Chapter 3 Old Lady?

Chapter 3

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“Chibs…” Ava whispered with a giggle.

“Aye now… I wanna see.” He said as he went to pry the covers off her.

She wrapped them around her and rolled about the bed looking like a human burrito. Chibs folded his arms about his chest.

“Are you pouting?!” Ava teased as she made her way off the bed.

“Yer a fuckin’ minx. Is what ye are.”

“And you’re totally pouting!”

He shook his head and grabbed a cigarette of the nightstand. He sighed as she headed into the bathroom and shut the door behind her. Before long he heard the shower going. Just as he was to light that cigarette he heard… “Well… Are you joining me, or not?!” Chibs threw that cigarette onto the nightstand. He couldn’t get out of that bed fast enough. Ava laughed as he nearly tripped along the way.

“Easy there ye drunkard…” She mocked but was quick let out a gasp as he smacked her on the rear.

“Watch yerself, darlin’…” he warned afterward.

“I’d rather watch you…”

“Is that so?”

She nodded and her entire body heated over as she could feel him breathing against her neck.

“And what is it ye’d like ta watch me do?” He questioned in that seductive purr.

He kissed along her neck and ran his hands in places he’d only dreamed of touching.

“Ye’ll be the death of me…” He murmured once he got a good look at her.

“But I can’t think of a better way ta go.”

He couldn’t get over how unbelievably sexy she was. Chibs was a man known for liking nice big breasts. But there was just something about Ava’s. She was somewhere between a b and c cup. They were nice and perky and he found himself wishing he could suck on them for hours on end. Her milky white skin and pink nipples only added to the sex appeal. Everything about her was perfection and she had everything he never knew he needed or wanted for that matter. She was so opposite of the usual tail he chased. He found it rather refreshing.

Ava smiled and turned so that she was facing him. But that smile soon turned into a look of utter surprise. Chibs had this offbeat deer caught in headlights look about him. She ran her finger along the unacquainted tattoo. He’d damn near forgotten about that one. He was drunk and it was just a couple days after leaving her behind.

“When’d you… I mean that wasn’t there before…” She said, stumbling on her words.

It was a crow and swan yin yang tattoo. It was done in tribal/Celtic design and right along the front of his shoulder just a few inches above his daughter’s name.

“Aye. Ye weren’t supposed ta see that…”

“And how did you plan on hiding that one?!”

“More like I didn’t plan on seein’ ye again.”

“You mean you got this… before?”

“Before ye came ta Charming but after Forks.”

Something about that had a knot forming within the back of her throat. She would’ve never expected that, not out of Chibs.

“You must’ve been reaaaally drunk.”

“Aye…,” he admitted with a nod.

“I done told ye… Ye had me from the beginnin’…”

Ava smiled and kissed the tattoo.

“That would’ve been really awkward if you had met someone else…”she teased.
Chibs nodded but had this serious vibe about him.

“Nah… just a lonely road of Crow Eaters, Ava darlin’… That’s what I was tryin’ ta tell ye, when ye accused me of movin’ on.”

Ava wrapped her arms around his neck and brushed her lips against his.

“And someone’s been working out…” She whispered taking notice of how he’d slimmed down a little and was more muscled then he had been in Forks. He wouldn’t dare admit it but that was largely due to her. He knew she’d be disappointed if he went back to his drunken ways; so he did his best to keep himself distracted, in other ways. Such as the club and working out. Not that he didn’t have his shitfaced days but it was nowhere near like it was when she’d first met him. She was his road back to recovery and certainly beat any rehab treatment out there.

He could practically taste the sweet nectar coming from her lips. It was just enough to give him that heady feeling. “That tender?” He murmured as he slipped a finger into her pussy.

She shook her head no.

“Are ye sure?” He asked as he slipped another one in and was pumping them back and forth.

“Chibs, it’s going to hurt, no matter. But it feels good… having you inside me.” And she truly meant it. She’d longed for this just as much as he did. Through the pain came the pleasure. And for reasons she could never explain he made her feel safe, even when it hurt.

Chibs found himself taken back.

“Is that what you want, Ava? Do ye want me inside ye?” He murmured in that seductive tenor of his.

He hoped to get her riled up enough that didn’t hurt near as much. She nodded and Chibs removed his fingers. He hiked up one of her legs and got her positioned up against the corner. Once he was inside he leaned into her ear…”Does my sweet Bella Swan need a good fuckin’?” He knew he was breaking his own rules with that one. But he couldn’t help himself. He had to say it even if it was just the one time. He’d longed for her for so long… And that was the one name that came to mind, no matter how much pussy he had during those two to three years apart. She was always in the back of his mind.

But it was her reaction that threw him for a loop. He hadn’t so much as thrusted, yet this girl just flooded his cock. He hadn’t known that was even possible. This was only her second time! From his understanding the second time was usually rougher around than the first.

“Chibs…” She pleaded and was arching back against the shower wall.

He’d never seen anything so breathtaking. She was in another world at the moment. Her eyes were closed and she was biting down on that lower lip. Something she used to do during their old make out sessions. Chibs gave into her cry and began to thrust. And try as he might he couldn’t help but to go a little harder than the first time round. She had him too far gone. There were a few painful cries here and there but there was much more moaning. He took that as a good sign and kept going. She locked her arms around his neck and was clinging on for dear life as he amped up the pace. He couldn’t believe how tight and fucking wet she was. He could feel her breathing against his ear when she whispered… “Do you have any idea just how much I wanted this?”

Chibs gritted his teeth and he got a firmer grip on those perfect hips of hers.

“…fuck…” he grunted and went off like that of a geyser.

When he pulled out Ava was chewing on that bottom lip but with this sly little grin. Chibs shook his head and kissed her.

“Ye haven’t a clue what’s ahead of ye now, mo ghaol… Not one.”

When Chibs and Ava exited the room that morning, Jax let out a congratulating whistle. This was followed by Opie, Piney, Half-Sack, and Cherry clapping. Ava giggled but hid her face behind Chibs’s cut. He chuckled and went on to flip them off.

“On with ye! Whit’s fur ye’ll no go by ye!” (What’s meant to happen will happen)

Clay made no comment and exited the clubhouse. Chibs seated her at the bar and went on to find them something to eat. Ava looked over however as the doc had entered the clubhouse with Abel. She was looking awfully pissed and Jax had this look of downright misery. When she made her way over to Jax, they looked to be arguing about something. She handed Abel off and was walking back towards the club doors. Ava hopped down as a bottle rolled out from one of the bags Tara was carrying. She picked it up and handed over. But when she did this the doc cut her an odd look.

“How’d you get that?” She asked and Ava sort of shrugged.

“Long story…”

Tara leaned into her ear.

“Get out while you can…”

This had Ava rearing back.

“I’m sorry?”

“I’m guessing that happened because of them? And let me guess they had something to do with you getting shot as well? Don’t end up like me. First chance you get… leave and don’t ever look back.”

Ava wasn’t sure how to even respond to this. And the nerve of this woman… How dare she make assumptions like that?! Granted it was half true but it wasn’t the entire MC’s fault or doing for that matter, that was all Clay. And the club hadn’t anything to do with her getting shot. Ava looked towards Jax and Abel then back to Tara.

“But you and Jax… I mean… What about your son?”

The doc appeared to be somewhat offended.

“Do I look like a junkie mother to you?”

Ava let out this uncomfortable laugh. But took notice of that guilt-ridden look on the doc’s face. Like she regretted she’d said that.

“Um okay… Look, I wasn’t meaning to offend. I thought you were Jax’s old lady and that Abel was yours.”

The woman pulled a certain face on this but didn’t comment. In fact she sent Jax a rather hateful glare and headed on out.

“Jesus, talk about a 180…” Ava muttered under her breath.

She could’ve sworn that she’d seen Jax and Tara kissing and hugging from time to time. And since she had Abel with her off and on she assumed that was her son. And even at that… why be offend? Ava made her way back to the bar and Chibs took notice of the offbeat look on her face.

“Everythin’ alright?”

She nodded but that puzzled look remained.

“I thought the doctor was Jax’s old lady?” She whispered.

Chibs looked towards Jax and nodded.
“Aye, that she is.”

But…” Ava glanced towards the club doors once again and sort of laughed.

“Okay… So she’s Jax’s old lady but she isn’t Abel’s mother, correct?”


“If she’s Jax’s old lady then why is she more or less dissing the club and acting as if she wants out.”

But the moment this left her lips, Ava slapped a hand over her mouth. Chibs stopped what he was doing and regarded Ava in a stupor.

“What’d she say, lass?”

Ava frowned.

“I feel like I’m ratting her out or something, Chibs. This isn’t right.”

Chibs sort of laughed but nodded in perfect understanding.

“It’s not our business ta get inta theirs. Yer right on that. If she and Jackie boy are havin’ issues, that’s between them.”

Chibs walked on over and offered Ava his hand.

“Let’s go.”
“Where are we going?”

“Ta get us somethin’ ta eat. And ye need ta get out from behind these walls for a bit.”

She took his hand and he led her on outside and to his bike. Chibs handed her a helmet and they got on the bike.

“What are ye in the mood for?”


He chuckled as this was something they made often back at the shop in Forks. He’d a little apartment connected to it and it had a very small kitchen. He hadn’t much to work with but he made do.

“Well if it’s pancakes ye want then it’s pancakes ye’ll get.”

Ava laughed and wrapped her arms around his waist. Once the bike roared to life she rested her head against him. This was something she missed, greatly. She would never forget the time she ran into him in Port Angeles and he offered her a ride. Without even thinking on it she went. Jessica damn near had a runaway. Then again, she had every right considering Chibs had taken her out to eat and to a movie. It was nearly three hours before they got back. That put a damper on their friendship. Then again… She never really liked Jessica to begin with and she hadn’t any doubt the feeling was mutual. Jessica was incredibly high on herself and saw the world through completely different point of view. Meaning that everything was usually about HER. So yeah… Ava aka Bella took one selfish moment out of their friendship and that pretty much destroyed it.

It wasn’t long before Chibs pulled into the parking lot of a café. He laughed amongst himself as the sheriff and his deputy parked right beside him. Chibs climbed on off the bike and helped Ava down.

“Telford…” The sheriff said in greeting.
“How’s it goin’ Unser?”

“Can’t complain. How bout yourself?”

Chibs couldn’t help but to notice the deputy giving his girl the once over.


Chibs had hoped to avoid this but knew he couldn’t keep Ava hidden forever. And as much as he hated the idea, he had to get her out more to test out this theory – on whether she was in danger or not.

“Ava, this is Sheriff Unser and Deputy Hale.”

Ava smiled as the sheriff offered his hand.

“Ava Fey…”

“Must be new to Charming…”
“Aye, she is.”

The sheriff nodded.

“Not the wisest decision…” The deputy uttered in a scoffing like manner and the sheriff rolled his eyes.

“Pardon?” Ava questioned wondering where this was going.

“Hanging out with the wrong crowd… It doesn’t leave the greatest impression to newbies.”

Ava sort of laughed and nodded.

“Neither does judging someone you hardly know, Deputy Hale.”

The sheriff smiled on this.

“I’m afraid she’s got you there.”

The deputy sighed and shook his head.

“So where are you from?” He went on to ask.

“Ireland.” She said remembering Chibs’s instructions.

She nodded and wrapped her arms around Chibs’s arm, rather affectionately.

“Is this the cousin you had mentioned?!” The sheriff asked.

It took everything within Ava not to react.

“Aye… But it turns out we’re not of blood after all. A bit of a relief… if ye ask me.” Chibs uttered then went on to pop her on the ass.

The deputy and sheriff reared back sharing the same look of absolute shock. Chibs sent them a taunting wink then headed into the café. Once they were seated, Ava looked to Chibs and started to laugh.

“I can’t believe you did that!”

Chibs wiggled his brows and went on to look at the menu.
“Ye gotta learn when ta walk away. That was just their way of drillin’ ye. Don’t let em. Just say yer hellos and go aboot yer way.”

“Aye, Aye…” She mocked, teasingly.

She found it somewhat amusing when he’d slip into that full on Scottish-Irish tongue.

“Watch it… I’ll take ye over this table.”

Ava lowered her menu.


Chibs lowered his in response. He cleared his throat then came to a stand. He walked around the booth and slid on in beside her; then went on to wrap his arm around her shoulder. The pervy Scot leaned into her ear…

“Ye just say the word and I’ll take them tight pants of yers down past yer ankles and have me somethin’ else for breakfast.”

Her entire body heated over and her cheeks were rosy red. Chibs ran a hand up along her thigh. The clearing of the waitress’s throat interrupted his teasing. The waitress smacked that gum of hers and was shooting Ava daggers. Then again, this was a waitress known for flirting with the entire MC, mainly Chibs Telford. She wasn’t exactly thrilled to see his hands all over someone else, much less a woman half her age.

“The usual, baby?”

Chibs nodded.

“And what about you?”

Ava gave the waitress her order and the waitress was quick to scribble it down and walk away. Chibs leaned back over and kissed her. But it wasn’t just any kiss. It was a little preview of what was to come the day he went down on her. He chuckled as he ran his hand along the area of her sex and she bucked off the seat a bit.

“Oh Ava darlin’, yer too much fun.”

Ava blushed and punched him in the arm. Wrong as it was Chibs couldn’t help but to find it a major turn on, corrupting a virgin that is. There was so much he wanted to teach her and he was so very curious as to her reactions. But he also felt a since of pride in being her first and if anything that only made him twice as protective of her. Though there was no denying the age gap, her lack of experience, and the way he lived his life in general had him a bit on edge. As to why he wasn’t sure how long this would last. But he couldn’t think about that now, it’d eat him alive if he did. All he could do was let it play out… one day at a time. Ava rested her head against his shoulder and looked out the window as they waited for their food.

“She was telling me to get out while I can…”

Chibs narrowed his eyes on this.

“Who was?”

“Tara… ” Ava replied with a sigh.

This had the man rearing back in wonder.

“She didn’t go off and say it Chibs but she made it sound like that’s what SHE wants. Only she was using me as an example. Like it was some sort of trippy reverse psychology, or something.”

“I hope not… For Jackie’s sake. He’s head over heels fur that one and has been fur years.”

Ava frowned on this.

“Maybe she was just having a bad day.”
Chibs nodded.

“Then again she also thinks I got shot because of you guys and my bruised up face didn’t help matters. She didn’t give me time to explain.”

“Bein’ an old lady… it has it’s tryin’ moments. An’ us Crows seem ta forget that. We’re too focused on what we’re dealin’ with ta even think about the other side of the fence.”

The waitress brought their food out and Chibs’s cellphone sounded. He narrowed his eyes in question as it was a video text.

“I’ll be right back.”

Ava nodded as he headed outside where he could keep an eye on her, but would have his privacy. Not that he was hiding anything from her but if it was club business he didn’t need ‘wandering’ eyes. The number was blocked, but it read ‘proof’ above the video. Chibs looked around making certain he hadn’t any eyes or ears. Once he knew the coast was clear, he hit play. He tilted his head as all he could make out were legs and what to be a parking lot. There was a hotel in the background. An all too familiar voice had his fullest attention. It wasn’t long before he realized what he was watching. He could hear everything that took place but he had trouble making it out from a visual standpoint. He made out the part where Tig had Ava and she kicked him. Chibs staggered back as he could make out her face for a brief moment when she grabbed the gun. From there all he could make out was legs again and he could hear Clay and Ava arguing back and forth, while Clay was letting Half-Sack have it. After the video fully played he watched it a couple more times.

Ava cut him a look of concern through the window. He sent her a simple wink but his heart felt like it’d give out on him. He hadn’t a clue things had gottenTHAT bad. He even picked up the part where he’d called to check in. Chibs could hear the fear within her voice but he was proud of her. She not only stood up for herself, but she was smart in how she handled the situation. Sending him that message and the warning that followed… Thus meaning if she and Half-Sack hadn’t returned the others would know why and who to hold responsible. He saved the video knowing this was something Jax and Opie needed to see as well. The more he thought on everything and what he’d witnessed; the more he saw things in a whole new light. It took some BIG fucking balls what she did. And he hadn’t any doubt that she had what it took. He found himself wondering who recorded this in the first place.

“Food’s cold…” Ava said once he made his way back.

He said nothing as he pecked her on the cheek. Then he put his forehead to hers for a brief moment before taking his seat. After taking a few bites he chased it down with the ice cold coffee. He cleared his throat afterward.

He looked over as he was wiping his mouth with a napkin.

“Is something wrong?”

“Everything’s just fine.”

“Two way street, you know.”
This had him regarding her in question.

“Meaning you can talk to me. I might not be much help, but I’m here all the same.”

“Just ye bein’ here is all I need, Ava.”

Chibs leaned back and retrieved a cigarette and zippo from his cut.

“Did ye get full?” He asked after taking a drag.
“Ye ready ta go?”

“But you hardly touched yours.”

Chibs had lost his appetite after seeing that video. And the more it replayed in that head of his… The more his stomach clenched up and he felt damn near nauseas.

“Not as hungry as I thought.” He answered with a shrug.

Chibs parked outside a small house in a quiet little neighborhood. Ava looked to him in question as he took her hand and led her inside. The moment he opened the door the smell hit. Cigarettes and beer… And when they stepped inside it got even worse. There were ash trays damn near everywhere and each of them was full. There were empty beer bottles and a few bottles of liquor here and there. The smell reminded Ava of the clubhouse the night she came looking for him. Chibs headed for the hallway closet and returned with a shoebox. He used his arm to swipe some of the beer bottles into a nearby waste basket and sat the shoebox down.

“I want ye ta go and pick one out.”
“Pick one out?”

He nodded and went on to pick up a bit.

“Wait… is this YOUR place?”

He nodded once again and continued in cleaning up.

“Talk about a fucking bachelor pad. Jesus Chibs, would it kill you to clean up?!”

This had the man stopping in his tracks. He walked on over and handed Ava the trash bag. What he wasn’t telling her was that this was all Juice’s mess. He needed a place to stay and Chibs had offered him his home. As of late Chibs spent more of his time at the clubhouse anyhow.

“Why don’t ye do it for me?”
Funny.” She said and went to hand it back.

“Aren’t old ladies supposed ta help with the house?”

“Not this one. And can you even define this as an actual house?”

Chibs got this certain smirk about him.

“What?” She questioned not comprehending the little trap he’d set up.

Oh nothin’…” He said with a shrug.

“Then what’s with the cocky grin?”

Chibs leaned against the counter and crossed his arms about his chest. She tossed the trash bag at his feet and went on to open the box. She picked up one of the guns and took notice of how the serial number was scratched out. In fact every one of them was done this way. Ava put the guns back into the box and shut the lid after.

“You want me to carry?”

He nodded.

“Chibs…” She uttered as she placed her hands about the table and leaned over it.

“Ye do realize what ye just admitted ta?”

She cut him a puzzled look. Chibs sighed and made his way over. He opened the box and took out one of his personal favorites. He showed her that it was loaded and ready to go.

“Chibs…” She murmured looking ill.

Chibs lifted her onto the table and cupped her chin.

“Ava, ye were already in trouble before ye even came ta Charming. And what ye just agreed ta… only upped the stakes. You want ta be my old lady, then ye gotta carry. That’s how this works. Ye asked two things of me and in return, I’d like ye ta do the same. I don’t want ta come home and find out somethin’ happen ta ye. I can’t and I won’t lose ye, Ava darlin’. Do we have an understandin’?”

She nodded.

“When in doubt… shoot first, ask questions later. Ye get yourself in a pickle then ye had better call me. Ye can’t get ahold of me for whatever reason, leave a message. Somethin’ simple that lets me know it’s urgent and along the lines of where ta find ye.”

Chibs lowered his hand then placed the gun into hers. He headed on out of the room but returned with a couple holsters – one for her ankle and the other for her waist. He showed her how to go about it putting them on and everything else she needed to know. Then he went on to reveal how they would be perfectly concealed under her clothes, depending on what she wore. As to his reason for giving her two options, just in case. Chibs walked her through everything he could think of. Such as the possibility of dealing with the law when carrying etc… In some ways he felt as though he were dealing with one of the prospects. But he needed Ava prepared for whatever might come her way. He hadn’t any doubt that after dealing with vampires, shifters, getting shot, escaping a fire, and dealing with Clay’s sorry ass that she could take on anything. That’s what he meant by someone keeping up with HER. All that video did was confirm it. That one line though… I’m gonna blow some dicks and not in the way you’re hoping. It kept running through his mind and he found himself grinning.


He said nothing as he grabbed a fistful of her hair and feverishly kissed her. He wanted nothing more than to rip those clothes of hers off and fuck the ever living daylights out of her. But he knew she needed time to heal after their little rendezvous this morning. Still, he’d spent three years wishing he was balls deep in that pussy. And now that he finally had a taste, he couldn’t get enough. She had him feeling like a teenage boy. Crow Eaters, Jessikas, Sweetbutts, what have you… There was just no comparison. And he’d never say it… but even his wife hadn’t this much effect on him. There was just something about this particular girl. He had an entire year with her and even though sex was always on the back of his mind… That’s how he knew the difference. He knew he wasn’t getting laid, yet he still desired her company. Just seeing her smile or hearing her laugh was the highlight of his day. Now that he finally had what he always wanted… He meant it when he said he wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize it. Sure, he’d slept around during his marriage to Fiona. But that wasn’t until he found out she was perfectly happy with fucking Jimmy O’. At that point he didn’t care who he fucked. But this time was different and he could feel it within every beat of his heart. Ava was the one. Maybe that drunken mess of a tattoo wasn’t such a big mistake after all…

Chibs shook his head and sighed with slight annoyance.

“Ye gotta keep it steady, Ava darlin’.”
“I am!” She shouted and fired again.

“Hold on!”

She lowered her gun and Chibs walked on over. He aimed his gun at the bottles he’d set up and managed to get all six in one go.

“Show off…” Ava bitterly muttered.

Chibs chuckled and went on to set up again.

“Oh come on! I can’t hit shit! I suck at this!”

“Yeah ye do!”

She frowned and he sent her a playful wink.

“Yer thinkin’ ta much. And yer- a shakin’ all over.”

Chibs narrowed his eyes wondering what had her so nervous. He walked back over and got her situated, yet again.

“Alright first thing’s first. Chill.”

“You chill!”

He lowered those shades of his and cut her a ‘look’.

“Oh you meant like… Chill as in…”
“Yeah…” He uttered and pushed his shades back up.

She drew back a breath and handed the gun over.

“Look, just give me a minute. Please.”

He nodded but looked over with concern. She paced the area and still those hands of hers were shaking.

“Ava… if ye want we can try anoth…”

He reared back as she darted over to one of the trees and upchucked. He was quick to put the gun down and hurried on over.


Ava swung her fist at the tree and let out this painful cry directly after. Chibs grimaced as she dropped to her knees and wrapped her arms around her stomach.

“Ava…” he softly called as he hunkered down.

He reached over and lifted her chin with his fingers. Her face was beet red and tears were streaming on down her face.


Chibs took his shades off and tossed them towards his bike. Ava pulled at her hair and Chibs grabbed ahold of her. When she went to pry out of his hold, he wouldn’t allow it. This right here was what he’d been waiting for. She needed this. It was time to let it all out.

“CHIBS!” she cried with a crack in her voice.

“Ye can fight all ye want, but I’m not lettin’ ye go. Get it out, Ava darlin’… If you don’t it’ll eat ye alive.”

Ava locked her arms around him and let out a gasp. Chibs shed a few tears of his own as she cried uncontrollably. He rocked her in his hold and kissed the top of her head, repeatedly. He couldn’t stand it… seeing her like this. This girl was never one to cry. He counted twice during that year they had together. The first having to do with that Edward kid. The other was when her mother died.

But even those two occasions hadn’t hit like this. He knew Ava thought the world of her father even when he pissed her off. And that was also the last of her family. The girl hadn’t anyone else. As of now… All she had was him. And outside the club, she was all he had. He too had lost everyone he ever cared about. If it hadn’t been for the club and his brothers, he’d have lost his fuckin’ mind a long time ago.

“I can’t get rid of this anger… Every time I think I’m doing okay, that I finally got this. It creeps up on me and it scares the shit out of me because I haven’t a clue where to put it!”

Chibs regarded the gun and those bottles once again. He nodded amongst himself. The man dropped his hold and came to his feet. This was the ‘Son’ offering his hand now. She cut him an odd glance but took it and he helped Ava to her feet. His eyes locked with hers and he jabbed his finger up against the area of her heart.

“Ye just take that anger with ye and go shoot those fuckin’ bottles.”



The girl cut him a look of absolute hell. He gave a simple nod and stared her down in return. With gritted teeth she marched back over and grabbed that gun. She aimed it towards those bottles and fired. Chibs nodded as her hand was finally steady and she unloaded an entire clip. She managed to get all but one. Ava reloaded the gun and took out the last bottle. She put the gun down and rested her hands along the table he’d set up.

“That right there. That’s yer focus point. So ye just keep that in mind. That way ye have it whenever ye need it.”

She didn’t comment as she set up another round. Chibs observed in silence but was dead on. That anger was what it took. Each bullet seemed to put her more and more at ease. It was an outlet of sorts. Hell, he was half tempted to put himself in that ring back at the clubhouse and let her truly get it out. But he knew there would be no convincing her. Maybe if he put Clay in there she’d take him up on that offer. He truly wished he could give her that. Just a dummy to beat the ever living shit out of. He’d think of something…

“I said wrench, Jackie boy!”

He was handed a Philips screwdriver in place of the tire pressure gauge he was previously given.

“What in the hell are ye doin’…” Chibs trailed off as he rolled out from under the truck he was working on.

“Something wrong?” Ava taunted.

Chibs shook his head and chuckled.
“I should’ve known it was ye. Ye pain in the arse. Now can ye hand me the damn wrench?”
Ava picked up the wrench and waved it about.
“You mean this?”

Chibs nodded and held his hand out.

“I would… But you know… I’m not really feeling it.”

She placed the wrench back down and started on out of the garage. Chibs let out a bit of a growl as he came to his feet. He darted on out of the garage and caught up to her. Ava let out a bit of a yelp as he flipped her over his shoulder and popped her on the rear. She covered her mouth in a fit of laughter. He headed back into the garage and over towards the shelf where the wrench was.

“Pick it up.”

Ava sighed and picked up the wrench. Chibs went on to lay her down on the mechanic creeper. He gave it a slight push with his boot.

“Get ta work…” He said as he grabbed a towel and used it to wipe the oil off his hands.

“But these are my new pants. I’ve only worn them once.”

He shook his head and pushed her all the way under.

“What’s it need?”

“Take a look and ye tell me.”

She grew quiet and stayed that way for the next 10 minutes or so.

When she rolled back out she had the old oil filter in hand. And she handed over the pan she used.

“That’s my girl.”

She smiled as this was something he’d taught her. In fact, he taught her quite a few things about mechanics in general, but mostly motorcycles. She hadn’t a lot of knowledge otherwise. But she could do the basics, such as changing a tire, the oil, etc…

“Gemma won’t be too happy.” Ava said once she looked to her pants.

Chibs helped Ava to her feet.

“Somethin’ tells me she’s got other things ta worry about.”

Ava recoiled in thought and Chibs sighed feeling like a complete dick for even bringing that shit up.

“Ava darlin’…”

“Don’t. Seriously, I’m fine.”

He nodded and wrapped his arms around her waist. The two were in a heated kiss when they were interrupted by the clearing of a throat.

“What’s she doing in here?”

Chibs looked over and shook his head.

“Entertaining me…” He expressed in a mocking manner and went back to kissing her.

“The rules are the same for everyone…” Clay reminded.

Chibs put his forehead to Ava’s and sort of laughed.

“He’ll check in with you later, sister.”

Chibs cut Ava an apologetic look. But unfortunately it was one of the rules. Even Gemma wasn’t allowed behind these walls. She gave his hand a slight squeeze but she looked to Clay on the way out.

“Not your sister. Not your anything.” She whispered, triggering an eye roll.

She walked right past Tig on the way back to the clubhouse. He had called to her but she ignored this and kept walking.

“Hey…,” he called in a pleading like manner.

When she kept walking he sighed and pivoted back around. He followed her into the clubhouse and was calling to her every now and then. Still… she kept on trucking. When he finally caught up to her he made the mistake of grabbing her by the arm. Ava responded by jerking out of his hold and shoving him up against the wall.


Tig raised his hands and stayed put.

“Easy… Damn. I was just going to apologize, that’s all.”

“Apologize?! Apologize for what exactly? For acting as if you can have your way with me? Or for merely observing when Clay tried it?!”

Tig winced back and Ava nodded.

“That’s right, I noticed. You and Bobby… You just sat there like it was a-okay. You would’ve let him if hadn’t been for Cherry and Half-Sack. So go on… Tell me, just how fucking sorry you are. And it shouldn’t be me you’re apologizing to, it should be Chibs. He’s your brother, you dishonorable piece of shit.”

She jumped however as someone grabbed ahold of her and was dragging her into the backroom. It wasn’t until they were behind closed doors that she realized who it was.

“Jesus fucking Christ, Jax!” She put a hand over the area of her heart.

“Look, I’m sorry okay. Just don’t take this out on Chibs. It’s my fault. I…” Jax cocked a brow and covered her mouth.

“You think that’s what I brought you back here for? To let you have it?”

Ava cut him a puzzled glance.

“Well you practically kidnapped me…” she muttered against his palm.

Jax sighed and dropped his hand.

“That was just for show…”


“Meaning Tig and any other MC member keeping tabs on you.”


“I can’t go into detail. But you need to watch your back darlin’. But more than anything I need you to trust me. So if I happen to go off on you or something along those lines. It’s because I’m testing something and want to get a certain point across.”

“Is Chibs aware of this?”

“No. But he will be.”

“That might be wise…”

Jax chuckled on this. He took a cigarette from his cut and popped it into his mouth. He sat on the bed and patted the area beside him. Ava walked on over and joined him.

“So here’s the deal…” He murmured as he lit that cigarette and took a drag.

“I’m gonna need the play by play of that night…”
Ava shook her head and sort of laughed.

“Are you sure about that?”

Jax narrowed his eyes and she came to her feet and paced the area before him.

“Jax, he’s your family. I doubt you want to hear this.”

He nodded and looked to be in thought.

“Ava, this entire MC is my family. And the way I see it, so are you.”

Ava swallowed back on this and Jax smiled.

“I’m glad you’re here,Bella. I know we’re not to refer to you as such but it’s just the one time, I promise. You know it’s crazy. Cause you’re sitting here and I’ve only known you for a few days. Yet it feels like a lifetime. I’ve never seen him like this… Whatever you did, thank you. It brought our brother back.” Jax drew back a breath and shook his head in memory.

“He was a mess when he left. And I was expecting that call any day. But instead he calls me and starts telling me about this small town girl he ran into.” Jax sort of laughed.

“I couldn’t believe the fucking difference. He was the Chibs I knew when he first joined us Sons, only with more oomph.”

Ava hadn’t a clue what to say to that.

“Just do me a favor and don’t rip his heart out. He deserves a good ending this time round…”

Ava winced upon the hint Jax was giving.

“I’m not Fiona…”

Jax nodded.

“Good. That’s the last thing he needs. Now back to that play by play…”

The young woman walked on over and took a drag off his cigarette. She wasn’t much of a smoker, but she had a few with Chibs from time to time. It started off as a dare but every now and then she’d have one, mainly on her shittiest of days. She handed it back and went on to tell Jax what all took place that day. She started with Clay having her ride with him and so on. He kept silent until the very end… That’s when he got this apologetic look about him.

“Mom…” He called out and Ava staggered back as Gemma exited the bathroom.

Ava regarded the VP in absolute disbelief.

“The whole time…,” she hissed and he flinched.

“I had my reasons…”

Gemma walked on over and Ava recoiled as the older woman cupped her chin. She went on to examine her face. She said nothing as she kissed Ava’s forehead and headed on out the door.


Jax sighed.


“I did what had to be done.”
“Oh, did you now?”

“That son of a bitch is married to my mother, Ava. I needed her to know the truth. It wasn’t my intention to make you feel that way. And for that, I’m sorry. But my word still stands.”

Something else occurred to Ava and she regarded Jax in alarm.

“Jax, Chibs is in that garage right now!”

He gathered the hint and was quick to take off. Ava started that way as well only to have Opie blocking her path.

“Let Jax handle this one. You and I will have a drink.”

“Opie…” She whined as he seated her down at the bar.

“You want a beer or…”

“Hell, make that the strongest shit you got…”

Opie chuckled in response.

“You got it…”

“AHH SHITE!” Chibs hollered as Gemma stormed on into the garage, gun in hand.

He was quick to back up and out of the way as she was heading right for Clay.

“MOM!” Jax shouted from behind as the gun went off and barely missed Clay.

The Prez jumped back and looked to his wife in shock. Gemma tossed her cellphone over.

Whoever sent that video to Chibs had sent one to Gemma as well. So she had double the proof after hearing what Ava had to say. Clay grimaced once he saw what it was. Gemma regarded him with unreserved hatred.

“Gemma… Baby… Just hear me out.”

Chibs rolled his eyes in response. Kissing her ass wasn’t going to help the situation any. If Chibs pulled that shit with Ava she’d blow his fucking dick off. On that he hadn’t any doubt.

“Oh I believe I’ve ‘heard’ plenty.”

“Mom…” Jax softly whispered as he reached over and lowered the gun.

“He isn’t worth it.”

The woman struggled to keep her shit together.

“After everything… EVERYTHING!”

“I was drunk… And it’s not like you and I have been going at it…”

Gemma grimaced. She’d just hit menopause and their sex life had hit a bit of a roadblock. Still, that was no excuse. It wasn’t just about him fucking other women. It was the way he went about it. Gemma thought back to the bruises on that young girl’s face and sneered upon him.

“So that gives you every right. Is that what you’re saying?”
“Of course not!”

Clay pinched the bridge of his nose.

“You know how these girls are, Gem. They’re little teases and…”
“Aye now… Don’t ye go and try to lie yer way out of this one. Ava never came on ta ye and ye know it.”

“Are you sure about that?”

“Tell me one time she came on ta ye. Just one.”

“Oh come on she was practically rubbing that pussy in my face. Every time I looked over… THERE IT WAS!”

Chibs shook his head and sort of laughed.

“Ye do realize what ye just admitted ta? It wasn’t Ava… It was ye. Ye kept lookin’ over because face it ye were pervin’ on her and ye just wanted ta believe she was doin’ that just fur ye. So she looked the part, right? But that doesn’t give ye the right ta go and do what ye did.”

Gemma flinched once she gathered what Chibs was saying. And he was right… Clay was obsessed with this young pussy of Chibs’s!

“So let me get this straight… She turned you down. And things got ugly but you nailed some tart in her place instead, right?”

Clay tilted his head and looked the guys.

Really?” He scoffed figuring it was one of them that ratted him out.

“And from my understanding she’s right here in Charming. How convenient for you… I thought you had rules against that sort of thing. You know… No bringing the pussy home.”

“That right there isn’t MY fault. She made her way to Charming a couple weeks ago for whatever reason. And I made it clear then that nothing could happen.”

“But it did…”
“Jesus, so she sucked my fucking dick. That’s as far as it went!”

“And what about Ava Fey? What was your plan? To take her on all your little road trips? That way you’d have some sweet young side pussy? Then you could come home to your pathetic menopausing bitch of a wife, right?!”

And on this note… Gemma fired off another shot, hitting Clay in the arm.


Gemma marched on to to her car and hauled ass out of there. Chibs and Jax nodded amongst one another and left Clay to nurse his own wound.

The moment Chibs entered the clubhouse; Ava hopped off that barstool and ran over to check on him.

“We heard gunshots…”

Chibs nodded and pecked her on the forehead.

“Aye… everything’s just fine.”

She let out a breath of relief and hugged him. Jax smiled amongst himself and headed over to the bar where Opie was. Opie poured him a shot and slid it on over.

“Sounds like she took it pretty well.” Opie witted and Jax chuckled.

He raised his shot glass and clanked it up against Opie’s.

“This is just the start, brother…”

Opie nodded upon the hint and they downed their shots. They looked over to see Chibs running his hands along Ava’s ass as they were back to sucking face. Opie shook his head.

“Who’d have thought…”

“Right?” Jax said with a wide grin.

Half-Sack entered the clubhouse and Chibs stopped what he was doing. He walked on over and socked him in the face.

“FILIP!” Ava scolded as she rushed over and shoved him away from Half-Sack.

She stepped between the Son and the prospect.

“What the fuck?!”

Chibs said nothing as he stared the prospect down. Ava took Half-Sack by the hand and led him into the men’s bathroom. Chibs reared back as she actually followed him inside.

She turned on the sink and had him leaning over it. Drops of blood landed in the water and washed on down the drain.

“Jesus…” She whispered and grabbed several paper towels.

The young woman bundled them up then handed them over.

“I’m so sorry. I don’t know why he did that!”

Half-Sack sort of laughed.

“He was just returning the favor.” He admitted with a shrug.

This had the young woman tilting her head in question.
“Wait… What?!”
Half-Sack sighed and went on to clean himself up.

“Are you saying that you hit Chibs?”

He nodded.

“What the hell, Kip?! Why?!”

“It doesn’t matter…”
“The hell it doesn’t!”
“It’s MC business….”

“MC business?” She hissed and he nodded, yet again.

“So you two lock horns and I’m not allowed to know why?”

“Pretty much how it goes.”
Ava nodded and sort of laughed.

“So eager to fit in that you’ll literally become one of them.”

He lifted his eyes and observed her reflection in the mirror.

“The hell with you…”

Just as she was to exit the room, Half-Sack sighed.

“I had to…”

Ava froze and pivoted back around.

“I did what I did for the same reason you let Clay have it. I’m not here to become someone’s bitch! And I’m not some fucking pushover. I’m here to become a Son. And if I don’t take myself seriously then I’ll remain a fucking joke! So yeah, I let your old man have it. He had it coming and if he pushes me too far again. I’ll do just the same. That’s how it goes! So if you’re expecting some sort of apology. You’re shit out of luck, Ava!”

Half-Sack stormed on out and slammed the door behind him.
“FUCK!” Ava shouted as she kicked at one of the stall doors.

When she exited the bathroom, she had Chibs, Jax, and Opie looking to her in question. She sauntered on over and downed one of Jax’s shots.

“Night, boys.”

Chibs reared back as she headed into the backroom and locked the door behind her.

“Honeymoon over already?” Jax taunted and Opie chuckled.

Chibs sighed and lit up a smoke.

“There’s always the makin’ up ta look forward ta…”

“And after that you got the angry sex…” Opie added and Chibs raised his glass to this.

“Couldn’t sleep?”

When Ava looked over she saw that Chibs was kicked back on his motorcycle. He’d a cigarette in hand and was looking to the stars.

“Something like that…”

He sat up and waved her over. Once she was within reach, he took her by the hand and had her sit across from him. Chibs flicked his cigarette onto the ground then brought her up against his chest and lay back down. This had him thinking back to when she’d sneak into the garage in the middle of the night. He’d never known anyone that had night terrors, at least not like hers. For whatever reason, she sought comfort in him during those nights. And it usually went just like this. He would hold her and before long she’d be out. He’d wake her up, just in time, before the chief ever took notice of her empty bed. After a few more minutes he reached over and moved a strand of hair from her eyes. He nodded seeing as how that hadn’t changed. He wrapped his arms around her and he too closed his eyes.

“Looks like you got to the making up part…” Jax teased the following morning.

Chibs batted his eyes as he came to. Jax took a pull off his cigarette and nodded upon Ava; who was still asleep. Jax took his jacket off and draped it over her as the rest of the MC was pulling in. He figured Chibs had enough to deal with as of late. He didn’t need the boys (Mostly Clay who was in his truck today, thanks to Gemma) gawking at her ass. Jax himself had to refrain as she was in these tiny pajama shorts and they didn’t leave much to the imagination. He started a cigarette for Chibs and handed it over. Ava started to rise at the sound of the bikes pulling in. Chibs tightened his hold keeping her in place.

“Hold up, Ava darlin’…”

Chibs waited until the guys were in the garage before helping her off the bike. And it was a good thing considering she was wearing a white tank and clearly no bra. He was quick to wrap Jax’s jacket around her and rushed her into the clubhouse. He found it a bit ridiculous however…. This was HIS old lady and if she decided to run around fucking naked. That was his business, not theirs. And by no means did that give them fucking rights.

“I just need some water I’ll be right there.”

Chibs nodded as she headed to the bar. He went on to the bedroom and got the shower started. Ava finished her water and was about to head that direction when the doors to the clubhouse swung open. Tara had this crazed look in her eyes and she was shooting Ava daggers. She marched on over and without so much as a warning she hauled off and slapped Ava. The doc grabbed a fistful of her hair and went to slam her face up against the bar table. Ava planted her hands along the table in order to keep from hitting it. She flung her head back and Tara let out a painful grunt. Ava grabbed the doc by the collar of her scrubs.




Tara reached over and ripped the jacket off her. She proceeded in hitting Ava with it. Ava reached out and had one of the sleeves wrap around her hand. She jerked it over thus bringing Tara towards her. Ava was quick to wrap the jacket around Tara’s throat, but just enough to scare her. She backed her up against the wall and stared her down.

“You ready to chill the fuck out?!”

Tara choked back as Ava gave the jacket a slight squeeze. Someone snatched Ava back and pushed her up against the bar.

“What in the hell are you doing?!” Clay barked and went on to help the doc.

He even went as far as to caress her cheek and referred to her as ‘sweetheart’. Ava rolled her eyes and had this disgusted presence about her. Tara knocked his hand out of the way and headed straight for the backroom. She didn’t even bother to knock.

“HEY!” Ava shouted as she chased after her.

Tara headed straight for the bathroom and jerked the shower curtain back. Chibs was soaping down when he saw Tara.

“I don’t remember asking for a checkup, doc.”

He tilted his head as Ava entered the bathroom as well. Ava pulled the curtain back and shoved Tara out of the room. She slammed the bathroom door shut afterward.

“YOU DONE?!” Ava spat and Tara staggered back then pinched the bridge of her nose.

“I thought…”

“Yeah I know exactly what you thought. Sorry to disappoint but I’m fucking my man, not yours.”

“Not at the moment ye aren’t…” Chibs called out from the shower causing Ava to snort.

“Tell ye what doc, why don’t ye go and find Jackie boy and let me and the old lady have some one on one time. I’m all clean and would like ta get dirty.”

Tara’s entire face flushed over and Ava smiled.

“As you can see I’m a very busy woman and haven’t time for much else. So if you would… worry about your man and I’ll worry about mine.”

Ava escorted Tara on out of the room. But just as she went to pull the door to, someone blocked it with their foot. Ava swallowed back as Clay welcomed himself inside. He looked towards the bathroom but leaned into her ear.

“Word is that some men were looking for some girl from Washington. They’ve already made it to Mayan territory, meaning they’re on the right track. It would be a shame if someone were to let it slip as to her whereabouts. So here’s the deal… You’ve made my life nothing but hell, since you first arrive. And I don’t care to have you sticking around. But I can be a reasonable man. It seems as if you and Cherry have hit it off. It would be a shame to separate the two of you. There’s another charter that would prove to be much more beneficial, for the both of you. Your life would no longer be in danger. Cherry can finally have that life she always wanted. And Chibs can go back to worrying on MC matters. He’s one of my best and I can’t have him distracted. Look at it as a win-win for everyone.”

“You wanna play games?” Ava said in this darkened tone.

She gritted her teeth and ripped the sleeve to her tank top. This leaving her slightly exposed.

“Out. Now. Or I swear to fucking god I’ll scream rape. Believe me he won’t think twice on shooting your sorry ass. And I won’t lose an ounce of sleep over it.”

Clay sort of laughed but had this offbeat look about him. He was quick to leave the room and Ava locked the door. She leaned against it then closed her eyes. The familiar clearing of a throat had her opening them. Chibs had a towel wrapped around his waist, gun already in hand. Chibs had kept the shower going while he went to check on the Tara situation. What he hadn’t expected was to see Clay. He grabbed his gun off the counter and kept and eye and ear out, while keeping that gun on Clay. The moment Clay threatened her it took all will not to react and put an end to it once and for all.

“Don’t ye let him get ta ye. I mean it. Ye aren’t goin’ anywhere and no one’s taken ye away from me. Clay just signed his own fuckin’ death certificate…”

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28 thoughts on “Chapter 3 Old Lady?”

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  9. “Oy Jackie Boy!” Chibs yelled from the clubhouse door “We have to go rescue a certain brunette friend of ours from work again she is behind on her reviews.”

    “On my way,” Jax replied as they both moved quickly to their rides in the long line of bikes.

    “Harley was a little distracted when I talked with her about it. I think she is planning something,” Chibs stated as he looked at Jax a little worried.

    As they once again entered the concrete building to rescue their friend. “Get out the way we are here on business,” Jax said as they moved to the familiar department. Seeing their friend sitting at her desk pouring over statistics and web stats.

    “Oy Lass come on…we don’t have time for this shite.” Chibs said as he moved quickly to her desk and shut her laptop.

    “Hey I was working on that!” I glared at them both.

    “Nope lets go lass now. Things to do.” Jax said as he pulled me up from my seat and tossed me over his shoulder as my fellow co-workers laughed.

    “Evening!” Chibs said as he laughed as we escaped quickly.

    Later in the clubhouse, I sat on the couch. “You guys are going to get me fired. Then what am I gonna do?”

    “I promise I will read you a chapter worth that grand escape lass.” Chibs promised as Jax appeared with her laptop and drinks for all.

    “Sit down Jax I need support I am thinking through this chapter.”

    “Chapter 3” Chibs started.

    “I love your accent by the way.” I said as I grinned when he rolled his eyes at me and continued reading to us.

    — Chapter 3 —

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