Chapter 5 Arrested Development

Chapter 5

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Is anyone here?” The young woman called as she inched her way into the garage.

She stepped over the empty beer and whiskey bottles and was looking around. She jumped however as someone popped out from under one of the vehicles. He sat up from the mechanic’s creeper and nodded upon her.

Can I help ye?” He asked as he came to a stand.

The man reached over and grabbed a shop towel off a nearby countertop. He used it to wipe the oil off his hands.

Actually I was wondering about those bikes…” She pointed to a couple of junkyards by the dumpster outside.

What aboot them?”

She chewed on that bottom lip for a bit. There was just something about his accent and he wasn’t bad to look at either. Not bad at all… He had a bit of a rough edge to him but his eyes read something entirely different.

I was wondering if I could take them off your hands. I have a friend that could fix them.”

The man narrowed his eyes and glanced towards the bikes.

It’ll cost more than it’s worth…,” he murmured.

Even if I found the parts myself?”

Ye know what parts ta get?” The man questioned as if challenging her.

The young woman let out a hesitant sigh.

Well not exactly… But it shouldn’t be that hard…”

The man had a good laugh at this. The young woman frowned but followed him out towards the motorcycles. She observed as he looked them over.

Do ye have a way ta…,” he trailed off once he saw the truck.

He nodded and pointed to it.

That yers?”
“Well I didn’t walk if that’s what you’re asking.”

The man cocked a brow but chuckled and headed towards the truck.

1963 Chevy Stepside … Been awhile since I’ve seen one in this good condition.”

He went on to pop the hood and had a look inside.

Um… I’m here about the bikes, not my truck.”

He nodded.

You got the keys?”


“Fur the truck? Ye could use a tune up.”

The young woman sighed with frustration.

And you know this with just one glance?!”

He nodded and shut the hood.

Look, I’m only here about the junked bikes. I don’t have the money for a tune up. And I seriously doubt I need one. I mean… Are you some sort of con or something?!”

The man retrieved a cigarette from his jacket.

Con?” He muttered in mere amusement.

He placed the cigarette into his mouth and lit it. He offered her one directly after.

I’m good.”

Suit yerself.” He said after taking a drag.

I tell ye what. Ye let me play with yer truck a bit and I’ll give ye those junkers and a few spare parts ye might need.”

My truck is just fine…”

He held his hand out.

I told you… I don’t have any money and my truck doesn’t need work.”

Don’t want yer money. I got some coffee brewin’ in the office why don’t ye go and make yerself a cup? Then ye can join me in the garage and I’ll go aboot showin’ ye what the truck needs.”

He took the keys from her hand and went on to park her truck in the garage.

And what if I had some place to be?”
“Ye don’t…”
“How do you know?!”

Just do… Why don’t ye grab me a cup as well. Keep it black, Bella darlin’.”
The woman started towards the office but stopped in her tracks. Once he parked the truck she peered into the garage.

How’d you know my name?!”

He pointed to the necklace her mother had given her. Bella ran her fingers along it and sort of laughed.


He nodded.

Ye mind gettin’ that coffee now?”

Fine… But just so you know my father’s the sheriff. And he knows where I am.”

This had the man stopping in his tracks.

You don’t have very good people skills, now do ye?”
“What’s that supposed to mean?!”

A man offers ta work on yer truck and expects nothin’ in return. Yet ye go and threaten him…” He smiled and shook his head.

I wasn’t threatening you. I just…”
“Aye now… Let’s not kid ourselves. Ye just go and get that coffee. And relax, I’m not gonna do anythin’ ta ye. Just figured ye could use the help and I got nothin’ but time ta kill anyhow.”

So that was extra cream and sugar, right?”

He chuckled once he realized what she was pulling.

I tell ye what… You just go and make it however ye want. I’ll drink it.”

Gotcha…” She replied with a menacing smile.

Ava paced the area of the waiting room and the memories continued in playing back and forth.

To this day she couldn’t believe the connection. They always had this flirtatious, yet bantering vibe between them and nothing about that had changed. By the end of the day she’d forgotten all about Jacob and Edward for that matter. And she couldn’t help but to find that somewhat refreshing.

I tell ye what… What don’t ye come back in the mornin’ and I’ll show ye how ta go aboot fixin’ them bikes?” The man said as he offered her a hand from the mechanic’s creeper.

Sounds like a plan.”

He got this certain beam about him and nodded. He reached over and wiped an oily smudge off her cheek.

Hmmm… Ye had better get back before that sheriff of yers sends out the hounds.”

Bella smiled on this.


He handed Bella her keys and opened the door for her.

I never got your name…” She said as it just dawned on her.

The man had this uneasy look about him. He cleared his throat and looked about the area.

Filip… But everyone calls me Chibs.”

Which do you prefer?”

Ye just call me whatever ye want…”
“Anything…?” She taunted and he chuckled.

Aye… Watch it now, darlin’.” He murmured as she climbed on in and he shut the door for her.

What time tomorrow?”
“Whatever ye like. I won’t be goin’ anywhere…”

She nodded.

Ye might wanna wear somethin’ ye don’t mind gettin’ messy.” But as he said this he sent her a flirtatious wink.

Still, he had that effect on her. She remembered the way her body reacted and that strange sensation running through her very core. Ava hadn’t thought it possible for anyone to have that effect on her, not since Edward. But even at that… it was different. Chibs… There was just something about him. It was the way he carried himself and talked. He was… well ‘human’. A connection she hadn’t realized she missed. She spent the last couple years hanging around the supernatural. She had truly forgotten what it was like to be around someone more like her. And there was something about the scars on his face… They reminded her of the imperfection in mankind. Something she once saw as a weakness, but mainly in herself. But when she looked upon this man, that wasn’t what she saw. She saw a man with a story to tell. And from the looks of things, he’d walked through the gates of hell and back and was still alive to tell about it. If anything… she found that rather intriguing. She wanted to learn more about him. Such as why he had those scars to begin with. What was with all the tattoos? And who were the Sons of Anarchy? She’d seen his cut hanging in the office and wondered if it were a motorcycle gang of some sort.

Chibs?” She called out the following morning.

She wrinkled her nose as the entire garage reeked of cigarettes and alcohol.

Hey… you in here?”

The young woman turned her head as she picked up another scent, one that caused her a bit of alarm.

HEY!” She shouted as she grabbed a nearby fire extinguisher and ran towards the area in which the smoke was coming from.

Once she opened the door to his apartment her jaw dropped. Chibs was laying on the couch with a bottle of whiskey in one hand and cigarette in the other. A small fire had formed around him where the cigarette had caught the carpet on fire. She was quick to put the fire out but went on to spray him as well in order to wake him up. She blushed as all he had on was a pair of boxers. He uttered a slew of Irish-Scottish curse words and staggered about the room in a drunken manner.

Bella shook her head and went on to find his bathroom. Without so much as thinking on it she started the shower and had it running ice cold. She made her way back to the room and draped her arm around the man’s shoulder and led him to the shower.

Ava closed her eyes as she remembered how that man broke down. It was like she wasn’t even there. He curled up into a ball and covered his face as the cold water hit him. She’d never seen a man cry like that. Not even that of her father. And to this day she never uttered a word on it and wouldn’t. It was clearly something he needed. As far as she knew, he hadn’t any knowledge of that day. She let him cry it out. She did her best to dry him off and led him back to the couch. Then she cleaned up a little but stayed behind, just long enough to make certain he was going to be okay. After that she gave him a day to recuperate before returning. The young woman remembered just how disappointed he had been. Yet within an hour or so that awkwardness seemed to fade and it was as if nothing had taken place to begin with. They were back to their usual selves. He had his drunken moments from time to time but nothing like that one day. After a couple months she got him to open up about his wife and daughter. And it was then it all began to make perfect sense. What man wouldn’t be a drunken mess, given the circumstances? She couldn’t believe what all had taken place.


Ava turned towards the voice that interrupted her time in memory lane. The man nodded upon her and strolled on over. He said nothing as he wrapped his arm around her shoulder.

“Jax…” She whimpered and buried her face into his chest.

He swallowed back and hugged her.

“I can’t lose him… I can’t.”

“None of that now… He’s gonna pull through. You’ll see.”

She nodded but couldn’t stop the uncontrollable sobbing.

“Easy now darlin’…” He whispered and he kissed the top of her head.

“He’s not leaving you behind. Not like this… It’s just not in him. He’s fighting and you know it. But he needs you to believe in that. You understand?”

She nodded once again. Jax took a cigarette from his cut and placed it into her mouth. He cut her a wink as he lit it.

“I think you need it this time round.”

Ava closed her eyes and took her time with that cigarette.

“Thattya girl…” he murmured as he placed a strand of hair behind her ear.

Once she finished that cigarette, he escorted her back into the waiting room. He sat her down and Ava brought her knees up against her chest. Waiting… It was taking its toll on her. There was so much blood. She was with him in the ambulance when he flat lined. Ava thought she’d pass the fuck out. The moment they brought that heart back to life the area around her spun. Her entire body felt as though it were on fire. Her heart damn near galloped right on out of her chest. If they pronounced that man dead. She was done. Without him… there was nothing left.

To her great surprise, Gemma had made her way over. She handed her a cup of coffee and sat beside her. Ava hadn’t a clue how to act around this woman considering her husband was the cause to all this mess in the first place. She found herself wondering where Clay and Tig were.

“Thank you…” Ava said but it felt somewhat forced.

This had her cringing on the inside. It wasn’t Gemma’s fault her husband was a complete psychopath. Still, she couldn’t help but to feel somewhat bitter towards her as well. Ava dug into her pocket and pulled out a necklace Chibs had given her, before he left Forks. It was one he’d worn often. She brought the cross to her lips and kissed it. Ava hadn’t a clue where she stood when it came to her beliefs. But she knew Chibs Telford was Catholic. In fact he’d said something pertaining to his religion once that always stuck with her.

I was raised Catholic. Everything’s a worry for me.” (Quote taken from SOA)

She nodded amongst herself and came to her feet. Jax regarded her with concern as she was exiting the waiting room.

“I won’t be long.” She assured and pecked him on the cheek.

He nodded but had a couple of prospects keeping an eye on her as she made her way to the hospital chapel. They stood guard outside.

Ava shook her head and sort of laughed.

“Yeah I know…” She whispered as she regarded the crucifix up ahead.

Ava took a seat and held that cross as if her life depended on it. But at the moment, she felt as though Chibs’s life depended on it. She cleared her throat and wiped a couple of stray tears away.

“Think you could do me this one solid? I’d like for this one to stick around a bit longer. Say after a couple great grandkids or so? Then I’ll think about letting you have him. Just…” That bottom lip of her quivered and her hands were unsteady.

“Hell even if that isn’t in the deck of cards for us. I need him. Don’t you take him from me. You know I don’t ask a lot. Just give me this one.Please. Let this man live long enough to get what he’s always deserved but never had. I can give him that. I’ll do whatever it takes. I can make this work. Not much of a prayer… but it’s the best I got.”

Ava placed the necklace around her neck and lit a candle in memory of her father. She gave a simple nod before exiting the chapel. Half-Sack and the other prospect nodded upon her. She had them follow her into an empty hospital room. She handed her gun over, knowing they wouldn’t let into the room if she was carrying. Half-Sack put it away and hugged her after. They had no words as they followed her back out. When they entered the waiting area, the surgeon was already there and talking with Jax. Jax waved her over. But after taking a few steps everything went black.


“Come on, Ava…”
Jax shook his head and took her hand into his own. The doctor placed some smelling salt in front of Ava’s nose and she shot up with a gasp. He nodded directly after and went on to check her vitals.

“Poor thing…” Gemma whispered with a hand over her heart.


The VP nodded as he and the doctor helped Ava to her feet.

“What happened?”

“I believe you had a panic attack.” The doctor murmured.

“But we should have you checked in and run some tests to make certain.”

Ava had a good laugh at this.

“Um thanks but no thanks.”

She looked to Jax.

“Where is he? I have to see for myself!”

Jax reared back and Gemma grimaced gathering the meaning.

“She thinks he’s… you know.” Gemma hinted and Jax shook his head.

He took it upon himself to scoop her up and was heading out of the waiting room.

“That woman needs medical attention.” The doctor scolded.

Jax ignored this and kept walking.

“You can’t go in there!” The doctor shouted once he realized what Jax was up to.

“I’d like to see you stop me.” Jax dared.

Jax was quick to dash into the room where Chibs was.


“Jaysus…” Chibs whispered once he saw Ava.

“She’s fine, just a little spell. That’s all.”

“Spell?! What have ye done ta yerself, mo ghaol?”

“Chibs…” She said with this ghostlike appearance.

He gave a mere nod and gestured for Jax to lay her down. Jax walked on over and took extra precaution as he laid her beside him. Chibs wrapped his arm around her and kissed the top of her head.

“So eager ta join me ye just had to go and have yourself a panic attack, didn’t ye?!”

Jax shook his head and chuckled. Chibs closed his eyes however as she cried into his gown. Jax exited the room giving them their privacy.

“You died…”

“Did I now?”

“Chibs, I’m serious! Your heart… it stopped!”

“Aye now… I’m just fine. I’m not goin’ anywhere. I made ye a promise, remember?”

She nodded but lifted his gown just enough to reveal where he’d been shot.
“Chibs…” She whimpered and he winced as he got himself better situated.

“None of that now…”

He used his thumb to wipe the tears of her face.

“I love you.”

“I know ye do but ye didn’t have ta go and put yerself in the hospital as well, in order ta prove it.”

“Shut up…”

He chuckled but flinched as it hurt like hell.

“I love ye too… Even if ye are ten kinds of crazy. I swear Ava… Only ye! If I didn’t have a hole in my stomach I’d whip yer arse!”

“Since when did that ever stop you?” She challenged with a tearful smirk.

Chibs smiled and shook his head.

“Ye really are fuckin’ crazy.’
Ava nodded and kissed him. But as she did this Chibs took notice of the cross he’d given her. Something about her wearing it had him feeling rather sentimental.

“What are you doing?! You can’t be in here!” The nurse scolded once she entered the room.

Chibs rolled his eyes.

“Aye now she’s fine.”

“Are you in pain?”

“Ye bet yer sweet arse I am.”

“All the more reason… Ma’am if you don’t leave I will have no choice but to call security and have them personally remove you!”

Ava sighed and started to move. Chibs got a tighter hold on her.

“Look, she’s the only thing keeping me sane at the moment. So ye’d do good ta mind yer own business and let me and the old lady have all the fuckin’ time we need!”

The nurse’s jaw dropped and he went on to eye her down.

“My apologies…”

He gave a mere nod. The nurse sighed and went on to give him his pain meds and antibiotics. Once the nurse was done checking him over, she left the room. Ava started to giggle.
“Easy, love…” He murmured as the motion caused him more pain.


He nodded but the meds were doing their job and it wasn’t long before he was sawing logs. Jax entered the room and made his way over.


She frowned and he smiled.

“You gotta let them check you over. Then you’re free to bother him all you want.”

She nodded and reached out to him in a childlike manner. He chuckled and picked her up
“Thank you, Jax.” She said with full on sincerity.

“Anytime darlin’…”

“I’m not going anywhere.”


She planted herself down on the sleeper chair and grabbed a magazine. Chibs shook his head as she skimmed through it.

“I think she means business.” Jax said with a grin.

Opie nodded in agreement. Chibs pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed.

“Yer a pain in me arse, ye know that!”

“You betcha!” She replied causing Opie and Jax to laugh.

“Look, I got a shower and a sleeper right here. Cherry packed me a bag. So we’re good to go. Now shut it and get some fucking sleep!”

Chibs grumbled under his breath and lit up a cigarette.

“Oh that’s wonderful. You’re recovering from a gunshot wound but by all means let’s add some toxins to it!”

Chibs cut the boys a miserable look and they chuckled in response. Jax patted him on the shoulder on the way out.

“Comes with the territory. Welcome to hell, brother…”

“I heard that!”

Few days later:

Ava smiled as she wiped the remaining shaving cream off Chibs’s face. She handed him a mirror and he nodded in approval. They turned as there was a knock at the door.

“Come on in.” Ava called out.

Jax and Opie entered the room. Jax walked on over and pecked her on the cheek.

“How you doing, darlin’?”
“Just fine and you?”

“Not too bad…”

“I’ll give you guys some space. I could some coffee anyhow.”

They nodded and waited until she was out the room.

“Well from the looks of things you’re doing better than we are.”
Opie nodded in agreement.

“You got her sponge bathing you too?” Opie teased.

“Wouldn’t ye numbnuts like ta know…”

“Holy shit… She is, isn’t she?!” Jax said as he took notice of the cocky grin on Chibs’s face.

Chibs reached over and took the cigarette from Jax’s hand. He took a drag before handing it back.

“Damn…” Opie murmured.

“Looks like getting shot does this brother good.”
“Right? She keeps this up you might have to pop those four little words.” Opie added causing Jax to laugh.

Chibs raised his brows looking to be in thought.

“You’re considering it, aren’t you?”
Chibs shrugged.

“I knew it… You son of bitch. You better. Girl like that… Fucking rare and you know it.”

“Yeah well, I don’t have the greatest track record when it comes ta things like that.”

“This time’s different and you know it. Jesus Chibs, if you keep focusing on what happened in the past. Your relationship with Ava is as good as dead and you know it.”
“He’s right… I don’t mean to sound like an asshole but you got the whole age thing working against you too. She’s the settling down kind and we all know that. You keep with this old lady phase and never move on. You’re done, because she will. Maybe not right away, but eventually. She needs to see that you mean business.”

“What happened to that ring anyhow?”

Opie narrowed his eyes and looked to Jax in question. Chibs rolled his and Jax sort of laughed.

“Ring?” Opie questioned.

“Oh yeah. he’s had that thing for years. If the old man hadn’t shot him he’d have popped the question that night.”

“Damn…” Opie uttered.

“Jackie boy…” Chibs warned.

“Oh come on. You still have it and you know it.”

Chibs rubbed his face in utter misery.

“Ye done?”

“Not even close. He even went as far as to have it engraved.”
“Jackie boy! Ye had best shut that gob of yers!”

“Peg o’ my heart…” Jax murmured in memory this had the Scot shooting him daggers.

Opie smiled.

“Shit. You had it bad…”
“Correction – has…” Jax reiterated.


“Did ye two come here just ta give me hell?”
“Pretty much.” Jax teased but grew somewhat serious.

“We gotta talk…”

He nodded towards Opie and Opie walked on over and locked the door.

Ava grabbed her coffee and decided on heading to the chapel. At least there it was somewhat peaceful and she didn’t have to worry about the prospects following her inside. Chibs still had her on 24/7 protection, even at the hospital. They would stand outside the room and take shifts. Ava felt a twinge of guilt on that. It had to suck for Half-Sack and the other prospects. But she knew not to argue with Chibs on this matter. There were few things that set him off and that was one of them. He was dead set on doing this his way.

Ava had cracked open the door and was just about to enter, but froze when she heard two familiar voices. She narrowed her eyes seeing as how it was the sheriff and Tara Knowles. Just as she was to leave and give the two their privacy, something about this particular conversation had her eavesdropping.

“I’m very sorry to hear that.”

The doctor nodded.

“It was the only way. We both know that. If I had gone through with it… I’d have been tied to that club and Gemma for the rest of my life.”

“I know sweetheart and I get that. Still… I really wish you would’ve discussed this with Jackson. There had to be another way…”
The doctor shook her head and sort of laughed.

“He’d have done whatever it took to talk me out of it. Then he’d bring back that empty promise of his.”

“He’s always telling me that we’re getting closer and we can leave soon. That we can start over someplace else. He’s always got some sort of excuse to stay behind. Now it’s this thing with Chibs and how he’s trying to get him prepared, before we take that leap. But I’m done…”
“Isn’t that an engagement ring?”

Tara nodded and twirled it about her finger.

“Tell me something, Tara… If you had more or less made your decision about Jackson and the club. Why’d you say yes?”

“I’m wondering that myself.”
“When did he propose?”


The sheriff winced.

“Tara, you mean to say that you accepted his proposal after you had the abortion?”

“I know but it’s not how it sounds… I just…”

Wayne sighed and kissed her forehead.

“Hey, I’m not judging. But I do believe you should take that job and get out of Charming. This… this back and forth between you and Jackson. It’s not healthy.”

Ava was quick to hide as the sheriff came to his feet. She waited until he was out of the chapel.

“So you killed his baby. Then accepted his proposal after?”

Tara jumped and peered over her shoulder. Ava gave a mere nod and made her way over. She sat at the pew directly behind her.

“Jesus, you scared me!”

“Oh, I can imagine so…”

“Look, whatever you heard. You have to keep that between us. That wasn’t meant for wandering ears.”

Ava nodded.

Right… We couldn’t have that information getting into the wrong hands. I mean think about it… Tara Knowles aka doctor, aka green-eyed monster, aka liar, aka heartbreaker, aka babykiller. And I’m beginning to wonder just how long that list truly is.”

Tara shot to her feet then spun around pointing her direction.

“You know nothing about me.”

“Actually I think I’m getting to know you real well. And if you think I’m just going to let this slide and we’re gonna become bff’s over this dirty little secret of yours, you got another thing coming. You see what you’re pulling proves that you’re no better than the piece of shit running that club.”

Tara hauled off and slapped her. Ava gritted her teeth and grabbed a fistful of the doc’s hair. She dragged her out of the chapel and into the hallway.

“What are you doing?!”

“Well if you think I’m kicking your ass in front of Jesus you got another thing coming!”

“Oh shit!” Half-Sack shouted as Ava shoved Tara up against the wall.

Gemma was making her way over and had Abel with her. She reared back as Ava slammed Tara’s head back and pressed her entire weight up against her.

“You conniving little BITCH!”

Half-Sack rushed over and went to intervene. Ava threw up a hand stopping him.

“Oh no… This one plays out…”

Tara took advantage of the distraction and swung her elbow back. Ava let out a painful grunt, but started laughing. Tara regarded Ava in bewilderment as the laughing continued.

“I’m guessing it wasn’t very long ago you had the surgery…”

The doc had this odd look about her. Ava nodded and backed her up against the wall. She planted her hands up against it, locking Tara within.

“I bet you’re pretty tender…”

Tara nodded but was quick to gasp out as Ava took her knee and drove it into her gut.

“You’re right… You should get out of town, ASAP.”

When Ava entered the room, Jax was on the phone but cutting her a strange look.

“Just calm down and tell me what’s going on…”


Ava sent Chibs an apologetic look. He tilted his head on this. Jax hung up the phone and marched on over.

“Did you attack my old lady?!”

Chibs sat up in the bed and Opie reared back.

“Fraid so…”

“HEY!” Opie and Chibs chorused as Jax went to backhand her but refrained.

She recoiled and staggered back against the wall. Jax shook his head and pointed upon her.

Before Ava even had the chance to explain the door opened and the sheriff walked on in.

“You’re kidding me…”

Wayne shook his head and took out his handcuffs.

“She’s pressing charges.”

“What did ye do, Ava?!”

Ava shook her head and laughed.

“I’m guessing she skipped the part where she hit me first? And what about the part where you’re both backstabbing bitches!”

The sheriff didn’t comment and went on to read Ava her rights. Chibs started to hop on out of the bed.

“Op!” Ava shouted in a panic and nodded towards Chibs.

“On it…” He said and rushed over stopping him.

“Don’t let him out of that bed! I got this. Just focus on getting better. I mean it, Chibs!” She called out as the sheriff dragged her out of the room.

“I knew it…” The deputy scoffed once he saw Wayne bringing Ava in.

Ava rolled her eyes.

“I told you… Wrong company.”

“It must get pretty lonely on that pedestal of yours.”

The sheriff smiled as he took the cuffs off and placed her into one of the cells. Ava let out a miserable laugh once she spotted who was in the cell across from her.

“This just gets better and better.” She uttered as Clay nodded upon her.

She rolled her eyes and plopped onto the cot.

“I’d say I’m surprised…” She heard Clay call out.

“And what are you in for? Being a walking-talking douchebag? Or is it for your own protection?” She cruelly implied.

“I didn’t mean for that to happen…” Clay did his best to hint.

“Yeah well it did. And even before then… You and I were at odds. That was just the final nail in the coffin. But you’ll see soon enough.”

“No more than I deserve.”

“Awww is the big bad wolf having a change of heart?”

Clay let out a miserable laugh.
“Something like that.”
“Yeah well I’m not buying it so you just keep that ridiculous shit to yourself.”

“Why don’t you both shut it?!” The deputy called out.

“Aye, Aye Deputy Hale!”

“I’m tellin’ ye Ava wouldn’t lay a hand on anyone unless they had it comin’!”

“So Tara’s lying, is that what you’re saying?”

Chibs shook his head.

“Nah, brother… You didn’t see what she did to Tara! She beat the living SHIT out of her!”

“And I’m tellin’ ye there’s a reason!”

“So my old lady had it coming, right?!”

Chibs pinched his eyes shut and let out a sigh.

“I don’t know what ta tell ye… All I know is I can’t and won’t believe that Ava did this just out of the blue and fur no reason whatsoever. It’s just not in her.”

Jax gave a mere nod and stormed on out of the room.

“You have a visitor…”

Ava narrowed her eyes and rose from the cot. She reared back seeing as how it was Gemma.

“Got your bail taken care of but you gotta stay the night. Sorry, sweetheart.”

“I’m afraid I don’t understand… Why would you post my bail?”

Clay looked over rather curious as well. When he first saw Gemma he thought she was here for him. Gemma leaned in…

“Let’s just say us girls need to stick together from time to time. I’ll have you out first thing tomorrow morning.”

“Gemma… It’s not that I don’t appreciate the gesture…”

“You can stop right there. Now let’s try this again. I. Will. See. You. First. Thing. Tomorrow. Morning.”

And on this note Gemma pivoted around. She ignored Clay’s very presence and headed on out.

Ava sat up as Wayne entered her cell. He’d a cup of coffee in hand and went to hand it over.

“I’m good…”

He nodded and stood across from her. He leaned against the bars and sighed.

“I hope you realize the doc was telling me those things in complete confidence. If any of that information gets into the wrong hands it could put her in harm’s way.”

“You think?”

“Let’s just say you go and spread what you heard around. And it triggers something and the doc’s life becomes endangered. You do realize that you could be held accountable?”

Ava had a good laugh at this.

“Let me get this straight… You want me to show pity on a woman cruel enough to have an abortion and without even acknowledging the father? A woman that accepts his proposal, after killing his child off. And now she has plans of breaking that off so she runaway like some frightened little bitch. Frightened, because she killed off a child that Jax will never meet.”

“It goes a little deeper than that.”

“I have no sympathy for such a woman and I don’t take kindly to threats. So don’t even consider it. Badge or no badge, you played just as much part in this betrayal. This will kill him and you know it!”

“I didn’t picture the doc being that stupid!” Clay called out letting them know he’d overheard this as well.

The sheriff cringed and Ava couldn’t help but to laugh.

“Apparently she’s not the only one. Way to go sheriff. And you were afraid of little ole me.”

Gemma nodded and looked to be in thought once Ava revealed the truth behind last night. The older woman was going to have more than a few choice of words for Wayne. As for Tara… She hadn’t a clue where to even begin.

“Look. Thanks. I’ll see what I can do about reimbursing you for the bail, but if you wouldn’t mind. I’m eager to get back to the hospital.”
Gemma smiled.

“I figured this much. You just do what you gotta do. Don’t you even worry about the good doctor or the bail for that matter. I got you covered.”

Ava wasn’t sure what that meant exactly but at the moment, all she could think about Chibs. When Gemma pulled up to the curb, Ava opened her door. But Gemma took her other hand and gave it a slight squeeze.

“Thank you…”


“Defending my son. And you did something I always wanted to do…”


“Beat the ever living snot out of that bitch doc. I knew she’d rip his heart out. It’s what she does. It’s all she’s ever done.”

Ava hadn’t a clue what to say to that. So she gave a simple nod and headed on out.

When Ava entered the room Chibs was coming out of the bathroom.

“Ava…,” he said with a touch of desperation.

She forced a smile and darted on over. Chibs closed his eyes and wrapped his arms around her as she hugged him.

“Are ye alright?”

She nodded. Chibs sat in the recliner and pulled her into his lap.

“Chibs…” She murmured with concern.

He ignored this and cupped her chin so that she was facing him.

“I need ye ta tell me what happened and now.”

“Jaysus…” He murmured afterward and with an ill expression.

Ava nodded. Chibs drew back the deepest of breaths. The two of them sat in silence for a bit as they struggled in taking it all in. By no means was he mad at Ava. If anything he felt she had every right reacting the way she did. She was defending Jax and in a roundabout way… the club as well. He knew this was going to destroy Jax. But something else occurred to him and he found himself pulling her in even closer. He didn’t care about the pain. Time and time again she just kept proving what a remarkable woman she was and it drove the Scot mad. She was too fucking perfect. And she hadn’t a clue. She was the missing piece to the puzzle in his and SAMCRO’s life. He thought about Jackie and his expectations of him. And the man hadn’t any doubt that with Ava by his side. He could accomplish anything. He couldn’t explain it. But it there was this incredible urge to do right by her. To make this woman proud of him. Something he NEVER had with Fiona. But in order to do that. He had to take the kid’s advice and clean this club up.

“Ava…,” he murmured as if in agony.

He went on to kiss her and had those hands traveling all along her body.

“I can’t believe what I’m about ta ask ye…” He said as he rested his forehead against hers.

“After Ireland and all that mess I’d pretty much written off that sort of life. Ava… I was done. I didn’t want anything ta do with it. And then ye take a look at Gemma and Clay and the doc and Jackie boy.” He drew back a breath and sort of laughed.

“It’s crazy. Fuckin’ insane. And I’m a glutton for punishment. I just know it. But there’s just somethin’ aboot ye. And deep down I know we got what it takes. Ava darlin’, this is somethin’ I’ve felt for quite sometime. So don’t ye go and think I’m rushin’ inta this. I know how ye feel about that sort of thing after yer situation back in Forks. But I’ve given it a lot of thought. Three years ta be exact.”

She lifted her head and regarded him oddly as he reached into his gown and ripped a chain off his neck. He took her hand and had the object fall into the palm of her hand.

“Ava… just fuckin’ marry me.”

He put a finger against her lips and shook his head.

“Don’t ye even think aboot arguin’ with me on this. Yer a pain the arse but so am I. I know about yer parents and how that went and I know about that Edward kid and how he tried ta blackmail ye inta marriage. Believe me when I say that you and I… have a lot of the same thoughts when it comes ta marriage. But it is what ye make it. If we lean towards it being one giant clusterfuck then that’s what it’ll be. Or we could take the opposite road of everyone else and actually fight towards somethin’ better. Now I’m gonna move my finger and if ye start makin’ excuses as ta why we shouldn’t… I’ll bust yer little arse, Ava Fey! And I’ll keep it up until yer arse is rosy red and ye finally give in!”

With much hesitance he removed that finger and damn near cringed as he waited for her response.

“A bit of an overkill at the end? Don’t you think?”

He smiled and shook his head.

“More like I know ye and yer thoughts on marriage. Somethin’ we always agreed on… But those last couple weeks had me rethinkin’ things a bit… It’s just unfortunate I had ta leave before gettin’ ta that.”

He placed a strand of hair behind her ear. Ava opened her hand and looked to the ring. The band was a rose gold color and the diamond had a Celtic knot wrapped around it but in white gold. She’d never seen a ring like this. It was breathtaking and perfect. But it when she read the engraving she thought about what he’d said that one morning.

“Chibs…” She whispered.

Her bottom lip quivered as she slipped it onto her finger.

“That’s cheatin’…”
She reared back at this.

“Ye put the ring on before answerin’! It’s like yer testin’ out the merchandise first!”


“Do you want me to marry you?”

He nodded.

“Then shut the fuck up and let me enjoy the moment.”

He chuckled.

“I suppose that’s as about as good as of an answer as I’m gonna get. I’ll take it.”
He narrowed his eyes however she was tearing up a bit.

“Aye now…” He used his thumbs to wipe them away.

“What is it, love?”

“I can’t believe you proposed… I thought we’d have one of those common law marriages or something.”

“Can’t lie… I figured that’s what we were headin’ fur too. But I’m tired, Ava… Tired of chasin’ things beyond my reach. And I hate how it came aboot. But I can’t help but ta think that ye comin’ back inta my life was a sure kick in the pants. All it did was make me realize how wrong I was in leavin’ ye behind. I should’ve found a way ta make it work with yer old man and everythin’ else that was goin’ on at the time. But what’s done is done. And here’s ta second chances. So let’s do it right and don’t go callin’ it quits, no matter how bad it gets. I mean it Ava darlin’, we keep truckin’.”

“Agreed.” She said and rested her head against his shoulder.

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