Chapter 28 You Are My Anchor

Chapter 28

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I know you’ll face pain, suffering, hard choices but you can’t let the weight of it choke the joy out of your life. No matter what, you have to find the things that love you. Run to them. There’s an old saying – that which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, I don’t believe that. I think the things that try to kill you make you angry and sad. Strength comes from the good things, your family, your friends, the satisfaction of hard work. Those are the things that will keep you whole, those are the things to hold onto when you’re broken. (AN- Top quote taken from SOA)

If anything Angel only further proved this today. It’s just as I feared. The gavel takes its toll and it corrupts. I found myself doing the one thing I said I’d never do. If it wasn’t for her pointing out the error of my ways, I’d have walked amongst the shadows of another. It hadn’t occurred to me until now. We take for granted even the smallest of gestures. And it’s those small gestures that add up, quick. Angel keeps me anchored. Hell, she is my anchor. Every time I step out of line she’s right there. Reminding me… And that’s what I need, even if I don’t particularly care for it at the time. She gets me thinking… And I can sit here pen and paper in hand and know that without her… I’d fall. Hard. And there’s a good chance I’d never rise again…

Jax shut his journal as he heard Angel entering the office. He smiled as he felt her running a hand along his shoulder. He leaned into her hand and kissed it.

“Did you get a good nap?”

“Yes. I hadn’t realized I’d fallen asleep.”

He nodded and put his journal away. The man scooted his chair back and came to a stand. He pivoted about and leaned against the chair with his arms folded about his chest.

“Yeah you were out cold. You know it’s supposed to be the man that passes out after sex.”

She laughed.

“Well I have a good excuse.” She reminded, whilst running a hand along her tummy.

Jax nodded in agreement.

“I understand if you don’t feel up to the welcoming tonight. I can take you back to my mother’s.”

“I’m feeling pretty good actually.”
“Are you sure?”

He reached out and pulled her into his chest.

“I don’t deserve you. You know that, right?”

He shook his head and let out a sigh.

“Come on, babe. You know it’s true.”
“Stop that!”

She pried out of his arms and looked upon him angrily.

“I hate when you talk like that.”
He sighed but couldn’t help the way he felt. He knew he didn’t deserve her or Abel.

“So you had a moment of arrogance. We all do. You can’t let that deify you as a person, Jax. You’re better than that.”
“But you have every reason to hate me. The things I said…”

“I could never hate you. But that being said it doesn’t mean I’m not still pissed with you…”

He raised his brows and rather reared back. She softly laughed at his reaction.

“We’re going to have those moments, Jax. Name me one couple whose marriage is perfect and they always agree. There’s really no sense in holding a grudge. That only leads to other complications and more damage. And as of late… that’s the last thing either of us needs. So the way I see it. You keep doing your part and I keep doing mine. In the meantime, we keep each other in check. That’s how this goes. I will say this however… And I don’t care if it pisses you the fuck off. I don’t ever want you pulling the whole ‘MC business’ card on me again. I’m married to the fucking president of SAMCRO. So you bet your god damn ass it’s just as much my business. Everything you and those guys do is my business. I might not have a say in everything. But I will not coward down to any of you. I love you and I’d walk through hell and back and take a million bullets for you. But you will treat me like your wife and not some random club bitch! I can’t stand it when you totally disregard who I am and why I’m here in the first place. It’s like you’re slapping me in the face every time!”

Jax swallowed back and brought his hands up over his face in a prayer like manner. Angel drew back a breath and closed her eyes momentarily.

“As for me… I will keep in mind to discuss business matters in private. I never meant to cause a scene or make you feel shown up as you put. Like you, I wasn’t thinking and was just blown away by the randomness to all this. I hadn’t any idea you and Nero were even talking, much less making business arrangements. I meant no disrespect – to either of you. And I will personally apologize to Nero and Lyla for my abrupt behavior.”
“That isn’t necessary. You didn’t do anything wrong, darlin’. It was a touchy subject for you and for understandable reasons. You and Lyla… you’ve been through a great deal. And have every right to feel the way you do. This escort idea… not happening. But I do want Nero in on this deal. We could benefit from it. I just gotta convince him somehow.”
“Let me guess it was really his idea?”

Jax gathered this rather shameful look.

“It was all me, babe. He simply mentioned what he did for a living and how good the money was. Like you said, I saw the digits and was blind to everything else.”

He thought back to everything that was said and started to chuckle.

“That pimp comment- it kills me every time.”

She smiled and shook her head.

“Well if you think about it. That’s basically what Nero is… or was.”
“Well you know what they say…?”

“What’s that?”
“Pimpin’ ain’t easy…”

She had a good laugh at this.

“So I suppose I need to get him a pimp hat to wear when he’s directing.”
“That could work.”

They both laughed.

“Alright babe, I gotta get. I got a meeting in like three minutes.”

She nodded as he pecked her on the cheek.

SAMCRO Meeting:

Jax took his seat at the gavel and ran his fingers along his beard. He waited for the others to get seated before starting the meeting. The man found himself lost on where to even begin. There was so much to cover. So he decided to start with the Mayans. He wanted everyone’s input as to what they could possibly be up to with the IRA. But no one had any idea. The only thing Jax could come up with was that they were already making plans for the cartel to fall through. So rather than being caught flat footed they were coming up with a backup plan. And Jax wouldn’t put it past the Mayans to agree to the cartel. But that was the kicker… The Irish didn’t usually like dealing with Mexicans. So he knew it had to be something big in order for them to even bother. And he also had a feeling that the IRA came to them rather than the other way around. They were sneaky like that when they wanted their way about something. The others agreed on this theory of his. Once they were done with their little hypothesis of the whole Mayans/IRA relationship, they moved on their discussion to Bobby Munson.

He decidedly went nomad rather than full out leaving the Sons. Which everyone including Jax figured was for the best. They just weren’t seeing eye to eye. And he’d a feeling they wouldn’t from here on. And he didn’t need that sort of vibe in the club. But he regarded the club in thought as he still had the one issue that needed resolving. He popped a cigarette into his mouth and lit it. He took a nice long drag before asking the one question that was sure to start a small fire.

“So which of you helped Bobby?”

They looked to him in question and he cleared his throat. Jax flicked the ashes off his cigarette into the ashtray.

“Come on now… Let’s be straight with one another. At least one or two of you, if not more… helped Bobby torture Tig.”

The Sons looked to one another and sure enough… Happy and Piney regarded one another with a sigh.

“So it was you two?”

“We couldn’t let him skate by without so much as a scratch. He needed the awakening. We weren’t going to kill him just scare him straight.” Piney admitted.

“And this was a decision made behind the club’s back? Yet Bobby went on about that bullshit just the other day. Can we say hypocritical?”

Jax shook his head upon Happy.

“And you just can’t seem to help yourself, can you? This makes twice that you’ve gone behind my back.”
“It wasn’t intentional but I haven’t any regrets. I respect you and how you want to run this club. But when a man puts a woman and child in harm’s way. I have a problem with that. That’s not how I roll.”

“And you already know how I feel about the situation…” Piney tossed out there as well.

Jax nodded in understanding.

“No disrespect, bro. But this is your old lady and son. How can you be so quick to forgive?” Happy questioned.

“Believe me. I’m not… But we’ve all been influenced by Clay somehow. It’s just unfortunate that Tig got hit the hardest and he had a rude awakening ahead of him. Everyone here knows how I feel about my wife and son. If I had any doubt about Tig. I wouldn’t let him anywhere near them. But he’s proven himself and I do believe in second chances. I’d like to think if I ever fucked up I’d be offered one. However if it becomes a third strike, you’re out. We won’t mess with the blackening of ink or banishment it’ll be the death penalty.”
“And what’s to say he won’t take your wife and son down with him?”

“Why don’t you let me worry about my family? And you just worry about MC business…”
“I thought your family was our family.”

Jax genuinely smiled on this.

“You don’t know how good that is to hear that, brother. Believe me it’s about time we start acting like a true brotherhood then a bunch of low life pricks just out for themselves.”
“Then you should know if someone comes after your son or old lady. Then they gotta answer to each of us…”

“Fair enough.”
Happy cut him a wink and a nod of respect as he tossed JT’s manuscripts onto the table. Jax had this floored look about him. What hit him the hardest is it being Happy of all people. He’d have thought someone like him could give a rat’s ass about his father’s manuscripts. Once again he was proved otherwise. Sure he hated the fact that like Tig; Happy carried a hard on for his old lady. But as of now, he’d Jax’s fullest respect.

And last but not least… Opie and Jax let the others in on another theory of theirs. That it was Clay Morrow that ratted Angel out to the IRA. Jax also let the MC know about his wife’s little run in with O’Shay and the others at the hospital. He told them everything that was said and how it went from there. And like he – they shared that same ill expression.

“Jaysus…” Chibs muttered under his breath.

Jax nodded and let them know that in the meantime, they had Phil and Tig watching after his old lady and son. They made plans to take turns with this until they knew for certain Abel and Angel were out of the ring of fire. Jax hated that part. It seemed as if everyone was paying the price. But there wasn’t a single man there that would make Angel and Abel fend for themselves. In fact Piney offered to relieve Phil tonight as he was still watching after Gemma and Abel. But Jax wanted him at the welcoming so he had two prospects go in his stead.

As for Cara Cara and Nero? He decided to discuss that at another time; when he knew for certain where they were going on that one. Since there wasn’t much else to discuss otherwise, he came to a close and dismissed everyone. He was last to leave as he took a few minutes to reflect on everything.

“Isn’t that bad for the baby?” Op hollered out as Angel was swinging away on the swing set.

“Actually this seems to be the only thing appeasing her. She won’t settle down today.”

He chuckled and gave her a push.

“So how’d the meeting go?”
“Eh, just like any other meeting.”
“Only without the yelling and gunshots this time?”

“What can I say? It was a slow day.”

“Apparently… Higher Op, higher!”

He chuckled and put more oomph behind it.

“Is Lyla coming to the welcoming?”

“You honestly think she’d miss a chance to see you, lil red?”

“Oh it’s lil red now?”


“Hear the IRA’s giving you a hard time…”
“You could say that.”

He nodded once again and had the swing come to a stop.

“I wasn’t done.” She taunted as he made his way around.

He had a rather serious look about him.

“You gotta watch your back…”
“I know…”
“I don’t think you do. Every little thing you say and do from here, it’s crucial. These guys are going to try and get you into Ireland one way or another- knowing we haven’t any jurisdiction there. And it’s going to be a living nightmare getting you back the US.”

Opie cringed as another thought hit him.

“You don’t want to have that baby in Ireland…”

She recoiled in thought as well. But she came to her feet as Bobby pulled up on his bike.

“What’s he doing here? I thought he left town.” Opie muttered under his breath.

Bobby climbed off his bike and was motioning Angel over. Opie narrowed his eyes on this but didn’t comment. Bobby had her follow him into one of the garages. He pulled the door down.

She regarded him with concern as he paced the area.


He drew back a breath and came to a halt. He turned and faced her only he was pointing an accusing finger her way.

“Look, I don’t know what you did. But you need to fix this.”

She raised her brows on this.


He shook his head.

“He’s gone soft and I know that’s your doing.”
“What in the hell are you talking about?”
“You know damn well what I’m talking about… Jackson. He used to be fit for all this. That’s before you came into the picture.”

“And what is it you want me to do exactly?”
“Get him to man the fuck up. That’s what!”

She had a good laugh at this and that only further agitated Bobby.

“He’s going to do this club in with all this ridiculous daydreaming of his.”
“Is he now?”

Bobby nodded.

“Just you wait and see, sister…”
“How much are you willing to bet?”
Bobby rolled his eyes.

“I’d bet my own life that Jackson Teller has what it takes and that once he’s done. This club and this entire town will flourish!”

He had a good laugh at this.
“And that’s where it comes from! That right there! As long as you’re sticking around, there will be no such thing. He’s all too eager to please and it’s going to get him killed along with the rest of us!”
“Jax had dreams for this club long before I came into the picture.”

“Yeah he did, and I doubt they were pussy whipped ones.”

“Pussy whipped? Jax? Are you kidding me?”
“Oh come on. Look at you. If I was diving into that muff on a nightly basis I’d become just as pussy whipped too. Any man would!”

“I’m just going to take that as a complement.”
“Might as well, cause it’s the only one you’re getting.”

He staggered about in a drunken fashion and Angel reared back in realization.

“Are you drunk?”

He rolled his eyes and made his way over. Angel swallowed back rather uncomfortably as he backed her into a corner. “Bobby…” she said with slight alarm as he put a hand up against the wall, blocking her in.

“If you’re gonna fuck us over. I might as well get a taste of what Jackson’s getting. Maybe then I’ll understand…”

Her jaw dropped as he started to run his hand up her dress. Angel promptly shoved him back.

“Come on, Bobby. You’re drunk. Knock that shit off. This isn’t you!”

“How would you know? Do you think Jax is so well behaved when he’s on the road?” He scoffed.

“It’s a motorcycle club… Everyone’s dipping their junk where it don’t belong. Even the women so why should you be any different. You’re just some god damned old lady. I’ve seen the ‘king’ in action. And believe me they look nothing like you. Tall, blonde, and big ole titties… that’s the tail he chases.”

Angel decked him across the face.

“You want to hurt me. Fine! But don’t you dare bring Jax into the mix. I know my husband.”
“And you’re fucking delusional…”

He grabbed her by the arm and brought her into his lap as he sat down in one of the garage chairs.

“STOP IT!” she shouted as he forcibly rocked her against him.


Bobby dropped his hold and she quickly crawled out of his lap. She adjusted her dress and staggered back against the garage door. Bobby swallowed back as she slid down against the garage door and covered her face. She couldn’t control the tears. Bobby looked to his hands then back to her. He couldn’t believe he’d gone and pulled that shit. The disgraceful man thought back to everything she’d been through already and he lowered his head in absolute shame. This had him pinching the bridge of his nose. He hadn’t a clue what to say or do from here. It was too late, he fucked up and royally. Part of him wished Jax would just appear and blow his fucking head off. The man came to his feet and made his way over, offering a hand.

“Just stay away from me! I trusted you! Jax trusted you! How could you do this to him?!”

They froze however as they heard the clearing of a throat. Chibs nodded upon them and casually made his way over. He helped Angel to her feet and checked her over. The Irish Man wiped her tears with his thumbs and pulled her in for a hug.

“You’re alright now, lass…” he assured as he was eyeing Bobby down.

He let her cry it out for a bit. Then he planted his hands along her cheeks.

“Now listen ta me… I want ye to go and run yourself a bath. Relax. And get yourself prettied up for the welcoming tonight. Ye should wear that little blue dress Jackie boy’s so fond of. Ye let me worry on this…”

She nodded in perfect understanding and he kissed her forehead.

“Now I love you. Ye know that, right?”

She nodded once again and he smiled.

“Alright then, off with ye…”

The moment she exited the garage, Chibs grabbed Bobby by the collar of his shirt and socked him across the face.

“Way to put the heart crossways with the little lass! What’d you think you’d accomplish? Running her off? That maybe things would go back ta the way they were? Have ye any idea what this will do to Jackson? A BROTHER! Someone he’s known and loved for years!” Chibs punched him once again and took his knee to his crotch. Bobby came to his knees and Chibs never let up. He continued with the beating of a lifetime. Bobby didn’t even bother to fight back. He knew he had it coming and it was well deserved. After Chibs was done, he helped Bobby to his feet. He’d tears in his eyes as he hugged him. His heart was utterly broken by everything he’d just witnessed. The Sergeant leaned into his ear.

“Now I love you, brother. Always have. Always will. But ye know that Jax will come lookin’ for ye. So if I were you… I’d haul ass and never look back.

Bobby started to exit the garage.

“Ye should’ve left the girl alone. I’d take yer cut and black that ink but it’s no use. Yer a dead man walking…”

Angel was doing her best to keep it together as she took her bath. She never dreamed that Bobby of all people would hurt her in such a way. Nevertheless, she was more concerned with how this would affect Jax. Part of her didn’t want him to know. Like ever! But she knew it wasn’t something she and Chibs could keep hidden. The young woman cringed as she thought about the look on her husband’s face and a-wall he’d go. On this thought, she drained the water to the tub and got out. She toweled off and started to tear up yet again. This was going to hurt him far more than it hurt her. And she absolutely hated that. Her hands were unsteady and her heart was racing. She knew she needed to calm down for not only the baby’s sake but Jax’s. He was sure to pick up on her odd behavior.

“Pull yourself together…”she scolded in the mirror.

She retrieved the blue dress Chibs was referring to from the clubhouse closet. As she gazed into the lengthwise mirror, she held the dress up against her. The young woman’s teeth gritted as the garage scene replayed in that head of hers. She threw the dress across the room. Angel jumped and turned towards the door as there was a knock. And she found herself praying to God it wasn’t Jax. She wasn’t ready to face him just yet.

“Yes?” She called out with a touch of nerves behind it.

“It’s me…”

She drew back a breath of relief and rushed over. Chibs nodded upon her as she opened the door. The Irishman stepped inside and swiftly pulled the door to. He noticed the blue dress lying on the floor and how she was in nothing but a towel. He walked over and picked the dress up of the floor.

“What’d you do?” She asked seeing as how his knuckles were busted all to hell and he’d blood on his shirt and face.

“Nothing in comparison to what Jackie will.”
“Chibs…” She practically whimpered.

He sighed as he handed her the dress.

“He’s going to kill Bobby.”

He nodded.

“Something Bobby should’ve thought about before he went arseways. Now go get yourself dressed, and prettied up. I’ll wait out here.”

She nodded and headed into the bathroom. As soon as she was fully dressed and ready to go, she stepped back out. Chibs was sitting at the foot of the bed. As he gazed upon her, he found himself wanting to gun Bobby down. That man was considered family and yet here they were now. Chibs could see it in her eyes. She was a mess. And he knew her only concern at the moment was Jax.

“Ye want me to be blunt with ye, right?”

She nodded.

“Yer a stunning young woman any man can see that, myself included. But that doesn’t excuse the actions of other men. When a man has ill intentions, that’s out of your control. You did nothing ta provoke Bobby’s behavior. Ye can’t let this affect you and Jax. As to why I want you ta let me handle it. I will tell Jax once the time is right. It needs to come from a brother… and if I tell him now. He’ll go and get himself into trouble. Chances are he’ll end up behind bars and we won’t be able to get him out. No amount of money would. You’re the best thing that’s ever come into Jackie’s life. And he’s going ta want ta show that off even more so now than ever before. It’s in his nature now. All the more reason ye need ta ignore all that shite ole Bobby was filling in that head of yers. Jackie… he hasn’t done those things since you entered the picture. And he’s not about ta. He wouldn’t hurt his mate…”

This had her rearing back and Chibs nodded.

“Mate?” She questioned with an offbeat look about her.

He smiled.

“Aye, I believe so. He’s quite intense when it comes to ye.”

“So he like imprinted on me or what?”
“Not quite sure… but there’s something there.”

They turned towards the door as Jax entered the room.

“Everything alright?”

Chibs pecked Angel on the cheek and let out a sigh of disappointment.

“I tried ta steal her away, but she won’t have me!” he scoffed but sent her a playful wink.

Jax chuckled in amusement.

“Did you now?”

Chibs nodded and roughed up his hair a bit as he passed by and exited the room. Jax made his way over and ran his hand along her ass.

“…damn…” he murmured as he gave her the once, twice… over.

“That dress… gets me every time.”

“Chibs said you hated it.” She taunted.

He raised his brows on this.
“Well Chibs is Irish/Scottish and hasn’t a clue what he’s talking about half the time. No one does…”

Angel snorted on this.

“You look good enough to eat…” he said as he impishly nipped along her neck.

“We better get out there before I decide to cuff you to that bed and have my way with you.”

“Welcome back, poser…” Angel teased as Tig was flirting with two of the club girls.

“Be nice…”

“This is me being nice…” she said as she hugged him.

He sighed and kissed the top of her head.

“Thanks doll…”

Once Angel dropped her hold, she looked to the girls.

“Take good care of him, ladies…”

They giggled and Tig raised his brows as they ran their hands along his chest. Angel smiled in response and head on over to where the food was.

“So what did Bobby want?” Opie questioned as they were in line to get their food.

“Closure… I suppose.”

“And how’d that go?”
“You’ll find out soon enough.”

He narrowed his eyes on this.


Angel’s eyes widened as someone popped her on the butt. Opie chuckled as she spun around and saw it was Lyla.

“Dirty little slut…” Angel muttered as she grabbed a roll.

Lyla laughed.

“Well hello to you too.”

Angel nodded and stuffed a grape into Lyla’s mouth. Lyla wiggled her brows and licked Angel’s finger clean after.

“You done?” Angel scorned playfully.

Lyla nodded and Angel laughed.

“There’s something wrong with you two.” Opie remarked, whilst shaking his head.

“Awe, I love you too, Op.” Lyla said as she pecked him on the lips.

“He’s just feeling left out.” Angel added.

“Hungry?” Lyla questioned as Angel was taking a bite of everything before placing it on her plate.

Angel nodded as she stuffed a piece of brisket into her mouth.

“That’s so hot…” Jax clowned as he was filling his plate as well now.

“I’m glad you think so.”

One of the club girls was watching Angel with a look of horror about her. Angel took notice and nodded towards her.
“Something wrong?”

The girl shook her head no but looked to Angel’s plate in disgust.

“Are you really going to eat all that?!”

Angel regarded the girl that was probably 90 lbs soaking wet.

“No I thought I’d sit it down and stare at it.”

“Well for your sake I hope so.”

“Why are you so concerned about it? Jax is just going to burn it off of her in about an hour or so.” Lyla witted.

Angel snorted as the girl gazed upon Jax in longing – like most of the club girls usually did.

“You think she’s pregnant don’t you?”
The girl made an odd face at this.

“Well she’s not. That’s just a mother load of sperm…” Lyla added.

Angel choked back on a pickle and hit at her chest.

Jax chuckled, “easy darlin’.”

“Yeah let’s just hope I don’t ‘pop’.”

“Now that’s an image.” Opie said with a wrinkled nose.

“Right?” Jax retorted with a grin.

“Hey babe, you wanna join the wet t-shirt contest over there?” Jax murmured as they sat down with their food.

“Sure! Right after I eat.”

He laughed as Tig was the one spraying them down.

“He’s like a kid at Christmas.” Angel commented as she glanced over as well.

Jax looked over in question as Happy plopped down beside him. He’d a beer in one hand and tattoo gun in the other. Without uttering a word he took Jax’s arm and rolled it over. He proceeded in laying it flat on the table.

“What the hell are you doing?” Jax uttered as he started to draw something on his wrist.

“Shhhh, don’t interrupt the master at work. Eat bossman…”

Jax sighed.

“If you tattoo a dick or something on me; I’m going to bash your head in.”

Happy nodded and kept going. Jax used his free hand to eat with. When Happy finished with Jax, he made his way around and sat beside Angel. He switched out the needles and sterilized the new one.

Jax looked to the new tat on his arm. It was a crown with the word King beneath it. Happy went to work on Angel’s wrist next and had the same thing done only with Queen written under the crown. The president was rather taken back. Happy nodded upon them once he finished.

“You’re gonna want to wrap those up. I’ll go fetcha something.”

“Well I guess this makes it all official.” Jax stated as they showed theirs off to one another.

“These are pretty cool actually.” Angel murmured as if in awe.

He nodded in agreement and sipped at his beer. When Happy returned he wrapped their wrists.

“Can’t say I never done nothin’ for ya.”

“Thank you, Happy!” Angel called out sincerely as he strutted off.

He gave a simple wave and kept walking.

“Queen, huh?” She heard Piney comment from behind.

“You betcha!” she fired back.

He chuckled and pecked her on the cheek.

“Your majesty…” he clowned rather flirtatiously.

“Well there you go, babe. Looks like yourself got a jester.”

“Nice bike…”

The woman nodded as she continued about her nude selfies.

“That your old man’s?”

“I wish…” she replied rather dreamily.

“So you are aware of whose bike this is?”
“Oh yeah…”

Angel smiled.

“Would you like some help with those pictures?”

The woman perked up at this.

“Would you mind?”

“Oh not at all. Here hand me your phone!”

“Awesome! You’re a doll.”

“Let me know when you’re ready.”

The woman posed rather seductively and was licking the bike when she gave the cue. Angel waved her over afterward. The vengeful woman showed her the picture but then grabbed a fistful of her hair. She smashed her face up against the clubhouse wall, and then snapped another picture.

“Allow me to introduce myself. Angel Teller aka Jax’s old lady. You make sure you look at the before and after of those pictures before you even think about getting on my man’s bike again. Kapeech?”

“Shit…” Jax said as he’d caught wind of this from a distance.

“Uh oh… someone pissed her off…” Op said with a chuckle as Angel was dragging the woman by her hair and inside the clubhouse.

He sighed and tossed his empty beer bottle into a nearby trashcan. He darted inside to see Angel waiting outside the bathroom door. He nodded upon her.

“A little early to be starting trouble, isn’t it?”
She shrugged.

“I wasn’t aware of the time frame, sorry.”

He raised his brows as the blonde stepped out of the bathroom. She was sobbing and holding a bunch of paper towels over her busted lip and nose. This had him looking upon his wife in a scolding manner.

“What?!” she questioned innocently.

He sighed and shook his head.

“Oh don’t forget your phone!” Angel called out.

The woman stopped in her tracks. She pivoted around Jax grimaced as his old lady dropped the phone and stomped on it several times. “Hope you had insurance…” She muttered as she bitterly handed the phone back. The woman looked upon Angel as if she were crazy. Jax rubbed the back of his neck as the woman stormed out and was crying uncontrollably.

Angel snorted and Jax pinched the bridge of his nose.
“Angel…” he warned.

“Oh come on, she was practically fucking your bike.”
“Was she now?” He taunted as he perked up with an egotistical smirk.

“Watch yourself, Jax…”

He had a good laugh at this and wrapped his arms around her.

“Someone was jealous…”

She rolled her eyes on this.

“Admit it…”

“Shut it…”

“Hmmmm…” He hummed as he kissed the crevice of her neck.

“I tell you what Angel. Anytime you wanna give my bike a good fucking, you just go right ahead.”

“Thanks, you’re so thoughtful.”
“There’s only one stipulation.”

“I gotta be there to film it.”

“I thought Nero was the new director.” she fired back.

He let out a slight growl and lifted her up off the ground. The outlaw was rather turned on by her ‘naughty’ behavior. As he was feverishly kissing her, the music was blaring and the smell of sex was thick. Damn near everyone was fucking. And the ones that weren’t were still pole dancing, drinking or causing some sort of mischief. Jax placed her onto one of the pool tables. He slipped her panties off from beneath her dress. As he took a good whiff of them his eyes flickered. He smiled and tucked them away in his pocket. And without a care in the world he freed himself and started fucking her. Part of the outlaw wanted the guys to see him fucking the hell out of his old lady. Just to let them know who is boss and who she belongs to. He couldn’t help that dominate feeling. But he wasn’t the only one. Angel was having the same thoughts about the club girls. She wanted to stick it to them. Jax couldn’t help but to chuckle. The pool table they were at wasn’t far from the women’s bathroom. And the one girl that was giving his old lady a hard time about her eating habits was passing by. She looked upon Angel with complete envy. Jax sent the woman a wink and fucked his old lady even harder. He didn’t particularly care for the way the bitch had treated his wife to begin with. That and this was one of the usual that had high hopes of getting in his pants. The girl blushed and practically ran to the bathroom.

“What are you up to?” Angel asked rater curiously. He cleared his throat on this but didn’t answer. Instead he kept her lips distracted with his.

Jax’s eyes batted about as he came to the next morning. He rolled over realizing he and Angel had fallen asleep on the pool table after their little marathon. He raised his brows as she had her leg draped over him and her hand was on his crotch. His old lady was out cold. He took a cigarette out from his vest and had him a good smoke. Every now and then he’d run his fingers through Angel’s hair and would breath her in. Once he finished his cigarette he put it out and tossed it onto the floor. He carefully rolled out of her clutch and came to his feet. He ran his fingers through his hair as he looked around the club. Dicks, pussy, and beer everywhere… He fastened his pants and adjusted the rest of his clothes. The outlaw then picked his old lady up from the pool table and carried her into the bedroom.

He kicked at the bed seeing as how Phil was in the bed and with not one, but two girls. The president was caught somewhere between impressed and rather pissed. He wasn’t about to lay Angel down in that filth. He chuckled in thought.

“Up… Filthy Phil…”

The man groaned out and gradually rose.
“Nice…” Jax whispered with a nod towards the women.

Phil smiled.

“Now get the fuck out and take the bitches with you.”

Phil sighed.

“Be quick about…” he called over his shoulder as he took Angel to the bathroom instead.

He propped her up on the counter and started a bath.

“So Phil finally got some?” He heard her tiredly mutter.

He peered over his shoulder.

“Seems so…”
“That’s nice…” She murmured and stretched her arms about with a yawn.

When the bath was ready to go he helped her back down. They stripped down and got into the tub. They kicked back and simply relax. Angel took one of his hands and intertwined her fingers with his. “So Tig’s officially back…”

“Yes, mam.”

“Think the others are going to be okay with that?”

He shrugged.

“They won’t have much choice. He was voted in fair and square.”

“That’s crazy…” she uttered.
“What is?”

“You hardly have a scratch on you now. But your back it’s still pretty gnarly. I think you’re going to have some wicked scars. But it’s somewhat fitting with your tat.”

He smiled.

“You think?”

“Oh yeah, it gives it a rougher edge. It’s pretty bad ass.”

As she said this she remembered their newest tats. She carefully removed the gauze and checked it oer.

“Still dig it?”
“Yep. You?”

“I think CJ’s awake…” he announced as he could feel her moving about.

Angel smiled, “maybe she’s just reacting to her daddy’s voice.”

He narrowed his eyes towards his cell as it was on the counter now and ringing. He climbed on out of the tub and answered it.

“We gotta talk when you get the chance, Jackie.”

“Um, okay…”

Chibs hung up and Jax looked to the phone in wonder.

“Who was that?”
“Chibs… said we needed to talk.”

As he was toweling off her heartrate suddenly picked up.

“Are you alright?” He questioned with concern.

She forced a smile and nodded. He tilted his head on this. Everything was skyrocketing but she was doing her best to play it off. She got out of the tub but her hands were shaking as she grabbed a towel and dried off.

“Angel baby, what is it?”
She didn’t answer as they got dressed. But she had the man on edge as that tension didn’t seem to let up. “Hey!” he called out as she’d stepped into her maternity pants but started to wheeze. Jax rushed over and sat her in the recliner. He called Chibs as he squatted before her. Her face was turning beet red and she had tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Something’s up with Angel we’re in the back room.”

He hung up and cupped her chin.

“Easy… Baby please, you gotta relax… just breathe.”

“Shite…” Chibs murmured once he entered the room.
“I’m sorry… I tried…” Angel said and Chibs swallowed back with a guilty mien to him.

He shook his head.

“I know you did, lass. It’s alright…” He said causing Jax a rather puzzled look.

“Right now Jackie and I need you to calm down.”

Chibs put a hand along her tummy in reminder.

“Ye don’t wanna put stress on the wee one…”

“It’s really hot in here…”

He nodded and hurriedly scooped her up. Jax followed them out as Chibs rushed her outside. He placed her on his bike and raised her arms up over her head.

“Now I want ye ta close your eyes and count with me…” she nodded and counted to ten along with Chibs.

“There ye go… nice and slow…”

“What the hell is wrong with me?” she hissed.

“I believe you’ve been pushed past your limit.” Chibs replied as he brought her arms back down.


She nodded and Jax drew back a breath of relief as her vitals were back to normal.

“Chibs… please, don’t let him do anything stupid…” Angel pleaded causing Jax to rear back yet again.

Chibs sighed and hugged her close.

“I got this. Ye go on in now…”

She nodded and cut Jax a pleading glance before heading inside. He narrowed his eyes feeling a little peeved by their rather peculiar secrecy. What would Angel be hiding from him? It wasn’t like her…

Chibs drew back a breath and waited until she was out of sight.

“Perhaps we should take this to the garage… Where it all took place to begin with.”

“Where what took place?” Jax questioned with agitation.

His sergeant didn’t answer at first. Not until they were behind closed doors.

“You should know that Bobby came up here yesterday. He pulled your old lady to the side and had her follow him in here. I only know that part from Op. I’d this uneasy feeling about it, so I decided to check in and see what was up. What I didn’t expect was to find the two of them in a heated argument, over you and the MC itself. Bobby blames Angel for a lot of things. The changes in this club being one of them. He thinks you’ve gone soft and that it’s all her doing. Well your wife as we know has some balls. The little lass didn’t let Bobby railroad her into believing any of that nonsense. She stood her ground had your back as well. Bobby didn’t take a liking to it. So he got handsy…”

“What do you mean by handsy?”

“He tried forcing himself on her and the little lass socked the living daylights out of him.”

“Bobby?!” Jax uttered in absolute shock.

Chibs sighed

“Aye, saw it all for myself. He was a drunken mess which is no excuse. The only reason he even backed off her was because she reminded him of how she was with child. She also mentioned you and Abel…”

“Bobby was going to rape my pregnant wife?!”

“If not full on rape… he wanted a taste and with Bobby Munson, we both know what that meant…”

“So he thought my old lady would just let him dive on in?”

“Jackie, the arse just wanted her humiliated and brought down a couple pegs. To make her feel like she’s nothing more than a “club girl” rather than the wife of a president. You should’ve heard the shite he was spoutin’ off. Making it sound as if she’s just some worthless piece of ass.”


“He tried to make it sound as if you were still living in the past. There was mention of the blondes and the various things ye were known for back in the day.”

Jax got this pale look to him and he staggered back, “Chibs…” he mumbled looking ill. That was a side of him he kept buried now and never wanted his wife to know.

“Ye know, I set her straight and let her know that was just him trying to get under her skin. We both know the truth behind that one.”

Jax nodded but slunk into a nearby chair. He ran his hands along his face.

“A brother…” Chibs heard him mutter.

“It was expected out of Clay. But Bobby…? I just can’t wrap my fucking head around this. And why wouldn’t she tell me?”

“Aye now, that’d be my doing. I told her ta let me handle it. I figured it best… This pregnancy is takin’ it’s toll on her…”
Jax nodded in understanding.

“So before ye go on a manhunt, ye might wanna take a few minutes. Think this one through… But ye need to be there for the lass first. Then ye can worry on Bobby.”

On this note Chibs hugged him and left Jax to his thoughts…

“You guys seen Angel?”

Everyone in the clubhouse shook their heads no. Jax sighed with frustration. He’d looked in every room of the clubhouse and in the shop. He headed back out wondering if maybe she was in the truck. Just as he stepped out he caught a whiff of her scent. He twirled about and backed up a bit. Sure enough he saw her. He shook his head seeing as how she was on the roof. She looked to be reading something. He couldn’t believe the similarities between the two of them at times. That was another place Jax would go when he needed to clear his head. From there he could merely observe but be left in peace. He figured that was her reasoning as well. He made his way to the roof and sat beside her.

“Whatcha reading?”

It was then he grasped that she wasn’t reading but writing.

“Just jotting somethings down… It helps when I need to clear my head a bit. I had a journal back at the old house. But can’t seem to find it anywhere. I must’ve misplaced it when we packed. I got a new one for now.”

Her husband didn’t dare comment on that one. But knew he’d have to come clean eventually and make it up to her. He just wasn’t ready to give it up yet. Part of him felt as if that journal was his lifeline. He found himself turning to it often. He cleared his throat and popped a cigarette into his mouth. It was taking everything within him not to hop on that bike and hunt Bobby down.

“About Bobby…” he murmured as he lit his cigarette.

He shook his head as her body was already reacting to the mere mention of his name. She closed her journal and set it aside.

“Jax…” she uttered with a heartbroken mien about her.

“He was wrong… And he hadn’t any right to lay his hands on you.”
“He was drunk…”
“It doesn’t matter… Drunk or not. We don’t do that shit, especially when it’s someone’s old lady. That just makes it twice as insulting because you are my wife. I can’t apologize enough on his behalf.”

He finished his cigarette and tossed it towards the asphalt below. Jax wrapped his arm around her and kissed the top of her head.

“What are you going to do?” She asked with fear behind her words.

Jax drew back the deepest of breaths.

“You know I have no choice…” he hinted.


“If he had gone through with it he could’ve done a lot of damage, to you and our baby. He knows you’re not to be under any stress and he also knew that you’d been through similar situations. Yet he still chose to take that route.”

He winced as she started to cry. That seemed to be an ongoing thing lately and he knew a large part of that was her pregnancy. Then you pile on all the shit on top of that. Her emotions were going to be all over the place. He remembered that all too well with Wendy. Only Angel was a champ in comparison. Wendy was a complete drama queen. Then again when he truly thought back on it… she was even before the pregnancy. He pulled Angel into his lap and rested his forehead against hers.

“I can’t ignore this. I have to set an example for everyone else. That example being that no one messes with my family, brothers included. And even if I wasn’t the president of a motorcycle club; it’s my duty as your husband. I can’t let this slide, darlin’. I need you to understand that.”

She nodded and wrapped her arms around him. He held her for a bit longer but knew he needed to hit the road soon if he was going to deal with Bobby.
“I gotta go, baby. Have Chibs or Op take you back to my mother’s when you’re ready.”

He came to his feet and started to leave.


The way she said his name had him coming to a complete halt. He pivoted around and swallowed back as rushed over and hugged him.

“Just remember your promise… about walking through that door.”

The outlaw nodded and took her hand in a gentleman like manner. He brought it to his lips and did a slight bow as he kissed it.

“Always…” he said with a wink.

Jax pulled up to Bobby’s house. He knew there wasn’t a shot in hell of catching him here. But he figured he could at least find some sort of clue as to where he was headed. He imagined Bobby rushed through and grabbed whatever he could before hitting the road. Jax knew Bobby always kept one of the back windows unlocked. So he snuck into the backyard and crawled in through that window. Once he was inside he brought out his gun and cautiously made his way to into the living room. His heart sank to the pit of his stomach and he staggered back at the body on the couch.

“No…” he murmured and ran the bridge of his gun along the top of his head.

He backed up against the wall and shook his head in utter disbelief. He was so traumatized by the sight before him. He hadn’t heard the others outside. The door opened and without another thought he aimed his gun that direction.

“NO!” Wayne shouted as his deputy fired.

Jax’s eyes widened and he looked to his chest. When he wouldn’t drop his gun, David fired again hitting Jax in the arm. “DAMMMIT DAVID, YOU IDIOT!”

The sheriff shouted as he rushed to Jax’s aid. David looked to Jax and back to his gun.

“Don’t just stand there help me! Call for a fucking ambulance. SOMETHING!” Wayne yelled as he helped Jax to the floor.

The sheriff took the outlaw’s hand, “just hang in there…” Jax looked to the couch once again.

“You gotta call Op…” Jax said behind tears.

Wayne nodded with a remorseful look about him.

“So you didn’t do this?”
“Of course he did! We just caught him red handed!” the deputy spouted off as he was calling for an ambulance.

The sheriff rolled his eyes and kept his focus on Jax. He applied both hands to the areas doing his best to keep as much pressure as possible.

“You know I wouldn’t do this…” Jax muttered as he was trying to keep his alteration at bay; so much so he felt like he’d pass the fuck out.

“Then why were you here and with a gun already in hand?”

Jax’s went to answer but his eyes rolled back as he lost the battle.

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