Chapter 11 The Revival of Sam Crow

Chapter 11

I do not own Twilight or SOA. Friendly reminder – putting my own spin to this. Not everything follows exact story line and this will be AU!

Bella paced the room she and Abel were currently in. The prospects where keeping guard at the door. She could make out bits and pieces of the meeting every once in a while. Her nerves were shot and found herself fearing the outcome. She couldn’t protect Jax or any of the others from here. And from what little she could pick up. She knew shit was about to go down. She wasn’t the only one concerned. The prospects could hear even more than she could at the moment as they were closest to the vent coming from the boardroom. Bella couldn’t help but to notice how the skinner one was acting. He looked like he were about to shit his pants. The other one was doing his best to calm him down.

“You wanna be here when shit goes down?”

The other one sighed and shook his head.

“Just relax… You’re gonna scare them acting like that. Man up…”

Bella realized the taller and chunkier boy was referring to her and Abel. In fact he was looking to them off and on with concern.

“I need to go to go the bathroom…” she lied knowing the only way to Jax was out of this room.

The prospects glanced upon one another as if lost on what to do.

“Can you wait until we get word from Jax? We were told you and little guy weren’t to leave this room – no matter what.”

“Then maybe one of you can watch Abel. The other can keep watch as I go?”

“Not so sure about this Phil…”
“Lady’s gotta go… Look, just watch the little guy. I’ll take her myself. We’ll be right back.”

Bella handed Abel over to the one whose name patch read Shepard.

“Don’t let him out of your sight…”

He nodded. Phil opened the door and was escorting her to the lady’s room. She stopped halfway there and glanced towards the boardroom. Bella started that direction instead.

“Whoa lady….” The prospect went to stop her.

“I can’t let you do that.”
Bella nodded but kept walking. He grabbed her arm but his eyes widened once she cut him a look of utter hell.

“You might wanna remove that hand, Phil.”

He nodded.

“Right…” he replied and dropped his hold.

“…shit…” Phil murmured as she walked up to the boardroom door and put her ear up against it.

Bella put a finger to her lips and cut him a wink.

“I’m so dead.” He whispered in utter misery.

“What’s it gonna be? You want a club or a dictatorship?” Jax spat.

Bobby and Chibs shook their heads and looked to Clay than back to Jax. Juice and Opie nodded to one another as they kept their guns on Clay.

“You really gonna shoot me?” Jax challenged as he eyed Clay down.

“What’s going on boys?” Piney questioned as he was picking all this up over the phone.

“All this true, mate?” Chibs questioned Clay.

He didn’t answer.

“I think we’re gonna need an answer…” Bobby stated.

Clay rolled his eyes.
“I did what I did for the club.”
“For the club?!” Jax hissed.

“YOU SCARED THE SHIT OUT OF MY SON AND BEAT THE LIVING HELL OUT OF MY OLD LADY!” Jax shouted as he took his fist to the table.

Everyone looked to Jax and Clay in utter shock. Jax took some pictures out from his vest and slid them across the table. They were pictures of Bella after Clay was done with her.

Jesus…” Bobby murmured as he picked them up and was skimming through them.

He passed them over to Chibs and the man had this look of disgust about him.

“Forget that it was my old lady and son. Is this what we stand for? Scaring children and harming innocent women?! Think on it… Is this something to take pride in? We’re meant to protect this town and the ones residing within it! How was that…” Jax pointed to the pictures. “Protection?”

“We’ve all seen what she’s capable of!” Clay threw out there.

“So that was your answer? To make her fear SAMCRO rather than trust us. If that’s what this club stands for then I don’t want any part in it. In fact… “Jax withdrew his gun from Tig’s gut and took his vest off and threw it on the table.

“As long as you’re leading… I’m done. I’d rather go nomad. This isn’t a brotherhood. And this sure as hell isn’t a club. My father was right… We lost our way. Sam Crow died a long time ago.”

“Are you challenging me on leadership, son?!”

“He’s not the only one…” Bobby gobbed.

“I demand a vote!” Piney declared over the phone.

The others nodded in agreement causing Clay to grit his teeth. He pointed upon Jax furiously.

“Your old man wasn’t worth the tank of gas it took to run him over! And you’re just like him!”

Jax narrowed eyes as Chibs rushed and shoved Clay up against the wall.

“You want to repeat that, brother?”

Everyone within the room looked upon Clay in disbelief – even Tig.

“That had better not mean what I think it does…” Jax warned.

The door opened and everyone turned that direction as Bella entered the room. She nodded towards Clay.

“You want to tell them the truth now? Or shall I?”

Everyone within the room reared back in her words.

“The dead tend to get a lot of visitors… friends, family, lovers, and some tend to keep their enemies close… Even in death…”

Bella pulled out one of the chairs and sat down – her eyes never leaving Clay. She took a cigarette out from her overshirt pocket and lit it. She took a long drag…

“Tell me Clay… What does one say when visiting their victim?”

Before the others could react Clay took a shot at her. Chibs hurriedly knocked the gun out of his hand. Opie rushed over and helped Chibs hold Clay back. Bella reached over and picked the shell up from the table. She tossed it into a nearby garbage bin. She brought her gun out and removed all the bullets out, but one. She spun the chamber around and it clicked as she snapped it back in. Bella aimed her gun at Clay.

Jax took his gun to the back of Tig’s head knocking him out as he went to aim his at Bella.

“Tell them…”

Clay shook his head and cut her a glance of mockery. She nodded and fired. He jumped and everyone within the room regarded Bella in absolute surprise. Clay looked to the club as if expecting them to come to his defense. She tilted her head looking disappointed.

“Well fuck… Maybe it’s the next one…”

She went to fire again…

“I didn’t kill J.T…”

Bella shook her head and pulled the trigger.

“Lucks about to run out here soon…” She warned.

Clay sighed but had a look of panic about him.

“If I hadn’t done what I did J.T would’ve put SAMCRO into bankruptcy!”

“And what did you do exactly?”


Opie socked Clay in the stomach.

“Watch it…” he warned.

“Answer the question!” he demanded afterward.

Clay gritted his teeth.

“J.T decided that gun dealings weren’t good for the club after all.” Clay shook his head upon Jax.

“Once them boys came into the picture. He had this whole change of heart going. If I had let it continue he’d have ran SAMCRO to the ground and there would’ve been nothing left of us once he was done. I hadn’t any choice. So yeah I set it up! J.T had to go!”

“So taking him out of the picture was the only thing that came to mind…? A man that you once swore a thick as blood bond to… But it wasn’t just your brother you killed that day.”

Bella motioned to the rest of the club and Jax lastly. She opened the chamber and retrieved the bullet. She came to her feet and locked eyes with Jax as she handed it over. Before she could leave the room, Jax took her by the hand.

“You mean you knew the whole time and you never once said anything to me…”

The young woman smiled and leaned into his ear.

“That’s because I really didn’t…”

She looked back to Clay.
“I was bluffing… I let his guilt do all the talking.”

Juice had a grin going ear to ear. Jax found himself taken back as she pecked him on the lips and exited the room.

Jax looked to the bullet in the palm of his hand. He motioned for the prospect to shut the door. Once the door was shut, Jax took the bullets out of his gun. He placed the one Bella had given him in the chamber. Just as she did he spun it around before snapping it back in. He made his way over to Clay and put the gun to his head.

“Do we need a vote?” Jax questioned.

Each man looked to one another and shook their heads. Tears formed within Jax’s eyes as he got the okay from the others. Opie and Chibs forcibly removed Clay’s SAMRCO vest.

“Come on Op… You of all brothers understand where I’m coming from.” Clay pleaded.

Opie shook his head on this.

Don’t…” they heard Piney say on the phone. “Don’t you drag my son into this… I never thought I’d find shame in being an original. Then again, I never realized we were being led by an original piece of shit!”

“If fate allows you live… You’re hereby banished from not only SAMCRO, but Charming itself. If you ever set foot in this city again; we will gun you down. You come near my family and that includes the club, my old lady, my son, and yes my mother. I will rip you apart from the inside out, hang you, and let the others beat you to death with a bat. If today’s your last day… I do hope my father says hello…”

Jax pulled the trigger and still he stood. Clay sighed in relief. Jax nodded and set the gun down on the table and went to walk away. Chibs and Opie started to escort Clay out when Clay broke out of their hold and snatched the gun off the table. He took a shot at Jax only to realize it too was blank. Opie jerked the gun out of Clay’s hand and put it to his head, putting an end to it once and for all.

“Where the fuck is he?” Bella shouted.

“I’m not sure.”

Bella handed Abel over and darted on out the door. She had Shepard’s prospect vest in hand as she made her way outside. She gritted her teeth as she saw him getting on his bike. She rushed over just as he started the bike before he could even get it going she pushed the bike over and started beating him with the vest.

“You left him ALONE?!”

Shepard covered his face with his hands.

“Oh shit!” Phil called out as he stepped out and took in the scene before him.

Bella grabbed the young man by the roots of his hair.

“GET UP!” She demanded.

Shepard started to cry and nodded. Bella let go of his hair as he managed to crawl out from under the bike and came to his feet. She pointed to the building of the club.

“You don’t get to leave. You get to go back in there and explain yourself. Let the others see that you’re not a man.”
“I’m so sorry! Please, lady, I…”

Bella brought her gun out and aimed it at him.

“Get to steppin’.”

Jax tilted his head in wonder as he stepped out of the boardroom. He saw Bella at the bar holding Abel but had a gun on Shepard.

“What’s this?”
“Ask him…”

Bella rolled her eyes as Shepard started to sob uncontrollably.

“Please, don’t kill me!”
“And why would I kill you?” Jax quizzed.

“I can’t do this anymore man. This isn’t for me. I thought it was. But it isn’t.”

Jax motioned for his old lady to put the gun away.

“Then you should go…” Jax uttered softly and pointed to the door.

Bella’s entire face flushed over.

“He’s not telling you the whole story!”

Phil sighed.
“She’s right. Shepard left your son defenseless when he was told to watch after him. He would’ve bailed without a word on it if she hadn’t put a stop to it.”

Jax raised his brows on this.
“That true?”

Shepard looked to the floor and Jax made his way over. He cupped Shepard’s chin.

“Angel, take Abel outside…”

She nodded and hopped down from the barstool. Once they were outside Jax struck him in the gut. The young man bowled over gasping for air. Jax adjusted his rings before taking them to his face. Shepard hit the ground and held up a hand.

“Please… I’m sorry!”

Jax’s lip curled and he pointed to the door.

“The only pussy allowed in this club is the kind you fuck. Don’t show your face here again.”

Shepard nodded and scurried on out the door.

Tig flinched as Jax used his blade to rip the patches off his vest. He handed them to Opie once he was done. Jax pointed to Tig with his blade.

“You’re to leave Charming at once. Don’t bother going anywhere that belongs to the Sons. Word will spread like wildfire of your betrayal. There isn’t anyone that’s gonna trust you. If I find you take a cut from any other club. I will hunt you down and kill you myself.”

Opie and Juice escorted Tig off the premises. When they returned Jax looked to the boys.

“Call the cleaner…” Jax said with a nod towards Juice.

“Once that’s done we need to decide how things go from here…”

The men nodded in agreement.

“Hey, isn’t he…?” Jax shook his head and shushing her as the cleaner put his long rubber safety gloves on.

“But he looks just like…” Juice was next to silence her as he clamped a hand over her mouth.

She frowned and shoved his hand away.

“Can I get his autograph?” she whispered to Jax.

“He hates that…” Jax alleged in return.

Once the Cleaner was done ridding of Clay’s body, he accepted the club’s payment offer of 1500 and let him take whatever he wanted of Clay’s. .

Juice looked over to Jax once everyone was back inside.

“Guess that makes you president now, huh?”

Jax rather sighed on this, but regarded the others in thought.

“Do we need a vote on this?” he questioned.

Each man looked to one another and shook their heads.

“Nah lad… I think we’re good.” Chibs assured.

“But you’ll be needing a VP. That’s for sure…” he added.

Jax drew back a breath and nodded upon Opie.

“Whattya say brother?”
Opie raised his brows looking relatively stunned.


Jax nodded.

“Yeah you… who else would I pick?”

Opie shrugged.

“Um sure… if the others agree.”

“Well let’s call forth a vote and see.”

“Yay.” Juice called out as he was gathering a beer.

“Yay for me.” Bobby hollered as he was heading to the john.

“Yay.” Chibs.

“Gotta call the old man I guess.” Jax called Piney getting his vote as well.

Once he got his vote he nodded upon Opie.

“Ready to make some changes?”

Opie smiled, but with a touch grief behind it.

“Been ready…”

Jax nodded and hugged him.

“We got this bro…” He guaranteed as he patted him on the back.

As he was heading out the door…”You gonna be okay?” Opie called out in concern. Jax stopped in his tracks and pivoted around. He nodded towards Opie and the others.

“I loved him… we all did. It’s unfortunate… Clay dug his own grave and continued in making it deeper as the years progressed. He gave us no other choice. This weekend we get the sons together and celebrate what is left of the original 9. Let’s remember what this club was started for…”

“Finally got him to sleep?” Jax questioned as to Abel as she entered the living room.

“Finally” she softly replied and sat beside him on the couch.

He wrapped his arm around her and Bella leaned against him. After a few moments, Jax cleared his throat and came to his feet. He bolted on out the front door. Bella rose out of concern and followed. When she stepped out, Jax was leaning against the house with one hand. He had his eyes pinched shut and his face was beet red as he was hyperventilating. She reached out and ran a soothing hand along his back. Jax spun about and grabbed ahold of her. He hugged her close as he fell apart.

“Can’t get ahold of mom still…”
Bella was sipping at her coffee.

“Maybe I should run by the house and check on her.”
“Would you mind?” Jax asked as he was buttoning his shirt.

“Not at all….”
“If she asks about Clay…”
“I’ll let you and the club handle that one.”
“Good deal…” He murmured and pecked her on the lips.

“I love you.” She said as she was running her fingers along the President patch of his vest.
“I love you too baby.”

“Feel weird yet?”

“Hasn’t quite sunk in to be honest.”

She nodded in understanding. Jax grabbed his keys and wallet off the counter.

“I might be late…” He said once he was at the door.

“So don’t wait up…”

“Why don’t you take Abel in the back and play?” Bella suggested as she had Kenny and Eli with her as well today.

Eli nodded as Bella handed Abel over. Once the kids were outside, Bella looked around the house. She was a bit uneasy considering the door was left unlocked. She brought her gun out and made double sure the kids were alright as she peeked out the patio door. She smiled seeing as how Abel was trying to walk on his own but kept falling in the grass.

“You’ll get it…” she whispered.

She drew back a breath as she stepped away from the patio door. The young woman walked about the house that eerie feeling only lingered. She thought back to Clay and how the Cleaner ‘rid’ of his body. He placed the body into the club tub and poured acid over it – making certain he had his 80s music to work with as he did this. The man went about it like it was nothing. Then again, to him it was. Her nose wrinkled in thought and she found herself slightly nauseas. Clay truly was no more. She forced this horrific memory out of her head as she continued about the house. Bella entered the bedroom last. Yet again, she found nothing out of the ordinary. Not until she passed by the bathroom and caught a glimpse through the corner of her eye.

“What the…” she muttered under her breath once she stepped inside.

Her heart sank to the pit of her stomach as she took it all in. The potting soil, the powder, the broken pot, and the hair dryer… Her hand shook as she took out her cell phone. She dialed Jax and squatted down trying to picture what exactly took place.


She swallowed back before responding.



I’m at your mother’s…”


It’s not good…”
She rose and leaned against the wall shaking her head.

You should see the bathroom. Looks like your mom and Clay got into a fight. A big one from the looks of things…”

I don’t see any blood… But…” she trailed off seeing two sets of footprints in the powder.

She tilted her head as they seemingly led back out of the room. The young woman drew back a breath on this.

Jax, I think your mother is hiding out somewhere. From the looks of things… she made it out alive.”
Bella headed back out and looked around.

Her purse and the car are gone… I’m sorry Jax. I’m not sure what else to do or say even…”

Nothing we can do… Other than hope she turns up soon.”

I’m more than certain she will.”

Bella turned as the patio door slid open.


She smiled loving how he called her mommy now. It melted her heart every time he said it.

“Yes baby?”

Her jaw hit the ground as Abel entered the house on his own.

Oh my god Jax…”

What?!” He questioned with alarm.

Abel’s walking!”

Shit, for reals?”

Yeah… hold on…”

Bella put the phone down and dropped to one knee. She held her arms out.

“You got this…” She encouraged as Abel was making his way over.

“Just a few more steps…”

Abel smiled and his little knees were shaking.

“Couple more…”

He fell just a couple steps short and started crying.

“Awww you were so close. You did so good Abel!”

Jax managed to smile as he overheard all this. He nodded to the guys.

“Abel just took his first steps…” he announced as he twirled a wrench about in his hand.

The guys looked to Jax and did a little golf clap.

“Shut up…” Jax muttered with a chuckle, but deep down he was praying to God his mother was alright.

Bella opened Abel’s baby book once she got him down for a nap. She went to jot down his first steps when she took notice of something else. She ran her fingers along the page with the names of Abel’s parents. In Jax’s hand writing he had her listed as the mother. As she flipped through the book she saw where he’d added some other things as well; such as pictures of her and Abel and stuff pertaining to the three of them. He even had bits about her and Abel in general. Bella got that fluttery feeling all over again. Once she finished going through everything Jax added. She put down the date of Abel’s first steps and a picture of him from today.

On the very back page of the book was a note to Abel from his father…


Angel might not be your birth mother. But she is the one that gave you life. Always remember that…



Two days later…

Bella sighed as she rolled over seeing as how Jax’s side of the bed was empty once again. Jax hadn’t been home since the day he told her not to wait up. She wanted to give him whatever space he needed. But at the same time she was growing somewhat concerned. Bella smiled as Abel was peeking into the bedroom. He’d been crawling out of his crib as of late. She knew it was time for a toddler bed and thought about looking for one in town today. She patted Jax’s side of the bed. He smiled and pushed the door open with his tiny hand he walked a few steps before falling and deciding to crawl it out from there. Bella reached over and helped him onto the bed.

“Hey goober…”

He hugged her and lay down deciding to play with his feet for a bit. Bella pulled the covers up over them and he kicked his feet about and handed her his pacifier.

“Oh thank you! Just what I always wanted!”

“So I’m gone for a couple days and you’re in bed with another man?”

Bella smiled as she responded “well he is awfully handsome.”

“Da-dee!” Abel announced and he shoved the covers off them with his tiny hands.

Jax nodded upon them as he was leaning against the doorway. He looked as though he hadn’t slept at all and spent the entire time drinking.

“Everything okay?”

“Yeah just tired… I’m gonna hit the shower.”

“Careful…” Bella said as Abel rolled off the bed and was making his way to Jax.

Jax smiled and bent down scooping him up.

“I thought I’d get him a big boy bed today.”

“Think he’s ready for that?”
“He’s been climbing out of his crib lately.”

Jax made his way over and lay beside her on the bed. Within the matter of seconds or so it seemed. He was out… She picked Abel up and took him to his room. Once she got him changed and distracted with a few of his toys. She returned to the bedroom and took Jax’s shoes off. She did her best to make him comfortable. When she was done she kissed his cheek and got dressed. Figuring it were best to take Abel into town so Jax could sleep without interruption.

He nodded upon her as she opened the door. Gemma looked around seeing if he had anyone else with him.

“Just me…”
“What are you doing here?”

He sighed.

“I was going to ask you the same thing.”

Gemma pressed her lips together and folded her arms about her chest.

“You gonna let me in Gem?”

“You’ve got some nerve Tiggy…”

He nodded.

“If you’d let me in. I can let you in on what’s going on.”

“Why should I?”

“C’mon now…” He sighed and looked around before whispering…

“I never wanted to hurt her. He…” Tig shook his head with a grave expression.

“You gotta believe me doll. You think I’d want that after the whole Donna incident?”

Gemma drew back a breath before stepping aside and allowing him in.

“How is he?” he questioned with a nod towards her father who was in his recliner.

“It depends… he has his good and bad days. Today seems to be a good one.”

Tig nodded.
“How’d you know I’d be here?”

He smiled.
“Just did…”

“Hmmm… you want a cup of coffee? Maybe a dash of cyanide to go with it?”

“Sure… sounds great.” he smarted in return and followed her to the kitchen.

As she made them a cup of coffee, Tig took her in and shook his head.

“Clay do that?”

She shrugged as she stirred the cream and sugar in. Tig nodded.

“He ever do that before?”

“Is that what you came here for? To drill me about my private affairs?”

Tig shook his head and sipped at the coffee.

“Actually I’m here to tell you it’s okay to go home now.”

She sort of laughed.

“Is it now?”
“Yeah… It’s been taken care of.”
“What’s been taken care of?”
“I think we both know. It was a long time coming. And the truth… it’s out there now.”

Gemma staggered back on his words.


He nodded once again.

“The club took matters into their own hands.”

As he said this it was then Gemma noticed how he wasn’t wearing his vest.

“Jax is running the show now. And I gotta say like father like son…”
Gemma reached to her heart.

“Tiggy…” She muttered looking as though she’d pass out.

He rushed over and quickly braced her against him.

Hey… I need you to stay with me. Can you do that? Watch that ticker of yours sweetheart. I got somethings you need to know… And I can’t have your heart giving out on me now.”

Tig sat her down at the table. He drew back a breath as he pulled out a chair and sat beside her.

“J.T’s death… Hell, I’ve been holding on to the truth for years. That shit… it eats you up after too long.”

He pinched the bridge of his nose.

“It all started when you and Clay were messing around. Clay grew tired of playing second fiddle in not only your life, but the club as well. It wasn’t just about the gun run like Clay told the others. There was so much more behind it. Clay wanted everything John Teller had. His wife, his sons, and the club… The gun runs – that was something he and John started; only adding to his frustration when John wanted to pull out. J.T saw it as ruining SAMCRO. Clay saw it as the future of SAMCRO. When you made it clear you wasn’t going to hurt your sons by leaving John. Clay decidedly took matters into his own hands. J.T’s death was no accident. It was all planned… And this all came straight from the horse’s mouth.”

She shook her head.

“No. You’re lying! This… this isn’t happening!”

Gemma looked as though she’d go into hysterics.

“No… NO, this isn’t happening.”

“I’m so sorry Gem. Things are about to change and there isn’t a damn thing we can do about it. It’s a done deal sweetheart.

“Jax…?” she hinted.

“The entire club… it was a mutual decision. And once they’re done… It’ll be like Clay never existed.”


Tig held her even as she fought him tooth and nail. She punched at him with everything she had, but he wouldn’t budge. She’d put all her hopes and dreams into Clay and his ‘vision’ when it came to SAMCRO. As he held her, he too lost all composure. Not just on the behalf of losing his best friend, but on Gemma and the club’s behalf, and having lost everything that ever meant a damn to him. But he knew it was no more than he deserved. Tig would spend the rest of his days making it up to his brothers one way or another.

“Oh come the fuck on…” Bella murmured as she was trying to put Abel’s new bed together.

She looked to all the pieces she had left and to what she’d put together so far. Bella balled up the instructions and threw them against the wall.
“Nothing but evil lies!”


She peered over seeing as how Jax was peeking into the room. He had just stepped out of the shower and had a towel wrapped around him. Bella was covered in sweat, her hair was a mess, and she looked beyond frustrated. She came to her feet.

“Yeah! This bed is a piece of shit.”

He smiled.

“Why don’t I take over from here?”

She turned back toward the baby swing where Abel was currently sleeping.

“Deal, it’s my turn to vanish for a couple days.”
He nodded.

“And where will you go?”

She shrugged as she came to her feet.

“Like I’d tell you…” she taunted as she was exiting the room.

He reached out and took her by the hand. He moved a strand of hair away from her face.

“I’m sorry. I should’ve at least called and told you. I don’t think about things like that. I’m sort of learning as we go darlin’.”

“It’s fine Jax. I figured you just needed sometime. I wasn’t mad. I just…”

“Was just concerned…”

He nodded in understanding.

“Aren’t you going to ask where I was?”

Bella smiled and kissed him before answering.

“I trust you. So there’s no need as long as you’re alright. That’s all that truly matters.”

He tilted his head and gazed upon her in absolute marvel.

“…damn…” he muttered under his breath as she headed into the bathroom.

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  8. Now I want the Cullens to show up and get put on their places. I totally want them to have a little Tommy Teller a mix of bella and jax, adorable!💖

  9. I love this story, and enjoyed sharing that first step with Bella and Jax. Clay got what he deserved, and even though Tig explained what Clay did I wonder how Gemma will handle it…great update hon as always, can’t wait to read more…thanks, huggs

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  11. Really great chapter!!
    Was Bella’s reaction to the cleaner a nod to Stephen King having actually played the cleaner in the show? If so, great addition to the story 🙂
    Will the Cullens be making an appearance soon?
    Can’t wait to find out!

  12. Amen! Finally the bastard got what he deserved. I also agree with everyone else. Can we have a little Tommy Teller enter the picture? That would be great! It would make sense for her to heal after so many years and talk about a middle finger to hubs.

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