Chapter 17 The Reckoning

Chapter 17

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“How is she?”

“She hasn’t woken up yet.” Jax replied with a shrug a he lit a cigarette.

Opie nodded looking to be in thought.

“What about you?”

Jax drew back a breath and glanced towards the cabin.

“I told Angel I’d keep her safe. She’s covered in bruises, has a busted up face, a broken leg, and I wouldn’t put it past the bastard to have raped her ass.”
“You haven’t checked?” Opie questioned with a touch of a grimace.

“That’s just it. I already killed the motherfucker, Op. Not sure how to handle it if he went that far!”

His friend nodded in understanding.

“And she’s pregnant…” Jax murmured.

“That good or bad?”

“Well we certainly weren’t expecting it. Hell Op, I thought Abel was it for us.”


Jax sort of laughed and shook his head as he took a lengthy drag before answering.

“I can’t think of anything I want more. Which is crazy, right? I mean all this shit with Wendy. I should be freaking the fuck out. There’s just something about it. Like everything’s officially cemented down. We’re adding to the family Op. Abel’s gonna have a little bro or sister. I’m going to be a father again. Only this time round I can make things better. This baby won’t go through the shit Abel went through. Part of me even feels like Abel and I are getting a second chance… and it’s all through Angel. He finally has a mother that truly gives a damn. And I’m not about to let Wendy interfere with that! I’m serious Op. I’ll find a way to ruin that junkie bitch if this case with Abel manages to fall through. She isn’t going to hurt my family. She hasn’t any business being in Abel’s life. Angel raised him. Hell Abel doesn’t even know who Wendy fucking is. That’s the way it stays. I want that bitch out of his life. Angel is the only mother Abel will ever know.” Jax half laughed and shook his head as something else dawned on him.


“I gotta call Gemma see if we can go ahead and set up something. I’m not about to bring another child in this world without being hitched. But I want to do this our way. We’ll have the MC, friends, and family only. Angel likes things kept simple. However I want to toss in a few surprises and touches of my own. I owe this woman my fucking life Op. So I’ll be damned if I give her a shitty wedding.”

“I’m sure Lyla would love to help out as well.”

Jax smiled on this.

“The two of them seem to be hitting it off. And who’d have thought. You and Lyla…?”

Opie shrugged as he sipped on a beer.

“How’s that going?”

“It’s going…”

“Can I ask you something personal?”

“What’s that?”
“How do you handle it?”

Opie cut him a bewildered glance. Jax drew back a breath and looked towards the cabin once more.

“Lyla’s profession…?”

“I don’t think about it, or try not to. It creeps up every now and then. But I try to focus on her and not the job. She’s a great mom. Kids seem to like her too.”
“That’s great, Op. You deserve to be happy, so do the kids.”

They whipped their heads around as they heard what sounded to be screaming. Bobby was poking his head out of the front door of the cabin.

“You might wanna see this…”

Jax tossed his cigarette bud to the ground, before entering. “Shit…” He muttered under his breath. Angel’s back was arched off the bed, her hands were balled up into fists, and she was literally screaming in horror. Chibs was already sitting at the edge of the bed trying his best to stir her awake.

“C’mon lassie.”

The second she woke Angel practically flew off the bed in order to get away from Chibs. She grabbed a nearby lamp and threw it at him. Chibs managed to dodge just in time but regarded Angel with concern.
“Whoa!” Jax hollered as he rushed over.

“Easy now…” Chibs said as he rose from the bed and held his hands up, keeping a safe distance.

She scooted into a corner of the room and reached to her leg looking to be in pain.

“Give us a moment.” Jax said towards the others.

They nodded and shuffled on out of the cabin. Once the door was pulled to, Jax crouched down to her level.


She put her fingers to her temples with a rather lost presence about her.

“Hey…” he called out once again.

“It’s me, darlin’.”

He swallowed back as she put a hand along her tummy. She looked down directly after and lifted her shirt. “Our baby’s fine…” Jax assured. She closed her eyes and he reached out caressing her cheek.
“And Abel?”

“He’s great. Abel’s in the back playing with Happy and Kozik.”

Her bottom lip quivered as memory came to serve.

“Jasper…” She murmured heartbroken and opened her eyes.

“Everyone else?” she hinted.

“Everyone on our end survived. Well, sort of…”

She gazed upon him in wonder.

“There was an incident… with Juice.”
“What do you mean by incident?”

“Let’s just say he’s with your friend Rose at the moment. He’s having to learn a new way of adapting.”


“Angel, Juice was brutally attacked. Rose had to take matters into her own hands. It was the only way he’d be given a second chance.”

“Juice…” she whispered gloomily.

“He’s going to be alright. I promise.”

Her skin went pale all of a sudden and she clamped a hand over her mouth. Jax shot to his feet and swiftly scooped her up. He rushed her into the bathroom, where she promptly threw up in the sink. He held her hair back as she finished. She couldn’t help but to catch his reflection in the mirror as she rinsed the sink and her mouth out afterward. He had this certain beam about him.

“What?” She questioned in wonder.

“I can’t believe you’re pregnant baby…” he stated in awe and kissed her shoulder.

She nodded but lowered her head and try as she might; the girl couldn’t hold it back any longer.

“I’m so sorry, Jax.”

He reared back in absolute disbelief.

Sorry? What for?”

“I put Abel in danger along with everyone else!”
“You didn’t do shit! Jesus Christ, I knew you’d pull this! You’ve gotta quit blaming yourself, babe.”

He carefully spun her around and lifted her up on the counter.

“Look at me, Angel.”

Jax wiped the tears from her cheeks and shook his head.

“This wasn’t you. All of this was on that dickless husband of yours and that idiot Agent Stahl.”

“Yeah baby… That bitch was behind all this.”

He sighed and put his forehead to hers.

“You won’t believe the shit that went down while you were gone. It was one thing after another and that bitch played a part in everything that took place. But we’ll deal with that when we get back to Charming. Right now… I need to know what happened.”
“Jax…” she muttered with hesitance.

Jax reached back and shut the bathroom door. He cleared his throat and paced the bathroom a bit.

“Now I’m about to ask you some questions and I need you to be completely honest with me. Don’t hold back out of fear of upsetting me. Truth of the matter is… what’s done is done. But I need to know what my family went through. No matter how gritty, babe.”
“Jax… Please…”

He shook his head and made his way over. His eyes locked with hers as he braced his hands against the counter.

“Did they hurt our son?”

Angel shook her head no and the tears came down even heavier.

“He was scared, but very brave…”

Jax nodded and carefully stripped her down. As he examined her more thoroughly, he drew back a breath.

“Did he do all this?”

She nodded. He cleared his throat doing his best to keep his composure.

“Did he touch you?” He hinted.

She closed her eyes looking ill as she nodded yes. Jax’s face became fire red and he could feel the blood pulsing in his ears.

“Did he force himself on you?”

Angel sucked back a breath and covered her mouth but shook her head no. He narrowed his eyes on this as he helped to get her dressed once again.

“But he tried to… Didn’t he, baby?”

She wouldn’t answer.

“Answer the question…”


He gritted his teeth, “I NEED TO KNOW!”


“JESUS JAX!” She shouted and pulled at her hair.
“No baby…” He grabbed ahold of her hands and placed them in her lap.

“What is it you’re so afraid of? It’s me… You know you can tell me anything. Don’t you get it? You’re so much more than just my old lady.”

“You don’t understand…”

“I CALL BULLSHIT! I know exactly what this is!”

“Then what is it Jax?” She challenged.

“You don’t trust that I can handle this. That might see you in another light even, which is utterly ridiculous! Baby, I need you to listen to me… I’ve seen how bad this shit can get when a woman keeps these things inside. It will chew you up and spit you out! It could destroy you and us in the process. So I’m going to ask you one more time, baby… What did he do?!”

As she came unwillingly clean about everything that took place, Jax did his best to control the wrath that was rising within. He wished there was a way to bring the son of a bitch back. Just so he could torture his ass some more and destroy him all over again. But that wasn’t the side of Jax she needed at the moment. So he swallowed it back. But there was no masking the guilt… He thought back to the Mexicans that beat and damn near rapped her right there in the garage parking lot. Then there was Clay and the worthless husband. And adding to it – there was Wendy, Ima, and Agent Stahl. It’s like no matter what he did, he couldn’t protect her!
“Jax…” Angel whispered in concern as she had a hand along his cheek.

The man lost all composure. He wrapped his arms around her and they held one another as they cried it out. Jax cleared his throat as there was a knock at the door.

“Yeah?” He called out as he kept his eyes glued to hers.

“Sorry boss, but the kid needs changing.”

Jax shook his head.

“C’mon Hap, can’t you change him?”

“You’re kidding, right?”

Jax sort of laughed and sent Angel a wink as he helped her off the counter.

“Nah man, go for it!”

“Tell me he’s joking…” they heard Happy murmur on the other side.

Before exiting the bathroom, Jax felt the need to get something else across.

“I love and lust for you Angel. Nothing’s changing that. That being said, I want you to take your time on this. If I do or say something that makes you uncomfortable, you need to tell me.”

“Jax you could never make me uncomfortable.”

He nodded and went to kiss her but was interrupted by another tiny knock.

“Ma-mee? Da-dee?”

Jax chuckled as he reached back and opened the door. Abel peeked inside with a big grin.
Angel covered her mouth in laughter as his diaper was on backwards.

“Did Happy change you, baby?”

He nodded and reached for his father. Jax picked him up and died in laughter seeing as how Happy had written Property of SAMCRO on the diaper. Angel kissed their cheeks as she exited the bathroom. She nodded upon Chibs as he reentering the cabin.

He smiled as he made his way over and offered his arm in a gentleman like fashion. Chibs laid her back down and kissed the top of her head.

“Now there be no need for apologies.”
“I threw a lamp at you…”
He nodded and regarded the lamp in thought.

“An ugly one…” he witted causing her to giggle a bit.

Jax reared back however as something else caught his attention.

“Where’s the ring I gave you?”

A scowl crossed her face as she looked to the  gaudy wedding ring on her finger. She took it off and handed it to Chibs.

“Rid of that. Please. I don’t care how you do it.”

The Irish man raised his brows and looked to the ring in thought.
“Looks mighty expensive…”

She shrugged and was looking around for the diaper bag.

“Maybe you should hold on to it. Sell it and get you something nice.” Chibs remarked as he was in attempts to hand it back.
“Where’s the Abel’s diaper bag?”

Happy tossed it over and she dug through the bag.

“No…” she muttered under her breath as the ring wasn’t where she’d hid it.

Angel dumped out the entire contents of the bag and frantically went through everything.

“It was here!”

Her hands were trembling as she went through everything over and over. Jax drew back a breath and put a hand along her shoulder.

“Relax babe, I’ll get you another one.”
“I don’t want another ring. I want that one!”

The guys looked to one another with concern as she made her way off the bed and was limping about the entire cabin. When she couldn’t find it, she started towards front door in attempts to search the van outside.

“Angel!” Jax scolded as she opened the door and Opie just happened to be there and broke her fall.

“Babe! I can get you another ring! I need you to calm down!”

She pinched the bridge of her nose.

“You heard him lil sis…”
“But Op…” she whined as he wouldn’t let her pass.

Opie smiled and took something out from his vest.

“But what?” he taunted as he revealed the ring.

“YOU BIG JERK!” She said but hugged the daylights out of him and kissed his cheek.

“Thank you…”

He nodded.

“Abel handed it to me on the drive here last night. I meant to give it to Jax but forgot all about it.”

“Sure you did… You just wanted to make me sweat.” She accused.

“Maybe a little…” he admitted with a shrug.

Happy and Opie helped Jax load his motorcycle into the back of the van.

“Tight fit…” Opie remarked.

“It fits that’s all that matters.”

He looked towards the cabin where Abel and Angel were sleeping.

“Rose said she’d take care of the weapons. We’ll be about a day or so behind you.”

“Call if you need anything.” Chibs said as he hugged him.

“Will do brother.”

Chibs however dug into his pocket and handed Jax the wedding ring.

“Why don’t you see about getting this appraised and selling it? It’ll stay between us. Use the money towards your wedding and maybe a honeymoon. I can’t think of a bigger middle finger Jackie boy…” he hinted as to the belated husband.

“Oh, absolutely.” Jax agreed in laughter as he pocked the ring.

Jax hugged the others goodbye as well. He lit a cigarette as he waved them off. After he finished his smoke, Jax headed back inside. He smiled as Angel had her arms wrapped around Abel and he was cuddled up against her. He lay on the other side of Abel. The man took a few moments to himself just thankful to have them back. He draped his arm over the both of them and before long the sandman paid him a visit as well.

Abel was having a giggle fit as Angel looked back making silly faces every now and then. Jax chuckled, catching wind of this through the rearview mirror. He reached over turning the radio on. A Metallica song was playing and Angel faked a gasp Abel’s direction. He giggled once again as she started head banging.

“Ma-meeeee!” He squealed.

“Mommy’s crazy. Isn’t she?”

Abel nodded but kept laughing.

“You alright?” Jax questioned as she reached to her leg afterward.

“Just hits every now and then.”

“Want me to pull over and see if I have anything for the pain?”

“Better not chance it. I’ll be okay.”

He nodded in understanding and took her hand kissing it.

“I never had the chance to ask how you feel about this.”

She looked to him in question.

“You mean about the baby?”

He nodded.

“Well it was certainly unplanned…”

Jax sort of laughed.


She smiled, “but it’s a nice surprise. At least I think so.”

“I couldn’t agree more, Angel darlin’.”

He glanced towards Abel in the rearview mirror.

“And what about you, little man? You ready for a little brother or sister?”

Abel nodded with a big ole grin.

“Good deal. You’ll make one hell of a big bro!”

“I still don’t get how all this is possible. It shouldn’t be…”

“I’ve had those same thoughts. But we’ve been given a second chance Angel. So let’s not question it and just accept it for what it is.”

Jax pulled into the parking lot of medical supplies store. Angel looked to him in question once he parked.

“I’ll be right back.”

“Ummm, okay.”

She laughed as he exited the building moments later with a set of crutches.

“Thanks…” She uttered as he opened her door and slid them on in.

He pecked her on the lips.

“Ma-meee hurt?”

Jax nodded towards his son.
“This will help mommy get around better.”
“Ass…hooooole… Ma-meee hurt!” he said looking upset as he crossed his arms about his chest.

Angel’s eyes widened and she snapped Abel an oh shit look. Jax reared back and looked to Abel in astonishment.

“What did he just say?”

Angel pinched her eyes shut.

“I believe that’s my fault…”
You taught our son that?!”

“Well not on purpose. That seems to be his name for Edward.”
Jax tilted his head on this.

“Huh, well I’m not putting that in the baby book.” Jax witted causing Angel to die in laughter.

“Oh come on, daddy!” She taunted and he chuckled as he shut her door.

Angel ran her fingers through Jax’s hair as he had his head resting against her belly.

“Kind of wish I had vampiric abilities about now.” Jax murmured wishing he could hear the baby’s heartbeat like Jasper had.

He kissed her tummy and lifted his head.

“So what do you think we’re having a boy or girl?”

She smiled and looked over to Abel as he was sound asleep in the other hotel bed.

“A girl… That would drive Abel insane.”

Jax laughed in thought.

“Hmmm… I think it’s a boy.”

“You wanna take another bet?”

He shrugged on this.

“Sure, why not.”

“How about we up the stakes this time?”

“That confident, are we?”

She nodded as he ran a hand along her cast. He kissed the area Edward had broken.

“Hmmmm, I tell you what if it’s a girl. I owe you a hundred this time round. And if it’s a boy… Well you had better get to work on that stripping pole back at the clubhouse.”

Angel rolled her eyes but offered her hand in acceptance. Jax smiled as they shook on it.

“The ginger and crackers seem to be helping.” He commented as to her nausea.

She nodded.

“I also took that b6 Lyla suggested on the phone.”

“So what will it be a bed bath or we going to find a way to prop that leg up?”

“Ugh, so I wish I could take a shower.”

Jax looked around in thought.

“Hold that thought.” he said as he rose off the bed.

He exited the room for a few minutes and returned with a black trash bag, duct tape, and plastic zip strips.

“Do I even wanna ask?”
“Probably not…”
“Zip strips? Really?”

He nodded and thought back to Agent Stahl. That’s what they currently had her in.

“Like I said… Might be best if you just let it go.”

The young woman sort of laughed.

“One of those if I told you I’d have to kill you moments?”
He sighed and tore a strip of duct tape off. Jax placed it over her mouth and left it there as he worked on covering her cast. Once he finished getting her set up, he ripped it off.

“You suck…” She hissed harshly causing him to chuckle.

“Up you go…” He whispered as he lifted her up and carried her to the bathroom.

Jax stripped her down and helped her into the shower.

“Hold on. I mean it babe, don’t move.” He called out as he had her steadied up against the wall.

He got undressed and peeked out the door checking on Abel once more. The boy hadn’t even budged he was completely tuckered out. Jax stepped inside and carefully eased her under the shower head. He wrapped her arms around his neck. “Jax…” The way she said his name had him aching with desire. His lips eagerly locked with hers and he was himself rubbing back and forth between her legs. He passionately gathered a fistful of her hair and kissed along her neck and shoulders. Her hands ran along his chest driving him further over the edge. There was no more holding back; he couldn’t if he tried. The outlaw picked her up and had her legs draped over his arms; he took extra precaution with the casted one.

“That feel okay, baby?” Jax softly asked as he eased his way in.

She nodded with a trace of a moan. He let out a breath of relief as he began to thrust. The man let out a frustrated growl knowing he wasn’t going to last long. That tiny slit of hers felt incredible and he was entirely too backed up. But he wasn’t the only one; Jax raised his brows as he felt the evidence of her orgasm against his cock.

“Fuck…” he grunted as he wasn’t far behind.

When he pulled out the tip of his dick had thick white cum dripping off it. He was attentive as he brought her back down.

“Didn’t hurt you, did I?”
“Far from it.” She declared with a kiss.
He smiled and kissed her in return.

“Good deal.”

“Hey…” Jax called out as he patted down the empty side of the bed.

“Over here…” He rubbed his eyes an nodded towards Angel as she was lying beside Abel.
“You alright?”

She nodded but looked as if she hadn’t slept at all. He cleared his throat and grabbed his pack of smokes off the nightstand. He sat up as he lit one of his cigarettes. Angel ran her fingers through Abel’s blond locks and looked to Jax in thought.

“So what happens now?”

“What do you mean, baby?”

She kissed Abel’s forehead and drew back the deepest of breathes.

“I’ve a feeling this is just the beginning Jax… The Cullens, that’s nothing in comparison for what’s in store for us when we get back to Charming. We still got this case with Wendy.” She sort of laughed.

“And don’t even get me started on that bitch Stahl.”

He nodded in full agreement.
“You’re right. It’s just the beginning. But it’s nothing we can’t handle. Abel isn’t going anywhere. You’re his mother. End of story. Wendy managed to fuck herself over and there isn’t a damn thing she can do about it now. As for Stahl… We’ll be dealing with that just as soon as we get home.”
Angel regarded him in wonder. He sighed as he finished is cigarette. He twirled those rings of his about, before running his fingers through his hair.

“I got some things I need to tell you, but now isn’t the time. We need to handle this back at the clubhouse.”

She went to say something on this, but her eyes widened and she clamped a hand over her mouth, as she limped her way into the bathroom. Jax winced as he heard her upchuck. He trolled his way off the bed and entered the bathroom. She rested a hand along the wall as she was bent over the toilet. Angel motioned for him to exit the bathroom as she was about to toss her cookies once again. He shook his head and grabbed a wash cloth. He wet it down with cold water and placed it along her neck.

“You have no idea how good that feels right now.”

He smiled and ran a soothing hand along her back.

“MA-MEEEEEE!” They heard Abel shriek out in terror.

They shot up and looked to one another with alarm. They rushed into the bedroom and Abel nearly fell as he made his way off the bed and over to his mother. He stretched his arms out reaching to her with tears in his eyes.

“What’s wrong, baby?”

Jax scooped him up and motioned for his old lady to lie down. He handed Abel over afterward. The boy lay on her chest and was shedding a few more tears. Jax sat beside them.

“Bad dream, little man?”

Abel nodded and got a tighter hold on his mother. Jax kissed the top of his head.

“Those dreams can’t hurt you Abel… They aren’t real.”

“Ma-meee hurt…”
“Mommy got hurt in your dream?”

He nodded with a quivery lip.

“Well little man, I’m not going to let anyone hurt you or mommy.”

Angel hugged him close and was doing her best to keep her own emotions at bay. Jax looked to the time.

“We better hit the road soon. You and Abel can sleep on the way back.”

“It’s only a couple weeks away.”

Jax gazed upon his son through the rearview mirror.

“What do you think he’d like?”

Angel shrugged and regarded Abel as well. She smiled as something came to mind.


Jax looked somewhat impressed.

“You could dress up like Barney! It’d be awesome!” she taunted and Jax pulled a face at this.
“I thought we agreed to never let Abel watch that shit.”

“He doesn’t. Besides, his favorite movie is House of A Thousand Corpses. If you were home more on the weekends you’d know this! If he’s really good I leave it on Cinemax after midnight.”
“Hell, you don’t even let me watch Cinemax after midnight.”
She cut him an odd yet playful look.

“Says the man that owns a percentage in the porn industry.”

“Doesn’t mean I watch it.”
“You’re so full of shit.”

He shrugged with a hint of a chuckle.

“If memory serves right… You were the one watching and I was doing all the pleasuring…”

Angel blushed and Jax cut her a wink. He pulled into a McDonald’s parking lot.

“We’re just a couple hours away now. But I figured everyone was getting hungry.”

She laughed as a certain memory came to serve.

“What?” Jax questioned with a nod as he went to get Abel out of his car seat.

“Just funny how things work out, that’s all.”


“Like when I mouthed off to you guys about Charming not having a McDonalds.”
Jax had a good laugh at this.
“That’s right. You did. By the way… What was the whole ordeal with that Boyd guy?”

She wrinkled her nose on this.

“Never failed… Every time I bent over to pick something up he’d goose me or press himself right against me. The nasty asshole…”

Jax raised his brows on this.

“I should’ve shot him in both heads…” he murmured under his breath.

Wait… What?”

He sighed as he had Abel in his arms.

“Now darlin’, you gave us specific orders…”

Her eyes widened, but she quickly covered her mouth in laughter.

You didn’t…”

“You’re right… It was me and Op.”
“You mean to say you both shot him in the balls?!”

“Well if you really think about it, two’s what it takes. Might as well do the job right.”

“You’re crazy, you know that?”

He smiled before exiting the van.

“And you’re the driver of that crazy train, babe.”

“Now Jax, I’m just the old lady. The gavel’s in your hands…”

He narrowed his eyes as she exited the van with her crutches in hand.

“You have one of the most important jobs in Charming.”

She cut him a puzzled glance.

“Angel, you know as well as I do how the gavel corrupts if you’re not careful. It’s happened to damn near anyone that’s ever sat in that seat – my father and Clay are great examples of that. My father saw what it was doing but died before he could do a damn thing about it. You’re what keeps my ass in line and on track. Before you came along, I was a mess. Hell, you saw it for yourself. You opened my eyes to a lot of things. Pissed me off in doing so, but I needed the rude awakening. Such as how I was raising my son. Bringing the club shit home…” he hinted with a sigh.

“It wasn’t right. Family is family and the MC is the MC. And you taught me there has to be some sort of center between the two. Being the old lady means a lot more than you realize. Jesus, if you hadn’t come into the picture. I’d hate to see what would’ve become of mine and Abel’s future. With you, I don’t constantly worry about you up and leaving one day. I can see it in your eyes – everyday. I don’t ever question your loyalty or whether you love me or my son, the MC, my PIA of a mother, or Charming itself. That right there is what keeps me on track. You and Abel are the main reasons I want to follow through with my father’s vision. Most men see their family as a weakness. Hell, something that holds him back even, but not me, baby. You and Abel are my strength. My vision and the reasons I know I can do this. I have faith in myself because you have faith in me. And believe me when I say that’s hard to come by.”

Back in Charming…

Gemma exited the house just as Jax pulled up. She ran up to the van and opened the door where Abel was sitting. The woman had tears in her eyes as she unbuckled him and lifted him out of the car seat. She nodded upon Angel as she held Abel.
“You okay, baby?”

“I’m good, Gem.”

Jax got out and rushed over as Angel stepped out with her crutches. Gemma’s eyes went wild once she took notice of her broken leg. She made her way around, getting a better look at the beating Angel’s body took.

Jesus…” Gemma muttered under her breath.

She cupped Angel’s chin.
“You’re home now sweetheart, and next time some bitch wants to one up me and claim you as their daughter… I’m gonna take my foot and shove it right up their ass.”
Angel sort of laughed and Jax smiled on his mother’s words.

“Well that’s a sight…”
Gemma sent her a wink and kissed her cheek. They followed Gemma inside. Abel looked to his grandmother and pointed to a certain bowl up on one of the shelves.

“Ah, you want some candy?” his grandmother questioned.
He nodded and held his hand out. Gemma brought the bowl down and let Abel pick out a piece of chocolate.

“Can you say thank you?” Angel questioned.

“Tay you!”

She smiled “there you go.”
“Such the gentleman you are!” Gemma remarked as she sat him down.

He walked over and started to play with one of his toys Gemma had setting on the couch.

“So how’d it go?” Gemma hinted.
“About as good as it was going to.” Jax replied with a shrug while he got Angel situated on of the recliners.

Gemma nodded.

“You want the good news or bad news first?” Angel threw out there.

Gemma regarded to her son in wonder.

“I suppose the bad news…”
“My leg’s broken…” she smarted causing Jax to laugh.

His mother sighed and rolled her eyes.

“I’d have never guessed. So what’s the good news?”

“Jax got me a honey bun and I left it in the oven.”

Gemma got this bewildered look to her and Jax covered his mouth trying not to burst out in uncontrollable laughter.

“Honey bun? Who puts honey buns in the oven? Are you high or something? What on earth are you talking about?!”

“I don’t know Gem. What do you think I’m talking about?”

Jax’s face was lit up like a Christmas tree as he lost the battle and was laughing so hard he had tears rolling down his face.

“What is wrong with you?! Both of you?! Seriously, did you smoke a bad batch or something?”

Gemma regarded the way Angel was holding her tummy and reared back.


She shook her head as she looked to Angel then Jax.


Jax nodded with a grin.

“Are you serious?!”

He nodded once again and she snapped her head Angel’s direction.

“You’re pregnant?!”

Angel nodded with a smile.

“Is it Jax’s?”
“Well I should hope so, mom…” she witted in return.

Gemma looked to Angel as if taken back. It wasn’t just the unexpected pregnancy announcement that got to her. But the fact that she had referred to her as mom, even if there was a touch of sarcasm to it.


“Do I really have to give you the birds and bees speech, Gem?”

Jax chuckled on this.

“Don’t be a smartass. You know damn well what I’m talking about.”

“Don’t have an answer for that one. Just add it to the list of freakish things I may never understand.”

Jax look upon Angel in thought “when did all this start exactly?”

Angel rather sighed and shrugged before answering.

“I started noticing certain things after they took her life…” she hinted.

“The life of a half-breed…” Jax muttered under his breath triggering his mother’s puzzled glance.

Jax came to his feet and he paced the room a bit. He stopped in midstride and looked to his mother.

“Would you mind watching Abel? We’ve got a couple things that require our attention back at the clubhouse.”

“Of course, take whatever time you need, baby.”

“Thanks mom.” He said as he pecked her on the cheek.

Jax helped Angel out of the recliner and handed her crutches over.

They started out the door and Angel felt a tug at her skirt.


“Yes, baby?”
Abel reached for her and Jax picked him up, “no go…”

Angel’s heart sank on this as his bottom lip quivered.

“I won’t be long Abel.” She assured.
“Ma-mee hurt.”

“It doesn’t hurt anymore.”

Abel looked to his father with that anger crossing his face once again, “ma-mee hurt!”

Jax sighed gathering where his son was going with this.

“No one’s going to hurt mommy. I give you my word.”

Jax closed his eyes for a moment as Abel hugged his neck. Jax kissed the top of his head. Angel smiled and kissed Abel’s cheek.

“I’m going to be just fine.”

Abel nodded and hugged her in return.

“I love you.”
“Wuv too!”

Angel staggered back at Abel’s reply and put a hand to her heart. Jax smiled and Gemma raised her brows in sheer amazement.

“Well little man, I think you just stole my old lady’s heart… Get your own woman!”

“No!” Abel told his daddy with a smile.

Jax sighed as if truly disappointed.
“I suppose I can’t blame you there…” he responded with a smile as well.

Jax handed his son over to Gemma.

“Be good. Like Mommy said we’ll be back soon.”

Jax glimpsed towards Angel on the way to the clubhouse.

“You alright there?”

She nodded but had that rather stunned appearance about her still. Jax took her hand and kissed it.
“The little man’s just as crazy about you as I am.”

She smiled.

“Just took me by surprise…”

Jax nodded in agreement.

“He’s picking this stuff up pretty fast.”

“That he is.”

“It just proves how amazing you are.”

Jax drew back a hesitant breath however as they pulled up to the clubhouse.

“Before we enter the gates of hell…” he cleared his throat and rolled down the windows.

He took a cigarette out from his vest and lit it, but regarded his old lady in thought.

“I bet the nicotine withdrawals suck…”

She snorted on this.

“You haven’t any idea.”

Jax smiled.

“I tell you what babe, I’ll have a lifetime supply waiting for you…”

“I’m going to need it!”

He laughed and shook his head.

“I’ve a theory…”
He nodded.

“And what would that be?”

“I believe Edward’s inability to read you had to do with you being a shield all along. That would explain the impasse. I’m not quite certain how to explain it all. But you were pregnant with a half-breed child. One in which they cut out of you. And we can’t be certain how things went exactly from there. So here are a couple of theories. One being – that you were exposed to a smidgen of the child’s venom. Since it was mixed with human DNA you didn’t experience the affects you normally would’ve – such as being turned or death even. The other possibility? You yourself said that these vampires are often enough reborn with certain abilities – such as yours. What if the infant found a way to give you her aptitude as well? I know that sounds like a wild stretch. Still, I can’t help but to wonder.”

“How would a baby know to do that though, Jax?”

“It’s no secret that mothers and their children share a special bond; one that a father could never truly grasp. If this child felt just a twinge of what Abel feels for you. I could see her being just as protective. Maybe part of her knew… And it was her way of keeping you safe. I believe the stress of losing the child only heightened this shield of yours.”

“Well Mr. Jackson Teller, you may be onto something.”

He shrugged and glanced towards the clubhouse once again.

“That bad, huh?”

“Oh yeah… It’s going to be a long night.”


“Sorry, darlin’.”

She let out an exasperated sigh.

“Well let’s get it over with.”

Jax nodded towards the others once they entered the clubhouse. The Sons greeted one another with hugs and pats on the back.

“Hey…” Angel turned seeing as how it was Piney.

She smiled as he hugged her.

“How are you feeling?” he asked putting a hand to her stomach hintingly.

Angel looked to Opie accusingly.


“You couldn’t let Jax and I give the news?”

“Just slipped out…”
“Oh I’m sure Lyla would know all about that.” she fired back bitterly.

Opie raised his brows on this and the guys were laughing.

“That true Op?” Jax taunted.
“Shut up…” Opie retorted with a smirk.

Piney wrapped his arm around her and led her into the office. She looked to him oddly as he sat her down and went and pulled the door to.

“Everything alright?”

He didn’t answer as he sat across from her. He turned his oxygen off and retrieved a cigar from his denim vest. He clipped it before lighting it up and taking a long drag.

“What?” He questioned as she was shaking her head.

“Just waiting for us to blow up, that’s all.” She smarted.

“Haven’t blown up yet.”
“That supposed to boast my confidence?”

He cleared his throat and drew back a breath.

“What are you doing…?” He questioned as a parent would an unruly child.
She narrowed her eyes on this.

“Excuse me?”

Piney shook his head.

“How many close encounters does it take? And here you are pregnant and playing mother to Abel.”
“What’s that supposed to mean exactly?”

He glanced towards the door and leaned over as he whispered.

“When are you getting the hell out of here?”

She reared back as if offended.

“Getting out of here?! Now why would I do that?!”

“C’mon Angel… You’re better than this. You need to get out while you can.”

This had her blood boiling and her heart racing with anger.

“Why would you say that?”
“For your own protection. It’s bad enough Abel’s involved but you want to bring another child into this?”
“It wasn’t planned and I’m sorry, but that’s really none of your business.”

“This whole thing with the Irish and the cartel…”
“Something he’s getting out of. He just needs time!”

“Are you aware of what Jax did in order to get the two of you back? We’re in over our heads and deeper than ever.”

“What do you mean?”

Piney half laughed but that of misery.

“My son let me know that Jax purchased some weapons. Only this time it was the MC buying rather than selling.”
“What?!” She questioned as this was news to her.
“Exactly… All the more reason you need to figure something out. It isn’t safe. Jax is going to get you killed!”

She pinched the bridge of her nose.

“First off… how dare you go behind his back on this. Second… I trust Jax and will back him in whatever decision he makes. If he had to purchase those weapons, I’m sure he’s already coming up with some sort of plan.”

“How? He had me believing he was getting out of this business. That he was cleaning house!”

“You think that’s something he can do overnight? Jesus Piney, you’re an original. You know how this shit works! I don’t have to be one of the Sons to know this doesn’t happen overnight!”

“And in the meantime?”
“I back him up! That’s my job! It would take an act of GOD to convince me otherwise!” She shouted as she was on her feet now and pointing upon him.

Piney broke into a smile.

“Sit down before you hurt yourself.”
Her jaw dropped in realization and he chuckled.

“Ohhhhh, you old dirty bastard.”

She sat back down but threw one of the sofa pillows at him.
“Jackass…” She muttered causing him to laugh.

“Just wanted to see what side of the fence you were playing on sister. He needs you. Hell he’s going to need all of us. And I need to know you’re not going to up and rip his heart out when things get ugly and he needs you the most.”

She rolled her eyes.

“Ugh, it always goes back to her. Doesn’t it? Between you and me I’d hunt the bitch down and teach her a thing or two if I could get away with it.”

Piney chuckled.

“Get in line…”

“Gotta worry about the deadbeat junkie first.”

Piney sighed.
“Yeah, I heard about that.”
“That woman’s some kind of special…”

They looked over as there was a knock at the door and it opened shortly after. Jax peeked inside and nodded upon Piney.

“I knew it, you son of a bitch. Had to get her alone, didn’t you?”
Piney shrugged “and if you wouldn’t mind….” he taunted as he waved Jax off but sent Angel a wink. She giggled and shook her head.

“If I was ten years older…” She said as she came to her feet.

“If you were ten years older, I’d still be robbing the cradle. If that isn’t a bitch, I don’t know what is.”

She smiled and kissed his cheek on the way out.

Angel followed Jax into the back room. He pulled the door to and Angel made her way to the bed. Jax hated what he was about to reveal next but knew he had no choice. He’d rather it came from him. He grabbed a laptop and plopped down on the bed beside her.

“Angel, you need to know that what I’m about to show you; was done without my knowledge or consent.”
She looked to him in question as he opened the laptop and set everything up. He let out one more miserable sigh and hit play. He kept his focus on Angel as she watched the video.

The video showed how Jax was sound asleep, when Ima welcomed herself to the bed. She unzipped his pants and brought his dick out. Jax caught the grimace on Angel’s face. Ima stroked his cock and once she had it nice and hard she started giving him oral.

“Jesus…” Angel muttered looking pale.

Jax pinched his eyes shut. This was killing him just as much as it was her.

“I can’t watch this shit!”

“Baby… I really need you to finish this.”
“Jax…” She pleaded and went to shut the laptop with tears in her eyes.

He shook his head and reached out stopping her. The young woman was shaking all over as she endured the sight of her man getting head from another woman. Ima started fingering herself and was getting even more into it. Angel’s hands balled up into fists and Jax swore he heard her teeth grinding together.

Her jaw dropped however at the part where he woke. She witnessed the smack across the face and damn near beat down following. When it got to the part of Jax forcing Ima to walk on all fours, she covered her mouth with a tearful giggle. Jax closed his eyes and nodded amongst himself. He only wished it had the audio behind it so she could hear everything that was said. He winced and hurriedly shut the laptop once it got to the part where he was having a meltdown. Angel leaned against the headboard and looked to the ceiling in thought.

“I hate you for showing me that.”

She sighed and shut her eyes for a brief moment.

“But I also love you for showing me that.”

Angel leaned against his shoulder.

“Looks like I gotta a bitch to kill.”

He nodded and rested against her in return.
“More than one baby… Our day is far from over…”

Jax told her everything he knew behind Ima, Stahl, the pictures, etc… He made certain he left nothing out. When he got to the part where Stahl had a few of her personal belongings and had been stalking her. Angel had this look of utter disgust about her.

“And you say she’s here now?”

Jax nodded and rolled off the bed. He went to the closet and pulled out the box. He set it on the bed and the moment Angel peeked inside, she let out a gasp.

“What in the living fuck?!”

She grabbed the bracelet Jacob had given her.

“She went through my shit back in Forks?!”

Jax narrowed his eyes on this.

“Is that where all this came from?”

She went through the box.

“Shit! Jax, over half of this stuff is from my old bedroom!”

“What about this?” He pulled a drawer out from the nightstand and opened his journal.

Jax handed her the picture. Angel covered her mouth as she took in the all too accustomed scenery behind the rather disturbing image.

“Jax…” She murmured looking ill.

“Where is she?!”

“The basement.”
The young woman nodded and reached for her crutches.

“Angel darlin’, I need you to take it easy.”
“I’ve taken it easy long enough. It’s time to show these bitches who their fucking with!”

Jax drew back a hesitant breath as he followed her to the basement. He motioned for the others to tag along. They stopped what they were doing and followed as well. Once they got to the stairs, Angel handed her crutches over to Jax. She used the rails to hobble on down.

She wrinkled her nose once the smell it.

“Jesus, it smells like rotted tuna down here!”

The guys had a good laugh at this.

“Oh man, is that coming from you?” Angel questioned the moment she spotted Stahl.

Stahl’s eyes widened and she squirmed about in the chair they had her in.

“Sick…” the young woman muttered covering her mouth and nose as the smell grew worse the closer she got.

She could see where they had Stahl using a bedpan in order to go to the bathroom. Other than that she hadn’t been touched sanitary wise.

“I’m surprised you don’t have maggots crawling out of that hallway you call a pussy. Then again, you never know.”

Angel ripped the duct tape off Stahl’s face.

“Where’d you get this?” she demanded as she showed Stahl the picture.

“Please, just let me go. I’ll do whatever you ask. I can get the ex-wife to drop the case.”

“Do I look like I’m willing to negotiate? I asked you a question… And I expect an answer.”

“Please baby, don’t do this.”

Jax’s lip curled on the way the agent called his Angel ‘baby’.

Baby?” Angel responded through gritted teeth.
“Not really into the whole muff diving scene. Strickly dickly, if you get my drift…”

Jax covered his mouth to keep from losing it. The guys were having a field day with this and Happy put a hand over his heart as if in awe.

“Oh shit…” Jax called out as she socked the agent across the face and grabbed the agent by the collar of her shirt.

“ANSWER ME DAMMIT!” She demanded surprising not only Jax but the other Sons.

“The picture, where did you get it?!”

Angel nodded when she wouldn’t answer. She looked around the basement in thought. Chibs had just lit a cigarette and Angel limped on over. The Irish man gathered a pouty look as she took it from his hold. “Thanks” she said as she kissed his cheek. She breathed the cigarette in and in longing as she made her way over to Stahl. She squeezed Stahl’s cheeks together and forced her mouth open. The agent hollered out in agonizing pain as Angel burned her tongue with the cigarette. She grabbed a fistful of Stahl’s hair immediately after.

“Answer the question or I’m going for the cunt next.”

The outlaw wasn’t sure what to think. This was a side of his old lady he rarely saw. He wasn’t sure if he should be turned on or startled. The guys looked to him rather impressed.

“Are you sure this thing between you two is serious?” Bobby muttered towards Jax.

Jax narrowed his eyes on this.

“Cause I think I’m in love.”

“I think you’re a step away from a heart attack if you don’t shut your gob.”

“Fair enough…” Bobby murmured with a grin.

Once Jax was out of hearing range he leaned towards Happy and whispered.

“I don’t care if there is a kid in there I would so dive into that bush.” Happy smiled and nodded in agreement.

“It came from a friend of yours.”
“What friend?” Angel hissed in reply.

“Something Black… He had it in his room.”
“And why were you in his room?!”

“I went there in order to find out more about you.”

“Let me get this straight you expect me to believe an old friend of mine took this picture? Not only that but he up and gave it to you?”
The agent sighed as she could barely hold her head up, she was so frail.

“I found it in his room.”
“And why were you in his room?”
“I told him it was a missing person’s case. Had him believing I was doing everything in my power to find you. He wasn’t hard to convince; since you are indeed ‘missing’.
“And you needed this picture, because…”

The agent let out a laugh of wretchedness.

“I wouldn’t laugh if I were you. I’d answer or you’re going have one sore pussy and not in the best of ways.”

“The picture I kept for my own enjoyment.” She sickeningly admitted.

Angel nodded and showed her the picture once again.

“So you like underage girls? That get you going? I was 16, bitch! This was taken in my fucking bedroom, without my knowledge!”

Angel balled the picture up in her hand and stuffed it into the agent’s mouth. She forced her mouth shut afterward.

“Anyone got a needle and thread.”

“What do you need that for?” Jax questioned in wonder.

“I’m going to sew this bitch’s lips shut. I just haven’t decided which pair yet.”

“On it!” Happy eagerly called out as he practically skipped out of the room.

The agent shook her head and started that crying and whining ordeal all over again.

“OH DO SHUT THE FUCK UP!” Angel said as she punched her once again.

Happy returned before long with the needle and thread.

“Happy to oblige!”

“Oh good pun…”

Happy frowned on this making her laugh. She shook her head however as she was doing her best to keep from tossing her cookies. The smell wasn’t helping her morning sickness by no means. Opie gathered a chair for her and Jax got another one so she could prop her leg up. Once she gained some sort of composure, Angel got the needle and thread ready. She leaned over and roughly cupped her chin.

“Leave us please…” the young woman asked as she put the cigarette out and threw it on the ground.

Jax nodded and motioned for everyone to step out. He drew back an uncertain breath as he stole one more glance towards Angel. The outlaw was having an inner battle of his own going at the moment. Once she ‘assumed’ everyone had left, Angel struck the agent in the gut. The agent’s eyes watered as she fought for a breath.

“I bet you’d like to go home. Take a nice long shower, eat a real meal, and sleep in that nice cozy bed of yours. But you will never see the outside of this basement. In fact it’s damn near poetic the last thing you will ever see is my face. You put my family in danger. And when I say family… That means SAMCRO, mine and Jackson’s son, and the child within my womb.”

The agent looked to her in surprise.

“You see Agent Stahl…” Angel leaned into her ear.

“I’m going to kill you. And our God… Well he’s a vengeful one. So don’t be too surprised when you find Donna waiting for you on the other side. An eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth… But first…”
Angel took the needle and drove it through her bottom lip. Stahl cried out and Angel backhanded her.

“Shut… the… fuck… up… You don’t get to cry. You don’t get to ask for mercy! You get to sit there and look your reaper in the eyes as she tells you her story. You will die knowing everything about me. That’s what you wanted after all, wasn’t it?”

As she sewed the woman’s mouth shut Angel told her story. She started from when ‘Bella’ first met Edward and the story ended with the Son’s coming to her and Abel’s rescue. Angel wiped a few stray tears with the back of her hand.

“Playing with fire is a dangerous game Agent Stahl. Opie Winston was that fire… And I’m honestly surprised he hasn’t ended you himself. But I’m a shield, Agent… And you don’t seem to truly grasp what that means.” She got right in Stahl’s face. “It means I will protect my loved ones and at all cost. And you haven’t seen anything yet… baby.”

Angel brought her leg down and came to a stand. She kept her eyes on Stahl as she aimed her hands towards the chairs behind her. They flew back hitting the wall behind her. Stahl writhed about in panic mode. Angel steadily directed her right hand upon Stahl. She gave a simple nod and the agent’s chair was slammed up against the wall a few feet back. Angel pushed her shield to the right and then the left banging the agent against the basement walls. Traces of tears ran Angel’s cheeks as she shuffled on over. Angel let loose on the woman’s face showing no mercy whatsoever. After a few heavy blows the Agent slumped over. The infuriated woman reached over, feeling for a pulse. She nodded amongst herself “may you never find peace and forever rot in HELL!” Angel spat as she carefully made her way up the stairs. The guys gazed upon her in wonder once they saw Jax’s old lady exit the basement. She was covered in sweat and blood. But she said nothing as she headed into the back bedroom.

Jackson Teller stepped out of the shadows of the basement and lit a cigarette as he looked towards the stairs. He shook his head trying to comprehend what he’d just witnessed. He walked up to the agent and reared back at the horrendous sight. His ‘little angel’ had beaten the woman to death.

Jesus…” He muttered under his breath.

He jumped as he felt a hand along his shoulder.

“I strongly advice you never cheat on this one” Opie hinted with a cringe.

Jax let out a rather nervous laugh, but cleared his throat as he thought back to Tara. Jax knew the doc wasn’t cut out for this life. She’d made that abundantly clear time and time again. So he tried breaking it off; when Tara wouldn’t hear of it. He grew desperate and did the one thing he knew would run her off. But it hurt more when she forgave him and did her best to convince him otherwise. He let his guard down and let Tara back in. He held on to the guilt. But he always wondered if Tara even felt an iota of blame for the things she’d done. After all, it was one lie after another and before long he was coming home to a complete stranger. And it wasn’t long after Tara left Charming that he found out about the abortion she’d kept hidden. Lyla assumed he knew and let it slip. And it was then he knew Tara’s sole reason for trying to make things work, even after he’d done his best to run her off. After that, he became numb when it came to Tara. He felt betrayed. Something he assumed he pretty much deserved. But it cut like a knife nevertheless. Especially considering this made her second abortion, both of them being his. Granted the first one was a bit more understandable, considering they were only teenagers at the time. But he never understood her reasoning for the last one. The only thing that truly came to mind was that her dream of being a surgeon outweighed everything else. And Tara wanted nothing getting in her way – not him, the MC, Abel, and most certainly not another offspring of his.

“I tell you what Op, if that ever happens I want you to beat my head in with a pipe.”

Opie nodded, “I give you my word, brother.”

(Chapter 18 coming up soon, followed by chapter 7 of Whistling Dixon! Be a good sport by leaving your comment/review. It is much appreciated!)


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