Chapter 31 Come Join The Murder

Chapter 31 – Come Join The Murder

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“Thanks, darlin’.” Chibs uttered as one of the Cara Cara girls handed him a beer.

She smiled and went on to adjust his cut. He raised his brows as she ran her hand along his president patch.

“You seem a little stressed…”

He nodded and took a pull off his beer.

“I could help…”

The Scot fought the urge to laugh. This woman was stacked and she’d curves in all the right places. In fact, she was just the kind of tail he chased, before Ava came into the picture. This girl was new and hadn’t a clue when it came to his old lady’s wrath. As for the others, they knew better than to even try. It wasn’t just about pissing Ava off. They knew how Chibs felt when it came to his wife. It was unspoken, but there all the same. The young woman took him by the hand and was leading him to a more private area. Chibs cleared his throat and put a stop to it.

“Last time I checked we were runnin’ a porn biz, not an escort service.” He said but felt somewhat hypocritical in his words, considering he had his share of Cara Cara girls.

The woman gathered this wounded appearance.

“Ah now… Just ignore me. Ye didn’t do anythin’ wrong.” He cupped her chin then looked her in the eyes.

“What’s yer name?”


He nodded.

“Well Monica…” He flashed the young woman his wedding ring.

“Otherwise, I’d take ye up on that offer.”

“I won’t tell, if you don’t…” She whispered with a sly grin.

The Scot drew back a breath on this.

“It isn’t aboot ye tellin’ on me. It about ME knowin’ and that’s all that matters. I love me wife, darlin’. So this… isn’t happenin’. Ye’d better find ye someone else.”

She frowned as if truly disappointed but made a gesture Jax’s direction.

“What about your VP? Does he need a distraction?”

Chibs regarded his VP in thought. This had him feeling a sense of déjà vu as he thought back to the stripper and how she really let Jax have it.

“Ye’d have ta see about that yerself…” He said but with mere curiosity.

He wondered if Jax would take her up on her offer. Had he truly changed since Michaela entered the picture? Or was he the same ole Jackson that couldn’t turn down good tail, especially ones persistent as this one? That seemed to be Jax’s greatest downfall. When shit got to be too much, he turned to pussy for comfort, no matter who he was with. And Chibs knew the boy meant nothing by it. Still, Michaela was no Tara. She wouldn’t fall for his excuses and she’d leave his sorry ass, if she ever found out. That would destroy Jax. Chibs wasn’t lying about the boy being his own worst enemy. He loved with all his heart but let his mind wander often enough.

The woman gave a simple nod and headed that way. Chibs observed from afar. He shook his head in disappointment as he looked like he were about to take her up on her offer. But he took her by the hand and led her over to Bobby instead. Chibs drew back a breath of relief.

“It’s aboot time…” He muttered.

The Scot was miserable. All he could think about were his wife and son and how he needed to be in two places at once. This was killing him. He knew his wife would understand, but the guilt was there all the same. She’d much rather he take these fuckers out. He’d make up for everything, first chance he got. He walked on over and pecked Jax on the cheek. The VP looked to him in question but Chibs didn’t utter a word on it. That was just his way of letting him know he was proud of the man he’d become.

The president headed outside as he needed to clear his head. It was hard to do in a building full of pussy and booze. That itself only proved how far he too had come. Normally, he’d be three sheets to the wind by now and he’d have a couple Crow Eaters or Cara Cara girls sucking on that cock of his. But sex was the furthest thing from his mind. That alone was a strange feeling. Like that of Jax, he too sought the comfort of a woman (or two) when dealing with the impossible. They just had a way of making you forget, even if temporarily. The impossible… They’d always managed to pull through, no matter what. Only this time… The Scot wasn’t feeling as hopeful and carefree. Kip and Cherry were dead, along with that baby of Clay’s. The boys no longer had a clubhouse. They’d have to rebuild, meaning MORE money would be involved. With the whole getting out of guns bit, that would make matters a little more difficult, at least in the financial aspect. Chibs kicked back on that bike of his. He thought back to when the original nine had that bar. That bar made them quite a bit of money, nowhere near like that of guns, but it was nothing to sneeze at. If they could somehow save what was left of the shop and keep it afloat, along with Cara Cara, and open them up a bar. They could easily make enough money to take care of their families and rebuild. Sure, it would take some time. But they could always meet here, for now. At least until a better idea came along. Something like Reaper’s Bar and Grill came to mind.

The Scot popped a cigarette into his mouth. As he did this he thought back to when Ava flat lined at the hospital. Even now, it was enough to make his skin crawl. He truly thought he’d lost her. In fact, there was a brief moment where he pictured raising Lil Jackie and Kerrianne on his own. Something he hated, in the sense of knowing they needed her, and so did he. But when she finally came to and he saw his son take a turn for the worse. All he could think was not again… He’d already lost his daughter once. And even with the recent discovery of her being alive, he felt as though a part of her truly died. He’d missed a good chunk of her life, a life where Fiona and Jimmy were raising her. If anything, he figured Kerrianne felt the same way. She was robbed of her childhood, a childhood in which he missed out on. The second he spotted Lil Jackie in that incubator, the man knew he was done for. In the sense of knowing he’d do whatever it took to keep the three of them trucking, no matter what.  He’d experienced what it was like to lose all three, even if for a brief moment. And he’d be damned if he ever experienced that again. The Scot took off his wedding band then looked to the engraving in thought – Reaper of my heart. When she flat lined back at the hospital… The man felt like the reaper of her very soul. This happened because of SAMCRO turning down the IRA’s last attempt at a deal. He knew Cherry and Kip were dead because of them. But that’s how these things typically went. There would be bloodshed. And there wasn’t shit they could do about it, other than bitch up and continue in taking it up the ass when it came to the Irish. He’d much rather go to war and do his best to keep everyone safe in the process.

The Scot was growing somewhat impatient however. Here he was… awaiting word on the kings’ whereabouts, as they had people all along California keeping an eye out. Ones that owed them favors and a few that were looking into becoming prospects themselves. Meanwhile, the rest of the Sons were drinking or fucking themselves into oblivion. Not that he blamed them. He himself wished he could find a way of pushing recent events out of that head of his. Sure, he could drink, until he passed the fuck out. But what good would that do him, or anyone else for that matter? He was president, meaning he needed a clearer head. There was no telling how things would go from here. He only hoped the others would sober up in time, just in case shit went down.

“Shite…” The Scot murmured.

He hadn’t realized he’d fallen asleep, not until he ended up with a face full of asphalt. He used the back of his hand to wipe the blood off his busted lip. He rolled his eyes then came to a stand. He looked to his phone seeing as how it was two in the morning. Still, no word on the kings and their whereabouts. Chibs headed inside to see the guys sprawled about the area. As for SAMCRO’S family? They had them hiding out at Nate Madock’s place. The IRA wouldn’t think to look there and the house was currently vacant, considering he was in the nursing home. Chibs thought it the perfect place and Gemma wholeheartedly agreed when he brought it to her attention. Gemma gave Donna the keys and Opie and Chibs made it clear they were NOT to leave, until one of them personally gathered them. Donna was sure to have her hands full as she’d be taking care of not only Kenny and Ellie, but Abel and Kerrianne as well.

Chibs headed into the bathroom and scrubbed his face. He looked over as Jax exited one of the stalls. They nodded upon one another. To his great surprise, Jax seemed to be sober. But his eyes were bloodshot from lack of sleep. Jax went on to wash his face and hands. Chibs passed a hand towel over and Jax used it to dry his face.

“What happened?” Jax questioned with a gesture towards his lip.

“Gravity and I had a disagreement.” Chibs uttered with a shrug and Jax laughed.


The Scot nodded but with a touch of a grin.

“Guess we know who won…” Jax retorted and Chibs sighed.

“What can I say? I’m gettin’ old, Jackie boy.”

“Nah, you know what they say…”

“And that would be?”

“You’re only as old as you act.”

This had the president nodding in thought.

“And how old do I act?”

“Shouldn’t you be asking that barely legal wife of yours?”

Chibs wiggled his brows in a cocky like manner and Jax punched him on the arm.

“What was that for?!”

“Ava. Because she’s not here to do it herself.”

“Ye two need ta quit hangin’ around one another…”

“Why? You getting jealous, old man?”

“Depends… Are ye plannin’ on fuckin’ yer theoretic stepmum, as she puts it?”

Jax reared back but with this offbeat look about him.

“Ava as a stepmother?! That’s fucked up. You can’t put a man in that situation. That’s like the ultimate porn fantasy.”

“So what yer sayin’ is if I really was yer old man ye’d go and fuck me wife?!”

Opie had entered the bathroom at this point. He’d this uncomfortable look about him as Jax rubbed the back of his neck.

“I’m pretty sure if you ever fucked Chibs’s wife he’d knock your dick in the dirt.” Opie tiredly murmured.

Jax nodded in agreement, but regarded Chibs in a cunning manner…

“Hell, it might be worth it…”

“JACKIE BOY!” Chibs called as Jax was quick to dart on out of the room.

Opie went to say something on this as he was taking a piss, but refrained as Chibs’s cellphone rang.


“Think we spotted one of those guys you mentioned…”

“Are ye sure?”

“I’ll send you a pic.”

Chibs nodded and hung up. Sure enough he received a photo text with the words…

This faggot look familiar?!

The man that sent this worked as a bouncer at one of the higher scale bars around town. Chibs couldn’t help but to wonder what Declan was doing there and without the others. But he hadn’t the time to question it. They needed to haul ass and get there before he left.

“Oh yeah… Keep him busy.”

“You got it.” 

                Chibs looked to Opie and nodded.

“We got us a lead. Tell the others to sober up and get their arses outside.”

“Shit…” Jax murmured as they could see Declan pulling out of the parking lot.

Chibs shook his head as the two glanced upon one another. The president made a gesture for the boys to keep on trucking and this had Jax smiling in response. Chibs sent him a wink as they sped up and managed to cage Declan in with their bikes. Tig pulled around and had him blocked with the van. Chibs flipped Declan off and signaled for him to take the next exit. The king had this oh shit presence about him. And Chibs nodded as if to say that’s right you’re so fucking fucked. He reached for his cellphone and Opie shot it out of his hand. The boys went to force him onto the exit, only to have him plow on through the other side. This sent Bobby and Happy flying right off their bikes.

“FUCK!” Opie hollered as Chibs signaled for him to check on the boys, while Chibs kept up the chase with Tig and Jax.

Jax shot at Declan’s tires as Chibs shot directly at Declan, which was no easy task going 90 on a bike down the freeway. He gritted his teeth as he damn near lost control. This had the Scot putting his gun away. The car was starting to slow down as it was down to two tires. Sparks were flying all over the place and Jax was doing his best to shield his face, as he took a third tire out. Another exit came and Chibs and Tig managed to get the car to drift that way. Declan was hitting at his stirring wheel and cussing up a storm. Once they had him where they wanted, Chibs hopped off the bike.

He wasted no time as he punched his way through the window then used his knife to cut the seatbelt, and yanked him right out of the car.

“Bad day?”

Ava woke to find someone holding a pillow over her face. She flailed her arms and legs about in a panic. It was during this that she took notice of Michaela. She was lying on the ground. There was a broken syringe lying beside her and Ava’s IV had been disconnected – a clear sign of a struggle from Michaela preventing murder attempt number one. Tears formed within her eyes as she knew she was going to die. There was no way she could defend herself, not in this position. The man towered over her and with sheer determination.  Still… all she could think about was her son and wondered if they’d gotten to him already. Ava tried clawing at his face, but she was growing weaker by the moment and her eyes were starting to roll into the back of her head.

The door to the room opened and this was followed by a gunshot.

“Ava…” The man said as he rushed on over.

He threw the pillow across the room and was quick to prop her up.

“Breathe, sweetheart.”

She nodded but grabbed the sheriff by the collar of his shirt.

“My son…”

His eyes widened in realization and she gave him a slight shove towards the door.


Wayne didn’t waste any time as he bolted on down the hallway and straight to the NICU area.

The nurses looked upon him like he were a crazed man when he entered the room. He let out a breath of relief, seeing as how Gemma was sitting beside Lil Jackie’s incubator and was reading to him.

“Everything alright?” She questioned and he shook his head no but darted back out of the room.

When he got back to Ava’s room, she was out of the bed and checking on Michaela.  She snapped her head his direction.

“He’s alright.” He whispered and Ava shut her eyes for a brief moment.

“Thank you.”

He gave a simple nod and tucked his gun away as he went to help her with Michaela. He got on his cellphone and called for backup, just in case. A couple of nurses poked their heads in but were afraid of entering, considering everyone on that particular floor heard the gunshot. Wayne let them know that he was taking care of the situation; but they needed to get in there and help Michaela. She took quite a beating as the entire right side of her face was beat to a pulp. Ava grimaced seeing the blood along the counter, a clear indication that the man must’ve bashed her face into it, repeatedly.

“Michaela…” Ava called as the nurses were loading her onto a gurney.

“Oh no…” Gemma said and pushed her way in.

“What happened?!”

Gemma took Michaela by the hand then used her free one to comb her hair back.

“You’re going to be alright. You hear me, baby?”

Michaela merely blinked as she couldn’t speak. The young woman’s jaw was clearly broken.

“When does it stop…?” Ava said in such a way.

Wayne narrowed his eyes as Ava had this crazed look in hers.

“IT NEEDS TO STOP!” She shouted and Wayne was quick to grab ahold of her.


“Where are you?!” The sheriff snapped and this had Chibs looking to his phone in disbelief.

“Excuse me?!”

“Your wife needs you, now.”

“What’s goin’ on?!” Chibs said as he was eyeing Declan down.

“What’s going on? You wanna know what’s going on?!”

Chibs grimaced as he could hear his wife losing it in the background. She was yelling and it sounded like she was destroying whatever got in her path.

“Jesus.” He heard the sheriff whisper.

“I WANT IT TO STOP!” He heard her shout and this had Chibs staggering back.

“Talk ta me Unser! Is it our son?!”

“No. But they would’ve gone after him next. Let’s just say I walked in to find someone holding a pillow over your wife’s face. And your VP’s old lady was brutally attacked. I mean seriously… Where the hell are you guys? How could you leave them here like this?!”

“Jaysus Christ!” The Scot muttered looking like he’d pass the fuck out.

“Chibs…?” Jax called with concern.

The president held up a hand.

“Put the phone on speaker.” Chibs demanded.


“DAMMIT, UNSER! JUST DO IT! YE HEAR ME?!” Chibs roared and the sheriff sighed.

“Ava darlin’…” He called but swallowed back as the commotion came to a stop.

“Are ye alright?”

“No. No, I’m not alright! I’m the furthest thing from alright!”

He heard something hit the wall and figured she must’ve thrown something.

He could hear Wayne and the nurses doing their best to calm her down.

“Now ye listen ta me, lass. Lil Jackie needs ye. So don’t ye go and get yerself in worse shape than ye are already.”

Chibs sighed as she started to cry.

“Ava, ye know I’d be there if I could. There’s nowhere else I’d rather be.”

“I know…” She uttered in a cracking voice.

“Look, just tell me what’s goin’ on… and we’ll go from there, mo ghaol.”

Ava went on to tell him what she woke up to. Once she finished, he gave a simple nod amongst Declan. The Sons looked to Chibs in question as they couldn’t hear what was being said on the other end.

“It could’ve been Jackie, Filip! What if they killed our son?!” She said growing somewhat hysterical all over again.

Chibs saw this coming. Even Ava had her limits and she’d officially hit hers. With another attempt on her life and everything she’d been through; you add Lil Jackie to the mix and her concern for his wellbeing, it was bound to happen. He’d only hoped to have been there when it hit. He hadn’t any doubt that she was also suffering from a bit of postpartum depression.

“I’m tired. I can’t keep doing this…”

The way she said this had his fullest attention.

“Take the phone off speaker and hand it to me girl…”

Wayne nodded and did as Chibs requested.

“Ye there…?”


“I know. I know ye can’t. And that’s why I’m here, instead of there. I done told ye I was cleanin’ this shite up and I meant it. But in order ta do that… I can’t be in two places at once. So yer gonna hafta hold on just a little longer. Take care of our boy and I’ll be there before ye know it.”

Ava jumped as she heard a gunshot over the phone.


“That’s one down, my little swan.” He hinted before hanging up.

Chibs took upon himself to dig through Declan’s pockets. He found Declan’s cellphone and called the last number dialed. He nodded amongst himself then hung up. The others looked to him in question and Chibs looked to be in thought. The number was to none other than Jimmy O’s restaurant, the one he took Ava to. It was dialed not even half an hour ago, yet the kings claimed they hadn’t a clue where Jimmy was… If that were the case why was that particular number phoned into Declan’s cellphone? Chibs rubbed his face in sheer misery. He hadn’t anything else to go on. So he let the boys know where they were headed next. Opie frowned on this.

“That’s a bit of a drive…”

“Aye. So we’d better find a way of cleanin’ this shite up and get goin’.”

Opie nodded and Tig gestured towards the van.

“It should hold…” He hinted and Bobby had this disgusted look about him.


“That’ll be a fun drive…” He sarcastically threw out.

They hadn’t much choice however. Happy and Bobby’s bikes were in no shape to be driving and they’d a body to load as well.

“Think the van can hold all that weight?” Opie uttered in thought.

“Guess we’re aboot ta find out.” Chibs replied with a shrug.

The president looked to Happy and Bobby with concern however.

“Are ye two alright?”

“We’re fine… Our bikes, not so much.” Happy murmured looking pissed.

Chibs reached over and lifted Bobby’s hair out from his face.

“Jaysus…” He whispered as the right side of his face, neck, and shoulder had gravel and dirt imbedded into it. That and he had a good flap of skin coming off his cheek.

“We gotta get that shite cleaned and stitched.”

“Pffft. Never felt better!” Bobby declared but Chibs could see it in his eyes.

There was no hiding that amount of pain.

“Gross.” Happy remarked and Bobby rolled his eyes.

“How are you in one piece still, jackass?!”

“Luck?” Happy uttered with a grin.

“Alright let’s get this shite cleaned up. Time’s a factor…”

“Whatever you say, boss.”

“Something happened, back at the hospital with the girls, didn’t it?” Jax questioned and Chibs sighed.

“Look, let’s take care of business first. Then we can dive inta what happened with the girls.”

Chibs felt a like a dick for not telling him about Michaela. But he knew Jax would lose his shit and his mind would be elsewhere. He needed that kid at the top of his game. He’d act now then apologize later.

Once they finished getting Ava’s statement, the sheriff escorted the deputies on out then pulled the door to. Ava didn’t mention anything about the Irish during her statement. She made it sound as if she hadn’t a clue why that man attacked her. Wayne shrugged it off as some ‘crazy’ that must’ve had it out for women in general. But deep down… he knew this was something club related. Thankfully, the ID the man carried was American. So it wouldn’t fall back on the boys. But that also meant that someone (possibly Jimmy) hired a hitman. Since the Irish were flagged he must’ve blackmailed someone into doing his dirty work. That or there was some serious dough involved. Either way… it had Ava on edge. She knew her husband was doing everything he could. Still, all she could think about was how that could’ve been Jackie, rather than her.

Gemma was awaiting word on Michaela as they had her in surgery. Ava thought back to how beat up she was and looked to the counter again. She shook her head as she could actually picture how it must’ve played out.

“Michaela…” She whispered with a heavy heart.

“You alright?” Wayne questioned and Ava closed her eyes for a moment.

“How do I do this?”

Wayne sighed and pulled up a chair.

“Since when do you question yourself?”

“Have I lost my nerve?”

This had the man reaching over and taking her hand into his own.

“Ava sweetheart, you just had a baby. That’s enough to throw even the strongest of us off our game. I don’t believe you lost your nerve. You’ve just come to realize that you have someone depending on you now. That can’t be easy.”

“I need to see him.”

Wayne nodded and came to a stand.

“That can be arranged.”

Ava straightened her gown out and Wayne called for the nurse.

“She needs to see her son.”

The nurse nodded in understanding and helped in getting her into the wheelchair. They went through the usual protocol, only this time Wayne joined her.

“Man… That’s him?!”

Ava smiled and went on to caress her son’s head. Wayne smiled in response.

“And you wonder why you’re acting the way you are. Look at him…” Wayne said in awe.

“I can’t wait to hold him.” She said whilst tearing up a bit.

“I can imagine. Shouldn’t be long.”

“I may never let him go…”

Wayne chuckled on this.

“Most mothers don’t…”

“This is so bizarre.”

“What’s that?”

“Me… a mother? Like every time I see him it feels so… well… surreal. And the fact that it’s Chibs’s seems even more out there.”

“You really are crazy about him, aren’t you?!”

“Is that so hard to believe?” Ava questioned but with a playful smile.

“Sometimes…” He admitted.

“He’s easy to love, even on his most trying of days. Filip… Well, there’s just something about him and it’s been there since I first walked into that shop back in Forks.”

Wayne nodded.

“Well at least I can say the feeling is mutual.”

This had Ava tilting her head with mere curiosity.

“Come on, sweetheart. He’s just as crazy about you, anyone can see that. I might not approve, for obvious reasons. But even I can’t deny there’s something there.”

“Well I sure hope so. It’s a little too late when it comes to backing out.” Ava teased.

“Never too late, but not your style either.”

“You got that right.”

“That’s a rare trait, you know.”

“All the more reason.”

“May I?”

“Of course.”

He nodded and went on to run his finger along the infant’s foot. He lifted his eyes however and cleared his throat.

“You never told me about what went down in Seattle.”

Ava drew back a breath and looked around the area. Once she knew they hadn’t any ears, she quietly told him about Agent Knox and everything behind that. The sheriff this ill look about him but didn’t say a lot on it.

“You did good, sweetheart.”

“And David Hale?” Ava reminded and Wayne removed his hand from the incubator.

“Died awhile back.”

“Wait… what?”

“Let’s just say the other inmates didn’t take kindly to having an ex-badge within their grasp.”

“Holy shit…” Ava whispered in shock.

“I’m surprised he didn’t throw me under the bus.”

“Couldn’t and he knew that. He’d quite the noose around his neck already.”


What he wasn’t telling her is that he pretty much knew what went down. He’d a little visit with Agent Knox himself when he was in Stockton and working on getting the boys out. He just wanted to hear Ava’s side of the story. He was thankful in the sense that Agent Knox really came through for Ava and the boys. But like that of she… He hadn’t a clue as to the REAL reason behind that. So he was just as lost as to why he went all out in helping her. He made it clear, even to the sheriff that he wasn’t doing it for the boys.

“Think Michaela’s out of surgery now?”

“I’ll check. You just stay put. Take all the time you need. I’ll return once I have news.”

“Thank you, Wayne.”

He nodded and went to head on out, only to have Ava take him by the hand. She gave it a little squeeze.

“For saving my life, amongst other things.”

He smiled then kissed her hand, before exiting the NICU area. For his and Chibs’s peace of mind he had a couple deputies keeping watch nearby. As for the sheriff himself? He wasn’t going anywhere, not until the boys got back.

“Something isn’t right…” Jax called as the boys had pulled over and came to a stop, just a few feet away from the restaurant itself.

“Right…” Chibs uttered in agreement as there were a lot of black vehicles outside.

“Think it’s a set up?”

“Not sure how they got word this quickly, but that’s always a possibility.”

Bobby looked to Chibs like he were nuts as he started to push his bike that direction.

“What are you doing?” Bobby uttered as he poked his head out of from the van.

“Well we don’t wanna give ourselves away, now do we?” He murmured as if to say duh.

Bobby pulled a face on this and Opie laughed.

“Not firing on all cylinders today?”

“45 minutes of sleep and a hangover from hell…”

“But you got laid, right?”

“Oh yeah…”

“Then quit yer bitchin’ and let’s go.”

“Jesus… Fucking slave driver.”

The boys were discreet in parking their bikes and the van behind the restaurant, just in case. Each of them got a gun loaded and ready to go. From there, the boys casually made their way inside. Chibs was quick to grab the hostess and clamped a hand over her mouth. He put the gun to her head and the others hid in various areas.

“Just a simple nod yes or no and ye can go home in one piece tonight, got it?”

The woman nodded but had tears streaming down her face.

“Jimmy… Is he here?”

She shook her head no and Chibs let out a sigh of mere frustration.

“Ye wouldn’t be lyin’ now would ye?”

She shook her head yet again and Chibs nodded. Jax and Happy worked on getting the front doors chained. Once they had that taken care of, Chibs peered around the corner. He saw a few customers, but not many. He narrowed his eyes then leaned into the woman’s ear.

“What aboot Galen, Peter, or Brendan?”

The woman pointed towards the kitchen and Chibs gave a mere nod. Jax looked to be in thought as he took off his cut and tossed it over to Opie. He combed his fingers through his hair and grabbed an apron from behind the register. He put it on and nodded towards Tig.

“This make my ass look fat?”

Tig tilted his head and gave Jax the once over.


“But it makes you look like a little bitch.” Opie tossed out there.

“Perfect! I’ll have the element of surprise at least.”

The boys stayed back as Jax walked on through. He handed a customer fifty bucks for his ball cap. The customer had this offbeat look about him but accepted the exchange. Jax thanked him then put it on before making his way into the kitchen. This had the president on edge. If they recognized him… it was end game. But he had to trust that Jax knew what he was doing.

A good seven minutes passed before he made his way back. During which, Tig and Bobby had to “detain” a couple customers on their way out. One of them bit Tig and he wasted no time driving his knife through them. Chibs shook his head in disapproval.

“The bitch bit me!”

“That’s not what we’re aboot…” Chibs reminded and Tig sighed as he was sucking on the area of his wound.

Bobby was struggling with the one he had. Chibs kept his hold on the hostess but aimed his gun that direction.

“Shut it or I’ll do it for ya.”

Bobby let out a miserable groan as the guy pissed himself.

“Jaysus…” Chibs murmured.

“You must have a lot of pussy coming your way.” Jax taunted as he’d made his way back.

He went on to tell them about the situation in the kitchen. From the sound of things the kings were set up by yours truly aka Jimmy O’. He was supposed to of been here half an hour ago but was a no show. Instead, they were at a standoff between his and theirs. Things were sure to get ugly and fast. Chibs nodded and looked to be in thought. Jax put took off the apron and put his cut back on. He placed the ball cap on Opie and Opie dead armed him.

“I say we let them finish this…”

“What’s to say they will?” Bobby threw out there and Chibs shrugged.

“Just how heated are things?”

“It’s pretty hot in there…”


Chibs looked around the area once again then ducked back behind the wall.

“Well there’s obviously no one watchin’…” He said with a gesture towards the cameras.

“Meanin’ we better act fast. Maybe they need a little push.”

“How do you mean?”

“Let’s see if we can add a little more fire to the flame and get someone to shoot first.”

Chibs nodded towards a ventilation area.

“Yer pretty agile, Jackie boy. Why don’t ye see about findin’ yer way ta the kitchen? Help the boys in cancelin’ one another out and we’ll take over from there.”

“Gotcha!” Jax uttered with a true beam about him.

Happy and Opie helped Jax get into the area. Jax popped his head out before taking on his newest mission.

“I’m like fucking Peter Graves and shit now!”

“Who?” Bobby asked and the others sighed.

“More like Tom Cruise. I’m Peter Graves now quit horsin’ around and get with it!” Chibs scolded.

“Fuck Tom Cruise. I’m way hotter!” Jax bitched and crawled on.

Opie patted Chibs on the shoulder as he was pinching the bridge of his nose.

“So Ava tells me you want more children…” the sergeant goaded.

“Hmmm.” Chibs hummed.

“You should try naming the next one Harry!”

“Now why would I go and do a thing like that?!” Chibs taunted in return and Opie frowned.

“Oh man… That’s one hell of a burn.” Tig uttered but was quick to grab one of the waitresses on her way out.

“Sorry, doll. You’ve got a date with us boys tonight.”

Chibs recognized the woman and sent her a menacing wink. It was the other paramedic, the one that gave him so much hell for taking it upon himself to help his miscarrying wife.

“Well hello there, darlin’.” She had this wide-eyed look about him.

Chibs handed the hostess over to Happy. Then president yanked the paramedic out from Tig’s hold.

“Wasn’t ye the one that was willin’ ta let me girl die so that little shite could sit there and act like a little cunt?”

Chibs gritted his teeth when she wouldn’t answer. He gave her a firm shake and slammed her up against the wall.

“Did ye know she almost died and my son’s in fuckin’ NICU. Ye fuckin’ almighty BITCH!”

“Chibs…” Opie whispered in reminder of what they were doing.

Chibs closed his eyes for a moment and lowered his voice.

“Did ye fire the little bastard?”

When the woman wouldn’t answer he gave her another shake.

“Did you fire the kid or not?”

He asked this knowing she was in charge, because of the title on her nametag that day.  Chibs removed his hand and waited for an answer.


“I’m not firing the boy over some biker whore that’s probably the reason behind her baby nearly dying. Let me guess drugs, right?”

For whatever reason… this woman reminded him of Tara Knowles. That got under his skin even more. Chibs gave a simple nod. The others looked on in surprise as he took his knife and slit her throat.

He spat in her face directly after. Opie swallowed back as the man had actual tears in his eyes.

“Hey…” Opie said and was quick to hug it out.

Chibs had been holding this shit in and deep down it was eating him alive. Even more so considering there was yet another attempt on his wife’s life. The girl couldn’t catch a break.

“She’s alright and so is Jackie.” Opie whispered.

Tig and the others grimaced as Chibs got a little choked up. Opie hugged him even tighter.

“She was dead. My little swan died.” Chibs muttered and Opie planted his hands along his face.

“But she’s back and tougher than ever. Ava’s not going anywhere. And she sure as HELL isn’t letting anything happen to that boy of yours.”

The Scot nodded but was pissed with himself. Here he was president yet he just had a minor meltdown during a mission. Tig kissed his cheek and Bobby patted him on the back.

“He’s right. Ava’s one tough bitch.” Happy threw out there.

The president cleared his throat but got back to business, once they heard the gunshots.

“That’s our cue.” He uttered and the boys nodded.

Ava placed her hand along the handle but froze in place. She lowered her hand then put her head to the door in defeat.

“Well you going in or not?” She heard Gemma call from behind.

The young woman pivoted around in the wheelchair.

“I can’t go in there.”

“And why not?” Gemma questioned as she helped Ava adjust her gown.

“This is Cherry all over again…”

“Sweetheart… These things happen. It’s doesn’t matter what you do. People are going to get hurt and a few will die.”

“But a baby…?”

Ava looked to her hands as they were trembling.

“I can’t get my shit together. No matter what I do. I thought that seeing my son would help.”

“Did it?”

“It took the edge off. But still… It’s like…”

“Feels like you’re drowning, doesn’t it?”

Ava nodded and Gemma hugged her.

“You’ll reach the surface soon. You just need to believe in yourself.”

Ava glanced towards the room Michaela was in.

“When I first saw her… I thought she was dead.” Ava admitted.

Gemma used her thumbs to wipe her tears.

“Well let’s just say you were right about one thing.”

“That being?”

“She’s a lot like you. She’s one tough bitch. Hell, she’s put me in my place a few times already.”

Ava couldn’t help but to smile.

“Good. You need it.”

“Now don’t get too cocky.”

“Come on, Gemma. You know I’m right. No one will ever be good enough where Jax is concerned.”

“You got that right.”

“But it’s not about you. It’s about him and Abel. And what makes them happy.”

Gemma nodded in agreement.

“Maybe you should be taking your own advice.” The older woman hinted and Ava narrowed her eyes wondering what that had to do with her.

“I’m talking about you and that Scot of yours. You gotta pull yourself together before he walks through those doors. He’s busting his ass in order to prove himself to you and that boy of his. Just imagine how he’s going to feel if he enters that room, to see his old lady losing her grasp on reality and her shit altogether.”

“I’m trying…”

“I know you are. But look at me. You’re not alone. I know all about loss. And I know what it’s like to lose your best friend.” Gemma brushed her hair back.

“I’m guessing you turned to Cherry for damn near everything?”

Ava nodded and Gemma nodded in return.

“Had one of those. Hurts like a bitch when they leave you.”

Gemma made a gesture towards Michaela’s room.

“Us crazy bitches are still standing. So whenever you feel like all hope is lost. Turn to us. Ava, the weight of the world doesn’t have to be all on your shoulders. Chibs has the boys to fall back on and you need to know that you have us.”

Ava took the woman by surprise as she came to a stand and hugged the hell out of her.

“I love you, crazy bitch and all.”

“Love you too, sweetheart. Now sit your ass down and get in there.”

She nodded and drew back the deepest of breaths before entering the room.

Michaela waved her over and before Ava could utter a single word. She handed a yellow memo pad over. Ava narrowed her eyes and looked it over.

If you even try to take the blame on this one. I will take that that bedpan and throw it at you. Yes, it’s filled with urine. Not just any urine but mine. Got it?! And that’s another thing… No saying you’re sorry. You’ve nothing to be sorry for. This was my decision and I haven’t any regrets. I’m just glad you’re okay.

                 Ava lifted her eyes on this and Michaela pointed towards the bedpan. The young woman wrinkled her nose as it was indeed filled with urine.

“That’s so gross…” She uttered and Michaela nodded but with a wince.

Her jaw was wired shut and the entire right side of her face was covered in bruises and it was still pretty swollen. Ava tilted her head as she had a few stitches in certain areas as well. She pulled up a chair and took Michaela’s hand into her own. The two sat in silence as there was no need for words. They knew where they stood and that was that.

When the boys entered the area all that stood were Galen, Brendan, one of their men, and two of Jimmy’s. Each of them looked to the Sons in shock. Galen even more so when Jax leaped on down from one of the ceiling tiles. Jax sent him a menacing wink, before taking out the rest of Jimmy’s men.

“You were taking too long. So I took matters into my own hands.” Jax announced making it clear that it was him that fired the first shot against Jimmy’s men.

This causing Jimmy’s men to think otherwise and they fired in response, taking Peter out first thing. Brendan shook his head as he gazed upon Peter’s body. Chibs opened the bag he had on him and tossed Declan’s head over.

“Look familiar?”

Brendan gagged then covered his mouth. Galen shook his head and curled his lip upon the SAMCRO president.

“And I thought ye hadn’t any idea where Jimmy was. Yet ye was keepin’ in touch with him the entire time. Looks like ye got yerselves an old fashion arse rapin’ because of it. Seems ta be a thang with ole Jimmy. He fucks everythin’ he touches. But I’m gonna do ye the favor of finishin’ this.”

Chibs went on to light the pilots to all the stoves. He shook his head taking notice of the kitchen help and how they’d been gunned down as well. The Scot hated what he was about to do but knew it was the only way. He made Ava a promise and he intended on keeping that promise. The only way out of this was to get his hands dirtier than usual. He couldn’t afford to let a single person out of the restaurant, which included that of Jimmy’s customers. The employees were dead as it was. And Jimmy needed the rude awakening. He wanted him to know that they were onto him and it wouldn’t be long. Jax frowned once he realized what Chibs was doing. But he supported him by helping to set everything up.

“We can talk this over…” Galen uttered in a panic.

“Nah… I’m done talkin’. I prefer ta be a man of action. That’s the only way shite gets done.”

Opie grabbed a few chairs. Tig and Happy gathered what he was going for and used some cable ties to bind them. Chibs walked on over and got right in Galen’s face.

“I told ye we was pullin’ out of the cartel, one way or another. Ye should’ve taken heed ta me warnin’. What ye did with our clubhouse got a mother and her unborn baby killed, as well as one of our brothers. My wife went inta premature labor and nearly died, along with our son. But ye knew what ye was doin’. Ye wanted a war and ye got yerself one. Only I highly doubt ye expected it ta end this way. Now yer gonna rot in hell and Jimmy O’ will be joinin’ ya shortly. But not ta worry we’re gonna leave ya with a little taste of what burnin’ for eternity means. It was lovely doin’ business with ye boys. But alas, we must depart!” He said with a playful slap across the cheek.

Chibs gave Tig the signal and he nodded as the boys got prepared and were ready to haul ass.

Chibs and Tig were the last ones out. They hit the ground, before the building went up in a fiery explosion. Tig looked over during this.

“I missed these precious moments.”

Chibs died of laughter.

“I bet ye did, ye crazy son of a bitch.”

Tig leaned over and kissed him.

“KNOCK THAT SHITE OFF!” Chibs barked and shoved him off him.

Tig chuckled and came to his feet. He offered Chibs a hand and the Scot rolled his eyes as he accepted.

“You two having a moment over there?” Opie called out and Jax laughed.

“Something… I think it’s time we got Tig neutered.”

“Agreed.” Chibs uttered as he hopped onto his bike and Tig into the van.

The Sons looked to one another then back to the blaze of glory before them. A simple nod from their president was all it took. They hit the road and didn’t look back.

“Where you going?” Jax hollered once the boys looked to all the damage done by the fire.

Chibs put on his shades as it was morning. The Sons hadn’t slept since they’d gotten the call about Declan. They were running on nothing but fumes now.

“Ta see Ava. And if I were ye… I’d tag along.”

This had Jax looking to him in wonder but Chibs headed on out. Jax waved the boys off as he followed. When Jax got to the parking lot Chibs was lighting a cigarette and climbing off his bike. He walked on over and handed Jax a cigarette as well.

“Yer gonna need it…” The way he said this had Jax rearing back.

“What’s going on? Are the girls alright?!”

“Aye… But ye should know that Michaela was admitted inta one of the rooms early this morn.”


Chibs took a long drag off his cigarette and went on to tell Jax what little he knew.

“Jesus!” Jax hopped off the bike and was cutting Chibs a look of absolute hell.

Nothing he didn’t see coming.

“That’s fucked up! This entire time… And you didn’t tell me shit!”

“Aye. And fur a good reason.”

“The hell with you. If it had been Ava what would’ve…”

Chibs was quick to interrupt him.

“I’d have knocked yer fuckin’ block off, kid.”

Jax nodded and took a swing. Chibs was quick to dodge it and grabbed ahold of him.

“I needed ye with a clear head. And ye know damn well if I went and told ye about Michaela, ye’d have been too focused on her and not the task on hand. We had business ta deal with and that had ta be handled FIRST!”

Jax broke out of his hold and shoved him back.

“If it were Ava… You’d have stopped whatever you were doing and broke your back in order to get to her!” Jax shouted with tears in his eyes.


“Chibs…” Jax uttered in defeat and Chibs closed his eyes for a brief moment.

He rested his hands about his hips and shook his head.

“I had ta think like a president and put business first. But believe me… Every part of me wanted ta be right here. That’s me heart and soul up in that room. Ye know what it would do ta me… Losin’ Ava.”

Jax nodded and Chibs gave him a little slap on the cheek.

“I love ya, kid. I hope ye know that. I only did what I did because I had to put our hearts aside, at least long enough ta finish what we started. Now, we just gotta keep an eye out for Jimmy and put that final nail in the coffin. Now go on. Take care of yer girl and we’ll figure out what ta do once we’ve had a moment ta clear our heads.”

Part of Chibs was concerned about Jimmy heading back to Ireland. But a bigger part of him knew he wouldn’t leave without Kerrianne. It wasn’t in him. He’d stick around and pop up, whenever they least expected it. And as much as he hated the idea… He knew he’d wind up having to use that as part of his end game. It was the only way to get Jimmy out of hiding.

When Chibs entered the room, Ava was nowhere to be found. He took off his cut then tossed it onto the chair. Chibs washed up at the sink then dried off before heading into the NICU area, where he figured she was. Sure enough, he peeked inside and saw that she sitting in the rocking chair across the way. He took the usual steps in getting ready before making his way over.

“She wouldn’t leave him…” One of the nurses called as Ava was sound asleep.

He nodded and kissed the top of Ava’s head. He went on to check on Jackie and smiled as he had his eyes open and was looking his mother’s direction.

“Aye… Ye lookin’ at that beautiful mum of yers?”

The nurse smiled on this. Chibs placed his hand inside and caressed the top of Jackie’s head.

The infant cranked his head that direction and Chibs nodded upon him.

“Hey there…”

“Won’t be long…” The nurse called and Chibs nodded in response.

“We took him off the oxygen for a few minutes today and he was able to hold his own for a little while. We just need those lungs a little stronger, don’t we?” She said with a warm smile towards Jackie.

“How long has she been there?” Chibs questioned with a gesture towards his wife.

“A few hours… But she fell asleep about 45 minutes ago.”

Chibs nodded and went on to wheel her on out of the room. He headed back to the hospital room. Then lifted her out of the chair and put her to bed. Once he got her tucked in, he pulled up a chair and merely waited…

When Ava woke the following morning, Chibs was still in the chair but sound asleep. She swallowed back and reached over taking his hand into her own. Chibs opened an eye and lowered the bedrail. He moved her IV about then pulled her into his lap. He went on to check on her sutures from the C-section.

“How’s that feelin’, mo ghaol?”

“Tender but nothing I can’t handle.”

“That’s me girl.” He murmured as he lowered her gown, but his eyes came to a close again.

Ava wrapped her arms around him then curled up against him.


Ava opened her eyes to see Jax and the others in the room.

“How you feeling, darlin’?”


Jax nodded then pecked her on the cheek. He looked to the time and nodded Chibs’s direction.

“You mind waking the old man?”

“What time is it?” She questioned seeing as how her breakfast and lunch trays were in the room.

“Two o’ clock.”


Jax chuckled on this.

“Looks like you took a coma, the both of you.”

Chibs stretched his arms about then nodded towards the boys. Ava got this miserable look about her.

“Something wrong?” Jax questioned taking notice.

“I have to pee…”

He nodded and took it upon himself to help her out of Chibs’s lap. Chibs tied the back of her gown then gestured for Jax to go on. Jax helped Ava into the bathroom then shut the door.

“Fuck! That burns!” Ava hollered after peeing.

Chibs cocked a brow on this and the guys laughed.

“It isn’t funny, assholes.” She called then opened the door.

Each of them sent her apologetic looks and Ava laughed in response.

“What am I going to do with you boys…?” She whispered as Jax helped her to the sink.

“Love or murder, your pick.” Jax whispered in return.

“How ‘bout both?”

Jax smiled on this.

“Now you’re talking like a true Crow.”

Ava looked to the time once again.

“I gotta head on to NICU and pump some milk for Jackie.”

Jax nodded and went to help her into the wheelchair.

“No… I’m walking this one. I have to build up my strength.”

Chibs cringed in thought.

“Ava… There’s plenty of time fur that. Yer in pain. I can see it all over yer face.”

“I’ll be fine. I just need someone to walk me there.”

He nodded and came to his feet.

“Let me take piss and I’ll get ye there, darlin’.”

She nodded and leaned against the wall for support.

“You sure about this?” Tig questioned looking concerned.

“Yeah. I’m no good to Jackie in that wheelchair.”

Jax couldn’t help but to smile on this.

“I love you. You know that, right?”

Ava smiled in return.

“I know.”

“Jesus Jax, Chibs is right in there…” Opie taunted as he pointed towards the bathroom door.

“He can love her all he wants, but I’m the one givin’ her the big D.”

“Not right now you’re not…” Ava uttered and looked to be in thought on that one.

Opie choked back gathering the hint.

“Yeah. You’ll be out of commission for a little while.” He hinted with a grin.

“You think?!”

“It’s time for Chibs to get that five knuckle shuffle game going. And the way you two were fucking… He’s probably blue balling as we speak.” Jax threw out there.

“Are we really goin’ ta talk about me donkey punchin’ my wife?”

Tig shrugged on this.

“I find the conversation quite intriguing actually.”

“You would. Ye fuckin’ perv…”

Chibs escorted Ava on out the door. He looked to the guys on the way out.

“I’ll be right back.”

“Take your time.” Jax replied.

“How ye holdin’ up?” Chibs questioned as they were almost there.

“Okay. Just really sore.”

“I imagine.” He said with a soothing hand along her back.

“Did you find him…?” Ava hinted and Chibs shook his head no.

“But we found everyone else…”


“He’s all that’s left.”

The young woman drew back a breath of relief.

“Think he’s headed back home?”

“It’s a possibility but I highly doubt it. When Jimmy has his mind set on something he’s not one to walk away. He tends to lean towards the element of surprise.”


Chibs drew back a breath and stopped her.

“How ye doin’ with all that…?”

“I’m good.”

“Ye say that now. But I heard ye… Ava, there’s nothin’ wrong with losing yer shite from time ta time. I don’t want ye feelin’ like ye have ta hide yer feelings with me. And I wouldn’t blame ye of some of those ill feelings are towards me.”

“Why would you think that?”

“Oh there’s plenty reason, and ye know it.”


“Ava, ye were plenty mad over that phone and I know a lot of that was directed at me. Hell, we’re in this mess because of the life I lived, before ye even came inta the picture. And wakin’ up ta find me gone… I’m sure didn’t help matters. Ye’ve got a lot ta be mad aboot.”

“I was mad.” Ava admitted and Chibs nodded.

“Mad, because all I could picture was our son. I never realized just how hard it would hit me. So when I woke to find a pillow over my face and Michaela lying just a few feet away, clearly unconscious. I lost it. And I mean LOST IT. I started to question everything. You, me, us, the club, everything… I had a moment of weakness and I was angry in the sense of feeling alone, for the first time in our relationship. I felt alone.”

Chibs cringed on this and Ava cupped his chin.

“But I know that wasn’t real. It was all in my head. It’s like you once said. Even when you’re gone, you’re here.” She pointed to her heart and he nodded.

“Everything came crashing down… Cherry, Kip, the baby, Piney, and Juice. I just kept thinking whose next? My husband or my son? Then Kerrianne came to mind and…”


“Full blown panic. Shit. Chibs, I’m already thinking of her like one of my own and I’ve known her for a short time. When that clubhouse went up in flames and I couldn’t find her…”

Ava closed her eyes and was doing her best to shake it off. Chibs took her into his arms and hugged her close.

“Ye’ve no idea what that means ta me, lass. I know I’m gonna piss ye off. And I’m sure there’s gonna be times I come home ta find my boots and clothes tossed out on the porch and ye givin’ me the middle finger while yer at it. Just know ye couldn’t rid of me if ye tried. So no matter how mad ye get. Just remember everythin’ we’ve been through in order ta get where we are now. There’s no such thing as love without a little bit of hell in-between. Anyone that tells ye otherwise is full of shite. That just comes with the territory. We’re gonna drive each other crazy but as long as we stay crazy aboot one another. We got this.”

Ava nodded and Chibs kissed her.

“Now let’s those titties pumped!”

Ava snorted on this.

Chibs entered the room and the boys looked to one another as if lost on what to do next. After a solid minute passed, Chibs cleared his throat. He paced the room and went on to tell them about his plans for setting Jimmy up, the way Jimmy set up the kings. Only he’d be using his own daughter as bait. Not in the physical standpoint, but Jimmy didn’t have to know that.

“And how do you plan on going about that?” Bobby questioned and Chibs leaned back in thought.

“Set up a scavenger hunt, leading to Kerrianne?” Tig sarcastically threw out.

Chibs narrowed his eyes on this.

“That might work…”

“Um… I was being sarcastic.”

“Aye, I know it’s yer best side, but think about it. He’s gonna be goin’ around askin’ a lot of questions. And the people of Charming LOVE a good gossip. If we plant a few seeds here and there… We might just pull this shite off.”

The boys looked to one another in thought.

“Hell… I’m game!” Jax declared and the others nodded in agreement.

“See? You’re not completely useless, Trager!” Chibs taunted and Tig rolled his eyes.

“Thanks… I guess.”

Chibs held up a hand as his cellphone rang.


“WE CAN HOLD HIM!!!” Ava practically shouted and the guys overheard this.

Chibs closed his eyes in relief.

“On my way, baby.”

He hung up and Jax chuckled. He hugged him then looked him in the eyes.

Go. Be with your family.”

“That’s right. Get the hell out of here.” Opie called and Chibs let out a tearful laugh.

“On it!” He hollered and damn near ran out of the room.

Chibs couldn’t get himself scrubbed down fast enough. But the moment he spotted his wife holding that baby of his… The Scot’s heart kicked to life and in a way he never thought possible.

“Ava…” he called in such a way.

She smiled and kissed their son’s forehead.

“Well come on, daddy.”

He had a grin going ear to ear as she handed him over. Ava wiped her face with the back of her hand.

“Isn’t he perfect?”

“Aye…” Chibs uttered in awe.

“Just like his mother…”

“Don’t start lying to him this young.” Ava teased and Chibs shook his head.

His eyes locked with hers.

“Yer perfection ta me, lass. And no one will ever convince me otherwise…”

“Whattya mean he was at the hospital?!”

Jax grimaced realizing they hadn’t told him about that.

“Jimmy was here? And near my little girl?!”

Chibs had that lip of his curled and he was pacing the room, like that of a caged animal.

“I can’t believe not a one of ya thought ta tell me! Jaysus!”

Jax sighed on this.

“That was never our intention. There was a lot going on. I think each of us figured you already knew.”

“He’s right. I thought you knew.” Opie uttered and the others nodded in agreement.

Chibs nodded and leaned back against the wall. He retrieved his cellphone from his cut and went on to check on Donna and the kids. Once he had that peace of mind he hung up.

“Everyone good?” Opie asked.


“Good deal.”

“Alright. Let’s wrap everythin’ up with the girls and get ta work. We got some rumors ta spread and we need ta come up with a ‘place’.”

Opie looked to be in thought.

“Why don’t we tell the truth? That way there’s no red flags.”

“Go on…” Chibs uttered and Opie nodded.

“Donna has the kids… but change the destination. You remember my crazy mother, right?”

“Oh yeah.”

“Well… What if they went there instead?”

“That would make sense…”


“And what of yer mum?”

Jax sent Opie a ‘look’ and Chibs cringed in realization.

“I’m sorry.”

“Probably for the best. She didn’t take it well when she heard about Pops.”

Chibs nodded in understanding.

“Anyway… the place is still under her name. I need to get down there and take care of some legal issues anyhow.”

“Did ye even make it ta the funeral?”

“Nah… Was too focused on the old man’s.”

Chibs thought back to all that mess. Nothing like having one of your parents kick the bucket, when you’re facing hard time. Opie had to get everything done behind bars and the rest was up to Donna and the kids. Damn near destroyed him, not making it to his father’s funeral. And here they were… planning three more to go with that.

“Are ye prepared for what might go down?” Chibs did his best to warn.

There could be nothing left of the place by the time they were done.

“Place is a piece of shit. I was going to sell it anyway. Mom never took care of it. A shame too. Had good potential, being out in the country and all.”

In the country… that means no witnesses. Chibs thought amongst himself. That was a good thing considering he wasn’t about to let Jimmy take the easy way out. No. Chibs was going to take his time with that one. However, this had him thinking back to his promise to Ava. Yet here she was in the hospital and with their newborn son. It wasn’t your typical situation either. Jackie needed a lot of TLC. And now that she was able to hold him. He didn’t see his wife wanting to be away for too long.

“How far we talkin’?”

“About an hour or so. Depending on how fast you drive and how bad the traffic is.”

Chibs looked to Jax in thought.

“I’m gonna need ye ta do me a favor.”


Chibs drew back a breath and went on to tell the boys his plan and how he wanted things to go from there…

“How’s that?” Lyla questioned and Chibs narrowed his eyes.

He walked a complete circle around the girl Lyla had fixed up.

“Now that’s somethin’…” He murmured and Lyla smiled.

“I told you…”

“Aye. That ye did. Just needs one final touch.” Chibs took something out from his cut then handed it over.

“Me girl always has these on.”

The young woman nodded and put the earbuds on. She tucked the wire away, so that it looked like she had the player in her pocket. Chibs nodded in approval.

“Alright… Let’s go.”

He handed his daughter’s backpack over and the girl put it on. He wrapped his arm around her shoulder then escorted her on out. Once he had her in the truck, he made a couple ‘side’ trips around town. He hoped for word to spread fast enough to get this over with. That word being that he was dropping his daughter off with Donna and the kids while they were staying with Opie’s mother. From there, he headed to the destination Opie had in mind. Opie and Happy had headed out the day before and were getting everything ready for their arrival. Chibs acted the entire part out even went as far as to hug the girl once he left etc… But once she stepped inside, Opie and Happy were there to keep guard and make certain nothing actually happened to her.

On the way back to Charming, Chibs called to check in on his wife and son. They were letting her breastfeed now and Ava couldn’t have sounded happier. That put the Scot at ease as she was starting to sound like her old self again. It was pretty much a waiting game now… Chibs needed to keep busy in order to keep from going insane. So he called Jax and had him help in getting Jackie and Kerrianne’s rooms in order.

“Alright how’s that look?” Chibs questioned and Jax took a few steps back.

“That’s awesome!” He said looking to the wall Chibs had freshly painted.

He managed to put his own spin on things by adding train tracks to it.

“Ye think Ava will dig it?”

“Oh yeah. She’s going to love it!”

Chibs went to say something else on this but his cellphone rang. He narrowed his eyes not recognizing the number.


The woman on the other end was hysterical and sobbing away about her son.

“Aye… Now, I’m gonna need ye ta calm down so I can understand what yer sayin’.”

The woman drew back a breath and did her best to explain the situation. Her three year old son had been kidnapped. When Chibs asked her why she called him and not the police, she said they couldn’t get the police involved, because this was a deal gone bad with the father. Apparently he owed some bad men money; through a deal he made in order to get more money for his gambling habit. The woman was given the number by Otto – one of the original nines that was doing life in prison. Chibs knew for Otto to give this woman his number like that, she must’ve been in over her head and needed some serious help. He could hear her yelling at her apologetic husband in the background. Chibs pinched the bridge of his nose. This wasn’t something they needed, not right now. He was all about helping the people of Charming. In fact, they needed that creditability. But he had his own shit to deal with and needed to be around for his wife and son. That and if he got word of Jimmy. But the more he heard the man and woman go on about their son and the argument between the two. He couldn’t help but to think of his wife and son. Chibs shook his head as he looked upon Jax.

“Give me an address and we’ll meet ye there. But I can’t make ya any promises.”

The woman broke into another set of sobs and thanked him profusely. Then she went on to give him the address. Chibs used his paint brush to write it down on one of the bare walls. He hung up directly after then nodded upon Jax.

“Ye best call Bobby and Tig. I’ve a feeling we’re gettin’ ourselves in one hell of a mess.”


The man shook his head no, when Jimmy showed him a picture of Kerrianne. Jimmy sighed with sheer annoyance. He’d been all over Charming and various cities surrounding. He’d word that Kerrianne’s father had taken her out of Charming. Father… he thought with a scowl. He was Kerrianne’s father as far as he was concerned. And he wasn’t going anywhere, until he had that girl back in his grasp. He wished he’d have never brought that bitch of Filip’s into the picture. She fucked everything up and what for? So she could act like a little fucking tease. He was trying to be a gentleman. When he should’ve treated her like the little bitch she was and ripped her from A to V with his dick. His only concern was getting his little girl back. He’d get her back to Ireland safe and sound. Then he’d come back and finish the job. He wanted Filip to watch as he did ungodly things to his wife. The mere idea had him hard below the belt. He wanted to see the look on his face when he fucked his wife then cut her face and slit her throat.

“Hey… I’ve seen that girl!”

A man called as he was looking over Jimmy’s shoulder. Jimmy cranked his head that direction.


“Oh yeah. She was in here just a day or so ago with some guy. He had scars like the fucking Joker or something. Crazy looking motherfucker, I think he’s in that biker gang here in town too.”

“Ya mean SAMCRO.” The cook hollered out.

“Yeah those guys.”

“Did he happen to say where he was goin’?”

“Overheard him on the phone talking about taking her to the Wilsons? No that’s not right… The Winstons. Yeah that’s it, like the cigarettes. I remember now. He needed someone to watch after her, while he took care of his wife in son in the hospital. From the sounds of it his son’s NICU or something like that.”

Jimmy gave a simple nod and headed on out. He did a little more investigating on finding out where the Winstons lived. From there… He was able to hunt down the house. He spent a good three hours staking it out but saw no one going in or out. That and there wasn’t any vehicles about. So he opened the glove compartment and grabbed his gun. He called what little men he had left and had them on standby, just in case. Once they arrived, he signaled that he was heading inside. He managed to break in by picking the lock. Jimmy brought his gun out but kept quiet as he did a complete walkthrough of the house. He gritted his teeth and kicked at potted plant. Nobody was here and there weren’t any signs of Kerrianne ever being here. He caught a glimpse of something on the fridge however. He tilted his head as he looked upon the sticky note with an address written down. Beneath that was a list of things to pack. Jimmy took out his cellphone and took a picture of the address. He texted it to one of his men and had them look it up. The address was under a Mary Winston.

“Gotcha…” He uttered with a smug grin.

Chibs rolled his eyes as gathering information from the father was like pulling teeth. He was losing his patience and fast. This was his fucking son they were hunting down, yet he continued in being vague as possible. He hadn’t the time for this shit. The Scot gestured towards the wife hintingly whilst eyeing Jax down. Jax gathered the hint and was quick to grab her as Chibs grabbed the husband and slammed up him against the wall behind him.

“Do ye want him back or not?!”


“Then quit pussyfootin’ around and tell us what we need ta know or we’re walkin’ out of here and I’m handin’ me gun ta that wife of yers, so she can take care of yer sorry arse, on her own terms. I got my own shite ta deal with and I’m not in the mood fur yer games!”

Jax narrowed his eyes and looked to be in thought. Bobby chuckled as Jax handed his gun over.

“You just go right ahead darlin’.” Jax uttered with a menacing grin towards the husband.

The husband looked to the boys in shock and Chibs took his knee to the man’s crotch.

“Yer son’s in this mess because of ye. Now yer gonna do the right thing and look that lovely wife of yers in the eyes and tell us everythin’ ye know. Then we’re gonna do our damnest ta get him back. And if I were ye… I’d be prepared for one hell of a divorce, because one look tells me she’s done and wants ta put a bullet in yer sorry arse. The only thing stopping her is that maternal instinct. She wants her son back. And yer gonna give her that. We could give a rat’s arse what happens ta ye and I’m sure the little lass is feeling aboot the same right now.”

The man came to his knees and covered his face as he cried. He went back to his apologies and begging for forgiveness. Chibs lost all composure and took the tip of his boot to his face. Then he forced the man back to his feet and was gave him the beating of a lifetime. By the time he finished, the man was spitting out all kinds of information. This only pissed the Scot off more. He wasn’t doing it for the sake of his son but for himself! He looked to the wife nodded towards her husband.

“Go ahead. We got it from here.”

The woman nodded and fired several shots. Jax took the gun from her hold after and was quick to hug her as she started to cry.

“We’re bringin’ him back…” Chibs assured.

The boys took care of the body and got everything cleaned up. During this Jax went over everything she needed to know in order to keep this under wraps and so it didn’t fall back on her.

Jimmy pulled onto the dirt road then looked to the navigation system in his car. But as he did this he caught a glimpse of someone from a distance. This had him slamming on his brakes. He looked to the map then the house in which the person was standing outside of.

“Tessie…” He whispered and turned into the drive.

His men pulled in behind him. The three he had left anyway. He couldn’t believe the kings managed to take the others out. To top it off his restaurant was no more. He hadn’t expected that outcome at all. He wondered how they managed to pull that off. There’s no way they could’ve known what was to come. They should’ve been caught flatfooted. Little did he know of the Sons involvement and the true reason behind the kings being no more, as well as his precious restaurant.

Jimmy took precaution as he parked the car and stepped out. He looked around the area and signaled for his boys to tag along.

“Tessie…” He called as the girl was just a few feet away.

He shook his head once he realized his mistake.

“Keri…” He called like that of Filip.

The girl kept her back to him but froze and he nodded amongst himself.

“That’s right, love. C’mere.”

She gradually turned facing him. Jimmy narrowed his eyes and before he could so much as blink, his men were gunned down. He staggered back and the woman lowered her hood.

“Da?” She taunted, just as Chibs instructed.

“No…” Jimmy murmured and the woman sent him a wink.

He went to shot her only to be tackled to the ground. And the last thing he saw… was Opie’s fist.

“Yeah?” Chibs said as he answered the phone.

“We got him…”

The Scot came to a halt and closed his eyes.

“Alright. Make him feel right at home…”

“You got it.”

Chibs hung up the phone then nodded towards Jax.

“It’s time.”


“Aye… Go on. We got this.”

Jax looked to Chibs, Bobby, and Tig with concern.

“But you haven’t any idea what you’re getting into.” He said whilst pointing to the building they were headed for.”

“I made my wife a promise. And I’ll be damned if I go and break another. So go. We’ll be there, just as soon as we can.”

Jax sighed but did as instructed.

“Russians…” Bobby murmured as two men exited the building and they ducked out of sight.

“And you sent Jax away because..?” Tig muttered.

Chibs ignored this and looked to be in thought. He laughed amongst himself as he took off his cut and handed it over.

“Umm, what are you doing?”

“Gettin’ this shite done. Why don’t ye two get that body set up around here somewhere close?”

Tig and Bobby exchanged glances on this as Chibs went on to adjust his clothing. He spit on his hands, rubbed them together, then combed his hair back with his fingers.

“Alright Ava, I could use some of that faith ye put inta me. Cause this is goin’ ta suck.”

Ava was looking out of the hospital window when a crow landed on the window seal.

“Well hello…” She whispered and the crow tilted it’s head.

She smiled and cracked the window open. The young woman placed her hand outside and the crow perched himself along her index finger. Ava turned as there was a knock at the door. The door opened and one of the doctors stepped inside. She gazed upon him oddly as he was in full surgical gear. He gave a simple nod and wheeled her chair over. Ava turned and watched as the crow flew away. She closed the window then made her way over.

“Don’t the nurses usually gather a patient?”

“Not today.” The man softly spoke and signaled for her to have a seat.

This had the woman on edge as she knew this wasn’t usual protocol. That and she knew for a fact she wasn’t scheduled for any surgeries. The sheriff poked his head inside and nodded her direction.

“Everything alright?”

“That depends. Can you find out if I’m scheduled for…” Ava trailed off as there was something awfully familiar about the doctor.

She narrowed her eyes on this.

“Ava?” Wayne questioned with concern.

“Nevermind… Just keep an eye on Lil Jackie, will you?”

“Of course.”

“Thank you.”

Ava sat in the wheelchair and the doctor didn’t utter a word as he wheeled her on out. She couldn’t help but to notice how he was dodging certain staff and seemed to be on a mission of sorts. They headed into one of the elevators and he hit the button for the bottom floor. She nodded amongst himself when the man wheeled her outside, where there was a van already waiting.

“Well of all the things… I never dreamed my own husband would have me kidnapped.”

This had the “doctor” stepping before her. He lowered his surgical mask then did a slight bow.

“I’ll be your chauffeur for the evening, m’dear.”

“Oh and such the perfect gentleman!”

“Always…” He said with warm smile and wheeled her into the van.

Once he had her inside, he locked the chair in place then handed her some clothes. He shut the van doors and was quick to get out of his scrubs. Ava raised her brows as he was in nothing but his boxers.

“I believe we talked about this…”

He chuckled and grabbed a duffle bag. He looked over as he was getting dressed.

“Perhaps another time?” He taunted and she sighed as if truly disappointed.

“If you insist.”

He was damn near tripping over himself in order to get to the driver’s side. Just as soon as he was seated, he turned the key in the ignition and peeled on out.

“Easy, Jax!” Ava hollered as she struggled to get dressed and trying to keep her balance didn’t help matters.

He peered into the rearview mirror and laughed.

“My bad…”

“Yeah your bad.” She witted in return and joined him up front.

“So what’s this about?”

“You’ll see…”

“Hey…” Tig uttered as he nudged Bobby.

Bobby narrowed his eyes and followed Tig’s gaze.

“Well I’ll be damned. How’d he…” He started to say as Chibs was exiting the building and with the child in his hold.

He dropped down and looked their direction. The boys took the hint and started shooting anyone that exited the building behind him. Once they took them all out, Chibs came to his feet once again. The child was crying and Chibs was hauling ass.

“How’d you…” Bobby started to question.

“Did ye plant the body?!”

“Well yeah…” Tig replied. “Good. Let’s go!” Chibs hollered and hopped into the truck.

Ava looked to Jax in wonder as they were heading out of Charming.


He reached over and merely patted her on the leg.

“Relax.” He whispered and cut on the radio.

“Hey, baby. How you feeling?” Opie taunted as Jimmy came to.

He was bound to a chair and he’d a ball gag in his mouth.

“We were told to make you right at home. So that’s just what we’re going to do.”

Happy opened a beer then placed it in his hand. Opie wheeled a TV over and connected a VCR player. He popped in a recording of the Human Centipede and they had the Song That Never Ends on loop in the background.

“Heard this was one of your favorites…” Happy said with a playful slap on the cheek, before he and Opie exited the room.

The president gave a simple nod as he handed the boy over to his mother. The woman sobbed uncontrollably and held her son for dear life. She thanked Chibs profusely and pointed to a jar up on the fridge.

“Take that with you.”

Tig grabbed the jar and opened it to find a couple grand.

“It’s not much but all we had. They wouldn’t accept it when we offered. Milo owed them too much.”

Chibs nodded in understanding. He was tempted but looked to the kid then back to his mother.

“Put it back.” He said and Tig frowned.

“Aye. I said put it back. We’re not takin’ their money.”

Tig pouted as he put it back.

“Please sir, I insist. It’s the least I can do.”

“Just take care of that boy.”

The woman nodded as Chibs was heading on out the door. Bobby and Tig shrugged upon one another then followed.

When Jax pulled up to the house, Ava looked to him in question.

“What is this?”

This… Is your husband keeping his promise.”

She looked to the house then back to Jax.

“You mean Jimmy?”

He nodded.

“He’s in there?”


“And he’s the last one standing?”


“So after this… it’s over?”

“It would seem so.”

Ava just sat there and stared off into space for a moment. Jax reached over and took her hand into his own.

“He did it. Just like I knew he would.”

The young woman cleared her throat and placed her hand along the door handle. Jax gave her hand a bit of a squeeze.

“Are you ready for this?”

“I’ve been ready.”

Jax smiled then kissed her hand.

“Well alright then… Time to fly with black, darlin’.”

When Ava entered the house Opie and Happy came to a stand. A mere nod was all it took and they led her into the basement where they were keeping Jimmy. She raised her brows once she saw the little setup they had going. The movie had restarted and the song was still on loop. Ava walked up behind Jimmy and leaned into his ear.

“Hello, Jimmy…”

Jax raised his brows as Chibs and the others entered the basement as well. He hadn’t realized they were traveling that far behind. Chibs put a finger to his lips and Jax nodded in understanding. Happy killed the music and stopped the video.

Ava grabbed a fistful of Jimmy’s hair then forced his head back.

“I bet you’re shitting bricks about now. I mean honestly… What did you think would come of all this?”

Jimmy merely blinked as he couldn’t talk around the gag. Ava rolled her eyes as he had tears streaming down his face and she could tell he was pleading for his life. The young woman ran a hand along his shoulder and along his chest as she made her way around. Chibs tilted his head as she crawled into Jimmy’s lap.

“This is what you wanted, right? To ride you like Filip’s Harley?”

Jax covered his mouth to keep from losing it and Chibs nodded amongst himself. Bobby patted Chibs on the back as if to say good job.

“Tell you what Jimmy…” Ava reached down and unfastened his pants.

“I’m going to give you that ride.”

Chibs swallowed back and Bobby cringed. From their point of view it looked really bad. But what they couldn’t see was that Ava had his cock between her knees and was squeezing the living shit out of it. And she did this while bobbing away. With gritted teeth and the sound of a fake orgasm, she gave Jimmy’s penis a good jerk this was followed by a cracking  sound. Jimmy let out a painful whimper. He went into his hysterics and was rocking back and forth in that chair, in attempts to get away from her. Ava reached over and grabbed a fork off the tray Happy had set beside him. Everyone of them cringed as she took that fork and rammed it right up his ass.

“How’s that feel? That feel good?”

Jimmy squirmed about and Ava grabbed a fistful of his hair again. She took off the gag then tossed onto the floor.


“Holy shit…” Jax uttered and Chibs closed his eyes for a brief moment.

When he opened them he made the gesture for the guys to stay put. Chibs inched his way over. Ava was so focused on Jimmy; she hadn’t realized her husband was standing directly behind her. He placed a hand along her shoulder then gave it a soothing squeeze. He leaned into her ear but his eyes were glued to Jimmy’s.

“I got it from here, mo ghaol.”

Ava gave a simple nod and Chibs helped her down. He caressed her cheek, before signaling one of the boys over. Tig headed that way and Chibs handed her off. Tig wrapped his arm around her then led her back with others.

Chibs paced the area, while Jimmy was saying whatever he could think of to get out of this.

“Come now, Filip. We go back a ways, yeah? Show some mercy.”

This had Chibs stopping in his tracks.

“Mercy…” He uttered with a curled lip.


He went on to unbuckle his belt and with one simple tug he jerked it out of the loops. Ava flinched as he took that belt across Jimmy’s face. From there… it was one painful thwack after another. He didn’t stop until his arm was sore. He tossed the belt aside then retrieved a couple knifes from the holster he was wearing. With one swift motion he cut his face like Jimmy had his. He plucked out one of his eyes then stuffed it into his mouth and forced him to swallow. Bobby leaned over and upchucked.

“Bobby!” Ava scolded as some of it landed on her shoes.

“Sorry…” He murmured but was back to puking.

Chibs wasn’t done. No. He thought back to everything Jimmy had done over the years and up to now. He kept picturing everything he put his wife and daughter through. Chibs picked up the gag then put it back on. He looked to the others.

“Leave us.” But as he said this his gaze met Ava’s.

The guys exited the room and Tig and Jax escorted Ava on out.

Chibs drew back the deepest of breaths. Without so much of a warning he flung one of his knives over. Jimmy looked down in terror as the knife had pierced through his balls. The Scot leaned into his ear. “The only mercy yer gettin’ is knowin’ yer aboot ta join Fi. I got it from here, yeah.” He said with a wide grin then gave the knife a good twist before yanking it back out then spitting in his face. I got it from here, yeah… Were the last words Jimmy said before cutting Filip Telford’s face and banning him from Ireland. Chibs took a few steps back then whistled for the others.

Once they entered the room, Chibs waved his wife over. He handed her the knife then made the cut throat gesture with his thumb. She nodded and went on to slit Jimmy’s throat.


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