Chapter 24 Jax Unleashed

Chapter 24

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Jax new look

Jax rolled over but with a wince as he looked to the time. It was 3 am and his back was killing him, but there was something else hitting him as well. And it was heavy… He narrowed his eyes and regarded to his wife in thought. He breathed in the air around her and thickly swallowed. Whatever it was… it was coming from her. It was her usual scent only it was somehow was heightened. The man buried his nose into the crevice of her neck. He closed his eyes with that heady feeling.

“…fuck…” he whispered as he was rocking a hard on from hell.

“Jax?” she tiredly called out.

He kissed along her shoulder blade and up along her neck. The man reached around and groped one of her breasts.

“I wanna fuck you so bad it’s unreal.”

She smiled and rolled onto her back. But her jaw dropped as his eyes were actually glowing and with golden hue to them.


She wasn’t sure if she was seeing things or dreaming. She hadn’t much time to react as Jax threw the covers off them. A literal growl escaped him as he spread her legs and buried his nose into her pussy. His eyes closed for a brief moment as the scent of her arousal hit him. He licked his lips and his mouth began to water. A small gasp fled from her lips as he took his tongue to her slit. Once he started the man found it hard to stop. He bathed that pussy with his tongue and truly felt as if he couldn’t get enough. “Oh god, Jax!” She called out as she grabbed a fistful of his hair and was practically humping his face. That only drove him past the brink of lust and into full on animalistic mode. He rose and positioned her onto all fours. She raised her brows in surprise as he gave her a firm pop on the rear then drove his entire length in. “FUUUUUCK!” He growled out in such a way that her tingling all over. He was thrusting so hard she had to put her hand up against the headboard in order to stop it from denting the wall in. His eyes rolled back as the more she came the more her scent seemed to slap him right in the face. He gritted his teeth as he came but he wasn’t done. The outlaw shook his head as he couldn’t seem to stop.

“What the fuck are you doing to me, baby?” He asked as he was covered in sweat. He should be completely drained by now. But he felt as if he was on fire and all he wanted to do was keep fucking. When he felt that build up hit again he pulled out. He gave a couple of strokes and came so hard he hit the headboard and her pillow.

He looked to the time and realized that he’d been fucking her for nearly two hours.


She rolled over with a giggle.

“I’m not sure what came over you, but hell, feel free to wake me like that anytime.”

He chuckled and ran his fingers through his hair. Jax cleaned up his mess, and then grabbed a cigarette off the nightstand. His wife got up to go to the bathroom but could barely walk. He laughed taking notice.

“Need some help?”

“I’m good. Might have to invest in a walker or wheelchair if we keep going like that, but hell, I’m certainly up for the challenge!”

Once the bathroom door shut he curiously leaned over and breathed her side of the bed in again.

“What the fuck?” He murmured and looked down seeing he was aroused all over again.

He sort of laughed and shook his head. Here he was in agonizing pain. Yet all he could think about was turning his wife into a little sex slave. He wanted her cuffed to that bed where he could have his way with her. The minute she came out of the bathroom he motioned her over. He had her straddling him as he regarded her in admiration. “Do you have any idea how sexy you are?” he asked as he finished his cigarette. She smiled as he ran a hand along her ass. They froze however as they heard something hit against the front of the house, with a thud like sound. Jax quickly rolled her onto the bed.

“Stay put…” He ordered as he slipped into his boxers and grabbed his gun.

She nodded and reached for her robe and cellphone.

“It’s Tig!” She heard him holler once he stepped outside.

Angel threw her robe on and darted outside. She gasped out as Jax was dragging him into the house. The man was beat all to hell.

“TIG!” She cried as he was covered in blood.

As soon as Jax got him inside he locked everything up.

“Jesus!” Angel said after ripping what was left of his shirt open. She clamped a hand over her mouth as he had the word traitor engraved into his chest.

“FUCK!” Jax hollered as he dropped to his knees.

“Tig…” he called out as he propped his head up.

Angel came to her feet and rushed into the bathroom. She was grabbing whatever she could think of.


“Shit…” Jax muttered under his breath.

He did his best to shield Abel from seeing Tig. Abel rubbed his eyes and regarded his father with concern.

“Ma-mee sad?” he questioned as she made her way back.

She quickly wiped her face with the back of her hand and forced a smile.

“I’m okay, baby. Go back to bed, I’ll be right there.”

Abel nodded but looked to his father.


“Do as you’re told Abel, back to bed.”

He nodded and headed to his room. Jax pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Go on. I got this…”

She nodded and handed over a first aid kit and a couple of towels. The minute she got Abel out of the room, Jax picked Tig up off the floor and carried him into the bathroom. He placed him into the bathtub and turned the water on ice cold. Tig shot up with a gasp. Jax let out a breath of relief. Tig’s eyes were wild and he looked as though a frightful child. “Jax?” He nodded and Tig lost all composure. Jax swallowed back and grabbed ahold of him. “I gotcha…” The man cried into Jax’s shoulder. Jax nodded upon his wife as she peeked into the bathroom. “Tig?” She softly called out as she sat on the edge of the tub. Tig dropped his hold on Jax, looking slightly embarrassed. She shook her head and reached out taking his hand. “What happened?”

“Fuck if I know… I had a few drinks at the bar. I stepped out and was about to get on my bike and head home. Someone knocked me the fuck out. Next thing I know I wake up in some van. These guys were all decked out in black they didn’t say a word. They beat the living shit out of me carved this into my fucking chest and threw my ass out of the van.”

“Jesus…” Jax murmured.

“How’d you get here?”

“I crawled for about three or four blocks.”

“Tig…” Angel replied gravely.

“How’d you know about the house?” Jax asked rather unpleasantly.

Tig sighed with a somewhat guilty demeanor about him.

“I’ve been keeping an eye on things since I found out about Kozik.”

“So you were spying on us?” Jax questioned with accusation.

“Come on Jax. I’ve seen the old house… I had to make certain you guys were going to be okay. That’s all it was.”

Angel hadn’t realized her robe had come undone and her breasts were exposed. Jax narrowed his eyes as he followed Tig’s gaze. This deep guttural growl escaped him and Tig was quick to gasp out as Jax had him up against the shower wall. “Jax!” Angel shouted in a panic as he had Tig in a death grip and was choking him. Tig’s eyes widened as he swore Jax’s eyes turned gold for a fleeting second. “Jax…” She whispered and put a hand along his shoulder. “Please, just stop it!” Jax blinked a couple of times as if trying to shake whatever it was off. “Are you alright?” Angel questioned with concern. She felt his forehead as he was sweating profusely. Jax dropped his hold and looked to his hands.

“Jesus. Jax you’re burning up!” she hurriedly grabbed a wash cloth and wet it down in the sink.

She put the washcloth to his forehead and he turned ghostly white on her.

“JAX!” she shouted as his eyes rolled back and his head hit the wall behind him.

Tig rushed out of the tub and crawled towards Jax as Angel was doing her best to get him to come to. Between Tig being injured and her being pregnant they couldn’t lift him.

“Shit…” she muttered and handed Tig the washcloth.

“Keep him cool.”

He nodded and she rushed out of the room. Angel grabbed her cellphone.

“Come on… pick up…” she pleaded as she was calling Chibs and it went to voicemail the first time.

She hung up and tried again.

“Hey…” he answered with a touch of concern.

“Chibs…” she said with a quivery voice.

“What is it, lass?”

“It’s Jax… something’s wrong. Please just get over here ASAP!”

She hung up directly after and heard Tig holler “shit!”

Angel dashed back into the bathroom. Tig was doing his best to hold Jax down as he seemed to be having some sort of seizure.

“NO!” she shouted and grabbed the removable shower hose from the tub.

She cut the water on and started spraying her husband’s entire body down. Not caring about the mess it was making.

“Jax! Please baby, wake up!”

Tig swallowed back as she was in full blown panic and crying uncontrollably.


They both turned back with wide-eyed expressions. Abel’s bottom lip quivered as he took in the scene before him.

“Tig, please get him out of here.”

He nodded and hurried over to the boy. Abel reached out to his father as Tig picked him up.

“Da-dee!” Abel cried as Tig took him back to his room.

“Jax, don’t you do this to me!”

Angel could hear Abel crying for his father. Tig was doing his damnest to calm the boy down. Jax was still convulsing. The area around her spun as she truly felt like she entered the gates of hell. She darted out of the room and headed into the kitchen. She grabbed every ice tray they owned. When she returned she emptied each of them onto his body. His hands balled up into fists and his back arched of the ground. Jax’s eyes shot open for just a split second. He sucked back a deep breath and passed back out. She reached over, checking for a pulse “…no…” she muttered as her worst nightmare was coming to life. “DON’T YOU FUCKING DO THIS TO ME JAX! I SWEAR TO GOD!” She yelled as she pumped at his chest and started CPR.

Chibs entered the bathroom and his heart hit the pit of his stomach.

“HELP ME! PLEASE!” Angel cried on top of her lungs.

He nodded and rushed on in. Chibs took over not sure what else to do.

“Come on now, Jackie boy.”

Angel took her husband’s hand and gave it a squeeze. Chibs shook his head as a solid two minutes passed by and nothing. He looked to Angel in defeat.


Chibs drew back a doubtful breath as he gave a few more pumps but knew it was no use. After he stopped, Angel gritted her teeth and crawled towards Jax and started again.

“There be nothin’ we can do now.” He said as he grabbed ahold of her was pulling her back.


Chibs closed his eyes trying to keep it together himself as he held her back.


She struggled in his hold, reaching to Jax as he dragged her out of the room. Tig came out of the bedroom with Abel in his hold. Chibs shook his head upon him gravely. Tig staggered back holding Abel closer to him. “No… No man… that ain’t right… Not him. Not Jackson.” Tig muttered in shock.

Chibs got a better hold on Angel as she screamed out and was having a complete meltdown. Abel buried his face into Tig’s shoulder and was calling to his daddy as he continued to sob. Tig kissed the top of the boy’s head and was doing his best to console him. Chibs and Tig regarded one another lost on what to do. The Irish man said nothing on it as he adjusted the young woman’s robe and tied it back together. But he cupped her chin in wonder as her eyes were fixated on something else and she looked as if she were seeing a ghost. He turned the direction of her gaze and saw Jax entering the room in a drunken like manner. His face was snowy white but the rest of him was beet red. He had this puzzled look on his face as he looked to everyone in the room. Jax tilted his head upon his wife. “Angel?” he mumbled as he came to a crawl. She pried out of Chibs hold and rushed over. The young woman dropped to her knees and grabbed ahold of her husband. “Jax…” She called out behind tears as she managed to bring him up to her level. His body swayed back and forth. And his eyes were batting something fierce.

“What’s happening to me?” He questioned with fear laced within his voice. Angel braced herself as his body gave out. She wrapped her arms around him and brought him against her chest. She kissed the top of his head and wouldn’t drop her hold for anything.

Chibs nodded towards Tig. A couple hours had passed and Angel was lying beside her husband on the living room floor. She was running her fingers through his hair. Abel had fallen asleep in Tig’s arms.

“The others will be at the shop soon. I better head that way and give them the heads up on what’s going on, even if I’m not quite sure myself.”

Tig nodded and looked to be in thought.

“What are ye doing here anyhow?”

“Long story…”

“I suppose ye can tell me when I get back then.”

The man looked to Abel and back to Chibs.

“How is she?” Tig hinted.

Chibs smiled as he was about to head out.

“She’s good. Fiona’s planning her sweet 16.”

Tig had this sad expression about him but said nothing as Chibs left.

Jax narrowed his eyes as he came to. He saw that his old lady had fallen asleep beside him and was holding his hand. He looked over seeing as how Tig and Abel had fallen asleep on the couch. The bewildered man felt as though he were having the worst hangover ever. His entire body ached all to hell, his head was pounding, and he felt as if he hadn’t eaten in days. His stomach growled and he grunted out as he rolled onto his back. He gently moved his hand out from underneath Angel’s. Jax tilted his head about as he was picking up bits and pieces of last night. It hit him like flashes here and there. Chills ran down the man’s spine as he remembered Angel screaming and Abel crying. He had tried his damnest to come to but couldn’t. The fight to come back was great but his body just wouldn’t allow it no matter how much he fought against it. On this thought, he reached out and brushed his wife’s hair back. “Hey…” he called out feeling somewhat emotional. Her eyes opened and she instantly shot up.

“Easy now, babe…”


He nodded and she wrapped her arms around him.

“Sorry…” She whispered, easing up a bit as he let out a painful groan.

“Shhhh…” he hugged her in return as she cried into his shoulder.

“I thought we lost you.”

He sort of laughed and shook his head

“Just took a bit of a nap, darlin’.

He came to his feet and helped Angel to hers.


They turned towards the couch. Jax nodded upon his son. Abel crawled out of Tig’s lap and took off running, reaching to his father once he got there. Jax scooped him up but his wife noticed that painful twinge in his eyes as he did. She walked around and shook her head, seeing as how some of the stitches had snapped. She carefully ran her fingers long the areas. “You need to get these redone.”

“I’m fine.” He said and kissed Abel’s forehead.

“Da-dee hurt?”

“All good little man, daddy just needed a nap. He was very tired. I didn’t mean to scare you or mommy.”

Abel nodded and hugged him.

Jax swallowed back as his wife pinched her eyes shut and quickly exited the room.

“You’re not going to try and kill me again are you?” he heard Tig mutter.

Jax raised his brows on this.

“That depends… you going to keep eye fucking my wife?”

Tig pulled a certain face on this. Thinking something along the lines of can I just flat out fuck her instead?

“Come on Jax, they were right there…” he said as if in suffering.

“Doesn’t matter… I told you from the very beginning she isn’t pussy. So if I see you pulling that shit again, I’ll fucking neuter your sorry ass.”

“Shit…” Tig muttered under his breath once Jax left the room.

“I’m so dead…” He added knowing there was no way in hell he could quit ‘eye-fucking’ Jax’s old lady, just no way in fucking hell.

Angel locked the bathroom door behind her and slid down against the wall. She pulled her knees up against her chest and was rocking back and forth. She gasped back feeling like a fish out of water and no matter what she did she couldn’t catch her breath. The image of her husband’s pale complexion, the way he was convulsing, and how he DIED even if briefly, her husband fucking DIED! That was no nap as he put it! Angel crawled towards the toilet and upchucked. She found herself hugging the toilet and sobbing all over again. And she was pissed with herself in the sense of knowing Jax and Abel needed her. Yet here she was puking her guts out and couldn’t get her act together. She needed to be taking care of her family. It was times like this she wished she were more like Gemma. How do you put on a brave front and push everything aside when shit like this goes down?

“Da-dee?” Abel called out as Jax staggered back reaching to his temples.

He’d just got through changing his son, when it hit full throttle. Not only was he picking up his wife’s panic attack in the bathroom, but every little sound throughout the house. “I’m alright…” he did his best to reassure as Abel looked like he’d start bawling. But deep down Jax was freaking the fuck out. He hadn’t any idea what was going on. Everything was on sensory overload and he found it hard to focus. Abel reached out to him and he scooped him up but froze as he was picking up something else as well…

Angel peered back over her shoulder as there was a knock at the door.

“Sec…” she uttered as she quickly flushed the toilet.

She grabbed the mouthwash and hurriedly swished it around her mouth and spit it into the sink. The young woman eyed herself down in the mirror. “Get your shit together…” she muttered under her breath. Angel opened the door and Tig nodded upon her. “You alright?” She nodded.

“Morning sickness?” he asked curiously as he’d heard her upchucking.

“Jesus Tig… Did you hear me take a shit too?”

He wrinkled his nose on this. “No… but did you?” He reared back on his own question. WHAT?! The man found himself thinking in disbelief of his own sheer amount of stupidity.

“Not a word… I mean it Tig. Just shut your fucking trap. Jax has enough on his plate.”

He sighed as she started to walk away.

“Hey…” he called out as he gently took her by the arm stopping her.

He kept Jax’s warning in mind however and found himself watching everything he said and did. He knew Jax didn’t fuck around when he said something and to that degree you had better listen.

“I’m here, you know. If you wanna yell at me, hit me, or whatever… Get it off your chest, doll.”

“And what am I supposed to say exactly?” To you of all people? She thought bitterly knowing that something Tig did set Jax off. She just wasn’t sure what.

“Whatever you want to say…” he replied with a shrug.

“My husband nearly died. Abel’s beside himself and Jax is having to deal with it all because I can’t! How fucked up is that? Is that what you want to hear? That I can’t even properly take care of my family because I pussied the fuck out.”

“I don’t see how this is pussying out. You reacted as anyone else would.”

“No Tig, I reacted like a god damned coward!”

Tig shook his head as she went to jerk out of his hold.

“What the fuck are you talking about? You and coward don’t even go in the same sentence, sweetheart. Hell, I’ve never met anyone like you.”

“Believe me that’s a good thing…” she spat as she headed into the bedroom so she could get dressed.

“Is she insane…?”

Tig turned with a wide-eyed expression as he heard the clearing of a throat. Jax was leaning against one of the doorways. He had his arms folded about his chest.

“Hey… I didn’t … you know.” Fuck, sneaky son of a bitch. I didn’t know he was right there!

Jax nodded, “I need you to keep an eye on Abel for a moment.”

“Sure thing, boss.”

Jax entered the kitchen to see Angel getting damn near every cleaning supply they owned out from the pantries. She grabbed the mop bucket and was filling it up in the sink. Her hand was shaking as it was wrapped around the faucet. He made his way over and cut the water off. Then he pushed the cleaning supplies off to the side. She turned around and he lifted her up and placed her on the counter. She was taken back as he pressed himself against her and was eagerly kissing her. He detected the way her heart rate picked up and could make out the blood pumping within her veins. But that wasn’t all… She was aroused and that had his blood boiling and it caused his mouth to water. The heat coming off her body wasn’t helping matters. He wanted to fuck her all over again and right there. Once he broke from her lips his eyes locked with hers. “Your eyes…” She remarked seeing as how it wasn’t her imagination after all.

“I better not ever hear you calling yourself a coward again darlin’ or anything of the sort. I mean it. You’re being too hard on yourself. Abel and I are fine.”

“Wait… you heard all that?!”

He nodded. Truth of the matter was he could hear damn near everything going on in that bathroom and her conversation with Tig. His senses were through the fucking roof. In fact some of it was a bit much. He could smell whatever was in the trashcan in the kitchen. He could pick up Tig and Abel’s breathing and heart patterns and they were a couple rooms away. He froze as something else was coming through clear as day. He hadn’t picked it up until now it was so in sync with Angel. He bent down and put his head to her tummy. His eyes widened in absolute surprise. He came up with a chuckle and ran his fingers through his hair.


“I can hear the baby’s heartbeat!”

“You what?”

He nodded with a massive grin.

“Jax… I think Jacob’s attack triggered something.”

“I think you’re right…” He said with a smirk.

But the way he said this had had her rearing back.

“And I think I like it…”

“Jax! You almost died!”

“But I didn’t…”

Jax made his way to the fridge and grabbed a thing of hamburger meat she had laid out in the fridge. He breathed it in and opened it. Her jaw dropped as he was about to start eating right from the package.


He nodded and she jerked the meat out from his hand. She placed the meat into a pan and started to heat it up. Her jaw dropped as he reached over and snagged a piece.

“Man that tastes really fucking good.”

She wrinkled her nose and covered her mouth in disgust. He was about to take another bite and she slapped at his hand. Jax’s lip curled and he growled.

“Did you just growl at me?!”

He had that deer caught in headlights look realizing he had.

“Look, you like kissing me, right?”

He nodded with that cocky smirk.

“Then the raw meat thing. That’s not going to work. That’s beyond gross!”

“Come on, babe…” He said with a sigh as he shut the fridge door with his hip.

“Stay put. I mean it Jax. I’ll finish cooking that when I get back.”

Jax shrugged. Tig nodded upon her as she entered Abel’s room and hurriedly shut the door behind her.

“What is it?” Tig questioned seeing the look of distress about her.

“My husband’s eyes are glowing and he’s eating raw meat!”

Tig reared back on this.

“Raw meat?”


“Nah… Why would he do that?”

Tig exited the room and went to see about this for himself. He came to a halt as he saw Jax was about to pick at the meat once again. He stopped once he saw Tig eyeing him down.

“Hungry?” He witted.

Jax nodded like a child with his hand caught in the cookie jar.

“Huh…” Tig said with a nod.

“Don’t tell Angel…” Jax whispered.

He pivoted back around and reentered the bedroom. He pulled the door shut and looked to Angel in outright disbelief.

“He’s not turning into a creature of the night or something, is he?” He asked in a slight panic.

Angel snorted on this but staggered back.

“He’s not a shifter. So what the fuck is he?”


“That’s what Jacob is, but I don’t get it Tig. Shifters were made by the magic of the Quileute ancestors. How the fuck would that affect Jax? None of this makes a lick of sense!”

“Wait, who is Jacob? And what the fuck is a shifter?!”

“We got anymore meat, babe?” They heard Jax call out.

She regarded Tig with an appalled look about her.

“You’re kidding me, right?” She hissed.

“I guess you better find your man a bone to gnaw on or something.”

“Shut up!”

Tig chuckled.

“It’s not funny. Next thing we know he’s going to be sprouting fur and howling at the god damn moon!”

Jax was leaning against the counter with his arms crossed about his chest. He had a stack of meat behind him as he was cooking the ground meat.

“Fur? Really, babe?”

“Let me guess keen sense of hearing?”

He nodded.

“Then you know I’m serious about the raw meat… And I hope to God that’s for the club and not just you…” she said nodding towards the meat he’d set out.

“Fine, I’ll just keep everything ‘rare’.” He pouted.

“That you will.” She affirmed as she started putting some of the meat back.

“Hey! I was going to eat that!”

“You don’t need that much meat!”

“But I’m hungrrrry…” he said with another growl.

He grabbed ahold of her and brought her up against him.

“Guess I’ll have to eat you instead.”

A giggle escaped her as he playfully nipped along her neck.

Chibs entered the house with a look of downright shock when he saw Jax up and kicking.

“Jackie…” he whispered taken back.

“You won’t believe this shit…” Angel said as she made her way over and took him by the hand.

Once the three of them were done explaining everything, Chibs leaned back in his seat. He narrowed his eyes upon Jax. Tig was buttoning up a shirt Jax had let him borrow. And Angel had Abel distracted with one of his new toys he’d gotten for his birthday.

“Faoladh…” he murmured with a shrug.

“What?” Angel questioned and Chibs sighed.

“There’s an old Irish legend of men that can shift into that of a wolf. Much like your friend, only with more human like characteristics during their transformation. They were considered guardians. In fact, these legends go back as early as the 9th century. There were stories told of man that would transform into wolves and often enough killed cattle. As to why they were supposedly hunted down and thought to be evil. Legend also has it that if the spirit ever leaves the body they cannot return to their original selves and will be stuck in their form permanently.”

Chibs put his reading glasses on and made his way around.

“So you’re saying I’m turning into some sort of werewolf?”

“Highly unlikely, if the legends be true, you must be bitten or clawed by an actual full blooded werewolf. Ye were clawed by a shapeshifter but one of magic. So I honestly haven’t any idea how this is going ta affect you. And I’m truly surprised it’s having any effect on ye whatsoever. You shouldn’t have the blood.” He tilted his head as he gazed upon Jax’s back. “I need to tend ta that. The sooner the better… So up with ye… Let’s get those stitches back in.”

Jax looked to Chibs with concern as they were heading to the bedroom.

“What is it, lad?”

“Don’t let me hurt them…” he hinted.

“If ye were going ta you’d have done so already. I’ve reason ta believe this is as far as it goes with ye. Just don’t quote me on that one. We’ll keep an eye out…”

“Let me help with something…” Tig offered as Angel was juggling all the housework and doing her best to keep up with Abel as he was running about.

“You need to be resting.” She scolded Tig like a mother hen and pointed to the couch.

“Put some more of that ointment I gave you on.” She ordered seeing as how his skin was starting to crack around the carved area.

“Abel, please be careful. I just mopped in there.” She called out as he was racing up and down the kitchen.

The boy ignored her and kept going.


The boy froze and looked upon his mother wide-eyed.


That bottom lip of his quivered.

“Sowwy, Ma-mee.”

Tig swallowed back seeing that look on Angel’s face. She pinched her eyes shut as Abel started to cry. He wasn’t used to his mother so much as yelling at him.

“Why don’t we go outside and play so mommy can finish up?”

Tig cut her a wink and took Abel by the hand. He led him into the backyard and Angel just stood there for a moment. She put her hand along her stomach feeling like the worst mother ever at the moment. She couldn’t believe she snapped like that. To make matters worse she was eyeing Jax’s pack of cigarettes in longing. She sat at the table and picked up the pack. Angel breathed it in and the one person came to mind. She thought about the sheer amount of hell Abel went through in order to survive. On this she found herself throwing the pack of cigarettes and Jax’s ash tray across the room.

“Dammit…” she muttered as it was Jax’s favorite one and it was now in a million pieces on the floor.

“Well someone’s having a little temper tantrum. Just not who I figured it would be.”

Angel had never been so relieved to hear her voice.

Gemma narrowed her eyes once she saw the look on her daughter in law’s face.

“What’s wrong, baby?”

“I need a few moments… Tig’s out back with Abel. Chibs is in the bedroom stitching Jax up.”

“Wait… what?”

“I promise to explain everything when I get back. I just need some time to clear my head.

Gemma sighed and went to argue, but refrained seeing the look of desperation in Angel’s eyes.

“Whatever you need, sweetheart.”

Angel nodded and grabbed her purse. She practically ran out of the house.

“Where’s Angel?” Jax questioned with concern as he and Chibs entered the room a couple hours later.

His mother narrowed her eyes looking pissed.

“Hell if know. She left about an hour and half ago. But said she’d only be half an hour or so.”

The woman tilted her head upon her son as he seemed different somehow. She just couldn’t quite peg what it was. But she swore he looked more muscled and there was something in his eyes, something that reminded her of JT.

“What’s going on around here?” She demanded.

Jax didn’t answer as he grabbed his keys and darted on out of the house. Gemma looked to Chibs afterward. “You wanna fill me in here? Or do I have to get really ugly?”

Jax nodded amongst himself as he pulled up to the cemetery. He knew it was the one place she felt most at peace. What he hadn’t expected was for his old lady to be at his father’s grave, where she’d fallen asleep. This strange feeling came over him. He regarded his father’s grave in a way he never had before. He kneeled down and ran a hand along her back. “Thanks, dad…” he said with utmost sincerity.


“Jax?” she tiredly called out.


Angel was slow to come to at first but once she gathered her whereabouts, she shot to her feet.

“Shit! Your mother is going to kill me!”

Jax said nothing as he sat down and kicked back against his father’s tombstone. He motioned for her to have a seat. She cut him an odd glance but accepted the invitation. The outlaw wrapped his arms around her and rested his head along her shoulder.

“I’m not going anywhere and neither are you, baby…” he whispered in reassurance.

“But I already promised her…”

“You just let me handle it. I don’t want my mother knowing about this just yet. We know how she is, babe. And this is stressful enough as it is. We don’t need my mother adding to it.”

Angel sighed and he caressed her cheek.

“I need you to quit worrying so much. Look at me, Angel…” he said as he lifted her chin with his fingers.

“I’m good and so is Abel. Everyone is fine.”

“But we haven’t any idea what this is going to do to you Jax…”

“I think the worst part is over.”

He wiped a tear off her cheek with his thumb.

“I’m going to be just fine.” As he said this he couldn’t help but to feel this odd twinge in the depths of his heart. Part of him took pride in how much she cared. It was a nice feeling on the other hand; he hated all the stress she was under. That caused him some concern. Not just for her sake but the child within.

“I want you to go run you a bath and relax. Let me deal with everything else.”

“Me? You should be the one relaxing!”

Jax smiled on this. “Other than being a little sore, I’m actually feeling pretty damn good.”

Jax couldn’t explain it. But he felt somewhat invigorated, more so than ever before. He loved that sense of power coursing through him. And there it was again… Angel reached up and moved a strand of hair from his eyes.

“Okay, that’s actually kind of sexy…” she admitted as to the gold in his eyes.


She smiled as he backed her up against the car.

“How sexy?” he taunted as he pressed himself against her.

“I see your libido has shot through the roof as well…”

He nodded as he breathed her in.

“It’s your scent, babe. Fuck, it’s maddening. All I can think about is fucking you.”

She blushed as he was basically humping her up against the car.

“We have neighbors, you know.”

“You think I give a shit?” he said with a growl.

That smirk came about him.

“Something tells me you wouldn’t put up much of a fight…” he implied as to her own excitement.

He let out a moan as she had a fistful of his hair and was feverishly kissing him. He raised her up and wrapped her legs around him.

“I’m not sure if I feel pride or disgust…”

Jax rolled his eyes, “thanks… mom.”

She smiled as he lowered Angel back down.

“Head on in… I got this…”

Angel nodded upon her husband’s words and went to step inside; only to have his mother grab her by the arm and yank her back towards her.

“I believe you and I had a deal.”

“Mom…” Jax sputtered with a snarl.

“Drop it…” he barked.

Gemma dropped her hold and regarded her son in damn near shock. Jax motioned for Angel to go on. Once she was inside he made his way over.

“You’re not going to manhandle my wife.”

“Manhandle? I barely touched her.”

“Mom…” he warned.

Gemma rolled her eyes.

“Fine, hands off. I get it. What’s with you anyhow?”

“It doesn’t matter. All you need to know is I’m handling it.”

“Handling what exactly? I mean seriously what the fuck is going on? I thought you and Tig had a falling out, yet you have him babysitting your son? And why is everyone being so god damn secretive?”

“It’s club business…”

“Club business… let me guess the little wife is in the need to know but not your own mother?!”

“Mom, I love you but I’m not doing this with you.”

He started to head on in.

“That little bitch…” he heard his mother mutter under her breath.

This had him stopping in his tracks and pivoting back around.

“NO JACKIE!” Chibs hollered out as he and Tig rushed over.

Jax had his hand wrapped around his mother’s throat and lifted up off the ground.

They pried him off her and. Once he realized what he’d done he regarded his mother with this stunned presence. She fought to catch her breath as Tig was rushing her inside and sitting her down in one of the chairs at the dining room table.

“What the fuck was that?” Jax questioned Chibs with alarm.

Chibs shook his head.

“Something she said must’ve set you off…”

“Jesus!” Jax thought back to what she’d said and looked to his hands as Tig came to mind as well.

“So what was it, Jackie boy?”

Jax let out a sigh as he nodded towards the house.

“She was just giving my old lady hell was all…”

Chibs chuckled and patted him on the shoulder.

“Well there ye go. That’ll do it. Everyone best back off ye now. Yer gonna see things in a whole other light.”

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18 thoughts on “Chapter 24 Jax Unleashed”

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