Chapter 13 Shameless

Chapter 13

Day two of SOA rally:

“She’s awfully bendy…” Bella teased seeing as how Juice drooling over one of the strippers as she spun around on the pole.

“Yeah she is…” Juice agreed looking to be in admiration.

Bella laughed as she was standing behind the bar. She slid a shot over his direction.

“You wanna give it a whirl Angel?” Jax called out, whilst wiggling his brows.

Opie laughed.

Sure… Right after my naked yoga session.”

Jax raised his brows on this.

“They have those?”

“Oh yeah…” she murmured and cut Juice a playful wink and downed a shot as well.


Bella turned towards the voice seeing as how it belonged to a pretty blonde.


“I just wanted to meet you. Ima tells me you’re Jax’s old lady?”

Bella smiled.

“That I am.”

The woman smiled in return.

“I’m Lyla.” She said and offered her hand.


“I was hoping we could get to know one another.”

Bella noticed the way the girl was smiling however.

Oh?” Bella said with a hint of curiosity.

“She hates you.”

Bella had a good laugh at this.

“Good. Let her…”

They looked over seeing as how Ima was eyeing them both down. Lyla nodded and waved her direction. Ima rolled her eyes and strutted off in a hissy like manner. Bella laughed and poured Lyla a shot as well.

“Not my fault she has a lady boner for Jax. Then I suppose I can’t really blame her…”

Lyla smiled on this.

“Lady boner… I’ll have to remember that one. At least you don’t have to eat the bitch’s pussy for a living.”

Bella choked back on her beer as she was in the middle of chasing a shot down. Lyla broke into a giggle fit and patted Bella on the back.

“I’m so sorry!”

Bella held up a hand as she was catching her breath.

“You alright there?” She heard Jax holler as he looked back over his shoulder.

“Yep, just talking about pussy…” she replied causing him to rear back.

Bella laughed and motioned for Lyla to have a seat beside her on the other side of the bar.

“So does it bother you?”

“Does what bother me?”

Lyla sort of laughed.

“My occupation…”

Bella shrugged.

“Why would it?”

“The last old lady did…”

“No offense, but I have a bit of an issue being compared to the doc. So if you wouldn’t mind…”

The porn star winced on this.

“You’re right. I wasn’t thinking. That was very rude of me.” She said as if truly upset with herself.

Bella smiled. “All good… Just a personal peeve…”

“Oh no trust me. I’d feel the same way.”

Lyla looked over to the guys then back to Bella.

“So what’s it like being the president’s old lady?”

“Hasn’t quite sunk in… But even at that? How are you supposed to feel?”


“Being the president’s old lady doesn’t exactly come with an instruction manual.”

“Sure would make it easier, wouldn’t it?”

“Oh definitely!”

“From the looks of things it’s a bit serious…”

Lyla gestured towards the ring with her beer.

“You could say that.”

“So when does that get announced?”

“Taking Jax’s lead on that one…”

She nodded in understanding.

“He’s got a lot on his plate.”

“That he does. But he seems to have it all under control.”

“No way that was easy… Announcing you’re the new President… considering the situation. He’s got some big shoes to fill.”

“I’m not so sure I see it that way…”


Bella nodded and looked to Jax in thought.

“I don’t see it so much as filling Clay’s shoes. I don’t think that’s how Jax sees it either. It’s more like taking someone else’s mistakes and figuring out how you’re going to wipe the slate clean and make everything better.”

“That’s an amazing way of putting it.”

“He knows it won’t be done overnight. It’s going to take a lot of time and patience, but he’ll get there.”

Lyla smiled.

“And it helps having someone like you in their corner…”

Bella went to say something on this, but one of the bikers from another group had made their way over and was getting a bit touchy feely with Lyla. The blonde sighed and kindly asked the man to buzz off. He leaned into her ear.

“Come on baby. We’ll make it quick. Then you can go back to your friend.”

Bella raised her brows as the guy cut her a wink.

“Or you can join…”

“Thanks, but no thanks. And she asked you to leave her alone…”

“If she wanted to be left alone she wouldn’t be here. Now would she?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“There’s only one thing a bitch like this is good for.”

Bella’s face flushed over and she gritted her teeth.

“Watch your mouth and get your filthy hands off her…”

Lyla sighed.

“It’s okay. He’ll leave us alone if I give him what he wants.”

She came to a stand and Bella gently took her by the wrist.

“You’re kidding me, right? You don’t have to do shit! Don’t let this asshole con you like that.”

“Don’t have much choice…”

“The fuck you don’t…”

The man smiled rather cocky like.

“Let the bitch suck me off and you can go back to your little girl chat.”

He roughly grabbed Lyla by the hair and was dragging her away. Bella hopped off her stool and rushed over. She tapped the man on the shoulder and the moment he turned around. She decked him across the face, busting his nose and lip. Bella reached over and grabbed Lyla, placing her behind her.

“She’s one of ours… So get to steppin’…” She flashed the man her gun as she eyed him down.

The man nodded and showed her what he was packing as well. Bella sort of laughed.

“You can try it… but it’ll be your funeral.”

The man smiled and did a slight bow confusing Bella at first. Bella turned as everyone around her started clapping. Jax looked upon her as if he were pissed. “…dammit…” she muttered under her breath.

Jax cleared his throat and the clapping came to stop. All eyes were on her… and Bella wished she had a rock to hide under.

“Well I suppose now’s as good as time as any… Everyone this is Angel Webber. My old lady and soon to be wife…”

Jax smiled revealing that he was messing with her earlier when he seemed mad. He toasted his beer and nodded her direction. “As you can see she fits rather nicely…”

“You bitch…” Happy muttered as he was sitting on the other side of him.

“You couldn’t tell me that was your old lady?”

“Well I had to prove you never had a shot…” Jax replied and patted him on the back.

Bella’s jaw dropped in realization. Lyla reached over and hugged Bella. Everyone was clapping, and a few were hooting and hollering.

“Wait… what?!” Bella questioned as she regarded Jax in disbelief.

“You set this up?!” she whispered harshly.

He nodded and made his way over.

“That’s the way you announce our engagement?! You are such an ass!”

He nodded in agreement and flipped her over his shoulder. The guys laughed as he popped her on the butt and carried her on out the building. Bella spanked his rear in return “I can’t believe you… Why would you do that?!” she scolded before he sat her down on his bike.

He took a cigarette out from his shirt pocket and lit it before answering.

“Easy darlin’, I wanted the others to see what I see. And you reacted just the way I knew you would. Amazingly. Perfect even…Damn… That right there was the true wife of a SAMCRO president.” he murmured behind laughter.

“I keep thinking it and I’m gonna say it again. For fucks sake how in the hell did I get so lucky? Seriously… who’d have thought the literal woman of my dreams was right here all along. For three fucking years… I’d walk right past you. Never knowing… it was you all along baby. Shit.”

“I’m hardly a figment of a man’s dreams…” she said behind a snort.

“The fuck you aren’t. Hell, look at you. You’re sexy as hell and don’t even realize it. Why do you think guys flock to you? They see what I see… A stunning woman that isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty and can keep up with the boys… but it’s just too damn bad because you’re mine…”

Jax grabbed a fistful of her hair as he heatedly kissed her. He kissed along her neck and unbuttoned the first three buttons of her shirt. Once he had her shoulders exposed, the trail of kisses led to her shoulders. He looked around the area before unbuttoning her shirt the rest of the way. His fingers ran along her lacy red bra. He lowered the straps to it. Jax used his tongue to thoroughly explore her breasts. Her fingers ran through his hair as he took his time worshipping them. He moaned out as Bella teasingly ran her hand against his crotch.

“You want something to play with darlin’ you just go right ahead…” he encouraged.

She bit that lower lip of hers and unfastened his pants.

“Hmm…” he hummed as she stroked his cock.

He went back to sucking on her breasts as she jerked him off.

“God damn, you keep doing that and I’m gonna cum.”

She smiled rather mischievously and picked up the pace with a firmer grip.

“…fuck baby…” he muttered breathlessly.

Bella looked down and watched as she had him shooting a load along her pants and his bike.

Hey…” they heard someone call out as they stepped out of the club.

Bella hurriedly put him away and Jax was fixing her top. Jax pulled a face as he felt a hand along his shoulder.

“Op’s looking for you.”

He nodded but kept his eyes on Bella. Bella was trying her hardest not to laugh. Juice narrowed his eyes as it was beginning to dawn on him. He reared back with a disgusted look once he discovered the semen on her pants.

“Oh man… Come on you guys!”

Bella covered her mouth losing the battle. Jax shook his head with a smirk.

“Like right here? Really?”

Jax shrugged.

“Tell Op I’ll be there in a few…”


Juice sighed as he headed back in. Bella removed her hand and continued to laugh. Jax pecked her on the cheek.

“You might wanna get cleaned up, Angel darlin’.”

She nodded in agreement as he helped her off the bike. He chuckled as she headed inside.

Jax pulled Bella into his lap as Piney and Keith reminisced about his father. It was through this Bella learned that Jax’s father and Piney were veterans. They had served in Vietnam before the club ever existed. When they returned home they dealt with discrimination and realized the time they spent risking their lives in order to serve their country wasn’t appreciated – amongst many other veterans. The country had fallen apart and their home town along with it. It was Jax’s father that decided times needed changing. It wasn’t long after he formed the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club. He had hopes of returning the brotherhood he and Piney once had during Vietnam. It wasn’t long after the club was created that they took over the garage business and John got into business with Clay Morrow. This was where the founding sons planted their seed and built from there.

The more Bella learned about John Teller, the more she realized Jax truly was a lot like his father – ambitious, courageous, strong, yet had they big hearts. It was unfortunate that John died before he was able to make those changes. But Bella could see it in Jax’s eyes. He was determined to live out his father’s legacy. To make those changes his father would have made if given the chance.

And Bella wasn’t the only one to notice the reluctant faces on some of the other Sons. Many of the groups were dealing in some sort of illegal activity – ones such as dealing weapons and drugs. They were making bank and didn’t seem very willing about things changing. But Jax played it smart by sounding indifferent at the moment. He hadn’t any choice. This was going to take some time. And he knew the best way to make some changes was to worry about his club first. They were the originals after all. Live by example was the way he saw it. He only hoped that once he got his boys act together that others would eventually fall in their footsteps. But he knew it would be no walk in the park. Some of these men were too set in their ways, one of those men being Keith McGee. Jax could see it all over the man’s face. He wasn’t ready to make any changes. And even though he respected and loved John he certainly didn’t agree with the way he ran things. He still believed in the vision Clay Morrow had set out. Whereas Piney Winston was all about John Teller’s and how the club was originally, before Clay and John ever decided on making deals with the Irish and selling them guns. As of now? The Sons were more about the digits in one’s pocket rather than concerning themselves with the actual brotherhood itself. Thus leading to the same problem Jax was currently dealing with in his club – lies, secrets, betrayal, murder, etc. None of those things were done in the name of brotherhood. No they were done because they saw what Clay saw… dollar signs.

They spent most of the night sharing stories. There were some tears but there was also laughter. This was something they all needed. Jax especially… It was through this he was truly learning what all needed to be done. Those gears of his were turning and Piney smiled amongst himself. He could already see it. Jax had that same look John had towards the end. When he too was ready to make a difference and bring things back to the way they once were. The only way that was happening now was through Jackson Teller. Piney only hoped he lived long enough to see it for himself.

Day three SOA rally:

Jax nodded upon Bella as she finished her burger but was smiling about something.


She motioned towards Opie and Lyla during the barbeque.


Bella giggled as Lyla kissed Opie’s cheek and looked to have been giving him her number.

“Is he blushing?” Bella teased.
“Op? Nah, he doesn’t blush. That’s a chick thing…” Jax taunted in return.

“So you’re saying you never blush.”
He nodded as he sipped off his beer.

“You’re full of shit… Everyone blushes at some point or another. Even tough guys like you…”
“Not in this club…”

“Is that so?”

He nodded and bit into his burger. Bella nodded towards a girl that was checking Jax out something fierce. The determined woman smiled and came to her feet. She stood behind him and leaned into his ear. “She’s kind of hot…” she whispered rather kittenish and while running a hand along his chest seductively. Jax raised his brows and regarded the girl she was referring to. She was brunette, busty, and all legs. “What I wouldn’t give to eat that sweet pussy while you watch…” as Bella said this she coyly nibbled along his ear. He thickly swallowed as he could feel the heat of her breath against him.

“And you say Jackson Teller doesn’t blush…” at this she walked away leaving a hot, bothered, and ‘blushing’ Jax to his thoughts.

Jax found himself taken back seeing as how well Bella was getting along with the club girls. Every once in a while he’d look over from what he was doing and just find himself struck stupid. Then again, a lot of things caught him by surprise when it came to Bella.

Bella laughed as Lyla shared stories of “bloopers” in her profession.

“You should visit one of the sets sometime.”

“You mean watch while you work?”

Lyla laughed.

“I know that sounds awkward…”

Bella shrugged and looked to be in thought.

“No offense, but you strike me as someone that’s never watched a porno a day in her life.”
“What was your first clue?”
Lyla smiled.

“Maybe it’s the way you’re blushing…”

“That true?”

Lyla rolled her eyes as Ima made her way over and plopped down directly in front of them.

“Ima…” Lyla warned whilst shaking her head.

“Fraid so…”

Ima got this cocky grin about her.

“That explains a lot.”
“Does it now?” Bella challenged.

Ima nodded.

“It’s gotta get pretty boring for him…” Ima hinted cruelly.

It was more than apparent she was three sheets to the wind.

“Boring, huh?”

“I bet you’re one of those old ladies that’s afraid to even swallow much less take it up the ass.”

“IMA!” Lyla scolded.

Bella put a hand up.

“Let her finish. This is obviously something she needs to get off her chest.”

“Let me guess… No Jax…. What do you mean? Right here?! Can’t we wait until we’re behind closed doors?”

Bella smiled with and softly laughed.

“What else you got…”
Lyla looked to Bella in disbelief. Ima rolled her eyes. Bella nodded.

“That’s about what I thought… Tell me Ima… Just how many times has a man fucked you from behind while demanding you keep that ridiculous mouth of yours shut?!”

Lyla’s jaw dropped but she quickly covered her mouth in giggle fit.

Everyone looked over as Bella started mimicking Ima’s fake moans.


She imitated her moans directly after and toasted her beer to Ima afterward.

“Hmmm, I don’t think I want what she’s having. Sounds like a cat choking on a hairball. Trust me I would know…” Lyla agreed.

“It’s like a broken record. I mean honestly… Learn something new already, Jesus!” Bella added as she was walking away.

Ima’s entire face flushed over as everyone was looking upon her now and laughing. She wasn’t too happy seeing as how one of them was Jax. He sent her a wink and went back to laughing with the guys.

Jax had his arms around Bella’s waist and his head resting on her shoulder as they watched a couple of the fights being held outside the club. There was a man going around taking bets on the challengers. The next guy up was a bit too cocky and boastful for Jax’s liking. He wanted to put this guy in his place and fast.
“Look at you pansies afraid to face me…” The Irish man scoffed.

“I can take you…” Jax called out.

He took his vest and shirt off. He handed them to Bella. Jax pulled his hair back and motioned towards the Irish man. Opie placed an arm around Bella.

“You okay with this?”

Bella sort of laughed.

“Like I have a choice…”
Jax took off his rings and put them in his pocket. The two men nodded upon one another and waited until all the bets were placed. Bella sighed and took a hundred dollar bill from her pocket. Opie cut her a disbelieving glance. She handed the money to the man taking the bets.

“Jax… All the way, baby.”

Opie chuckled seeing the stunned look on Jax’s face as he caught wind of this as well.

“You better win!” Bella called out.

Jax smiled “whatever you say darlin’.”

“I’m beginning to wonder if you’re just as crazy as he is…”Piney said as he was standing behind Bella and Opie.

“I’ve a feeling crazy that’s what it takes…” Bella added with a grin.

Bella winced as Jax took the first hit. But he responded with three good jabs. The man he was fighting looked to be doing his best to shake it off. Bella froze however and her attention went to the entrance of the parking lot to the club.

“Hey…” Opie called out in concern.

“Op…” she murmured wide-eyed.

He snapped a look upon the area she was fixated on.

“GET DOWN!” Opie shouted as he brought Bella and his father to the ground.

Numerous shouts were fired throughout the area. Jax was doing his best to get everyone to safety. He ducked behind one of the cars and lifted his pant leg retrieving his gun. He looked over to see Opie shielding Bella and Piney as he was shooting at the Mayans. The Mayans however had this ‘oh shit’ look about them. They hadn’t a clue about the rally. From their understanding this was Jax and his old lady’s engagement party. At least that’s what they were told. And they sought it the perfect revenge.

GO!” The Mayan leader shouted as Sons from all over were getting on their bikes ready to chase the bastards down and raise some hell.

Jax looked around once the Mayans left. To his great surprise, and everyone else’s, there wasn’t a single person that had been shot.


He turned towards Opie as he had Bella in his hold.

“Something’s wrong!”
Jax put his gun away and rushed over.

“I can’t get her to come to!”

He checked Bella over for any gunshot wounds but didn’t see any. Jax looked to the other club members.

“Find them!”

They nodded and took off. Jax picked her up and rushed her inside. Piney swiped everything off the bar table and Jax laid her down.

“I need you with the others…” Jax said nodding towards Opie.

Opie nodded and patted him on the back as he too took off. Jax and Piney tried everything they could think of, but nothing worked. Jax paced the area having no clue. He shook his head and looked to Piney.

“I gotta take her in… I haven’t any choice. I don’t know even know what’s wrong…”

“Hey, baby…”

Jax shot up the moment his mother entered the waiting room. She hugged him and kissed his cheek.

“Any word?”

He shook his head looking lost. His mother cupped his cheek.

“Well whatever it is. She’s gonna pull through. We both know that.”

Jax nodded and picked his son up as he was reaching for him.


Gemma and Jax sighed. Gemma patted Abel’s back.

“Mommy’s sleeping right now but you can see her once she wakes.”

The Sons chased the Mayans outside the city limits of Charming. They nodded to one another and took out the Mayans tires. Their bikes took on a domino like effect as they began to skid and fall.

They hopped off their bikes and chased them into a nearby field – where they got the beat down of a lifetime. Opie motioned towards Alvarez (The Mayan leader).

“Grab him.”

Happy smiled and snatched him. He held him back as Opie socked him across the face. He grabbed a fistful of his hair and put a gun to his head.

“Did you make some sort of deal with Clay to have two of your men help beat up on Jax’s old lady?!”

The man shook his head.


“Did you or did you not have men aiding in her torture?!”

Opie gritted his teeth as they heard the sound of sirens not far off. He leaned into the man’s ear.

“If you or your men come near Jax’s family again. I will hunt you down and blow your fucking dick off.” He shoved him down and Happy and Juice kicked the shit out of him. The other SOA bikers hopped onto their bikes and burned rubber out of there. Opie, Happy, and Juice nodded upon one other and they too got the heck out of dodge. Leaving the Mayans with nowhere else to go…

Opie and the others entered the waiting room a couple hours later. He nodded upon Jax and greeted him with a hug.

“What’s the news, brother?”

“No one knows what’s wrong. They ran a CT and some other tests. Hell they can’t find anything.”

“I don’t get it. She was fine one minute… The next? Her eyes rolled back and her back arched off the ground like she was in pain. Jax, she was out… cold.”

Jax shook his head with a grave appearance.
“What the fuck…?”


Gemma looked to be in thought. She took her son by the arm and led him into a corner of the room.

“Do you think this has something to do with her ability?”

He shrugged and looked to the guys.

“It could… Mom nearly everyone was outside when this happened. Not a single person was so much as hurt. It’s like…”

“They were protected…” his mother finished for him.

Jax nodded and his mother smiled.

“I think we have our answer…”

He pinched his eyes shut. “And if she doesn’t wake up?”
“She will. You’ll see. If this is what we think it is… You gotta imagine the effect this might have on her body. There’s no telling what she goes through each time…”

He regarded Abel in thought.

We can’t lose her, mom…”

“I know, baby…” She kissed his forehead but turned as Agent Stahl and a bunch of officers entered the room.

“Get Abel out of here…” Gemma nodded upon her son’s words.

She grabbed her grandson and dashed out of the room.

“What the hell is this?” Jax questioned once his son was out of the room.

They were forced up against the wall, cuffed, and had their rights read to them.

“Hey now… Just doing my job… Can’t have gun fights in our city, now can we? And by the way…” She tapped Jax’s President patch.

“Since when does baby blues run the show? Where’s daddio? Or should I go ask sleeping beauty?”

Jax gritted his teeth and spit in the bitch’s face.

“You stay away from her…” Jax shouted as he and the others were being dragged away.


Gemma stepped out of the cathedral and stared Agent Stahl down as she was leaving the building.

“You stupid stupid bitch…” she alleged under her breath as she took out her cellphone and called Wayne.

Jax paced the area of the cell he was in. He needed to be with his family. And the more he thought about his old lady in that coma and how he couldn’t be there for her – the angrier he grew.

He nodded upon Bobby as he was being led back to his cell. Bobby shook his head looking annoyed as fuck. The two officers opened his cell next and escorted him into the interrogation room.

Agent Stahl was already sitting at the table. She motioned for Jax to have a seat.
“So…” she said and leaned back with her arms crossed about her chest.

Jax tilted his head rather menacing.

“So…” he replied darkly.

“Where would you like to start?” She looked to the files she had on her.

“Let’s see… we got the little gang activity that took place in and out of Charming.”
“What ‘gang’?” Jax witted.

“Oh right… ‘Club’ my apologies.”

She looked to the files once again.

“Or would you like to start by telling me where Clay Morrow and Tig Trager are?”

Jax shrugged.

“Don’t know, they disappeared a few days ago. No one’s seen them since.”
“Is that so?”

He nodded in reply.

“So the president of SAMCRO just disappeared and all the sudden you’re the new chief…. How ’bout that…”

“Yeah… how ’bout that…”

“We could discuss the reopening of the custody hearing over your son?”

“That’s a little out of your jurisdiction… Don’t you think?”

Right…” she replied with a jaunty smile.

“Hmmm… oh here’s another interesting tidbit! How about we start with… This!”

Agent Stahl slid over a particular file. Jax rolled his eyes as he opened it. He flipped through the contents and skimmed over the information and pictures. When he was done he slid it back over.

“Seems like your old lady’s got some skeletons of her own. She’s been lying to you all along. Her name isn’t even Angela Webber. It’s Isabella Swan no-no. Isabella Cullen! That’s right… Cullen… She’s married! Going on three years now… How ’bout that…?”
Jax shrugged and leaned over the table.

“What else you got?” he challenged.
This had the agent rearing back. He smiled and sank back in his chair.

“That’s right… You got nothing. The club was attacked tonight, through no fault of our own… We had some guests that naturally didn’t take a liking to the attempt at being gunned down during their visit and they went and handled the situation. From my understanding nothing really came of it. Just a little scare… As for my old lady… You haven’t told me anything I don’t already know. Face it… you have no grounds in even keeping us here.”

“Maybe I’ll just let it slip where the little lady is… Who knows, the ‘real” hubby might just pay her a visit. Pretty girl like that… You know she’s missed…”

Jax jumped out of his seat and flipped the table over. Her eyes widened as he had her by the collar of her blouse. “That would be a big mistake…” he growled into her face. The officers rushed over cuffed him and dragged him back to the cell.

Wayne shook his head once he exited Bella’s room. Gemma sighed.

“I don’t get it… The doctors… They haven’t any idea what to even look for Wayne. There was no sign of trauma whatsoever. The only concern they had was her blood pressure. It was pretty high when they first brought her in. But it’s of normal range now. They haven’t seen any signs of a stroke… Which is what Jax feared when they first checked her vitals.”
“What was the read on it?” Wayne asked curiously.


Jesus! And they’re sure it wasn’t a stroke? Have they checked for any clots?”

“Yep and nothing! I’m telling you Wayne something isn’t right… If something happens to this girl…”
“I know. I know…” He said with a sigh and looked to Abel who was playing with one of his action figures.

“Not just him… But Jax…”

“I wish I knew what to tell you sweetheart…”

Abel walked over and tugged Gemma’s shirt.


She cleared her throat and squatted down to his level.

“Mommy’s just really tired baby. Let’s let her sleep for just a bit longer…”

His bottom lip quivered.

“There?” He pointed to the door in question.

Wayne raised his brows on this.
“Smart kid…”

Gemma nodded with hint of a smile.

“Yeah baby, she’s in there.”

Abel nodded and walked up to the door. He used his tiny hands to try and push it open.

“He’s sure steady on his feet now… Strong fella too.” Wayne stated in observation as Abel managed to get the door open just a crack.

Gemma picked him up.

“We gotta wait… She’s very sleepy.”
He shook his head and pointed to the door.


Wayne drew back a breath seeing the frustrated look on Gemma’s face.

“May I?”

She cut him a puzzled look as he reached over and took Abel from her hold. Wayne opened the door and looked to Abel and pointed to Bella.

“See… She’s all tuckered out.”

Abel reached for Bella and Wayne nodded. Gemma looked to the sheriff oddly as he carefully sat Abel on the bed. The boy crawled over and kissed Bella on the cheek. He lay down directly after and went to sleep. Gemma quickly turned as she tried her best to mask her tears. But Wayne knew… He pecked Gemma on the cheek before heading out.

“I’ll check in later…”

“We can’t keep them here. We haven’t anything to charge them with.”

“What about Jackson Teller with assault?”

Wayne sort of laughed.

“Assault?” He looked Agent Stahl up and down.

“He spit in my face and tried to attack me in the interrogation room!”

The sheriff nodded.

“That’ll keep him for two days tops.”
“Come on Wayne, you know they’re behind the disappearance of Mr. Morrow and Mr. Trager.”
“I doubt that and even if they were. We haven’t any evidence in which to keep them here.”

“Fine, let ’em go. That is everyone but Jackson Teller.”

Wayne shook his head on this.

“His family needs him.”
“Just whose side are you on sheriff?”

He drew back a breath on this.

“I’m on the side of Charming. And the fact of the matter is – you’re not good for this town. I just came back from the hospital. Jax’s old lady is in a coma and his son isn’t taking it very well. Just for once maybe you could have a twinge of a heart and realize there is a child involved here.

“A child who would be better off with his birth mother…”
Wayne narrowed his eyes on this.

“Excuse me?”

Agent Stahl smiled.

“That’s right… It seems she’s got her life all sorted out now. Good job. Good…”

Wayne pointed to his office.

“Now…” he demanded.

Okay…” she replied with sarcasm laced in her voice.

He pulled the door shut and closed all the blinds.

“What are you doing?”

“Whatever do you mean?”

He half laughed.

“Nah, you’re not going to come into my department and pull this shit.”
She raised her brows rather surprised.

“Did you not learn the last time?” He whispered harshly.

“And what is it you’re insinuating.”
“Oh, I think we both know.”
“Watch yourself Sheriff… I’d sure hate for you to lose your badge. And I seriously doubt the big boys are gonna let you play with them.”
“It isn’t me you should be worried about. You’re under everyone’s radar now. And you’ve made a lot of enemies along the way. So listen here. I know you got nothing. So I’m releasing the boys. And yes that’s including Jackson Teller. I’ll be damned if my department ends up getting sued over false accusations.”

“He assaulted me…” she reminded.

“No he didn’t.” He said in such a way. One that had her jaw dropping.

He opened the door with a smile and motioned for her to step on out.

“After you Agent…”

Jax nodded as the sheriff entered the area. He unlocked Jax’s cell first followed by the others.

“Do me a favor and at least try to keep your noses clean… ”

The guys nodded and went to leave. Wayne stopped Jax as he was about to head out as well.

“We need to talk… in private. Whenever you get the chance.”

Jax nodded in understanding.

“Watch your backs. Because I don’t know how much longer I can… I’m getting myself into some hot water lately. That’s not something I wish to continue.”
“I understand.”

Jax entered the hospital room seeing as how Abel was sleeping against Bella’s chest. His mother waved upon him as she sat in a chair across the way. Jax nodded in response and pulled the door to.

“Any changes? He questioned after kissing Abel and Bella’s foreheads.

His mother shook her head. He drew back a hesitant breath and pulled up a chair. Jax took Bella by the hand and merely waited…

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21 thoughts on “Chapter 13 Shameless”

  1. Wicked last two chapters, there is so much I loved about them!
    What’s wrong with Bella?
    Will Stahl tell the Cullens about Bella’s whereabouts? What if the Cullens find her because they have been tracking various police databases and noticed that info on Bella was pulled up (by Stahl).
    Can’t wait for more!!!

  2. Poor kid. My heart goes out to him. He just wants his mommy. I foresee Stahl dying soon. Maybe that’s wishful thinking and for once I would like to see Edward get the beat down of a lifetime. He has it coming and Jax is just the one to give it! Update soon sweetie. I need more!!!!!!!!!

  3. Another great chapter! I loved how Wayne stood up for Jax & the boys! Sweet moment when Abel curled up next to Bella! I hope she wakes up soon and I have a feeling that stupid little bitch of an agent is gonna bring in the Cullens. Ughh! I want to kill that woman!! You make me get into the story too much, you know that!? You evil, evil, evil woman! But I loves ya anyways! 😉

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    I can’t wait for more😄

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