Chapter 25 Counting Flowers

Chapter 25

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“Still mad I take it?” Angel questioned as she was sitting in the office of the shop.

Gemma stopped what she was doing and took her glasses off. She pressed her lips together put them back on and went back to her paper work. Angel shook her head and sort of laughed.

“Wow… You’re something else, you know that? It’s been nearly a week! Grow up Gem, and get the fuck over it!”

She rose and started out the door.

“I invited you into our lives. I never meant for you to take over.”

“Take over? What the fuck?! Have you been drinking? And wasn’t it just the other day you gave me the whole I won’t always be here speech?”

“So you admit it?”

“Admit what?!”

“That you’re taking over!”

“You’re infuckingsane!”

“He’s MY son!”

Angel gritted her teeth on this and slammed the office door shut. She locked it and twirled about facing the older woman.

“You don’t wanna pull this whole pissing match with me Gemma. And how fucked up is that? Just listen to yourself. He’s MY son. I could just imagine the look on Jax’s face if he heard you. Knock that shit off, it’s embarrassing! And you’re right, he’s YOUR SON! So quit acting as if I’m fucking your man or something.”

Gemma reared back on her daughter-in-law’s words.

“Oh please. You know exactly what I’m talking about. You’re acting as if Jax is cheating on you. And that’s just so fucking disturbing!”

Gemma hopped up and tossed a mug of coffee across the room.

“I was here long before you, sweetheart. And I have just as much right to know what’s going on with my boys.”

“Your boys? Hell Gemma, grow a fucking dick and go mark your god damn territory why don’t you? And you had your chance when you were with JT. But instead of standing by your man you decided to fuck around on him and with his best friend. So don’t you even stand there and try to make me feel sorry for you, because I don’t. You chose a piece of shit over a good man and all because the dollar signs in your eyes were much bigger than that so called heart of yours!”

“Don’t you even stand there and pretend to know me!”

Angel nodded.

“Good point. You’re right. I don’t fucking know you. You’re as bipolar as they come. One minute you love me. The next you want to slit my fucking throat. If that’s what it means to have a mother then the hell with you. I don’t want any part in it! Now if you don’t mind I have better things to do then compare nonexistent dicks!”

Gemma staggered back as Angel opened the door and exited the office.

“Time to go, Abel.”

He made a pouty face and Angel sighed seeing as how he he was playing with Kenny and Eli.

“Peas, Ma-mee?”

She drew back a reluctant breath. She wanted Gemma out of sight and out of mind, but couldn’t stand that look on her son’s face.

“Okay baby. A few more minutes.”

He smiled and went back to playing. Angel forced that smile and took a few pictures of the kids at play. Op made his way over and pecked her on the cheek.

“How’s it going, lil sis?”

“Could be better. Could be worse…”

Opie laughed.

“I hear ya.” He nodded towards the office where Gemma was.

“Little early for pickin’ fights…”

“She started it…” Angel replied with a snotty grin.

Opie chuckled and shook his head.

“I got something for you by the way. Hold on…”

He looked upon her oddly as she headed to her car. She made her way back over and handed him the black binder.

“What’s this?”

She looked about the area before answering.

“A new vision for the MC. Well sort of new… you’ll see.”

He narrowed his eyes on this.


“Jax made it clear that I was to personally hand this over once I was done. And you’re not to show the others until you’ve read it all.”

Op opened the binder and read the cover.

“The life and death of Sam Crow?” He muttered under his breath.

“Guard that with your life Op.”

He nodded and shut the binder.

“How’s everything at the home front?”


Angel smiled and waved as Lyla was pulling into the shop.

“So what’s it like being Little Red Riding Hood?”

She drew back a breath on this.

“I should’ve seen that one coming.”

He chuckled. She got this mischievous look to her.

“What’s it like having an alpha?”

Opie shook his head.

“This shits unreal.”

“You can keep saying that but it doesn’t make it any less real.”

“I still don’t get what he is…” He muttered.

“No one does…”

“Guess we’ll find out when the next full moon arrives.”

He chuckled as she elbowed the shit out of him.

“Why don’t I take you to lunch and we have a little woman to woman talk?” the voice chimed in from behind.

Opie raised his brows and Angel looked to Gemma and sort of laughed.

“You just can’t help yourself can you? Always…”

“Always…?” Gemma muttered as if challenging her.

“Whoa!” Op called out as he quickly braced Angel against him as she looked like she’d pass out.

“Shit…” Gemma murmured and went to help.

“I’m fine!” Angel snapped towards Gemma.

Opie sighed as she broke out of his hold and started towards the clubhouse. He looked to Gemma and shook his head.

“Think you’ll ever let up?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“I’m just gonna put this out there. You push her away. You might as well push Jackson away. You’re blaming Angel for Jax’s decisions. He is the one running this club not the other way around. And she chooses to obey his wishes, not yours. She’s just doing what any old lady would in her situation. She’s going to stand by Jax and there isn’t much anyone can do about it. Not even you…”

Gemma rolled her eyes as Op said his peace and walked away.

“You alright?” Piney asked as Angel was lying on the clubhouse floor.

She gave a thumbs up.

“Is there a reason you’re lying on the ground?”

“I wanted to count the tiles.”

“Smartass…” He murmured and she smiled.

“I love you too, Piney.”

“Can I get you anything?” He asked as he made his way to the bar.

“Yeah a twelve foot sub, coke, and one of those macadamia nut cookies!”

He chuckled, “I can get you a coke and a bag of peanuts.”

She sighed as if truly disappointed.


“Ma-mee?” Abel said as he entered the clubhouse with Lyla, Kenny, and Eli.


Abel looked to her oddly and offered a hand.

“Fall down?”

She softly laughed and patted the area beside her.

“Count tiles with me!”

Abel giggled and lay down with his sippy cup in hand.

“I bet you can’t count them all.”

Kenny and Eli looked to Lyla in wonder. Lyla laughed as she gathered the kids some drinks at the bar. The doors to the clubhouse swung open once again.

“Look, it’s daddy!”

Jax arched a brow and regarded his wife and son peculiarly. Angel patted the other side.

“Count with us, daddy!”

Abel giggled and pointed to the ceiling. Jax shrugged and plopped down on the other side of Angel. Jax drew back a breath and started to sing…

Countin’ flowers on the wall

That don’t bother me at all

Playin’ solitaire till dawn with a deck of fifty-one

Bobby grabbed his guitar and chorused from behind and Lyla and Angel decidedly joined in.

Smokin’ cigarettes and watchin’ Captain Kangaroo

Now don’t tell me I’ve nothin’ to do

Last night I dressed in tails, pretended I was on the town

As long as I can dream it’s hard to slow this swinger down

So please don’t give a thought to me, I’m really doin’ fine

You can always find me here, I’m havin’ quite a time

Countin’ flowers on the wall

That don’t bother me at all

Playin’ solitaire till dawn with a deck of fifty-one

Smokin’ cigarettes and watchin’ Captain Kangaroo

Now don’t tell me I’ve nothin’ to do

It’s good to see you, I must go, I know I look a fright

Anyway my eyes are not accustomed to this light

And my shoes are not accustomed to this hard concrete

So I must go back to my room and make my day complete

Countin’ flowers on the wall

That don’t bother me at all

Playin’ solitaire till dawn with a deck of fifty-one

Smokin’ cigarettes and watchin’ Captain Kangaroo

Now don’t tell me I’ve nothin’ to do

Don’t tell me I’ve nothin’ to do

“WOO HOO!” Lyla shouted afterward and just as Gemma was making her way inside.

She looked upon everyone oddly.

“I didn’t know Bobby had such a great singing voice!” Angel remarked.

Jax had a good laugh at this.

“Should have seen him in his Elvis days, babe! He was all shook up!”

“Were you now?”

Bobby chuckled with  a hint of a blush and put his guitar away.

“Help me up, Abel.” Angel called out.

He nodded and came to his feet. He handed Jax his sippy cup. Abel offered both hands and Angel took them. She grunted out as he pulled back.

“More oomph behind it!”

She laughed as Abel gritted his teeth and growled out just like his daddy.

“Oh my, you’re so strong.” She remarked as she came to a stand.

Abel smiled and Jax flexed his arms about with a wink towards his son. The boy smiled and mimicked his father.

“I’ve a feeling we’re going to have our hands full with this one.” Angel remarked.

“I wonder where he gets it.” Jax witted as he came up off the floor.

“I have no clue. I don’t know anyone that devilishly handsome or charming for that matter.”

“Hmmm…” Jax hummed with disappointment.

Piney took Angel by the arm and escorted her to one of the bar stools. He slid her coke and peanuts over.


He nodded.

“Rain check on that Subway date.” He smarted afterward.

“I’m counting on it.”

Jax looked on with concern as Angel laid her head down. He made his way over and sat beside her.

“You’re awfully pale there.”

“It comes and goes…”

“We need to set you up another appointment. You’ve been getting these spells more frequently.”

“I can take her.” His mother offered.

“Come on, we’ll have a nice lunch and we’ll get you nice and probed afterward.”

“Oh, so now you gave a damn…” Angel muttered bitterly as she came to her feet.

“You ready to go home Abel?”

Jax shook his head upon his mother.

“What?” She hissed as Angel headed on out with Abel.

“Go out there and fix this…”

“Excuse me?”

Jax took his mother by the arm and dragged her into a corner.

“Oh come the fuck on. We both know what this really is. You’re taking everything out on her but it’s really me you have the problem with. I’d say I’m sorry. But I’d be lying. This has been a long time coming… It seems like every time I turn the corner, you’re right there, giving her hell. And you know damn well anyone that stands against the people I love; they will know my wrath, even you mom. You know what makes this whole ordeal between the two of you even more fucked up? She loves you! Hell, it was because of me she didn’t keep her promise. I was the one that put a stop to it. I have my reasons. And now this bullshit of ignoring her calls and her altogether for the past week, that’s fucked up! You really hurt her! You haven’t any idea what you mean to her! She’s always going on about how you gave her a second chance. But it’s her that gave US the second chance. Think about that next time you wanna rip into her and go on about what a bitch my old lady is!” He went to walk away but paused in thought. “And that’s another thing. When it’s just the two of us talking and you’re brought up. She actually calls you MOM!”

Gemma looked to her son in marvel.

“That’s right. You haven’t any idea what you’re doing to her! You want someone to be pissed off at. Be pissed at me, that’s fine. But you leave her out of it. She hasn’t done a god damn thing to you other than love you, unconditionally.”

Angel sighed as she spotted the sheriff behind her shining his lights. She shook her head with slight irritation and pulled over. She lowered her shades as he was making his way over. He tapped on the glass and she rolled down her window.

“Can I help you, sheriff?”

He nodded towards Abel and waved. Abel smiled and waved in return.

“You up for a little chat?”

“That depends you going to send your guys out to raid the shop and club again?”

“Come on sweetheart, you know that wasn’t my doing. I have people I have to answer to as well.”

She drew back a breath and motioned towards the empty passenger seat. Wayne made his way around and got inside.

“You’ve been lucky so far…” He whispered as he peered over his shoulder and regarded Abel in thought.

“This whole thing with Clay and Stahl… The boys are doing one hell of a job covering that up. And now the ex-wife has gone and OD’d. You need to know things are about to get even more out of hand. I won’t have the control I do now. And I can’t continue in backing you and the boys up.” Wayne drew back a breath and leaned back in thought.

“There’s another fed snooping around the department. And there are also talks of the city changing some things. If the vote for this goes through, well let’s just say things ought to get pretty interesting for Charming. Instead of the comforts of your good ole sheriff’s department, we’re looking at possible badges and when I say that I’m referring to the big boys such as your father. And we know what that could mean for SAMCRO.”

Angel swallowed back in thought.

“Look, I’m going to be honest. I don’t get it. Why the MC? Don’t you realize the full potential you have? This isn’t the life for you kid…”

“That’s where you’re wrong. If you only knew… I can’t tell you anything other than that. All you need to know is that things are about to change. Not right away but soon and for the better.”

“They’ve been good about cleaning up their tracks. But that won’t always be the case. They will slip up eventually and when that happens, you and the little ones are going to pay the price. I’d really hate to see you end up like Mrs. Winston.”

Angel sort of laughed.

“Come on now sheriff, we know the truth behind that…” she darkly hinted.

“I believe both sides played a part in that one.”

“One more than the other.”

He nodded.

“I can agree with that, but it doesn’t change what all took place. And I’ve a very bad feeling about this.”

“And what is it you suggest?”

“That you play it smart and do as the doc did. Get out while you can.”

She nodded and reached over, opening his door.

“With all due respect… Maybe someone should consider telling his loved ones the truth about him…”

He narrowed his eyes on this and stepped out of the car.

“Gods speed sheriff…” he sighed as she slammed the door shot afterward and peeled on out of there.

Miss me already?”

Jax smiled.

Always darlin’.” He replied genuinely.

I wanted to make sure you got home okay.”

All good. Abel fell asleep on the way so he’s all tuckered out in his big boy bed.”

Good deal. Look, I want you to go ahead and set you up an appointment for tomorrow. I’m sure everything’s fine. But we can never be too careful.”

Already taken care of set for 9 am.”

I’ll see about having mom watch after Abel.”

He heard her sighing on the other end.

You need to know that this isn’t about you. What my mother is doing. That’s all on me, babe. I’m sorry she’s taking it out on you.”

Just comes with it…”

Well it shouldn’t and she knows better. You should also know not to wait up for me tonight. The boys and I got somethings to take care of…” he hinted.

In fact it could take a couple of days even depending on how this goes down.”

Just come home…”

Always… I love you.”

I love you too Jax. Be safe.”

Give the little man a kiss for me.”

Will do.”

Opie nodded towards Jax.

“Everything alright?”

“All good.”

Jax regarded Lyla and the kids from a distance.

“How’s that going?” He hinted with a nod.

“A lot better…”

“That’s great, bro!”

Opie smiled and nodded as they were getting on their bikes and about to head out.

“One minute…” Jax said as he was putting his helmet on but made his way over to Lyla.

“Think you can do me a favor, darlin’?”

“And what would that be?” she asked with a smile.

“Angel’s been having a few fainting spells here and there. Would you mind taking her to her appointment in the morning? I’d feel better knowing she isn’t on the road by herself. And if you wouldn’t mind checking in every once in a while just make certain she and Abel are doing alright.”

“Why don’t I just see about a little get together?”

Lyla looked to Kenny and Eli.

“You guys wanna go stay with Auntie Angel for a couple days?”

Something about hearing her refer to his old lady as that tugged at the man’s heartstrings.

Eli smiled rather excitably and Kenny nodded.

“Well there you go.”

“You’re a doll. Thank you.” Jax said as he pecked her on the cheek.

Opie pulled up on his bike and kissed his old lady and hugged his kids goodbye.

“Love you…”

Lyla smiled.

“Love you too.”

He nodded and revved his engine gathering Kenny and Eli’s attention.

“You two, be good. I mean it.”

They nodded and waved him off.

“You’re not going to like this…” Tig announced once Opie and Jax arrived.

“And what would that be?”

Tig sighed and got on his bike.

“Follow me…”

They nodded and followed Tig outside city limits. About 20 minutes outside of town, Tig turned down a dirt road and headed out another 5. They followed him to a double wide trailer out in the middle of nowhere.

“What’s this?” Jax asked once they killed the bikes.

“This goes so much deeper than I thought guys. I thought it was just the Mexicans. Apparently we got some Nazi motherfucker involved as well.”

“Just spill it out Tig. What are we looking at here?”

“Meth lab and more… This is where it’s all going down. Kozik, Frankie, and Greg were here with this Nazi the other day.”

“You’re telling me we got three of our guys working with a fucking Nazi?”

“That’s exactly what I’m telling you.”

“So let me make sure I got this straight. The Nazi is the one running the lab. Kozik and company are buying and the Mexicans are dealing? So Kozik has his hands in both sides of the spectrum?!”

“Which is what Clay had been doing…”

“Wait you’re telling me Clay was dealing with this guy beforehand?”

Tig nodded.

“Jesus! What the fuck?!”

“Like Kozik he wanted to make certain things were tight all around. Have a hand in whatever he could. It’s big money, brother.”

“It’s a death sentence! And one we can’t have falling back on SAMCRO. Dealing drugs is one thing but now we got Skinheads involved?” Jax made his way up to one of the windows.

He couldn’t see anything considering the windows was blacked out. But he sure as hell could pick up the scent – ammonia, and acetone. His lip curled as it caused his nostrils to burn. Opie and Tig reared back and regarded one another in question as Jax started to literally sniff around the house. He nodded towards them once he was done.

“Let’s rid of it. Once we’re done we call the others and stop this at the source!”

“What about the Nazi?”

“We’re kicking him where it hurts. So we can deal with him later. But we can’t afford to get this escalate more than it already has.”

Jax looked to Tig in thought.

“Are you certain this is the only location?”

“Yeah man. I’ve been keeping tabs…”

“Good deal…” Jax patted him on the back.

“Maybe you’ll get to keep that ink after all, brother.”

Opie chuckled at the look of unease about Tig.

“Um, thanks?” Tig muttered.

“Alright, so how we going about this?” Opie questioned.

“I got this. You two might wanna get on your bikes and get to a safer distance. This thing’s going to blow.”

They nodded and hopped on. Jax took out one of his AK-47s. He got on his bike and made certain he was several feet away. Jax fired until the trailer went up and flames and exploded.

“Shit!” Opie hollered out.

Jax put the gun away and sped away, dying of laughter.

“Crazy son of a bitch!” Opie yelled behind a chuckle as they raced down the road.

“WOOOOOO!” Jax howled out as debris was flying everywhere.

“Now this… I missed.” Tig said with a smile.

“Keep on the straight and narrow and you can have it all back, brother.”

“I plan to.”

“And what would you like for supper Abel? We got macaroni, mash potatoes…” Angel named off various items to go with the meat she’d laid out.

She peered over hearing a knock at the door. Angel grabbed her gun she’d kept hidden and cautiously made her way over. She nodded amongst herself once she saw Lyla, Kenny, and Eli in the peephole. Before answering the door she put her gun away. When she opened it however she cut Lyla a confused glance as they had backpacks and a suitcase with them.

“Umm, come on in…?” Angel murmured.

“One sec…” Lyla said after they got their things inside.

She had Kenny go back to the car with her, where they grabbed a bag of burgers, fries, and drinks for everyone. Angel regarded them in wonder once they got situated and was placing the food on the table. Lyla scooped Abel up and placed him into his high chair. She cut up his food the way he needed it.

“Tank you.”

Lyla smiled as Abel popped a fry into his mouth.

“You’re very welcome!”

She nodded upon Angel.

“You going to join us or not?”

She had this struck stupid look about her as she made her way to the table and sat down.

“Eat up.”

Angel nodded as she opened her burger. Lyla slid her soda drink over.


She waved towards their things.

“So you guys moving in or…”

Lyla sipped at her drink and laughed.

“Not quite. Just thought we could have a little girl time with the guys out taking care of business.”

“Ah… and what if I said I didn’t want you here?” Angel taunted, but cut the children a wink.

“Well I’d say too damn bad.”

“Huh… I better call off that boyfriend of mine.” Angel said with a sigh.

“Yes, you need to let him know I’m not willing to share.”

“Fine… this sucks.”

Eli giggled as she bit into her burger. However, Kenny had this wide-eyed look to him as he regarded the two women. Angel took notice and tilted her head a bit.

“Where’s that mind of yours, kid?”

He had a blush going ear to ear.

“You should be ashamed of yourself. What would your father say?”

He continued to blush but shrugged as he chewed back on his burger and swallowed.

“Make sure you get pictures…?” He taunted in return surprising both women.

Lyla died of laughter as Angel was choking on her burger.

“You should’ve known better. He’s 13 and you walked right into that one.”

“That I did…”

“I’ve been doing some thinking.”

“That could be dangerous…” Angel teased.


“I try.”

Lyla cleared her throat and sipped at her drink once again.

“This thing with Cara Cara…”

Angel glanced over curiously.

“I want in…”

Angel smiled.

“Then I’ll bring it up to Jax once he gets back.”


“Funny…” Jax mumbled as there was a red and white dog bowl set out beside the gavel that read Jax.

TIG in trouble

He immediately keyed in on Tig.

“What?” Tig questioned putting on his best innocent front.


Tig shrugged. Jax rolled his eyes and flicked the ashes off his cigarette into the bowl.

“So you’re taking us to the supply house first and then the dealers home?”

Tig nodded. Jax and the rest of the MC shook their heads on this.

“Nah man, that isn’t going to work. They’ll run first chance they get. We need to deal with them first and then worry about the warehouse. Besides we’re going to need them in order to find out more information and make certain this is where it ends.”

“It’s gonna get ugly…” Tig warned.

“If we’re not careful we could easily wind up outnumbered.”

“I’m just telling you like it is. We gotta go about this my way or they’ll end up tipping someone off and the drugs will be gone by morning. We can’t have that.”

“But if something goes foul they could have everything moved by morning.” Bobby threw out there.

Jax sighed in thought.

“So what will it be boys? Go after the sharks or the bank first? Let’s have a vote.” Jax nodded upon Tig.

“Your vote won’t count so you might as well step on out.”

Tig sighed but didn’t argue as he stepped out of the chapel.

“Alright, what’s it gonna be?”

“Sharks…” Op called out.

“Bank…” Bobby.

“Sharks…” Piney.

“Bank…” Happy.


“Sharks it is…” Jax declared as he slammed the gavel down.

“Just hold on now…” Bobby called out as Jax was just about to dismiss.

The older man nodded towards the door where Tig was waiting outside.

“How far is this going to go? Are we looking at another vote here soon or are we gonna black some ink out?”

“That’s to be discussed at another time.”

Bobby shook his head.

“Letting a known traitor back into the club?”

Jax narrowed his eyes on this and he leaned back looking to be in thought.

“Speaking of which… did one of you go against my wishes?”

Everyone regarded Jax in wonder. All but Chibs, who was well aware of the situation already.

“And what would that be?”

“I made it clear that Tig wasn’t to be touched. Yet he came by the house not too long ago. Someone did a real number on him.”

Bobby sort of laughed,”and you think it was me?”

“Well it’s a little ironic that you would mention the word traitor.”

“Well that’s what he is. Is he not?”

Chibs drew back a breath on this. “And we all know his reasoning behind the things he did.”

“He almost got your wife and son killed! And yet you’re honestly considering letting him back into the club?!” Piney spat. “You go on about your family and what they mean to you. But you pull something stupid like this? You won’t have my vote, son. He doesn’t belong anywhere near SAMCRO or Charming for that matter.”

“Agreed, you won’t have my vote either.” Bobby barked.

Jax swallowed back as he could hear Tig’s heart rate picking up. He knew he was picking on this entire conversation. He shook his head in thought and pinched the bridge of his nose for a moment.

“Like I said, this is to be discussed another day. We gotta worry about taking down this drug cartel first. For now, I’m adjourning this meeting. Let’s go take care of business.” And at this Jax slammed down the gavel.

“Wouldn’t that scare Abel?”

Lyla questioned in surprise as Angel was putting on Jurassic Park for the kids.

“Oh no, he loves it.”

“Certainly Jax’s son.”

Angel softly laughed.


“ROOOOOAAARRRR Ma-meee!” He said as he plopped down at the TV and pointed to the screen.

“That’s right! ROAR!”

Abel giggled. Angel smiled as Eli had come up to Lyla and was asking if she could braid her hair. Lyla stopped what she was doing and got to it.

“So when’s the big day?” Angel asked with curiosity.

“Op’s hoping to go ahead and get everything set up for the spring.”

“That’s great.”

Lyla nodded.

“We’re keeping it simple, like you and Jax -MC, family, and friends only.”

Kenny rolled his eyes and stormed out of the room. Lyla sighed.

“He’s not too happy about the arrangement.”

“I can see that.”

“And what about that one?” Angel questioned with a nod towards Eli.

“She’s surprisingly okay with it. I don’t think Kenny likes me too much.” Lyla stated behind a nervous giggle.

Angel nodded and came to her feet. She headed outside where Kenny was. He was sitting on the porch swing and had his headphones on. The young woman sat beside him and nudged his arm.

“Whatcha listening to?”


“Oh… So you like that rap crap?” She teased causing him to smirk.


“Hmmm… So do you think us women are nothing but bitches and whores too?”

He gazed upon her wide-eyed.

“NO! Of course not!”

“Well doesn’t he?!”

Kenny rubbed the back of his neck uncomfortably and took his headphones off. Angel broke into a fit of giggles.

“Oh Kenny, I’m just giving you hell. I actually like some Eminem from time to time myself.”

“Oh and what songs?” He challenged.

“Hmm Cleaning Out My Closet, Lose Yourself, I like that song he did with Rihanna as well.”

“Shit… I mean dang… Hot chicks like you don’t usually like…” He froze realizing he’d slipped yet again.

“I’m sorry, what was that?”

Kenny sighed and looking downright miserable.

“I’m a married woman Kenny!” She clowned and nudged him again.

The teenage boy laughed.

“So talk to me. What’s going on in Kenny’s world?”

“What do you mean?”

“Why are you giving your father’s old lady a hard time?”

He wrinkled his nose and looked to the ground.

“I can’t believe he’s marrying her… It’s… well it’s embarrassing.”

“How’s that?”

Kenny shook his head.

“It just is… She’s nothing like my mother…”

Angel was paying extra attention to the boy’s mannerisms, his body language, and the way he spoke.

“That would probably be too painful for him.”

“I’m just saying he shouldn’t be marrying her.”

It was all coming together and Angel found herself blushing on the boy’s behalf.

“Let’s pretend I’m one of the guys for a moment. And whatever is said… I promise. It stays between us.”

“Aren’t you one of the guys already?”

She smiled on this.

“See, you’re learning!”

He sort of laughed and shook his head.

“Look Kenny, I’m going to ask you a question. And just a simple yes or no is needed and you have my word. I will take this to the grave.”

He gazed upon her oddly but nodded. Angel looked around the area and leaned in and whispered.

“Have you ever seen some of Lyla’s work?”


“I think we both know what I’m referring to…”

“Oh man…” he murmured looking downright mortified.

“I believe we know what the issue is now.”

“Please don’t tell my dad… It was before… you know. This is so weird.”

Angel couldn’t help but to let out a nervous laugh and the kid cut her a look.

“Sorry…” She cleared her throat.

“This stays between us. But I will say this much. Try not to take it out on her. She hasn’t a clue. And I know for a fact if she did. She’d be just as uncomfortable. This is just a part of life. You gotta push past that and quit giving her hell over it. She thinks you don’t like her.”

Kenny sort of laughed.

“You should’ve seen my face when dad brought her home the first time.”

“Oh, I can imagine.”

“This is so wrong.”

“Hey now… You hadn’t a clue. Nothing to be ashamed of.”

“Sure doesn’t feel that way. Dad would kill me.”

“As long as you rid of all evidence you’ll be just fine. I doubt you see her like that now anyhow.”

He wrinkled his nose in disgust and they both laughed as Angel rocked the swing back and forth.

“To the grave…” She reminded.


“All good. You’re gonna be just fine. All of you…”

Jax put a finger to his lips as he quietly inched his way to the door. The others nodded and scattered about. Once he got to the door he motioned with his fingers 1… 2… 3… When he got to three he kicked in the door in. He and the others rushed on in guns aimed and ready to go. A petite woman went to scream and Jax hurriedly wrapped his hand around her mouth and pressed her up against the wall.

“That would be a big mistake, darlin’. We’re not here to hurt you.” He said eyeing the men down as the MC had them up against the living room wall and was searching them. Jax grimaced as he heard a baby crying from one of the back rooms.

“That yours?”

The woman tearfully nodded.

“Let’s go…” she nodded as he motioned her towards the bedroom.

But that smell hit him and he narrowed his eyes as he saw the man frantically changing the infant.

“That the old man?”

The woman nodded.

“What’s his name?”


His upper lip curled as he reached over and grabbed one of the diapers. He took a good whiff and a low growl fled from his lips.

“You’re stuffing drugs into your baby’s diapers? Please tell me that one isn’t laced with meth!” He barked as he jerked the father away from the child.

Jax bent down and breathed the child in.

“You’ve gotta be kidding me! Put a clean diaper on that kid Javier, before I decorate that back wall with your brain matter!”

The man rushed over. His hands shook as he grabbed another one. Jax gritted his teeth and put his gun to the man’s head.

“Clean, as in no drugs, asshole.”

Jax nodded towards the mother.

“You are aware of how deadly this shit is, right?”

The mother looked to her husband.

“ARE YOU OR NOT?!” Jax spat waiting for an answer.

She shook her head no and started to cry.

“Your husband shouldn’t let this shit anywhere NEAR YOUR CHILD!”

As soon as the husband finished, Jax grabbed the little girl and handed her over to the mother.

“Find a seat.” He ordered as he dragged the mother back into the living room.

Jax rolled his eyes as he heard the cocking of a gun afterward.

“Drop it…” The man ordered with an unsteady hand.

Jax nodded and dropped his gun.

“Hands above your head.”

He went to raise his hands only he was quick to spin around and knocked the gun out from the man’s hold. He slammed his face up against the wall and jerked him back against him.

“I call the shots around here.” He made clear as he bent down to pick up his gun.

He shoved the man back into the room. Opie grabbed ahold of him and forced him onto the couch with the others. Jax pulled up a chair and overlapped it as he sat before them.

“We’re going to ask you a few questions for every time you lie or try to stall. One of you is going to be missing a limb.”

Happy smiled as he twirled a saw about. The woman screamed out once again and Jax sighed. He pointed his gun at the husband. “You want me to end him right here, right now?” Jax raised his brows as the woman actually seemed to be in thought. The man spouted of something in Spanish and the MC started laughing as the woman merely shrugged.

“You BITCH!” The man gobbed and Jax nodded as he screwed his silencer on.

“I believe she isn’t too happy with you.”

The woman was rocking her child and uncontrollably crying as she looked upon her husband with hatred in her eyes. The man however tilted his head about and regarded Jax in wonder.

“Why are you here? And where are the others?”

Jax knew he must’ve meant Kozik, Frankie, and Greg.

“We’ll be asking the questions around here.” Opie reiterated.

“First off, who’s leading this so called thug life?”

The men nodded towards the father aka Javier.

“Of course…”

Jax sighed as his cellphone sounded.


“You got a slew of them heading your way, Kozik and company included!” Tig warned.

“Shit!” Jax hopped up and gestured towards the door.

The MC gathered the hint and aimed their guns that direction. The door swung open and Jax sneered upon Kozik and the other men he had with him – each of them armed. Kozik, Frankie, and Greg shared the same ‘oh shit’ expression.

“That’s right numbnuts. We know…”

Kozik nodded and blended in behind the others.

“HEY!” Jax called out knowing what he was up to.

He darted right on out the door only to be shoved right back in. Jax drew back a breath of relief seeing as how Tig had a gun to the Kozik’s head and Phil was with him. Bobby rolled his eyes with full on disapproval. Phil looked to Jax with this slightly panicked mien. “We could use the help…” he assured letting the prospect know he wasn’t in trouble. Phil let out a breath as if he’d been holding it for a while. Tig pulled what was left of the door to. Everyone with a gun eyed one another down.

“We’re not dropping ours.” Jax made clear.

“So let’s lower the weapons boys and have us a nice little chat.”

Lyla laughed as Angel stuffed another mouthful of ice cream into her mouth.

“You’re right. You are going to get fat!”

Angel raised her brows on this and threw her spoon at Lyla.


“You’re one to talk… What’s that your fourth or fifth shot and you’re working on beer four now?”

Lyla shrugged and lit up a cigarette.

“Ugh, I so hate you.”

“Sorry… Look, I’ll take you somewhere after the baby’s born and get you nice and wasted. And you can smoke an entire pack that day.”

Angel laughed in thought.

“I’m not sure what you said to Kenny. But thanks…”

“It wasn’t any big deal, really. Truth of the matter is he needed to get a few things off his chest. As we all do at times.”

“Speaking of which… How are you holding up? I mean after Jax…” she trailed off not sure how to finish that question.

Angel swallowed back and laid down looking to the stars as they were lying in the grass of the front yard.

“I’ve my moments. A few nightmares here and there, but it’s nothing I can’t handle. He’s alive. That’s all that matters.”

“And what do we do when that day comes?”

She rolled over and regarded her friend in question.

“What day?”

“Come on Angel. That day… We both know it’s coming. The old ladies always outlive their men.”

“Doesn’t seem to be the case here in Charming…” Angel muttered thinking back to Donna.

“And why’d you have to go and get all Debbie downer on me?!”

“Sorry…” Lyla said with a giggle.

“We’re not discussing that. I’ve had my number of close calls lately and it’s not something I wish to think about. So next topic…”

“Hmmm, how about the fact that your mother-in-law is pulling into the driveway?”

“What?! At this time?!” Angel said looking to see it was 2 am.

“Shit… I swear that woman’s a certified loon!”

“And clearly drunk…” she added as Gemma stepped out of the car and could barely walk.

“Jesus!” Angel spat as she rushed over.

“What the hell are you thinking?!” She scolded as she helped Gemma inside.

Gemma froze once she saw the kids laid out on a pallet on the floor.

“Shit… I didn’t know you had company.”


“Have you been toking it up as well?” Angel questioned in disbelief as she could smell it.

Gemma shrugged.

“You idiot! Jax would have your ass! You’re lucky you made it here in one piece or didn’t kill someone else for that matter! Jesus Christ, Gem!”

Angel scolded as she dragged her into her and Jax’s bedroom. She sat her down at the edge of the bed.

“What’s with you and why come here of all places?!”

“I came to apologize.”

She sneered at this.

“This is your way of apologizing to me? Showing up at my door drunk as a skunk and high as a fucking kite?! You are fifty shades of CRAZY! Lay the fuck down and I’ll get you a god damn washrag and maybe a glass of antifreeze to go with that.”
Angel bitched under her breath on the way to the kitchen.

“I’m so sorry.” She said as she passed Lyla in the living room.

“Piney…” Lyla hinted with a shrug.

Angel had a good laugh at this.

“Oh man. I can only imagine.”

“Oh yeah… It was interesting.”

“Guess we all have that one…”

“That we do. Don’t worry about me. I’m fine. I was about to turn in anyhow.”

“Goodnight, Lyla.”


Angel returned with a bottle of aspirin, water, and wet wash cloth.

“Her name was Luann…” The older woman drunkenly slurred.

Angel simply nodded as she handed over a couple pills and some water.

“My porn star bff. She was brutally raped as well. Only difference was she was left to die.”

The younger woman thickly swallowed. She vaguely remembered seeing this woman off and on in the cemetery but said nothing as she sat beside her.

“She was the one running Cara Cara before my son took over. You best prepare yourself sweetheart. These things… they never last. Before you know it, you’re gonna end up just like me. Alone…”

“You’re not alone.”

Gemma sort of laughed and shook her head.

“Thomas is gone, JT is gone, Luann is gone, and Clay is gone. ”

“You still have Abel, Jax, and the MC.”

“Oh please, they’re all about you as of late. Hell I’m nothing more than a passing thought.”

“Jesus Gemma, listen to yourself. Who knew you could be so whiny?!”

The older woman rolled her eyes.

“I hate you.”

“Oh believe me. As of late the feeling is mutual.”

“You’re me ten to fifteen years ago.”

“Try twenty.” Angel bitterly fired.

“Funny, bitch…”

“You betcha!”

Angel drew back a breath and paced the room a bit.

“Look, I don’t know what to tell you, Gem. So there’s a new queen at the throne. Is that what this is? You’re pissed because you never dreamed someone could possibly take your place?”

“You don’t know shit.”

The young woman nodded in full agreement.

“Apparently not, and if you think that even for a split second that’s my only reasoning for being with your son, then you’re dead wrong. Unlike you, I could care less about the title. The only thing I care about is making sure my husband makes it through this. And I will do whatever it takes to back him up and make certain he achieves whatever he has his mind set out to do.”

“I really fucking hate you.” Gemma said with tears in her eyes.

She grabbed a bottle of whiskey from her jacket. Angel gritted her teeth and snatched the bottle from her hand and flung it up against the wall. The glass shattered and the contents were running down the wall now.

“Dammit… You are not going to come into this house and pull this shit! Abel is asleep in the other room. What if he saw you like this? Hasn’t he been through enough without his grandmother adding to it? Sober the fuck up and get your act together! You can hate me all you want. But I know you love Jax and Abel and they wouldn’t be too thrilled seeing you like this. So as long as you’re under this roof and under my watch. You will sober the fuck up. Get some sleep. We can talk this shit out when I get back from my appointment in the morning.”

“The Mexicans started to laugh once Jax explained how Clay, Kozik and company went behind their back on this deal and it was not a unanimous decision of the club.”

“Not our problem, vato. Maybe you should keep a better eye on your club.”

Jax raised his brows but nodded.

“And that’s exactly what I’m doing… So here’s the thing. You’re going to take us to your little supply house. We’re shutting you guys down. We can’t have this anywhere near Charming and we certainly can’t have it affecting the MC for that matter.”

The pres motioned for the others to take their weapons. He pointed to Kozik and the others.

“You five ride alongside of us, as for the rest of you… You’ll be riding with Tig and Phil in the van.” He regarded the wife and child in thought.

“Sorry darlin’. You gotta tag along. I can’t take any chances. You’ll be just fine as long as these guys cooperate.” Jax nodded upon the husband.

“You love them, right?”

The husband nodded.

“Then you had better be sure your guys do everything they’re told. Do we have an understanding?”

The man wouldn’t answer at first. Jax gestured towards Bobby. Bobby put a gun to the wife’s head.

“Do… we… have… an… understanding?” Jax repeated.

“Yes, sir…”

“Alright then, let’s head on out. No funny business and everyone stay close. I better not see a single cellphone in hand along the way.”

The guys nodded as the Sons personally escorted them out.

Jax pulled up to the warehouse and waited for the others. He narrowed his eyes as the Mexicans started to whisper amongst one another in Spanish. He pointed his gun at them.

“None of that now. There will be plenty of time to talk later.

Once they all arrived, the MC rounded everyone up. Jax nodded upon the main guy.

“Bitches first.”

The guy curled his lip up at this and Jax cut him a wink. The guys brought their flashlights out as the place was completely dark. Jax grabbed the guy and put his gun to his throat.

“You got five seconds to get the power on.”

The guy nodded as Jax shoved him back. He frantically rushed towards the breaker box. Jax shook his head as he did a head count and saw that two of the Mexicans were now missing.

“Dammit Bobby and Op, where are the other two?”

Op and Bobby looked to one another wide-eyed.

“Son of a bitch!”Jax shouted as shots were suddenly fired.

“Great, they have a stash of fucking weapons!”

Jax shook his head upon them as everyone took cover. The president came to a halt as he looked over and the woman with the baby hit the ground.

“NOOOO!” The husband shouted hysterically.

He ran out and waved his hands about, putting a stop to the gunfire. He started to shout in Spanish as he made his way over to his wife. Jax and the others regarded the wife and child with downright remorse. They never intended on the wife or kid getting harmed. It was all merely threats not their way of doing things. But this was through no fault of their own. It was friendly fire that did it. Angel and Abel came to mind as Jax watched the man break down and rock his dead wife.

“No. No. Maria! Please, baby.” The guy scooped his wife up as one of the others grabbed the baby.

Jax was relieved to see that the baby was merely startled, nothing more. The wife however… There was no saving her. It was a clear shot to the head. The man gritted his teeth as he looked to his wife and her blood on his hands. He spun around and shot the ones responsible. His buddies looked on in sheer shock.

“No Javier!” One of them cried as the man came to his knees and screamed out.

The man put his gun to his head and Jax speedily shot it out of his hand. He growled out as he darted on over. He grabbed the man by the collar of his shirt and dragged him towards his daughter.

“Take a long hard look at what you’re leaving behind! LOOK AT HER!” Jax growled.

“You still want the pussy way out? HUH?!” Jax barked as he put his gun to the man’s head.

“Hell, I’ll do it for you. YES OR NO?!”

Javier looked to his wife and back to his daughter. He took the child from the other man’s hold and hugged her close. Jax tilted his head about as he was picking up on something else. He got that smirk about him as he pivoted around and quickly fired off several rounds.

“Shit!” Tig hollered as they took cover once again.

Jax didn’t budge he stood in front of the man and child and kept his ground. The man regarded Jax in sheer astonishment. Jax peered back over his shoulder.

“Take your daughter and get out of Charming. Don’t make me regret this decision.” The man staggered back in disbelief.

GO! You just gave your buddies every reason to turn on you. They will kill you and your daughter!”

Bobby shook his head once he’d caught what Jax had done. The moment Jax had his back turned to him, he inched his way on out the door. Bobby decided to take matters into his own hands. Jax had ducked down and closed his eyes, focusing on his senses. Just as soon as he had everything around him down, he came to his feet. He brought out his Desert Eagles and walked on down the middle of the warehouse. The other Sons looked upon one another in shock.

“Jax…” Opie hissed.

“Has he lost it?” Chibs questioned.

Each of the Sons looked on in marvel as Jax started to fire left and right as if already knowing where everyone was hiding. That golden hue never left his eyes. He let out a growl as the last bullet they fired managed to graze his ear. It started ringing as Jax pulled the trigger and the man fell off the balcony

Everyone turned as the sound of a crying infant returned. Jax reared back as he was eyeing Bobby down.

“What did you do?!”

“Something you failed to!”

“Oh shit!” Op called out and rushed over to stop Jax as his eyes were glowing.

He went to hold Jax back only to be to find himself shoved back a good five feet. Chibs hurried over and helped Opie back to his feet. Jax made his way over and picked Bobby up by the collar of his shirt.

“You went behind my back! You know damn well I let that man go!”

“I did your ass a favor. You’re screwing everything up! We can’t afford to have you going to soft. So the kid’s left without a couple of deadbeat parents!”

“That wasn’t your call to make!”

Bobby shrugged.

“Nothing you can do about it now. It’s a done deal.”

Jax nodded and gently took the baby from Bobby’s hold. He handed it over to Chibs. But as soon as Chibs had the child at a safe distance, he twirled back around and socked Bobby in the gut. Everyone in the room cringed as they actually heard a couple of his ribs snap. The club rushed over and stopped Jax before he could do anymore damage.

Meanwhile, Tig, Happy, and Phil were dragging Kozik and the other betrayers out the back. Tig put his gun to the back of Kozik’s head. His lip curled and tears were streaming down his face. Kozik rolled his eyes and half laughed as he and the others were brought to their knees.


Tig tilted his head on this.

“That’s right… I know where she is. And you know the amount of power I have. You kill me and I can promise you; she won’t make it to her 16th birthday. Sweet 16… That’s right Fawn’s at that fuckable age now. Maybe I should go pay the little lady a visit. See if she wants to call me ‘daddy’.”

Tig nodded and tossed his gun over to Happy. He grabbed Kozik and forced him to his feet. Tig kept his eyes glued to his.

“Once I get the go ahead. You’re going to be in a world of pain.”

He felt a tap on the shoulder. He looked over seeing as how it was Opie and he was handing his blade over.

“Have fun…” Opie said as he took a step back and lit a smoke.

Tig smiled as he took Opie’s knife in drove into Kozik’s body over and over and over and over.

“Gorgeous night, isn’t it?” Opie questioned Happy as they ended Frankie and Greg, whilst Kozik begged for Tig for his life.
Happy looked to the stars and nodded in agreement.

Jax and Bobby eyed one another down as the others regarded them in mere silence.

“Let’s hurry and get this shit done before sun up.” Jax stated knowing they had a long ass night ahead of them.

They were lucky in the sense of these guys turning on one another. That would make it easier to stage. The plan was to rid of all evidence that they were even there. Rid of any possible rats such as Kozik and company and go from there. Instead of burning this one down, Jax figured it best to go with the staging and have the police stumble upon it themselves. With the amount of drugs and bodies in this building they hadn’t much choice. As for Kozik and company they had a date with the incinerator.

That morning…

Angel left Lyla a note and pecked Abel on the forehead as he was still sound asleep. She did a thorough sweep of the house, making certain everyone was alright before leaving for her appointment.

As she turned on the radio a smile formed along her lips. She and Jax’s wedding song was playing as she pulled out of the drive. Further down the road, she reached to her temples feeling one hell of a headache coming on. She got on the freeway and she blinked a few times as these little lights appeared and seemed to dance around in her vision. Her body became overheated and her ears were ringing and before long everything went black.

“I got you…” The man said with desperation as he dragged the young woman out from the car.

“No…” he muttered under his breath seeing as how she was pregnant.

Slight panic came over the man as he could smell the gas coming from the car. He quickly scooped the woman up and just as he went to shield her, the car went up in flames.

“In the name of the father, the son, and the holy ghost…” The man whispered kissing the cross around his neck. He crossed himself as the sheriff’s department and ambulance pulled up to the area.

Jax tiredly looked to the time seeing as how it 9:40 am and they were back at the clubhouse now. He was doing his best to ignore Bobby’s bitching as Chibs was taking care of him in another area.

“Angel should be home from her appointment soon. I think I’ll take the baby over to the house. See if she doesn’t mind taking of her until we figure something out.”

Opie nodded.

“Alright brother…”

Jax was about to head out when his cellphone rang. He drew back a hesitant breath recognizing the number to be the sheriff’s. He handed the baby back over to Op and put a finger to his lips as he regarded the other club members.


He heard the sheriff sighing on the other end.

“Hate to be the bearer of bad news but your wife has been in a car accident and she’s been rushed to the ER.”


Jax staggered back with that heart dropping feeling.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know anything other than that. I just figured I’d call and let you know.”

Jax hung up looked to Opie crossly.

“I thought your old lady was looking after mine!”

Opie reared back at this. Jax was rushed out the door and dialed Lyla on the way.

“Hello?” Lyla answered clearly hungover.

“You wanna explain yourself, darlin’?”


“Where are you?”

“At the house…”

“And where’s my wife?”

He nodded as he heard her calling to Angel and looking throughout the house. He gritted his teeth hearing his mother in the background playing with Abel.

“What the fuck?! You’re both there and still my wife manages to get herself in a car wreck and the two of you are just fucking clueless as hell! After everything my wife has done for this club and for my family, this is how we repay her! FUCK THIS SHIT!”

He hung up and hopped on his bike.

“Whoa, what’s with you?” Tig asked as he pulled in.

His entire body shook with fury, his face was fire engine red, his eyes were glowing, and Tig swore to God Jax’s canines had extended. Tears had formed within his eyes as he revved the engine to his bike. He said nothing as he sped on out of there. It wasn’t until Jax was gone that Tig realized something else. Jax took off without his cut.

“Angel Teller…” Jax demanded once he got to the receptionist’s desk.

The woman looked up the room number and the moment she spilled it out, he took off. The outlaw was just a few doors down when he heard…

“Look, I’m fine. Now I need to be released so I can go home and now!”

“Mam, I need you to calm down. We can’t let you go until a doctor has given you full release.”

“I’m fine. The baby’s fine. I have a son at home waiting for me.”

“Wait, you have a child at home, alone?”

“You’re kidding me, right? I mean did you honestly just ask me that shit?!”

Jax could pick up the murmur of a man’s voice but it wasn’t one he recognized. He was speaking very soft and sounded as if he were trying to calm her down.

“You said you had a child at home.”


Jax reared back as he entered the room to see a Latino man with his hand clamped around his wife’s mouth. The strange man smiled warmly upon the nurse.

“She just needs a few minutes.”

The nurse sighed and exited the room just as Jax opened the door. He nodded upon his wife and the man dropped his hand and took a couple steps back.

“Jax…?” Angel called out.

He forced a smile as he made his way over. Her face was scraped up and she was covered in bruises. “Jesus baby… What happened?” Angel sighed as he hugged her close and was really checking her over.

“I’m not sure to be honest. I just remember my head was hurting and I felt dizzy. Next thing I know, BAM. I wake up here.” She nodded towards the Latino man.

“This man saved my life… Jax the damn car went up in flames and right after he pulled me out!”

Jax grimaced on his wife’s words, but nodded upon the man and offered his hand.

“Thank you…” he said sincerely.

The man nodded and shook his hand in return.



“Oh thank God!” they turned to see Gemma and Lyla rushing into the room with the kids.

Jax sneered upon them and pointed his finger Lyla’s direction.

“You were supposed to be watching her!”

Lyla recoiled and lowered her head.

“I know and I’m so sorry Jax. I…”

“Sorry doesn’t cut it! You put my wife and unborn child at risk!”

“Jax!” Angel called out in absolute disbelief.

“You promised me that she would get to that appointment safely. So what’s the deal? What happened?”

“I overslept. I didn’t even know she left.”

“Of course you didn’t. Let me guess, you’re still hungover. And what about you, mom? What’s your story? Why were you even at the house?”

Their jaws dropped as Jax breathed in the air around them. “Both of you reek of alcohol and pot!” Nero narrowed his eyes in question. He couldn’t pick up on the pot or the booze.

“Jesus Christ and to think you two were watching after the kids! Give me my son!” He demanded as he reached over. Gemma swallowed back and handed Abel over.

“Get out of my face! Both of you!”

“JAX!” Angel scolded, “what are you doing?!” she hissed looking downright embarrassed. She’d never seen Jax act this way.

“Lyla, I’m so sorry! I… I don’t know what’s come over him!”

Jax pinched his eyes shut as he could feel ‘it’ coursing through him.

“Angel baby, I’m handling this. They need to know that they were in the wrong. They were too concerned with getting drunk and getting their fix. They weren’t even considering you at all! I can’t have that. You should both know that if something had happened. There would be no forgiveness! Not from me!”

“Hey… Maybe you should take this outside…” Nero stated seeing as how Angel’s monitors were starting to spike and she was reaching to her head looking to be in pain.

Jax’s entire face became guilt ridden as he realized what he was doing.

“Shit…” he whispered.

“Stop it, please… Just stop.” Angel pleaded.

“I’m sorry, baby. I…”

“It’s not her fault, Jax. It isn’t your mother’s either. It’s not their responsibility to watch over me. I’m fine. These things just happen. No one had any control over it.”

Jax nodded but didn’t quite agree. He knew damn well what happened. His wife was the one taking care of THEM last night and not the other way around. He could see it for what it was. But he said nothing on it. He simply made his way over and kissed her lips.

“You’re right, Angel darlin’. I’m sorry. It’s just been a really long night. And when Wayne called… well I wasn’t sure what to think.”

Nero regarded the older woman curiously as she was reaching to a certain scar. The woman looked like she’d pass out as she gazed upon her son’s wife. He absentmindedly ran his fingers along a similar mark. He nodded upon her with concern as she was inching her way out of the room. The man inquisitively followed the woman into the hospital chapel. He kept his distance and remained silent as the woman came to her knees and began to sob.

“What I’m I doing?” He heard her mutter under her breath.

“What the fuck is wrong with me?!”

Once Jax got Angel settled down, he headed back out where Lyla was waiting with the kids. He took the kids to the waiting area and had Eli watching after Abel for him.

“You and I aren’t done.”

Lyla wiped a few tears away.


He pulled her off to a corner.

“I’ve never asked a thing from you other than this. And all I asked was that you watch after my family…”

“I know and I’m so sorry. You’ve every right to be pissed with me Jax.”


“Whoa…” Opie called out as he entered the area.

He jerked Jax back.

“Watch yourself, Jackson…”

“You need to watch your old lady, Harry…”

Opie reared back in utter astonishment.

“Excuse me?”

Jax’s lip curled.

“She was supposed to make certain my wife got to her appointment safe and sound. Instead she had one too many and lost track of time and because of that Angel had a fucking wreck and here she is in the hospital!”

Opie cut Jax a go to hell look and punched at the wall beside him.

“Let’s go, Lyla.”

Eli handed Abel back.

“Is she going to be okay?” Kenny asked with concern and Eli regarded Jax with a certain gloom about her as well.

“She’s going to be just fine…”Jax assured with a nod.

After they left, Jax called Chibs to see if he wouldn’t mind watching after Abel.

“So my wife and baby are okay?”

The doctor nodded.

“Other than the high blood pressure that caused us some concern, your wife seems to be in excellent health, the infant as well. For our own peace of mind we had another sonogram done. Strong heartbeat and there wasn’t any damage done to the infant during the car wreck. Your wife is a little banged up so she maybe sore for the next couple weeks. As to your concern on these fainting spells of hers…

There are a few factors that could be a trigger such as going to long without eating, or getting enough fluids, sleep deprivation, or stress even. And judging from what I’ve witnessed and what the nurses have told me I’d go with stress.”

Jax wasn’t too surprised.

“She needs to take it easy these next few months. We want to keep an eye on that blood pressure as well. The two of you should be thinking of some ways to limit whatever stress you can.”

Angel snorted on this.

“Would knowing the sex of your baby help?” The nurse chimed in with a pleasant smile.

Jax raised his brows upon Angel. She rose up in the bed like an eager child causing the doctor to chuckle. “I’ll leave you to it. She will need to stay overnight for observation but if there are no further complications she’s free to go home in the morning.”

“Thank you.” Jax said shaking the doctor’s hand.

“You’re quite welcome. Best of luck to you both.”

Once he left Angel and Jax looked to one another then back to the nurse.

“Well?” The nurse asked rather playfully.

Angel softly laughed.

“Do tell…”

Jax shook his head with a grin.

“It’s a little girl. Congratulations!”

Jax staggered back and Angel nodded with a smug grin about her.

“Thank you!”

The nurse nodded and exited the room.

“I told you…”

Jax laughed.

“That you did, darlin’.”

She nodded but was quick to cover her face as she started to tear up.

“Hey…” He softly called out as he made his way over.

“I can’t believe we’re having a baby and a girl at that.”

Jax smiled and took her hand in a gentleman like fashion. He brought it to his lips and kissed it.

“We’re living the dream, baby. Now scoot…”

She giggled as he crawled into the bed and wrapped his arms around her.

“Long night?” She questioned picking up the blood stains beneath his shirt.

He cleared his throat on this.

“You could say that…”

“Is everyone okay?”

“Yes, now shhhhh… I want you to shut that brain off and get some sleep.”

This odd look came over her as she reached to her belly. Jax looked on in slight alarm.

“Something wrong?”

She grabbed his hand and placed it on her tummy. Jax smiled as he also felt it. Her husband lifted her hospital gown and placed his hand back over the area. He chuckled after a couple more minutes passed and he felt it once again.

“Guess the little darlin’, wants us to know she’s up and kickin’.”

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12 thoughts on “Chapter 25 Counting Flowers”

  1. We get Nero in this story too? Yay! I love the actor who played him so whether it’s a cameo (hope not) or a longer role you just made my night. This chapter was spectacular! Gem’s got some thinking to do but I totally have faith that it’ll be worth it for her to work it out. I hope Jax can forgive Lyla soon since she’s Angel’s best friend. All in all? Amazing!!!

  2. this was great and i so hope that somehow angel and jax can find a way to cut the stress for her before they end up having more issues for her and the baby. i love how shes right again with it being a girl. gemma needs to pull her head out of her ass and grow up. cant wait to see whats to come next.

  3. All kinds of shit hit the fan in this chapter! Yay baby girl oh that little girl is going to be so spoiled and have overprotective family it isn’t even funny.

  4. Though just to add… it’s not as if Jax is wrong. Bella was too busy taking care of everyone else and not herself. And Gemma… I get the feeling she’s in the cusp of some sort of breakdown or revelation…

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