Chapter 10 The Last Straw

Chapter 10

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Bella laughed as Jax was kissing Abel’s feet. Abel would laugh and kick his feet about. Then hold them still afterward waiting for his father to do it all over again. Only this time Abel clapped his hands together excitably.

“Daddy’s funny isn’t he?”


Bella and Jax froze and looked to one another in absolute surprise.

“Did he just…” Jax murmured looking stunned.

Bella smiled and used a Polaroid camera to take their picture.

“I believe so…”

Jax scooped his son up off the living room floor and hugged him. He sat on the couch and laid Abel down in his lap.

“Maybe he’s just babbling… You know, like he always does…”Jax murmured with a shrug.

Bella sat beside him and tickled Abel’s feet. He smiled and squealed out.

Da-dee!” He called out once again.

“Still think it’s baby babble?”

Jax chuckled with a massive grin going.

“Well little man… You done said your first word.”

Bella kissed Jax on the cheek.

“He loves his daddy! Don’t you Abel?”

He squealed out once again and Jax sighed looking to the time.
“I gotta get…”

She nodded as he handed Abel over. Jax kissed her lips then kissed his son on the forehead.

“Mom still picking him up today?”

“Yeah, but I’m picking him up tomorrow morning. He has an appointment.”
Jax nodded.

“Alright love you both.”
“Love you too.” Bella said raising one of Abel’s hands using it to wave him off.

Jax smiled and grabbed his vest before heading out the door.

Once he left, she placed Abel in his baby swing and set the timer. Bella brought a baby book out from her old bedroom. It was one she’d bought not long after becoming Abel’s nanny. She’d been placing pictures and taking notes on all his progress and milestones. She wrote down the date and his first word. She taped the picture of Abel and his father inside the baby book. When she was done she shut the book and laid it on the coffee table.

Her cellphone rang and Bella reached into her back pocket.


Hey baby, I’m gonna be running a little late.”

Make that two! Bella heard Opie say in the background.

Fine, make that more than a little late.”

Bella softly laughed.

All good he’s going to sleep now anyhow… Everything alright?”

Something’s wrong with the god damn car. Apparently, it’s going to take two hours to fix it.”


Yeah, well me too!”

Good luck!”

Gemma hung up the phone and Bella looked over seeing as how Abel was sound asleep now.

She decided to hurry and clean the house. About forty minutes in she got another call.

Missing me?”

Always darlin’… Look I was gonna let you know that…”

Bella turned as she heard a knock at the door.

Sorry Jax, just a sec…”

She placed the phone down on the coffee table.

What the…” Jax heard Bella utter as she looked through the peephole seeing two masked men dressed all in black and they were wearing black ski-masks.

Bella started towards the phone just as the door was forced open and they shot through the chain link lock. Jax’s heart sank to the pit of his stomach as he heard Bella scream directly after the gunshot. He just stood there in a bit of shock. Opie, Gemma, and Juice looked to Jax with concern.

“What’s wrong baby?” His mother asked.


Bella took her gun out from the back of her pants.

I mean it! One step closer and I will shoot!”

The area around Jax spun and he suddenly as if he were walking on an incline. He found himself struggling to get his bike as he listened to the nightmare unfolding on the other end. Another gun shot was heard followed by the sound of glass shattering. Jax hung up the phone and the bike kicked to life as he sped the entire way home.

Bella rolled about the floor. There was broken glass from the coffee table scattered about the area. She groaned out in pain. The two men looked to one another as if lost and in silent conversation over something. The bulkier man pointed to the baby. Bella crawled about the floor and was doing her best to inch her way towards the gun that had been knocked out of her hand. The larger man grabbed her and hurled her into the glass coffee table.

“This wasn’t the plan…” the thinner one hissed in a panic. “He wasn’t supposed to be here.”

Bella narrowed her eyes on this and was reaching for the gun.

“You watch after him. I got this…” the larger one replied.

She gasped out as the gun was suddenly kicked out of her reach. Bella noticed the way the man was rubbing his hands as if in pain. He bent down and grabbed a fistful of her hair forcing her up.

“NOOOO!” Bella shouted as the other man was about to grab Abel.

Abel’s cries became louder as he was reaching for her. Bella shot both her hands out. And the other man reared back. He was trying to grab the boy but couldn’t. There was this odd barrier keeping him back. He couldn’t push through it. He looked over to see Bella was sweating profusely and shaking all over. She looked to be in physical pain.
“GRAB HIM!” The man snapped.

“I CAN’T! She’s doing something!”

The one that had her in his grasp gritted his teeth and took his fist to the back of her head as hard as he could.

SHIT! Why’d you do that?! What happened to just scaring her?”

The bigger man took his glove off and a sigh of relief escaped him as he felt for a pulse.

“I’m handling it! Just keep an eye on him. I’ll be back.”

“I don’t like this! You said he wasn’t going to be here! Nothing went according to plan.” The man pointed to Bella. “That bitch is crazy! What the fuck was that?!”

The other man flipped Bella over his shoulder and said nothing as he exited the house.

Bella’s eyes fluttered about as she came too. Her head swayed a bit as her vision was a bit blurry. She went to move only to realize her arms were spread apart and her wrists were cuffed and to a chain link fence. The tips of her toes barely touched the ground. She swallowed back only to start coughing as her throat was raw from all the screaming earlier. The young woman was incredibly weak and severely dehydrated. She licked her dry and cracked lips. Once her vision fully came to she jumped seeing as how there were three men standing before her – each in the same getup as the men that entered the house earlier. The more familiar and taller one stood between them and nodded towards her.

“We got a few questions for you chicka…”

“Do you now?”

They nodded and she sort of laughed.

“Where is he?!” She demanded as to Abel.

“We’ll be asking the questions and you’ll be the one answering them.”

Oh shit…” the man muttered under his breath as he heard the familiar humming of a motorcycle pulling up to the drive.

The man put his ski-mask back on and hurriedly sat Abel down in his crib then took off. Jax caught wind of this just as he entered the house. The man’s back was to him as he witnessed him going out the back door. He gritted his teeth and chased after the guy. By the time Jax got to the back door the guy was long gone. Jax pulled at his hair then punched at the wall. He froze as he heard Abel crying. Within a beat he ran towards his son’s room and made his way to the crib. He picked Abel up and started rocking him. As he did his best to calm his son, he walked about the entire house looking for Bella.

“Angel?! He called out.

He grew pale as he took in all the damage done to the living room and the trail of blood along the floor. There was some on the wall and on Abel’s door.

“Where are you, baby?!” Jax called out with more desperation. He looked in every area of the house even the closets and bathtub.

He bent down and picked Bella’s cellphone up off the ground. He blew the shards of glass of it and looked to see him and his mother as her last contacts. Jax pocketed the phone then picked up Abel’s baby book. The man hadn’t a clue she’d even done this. He dusted the glass off and ran his fingers along it. When he flipped through the book he saw pictures of him and his son all throughout as well as notes to Abel’s progress and milestones.

“Where’s mommy, Abel?”

“Ma-meeee?” he repeated causing Jax to stagger back against the wall. He nodded upon his son.

“That’s right little man, where is she?”

Abel’s bottom lip quivered and he buried his face into his father’s shoulder.

“We’ll find her…” Jax assured.

“And the bastards responsible…”

Bella grunted out as she took another hit from a taser gun. The man grabbed her by the hair and jerked her towards him.

“I’m going to ask you one more time and you had better answer. The guns… Who is SAMCRO selling them to?”

She spit in his face.

“The hell with you…”

He gritted his teeth and went to tase her once again, only to have it back fire as she used her shield to hit him dead center in the balls. Bella grabbed ahold of the wire fence and brought her legs up. She used both feet to shove the man back. One of the other men withdrew a gun and fired.

NO!” The other one shouted and shoved him up against the wall.

The bullet landed with a clanking sound as it bounced along the asphalt. The man sighed as the other two looked to the bullet in marvel. “What the fuck?” One of them said as he picked up the bullet and glanced Bella’s direction once again. Bella cried out as she snapped her thumb out of place so she could squirm out of the cuffs. She jumped as she heard the slamming of a car door. When she looked back the men were gone. Her heart raced as she was fighting to free herself from the other cuff. But her thumb was currently out of place and try as she might she couldn’t snap it back in.

“…fuck…” she whimpered out as she kicked at the fence. The cuff was cutting into her wrist as she jerked back trying with all her might to squeeze out of the cuff.

Jax jumped as his cellphone rang. His mother, Opie, and Juice were currently looking to all the damage that was done to the house.

“5201 West Avenue…” the man on the other end said and hung up directly after.

Jax looked to Opie and Juice.

“Might be best if the two of you came along.”

They nodded.

“Who was that?” his mother asked.

“Not sure… “Jax said and kissed his mother’s forehead.

“Look, take Abel to your house. Lock everything up.”

Gemma nodded as Jax and the boys darted on out the door.

They pulled up to the area and nodded to one another as they parked. Each of them took out their guns and headed towards the old abandoned warehouse. Once they entered the building Jax shined a flashlight about the area as they looked around with caution. He shook his head with frustration seeing no signs of her.

“HEY!” Opie called out as he was looking out one of the windows.

“Damn…” Juice uttered taking notice of the scene before them as well.

Jax took off towards one of the side doors and made his way over to the fence where Bella was still cuffed. He swallowed back as he cupped her chin.

“Come on Angel baby…” he said as scanned her over.

Jesus…” he murmured taking notice of how beat up she was.

Opie and Juice cringed once they made their way over. Jax got her situated as Opie shot the chain of the cuff that was still holding her to the fence. Jax immediately braced her against him and scooped her up. Opie and Juice kept an eye out as they headed back to the bikes.

“Jax?” she called out weakly.

He nodded and carefully placed her on his bike.

“Think you can hold on?”

She nodded looking as though she’d pass back out at any given moment. He placed the helmet on her and hopped on. He made certain she had a good hold on him before taking off.

Once they got her home, Jax rushed her to the bathroom; where he gently stripped her down and examined her more thoroughly. She was beat all to hell. She had two gashes on her head one in the back and front. Her entire backside was swollen and covered in cuts- due to the impact of the coffee table and rolling in the glass afterward. He propped her up on the counter and ran her a bath. As he tended to Bella and her needs; the boys took it upon themselves to help clean up the mess in the living room.

Opie shook his head as he was scrubbing the blood off the wall. Juice winced as he cut his thumb on a piece of glass from the coffee table. He put his thumb in his mouth and Opie raised his brows on this.

“Reverting back?”
“After seeing this shit… I just might.”
“So who do you think did it?”

Opie shrugged as he looked to the bullet hole in the wall behind the area of Abel’s swing.

“Maybe the Mayans?”

“You think?”

“Hard to tell…”

Bella gasped out the minute she hit the water.

“Easy now…”

She looked around the room panic –stricken.

“Shhhh…he’s fine.”

Bella rose in the bath and covered her face. Jax ran a warm wash cloth along her shoulders and back.

“I thought they took him…” she cried.

He pulled her up against his chest hugging her close.

“Abel’s fine… In fact… the little man was asking for his mommy.”

She lowered her hands and looked upon him in shock. Jax gave a hint of a smile.

“Are you serious?”
He nodded.

“Ma-meeee…” he repeated doing his best imitation of Abel.

“He really said that?” She questioned feeling somewhat emotional and found herself tearing up even more now.

“In the same day?”

“My thoughts exactly.”

“Wow… and at ten months.”
“He’s entering his 11 month actually.”
“He’s almost a year old…” she thought out loud.

“Where is he?”
“My mother’s…”

Bella’s heart did that dropping thing.

“Jax… I know who did this…”

“Good, tell me so we can take care of them…”

“Your mother needs to hear this as well.”

He narrowed his eyes on this.

“Why? How does any of this involve my mother?”
“Please, just call her and tell her to bring Abel.”

Jax sighed and handed her the wash cloth.

“Careful you got a couple gashes…” he gently tapped the areas letting her know where.

She nodded as he stepped out and called his mother.


Gemma’s entire face was flushed over as she pointed upon Bella. Jax stepped between them keeping his mother away from Bella.

“She isn’t lying!”

She hauled off and slapped her son. Jax gritted his teeth and growled under his breath. Gemma staggered back and looked to her hand once she realized what she’d done. She pointed to Bella directly after.

This… this is all on you! Watch yourself sweetheart. You’re playing a dangerous game…”

“Considering what she just told you I understand you not believing this right up front. But, son or not, you’re not slapping me again, got it? Mom?”

His mother shook her head and was eyeing Bella down.

“Look, I say we sleep on this and decide how to handle it later.”

“That man practically raised you! How dare you believe that little cunt!”

Both women jumped as Jax punched at the wall.

“You watch what you say… As to Clay… This doesn’t come as a surprise not to me, not anymore. I’ve seen what he’s capable of firsthand.”

“So you really think he did this?!” Gemma questioned in disbelief.

“No. I know he did this…” Bella replied

Gemma shook her head and grabbed her purse. They jumped as she slammed the door on the way out. Bella sighed as it woke Abel up. She scooted out of her chair and started towards his room.

“I got it… I want you to go to bed and get some sleep.”
“You think I can sleep with everything that’s taken place? And it’s pretty apparent your mother wants my head now.”

“I’ll worry about my mother.”

“And what about Clay and Tig?”

“After threatening you and indirectly threatening my son, I don’t want to just retaliate I want to ruin them! Once they are broken and left with nothing, only then will I allow them to die for what they have done. Tomorrow I take back SAMCRO.”

Gemma placed a beer before her husband at the dining room table. She pulled out a chair and sat across from him.

“Did you know Angela was kidnapped and tortured for information pertaining to the club?”

He reared back as he was taking a plunge off his beer.

“When did this happen?”

“Today…In fact she just got back home few hours ago. Lucky to be alive from the looks of things.”
“Damn… How’s Jax taking it?”
“Not so great… especially considering Abel was home when the attack took place. He says Abel was pretty shaken up when he arrived at the house. You should’ve seen the living room… I will say this much. Girl put up one hell of a fight.”

He nodded but was absentmindedly rubbing his knuckles. Gemma noticed how they were all bruised and scuffed up.

“Hmm…” he hummed with a nod and finished off his beer.

She came to her feet and put her hand to his cheek as she kissed him.

“I’m going to run a bath and turn in for the night.”
“I’ll be up later baby.”

Gemma nodded but as she walked away. She saw his reflection in a nearby curio cabinet and swore he was smirking. The woman told herself she was just seeing things. So she went on doing her best to but all this nonsense behind her. She knew that’s all it was. The little bitch was fucking with the wrong family.

Gemma heard the house phone ring as she was heading to the bathroom. She stopped as she heard the muffle of Clay’s voice as he answered the phone. She pulled the bedroom door shut and quietly headed towards the other phone in the bedroom. Gemma drew back the deepest of breaths before picking up the other phone. She was cautious about making any noise or breathing into the receiver.

So what do we do now?”

Just calm down and let me handle this.”

Calm down? Fuck Clay, this is Donna all over again only this time we didn’t kill the bitch.”

Clay sighed.

Maybe we should’ve…”

“Come on man, you don’t mean that.”

Like you said things went south and fast. Gemma was supposed to pick Abel up… He wasn’t supposed to be there… “

Has she said anything?”

Clay sighed once again.

Gemma mentioned something about…” he trailed off hearing Gemma’s cell phone through the phone.

“…shit..” Gemma whispered and hurriedly hung up the phone.

What’s that?”

Clay gritted his teeth and hung up the phone. Gemma hopped off the bed and dashed towards the bathroom where she started her bath. Trying to come up with an excuse and quick… She heard the bedroom door slam open. She swallowed back as he was stomping about the room. The bathroom door flew open.

“Is something wrong?”

Her jaw dropped as Clay walked on over and back handed her. For some reason, Gemma caught herself envisioning Bella’s face. She gasped out as he grabbed her by the collar of her shirt and hurled her up against the tub. Jax’s glass coffee table came to mind and so did the image of Clay smashing Bella through it.

“You just can’t help yourself can you? When will you learn that how I run things in MY club is none of your fucking business! This has been a long time coming…”

Just as he was coming for her once again; she snatched a nearby potted plant and took it across his arthritic hands. The man gritted his teeth and stumbled back in agony. Gemma braced herself along the tub and came to her feet. She grabbed one of her scented powders off a nearby shelf and opened the lid. She sent the entire contents flying into his face. Clay growled out and covered his face. Within a beat she took her hair dryer to the back of his head. Gemma grabbed her purse and didn’t look back as she darted on out the door.

Jax took a drag off his cigarette as he motioned Opie and Juice over. They nodded upon him in greeting as they made their way over.

“Clay’s called forth a meeting here in about an hour. So we got a bit of time…”

Jax told them the truth behind what happened according to Bella. By the time he was done they both had somewhat grim appearances to them. Opie pinched the bridge of his nose.

“How bad is she?”

He drew back a breath before answering.

“Pretty shaken up… She could barely move around this morning. Thankfully, the cuts on her head are healing over.”
“What is it about her?” Juice questioned out loud.

“Been wondering that myself…” Opie admitted.

Jax shrugged.

“She’s not exactly sure about that herself. Like that whole shield thing… There’s just something about her…”

“Yeah well, whatever it is… it’s a good thing. Last night… could’ve ended entirely different.” Opie said and Jax nodded in agreement.

“So here’s the deal… I want Clay out.”

Juice and Opie nodded in agreement.

“Couldn’t agree more brother.” Opie stated.

“You know I’m in…” Juice added and Jax hugged them both and gave them a firm pat on the back.

“In order to do that, we need it to be a unanimous decision – meaning we gotta find a way to bring Bobby and Chibs to our side of things.”

“That’s easy. We all know about Chibs family back in Ireland.”

Jax nodded.

“I’m hoping that’s what it takes. Now Bobby?”

The three of them looked to one another.

“We’ll have to see on that one.”

“Hey now, don’t forget about pops…” Opie threw in as a reminder.

“Heart attack or not… he’d be pissed if he hadn’t a say in this.”

“Call him up and get his vote.”

“We already know what it’ll be…”

“Fill him in and do it anyhow…”

“You got it…” Opie said as he took out his phone.

“What about you?”

Jax cut Juice a rather puzzled look as he finished his cigarette.


“Yeah man… Are you alright?”

Jax sort of laughed and shook his head.

“They scared the shit out of my son and beat up my old lady. How the fuck do you think I feel?”

Juice nodded in understanding.

“So what about Tig?”

“He’ll be eating dust along with Clay. Trust me… Clay’s gonna need his bitch after all this is revealed. I’m done holding back. It’s time…”

“Couldn’t agree more brother. I’m just sorry things got this out of hand.”

“Something should’ve been done back then” He hinted with a nod towards Opie as he was on the phone with his dad.

“Amen on that one…”

Once Opie was off the phone, he made his way back over.

“He’s in… But he had a suggestion.”


“He thinks you should get Bella and Abel some place safe… And Gemma if you can get her to budge.”

“Mom’s gonna be a hard sell…”

“Take it you tried telling her the truth already.”

Jax sort of laughed.

“Oh yeah… She’s not buying it. Any of it…”

“Of course…” Opie uttered.

“Stand by your man…” Juice added with a frown.

“Exactly… Mom’s stuck in her old ways. No way is she budging on this one.”

Opie glanced towards the club in thought.

“Why don’t we bring them here?”

Jax reared back on this.

“What? Bring my old lady and son into the fire…?”

“Think about it. Plenty of rooms to hide in and if shit were to go down; at least we know where they are and can keep them safe, even Bobby’s not about to let harm come to those two.”

“He’s got a point.” Juice added.

“So we bring them here? Get them set up in one of the rooms?”

The guys nodded.

“We can have a couple of the prospects keep an eye on them. Keep them safe.” Jax added as well.

“Sounds like a plan…” Opie replied.

“Where’s the kids?” Jax questioned in thought.

“Mom came over this morning. We had a rather interesting conversation. Anyhow, we’ve come into some sort of agreement. She’s watching them until the meetings over.”

“Things between you two okay?”

“About as good as it’s gonna get.”

Jax nodded.

SAMCRO Meeting:

“This was exactly what I was referring to back on that run. This has the Mayan’s written all over it.”
Jax nodded upon his stepfather.

“So you think it was them that came after my son and old lady?”
Clay nodded.

“Without a doubt… The Mayans have it out for the both of you.”

“Well you see… here’s the thing. Angel’s got another story.”
Jax leaned back in his chair. A cloud of smoke streamed through his nostrils reminding Opie of a dragon- a vengeful one at that.

“And what would that be son?”

“That there two men that entered the house… And even though they did their best to mask their voices and had themselves covered from head to toe; there were little things here and there that gave them away.”

Opie and Juice took notice of the uncomfortable look on Tig’s face. Jax kept his eyes on Clay.

“So who were they lad?” Chibs questioned.

Jax tilted his head with a bit of a smirk.

“Why don’t you ask Clay and Tig…?”

The club looked towards Clay and Tig.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Bobby questioned.

“What it means is this… Clay went behind my back in not only the vote on whether or not to test my old lady. But when the vote didn’t quite pan out the way he’d hoped for. He went behind mine and the club’s back once again, by taking matters into his own hands. And like usual, Tig followed him like the little bitch he is.”

Clay shot up and Tig leaped over the table and knocked Jax out of his chair up and up against the wall. Jax laughed and Tig froze as he heard the cocking of a gun. Tig looked down seeing as how it was buried into his gut. Clay had his gun aimed at Jax but Juice and Opie had theirs aimed at Clay. Chibs and Bobby looked to one another as if lost on what to do.

“What’s it gonna be? You want a club or a dictatorship?” Jax spat whilst eyeing Clay down.



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