Chapter 30 Blood Doesn’t Always Make A Family

Chapter 30

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“Eat your waffles, Abel.”

Angel raised her brows on this and Gemma reared back.

“Excuse me?” his mother questioned in disbelief.

He folded his arms about his chest and kicked his feet about.

“You need to eat…”

He shook his head and knocked his plate and sippy cup off the table.

“Abel!” Angel scolded and came to her feet.

She started to clean up his mess. Abel climbed out of his booster seat and was heading towards the patio door.

“You think I’m going to let you go out and play after acting like that?!”

He nodded with his little hand reaching to the sliding door.

“Well guess again. To your room, Abel.”

Angel gritted her teeth and closed her eyes for a moment. She took in a deep breath.

“Abel, if you don’t do as you’re told. I’m taking your Rex away!”
“NO take Rex!”

“Then you had better behave!”

“I want Da-dee!” he said with a quivery lip.

“You and me both, baby. And you know daddy wishes he could be here.”

“Where?!” He questioned as he held his hands out.

“Where what, baby?”

Angel and Gemma exchanged glances. His mother drew back a breath.

“He’s out on business.” She cringed on the inside.

She hated lying to him like that. But wasn’t about to tell him the truth behind that. It’d break his heart and he wouldn’t fully understand. She didn’t want their son to think daddy was a bad man or deserved to be where he was. Abel cut her a confused look.

“He’s working… Daddy works hard so he can take care of us.”

“No work! Da-dee, come home!”

“He can’t do that right now. But he will as soon as he can.”

Gemma pointed upon her grandson.
“That’s enough! You think your daddy would like it if he knew you were giving mommy a hard time?! You get your little butt over here and eat your breakfast!”

Abel ignored his grandmother as well and headed outside. Angel sort of laughed and pinched the bridge of her nose.

“You’re spoiling him. That’s why he acts that way. Jax never had the balls.”

Angel regarded Gemma in disbelief.

“Spoiling him? Are you kidding me? And he’s never acted that way. He’s had his moments but never that bad.”

“He needs a good spanking.”

“I’m not spanking him. He’s just upset. We all are. He hasn’t any other way to express himself.”

“Still he needs to know who is boss.”

Gemma came to her feet and started towards the backyard.

“I got it.”
“Clearly you don’t…” Gemma said as she opened the door.

“Don’t… I mean it, Gemma. You let me handle this.”
“You just let him go out there even though he told him he couldn’t!”

“And I told you I’m handling it!”

“It doesn’t look that way to me.”
“I’m giving him a few minutes to cool off. It’s what we both need at the moment. Then I will deal with him. I got this. So please… just let me do my job.”

“He’s my grandson.”
“Yeah well he’s my son.”
“He’s Jax’s son…” Gemma corrected.

Angel’s entire face heated over and she eyed Gemma down with animosity.

“Excuse me?”

“You need to remember that… You were nothing more than a nanny to that boy. I’m the reason he’s even in your life to begin with. Jax as well… You wouldn’t even be here…”

“Don’t you ever talk to me that way again. I am his mother. Jax is my husband and that is my family. You will not pull this shit with me, Gemma. I’ve got enough going on without you going all territorial on me! Put that invisible dick of yours away and act like a mother should. Quit being such a god damn BITCH!”

“Well… tell me how you really feel!”


Angel pushed past her and headed on out the door.

“That’s my girl…” Gemma whispered with a nod.

Angel’s heart shattered a bit as she saw Abel on the swing – crying his little eyes out. She walked on over and squatted down to his level.

“Abel…” she said softly and he lifted his baby blues her direction.

She reached out and wiped his tears away.

“Come here, baby.”

He nodded and made his way over as she opened her arms.

“I love you. So does daddy. Mommy and daddy are going to fix all this. Things are going to get better. It just takes some time.”

“I bad…” he said and lowered his head.
She reared back in disbelief and dropped her hold.

“Abel, why would you say that?”

His kept his head down and dipped his toe into the dirt. Angel cupped his chin and lifted it.

“Look at me, Abel. You are not a bad kid. You hear me?”

He nodded but started to cry again.

“We all have our moments… It happens. That doesn’t make you bad. It makes you human.”

She pulled him in for another hug.

“You take Rex?”

“No, baby. We’re good. I want you to forget about this and go play. All I ask is that you eat your lunch when it’s time. You’re a growing boy. You wanna be strong like daddy, right?”

He nodded with a big ole grin.

“Then you gotta eat.”

He nodded and she wiped any remaining tears from his face. She watched as he took off and went down the slide.

“You have the patience of a saint…” the young woman peered over her shoulder snorted on this.

“Trust me. I don’t.”

“Hmmm, didn’t look that way to me.”

Nero pecked her on the cheek and waved towards Abel. The boy waved in return and went back to playing.

“What brings you here?”
“A couple things actually…”
“Those being?”
“A bit of business and pleasure.”

She raised her brows on this.

“Well Nero. You’re an attractive man I’ll give you that. But I’m afraid my heart belongs to another.” She clowned.
The Latino man reached to his heart and staggered back.
“You break my heart…”

She shook her head and laughed.
“I’m guessing Gemma’s the pleasure and I’m the business.”
“You’d be correct…”
“Good, she needs a good wrecking. She’s in a ‘mood’ today.”
Nero sighed.

“Maybe I should stick to the business instead?”

She snorted on this.

“I don’t know Nero. Angry sex can be somewhat kinky.”

Nero cleared his throat on this.

“Am I making you blush?”

He rubbed the back of his neck.

“This seems to be something that runs in the family.”
“Making you blush or the angry sex?”

Nero chuckled.

“I’ll get back to you on that one.”

She had a good laugh at this.

“So what is it you wanted to discuss?”

“I thought we could get together this weekend. Maybe the three of us could go over a few things that need some sorting out. That and well my girls need to meet your girls.”

“Why don’t I reserve us a table? Someplace nice… They could get to know one another over dinner and maybe a few drinks?”

Nero raised his brows as he finding himself rather impressed.

“Very well you set everything up and it’ll be on me.”

“We go half…”

He shook his head in disagreement.

“Please, allow me to do this. It’s the least I can do… After all if it wasn’t for you and your husband my girls wouldn’t have anywhere to go and they’d be without work for longer than expected.”

“Fair enough…”

“Thank you. Now how does the old man feel about you running things while he’s in the big house?”

She cringed at that last part and sighed.
“My apologies…” Nero said sincerely as he took notice.
“No need. Just a lot to take in at the moment… As to your question. He’s good. If you have any doubts feel free to set up a visit yourself. I’m sure he’d love to go over everything with you or at least reassure you.”

“You haven’t given me any reason to doubt you, or your word.”

They turned as they heard the patio door slide open. Gemma nodded towards them and made her way over. She kissed Nero on the cheek.

“Does Jax know about you two?” Angel questioned curiously.

Nero sort of laughed and looked to Gemma in question. Gemma rolled her eyes.

“You just let me worry about that, sweetheart.”
“Oh believe me. I will.”
“Think you can handle the fort while I’m gone?”

“Yes, but remember we leave first thing tomorrow morning…” Angel reminded.

“That means lay off the booze and pot for one night. Think you can do that?”

Nero reared back and regarded Gemma with a smirk.
“Can you, mama?” he taunted.

“I tell you what. How about I just make sure I’m sober and ready to go?”
“Fair enough. I’ll see you bright and early tomorrow morning.”

Gemma nodded and took Nero by the hand.
“You two have fun now…” Angel teased with a grin.

“CJ?” Abel questioned as he put his hand to his mother’s tummy.

Angel smiled and nodded.

“Yep. Your little sister is in there.”

Abel smiled and kissed her tummy. She glanced towards her cellphone as her as it sounded. Abel hopped to his feet and grabbed it off the coffee table and handed it to her.

“Thank you.”

He lay back down and had his head in her lap as she answered the phone.


Hey, darlin’.”

She smiled and looked to Abel.

It’s daddy!”

“Da-dee?” Abel repeated and shot up with a beam about him.

Jax chuckled on the other end.

Put him on the phone, babe.”

Will do.”

Hey, little man.”

Hi, da-dee!”

How you doing?”


You being good?”

Abel looked to his mother and had this guilty air about him.

We talked about this, Abel…” Jax heard his wife comment and he narrowed his eyes in wonder.

What is it, buddy?”
Abel sighed. “I no good. Be mean to ma-mee.” He said with a quivery lip.

Jax swallowed back on this.

Abel, baby. We talked about this. Remember what mommy said?” Angel was doing her best to encourage.
“Yes, ma-mee. I still bad though.”

Why were you mean to mommy, Abel?”

I no eat waffles and go play. Make ma-mee sad.”

Hmmm. You remember what we talked about, right? About mommy needing your help? And you being a big boy?”

Yes, da-dee.”

Well I need you to do that for me. Daddy isn’t there to take care of you or mommy. So I need you to take care of mommy like mommy takes care of you. Do you understand?”

Yes…” Abel said with a quivery lip.

I sowwy.”

Awe, you’re fine, little man. It happens. Even daddy gets into trouble and makes wrong decisions from time to time. But that’s how we learn, Abel. You’re not bad. So don’t ever say that again.”

Otay. Come home now?”

Jax winced on his son’s words and pinched the bridge of his nose.

Soon, little man… I love you.”

Wuv you too…”

Angel smiled as he handed the phone back.

I be good now, ma-mee.”

She kissed his cheek and Abel went to play with his toys.

Whatever you said seemed to help… He’s playing with Rex now.”

Long day I take it?”

You could say that… I’d ask the same but almost afraid to.”

Eh, just another day, babe.”

You should know I fired that lawyer.”

I figured that much but are you getting a new one is the question? Like anytime soon?”

I’ve a meeting set up with this lawyer Saturday before my meeting with Nero. However I’m looking into something else first. I should be back before then.”

And how are things with Nero and the girls?”

Good actually. No worries there. Cara Cara’s going to be just fine.”
“Good deal.”


“Was there any real explanation as to why they didn’t wait for you to get out of the hospital, before holding the hearing? I mean shouldn’t you have gone to jail then awaited trail?”

Babe, when you got a record like mine. They have you right where they want you. They took my testimony and held the trail without me – claimed I didn’t have to be there.”

Jesus Jax, that doesn’t even sound like you! Why would you let them railroad you like that? We could sue their asses once you’re proven innocent. And you will be. You should’ve awaited trail in jail. You had that LEGAL right!”

I know, Angel. It wasn’t until it was over and done I realized my mistake. I’ve never fucked up this bad. My mind… it just wasn’t all there. You’re right, I should’ve raised hell and fired the bitch myself. I keep telling you, I don’t know where I’d be without you. Fuck babe. I can’t believe I did this. What the hell is wrong with me?! If it had been one of the boys; I’d have ringed their fucking necks for being so ignorant.”
“Don’t be so hard on yourself. They took advantage of your situation and played you. That bitch was supposed to defend you; not send you straight to the wolves.”

Jax sighed. All he remembered was how much pain he was in. Even now, his head was pounding and he felt as if he were dealing with one of the worst cases of the flu ever known to mankind. And all this was merely the side effects of fighting off the beast within. It was a constant struggle. This just wasn’t like him. Jackson Teller of all people knew better. He knew his rights. They absolutely took advantage of his debilitated state. It was extremely rare to get one over Jax. Yet he let this one fly right over his head. How? And now he was pissed off with himself. Why did it take his old lady to point out the error of his ways?

That bitch isn’t seeing a dime from us, Jax. And I let her know that. She fucked herself on that one. So here’s the deal… I’m going on a little road trip. I can’t tell you why exactly. At least not over the phone. But there will be another hearing when I get back. And one of two things is going to happen. You’re going to jail where you will await a PROPER trial. Or two – you’re coming home. End of story. I’m tired of the games these assholes are trying to play. Someone is on the inside pulling strings. And I’ve a pretty good feeling on who it might be. They want us to believe there are no other options. Well we’re going to prove otherwise. Watch your back. There is something awfully fishy about all this. In the meantime, you keep a mental note of all visitors, phone calls, etc…”

You got, babe.” He said with a sigh. He’d never felt more foolish than he had now. How could he let this happen?! He should be taking care of her not the other way around.

Did you get that information to the MC?”

All taken care off. Opie said to let you know it’s being handled.”
“Good deal.Look babe, I gotta go. Out of time, now as to this little road trip you mentioned. Please be careful. I can’t protect you from here. Just promise me you’ll have one of the guys go with you.”
“I will be and Tig is going with us. I love you.”
“I love you too, darlin’. Give Abel a hug and kiss for me.”

“You just stay here and play with Happy and Phil.”
“Otay!” Abel said as he was showing Happy his Rex.

Angel headed into the office and shut and locked the door behind her. She made her way to the desk and used the key to open the desk drawer. She saw the journal and picked it up. Her heart skipped a beat as she opened it and saw it to be her husband’s. She ran her fingers along the familiar handwriting.

“Something happens at around 92 miles an hour – thunder-headers drown out all sound, engine vibrations travels at a heart’s rate, field of vision funnels into the immediate and suddenly you’re not on the road, you’re in it. A part of it. Traffic, scenery, cops – just cardboard cutouts blowing over as you past. Sometimes I forget the rush of that. That’s why I love these long runs. All your problems, all the noise, gone. Nothing else to worry about except what’s right in front of you. Maybe that’s the lesson for me today, to hold on to these simple moments. Appreciate them a little more – there’s not many of them left. (AN Top quote taken from SOA)

Angel shut the journal as there was a knock at the door. She slipped the journal into her purse and locked the drawer back up. After making her way to the door, she unlocked it and nodded upon Opie. He stepped inside and pulled the door to.
“What’s this about a road trip?”
“How’d you know about that?”
“I visited Jax today. He seems somewhat concerned. Made me promise you wouldn’t go alone.”
She nodded with a touch of sigh.

“I’m not. Gemma and Tig are going with me.”

Opie narrowed his eyes on this.

“What are you up to, lil sis?”

“You just let me worry on it…”

Opie shook his head.

“Lyla says she’s watching after Abel?”

Angel nodded in response.

“If you’re doing what I think you’re doing… It’s a mistake. If anyone… it should be me.”
“And what would you do? The moment you saw him, Op?”
“Kill the son of a bitch.”
“Exactly. I need him alive and so does Jax. So sorry, Op. You gotta stay behind on this one and let me handle it.”
“And if you get hurt or don’t come back?”
“I’m going to be just fine.”
“I can’t let you do this.”
“It’s not your choice and with all due respect towards my husband, it isn’t his either. I gotta do this. And no one’s going to talk me out of it.”

“Dammit Angel, Bobby holds you responsible for everything! He damn near raped your ass and he killed my old man! What makes you think he won’t finish the job or take your life or anyone else’s for that matter?”

“You need to trust that I can do this!”
Opie shook his head and began pacing the room.

“This is a mistake. The Mayans damn near succeeded in kidnapping you. The IRA is still out there somewhere and I can guarantee they’re pissed the fuck off.”
“All the more reason I should leave town for a bit. They haven’t a clue where I’m going. Hell I don’t even know for certain. All I know is I’m not coming back until I have him with me. He will confess. One way or another, Jax is coming home!”

“And if he doesn’t confess or you can’t find him?”
“Then I’ve got one hell of a lawyer on standby. I got this, Op…”

He drew back a hesitant breath.

“If something happens to you, Jax will lose his shit and you know what could happen. It’s a wonder he’s held it in this long.”
“All the more reason… The sooner – the better and what I have planned will be so much faster than the long tedious court battle awaiting us. And as much as I hate to admit it… My husband won’t last if I don’t do something and now. He’s all by himself in there. And you know how that goes!”

Opie sighed but nodded in agreement.

“So we’re in agreement. This has to be done, Op.”
“That doesn’t mean I have to like it. And this also means I’m breaking my promise to Jax. You get hurt and he’ll slit my god damn throat.”
“I seriously doubt that.”
“You don’t seem to understand the lengths he will go to in order to protect you.”
“You read the letter. You’re his brother. And nothing’s going to happen. So this whole conversation is pretty much irrelevant.”

“I should go.”
“Um no, you shouldn’t. Besides, you can’t. You gotta fill in for Jax. You’re the VP. He needs you here taking care of things. You can’t do that if you’re tagging along. And like I said before… I need Bobby alive. If not, Jax could be facing life in prison. He’ll end up like your friend Otto.”

Opie recoiled on this.

“And I’ll be damned if I become the next Luann. So I’m doing this. Everyone – Jax included is just going to have to suck it up.”

“You’re a pain in the fucking ass, you know that?”

She smiled.

“I love you too, Op.”

He rolled his eyes as she pecked him on the cheek. Just as she was about to head out, he gently took her by the arm.

“If you’re not back in three days tops. I’m hunting your ass down. Understood?”

She nodded. Opie dropped his hold and cleared his throat.

“The sunflowers… That was you, wasn’t it?”

She nodded once again.

“I figured that much. No one else knew… Thanks. And I don’t just mean for the flowers. But what you did… for my dad. It meant a lot to him. You didn’t have to keep in contact after that horrific event… but you did. He told me about your little visits. Said that you’d check in at least once or twice a week. That you play cards, would have a few drinks, and you’d cook dinner for him. He also said he offered you room and board, but you always declined.”

Angel closed her eyes and leaned against the door.

“He was the only friend I had…” She softly admitted.

Opie swallowed back on this.

“You haven’t any idea how surreal this feels. You know I used to fear waking up to find myself back at the cemetery. Those fears have changed. Now it’s me waking up to find everyone I love buried within those gates. And this is just the beginning. We haven’t even touched the surface.”

“You’re not alone there…” Opie admitted.

“So you understand my reasoning… I can’t lose him, Op. Anything happens to Jax and a part of me if not all will die right along with him. And every second he spends in that prison; is a second closer to either exposing himself or death. I gotta do something.”

“Then you do what you gotta do. But you remember what Jax put in that letter…”

She cut him a puzzled glance.

“If you need me, call. Don’t hesitate.”

She smiled and hugged him.

“I will. I promise.”

“You needed to talk to me?”

Angel nodded as she met Wayne outside the clubhouse.


She looped her arm around his and kept walking. The young woman led him to the picnic tables.

“Have a seat, sheriff.”

“That’s never good.”
“What isn’t?”
“When you call me sheriff instead of Wayne, I know something’s up.”

“You’d be correct, unfortunately.”

“And what is it you need, sweetheart?”

She took her phone out from her purse and brought up the pictures of Mr. Hunt. He narrowed his eyes as she handed the phone over. The sheriff reared back as he viewed the pictures. “There’s more I zoomed in with each one.” He nodded as she showed him how to skim through them. He shook his head once he finished.

Jesus…” he whispered and miserably rubbed his face.

“I think he’s also behind Jax being sentenced right off the bat.”

Wayne had this puzzled look to him.

“Think about it. They took his statement right after surgery? He was still drugged and not even fully there. What they did was illegal and you know it. I think your deputy had a hand in this as well.”

“David wouldn’t have much pull over a fed. Neither of us do.”
“Wayne, I’m telling you there’s more to this. I think David’s helping the fed with whatever he wants or needs and vice versa. And why was our lawyer of all people so quick to screw Jax over? She should’ve defended him and said that the trail could wait until he was better. But no, they skipped that entire process. They took his statement. Held the trial without him and sentenced him to prison rather than jail? And now they’re in the process of setting another court date! But we need to beat them to the punch. In order to do that, I need you to stall things a bit. If you don’t, Jax’s sentence will be finalized and after that there’s nothing we can do.”
“Stall, as in report the fed?”
“And David.”

Wayne sighed on this.
“I’ve already filed a report on him.”

“Well we need to dig a little deeper. Find out if David and Mr. Hunt are indeed working together in taking my husband down. And what their connection is to the jury and if there’s a possibility of one to the judge himself. Even he had to know this was crooked as hell!”
“And what about the lawyer?”
“I already know her connection.”

“It seems she was paid a fair amount. More than we had to offer causing her to purposely throw this case.”
“And she admitted this?”
“Not in so many words. But I can read between the lines. I don’t think she played any other part other than being a greedy little bitch. She was just living up to the whole bloodsucking lawyer name.”

He nodded and looked to be in thought.

“I’ll see what I can do. I’ll report Mr. Hunt to his superiors. I can make a call to Quantico first thing tomorrow morning. Do you mind coming by the office so I can make copies of these pictures?”

“Not at all.”

“And if I’m to report Mr. Hunt. I’m going to need you to sign some papers and make a statement. Which also means you’re going to be filing a complaint against him. And if I were you, I’d consider getting a restraining order. If he’s pulling anything along the lines of what I witnessed already. The man’s clearly got some issues. More than Stahl even… Hell I’m starting to wonder if it’s a fed thing. I’d feel a lot safer if you filed whatever you could against him. Make certain he can’t come after you. Not without gathering the attention of everyone else. Meaning just one false move and he’s done for. In fact…”

“I do believe things like this have a tendency to get out in the open. It’d sure be a shame if this got leaked somewhere – like the internet…”

Angel smiled.

“Oh…I couldn’t agree more.”

“Hm… Have one of the boys take you. I’ll be there in about 15 or so.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

He nodded and came to his feet.

Angel turned towards the first man to exit the clubhouse.


He stopped in his tracks and pivoted around, facing her.

“Wanna give me ride?”

He lowered his shades on this.

“Ah, now lass it’s only been a week or so… Think ye can wait till Jackie boy gets back?”


He chuckled.

“And where does the lady wish ta go?”

“I gotta run by the sheriff’s department and fill out some papers.
“I can do that.”
“Cool. Let me tell Abel goodbye and make certain Op has everything he needs before he takes him over to Lyla.”

Chibs nodded and waited for her on his bike.

“All his clothes and diapers are in that bag. The other one has his favorite toys, and books. Everything else I’ve already gone over with Lyla.”

Opie nodded as she handed Abel over.

“You be good for mommy and daddy and I’ll bring you back something special, okay? Maybe a friend for Rex. Would you like that?”

Abel smiled and nodded.

“Alright baby. I love you and I’ll see you in a few days.”

“Otay. I wuv you too, mommy.”
She and Op exchanged glances on how well he spoke.

“You’re becoming such a big boy. Mommy’s so proud of you.”

“I know.”

Opie died of laughter, “now that sounds like Jackson.”


She pecked her son on the cheek and hugged Op.

“I’ll see you soon.”
Opie nodded as she rushed on out the door.

“Ready?” Chibs questioned once she was outside.

“Yep.” She said as she climbed onto the back of bike.

Chibs handed his helmet over. Once she had it on she adjusted the straps and clasped it shut.

She wrapped her arms around him and the bike roared to life. Chibs pulled up to the sheriff’s department but turned seeing the fed pulling up right beside them.

“You’ve got to be kidding.” He heard Angel murmur as he killed the engine.

To make matters worse he had Renee with him.

“Bella?!” Her mother called out looking to be somewhat surprised.

She looked to Chibs then back to her daughter.

“Do you have a new man already?”

Chibs raised his brows on this but said nothing as he helped Angel off the bike.

“Really, Renee?”

“I can’t believe you’re riding on that thing! You’re pregnant! Haven’t you any concern for the child you carry?”
“Ask the one who has abandoned three of her own…” Angel muttered as she started walking towards the sheriff’s department.

“What are you doing here?” The fed asked with a touch of trepidation to his voice.

Angel turned to him with a hint of a smile.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?”

The fed gritted his teeth and started towards her. Chibs held up a hand stopping him.

“Ah, now I’d be staying away from the little lass if I were ye! Both of ye!” He said with a nod towards her mother as well.

Chibs wrapped his arm around Angel’s shoulder and escorted her inside. Wayne waved them on over but frowned the moment he saw Mr. Hunt and Mrs. Dwyer entering the building. He wasn’t backing out however. He had the papers set out and ready to go. The sheriff picked them up and had them follow him into his office. Just as soon as they stepped inside, he pulled the door to and locked it.

He motioned for them to have a seat as he sat at his desk. He adjusted his tie and handed Angel a pen.

“Thank you.”

He nodded but rolled his eyes once he saw the fed glancing his direction through the window. The sheriff came to his feet and went and shut the blinds. Angel filled out the papers and wrote down what had taken place at JT’s grave. When she was done she placed the papers down on his desk along with a flashdrive copy of the pictures.

“I’m going to need to record your statement as well. Are you okay with that?”

Angel nodded. Wayne sighed as there was a knock on the door. Already knowing… he handed her the restraining order to fill out as well.

“You might wanna fill this out first, sweetheart.”
“I’d like to fill out two of these.”

She nodded. The sheriff shrugged on this and handed her another paper.

“Do what you gotta do.”

Chibs took notice of the way her hand shook, when filing the one against her mother. Wayne opened the door and the fed gestured towards Angel.
“Might we talk? In private?”

“I’ve nothing to say to you.”

“It seems Mrs. Teller has filed a restraining order against you.” Wayne made clear.

The fed started laughing, “she can’t do that.”

“Actually she can… and did. And as of now, you’re in violation of that. You’re not to be within 100 ft of Mrs. Teller.”

The fed rolled his eyes and pointed upon her.

“What is it you’re hiding?!”

Angel raised her brows on this. Chibs came to his feet and stared the fed down.

“I believe the sheriff done told ye. Now I’d be on yer way…”

“What’s going on, Will?”

“I’m handling it, Renee.” He replied through gritted teeth as he was eyeing Angel down.

“Why are you here exactly? I mean of all the places in the world… You just happen to end up in Charming and dating this prick?”

“I hadn’t any idea you were here. I met Will back in Arizona. We worked together. He mentioned that he was coming here…”Angel was quick to interrupt.
“So you tagged along leaving your husband and kids behind. Gotcha. You haven’t changed a bit.”

Renee sighed.

“I ran into your friend Jacob not long ago. And he that told me you was in town. I couldn’t believe it! I saw it as a sign. I was so shocked by this news that I didn’t think to ask him of your whereabouts. So once it truly dawned on me… I went around town asking about you.”
“A sign? Do you not remember our last conversation?” Angel darkly reminded.

“That wasn’t you. That’s the club talking.”
Angel smiled and in such a way that it actually sent the Irishman chills.

“Are you absolutely sure about that?”

Wayne gave Angel the cut throat aka cut it out gesture. She drew back a breath but nodded in understanding. He didn’t want her to say anything that might backfire.

“We’re not quite done here. So if you two wouldn’t mind, we need a few more minutes…” the sheriff said as he shut the door.

“Let’s get that video recording over with so we can get you out of here.”

“Thank you…”

Chibs nodded as he glanced towards the house.
“Ye gonna be here on your lonesome?”
“Tig’s on his way.”

He nodded and climbed off his bike.
“I’ll wait…”
“Chibs, you don’t have to do that.”
“Aye, I do…” he said as he pecked her on the cheek.

She reached to her tummy as he helped her off the bike.

“Ye alright?” he asked with slight concern.

“Just CJ letting me know she’s up and kickin’.”

Chibs chuckled and put a hand along her stomach. He smiled when he felt the baby moving around.

This had the man thinking back his family. He let out a rather melancholy sigh.

“Is something wrong?”

He shook his head and lowered his hand.

“Nothing I can fix at this given moment.”
“You looked so sad…”

“Aye… every now and then it hits. I’ve a wife and daughter back in Ireland. It’s been a few years…”
“How’d that happen?”
“Long story…”

“Wife… as in you’re married?”


“And why aren’t they here or vice versa?”

“Like I said… long story…”

He was rubbing the scars along his face and looked to be elsewhere at the moment.

“Chibs?” she questioned with concern and placed a hand along his.

“You know… I’m a good listener… I’m here…”

Chibs took her hand and did a slight bow as he kissed it. The man said nothing as Tig pulled up on his bike. He waved Tig’s direction and hopped onto his. Tig waved in return and Chibs hit the road.

“Whatcha reading there, pretty boy?”

Jax hopped up only to realize the door to his cell was open. The guard merely stood there as Ernest and his buddies stood before Jax’s cot. Ernest yanked Angel’s journal right out from his hand. Opie had brought it with him, along with a few other things Jax requested. The Nazi lover had this cocky grin about him as he opened it. Jax’s went to snatch it back only to have the other two restraining him. Ernest chuckled as he paced the area and started reading it out loud.

Then there’s Thomas Teller. He was only 6 years old. I can’t even imagine. Jax was twelve when he passed away. Congestive heart failure… Something that runs in the family. His mother has it to. But there seems to be something more to his death. The things Mrs. Morrow says. It’s like there’s this big secret. But I can’t pinpoint what it could possibly be. Whatever it is… she blames JT. There’s a lot of resentment there… That woman is tough as nails. But when she visits h…

Ernest gritted his teeth as the journal was suddenly knocked out of his hand. Jax eyed the man down as he had him pinned up against the wall. Panic set in however as his claws had made their appearance and were puncturing through the man’s skin. The room began to spin as he retracted them. He took he a few steps back and reached to his temples. A low growl escaped him. Ernest caught his breath and started laughing. Jax narrowed his eyes on this and looked over to see his buddies ripping the pages out from the journal. They were balling them up or simply shredding them apart.

“NO!” Jax roared as he rushed over and started picking up them up off the ground.

He reached for the journal as they continued.

“KNOCK IT OFF!” he yelled and shoved the man back.

Absolute shock came over him as someone came to his defense, but it wasn’t who he expected. And it happened so fast it felt as though he merely blinked and it was done.

“Otto?” he whispered as the man handed what was left of the journal back.

The man nodded as Jax gathered what was on the floor.

“Shit…” Jax uttered as Ernest and the guard had their throats punctured through with an ice pick. The other two had taken off.

“It’s not that I don’t appreciate the help, brother. But you just cost me everything!”

Otto laughed.

“At the moment you have bigger concerns. I’d keep that anger in check before you end up in a government facility.” Otto hinted.

“Hurry it up, they’re on their way.”
“Why are you doing this?”

“I owe your father one… By the way this is going to suck…”

Jax’s eyes widened and he let out a painful grunt as Otto stabbed him in the chest with the ice pick. Otto covered his mouth and sent him a wink as the guards came rushing in.

It took a minute for Jax to grasp what he was doing. But once it finally dawned on him he was grateful. Even if he wanted to rip Otto’s head off at the moment. The guards yanked him off Jax and Otto spit blood into Jax’s face keeping up the ploy. The guards rushed over and cuffed Otto then dragged him away.

Tig fell off the couch and scrambled to his feet. He grabbed his gun and darted into the bedroom. When he turned on the light; Angel was screaming on top of her lungs and looked as if she were fighting someone in her sleep. Tig put his gun away and made his way over.

“Hey…” he called out as he gave her a little shake.

She shot up with a gasp and Tig was sent sailing across the room.

“TIG!” She hollered once she gathered what she’d done.

Angel rushed out of the bed. The bewildered man groaned out and rubbed the back of his head.

“I’m so sorry!” the young woman said as she offered him a hand up.

“I’m alright, doll.”

She nodded and sat at the edge of the bed. Tig saw that she had on one of Jax’s flannel shirts and a pair of white pajama shorts. He did his best to be respectful but it wasn’t easy. He cleared his throat and sat beside her.

“I’m going to fuck this all up… Aren’t I?”

Tig shook his head.

“Where’s that coming from. You hadn’t any doubts when we discussed this earlier.”

Angel sighed and rubbed the sleep from her eyes.

“Blood… I just keep seeing blood.”
He gazed upon her in question.

“These dreams… I have these flashes of everyone. They’re dying… I look around me and I’m the last one standing. And there’s blood. So much blood…”

He wrapped his arm around her and kissed the top of her head.

“It’s just your subconscious feeding on your worst fears.”

“And what if it comes true?”

“It won’t.”

“We’re entering the second week, Tig. Jax can’t be there much longer. I cringe every time I think about what he’s possibly going through. And to think they want to sentence him to life! I can’t! I just can’t!”

“Yes you can and you will. We got your back. You know that. You’re not going through this alone. We will fight to get Jax back.”

“I never thought I could love anyone this much. And there are times I hate it! I find myself wanting to go back to that cemetery and live a life of solitude rather than face the potential pain. Losing Jax or Abel makes me feel like I’d curl up and die.”
“Why don’t you leave Jax and fuck someone you don’t care about?” she snorted as he was pointing to himself.

“But I do care about you. So you see? I can’t fuck you.” She said as she elbowed him.

“Now CJ’s on the way and that feeling is going to amplify. I gotta be strong for them. I know. But it’s hard as FUCK! And what makes this even worse? Is knowing I’m the cause behind this shit. Behind Bobby! The Mayans and the IRA! And I was the issue when the Cullens and Shifters rolled on in. EVERYTHING!”

“We had enemies long before you came into the picture. And this thing with the Mayans and IRA was bound to happen no matter the circumstances. As to everything else…? Shit happens.” He looked to the time.

“Aren’t we leaving in like an hour?”

Angel nodded.

“Let me shower and I’ll get us some breakfast started.”
“You mean like a home cooked meal?”

She nodded and Tig looked as if he’d cry.

“You’re going to fix breakfast?”

“Um yeah… Is that okay?”

He nodded.

“So ummm what are you cooking exactly?”
She snorted.

“Well Tig what would you like?”


“You got it.”

“I love you!” He hollered as she stepped into the bathroom.

“I love you too, Tig. And before you even think about it… that wasn’t an invitation!”

“Man, I fucking wish…” he muttered under his breath.

The women loaded their bags into the pack of the truck. A laugh of sheer misery escaped Tig. It just dawned on him that he was going on a road trip with the two women he wanted to fuck the most. “God hates me…” Tig muttered and Angel happened to of catch wind of this.

“Come now, Tig. He doesn’t hate you. He just finds amusement in your suffering.” Angel teased and roughed up his hair some.

“Would it be easier if we had you spayed before we left town?” Gemma added with a smirk.

“You know it just might!” Tig practically snapped causing both women to laugh.

Once the three of them were inside and situated, Tig adjusted the rearview mirror.

“So what’s the plan?” Gemma asked curiously.

Tig regarded Angel through the rearview mirror.

“That’s what we have you for… You would know Bobby better than the two of us.” Angel said.
“I thought I was your chauffer, referee, and travel guide…” Tig smarted.

“More like our bitch…” Angel fired back.

“She has a point.”

Tig rolled his eyes on this.

“More like I’m being led around by two bitches…”
“Excuse me?” Gemma and Angel chorused causing all three of them to rear back.

“Yeah, don’t ever do that again. That was just downright creepy…” Tig uttered as he backed out of the driveway.

Four hours later…

“What the hell, Tig?” Angel commented as the truck killed over.

“Did you seriously run out of gas?” Gemma added with absolute annoyance.

Tig sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose.

“You’ve got to be kidding.” Angel murmured as a group of people were exiting a nearby barn.

“Jesus Christ, you drove us straight to hell!” Gemma said seeing as how they were Amish.

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  1. damn this keeps on getting better and better. i so hope that the end is no where even close to sight. im begining to wonder if the super laywer is not jenks. that would be kinda cool and to have juice and rose help in the search for bobby. rose would be so perfect for that seeing how she met her end and all.

  2. I love that you left us on a lighter note. A perfect ending to an intense, dramatic and SPECTACULAR chapter! I love how when Angel is feeling weak they manage to rally around her and lift her up and she does the same. Adore this story.

  3. I’m with mommy4thomas, please have someone smack Renee’…hehehe…great update hon, I hope everything works out with Bella going to find that guy…sigh…can’t wait to read more…thanks, huggs.

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