went on to check her pupils.

“Other than a splitting headache?”

Chibs smiled as he patted her cheek then handed her over to Jax. The rest of the Sons were quick to clean up the mess. One of the SAMBEL members pulled up in of their vehicles and Jax and Chibs got the girls squared away and they were taken back to the clubhouse.

“Cameron Hayes…” Chibs said whilst they were looking over the bodies.

Cameron was one of SAMCRO’s primary weapon contacts.

“A little sloppy fur the likes of Jimmy…” One of the SAMBEL members said and SAMCRO nodded in agreement.

“Let’s just get this shite cleaned up, before anyone takes notice.”

When the boys entered the clubhouse they checked over each of the prospects, but they left none alive. There were tears shed on both sides. Chibs sighed as he was closing the eyes of one of their own. They’d only brought a couple, so SAMBEL took most of the heat. He said a small prayer, crossed himself then went on to kiss that cross around his neck. He and Keith exchanged glances once they got the bodies situated. At first, he feared that SAMBEL would turn on them, out of grief. But Keith gave the Scot a mere nod as if to say, bring it. This had Chibs nodding in response.


Chibs turned to see his daughter poking her head out from one of the backrooms.

“I think Ava might need ye.” She said looking like she’d cry.

He nodded and headed that way. When he entered the room Ava was backed into a corner and hyperventilating. He rushed on over.

“What is it, ma ghoal?”

“I can’t feel the baby, haven’t since the van flipped over.”

It took everything within him not to panic himself. He looked to Kerrianne.

“Lock the door.”

She nodded and did as requested. From there, Chibs went on to lift Ava’s dress and checked for any signs of bleeding. He lowered her dress afterward.

“Yer good down there…” He hinted.

“Are ye crampin’?”


“Any pain in yer lower back?”

She shook her head no but continued in her struggle to breathe. Chibs took off his leather gloves then placed his hands along her abdomen.

“Look at me, lass. Breathe.” He showed her by example.

“There ye go…”

A good five minutes passed before he managed to smile. He took Ava’s hand then placed it onto her stomach.

“He’s there, stronger than ever.”

Ava closed her eyes and started to cry.

“Shhh… Yer alright love and so is he.”

Kerrianne began to cry as well and Chibs waved her over.

“He’s alright…” He reassured and hugged them both.

He looked to Kerrianne afterward.

“I gotta get back out there and help the boys. I need ye ta watch over her and the wee one…”

Kerrianne nodded and Chibs pointed to Ava.

“Yer not ta get up. I mean it. If ye need something, ye just let Keri know.”

“I’m sorry. I just had a freak out moment.”

“Aye now… That’s understandable. But I want ye ta take it easy. Just stay put, until I come and get ye.”

Ava nodded and Chibs’s heart skipped a beat as Kerrianne went on to place Ava’s head in her lap. He said nothing on it and kissed their foreheads on the way out.

“I’m sorry…” Ava opened her eyes on this.

“Sorry?” She asked in bewilderment.

“For what I said about you and da…”

Ava sort of laughed.

“Oh Keri, I’d have said the same thing in your position. I know what it looks like, but that’s the furthest thing from the truth. Your father follows his heart and not his… well you know…”

“Dick?” Kerrianne said with a blush and this had Ava blushing as well.

“Yeah that. So… 13, huh…?”

Kerrianne nodded and Ava drew back a breath.

“Well… this will certainly be interesting, if nothing else.”


“Well… We have a lot in common if you think about it. My mother and I didn’t have the greatest relationship either, the both of us have faked our deaths, and have walked through the gates of hell and back, in order to get where we are now. I’d like to say it gets easier from here, but it doesn’t. You get stronger and learn to adapt. The only thing I can say… is at least you got us to back you up now and family is everything, when I say family that means SAMCRO as well. You’ll see what I’m talking about when we get to Charming. That makes everything a little more bearable.

“I remember when da was part of SAMBEL…”


Kerrianne nodded.

“It was like that until Jimmy came inta the picture.”

“Yes well, it seems as if Jimmy disrupts everything he touches. Where is Benny by the way?”

“Trinity took him in. Said she’d bring him back before we leave.”



“Did I kill Cameron?”


“That was the man that tried ta kill yer baby…”

Ava rose on this.

“You mean you knew those guys?”

Kerrianne nodded yet again.

“Did you tell your dad?”

“No but he knows them too. I think…

“Keri, he mentioned something about me killing his son.”

“Yeah, he was one of the ones workin’ fur Jimmy, Edmond Hayes.”

“So the younger guard…?”


Ava came to her feet and leaned against the wall for a moment.

“Whether you killed Cameron or not, it was in self-defense. If it wasn’t for you, Lil Jackie would be no more. Got it?”

Kerrianne nodded but had that doubtful look in her eyes. Ava bent down and cupped her chin.

“Look, talk to your father and see what he says. But I’m pretty sure he’s going to agree with me on this one. If anything… he’ll probably give you a big hug and thank you for saying your little brother’s life. In fact…” Ava went on to hug her.

“Thank you.”

The teenage girl managed to smile and Ava used the wall to brace herself but was heading for the door.

“Da said ta stay put!” Kerrianne scolded.

“I know but he needs to know the connection between Cameron and Edmond. I don’t think Jimmy had anything to do with this…”

“Then I’ll tell him. Ye need ta rest like da said.”

Ava sighed but sort of laughed.


Chibs nodded once his daughter told him about Edmond.

“So this was Cameron’s doin’?”

“Ava thinks so.”

“Makes sense.”

The Scot cleared his throat however and led his daughter back into the clubhouse. He seated her at the bar then handed a bottle of water over.

“Ava doin’ alright?”

“Yeah. I think she’s just really tired.”

“I imagine so…” He uttered as he thought back to everything Jimmy had her doing.

“How boot ye? Ye doin’ alright?”


“Keri, I’m not just talkin’ about Cameron and his boys, or Jimmy even. I’m askin’ if yer doin’ alright…”

“Ye mean because of ma?”

He nodded.

“Ye wanna know how she died…?” Keri practically whispered.

Chibs drew back a breath on this.

“We don’t hafta talk about that right now, not until yer ready. But I’m here whenever ye are.”

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  1. Ah man…A lot of action going on in this update and I loved it. Poor Ava, Kerrianne and Michaela got caught again including Michaela this time, but thank God she had that gun or that guy would have killed her baby…shooo…a lot of excitment…great update hon, thanks, can’t wait to read more…until next time…bigg huggs. Peggy

  2. I was confused all to hell thinking I missed a chapter until I reread the last little bit of chapter 27 then kept reading chapter 28 it took me a minute to figure out you skipped the trip to Ireland for the boys. It was a awesome chapter please update when you can.

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