Chapter 4 Peg O’ My Heart

Chapter 4 Peg O’ My Heart

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Private Meeting:

Jax shook his head once Chibs revealed what had taken place. Opie sighed then tapped his fingers along the table.

“We won’t let that happen, brother.” Jax assured and Opie nodded in agreement.

“Won’t happen anyhow… He has to get that shit voted in. No one’s dumb enough to vote on having Chibs’s old lady sent off to another chapter.” Opie added.

Jax half laughed.

“You’d be surprised. Hell, you know Trager will. He’d suck Clay’s dick if he demanded it.”

“Something tells me he’d suck his dick, no matter.” Opie uttered and Chibs and Jax nodded in agreement.

“I wonder what chapter he has in mind…” Jax threw out there in mere curiosity.

“I know which one…” Chibs murmured as he lit a cigarette.

This had Opie and Jax looking to him in question.

“Think about it… He needs Ava aka ‘temptation’ out of reach.”

Jax recoiled in thought.

“You think he’s that desperate.”

“Ye should’ve seen the way he was lookin’ at her…” Chibs shook his head.

“Like Bobby at a buffet table…”
Opie and Jax cringed.

“If it’s like Bobby at a buffet of pussy then you’re really fucked.” Jax added.



“Yet he threatened her…” Chibs said with a sigh.

He hadn’t a clue what to make of all this. He could see it in the bastard’s eyes when he was looking at Ava. His words didn’t match his body language, it was the craziest thing.

“That’s gotta suck for Ava. Just imagine how confused she is.” Opie uttered and Jax nodded in agreement.

“I don’t even think she’s aware. She was too focused on keepin’ her cool.”

“The hottest and youngest pussy around…” Jax said with a sigh.

“Sorry, brother. Just callin’ it like it is. That’s all Clay sees. He’s blinded to everything else and to him, this is nothing more than a challenge. If he can’t have her… then he’s gonna make certain no one else can.”

But as the VP said this he had this ill presence about him.

“Jackie?” Chibs called out with concern.

“You should tell him…” Opie hinted and Jax let out a miserable laugh.

“Tell me what?”
Jax came to his feet and paced the area.

“Chibs… I know what you’re thinking and you can’t go about it like this. You gotta watch your back.” But as Jax said this his hands were trembling. He went on to retrieve a cigarette from his cut.

“Don’t be too surprised if Clay starts sending you on ‘bogus’ missions. And whatever you do… Keep an eye on Ava. If you go somewhere you leave her with me or Op. I mean it. Just…”
The young VP cleared his throat and looked a bit choked up.

“Jackie boy…”

“Let’s just say this isn’t Clay’s first rodeo. He’s pulled this shit before. And he managed to succeed…”

Chibs reared back on this. Opie reached over and patted Jax on the shoulder then gave it a slight squeeze.

“He needs to know…” Opie did his best to encourage.

Jax pinched the bridge of his nose but nodded.

“This is the same shit he pulled with JT when it came to Gemma.” Jax admitted but looked as if he’d vomit.

He’d learned this news just recently and he was having a hard time adjusting to it. If it hadn’t been for Opie… He’d have killed Clay himself. In fact, it was a bit of a scuffle between the two when Jax first learned of this.

“He managed to steal my mother… And right out from under my father. But he didn’t stop there… No he went on to set up the perfect plan… Making certain my father never came into the picture again. Don’t even begin to think this is over… Not for a second. Clay might be going out his way to show he wants NOTHING to do with your old lady now. But it’s quite the opposite. The only difference? Ava isn’t falling for his tricks like my mother did. JT wasn’t hit… He was MURDERED! Set up by yours truly… In the end Clay got everything he ever wanted. My mother, the gun cartel, and a son. Only I’ve become a bit of a disappointment as of late. I’m reminding him too much of my old man. And you already know the ordeal with my mother. Let’s just look at this as a midlife crisis… Clay …” Jax drew back a breath and put out his cigarette. “He feels the need to start over. Only he wants to wipe the slate clean.”

“Pussy and money…” Opie whispered and Jax nodded.

“Chibs, he says this because of the shit that’s been said between Clay and Tig. You remember when I said I had my ways…?”

Chibs nodded. Jax sighed and looked upon Opie a certain way.

“Give him that ring…”

Opie nodded and took out his cellphone. He sent someone a text and the three of them merely waited. Before long the door to the chapel opened. Jax motioned for Juice to have a seat.

“I suppose you’re wondering who sent you that video?”

Chibs nodded and Jax sort of smiled. He made a gesture towards Juice.

“That wasn’t easy by the way.” Juice admitted as he thought back to the struggle he had going with Cherry at the time.

It was no secret that Chibs and Juice had been at each other’s throats off and on. In fact Chibs was damn near ready to kick his ass out of the house. He hadn’t been too keen on Juice’s sudden ‘liking’ in hanging around Clay and Tig all the time.

“Now you know the truth…” Juice confirmed.

“Fur yer sake it had better be…”

“Chibs…” Juice uttered looking downright miserable.

“You gotta tell him…” Jax encouraged and Juice pinched his eyes shut.

“I overheard Clay talking to Tig… He mentioned something along the lines of putting some baby batter into your old lady. That way he could finally have the son he always wanted.”

Chibs shot up at this and it took all three of them to hold him down. It wasn’t just about his old lady but it was the fact that he’d cut Jackson down as well. Over the years Chibs had grown a bit of a fatherly attachment to the kid and it pissed him off, having Clay say some shit like that. Chibs thought the world of Jax. You add Chib’s old lady to the mix and that had him feeling downright murderous.

“You react right now and you’re as good as dead!” Jax shouted as they forced him back into the chair.

“Clay’s just waiting for you to make that mistake. He wants an excuse. Don’t you go and give him one. We gotta play this straight, brother! Trust me. If I knew I could get away with it, I’d have killed myself. Hell, if Op hadn’t set me straight, I would’ve! But he’s right… We gotta play this smart and get the others to see the truth. Get him and Trager voted out. Get you in as Prez and Op as Sergeant. It’s time… We need to turn this club around. But we gotta go about it the RIGHT way.”

Chibs shook his head on this.

“Me Prez? But yer the VP and everyone knows it should be ye at the gavel.”

“No. Everyone expects me at the gavel. It doesn’t mean I want it.”

Chibs nodded and looked to be in thought.

“Look, Clay obviously believes that he can somehow convince Ava to see his side of things. He’s going to make her an offer she can’t refuse.” Juice put out there and Chibs lit up another cigarette.

“Threatening her isn’t the way to go…” He murmured once he took a drag.

“There’s no telling what’s going through that head of his… For all we know he might’ve hoped you were listening. It could’ve been all for show…”

“So he wanted to see how I’d react?” Chibs uttered whilst shaking his head.

“I doubt that’s the case. But it is a possibility. That’s not to say he won’t send her off to another chapter. At least long enough to achieve whatever he’s after.”

Chibs let out a miserable laugh. But deep down… He knew Ava… Clay could make her every promise in the world – whether it be money, power, or a spot as queen by his side. Ava had no interest in those sorts of things. If anything she’d laugh in his fucking face. That was the difference between Gemma and Ava. Gemma was all about the digits and power in a man. Ava just wanted to live life and was a much simpler woman. That’s what drew him to Ava in the first place. She was so different from the usual MC women. They heard Ava and Cherry laughing outside the chapel. This had each of them looking out the blinds.

Ava was hiding behind Cherry and Half-Sack was coming right for her. He’d a face full of whip cream. Jax smiled on this. “Looks as if she’s fitting in, quite nicely.”

Chibs nodded as she let out a bit of a squeal. Half-Sack managed to get to her and wiped some of the whip cream on to her and Cherry’s face. Chibs leaned back in his seat. Jax narrowed his eyes wishing he could read the Scot’s mind. It was like he was in another place at the moment. Jax motioned for Opie and Juice to step on out. They nodded and headed on out the door.

“What’s up…” Jax questioned and Chibs took a pull of his cigarette.

He flicked the ashes into a nearby ashtray and made a gesture towards Ava.

“This is Ireland all over again…”

Jax tilted his head then twirled those SONS rings about his fingers.”

“You mean Jimmy O’…?”

Chibs nodded.

Nah… It’s like you said. She’s different.”

“Aye… that she is. But that’s not ta say that Clay won’t succeed in makin’ sure she’s long gone.”

“I’m more concerned with him taking that route with you, brother… Once Clay has his eyes on something…”

“Jackie… I made myself perfectly clear in that meetin’. And ye know I’m gonna stand by my word.”

Jax recoiled but nodded in perfect understanding.

“If somethin’ goes down and I end up doin’ time, or worse because of it… Just look after her fur me, will ye?”

“I won’t let that happen.” Jax assured.

“Look at me, kid.”

Jax lifted his eyes and they locked with Chibs’s.

“I’m all she’s got… So ye promise me that if somethin’ goes down ye’ll make certain my girl is taken care of. I mean it, Jackie boy.”

Jax swallowed back on this.

“You have my word, brother.”

Ava laughed as Cherry slipped a whipped creamed finger into Half-Sack’s mouth. He wiggled his brows then licked it clean. This also led to their first kiss. Ava couldn’t help but to smile. She gave him a thumbs up then headed on out in order to give them their privacy. The young woman sat on Chibs’s bike but when she did this she saw what looked to be a flashlight shining from Gemma’s office. Ava hopped back down and inched her way over. Once she was at the door she bent down then retrieved the gun from her ankle holster. She drew back a breath then reached over, turning the knob with caution. Just as soon as she opened the door they opened fire. Ava was quick to take cover. But the moment she heard footsteps coming towards her, she kicked her foot out. Whoever it was let out a painful groan as they tripped and hit the ground. The gun was knocked out of their hold and they were reaching for it. She scurried on over and slid the gun towards one of the bikes and out of their reach. Just as she went to aim hers their direction, they grabbed her wrist slammed it back against the asphalt. The gun was sent flying out of her hand. A van drove on through the gates and the masked man shot to his feet and was heading right for it. The back doors to the van opened and there were more masked men inside.

“Holy shit… It’s her!” One of them shouted and was pointing her direction.

“GRAB HER!” Another hollered.

The man stopped in his tracks and peered back over. Ava was quick to take off but the man reached out and grabbed her by the hair. He jerked her towards him. Chibs and the others came out of the clubhouse guns a blazing. Ava wrapped her hands around the man’s wrists in attempts to free herself. He dragged her towards the van and a couple of the others reached over and picked her up. Ava screamed out as a few of the masked men were firing at SAMCRO in return. They pulled her into the van and she looked to Chibs in alarm. She clung onto those van doors and was doing everything within her power to prevent them from pulling her inside. The prowler went to climb on in and Ava brought her knees up against her chest. With gritted teeth she threw those legs of hers out and sent the man flying right out of the van.


It was then Jax saw what Chibs saw. The VP managed to laugh even through the dire situation. The driver put the van in reverse and hit the gas. Ava shook her head knowing this was going to suck… But her only save was the speed bump up ahead.

‘SHITE!” Chibs yelled knowing what she was about to do.

He pocketed that gun of his and took off like a bat out of hell. Sure enough the van hit that bump and Ava flung her entire body forward. The men lost their grip and she flew out of the van.

Chibs braced himself as he barely caught her in time. The impact had him falling back and he rolled on top of her, shielding her from oncoming fire. The van peeled on out of there. Jax and the others ran up to check on them. Chibs let out a grunt as he checked her over.

“Ye alright?”

She nodded and he let out a breath of relief. Chibs put his forehead to hers. After taking a few seconds to collect himself he lifted off her. He came to his feet and Opie and Jax helped Ava to hers. Juice and Half-Sack had the masked intruder in their hold. Chibs marched on over and ripped the black ski mask off his face. He curled that lip of his and socked the living shit out of him. Then he proceeded in spitting right in his face.

“Who sent ye!” He demanded as he had the Mayan prospect by the collar of his shirt.

“Ye had better get ta talkin’ or we’ll go aboot this a whole other way…”

The Mayan prospect just stood there and eyed him down. Chibs nodded.

“Suit yerself.” He motioned for Juice and Half-Sack to take him into the garage.

Once they were in the garage, Chibs walked on over and grabbed a welder’s torch. Ava’s jaw dropped as the others forced the Mayan prospect into a chair and were binding him to it. Chibs lit a cigarette and pointed towards Half-Sack.

“Get her out of here!”

He nodded and took Ava by the arm. She jerked out of his hold.

“I want to stay!”

Chibs shook his head.

“Yer headin’ ta the clubhouse and yer gonna stay there until I say otherwise!”

“Dammit, Chibs!”

“Ava…” He warned.

Jax sighed and he was the one to flip her over his shoulder this time. He had Half-Sack follow as they headed into the clubhouse. Ava punched at his back the entire way.


Jax nodded and dropped her onto the couch. She started to rise and he put a stop to it.

“If he tells you to do something, you need to respect his wishes and do it. You’re his old lady now. That means something, Ava. So you need to think about that before you go and challenge him in front of everyone else.”

Ava grimaced in realization and Jax nodded.

“Everything you do now reflects off of him. Just keep that in mind.”
Ava lowered her head and closed her eyes.

“I wasn’t meaning to disrespect him.”

“I know you weren’t and he knows that too. But if that had been Clay and the others… Not so much.”

Jax reached over and lifted her chin.

Hey… don’t be too hard on yourself. You’re new to all this. You’re learning as you go. You’ll get there.”
Jax kissed the top of her head and headed on back. Ava looked to Half-Sack and Cherry then let out a miserable groan.

“Not earning the top old lady award anytime soon…”

Half-Sack chuckled.

“There’s an award for that?!” Cherry taunted causing Ava to laugh.

The Mayan screamed out as Chibs took that torch to his fingers. Opie sighed and stuffed an oily kerchief into his mouth.

Great…” He muttered directly after.

Chibs and Jax peeked out the garage windows to see the sheriff pulling in.

“Someone must’ve reported the gunshots. I’ll get it taken care of it.” Jax murmured as he headed on out.

Chibs nodded and went back to gathering whatever information he could. Opie kept an eye on the situation with the sheriff. He let out a breath of relief as Jax got everything squared away and the sheriff went about his way.

“What’d you tell him?” Opie asked once he returned.

“That someone shot up the office, but we weren’t sure who. Said they’d taken off by the time we got out here.

“And he bought that?” Opie questioned in disbelief.

Jax had this sly grin about him.

“I’ve got my ways…”

“Did you promise to suck his dick?” Opie further taunted and Jax popped him across the arm.

“No but you can suck mine…” he fired back and Opie frowned causing Jax to laugh.

“Did ye promise him yer cherry, Jackie boy?” Chibs called out.

But when they looked over Chibs was removing the Mayan prospect’s pants. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re the one removing another man’s pants!” He placed those safety glasses back on and was heading right for the man’s crotch. The man shrieked out and began to spill the beans. Chibs gave a mere nod and handed the welding torch over to Jax. They soon learned that this was the prospect’s way of trying to earn his way in. They promised to patch him in if he and the other prospects found this girl and brought her to their Prez. The Mayans were in bed with the men that were after Ava. Only they hadn’t a clue she’d actually be here. The Mayan’s had gotten word of the new girl hanging around SAMCRO. But they weren’t sure if it was her or not. As for the reason the prospect went marauding in the office. He was hoping to gather whatever information he could on this girl. He just hadn’t expected to literally run into her. The van was merely back up in cause he managed to find her whereabouts. Her being at the clubhouse threw the Mayan prospects off their game. After gathering all the information they needed, Chibs decided on sending a message of his own… They threw the prospect into the back of Jax’s truck. They dumped him off near the Mayan border. And from there it was up to him to make it back to his Prez, alive.

“Do I even want to know?” Ava called out from the bed.

Chibs froze as he was heading to the bathroom. Ava sat up in the bed.

“Your blood?”

He shook his head no.

“So who were those guys?”

“Mayans…” He uttered but headed on into the bathroom. Ava sighed and looked to the time. It was seven in the morning, meaning he’d been out all night long. She climbed on out of the bed and slipped into her robe. When Ava entered the bathroom she took notice of the bloodied clothes lying in a pile on the floor. She saw that his cut was lying on the countertop. It too was covered in blood. She said nothing as she went on to clean his cut. Once she finished, she hung it up to dry. Chibs poked his head out from the shower curtain.

“What are ye doin’, Ava?”

“Just cleaning up a little.”

She went on to grab his soiled clothes and Chibs hopped on out of the shower.

“Ava… I don’t want ye cleanin’ up after me. I got it.”

“I don’t mind…”
“I know ye don’t. But this…”

Ava spun around so that she was facing him

“About last night… I wasn’t thinking. I’m doing my best to sort this out and…” she paused in midthought.

“I suppose what I’m trying to say is that I’m sorry for giving you hell in front of the guys.”

Chibs raised his brows on this.

“I don’t want you thinking I don’t trust you or your judgement.” She said as she waved his clothes about.

“And I’m not about to start interrogating you. I will say this much… I’m not one of those old ladies that’s willing to be left in the dark.”

“Are ye done?”

Ava reared back on how he’d said this. He took the clothes from her hold and tossed them back onto the floor.

“That’s not yer job. I won’t have ye cleanin’ up after my messes.”
“You’re in this mess because of me.”
“Aye. But it is still my mess.”
“You’d do the same for me. I mean hell you already are!”

“That’s different and ye know it.”

“Dammit Filip! Just let me do this!”

“Do ye have any idea just how often this kind of shite goes down? Do ye really want ta spend every waking moment cleanin’ up after me?! Ye start doin’ that and I might as well kiss yer arse goodbye now!”

Ava leaned over and caught a whiff of his breath.

“You’re drunk…”

Chibs rolled his eyes and started towards the shower again.

“I’M NOT HER! So knock that shit off! I’m not going anywhere!

She picked the clothes back up.

“Your cut is drying. None of it got on your patches so you should be good.”

“Do ye even know what ta do what that?” He asked whilst pointing to the clothes.

She nodded and started on out the door.

“And what would that be?”

“Burn them… Leaving nothing behind. Now get yourself cleaned up and quit acting like a royal dick!”

“What’d ye say?”


Ava threw a match into the barrel and smoked one of Chibs’s cigarettes. She made certain everything was nothing but ash before heading back inside. When Ava rentered the bedroom, Chibs was already in bed and sound asleep. Ava tucked him in and pecked him on the lips before heading into the shower. Once she finished she brushed her hair and went on to get dressed. She sat on the edge of the bed and stepped into her boots. When she did this however she felt Chibs’s hand running along the small of her back. “Peg o’ my heart…” he murmured. But when she looked over he’d fallen back asleep.

“Get a room…” Ava teased as she plopped down beside Half-Sack and Cherry on the couch.

She grabbed one of Cherry’s Twizzlers off the coffee table and stuffed it into her mouth.

“We’re in a room…” Half-Sack mumbled as he squeezed at one of Cherry’s breasts.

“Keep exposing her like that and I’ll have to dig through Chibs’s wallet and see if I can find a twenty.”

“Come now… she’s worth fifty at least.”

Cherry smacked him on the arm and he chuckled. Ava sighed as she picked up Clay and Tig’s reflection through a nearby display case. On this she came to her feet.

Don’t…” Half-Sack whispered.

“Every time you do that you’re giving him just what he wants. He wants you to feel intimidated.”

Ava glanced over and sighed. Bobby had entered the clubhouse not long after. Clay whispered something into his ear and Bobby nodded. He headed on over to where they were. Ava sort of laughed as he sat in the recliner across the way. Clay called to Half-Sack and the other prospects. He had them follow him and Tig outside. Thus leaving the girls alone with Bobby. Ava thought about Jax’s warning and started to tense up a bit. Bobby leaned over motioned Cherry over. He pulled her into his lap and whispered into her ear.

“I don’t do that anymore…” She whispered in return looking somewhat embarrassed.

Ava was doing her best not to react. But she took notice of the way his hand was creeping up along Cherry’s leg. He wrapped his arm around cherry and whispered something else. Cherry’s entire face reddened.

“Bobby… I already told you. Please. Stop.”

Bobby sighed and kissed along her shoulder. That hand of his traveled further up. Ava gritted her teeth as this had her flashing back to what Clay had pulled with her.

“I told you… I’m with Kip now. I’m not a Sweetbut, not anymore!”

Bobby went on to move her about him. Ava shot to her feet. She grabbed an empty beer bottle and took it to Bobby’s head. She was quick to snatch Cherry out from his lap. She placed Cherry behind her and stared the man down. He sprang to his feet and darted on after her. He raised his hand to her and Ava flinched but was merely waiting for it. This caused her to fall back and Bobby shook his head. He bent down and offered his hand. She slapped it away and came to her own feet. Bobby grabbed her by the arm and dragged her into another room.

“Don’t you hurt her, Bobby!” Cherry yelled as he locked the door behind him.

“What part of no means no, don’t you assholes get? You think that just because you’re some big bad bikers that gives you the right to bully us into whatever the FUCK YOU WANT?!”

“If you weren’t Chibs’s old lady…”
“You’d what?” She challenged.

He sighed and shook his head.

“It was a test…” he whispered.


“Yeah you know… To make sure Cherry was on the up and up when it comes to Kip.”

“Just what in the hell kind of test is that?”

Bobby was quick to cover her mouth.

“It’s what we do…”

Ava shoved his hand away.

“Oh gee when’s my test?”

“You didn’t start off as a Crow Eater… Completely different circumstances. Besides Chibs would put a bullet in the back of my head.”
“What’s to say Kip won’t?”

Bobby had a good laugh at this.

“You’re cute as hell. I give you that much.”

He reached back and opened the door. “Old ladies first…,” he said whilst motioning for her to step out. Cherry was quick to take her by the hand and was checking her over.

“I’m fine…” Ava assured.

“Ava…” Cherry said with that guilt-ridden tone.

“You know what… Let’s just get the fuck out of here.”

Cherry reared back on this.

“Ava, you know you can’t.”

Ava grabbed Chibs’s keys.

“Look, I know a place. I’ll send Chibs a message so he knows where we are. But if this is the present company… I’m better off handing myself over. This is bullshit and you know it!”

Cherry sighed and followed Ava out. She reared back as Ava climbed onto Chibs’s bike.

“He lets you drive his bike?”
“He does now…”

“Something tells me you’re going to be in big big trouble…”

Ava cut Cherry a sly grin.

“I’m always in trouble. Why should today be any different? Now quit being a baby and hop on.”

When Chibs entered the house both girls were laying on his living room floor. The house had been cleaned and the radio was playing. The girls were sharing a joint and belting out the lyrics to Smoke On the Water by Deep Purple.

“Well at least I get to sleep with one of them…” Chibs muttered under his breath.

He lowered his shades and got himself a better look. Neither was even aware of his presence. He chuckled amongst himself as Ava had this air guitar thing going and Cherry sat up and started headbanging. The moment Ava caught wind of him however she got this deer in headlights look about her. She handed the joint off to Cherry then reached over and turned the radio off.

“Um… HEY!”

Chibs gave a mere nod.

“Sup?” Ava added with a wince.

Cherry covered her mouth in a giggle fit and Ava nudged her with her elbow.

“I don’t know… Ye tell me…” Chibs uttered as he walked on over and took the joint from Cherry’s hold.

He took a drag then handed it back.

“Where are the prospects?” Chibs questioned as he looked around the house.

Ava swallowed back.

“It’s just us…”

Chibs nodded.

“So ye decided ta have you a little outing and ye used my bike in order ta do so?”


“Would ye give us a moment, darlin’?” Chibs said as he looked upon Cherry.

She nodded but cut Ava this apologetic glance as she headed on out the front door.

“Am I askin’ ta much, is that it?” He questioned once Cherry was out of the room.

Ava sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose.

“Aye now… ye look me in the eyes and tell me just what in the hell were ye thinkin’?”

“I doubt you really want to know.”

“So ye just go on and do whatever ye want? Did ye forget about last night? Did you forget that they damn near succeeded in takin’ off with ye?! Yet here ye are! High as a fuckin’ kite and without protection. And ye bring Cherry along puttin’ her in danger as well? I figured ye for a smart girl. But yer actions prove otherwise.”

Ava recoiled.

“I don’t care aboot ye gettin’ high. Hell if anything, it’s about fuckin’ time. It’s nice ta see ye let loose. I like hearin’ ye laugh and havin’ a good time. But I could’ve walked in on somethin’ entirely different. And that’s what has me so pissed off! I didn’t think it was possible ta be mad at ye Ava darlin’ but ye done managed ta succeed.”
“Clay sent the prospects away. And I wasn’t about to ask him or Tig to come along! My last resort was Bobby and he’s proved to be somewhat unstable himself. In all honesty… I figured Cherry and I was safer here, considering the company at the clubhouse this morning. Chibs, I respect you and your club. Truly I do. But I don’t have an ounce of respect for the president and his pervy little sergeant. As far as I’m concerned the Sons would be better off without them. But then again it’s not my club. Not my brothers, therefore not my business. But my life… that is my business and I never agreed to be shackled to that fucking club. I get that my life is in danger. But look back on it, Filip… It’s been that way since I was what… 16… 17? Not a whole lot has changed. The only difference… It’s not of the supernatural kind this time round. I’m fate’s bitch and we both know that. I can’t spend the rest of my life in fear and hiding. I’m tired of living like that. If I’m going down I’d much rather it be with my head held high and a putting up one hell of a fight. I’ll be damned if it’s with me cowering off in some corner somewhere and acting as if I’m afraid of my own shadow. I can’t live like that, not anymore. It’s all I’ve ever known. So yeah I hopped on your fucking bike. I took Cherry with me. We came back here, cleaned up a bit, found your stash, got high, listened to some music, and I actually had a good time. That is until you came barging on in and made me feel like utter SHIT! I’m not perfect. I’m gonna mess up from time to time and all I can hope is that at the end of the day, you realize I’m fucking human. I’m not like you, Chibs. You can deal with anything that comes your way. So fucking calm and collected, which I gotta admit is fucking hot! But I don’t have the experience you’ve had. Most of the time I don’t know my head from my ass. But at least I’m trying! All I know is that I love you and I hate that I upset you. But if I had stayed at that clubhouse, you’d have woken up to something else. And I don’t think orange is quite my color…”

Chibs gathered the hint and winced.

“I can’t help it. I see that bastard and it’s all I can think about. He doesn’t deserve you or anyone else in that club. He’s completely worthless. He’s running SAMCRO to the ground. And I’ve only been here a few days, yet I can already see it. I’m saying this not just as your old lady but as a friend. You yourself said that he was on the verge back in Forks. Well I think it’s safe to say that things have gotten much worse. I know how you feel about SAMCRO. You live and breathe it. I’d just hate to see everything you and the guys have worked so hard for destroyed, by one man. If something happens to SAMCRO it will rip your heart out, Chibs! I know you… It would damn near kill you. I’ve said my peace and will stay out of your business.”

“When ye say ye don’t want ta be shackled down…?”

Ava sighed realizing how that sounded. But it wasn’t what she meant.

“Ye do realize that as my old lady you are SAMCRO. This MC is just as much your business!”

“Well your Prez doesn’t treat me like SAMCRO! I haven’t any issues in being shackled to you. But I don’t and will never consider myself as Clay Morrow’s property.”

Chibs nodded and went and turned on the radio. He turned the volume up then leaned into her ear.

“Clay won’t be at the gavel much longer. We’re working on it. I just need ye to trust me and Jackie.”

Ava nodded in response. Chibs wrapped his arms around her.

“I love ye… It won’t always be like this. On that I give ye my word.”



“We’re like reaaallly hungry.”

He cocked a brow and shifted gears. The three of them were in Jax’s truck now. He’d left the bike behind not wanting Ava to drive back considering how high she and Cherry were. Cherry giggled and rested her head in Ava’s lap.

“I bet ye are…” He taunted in return.

Ava frowned as he passed by a McDonalds.
“Chibs…” she groaned.

“Ye can eat something back at the clubhouse.”
“But there’s nothing there.”

Chibs looked to the time.

“Aye… but there will be soon enough.”

She sent him an odd glance.

“You mean as in actual food, right?”

“Amongst other things…” He uttered.

He remembered the last ‘gathering’ they had. It was the night she came into town. Only this one was going to be even bigger. Every few months or so the home of the Original Redwood Sons aka SAMCRO would hold a rally and invite all the other chapters. This had him a bit on edge knowing Clay would be going out his way to have Cherry and Ava leaving with one of them once the weekend was over. But there was more behind it. He was somewhat concerned on how Ava would handle tonight. Being an old lady meant she would be right in the center of it all. And he wasn’t so sure she was ready for all that. It was a lot to take in. He thought back to how she handled it last time… that uncomfortable look on her face. Then you add Clay to that equation. Chibs knew it was going to take some time before she got the hang of it. Jackie’s old lady was not a fan of these particular gatherings and she rarely made an appearance. That’s not what Chibs wanted for him and Ava but he’d never take it out on her if she decided it just wasn’t something she could be a part of. When Chibs pulled into the parking lot he saw that a few of the other chapters were already there. Ava breathed in the air and nudged Cherry.


Cherry smiled and rose from Ava’s lap. Chibs couldn’t help but to laugh as they were damn near out of the truck, before he even had the chance to park. Cherry had Ava by the hand and was dragging her towards the line. The girls filled their plates and Chibs grabbed them a couple beers.

“Hungry?” Jax teased as he sat across from them.

Ava nodded but was stuffing her face. Chibs made a gesture letting Jax know they were high. Jax choked back on his food. He remembered the stories Chibs had told him about Ava so it knocked him for a loop. So little Miss Honor Student got herself high?! Jax thought and Chibs gave a mere nod as if he were reading his mind. He headed off to grab him a plate as well. Half-Sack had a plate in hand when he sat beside Cherry. He took a good whiff of the air around them.

“Smells like pot…”

Jax locked eyes with Ava and chuckled.

“Imagine that…” he murmured with a wink.

Ava shrugged and went back to eating her brisket.

“Watch it darlin’, I’d sure hate for you to get anotherspanking.” He further taunted.

Ava lifted her eyes and put her fork down.

“I don’t know… Maybe the doc needs a good spanking from time to time.”

Jax cocked a brow on this.

“Couldn’t hurt, Jackie boy…” she teasingly mocked.

“I didn’t think anyone could make Jackson Teller blush, at least not to that degree.” Cherry said and Jax smiled whilst shaking his head.

“Who needs a spankin’?” Chibs questioned as he placed his plate of food down and sat beside Ava.

Jax pointed to Ava and Ava pointed to Jax. Half-Sack and Cherry laughed. Chibs went to comment on this but froze as one of the women from another chapter welcomed herself into his lap. Jax grimaced on his behalf. This woman was rubbing her tits right in his face. This was one that had entertained Chibs often when they were in that particular district. Chibs let out this nervous laugh and removed the woman from his lap.

“Easy there now, darlin’…” He said and motioned towards Ava.

“Marian this is Ava, my old lady. Ava this is Marian.”

Ava forced a smile and waved. The well stacked and rather voluptuous woman frowned.

Old lady? Since when?”

Jax shook his head and gave her the cut throat motion. Chibs didn’t answer and went back to eating. He hoped she’d just walk away and let it be.

“Oh honey… You had better have you a couple more burgers if you wish to keep up with the likes of him. And how old are you anyhow?”

“As supposed to laying off the burgers? And young enough to rock his world but old enough to fuck you up if you don’t take the hint and get lost.” Ava fired back surprising everyone, even that of herself. But she couldn’t help it. Seeing that woman all over Chibs had Ava feeling downright insane.

The woman died of laughter. “Oh honey, I’d like to see you try.” Cherry saw it coming but she hadn’t the time to even react. Ava hopped off that picnic table and coldcocked the woman. She went down like a sack of bricks. All eyes were on Ava now even that of Clay Morrow.

“…bitch…” Ava muttered as she stepped over the woman and simply walked away.

“Ho-ly sh-it.” Jax uttered.

“How’d she…” Half-Sack whispered wondering how Ava managed to knock out a woman twice her size.

“Perhaps being top heavy has it’s downsides after all…” Cherry responded with a smirk.

Meanwhile Chibs just sat there… He was completely baffled. Baffled as in wondering why that had him so fucking hard.

“Aye now… yer mad.”

Ava rolled her eyes and sat at the bar.

“Gee, what was your first clue?”

Chibs sort of laughed and sat beside her.

“Don’t be mad, love…”

“Ugh, don’t you even try to sweet talk your way out of this one.”

Chibs sighed and lit up a smoke.

“I take it she’s one of your regulars…”

He took a long drag before answering.
“Was…” He answered honestly.

Ava closed her eyes and nodded.

“And just how many ‘regulars’ are we talking, Filip?”
“Aye now, lass. Let’s not dive inta all that mess. It’s all in the past now.”

“Is it?”

Chibs shook his head looking downright miserable.

“Don’t even…” she hissed.

“You were pretty much given a lap dance right there for me and the world to see, yet I’m supposed to shrug it off like it’s nothing, right? Because it’s considered the norm around here. Well it isn’t the norm for me and I’m not just going to sit there and play dumb as it happens. And if you’re expecting an apology for laying that bitch out, it’s not happening! You can forget it! If she crawls into your lap again I’ll do more than that next time. Being your old lady… it’s not something I take lightheartedly. And I won’t be treated as such. I’m not an idiot, Chibs. I realize what it is I’m agreeing to and what I’m giving up in the process. But it goes right back down that road of respect. I seriously doubt you’d want some asshole rubbing his cock in my fucking face!”

Chibs finished his cigarette and hopped back down. He offered Ava his hand. She cut him an odd glance but accepted. Chibs led her onto the dancefloor. Turn The Page by Bob Segar was playing. She blushed as Chibs went on to dance with her. He knew there wasn’t anything he could really say to that. The only way to go about all this… was to prove himself. And that was going to take sometime. He couldn’t get mad, no matter how much he wanted to. This just wasn’t something Ava was used to. And it wouldn’t be fair of him to expect her just to up and deal. She hadn’t grown up around the MC life. It was up to him to teach her. So he had to stay ‘calm and collected’ as she put it. Nevertheless, it threw him for a loop when she mentioned how hot she thought that was. But he wasn’t always so calm and collected as to why he wanted her out of that garage. That was a side of him he never wanted her to see. She’d seen bits and pieces when dealing with Jacob and Edward back in Forks, but never to that degree. Ava hadn’t seen Chibs Telford at his most lethal. It was a scary sight, even for him. But it was there nonetheless and he had to slip into that from time to time, in order to get the job done.

Ava gave in and rested her head against his chest. Like usual, she just couldn’t stay mad at him. He just had that way about him. That and she knew it wasn’t all his fault. She couldn’t hold his past against him. It had been different if he let it keep going and never mentioned he had an old lady. If anything he was very respectful in how he handled it. Still… The image itself was hard to deal with. Ava laughed as she felt Chibs’s hands along her ass. He leaned into her ear…
“Can I be that asshole?”

Ava punched him in the arm and snorted.

“You really are a dick.”

He got a firmer hold on her.

“Nah… but this…” he pressed himself against her.

That’s a dick. Big one. In need of TLC.”
“You’re so full of shit.”

He reared back on this.

“Since when do you go about anything ‘tenderly’?”

He couldn’t help but to laugh.

“I’m afraid ye got me there, Ava darlin’.”

Chibs lifted her up off the ground and had her legs wrap around his waist. He rocked her about him as they kissed. Ava was so lost in that kiss she hadn’t realized that he’d carried her to the couch. He gestured for the prospects sitting there to move. Once they were out of the way he sat down and had her in his lap. This right here was what he needed… a distraction away from everything around them. He hoped to get her riled up enough that she didn’t care about the topless women or all the sex around them. One of two things would come of this… She’d realize what he was doing and he’d get slapped causing her to spend the remainder of the night in the backroom. Or she’d finally let go and realize that despite everything around them all he wanted was her. She had her arms wrapped around his neck and she was grinding against him. He took this as a good sign and went with it. It was then another realization hit… this is where the full on corruption came in. Sweet little Bella Swan… Who’d have thought he’d have her damn near riding his lap and in a room full of people? He’d have told anyone that predicted this that they  were full of shit. This had the man damn near ripping out of his pants. He bucked of the couch a bit and kissed all along her neck and shoulder. He pulled her in closer and went on to unbutton her blouse. Ava’s jaw dropped as he unclasped her bra and had her exposed. Chibs was quick to bring her against him and leaned into her ear.

“No one’s payin’ us any attention. Besides it’s just us doin’ our thing. Fuck everyone else.”

Wrong as it was he kind of hoped Clay caught wind of this. The bastard… Chibs wanted nothing more than to shove this in his fucking face. Ava Fey was HIS GIRL! And he would do whatever it took to drill that through the scumbag’s head. He flicked his tongue along one of her nipples. And before long he found himself giving into another fantasy of his. He licked and sucked on those gorgeous breasts of hers and took his time in doing so. He couldn’t get enough she tasted so sweet and she smelled so good. And having those erect nipples in his mouth was like heaven. The Scot couldn’t help but to think this was all some crazy dream he’d wake from. Maybe he was off in a coma somewhere and he’d wake up pissed as fuck when he realized none of this really happened. Not that he wanted his sweet Ava Fey in danger. Not even close. But in the sense of getting the literal fantasy, not many could say that. And Chibs was no idiot. He was going to do whatever it took to keep that fantasy of his alive and never let it go. Ava let out a moan and Chibs lifted his eyes. She was arched back in that lap of his and biting that lower lip. Chibs found himself wishing she was wearing a skirt so he could slip on in. The mere thought of her riding him right then and there had him aching to the point of it damn near pain.

“Ava…” he murmured as he ran a hand along that flat tummy of hers.

As he did this he caught a whiff of something else. It had his eyes rolling back and his mouth watering. He shook his head once he looked down and saw just how wet those tight little jeans of hers had gotten.

“Hold on…” He called out as he had her in his hold but came to his feet.

He headed into the backroom and unlocked the door. He had kept it locked, not wanting any of their ‘guests’ to wind up fucking where she slept. Once inside he tossed her onto the bed and was quick to undo her jeans. He removed them along with those soaked panties of hers. Ava clamped a hand over her mouth as he wasted no time diving on in. The moment he had a taste he was gone. He couldn’t get enough. He fit his mouth over that pussy and lapped up her juices. Ava gripped those bedsheets and was off in another world.

“Good god…” He murmured as he had this girl cumming nonstop.

He stopped just long enough to watch as it flowed from her. He shook his head in disbelief.
“So sexy…” He whispered before diving back in.

“Chibs please…”

He lifted his eyes but kept at it. He wanted to hear her say it. Just to hear those dirty words coming out of those sweet lips of hers. In fact he wanted it so bad he had the very words repeating in that head of his over and over followed by just say it, Ava. You know you want to! Ava had a fistful of his hair and was humping his face. This had him unbuckling his belt and unfastening his pants. He knew it was coming and he wanted to be prepared.


He got this sneaky grin about him and went on to fulfill her wishes. Just as soon as he entered she let out this pleasurable cry.

“Oh God, Chibs. Don’t stop…Like ever! Just keep fucking me!”

Chibs chuckled amongst himself and began to thrust even harder. He didn’t stop until he himself had came twice and he had those legs of hers trembling. He’d fucked her to the point of literal exhaustion. He observed as she curled up against those covers. She’d a smile on her face and was out, within the matter of seconds.

When Ava woke the following morning/(noonish), Chibs was already out on ‘MC business’. She sighed with slight disappointment and hugged his pillow as it still carried his scent; but as she did this a piece of paper rubbed up against her arm. She picked it up and sat up in the bed.

Had somethings to sort out. Won’t be long. Jackie’s around if you need him. No joyrides, no running away, no lip or tongue piercings… Well the second option is debatable. Later love.

Ava laughed at the whole tongue piercing debatable comment. The young woman crawled on out of bed and went on to shower and get ready for the day. She decided on the black leather dress Gemma had personally picked out. It seemed a bit more fitting for the present company. She wore the knee high Harleys Cherry had given her and pinned her hair back. When she stepped out of the room, the entire clubhouse was filled with half naked men and women. And just like the first time round, they were passed out. Ava wrinkled her nose as one of the Crow Eaters came out of the bathroom and upchucked at the doorway. Ava let out this disgusted grumble under her breath.

“…living the dream…,” she murmured as the woman headed back into the bathroom.

Ava sighed and made her way behind the bar. She grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge. She leaned against the counter and drank the water as she gawked at the mess that was made from last night. A blush spread across those cheeks of hers as memory came to play. She glanced towards the couch and sort of laughed.

Ava Fey… right?”

Ava turned towards the voice with the heavy accent.

“Keith McGee…” The man introduced whilst offering a hand.

Ava nodded and shook his hand.

“I just wanted ta let ye know that you and your friend are more than welcome to join us once we leave tonight. We’d stay longer but we have a bit of an emergency back home. Ye’ll be in good hands with SAMBEL. I give ye my word.”

“SAMBEL?” The young woman questioned in confusion.

The man nodded and went on to tell her about his MC. Once he finished she shook her head in disbelief.

“I don’t know where you’re getting your information. But I’m not going to Ireland, neither is Cherry.”

This had the SAMBEL president rearing back in question.

“I believe your president has made himself perfectly clear.” He reiterated.

“Well did he tell you that Cherry and I just happen to be old ladies?”

The man hadn’t a clue what to say to this.

“Look, I’m not going ANYWHERE without Filip Telford. And I seriously doubt Cherry is going anywhere without Kip.”

“Ye mean ta say that yer Chibs’s old lady?”
She nodded.

“Then I imagine he’s just concerned about yer wellbein’.”

Ava had a good laugh at this.
“Wait… You truly believe this was HIS idea?!”

“Well I’m sure he and Clay have already discussed this matter.”

“Have you talked to Chibs?”
“Then stop talking.”

She let out a surprised gasp as someone snatched her by the arm and was dragging her towards the SAMCRO office.


Ava snapped her head towards the direction in which the shouting came from. Jax leaped on over a table and was hightailing it over. He pried her free and shoved Clay up against the wall. Clay pushed him in return and reached for Ava yet again. Jax held a hand back preventing him from doing so.

“If he was here you wouldn’t be dumb enough to even attempt such a thing. Show some god damn respect!”

Jax had officially lost it and he couldn’t ‘play’ along with his original plan. Opie inched his way over and wrapped his arm around Ava’s shoulder. He was quick to lead her away from the confrontation.

“Respect?! I suppose you didn’t hear the way she was talking to McGee!”

“Oh I can only imagine considering you obviously went behind the club’s back and made a decision anyhow. One you know Chibs would NEVER agree to. You just wait until he gets back.”
“I’m doing this for HER protection!”
“That’s bullshit and you know it!”

“Send me to Ireland. I dare you. Just see what comes of it. Only it won’t be Chibs you have to worry about. You can shove that title of yours in my face all you want. I don’t give a damn. I’ll find a way to kill you. Either way… I’m so done.”

“You can’t threaten him like that.” Tig hissed and Ava laughed.

“What are you his mother? And newsflash… I just did!”

“You alright?” Opie asked once they were outside.

She nodded and took a hit of his cigarette. Ava handed it back then leaned against Jax’s truck.

“I can’t keep doing this. I’m gonna end up unloading on his sorry ass and I don’t mean with words.”

Opie nodded in understanding,

“I think you just gave the SAMBEL president a stroke by the way…”
Ava snorted in thought.

“You should’ve seen his face. I don’t think he’s ever heard anyone talk to Clay like that, or any MC president for that matter.”

“Then I imagine he’s quite content with me not tagging along after all.”

Opie sighed on this.

“You do realize that Clay’s gonna set up a meeting and he’s gonna do everything within his power to get those votes?”

Ava nodded.

“And what are you going to do if it gets voted in?”

“Keep my promise…”

Opie nodded and finished his cigarette.

“Well I can see why Chibs is so taken by you. You’re different, no doubt.”

Ava smiled on this.
“Why thank you, Op.”

He chuckled but was quick to sigh as his wife pulled into the parking lot. Ava narrowed her eyes that direction.

“Who’s that?”
“The old ball and chain…” He said but with a loving grin.

Ava laughed as he headed that way. The two looked to be arguing at first but Opie somehow managed to get in his wife’s good graces and ended the conversation with a hug and kiss. His wife hugged him in return and Ava smiled. She wondered if this was the wife Chibs had mentioned back in Forks. If so her name was Donna. But after what happened with the whole Tara situation she wasn’t about to make assumptions. For all she knew Opie could’ve been divorced and remarried since.

“Donna, right?” Ava questioned once she left.

Opie nodded.

“Hey Clay’s setting up a meeting.” Bobby called out from the club doors.

“Now?!” Opie questioned in disbelief.


Opie drew back a breath and shook his head.

“And here we go… Look, just stay put and the moment you see Chibs driving on through that gate. You let him know what’s up so he can get his ass in there.”

“Do I need to call him?!”

“Got that part taken care of…”

SAMCRO Meeting:

“This is wrong and you know it!” Jax barked.

Clay shook his head.
“Not much we can do. He’ll be gone for another couple days, at least! The voting will have to take place without him.”

Opie laughed in disbelief.

“Let’s just get this over with. SAMBEL is anxious to be on their way.” Clay announced.

“Nay.” Jax and Opie chorused right off the bat.

“Yay.” Bobby uttered followed by Tig.

“Yay…” Piney said with a hesitant sigh triggering a ‘look’ from his son.

“It’s what’s best and we both know that.”

“That’s great, dad. You just tell that to Chibs when he gets back.”

“And what about you?” Clay asked as Juice was the last to vote.

He lit up a cigarette and took a long drag before answering.


Clay nodded but had this peculiar yet pissed off look about him.

“Yay…” Clay murmured.

“Let the girls know they’re to get ready at once. They’ll be leaving tonight.” As he said this he was just about to slam the gavel down.

Everyone jumped as it was shot out of his hand.

“That’ll be a nay…” Chibs made clear.

“A little too late… Voting’s already gone through.”

Chibs took his cut off and walked on over. He shove the Sons of Anarchy patch into Clay’s face.

“Does this mean NOTHING to ye, brother?! And do ye think I don’t know why ye chose Belfast? Ye know damn well I’m not allowed back in Ireland. This is just another one of yer slimy underhanded dealings. Ye knew this was the one way ta split Ava and I apart. Givin’ ye free range ye lowdown dirty bastard. Ye’ve had yer eyes on my girl since the beginnin’ . So ye figured ye could send me on some side mission gettin’ me out of the picture. This way ye could become the next Jimmy O’ to my Ava!”

Clay choked back as Chibs took that cut of his and wrapped it around Clay’s throat.

“Ye want blood on yer hands. Ye got it! I’ll do the honors myself!”

“NOOO!” Jax shouted as Tig withdrew his gun and fired.

Chibs staggered back and looked down to see that he’d been shot. Opie flew out of his chair and dived after Tig. Jax rushed over and went on to help Chibs. He placed a hand over his stomach.

“Hold on, brother!”

“FILIP!” Ava screamed once she peeked inside.

Bobby went to stop her and she withdrew her own gun.


He raised his hands and took a step back. Ava ran over and Chibs shook his head as Jax suppressed the wound.

“Ava…” Chibs started to say.

“SHIT!” Jax hollered in a panic as he found it hard to keep pressure on the wound.

Ava took her phone out and dialed for an ambulance. She knew they hadn’t the time to wait on Tara and this was something out of their league, even that of her. Tears were streaming down her face as she did her best to calmly tell the operator where they were. Jax looked to Tig.


Tig looked to his gun then to everyone else.


Tig was quick to take off. Once Ava was done dealing with the operator, she helped Jax.

“Tig did this?!”

He nodded and she gritted her teeth then looked upon Clay.

“This… Is all your doing. He dies… You die. And if he lives that’s still debatable.”

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    “Okay let me think for a minute.” she blinked at the screen.

    —Chapter 4—

    Private meeting Jax, Chibs and Opie love to be a fly on that wall. Ha I get to read it so I am fine. There will be no sending off of Ava. Oh gross Tig it’s too early in the morning for that crap. I am cringing too guys. Clay is just jealous that all the hot young studs who the young girls come to see are all settling down and he is worried the young girls won’t come around anymore. Jackie what are you going to tell him. Which secret? Clay is not allowed to do what he did to John. *GRUMBLING* So Clay is the big bad guy this time? Gemma knew or not? Juice? What are you there for. Oh the video taker. Nice i bet Cherry did it and he just sent it. Oh is Juice a spy within the conspiracy. Juice the mole. Baby batter *oh god I just threw up in my mouth* Okay Chibs will be adopting Jackie boy soon. YES I vote that is one down, Harley will vote yes that is two I am sure I can beat some people into voting yes too. Chibs as Prez what are you thinking Jackie Boy? YES finally the guys have a plan….wait that wasn’t much of a plan. What are you thinking I need more details. You know i like to visualize things. So Jax just wants to be VP…I worry Clay is going to threaten Chibs or Jax and that will either get her to agree or send her off the deep end. You might be right Chibs but what would she do if you were threatened? Or Jax? Maybe she is just the NEW type of women that you need in the MC. I think the younger generation is just smarter and not as selfish as Clay’s generation is. *Chibs QUIT thinking about places to put whip cream. You too Jax* Oh I worry that Chibs is going to lock up again with how close this is to that Fiona woman issue. NO Chibs no falling back into memories. I still think that Chibs is more like an original member than the actual originals. What the heck did you think you were not keeping us on the edge of our seats enough now we have crazies in the office breaking in. NO there will be no Grabbing. Only you *hitting Jax* could laugh right now. Oh they caught one this will not be good. Mayans! Scum bags. Welder’s torch…ouch. Oh Chibs that will back fire on you but I know why you are doing it. Don’t worry Make up sex is the best. Ava needs the crash course in Old Lady rules. I don’t like Gemma ones. OH NO Chibs is on a torture mission this could get bad. Clean up time…*running towards the shower last one in* Full disclosure…the only way guys. Angry! Yes Angry sex? And you just crushed any chance…Filip are you stupid? Ava is no Fiona…I have an uncle who makes hearing aids we will place the order. Awww wait she is dressed where does she think she is going. Half-Sack you sure are spunky this morning. No Clay the Prospects are supposed to be guarding. Oh what is up your old funky sleeve. Bobby pushing up on Cherry so if you can’t get her nerves you will go after her new friends. Nice…jackass. Where is Opie, or Jax or freaking Chibs. Lazeabouts. Test…no you are now on the level with doucheward. Congrats. Ava you have some nerve there. Borrowing *stealing* a mans bike. *Stop Chibs I have to cue up the music so I can get the full effect. Okay ready now* Oh great they are high. Sup? *snorts* Munchies are coming. Need a little more backstory don’t know what all “this” bella/ava went through. Will we get to see more flashbacks..and flash forwards…or just plain flashing *JAX!!!!! I wasn’t ready do that again* A gathering…*ahhh I flashed back to the tv show THere can be only one* Ugh Slut a wheel is coming to town. Spanking? did I miss that *flips back through other chapters* Blushing Jax…*high five* Who does this hoe think she is…Ava! Oh you are and you did well are you the shit. I punch and she’s OUT. Of course Clay is watching…I thought he only had a day to get out of Gemma’s. Really Chibs that gets you hard. *STOP new music…okay we are ready* Chibs is dancing…I need to visualize this. Calm and collected is sexy. No one can stay mad at him Ava don’t feel bad. Oh you just have to rub it in everyones face who you have. In public you better hurry before she figures out your plan. Wait where is Stalker Clay or Sicko Tig. Smart Chibs…better away from the sickos. Corruptions of Ava step one completed. perfect note. I visualize the patchover party. MCGEE! WTF is he there for. Clay wouldn’t dare. Oh this could get bad. *reading faster* Passionate Jax is in the house. Everyone just sit back and watch him preach the truth. *popcorn I need it* All the old fogies are wanting to control everyone. Not going to happen. Donna…maybe Ava can help straighten her out. Maybe Clay is what turned her off of the club too. Oh Clay that is low!! YAY Piney! YOU are cut off no drinks for you till you learn your lesson. Oh Angry Scotsman is back. Oh no Chibs is loosing it … Clay is disgracing his club with his greed. TIG SHOT CHIBS! WHAT THE FUCK…*

    “Hold her down Jax!” Chibs yelled as I tried to get away.

    “Umph” Jax groaned as he felt the clip on his wrist. “what”

    “Lass wait there is a few more paragraphs” Chibs said as he moved closer to where Jax was trying to hold her down. At the click sound he felt the hand cuff slap into place on his wrist and he saw it was connected to the one on Jax’s wrist. “Lass wait…at least read the last little bit.”

    I picked up the laptop to skim the last paragraphs…”Nope she left me there…she had been warned about this. Clay and Tig has signed his death warrant.” I walked over to the large closet that appeared. Pulling out a rocket launcher. “Thanks Daryl for letting me use it! I owe you!” I then turned towards the door. “OHHHHH HARLEY we need to have a little chat.”

    “Oh this won’t end well.” Jax said as they both tried to get up and follow.

    1. LMFAO Daryl’s Rocket Launcher? OH shit! Evil woman! If you kill me though you won’t find out what happens! Tell her boys! And I still have to finish Whistling Dixon these would be uncompleted stories. And I would like an open casket… I can’t have that if you take it this far :p lolz

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