Chapter 6 Chester Cheetah’s Cousin?

Chapter 6

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Ava rose from Chibs’s lap as there was a knock at the door.

“Chibs!” She hissed with a giggle and tossed a pillow over.

He shrugged and placed it over the raging hard-on he had.

“Aye now… that’s yer doin’!”

“Oh really?”

He nodded and popped her on the butt. When Ava answered the door she reared back in wonder.

“Can I help you?” She questioned the two security officers.

“We’re going to need you to come with us.”

“And why would that be exactly?”

“You’re in breach of a restraining order.”

“Restraining order?!” Chibs called out in disbelief.

One of the officers flashed Ava the restraining order Dr. Tara Knowles had filed.

“You have got to be joking. She can’t make me leave the premises. This is a hospital for crying out loud!”

“Actually she can… Seeing as how she’s on schedule at the moment.”

Ava sort of laughed and went to shut the door in their faces, only to have one of the men block the attempt.

“Ma’am if you don’t willingly come with us; we will have no other choice but to forcibly remove you.”

“Then bring it because I’m not leaving him!”

“HEY!” Chibs shouted and shot to his feet as they barged on in.

Ava gritted her teeth as they grabbed ahold of her and were dragging her out of the room. Chibs started towards them but one of them held out a hand.

“No need to make matters worse. She’s in enough trouble as it is.”

“I’m sorry, Chibs.”

Chibs curled that lip of his.

“Ye haven’t anythin’ ta be sorry aboot and ye know it.”

Chibs signaled for Half-Sack and the other prospect to follow them out. But the moment Ava spotted Tara she shook her head and laughed.

“You wanna play games… I can play.”

Ava let out a grunt as the officer forced her up against the wall.

“One more word and it’s straight to county. Have I made myself clear?”

“Crystal.” She spat as they escorted her out.

“What the fuck?!” Half-Sack yelled as they shoved Ava to the ground.

“Assholes…” He muttered as they sent him a cocky grin and headed back inside.

Half-Sack sighed and helped Ava to her feet.

“I’m fine.” She said as he was checking her over.

Half-Sack shook his head.

“So now what?”

“Hell if I fucking know. But that bitch has another thing coming if she thinks she hide behind those badges and play victim.”

Ava pinched her eyes shut and let out a frustrated sigh.

“Just take me back to the clubhouse. I’ll figure it out from there.”

“Thanks…” Ava said as Half-Sack handed her gun back.

He nodded.

“Are you even ready for all that?” He questioned as he pointed to the clubhouse.

“Don’t have much choice. And I’m on Jax’s bad side now. So this ought to be interesting.”

“Speaking of which…” He pointed towards the gates.

Ava nodded seeing as how Jax was pulling on in.

“I’m starting to wonder what I did to become karma’s bitch.”

Half-Sack chuckled.

“You laugh but I’m being serious. I mean seriously what the fuck?”

“Something tells me you’re gonna be just fine, sweetness.” He roughed up her hair a bit and headed on into the clubhouse.

Ava started that way as well.

“Hold up…” She heard Jax call as he killed the engine to his bike.

She drew back a breath and pivoted back around.

“We need to talk…” Jax said and took off his shades.

Ava cringed at his blood shot eyes and the dark circles around them. She could tell from his mannerisms alone that he’d pulled an all-nighter aka binger.

“Ava… I…” The man drew back a guilt-ridden breath. She gave a simple nod then put her finger to his lips.

“You’re going through hell as it is. You and I… We’re good, alright?”

He wasn’t quite sure how to react. The VP could hear the sincerity in her voice but see the anger in her eyes. At the moment? He couldn’t really focus. His mother had told him the truth behind it all. And when he confronted Tara, she went on a rampage. Like everything was HIS fault. Part of him felt as though it were. Yet there was another that knew that wasn’t exactly true, especially when she blamed him for the abortion. She went as far as to say that if they had left Charming, like he’d promised. She’d have never gone through with it. At least that’s what she claimed. He hadn’t a clue what to believe, not anymore. The man was lost…

Just wanted ta check in and see how everythin’ was goin’.

It’s a-goin’… How about you? Bella asked as she plopped down on the bed.

She could hear him sighing on the other end.

Kind of quiet without ye naggin’ on me…


Oh yeah…

I am not a nag!

Are ye sure aboot that?

I can be… is that what you want?

I’ll take ye however, Ava darlin’… Just sorry our time got cut short. Not much of an engagement…

Don’t. I mean it, Chibs. It was perfect as is. You hadn’t any control of that. Just focus on getting better so you can come home.

Workin’ on it. I love ye.

Love you too.

Be safe…

I will.

When Ava hung up the phone she looked to her ring. She never dreamed that Chibs Telford would actually propose. He was too much like her when it came to their beliefs on marriage. But maybe that’s what it took; two very determined people. Determined – in the sense of not accepting failure.

Ava rolled over and buried her face into one of the pillows. Someone knocked on the door and Ava groaned into the pillow.


“Thought you’d like to grab a bite to eat.”

“Depends on the company.”

The door cracked open and Ava laughed.

“I’m good.”

Bobby nodded but stepped on in.

“I think this is the cleanest I’ve ever seen this room.”

“Let’s skip the small talk and get to whatever it is you’re wanting.”

“Not so sure how Chibs would feel about that but sounds like a plan!”

“Annnd whatever appetite I had is now gone.”

“Mine isn’t…” He uttered whilst wiggling his brows suggestively.


Ava rolled on off the bed and backed away from him. He rolled his eyes.

“I’m joking… Well sort of.”

She reared back at this.

“Oh come on… look at you.”

“Not getting any better.”

He nodded and chuckled.

“Alright. Look, I just wanted to take you to dinner. And before you even go there… It’s not that kind of dinner. I’m not about to dive into another brother’s pussy, no matter how tempting it might be.”

“Such the honorable man you are.”

“Thank you! Now come on… I’ll even make you feel like a true feminist and let you pay!”

She cut him a look of hell and he smiled whilst raising his hands in the air.


“Like I said… I’m good.”

“Come on… Can’t you see I’m reaching here? I don’t feel right about what happened and this is just my way of tryin’ to make amends. I hadn’t any idea things had gotten out of hand, at least not to that point. You weren’t the only one affected by what took place. I’m sorry for being one of the ones that put the vote through. I’d forgotten about Chibs not being welcomed there. And I mean it. So if you’d just let me take you to dinner and wind down with me a bit…”

Ava sighed and looked to be in thought.

“Fine… But I’m not riding bitch. Not with you…”

He narrowed his eyes as she grabbed Chibs’s keys.

“You do know the rules about a man and his bike, right?”

Ava raised her brows on this.

“Just sayin’…”

“He rides me… I ride his bike.”

“Lucky bastard…” Bobby grumbled as he was heading on out the door.

“Damn right…” Ava called back letting him know she’d heard this.

And that only added to the man’s misery.

“I thought you said this wasn’t a date…” Ava accusingly hissed once they entered the blues club.

Bobby raised those brows of his but sort of laughed.

“This is an apology…”

Ava swallowed back on this. Bobby pecked the hostess on the cheek. She was a beautiful African American and quite voluptuous.

“The usual spot and I brought a friend with me today.”

“Oh…” The hostess looked over.

“She’s yummy…” the woman whispered in return.

Bobby nodded.

“That she is. But our Scottish brother is balls deep in that.”

The woman regarded Bobby in shock.

“You mean to say that Telford finally got himself a woman?!”

Bobby nodded. Ava’s eyes widened as the woman walked on over and hugged the daylights out of her.

“Oh she’s just absolutely delicious!” She announced and went on to fix her hair a bit.

Ava just stood there and Bobby laughed at her uncomfortable reaction. As they were being escorted to their table Bobby leaned into Ava’s ear. “She bats for both teams.”

“I kind of figured…”

“You going to sing tonight, Bobby?” The woman asked as she took their drink orders.

“Nah… just entertaining my new friend.”

“Well if you really wish to entertain her, you’d sing.”

Bobby chuckled on this.

“We’ll see…”

“Awesome. I’ll let the bossman know.”

“That’s not set in stone ya know.”

The hostess smiled and Bobby smacked her on the rear.

“Damn…” He murmured as he watched her walk away.


“That’s a few miles back.” He witted and clanked his beer bottle against hers.

This had her thinking back to that night with Clay. He’d said something along those lines too. Bobby narrowed his eyes as she downed that beer with one pull. He sighed and waved one of the waitresses over.

“We’re gonna need another one of those. She wants to milk this for all it’s worth.”

“Better add a shot of whiskey to that.” Ava said and Bobby sort of laughed.

“Very well… Make that two.” Bobby added.

“You gonna order dessert with your meal too?”

“I just might…”

He nodded.

“Don’t be cheap, Bobby. It looks bad.”

He had a good laugh at this.

“Wouldn’t dream of it.”

Once the waitress returned with their shots, they downed them and handed over the empty glasses. Ava’s cellphone rang and she held up a finger then answered.

“Where the hell are you?”

“Well hello to you too, Jax.”

He sighed on the other end and Bobby raised his brows. Ava came to her feet and headed towards the ladies room.

“I’ve been looking for you all over. And low and behold I look outside and see that your old man’s bike is gone. So where’d you run off to this time?!”

“First of all, fucking chill. Second. I’m with Bobby.”

“Dammit Ava, I thought I made myself clear.”

“You did and I’m keeping a heads up on this one.”

“You had better. If something happens… Chibs will hold me accountable. I promised to keep an eye on you and you just up and vanish, again!”

“It’s not like that.”

“Then what is it exactly?”

“I gotta start somewhere, right? If I’m going to be an old lady, I gotta start acting like one. I can’t bitch out every time something like this goes down. I have to prove myself. And if I can gain Bobby’s trust or at least get him to see mine and Chibs’s side of things…”
Jax sighed once again.

“Look darlin’… Just be careful. If you suspect anything or get to where you need a way out of this, I’m just a phone call away. I’m not saying he’d try something. But he did vote against you… and he’s one that tends to choose Clay’s side no matter. So watch what you say and watch your back. Chibs and I are the only ones to know the whole ‘truth’. I strongly advice you keep it that way, at least for now.”


“Alright… If you’re not back by midnight I’m hunting your ass down.”

“Yes, daddy.”

“Don’t let Chibs hear you say that, sweetie.” Jax taunted in return and hung up.

“Cute Jax… real cute.” Ava muttered but with a touch of a blush.

When she made her way back to the table there were a couple more shots.

“You do realize we’re driving back?”

“We’ll be good and sober by then…”

Sure…” She scoffed but took the shot anyhow.

The young woman needed something to calm those nerves of hers. She’d that gun about her. Still, she couldn’t help but to feel somewhat on edge. Nevertheless, she knew she couldn’t keep her distance forever. Not if she was marrying into the SAMCRO family. She had to accept Chibs through and through and that included that of his brothers; even if some of them proved to be a bit ‘much’. They were all the family he had and she would NEVER take that from him.

“So I take it I’m in trouble?”

She cut him an odd glance.

“That the VP looking for you?”

She nodded.

“Hmmm. Tell me something, Ava… Are you really worth all this trouble?”

She took a pull off her beer and looked towards the band that was currently playing on stage.

“Probably not, but I’m not about to throw my cards down and fold.”

Bobby smiled.

“Hell, that’s good enough for me.”

“And what about you?”

He narrowed his eyes in question.

“Are you worth it?”

“Absolutely.” He said with a cocky grin.

“I hope so. SAMCRO… that’s all he’s got.”

“He’s got you…”

“That’s not quite the same and we both know it. Without you guys… He’s not ‘Chibs’.”

“Now that’s some deep shit.”

Ava sort of laughed.

“Doesn’t make it any less true. But as of late… a few of you have proved to be somewhat dubious. Leaving him to feel as though he can’t confide in you the way he used to.”


“Come on, Bobby. He was shot by a brother. One in which you followed in backing.”

He nodded and looked to be in thought.

“Like I said… I’d honestly forgotten about the whole Ireland bit. My vote had more to do with keeping you safe. I figured you’d be better off…”

“Far from it…”

The two sat in silence until their food was served. Bobby ordered them another round. After a few bites of his food, Bobby lifted his eyes and wiped his mouth with a napkin.

“Is that what I think it is?” He pointed to the ring on her finger.

Ava smiled.

“It would seem so.”

Huh… So he means business.”


“Well I’ll be damned. I didn’t figure he’d ever settle down again. How’d you blackmail him into that one?”

“Promised him blowjobs for the entire first year of our marriage.”

Bobby choked back on his food and hit at his chest. Ava laughed.

“Well that’ll fucking do it.”

“Yep. Worked like a charm. He couldn’t get to the jewelry store fast enough.”

“Hell… How do you feel about having two husbands?”

“Nice try but something tells me I’ll barely keep up with the one.”

“Well if you change your mind…”

“Is that all you think about?”

“Is there anything else?”

“Well I should hope so considering the possible chance of losing your dick one day.”

“I lose my dick and I’ll let you have the honor of putting me out of my misery.”

“Got yourself a deal.”

“I knew I could count on you.”

“Absolutely. I’ll even do my best to make it painless and quick.”

He nodded.

“That’s really sweet of you.”

“I know.”

“Well if it isn’t Mr. Elvis himself!” A man called from afar.

Bobby nodded towards him.

“Please tell me you’re going to put these losers to shame…”

The man pointed to the young band on stage. Bobby chuckled. Ava looked to the band then back to Bobby.

“Ah they’re not too bad… ” She grimaced however as the singer got one of the lyrics to Lyla by Eric Clapton wrong.

“Okay I take that back…’

Bobby and the other man laughed.

“So what’s this? You on a date?”

“Nope. Just shootin’ the shit.”

The man took Ava by the hand and kissed it.

“Does this mean you’re a free woman?”

Bobby had a good laugh and pointed to the diamond on her finger.

“Fraid not…”

“Oh… Wow. You’re certainly out of my price range. Fuck, look at that thing!”

Ava narrowed her eyes and looked to the ring in wonder.

“Well I’ll leave ya to it…”

Bobby nodded as the man walked away. He tilted his head as Ava had that ring off her finger now and was examining it.

“What’s going through that mind of yours?”

“What’s he talking about? It can’t be all that expensive…”

“And what if it were?”

She frowned in thought.

“He shouldn’t have spent that much…” she whispered with a flushed face.

“And why not?”

“Just… because.”

“That’s the man’s decision, don’t you think? He obviously thinks you’re worth it; so shut up and take whatever he gives ya.”

Ava drew back a breath on this and put the ring back on.

“But he already knows how I feel about things like this… A simple band would’ve been fine.”

“You’re full of shit is what you are. What woman doesn’t want to be spoiled like that?”

He reared back as she pinched her eyes shut.

“Damn you’re serious, aren’t you? Look, if it makes you feel any better he probably stole the money or the ring itself.”

Ava sighed.

“What is it now…?”

“There must be something wrong with me.”


“Because it does make me feel a little better.”

Bobby raised his beer to this.

“Screw normalcy!” He uttered with a chuckle.

Ava raised hers as well.

“I can drink to that.”

“Ya know I gotta admit… I thought you were a bit of a prudish bitch when I first met ya.”

“Oh well gee, thanks!”

He shook his head and smiled.

“Well it’s safe to say I’ve been proved wrong. Must’ve caught you on a bad day.”

“I’ve had several of those as of late. And if you’re counting the time you were ‘testing’ Cherry. Then you had that one coming.”

“I suppose you got me there.”

“So what’s this about you singing?” She asked as she took a bite of her food.

“They seem to think I can carry a tune or something. Crazy shit…”

“Hm. And what kind of tunes are we talkin’? Backstreet Boys? Adele?”

“What the fuck is Adele?”

“Wait… You question Backstreet Boys but you don’t question Adele?”

“I’m not that old.”

“But you’re not up to par on pop culture, obviously.”

“Pop what?” He smarted.

“You know you got me curious. You don’t strike me as the singing type.”

“Are you admitting to wanting to hear me sing?”


He picked at his teeth with a toothpick and came to his feet.

“Prepare to be amazed…”

Ava snorted on this.

“You think I’m joking. Sweetheart, you’re about to question why you’re with the Scot when you could’ve had some Elvis in ya.”

“What the version of Elvis that cums peanut butter and shits bananas?” She uttered once he walked away.

The manager damn near ran the band off stage, the moment he spotted Bobby making his way up. Ava couldn’t believe everyone’s reaction. The instant he was up on that stage everyone cheered and was clapping. Bobby grabbed the mic and tossed the stand off the stage. Ava couldn’t help but to laugh as he started off with Hound Dog. Something she found a little too fitting. But she found herself in a bit of a daze. She would’ve never imagined he was that good. But he sounded just like the king himself. He sang a couple more songs afterward and she could tell he was having a blast. This was a side she would’ve never imagined coming from this man. It was day and night from what she’d witnessed at the club. It seemed as if Bobby Munson had a softer side to him after all. But as she was thinking this, someone else caught her attention.

There was a man sitting caddy corner to their booth. He hadn’t taken his eyes off her. Just as she was about to turn away and do her best to ignore him; she took notice of an all too familiar tattoo. It was some sort of Japanese calligraphy but she hadn’t any idea what it meant. She swallowed back and did her best to seem indifferent. But she knew that tattoo all too well. It was the only thing she’d caught during her encounter with the men that killed her father. Her old bullet wound stung in response to this memory. She put a hand over the area and finished off her beer. Ava clapped once Bobby finished his third song of the night. She smiled his direction then rose from the table. After giving him a mere nod, she started towards the club doors. Bobby tilted his head thinking that was rather odd as she damn near ran out of the building. He thanked everyone and causally made his way off the stage. Bobby threw a couple of bills onto the table and went to head out as well. A few ‘fans’ however were stopping him along the way.

The tattooed man came to a stand and followed Ava on out the door. When the man exited the club Ava was already on that bike and backing it up. He shook his head and started towards her. Ava was quick to haul ass. A couple more men exited the clubhouse and the man waved them over.

“HURRY IT UP!” He shouted as they climbed into a black truck.

When Bobby stepped outside he saw that Ava was being chased down.

“WELL SHIT!” He hollered then went on to retrieve his gun and jumped onto his bike.

Ava gritted her teeth as she turned the corner and nearly tipped the bike over. She shook her head and was doing her best to keep her balance as the men were right on her tail. She hadn’t anywhere near the experience Chibs had when it came to motorcycles. What little she did know was what he’d taught her. But they never went this fast. So she found it a bit of a struggle.

Bobby managed to get behind the truck and was shooting at their tires. He grimaced as Ava sped on through a red light and barely missed an oncoming car. She zipped into a nearby alleyway and parked the bike. She remembered this particular area had an opening in the fence. Ava squeezed on through and was heading for an abandoned building up ahead. Bobby was dodging bullets and managed to get one of their tires. The moment he saw Ava turning into the alley he nodded. He spun that bike around and took another route knowing he couldn’t take on three men and a truck.

Ava snapped her head the back towards the fence. The men had parked beside the bike and were on foot as well now. She shook her head as the main one squeezed on through. Ava ran towards the back of the old apartment complex. She climbed up the rusty stairs of the old fire escape. The higher she climbed the more nervous she grew. These stairs felt as if they’d give at any moment. And these guys were getting too close for comfort. Ava stopped and leaped onto one of the balconies. She took an old patio chair and smashed through the patio door. She ran on through the apartment and exited on out the door. She sped on through the hallway and tested a few doors here and there. But none of them would open. The young woman drew back an apprehensive breath and headed for the emergency exit up ahead.

“…no…” She grumbled as it wouldn’t budge.

The door had rusted onto the panel and no matter what she did it wouldn’t give. Ava whipped around and saw the men facing her across the way. She darted towards the nearest apartment. Then retrieved her gun from it’s holster and shot at the doorknob. The determined woman kicked at the door and ran on through. Without another thought she put that gun away and ran towards the patio door. Ava flung her entire weight against the glass then let out a grunt as she landed on the balcony. The young woman shot to her feet and went back to climbing. She was heading for the roof when one of them finally caught up to her. He had her by the ankle and was pulling her towards him. Ava clung on for dear life and used her other foot to kick at the man’s face. She managed to jerk free of his hold and hurried on up the roof. But when she got there, Ava laughed seeing as how she hadn’t anywhere else to go. And there was no cover, whatsoever.

She grabbed her gun and aimed it their direction. Then she backed up and stood right at the edge. There were a million things running through her mind as she was planned her way out of this one.

The main one put his gun away and gestured for the others to do the same. He raised his hands in the air and took a step towards her.

“Easy now… Just wanted to talk, that’s all.”

“Oh, I’m sure.”

“If you’ll just come with us, you’ll see. You haven’t anything to fear. We mean you no harm.”

“Is that the reason you killed my father?”

The man narrowed his eyes and Ava pointed to the tattoo on his wrist. He lowered the sleeve to his suit and shook his head. He took another step towards her and she shot out a hand.

“Don’t… I’ll jump.”

They had a good laugh at this.

“Will you now?”

She nodded but could hear Bobby’s motorcycle below.

“No you won’t…” The main one challenged.

Ava drew back a breath then flipped them off as she jumped.

“SHIT!” The man shouted and ran towards the edge.

He saw that she was on one of the balconies and rolling onto her side. Ava let out a painful groan as she came to her feet. She took off her jacket and used it to speed her way down the fire escape.

“YOU CRAZY BITCH!” The man hollered.

“YOU BETCHA!” She yelled in response and was quick to hop onto Bobby’s bike.
The man pulled at his hair and kicked at the air. His men started to shoot.


Bobby couldn’t help but to laugh. “He’s got a point… God damn… Chibs is one lucky son of a bitch!”

“Just get us out of here!”

He nodded and sped off. He headed back towards Chibs’s bike. Ava hopped on down and Bobby used his knife to slash to take the rest of their tires out. He motioned for her to follow him and they hightailed it back to the clubhouse.

Ava parked the bike then climbed on down. She paced the area and was taking it all in.

“FUCK!” She shouted as Bobby made his way over.

“Are you alright?” She questioned and this had him rearing back.


She nodded looking plum ill.

“I’m so sorry. I… Jesus.”

“What’s going on?” Jax hollered as he was exiting the garage.

“They found me and were shooting at Bobby! I knew this would happen! And before you even go there, it wasn’t the fucking Mayans! No. This time it was all on me!”

“Jesus, what happened to your arm?!”

Ava looked to the area in which Jax was pointing. The young woman followed the trail of blood and growled out. Her jacket was ripped open and she had a good gash on her upper arm. She placed a hand over it and darted into the clubhouse. She rushed into the ladies room then took off her jacket and blouse. She hadn’t a clue she’d even cut her arm or when she’d done it. Once she realized just how deep it truly was she grimaced.

“Great, just fucking great.”

After adding some pressure to it, she headed into the backroom and was digging around for a first aid kit.

“Need some help?”

When she lifted her head Jax was standing in the doorway.

“I got it…”

He shook his head and walked on over. He removed the blouse she was using and recoiled.

“That’s not something you can fix by yourself. And how the hell did you manage to ride like that?!”

“I wasn’t even aware of it…” She admitted with a shrug.

“She alright?” Bobby called at the door.

“Not really.” Jax uttered and went on to show Bobby her arm.

“Holy shit…”

“You might wanna call Chibs and give him the heads up.” Jax said as he was helping Ava.


Both men regarded Ava in surprise.

“He doesn’t need to know… Not right now. He’s got enough going on. I mean it, Jax. Just let the man focus on getting better. If you tell him what happened he’ll hurt himself getting over here and you know it!”

“She’s got a point…” Bobby uttered in agreement.

“Yeah well he finds out and he’ll kick BOTH our asses!”

“I can handle Chibs. But at the moment… the last thing he needs is more DRAMA! Shit, that’s all it’s been since I first…”

“Don’t you even say it…” Jax scolded.

“It’s true and you know it. Your entire club is falling apart and now I’m adding enemies to the mix.

“Our club was falling apart long before you got here. And when it comes to enemies, we already had our fair share. What’s a couple more gonna do? You need to stop blaming yourself and realize these things are OUT of YOUR control!”

“And if Bobby had been killed tonight, then what?”

Jax raised his brows and looked to Bobby.

“Well I didn’t get laid but at least I had a good dinner.” Bobby murmured with a shrug.

Ava rolled her eyes but managed to laugh.

“Fuck, that shit hurts, you know!”

Jax chuckled on this.

“…sorry…” He murmured as he continued in getting her arm prepared for stitches.

“Bobby, you might wanna grab a bottle of whiskey, vodka – something. And grab the first aid kit.

Bobby nodded and headed out. When he returned he was drinking out of the bottle.

“That’s great, Bobby. Now, why don’t you hand that over to Ava?!” Jax said in a chiding manner.

Bobby sighed and handed the bottle over. Jax helped Ava to her feet and led her to the bed.

“Isn’t this the part where you call the old lady? You know… since our medic isn’t available.”

Ava grimaced and Jax frowned.

“Not this time…”

Bobby reared back in disbelief.

“You mean… US?!”


Bobby had a good laugh at this.

“We got this.” Jax said with a wink her way.

“I hope so… I doubt Chibs wants to get out of the hospital to find his old lady messing an appendage.”

“What are you doing…?”

Jax questioned as he found Ava tinkering out in the garage. She let out a sigh but continued.

“I know the rules. But I also know if I don’t fix this side mirror and that dent. I’m as good as dead…”

“I somehow doubt that.”

“Maybe not so much about the bike, but that I kept this from him.”

“And how do you think you’re going to hide that?” Jax uttered whilst pointing to her arm.

“I figured I’d go through a nun phase or something.”

“And celibacy?”

“If I must…”

“Oh I’m sure he’s going to love that.”

Jax reared back however as he spotted the ring.

“We’ll I’ll be damned. It’s about fucking time.” He said while getting a better look.

She didn’t comment and went back to working on Chibs’s bike. Jax looked over to see the bottle of whiskey from earlier. And from the looks of things she’d been downing it like it was water.

“Are you sure you’re alright?”


“Why don’t you let me take care of that? You should get some rest.”

“You think I can sleep after all this mess?”

He nodded in understanding.

“How do you know about all that?” He questioned after watching her for a few minutes.


“Let’s just say we had a lot of time to kill.”

“And you chose to work on bikes?”

Ava sort of laughed but nodded.

“Man, that’s really lame coming from Chibs’s side.” Jax taunted with a smirk.

“Yeah… Sorry. He didn’t spend every waking minute trying to get into my pants.”

“That’s not to say he wasn’t thinking it.”

“That might be but you’d be surprised. He can be the perfect gentleman… when he feels like it.” She said with a smile of her own.

“That’s hard to envision.”

Ava came to her feet and went to grab one of the tools off the counter. But as she did this Jax recoiled, she was a drunken mess and could barely stand on two feet.

“Ava…” he softly called.


“I think we should worry about this in the morning.”

“I can fix it. I just…”

“Jesus!” Jax gasped out as she nearly face planted.

He had his arms planted along her shoulders. He shook his head and looked her in the eyes.

“That’s enough. We can work on this together, tomorrow.”

“Jax…” She pleaded and looked to the bike with this destroyed presence about her.

“It’s just a bike. You’re what matters. And that’s exactly what he’d say. So knock that shit off and get your ass to bed.”

“I have to do something…”


“Because I’ll go crazy if I don’t. I can’t sleep, Jax. Bobby could’ve been killed and if they find out my connection with Chibs…”

“A chance he’s willing to take. Hell, that makes all of us. It’s like I told you already. You’re family and that’s only become more set in stone. We protect our own, always have.”

“Some of you…” Ava bitterly reminded and Jax nodded.

“You’re right, unfortunately. But that won’t always be the case. If I can get your old man at the gavel, then this shit won’t be going on for much longer. I know Chibs and he won’t stand for it.”

“You’re right. He won’t. But that’s not to say things won’t get ugly in the process. If someone wishes to test him, he’s gonna raise some hell. So be prepared, Jax.”

Jax smiled on this.

“That’s what I’m counting on. That’s what this club needs. A good wakeup call and Chibs is just the one to give it.”

Jax put the tools up and wrapped his arm around her shoulder. He led her out of the garage and locked it up for the night.

“But in return, Chibs needs to know that his old lady is being taken care of. Soooo.”

“Dammit, Jax!” Ava shouted as he flipped her over his shoulder and headed into the clubhouse.

He carried her inside but froze with a wrinkled nose.

“Did she just…?”

Oh yeah…” Bobby uttered with a disgusted look on his face.

Jax nodded and headed on into the backroom. He darted into the bathroom and sat her down in the tub. He grabbed the showerhead and rinsed them both off.

“Now that was fucked up!”

“You’re the one that flipped me over your shoulder!” But right after she said this she covered her mouth and vomited yet again.

Jax started to give her hell over it but didn’t have the heart. He could see it in her eyes. And even though it was a different kind of torment and pain, he saw it for what it was. The man merely sighed and hunkered down to her level. This was him the night he found out the truth behind Tara, only worse. Jax had dropped Abel off at his mother’s then he drank until he felt NOTHING and blacked out.

“Don’t you even think about telling Chibs we showered together.” He teased hoping to lighten the situation a bit.

Funny…” She said but he could tell she was doing her damnest to keep it together.

Jax reached back and turned the water off.

“I wish he was here…”

Jax nodded and hugged her.

“Why are you here anyhow? I thought you were dead set on staying at that hospital no matter what he said?”

Ava let out this miserable laugh and he dropped his hold.

“I really doubt you want to know…”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” He questioned looking somewhat baffled.

“It means your… What I’m assuming to be your ex now filed a restraining order on me.”

“She what?!”

“And for someone so awfully ‘beat’ up she sure is pulling a lot of fucking overtime. Trust me, I’ve been checking and she’s always there.”

Jax shook his head on this.

“I’m sorry. I hadn’t any idea. I thought you and Chibs got into an argument or something. As to why I was a bit confused when I saw the ring. This certainly makes more sense.”

He grabbed a couple towels and handed one over.

“Thanks… And sorry about that by the way.”

Jax smiled and sort of laughed.

“I gotta admit it’s not the first time a woman’s upchucked on me. And I doubt it’ll be the last.”

Ava let out a miserable groan.

“Please don’t tell Chibs. You and Bobby… that’s embarrassing enough.”

Jax made the zip it motion with his fingers.

“Secret’s safe with me, darlin’. Now… think you’re sober enough to finish that shower and get to bed?”

“You mean I can’t sleep here?”

He had a good laugh at this.

“Sure you can. But you might regret that decision come morning.”

“There she is!” Bobby announced once Ava exited the backroom.

He and Opie were sitting at the bar talking. Opie reared back once he caught wind of her.

“Long night?”

“Something like that…” She mumbled and went to get her a glass of water.

“I brought you something.”

Ava looked over as she was drinking her water. Bobby tossed the wrapped item over and Ava curiously opened it. She was quick to throw it down and covered her mouth. Opie regarded Bobby in question.

“I figured an egg sandwich would do that hangover some good!” He smarted.

Ava flipped him off as she was leaning over the sink and trying not to puke.


“Hangover?” Opie reiterated and Bobby nodded.

“Oh yeah, this little angel got herself shitfaced last night. You should’ve seen her… she projectile vomited and all down Jax’s back and right onto the floor. It was the most beautiful thing I ever saw.” Bobby put a hand over his heart and sent her a wink.

Ava picked the sandwich up off the floor and threw it at him.

“Hey, I worked hard on that. I took the shells out and everything!”

“I’m sure you did.”

“You guys seen Jax?” Gemma called out as she entered the clubhouse.

“He’s probably sleeping in the office.” Ava replied.

She nodded then handed Abel over. Gemma went on to cup her chin and was looking her over.

“You look like shit.”

“Oh gee, thanks!”

“Were you up all night or…”

“Are we really going to discuss what I was doing last night?”

“Well we know ‘who’ you weren’t doing… I heard what the little bitch pulled. Karma’s bound to come knocking on her door any day now, sweetheart.” But the way Gemma said this… it were as if she herself were this ‘karma’ she was speaking of.”

Ava started to say something on this but Abel let out a little coo and was smiling at her.

“Well hello there, blue eyes.”

Bobby shook his head. “Oh sure…now you’re just hunky-dory.”

Ava ignored this and sat down with Abel in her arms.

“Uh oh… it’s like he knows.” Ava teased as Chibs was calling her.

“You caught me at a really bad time.” Ava taunted when she answered the phone.


“Yep. I’ve got this ridiculously handsome blue-eyed man in my lap.”

“What’s Jax doin’ in yer lap?”

“Are you admitting that you think Jax is handsome?”

“I believe the amount of arse he’s gotten over the years has proved as such.”

Chibs could hear her baby talking over the phone.

“Don’t ye let him trick ye inta breastfeedin’. His mama winged him off that shite years ago.”

“Are you sure about that?”

Chibs had a good laugh at this.

“Fraid you got me there, Ava darlin’…”

“I tried calling you this morning.”

“Yeah they had me in rehab. And since I didn’t have my personal nurse, I had some questionable nurse with man hands scrubbing me down afterward.”

Ava grimaced on his behalf.


“Me too.”

“So everything on the up and up still?”

Ava lifted her eyes upon Bobby and Jax as he’d entered the room with his mother.

“Everything’s just fine. You just worry about getting better.”

“I shouldn’t be much longer.”

“This isn’t right…” Ava said with a touch of anger.

“I can’t believe she’s getting away with this. I meanseriously. Every time I call about visiting they tell me she’s on the clock. Does she live up there or what?”

“I’m startin’ ta wonder that myself.”

“Maybe I need to go all 007 and start scaling the windows at night.”

“Ye just be sure ta wear that tight leather suit when ye do.”

“007 doesn’t wear leather.”

“Nah but ye will…”

“Oh is that so?”

“Oh yeah…”

Abel cooed out once again and Ava laughed.

“The other man says hi, don’tcha?”

“Aye…he just wants ta shove it in my face”

“That he does.”

“Ye do realize that’s somethin’ we never discussed.”

“And what would that be?”

“Hmm, that might need ta be a conversation for another day.”

“Should I be worried?”

She was too focused on Abel to even get what the Scot was hinting at.

“Nah… I think we’ll get it figured out. Look, I don’t want ye worryin’ about me. Ye just go on with Jax ta that festival tonight and have some fun. I’ll be home before ye know it.”

“It’s my job to worry. I got the ring to prove it.”

He chuckled on this.

“And what festival?”

“It’s the town festival.” Gemma chimed in.

“It’s mostly about the children but there’s stuff for the adults as well. I know they’re serving alcohol and having other adult related booths, as well as a concert after.”

“That’s the last thing she needs!” Bobby called out.

Ava snapped him a look and with widened eyes. Gemma looked to Bobby in question.

“I think one night of getting shitfaced is enough.”

There was a moment of silence on the other end. Jax winced on her behalf and shook his head Bobby’s direction.


“Did I hear that correctly?” Chibs asked.

“Hm?” She hummed doing her best to sound indifferent.

“Ava… Did ye get drunk last night?”

Bobby chuckled as he could hear Chibs on the other line.

“Shut it you…”

“You what?” Bobby challenged.

“Ya should have seen her, Chibs. She went off like the Fourth of July… liquid confetti everywhere.”

“Jesus, Bobby…,” Ava hissed. “Could you be less of a bitch?”

Ava handed Abel over to Jax and darted on out.

“Ava… what’s goin’ on?”

“Nothing. Seriously, don’t even listen to Bobby. Hell, he’s probably drunk himself.”

Chibs sighed.

“If ye were havin’ a bad night ye should’ve called. Ye know I’m here for ye.”


She drew back a breath and pinched the bridge of her nose. She was on the verge of tears and that was the last thing she wanted. She cleared her throat and did her best to push all that bullshit aside.

“I got a little drunk but it’s not what you think. Just one of those things…”

“Aye now… I know you. And I know when something’s up. So talk ta me.”

“You’re reading too much into this.”

“And there ye go…”


“I know when yer lyin’. Ye always were a terrible liar. I can hear it in yer voice. And yer afraid of me gettin’ all upset and doin’ somethin’ foolish.”

She covered the phone and shook her head as a slew of curse words escaped her. Edward was the mind reader yet Chibs could read her better than anyone, even over the phone. Not that Edward could read her to begin with. But still, she had her moments when it came to Chibs and it downright creepy just how in tune he was with her.

“Like I said you’re reading too much into this. It’s probably the meds.” Ava flinched as she said this.

She could only imagine the look on his face right now. He hated when she lied to him, mainly because it was so rare. And he knew something was wrong when she did.

“I tell ye what… Why don’t I talk to the boys and see what’s goin’ on.”

“Chibs…” she groaned.

“Ye either tell me yourself or I swear ta God I’ll break on out of here and head right on over there! And ye know I will!”

“Dammit! You’re such an…”


“ARSE!” She taunted with sheer on annoyance.

The mere thought of him leaving that hospital before the doctor’s release had her feeling downright ill.

“Why do ye do that?!”

“Do what?!”

“Ye know what I mean, Ava. Ye make yerself sick worryin’ about everyone but yerself! Yer so afraid of me gettin’ hurt ye’ll go as far as lyin ta me and ye already know how I feel about that!”

“Chibs… please, just calm down.”

“Calm down?! Don’t ye go and tell me to calm down when I know somethin’ happened. Jaysus, Ava…”

She pinched the bridge of her nose and looked to his banged up bike.

“Fuck it…”

“What the hell is that supposed ta mean?!”

“It means I’m coming up there!”

Ava hung up the phone and hurried back inside. Jax narrowed his eyes as she went and retrieved Chibs’s keys.

“Where you off to?”

“I gotta calm a fucking Scotsman down! And you have Bobby to thank for that!”

She uttered a slew of cuss words and dashed on out the door. Jax sighed.

“I better keep an eye on her.”

“Alright baby.” His mother said and pecked him on the cheek.

“I’ll bring her to the festival.”

“Ma’am, I’m going to have to ask you to leave. You’re not allowed on these premises!”

Ava shook her head and walked on past the red headed woman.

“Ma’am, I am Margaret Murphy; the administer of this hospital and by law you are not allowed to be here.”

The woman followed Ava towards Chibs’s room. She reached out and put a hand along her shoulder.

“I need you to leave or I will have no choice but to call the police.”

“Call them. I dare you.”

The woman’s jaw dropped on this.

“I have rights too you know and I know for A FACT that Dr. Knowles isn’t here 24/7. So you call the cops and you show me where in this hospital Dr. Tara Knowles is and prove that I’m violating that order.”

“I… Well I…”


“Don’t you talk to me like that!”

“Oh I’ll talk to you however I wish. You think I don’t recognize your voice. It was you, the entire time. So what… Are you and the doc bff’s?!”

“I’m her boss. And yes a good friend of hers.”

“Well I don’t really give a shit. Now I’m going into that room and I’m going to visit my man and you’re going to back the fuck up and let me!”

“Well I never!”

“I bet you haven’t you frigid old…”

The door opened and Chibs was quick to cover Ava’s mouth and dragged her into the room.

“Bad day…?” He questioned whilst shaking his head.

“Amongst other things.”

Ava took her jacket off and threw it onto the recliner. She paced the room a bit and Chibs reared back once he saw her arm.

“How’d that come aboot?”

“I suppose you wouldn’t believe I slipped and fell when I was drunk.”

“Try again…”

“I was afraid of that.”

“Look, just lie down and I’ll tell you. But you have to promise not to get yourself all worked up. For one thing we knew this was to come.”

Chibs sighed but lay down. Ava gritted her teeth as there was a knock at the door.

“You’re fucking kidding me, right?” She hissed as it was the administer and the security guards.

“You got 10 minutes, probably less. It’s about time for Dr. Knowles shift.”

“What’d you call her and tell her I was here? Is that it?”

“Of course not.”

“I find that hard to believe. Now you’re taking up my time. So do us both a favor and get out of my face!”

Ava pushed the door to then locked it after. She rested her forehead against it and closed her eyes.

“So Bobby took me to what was more or less an ‘apology’ dinner as he put it. Some blues club outside of Charming.”

Chibs had this baffled yet concerned look about him.

“He didn’t try anything, now did he?”

“No. Actually he was quite the gentleman… for him that is.”

Chibs nodded. Ava lifted her head off the door and leaned against it with her arms folded about her chest.

“The man can sing. I’ll give him that much.”

“That’s right… Ye hadn’t heard him.” Chibs uttered looking to be in thought.

“The night wasn’t so bad. Sure, it was a bit uncomfortable at first. Now I don’t know him as well as you… But I truly believe he feels bad on how everything played out. It’s that or he’s just as great of an actor as he is an Elvis impersonator.”

The Scot merely nodded. He wasn’t sure how to feel about some of the Sons as of late. He felt betrayed and he was more than a little bitter about it. That didn’t change the amount of love he had for his brothers, but it did change the amount of trust he put into them. As of late, Opie and Jax were the only ones he put his faith into.

“After a few shots and musical numbers by yours truly. I spotted this man sitting not far from us. I thought it was my imagination at first. He was just sitting there staring at me.” She drew back a breath and shook her head.

“But there was something about him that stood out.” Ava unfolded her arms and pointed the area of her inner wrist.

“That tattoo… I haven’t a clue what it means but it’s Japanese calligraphy. I recognized it all too well. Chibs, he was the one that killed my father and shot me.” It was then that it occurred to Ava that she and Chibs would have damn near identical scars. Only his was much worse, due to it being at such close range when Tig fired.

She went on to tell him about how he followed her out of the club and their little adventure from there. Chibs was doing his best to keep his cool but it wasn’t easy. He hated being in here during all this hell. As if she hadn’t been through enough. He lit up a cigarette and waved her over. Just as he was to have her lay beside him, there was another knock at the door. Ava sighed and went and answered it.

“Dr. Knowles just arrived. So you’re going to have to leave now. These men will escort you out.”

Chibs sort of laughed.

“I tell ye what. How I aboot I just go on and check myself out?”

Ava snapped him a look.

“You’re kidding me, right?”

He came to his feet and the woman’s jaw dropped as he stripped down right there and was getting dressed.

“You can’t leave until your doctor releases you!”

“Aye, but I can and will.”

“Chibs… Don’t. Look, I’ll go. Just stay and let them treat you.”

“I don’t want them treatin’ me. And I only had a few days left before my release anyhow.”

Ava pinched the bridge of her nose.

“Don’t ye even think about it…” Chibs warned as the men started towards Ava.

“Ye touch one hair on that head of hers and I’ll beat yer fuckin’ arse. I didn’t take a likin’ ta what ye did the last time.”

The men looked to one another and backed up.

“That’s right, I know… Now on with ye. And ye can tell the doc to hold on and ta keep her knickers on. We’ll be out of here soon enough.”

“Everything alright?”

Chibs and Ava looked over as Jax was peeking into the room.

“Yeah, we were just leaving.”

“Did you follow me?” Ava questioned with a touch of accusation and Jax nodded.

“We talked about this… Personal bodyguard, remember?” He reminded with a smirk.

Ava sort of laughed.

“That’s messed up…”

Jax pointed to Chibs.

“Just keeping my word, darlin’.”

“I’ll be right there…” Jax called out as Ava and Chibs were heading for the parking lot.

“I can’t believe you went that far…” Jax whispered as he was leaning against the counter facing away from Tara.

“I hope you know he’s leaving, before he’s even been released. So if something happens… I want you to think about that.”

Tara lifted her eyes and glanced towards Jax.

“I thought you were leaving town…”

“I am, once my two weeks is up.”

“Good. That would be wise.” Jax uttered and walked away leaving a floored Tara Knowles behind.

“Chibs…” Ava uttered with this rather ill look about her.

He shook his head and circled the entirety of his motorcycle.

“I was going to fix it. But I didn’t get the time and…”

“Ye think this is about the fuckin bike? Come on now… I’m lookin’ at this and wonderin’ how yer not more injured then ye are.”

Chibs placed the helmet onto her head and held his hand out for the keys.

“But you’re…”

“I ain’t riddin’ bitch seat, Ava darlin’…”

She cut him a look and he sighed.

“Just give me the keys.”

She handed them over but got this pouty look about her.

“What?” He questioned as he climbed aboard.

“I’m no bitch either…”

“No one said ye were. So quit readin’ so much inta it and get on. I’ll let ye drive stick.”

She blushed at the reference and he sent her a wink.

“And ye had better hold on and not be concerned about hurtin’ me.”

Ava let out a frustrated sigh and wrapped her arms around him. Chibs started the bike and waited for Jax to exit the hospital.

“Festival?” Chibs called out once Jax made his way over.

“Yeah. I figured we could help my mother set up since she’s got Abel with her.”

He nodded and peeled on out of the parking lot.

“Won’t it be dangerous for me to be around all those people?!” Ava questioned once they were at a red light.

“The bigger the crowd, the safer ye are.”

She went to question him about everyone else’s safety but the light turned green and he was hauling ass. Ava knew this was his ‘angry’ driving. Something she’d witnessed a couple times back in Forks. Before long, Chibs pulled into the parking lot of a high school.

“Maybe this isn’t such a good idea… You should take me back to the clubhouse and you all go on without me.”

“What happened ta not hidin’ out anymore and puttin’ up that fight?”

“That was before they shot at Bobby!”

“Aye and it’s like ye said. We knew this was comin’. Yer on their radar now. They know who yer hangin’ around and where ye spend yer nights. It doesn’t matter where ye go. It’s all just a matter of time. But they’ll have to get through us Sons first.”
He hopped off the bike and helped her down.

“Now, I’m done talkin’ about this. All ye ever do is argue with me anyhow. And it gets us nowhere. Yer mind is all over the fuckin’ place. So fur once I need ye to really listen ta me and do everythin’ I tell ye. Do you understand?”

Ava looked around the area and all she could focus on was the sheer amount of children. They were with their families and heading into the courtyard where everything was set up.


He gritted his teeth and wrapped his hands around her arms.


Ava flinched at first but her eyes locked with his.

“I know what I’m doin’. Do we have an understandin’?” He reiterated.

She nodded but just as soon as Chibs realized what he was doing, he dropped his hold. He took a few steps back and pinched his eyes shut.

“Jaysus… Ava, I forgot.” He hinted as to the stitches in her arm but even at that…

Chibs was mad at himself for getting that wound up. He hadn’t meant to take it out on her.

“I’m sorry. Did I hurt ye?”

She shook her head no but that didn’t change the amount of guilt he was feeling. Chibs grabbed a cigarette from his cut and flicked that zippo of his. Jax pulled on in and parked right beside him. He narrowed his eyes as he could practically feel the tension between the two. Ava was just standing there looking lost and Chibs looked downright miserable. Jax nodded upon them and walked on over.

“You guys alright?” He asked with concern.

Ava nodded but it was more than obvious she was trying to keep her cool. Chibs was in the same boat. Ava walked on ahead and Chibs shook his head. The moment she was out of view he let out a growl and kicked at his motorcycle, repeatedly. Jax raised his brows but didn’t dare comment.

“That woman… If she would just give an ounce of a FUUUUCK about her own wellbein’. She’s far too busy worryin’ about everyone else. And that’s goin’ ta get her killed!”

Jax nodded but hadn’t a clue what to say to that.

“I don’t know what the hell I was thinkin’, Jackie boy!”

Jax tilted his head on this.

“What do you mean by that exactly?” He questioned with a touch of apprehension.

“It means I was right! I’m settin’ myself up. Proposin’… that was a big fuckin’ mistake. I’m gonna find her body one day, I just know it. And I’m gonna beg ye ta take a bullet ta my fuckin’ head when that day comes. She hasn’t a fuckin’ clue, not a one. I done lost one wife and daughter. Yet I’m willin’ ta play house all over again? Jaysus… And I was sittin’ in that hospital just today wonderin’ if she’s gonna want children and all that mess. She’s half my fuckin’ age, Jackie. I’ve already walked that road and yet I know she’s gonna want me to walk right back down it. The thought didn’t even occur ta me when I proposed. All I knew was that I wanted ta marry her. It’s bad enough worryin’ about her then to be bringin’ another kid into this shite?! I don’t know how you do it, kid! How do you keep from fuckin’ losing it?! HOW?!”

Without so much as a warning, the VP popped the living shit out of Chibs Telford. Chibs grabbed him by the collar and lifted him up off the ground.

“GO ON! TAKE YOUR BEST SHOT!” Jax shouted.



Chibs nodded and lowered him back down. He straightened out the young man’s cut and gave him a playful slap on the cheek.

“Ye want me to kiss those rings too there, Jackie boy?!”
Jax shook his head and sort of laughed.

“Couldn’t hurt.”

Chibs rolled his eyes and waved him off.

“I can’t believe I just got told off by some, kid!” He called back as he went to hunt Ava down.

Gemma pointed towards the gym and Chibs headed that way.

When he couldn’t find her, he decided to knock on the ladies bathroom door.

“Ava?” He called out feeling pretty stupid.

He cleared his throat hoping there wasn’t someone else in there. Before long the door cracked open.

“Oh thank god…” Ava whispered.

“Think you can do me a favor and find Donna?”

He nodded but had this offbeat look about him. Ava shut the door and he shrugged amongst himself then went on to hunt Donna Winston down. It took him a bit but when they got back to the gym, Ava was hugging Ellie (the Winston’s daughter). She whispered something in her ear and the teenage girl nodded. Ava smiled and pointed towards her mother once she and Chibs entered the room. It didn’t take long for Chibs to figure out what must’ve taken place. Ellie Winston was about that age and judging by the way the women were acting. She’d just started her first menstrual cycle. The father in him was somewhat impressed on how Ava handled the situation. The teenager seemed at ease and Ava was quick to handle everything, without drawing any real attention to it. Donna thanked her profusely before they left. Chibs nodded amongst himself. This right here was what Jax was talking about. Ava couldn’t help it. It was imbedded deep within her soul. And Chibs felt like a dick when he really thought back on it. That was one of the things he loved about her but now he was having a selfish moment, in the sense of fear. Fear – as in losing the best thing that’s ever happened to him. He said nothing as he walked on over and hugged her. In order to truly ‘live’ Chibs knew he had to put his heart on the line and take that risk. And in return Ava was doing the same. Chibs kissed the top of her head and merely held her. After a few minutes he cupped her face in the palms of his hands.

“I love you… Don’t you ever forget that. Even when yer a pain in me arse…”

“Oh and you’re not?”

“Nah… It’s all ye.”

“You are sooo full of shit.”

He chuckled and went on to kiss her.

“Chibs…” She murmured with a giggle as he had his hands traveling up along her blouse.

“We’re in a school.”

“Aye, but there’s no one here.”

“Do you really want to be the reason a child is exposed to sex ED before the parent’s signature?”

He shrugged.

“Might be doin’ them a favor…”

Chibs was quick to lower his hands as they heard the gym doors open. Ava blushed as he adjusted her blouse.

“Are you serious?” They heard Opie whisper.

“Yep, saw it for myself… He still has the tat.”

“Do ye two mind? We were in the middle of somethin’?” Chibs taunted and they looked over in surprise.

“Well that was quick…” Jax teased with a smirk.

Chibs shrugged and wrapped his arm around her shoulder as they walked on over.

“So what are yet two hens cluckin’ aboot?”

They went on to tell Chibs about an ex MC member having his Sons tat still. And after being told to have it removed. Ava looked to the guys in disbelief as they were talking about having it ‘personally’ removing it. They were making plans to do so once the concert took place tonight and right here in the gym. Chibs would lock everything up and keep guard while Opie and Jax handled the rest themselves.

“So if you leave the club you have to have your ink removed?” Ava questioned in misunderstanding.

Jax raised his brows and sort of laughed.

“Not quite…”

He looked to Chibs as if to ask his permission…

“She needs ta know some of these things…”

Jax nodded gathering the reference. This meant that Chibs was taking Jax’s offer for Prez into consideration. Something Jax was truly counting on.

“He was a rat, Ava. He betrayed us Sons and that’s not something we can turn our backs to. He hasn’t earned the right to keep that ink. And since he lied about having it removed… Something other MC’s have killed for. We’ll be handling the issue ourselves…”

“How? I mean are you going to tattoo over it? Like black it out?”

The three of them had a good laugh at this.

“Well considering this particular situation, I was thinking something a little more ‘memorable’, darlin’.” Jax uttered as if in thought.

She narrowed her eyes in question and Chibs pecked her on the cheek.

“I’m gonna take her onto the festival.”

Opie and Jax nodded.

“Oh wow…” Ava said as she was taken back by the amount of booths.

They even had a few carnival rides such as a carousal, Ferris Wheel, swings, and a bounce house. Chibs pointed to the bounce house.

“Ye want ta go in there? I’ll get ye tickets.”


“Can’t say I didn’t offer.”

Ava looked to Chibs in disbelief as he actually got in line and bought tickets. It felt strange just seeing him in this kind of environment. There was a sense of déjà vu, considering this was how she felt when he first took her to dinner and a movie back in Port Angeles. Chibs was a man that certainly stood out and in places like this especially. But he acted like it was nothing. He got the tickets and popped a cigarette into his mouth. She followed him to one of the shooting booths.

“Cheater…” she muttered knowing he was a dead shot.

He sent her a wink and won her a stuffed cheetah.

“Awe, thank you! I’ll call him Chibby!” She teased and he frowned.


She nodded and hugged the stuffed animal close to her.

“Don’t ye say that shite.”

“What’s wrong with Chibby?!”

“We’re not gonna do the whole pet name thing, Ava.”

She frowned and he shook his head.

“Do ye want me callin’ ye sugar dumplin’ or somethin’?”
“Ew… um no.”

“Then don’t ye go and say that shite again.”

“But it’s his name. Okay fine… how about Chipster Cheetah?! He’s Chester’s pot smoking younger brother!”

Chibs nodded and took the cheetah from her hold.

“Where you going?!”

“I’m takin’ it back.”

“Don’t you dare!”

He ignored this and kept walking. Ava rushed on over and yanked it out of his hold.

“Leave my Chibby alone!”

“AVA!” He scolded as she took the cheetah and darted off into the fun houses.

This had the man frowning all over again.

“I hate those fuckin’ things.” He muttered thinkin’ back to a few horror movies that involved these.

He sighed but entered the area anyhow.

“Jaysus…” He grumbled once he entered the mirror area.

That was always the part he hated most. Yes the big bad biker could take being shot at any day over this stupid funhouse.

“Come on, Ava… Where ye at?”

He reared back picked up on her reflection. Ava flashed him (sending him several images all around) then darted into another room.

“…now we’re talkin’…” He uttered with a smirk.

“If only there were that many of ye. Ye could worship me!” He called out.

“Get ye little slave outfits!” He added whilst wiggling his brows.

“Oh really?!”

He jumped as she’d somehow managed to sneak up behind him and had smacked him on the butt.

“Oh yeah…” He murmured as he pivoted around.

“Did I scare you?”

The Scot shook his head.

“Funny, because I could’ve sworn you got all jumpy.”

“Yer seein’ things… It’s what these funhouses do.”

He backed her up against the wall and leaned into her ear.

“Why don’t we go back inta that one room and have some fun?”

“And what if we get caught?”

“Ain’t no one comin’ inta these stupid things. Ye could suck my dick, right here and no one would ever know.”

“Chibs…” She reprimanded with a blush.

“Aye… that’s right. Yer mouth is still a virgin too!”

“Shut up…” She said behind laugher.

“Nah, I gotta bust all yer cherries.”


He took her by the hand and headed back into the room of mirrors. Chibs looked around the area making certain they hadn’t any eyes about. Then he went to unfasten his pants but Ava had set that cheetah onto the ground and beat him to the punch. He cocked a brow as Ava had dropped to her knees and was fishing his cock out. He lowered his shades and watched as her mouth came into contact. The instant warmth and wetness had the man throbbing all to hell. And the multiple images before him only added to the sensory. She lifted those big brown eyes of hers and he nodded.

“Just like that, Ava darlin’.” He whispered with a touch of a moan.

He had to constantly remind himself that she was new to all this. But that only added to his excitement. Ava closed her eyes and was getting more into it. It took everything within him not to literally fuck her face. He looked to her then back to the multiple images. He loved how his cock would disappear and reappear in that sexy mouth of hers. And he couldn’t believe just how ‘into’ it she was getting. She was moaning off and on and really going at it. Like she’d forgotten where they were to begin with. Chibs gritted his teeth and pushed his shades back up. He couldn’t help but to grab a fistful of her hair and give a few thrusts. That seemed to turn her on even more. Here he was getting his dick sucked but she was doing more of the moaning. He held her hair back and gave one last ‘deep’ thrust. He was curious as to her reaction. Chibs threw his head back as this only egged her on. She acted as if she couldn’t get enough.

“Ava, I’m gonna fuckin’ cum. And I’d swallow if ye don’t want a big mess on yer hands.” He warned knowing he was severely backed up.

He only hoped it didn’t trigger that gag reflex.

“…shite…” he whispered as she did as suggested but went the extra mile by licking him clean after.

“If that’s yer first then I can’t wait fur the second round…” He uttered as he put himself away.

He helped Ava to her feet then wiped a drop off her mouth. And for whatever reason that had him hard all over again.

“Now you should be thanking me…”

Chibs raised his brows and watched as she exited the funhouse.

“…damn that girl’s gonna be the death of me…” he uttered with a hand over his heart.”

Chibs looked to the time as he had head resting against Ava’s shoulder. He wouldn’t admit it but after running around all day he was in a bit of pain. He went to pop a couple pain pills and was about to chase it down with some beer. Ava was quick to switch that beer out with water. He sent her this what the fuck expression.
“As a medic you should know better…”

He frowned but lifted his head off her shoulder and took the pills.

“It wouldn’t have hurt nothin’.”

Ava rolled her eyes on this.

“From my understanding they need you alert tonight…”

He nodded realizing she had a point. But he shook his head when she drank the beer instead.

“What? We can’t let it go to waste.”

“I oughta kick yer arse.”

“But you won’t.”

Oh? And why’s that?”

“Because you love me…”

“Aye… but yer still in need of an arse beatin’ . Yer breakin’ all the rules. Yer drivin’ my bike and drinkin’ my beer.”

Ava shrugged.

“What can I say? I like to live life dangerously.”

“That’s for damn sure. Ye gonna steal my smokes next?”

“Um yeah about that… you’re like a half a carton low.”

“Are ye shite’n me?”

She bit down on that lower lip of hers.

“What can I say? It’s been a stressful week…”

“And what happened ta the small town girl that gave me a 15 minute speech about lung cancer?”

“She had to move and now she’s getting laid.”

Chibs couldn’t help but to chuckle.

“Why don’t I get you some ice?” Ava offered seeing the pain in his eyes.

“I’m alright… Concert’s aboot ta start anyhow.” He hinted.

She nodded and started to rise from his lap. He shook his head and held her in place.

“Just sit with me a bit longer…”

“But you’re hurting…”

He didn’t comment and kissed along her neck and shoulder. Then he spun her around so that she was facing him.

“I want ye ta stay with Gemma and the prospects. I’ll gather you once the boys are done. If something goes south or there’s a change of plans, I’ll call ye.”

Ava nodded and he kissed her forehead. Once the music started Chibs had her climb on down. He observed as she headed towards the area Gemma and the others were. He nodded amongst himself then went on to stand guard.

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20 thoughts on “Chapter 6 Chester Cheetah’s Cousin?”

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    “This could be bad.” Chibs said as they found me sitting in the dark at my computer desk.
    “Hey darlin’ you ready to read the latest chapter,” Jax asked as they both turned on the light and looked at me.
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Shootout after dinner is probably like a good desert to them Ava. Oh man you are going to be punished, you hurt the man’s bike. Dude fix it quick. Or blame Tig! Oh a wasted Ava. Interesting. Again call Chibs Jax be a man…be smart not just pretty. Hurry I want to see how Chib’s reign at President works. Maybe we can vote for him in 2016 I don’t want any of the other candidates. Oh yeah Jax I could of told you the toss over the shoulder was a bad idea. It is fun but not a drunk fun. Go get clean. Jax doesn’t know about the RO…oh joy can I have that extra scene too. Secret is not safe man they are like the gossipy bikers club sometimes. ABEL! Where have you been doll away from the crazy Doctor Bitch? I know I shouldn’t talk that way but Abel we need to chat with your Dad an intervention is needed. Gemma if you could please get Karma off Ava and my back it would be great. *snorts* please send the grown up ridiculously handsome blue-eyed man to my lap. Man hands…LOL. Night raid! I’m in! 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Oh Donna’s still here! Yea! Poor poor Opie though. Sorry Ellie it sucks! See I told you cluckin’ hens, gossipy bikers. Oh a rat yeah that scene can be skipped over. Now I wanna go to a festival. Oh NOW the title makes sense. Oh the mirror house…*hides eyes* Oh ummmm yeah NSFW! Living dangerously is the only way when you are karma’s bitch. That’s all…wait no….I need some more please. Pretty please with Jax on top?

    Love ya

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