Chapter 2 Mother Dearest

Chapter 2

I do not own SOA or Twilight.

Three weeks later…

“Nooo…” Bella miserably murmured as Jax was first to enter the building – gun in hand.

“No!” she hissed with more irritation as Clay entered next.

“FUUUUCK!” The young woman spat as Tig entered next followed by the others each loaded and ready to go.

Clay walked over to the desk.

“Listen here girlie, you pick the wrong place to start your life over.”

“Sorry, Charming doesn’t have a McDonalds.”

“Don’t get cute with me.”

“Look, I answer phones and punch in codes all day that’s all I do. So if there’s something dirty going on here. I haven’t any part in it.”

“McDonalds… Man that sounds good.” Bobby murmured.

“Yeah it does…” Juice agreed.

Jax grinned and shook his head.

“Then I suggest you get the fuck up and get to walking, unless you want to join these guys in going down. And we’re gonna need you to punch us in.”

“Unfuckingbeleiveable…” she murmured and opened a cash register.

The men raised their brows as Bella started to stuff whatever money there was into her pant pockets.

“What are you doing?!” Clay barked.

“Well apparently I just got fired. So I figure I better make it worth my while. Don’t you?”

She punched the code in and motioned towards the door.

“Have fun boys. Oh, and if you run into a guy by the name of Boyd if you could shoot him in the balls. I’d appreciate it.”

Jax nodded keeping that in mind.

Bella walked around the desk and grabbed her jacket. Jax and a few others tilted their heads as she had cash hanging out of those tight blue jeans and snug shirt of hers. She grabbed a container of suckers and a stapler and was heading on out the door. Clay grabbed her by the arm.

“What’s the fucking stapler for?”

“Haven’t you seen Office Space?” She smarted and jerked out of his hold. Jax reached over and snatched a sucker.

“This is my stapler! And these are my suckers!” She snapped and rushed out the door.

“Now I’m in the mood for that new strip joint.” Tig said as he and a few others admired her ass as she walked away.

“Right?” Jax agreed taken back as well.

Clay smacked Jax in the back of the head.

“Snap out of it son.”

Jax sighed and followed as Clay opened the door Bella had decoded for them. The moment the door opened…

“Which one of you is Boyd?” Jax asked.

The men looked to the SOA wide-eyed and pointed to a man in a suit and tie. Jax thought he even looked like a douchebag. He nodded and shot the guy in the balls. The man cried out in agony and came to his knees holding the area.

“Jax!” Clay scolded.

Tig and Juice were dying in laughter. Jax gave a simple shrug.

“We owe her one…” he murmured.

“We owe her more than one…” Opie added in agreement taking a shot in the same area as well.

Jax nodded as he and Opie high-fived one another.

“Shouldn’t you be at work?” Gemma questioned as she welcomed herself to Bella’s table.

She looked over to see Bella filling out an application the local bar they were in.

“Your loving husband did away with that.”

“Well shit…” Gemma said with a sigh.

“Yep…” Bella murmured as she continued in filling out the application.

“But I showed them…” She said and reached over petting the stapler.

“You’re not all there. Are you, hunny?” The older woman uttered as she lit up a smoke.

Once Bella finished filling out the application. Gemma reached over, picked it up, ripped it to shreds. Then she came to her feet.

“Let’s go.”

“Why’d you do that?!”

She didn’t answer and took Bella by the hand.

“Um, where are we going?” Bella asked as Gemma stuffed her into the car and slammed the door shut.

“Are you kidnapping me?” Bella smarted once Gemma entered the car.

The woman sighed. Then pulled a gun out from her purse and pointed it at Bella.

“This would be kidnapping…”

Bella nodded seemingly unfazed.

“Oh, I see what you did there…”

Gemma shook her head in disbelief. She put her gun away and just sat there for a moment looking perplexed.

“There’s something wrong with you… isn’t there?”

“Lots…” Bella admitted with a shrug.

Bella cut Gemma an odd look as they pulled up to the house. She could see some sort of work crew working on the room that had caught fire. From the looks of things they had to rebuild it entirely.

She followed Gemma into the house.


Bella took a seat and Gemma sat across from her.

“Let’s have a little woman to woman talk.”

“Woman to woman, huh?”

Gemma nodded and leaned back.

“I’m gonna ask you a few questions and you’re going to answer them and truthfully now.”

Bella drew back a breath on this.

“I’ll do the best I can.”

“No you see… that’s not good enough for me. I need to know everything.”

“Why? I mean seriously?”

“Because I’m putting a lot of trust in you as of late and I’d sure hate to mess up that pretty face of yours by blowing a massive hole in it. Such as that stunt the other day, with the fire. You did something… Now I want to know what and I want to know right now.”

“What is it you want to hear exactly?”

“I believe I established that already.”

Bella let out a long winded sigh and took out a cigarette. After lighting it up she eyed Gemma down and took a nice long drag.

“I’m not sure to be honest…” Bella answered honestly.

“You expect me to buy that? Don’t be a stupid bitch.”

“Believe what you want then, but it is what it is. It’s something I discovered a couple years back. And I’d appreciate if it stayed between us. I don’t need this getting out. That being said, I don’t take kindly to blackmail either so keep that in mind.” Bella warned knowing how this woman worked.

Gemma reached into her purse and withdrew her gun. She aimed it at Bella. The young woman smiled. “I knew that was coming.” The older woman nodded and Bella heard the cocking of the gun. Gemma tilted he head upon Bella and fired. The young woman didn’t budge. Gemma’s jaw dropped as Bella eyed her down and the bullet seemingly hit an invisible wall, landing on the floor.

“You wanna try that again, bitch?!”

The older woman just sat there wide-eyed after experiencing the phenomenon before her.

“You ever try that shit with me again and I’ll send that bullet right back at you. Got me?”

“I need a drink…” Gemma muttered and put her gun away.

Bella merely sat there as Gemma left the room only to return with a bottle of whiskey, two shot glasses, and two beers.

“Looks like we’re in for a long night, sweetheart…”

“You could say that again.”

Gemma poured Bella a shot and started to hand it over… but paused.

“Real name?”

Bella grabbed the shot glass anyhow and downed the contents.

“What’s to say Angela isn’t?”

“Oh please, you don’t even look like an Angela.”

“What do they look like?” Bella smarted and grabbed the bottle of whiskey and poured herself another shot.

“Well wonders never cease…” Gemma muttered as she watched Bella down another shot and chased it back with the beer.

“I knew there was something off about you…”

The young woman shrugged and handed the bottle back.


Gemma nodded.

“Much more fitting.”

“How about we do a truth for truth?” Bella said as she raised her shot glass.

“I see where you’re going.” Gemma said and tossed her shot glass aside and drank straight from the bottle instead.

Bella leaned back making herself comfy.

“So truth… Did you run Tara out of town?”

Gemma found herself baffled by the question.

“Just a simple yes or no is all I need.” Bella added with a hint of a smile, one that actually sent Gemma a chill.


“Your turn… Where are you from?”

“Up north…”

“Could you be a bit more specific?”

“Fraid not… that’ the best you’re getting…”


“Your turn… Did you really give Abel’s mother a syringe of ‘death’?”


Bella nodded and Gemma covered her mouth shocked that she’d let that fly out of her mouth. There was something about this girl. She just couldn’t quite peg what it was besides the obvious.

“Why didn’t you just finish the job yourself?” Bella questioned darkly.

Gemma smiled “Sorry sweetheart, that’s two questions it’s my turn now.” For each question they took a shot and chased it back with their beer.

“Ever have children?”

Bella swallowed back on this and Gemma narrowed her eyes in observation. The young woman had this painful glimmer in her eyes and her body language became tense and rather abruptly.


She came to her feet on this.

“I think we’re done now…”

“Not even close…” Gemma countered. “All I got from you so far is that you’re from the North that could very well mean Canada for all I know, your 22 years old, your name is Bella but you won’t give a last, and you were married once before…” Gemma reared back for a brief moment. “Was it an abortion? Is that why you act the way you do every time I ask you a question you about children? Let me guess, you didn’t want the little shit ruining your life so you did away with it?”

Bella shot up and this and Gemma gasped back in utter surprise as Bella sailed across the room and socked her across the face. Tears were formed in those big brown eyes of hers.

“Don’t you ever say that shit to me again! YOU KNOW NOTHING! SO DON’T YOU EVEN PRETEND TO!”

Gemma returned the blow and had swiftly grabbed Bella by the throat.

“So you’re a tough bitch. I dig that about you. But don’t you think for an instant you can one up on me!”

Bella went into hysterics as tears ran down her face. Gemma dropped her hold.

“What happened to you?” The older woman softly questioned with unease.

“You wanna know why I’m here? Why I live the way I do?!” Bella shouted as she threw the bottle of whiskey up against the wall.

“Because I have NO choice! I will never have a husband, a child, or family of mine own. THIS IS IT FOR ME! And how dare you try and break me! I know how you are. You’re like fucking Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Only with you it’s more like Mr. Rogers and Cruella Deville. At times I find myself admiring you. Others you make me fucking cringe. If I had balls they’d shrivel up and die with some of the shit I’ve witnessed. You want to know how I know so much? Well it’s funny the things you learn when no one ever notices you’re even around. But that’s the way it supposed to be! So leave me the fuck alone! Trust me you’re all better off and so am I.”

Bella started out the door and Gemma popped one last question.

“What did he do to you?”

“He took the one thing I wanted most in this world… my baby…” her words were laced with a certain darkness and absolute hatred. “I wasn’t given a choice… He took it all away.”

Gemma staggered back on her words.

Two days later…

“Jesus!” Bella snapped as she woke to the pleasant sound of gunfire.

“You again?!” she hissed and trolled back over as Gemma had her gun aimed at the sky, but there was this odd beam about her. She kicked at Bella’s boots.

“Let’s go.”

“Nah, I’m good…” Bella said and pulled Jax’s hoodie up over her head.

“You want a job and roof over your head?” Bella lowered the hoodie, observing Gemma in bewilderment. “Then I suggest you get off your fucking ass and come with me.”

Bella groaned out and came to her feet.

“You know you sure talk about my ass a lot… And I’m beginning to think you’re stalking me.”

Gemma didn’t comment, but couldn’t hide the smirk that formed on her face.

Page break

Bella regarded Gemma oddly as she pulled up to Jax’s house.

“Follow me…”

She drew back a breath on this, but exited the car and followed with hesitance. Gemma took it upon herself to unlock the door and stepped on in.

“As you can see this place could use some sprucing up. You will do all the cooking, cleaning, and laundry. And you will take care of my grandson providing him with whatever he needs. You get paid according how good of a job you’re doing.” Gemma said as she grabbed a trash bag and started to pick up the place a bit. There were beer bottles and cigarette buds all over the living room.

Gemma opened the door to a spare bedroom.

“This is your new room. I already have you a few clothes in the closet and drawers. The bag on the bed is the stuff you left back at the house. You need Jax’s permission to place any feminine products or belongings in the bathroom. If you wish to decorate this room you will need my son’s permission for that as well. In this house… you do NOTHING without his say!”

The room had a full size bed, nightstand with lamp, dresser, and lengthwise mirror. The walls were bare and there wasn’t much else to the room. After exiting the room she walked over to her son’s door and entered without even bothering to knock. Bella tilted her head giving Jax the once over as he was lying on his stomach leaving one of his butt cheeks revealed. Gemma shook her son awake.

“Get up and meet your new roommate and nanny. I’m taking a me day. You two get to know one another. Have fun!”

Bella was taken back as Gemma kissed her on the cheek and exited the room. Bella heard the front door shut as Gemma left. Jax rolled over and Bella quickly adverted her eyes with a hint of a blush.

“What the…” Jax murmured as he reached over and grabbed his pack of smokes off the nightstand.

He took out a cigarette and lit it with his zippo.

“Is she out of her fucking mind?” He grumbled taking a hit.

Bella hurriedly grabbed a nearby towel and tossed it over Jax’s well-endowed morning wood. He raised his brows on this and Bella’s eyes widened as it seemingly made it worse as it only created a tent.

“Oh… dear… god…” She uttered and quickly exited the room.

Jax chuckled to himself and shook his head.

Bella was pacing the living room as he stepped out fully dressed. He nodded towards her as he was placing his dual shoulder holster on. He grabbed a couple of guns and placed them in the holsters and put his SOA vest on over it.

He tiredly rubbed his face and looked to the time.


“I think I’m supposed to be doing that part.”

Jax smiled and motioned for her to follow him.

“I think I got this one.”

He opened a pantry the top shelf was filled with cereal. Bella softly laughed.

“Your mother she’s…”

Crazy?” he stated as if it were a matter of fact and brought a box of cereal down.

Bella nodded in full agreement. He opened one of the cabinets and grabbed a couple of bowls. Bella opened the fridge and handed him the milk.

“I don’t think you have enough beer.” She taunted seeing as how the entire middle shelf was filled.

“You’re right… Maybe you should put that on your list of things to do.” He taunted as he poured the milk into the bowls.

“Or I could replace them all with bottles of water.” She fired back in return.

“And I could fire you…”

“But your mother hired me…”

“Hmmm…” He hummed in amusement as he pulled out a drawer and took out a couple of spoons.

Jax handed her one of the bowls and pulled out a chair for her at the dining room table.


He nodded as he sat down and placed a mouthful of cereal into his mouth. The man took a moment to really look her over as he chewed and swallowed.

“So… you really willing to do this?”

“I don’t believe your mother is giving me much choice.”

“She’s persistent that one. But I gotta be honest. I don’t really know you. Not so sure how I feel about you being in my house and taking care of my kid.”

“To be honest, I’m not sure how I feel about all this either.”

He looked to be in thought as he kept quiet and finished his cereal. Once he finished, he took his bowl to the sink and rinsed it out. Jax left the room as Bella finished her cereal. She rinsed her bowl out afterward and straightened out the table. But her attention went towards the area of Abel’s room as she heard him crying. She headed into the room but with utmost caution. Her nerves had nothing to do with the child but the father. She’d seen how protective Jax was when it came to his son. Bella entered the room but kept her distance as she peered over making certain he was okay. Before long, Jax entered the room. He cut her a rather odd glance seeing as how she was just standing there.

“I wasn’t about to touch him without your permission,” she explained.

He nodded as he grabbed his son’s pacifier.

“My mother says she trusts you…”

He gradually drew back a breath as he laid his son down on the changing table, placing the pacifier in his mouth.

“Something that’s not easily earned – you must’ve left some impression.”

Once he finished changing his son he placed him back into the crib. He walked up to Bella and backed her up against the wall, putting a hand up on the wall, blocking her in.

“That’s my son… And you know damn well who I am. Anything happens to him…”

Bella gently placed her hand along his and lowered it back down.

“I don’t do well with threats. But that being said I’d guard your son with my life. I’ll have to earn your trust for now that’s all I can do.”

“Angela, right?”

She let out a rather nervous laugh.

“Bella actually…”

He tilted his head on this.

“But I’d appreciate if that stayed between you and your mother. If I’m to earn your trust; I understand I have to start somewhere.”

“So, you want me to call you Angie or something?”

“That could work.” She replied with a shrug.

“Bella, huh… suits you better… You on the run or something?”

“I haven’t quite figured that part out yet.”

“You in some kind of danger?”

She answered as honestly as she could for now. “It’s been two almost three years…”

He nodded.

“And how do I know this won’t backfire and my son ends up caught in the middle of whatever trouble you’ve got yourself into.”

“With all due respect Mr. Teller, shouldn’t you be asking yourself that very question?”

He found himself smiling and he backed away.

“Jax… and don’t ever call me that again.”

“Why do I suddenly feel like in in the Godfather?”

“You talking to me?” He smarted with a wink as he picked Abel back up.

“Scarface?” she corrected.

He chuckled “well darlin’ I see you know your pop culture.”

He handed his son over. “With your life…” He repeated her words, whilst locking eyes with hers.

“You got it…” Jax kissed the top of Abel’s head but there was no disguising the look of apprehension on his face.

“I gotta get. He’s got formula in the pantry the instructions are on the container. Bottles are in the cabinet beside it. If in doubt just look around… You got my number?”

Bella shook her head no. He grabbed a diaper and took a pen out from one of his pockets and jotted it down.

“Don’t lose that. If you have any questions or need me for anything – call. You got a cell?”


“Then I’ll get you one. Until then, no leaving the house. If you need a ride somewhere call my mother or you can call me and I’ll send someone over. No one’s to enter this house unless I give the okay first.”

Once he got ready he turned back with his hand along the doorknob. Bella looked upon Abel then back to his father. “Jax… you don’t have to do this…” Bella assured seeing how concerned he was.

“This is your choice not your mothers; if you don’t feel comfortable with this arrangement. I understand completely. I’ll just explain to your mother that it was me and I couldn’t accept the job.”

To her surprise he said nothing and exited the house. She drew back a nervous breath and looked upon Abel.

“Well looks like it’s just you and me now kiddo.”

A tiny baby burp was her only answer.

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11 thoughts on “Chapter 2 Mother Dearest”

  1. Only chapter two and I am grinning from ear to ear! I love the interaction between Gemma and Bella…I have a sneaking suspicion you wouldn’t want those two teaming up against ya! 😉 I love how Bella is now Abel’s nanny! You are tying this together so wonderfully!!

  2. I am glad Bella won’t be on the street anymore. I loved this chapter. It has to be kinda terrifying opening up at all after what she’s been through.

  3. I freaking hate Gemma but then again I didn’t like her in the show too much either. Thanks for the awesome update. 🙂

  4. Gemma is such a bad ass – I love the moments with her and Bella though. It’s like they’re bitches but still have heart! Awesome start going and so happy you wrote this!

  5. I want to read more! You have Gemma pegged to a T! Wish I didn’t have to go to bed. Will be itching to read more tmw. Goodnight doc!

  6. I’ve spent 2 days finding my way back to this story after forgetting where I had read it. I love this and Highlander too but I’m especially loving the Gemma and Bella interaction

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