Chapter 31 The Road Less Traveled

Chapter 31

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 I’m not even sure where to begin. But if there’s one thing I know for certain. I don’t ever want you in the dark. You deserve more than that. That realization came to play as I held you for the first time today. You had that baby smell and you were so tiny. And looking into your eyes was like looking into my own. It was then it truly dawned on me. I have a son. I’m a father…

I just hope that this will one day open your eyes the way my father opened mine. I won’t hold back… Everything you need to know will be in this. Things that’ll make you angry, laugh, or even cry. You will hate me more than you love me and that’s to be expected.

First off… you should know that I love you. More than you’ll ever know. But I won’t lie either. At first I wasn’t so sure about you coming into this world. You see, I’m not fit to be a father. I never was. And I doubt I ever will be. But that won’t stop me from doing my damnest. So let’s just see how this goes…

I’m about to reveal things you probably never knew about… But if you’re reading this… That means that you are a man as well now and understand that these things… well they tend to happen. That’s just life… No, let me rephrase that… That’s just the life of a Teller… 

Angel read things about JT, Thomas, Clay, Gemma, the club, Wendy, and Tara. Somethings he’d mentioned to her before others she hadn’t a clue about. The man held nothing back. He even let it known that he prayed he never sat in Clay’s place. He couldn’t bear the weight of it. It was one of Jax’s biggest fears. Part of her wondered how Abel would handle the truth. And even though she understood Jax’s reasoning. She rather hated knowing that Abel would one day learn that she wasn’t his birth mother. It was bound to happen and it wasn’t a secret they could keep forever. She prayed he’d forgive her for the part she played, when shit went down. And that he would know everything she did was out of love and protection. Last thing she’d ever want was for Abel to look upon her as if she were Gemma Morrow. The mere thought sent her chills and made her stomach churn.

Jax went on to tell his son about how young he and Wendy were, when they first got married and learned that she was pregnant. Things went on from there. There were mentions of him moving out, the divorce, and even the drug addiction Wendy had, and how Abel almost died because of it. And even though it made her nervous for Abel to be in the knowing… It also made her love and respect her husband even more. There was no holding back as he’d stated from the beginning. He truly wanted his son to know everything. Even if that meant the possibility of losing Abel’s love or respect in the process. He eventually moved on to Tara. And it was somewhat painful for Angel to read. He was madly in love and he’d known Tara a lot longer than he’d known her. And there were mentions of how he couldn’t stand to be away from Tara. Not even for a day. And he even mentioned how she’d make a great mother to Abel etc… That had Angel cringing on the inside. But as time continued, that love became resentment. And that resentment eventually led to full on hatred. It was night and day in comparison to how he once felt about Tara Knowles. It was clear that by the end of their relationship. Jax felt numb… He went from this ultimate high – to his lowest point – to just not giving a shit.

Angel drew back a breath as she thought on this and prayed she was never on the receiving end to that. She couldn’t even imagine – nor did she wish to.

He expressed his fears about Clay and what he was doing to the club. He went on about the club’s future if Clay kept leading. He admitted that part of that was due to the eye opener his father’s manuscripts gave him. He talked about Opie and Chibs and how he put all his trust in them. To Jax they were blood. He also expressed just how furious he was, when Clay pointed Opie out to be a rat. Jax was willing to bet on his own life that wasn’t true. Opie was no rat. And after a couple hours of reading she came up…

Her name is Angela – or so she says. I’ve reason to believe otherwise. There’s just something about her. It doesn’t quite set right. Now I don’t mean in a negative way -at least not on her part. She’s hiding something but not by choice – it’s like she herself is hiding… but from what? It’s strange. I barely know her. Yet I already feel as though I can trust her. I know that’s crazy. But that doesn’t change the fact. It’s heavy… When she’s around I get that heady feeling, like I’m on a high. And I get the feeling that I’ve known her all my life. I find myself more at ease. And around her – I’m free… When it comes to other women I tend to hold back. That was the case with your mother and Tara as well. There was this red flag that I couldn’t ignore. I think I knew I needed to watch my back. That’s not the way I feel around this one. I’ve never had that before.

I go out my way just to run into her, even if briefly. On the days I go without seeing her face or hearing her voice. I feel this absence… like my day just wasn’t complete. I think about her all the time. She has the most amazing smile and her laughter it’s contagious. And the way she is with you… Abel, she’s the one. The one we’ve been waiting for. I just know it. But even knowing that… I’m afraid of screwing it up. And it’s no longer about me. It’s about you. You can’t even speak yet and I know you love this woman. I see it in your eyes. It’s the way you light up when she’s around. Hell, I’m wondering if it’s mutual for the both of us. It’s like our little family is complete when she’s here. I gotta find out more about her. I also need to find out what it is she’s running from and keep her protected, at all cost. I can’t afford to ignore this.  

Angel’s heart had that fluttery feeling as she shut the journal. She wanted to keep reading, but her emotions were getting to her. Last thing she wanted was for his mother to start butting in, about what she was reading, or why she was acting the way she was.

Jax woke in the infirmary of the prison. He started to rise up in the bed he was in, only to find himself in restraints. He rolled his eyes and threw his head back against the pillow.

“This just gets better and better…” he muttered under his breath.

“Doesn’t it?”

He narrowed his eyes and turned the direction of the voice. “What are you doing here?”Jax susurrated.

The fed made his way over and stood at the foot of Jax’s bed.

“Your little wife is getting herself into some hot water. Sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong. You see, kid. This right here is between you, me, and your old man.”

“What’s this have to do with my father?!”

Mr. Hunt sort of laughed and shook his head.

“Let’s just say your father and I have history. John bit the dust before I could take him down. Now I know without a shadow of a doubt, you’re following right in his footsteps. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. You’re molded from the same piece of shit he was. So here’s the deal, you’re going to tell me who you’re dealing to. From what I hear, you’re facing life. I’m sure you’re thinking something along the lines of – well I’m already here. Nothing to lose…” Mr. Hunt glanced towards the door and he inched his way over. He got right in Jax’s face, “and that’s where you’re wrong…”

The fed retrieved a picture from his blazer and showed it to him. Jax’s could feel ‘it’ coming over him. He thought back to what Otto said and shut his eyes, in order to keep from revealing himself. But that was another thing… How did Otto know? And what was it he was hinting about when it came to his father?

“STAY AWAY FROM MY FAMILY!” The outlaw barked as it picture was of his wife and son.

The fed smiled and playfully slapped Jax on the cheek.

“That feeling right there… You just keep that in mind. I’ll be visiting you shortly in the interview room, and if I were you… I’d come clean. About everything…”

“You think you can get away with threatening my family?!”

“Oh I’m done with threats, Mr. Teller. This here… it’s the real deal. If your wife just so happens to cost me my job. I will be paying her a little visit.”

Jax had a good laugh on this.

“My old lady would chew you up and spit you out. You haven’t any idea who you’re messing with.”

“We’ll just see about that now won’t we, Mr. Teller? Think about it… your little wife giving birth behind bars and your son growing up in a foster home. That’s as gutter trash as you can get. So fitting for the son of JT!”

“Interrogate me all you want, you son of a bitch. You haven’t shit on me or the MC! And you know it! That’s what has you so desperate. You think I can’t see past this little rouse of yours? You’re reduced to making threats. Hell that’s all you got. Face it… You’re nothing more than a coward. You screwed yourself and need someone to take the blame. Well you can take that badge, head straight to the men’s room, find you a private stall, and go fuck yourself!”

“Like father like son… It’s all a mask. If I stripped you of everything you hold dear. You’d fold like that little biker whore of yours.”

“What are you doing in here?!” The nurse asked as she entered the room.

“Just having us a little visit.” “Well you’re supposed to be waiting in the interview room. You’re not allowed back here. In fact, I’m pretty certain I told you that already!”

Jax gathered that cocky grin of his and sent the fed a wink.

“Well I do believe she told you. Have yourself a marvelous day, Mr. Hunt.”

“This isn’t over. I’ll be seeing you shortly!” The fed spat with a finger pointed the outlaw’s way.

“Can’t wait…”

“Hello there. Might we be of some assistance?” One of the older men questioned.

Every man there was wearing a black Stetson Amish hat. They had the beards, black suspenders, and dress pants to go with that. Gemma’s lip curled in disgust as she observed the women’s clothing. They were in blue dresses and white bonnets. A few of them were wearing white aprons over their dresses. Angel elbowed her and shook her head in disapproval. The young woman cleared her throat afterward and forced that ‘friendly’ smile of hers.

“Yes, actually if you wouldn’t mind pointing us to the nearest gas station?”

The men looked to one another and started laughing.

“Well it’s about 40 miles north.” The older one pointed out.

“Jesus tap dancing Christ!” Tig muttered causing Angel to nudge him as well.

The Amish narrowed their eyes upon the three of them. Angel cleared her throat and looked around the area.

“You wouldn’t happen to know of anyone that can give us a ride, do you?”

“We got the buggy. But we won’t be heading out until morning. You’re welcome to join us then.”

“Buggy?” Gemma questioned with a displeased countenance about her.

“Morning?” Angel added looking plum ill.

“With all due respect, I haven’t until morning. There is someone waiting for me back home. It’s rather urgent.”

“It will be dark soon. Might as well make yourselves at home. Join us for dinner and we will prepare you each a room for the night.” The man started to walk away.

“Please sir… If it’s money you want. I can arrange that. Whatever you need just please understand… I need to get to that gas station, ASAP.”

“And what’s the urgency? You won’t get anything done overnight that you can’t do first thing tomorrow morning.”

“Just take us to the god damn buggy!” Gemma snapped and the women and children screamed out.


Angel hissed, once she realized Gemma had her gun out. She reached over and quickly lowered the gun back down, then let out a nervous laugh.

“Sorry about that. She’s pmsing… and gets horrible cramps and they make her say and do the darnest things!”

Angel leaned into Gemma’s ear, “knock it off, will you? We’re trying to get their help not scare them off.”

“These inbred fuckers are pissing me off.”

“What makes you think they’re inbred?”

“Oh please, I’ve heard the stories.”

“Well I don’t care what they practice or what their beliefs are. If they wanna worship Satan, that’s fine with me. All I know is we need their help. So think you can tame it down a bit, mom?”

“Fine…” Gemma mumbled and bitterly put the gun away.

Angel looked over seeing the mortified look on the women’s faces and the children were covering their mouths in laughter. Once she followed their gaze, her jaw dropped in sheer disbelief.


He jumped and spun around making it worse as he not only exposed himself, but got urine all over Jax’s truck.

“You idiot!” Angel scolded as the women gasped out and covered the children’s eyes.

“I’m surrounded by god damn idiots!” the young woman stated in disbelief.

“We don’t take the Lord’s name in vain around here.” The older man sternly stated.

“My apologies…” Angel said yet reared back in realization.

“Wait, you get on to me for taking the Lord’s name in vain, but don’t so much as bat an eye at that one exposing himself, or when she pointed a gun at you, and took the Lord’s name in vain?!”

The man simply nodded and started walking once again. Whereas all the others were looking upon the trio – some with curiosity, others with revulsion, and a few looked to be praying. Angel let out a miserable laugh as she looked upon Tig and Gemma.

“Behave… both of you. I mean it!”

“Yes mother…” they chorused causing them to eye one another.

They sighed in unison and tailed Angel as she followed the older man. Tig greeted one of the Amish girls with a nod and a wink.

“That’s disturbing… even for you.” Gemma remarked, taking notice.

“You know they’ve gotta be sexually repressed. Look at these girls. They’re beggin’ for a good ole Trager fuckin’.” He whispered in reply.

“And what is that exactly? The wham bam thank you mam or the one minute man?” Gemma taunted in return.

“You ever wanna find out you just let me know.”

Gemma snorted as Angel was peering over her shoulder and cutting them another ‘dirty’ look.

“Mommy dearest is getting mad. We had better behave.”

Tig chuckled.

Jax couldn’t help but to laugh, once as he entered his cell. He waited in the interrogation room for about 15 minutes. He soon learned that Mr. Hunt had been personally escorted off the premises. Apparently he not only failed to get proper clearance, but Federal Agent Hunt lost his job. It wasn’t until Opie visited him later on that he learned the truth behind Mr. Hunt. That had him feeling somewhat on edge. He knew there was a possibility of him harassing his old lady. In fact, he was more than certain he would. Jax kept it in mind to let her know ASAP. A miserable sigh escaped him as he ran his hand through his thick blond locks. He truly hoped to get out of here before Monday hit. That’s when they lined the guys up and gave them a good trimming, but as he gazed upon the journal. His hair was the least of his concerns. The man shook his head and had that pitfall feeling in his gut. That was the one thing he counted on in order to keep his sanity, or what was left of it. In some ways Jax felt like he lost a friend. Sure, there were still some pages left, but a majority of the front part was now missing and was barely legible. His face heated over and his hands balled up into fists. He punched a decent sized hole into the wall above his cot. Debris from the wall landed on his cot as he pulled his fist back out. Jax picked up the journal and desperately began piecing it back together. But it was no use. The most he could do was straightened out the balled up pages and stuff them back inside. The rest, he tossed into the toilet as there was no saving it. They had literally shredded those pages to nothing. After he finished saving whatever he could, Jax sat on the floor. With his back to the cot, he leaned against it. He held the journal close to his heart and the outlaw had himself a good cry.

Gemma rolled her eyes, with sheer annoyance as the prayer the Amish said before dinner was seemingly never ending. Angel sighed as the older man motioned for her and the others to grab a plate and dig in, afterward. They were in some sort of building that contained several tables and chairs. There were all kinds of food set out on a long table to the side. The young woman drew back a hesitant breath as her husband came to mind. She doubted he was getting much to eat. She pictured his meal times as nothing more than a daily dose of beatings. This had her stomach churning and as of late, she hadn’t much appetite. It just didn’t seem right to be taking pleasure in even the smallest of things, when he was suffering.

“Please… join us.” The man said.

“Don’t have to tell me twice.” Tig said as he grabbed a plate.

Gemma wrinkled her nose at the choices of food.

“And to think they call this pot luck… Think they call it that because that’s where you’re gonna end up for the rest of the night?” she bitched but picked up a plate as well.

She went to hand Angel one as well only to have her decline. The older woman sighed as her daughter-in-law exited the building.

Angel took her cellphone out and shook her head as there was no service.

“Of course…” she complained and paced the area a bit.

“Dammit Jax… I’m sorry, baby. I’m trying.” she uttered in defeat and leaned against the wall.

She came to a sitting position and skimmed through his and Abel’s pictures on her phone. But as she did this, it came to mind that she’d better conserve as much battery life as possible. It was clear they didn’t believe in things such as electricity. She knew there were different categories of Amish living. And this was one of the stricter ones, which wasn’t going to help matters even a little. A groan of sheer misery escaped her as she shut her phone off.

“You need to quit feeling sorry for yourself and go eat.”

Angel sort of laughed.

“Feeling sorry for myself?”

Gemma nodded.

“You would think so…” Angel retorted bitterly.

“Up… You got another kid to feed. So quit your moping and get to it.”

“If this is your idea of a pep talk, you suck at it. And I’ll eat when I’m good and ready.”

“You’ll eat now, while there’s still food.”

“Gemma… please. I’m not in the mood to be…”

“To be what? Mothered around?”

Angel raised her brows on this.

“You had better get used to it, sweetheart. From the looks of things, you need some mothering from time to time.”

“And what’s that supposed to mean?”

“Must you be so negative?”

“This? Coming from you? The woman that hasn’t any issue in letting me know just how much she hates me.”

Gemma sighed and offered her a hand up. “That still stands by the way…”

Angel shook her head and dusted herself off. “Why? I mean what possible reason have I given you to hate me?”

“You really want to know?”


“I hate your pretty little face and pretty little smile.”

“Ummm… okay…”

“Let me finish…” Gemma hissed.

“I hate how everyone seems to bow before you and cater to your every fucking need!”

Angel reared back at this, “excuse me?”

“But most of all. I fucking hate how you seem to be handling being ‘queen’ better than I ever had with JT!”

Angel swallowed back on this and looked to Gemma in absolute shock. She couldn’t believe her ears.

“You were right. I blew it. I gave up on JT and chose Clay towards the end. JT told me his vision and I saw instant failure. I knew there wasn’t a way in hell he’d get the Sons to agree in dropping the cartel! Whereas Clay, he had everything mapped out and just right. He had that club wrapped around his finger. Those boys did whatever it took to appease him. Hell he truly was king! They worshipped JT! That is until our youngest son died and he started second guessing himself, the cartel, everything. We were falling apart and…” Gemma sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose.

“I told him he was a fool. That he was going to lose respect of the entire MC! But he’d go on and on about how he didn’t want this for his sons. And we had already lost one and he’d be damned if this was the life he set out for Jackson! And that right there is why I hate you at times. The more you’re around my son – the more he sounds like his father. He’s all about the vision. And that’s going to get him killed, just like JT. He’s going to lose their respect and before we know it, there will be a new king at the throne and unless you plan on moving on, like I did… There will be a new queen as well. You and Jax are going to end up erased.”

“How did you know about Jax’s plans?”

“Oh sweetheart, I’ve been playing this game for years. I’ve my ways. You think you’re the only one to know about those stupid manuscripts? I found them in Jax’s laundry awhile back, before you even came into the picture. I was going to rid of them, but before I even had the chance, they came up missing. He must’ve been onto me.”

“And you wonder why he won’t open up to you or why he doesn’t trust you?! You’re a sneaky little bitch.”

“Oh save me the spiel, sweetheart. I don’t need you telling me what I already know. I do whatever it takes to get the job done. I’m more in the know than any of you think. I just have to get a bit uglier on how I go about it.”

“Hmmmm… well as to your little prediction, you’re wrong. And we will prove that soon enough. I can’t believe you, Gemma. He’s your son. Yet you haven’t any faith in him whatsoever. You’re treating him no better than JT! And for you to even think I’d move on from Jax like you did from JT, is ludicrous! I got his back whether he’s king or not. You think I care about the title? Hell I never wanted it! And that’s something else you should know. NEITHER DID JAX! He never wanted that gavel.”

Gemma laughed, “That’s where you’re wrong, baby. Every man wants that gavel. To feel it’s power.”

“Power? What power? It corrupts and then it devours your very soul. Who the fuck wants that?! You haven’t any idea the lengths your son goes to in order to keep his sanity! It’s a constant battle. And that’s how I know you’re wrong! Jax will see this through. The curse is going to be lifted through your son. I haven’t any doubt! And will be there every step of the way. I’m not YOU!”

Gemma’s jaw dropped as Angel blocked her attempt at slapping her.

“That’s enough, Gemma. I’m so tired of your tough bitch act. I’m with child and not just any child but your grandchild. I’m married to your son. So you will show me respect. It’s that, or I end up bashing your head up against a wall, repeatedly. Until I get the message across. You no longer call the shots. And the sooner you come in to terms with that, the better off you’ll be.”

They turned as they heard the clearing of a throat. Angel smiled and lowered the gun she had jabbed into Gemma’s gut.

“Mothers!” Angel playfully scoffed as she put her gun away.

The man nodded and waved her over. Angel drew back a hesitant breath but nodded and headed on over.

“Let’s go for a little stroll.”


Once they were several feet away from the community. The man stopped in his tracks and turned facing her.

“Whatever trouble you and your friends are in… You should know this is a peaceful community. And I wish for it to remain that way. I ask that you and your friends do your best not to disturb that. If it happens again, I will have no other choice. You will be asked to leave at once. So let’s cut out the foul language and put the handguns away.”

“Fair enough…”

“I take it the man you’re with is your husband?”

“No, sir.”

“And where is your husband?”

“Back home…”

“Hmmm… And is it his child you carry?”

“Rather personal questions? Don’t you think?”

“I’ve allowed you to dine with us and have opened my door to you and your friends; so that you may have a place to sleep for the night. I believe that necessitates these personal questions.”

“The child is my husband’s.”

“SAMRCO… biker gang I take it?” he questioned as he was referring to Tig’s cut.

“Motorcycle club.”

“Is there much difference?”

“Do you wish to be compared to all other Christians or Amish diversities for that matter?”

The man chuckled on this and nodded as he looked to be in thought.

“I suppose I see your point…”

“Then we agree, at least on the one point.”

He nodded once again, “have you been baptized?”

Angel damn near snorted on this. “Excuse me?”

“Have you accepted Jesus in your life…?” he questioned and gestured towards her belly.

“Jesus, huh?”

“Yes, the son of…”

“I know who he is… I don’t need any introductions. We’ve talked before. Many of times… As to your question however… No, I’ve haven’t been baptized.”

“But you talk with him?”

“I supposed you could call it that… It’s been awhile.”

“Maybe you should look into that.”

“Which part exactly? Being baptized or speaking to Jesus?”

“Both… However I am offering my services if you so wish.”


“I could baptize you, tonight. Wash your sins away. Give you a clean slate. This is something that should’ve taken place before you were married.”

“If I were Amish…” she reminded and the man smiled.

“Are you a Christian?” Angel sort of laughed and looked to the sky in thought.

“I suppose… Now am I the bible-thumping churching-going kind? No.”

“Hmmm… perhaps now’s the time to change that. There is a reason for everything. Maybe you were brought here for that very purpose. Maybe it’s time you see the light.”

“You’re coming off a bit preachy there.”

“Perhaps because I am a preacher?”

“Hm. Well correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t you supposed to feel ‘called’ upon before you take that plunge? Isn’t it a bit sacrilegious to be getting baptized, just to say you did?”

“Depending on your religion…” he reminded.

“Right… Well, you see, I don’t claim one. I have my own beliefs and I tend to follow that. I don’t believe you have to be baptized in order to earn your stripes so to speak. And I also feel that there’s more to it than simply having your sins washed away. What’s the point when you’re going to get dirty all over again? Wiping the slate clean? Now isn’t that a beautiful thought? I mean could you imagine? Just like that you’re renewed and washed in the holy light or what have you. It sounds so easy. But with all due respect, we both know that’s a crock of sh.. well poopie! No one is free of sin and to think that baptism is the answer? Well I have to disagree. I believe it is God’s decision on whether or not he’s going to free us of sin and it’s also his choosing on who is forgiven and so on and so forth. Not you. Not even that of the freaking Pope. His alone… So sorry to put a damper on your plans of conversion, but I’m not biting. Perhaps you should see it as the other way around. Maybe it is us that gives you a new frame of mind… I suppose we shall see come tomorrow.” The man raised his brows as she started to walk away.

“And what is your name, young lady?”

She couldn’t help but to smile on the irony.


The man rather laughed and shook his head.

“Perhaps it is time I called bullshit?!”

She pulled a fake gasp.


The man smiled on this.

“Call it all you want, brother. It doesn’t change the facts.”

“Well Angel, my name is Tom…”

“Well Tom, perhaps another baptism is in order? Or perhaps some mouth wash?”

“What’d the Amish warden want?” Gemma questioned as she sat a plate of food down and slid it towards Angel.

“Just getting somethings out in the open.”

“Oh, setting the ground rules, huh?”

Angel nodded and looked around.

“It wouldn’t hurt to keep our guns tucked away and be a little more respectful.”

“You’re going to let a bunch of…”

Angel reached over and clamped a hand over her mother-in-law’s mouth.

“They could’ve sent us about our way. But they didn’t. We’re guests… The least we could do is show them the respect they deserve. Just because we don’t exactly see eye to eye, it doesn’t give us the right to shit on their beliefs or hospitality for that matter.”

“Can’t afford to go soft in your position.”

“There’s a fine line between going soft and showing common curtesy. The more respect you earn, the easier it is to get shit done.”

“Jesus… You sure you weren’t around when JT was?”

Angel narrowed her eyes in wonder.

“He used to say that kind of bullshit.”

This had the young woman smiling.

“Smart man… He would’ve gone far, if given the chance.”


“You know… If you wouldn’t have chosen the man that hired the hit on your son’s father and all…”


“Jax seems to think so.”

Gemma rolled her eyes on this.

“Eat. Food’s cold as hell as it is. You wait any longer and maggots will be hatchin’ out.”

“Now that’s a pleasant thought…”

Gemma leaned back and lit up a smoke as Angel picked at her food.

As the sun began to set, the Amish brought out their candles.

“This just gets better and better. No service and we can’t charge our phones.”

“Ummm, where’s Tig?” Angel asked as she looked around the area.

“He took that little blonde for a ‘walk’.”

“Oh, nooo.” Angel shot to her feet and Gemma died of laughter.

“What are you going to do? Ride up on a white horse and save the girl’s virtue?”

“If he deflowers that girl we’re shit out of luck for tomorrow. And Jax is left to rot!”

Gemma rolled her eyes and sighed as Angel took off like a bat out of hell.

“I really hope they don’t have a white horse.” The older woman muttered as she flicked her ashes onto the plate.

Angel growled under her breath as she snuck her way around.

“I’m going to neuter your sorry ass… I swear to God, Tig Trager…” she mumbled as she peeked into the barn.

“Didn’t we discuss this already?”

The young woman jumped and spun around. A nervous laugh escaped her.

“Oh… hey… Tom!”

“Making yourself at home, I see.”

“Actually, I was looking for the white horses?”

The man raised his brows on this, “pardon?”

“I could really use one of those about now…”

“I’m afraid all we have is black. And they will be the ones leading the buggy in the morning.”


The man leaned against the entry of the barn and merely observed as she walked around.

“Something tells me the white horse is a metaphor for something else.”

“Nope… was merely curious. I mean you said you had a buggy so I assumed.”

“That the horses were white?”

“Well, yes.”

“Why would you assume that?”

“Dunno…”she replied rather with a bit of a high-pitch tone to her voice.

“Hm. Well if you’d have your friends meet me at the church, I’ll show you where you’ll be staying the night.”

She nodded but purposely lagged behind. Once he was out of the barn, she grabbed a pitchfork and made her way to the loft.

With gritted teeth she took the pitchfork and poked it into the moving haystack.

“JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!” Tig hollered as he sprang to his feet and was rubbing his hands along his bare ass.

Angel shook her head upon him and the girl that he’d been fucking.

“You’ve gotta be kidding me… You took one of the virgins?”

Tig smiled and wiggled his brows towards the young woman. She blushed and Angel pointed the pitchfork towards his package. “Get dressed.” She snapped a look towards the girl.

“You too, or I’ll rat your ass out quicker than you can say Hail Mary!”

“They’re not Catholic…” Tig said with a shrug.

“Watch it, or I’ll make you a god damn eunuch!”

“I can’t believe you stabbed me with that thing!” he showed her the blood on his hands.

“That’s nothing in comparison to what I’ll do if you don’t hurry it up. Seriously, what were you thinking?” she hissed through gritted teeth.

He went to say something and she decked him across the face. Tig swallowed back as she had tears forming within her eyes.

“Have you forgotten why we’re here in the first place?! Jax is counting on us! You wanna think with your dick. Fine! But do it on your own time. NOT JAX’S!”

Tig sighed as she stormed on out of the room.

“She’s not very nice…” The girl spat as she got dressed.

“That couldn’t be further from the truth…” Tig defended causing the girl to regard him incongruously.

“Are you in love with her?” she questioned with envy.

Tig sort of laughed but had this miserable look about him. He zipped his pants and pecked the girl on the cheek.

“Love, huh? Not so sure I know what that is… not anymore.” he admitted thinking back to his wife and kids.

“But we just had sex.”

This had the scoundrel raising his brows.

“You’re staying, right?”

The biker rubbed the back of his neck with this uncomfortable appearance about him.

“I tell you what, doll, I’ll come back for you.”

The young girl smiled, “promise?”

“Oh, absolutely!” As he said this he crossed his fingers behind his back.

The girl giggled and straightened her dress out.

“We can get married. Of course you’ll have to get baptized first.”

“Yeah… say, why don’t we keep this a secret for now? We can surprise your family with the news later.”

“You think I’d tell my father about having premarital sex?! He’d hang us both! But you’re going to be my husband soon. This is so exciting!”

Tig let out a groan as she skipped out of the barn.

“Well if I hadn’t already, I definitely got that spot in hell reserved.”

Beads of sweat hit the floor as the man was doing pushup after pushup. It was all he could do in order to keep himself distracted. That seemed to be his daily routine – eat, avoid fights at all costs, sleep, and workout. As time progressed, the harder it became. Jax felt as he was a volcano. And if he wasn’t careful he’d erupt at any given moment. The man was on his last thread. This made everyone around him a potential victim. He wasn’t sure what it was. But it was as if they knew. It was strange. The way the acted around him now. It were as if he was giving off some sort of ‘vibe’. It was either that or something Otto or the blacks had said or done. Whatever it was, it had men practically tripping over themselves in order to get away from him. And it couldn’t have been better timing. Jax needed whatever break he could get.

“Thank you so much…” Angel said sincerely after they used the tanks to fill up the truck.

Tom smiled, “You’re quite welcome, child.”

“Please allow us to return the favor somehow.”

“Your money is no good here. If you wish to return the favor, then you can simply pay it forward one day.”

“Oh like that movie!” Tig threw out there.

Angel snorted on this and elbowed him.

“What is this, brother?” One of the younger men called out with alarm.

Angel followed their gaze and her jaw hit the ground.

Tom and the young man looked towards their home. The closer they got, the more Angel felt as if she were sinking in quicksand and there was no one to pull her out. She walked about the area in a daze. Her ears began to ring and her body felt overheated. It was a complete massacre. She’d never seen anything like it. There was so much blood and so many bodies… Tig grimaced as he passed by the one whose virginity he took. He squatted down and brushed the young woman’s hair from her deep green eyes. He cleared his throat and closed them with the palm of his hand. Even Gemma looked somewhat disturbed by what they were seeing. Angel however snapped out of her nightmare like phase as she heard a couple of gunshots.

“NOOOO!” she screamed and darted over Tig’s direction.

“WHAT DID YOU DO?!” She shouted and was punching the shit out of him.

He gritted his teeth as she merely took the hits. He put his gun away and wrapped his arms around her. She went limp in his hold and he swiftly brought her to the ground.

“Don’t do it, doll. Calm down…” he pleaded as she was shaking all over.


She used her shield to shove him back and she crawled towards the preacher. She pulled him towards her, once she had a good hold.

“No, dammit! This wasn’t supposed to happen!” she cried and rocked the man.

The young woman regarded the other bodies and shook her head, lost on what to do. Gemma and Tig nodded upon one another.

“They used what we sold them…” Tig hinted.

Gemma sort of laughed and staggered back.

“Jesus…” she muttered under her breath.

“You know I hadn’t a choice.” Tig tried explaining.


“If it were Jax in my place, he’d have done the same thing.” “The hell he would…” she hissed darkly.

“He’d have found another way…” she uttered and wiped her face with the back of her hand.

This had her smearing the preacher’s blood onto her cheeks. Tig grimaced and started towards her.

“Get in the fucking truck… both of you…” Gemma and Tig looked to one another with slight fear as the bodies were starting to rise off the ground. Angel took no notice. She was too far gone.

“That’s enough…” Gemma scolded as if dealing with a disobedient child.

“In… the… fucking… truck!”

Their jaws dropped as they were tossed into the bed of the truck. Angel hopped inside and turned the key that was in the ignition.

“HOLD ON!” she yelled and they groaned out as Angel hit the gas hightailed it out of there.

She didn’t stop until she found a hotel. When she pulled into the parking lot, Tig and Gemma exited the truck. Angel tossed out their belongings.

“I want you both to stay away from me.”

“Knock that shit off!” Gemma reprimanded once again.

“Wayne was right. I am death. This life… it was nothing more than a dream. Don’t come looking for me. If you do, you’ll end up like them…”

“Son of a bitch…”Gemma murmured as she burned rubber out of there.

Tig staggered about as he pulled at his hair, “FUCK!”

Angel wiped the steam off the mirror and gazed upon her reflection. She tilted her head and used her finger to write “Death”. She drew back a breath and the image of the Amish came to mind, once again. So much blood. So many bodies… Her cellphone sounded, causing her to jump. She rushed over, but had a brief moment of hesitance – not recognizing the number. But she figured it had to be Jax. He’d a habit of persuading others into letting him use their cellphone as of late. This way they had more privacy. And here she was now… she’d just left Tig and his mother stranded at some random hotel. Granted they had money and their belongings. That didn’t help the guilt… What was she going to say? She drew back a breath and answered.

“Jax…” she practically whispered.

“Hey, babe… no ears…” he hinted.

Her bottom lip quivered and she covered her face.

“Jax…”she said once again losing the battle.

“Hey! Are you alright?!”

“I can’t do this… people, they’re dying, Jax. Everyone around me dies… I have other choice.”

“What do you mean, baby?”

“I won’t allow it. Not anymore. No one else dies.”

“Angel… please. You’re starting to scare me. Tell me what’s going on.”

“I can’t… You just gotta trust that I hadn’t any other choice. You’re getting out of prison. You and Abel will live… And when it comes time, I’ll be sending CJ along the way. I love you, Jax and our babies, so much. Always remember that…”

“Dammit Angel, tell me what’s going on?!”

“I gotta give myself up…”

“The hell you are! Don’t you do this to me. Not now. I mean it, Angel. Don’t you even fucking pull this shit!”

“They’re not stopping. They never will… I gotta do something!”

“You are a Teller now Angel and we don’t give up! Even if you’re on your fucking deathbed you keep fighting. You turn yourself in you’re giving up on me and our kids. They need their mother and I’ll be damned if I go without you. I understand about seeing death and what it can do to you, but that’s the price we pay, sometimes in this life especially if it brings us back to each other. Now please baby, tell me everything that happened and we’ll figure out how to fix it, together.”

Once she briefly went over everything. Jax felt just as ill.

“Jesus Christ…” he whispered.

“You and Tig gotta go back, baby. Rid of all evidence. The IRA just set you up. Why do you think they used our guns? Burn the bodies… Hell the entire community, if that’s what it takes. If you don’t, this is going to backfire on the three of you and possibly the entire MC. The IRA has you right where they want. And Tig… he should know better. He’s been doing this shit for years. And still, he lets this blow right past him.”

Angel sighed.

“And as for you… I need you to get back to my mother and Tig ASAP. If the IRA catches wind of you being alone and having no protection, they will use that to their advantage. So it’s time to check out. Just don’t go passing out on me on the drive back. Call my mother and let her know you’re heading that way. Keep sharp and be safe. You got this… I need you to believe that. Just as you told me before you left. So let me hear you say it…”

“I got this…”

“Come on, darlin’. I gotta believe it!”

She sort of laughed.

“I got this.”

“Good deal… Now I better let you go before I overstep my privileges…” He hinted once again.

“I love you, Angel. I’m right there every step of the way. Don’t you ever forget that.”

“I love you too, Jax.”

“Oh… shit.”


“I almost forgot. You gotta watch your back with that fed, babe. Whatever you did, got him fired and he isn’t too happy. So I need you to keep that in mind. But stay sharp; don’t do anything you may regret, if he happens to approach you.”

“Got it.”

“Alright… later, baby.”


“Yeah, you had better get your ass back here!”

Angel rolled her eyes on Gemma’s words, but was quick to slam on the brakes. The tires let out a squeal as she spun the truck back around.

“I might be running a tad late.”


The young woman hung up the phone and parked right behind the all too familiar bike, blocking it in.

“Oh I’m going to make you wish you were never born…” she murmured, killing the engine.

She touched herself up in the mirror and nodded upon her reflection.

“You’re coming home, Jax.”

Angel entered the bar and naturally, gathered some pretty odd looks. She disregarded everyone around her as her focus was on one thing and one thing only. She tilted her head towards a particular corner of the bar.

“Robert Munson, you god-damn-two-timing-son-of-a-whore! I knew it!”

If she hadn’t everyone’s attention before, she certainly had now. She marched right on over and grabbed the man by his long scruffy locks. The man blinked a few times and was doing his best to take it all in, but was clearly three sheets to the wind. And not a bit of this was making a lick of sense. How’d she get here? The man thought over and over as it wasn’t truly registering.

“Get lost, skank. That’s my husband you’re blowing.” Angel ran a hand along her stomach, suggestively.

Husband? Is she nuts?!

“Husband…? You never said you were married!”

“Well he sure is, sweetheart! And we’ve got two more back at home, asking where their daddy is! Here he is getting his dick blown. Yet he missed our little girl’s birthday party today and broke her heart! You’ve gotta be the lowest scum of the earth! I should’ve married your brother – Jackson! At least he has his act together. And believe me he offered, more than once!”

Angel shoved Bobby towards the bar doors. The man went to say something but she cut him that look of utter hell. Daring him… He sighed and stumbled on out the door.

“Get your ass in that truck, Bobby. We haven’t all night.”

He rolled his eyes but looked over realizing she him at gunpoint.

“As you can see, I’m done fucking around. In the truck…”

Bobby was thinking something along the lines of the movie Carrie and how she resembled the main character. Her hair was a mess. Those brown eyes of hers were blood shot and she truly looked insane. And for once she managed to make Bobby feel rather intimidated. He held up his hands up and got into the truck.

“Move it, you drunken slut.”

He’d have laughed if it wasn’t for the situation. Once she was in the truck, the young woman floored it on out of there.

“Hope that bike wasn’t sentimental.”

But as she sped on down the road, Piney, Jax, and everything else this man had played a part in, came to mind. She grabbed a fistful of his hair, slammed on the brakes and bashed his head into the dashboard.

“You killed him! Didn’t you?”

Bobby covered his mouth and nose as it was busted open.


“Crazy?! No. Not even close. No, Bobby. I’m MAD! In fact, I’m on the brink of insanity. You haven’t any idea. How dare you pin Piney’s murder on my husband!”

Bobby narrowed his eyes on this. He looked over seeing as how she was going 120 down the road.

“Slow it down before you get us both killed.”

She went to argue this but looked to the speedometer. She let out a sigh and took her foot off the pedal a bit.

“I didn’t pin nothin’ on no one. It was self-defense. How was I supposed to know he’d be there waiting for me? The son of a bitch was on my couch! The minute I entered the door, he fucking fired! Then he started going on about you and how he knew everything!”

Angel narrowed her eyes wondering what that meant exactly. Bobby lifted his shirt revealing the wound Piney had left, when he shot him. “So yeah, you’re god damn right! I shot the bastard. He’d have killed me if I hadn’t. But I don’t see how this has anything to do with Jackson!”

“He’s in prison, you jackass. Serving your time!”

“That doesn’t make sense! How would that fall back on Jackson?”

“Because he was there!”

“What do you mean he was there?!”

“Jax went to confront you on what all took place… When he did he stumbled across Piney’s body. And just as Wayne and David had!”


“That’s right… You’ve managed to tear this club apart and inside out! And yet you were going on about ME being the problem? Have yourself a good look in the mirror, Bobby. You’re the only one that had an issue with me! And you’re the only one that stood against Jax’s vision for the club. Yet he’s the one in prison and Piney’s the one six feet under. Now whose doing was that?! It sure as hell wasn’t MINE!”

“And what is it you want from me?!”

“You really want to know?!”


“You’re going to turn yourself in. I’m getting my husband back. Abel is getting his father back and the club is going to get their president back!”

“And you think I’m just going to hand myself over? Just like that?”

“If you were any kind of brother at all, you wouldn’t so much as bat an eye on it! Come on, Bobby. I need you to see the bigger picture here! Do you not get just how many lives are affected by all this?! Do the right thing for once in your miserable life! Don’t you make my husband pay for this! Jax doesn’t belong there and you know it!”

Bobby pinched the bridge of his nose, “where are we going?”

“Just sit back, shut that cakehole of yours, and enjoy the fucking ride.”

The man thought about knocking her ass out or holding her at gunpoint. But two things were holding him back. One he was drunk as hell, and two? Even Bobby knew he had it coming. Only he was expecting Chibs or Jax, not Angel. As of now, she had his balls in a vice. Not only was she carrying, but he reminded himself of that god damn shield of hers. However, part of him was rather impressed. It’s not every day one of the old lady’s ones you up like that. He’d have never dreamed that Angel had it in her. Not in a million years. And the little stunt she pulled at the bar… had him laughing now. The young woman gazed upon him in wonder as he continued to chuckle and was looking out the window now.

“I don’t see the humor in all this. So would you mind filling me in?”

“I was merely curious as to Jackson’s reaction to our ‘lovechild’.”

“Come now Bobby, was love really involved?”

He nodded with a touch of a smile.

“You know I should’ve expected this from the very beginning.”

She glanced upon him in peculiarly.

“Jackson… He had an issue with Clay ever since he was born. They had this love/hate relationship going and at times… That’s the way I feel about Jax. But I’m telling you and I’m gonna keep tellin’ you… He’s taking the wrong path. The others are only agreeing to all this, because like you – they want to see the finish line. Well that doesn’t exist it’s a mere illusion. It never did! This is how things are done and the sooner Jax comes into terms with that, the better off he’ll be. The more he tries to dig out of this so-called-grave, the deeper it becomes. There are only two ways out of this… Jax is going to end up getting everyone killed or they’ll be singing Jailhouse Rock, IN PRISON!”

“That’s not the way I see it.”

Bobby sighed and shook his head.

“Well you’ll be eating those words later, sister.”

“I tell you what, Bobby. Turn yourself in and I’ll pay you a conjugal visit in prison if that’s ever the case.” He raised his brows on this. The mere idea made her sick to her stomach. But she felt the need to get her point across. Everyone knew how she felt about her husband and there wasn’t a chance in hell, she’d screw around on him.



“And you do whatever I tell you to?”

“Absolutely.” He offered a hand and Angel gave it a firm shake.

“I’m holding you to that. If Jackson screws the pooch I get to screw his bitch.”

Fat chance in hell, buddy… And that was how much faith she had in her husband. There wasn’t a doubt in her mind that her husband had this. Bobby would be stuck playing five knuckle shuffle for the rest of his life. Another hour passed, before she pulled into the hotel. Bobby cut her an odd glance as Gemma and Tig were already outside waiting. Gemma looked pissed and Tig looked frustrated. But the moment they took notice of Bobby in the truck. They reared back in harmony and regarded Angel in outright disbelief. She smiled and waved upon them. Tig tossed their things into the back and he opened the door for Gemma. Bobby and Tig were cutting each other looks of sheer hell, but the four of them sat in silence as Angel drove.

“Shit…” Angel mumbled as they passed by the Amish town and saw it to be swarming with cops.

She didn’t take any chances by slowing down.

“Man oh man…” Tig uttered taking notice as well. Bobby regarded them oddly as even Gemma had this pale presence about her.

“What was that about?” Bobby asked.

Tig explained the situation and Bobby started laughing.

“Looks like you got yourselves fucked and hardcore.”

Angel grimaced but kept driving. Another thought came to mind… the young woman regarded the ‘scoundrel’ in the rearview mirror.

“Please tell me you wore a condom… and that you rid of it…” she hinted and he flinched.

“Jesus Christ…”

“What are you two blabbing about?” Gemma questioned.

Tig sighed, “Didn’t have one on me. So, I pulled out…”

“And did she clean up after?”

“Hell if I know.”

“You do realize what this…”

“YES! I get it, okay!” Tig snapped.

“Don’t you get cross with me! You’re the one that couldn’t keep it in your pants.”

“And how was I supposed to know the entire town would turn out to be the slaughter fest of the century?”

“Wait… Am I hearing this right? Did you seriously deflower one that pretty Amish girl?” Gemma asked.

“He sure did and in less than 24 hours.”

“Hell, I guess you were right. She was waayyyyyy repressed.”

“Not helping, Gemma.”

Gemma snorted on this and gave Tig a high five.

“You’re a couple of twitchy bitches, you know that. It’s a wonder you two haven’t hooked up. You sick motherfuckers.” Angel hissed causing Bobby to chuckle. He looked back and tilted his head upon Tig.

“You fucked an Amish girl?”

Tig nodded like it was something to be proud of.

“Was she hot?”

“Oh yeah…”

“Huh… I bet she had a bush from hell though.”

“Oh yeah. Total 70s thing going… But still… the girl was smokin’ hot.”

“SHIT!” the three of them hollered out as Angel slammed on the brakes.

“You do realize the three of us are joining Bobby now, right?”

Tig and Gemma sighed.

“We don’t know that yet.” Gemma threw out there.

“They set us up! Evidence of us being there is all over the place. That girl Tig fucked? No way they’re going to believe that was consensual. They’re going to pin rape on his ass and believe he killed her in order to shut her up. That’s how it’ll go from there… Hell, this could fall back on the entire MC! This is exactly what Jax was trying to warn me about. But we’re too late!”

Angel hit at the steering wheel and let out a screaming growl.

“Unfuckingbelievable. We knew better, yet not a one of us thought on the consequences!”

“There were over 40 bodies. Even if we had thought to cover our tracks, we couldn’t have done it alone, not in time…”

Tig sighed, “Gem’s right… We had nowhere near the manpower. And chances are, if the cops are already there. They’d have caught us and right in the act of trying to cover it up.”

“So great. Jax is getting out and I’m going in. Hope you like cold floors, CJ!”

“Now I never said I was turning myself in.”

This had not only Angel, but Gemma and Tig aiming their guns Bobby’s direction.

“Oh, calm the fuck down… Talk about overly dramatic. Where else am I gonna go? I was just merely stating the obvious. I’m not an idiot.”

He rolled his eyes as they lowered their guns and put them away.

“I won’t let this fall back on you or Gem.” Tig promised.

“And how are you going to go about that?”

“I’ll figure it out.”

Bobby had a good laugh at this.

“What are you doing here in the first place?” Bobby scoffed with annoyance.

“I mean honestly, Jax should know better by now. You fuck everything up. Always have…”

“This coming from the guy that nearly raped his old lady and set him up for murder! Gee, I wonder who he’s going to trust more…” Tig spat in return.

Gemma regarded the three of them in question.

“Wait… what?”

“Oh, you didn’t know?” Tig replied.

Gemma shook her head no.

“You nearly raped my pregnant daughter-in-law?!”

“Knock that off!” He yelled as Gemma started smacking him around.

“Tig…” Angel called out so softly he barely heard her.

He caught her reflection in the rearview mirror as she was pulling over. Her complexion was ghostly white.

“Shit…” He said as he rushed on out the door.

Tig opened the driver’s side and scooped her up. “I got you, sweetheart.”

She nodded, but could barely keep her eyes open. Tig and Gemma got her situated in the back seat. The moment her head hit Gemma’s lap, she was out. Gemma drew back a breath and took her hand.

“You’re gonna be just fine, baby…”she whispered surprising both men.

Later on…

“So I be stwong?”

“That’s right, baby. You gotta eat your meat so you’ll be big and strong. Just like daddy!”


Angel nodded as she was loading the dishwasher.

“That’s right, Abel.”

“Daddy, here!” he replied with a giggle.

Angel froze on his words. She turned towards Abel. Her jaw dropped and her heart literally skipped a beat.


There he was leaning against the entryway. With his arms folded about his chest, he smiled and sent her a wink.

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