Chapter 30 Flicker

Chapter 30 – Flicker

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A week later… 

“Well shit…” Ava muttered as she was looking at the damage done to her truck.

“Damn. How’d that happen?” Jax asked as he was making his way over from the garage.

“Some asshole hit us on the way over here, didn’t bother stopping, just kept going.”

Ava shook her head as Jax bent down and went on to examine the damage done to the front end of her truck.

“Did you get the license plate, at least?”

“They took off too fast to get shit. All I know is…” Ava trailed off as a very expensive sports car pulled into the lot.

Ava laughed and took the clipboard from Jax’s hold. She marched on over then knocked on the window. The driver rolled his window down and Ava went on to ask what he needed. The young man stepped out and pointed out the damage done to his car. Ava gave a simple nod then retrieved the keys from the ignition.

“Well when once you’re done getting that fixed, you can pay to have my truck repaired as well.”

“Excuse me?” The man questioned with a chuckle.

“You heard me. You fucking hit me when you went through that red light.”

The man glanced upon her truck as she’d made a gesture that direction.

“Pfft, I’m not paying for your truck.”

“Oh really?!”

He nodded then leaned into her ear.

“My word against yours. What’s to say you didn’t hit me?”

Ava nodded and headed into the garage. Half-Sack narrowed his eyes as Ava grabbed a crowbar. She walked on back to find the man flirting with Michaela.

“Hey, asshole!” She hollered then took the crowbar to one of his taillights.


She ignored him then walked on over to the front of his car and took out one of the front as well.”


Half-Sack and Jax dashed on over and were quick to grab Ava and pry the crowbar out from her hold.

“Ah hell…” Chibs uttered as he’d just exited the clubhouse with Tig.

“YOU BETCHA!” Ava shouted in return and kicked at his truck.

Half-Sack dragged her into the garage then seated her down.

“Jesus, what’s with you?!”

“He hit my fucking truck, that’s what!”

The guy was making his way into the garage when Half-Sack blocked his path to Ava.

“Step back.”

“Nah man, pregnant or not. That bitch needs to be taught a lesson.”

He went to shove Half-Sack out of the way. Only to have Half-Sack beat him to the punch.

“BACK OFF!” He hollered and shoved him, yet again.

“KIP!” Ava shouted as the man socked him across the face.

Half-Sack gritted his teeth and returned the blow. Ava came to her feet and Bobby forced her back into the chair.

“You just let the boys handle this one.”

“Bobby…” Ava uttered with a hand along her stomach.

“What?!” He asked with slight panic.

“I gotta pee…”

He rolled his eyes but with a chuckle.

“Just use the garage bathroom.”

She nodded and headed that way.

“There are a lot of boobs in here!” She called as she was doing her business.

“With yours in there as well, I’m sure there is!” Bobby replied.

He looked over to see Chibs, Half-Sack, and Jax letting the guy have it. By the time they finished, he was begging to pay for the damage done to Ava’s truck. Chibs dragged him into the garage and nodded towards Bobby.

“Where is she?”

Bobby pointed to the bathroom.

“Takin’ a piss and staring at tits.”

“Ye let her use the shop bathroom?!”

“Well yeah, I didn’t have any newspaper to lie down.”

“I heard that!” Ava called and they heard her flush followed by the sound of the sink running.

“I’d hate to take a black light to this room. Hell, I feel like I need to get STD tested, just being in here.”

Ava opened the door and Chibs cocked a brow as she had a playboy in hand and was flipping through it.

“Think these are real?” She asked as Happy walked past.

He took the playboy from her hold and got a better look.

“Nah…” He flipped to another page then handed it back over.

“Hers are.”

Ava nodded and looked to the woman in thought.

“Ye done?”

Ava sighed and handed the playboy to Bobby.

“This one owes ye an apology…”

The man swallowed back as Chibs had a good lock of his hair.

“I’m sorry. I’ll pay for the damage done to your truck.”

“I need an oil change and new tires as well.”

“You’re kidding…” The man hissed and Chibs forced the man up against him.

“If the little lass says she needs an oil change and new tires, then she’s gettin’ an oil change and new tires.”

“Of course…” The man whimpered and Chibs nodded.

“How much do you need?”

Ava tilted her head and appeared to be doing the math.

“Judging by the damage and everything else… I’d say about five grand, total.” Jax threw out there.

“FIVE GRAND?!” The man snapped.

“Pain and suffering…” Half-Sack added and Ava smiled.

“What’s wrong? Are you afraid ‘daddy’ won’t cover it?” She taunted and the young man sneered upon her.

He took out a wad of cash and licked his fingers as he went on to count it. Chibs reared back as he handed the money over.

“You have five grand, stuffed into your pocket, just like that?” Ava uttered with a curled lip.

The man shrugged and went to pocket what was left, only to have Ava reach over and take another thousand.


He was about to snap at her when Chibs shoved him back towards Jax.

“Get him out of here.” Jax nodded but Chibs leaned into his ear.

“Get his story, before he heads out. I wanna know where he’s gettin’ that money and if it’s legit.”

“Got it.”

Chibs shook his head upon Ava as if to scold her.


“Yer somethin’ else…”

“He hit my truck.”

“Aye but ye have no business pickin’ fights when yer aboot ta pop. Ye should’ve let one of the guys handle it.”

“I can pick my own battles!”

“Aye but I’m tellin’ ye ta take it easy.”

Ava frowned on this.

“I’m hungry.” She pouted and the guys looked to Chibs as he pinched the bridge of his nose.

Bobby reached to his gut in laughter.

“Are ye tellin’ me that ye did all this because yer hungry?”

“The bastard hit me, before I could pick us up some burgers. So I had to come here instead!”

Jax patted Chibs on the shoulder.

“Well ya heard her… You better get her some food before she takes out half the town!”

Funny…” Ava bitterly muttered.

“Ah now, don’t be like that darlin’.” Jax said with a grin.

Half-Sack reared back as Ava handed him a five hundred.

“What’s this for?”

“Your face…” She said with a playful smile.

“My face?”

“She means fur comin’ ta her defense.”

“See? The hubby speaks my language!”

“Yeah. I speak moody teenager and bat shit crazy.”

Ava pivoted around and Chibs stopped in his tracks. He sent her this innocent look and Ava shook her head. The guys laughed as they headed into the clubhouse.

“I don’t envy him any…” Jax uttered and the guys nodded in agreement.

“I can’t believe she scored six grand off that dipshit.” Bobby stated as he went back to work.

“Little bastard’s loaded.” Jax said and this had the guys looking to him in question.

“He and his buddies run street races and I’m willing to bet they have a drug business to the side.”

“Well that certainly explains things.”


“Come on, Ava…” Chibs called as she walking away from him.

“Why so you can go on about how fucking crazy I am?!”

Chibs let out a sigh of sheer frustration.

“Ye took a crowbar ta his car!”

“He hit me and didn’t so much as bother to stop and check on me and Kerrianne, but I’M the bitch in this scenario, right?!”

“That’s not what I’m sayin’ and ye know it. I’m sayin’ what if he’d had a knife or gun on him?!”

“Sorry. Next time I’ll just stick a strongly worded letter to the bastard’s precious sports car!”

Chibs held up a hand as ‘the’ cellphone rang.


“I think a meetin’ is in order…”


“You know the place. Seven’s a good time.” 

Chibs hung up the phone and drew back the deepest of breaths.

“So it begins…” Ava murmured and Chibs made his way over.

“I want ye and Kerrianne ta stay right here.”

Ava nodded but had that ‘look’ in her eyes.

“Look at me, lass. We talked about this…”

“I know. It’s just…”

Chibs put a finger to her lips.

“Stop lookin’ at me like it’s the last ye’ll see of me.”

Ava wrapped her arms around him and Chibs hugged her in return. He went on to hug his daughter afterward. Just before heading out he looked to the both of them.

“I love me girls, nothin’s pryin’ me away. Ye hear me? Nothin’.”


The boys had rounded up everyone up, including that of the Cara Cara girls, and had them back at the clubhouse, with Half-Sack, Tig, and the prospects watching after them. They pulled up to Mr. Drunky’s Pub and parked their bikes. They entered the pub to find the kings already set up at a table. They nodded amongst the Sons in greeting as they made their way over. The Sons took their seats and Galen had them order whatever they wanted, while he covered the tab. Once they had their drinks, Galen made it clear they were not to be interrupted. The waitress nodded in understanding and was quick to dash off. From there, they went on to plan their next deal and Chibs shook his head in disbelief.

“Is there a problem?” Galen questioned and Chibs sort of laughed.

“I thought I made it perfectly clear.”

“Aye, ye did. But we had a deal with SAMCRO and long before ye came into the picture. Ye can’t just step up to bat and say we’re done. That’s not how this works.”

“Is that a threat?” Jax questioned with a sneer and Galen smiled.

“I don’t make threats…”

Declan cleared his throat on this.

“We do however apologize on Jimmy’s behalf. His actions were unacceptable and once we’ve managed to get into contact with him, we will be dealin’ with the matter. Please send Mrs. Telford our condolences.

“In contact?” Bobby questioned.

“As in they haven’t a clue where he is. Let me guess he coward down like some little bitch and went into hiding!” Jax barked and Galen cut him a ‘look’.

“I told ya… We’re takin’ care of the matter. And ye have to look at it from all perspectives…”

“And what’s that supposed ta mean?” Chibs questioned.

This had Galen leaning back in his seat.

“Ye’ve to answer for whatever happened to the Hayes…”

Chibs gritted his teeth.

“Nah… that’s back on Jimmy and ye know it! That’s like us sayin’ ye hafta answer fur what happened ta Piney Winston!”

“I don’t see why not…” Opie darkly uttered and Galen tilted his head that direction.

Chibs took a cigarette from his cut. He tapped it along the table, before placing it into his mouth and lighting up. He took a long drag and looked to be in thought.

“We’ve been workin’ with ye long enough ta know how this will affect yer side of things as well. All I can say is good luck on findin’ someone else ta deal to. But we gotta move out of guns… it’s been a long time comin’. We’re pullin’ out and that’s that.”

“Ye can do what ye were meant ta do and play ball. Or ye can watch as everythin’ around ye starts ta fade and I’m talkin’ all-inclusive…”

And this note the kings took their leave…


Ava handed her cue stick to Kerrianne.

“You try.”

“But I’ve never played…”

“I can show you!” Kenny offered and Ava smiled.

“See?! There you go!”

Kenny set everything up and Ava patted Kerrianne on the back then leaned into her ear.

“He’s cute.”

Kerrianne looked to Ava wide-eyed and Ava laughed.

“Have fun!” She called before heading over to the bar where Tig was.

“You doing alright?” Tig questioned and Ava shrugged.

“About as good as I’m going to get.”

Ava ran her hand along his cut.

“How’s it feel to be back?

“You’ve no idea…”

The young woman smiled on this.

“And how’s that going…?” Ava whispered with a nod towards Gemma who was talking to Michaela and rocking Abel.

“It’s a-going…”

Ava narrowed her eyes on this.

“Is that a good or bad a-going?”

Tig sort of laughed.

“We have our moments…”

“I can imagine… Not ready to call it quits now, are you?”

“Me? Nah… Her? I can’t help but to wonder sometimes.”

Ava nodded in understanding.

“I’m sure she’s a just a little perplexed, considering…”

Tig went to say something on this. Only he reared back as Ava’s mind seemed to be elsewhere and she was walking away.

“…okay…” He bitterly uttered and took a pull off his beer.

Ava was heading towards Ellie who was working on her homework.



“Where’d you get that pen?” Ava asked as the girl was writing with a pen decked out in shamrocks.

“Over there… at the bar.” Ellie pointed with a shrug.

Ava snatched the pen out of her hold then looked around the clubhouse. She staggered back in realization. It was the perfect setup… She thought and looked to Tig in absolute fear.


Tig didn’t so much as question it. He hopped up and helped in getting everyone out the door. Once they were outside, Ava started to do a headcount. Gemma regarded Ava in disbelief.

“Are you trying to scare these children to death?!”

Ava ignored this and glanced Tig’s direction.

“Kip and Cherry? Where are Kip and Cherry?!”

Tig grimaced on this.

“I saw them go into the backroom earlier.”

Ava started towards the clubhouse. Only she let out a scream of outright horror as there was a sudden flash of light, followed by a muffled roar. The ground beneath them shook and everyone was sent flying back as the building was set aflame. Debris and smoke filled the area. Ava crawled amongst the ground as she was in attempts to check on everyone.


“FUCK!” Jax hollered once the boys stepped out of the bar and could make out the fire from where they were.

“THE CLUBHOUSE!” Opie shouted and Chibs was already on his bike.

The others hopped on and were hauling ass.

“KERI!!!” Ava shouted behind a cough.

She covered her mouth with her shirt as she continued about the area; but she couldn’t make out anything with all the smoke.

“KERI!!!” She hollered once again.

Ava could hear Abel crying off to the distance and the muffled voices of the others.


She choked back and used one of the junkers to come to a stand.

“Ava…” She heard and snapped her head that direction.

Ava darted on over and helped Keri to her feet.

“Are you alright?” The girl nodded as Ava was checking her over.

Both were struggled in catching their breath. Ava had Kerrianne sitting as far back as possible.

“Stay put. I gotta find Cherry and Kip.”

The girl nodded and Ava went on to search. The more she called to them however, the more smoke she inhaled.


The guys parked right at the gates, sprang off their bikes, and took off running. Chibs looked about the area with desperation.

“KERI!” He hollered once he spotted her.

He planted his hands along her face.

“Ye alright?!”

Keri nodded but covered her mouth as she was coughing, uncontrollably.

“Where’s Ava?”

She pointed towards the smoky area and Chibs shook his head. He was quick to draw back a breath and held it as he went in search of Ava.

“AVA!!!” He roared as soon as he saw her.

She was a few feet away and lying on the ground. When she didn’t respond, he took off and scooped her up off the ground. He ran towards the gates then laid her down.

“AVA!” He shouted while pumping at her chest.

Chibs went on to give her mouth to mouth.

“Come on, baby…” he murmured but let out a breath of relief once she shot up.

Her eyes went wild and she grabbed at his cut. She was trying to tell him about Cherry and Kip, but couldn’t get a word out as she started wheezing.

“Easy, lass.”

She shook her head and started to rise.

“Ah nah ye don’t! Ye stay put!”

Ava struggled beneath his hold.

“DAMMIT, AVA! ARE YE TRYIN’ TA GET YERSELF KILLED?!” He barked as he had to literally pin her down.

“Cherry… Kip…” She managed to spit out, before she went back to wheezing.

Chibs snapped his head towards the clubhouse. He looked around the area, seeing as how everyone was accounted for, aside from Kip and Cherry. He got Ava to her feet then handed her over to Bobby. The Sons managed to get everyone to safety; still Cherry and Kip were nowhere to be found. It wasn’t long before a couple fire trucks, ambulances, and the sheriff’s department arrived.

Ava took a couple steps towards Keri, but let out a painful groan. She placed her hands along the area of her crotch.

“…oh no…” Gemma whispered taking notice.

Jax narrowed his eyes in wonder as he was rocking Abel and running a soothing hand along Michaela’s back. Gemma rushed on over but grimaced as Ava brought her hands up and with a bloody show.

“MY BABY!!!” Ava screamed causing her to start choking all over again.

The paramedics were spread thin as they were focused on giving the children breathing treatments, including that of Abel. Chibs cranked his head that direction and Gemma waved him over. Bobby was quick to scoop Ava up.

“DA!!!!” Keri shouted with tears in her eyes.

Chibs rushed back over and another ambulance was making it’s way. Gemma signaled the driver over and they stopped. Bobby placed Ava into the ambulance himself.

“HEY!” Chibs shouted gathering the attention of one of the paramedics.

They nodded and hopped inside. The man looked to Chibs in question as the Scot took it upon himself to get the oxygen set up then placed the mask over Ava’s face.

“Look at me, lass!”

He took Ava by the hand then looked her in the eyes.

“Yer gonna be alright, ye hear me?!”

Keri climbed into the ambulance as well and took a seat. The paramedic lifted his eyes her direction.

“Sorry but only one can ride with her.”

“I’m not goin’ anywhere, neither is he…” Keri made clear and her father gave her a mere nod.

“She’s right. So ye might as well get her set up, then tell yer partner ta hit the fuckin’ road.”

The paramedic sighed but didn’t dare fight them on the matter. The doors came to a close and it wasn’t long before they were on their way to the ER.

“Well are ye goin’ ta check her, or not?!” Chibs snapped as the paramedic had yet to check on whether she was miscarrying, or not.

“JAYSUS!” The Scot snapped.

He shoved the paramedic into the seat beside Kerrianne then went on to check himself. He uttered a slew of Scottish profanities as he grabbed some gloves and did a thorough examination.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” One of the paramedics reprimanded as she looking over from the passenger’s seat.

Chibs lifted his eyes and with a curled lip…“KEEPIN’ MY WIFE AND SON ALIVE! NEXT TIME HIRE A PARAMEDIC WITH A SET OF BALLS!”

He went on to feel his way around then lifted his wife’s dress as he gently pushed along her tummy. She let out a painful cry in a certain spot and Chibs closed his eyes for a brief moment. He took off the gloves then tossed them into a nearby bin.

“Ava darlin’…”

He drew back a breath as she glanced his direction.

“Yer dilated. Not sure how much but yer havin’ this baby tonight.”

“Filip…,” she whimpered and he swallowed back on this.

“They might hafta go with an emergency C-Section.”

“Sir, you need to let him do his job.” The woman scolded.

“WHY DON’T YE GET OFF ME ARSE AND TELL HIM THAT YERSELF! THIS IS MY WIIIFE!” Chibs barked and Keri looked to her father in utmost pride.

Once the ambulance doors opened, Chibs wheeled Ava on out. The paramedics looked to one another as if lost on what to do.


Chibs sent his daughter an apologetic glance, as the doctor made it perfectly clear that Kerrianne could not be in the room, during Ava’s surgery. She gave her father a simple nod letting him know she understood. One of the nurses escorted her into the nearest waiting room. Kerrianne was there for a little over half an hour when an all to familiar face walked in. This had the teenage girl shooting out of her seat and pointing the man’s direction.



“What the fuck is this shit…?!” Jax whispered and had the boys stand back as they listened in on the conversation.


“Tessie, ye know I’d never do anythin’ ta put ye or Ava in danger. Whatever happened… I hadn’t anythin’ ta do with it.”


Jimmy was quick to march his way over. He clamped a hand over her mouth.

“Let’s go home. We’ll talk this over and put this all behind us.”

Jax and the others let their presence known and a simple nod was all it took. Keri knocked his hand away then ran right up to Jax.

“I am home.” She said whilst hiding behind him.

The vice president sent Jimmy a cocky grin.

“Well you heard her… Now, I think you’ve warn out your welcome.” He hinted while eyeing Jimmy down.

Jimmy sighed as the rest of the Sons entered the room and had them surrounded.

“Tessie…” He called whilst holding a hand out for her.

“I’m not Tessie…”

“You don’t want to be Tessie, you don’t have to be. You can carry any name you want. Just come home, love.”

The girl shook her head no and was clinging to Jax for dear life. One of Jimmy’s men signaled to Jimmy in warning, as they spotted a couple police officers, not far away. Thanks to Agent Knox the Irish were already flagged and they couldn’t afford to take any chances. Jimmy pulled a certain face on this. He looked to Kerrianne once again, but was quick to exit the room and his men followed. Just as soon as they were out of sight, Jax checked Kerrianne over.

“Are you okay?!”

She nodded but was pretty shaken up.

“They wouldn’t let me in the room.”

Jax nodded in understanding. He took her by the hand then seated her between Happy and Opie.

“Stay put and I’ll see what I can find out. These two won’t let anyone near ya.”

She nodded and Happy handed her a box of animal crackers. Opie cocked a brow on this.

“She’s thirteen, not five.”

Happy looked to be in thought as he replaced the box with a knife.

“Jesus…” Opie uttered as he took the knife and quickly pocketed it.

“I didn’t give that to you…” Happy murmured bitterly.

“Too bad. I’m keeping it anyway.”

Happy sighed and took his wallet out. He handed Kerrianne a twenty dollar bill instead. He eyed Opie down as he opened the box of animal crackers. Opie managed to laugh as Happy leaned into Kerrianne’s ear…“I’ll sneak ya a few when he isn’t looking. He’s racist, the cracker hatin’ bastard.” He said before stuffing a giraffe into his mouth.

“Da!” She called as he entered the room with Jax.

He gave a simple nod and went on to hug her. He cleared his throat however as everyone awaited word on Ava and the baby.

“They performed an emergency C-section aboot twenty minutes ago…” Chibs closed his eyes for a moment.

“We nearly lost Ava. By the time they managed ta bring her back and got her stable. Lil Jackie took a turn fur the worse. He’s in NICU fightin’ fur his life.”

The boys recoiled and Kerrianne broke into sobs. Chibs wiped his face with the back of his hand and hugged her.

“He’ll pull through.”Jax assured.

“Ava never got ta hold him. By the time they brought her back, they were haulin’ him away. I thought she kill over tryin’ ta get ta him. They had ta knock her arse out.”

Chibs gained whatever composure he could then nodded towards the boys.

“Any word on Kip and Cherry?”

One look was all it took…


The Scot staggered back then shook his head in disbelief.

“Nah…” He repeated and punched at one of the walls.

He put his forehead to it afterward.

“Mr. Telford…”

He looked over to see it was one of the NICU nurses.


“Would you like to see your son?”

Chibs looked to the woman in shock. She smiled then gestured for him to follow her. He followed her into the NICU area. She had him take off his jacket then showed him how to go about scrubbing his hands and arms (up to his elbows), thoroughly. His heart sank once he caught wind of the tiny three pound baby. They had him on a ventilator and with lots of monitors set up.

“You can’t pick him up yet. But you’re free to let him know you’re around.”

She went on to show Chibs how to go about placing his hands within the holes to the incubator, etc… When finished, she stepped aside. Chibs placed a hand inside the incubator and the nurse smiled as he ran a single finger along his son’s foot. He moved it onto his hand and Lil Jackie got a good grip on him.

“Now that’s a good sign…” The nurse whispered and Chibs nodded in agreement.

“Your wife tells me it’s Jackie Gunner Telford?”

The Scot let out a tearful chuckle.

“Whatever the lass wants…” He made clear and the nurse smiled.

“Then Jackie Gunner it is. I’ll give you two a moment…”

He nodded as the nurse went to check on another infant.

“Hey there, Lil Jackie…”

He cleared his throat then pulled up a chair. Chibs took it upon himself to look his son’s chart over. Due to being born prematurely, his lungs weren’t fully developed; he was jaundiced, and anemic.

This had Chibs thinking back to how frail Abel and Thomas were when they were first born. Thankfully, Lil Jackie seemed nowhere near as bad. So he didn’t feel the need to be too concerned now. Chibs put his chart up then went on to place his hand inside again. He couldn’t help but to smile as he caressed the top of his head.

“Ah yer mum’s gonna be pissed when she finds out I got ta see ye first. She damn near killed the staff, in order ta get ta ye.”

Chibs raised his brows and regarded his son’s monitors in thought. Every time he talked, Jackie’s stats would spike up a bit.

“Ye hear me, yeah? Then ye had better listen ta me, Lil Jackie. Yer mum’s dyin’ ta get her hands on ye. And she’s not the only one… Ye got a lot of people out there waitin’ on ye. So ye had better fight. I mean it, son. Don’t ye dare give up.”


Kerrianne locked eyes with her father as he entered the waiting room.

“He’s stubborn, just like his mum…” He said with a warm smile.

Kerrianne hopped up and hugged him. Chibs hugged her in return then kissed the top of her head.

“Where’s Jackie?”

“With Ava. Should’ve heard her…” Gemma hinted and Chibs recoiled in thought.

When Chibs entered the room, Jax was in the hospital bed with Ava and holding her. He nodded upon Chibs as he pulled the door to. Ava didn’t see him enter the room as her face was buried into Jax’s chest and she was bawling.

“I thought we got everyone out… I thought…”

Shhh…” Jax whispered doing his best to keep her calm.

“It was a girl. They had a name picked out and everything, Scarlett Marie. I made a joke about it because that was my original middle name. We were making plans for a doubled up baby shower, once things died down. Hell, they didn’t even make it to their wedding day!”

Chibs drew back a breath on this.

“I don’t get it… Why would Jimmy blow up the clubhouse knowing Kerrianne was inside?!”

She lifted her head on this and Jax placed a strand of hair behind her ear.

“It wasn’t Jimmy…”


Ava shot up at the sound of his voice. Chibs gave a mere nod. She reached out to him and he walked on over.

“Easy now, darlin’…” He whispered as she was hanging off the bed.

Jax rolled off the bed and helped to get her better situated.

“Our baby…?”

“He’s gonna be just fine.”

Jax closed his eyes looking somewhat relieved himself. Ava clung onto her husband and broke into sobs all over again.

“Ava darlin’, I really need ye ta calm down and take it easy.”

She was trying her hardest but having a hell of a time getting there.

“Can I see him?”

“Aye, once ye’ve calmed down.”

Ava nodded and sucked back a quivery breath.

“Just close yer eyes. Give yerself a few moments.”

“There ye go…” He said after a few minutes passed.

“That’s my girl. Nice and steady…” He murmured as her breathing started to slow down.

Jax gave Chibs’s shoulder a bit of a squeeze, before exiting the room. Once Chibs got Ava right where he needed, he called for the nurse. From there, they got her into a wheelchair and they headed for NICU. Like that of Chibs, they had her clean up first. Ava let out a tearful cry once she saw their son.

“He’s so little…”

Chibs nodded with a grin as she placed a hand into the incubator.

“Hey there…” she whispered while caressing his cheek with a single finger.

Chibs placed his hands along her shoulders then kissed the back of her head. Ava smiled as Jackie’s little hand wrapped around her finger.

“That’s right… Show me how strong you are. You got this, Jackie.”

Chibs swallowed back on her words and found himself tearing up all over again.

“The nurse tells me ye’ve gone and changed the name ta Jackie Gunner instead of Gunner Jackie.” Chibs taunted hoping to lighten the mood a bit.

Ava let out a tearful laugh.

“Rolls off the tongue better.”

He nodded.

“I wish I could hold him…”

“Aye… soon, lass. Soon.”

“He’s adorable… I can’t get over how tiny he is.”

After they finished with their visit, they had Ava pump some milk. She hated that she couldn’t nurse him, but they let her know that it shouldn’t be for long. When they got back to the hospital room, the nurse helped Chibs get his wife back into the bed. The nurse gave her something for the pain then exited the room. Chibs crawled into the bed and merely held her, until the drugs kicked in. It wasn’t long before Ava was sound asleep.


The president paced the waiting room and shook his head as he struggled on what to do next. He didn’t wish to leave his wife or son behind. Then again, he couldn’t afford to let the kings slip on through and make their escape back to Ireland. This had the man looking to his daughter in thought. He combed his fingers through his hair then looked to Opie in thought.

“Think the old lady would mind takin’ me daughter in fur a couple days?”

“Consider it done.” Opie said as he got on his cellphone.

Chibs nodded then looked to Gemma.

“Would ye mind stickin’ around and helpin’ me wife and son?”

“Couldn’t send me away if you tried…”

“I’m staying too.” Michaela made clear and Chibs kissed them both on the cheek.

“Thank you.” He said with fullest sincerity then looked to the boys after.

They nodded as if in silent conversation. Now was as good of time as any and they knew it. The kings wouldn’t expect the Sons to act NOW, considering recent events. If they were going to catch them off-guard, they had no other choice.


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15 thoughts on “Chapter 30 Flicker”

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    Our little Jackie is here! Poor little guy, fingers crossed all goes well with him.

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