Chapter 21 Knowing Your Limits

Chapter 21

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The moment Angel entered the Cara Cara establishment; she had this uneasy feeling about her. It was unusually quiet and none of the sets were going. In fact, she wondered if anyone was even around.

“Hello?” She called out as she made her way through the building.

She narrowed her eyes as she saw Georgie and two other men exiting the women’s dressing area. The instant Georgie caught wind of her; he got this panicked look about him.

“What are you doing here?”

She couldn’t help but to notice how the two burly men were seemingly guarding the door.

“I’m here to visit with Lyla.”

Georgie’s body language was unsettling but his nervous laughter… even more so.

“You two wanna back away from that door and let me on through?”

The men looked to Georgie. He shook his head upon them and made his way over. He’d that shitty grin on his face as he wrapped his arm around Angel. “Why don’t you come back another day?” The man said as he started escorting her back out of the building. Angel drew back an irritated breath. She stepped out from under Georgie’s arm and stood before him.

“You had better tell me where Lyla is and right now…”

“I don’t answer to you, sweetheart.”

Angel nodded and took her gun out and aimed it at him.

“What about now?”

Georgie sort of laughed.

“That would be a very big mistake.”

He motioned towards the guys keeping guard.

“They brought out their guns as well.”

Angel rolled her eyes.

“Oh Georgie, you’re some kind of stupid…”

She took her phone out and started to call Jax.

“I’m afraid we can’t let you do that…”

She heard the cocking of a gun coming from behind.

Angel gritted her teeth and spun around. She used her shield to knock the gun out of the man’s hand, dropping her phone in the process.

“JAX! I NEED YOU AND THE MC AT CARA CARA IMMEDIATELY!” She shouted hoping to God he answered and could hear her.

She shot a hand out on each side flinging the man back that was behind her and the two that were currently blocking the door. Each of them gazed upon her in utter shock and had this look of fear about them.

“That’s right. BACK THE FUCK UP! And don’t you even think about leaving!”

Angel strutted on past them and entered the room. The sight alone had her coming to a complete halt. The young woman clamped a hand over her mouth. There were five of the Cara Cara girls in one room. Each of them had taken a beating. But still there was no sign of Lyla. She found herself wondering where the usual male leads were.

“What have you done?!” she yelled as Georgie was peeking into the room.

It was then she heard someone enter the front doors of Cara Cara. The man entered the dressing room with Lyla flipped over his shoulder. Blood was running down her legs and she was covered in cuts and bruises. Angel staggered back at the sight. Georgie sighed as the man propped Lyla into one of the vanity chairs.

“I really wish you hadn’t seen that.”

He nodded towards the guys.

“We have no choice… grab her as well. We gotta get like yesterday.”

Angel looked to the girls in the dressing room and back to Lyla. There were four men including Georgie each of them armed. And she feared that even with her shield she couldn’t protect herself and everyone here. It was bad enough she’d already exposed herself. But she had to try at least until the guys could get here. She thought back to when she dealt with the Cullens. There was this unique sense of power when she managed to send Carlisle and Esme back and locked the bathroom door. She nodded amongst herself and shot a hand. She sent the man that had carried Lyla inside towards the others.

“How the fuck is she doing that?”

She growled out and gave a push like motion with her hands. The men were directed right out of the room. The door slammed shut and locked. She looked to the girls.

“I need you all to get as close to me as possible. NOW!”

They nodded and rushed on over. Angel focused on spreading her shield, creating a dome like she had the day of the rally attack. She turned around and bent down cupping Lyla’s chin.

“Lyla…” she softly called, brushing the hair out from her face as she did.

The men started kicking at the door. When that wouldn’t work, the girls screamed out as several shots were fired.

“STAY PUT!” Angel hollered as one of the girls went to take cover under a dressing table. She reached out and grabbed the girl by the arm, jerking her back over. “I need you all right here, no matter what happens, you stay close!” The shaken up porn star nodded. They all jumped as the door was busted down.

“Just ignore them. We’re fine…” she assured and they all looked upon her as if she were crazy.

She turned her back to the men who were in desperate attempts to get to them but couldn’t. Angel proceeded in checking Lyla over.

“Come on, Lyla. Please…”

A knot formed within the back of her throat as Lyla whimpered out and was gradually coming to.


The girls looked to Angel in utter panic.

“Everything’s going to be just fine…” She assured rather darkly.

Still, she kept her back to the men even as they got somewhat trigger happy. The girls were shrieking out and going into hysterics. Lyla opened her eyes and Angel swallowed back as Lyla wrapped her arms around her and started to cry.


She nodded and held Lyla in return.

“You’re alright now…”

This wave of anxiety hit Angel, the second she realized where the blood was coming from. She lifted Lyla’s skirt and her jaw dropped.

“What’d they do, Lyla?!”

Angel shot to her feet and whipped around.

“What did you do to her?!”

One of the Cara Cara girls tugged at the sleeve of Angel’s dress. She turned back around and gasped out. Lyla had this ghost like appearance to her.


The girls nodded and helped Angel.

“I’m sorry…” She sincerely apologized as she tore through Lyla’s skirt.

She hadn’t any panties on and Angel knew what it was without further explanation. So did the other women. Each of them had that sorrowful look about them. Angel closed her eyes for a brief moment. “Lyla hun… you’ve miscarried… Were you even aware?”

The porn star covered her face and nodded.

“Georgie wasn’t too happy…” she hinted, causing Angel to grimace.

She looked to one of the girls.

“I need something to help stop the bleeding. A towel something – anything!”

The dark headed girl headed to the back of the room. Angel could hear Georgie talking with the guys. They were freaked out and in attempts to leave. Georgie wanted out of there before the MC arrived. But he was pissed in the sense of leaving the women behind, much less alive. He wanted no witnesses as to whatever had taken place.

“Look at me, Lyla. I need you to keep as calm as possible.”

Lyla nodded but couldn’t help the uncontrollable sobbing.

“You’re going to be okay. I promise…” Angel said as the girl handed her the towel.

Support her head, make her comfortable. She heard the motorcycles pulling in and Angel drew back a breath of relief. But at the same time she found herself stretching that shield of hers. She doubted they were prepared for a full on gunfight. Once she got the towel placed down, she put some pressure on it.

“NO!” One of the girls screamed gathering Angel’s attention.

She peered over seeing as how Lyla’s eyes were rolling back.


Angel had one of the other girls take over. She rushed over and laid Lyla flat on her back.

“Get her some blankets!” she shouted doing her best to keep Lyla warm as she was unresponsive.

Tears streamed down her face and the other women were crying as well. As soon as she received the blankets she covered Lyla up best she could. She tried shaking Lyla awake but still nothing…

“GOD DAMMIT, LYLA WAKE THE FUCK UP! YOU DON’T GET TO DIE, YOU BITCH!” Angel roared on top of her lungs. Lyla instantly shot up with a gasp. Angel nodded with a quivery lip as Lyla hugged her.

“Jesus Christ…” Angel heard Jax mutter as he entered the room.

The outlaw shook his head as he took in the scene before him. Each of the Cara Cara girls were beat to a pulp. His wife was covered in blood and had Lyla in a death grip. Both of them were crying as they held one another.

“What happened?” He asked rather gravely.

“I haven’t any idea…” Angel replied.

“Are you two alright?” Jax questioned as he checked on the other girls.

“I’m fine, but she needs medical attention ASAP.”

He grimaced, once Opie entered the room. Opie couldn’t fathom what he was seeing at first. He forced himself to snap out of it and went to his old lady’s aid. Angel rose to her feet and stepped aside allowing Opie to take over.

“I’m sorry, Op…” Lyla cried and Opie shook his head as he carefully scooped her up.

He put his forehead to hers.

“Don’t…” Opie murmured as he started to carry her on out of the room.

“Wait…” Angel tossed her keys over.

“Take the car. I can ride back with Jax.”

Opie nodded.

“Hey…” Jax called out with concern as his old lady wasn’t looking so great herself.

“Are they unarmed now?”

He nodded and she let out a gasp as she dropped her shield. She leaned against the wall and slid down into a sitting position.

“SHIT, ANGEL! You were holding it this whole time?!”

Jax made his way over and crouched down to her level. He cupped her chin and gazed into her eyes.

“C’mon, baby…” He whispered as he helped Angel to her feet.

He sat her down in one of the chairs.

“We got this. I need you to relax…” he whispered as he caressed her cheek.

She nodded and leaned back, closing her eyes. Jax kissed her forehead and regarded the other women with concern.

“Everyone here okay?”

They nodded in response.

“Someone care to explain what’s going on?”

Jax soon learned that the girls were tortured by Georgie’s guys in order to gather information on Lyla’s whereabouts. Jax and Angel cringed once the truth was revealed. Georgie found out about Lyla destroying the rest of the ‘porno’. And he’d gone behind Cara Cara and the MC’s back. He’d already made a deal and was going to sell. Only when he went to turn over the final production, there wasn’t any footage whatsoever. He confronted Lyla and they got into a heated argument over it. Ending with Lyla slapping Georgie, in return he socked her a good one. She left not after deciding to give Georgie sometime to cool off. Apparently, this is something these women are used to in this type of field, which sickened Angel to no end. And Jax was boiling on the inside. These where the MC’s girls! They were meant to be taken care of! NOT smacked around! That wasn’t the SAMCRO way of doing things. You gotta show respect in order to gain it. And that’s how SAMCRO treated their girls whether it be porn stars, strippers, or club girls in general. One of the girls let it known that Lyla didn’t show up for one of her sets and that only set Georgie off. He feared she might’ve told the club what he’d done. So in order to gather whatever information he could, he had the Cara Cara girls tortured for information. Using his personal men in order to do so and ones Jax had never met. None of these were the guards Jax had personally hired. In fact, he wondered where they were.

“What happened to our guards? And where are the male leads?”

“Georgie fired the guards and gave the men the rest of the week off. He told them we were only shooting girl on girl this week.”

“He what?” Jax said through gritted teeth.

“Yeah he said he didn’t trust them for shit and wanted his own guys.”

“He wasn’t in the position to do that! The MC decides who stays and goes! Not Georgie or anyone else for that matter. We run this place!”

The girls nodded. But the one spoke up once again.

“He’s also not too happy that you let Ima go. He claims Cara Cara is going to lose a lot of money now.”

Jax rolled his eyes.

“He’s only losing money because she’s cheap, easy pussy. Our girls are going to be more than a loose vagina on legs.”

Even through her weakened state, Angel managed to snort. She’d thought that very thing when she first met Ima. Jax found himself smirking, even at the terrible situation. He cleared his throat “quit that…” the president scolded.

“Yes, sir…” She replied with a salute, but was biting her lower lip to keep from full on laughing.

“How’d she do that anyhow?” One of the other women asked.

“Yeah… We should be dead!” Another added.

Jax narrowed his eyes and looked around the room.

“Shit…” he murmured realizing they were right. The man regarded his wife with unease.

“I hadn’t a choice Jax. They’d have killed us all!”

“I’m guessing Georgie and his guys know it was your doing as well?”

Angel frowned seeing the look on his face.

“Yes…” She practically whispered.

Jax sighed. He hadn’t any choice. In order to keep his old lady’s secret safe. He couldn’t waste much more time in taking those men out of the picture. He would leave Georgie to Opie, knowing that’s what he’d want, but knew he couldn’t take the risk. The faster they rid of these guys, the better. The president nodded upon Chibs as he entered the room. Opie was currently rushing Lyla to the ER. The other Sons were presently tormenting Georgie and his men for more info. Jax looked to his wife.

“I want you to go with Chibs, darlin’. Get yourself cleaned up. When you’re done you need to rid of the clothes you’re wearing and change into something else.”

Angel nodded as Chibs made his way over and offered his arm in a gentleman like fashion. The moment his old lady was out of the room he nodded upon the girls.

“I need to know that each and every one of you has my old lady’s best interest in mind. After all she saved each of your asses today. You can only imagine the danger this could put her in if word of this ever got out. That being said, if any of you betrays my wife; you will be answering to me personally and you already know what I’m capable of.”

Chibs stood at the doorway of the bathroom as Angel was scrubbing down in the sink. He was doing his best to give the young woman her privacy but peered over once he heard her throw something. The Irish man swallowed back, taking notice of that broken countenance on her face. He entered the room and she caught his reflection in the mirror.

“Her blood… it won’t come off…” She muttered with a quivery lip.

He nodded and looked around the room for something she could use. All he could find was a bar of soap and shampoo. He picked up the shampoo and squeezed some onto her hands and arms.

“Thanks…” she murmured and started to scrub along between her fingers and along nails.

Angel worked her way up to her elbows. She looked in the mirror once again and shook her head, seeing as how she had blood on her face and in her hair. Chibs took her by the hand and led her to one of the showers. He removed the nozzle and wet her hair and face down. To her great surprise he ensued in washing her hair down with the shampoo. As he did this she scrubbed her face.

“I think we got it all…” he said as he rinsed her hair out afterward. Once he finished, Chibs handed her a towel. She dried her hands off then went to dry her face off. She staggered back however and kept her face hidden as she leaned against the sink and lost all composure.

“Easy, lass…”

“Chibs, she almost died. And she could, still! He already lost Donna. This would kill him!”

Chibs nodded and pulled her in for a hug.

“Are ye sure it’s just Op you’re concerned about?”

She pulled back and gazed upon him oddly.

“You two have become awfully close…”

“I forgot how much it hurts…”

“And what would that be?” He questioned as he lifted her chin with his index finger.

“Actually giving a shit and getting too close.”

He gave a hint of a smile.

“Are you saying it was easier on your lonesome?”

She pulled a certain face on this.

“In a way… Something I never thought I’d say. But this…” She tapped her finger along the area of her heart.

“Sucks ass… And I’m beginning to see I can’t protect everyone. First it was Piney… Now it’s Lyla. What happens when one of them finally slips through my fingers?”

“Now you listen here, lass. You can’t control everything around us. Some of us will die… When that day comes you had better not hold it against yourself. What you do… it’s incredible. But that doesn’t mean that everyone you care about’s fate is in your hands. You’re placing more expectation on yourself than anyone else. And that’s hardly fair. You maybe the shield but we are the sons. And it is our job to keep YOU protected. Not the other way around.”

She shook her head in full disagreement.

“You’re all the family I have.”

He sighed and regarded her in thought.

“And ye need to be thinking about what it’ll do to Jax, and your children if push yourself to far one day. You’ve been lucky. But even you’re not invincible.”

Angel ran a hand along her stomach in thought.

“She was pregnant. Georgie knew… I think he was hoping for the miscarriage. It wasn’t just about the porno. He didn’t want his leading star ruined.”

“Aye, but he ended up fucking himself over in the end. And now she won’t be able to work for sometime. If at all…”

“No…” she uttered in thought.

He dropped his hold and shook his head. Angel started to head out but Chibs swiftly grabbed ahold of her.

“None of that now…” He declared as he propped her up on the counter.

“Don’t ye go passing out on me.”

“Sorry…” She murmured as she leaned against the mirror behind her.

“What are you feeling right now?” he questioned curiously.

“Tired… Really fucking tired.”

The Irish man helped her back down. He draped his arm around her waist as he led her back out. Jax nodded upon them as they were making their way over.

“She’s about to nod off,” Chibs warned as he handed her off. Jax brought her back into the dressing room, where one of the girls had an outfit already picked out. She was so out of it, Jax had to help one of the porn stars get his old lady undressed and dressed.

“Is she going to be okay?” One of them asked out of concern as Angel had fallen asleep against Jax’s arm.

“It usually takes her a bit to recharge…”

The girls nodded.

“We’ll take care of her…” One of the girls offered and the others nodded in agreement.

Jax narrowed his eyes and noticed the look on the Cara Cara girls as they regarded his wife.

It was one he’d seen on Piney’s face many of times.

“Alright then, darlins… I’ll leave you to it.” He kissed the top of that particular girl’s head.

“Thank you.”

She smiled and the other girls helped in getting Angel situated. He nodded amongst himself as they started fussing over his old lady like a bunch of mother hens. He said nothing on the matter as he exited the room.

Jax entered the room just in time to see Happy taking a bat to one of the guy’s kneecaps.

“I bet that smarts,” the outlaw witted with a grin.

The MC had Georgie and his men on their knees. Their hands were bound with cable ties behind their backs. The outlaw took a cigarette out from his vest and started it with his zippo. He took a nice long drag and blew it into Georgie’s face.

“So what’d we find out?” Jax questioned.

The Sons pretty much reiterated what the Cara Cara girls had already told him. He nodded and took his cigarette to Georgie’s forehead. The porn director hollered out in agony. Chibs walked over and leaned into Jax’s ear he whispered the truth behind the miscarriage. Jax’s heart sank to the pit of his stomach and he looked upon the man responsible.


The sergeant nodded in reply. The president tossed his cigarette onto the floor. He causally made his way over.

“That true?”

“Is what?” The man growled with a curled lip.

Jax raised his brows on this. He grabbed a fistful of the man’s hair and forced his head back.

“That you beat and raped one of our girls so bad she miscarried!”

The other Sons grimaced on this.
“Jesus Christ…” Bobby uttered.

“Bitches in this profession haven’t any business getting knocked up in the first place. I did the bitch a favor. She’ll be back to spreading those legs in no time.”

Jax nodded and dropped his hold. He made his way to a bookshelf filled with sex toys. He tilted his upon a rubber fist. The man picked it up and tossed it over to Happy.

“Lube that fucker up and give this bastard a taste of what happens to pieces of shit like him in the big house.”

Happy smiled as he twirled the fist about in his hand. He wiggles his brows upon the man. The man’s eyes widened. “NO! Please!” He cried as Happy made his way over.

This had Jax seeing red as he thought about everything Lyla possibly went through. How she probably begged him to stop and he kept going. The others looked on in damn near shock as Jax rushed over. He took his knife and used it to remove the man’s pants. Then he forced him up against the wall. Happy reared back as Jax took the fist from his hand and cramped it right up the man’s ass. The man started to bawl and squall. Jax’s lip curled in utter disgust. He looked to Happy.

“Finish the job, and when you’re done…” Jax made the slit throat motion.

Happy nodded in understanding. The president gestured towards the other Sons and they took their guns and killed the others. Jax strutted on over and forced his gun into Georgie’s mouth.

“You’re fired…” Jax spat as he pulled the trigger.

The guys looked over with the same ‘I’m gonna be sick’ expression as Happy was finishing with the ass raping of a lifetime.

“What’s it like kickin’ the back doors in?” Chibs taunted.

For once, even Happy looked uncomfortable as the man continued to cry and beg for Happy to stop. Jax drew back a breath and shot the man in the head. Happy let go of the fist and cut Jax a look of liberation. Jax pinched the bridge of his nose for a moment, “let’s clean this shit up…”

Chibs made his way over as they were cleaning everything up and loading the bodies onto plastic tarps.

“Are ye alright, Jackie?”

He nodded but wasn’t very convincing. He cleared his throat once they were done.
“I’ll get the van over here. I need to get Angel home anyhow.”

“Why don’t you let me and the boys take care of this? Go home… Be with yer new bride.”

Jax shook his head.

“I can’t… I mean Op’s with Lyla at the hospital and…”

Chibs saw it coming and hurriedly led Jax into another room. He shut the door and Jax sucked back a breath and staggered back.

“There’s too much at stake…”

“Jackie…” Chibs whispered as he grabbed ahold of him.

“I love ye, kid… So I want you to listen and listen good. You and Angel need some time to be ‘married’. You’re only three days in… So I’m tellin’ ye. Go home. Be with your family. Let me handle everything. If something comes up. You know I’ll call you. But for now we got this.” He planted his hands along Jax’s cheeks and kissed his forehead.

“Go on now… but make sure ye clean up a bit before you leave.”

Jax nodded and hugged the hell out of him before he left. After getting himself cleaned up, one of the girls led Jax to one of the Cara Cara rooms. When she opened the door he saw Angel lying on the bed talking to the girl who offered to help her.

“You ready, darlin’?”

Angel peered over with a smile. She hugged the girl and trolled on out of the bed. Jax took his wife by the hand and led her on out of the building.

“Are we going to see how Lyla is?”

“Yeah, baby…” he replied, helping her onto the bike.

Jax greeted Opie with a nod as they entered Lyla’s room. He nodded in return as he was sitting beside Lyla and holding her hand. Angel set some flowers down by the window.

“How’s she doing?”
“Better…” he replied but had this shattered look about him.
“What’s up?” Jax questioned taking notice.

Opie had this offbeat look about him and shook his head.

“She just got out of surgery… “He cleared his throat and regarded Lyla a certain way.

“They had to do a complete hysterectomy. ”

Angel clamped a hand over her mouth, “no…”

Opie nodded and teared up a bit.

“She was pretty broken up about it. In fact, they had to give her something just to put her out.”
“Jesus…” Angel murmured.

Jax could see it on his wife’s face. She was thinking about what was done to her only in this case… There wouldn’t be any healing. Angel held her stomach almost protectively as she sunk into a nearby chair.

“I’m really sorry to hear that, brother…”

Opie nodded.

“They said she was lucky, with the amount of blood loss… They weren’t so sure she’d pull through. In fact, they only gave her a 50/50 chance of survival.”

The men looked up as they heard the bathroom door shut. Jax drew back a breath as they could hear Angel breaking down.

“They’ve been taken care of…” Jax hinted.

“And the rapist?”

“Let’s just say he got a touch of his own medicine…”

Opie nodded.


“Choked instead of swallowed.”

He what that was code for and took satisfaction in picturing it but wished it was his doing instead.

“The guys are cleaning up. I’m sure they’ll be up here later.”

“You know the last thing I said to her before all this shit went down?”

Jax tilted his head in wonder. And Opie looked furious, but with himself.

“That I wasn’t sure I could commit to someone with a revolving door.”
“Jesus, Op…”

“Exactly… I’m such a fucking asshole.”

“Yeah, you kind of are… That’s really fucking low man.”

Opie nodded in agreement.

“I didn’t even mean it. But it was too late… I… Fuck man…” Opie lowered his hand and was pulling at his hair with frustration.

“Angel’s right, Op…” Jax whispered.

“You knew what you were getting into…”

He nodded and took something out from his pocket.

“I was going to give her this but ended up fighting with her instead.”

Jax viewed the engagement ring in amazement.

“Damn, bro…”

“Yeah well, I doubt she even wants that with me now.”
“Well do you?”

“Hell, I think that’s why I freaked the fuck out. It wasn’t just about the porn scene. After losing Donna I didn’t know it was possible to feel anything like that again. And it’s fucking with me. I don’t even know how to go about this!”

“You love her, don’t you?!” Angel practically squealed as she had stepped out of the bathroom and overhearing him. Opie rolled his eyes but nodded.

“Then ask her, you big ape!” She whispered harshly.

“Hell, you heard her…” Jax added with a smirk as he pulled Angel into his lap.

“Easier said than done, lil sis.”

“What’s so hard about asking?”

“That’s what I was wondering.”

Their eyes widened as this came from Lyla’s mouth. Angel covered her mouth in surprise. Opie turned towards his old lady with a wide-eyed expression. Jax cleared his throat and had Angel rise from his lap. Then he kissed Lyla’s cheek.

“Let him have it, darlin’.” He teased with a slight grin and gave her hand a little squeeze.

Lyla smiled but had a few tears streaming down her face. Jax waited for Angel at the door.

“I know it’s the last thing you probably want to hear… But I’m sorry…” Angel said sincerely as she hugged her.

Once she dropped her hold Angel started towards the door.

“Thank you…” Lyla called out.

“I’m not sure how you did it.  But we’d have died if…” Angel was quick to interrupt her.

“I did what anyone of you would’ve done in my position. You’re family Lyla, you, and those girls.”

Lyla broke into sobs and nodded. As for Jax there was this strong sense of pride coursing through him. Opie nodded towards them hintingly and Jax nodded in return. He took his wife by the hand as they exited the room.

“What happened here?!” Angel questioned once she and Jax entered the old house.

He sighed.

“Someone came here with the intent to kill…”

“Jesus, Jax!”

Angel bent down and picked up one of the pictures from the floor. She dusted the shards of glass off and shook her head.

“The IRA?”

Jax shrugged.

“Not sure… Could be them. Hell, it could be a number of others as well. As you can see I need you and Abel to take extra precaution now. Trust no one. If you go anywhere by yourself or just the two of you watch your back. I mean it Angel, especially, if this is the work of the IRA.”
“But you haven’t pulled out yet. How would they know?”

“I think O’Shay suspects something considering our last transaction.”

Jax nodded.

“One of the Irish Kings, baby. He and three others run the IRA. Everyone answers to them. The bastard detests me as it is. He wasn’t too happy to see that I’d taken Clay’s place. But this right here… We’ll it’s sloppy and careless. Not typically the way of the Irish. So I’d really be surprised. I’m thinking this has more to do with the drug cartel or…”

Jax drew back a breath.
“I heard the Mayans were released not to long ago.”
Jax nodded in thought.

“I need to find a way to get back in their good graces. See if there’s any way I can get that union back.”

Angel had this guilty manner about her.
“None of that now… This had to do with their prospects more than the MC themselves. Just a couple of wannabes that were lowlife pieces of shit. I need them to see that.”

Jax thought back and sort of laughed.
“Shit… I just remembered… They’re onto us about the dealing.”
“No, the weapons… We had a little run in with them not long ago. Hell, I can guarantee that’s why they came after us at the rally. They must’ve ratted us out to Stahl. But she hadn’t anything to go on so was using them until she had actual prove. As to why she sent them our way at the rally. She was hoping we’d expose ourselves somehow.”

“So we’re canceling out the Irish and betting on either the ones behind the drug cartel or the Mayans?”

He nodded.

“Let’s just hope this isn’t the IRA. Trust me the other two are a lot easier to deal with. ”

“You’re making me nervous…”

Jax half laughed.
“Not meaning to, babe. Just trying to get you to understand the severity behind the IRA… These are all things you need to know.”

Her jaw dropped once she entered Abel’s room. She picked up one of his stuffed animals that had been all shot up. She hugged it close as if it were Abel himself. And like that of Jax… she ran her fingers along the window seal. He made his way over and wrapped his arms around her waist.
“If you hadn’t got the other house…” she murmured with the same thoughts he originally had.

“Trust me… I know…” he whispered in return and kissed her shoulder.

“I’m going to find out who’s behind this. I give you my word. I’ll stop it at the source. And do whatever it takes to keep you and Abel safe.”

“And what about you, Jax?”

He narrowed his eyes on this.

“Who protects you?”

He twirled her about and brushed a strand of hair behind her ear.
“Nothing’s keeping me from my family. No matter what happens. I will always walk through that door. All I need in return… is knowing that you’re right there waiting for me.”


The outlaw smiled and kissed her. He drew back a hesitant breath afterward.

“You should also know that I caught Tara snooping about the place…”

He didn’t want to go into detail but knew she needed to know.
“You’re kidding me.”

“She won’t be coming back…”

Her eyes widened and he chuckled.
“Hell darlin’, I didn’t kill her…”

“Jesus, Jax…” she let out a breath of relief.

He laughed once again and she hit him in the arm.

“It’s not funny.”
“You should’ve seen your face.”

“You’re such an ass…” she muttered as she went to walk away.

Jax reached over and grabbed ahold of her hand. He tugged her back over towards him.

“Thank you…”
She cut him a bewildered glance.

“For keeping the girls safe… And for what you said to Lyla. I know that meant a lot to her.”

Angel got this heartbroken mien about her.

“What is it darlin’?” he questioned with concern as he lifted her chin with his fingers.

“It isn’t fair… What they did to her.”
“I know, baby…”

He wrapped his arms around her letting her cry it out. But deep down Jax knew if anyone could help Lyla through this. It would be Angel. She would be the one person that understood the most.

Jax narrowed his eyes as he read his last entry of the day. He’d gone through several pages. Most of them were about Charming and its inhabitants. No one mentioned by any name in particular. But there were also mentions of hunger, thirst, and how the weather often enough took its toll on her. At times she thought she’d freeze to death or die of a heatstroke. There were also mentions of her father and a few friends from high school. A lot of her entries were reminiscing of the past. He still found it a bit baffling that her father was a cop and here she was… married to an outlaw. But it was the one entry he came across that melted the man’s heart. Only proving what a wonderful mother she truly was…

Dear daughter,

I wish you would’ve had a chance to know the good within this cruel world… To know, for every bit of love there is pain. For every sense of hope there is fear. And for every stand you take you will eventually fall. But you will always dust yourself off and get back up. That’s the only way we know baby. And although I never got to utter a single word or hold you close. You’re my drive. I know I have to do right by you. I can only pray I am… I will always love you – Mom.

He regarded his wife in thought as she slept beside him. Jax quietly put the journal away and turned off the lamp. Within minutes of wrapping his arm around her he fell asleep.

Angel tiredly reached out and grabbed her phone off the nightstand. She looked to the time seeing as how it was four in the morning. She cleared her throat before answering.


Hey… Sorry to wake you.”

The young woman shot up at the sound of her voice.


Jax was still out of it as she trolled on out of the bed. She put her robe on and stepped out onto the porch.

I’m sorry. I didn’t know who else to call. Op’s asleep but I can’t sleep.”
“Did you ask the nurse for some meds?”

I’ve spent the entire day doped up…”
“I hear ya…” Angel said in understanding.

Angel grimaced as Lyla started to cry.

It’s my fault.”
“Why the hell would you say that?”
“Angel… I didn’t want the baby.”

Lyla sucked back a breath.
“Not right away… But I didn’t expect to have the option taken away from me!”

Angel sat on the porch swing and pinched her eyes shut.

I honestly didn’t know if I wanted children or not. But now…”

The young woman shed a few tears on her friend’s behalf.
“If I could take it back… I’d give it all up to have a little Op running around one day. Even if I wasn’t exactly ready to give it all up, just yet. Oh God, Angel it hurts so much. I don’t even know how to deal with all this.”
“You hadn’t any idea how this was going to go. You can’t blame yourself. Hell you were put in this position in the first place over that fucking video and you know it.”

Something tells me despite whether or not that video ever existed. Georgie would’ve found a way to terminate my pregnancy, before I even had a chance to decide what it was I wanted exactly. As to protecting you and Jax, I haven’t any regrets. I’d do it again even knowing the consequences. Before you came along… I hadn’t any real friends. Everyone around here is so fucking fake! And I’m sorry to say but Jax had the worst fucking taste in women before you came along.”

Angel snorted even through her tears.

You’re what he needs and what he needed from the very beginning. Hell, you’re what I need.”
“Lyla, I’m not near the person you and the others assume I am. I’ve a feeling if you knew the truth about me before I entered your lives, you’d think differently.”
“I highly doubt that. We all have a history we don’t want uprooted. It’s what makes us human.”

I was a judgmental bitch, Lyla. The old me wouldn’t have given you, the MC, or even Jax the time of day. I thought you were all trouble.”

And I thought you were a lazy ass hobo that got her kicks bumming off Charming.”

You bitch!”

Both girls broke into fits of laughter.

Right back at ya…”

Would you like me to come up there?” Angel offered.
“Don’t… You get some rest. You gave me exactly what I needed.”
“And that was?”

You took my mind off the pain even if it’s just temporary…”

Angel nodded amongst herself.

Goodnight, Lyla…”
“Goodnight, Angel…”

Angel looked to her phone in thought. She lay back on the swing and found herself dialing someone she didn’t truly expect to. But she couldn’t control that feeling of urgency.

Please, don’t be calling to give me some sort of bad news…”

Angel sort of laughed.

Sorry, afraid that’s not the case.”
“Great. So who died or who do I need to kill?”

She drew back an uncertain breath as she told Gemma about Lyla and the other Cara Cara girls.



How are she and Op taking it?”
“About as good as anyone can expect. It won’t be easy by any means.”
“Well you’ve been there…”
Angel cleared her throat a bit in thought.

Yeah…” She softly replied.

Then you know what to do.”

I was thinking…”

Having Abel’s birthday at your house, when we go to pick him up this weekend. I already have everything set up. We just need the cake. I figured we could get the guys to grill up some hamburgers or something. Abel likes his hotdogs too.”

Sounds great!”

I know this is stupid but can you do me a favor?”

What is it, sweetheart?”

Do you mind just putting the phone up to Abel. I mean I know he’s asleep… I just…”

Angel closed her eyes for a moment her emotions getting the best of her.

I just wanna hear him breathing if nothing else.”

You got it, baby.”

Thank you.”

She listened to Gemma making her way to Abel’s room.

Here you go…” his grandmother said before placing the phone down.

Angel wiped a few tears away and put her hand to her heart as she listened to his soft snoring.

After a couple of minutes, Gemma picked the phone back up.

You okay now?”

Yeah… Thank you.”
“No need…”

“I don’t just mean for that… I mean…” She swallowed back.

If it weren’t for you I’d still be in that fucking cemetery feeling sorry for myself.”

Hmmm… and I’d be grieving the loss of a grandson and a few others. So I say we call it square.”

Square, huh?”
“Absolutely, and I gotta say… I’ve never seen my son this confident and this content. Don’t think I don’t realize that’s your doing.”
“It’s just the sex…” Angel teased.
“Honey, if it was just the sex with you that did it, I’d be face down in that muff myself.”

It was a good thing Angel wasn’t drinking anything or she would have spit it out.

Holy shit, Gemma!”

I’m just sayin’…”

Well on that awkward note, I’m going to hang up now.”
“It might be best…”

Angel giggled a bit.

“Bye… mom.”

Jax stretched his arms about and patted the empty side of the bed. He opened his eyes once he fully came to. As he sat up in the bed he grabbed a cigarette. After taking a nice long drag off his smoke, he rose and slipped into a pair of boxers. The man grew somewhat troubled as he searched throughout the house. “Angel?” he called out in wonder. It wasn’t until he took notice of the front door being unlocked that he understood she must’ve stepped out. He narrowed his eyes on this and opened the door. He reared back at the sight of her asleep on the porch swing.

“Jesus, baby…” he muttered as she was cold to the touch.

He put his cigarette out and scooped her up, carrying her back inside. As soon as he got her on the bed; he lay beside her and wrapped the covers up over them.
“Jax?” She called out drowsily.

He nodded and grunted out as she felt like ice against his bare chest.

“What were you doing, Angel? Did you sleep out there all night?”

“No… I don’t think so.” She replied looking a little lost at the moment.

Jax sighed and wrapped himself around her.

“I tell you to watch your back and you go and pull something stupid – like leaving the front door unlocked and falling asleep out in the open?”

“It’s not like I did it on purpose.”
“I really need you to think, Angel darlin’.”
“I’m sorry, Jax. I honestly hadn’t realized I fell asleep.”

He sighed once again.
“You leave me no choice. I have to punish you now.”

“Oh, really?” she challenged.

He nodded and rolled over restraining her as he pinned her wrists down. He rubbed himself against her and kissed along her neck.

“I don’t see how this is punishment…”

The outlaw remained quiet as he continued. After he had her nice and riled up, he rolled back over and threw the covers off them. He kept silent as he rose from the bed and started getting dressed.

“You’re so full of shit…” he heard his old lady mutter under her breath.

“Am I?” Jax dared as he kept his back to her but had a smirk about him.

He turned around about to make another quip. Only he was thrown completely off his game as Angel was full on masturbating. The more into it she got, Jax swore to God he’d rip out of those jeans of his.

Her back arched off the bed as she picked up the stride. She closed her eyes and let out a moan of release. When she finished Angel opened her eyes and sensually licked her fingers clean.

“You think I need you in order to get off?”

She cruelly taunted as she headed off to shower. Jax smiled amongst himself.

“No, but you needed me to record it…” He murmured as he hit the stop recording button on his phone.

The man couldn’t help himself. He just happened to have his phone in his hand and was able to record the entire show. And she hadn’t any idea… “Now my naughty little ‘Angel’s always with me…” he thought out loud; knowing he was going to wear this video out when on the road.

He looked to the phone as it vibrated and saw that it Chibs was calling.

Everything alright?”

Just fine, Jackie… I was just curious as to what your plans were.”

 “Do you need me up there?”

 “No, and if ye even try to come up here, I’ll gun you down myself, boy! Why don’t you take the old lady to the beach? Make a day of it and stay the night. Take her out the next day and have a few drinks. Fuck yourselves silly at a random hotel or what have you and come back to Charming once you’ve both cleared your heads. Don’t call and check up on us. We all got this.”

“That’s right!” Jax heard Piney call out.

Jax chuckled.

I don’t know, Chibs. If shit goes south…”

“It won’t and even if it were… You deserve this Jackie and so does Angel. Go out! Be husband and wife. Worry about club business when ye get back lad. Before long, you’ll be too busy chasin’ around rugrats and worrying about fixing the MC. So I need ye to forget the patch for a couple days. Be with your family.”

What about Op and his old lady? We can’t just leave … not after all that… and we got this thing with the drug cartel and possibly the Mayans.”

Chibs sighed on the other end.

That is something only Op and Lyla can pull through. Like you and Angel, they’re going to need some one on one. They don’t need any of us buggerin’ about. Especially, since they’re engaged now.”

Jax beamed on this.


 “Yep! Op’s finally gone and done it.”

That’s great…”

“Yeah kid, it is. And as for everything else, we got it. So off with ye. Give the lass a kiss from me.”

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15 thoughts on “Chapter 21 Knowing Your Limits”

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    My favorite scene was Bella and Gemma’s chat. My heart melted when she listened to Abel’s breathing and I just cracked up when Gem said, “Honey, if it was just the sex with you that did it, I’d be face down in that muff myself.” And the whole, “Goodnight,.,mom” from Bella just made me grin!
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    All I can day is that the morale for this chapter is…
    You hurt my “sister” and Opie’s Old Lady…
    – “Hell’s coming for yah, and I’m coming with it!
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    I will now gladly wait till next week, for chapter 22.
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    Best bit ever:
    “Honey, if it was just the sex with you that did it, I’d be face down in that muff myself.”

    Bwahahaha! Oh Gemma! Her and Bella's relationship is awesome.

    Can't wait for more ❤

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