Chapter 15 Will The Real Prince Please Stand Up

Chapter 15

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Jax sat at the table and motioned for the others to have a seat as well. Once they seated he slammed the gavel down beginning the meeting. He motioned towards the empty chair that once belonged to Clay’s sgt. Tig.
“Chibs… move down one…” he hinted and slid over the sgt. patch.

Chibs looked on with surprise. Jax nodded.

“Need a right hand man…”

The Irish man smiled and came to his feet as he took Tig’s old spot.

“I’d be honored mate.”

“Good deal.” Jax replied.

Opie and the others nodded in agreement. He looked towards the door.

“As you know we have two more that wished to be voted in.”

Kozik and Happy stepped inside.

“We’ll start with Kozik…”

They all voted yay followed by Jax.


They all voted yay but when it came Jax’s turn he eyed him down.

Nay…” he spat looking cross.

Happy reared back and the others looked on in astonishment.

“Sit down. I’m just fucking with you.”

“Asshole…” Happy muttered in relief as the others chuckled.

Jax managed to laugh but everyone could see it in his eyes. He was barely holding it together. He cleared his throat and leaned back in his chair.

“As you all know we’ve got a bit of a situation, involving my son and old lady. You should know this by no means is Angel’s fault or doing. This is something she tried her damnest to get away from. And she succeeded for three years. And that would have continued if it hadn’t been for a certain agent. And we all know who I’m referring to. The sheriff has been informed already and seen the pictures that prove Angel’s innocence in all this. That bitch is the reason Op lost Donna and I’ll be damned if I lose my son and my old lady as well. So here’s the thing.”

Jax looked to Happy and Kozik.

“You two willing to prove yourselves?”

They nodded.

“Then I got something for you and it needs to be handled ASAP. I need you to bring me Agent Stahl. You will meet with Wayne first. He’s waiting for you outside already. He will give you the bitch’s schedule. I want her here. But take your time and be smart about it. You two make certain you haven’t any tails and remain unseen. We can’t afford to fuck this up. My son and old lady’s life depends on it.”

“You got it boss.” Kozik said as he and Happy came to their feet.

Jax nodded and watched as they headed out the door.

“Chibs try getting ahold of the IRA again. We really need those flamethrowers or whatever else we can think of in order to take these vampire bitches out.”

This was going against everything Jax wanted for the club. But at the moment he hadn’t a choice. He had to work out some sort of deal with the Irish. He needed those weapons in order to get his son and Angel back.

“If they don’t have them or know someone that does, then you call the Russians. Whatever it takes… But we gotta work fast. We’re not dealing with your typical domestic spat. These are vampires and as crazy as that fucking sounds, it’s true. We gotta watch our backs when dealing with these guys. No matter how prim and proper they wanna come off as. You can’t trust them. So whatever you do. Don’t let your guard down. Not for a second. I’ve called Angel’s friend and she’s on her way now. We need to listen to everything this vampire has to say. Take her lead on this and go from there. As of now we’re laying low and awaiting word. The vampire is also doing a little detective work of her own and hoping to find out where Abel and Angel are.”

“And how do we know we can trust her?” Bobby threw out there.

“If my old lady trusts this vampire then so do I. This woman means us no harm. She’s just as concerned as we are and wants to help.”

“This is some kind of crazy…” Bobby murmured and Jax smiled.

“Something we should be professed in by now…”

“You got that right, Jackie boy!” Chibs tossed in there.

Jax drew back a breath.

“We’re fighters for truth, justice, and the American Way.” The others laughed at the familiar movie quote.

“Let’s go fuck some vampires up.”

“Amen brother!” Juice called out with a grin as Jax slammed his gavel down finishing the meeting.

“He needs to be changed.”

Edward sighed with annoyance and pulled over.

“You can change him in the back.”

“Edward we can’t keep him in the car like this. He needs a bed to sleep in and he’s hungry.”
She gasped back and braced herself against the dashboard and got a better hold on Abel. Edward had put the car back in drive and was back on the road. He found a hotel and pulled into parking lot.

“Stay put!” he demanded as he exited the car.

Bella reached back and grabbed Abel’s diaper bag. She took Jax’s ring out from her pocket and hid it within a tear in the bag.

“Our little secret…” she whispered as she kissed Abel’s forehead.


She drew back a breath on this.
“He’ll find us. I promise. Abel baby, I’m so sorry. This is all my fault.”

She closed her eyes as he kissed her cheek and hugged her.

“I don’t deserve that baby, but thank you.”

The door slammed as Edward reentered the car. He said nothing as he pulled up to one of the rooms.

The following day:

“Hmmm, keep going Angel…” Jax drowsily moaned.

His eyes batted as he came to. Since he’d just waken his vision was blurry and it wasn’t quite registering. He reared back once he took notice of the blonde hair. Jax gritted his teeth and reached over and grabbing a fistful of it. He jerked the woman’s head back.

“What in the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

Before she had a chance to even answer he popped her one. Ima let out a yelp as she put her hand to her face. Jax knocked her back against the wall and pointed upon her irately.

“You trying to ruin what I got going?! Is that it? Guess you didn’t hear… My son and old lady have been kidnapped.”

Ima’s jaw dropped.

“That’s right! And you just had that fucking mouth of yours around my DICK! Let me guess you hoped my old lady was around so she’d walk in on you blowing me?! DIDN’T YOU?!”

She shook her head and Jax pinned her up against the wall.

“What did you think would’ve come from that? That she’d up and leave and you could go back to being my little whore?!”

Jax roughly threw her to ground, “If you’re gonna act like a bitch then you can be treated like one!”

He walked up to his door and opened it.

Leave. Only I want you on all fours.”

The porn star started to rise and he grabbed his gun off the nightstand and shot the wall beside her. She screamed out and started to cry. “I said all fours like the bitch you are. Keep crawling and don’t come near me again!”

The guys looked on in shock as they took in the scene before them. He nodded upon them.

“Make sure she stays on all fours – all the way to the fucking door. And the next time one of you fucks her… She’s going to take it right up the ass and HARD!”

Happy nodded looking to be in thought. Jax slammed his door shut. He leaned against the door afterward and sunk to the floor as he let out a yell of utter misery. He hadn’t even realized he’d fallen asleep. Jax needed to be out there doing something! Anything! He hadn’t a clue where to even begin. And the more he thought about the possibilities of what his son and old lady were going through. The madder he became.

Angel felt around for the covers as she felt what she thought to be a cold draft. When she couldn’t find them she started to rise in search of them only to be gently forced back down. At this she shot awake and the awareness fully hit as to what was happening. There were white candles and red rose petals throughout out the room. And the so called ‘draft’ wasn’t that at all. Her heart sank as she squirmed beneath him.

“Edward!” She reprimanded as he was kissing along her neck.

He ignored her and pinned her wrists down as he kissed along her chest.

“Edward, please… Where’s Abel?!”

He rolled his eyes and stopped as he peered over the child’s direction.

“He’s asleep…” he motioned towards the car seat that was on the floor within the room they were in.

“When’d you do this?!” She questioned as she looked around the room in absolute disbelief.

There is a child in the room for crying out loud. She found herself thinking realizing they were both naked as well. Edward ignored her and closed his eyes. He buried his nose into the crevice of her neck and wrinkled his nose in revulsion.

“You smell like an ash tray. It’s hard to concentrate.” He murmured as he found it difficult to keep a hard on. “You need to shower…”

She gritted her teeth on this and used just a touch of her shield to push him off her. He cut her a look of shock and Angel covered her mouth in a giggle fit as one of the lit candles fell just right and landed on his dick – burning the tip of it. He hollered out in a panic and quickly put it out.

“Too hot for your wick?” She smarted.

He pointed to the bathroom as if he were dealing with an unruly child.

“Shower. Now. And these…” he picked up her pack of cigarettes and crushed them with his bare hands then dumped them into a trash bin.

“No more… Same goes for drinking. You’re a Cullen, act like it.”

Angel rolled her eyes and went to grab Abel from his car seat.

“He stays with me. Can’t have you running off again… Now can we?”

She shook her head on this.

“I’m not leaving him with you…” she whispered harshly.

She gasped back as he appeared before her. He had a fistful of her hair as he eyed her down.

Shower. I have your clothes laid out already. I threw the trampy looking ones out!”

“Who’s? Yours or mine?” Angel witted once again getting under his skin.

“Just go…” he hissed and shoved her towards the bathroom door.

“ASSHOLE!” she shouted as she slammed the door behind her.

“…ass… hooole…” a tiny voice carried over directly after.

Edward sneered on this. Abel pointed to the bathroom door.

“Ma-Meee?” he called out.

“She’s taking a shower. She’ll be out soon.”

Abel pointed to Edward’s package as he was still naked and grinned.

“Wee-wee!” he said with a giggle.

Edward sighed and hurriedly got dressed. He started towards the boy directly after only to find he couldn’t get to him. He reared back on this and turned towards the bathroom. The vampire tried once again but there was this odd barrier that wouldn’t let him pass.

Angel jumped as the shower curtain was suddenly jerked back.

“How are you doing that?!” he demanded.

“Doing what?”

“You know what.”

She shrugged and went back to rinsing her hair out.

“Bella… I need to know what that is…”

“Haven’t the faintest what you’re referring to.”

He nodded and cut the water off. He grabbed a towel and took her hand helping her out of the tub. As he dried her off he breathed her in once again.

“Much better… and you can stop with the lies. I know that’s you. I’m just not sure how.”

Edward gestured towards a toothbrush on the bathroom counter.


“Jesus Edward, you wanna wipe my ass too?”

“Depends, you let him fuck you in it?”

She cut him a hateful glance and he blocked her attempt in hitting him. He brought the young woman to her knees as he squeezed. She had no choice but to take whatever he dished. There was no way she could shield Abel and herself not without wiping herself out. And she’d protect Abel at all cost.

“You will talk to me with respect. Do you understand?!”

Abel started to cry and Edward snapped his head that direction.

“Teeth first…” he ordered as he forced her back to her feet and towards the counter.

He looked into the mirror eyeing her down.

“I love you Bella. But there’s going to be a few changes. Some in which I should’ve taken into consideration a long time ago.”

His icy cold hand ran along her back as he kissed along her shoulders. That hand came to a stop and he and lifted her hair revealing the tattoo. He closed his eyes for a moment and shook his head with utmost condemnation.

“Why would you ruin your body like that?!” he hissed.

He jerked her back against him.

“You will be getting that removed…” he barked and promptly exited the room.

“Oh no…” Tig murmured grimly once Gemma revealed what all had taken place.

Gemma nodded and put her head to the palm of her hand as she rested her elbow about the table. Tig made his way over and placed a soothing hand on her shoulder. She reached over and took his hand into her own.

“Tiggy, if anything happens to them it’ll destroy Jax.”

He nodded in agreement.

“And that druggy whore… She’s only added to all this…” she muttered under her breath, whilst shaking her head.

“Druggy whore?” He questioned.

Gemma released his hand and came to her feet. She grabbed her purse off the hotel bed. The woman retrieved the papers Jax had been served with from her purse and handed them over. He pulled a certain face once he realized what they were.

“He’s not signing these, right?”

“Of course not, but he’ll have to show up either way.”
Tig shook his head.

“And if word gets out about Abel missing…”

He cringed gathering what Gemma was hinting at.

“Man oh man… They can’t seem to catch a break.” he said and leaned against the wall in thought.

“Something needs to happen… Angel’s his mother. That junkie bitch hasn’t done shit for my grandson other than almost get him killed! And how dare she even pretend to give a damn!”

He nodded in full agreement.

“There could always be an ‘accident’.” Tig darkly cued.

Gemma sort of laughed.

“Already tried that, the bitch has some sort of body guards.”
“Body guards?” He asked looking puzzled.

“Two to be exact… I can’t tell if they’re cops or agents, but they’re definitely loaded.”

Shit… And you say Stahl’s behind this as well?”

Gemma nodded.

“I’m telling you that bitch is the ringmaster.”
“Heh, well deja fucking vu… Ruining Op’s life wasn’t enough. So she’s gotta go after the prince of SAMCRO.”

“And she knows just how to go about it. She’s not dealing with Jax directly. She knows better. I’ve a feeling she was behind the Mayan attack as well. I just don’t have any way of proving that at the moment.”
He drew back a breath on this.

“She knows the one way to destroy Jax is through his old lady and Abel…” Tig stated in thought.


Tig looked to the papers once more. He tapped the court date with his finger.

“Would be a shame if she relapsed… And you know what usually happens after so many months of falling off the wagon. You just worry about your family sweetheart. I got this.”

Gemma kissed his cheek and headed on out.

“I knew I could count on you Tigger…” she whispered as she got into her car.

Opie nodded towards the guys as they brought Stahl in. They had her mouth, hands, and feet duct taped.

“Take her to the basement. I’ll get Jax.”

Happy and Kozik nodded as Chibs led the way. Opie made his way to the back and knocked on the door.

“Hey…” He called out.

He narrowed his eyes as he got no answer. Opie knocked once again. When he got no answer again he opened the door.

“Shit…” he muttered and quickly shut the door locking it behind him.

“Jesus Christ, Jackson!” Opie scolded as he rushed over checking on his best friend.

Jax was lying on the floor with an empty bottle of whiskey beside him. The entire room was a mess as it looked like Jax had a complete meltdown. Opie rolled Jax onto his back. His face was flushed over and tears were streaming down his face. Opie sighed and brought him against his chest.

“I got you bro…” he whispered as he hugged him.

“I fucked up Op. Now I’m gonna lose them both. I promised Angel I’d keep her and Abel safe. This makes twice now I’ve failed her! First Clay and now her fucking husband?! And I have no clue where they are or where to even begin. For all I know they’re beating on my son. Angel’s probably being raped and I wake up to getting my dick blown!”

“You know I’m gonna be straight up with you. So I’m just gonna say it. Get the fuck up! You think this is going to help your old lady and son? Look at you. If we had to deal with them vampires right this minute, you’d be worthless. That’s what’s going to get them killed. You feeling sorry for yourself!”

Jax gritted his teeth. He decked him across the face and shoved Opie back against the wall.


“Good, get mad.” Opie said as he wiped the blood from his busted lip.

“That’s what they need. You’re the president of SAMCRO now. You’re one of the toughest sons of a bitches I know. And that’s what Angel and Abel need. You wanna freak out and have a meltdown. That’s fine. But do it after we get them back!”
Opie rose to his feet and helped Jax up. He led him to the bathroom where he turned the shower on ice cold. He forced Jax inside.

“WHAT THE FUCK OP?!” Jax shouted as Op sprayed him right in the face and then the crotch.

“Need you to sober up. The boys got Stahl…”

Bella narrowed her eyes as they passed a sign showing it was 93 miles to Canada.

“Where are you taking us?”
He sort of smiled as he took her hand and kissed it.

“You’ll see… It’s the perfect place to start over and raise a family.”

“Are you taking us out of the country?”

“It’s for the best Bella. If we want a fresh start…”
She shook her head.

“Stop the car.”

He rolled his eyes.

“Edward, I’m not playing around. STOP!”

He gritted his teeth and pulled over.

“We’re not doing this to Abel! He needs his father!”

“His father is a criminal and a worthless low life piece of crap!”

Bella hauled off and slapped Edward. Hard enough it left a nice sting against her hand. She held it against her chest as it hurt like hell.

“You watch what you say about him.”

His lip curled as he snarled back.

“We’re not going to Canada! This isn’t happening!”

He pinched his eyes shut. Bella got out of the car and opened the back door where Abel was sleeping. She went to get him out but reached back as something stung her. Her vision blurred and her body slumped over. Edward removed the syringe and stuffed her back into the Volvo.

Jax buttoned his shirt as he entered the basement. He nodded towards the guys as they formed a circle around Agent Stahl. They had her tied to a chair. And they currently had Wayne keeping guard outside. He was to call Opie if there were signs of ‘unexpected’ guests. Jax walked right up to the agent. He smiled upon her as he squatted down to her level. She was panting and went to recoil as he reached over and caressed her cheek. Tears ran down her cheeks as Jax removed the photos of him and Bella from his vest. He eyed her down as straddled her lap and roughly cupped her chin.

“You dig watching me and my old lady?” He flashed a picture of them fucking at the lake the night he proposed.

“How about the way she deep throats my cock?” He showed her the picture of them at the club the night she went down on him.

“Or here…” He grabbed a fistful of her hair and shoved her face against the one where he was fucking Angel from behind.

“And…” Jax slammed the one of him sucking on Angel’s breasts into the bitch’s face busting her nose open. “That get you going? That make you wet?”

The man placed the pictures back in his vest. He used his knife to remove the duct tape from her mouth.

“Now before you utter one word. Let’s just get something straight. For every lie you tell… I will cut something off. For every time you stall, I will torture you.” He tapped the tip of her nose with his blade.
Please… Don’t kill me.”

Jax smiled and the guys chuckled in amusement.

“Don’t worry sweetheart… I’m not going to kill you.” He playfully slapped her on the cheek and leaned into her ear.

“I’m going to make you wish I would…” he whispered and bit down on her earlobe.

She cried out as he jerked back taking a good chunk of her ear with him. Jax spit it out onto the floor.

“Did I not tell you that coming after my old lady would be a big mistake? And now you got my son involved. You led an abusive husband right to his victim. You did all this in order to get ME back.”

Look… I can make you a deal. There is no need for this.”
Jax sort of laughed.

“Doesn’t look like you’re in the position to be making deals.”

Jax reached back and pointed to Opie.

“You remember Op? Don’t you?”

Opie nodded upon her with a sneer.

“You had hopes of tearing this club apart! So you framed his betrayal which led to the murder of his wife! Two children lost their mother that day! And here you are again…messing with my family and my club.”

“Was it you that tipped the Mayans off?”

When she wouldn’t answer he drove his blade into her shoulder.

“Please!” She pleaded.

Jax gritted his teeth and twisted the blade.

“YES!” She cried and Jax nodded.
“What did you tell them exactly?”

She shook her head and was going into hysterics. His lip curled as he drove the blade in even deeper. She hollered out in agony.


“That you and the girl were celebrating your engagement. They assured me that nothing would come of her other than a good scare.”
Jax nodded looking to be in thought.

“So you knew about the rally and sheer amount of hell you were about to unleash…”
He tilted his head on this.

“You needed a reason to bring us in…”

He tapped his index finger along his temple.

“Well I’ll be damned… It’s all coming together.”

Jax hopped to his feet and paced the area before her.

“My ex-wife’s sudden interest in our son, you harassing my girl the moment you discovered her… I bet you weren’t even aware that she had been living in Charming for three fucking years before you ever took notice of her! You disgusting bitch!”

The guys narrowed their eyes wondering where he was going with this.

“The photos, the visits, the phone calls… You bringing in the junkie so she can try and take my son away! I was wrong. You aren’t doing this to get me back. No. You’ve got it bad for my old lady! DON’T YOU?! You want her… but you know you don’t stand a chance. So you figure the best you can do is destroy everything there is between us… What was your game plan then? To swoop on in and play hero? She would chew you up and spit you out just like the garbage you are!”

Jax nodded towards Happy.

“Bring me Ima…”

Happy nodded and practically skipped out of the basement. Once Happy had her in the room Jax walked over and roughly grabbed her by the hair. He dragged her towards the agent.

“You two got some sort of deal going?”

Ima’s eyes widened and Stahl grimaced.

“That’s about what I thought.”

Jax forced Ima up the basement stairs and into the back room.

“Where is it?!” he demanded.

She shook her head and he took out his gun.

Ima made her way to the dresser and picked up a pack of cigarettes. She brought it took Jax. He gritted his teeth as he examined it and sure enough there was a tiny camera inside. Meaning his little blow job session was recorded. He grew ill in thought.

“You’re so done…” Jax murmured as he pointed to the door.

“Keep walking.”

He flashed the hidden camera over once he reentered the room.

“Let me guess. If the ex-wife and husband didn’t do the trick… You were going to show my old lady this? Anything to make certain she leaves my ass! RIGHT?!”

He grabbed the agent by the hair and forced her head back.

“RIGHT?!” He shouted into her face.

“You and this bitch were playing me and us all along. This hadn’t anything to do with Clay, Tig, The Mayans, or the custody hearing with my son. You’ve been stalking my old lady from the very beginning!”

Jax looked to Opie.
“See if Wayne can go with you. Find this bitch’s house. I want it flipped inside out. Gather any evidence of this bitch stalking Angel. No matter how insignificant – I want it.”

Opie nodded.

“You got it bro.”

Jax looked to Ima.

“You’re hereby banished from the club and your days with Cara Cara are done!”

He turned back towards Agent Stahl.

“You better pray my son and old lady live… your life depends on it.”

Jax walked out of the room, about to slam the door.

“I’m going to make you wish you never heard of my Angel.”


Abel reached over and shook Angel with his tiny hands.

“Maaaa-meeee!” he called out and shook her once again.

She shot awake and instantly grabbed ahold of Abel. The young woman looked around the room and trolled over unaware of what she was laying on. She quickly braced herself to keep from landing on Abel. That’s when she took notice of the couch and the fancy furniture within the area.

“…no…” She murmured as she saw Carlisle making his way over.

He nodded and offered a hand.

“Stay away from us!” She shouted as she held up a hand and sat up scooting away from him.

She gasped back as the others came into view as well. This was a literal nightmare coming to life. Only it was ten times worse with Abel by her side. The fear was incredible and she hadn’t a clue how she was getting out of this one. Even with her shield…

Angel felt someone directly behind her as she backed into them. She shot up and hopped onto the couch she’d originally fallen from.

“Don’t come any closer!” She shouted in hysterics.

She reached to her heart immediately after and regarded the Cullens with utmost caution.

“Easy darlin’.” Jasper called out as he was inching his way over.

“I mean it. Don’t you come near me or my son!”

Edward rolled his eyes as he entered the room. He motioned for the others to back off.

“Quit overreacting…” He scolded as he made his way over and offered a hand.

She declined and stepped down herself.

“What have you done?!” She shouted.

“Why would you do this to me?! After everything?!”

He took a step towards her and she used her shield to send him sailing right through the coffee table. She gritted her teeth.


Abel wrapped his arms around his mother’s neck looking concerned.


“It’s okay baby. We’re gonna be okay.” She said but kept her eyes on the Cullens as she continued to back away.

“That’s right… Daddy’s coming for us.”

“And there you go again being overly dramatic like always. Dinner is on the table. There’s a dress laid out in the bedroom upstairs to the left, first door. Put it on and go eat.”
“You put it on…” Angel mocked in return.

Abel pointed to Edward but was looking at his mother.


Bella’s jaw dropped but she started to giggle.

“Now Abel baby, that’s a bad word.”
“Bad?” Abel questioned looking confused.

She nodded.

“Just like that man…”

The Cullens looked to one another in surprise. She headed up the stairs and Carlisle looked to Edward with true disappointment.

“What are you doing son?”

“What I had to!”

“Her face… Is that your doing as well?”

“That’s none of your concern.”

Carlisle shook his head in disagreement.

“She is your wife. Not only that but she is human.”
“I’m well aware” he replied darkly.

His father grabbed him by the wrist as he started up the stairs.

“I get it. We all do. And you’ve every right to feel the way you do. But I cannot condone a man laying a hand on a woman no matter the situation. I have raised you better than that.”

“I was raised when you took me. Bella is mine Carlisle, stay out of my way!”

The Cullens looked to one another with concern as he jerked out Carlisle’s hold and headed on up. Jasper shook his head with a grave appearance.

“What?” Emmett questioned once he took notice.

“He’s in deep. I’m not so sure we can pull him out this time…”

They looked towards the stairs in thought.

“I never dreamed Bella had it in her to cheat.” Emmett tossed out there looking disappointed.
Jasper shook his head on this.

“Can we even consider that infidelity?”
Esme, Carlisle, and Emmett cut Jasper an odd glance. He sighed.

“She left Edward three years ago. Changed her name and everything… It’s hard for me to consider Bella in the wrong here. None of you sense the things I do. As of late I’m leaning more towards Bella’s side on this. What we did… destroyed her. She isn’t the same. She never will be. And she truly hates each and every one of us. There is no love when it comes to this family. In fact she downright loathes our very existence.”
“Then we teach her to love again. We show her that this time is different. We can help Edward and Bella through this and they will remember why they fell in love in the first place. If we stand together as a family we can do this.” Esme replied with desperation.

Jasper sort of laughed and shook his head.

“You can try. But I just don’t see how. She doesn’t love Edward. In fact I’d go as far as to say if she could find a way. She’d kill Edward herself.”

“You’re wrong. That’s just the hurt you’re sensing. Bella’s always loved Edward. She just needs some reassuring.” Esme stated.

“And just how do we go about that when Edward insists on going about this the way he is?”

“Perhaps a family meeting is in order. Once things die down somewhat. Let the boy and Bella get better situated and feeling more at home.” Carlisle established.

Edward opened the door to see Bella lying on the bed beside Abel.

“I thought I told you told you to get dressed and to come eat.”

“I’m a grown ass woman Edward. Not a child. I will come down when I’m good and ready.”

He started towards her but there was that barrier again. She eyed him down as he fought to push through it.

“Is something wrong?”

“Knock that off!”

“Go back to your family.”
“You are my family!”

“The hell you are! You murdered our daughter.” She rose off the bed and picked Abel up.

“You killed my father! You robbed me of EVERYTHING! Don’t you stand there and fill me with such lies!”

Bella shot out her hand with gritted teeth. This strange feeling came over her. Her heart was racing she could hear her blood bounding through her hears. She felt lightheaded and dizzy. Yet through all this – there was this unique sense of power. Edward’s eyes widened as he was sent flying out the room.

“YOU WILL LEAVE ME AND MY SON ALONE!” She shouted and the door slammed shut.

She staggered back immediately after and came to her knees.


The young woman sat the boy down and lay on the floor beside. She felt nauseas all of a sudden and crawled towards the bathroom that was attached to the room. She vomited before she could even make it to the toilet. The door opened once again and she looked to Abel in a panic.
“Abel…” She called out and was reaching for him.

“Easy…” Carlisle said out as he made his way over.

He helped Bella to her feet.

“Is everything alright?”

“Yes. Take the boy downstairs. I’m sure he’s hungry.”

NO!” Bella yelled as Esme bent down to pick him up.

She and Carlisle were slammed back against the wall. Bella held her hands out for Abel.

“Come here baby.”

He nodded and made his way over. Once he entered the bathroom the door slammed shut and locked. Bella’s propped herself up against the wall and grabbed hold of Abel.

“Ma-mee sick?”

Bella nodded and doing everything in her power to stay awake. But the battle was lost…


Rose nodded.

Jesus…” Jax muttered looking ill.

“It’s going to be hell getting those weapons across. When’s the IRA coming?”

Chibs drew back a breath on this.

“Three days tops.”
“Fuck! Three days?”
“Sorry Jackie boy, it’s the best I could do. I couldn’t get them to budge on the matter.”

“And it’ll take us another three just to get to Canada!”

Jax slammed his fist down and closed his eyes for a moment.

“We’ll get them back.” Chibs assured.

Opie nodded in agreement.

“That we will.”

“I’ll see what I can do about helping you guys get across. I’m sure I can cause some sort of distraction.” Rose offered.

“We could use whatever help we can get.”

Jax twirled his rings about his fingers as he looked to Opie.

“What’d you find?”

Opie sighed as he bent down and picked up a box from under the table. He slid it towards him. Jax narrowed his eyes as he started digging through the box.

“Where’s you find this stuff?”

“Wayne found it actually. There was hidden crawlspace in her bedroom closet…”

Jax wrinkled his nose as there were a couple pairs of panties, a charm bracelet with a wolf and diamond heart, a dream catcher, a lock of hair, and a few more pictures of his old lady (one of them being nude.) He pocketed that particular picture. He looked to Opie afterward.

“That it?”
He nodded. Jax cleared his throat.

“Wayne has everything recorded. Out of respect for Angel he left that particular picture out of the evidence box. He said he’ll keep it on the down low for now until you give word otherwise.” Opie hinted.

“We keep the bitch alive. Angel’s blaming herself I can guarantee it. She needs to know this was all Stahl’s doing. I need this evidence so my old lady can clear that conscience of hers and realize it was Stahl playing us all along. I will let Angel decide her fate from there.”
“She needs deserves to die!” Opie crossly threw out.

Jax nodded in full agreement.

“That she does. But if you could go back and let Donna have a stab at the bitch, wouldn’t you?”

“So we just keep her here and what?”

“Feed her the shitiest food we can find and keep the bitch hydrated. For every day Angel and Abel are gone, Stahl gets a new face lift. But I want kept her alive.”

“I get todays…” Opie announced.

Jax smiled and motioned towards the basement.

“Well by all means brother.”

Opie nodded and came to his feet. He lit up a cigarette as he exited the boardroom and headed towards the basement. The guys laughed as they heard a popping like sound followed by a yelp.

Debussy Clair De Lune… Something the young woman once found to be peaceful and somewhat romantic. Only now it sent chills down her spine as it spread throughout the room. She opened her eyes finding the room rather dim. Abel came to mind and she rose only to find Edward sitting directly across from her. He nodded upon her as he had his head resting about his knuckles. The image alone sent her flashbacks of when she’d wake in her old house back in Forks and he’d be sitting there. Watching. Just like that. For some reason it never truly dawned on how creepy that was until now.

“Feeling better?”

She nodded and looked around the room.

“Where is he?”

“He had dinner not too long ago and Esme’s putting him down for the night.”

Bella nodded and threw the covers off her. She came to her feet with her heart racing ninety to nothing. All she could think about was getting to Abel and ASAP. Edward appeared before her. He scooped her up and laid her back down.

“You need to rest. The child is fine love. I assure you.”

“I need to see him.”
“You will but for now you rest.”
He plopped down beside her and ran his icy cold hand along her arm.

“You and I need some one on one time. There is so much to discuss.”

“I need to see my son.”

Edward sighed.

“And you will. But not right now.”

He kissed along her arm. She swallowed back rather nervously as she felt his hand traveling down her leg.

“Edward please… Just stop all this.” She practically whimpered.

She was weak and desperately trying to focus on Abel. But the more she tried the weaker she felt. Bella felt his hand along her knee now. He leaned into her ear.

“I’m so sorry love… You must know I’d never hurt you. But you leave me no choice…”

She gasped out as he swiftly covered her mouth and snapped her knee right out of the socket. The same leg that was injured during the attack in the ballet studio…

“Shhhhhh…. It’s going to be okay Bella. I promise.”

Tears streamed down her face as he kept his hand over her mouth. He hovered over her, with his forehead pressed against hers.

“I love you Bella. I’m going to take care of you and your son” he paused for a moment as he kissed her lips.


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