Chapter 29 SOA Blues

Chapter 29

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“What’s he doing here?” Opie called out as he and Lyla were about to take Angel to Gemma’s.

Angel shrugged as the sheriff pulled up, right beside Opie’s truck. He nodded upon them as he stepped out of his car. The sheriff rather sighed on the irony; considering the two people he needed to talk to were side by side.

“Something wrong?” Angel questioned with a touch of sarcasm and a hint of a roguish smile.

He swallowed back rather thickly.

“I’m afraid so…”

The way he said this gave her heart that dropping feeling. The sheriff sighed.

“There was a bit of a mishap and your husband happened to be involved.”
“Mishap?” she questioned with apprehension.

“What do you mean by mishap?”
“Listen sweetheart… Jax was shot and is currently undergoing surgery as we speak.”

The three of them regarded the sheriff in absolute disbelief. Angel clamped a hand over her mouth and staggered back against Opie’s truck.

“His body is rejecting all blood types and the doctors are at a loss as to what to do. They’re doing their best and hoping he pulls through. From my understanding, they’re sending his blood off and having it looked at to see what the issue may be. But they can’t run the lab until the morning, which doesn’t do him a lot of good at the moment.”

“They can’t do that…” Opie hinted with slight alarm to his voice.

The sheriff looked upon him peculiarly. Lyla nudged Opie as a little reminder. The VP sighed and shook his head.

“There’s also something else…”

Wayne regarded Opie with full on sympathy.

“I’m also sorry to say that we found your father at Robert Munson’s place. Dead… Bullet right to the head.”

Opie narrowed his eyes on this. It couldn’t be true… He didn’t believe a word of this. “I want to see him.”

“Follow me. Need someone to identify the body anyhow.” As he said this he realized how cold that sounded and that wasn’t his intention.

The sheriff had a lot on his plate and Wayne knew he was risking his job every time he helped the Sons. But he couldn’t help himself. He’d always had a soft spot for Gemma to begin with. However with Angel in the mix as well now? He felt this overwhelming desire to keep her protected and at all cost. There was just something about her. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it. But it was well worth the risk, or so he felt. The three of the piled into Piney’s truck and followed.

Just as soon as Opie and Angel spotted Piney’s body in the morgue, they clung to one another. Lyla felt as though she were intruding on a private moment as the two began to cry. If she had been a stranger that walked in on this, she’d have thought were brother and sister and dealing with the loss of their father. The woman wiped a few tears of her own and merely observed in silence.

Lyla was doing her best to console Opie as they were all in the waiting room. Chibs however was eyeing Angel with utmost concern. She spent the entire time pacing the room. And not a one of the Son’s knew how to deal with the fact that Piney was dead and meanwhile Jax’s life hung in the balance. Chibs shot to his feet as Gemma entered the room with Abel and the two prospects. He rushed over and seated her down in one of the chairs.

“Ma-mee?” Abel called out as he was reaching to her.

Angel stopped in her tracks and turned towards the boy. She nodded and kneeled down with open arms. The moment she had him in her grasp, she closed her eyes and hugged him close.

“What wong?” he asked and cupped her chin.

There were so many times Abel reminded her of tiny adult. And this was one of them. She ran her fingers through his hair.

“Daddy had a little accident… So we’re here to make certain he’s okay.”

“Yes baby, daddy’s got an owie and the doctors are doing their best to fix him up and make him all better.”

“Kiss owie?” Abel suggested since that’s what she did for his.

“Just as soon as I see him…”

He nodded and pointed to an owie he’d gotten at the park today. She smiled and kissed it.

“Why don’t you go sit with Eli and Kenny? See, they’re watching Beauty and the Beast.” She pointed to the TV in the waiting room.

Abel nodded and headed that way. Once he got seated, Angel went back to her pacing. A few moments later the doctor entered the room.

“Mrs. Teller?”

She froze and regarded the doctor with anxiousness.

“The surgery went well and he’s recovering in room 315. You can see him if you wish. However any other visitors are currently prohibited due to the circumstances.”

“Circumstances? What circumstances?”

“I’m afraid I can’t answer that for you. The sheriff will explain everything from here.”

She regarded the doctor with a baffled look. He gave a simple nod and went about his way. Angel looked to the Sons and Gemma in wonder.

“What the hell is going on here?” she sneered as she grabbed her purse.

As she made her way down the hallway, she saw the sheriff’s men outside her husband’s room. They seemed to be keeping guard. “…shit…” she murmured. Just as she made her way to the door…

“Up against the wall.” She reared back on the deputy’s words, “excuse me?”
“Have to make certain you’re not carrying before you go in.”
“And that’s the way you go about it? You could’ve asked…”

Her jaw dropped as David forced her up against the wall and began searching her. He nodded as he found the knife and gun she had on her.

“Oh don’t even; I have a license for that.”

“And the knife?”
“Perfectly legal, wanna measure it? Or do you even have anything remotely close to that size?”

Wayne couldn’t help but to chuckle. He cleared his throat as David cut him a dirty look.

“That’s enough. Let her go, David.”

David rolled his eyes and held on to the knife and gun.

“You can get these back afterward.”

“Will we still have time for recess?” She witted in return.

Her husband nodded upon her as she entered the room. He’d picked up on that entire conversation, but was at a loss for words at the moment. The man had a billion one things on his mind. Her lip quivered as she rushed over and kissed him. “Jax…” she whispered afterward and put her forehead to his. The clanking of metal was heard as he went to caress her cheek. Her jaw dropped once she saw what was causing it. “They have you cuffed to the fucking bed?!” she hissed furiously.

“What hell is going on here, Jax?”

“I’m guessing if you know about me then you know about Piney?”

She nodded with a touch of a grimace.

“Wayne took us to the morgue.” She hinted morosely.

He drew back a breath on this, “they think I did it…”

“What? Why would they think that?”

He glanced towards the door and quietly explained the situation and what all took place. She pinched the bridge of her nose once he finished.

“So you’re going to jail?”

“More like prison…”
Jesus, can’t they test you for gun residue?”

“I was scrubbed down before surgery. I’m sure that’ll be used as an excuse not to.”

“But everyone knows that gun residue stays on you for a few days…”

“It doesn’t matter. They’re determined and need someone to pin this on. This isn’t going to be an easy ordeal.”

“What about the serial numbers?”

“We scratch those out for obvious reasons… These are club issued glocks, babe. If my suspicions are correct. Then this was Bobby’s doing and we carry the same glock. Meaning they got me right where they want me…”

“So Bobby just set you up for murder… and that of your best friend’s father?”

“May not have been intentional but yes, unfortunately.”

She sank into the chair behind her with a defeated look.
“You could do some serious time, Jax.”

He nodded.

“I know, darlin’. But you know I’m going to do everything I can…”
She nodded but started to cry.

“Hey now, none of that. C’mere baby…”

She came to her feet and he had her join him in the bed.

“The best thing you could do for me right now is worry about you and Abel first. Don’t stress yourself out over this. I’m going to be just fine. You know me, babe. I’m going to fight this. But while I’m doing that, I need to know that you’re out there fighting as well. This isn’t going to break us. So don’t let it do you in… I mean it, darlin’. I want you to kick ass and take names later…”

She nodded and he kissed the top of her head.

“Why would Bobby kill Piney?”

“I haven’t the faintest… It just doesn’t make sense… I mean why was Piney there in the first place?”

She ran her fingers along the areas he was shot.

“Does it hurt?”
He smiled, “nah.” Truth of the matter was he was in complete agony. There wasn’t a part of him that didn’t hurt at the moment. It wasn’t so much the bullet wounds that were doing it. No. He was in constant pain due to how hard he was fighting to keep the other ‘side’ of him at bay. The last thing he needed was for anyone outside of SAMCRO and his old lady to know what he was truly capable of. Jax was so determined he amazingly enough fought against his natural instinct of healing. He didn’t want the doctors picking up on this. But he wouldn’t dare admit that to his wife. She had enough to worry about. “When you leave here… I want you to have one of the guys take you by the house. I have a safe in the closet hidden behind some shoeboxes. Hand me your phone.” She nodded and handed it over. He typed the code in as a saved phone number and handed it back. “There are somethings you might need in there…”

“What sort of things?”
“Abel’s birth certificate along with other legal documents you might need…”
“Why would I need those?
“Angel, we don’t have any idea how long I’ll be in for or what may happen from here. I need to know that you have everything you need. Those papers prove that you are Abel’s legal mother. I had that taken care of once we got married. And I’ll be damned if anyone tries to say differently. No one’s taking Abel away from you.”
“You’re acting as if we won’t see you again!”

“Shhh… calm down, baby.”

“Calm down?”

“I’m just taking all precautions, for my own peace of mind. I need to know that if something were to happen to me, you, Abel, and CJ are set.”

“Without you we’re not.”

“Angel… there’s not a doubt in my mind that you go this. You’re an amazing mother and one of the strongest people I know.”

“You sound as if you’re giving up already.”
“Far from it… But I gotta be realistic. Piney? Babe, that was a real eye opener. And when David shot me… it only added to the possibilities of what could happen to my family…”

“Ugh, David’s such a little bitch.”
Jax chuckled and nodded in full agreement. The door opened and they both regarded the older man in wonder.

“You lost?” Jax questioned as the man welcomed himself inside and shut the door.

The man looked to Angel with an appalled look about him.

“I do believe you’ve had your time. Say goodbye…”

“Excuse me?”

“I don’t believe I stuttered…” The man flashed his badge revealing that he was indeed the fed Wayne had mentioned.

Angel sat up in the bed as the all too familiar name seemingly hit her right in the face.

“You’ve got to be kidding!”

The man raised his brows on this.

“A fed? My mother is dating a god damn fed?!”

She eased off the bed with caution.

“Wait…” The man said as he placed his hands about his hips eyeing her mystifyingly.

“You’re Bella Swan?!”


The man pulled a certain face on this.

“But you’re just another MC whore…” he whispered sounding as if he were undeniably revolted by this news.

“EXCUSE ME?!” “HEY!” Angel and Jax hollered in unison.

This had the fed rolling his eyes.

“Well this ought to be interesting…” He muttered rather spitefully.

He made his way over and took Angel by the arm. The man led her right to the door.

“As I was saying… Your little visit is over. Don’t bother coming back. He’ll be spending the next few days recuperating. That is until he’s ready to face the big boys in prison. Think of this as his one phone call. In the meantime you can write him some Dear Johns…

“Get your fucking hands off me!”

The fed gave her a slight shove on out the door.


“That your baby too? Or is she knocked up with another ‘brother’s”. The man whispered provokingly.

The fed reared back in absolute shock as Jax broke right out of the cuffs and flew off the bed.

“Easy now…” Wayne said as he entered the room and saw that Jax had the fed by the collar of his shirt.

It was taking all will to keep his claws withdrawn. He could feel them wanting to make their appearance. It felt as if he had thorns scraping at the ends of his fingertips. All it took was one simple flex on his part and they’d puncture right on through. He gritted his teeth as he sustained in fighting it. He dropped his hold once he felt the sheriff’s hand along his shoulder.

“I’m sure you’re here for a reason, Mr. Hunt…” Wayne hinted with a touch of sarcasm.

“Mr. Teller just had surgery and it’s vital that he get some rest. You should also be aware that his wife is considered high-risk in her pregnancy. So you might want to think on that next time…” Wayne made clear as he helped Jax back to the hospital bed.

The sheriff hit the call button and asked for the nurse. The fed crossed his arms about his chest and leaned back against the wall. The sheriff looked to the broken cuffs and back to Jax. He said nothing on the matter and brought out another pair. He looked to Jax apologetically as he redid the cuffs.

“Now’s probably not the best time. The nurse will be here shortly as Mr. Teller due for his next morphine drip. You won’t get much out of him. Of course that is up to you if you wish to try anyhow.”

Jax gathered what Wayne was doing and was utterly grateful. He feared he’d kill the son of a bitch and that’s the last thing he needed. He saw it for what it was, now that he’d calmed down. This guy wanted to push him over the edge and all in hopes of having something over him. He wondered why he was even here in the first place. And he was dating his wife’s mother? That there was a big red flag. This guy was up to no good and Jax was determined to find out what it was.

“So shooting him once wasn’t enough. You just had to go and shoot him twice?” Angel hissed as David handed her knife and gun back.

“He was armed and dangerous. And I was doing my job.”

“Sure you were… Shooting an innocent man. Kudos! Great job, deputy! You should get a promotion!”

“Innocent?” He scoffed.

“Take a long hard look in the mirror, buddy. You think your shit doesn’t stink? Just admit it! You shot my husband out of pure prejudice!”

“The hell I did! We got a call so we went and checked it out. And naturally your husband just happened to be there along with the body of his best bud’s dad.”

“Ever think that he had the gun in his hand for his own protection and you just happened to walk in when he discovered the body himself, you idiot?!”

“Watch yourself Mrs. Teller or I’ll have to hold you in contempt.”
“Contempt? Are we in court?! Just you try it and see what happens. You’re in hot water as it is and you know it!”

Jax growled under his breath as he was picking up on everything being said outside.

“You might want to call your deputy off my wife.” He said with a growl.

The sheriff reared back in wonder but decided to check it out anyhow. He exited the room looked on in disbelief.

“HEY!” He shouted as David had her up against the wall now and was cuffing her.

The deputy started to drag her off as he was reading Angel her rights. Jax eyed the fed down as he heard all this playing right outside his door.

“What are you doing?!” Wayne snapped as he rushed over stopping his deputy.

“Arresting her…”

“And on what grounds exactly?”

“Disregard of the law and disrespect of an officer.”

Angel started laughing.

“You know what? Let the idiot arrest me! I’ll have his badge before he can so much as blink. Think about it he shot a man, not once, but twice, and on false allegations. And he just so happens to be arresting that very man’s pregnant wife, while he’s in the hospital recovering from those gunshots. And now he’s leaving a child without the care of both parents! On top of all that, you have a fed come barging in like he owns the place and harassing us as well. I will own that entire fucking department!”

The Sons and Gemma had heard this from the waiting room. They made their way over and each of them shook their heads. They threateningly stared the deputy down as he had Angel in those cuffs and was jerking her about the hallway. The sheriff sighed knowing if David didn’t quit these guys would have no issue in jumping his sorry ass right there. “Step aside, son…” David did as he was told, but grew angry with the sheriff as Wayne undid Angel’s cuffs. Tig rushed on over and got a protective hold on her. He spit on David’s shoes as he handed her off to Chibs.
“Wow…” David ridiculed, whilst looking to Wayne bitterly.

Wayne looked back to David in wonder.

“First Mrs. Morrow and now her…?”

Wayne’s teeth ground together as he gathered the subtle hint. Angel and Gemma gasped back as Wayne popped the shit out of David.

“Does a Dr. Knowles ring a bell?” Wayne fired back causing Angel to full on snort.

Jax raised his brows on this one wishing he could see the look on David’s face. It was no secret that David had it bad for Tara. Even more so it seemed when she was Jax’s old lady. He’d hopes of becoming the doc’s white knight and saving her from the terrible dark knight.

“Nice one, sheriff!” Angel witted causing Jax to laugh amongst himself.

“Yes, well thanks to you I have a lot of paper work to get to. So would you mind going home now?”
“O captain, my captain!” She called out with a giggle.

As for Gemma’s feelings on all this, she felt nothing but pride. She couldn’t believe how well Angel was handling this.

“Come on, baby. Let’s go get you some cookie dough ice cream, triple scoop.”
“I like ice cream…” Happy called out.

“Yeah, me too!” Tig followed.

Gemma peered over her shoulder as they were about to head out.

“Would you like to join us?”

Opie and Chibs shrugged upon one another. Chibs cleared his throat and picked Abel up, placing him over his shoulders.

“Aye, the wee one can’t handle an entire scoop by himself!”

“That’s my girl” Jax alleged with a smile.

The nurse made her way in and was about to give Jax another hit of morphine.

“Not so fast…” The fed flashed his badge once again.
“I need him to ask a few questions first.”

“Well with all due respect our main concern is taking care of our patient first. He can answer your questions later.”

Jax cut the man a cocky smirk. “You heard her. You can come back later.”

The nurse went about giving Jax the morphine, “thank you, darlin’.”

The young nurse blushed as he sent her a wink. She gave him a simple nod and exited the room. The fed made his way over. “Let me guess. This had something to do with your illegal gun distribution?”

Jax cocked a brow on this.”I haven’t the faintest what you’re referring to. And we both know that I don’t have to answer any of your questions.”
“I know that you and the Sons are dealing. And I’m going to be there for when it all unfolds. Your deadbeat buddies will spend the rest of their lives behind bars. It’ll be awfully sad… having your children grow up without a father. From the looks of things daddy’s soon to be out of the picture. And a pretty little wife like that? You really think she’s going to wait for you? Trust me by the time you get out and if you get out. She’ll have moved on. She’s going to take those kids away from you. Get a restraining order against your sorry ass and you’ll never see them or her again.”

Jax was boiling on the inside. But he knew he had to play it smart and not so much as react. He had no choice. He batted those eyes of his and ‘played’ it off. The fed sneered as Jax’s eyes came to close. “Your father was just as worthless. Only I won’t make that same mistake again. I’m onto you, kid. And I’m taking you down… One way or another.” The fed spat as he stormed on out of the room.

“… Your majesty…” Angel murmured sadly as she took a bite of her ice cream.

“That was the last thing he said to me…”

Chibs nodded and draped his arm around her. Each of them was taking a moment to reflect on their last memories of Piney; everyone but Lyla and Op who went about their way. The others were still baffled as to what took place exactly. No one understood Piney’s reasoning for being at Bobby’s in the first place. They assumed he was still at the welcoming. He must’ve snuck right past everyone. No one took notice of his absence, which only caused further guilt amongst everyone there. Angel thought back to when she kept Piney from blowing his own head off and not long after Donna’s death. This seemed so surreal to her. And as she gazed upon each of the Sons she found herself asking the one question… Who was next? Her worst fears were coming to play. And she feared that with her husband going to prison, that death toll was sure to rise. They needed Jax, just as she and Abel did. His life had a major impact around everyone around them. And without Jackson Teller they were sure to tumble and eventually fall. This club needed him in order to achieve what John Teller had set out to do. This had her regarding the tattoo on her wrist in thought.

As the queen she had to stand and fight on her king’s behalf. Get a god damn good lawyer and help him fight this on the outside. In the meantime, she needed to get her shit together. Now wasn’t the time for anxiety attacks and fainting spells. The young woman wanted to push past all of that and prove to Jax and everyone else that she has what it takes. She’s the wife of SAMCRO’s president and it was time she started to act the part. She regarded Gemma in thought. As much as she loved her mother-in-law, Angel truly felt as if Gemma failed at her job. The woman became self-absorbed and like that of Clay all she saw was the potential dollar signs. That was the one thing they didn’t have in common. Angel could care less about the money or anything of the materialistic nature. All she cared about was keeping her family safe while her husband sought out this vision of his.

On the way to Gemma’s, she scrolled through the pictures on her phone and gazed upon one of Piney. As she ran her thumb along it and thought back to their wedding day, when Piney gave her away. She had a bad feeling about Piney’s death and the real reason behind it. No one told Piney what Bobby had done. In fact other than Jax, Chibs was the only one to know. And she knew Chibs hadn’t said anything to the others yet. There was this overwhelming sense of duty now and she’d be damned if Piney died in vain. She wasn’t about to let him, Jax, or the rest of her family down. She only prayed that Piney, JT, Charlie, and Jasper was watching over her and would guide her along the way.

“You want me to what now?”

Angel sighed and glanced back as Gemma and Happy were waiting for her back in the car.

“Wayne, please. We can’t let them get ahold of Jax’s blood. I just need you to trust me. I gotta find a way to switch it out.”

“And with who’s exactly?”

“Maybe Op or Happy hell I don’t care as long as it’s not Jax’s. I’d have one of us do it. But I don’t think he needs pregnancy or cancer…” she froze abruptly.

Wayne narrowed his eyes on this and she sent him an apologetic glance.

“I’m so sorry. Wayne, I…”
“How’d you know?
She swallowed back and pinched her eyes shut.

“I heard you mention it… at the cemetery.”

The sheriff sighed.

“You haven’t told anyone, have you?”

“Only Jax…” She admitted with a guilty mien.

“I swear I haven’t told another living soul and I wouldn’t. I only told Jax because I felt he might understand where you’re coming from. I know it’s gotta be hard -going through all this, alone. As to why I wish you’d at least try getting ahold of your daughter.”

“How long have you known?”

“About a year or so…”

He nodded and she cleared her throat.

“How is that going by the way?”

“It’s going… They’re looking at starting radiation treatments soon.”

She grimaced on this.
“Spreading that much?”

He nodded once again.

“I’m sorry to hear that.”

The sheriff placed his hands along his hips and regarded Gemma’s car in thought.

“Look, why don’t you and Opie meet me after visiting hours, once it’s dark? At the back emergency exits. I’ll get you in from there… The reason I say Op is to have some sort of alibi if we get caught. This way I can at least claim that I’m taking you to the morgue to identify Mr. Winston.”

He swallowed back as she hugged him.

“Thank you. I mean it, Wayne. I know you’re taking a huge risk. Don’t ever doubt my appreciation. And one day I hope to return the favor, whatever it may be.”

She dropped her hold and started to walk away.

“Christmas morning…”

She stopped in her tracks but kept her back to him.

“It snowed that year… A rarity in Charming… Everyone was outside and enjoying the scene. A few of the kids were out playing in it. Well a car lost control and was heading right for those kids. Four of them somehow managed to slip in the snow and they slid back just in time. However there was a fifth one he too would’ve managed to get to safety – if the ice beneath him hadn’t gave, causing one of his legs to break through the ice. The boy cried out as his body was going one way but his leg another and it just wouldn’t give. Just as the car was about to hit that boy dead on, the car flipped onto its side and skidded just a few inches past the boy, before coming to an abrupt stop. Everyone thought it to be a miracle. But there was someone off to the distance. Someone I took notice of often. That someone I once believed to be Death. After all they dressed all in black, kept to themselves, and were just ironically around at the worst of times. Within time, I began to realize… It couldn’t be Death. I mean if it was… shouldn’t there be more casualties when they’re around? Let’s just say you weren’t near as invisible as you thought. I had my suspicions about you, sweetheart. But it didn’t quite dawn on me until that day in the kitchen. Now I’m not sure who gave you the name ‘Angel’ but it’s rather fitting, much more so than ‘Death’.

She looked towards the sky in thought.

“People tend to forget that that Lucifer was an angel… What’s to say Death isn’t? And maybe it’s the reaper’s choice on who lives and dies…”

Jax frowned as he was smoking a cigarette. He noticed that his wedding band and Sons rings were taken off his fingers. He figured they already bagged all his belongings. The man looked around the room wishing he had something to read, such as Angel’s journal. That was something he couldn’t get enough of. He found himself rereading certain passages over and over. Something about that journal made him feel as if she were right there with him. And like all was right in the world and he was free to breathe. It was through that journal he realized just how similar they were. The way they viewed this world and everything around them… it was uncanny. And like that of Angel, he knew what it was like to be at his lowest point. That being where you feel as if there is no escape and you’re doomed for. And the only way out is to jump that cliff. But they were merely too stubborn to call it quits. Both… eager to get to that finish line no matter how far away it seemed. He smiled in thought but that smile was soon to fade as he’d just remembered something.

“…shit…” Jax muttered under his breath as looked around for a phone.

It was then he realized the phone had been taken out of the room. He rolled his eyes figuring it was either the fed or deputy’s doing. He remembered how the fed mentioned that visit being his one phone call. He decided to call to the nurse and see if he could sweet talk her into letting him make that call anyhow. But for once even his charm wouldn’t sway the nurses, which only one thing… They were keeping guard outside his room still. He let out a groan of misery. “Angel’s going to kill me…”

Opie was sitting at the dining room table as Angel gathered everything she needed from the house. Once she packed everything up, she made her way to the safe and entered the code Jax saved onto her phone. The door to the safe opened and she narrowed her eyes seeing a gun, a couple stacks of bills, and a folder filled with the documents he’d mentioned. Beneath all of that was a white envelope that read Angel. She loaded everything but the envelope into the bag she had on her. Angel sat at the edge of the bed and looked to the envelope with curiosity. She wondered why there was no mention of this before. She used her knife to open the envelope. And a key fell out of the envelope and into her lap.


If you’re reading this, that means I didn’t fulfill my promise. And for that, I sincerely apologize. You must know that whatever happened, it wasn’t because I gave up. That was never an option. Angel, you and Abel were the very reasons I wanted to see my father’s visualization come true. I wanted so much more for us, for Abel, and the club. And now we have a little girl on the way. They deserve so much more; more than I ever had to offer. There’s not a doubt in my mind that you will get them there. As for SAMCRO… If they should ever get off track and lose their way. I want you to be there for them. Remind SAMCRO of the brotherhood and what that truly means. Now I want you to be there for the club, but don’t live for them. If things ever get too out of hand and they just won’t listen. Take our children, leave Charming and don’t look back. If you don’t… You know what will be expected out of Abel. It runs in the family. Don’t let our son become the monster his father was. I know you think I was a good man. But I wasn’t. I wish I was the way you perceived me in that journal of yours. I’ve done a lot of bad things in order to get where I am now. Things I never wanted for my children. I know you will protect them and keep that from happening, better than I ever could. You’re an amazing mother. You took my son in as your own. You gave him life, love, and a real mother. That little man is just as crazy about you as I am.

I can’t thank you enough. It might’ve been my father’s manuscripts that gave me the vision. But it was you that opened my eyes to that vision. You believed in me and never gave up. Every time I turned around you were right there, fighting in my corner. And babe, I felt like fucking Rocky Balboa! I can’t explain it… I’ve had my share of fair weather friends and you’re certainly not one of them. You’ve stuck by me all the way, when you could’ve turned the other way and ran for the hills. You’re so much more than my old lady or wife. Outside of Op, you truly are my best friend. I could turn to you no matter the situation. I knew I could count on you. I honestly don’t know where I’d have ended up without you. But here we are… And if you’re reading this- that means we’re facing one of our biggest fears. Yet as I’m writing this – I’m having a moment of selfishness, because I’m thankful it wasn’t me walking amongst this world without you. You’re so much stronger than I ever was. I know you will argue that. You always have. But you’re wrong. I know that even with my absence you will go on. You will raise our children. You will find love again. That being said – don’t let me hold you back. I will always love you. Nothing in this world could change the way I feel about you. You gotta live for the moment, baby. Be happy. That’s so important. Run to those that love you. Hold them close and never let go. All I ask of you is that you make certain that man is worthy of you and our children. That he will take care of you and love you the way you deserve. And I mean like the fucking queen you are. Just putting this out there… It had better not be Tig. That’s just messed up, babe! Tig as a stepfather? Can you imagine? Don’t do that to our kids or yourself.

Now my mother… She’s a tough nut to crack. Love her; just as she loves you. Keep our children in her life, if you can… But don’t let her take over. You gotta follow your heart and go with what feels right. If you’re not careful, she will take over. Don’t let her! Think back to my father and Clay and everything else that went south from there. You gotta stay strong and make her realize that you make all the decisions. Never let your guard down. Within time, she will respect you for it. But she’s not going to make it easy at first. She will test you. She will try everything within her power to rule over you. When she does, you remind her who is queen. Whether I’m here or not… the throne is yours when it comes to our children and how things are done. No one else has a say not even the club.

As for Op… Now I’ve always said the club was family and I still stand by that. But Op is blood. He is my brother. And through him, I know you and our children will have everything you need. He would never turn his back to you. I need you to trust that.

I love you, baby. Now I may not be there in the physical standpoint. But you’re not alone. Never doubt that. I’m right there every step of the way…

Eternally yours,


P.s – the key goes to the desk drawer in the clubhouse office…

Opie jumped a bit as Angel tossed the letter over and right before him. He cocked a brow at this.

“What’s this?”
“You tell me! What the hell is going on, Op? Did you know about this?”

He cleared his throat and took a sip of his beer before reading the letter as well.

“Jackson wrote a death note?” He declared in amazement after reading it.

He sort of chuckled and Angel cut him a scornful look.

“Seriously Op! What’s going on? Is there something I need to know?!”

“Like what exactly?”

“It sounds like he’s planning on dying!”

He nodded and tried not to laugh.

“Maybe one day, but not directly. I am confused though… Why would he want you to read this now?”

Opie reared back with narrowed eyes.

“Op please, if you know what’s up with this, you gotta tell me!”

“I think this wasn’t meant to be seen yet. In fact I’m certain. It’s not like you’re never going to see him again and there’s going to be blood…” at this he trailed off seeing the horrified expression on her face.

“Why are you talking like that?! Shut your face, Op!”

He sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. She grabbed a butcher knife from the kitchen and pointed it at him.

“I will cut you!”
“Really? You’d cut me?”
“You betcha!”

“Talk about overly dramatic.”

“Look… he’s fine. Call the hospital if it makes you feel better. Hell Jax will probably outlive us all. And put the knife away. You’re setting a bad example for the baby.”

She drew back a breath and put the knife back up.

“Did you know about that letter?”
“Nope… Maybe you should focus on the positive side to this.”
“That being?”
“That he wants to look after you even when he’s not around. So chill the fuck out, psycho….”

She eyed him down and grabbed the butcher knife once again.
“Watch it, Op.”

He nodded and came to his feet. Opie made his way over and took the knife from her hand and placed it back into the drawer.
“You’re like a cute little kitten when you’re angry. You know that?”
“You wanna find out if I cut like one?”

“Aren’t we supposed to be meeting up with Wayne about now?”

“Oh shit…”

“Right… We’ll get you declawed later. Let’s go…”

“You’re late…” Wayne stated as he was already waiting outside the emergency doors. He had it propped open and managed to silence it.

“Her fault…” Opie taunted.

The sheriff shook his head and motioned them on in. They followed him to the area of the lab.

“I’ll stand outside and keep guard. If I knock on the door that means someone’s coming.”

They nodded as Opie swiftly jimmied the door open. He had Angel step inside first and once they were both inside he quietly pulled the door to. He handed her a set of gloves and looked around for any surveillance cameras but didn’t see any within the room. Angel put the gloves on, and then opened the fridge with the blood samples. She skimmed through the names and when she came across her husband’s she grabbed the vial.

“Hey…” She whispered gathering Opie’s attention.

He nodded and made his way over. She poured the contents into a nearby sink. Then she rinsed it out and dried everything off afterward. Angel found a syringe and nodded upon Opie. He took his vest and shirt off.

“You been working out, Op?” she teased as she squeezed one of his biceps.

He rolled his eyes.
“Just get it over with…”

She softly giggled and cleansed the area with an alcohol swab. After she got him prepared she found a good vein and stuck him.

“A warning would’ve been nice.”

She smiled and shook her head as she carefully undid the rubber band around his arm.

“Says the big bad biker… Sorry, I should’ve told you about the big stick.”

He cocked a brow at this and observed as she took the blood from the syringe and emptied it into the vial.

“All set…” she murmured once she screwed the cap back on.

Opie put his shirt and vest back on as she placed the sample into the fridge.

“We done here?” he asked.


Before they left they did a once over of the room for their own peace of mind. When they finished, they made their way to the door. Op gave a slight knock making certain it was okay to exit. The door opened and Wayne motioned or them to head back towards the emergency exit. Just as soon as they were in the clear, Angel hugged Wayne once again.

“Thank you.”

He nodded and gestured towards one of the cameras off to the distance.

“Steer clear of that area.”

Opie nodded as he wrapped an arm around Angel’s shoulder led her back to the truck.

“Don’t take me back just yet…” she said as she was gazing out the window.

He cut her a curious glance.

“Where do you want to go? The clubhouse?”

She shook her head no.

“I want to get some flowers and visit JT and Donna.”

Opie swallowed back on this, but didn’t comment. He turned down one of the roads leading to a local store, one he knew carried flowers. Both of them shared the same blue expression as Piney came to mind. Opie parked in front of the store and ran his hands along the steering wheel.

“What are you going to do?” Angel questioned as she wiped a few stray tears from her face.

He drew back a breath on this. “It hasn’t quite set in yet…”

She nodded in understanding. “I’ll get the flowers…”

Opie rolled the windows down and had himself a smoke as she made her way inside and was picking out the flowers. A black van pulled up just and just a couple spots down. He thought nothing of it until Angel stepped out of the store. She was breathing the flowers in as four guys hopped out of the back of the van.

“SHIT!” Opie hollered out as they grabbed her and threw her into the back.

The men jumped into the van as the driver hauled ass. Opie put the truck into reverse and spun the truck around. A slew of profanities left his mouth as he put the truck into drive. The tires screeched as he hit the gas. Opie brought his gun out and began shooting at the tires. When that wouldn’t work he pulled into the other lane. He shot at the passenger side window and towards the driver. He shook his head as he was being shot at in return. He did his best to dodge bullets and keep from swerving off the road. “FUCK!” He shouted as there was a car coming towards him. He slammed on the brakes and jerked the truck into reverse. His eyes widened once he got behind the van. Angel had her gun in one hand and was hanging onto one of the van doors with the other. She was shooting at the men as they were in attempts to grab her. Opie shook his head doing his best to think of something – anything. If she fell she’d lose that baby or possibly her life, especially at 60 miles per hour. He reared back rather impressed. The door flung back, just as one of the guys went to snatch her. She grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and sent him flying out of the van. The guy hit the asphalt so hard he actually bounced and went right over Opie’s truck.

“Shit…” He muttered as he shot at the other guys.

It was then that he realized they were dealing with the Mayans. The doors swayed back and forth as Angel continued with her struggle. He was doing everything within his power to keep that truck as close as possible just in case she lost her grip. He noticed that the Mayans had quit shooting. He just wasn’t sure why. A couple of them were reaching for the doors. Opie managed to hit one of them and they tumbled on out of the van and landed on the hood of his truck. The wind caught the door just right and Angel was slammed back towards the guys.

“Dammit…” Opie murmured as they managed to grab her once again.

They slammed the doors shut and Opie checked the other lane once again. He saw that the coast was clear he drifted into the lane and decided to go about this another way. He only hoped that Angel had that shield of hers going. The man veered off the road and slammed his truck up against the van. He was doing his best to run them off the road. “Come on!” He snapped through gritted teeth as he gave one last good hit. The VP slammed on the brakes as the van was losing control. The van tipped onto its side and was spinning around. Opie put the truck into park and hopped on out. He had his gun ready to go as he ran towards the van. When the van came to stop, he opened one of the back doors. He narrowed his eyes as he looked inside.

“Angel?” he called out.
“Op?” he heard her reply.

He looked over seeing that she was reaching out to him. He grimaced as one of the guys had her confined in-between him and the driver’s seat. He took a shot at Op and the bullet rebounded. The man looked down in shock as the bullet he’d intended for Opie, was now in his chest. Angel rolled over, straddling the man. Opie winced as she took her knife and used it to slit the man’s throat. The VP made his way over to the passenger who was amazingly enough – still alive. But his leg was caught between the seat and the glove compartment. Opie put his gun to his head.

“Why are you after the girl?”

The man began to panic as he looked around the van seeing that the rest of his friends had bit the dust. He jumped at cocking of Opie’s gun.

“Answer the question…”

“Hey man… We were just following orders!”

“What does he want with her?”
“Come on man you know what happens to rats.”

“Have it your way…” Opie took the blunt of his gun to the back of the man’s head.

“Go on to the truck…” Opie said once they exited the van.

She nodded and did as she was told. He went to gather the passenger. Opie cut the man’s leg free with his knife. Afterward he flipped him over his shoulder and threw him into the back of the truck.

“We’ll have to pay Donna and JT a visit some other time, lil sis.” He said once he made his way inside.

They sighed in unison as they could hear the sirens from a distance. Opie floored it on out of there…

Chibs shot to his feet the instant Opie and Angel entered the clubhouse. Opie had called him on the way over and explained the situation.

“Jaysus…” the Irishman muttered as he made his way over.

Opie said nothing as he carried the Mayan into the basement. Chibs scooped Angel up and placed her on one of the tables.

“I’m fine.”

He ignored this and proceeded in checking her over anyhow.

“Seriously Chibs, I’m okay. I used my shield. Hadn’t much choice.”

He sighed pulled her in for a hug. The young woman went limp in his hold causing him a bit of alarm. He reared back realizing she’d fallen asleep. He scooped her up and took her to the bedroom. From there he took her shoes off, tucked her in, and let her sleep.

Chibs greeted Opie with a nod as he entered the basement. The VP had done a real number on the Mayan. “Looks like the Mayans are dealing all kinds of dirty…” Opie said through gritted teeth as he grabbed a fistful of the man’s hair. “Tell him what you told me?!” Chibs raised his brows and merely waited for an explanation. “Which part?!” The man cried. “THE LAST!” Opie bellowed as he’d a knife to the man’s back. “Okay! Okay!” The man cried even harder. Chibs’s lip curled at the disgusting snot action the Mayan had going.

“Alvarez made a deal with the Irish – that deal being that we kidnap the president of SAMCRO’s wife and deliver her to them first thing tomorrow morning. In return they would drop the cartel deal they’d going with you guys and offer us ten percent more than you were getting.”

“Ten percent?!” Chibs scoffed in disbelief.

“Morrow would roll over in his grave if he had one!” He added in mockery and Opie nodded in agreement.

“Lemme guess… ye weren’t aware that the cartel fell through due ta one of the kings putting a gun to a child’s head. Not just any child but Jackson Teller’s wee one!”

The man regarded Chibs in shock.

“That’s about what I thought…”
Opie and Chibs nodded upon one another. The man let out one last breath as Opie drove his blade into the Mayan’s back.
“Is she alright?” he asked once he kicked the man off his blade.

“Aye… she’s asleep. Why don’t ye go on home? I got it from here.”

“I’m not going anywhere…”
Chibs sighed on this.

“Ye should be with yer family…”
“This is my family…”
“Ye know what I mean.”

“You and Jax need me here. Lyla and the kids are fine.”

Chibs looked to be in thought on this.

“Alright then… Help me get this lad to the incinerator.”

Jax woke to a few of the guards at the foot of his bed. One of them tossed over some orange prison scrubs.

“Get dressed. We’re heading out in fifteen.”
“Come on boys… What? No coffee or morning smoke?”

One of the guards smiled.

“You think you’re real cute, dontcha?”
Jax cued that smirk of his.

“Cuter than you two peckerwoods.”

He groaned out as one of them forced him out of the bed.

“We haven’t got all day. So get to it. You can talk about how cute you are with your new cellmates.”

“Can’t wait…” Jax murmured as he took his hospital gown off and started to get dressed.

He peered over his shoulder seeing as how one of them was eyeing him down.

“Do you mind? Or are you into this sort of thing? Let me guess, you got an entire collection of prison porn back home?”

Jax cut him a wink and the guard’s entire face flushed over. He chuckled amongst himself as he heard the revving of the bikes outside. When the guards escorted him out to the transport van, he saw the entire MC out on their bikes. He narrowed his eyes as Angel hopped off the back of Chibs’s bike. She blew her husband a kiss and the guards pointed upon her and the MC in warning.

“Stay back!” one of them shouted .

“Relax boys, it’s just a little sendoff…” she said in a rather sensual manner. This was triggered Jax’s animal side and he found himself sporting one hell of a hard on.

He growled under his breath as couldn’t take his eyes off her. She was leaning against the bike, in one of her sexy little dresses, and waving him off as they loaded him into the van.

A few days later…

Angel gazed into the mirror and straightened out her black dress. She drew back a quivery breath as she pinned her hair back and stepped into her dress shoes.


She peered over her shoulder and smiled as Abel entered the room with his little suit on.

“I swear you’re a spitting image of your father…” she remarked in awe.

He smiled as she kissed his cheek.

“Grandma did such wonderful job of getting you ready!”

“By the way… Ties… he’s not a fan. Took some serious bribing…”

Angel softly laughed as she set him back down.

“Go play?”
“Only for a little bit, Abel. We’ll have to go here soon.”
He nodded and started to take off.

“Don’t get dirty!”

“Otay!” he called in return but kept truckin’.

“You look beautiful…” Gemma remarked.

“Thanks. You look stunning yourself.”

“I know…”

Angel smiled as Gemma adjusted her dress and grabbed her purse.

“You ready?”
“No. Jax should be here.”
“I know, baby.”
“You should’ve heard him on the phone last night… He was crushed.”

Gemma handed over a tissue as Angel started to tear up.

“This isn’t right. None of this is!”

“You’re doing everything you can. This is the hardest part of being the old lady, sweetheart. This right here… It’ll make or break you. And from what I’ve seen so far. You’ve got this. You should give yourself more credit.”

“It hasn’t even been a week and I’m already sleeping in his t-shirts and on his side of the bed. Hell, I’m starting to wonder if I had some sort of obsession and was blinded to it until now.”
Gemma smiled on this.

“Obsession can be a good thing if in small doses. It’s not like you’re carrying a lock of his hair and keeping a sample of his sperm refrigerated.”
“That wouldn’t work.”
“What wouldn’t?”
“Refrigerating a man’s sperm… it would flash-fr…” she stopped in mid-sentence as they picked up Tig’s reflection in the mirror.

“No, no, ladies… please continue…” he said with a hint of a smile.

“I’m rather curious myself to be honest.”

Angel shook her head and adjusted his tie. He choked back a bit… “a little tight…”

“I know… I rather enjoy the reddish twinge you get.

Her jaw dropped as she noticed the boner he had going.



He sighed.

“That’s your fault.”
“All I did was fix your tie!”

“But you were so forceful…”

“Jesus Christ!” She shoved him into Gemma’s bathroom.
“You’re not going to the funeral with that! Take care of it!”

“Would you like for me to freeze it afterward?” he taunted after she shut the door.

“You walked right into that one.” Gemma said.

“Your dick or the sperm?” Angel fired back causing Gemma to laugh.

The door opened and Tig looked to her wide-eyed.

“Well that took care of that…” he stepped out looking disappointed.

Angel headed outside where Abel was. She smiled as he was playing ball with Chibs.

“Time to go, baby.”
He nodded.

She drew back a breath on this.

“Daddy’s going to be awhile. But he’s going to come home as soon as he can, baby.”
He frowned on this.

“Daddy loves you and he thinks about you every day.”

Abel nodded but still had that pitiful look on his face. It broke Angel’s heart seeing him like this. And she knew it would only get worse as time progressed. Chibs wrapped his arm around her and pecked her on the cheek.

“You’ll get through this… Both of ye…” He encouraged as he escorted her to Gemma’s car.

“I sure hope so…”
“Aye you will. We’re right here with ye…”

“Have you seen Op yet?”
“Not yet…”

She nodded.

“I’m sure they’re on their way up there already…”

“When I called earlier it was just Lyla and the kids…”

“I’m sure he just needs some time… He’ll show.”

Angel got into the car and placed Abel in his car seat. Chibs helped Gemma in as well. He nodded upon Phil once he got the women situated.

“Follow us…” he called out as he had him driving the women to the funeral.

Angel looked out the window as they drove throughout Charming and to the cemetery. The more she thought about Piney, Jax, and Bobby. The more that anger continued to build. She turned to her mother-in-law. “Screw getting a lawyer… I’m going to hunt Bobby Munson down myself. Get him to confess. If he doesn’t… there will be no mercy…” Gemma raised her brows on this. “Road trip?”
Angel nodded and spun back around.

“Tig will take us…”
“Why Tig?”
“Because it’ll piss Bobby off…” Angel said with a rather mischievous smile.

“I like the way you think.”

“Oh that’s not even the half of it. He hasn’t a clue the depths I will go to in order to get Jax out of prison.”
Before long, they arrived at the cemetery. Phil stepped out of the car and opened the door for them. Angel got Abel out from his car seat and they followed Gemma out. She looked around the cemetery seeing that everyone was there… Everyone, but Opie. Her heart sank as she made her way over to Lyla. “You heard from him yet?” Lyla shook her head no and was wiping a few tears away. Angel nodded and hugged the three of them. To her great surprise… Wayne had shown up. She waved his direction as he was kissing Gemma on the cheek and hugging her. He nodded in return. Eli scooped Abel up and loved on him. Angel smiled and looked down in amazement as Kenny was holding her hand. Everything was hitting her at once. This cemetery was what she considered her ‘home’ for three years. And now here she was. Surrounded by the one thing she never thing she’d have. But she’d lost one… Piney had been like a father to her. As they had a connection and long before all this came along. They’d spent hours on end just talking. They looked to one another often for company. Once again she looked amongst the others and found herself wondering. Who would she fail to protect next? She knew it was out of her control. But she couldn’t help herself. She found herself wishing she could just hear his voice once again. Even if it was just a mere wisecrack like they were known for. When the funeral started she found herself inching away from the others. She hid behind one of the trees and closed her eyes for a moment. She could hear the eulogy and some of the women crying from where she was. The young woman understood Opie’s reasoning now. It hurt too much. She felt like the area around her was spinning uncontrollably. This vertigo feeling hit as she eyed Donna’s tombstone from afar. But something else had caught her attention…

Her jaw dropped the closer she got. She took her phone out and discreetly took several pictures of what she was seeing. Once she finished, she sent copies to Jax’s phone. Then she made her way over and shoved the man off JT’s grave.

“Put that pathetic excuse for a dick away and leave. Now.”

The man shoved her in return and she nearly fell right where he peed.

“Touch me again! I dare you! I just recorded your little pissing session!”

The man grabbed her by the arm and dragged her off to a more secluded area of the cemetery.

“Give me the phone.” He ordered as he held his hand out.
“Not happening… Keep this up and I swear to God I’ll scream rape.”

“Rape? You think anyone’s going to believe that I’d fuck a biker whore?!”

“Try me… I have proof of you pissing on another man’s grave. I scream rape and in a cemetery full of witnesses. That’ll get you put away for LIFE! And I could always add to that just to make your time in prison a bit more interesting… After all you’re dating my mother. What’s not to say that you’re dating her in order to get to me? Maybe you have some sort of sick stepdaddy fetish…?”

The fed’s snarled back and he roughly clamped a hand over her mouth. He jumped as he felt someone tapping him on the shoulder. Angel looked on with full surprise seeing it to be Opie. He popped the man across the face.

“Touch her again – fed or not… I’ll fucking blow your head off! Now do what she said! And get lost, asshole!”

The fed went to say something on this but that’s when he realized he had the attention of the entire MC as well as others. He swallowed back rather nervously. Angel tilted her head upon him.

“Is something wrong?” she taunted.

The man bitched under his breath but got into his truck and left.

“Are you alright?” Opie asked and Angel nodded as she hugged the hell out of him.

“You’re here!”

He sighed and found himself hugging her in return.

“Yeah I’m here, lil red…”

“You’re drunk.” She commented as he was slurring his words.

“Think you can give me a pass on that one today?”

She smiled and adjusted his vest.

He nodded and headed on over towards the funeral. Angel regarded JT’s grave in thought.

“Look after him for me, will you? He needs you…”

Jax set his tray of food down. He hadn’t any appetite whatsoever. The outlaw just sat there staring at his food. He knew the others were coming back from Piney’s funeral about now. Yet here he was… paying for a murder he didn’t commit. He hated that he couldn’t be there for Opie or Angel. They needed him, Opie especially. He knew firsthand just how reckless Opie could get. And he only prayed that he was taking his VP position into consideration and wasn’t doing anything stupid.

The outlaw lifted his eyes as someone sat across from him. Then two more sat on each side of him. Jax sighed with slight annoyance. It was the neo-Nazi whose meth lab they took down and he had his little buddies with him. This wasn’t their first encounter either. The Nazi lover knew that SAMCRO was behind the destruction of his lab and that they were the ones behind the busting of the drug cartel. Ironically, the guy was imprisoned for the killing of some local blacks. Something he’d hoped to pin on SAMCRO. But he got sloppy and got caught before he could achieve this mundane goal of his. But now he had Jax right where he wanted. This guy wasn’t going anywhere as he was doing life. And Jax knew if he didn’t come up with something and fast. This guy and his friends would end up killing him eventually. There wasn’t anything holding him back. On this thought he glanced towards a group of African American men. They were eyeing these Nazi lovers down. Jax was thinking of a way to get in their good graces. In order to do that? He had to find out what they wanted and make it happen. If not he wouldn’t last another week or two. The man grabbed a roll off Jax’s tray and stuffed it into his mouth. Jax sighed and pushed his tray over.

“Not hungry. Might as well help yourself.”

“I don’t know about that pretty boy. I’d eat if I were you. You’re going to need that energy for all the ass raping you’re gonna receive. You see that nigger over there? He’s got his eyes on you. Won’t be long now.”

“Who says he’s looking at me, Ernest? Maybe he’s thinking about you chocking on that thick black cock of his.”

Ernest took the tray and thwacked Jax across the face with it. His buddies hopped up and jerked Jax out from his seat. They held him back as Ernest beat the shit out of him. For once Jax was truly vulnerable as all his focus was going to not revealing himself. And every time he fought to keep the beast at bay, it hurt like hell. But if he let that part of him slip through, he’d kill them and anyone that so much as got in his way. That just wasn’t an option. Not if he ever wanted to see his family again.

The only good side to getting the shit beat out of you on a daily basis? It toughened you up and prepared you for what was to come the following day. When Jax was had the chance he was training his body to the max. So much so that by the time it was lights out… he was ready to pass out. All his focus went to keeping his strength and only building from here. And the more he focused on that the more alive he felt. He could feel the power coursing through him. But with that came the pain of restraining it and at all cost. And he couldn’t retaliate, not today. Today was too important. He’d lose his visitation rights with his old lady. So Jax merely took whatever they dealt…

The guards gradually made their way over and put a stop to it. A couple of them ushered Jax back to his cell. Once the guards were out of sight, Jax let out a growl. He dropped down and started his usual pushups. He had to keep himself distracted and burn off whatever energy he could.

Jax smiled the moment he saw Angel entering the room. He put a hand up to the glass that kept them separated. She took her seat by the phone. There was no disguising the sorrow in her eyes as she put her hand up to the glass as well. He pointed to the phone with his free hand. She picked up the phone and he picked on the one on his end.

“You look beautiful, Angel darlin’. As always…”
Her cheeks flushed over as he had her blushing a bit.

“How’d it go?” he asked seeing as how she was still in the dress she wore to Piney’s funeral.

“It was a lovely service…” she replied sadly.

He nodded in response.
“He’s dealing with it in his own way. He showed up towards the end…”

He sighed not sure what to say on that one. It was about what he’d expected. He swallowed back as she lowered her hand and started tearing up a bit. She wanted to tell him about the fed, but knew now wasn’t the best of times, considering where they were and the situation. That was the last thing her husband needed – adding fire to the flame.

“What happened to you, Jax?” She asked as to how beat up he was.

“Prison life, babe. Just comes with the territory.”

Her bottom lip quivered and she shook her head.

“But this isn’t your cross to bear. We both know that.”

Jax nodded in agreement.

“It should be him… not you.”

“We don’t know that for certain…”

She shook her head in disagreement.

“How are you and Abel doing?”

“We’re okay. Just wanting you home… We miss you.”
“I miss you too… Have you got ahold of the lawyer yet?”

She looked about the area.

“You let me worry about that part. Just know that I’m getting you out of here, one way or another.”

“You’re not going for the whole cake baking routine are you?” He hinted with a smirk.

She managed to laugh.

“Not quite… You’ll see. You just worry about keeping your ass alive long enough for me to even achieve this.”

Jax sighed.

“Angel, I wish you’d just get ahold of the lawyer and go about it the traditional way.”
“I will… if need be.”

He narrowed his eyes on this.

“Jax baby, you’re always telling me to trust you. Well now it’s your turn to trust me.”

“Trust is never an issue, you know that.”
“Then let it go. I got this. For now we have other matters to discuss.” She said with a sigh. The young woman looked to the time knowing it was limited.

He nodded in understanding.

“Such as this…” She took the letter out from her purse and put it to the glass.

“What the fuck is this shit?”

“You weren’t supposed to read that… Not yet…”
“Yet? And what’s this shit about reading my journal? Those are private thoughts, Jax.” she hissed.

“What is this all about? Is there something I should know?”
“Not that I’m aware of… But things tend to happen.”
“Not to you… I mean it, Jax. This better not be something I have to actually take into consideration.”

“It’s there just in case…”

He reared back at this.

“What about Happy?”
“The stepfather…” she taunted with an evil grin.

Jax sighed.

“Just so you know you’re getting a beating for that when I get out.”

He chuckled on this.

“Only you, babe. I don’t know of many women that get their panties in a twist over domestic violence.”

On this they both looked around making certain they hadn’t any ears about. But everyone’s focus was on other things even the guards. She cleared her throat and talked as softly as possible. She told him about the Mayans and what they pulled and revealed their connection with the IRA. He nodded but couldn’t respond as a guard was passing by. Angel took notice of this as well and quickly changed the subject. She flashed him the key that was in the envelope.

“So what’s this to?”

“You’ll see…”

She sighed on this.
“Not so sure I can handle anymore ‘surprises’, Jax.”

He smiled and sent her a wink.

“Oh no you don’t! Don’t even bother with that. You think you’re getting off that easily? Just you wait…”

She drew back a breath and leaned back in her chair.

“You should know I got Nero in on the deal…”

He raised his brows and gazed upon her in absolute astonishment.

“Wait… You mean to tell me that Nero agreed to the terms?”

She smiled.

“I’m more than just a pretty face…” she taunted and he closed his eyes for a moment.

There she was – driving him mad all over again. He wanted nothing more than to break through that stupid glass separating them and fuck her senseless.

“I checked out the building by the way. I gotta say… color me impressed. This is going to kick so much ass. The ideas we got going are just nonstop… I can’t wait for you to see it and everything we got planned.”

“That’s my girl… Hell babe, I’m starting to wonder if you even need me. Maybe you should take over as president. I’m sure they’d vote you in, without hesitation.”

“That’s not even funny.”

“I wasn’t really joking… You never seize to amaze me. I’m proud of you. Hokey as that fucking sounds, I haven’t any other way to describe it. And you haven’t any idea what this means to me, Angel.”

He sighed as the guards were giving him the wrap it up gesture.

“I need a favor. Not so much from you but the MC. Babe, I gotta get these guys off my back, in order to do that I need protection. You’re merely the messenger. So I need you to write this down.” She nodded and took a small memo pad from her purse. She wrote down a particular name and address with further instructions.

“You got it?”

“Good deal… I gotta go darlin’. I love you and you have my full support. Never doubt that.”

She smiled and put her hand to the glass once more.

“I love you too, Jax.”

She blew him a kiss as the guards made him hang up the phone. He caught it and put it to his lips as they were taking him back to his cell.

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15 thoughts on “Chapter 29 SOA Blues”

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  6. Wow! That Fed and that cop both have me wanting to punch something! Then the Mayans try to kidnap Angel?! Their light bulbs don’t glow too bright, do they? Actually being gullible enough to think the IRA would actually cut a “deal.”
    I love how everyone truly values Angel and that they all indeed – family. I don’t know who I love more..Opie or Chibs. Though, I do have a soft spot for Chibs. 😉
    I hope Jax gets out of prison, soon. Those skinheads better watch it – They won’t know what hit ’em!! Awesome chapter!!

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