Chapter 9 A Crow and His Swan

Chapter 9

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Ava eyed the bathroom to the motel room. It seemed so far away. And just the slightest movement felt as though she were dying. Her eyes watered as she rolled over and reaching for the nightstand. She used it to brace herself then came to a sitting position. But the young woman was quick to fall back and with a tearful cry. Tig’s eyes flew open and he jumped to his feet. Ava had her arms wrapped around herself and was lying in a fetal position. Tig grabbed some painkillers he had in a first aid kit. He himself wasn’t in the best of shape. He tried getting the slug out on his own but he passed out before he could even achieve this. He popped the bottle open and went to stuff a couple into her mouth. She turned her head and he sighed.

“After everything… You think THIS is the way I’d kill you off? Come on now…”

“If I take those I’ll go to sleep. I can’t go to sleep. Chibs… He’s…”

Ava bit down on her lower lip and let out an agonizing whimper.

“Well he wouldn’t want you in pain so let’s take care of that first.”

“We have to call him and let…” Tig covered her mouth and shook his head.

“No can do… Not right now. You know what would happen if he entered this room and saw you. He’d make assumptions and kill my sorry ass.”

“Then I’ll just tell him the truth!”

“He would think that I’m making you say that shit. And it wouldn’t matter either way… I’m on their hit list now. I’m as good as dead. It’s just a matter of time. I’d like to prolong that if you wouldn’t mind.”

Before she could argue on this Tig forced the pills into her mouth and had her swallow.

“Thatta girl…” He uttered and poured some water into her mouth.

Tig chugged some down as well and he lay beside her. He was white as a ghost and holding his arm.

“We have to get the bullet out.”

“Already tried that…”

“You’ll end up getting that infected and you’ll die anyhow.”

Tig sort of laughed. Ava rubbed the area of her wrists. She still had the cuffs on but Tig had shot through the chain connecting them. She reached over and went to lower his cut. He cranked his head her direction.

“Now we’re talking…” Tig unfastened his pants and Ava drove her thumb into his wound.


“Got the point?”

“Jesus Christ! Yes, I think I got it!”

“Good. Now help me up so I can pee and I’ll help you get the bullet out.”

He nodded and came to his feet. Tig helped Ava to hers but he had to damn near carry her to the bathroom. He sat her down on the toilet and cleared his throat.

“Do you need further assistance?”

Ava sent him a ‘look’.

“I think I got it…”

Tig nodded and turned away giving Ava her privacy. Ava lifted up just enough to get her pants down but that in itself was a struggle. Tig cocked a brow once he heard her peeing.

“Well this is awkward…” He muttered.

“You think?”

“So this is what married life is like… I’m not getting laid and I get to hear the escape of your bodily fluids.”

“We weren’t married the last I checked.”

“You don’t know that for sure. You were pretty out of it.”

Ava finished up but lost her footing as she was pulling her pants up. She went to catch herself by flinging her hands out and Tig caught this through the corner of his eye in the mirror. He whipped around and broke her fall. Tig didn’t comment as he could see her bare ass in the mirror. He was quick to pull her pants up and helped her over to the sink. Tig kept a good hold as she washed up a bit. But when she looked in the mirror she saw that Tig’s eyes were rolling back and he looked to be shaking something off.

“TIG!” She hollered as he went down like a sack of bricks.

Chibs and the boys. The others reaction jax esp… he finds chibs in kitchen floor

“Jesus…” Jax muttered as he entered the house.

The first thing to hit was the overwhelming smell of alcohol. He looked over to see all the broken bottles and a massive puddle along the floor of the kitchen. And there was Chibs just few feet away. He was sitting up against the counter. He had both cellphones in his lap and his gun sitting beside him. But he was sound asleep. The VP walked on over and kicked the gun out of reach, just as a safety precaution.

“Hey…” Jax called out and kicked at the Scot’s boot.

Chibs jumped awake and just it was just as Jax assumed he reached for that gun. He patted the empty area beside him and Jax nodded and pointed towards the gun.

“Thought it best…” He hinted and Chibs nodded once he gathered his bearings.

Jax looked around the room then back to Chibs.

“What the hell happened here?”

Chibs rubbed his weary eyes and retrieved a cigarette from his cut. Jax hunkered down and lit it with his zippo. The Scot took a long drag before revealing the truth behind Juice and Ava. The VP pinched his eyes shut.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Ye had yer own shite to deal with and ye needed ta focus.”

Jax shook his head in disbelief.

“A brother is dead and Ava is missing…”

“Aye… but did ye find the girl?”

Jax nodded.

“Yeah but we couldn’t find the asshole responsible. So she’s staying at the clubhouse for now.”

“If I had told ye aboot Ava and Juice ye wouldn’t have found her and ye know it. Yer mind would’ve been elsewhere.”

The VP wanted to argue against this but knew the Scot had a point. He wanted Chibs to start thinking like a president. And well it looked as though Jax were getting that wish, even if he wasn’t too happy about being on the receiving end of it. Jax drew back a breath and helped Chibs to his feet. He went on to hug him then patted him on the back.

“I’m sorry, brother. I can’t even begin to imagine how much this must be weighing you down.”

“Yeah well ta top it all off…” Chibs took Ava’s ring out from his pocket and showed it to Jax.

Jax reared back and Chibs nodded as he took a seat at the dining room table.

“No way…”

“Oh yeah… The little lass had enough.”

“But that doesn’t make any sense. I mean sure… She was upset when I dropped her off but not enough to call it quits.”

“She had it sittin’ on a picture of us, Jackie Boy.”

“Oh man….” Jax ran his fingers through his hair then shook his head.

He just couldn’t believe that Ava would break it off.

“So what are you going to do?”

“Do whatever it takes ta find her. Then I gotta take care of these bastards so I can take her home. She doesn’t belong here, Jackie. And I knew that… Still, I kept pressin’ the issue. I don’t know what I was thinkin’. Girl like that…” Chibs let out this miserable laugh.

“She deserves better and I’ll be damned if I do like that vampire kid and force her inta somethin’ she wants no part of. I love her and I always will. But I won’t be the one that holds her prisoner. That’s not how I wanted this ta go. And I think that’s what she was startin’ ta feel. The more I go out my way ta keep her safe; the more I start soundin’ like her father rather than her man.”

“She wouldn’t dump you over Cara Cara. That doesn’t even make sense.”

Chibs pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Yer right… she wouldn’t but ye add that on top of me comparin’ her to Fiona and that pretty much put the nail in the coffin.”

“You’re a moron.”

“Aye… I don’t deny that.”

“Do you love her?”

“I done told ye I do!”

“But do you love her enough to let her go?”

Chibs sighed but nodded.

“Then that also means you love her enough to fight for her. So until SHE says SHE’S done you don’t give up. You hear me?!”

“If she’s done… I’m done.”

Jax gazed upon Chibs with concern.

“What do you mean?”

“It means just what I said. I’ll live for this MC, just as I always have but nothin’ else. I’m too old ta be chasin’ tail and tryin’ ta make some sort of life and if she’s out of the picture now… I don’t want anythin’ else.”

“Come on, brother. You’re sure to meet someone else. If that’s the case, which I HIGHLY doubt.”

“Ye don’t seem ta understand. I tried movin’ on once I left that girl behind. But it was no use. She kept poppin inta my head and I knew I was fucked. That’s what I meant by bein’ done, kid.”

Gemma knocked on the door but there was no answer. She ran her fingers along the frame where Tig had mentioned leaving a keycard in his message. She nodded once she found it. Gemma unlocked the motel door and stepped on in. She locked the door behind her and looked around the room. She sat her purse down on the bed and was heading for the bathroom. After an unexpected three hour drive she needed to pee. But the moment she entered the bathroom she gasped into the palm of her hand. Ava and Tig were lying on the bathroom floor. Ava’s hands were all bloodied up and she’d a bullet in the palm of her hand. Tig was bleeding out and both looked of death. Gemma walked on over and checked their pulses. She drew back a breath of relief and gave Tig a slap on the face. His eyes batted about as he came to.


She nodded.

“Is this some sort of demented lover’s quarrel?”

Tig looked towards Ava and grimaced.

“Ah hell… I told her not to worry on it!” Tig crawled on over and checked on Ava.

“She must’ve passed out right after…”

He tried waking her but she wouldn’t so much as budge.

“HEY!” He called out and still, nothing.

“Shit…” He uttered.

“Come, baby. Wake up.”

Gemma shook her head and reached into the shower. She grabbed the removable showerhead and turned on the cold water. She sprayed Ava right in the face however both shared the same panicked expression as she woke but only for a split second.

“No. No. Stay with us!” Tig called out and was slapping at her cheeks.

“She needs a hospital!”

“NO!” Tig hollered and he jumped up, knocking the cellphone out from Gemma’s hand.

“They’ll get the police involved and she’s as good as dead if that happens.”

Gemma reared back and pointed to Ava.

“She’s as good as dead now from the looks of things, so are you!”

“I’m fine. But her… not so much.”

Tig went on to show Gemma the damage done to Ava’s body and the knots along her ribcage.

“Jesus Christ….” Gemma said with a look of horror.

“I don’t see how we have much choice.”

“Gemma, I’m tellin you… We might as well put her out of her misery ourselves if we take that route. You didn’t see what these guys did to her!”

“Then what do you suggest? Because the last time I checked I hadn’t a PhD!”

Tig sighed.

“What about Tara?”

Gemma had a good laugh at this.

“The good doctor?! Turns out she’s not on the straight and narrow after all.”

Tig regarded Gemma in wonder.

“Ava and I have an understanding and I believe she’d much rather die than to have that bitch working on her.”

“Well fuck…”


Tig came to his feet but stumbled about the room in a drunken fashion.

“Easy…” Gemma said as she rushed over and led Tig to the bed.

“So we don’t have much choice… You gotta call him.”


Tig let out this miserable laugh.

“It’s like you said. I’m as good as dead anyhow. Might as well get a jump start on that… Sure beats the BOTH of us dying. Just make sure he knows to bring his medical supplies and that he comes alone. I’ll have a better chance that way. Oh and be a doll and use one of the prepaids. I don’t need him suspecting anything. Keep the rest of the club OUT! This needs to stay between us. I mean it, Gem.”

Gemma sighed as he passed back out. She went on to cleanse and bandage his arm the best she could. She checked on Ava once again and still… nothing had changed.

Well shit…”

With much hesitance Gemma grabbed the prepaid Tig was referring to and texted Chibs.

Chibs was cleaning up his mess from last night when his cellphone sounded. He snatched it off the table and read the message.

2332 Mockingbird LN, Victorville


Bring whatever medical supplies you have.

Come alone and tell no one.

Jax was coming around the corner with a trash bag when Chibs stuffed the phone into his pocket.

“Everything alright?”

“Aye… Wrong number.”

Jax nodded.

“Ye should go on now. Get back ta the young lass and the boys. I got this.”

“We’re just about done; we can head back together. Besides we got church.”

Chibs looked to Jax in question.

“You’re getting that vote today, brother.” Jax said with a look of pride.

Chibs swallowed back on this.

“Today, huh?”

“Yep, seems as if Bobby’s had a change of heart. So the sooner, the better.”

Chibs nodded on this.

“I got somethin’s ta take care of so ye should go on…”

Jax narrowed his eyes on this.

“Somethings, huh?”


“Why do I get the feeling you’re gonna be a no show?”

“Look kid, I’m tellin ye ta go on!”

Jax tossed the trash bag over and nodded.

“Well alright then…”

Chibs watched as Jax exited the house. Once he heard the sound of that Harley taking off, he grabbed whatever he needed and bolted on out the door.

Gemma nodded amongst herself once she had Ava all cleaned up.

“You poor thing…” she whispered whilst shaking her head.

“Don’t you go and die on me now. I don’t need an angry Scot after me as well.”

Gemma took an ice cold washcloth and gently patted Ava’s face. Her body would react every now and then but still those eyes remained closed.

“You gotta wake up, sweetheart. He’s on his way. So where’s that tough bitch at? You don’t him to see you like this, now do you?”

She placed the washcloth along Ava’s chapped lips.

“I got some lip balm somewhere…” Gemma uttered in thought.

The older woman came to her feet and went on to search her purse. Once she found it she made her way back. She placed the balm on Ava’s lips then kissed her forehead after.

“There you go…”

Gemma looked to the gash along the back of Ava’s head.

“Let’s just hope that doesn’t scar. Your hair will never grow the same. Trust me that’s the last thing you want, a big ole bald spot. You’re far too pretty for that shit.”

Gemma rose as she heard Tig groaning. When she entered the room he had his hand over his arm and was sweating profusely. Gemma sighed and grabbed another washcloth. She wet it down and rushed on over.

“You two… I swear.” She bitched as she placed it on his forehead.

“Why you called is beyond me. If you were smart you would’ve called someone with a little more knowledge in these sorts of things.”

Tig opened his eyes a bit.

“You’re all I got.”

Gemma forced a smile and planted a hand along his cheek.

“You got Clay.”

Tig shook his head on this.

“I think we’ve had more than our fill when it comes to Clay. Don’t you think, sweetheart?”

Gemma nodded.

“I never thought I’d hear YOU say that.”

“Come on, Gem. Look at what he’s done and where he brought this club. And because of the choices I made I’m right there with him. I’ve lost EVERYTHING. I’m done and we both know it. Once the Scot gets here… it’s all over. I’m done running. Just do be a favor and don’t have one of those sappy kind of funerals.”

“I’ll do my best, Tiggy.”

He smiled and took her hand into his own. Then he nodded towards the bathroom.

“How is she?”

“Nothing yet… Other than talking in her sleep.”

Tig smiled but with a touch of gloom behind it.

“Yeah. She does that.”

“Mentions that Scot of hers a lot.” Gemma added.

Tig brought Gemma’s hand to his lips and kissed it.

“If only we all could be so lucky.”

Gemma tilted her eyes on this.

“You should see the two of them… I never believed in that soulmate bullshit. But the way they look at one another… I rather envy them.”

“You’re not getting all sappy on me now, are you?”


Gemma forced a smile of her own and ran her fingers through his hair.

“Good. Cause we can’t have any of that now.”

“I love you… You know that, right?”

“What did I say about that?” She scolded but a knot formed within the back of her throat.

“He doesn’t deserve you. He never did. So whatever he says or does. Don’t you take him back. I mean it, Gemma baby. The Clay we knew is long gone. And whoever this is… He can’t be trusted.”

“You should get some rest…”

“You should hear the shit he says. And yet here I am… the idiot that keeps going along with it.”

“And why do you?”

“Because I fear the day I turn my back to him… Not so much of him but of losing the brotherhood we once shared. I keep fighting in order to get that back. But there’s nothing left. I should’ve known…”

“And why’s that?”

“Well it’s not every day you think about fucking your bestfriend’s wife, unless you’re me. Then it’s all you can think about.”

“Tiggy!” She scolded with a smile.

Tig wiggled his brows.

“What I wouldn’t give…”

“Well I don’t think you’re in any kind of ‘fucking’ shape at the moment.”

“So there’s a chance?”

“We’ll just have to wait and see now, won’t we? So no dying. You’ll never know the ending.”

“You’re full of shit. But I think it only makes me want you that more…”


The boys looked to one another then back to Jax. The VP sighed then flicked the ashes from his cigarette into the ashtray.

“I’m sure he has a good reason.” But even as he said this he knew Chibs must’ve had a lead on where Ava was. He just wasn’t sure why he’d go about this on his own. He must’ve had a pretty good reason considering it wasn’t like him. And it certainly wasn’t like Chibs to miss a meeting, especially one of THIS importance.

“Do we really need him here?” Opie questioned and Jax looked to the others and shrugged.

“I don’t suppose so.”

“Then I say we get to it and he can deal when he gets back.”

“I second this!” Piney called out and Jax smiled.

“Sounds like a plan…”

Gemma was half asleep when she heard the bike pulling up. She drew back a breath and looked towards Tig who was fast asleep. The woman knew she would have to rush on out and prevent WWIII. She peeked outside the blinds and sighed as the Scot was already regarding her car and Tig’s bike in confusion. Gemma darted on out the door and stopped him before he could enter the room.

“First thing’s first… I’m gonna need that gun and your knife.”

Chibs shook his head on this as she held her hand out.

“What are ye doin’? What’s all this aboot?!”

“It’s aboot handin’ yer weapons over!” Gemma mocked.

Chibs sighed and handed them over.

Alright, sweetheat… Now you’re about to enter the gates of hell and when you do; I need you to promise me that you’re going to keep in mind that if it wasn’t for him… That little schoolgirl fantasy you got going would be no more.”

“What are ye ramblin’ on aboot? And why is Trager’s bike parked outside?!”

“Are you hard of hearing or are you doing that selective bullshit men tend to do?”

Chibs gritted his teeth and backed Gemma up against the door.

“Ye had better get ta it, woman. Ye might be Jackie’s mother but I won’t bat an eye on backhandin’ ye. If my girl’s in there ye had better step aside and let me in.”

Even Gemma wasn’t dumb enough to test the Scot on his word. She knew he meant it.

“She is… but so is Tig.”

The Scot’s eyes went wild and he went to force his way inside. Gemma put her hands up against his chest.

“Now just hold on! Keep in mind what I said. If you go in there and…”

Chibs shoved her off to the side and stepped on in. Just as soon as he saw Trager on that bed his lip curled. Gemma rushed on in and blocked the way. She pointed to the bathroom.

“You got other matters to tend to and she’s right in there.”

The moment he entered the bathroom, his hand flew over the area of his heart. The Scot staggered back in downright shock.

“Ava…” He called as he hurried on over.

“Jaysus Christ, what happened ta ye?!”

He brought her up against him and was checking her over. The more he went on to examine her, the more ill he became.

“Come on, love. Wake up…”

“Dear god…” The Scot murmured as he stripped her down.

“Who did this?!” He called out as he was desperately trying to get her to come to.

Chibs reached over and started Ava a bath. Once he saw the back of her head he knew her reason for not responding and it scared the shit out of him.

“YE SHOULD’VE TAKEN HER TA THE HOSPITAL!” The Scot angrily shouted.

“Can’t… Who do you think did this in the first place? She’d be right back on their radar.”

Gemma peered into the bathroom and saw that Chibs was lifting Ava up off the floor. “Did one of ye give her somethin’?” He questioned as he stepped into the tub and lowered her in.

“Give her something?” Gemma questioned.

Tig sighed as he overheard this. He glanced towards the painkillers on the nightstand. He named off the narcotic and Chibs ground his teeth together.

“I need ice, lots of it!”

Gemma nodded and headed on out. Chibs took off his backpack and sat it on the floor. Then he took off his cut and tossed it onto the counter. He hated what he was about to do but he needed to shock Ava’s system. It was the only way of bringing her back. Keeping her awake afterward? That was going to be a bitch in itself. Before long Gemma returned with a trash bag filled with ice.

“Dump it all in.”

She poured the contents into the tub and Chibs used his boot to move the ice about. He let the tub fill as he did this. Once he was satisfied with the results he turned off the water. Gemma watched as he dunked Ava’s entire body beneath the surface. When she realized what he was about to do her jaw dropped.

“Jesus, are you…?”

He nodded but had this dreadful appearance about him.

“It’s the only way.’

“She could drown!”

“Aye… but if I don’t wake her she could slip into a coma and she’s as good as dead if that happens!”

Gemma gasped back as Ava’s body reacted. Her arms and legs jerked about.

“LET HER UP!” Gemma snapped in a panic.

“Not yet…” He uttered as he kept her down.

“Come on, mo ghaol. Please… Open those eyes now.”

Gemma looked to Chibs in surprise. The man was in literal sobs and his hands were unsteady.

“There we go.” He whispered as he brought Ava out of the water.

Chibs had Ava in his hold and he closed his eyes as he rocked her.

“I got you…”

Ava managed to catch her breath and gathered her surroundings. Once it finally dawned on her, she clung to Chibs for dear life and started to cry. Gemma gave a mere nod and stepped out, whilst pulling the door to behind her.

“I got you…” He repeated while wiping the tears off his face.

He lowered her back down knowing he had to be careful. There was no telling what injuries she had that he couldn’t see. He knew she was suffering from a concussion that was more than obvious. And she had some broken ribs as well. Like that of Tig, she took notice of her tongue and shook his head.

“Who did this ta ye, lass?”

“Lee Toric… the one that killed my father. He used to be a US marshal but he’s what’s known as a ‘SID’ agent now.”


“Supernatural Investigator and Destroyer.”

“You’re shite’n me…” Even he thought the name was bit much.

“Not even a little.”

Ava was shivering and her lips were turning a nice shade of blue. Chibs sighed and hopped back up. He grabbed a towel and got it prepared as he drained the water.

“I need ye ta stay awake. I mean it, Ava. So ye just keep talkin’ and keep those eyes of yers open.”

“But I’m tired…”

“I know ye are. But fallin’ asleep is the worst thing ye could do. Tig should’ve known better. If ye go ta sleep ye might not wake up again. We got lucky…”

Chibs picked her up and sat her on the counter. Then he dried her off.

“I need ta find ye a better hideout. We can’t stay here they’ll find ye. And it needs ta be somewhere ye can rest and get on the road ta recovery. It’s gonna take ye sometime.”

He wrapped the towel around her then put his forehead to hers.

“Once we find a place. I’m gonna head on back, gather the Sons then hunt these bastards down. When we’re done I’ll take ye back ta Forks.”


He nodded.

“If ye don’t want ta go back home then ye tell me where and I’ll get ye there. I’m keepin’ my word on helpin’ ye build that new life.”

“What are you saying?!”

“That I understand…” He took the ring from his pocket and placed into the palm of her hand.

He wrapped her hand around it and kissed her forhead.

“I love ye. I always will. I don’t blame ye fur wantin’ out. I should’ve been more forthcomin’ but more than anythin’, I shouldn’t have said what I said. It was in the heat of the moment and I wasn’t thinkin’. I didn’t mean it, lass. I hurt ye… And even now I can see it in yer eyes. Yer the best thing that’s ever happened ta me but I also know when ta let go.”

“You can’t be serious…”

This had the Scot looking to her in question.

“After everything… You’re dumping me?!”

The man got this puzzled look about him.

“Dumpin’ ye?!”

“That’s what it fucking sounds like!”

“Aye now… Yer the one that left yer ring on a picture of us! What was I supposed ta think?!”

“I was going to put it back on, AFTER I lotioned my hands. But shit went down and I didn’t get the chance.”

“So ye weren’t callin’ it quits?”

“No! You ignorant Scot.”

“Scots aren’t ignorant they’re belligerent!”

“That’s no lie…”

“Aye well the next time ye take off yer ring and go ta lotion up yer hands it had better be ta give me a hand job!”

Ava managed to laugh but with a wince.

“I can’t believe you thought I was breaking up with you. What the hell, Chibs?”

“Come now… The look on yer face said it all, Ava darlin’ and Jackie told me about the whole Cara Cara bit.”

She frowned on this and he nodded.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

Chibs let out a frustrated sigh.

“I was gonna. But I was waitin’ fur the right time.”

“Before or after we were married?!”

“I wouldn’t have married ye without ye knowin’.”

“Then why were you so hush hush about it?”

“Because I knew what ye’d think and that couldn’t be further from the truth. Porn pussy… is about like that of Crow Eater pussy. And since ye’ve been around I haven’t touched it.”

Ava’s entire face flushed over and he nodded.

“I knew it… ye were wonderin’, weren’t ye?”

Chibs cupped her chin.

“I got what I want and I’m not aboot ta piss it all away. Cara Cara is strictly business, at least fur me and that’s how it stays. Now that’s the last I’m gonna say on it. So it’s up ta ye on whether ta believe me or not. I can’t spell it out fur ye enough, Ava darlin’.”

“But do you…”

“Do I what?”

Ava had this embarrassed mien about her.

“It’s stupid, I know but…”

“Just say it. Ye might as well get it all out.”

“Do you watch…”

Chibs got this rather uncomfortable look about him. He rubbed the back of his neck but answered honestly.

“Aye, I have…”

Ava nodded and Chibs grimaced as her bottom lip quivered.

“It’s not what ye think… Hell, I’m more than willin’ ta bring ye along the next time I head that way. I’ve nothin’ ta hide. It’s business and at times we do observe ta see what the girls got goin’. But that’s as far as it goes. Now I might like what I see from time ta time but it’s nowhere near what ye do fur me. And if ye’d come along and watch a scene with me ye’d see what I’m talkin’ aboot. It’s sex… But I’m not the one havin’ it, unless it’s with ye.”

Ave nodded but was looking to the ground. Chibs felt like a dick when he truly thought about it. When it came to sexual experiences… He was all she had and all she would ever have (at least he hoped). Yet here he was… He’d lost count of the amount of pussy he had and he was admitting that he was done but watching the life action stuff. And it wasn’t like he could tell her he’d stop. If he became president (which he highly doubted now) it was his job to keep track of what was doing down in the porn industry. But he wasn’t about to lie and act as if it didn’t excite him from time to time. As to why he needed to share the experience with her. It was only fair. Some of the men could most certainly give Chibs a run for his money and he figured that’s what she needed; to get the full picture and realize that she was more than welcome to join him, anytime. He would never tell Ava she couldn’t tag along. If anything, the mere idea rather excited him. On the other hand, there was another side that feared her reaction.

“Look at me… please.”

Ava lifted her head and he caressed her cheek.

“This…” he tapped the ring with his index finger.

“It means somethin’ ta me. And it’s not somethin’ I take lightly. If I’m at Cara Cara, or at a rally, or on the road even…” He took her other hand and put it to the area of his heart.

“Yer right here. Now I won’t lie. I slept around when it came ta Fiona. But I’d my reasons and ye already know aboot that. But yer different and ye know it. If I wanted anythin’ else I wouldn’t have held on ta that fur as long as I did. I kept it around my neck and it stayed there as a constant reminder… knowin’ what I could’ve had but lost. Now here ye are… I never expected that second chance. So if ye just so happen ta walk down that aisle and agree ta takin’ my name I will do my dammest ta make certain ye never regret it.”

Ava looked to the ring in the palm of her hand.

“Do ye even want ta marry this piece of shite Scot?”


Chibs nodded with this look of defeat.

“You must be referring to another Scot because the one I’m engaged to is not a piece of shit. He might be a dick but I love him all the same.”

“Are ye sure aboot that?”

“HEY! None of that. Ye stay with me.” He said as her eyes were rolling back and her head was swaying a bit.

“I’m so tired…”

“I’ll get ye some coffee then, but ye ain’t closin’ them eyes. If ye do ye might not wake up again. Ye understand? Ye just keep talkin’…”

Chibs placed the ring back onto her finger then lowered her down.

“So what’s Trager doin’ here?” He questioned as he put on his glasses and was examining her ribcage.

He opened his medical bag and was digging through it, while Ava revealed what all had taken place. He listened to everything she had to say in silence. During this, he wrapped up her ribcage and tended to her other wounds. When she got to the part about Tig saving her – her words started to slur and she turned ghostly white on him. Chibs was quick to brace her against him and gave her a little shake.

“Ye remember what I said. Don’t ye close them eyes.”

She leaned over and puked in the sink. Chibs grimaced knowing that had to hurt like hell.

“Jaysus…” He murmured and held her hair back as she upchucked yet again.

She hadn’t anything in her system so by this point she was dry heaving. Ava let out this excruciating cry after and had her arms wrapped around her. Chibs ran a hand along her back wishing he knew what else to do. It was the concussion making her nauseas. He needed to lay her down but feared the outcome. He didn’t want her slipping into a coma. He wished he had a shot of adrenaline to give her, just a small enough dose to keep her awake. He put that on his mental list of things he needed. The Scot hadn’t a choice. He had to hit a hospital somewhere and get more supplies. He hadn’t anywhere near what Ava needed or Tig for that matter. Chibs grabbed some clothes he’d packed from his bag. He figured she’d need them. He got her dressed then led her out of the bathroom.

“Up.” He demanded as he kicked at the bed.

Tig rolled over and Chibs nodded upon him.

“She gets the bed. Ye have plenty of floor so take yer pick.”

Gemma raised her brows on this.

“Maybe we should get another room.”

“Fine by me.” Chibs uttered as he eyed Tig down.

Tig sighed as Gemma helped him up off the bed.

“He’s gonna need your assistance as well…” Gemma hinted as to his arm.

“I’ll get to it after I take care of Ava.”

“He’s in bad shape…”

“Aye and she’s in worse. Thanks ta him.”

“She’s alive because of him.”

“And just who do ye think got her in this mess ta begin with? Did he even give ye the full scoop or just the bits and pieces ye wanted ta hear?! And only a moron gives someone sufferin’ from a concussion painkillers. Ye damn near killed her! Why do ye think she wouldn’t wake up?! Now out, both of ye.”

If it wasn’t for him needing to keep an eye on Ava, Chibs would’ve beat the ever living shit out of Tig. Murdering Juice took her only source of protection and it grew worse from there. The agents took advantage of the situation HE set up, even if he hadn’t meant to. That’s what happened. He left her alone and they didn’t waste any time.


Gemma wasn’t used to being on the receiving end of Chibs’s fury. She knew he meant business as he pointed to the door and stared them down. Gemma was quick to grab her purse and escort Tig on out the door. Once they were out of the room, Chibs locked everything up. Chibs lay beside Ava but was on edge. He was merely waiting for those men to burst on into this room and take off with her, yet again. This wasn’t the best place to hide out. But he knew they hadn’t much choice. Ava needed to be somewhere stable and where he could properly care for her.

Chibs covered her up as she was still shaking from the icy cold dip he had her take.

“Keep those eyes open, lass…”

He hopped back up realizing he’d forgotten about the coffee. He got it started knowing they were in for a long night or what was technically morning now. He turned the TV on but darted back over as she was darting off. Ava jumped as he gave her a bit of a shake.

“Look, if ye can stay awake for another hour and haven’t any other symptoms. I’ll let ye knock out. But ye gotta prove yer alright first.”

Her stomach growled and he raised his brows.

“When’s the last time ye ate?”

Ava shrugged and Chibs looked to the time.

“It’d help if ye could eat and keep it down. Why don’t I order somethin’ and have it delivered?”

“I want a big wedding…” Ava randomly stated.

This had Chibs rearing back in total surprise.

“Ye do?”

Ava nodded but looked to be in thought.

“MC family only, including that of other chapters, in fact the more the merrier.”

Chibs sat up and tilted his head. He knew she was going somewhere with this but wasn’t quite sure where.

“With a few stipulations of course…”

“That bein’?”

“I want all the guys to wear their cuts but under their suits.”


“Yes and I want everyone loaded and ready to go.”

“Are ye plannin’ a war or a weddin’?”

Both… You remember when you said you used me as bait?”


“Well why not use our wedding as such? Toric would love nothing more than to crash our perfect day.”

Chibs raised his brows. He couldn’t help but to be somewhat impressed. Though he wasn’t sure how it would work but if he added his own spin on things… he thought it worth a shot. He got what she was going for and thought it rather ingenious. It wasn’t exactly what he wanted for their wedding but why not? He’d grown just as desperate to rid of these assholes.

“Hmmm… So ye wanna speed things up as well?”

Ava smiled.

“The sooner the better.”

“Aye… Let’s get ye healed up first then we can go aboot this godfather weddin’.”



“I was expecting another argument.”

Chibs couldn’t help but to chuckle.

“Nah, I think we’re in agreement when it comes ta these bastards. It’s time ta put an end ta it. And as fur the arguin’ let’s just focus that energy elsewhere. Besides, if ye really think on it… Our arguments tend ta be about protectin’ one another. It’s somewhat refreshin’ considerin’ both our histories.”

“Couldn’t agree more.”

Chibs rolled on out of the bed and grabbed his gun as there was a knock at the door.

“Yeah?” He called out.

Housekeeping, do you need anything?”

Chibs looked around the room.

“We could use some towels. Ye mind leavin’ them at the door I’m not dressed yet.” He rolled his eyes as he said this but he didn’t trust anyone at this point. And he wasn’t about to let anyone into this room. Not until he cleaned up the blood and various other things about the room.

“Anything else?

“Nah… thanks!”

He listened as the housekeeper walked away. He opened the door and was quick to snag the towels. He locked up directly after.

“Ye alright?” He called as Ava sat up in the bed looking lost.

She nodded as she gathered her surroundings.

“I have to pee…” She uttered in misery and was glancing towards the bathroom.

Chibs nodded and darted on over. He helped Ava off the bed and to her feet.

“Take yer time…” He said as she whimpered out off and on.

“I’ll piss myself if I do.”

Chibs chuckled on this.

“Well I can deal with that it’s hurtin’ yerself I got a problem with.”

He led her into the bathroom, pulled her shorts and panties down then sat her on the toilet. Ava let out this sigh of relief and Chibs raised his brows.

“Not even married and I done seen ye pee.”

“Does it excite you?” She taunted with a touch of embarrassment.

He made an inch mark with his fingers and cut her a wink.

“I knew it… You freak.”

He smiled and helped Ava back to her feet. He reached over and flushed the toilet then helped her to the sink. Chibs held her hair back as she washed up.

“Could really use a toothbrush about now.”

“Once we figure out what we’re gonna do I’ll make a pit stop somewhere and get whatever we need. We gotta leave soon though darlin’ or they’re gonna bust that damn door down and finish the job.”

“They don’t want me dead. That’s not to say they won’t kill you, Tig, or Gemma in order to get to me. They want me to give up other supernaturals and their locations.”

“So they want ye ta rat?”


“I had ta damn near stalk yer arse before findin’ out aboot the Cullens and everythin’ else. And the only reason I went that far was because I knew ye was hidin’ somethin’ and feared ye were in some sort of trouble. They’re barkin’ up the wrong tree if they think yer gonna pull some shite like that. I know ye. Ye wouldn’t rat on yer friends.”

“Not sure I can call them that anymore. But you’re right. I wouldn’t.”

“All the more reason ye belong ta this club just as much as any of us. Now I’ll admit ta havin’ second thoughts when I thought ye broke it off. You’re young and ye have yer whole life ahead of ye. Now when I say that I mean I don’t want ye ta end up resentin’ me one day. Everything is a choice, Ava. Just do yer best ta keep that in mind. Puttin ye through all this shite and I’m talkin’ aboot the club in general. This… What we’re doin’… Can become a bit of the norm from time ta time, at least until we get this shite cleaned up. Is that somethin’ yer truly prepared fur?”

“I might be young but I’ve been running since I was 16. And I haven’t stopped since. So why stop now?”

He nodded and looked to be in thought.

“Besides you already put the ring back on. There’s no backing out.”

“I wasn’t gonna. I done told ye. Ye’d have ta be the one ta end it. I can’t. Not this time.”

“Then you’re shit out of luck.”

He smiled and kissed along her shoulder.

“We better shower and get ready ta hit the road.”

“What about Tig?”

“What aboot him?”

“I got the slug out but that’s about it.”

“He’ll be fine…”

“Chibs, I hadn’t the chance to disinfect the area or anything.”

He drew back a breath on this.

“I’ll take care of it after we figure out where we’re goin’. Tig is the least of my concern at the moment. Yer what matters. He can tough it out and wait till I’m good and ready.”

Chibs went on to strip her down and Ava gathered this rather guilty presence.

“What are ye thinkin’ aboot now, mo ghaol?”

“He shot you… And you nearly died. Then he killed Juice, claiming he’s a traitor and kidnapped me.”

Chibs narrowed his eyes wondering where she was going with this.

“Part of me wants to torture and kill him the other feels…”



He nodded in perfect understanding.

“That’s what the brotherhood feels like from time ta time. It’s a love/hate relationship and each of us have skeletons in our closets, some more than others. As for Trager… He’s got a long road ahead of him; if he even lives ta see it.”

“Are you going to kill him?”

“I want ta, Ava. If I don’t I won’t leave him whole. I just don’t have it in me ta show the bastard mercy.”

“He told me you two go back…”

“Aye… we do. But even history can’t make up fur what he’s done.”

“I’m sorry…”


“That he hurt you like that.”

Chibs tilted his head and caressed her cheek.

“Its hurtin’ ye that ruined the brotherhood Trager and I once had. It’s not somethin’ I’m willin’ ta turn my back ta and forgive. And killin’ Juice… He’d better have proof of his betrayal. If not it’ll become an MC matter and even I can’t save him.”

The Scot undid the wrap around her chest then helped Ava into the shower and got the water prepared. Once it was at the desired temp, he aimed it her direction but recoiled as just the pressure alone had her wincing back in pain.

“Sorry…” He uttered whilst shaking his head.

That entire area was black and blue now. The knots had gone down but only a little. He kept in mind to ice them down later on. The Scot stepped into the shower and checked her mouth. He was relieved to see that her tongue was healing just fine. But her face looked like that of her ribcage. The more damage he saw, the wickeder his plans for Agent Toric became. The man had made Ava’s life absolute hell and Chibs was more than willing to return the favor. Ava wrapped her arms around him and was hugging him. Chibs kissed the top of her head and held her in return.

“Let’s go…” Chibs demanded after knocking on Tig and Gemma’s motel door.

Tig nodded and glanced towards Ava.

“How you feeling?”

Gemma gasped out as Chibs decked him across the face.

“Don’t ye talk ta her unless she talks ta ye first! Yer not ta come near my girl again. In fact if I so much as see ya lookin’ her way, I’ll fuck ye up. Now yer gonna get on that bike and ye and Gemma are gonna follow me. We’ll discuss what we’re gonna do from there. And don’t ye even think aboot jumpin’ ship. I’ll hunt ye down, cut yer dick off then feed it ta ye.”

Tig rubbed the side of his face but nodded in agreement.

“Got a bit of a prob though.”

“Ye got a lot of those… So take yer pick, ye greasy bastard!”

“Arm’s a little stiff. Not so sure I can ride.”

Chibs rolled his eyes and half laughed.

“Well ye better figure it out. Cause Ava’s riddin’ with Gem and yer not aboot ta be anywhere near her. I can’t have her riddin’ and that includes bitch seat. She’s in too bad of shape, thanks ta ye!”

Tig looked towards his bike and shook his head.

“Now get on with it… We gotta get out of here. Oh and yer payin’ fur the rooms.”

Tig reared back as Chibs walked away and was heading towards Ava. He escorted her to Gemma’s car. Gemma darted on over and unlocked the door for them. Chibs helped Ava inside and even went as far as to put her seatbelt on. He knew any wrong movement could really do her in. So he took extra precaution. Once he got her situated, he kissed her then shut the door.

“Keep close and follow…”

On the way to Chibs’s destination, Ava let out this alarming gasp and was looking out the window. Gemma narrowed her eyes in question and glanced over. Toric and his men were about to knock on the door of a room at another hotel. Ava had a hand over her heart and was looking to Gemma with fear in her eyes.

“Step on it and I’ll flag them down.”

Gemma nodded and pulled on ahead. Chibs reared back but saw Ava pointing towards a nearby park. He nodded and they pulled into the area. Chibs pulled up beside them and Ava rolled her window down.

“The hotel we just passed…”

Chibs nodded.

“I just saw Toric and at least five other agents knocking on one of the doors…”

Chibs looked to Tig and Tig nodded.

“I had it covered…” Meaning Tig had set up another hotel and room in Ava’s name.

“But we might wanna haul ass now.”

The Scot drew back a breath.

“Actually why don’t you follow me?” Gemma said and Chibs regarded her in question.

“Trust me. I know just the place, one they’d never think to look.”

“Alright. Let’s get to it.”

Chibs looked to Ava with concern but he couldn’t really react knowing they had to haul ass out of there. He gave her a simple nod and she nodded in return. They followed Gemma on out of the parking lot. After a good ten minutes out Gemma reached into her purse and retrieved a joint. She popped it into her mouth and Ava looked to the woman in disbelief.

“You’re not going to do that while driving, are you?!”

“Oh it’s not for me, sweetheart. You’re making ME nervous. Relax.”

Once she got the joint started she handed it over.

“Nice and slow…”

Gemma cracked the window open and Ava took a drag.

“Good girl. If they had seen us they’d have caught up with us by now. We’re doing about 85. No one’s catching up to us.”

Ava nodded but her hands were shaking. Gemma reached over and patted her on the leg.

“That Scot of yours has been pushed past his limits. No one’s touching you.”

“It’s not me I’m worried about…”

A couple hours later…

“Think it’s safe to pull over now?”

Gemma looked towards the convenient store Ava was eyeing.

“I’m sure we’re fine. I need to gas up anyhow and I’m sure the boys do as well.”

After she parked, Ava unfastened her seatbelt and had her hand along the handle.

“Hold up.” Gemma called and hopped on out.

She darted on over and opened the door. She helped Ava out and ushered her inside. Ava went on to grab a bag of chips, beef jerky, a candy bar, and another bag of chips. Gemma raised her brows on this.

“How’s the Scot feel about you being high?” She whispered as if it just dawned on her.

Gemma looked over seeing as how the boys were making their way inside.

“Shit…” She said and reached over knocking all of the items out of Ava’s arms.

“What the hell?”

“I’m already on his bad side, for whatever reason.”

“Wanna be on mine?” Ava threatened as she went on to replace whatever Gemma knocked down.

Chibs lowered his shades and merely observed as Ava continued in grabbing stuff. Ava placed everything on the counter and went on to get her a large soda as well. She looked to Chibs and pointed to the deli.

“Ohhh, we should get sandwiches too!”

“Whatever ye want, darlin’.”

“Are you sure?”


At this point, he didn’t care if she purchased everything in the store. He was merely thankful she was still alive. He chuckled as she pointed out a carton of cigarettes. He kind of wished he hadn’t got her on those things. But the way he saw it? Death was at every corner. The chances of dying from lung cancer were a little slimmer in comparison to what they were dealing with. Once she got everything squared away, he headed on over and paid. It was then he got a good whiff of her and understood her odd behavior. He thought back to that day at the house and shook his head.

“Yer high…” He whispered as he leaned into her ear.

Ava chewed on that bottom lip of hers and shrugged.

“I feel pretty good.”

“I bet ye do… But ye should’ve eaten first. Ye haven’t eaten in what, three days now? We never got around ta orderin’ out last night.”

The sound of her empty stomach was answer enough.

“Ye had better take it easy and not rush through that…” He said motioning towards everything he’d bought.

“Ye’ll make yerself sick and yer concussed as it is…”

“Aye, Aye…”

“I’d pop yer arse if ye weren’t in such bad shape.”

Ava pivoted around… “I’m great in great shape!” She witted and grabbed ahold of him. Chibs was quick to respond.

“Hey!” He called out gathering Gemma and Tig’s attention.

When they looked over Chibs had Ava in his arms and was heading on out the door.

“Can ye get this?” He motioned towards the bags and Gemma nodded.

Chibs opened the passenger side door and placed Ava inside.

“Sorry…” She murmured looking like hell.

The Scot shook his head and was checking her over.

“Ye’ve nothin’ ta be sorry fur. We’ll get some food in ye…”

Gemma handed Ava’s soda over and he placed the straw into Ava’s mouth.

“Take ye a good swig…”

“Good girl.” He said as she downed half the cup.


“A little…”

He nodded and felt her forehead.

“Can I eat now?” She said in a weakened, yet childlike state.

Chibs sort of smiled and Gemma handed the bags over.

“Ta yer heart’s content. Just remember ta take it slow.”

“Aren’t you going to eat something?”

“Later. We gotta keep movin’.”

Ava frowned on this and he kissed her cheek.

“None of that now. I’ll be fine, lass.”

He shut the door and they hit the road yet again.

“Oh shit!” Gemma hollered waking Ava from a dead sleep.

The young woman let out a gasp once she saw what Gemma was referring to. Gemma pulled over and Chibs was already off his bike and rushing over. Tig had crashed his bike and was lying in the middle of the road. Chibs lifted the bike off of Tig and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt. He jerked him up off the ground and was rough as he checked him over. When he saw that he was okay he gave him a slap and shoved him towards the car.

“Ye just had ta go and have yerself a wreck. Jaysus!”

“I told you I couldn’t ride!”

“And I told ye, ye had better find a way. I don’t have the time or the patience ta babysit yer sorry arse. I got bigger issues ta worry aboot!”

“Then leave my sorry ass and go on without me.”

“Nah, yer not gettin’ out of this that easily. You and I have unfinished business.”

Chibs dragged Tig towards the back of the car. He knocked on the trunk and Gemma grimaced, taking the hint.

“Oh come on… really?” Tig uttered as Chibs gestured for him to climb on in.

When he wouldn’t, Chibs shoved him inside and slammed it shut after. Chibs signaled for the women to hold on as he rid of Tig’s bike. Ava and Gemma’s jaws dropped as he dumped it into a nearby lake. He waited until it sank to the bottom. He dusted his hands off afterward and headed on back.

“Remind me to never get on his bad side…” Gemma said with a look of horror.

Ava smiled and shook her head.


After a few more hours Gemma turned onto an FM road. Five miles in, she turned and was heading towards a cattle guard. Ava regarded Gemma in wonder. Gemma sent her a wink and stopped the car then put it in park. Then she hopped out and went and opened the gate. She climbed back in and drove on through.

“Where are we?”

“My old man’s place.”

“You grew up on a farm?!”

“Is it that surprising?”


Gemma smiled and shook her head.

“Well at least you’re honest.”

“So what are we doing here exactly?”

“We’re going to hide you here… For now.”

Ava shook her head on this.

“Um no. You should’ve told me!”

“I’m not giving you much choice and neither will that Scot of yours.”

“Look at me!”

Gemma glanced her direction.

“Is this what you want for your family?! I can’t put them at risk like that! I’d be better off back at the clubhouse! At least the guys can protect themselves.”

Gemma sighed as Ava hopped on out of the car.

“So dramatic…” the older woman muttered as she got out as well.

Ava was hunched over and with her arms wrapped around her. Chibs parked his bike and hurried over.

“Why didn’t ye wait for someone ta help ye?!” He scolded.

“We have to go back. We can’t stay here.”

“And why not?”

“Because this is Gemma’s family.”

“I’m the one that brought you here. So don’t you think that should be my decision? Besides, there’s not a chance in hell of those agents finding you here. This is pretty much off the radar. Trust me. I’ve used this place myself when in desperate times. Oh and for your information you are my family. Anyone MC related is. So suck it up, sweetheart. And get that pretty little head over here so I can introduce you.”

“You need your eyes checked. I look like I did a couple rounds with Ronda Rousey.”

Chibs shook his head on this.

“Ye just shut that gob of yers. Yer still a fuckin’ knock out and ye know it.”

“You’re obsessed with my ass of course you think I’m still a knock out. There’s nothing wrong with it!”

“…yeah…” Chibs teased with a smirk.

“He’s got a point there…” Gemma said giving Ava’s ass the once over.

“Fuckin’ pervs…” Ava muttered and headed towards the house.

Chibs walked on over and let Tig out of the trunk. Tig was covered in sweat and he stumbled about the area. Chibs had him by the collar and he brought him up against him.

“Ye had better do whatever I tell ye. Don’t ye even think about questionin’ me and ye had better stay where I can see ye. I suspect anythin’ and yer as good as dead. Got me?”

“Yeah, loud and clear…” Tig said behind misery.

Chibs curled his lip on this and he leaned into his ear.

“Ye brought this shite on yerself and ye know it. Ye killed Juice claiming he betrayed the club. Yet you and Clay did as well… So what does that tell ye?”

Tig sighed and Chibs nodded.

“That’s right. Yer arse belongs ta me. Ye liked playin’ the bitch, well congrats yer now mine.”

(Be a good sport by leaving your comment/review. Thank you! I went ahead and posted this but am working on the Erik/Bella chapters I talked about. I will be working on a chapter to my Harry Potter story next then come back to chapter 10 of The Highlander.)

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  1. I’m glad Chibs is finally with them, I just hope things go well…great update as always hon. I can’t wait to read more…thanks, huggs.

  2. Loved, the chapter. You have a way of leaving me wanting more, every time. I can’t wait to see what happens with Tig and with the SIP agents. Plus, I want to know where you’re going with Jax.

  3. Haha Chibs has got a bitch. Ya know I almost feel bad for Tig. I always felt kind of bad for him. He may be a psychopath but he was played hard by those that should have cared for him. I do hope Chibs find it somewhere in his heart to eventually forgive him. Wouldn’t expect him to it first of course but maybe eventually one day. Oh and the wedding idea is brilliant LOL can’t wait to see that in effect. Another brilliant update!

  4. Ha Ha I am back you know you missed me as much as I missed you. Finally got a little time to sit back and collect my thoughts. So sorry that it has been such a long time and I will enjoy making you laugh as I add my weirdo thoughts on each chapter. I still love my birthday gifts each and every chapter has been AMAZING!!! Okay so we are on Chapter 9 A Crow and His Swan….hummm who to have sit with me. CHIBS!! Get in here! The door opens and the tall dark haired Scot is shoved into the room. “What the hell?” he asked. “Aye, Lass you are back. Harley has been missing your lovely little comments.” I snort “I am sure she has…well come on I need to surprise her! Can you read the chapter to me again like in the old days?” “Of course lass,” he then picks up the ipad and after placing his reading glasses on he hears a sigh and a mumbled *damn reading glasses* Ava is in a motel with Tig oh Lord. Oh yeah she was hurt and so was Tig. I remember now. Better not kill her off Tig then we would have a nuclear Scotman. You know the level passed Angry Scot. I don’t know if I would trust pills from Tig. Gross! Tig out of the bathroom. Jesus! Don’t worry Ava if Tig sneaked and married you Chibs would make you a widow QUICK! CHIBS! What the hell are you doing. Passed out drunk…oh this will not end well. Jax clean him up. Oh yeah he thinks Ava is done, Juice is dead and he hid it from Jax so he could find his girl. Jax help Chibs get his head on right. *I move to start smacking the Scot who was reading to me. You damn idiot why…smack…would…smack…you…smack… ever…smack… think…smackl….smack! UGH men they are soooo stupid Get back to reading to me * Jax can you smack some sense back into our lovely scot there? Gemma was who you called are you insane…wait it’s Tig of course he’s insane. TARA??? TIG lay off the drugs! You know Gemma always wanted the Tig psycho. More secrets…ugh… this will not end well. The vote is today ahhh man how is he going to decide what to do. No show for Church that won’t go over well. Chibs is still gonna kill you Tig sorry but we all know it is true. * sigh I want my soul mate…someone get to work on that for me * SAMCRO meeting damn it Chibs didn’t show. Club is going to blame him. Dammit! Oh crap Ice bath I’ve had those they SUCK! It’s awful. Doctor Chibs is in the house. We would all like his bedside manner. HA HA I told you Chibs! Ava is going to beat you as soon as she can move. Insecure old man. * shivers still at all the sharing of girls those boys do * Swoons at the demanding Scot I’ll take your name. Ava if it wasn’t for bad luck you wouldn’t know what luck was. Toric needs killed. Someone add that to The LIST! Save Tragger what on earth are we doing that for. Gemma doping everyone up just like normal. I am sure that Chibs would think it was funny that she was high. Geeze Tig I am even starting to feel sorry for you. Bike wrecked too. Ava’s bad luck is rubbing off on you. Going to Gemma’s Dad’s house oh geeze this should be interesting. SAMCRO will make you family Ava do I need to beat that into your brain. Tig killed Juice. Oh it’s going to go down. NOOO that can’t be the end. LOL…I hope you enjoyed my craziness. Love it! I am feeling a little creative again. Maybe I will go create something pretty tonight at home. *must get back to working now*

    1. YOU’RE BACK! LOL and yes, I loved every single word. You must have ESP or something because I was feeling all down and I saw this and it totally made my day. Thank you. I needed the laugh and it certainly brightened my spirits. This house search ordeal is kicking my ass. But it made my day better knowing you’re still enjoying your prezzies.

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