Chapter 27 Not My Monkeys

Chapter 27

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“Your daughter, huh?”
The woman nodded.

“And why would you be looking for her?”

“Because she’s missing… has been for a few years.”

She took the picture from the woman’s hand and stuffed it into her pocket.

“What are you doing?!”

Gemma smiled and gently took the woman by the arm. “I know where she is…”

The woman looked upon her with hope in her eyes. “Really?!”

Gemma nodded and led the woman outside. Once she had her at the car, she dropped her hold.

“What game are you trying to play here?”

The woman reared back on Gemma’s words.

“Excuse me?”
“Oh pish posh knock that shit off. I want to know why you’re here and I want to know now.”
“I’m here for my daughter! Now if you know where she is then please, tell me!”

“Let’s play a little truth or dare… I go first. And I’m just going to go ahead choose for you. Truth… Did you or did you not walk out of your daughter’s life years ago.”

Her jaw dropped and Gemma smiled.

“From what I hear you got remarried popped out a couple kids and BAM your pretty little daughter became nothing more than an afterthought.”
“That’s not true.”

Gemma raised her brows on this.
“Oh, really?”

“I didn’t just walk out! Things just got out of hand and it was one thing after another and…”
Gemma gritted her teeth.

“It’s women like you that give us others a bad name, sister…” she retrieved the picture from her pocket.

“This girl wants nothing to do with you. She’s already written you out of her life and moved on. And I strongly advice you do the same. She’s got a new family now. And trust me you don’t wanna dip your toes some place they don’t belong. So here’s the deal. I want you out of Charming and ASAP! Don’t you come near this girl. To do so would be a very big mistake. Do we have an understanding?”

“Who the hell are you to tell me what to do?! That’s my daughter! And I’m not leaving until I see her!”

Gemma nodded and grabbed a handful of the woman’s hair and bashed her head into the car window.

“Listen here, bitch. You might’ve given birth to her. But it’s her real mother that just knocked you on your ass!”

The woman covered her face and started running towards her car. Something came over Gemma and she found herself chasing the bitch down. Once she got ahold of her, she beat the living daylights out of Renee Dwyer.

Jax shook his head the closer to Charming they got. He looked to the others in alarm.
“We can’t have these guys entering the city!” He called out in alarm.

They nodded in understanding as Jax gave the cue. Each of them trailed off ‘seemingly’ leaving Jax behind. He spun his bike around and nodded upon the pack heading towards him. The wolves came to a stop and were eyeing him down. He smiled as he heard the Son’s revving their bikes as they circled the pack from all directions. Each of them had their guns aimed and ready to go. Jax climbed off his bike and unclipped his helmet. He took it off and placed it on one of the handle bars. He nodded as he made his way to the alpha and stood before him.

“You don’t want to do this. Believe me…”

He tilted his head however and narrowed his eyes upon them. He raised his brows as something else occurred to him.

So he’s the one… The one responsible for Jacob! – The black wolf aka alpha thought.

That’s him?! – A brown wolf thought in reply.

The alpha nodded.

We can take him and his friends easily! – The brown wolf scoffed.

The alpha growled under his breath and shook his head no.

We came here to teach them a lesson nothing more! We’re not to take the life of a human!

They left him to die! They could’ve killed Jacob! – A reddish brown wolf responded to his alpha.

And you have that little leech lover bitch to blame! I say we take her out of the equation as well. – The brown wolf retorted.

The alpha slammed his paw into the pavement and pivoted around. He growled upon the two younger wolves.

We’ll give her a good scare nothing more! We’re not going to harm Bella!

She deserves whatever’s coming to her!

The alpha gritted his teeth and took his massive paw across the wolf’s face.

I lead this pack. Not you Paul. Shut your fucking trap! We take care of these guys then we find Bella. But we’re not to kill! I mean it!

Jax nodded and motioned for the others to hold off for a moment. He cleared his throat gathering the attention of the alpha once again.

“On the contrary… You’re not to go anywhere near my old lady. And as for your little friend? He had it coming.”
The wolves growled out and he sort of laughed, whilst shaking his head.

“I tell you what… How about we keep this between you and me, buddy? You feel the need to rough someone up?” His eyes flickered and he got that cocky smirk about him.

“Then bring it…”

“No Jackie!” Chibs called out in alarm.

“JACKSON!” Opie hollered out as the shifter was barreling right for him.

The rest of the MC looked on in sheer horror.

Jax let out the most hair rising of growls and he flung his arm out just as the alpha was about to knock him down. The alpha was sent flying back a good 12 feet. The other wolves growled upon Jax threateningly.

“Watch yourselves, bitches. Pissing your future alpha off would be a big mistake.”

At this he took his cut off and tossed it over to Opie. He ripped his shirt off and circled their alpha.

“Don’t hold back… I’m rather curious…”

The alpha sailed for him once again and Jax stepped aside just in time to dodge the attempt. The wolf growled out and spun around, knocking Jax down with his tail. He took advantage of the opportunity and used his entire girth in order to keep Jax restrained.

So you think your tough shit now, huh? You’re nothing! I will rip you apart and there’s nothing to stop me from dealing with your little BITCH afterward.

Jax grunted out as the alpha slammed his hand down on Jax’s chest. He sucked back a breath and his eyes began to water as he fought to catch his breath. He took a nice hit to the face immediately after.

Look at you. Pathetic! We’re the real deal.”

The pack and the MC however regarded Jax in phenomenon. The moment the alpha turned his back to him, he was back on his feet. And he looked PISSED. Just as the pack went to warn their alpha, he cried out in suffering. Jax had flung himself onto the shifter’s back and was giving unrelenting shots all along his back. A low grow escaped the alpha as he was doing his best to shake Jax off him. But Jax clung on for dear life and everyone could hear the literal cracking of bones with each hit Jax gave. The alpha reached back in attempts to pry him off. But he let out a whimper as Jax drove his claws into the bridge of his neck. He dragged them down the alpha’s back and the massive wolf howled out in agony.

He can’t be!

They don’t exist!

Jacob should’ve never attacked a human! This is why this happened! We need to back off. We’re messing with the spirits and they’re angry. We’re meant to protect mankind! Not stand against them! We won’t win this one… not without blood on our hands! –The youngest of the wolves thought.

The entire pack was in utter disbelief as they gazed upon Jax. The nodded upon one another and looked to the MC. The MC quickly reacted and began to fire as the pack went to attack in retaliation. As for Jax and the alpha they were in the middle of a full on brawl now. They rolled about the ground taking jabs at one another. Another whimper fled from the wolf’s mouth as Jax bit down on the alpha’s jugular. Jax growled and shook with everything he had as the alpha had driven his claws into his shoulders.

Live or die!

The alpha’s eyes widened on this. He was blown away by the fact that Jax could not only pick on up on their thoughts but they was able to pick up on his as well.

Your choice! I could end it all right here and take over as alpha! Or I allow you to live and in return you forget that my old lady and I even exist. You go back to living your life and I go back to mine.

When he wouldn’t answer, Jax bit down even harder.

ALRIGHT! You made your point.

Are you sure about that?



The wolf howled out as Jax got a handful of his ‘jewels’ and squeezed the hell out of them.

You will know the true meaning of becoming one’s BITCH! I WILL OWN YOU AND YOUR PACK!

Sam let out a bark calling off the rest of the pack. The Sons lowered their guns afterward. The pack looked upon their alpha bitterly. A few of them were limped about as they’d been shot. Opie hopped of his bike and rushed over helping Happy back to his feet. One of the shifters had knocked him off his bike and he’d a good gash where he’d busted his head open.

Chibs regarded the sky in thought. The clouds had dispersed and the full moon shined down upon them. He nodded upon Jax as he was still hovering over Sam. It was just as he assumed. Jax’s eyes hadn’t let up, nor did his claws, or canines, but other than that. He looked perfectly normal. If anything he was more affected by a physical standpoint than anything else. Jax was one hell of a powerhouse.

So much so, that even Chibs felt somewhat uneasy around him. He used caution as he inched his way over. He gently patted him on the shoulder.

“Let him up, Jackie…”

A soft growl escaped Jax as he eyed the alpha down.

“It’s over now Jackson…” Chibs assured doing his best to calm the beast within.

The president nodded and he dropped his hold on the alpha. He wiped the blood off his mouth with the back of his hand. But he snapped his head upon one of the shifters. Very well, I’ll take matters into my own hands! This one took off from the rest of the pack. Jax’s quickly reacted as he hopped onto his bike and took off after them.

“Hungry, ma-mee!”

“I know, baby. Grandma should be back any moment now.” But as she said this she looked to Phil and Tig with concern.

“It’s been nearly two hours…” she whispered.

Tig sighed, “You know how she is. I’ll call in check in.”
She nodded and took Abel by the hand.

“How about we go play outside until Grandma gets back?”

Abel nodded with a grin.


“Whatever you want.”

Angel opened the patio door but froze. The two women eyed one another down.

“Abel, why don’t you go inside and see if Tig can find you a movie to watch instead.

He frowned on this.

“Swing!” He pointed with disappointment.

“Sorry, baby. Mommy’s got something she needs to take care of first.”

The boy sighed but headed back inside. Once Angel got the patio door shut, she propped it up with a chair so Abel couldn’t get back out.

“You got some nerve…” she spat, pointing to the woman.

The woman rolled her eyes.

“You need to leave…”
“Not until we finish our little chat.”
“Jesus Christ! Leah, get over yourself. He attacked first. What were we supposed to do? Just stand there?”

“You should’ve never led him on in the first place.”
“Led him on? Since when?! And it’s been how many years? I can assure you I never led him on. Jacob only has his self to blame! He put those illusions in his head, no one else! You can’t blame me for his instability!”

Leah’s lip curled in disagreement.

“So what did you come here for exactly? I mean are you really going to attack a pregnant woman and her family? Are you that jacked in the head?!”

The woman made her way over and grabbed Angel by the throat. She lifted her off the ground. But she quickly froze as they heard the cocking of a gun.

“Let her go…”

Leah dropped her hold.

“Now step away…”

The woman stared Angel down as she took a couple steps back. Angel’s attention however went to the fence as it came tumbling down. She gasped out as Phil was suddenly knocked to the ground and the gun flew out of his hand.

“PHIL!” Angel hollered out with concern.

The wolf rolled off him. “NO!” Leah shouted as he sailed right for Angel. The pregnant woman was shoved to the ground. Both women covered their mouths in a gasp as the wolf’s head was jerked back and a knife sliced right through his neck. His head rolled onto the grass. Angel’s jaw dropped once she took notice of the one responsible. Her heart galloped within her chest as he helped her to her feet and nodded upon her. She nodded in return but had no words. He snapped his head Leah’s direction and snarled back, whilst placing Angel behind him, protectively. Leah held up her hands with a look of sheer terror about her.

“It can’t be…” Angel heard her mutter as if in a state of shock.

“You’re a child of the moon! But how?! It’s not possible!”

Angel’s reared back on Leah’s words. She vaguely remembered the Cullens mentioning something about the Children of the Moon. Jax picked up Paul’s head and crammed it into Leah’s arms.

“You’re to take this to your alpha as a reminder of who he’s fucking with. Keep this in mind the next time a member of your pack wishes to come after my family!”

Angel couldn’t believe the way Leah was acting. She never thought she’d see the day where Leah feared anyone. Jax made his way over and brushed his wife’s hair back. He took a moment to scan her over. But all her focus went to how beat up he was.

“Jax… what happened to you?!”

“I’ll explain later.”
“The pack did this! Didn’t they? Jesus! Jax please, you need to get to the hospital!”

He sort of chuckled.

“Relax, Angel darlin’. I’m gonna be just fine.” He could feel the healing process already taking effect.

He pressed his forehead against hers and took her hands into his own. “Close your eyes and breathe along with me…” he said soothingly. She was getting to wound up for his liking. “There you go darlin’. Nice and slow…” he kissed along her neck, knowing that usually did the trick. “Everything’s going to be just fine. Now I want you to go inside. Worry about you and Abel. I got this, baby.” Jax escorted her to the patio door. He removed the chair and opened the door for her. “Jax…” she called out with concern. He smiled and sent her a wink, “all good darlin’…” he assured as he shut the door. The pres turned around and regarded the headless body in thought. He ran his fingers through his hair and nodded upon Phil. “Get the van…”

Angel was heading into the room where Tig and Abel were, when her cellphone rang.

“Wayne?” She answered seeing as how the call was coming from the sheriff’s department.

“That’s right, sweetheart… Look, I’m not sure how to go about this. But I got some woman at the hospital claiming to be your mother.”

Wayne sighed, “someone did a real number on her.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me. This shit just gets better and better…” she hissed.

“Look, tell me where you are and I’ll give you a lift. You shouldn’t be driving anyhow.”

Angel pinched the bridge of her nose. Part of her wished she’d wake up now. It was one nightmare after another lately. It didn’t help that she still had the vision of her husband taking Paul’s head like it was nothing. Hell he even acted as if it was no big deal. She found herself letting out a childish groan.

Fine… I’m at Gemma’s.”

“On my way.”

“Son of a motherfucking bitch…” she susurrated as she made her way to the bedroom.

She poked her head in.

“Can you keep an eye on Abel for me? I gotta take care of something at the hospital.”

Tig nodded but regarded her with concern.

“Everything alright?”
“No. Not even a little. Whatever you do… don’t let Abel go outside. Just keep him entertained. Have you heard from Gemma yet?”


Angel sighed with sheer annoyance.

“There’s some sandwich meat in the fridge. Abel prefers bologna with mayo. Just keep in mind to cut them up so he can eat them.”

“We got it… Don’t we, buddy?” Tig assured and Abel nodded in reply.


She headed out the front door and simply waited.

The man shook his head in a tsking matter as he walked up to the cell.

“You ready, grandma?” he teased as the deputy unlocked the door.

“Shut it…” the woman scolded as she stepped out.
He chuckled and wrapped his arm around Gemma’s shoulder.

“So what were you in for?”

“I had sex with the wetback that mows my lawn.”

“I still haven’t gotten paid for that by the way.”

“For what, the sex or the yard?”
“Take your pick, mama.”

“You want me to go in with you?”

“I got it…”

“Well if you need me I’ll be right out here.”

She nodded in response and knocked on the door. She recoiled at the mere sound of her mother’s voice.

“Come in.”

Angel gripped the door handle but paused for a moment. Wayne took notice of this.

“You don’t have to do this. I can take you back if you want.”

She said nothing on the matter and entered the room. The young woman cringed once she took notice of the damage done to her mother.


Angel made her way over and Renee held out a hand for her. She hesitated at first but reluctantly took it. She brushed her mother’s hair back and got a better look. Her right eye was swollen shut, her nose was broken, and her lip was busted all to hell. Her entire face was a nice reddish purple.

“Who did this?”

Renee covered her face and started to cry.

“This crazy woman, she was claiming to be your mother!”
This had the young woman rearing back in absolute wonder.


“She just attacked me! For no reason!”

Angel shook her head having no clue what to think or how to feel at the moment.

“Why are you here?”
Renee looked to her daughter as if offended.

“What do you mean? What am I doing here? I came to see you!”


Renee nodded and squeezed her hand. Angel pried out of her hold and pinched the bridge of her nose.

“This is unbelievable,” she muttered under her breath.

“You’ve been gone for years! And now look at you! You’re glowing.”

She reached out to touch her daughter’s pregnant belly and Angel took a couple steps back.

I’ve been gone for years?” she bitterly commented.

“Ever since your father…”
“Don’t… Just don’t… You leave him out of this! You haven’t any idea. You are so clueless it’s almost comical! So what happened, mom? Where are Phil and the kids?”

“It’s a long story…”
“Yeah well… I’m right here…” Angel grabbed a chair and took a seat.

Renee sighed but had this guilt ridden expression to her.

“It just wasn’t working out…”
“How do you mean?”

“With Phil…”
Angel looked to her mother with slight apprehension.

Mom… Where are the kids?”

“With their father.”
“What did you do?”

“What needed to be done. I’m just not cut out for that sort of life. Your father and Phil, they never listened. They merely assumed that adding kids to the equation would help keep me grounded. I never wanted…”
Angel shot up in her chair and looked to her mother in sheer disbelief.

“Are you telling me you left Phil and the kids?!”

Renee’s entire face flushed over and she nodded.


“Now just hear me out! You’re not being fair!”
“Fair? Don’t even get me started on what’s fair and what isn’t! You don’t know shit about me. So why now? Why would you come all this way just to see me? I mean really? What’s in it for you? You were in the clear mom! No husband. No kids. You’ve got it made. So I don’t get it! What the fuck is going on?!”

“ISABELLA MARIE SWAN!” Her mother scolded causing Angel to laugh.

“Angel Marie Teller… And I’m a grown ass woman, not 12. So you can stop with that ridiculous bullshit.”

“This is what you have to say to me! After all these years! Not so much as a hug or I love you. You don’t even seem concerned as to how I am!”

“Five minutes… That’s all you got. So I’d use that time wisely. Such as starting with why you’re in Charming in the first place. And I want the truth now. Because we both know this hasn’t SHIT to do with me!”

Her mother let out a sigh that reminded Angel all too well of the past.

“I met someone…”
This had Angel laughing in damn near hysterics.

“Why does that not surprise me? So who is he this time mom? I mean you had the cop, the baseball player, what’s next? A bloodsucking lawyer perhaps? Because if not, I’d strongly advice it. From the sounds of it you’re gonna need one.”

“Couldn’t you talk to me with a bit more respect?”
“What’s that?” Angel coldly spat.

Her mother had that ‘sigh’ going once again.

“He’s really nice. I think you’d like him. In fact he just so happens to be here for a bit. He’s on a case.”

Her mother nodded with this prideful look about her.
“His name is William Hunt. He prefers Will. He’s very handsome and…”

Her mother jumped as Angel grabbed a nearby tray and threw it up against the wall.

“You’ve got to be kidding me. Are you and Phil even legally divorced yet?”
“Well no, but we will be soon.”
“Did you even take the time to air the fuck out?!”

“BELLA! What’s come over you?!”

“ME? What’s come over me? Oh gee mom, I don’t know you tell me. Considering I’m not the one that up and turned my back to own flesh and blood. And not just once, but twice! And for what exactly?”

“I had my reasons.”
“Oh, I’m sure you did. My father and I were never good enough for you. We were holding you back, right? Hell, I can’t believe you went and had more children. And now you got Phil raising them. Let me guess he had to give up his baseball career in order for you to go off and get all the dick you want!”

“I can’t believe the way you’re talking to me! Since when did you…”

“The children you walked out on?! The brother and sister I know nothing about!”

Renee started to sob uncontrollably.

“Answer me dammit! How old are they?”

“Seven and five…”
“Jesus fucking Christ! Just how heartless can you be?! I mean honestly? Is your pussy nothing more than a revolving door?!”


“You’re right. You shouldn’t have. So I want you to do me a little favor, okay? After all I think you owe me one after all these years. Stay the fuck away from me. And don’t you ever refer to me as your daughter again. I don’t want any part of your ridiculous excuse of a life.”
“I need you! I don’t know of anyone else in town other than William!”

“Not my monkeys. Not my circus. Good luck, Renee… I hope you get you’re Happy Ever After.”
Just as Angel was to step out…

“You should know that I’m pressing charges and will be taking this woman to court. I’m sure that William will have more than a mouthful to say once he gets here.”
“What did this woman look like?” Angel questioned curiously.

When her mother was done describing the woman, Angel staggered back in a stupor.

“Gemma…” she whispered amongst herself.

Angel wasn’t sure what came over her. She hurriedly pushed the hospital sofa up against the door. She rushed over and roughly clamped a hand over her mother’s mouth.

“You’ll do no such thing. I mean it. You’re going to drop these charges and look the other way.”

Renee shook her head with a look of absolute shock.

“You make up whatever you got to. To your loser of a man and to the sheriff’s department, but Gemma Teller isn’t to be messed with. Do we have an understanding?”

Tears came down Renee’s face as her daughter leaned into her ear.

“You know who the Sons are right, the local motorcycle club?”

Renee nodded and Angel smiled.

“Well it just so happens that I’m married to the president. In fact the MC is my family. So if I were you. I’d keep that in mind. You don’t want the Sons on your bad side. And you sure as hell don’t want me on it. So once I leave, you’re going to call this whole ordeal off. Do we have an understanding?”

Her mother nodded.

“Good deal…” Angel removed her hand and put the sofa back where it was.

She exited the room only to find Wayne off to a corner. He seemed to be in deep discussion with a rather tall man with salt and pepper hair. So out of respect, she decided to wait in one of the nearby waiting rooms. But when she stepped into the room her heart had that dropping feeling. The man nodded upon her and patted the empty seat beside him. She shook her head no and started to back out of the room only to find herself blocked in by two others.

“No need for alarm. I just want to talk.”

The man came to a stand and offered his arm in a gentleman like fashion.

“Why are you doing this?” she said feeling slightly panicked.

He made his way over and gently took her by the hand and wrapped it around his arm. He said nothing as he escorted her outside.

“We’re just going to go for a wee little stroll…”

She rolled her eyes as the man brought her in closer. He led her into the hospital courtyard and they walked around the perimeter of it.

“Beautiful day, isn’t it?”

“If you say so…”
He nodded.

“Nowhere near the beauty you’d see in Ireland…”
“I’ll take your word for it.”
“Why take my word for it when ye could see it for yerself?”

Angel came to a stop and regarded the man in wonder. He smiled and went to move a strand of hair away from her eyes, only to have her promptly slapped his hand away. He chuckled in amusement.

“Ye deserve more than what the Sons and this town has to offer. Ye could have a life fit for a queen. You and your child would be protected for the rest of yer lives. You’d never have to worry about money. As we would provide ye with whatever ye need or want even.”

Angel nodded.

“So you put a gun to my son’s head and you think this makes it all better? So it’s devil’s advocate in the flesh… One of the famous kings of the IRA?”

He smiled.

“If I truly meant yer child harm, I’d have done so. I just needed to gather yer attention and put a test to this so called shield of yours. And I must say… I’m quite impressed. Not particularly happy on losing one of my own in order to do so. But considerin’ the bigger picture here… I’d say it’s worth it.”
“And you assume I’ll just up and leave this all behind because of your so called promises?”
“I believe we both know the outcome… Remaining here in Charming… It’s an eventual death sentence. Now somewhere like Castlereagh or Saintfield even… that’s what it means to live. Your child could go outside and play and you’d never have to worry on their safety.”
“And in return?”

He chuckled.

“Ah yes… Clever girl.”
“I try…” she smarted in return.

“All you have to do in return as whatever we ask of ye.”

“And can you give me an example?”
He nodded.

“I can certainly do that. You’d be joining us on small errands; such as tagging along at certain meetings or what have ye.”

“Meetings, huh? And let me guess. You want me to shield you and whatever company you may have with you?”


“So you’re admitting that you can’t hold your own and are in desperate need of a body guard? One that just happens to be with child. Tough group of guys… Having a pregnant woman doing your dirty work for you.”
“Ah now. There’s nothing dirty about it… You’re a mere guardian. Nothing more…”
“And you call this a sales pitch?”

Is there a problem here?” Asked the man that Angel had seen talking with the sheriff earlier.

He was passing through the area and didn’t particularly like the looks of these men surrounding this woman.

“Not at all… We were just asking this young lady about the town. We’re not from around here.”

The man nodded.

“Well I’ll be happy to answer any questions for you.” He offered in her stead.

Angel came to a stand and smiled upon the men.

“Do enjoy your visit…” she said doing her best to sound as welcoming as possible.

Once Angel entered the hospital, she made her way to the chapel. The young woman regarded the cross before her and shook her head.
“And what am I supposed to do from here?” she whispered as if in agony.

“How do I stay strong for him when I can barely manage to keep my own shit together?”

She jumped however as someone popped up from one of the benches.

“My apologies…” the man expressed realizing he’d startled her.


He smiled and waved her over. She narrowed her eyes on this but joined him on the bench.

“I’m not sure what ails you. But I for one just live for the moment and let the small stuff go.”

“And what if it’s not exactly small stuff?”

He cocked a brow on this.

“Then you go back to rule number one and live for the moment.”

She sort of smiled and leaned back in thought.

“Why are you here?” She winced not meaning for that to sound as rude as it had.
“Sorry. I mean … It’s just odd running into one another again.”

“These things… they happen for a reason. As to why I’m here? I’m here with Gemma.”
“Wait… She’s here?”

He nodded.


Angel hurriedly hopped up on this.

“What’s the hurry?”
“Trust me… You never leave that woman unattended for too long.”

Nero chuckled at this.
“So I’ve noticed…” he said in a way that gathered her attention.
“Do I even want to know?”

“Probably not…” Nero admitted as he escorted her out.

Angel rushed on down the hallway and back towards the area of her mother’s room. She grimaced seeing as how Gemma was currently bitching Wayne out and all because he’d lost sight of Angel. Wayne sighed in relief once he saw her.

“I hadn’t a clue where you went.” Wayne murmured looking rattled.
Angel drew back a breath on this.

“Probably for the best…”

To her great surprise Gemma darted on over and hugged her. Angel swallowed back feeling somewhat emotional herself.

“Oh thank God. Are you alright, baby?”

Angel nodded and hugged her in return. She hadn’t a clue what to say or do otherwise.

“Can we go home now?” She asked almost childlike.

“Whatever you want, sweetheart.”

Jax looked into the mirror after he showered. He shook his head as he observed the odd features caused by the full moon. He knew he hadn’t a choice but to stay at the clubhouse tonight. His mother would interrogate the living hell out of him otherwise. And he wasn’t in the mood, especially after dealing with the shifters once again. They’d come by the clubhouse and made a deal in order to get the rest of Paul’s body so that they could give him a proper burial, which worked out for the best. They no longer had to worry about ridding of another body and in return the shifters now owed the MC a favor. But he was frustrated in the sense of desiring Angel’s company. He wrapped a towel around his waist and grabbed his cellphone. He wanted to at least check in and see how things were going.

Hey…” she answered sounding a little down.

Hey darlin’. Everything alright?”

He swallowed back as she sounded to be on the verge of tears. He wished he could be there but knew it would only start more drama, which was something neither of them needed at the moment.

Talk to me… What’s going on?”

It’s not something we can discuss over the phone, Jax…”

He sighed with frustration.

I’ll be there first thing in the morning.”

Are you okay?”

Yeah, baby. I’m good.”

Did you have Chibs take a look at you, at least?!”

He pinched the bridge his nose.

I’m fine. Quit worrying about me.”

Easier said than done. I mean Jesus. Jax, you looked as though you’d been through hell and back!”
“Well in all fairness you sound as if you’ve been there yourself.”
“It feels like it…” she admitted.

I’m really sorry, babe. I wish I was there.”
“I wish you were too.”

His heart sank as he hated every minute of this.

Look, I want you to get some sleep. I’ll come and get you in the morning. Have my mother watch Abel.We got some business to tend to as well.”

Okay. You get some rest as well. I love you.”
“I will. I love you too, Angel.”

“Alright baby, we’ll be just fine. Won’t we?”

Abel smiled.

“Yes, Ma-mee…”

Angel smiled and kissed his cheek.

“You be good for Grandma.”

Gemma and Angel regarded one another as if in silent conversation. Gemma gave a simple nod as she sipped at her coffee. On this, Angel headed on out the door. Jax had just pulled up and was waiting for her in the truck. He reached over and opened her door. He greeted her with a kiss as she climbed on in.

“So where we heading?”
“Cara Cara…”

He nodded as he hit the road.

“Lyla is meeting us there.”

He cleared his throat however.

“There might be a slight change in plans, according to how this deal goes.”
“Deal? What deal?”
“You’ll find out once we get there. But for now I want you to fill me in on what all took place yesterday.”

She drew back a breath and started with the news about her mother and all the drama behind that. Jax couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Her mother sounded like a real piece of work.

“Damn baby…”
She nodded looking somewhat embarrassed. When she finished with that, she let him in on what took place with the IRA at the hospital. Jax pulled into the Cara Cara parking lot but looked plum ill as she told him everything O’ Shay had said. Jax stared into space for a moment, making her somewhat nervous.


He cleared his throat and took a cigarette out from his vest. He rolled down the windows to the truck before lighting up. It was just as he assumed. These guys weren’t wasting anytime. And he knew O’ Shay would become bitter in her turning them down. And he was sure to be resentful about the cartel as well. It wouldn’t be long before he used force. That had Jax on edge.

“This has Clay written all over it.”
She looked to her husband in question.

“Clay? But how?”
“I think he ratted you out to the IRA a while back. And I wouldn’t doubt they had some sort of deal going. Only the minor case of death interrupted whatever plans they had.”

He told Angel about seeing the Mayans with the IRA and how they had to hightail it home. He also let her in on everything else that was going on, even what became of the whole ordeal with the shifters. By the time they were done exchanging information, they both looked rather gloomy. They regarded the Cara Cara building in thought.

“You ready?” Jax questioned curiously.

She nodded. He smiled and stepped on out of the truck. He walked around and opened the door for her. Before heading inside he caressed her cheek and kissed her once again.

“You sure about this?” He asked once again afterward.

“Then let’s do it, baby.”

She giggled as he took her by the hand and headed on in. She looked to Jax in wonder as it wasn’t just Lyla waiting on them, but Nero. Jax cut her a wink and pulled out a chair for her.

“Have a seat, darlin’.”

She sat down but couldn’t control the odd look she was giving Nero. The Latino smiled and waved a hand in front of her face.

“Are you alright there?”

Angel nodded.

“Sorry… Just wasn’t expecting you… again. It’s getting really weird.”
He had a good laugh at this.
“And what did I tell you about that?” he reminded as to their conversation back at the chapel.

She nodded with a hint of a smile. Jax took a seat and leaned back in his chair.

“Alright, these were the ladies I was telling you about. This is Lyla and of course you’ve met my old lady already.”

Nero nodded upon Lyla.

“Yes, we’ve introduced ourselves already.”
“Good deal. As you know these two want a hand in running Cara Cara – such as doing the records, interviews, hiring, firing, things of that nature.

“I can dig that, as long as we discuss these matters beforehand.”

Jax looked to the girls in question. They nodded in agreement. Angel held up a hand however in confusion.

“I’m sorry but I gotta ask. What are you doing here again?”
“I’m filling in as director and executive assistant.”
Nero and Jax looked upon one another though.

“Have you told them yet?”

“No. I was about to bring that up.”

“Perhaps now is a good time.”

Jax nodded in agreement.

“Nero and I have been doing some talking. And we were thinking about a new visualization and future for Cara Cara. You see Nero here used to run an escort service. And he did this for many years until recently that is. He recently lost his establishment due to arson. He and his girls are looking into getting a new building. And it just so happens that I found the perfect one the other day, just a few miles outside of Charming. I say we sell this joint and throw the profits into this place. Nero has offered to go half on the cost. We’d split the profits and…”

Angel sort of laughed and looked to her husband in sheer disbelief.

“Are you saying what I think you are?”
“And what is it you think I’m saying?”
“That you want to turn Cara Cara into a brothel?!”

Jax drew back a breath on this and cut Nero an apologetic glance.

“Escort service, babe.”
“Same difference… Just a nicer name for it…” she practically hissed.

“It’s good money…”

She laughed once again and leaned back, shaking her head.

“Well I wasn’t aware you wanted to become a pimp.”

Nero covered his mouth to keep from laughing and Jax tilted his head upon his wife.

“Really, babe? Pimp?”
“Well what else would you call it? Selling pussy, Jax… That’s what you’re doing.”

“It’s what we do already.”
“Yeah, on film! We know where these girls are at all times. That escorting shit, that’s nasty business and not to mention dangerous! We’d be sending these girls to god knows where!”

“We’d take extra precaution in approving our clients.”
“You’ve got to be kidding me! Of all the things, I never thought you would stoop so fucking low. We care about these girls, Jax. They are more than dollar signs. And I thought we were trying to clean this shit up. Not piling on more!”

Jax’s lip curled as he sent her a look of utter hell.

“Oh, don’t even… If this is where you’re going with the future of Cara Cara… Then you can forget our little deal. I care about these girls too much to be sending them off to some god damn butcher! They need to know they are protected at all times!”
“With all due respect, this isn’t your decision. This is MC business.”

This had Angel seeing red. There he went with the whole ‘MC business’ again. She wondered if he was even aware that he was pulling this shit all over again? She nodded and scooted her chair out from the table.

“If that’s how you see it, then you’re right. It’s none of my business. Therefore, I haven’t any in helping you run this place. I haven’t any say anyhow, right? You’re going to do whatever the fuck you want. So as far as I’m concerned you can take your little business and shove it RIGHT UP YOUR ASS! I’ve always had your back. But you don’t have it this time. You’re going to get these girls raped or killed, maybe both! Perhaps now is a good time to reflect on your father’s manuscripts. Is this the vision he’d set out? If so then go for it. But I don’t believe I read anything of the sort myself.”

Lyla and Nero jumped as Jax slammed his fist down on the table.

“This hasn’t anything to do with my father!”


“Is that how you feel?”
“You betcha!”

She flipped him off and headed outside. Lyla swallowed back and looked to the guys like a deer caught in headlights.

“And what do you feel about it?” Jax asked through gritted teeth.

Lyla let out a nervous laugh.

“I want in on the deal no matter what. I can’t afford to back down, but that being said… I happen to agree with Angel. Sorry, I mean no disrespect, Jax. So please don’t take it that way. But I’m speaking from experience here. I agree the money is great. But it also puts the girls at more risk. I’ve been there and seen it all. Porn is the way to go if you wish to play it safe.”

“Playing it safe can get a bit dull.” Jax fired back.

“That it can…” Lyla admitted.

“But if I’d a choice… I’d rather be dull than dead.” She did her best to hint.

Nero chuckled in amusement and folded his arms about his chest.

“Well I believe it’s more than clear how your girls feel.”

“That’s just these two. We can get the opinion of the others as well.”

Lyla couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Since when did Jax shrug things like this off and sound damn near heartless? They talked for a bit longer. And once they were done going over everything they could think of; Jax headed on outside where Angel was waiting.

“You ready?” he called out as he was about to head to the truck.

“Are you really going to do this?!”

Jax nodded. Angel staggered back on this.

“What are you doing, Jax? Do you not see the bigger picture here? How this will affect not only this town, but the MC, and us as whole?! You’re one of the smartest people I know. But I gotta say this is one of the most ill-advised ideas you’ve ever come up with. If its money you want then we can figure out another way. A better way…”

“We need the money!”

“No we don’t! We have a nice house, two ways of transportation, clothes on our backs, and everything we need.”
“And how the hell do you think we got those things, Angel? The shop? Because I guarantee, it’s not! Blood went into some of those things! It just comes with it.”




“And what is it you suggest that we send a guardian with them everywhere they go? Or make it to where they can only fuck under our roof?!”
“I seriously doubt you want to hear what I have to say. This isn’t the first time you’ve thrown the ‘MC business’ in my fucking face.”

“You’re right. At the moment, I really don’t care. But you might as well spit it out anyhow!”

“Wow… You’re being a complete DICK, you know that?! If you were thinking with your actual head instead; you’d realize that we could expand. We get more men and women for hire. We turn this porn industry upside down with new ideas, fresh faces, and go from there. Our viewers need variety and that’s what we give them. That being said we need to focus on our woman viewers as well. Let’s make this about what men and women want. We have them creaming their fucking pants and begging for more!”

Jax was somewhere between pissed and hard as hell now. It was driving him crazy hearing his old lady talk like that. He wanted nothing more than to bend her over that truck and fuck her silly. But the man also knew she had a point. It was a lot of risk. Yet all he could think about was how the MC would thrive with money like that. And his family wouldn’t have to worry about anything financially. He drew back a breath on this. The man leaned against the truck and rubbed his face in misery.

“Look… You do what you gotta do. I’ve said my peace. That’s my job, right? Even if it pisses you off. That’s not my intention. All I wanted out of you to see was the bigger picture. Sure I get it… Money talks. But you yourself said that our girls weren’t just vaginas on legs. If you go through with this escort arrangement, you’re going against everything you said that day. You’re treating them like mere whores and that’s not what these girls are. They are family.”

They drove to the shop in silence. Angel spent the entire time looking out the window, whereas Jax was doing some serious contemplating. He was taking everything he and Nero and he and Angel discussed and comparing notes in that head of his, which was causing the man one hell of a migraine. He wasn’t the only one; Angel wasn’t feeling so great herself. She was doing her best to keep calm but it wasn’t easy considering it was one thing after another. The woman wasn’t getting a break and it didn’t seem like she would. Not anytime soon.

There was no exchange of words as he parked the truck. She simply got out and headed into the clubhouse. Jax just sat there for a moment and ran his hands along the steering wheel. This was normally something he’d have the MC vote on… but he had a feeling that he needed to keep this between the four of them for now. If this got voted through, then Jax wouldn’t have any control or say otherwise. And there would be no forgiveness from his old lady’s side of things. It wasn’t like her to get so upset, not over something like this. And he could see it for what it was now. She truly gave a damn. It wasn’t about jealousy like most women. If that was the case, she’d want nothing to do with the porn business. That just wasn’t Angel’s way of doing things. She feared for these girls lives. And that was something Jax respected, even if he was too mad and stubborn to get it at first. His mind was starting to clear and he realized his old lady made a lot of fine points today. And the more he thought on it. No matter the amount of money involved… it wasn’t worth these girls lives. No amount was. Nevertheless that didn’t stop him from feeling somewhat bitter on the matter. It seemed like a great idea at the time. But that was when it was just him and Nero talking business. Now it seemed like a huge red flag and Jax felt as if he needed to listen to Angel and Lyla on this one. If not he could very well live to regret it. He just wasn’t so sure how Nero would take it. Especially considering how Nero wasn’t too keen on the whole porn business. Jax let out a breath of utter frustration. And it was then another realization hit. That was his and Angel’s first big fight as husband and wife. Something about that felt rather odd to him. It wasn’t like them to really argue; even when they disagreed it never got that blown out of proportion.

And that’s when it hit him…


His wife wasn’t to be under any stress and yet here she was. Dealing with her mother, his, the shifters, the IRA, and now HIM! On this thought he hurriedly exited the truck and rushed into the clubhouse.

Piney pointed towards the bedroom as if already knowing. Jax nodded in response and headed that direction. When he entered the room he saw that Angel was in the bed with her face buried into a pillow, crying. He lay down beside her and wrapped his arm around her. The man swallowed back as that only seemed to make her cry harder. He hated himself at the moment.

“Hey…” he said as he gently rolled her over so that she was facing him.

He used his thumbs to wipe her tears away and pulled her into his chest.

“Shhhh…” he shushed as he simply held her.

“I’m sorry… You didn’t deserve that. I know you’re just trying to help, baby. And I appreciate that…”

“I don’t need an apology. Look I’m backing off. Cara Cara is your deal… all I ask is please take care of those girls. Don’t just disregard them as if they’re nothing.”
He shook his head in disagreement. He wished he’d have never said that stupid MC business comment. The moment that fled from his lips he knew it was absolute BS. But he was pissed and just wasn’t thinking. By the time he realized what he said it was too late. ”

“Nah baby, it’s our business. We made this deal before Nero even got involved. It wasn’t right of me to go behind your back on this or Lyla’s for that matter. For some stupid reason, I just assumed you’d both see it the way I did. I wasn’t quite thinking along the lines of what you two were. And I kind of feel like a jackass now, because I realize you’re right. Its bad business, babe. That’s not something we need to be diving into. We’re in over our heads as it is. You’re my partner in this and I need to respect that. That was already established and I totally disregarded that. So that whole shit I said about it being MC business. I’d appreciate if you’d just pretend I never said that stupid shit. I gotta be honest though. I didn’t like being shown up by my old lady in front of a potential business associate. But hell I can look back on it and know it was no more than I deserved. You were simply stating how you felt because you’re right. Cara Cara… that was our deal baby and I just tossed Nero into the mix. I reacted as if you and Lyla hadn’t a say in it. That was pretty lousy. I don’t want you to back out. In fact… it’s because of you I rather opened my eyes. I might not like it or agree, but I do want your opinion.”

She snorted on this.
“The hell you do. You totally went off on me.”

He sighed.
“You weren’t exactly being an ‘angel’ yourself. Hell I can’t believe some of the shit that came out of those sweet little lips. And to think you blow me with that mouth!”

He chuckled as she popped him on the arm.

“Yeah well you’re still a dick.”

He nodded in full agreement.

“And I could always put a stop to those blowjobs.”

“The hell you will…”

Angel laughed as he unfastened his pants and whipped himself out.

“Come on, baby. Suck it…”
“Do you even deserve to have your dick sucked?”
“No. But that doesn’t stop me from wanting it done. So get to it.”

“Excuse me?”

He chuckled and sent her a wink.


He just knew she was about to smack him one. But the outlaw was caught by surprise when she started licking the head of his cock. She teased him by running her tongue up and down his shaft. He let out a growl of suffering as she cruelly kept up this game of just licking away.

“Angel…” he groaned with desperation.

She smiled and continued in her torture.

“Come on now, darlin’…”

His eyes rolled back as she finally gave in and was bobbing away.
“Hmmm.” He hummed in pleasure.

She was moaning all along his cock and he could smell her arousal. This had him licking his lips. He pulled her dress up and rubbed his hand along her black panties. They were nice and wet and he wanted nothing more than to lick them clean. He managed to get her in a sixty-nine position and started bathing her panties with that tongue of his.

“God, you’re so wet. Ride my fucking face, baby.” he murmured as he pulled her panties to the side and buried his tongue within her slit.

Angel felt him swelling up in her mouth and his cock began to throb. She removed his cock from her mouth and started stroking him.

“FUCK!” He cried out as she jerked him off and had him shooting a load right onto her mouth.

She lapped up whatever was left, subsequently. Jax finished her off with his fingers and licked her clean.

“Damn…” he murmured afterward.

Angel giggled as she rolled off him.

“So we go from wanting to rip each other apart to fucking?” Jax commented as if in awe.

“That’s why they call it angry sex, Jax.”
“Maybe I should pick a fight with you more often…”

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13 thoughts on “Chapter 27 Not My Monkeys”

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