Chapter 32 The Life of A Teller

Chapter 32

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Angel rushed over and hugged him. Jax lifted her off the ground as he was hugging her in return.

“You’re home…” she murmured against his shoulder.

“Yeah baby, I’m home.”

Jax chuckled as Abel climbed out his booster seat in order to get to him.

“Hey, little man…” He said as Abel had made his way over and was reaching for him.

Jax picked him up and held them both his embrace.
“Miss you, daddy!” Abel announced.

“Awe, I missed you too, buddy. Both of you…” he said kissing the top of their heads.

“Bobby?” Angel hinted as she dropped her hold.

Bobby wouldn’t admit it but Jax could see it in his eyes. The guilt alone was eating him alive. If he hadn’t turned himself in, he’d have probably ended up drinking himself to death. And with the gunshot wound Piney had left him? There was more than enough evidence to clear Jax of all charges. And since he turned himself in and he shot Piney in self-defense. He got five years instead of the ten he would’ve gotten. Jax felt no need to bring up the near rape incident in court. He figured Bobby was paying enough as it was. He’d be lucky to survive the five years he was given. The Sons had plenty of enemies in prison. And it wasn’t just the other prisoners you had to concern yourself with. The guards were just as bad. You’d be lucky to make it past a year, if that. Jax wondered how Otto lasted as long as he had.

“Yes. And I have you to thank for that.” he said sincerely as he locked eyes with hers.

He smiled and wiped a stray tear off her cheek.

“Op said you didn’t want me at the hearings…”
“You’d done enough already. You got Bobby to come clean. We’re gonna be just fine, darlin’. We’re together now and that’s all that matters.”

She sighed, thinking back to the Amish. Not for long… she thought. Angel wasn’t about to spoil the moment or say anything about that, certainly not in front of Abel. Now wasn’t the time to be bringing up all the possibilities. But it also wasn’t something they could merely avoid.

“Are you alright?” Jax asked with concern.

Angel forced that smile and kissed him.

“I’m perfectly fine. Just glad you’re home.”

“Mommy make dogs.”

“Dogs, huh?”
“Wit cat chup!”
“Ketchup?! We put mustard on our hotdogs! Not ketchup, that’s gross.” Jax teased as he set Abel down.

“I no like mus turd!”

“You should’ve seen his face earlier, when I had him try some.”

She imitated the sour look on Abel’s face and Jax laughed.

“I thought you were going to call me…”

“I wanted to surprise you.”
“Who picked you up?” she questioned, whilst shutting the dishwasher and starting it.


“Are you hungry?”

“I’m good, babe. Op and I grabbed some food on the way home.”

“I’m surprised you still have your hair…”
Jax had a good laugh at this.

“I managed to luck out on that one.”
“Oh?” she questioned curiously.

“I’ll explain everything later…” he said with a hinting nod towards Abel.

And when he said ‘lucked out’, he truly meant it. Just as they were about to buzz his hair, a major fight broke out. A fight leading to a death of another prisoner and the very man that was about to do Jax’s hair, because of this, the entire prison was put on lockdown. The haircuts were pushed back for another couple weeks. The new lawyer Angel hired managed to get Jax out just two days shy of that.

“Seems like we have much to discuss.”

He nodded in full agreement and sat down in one of the chairs at the table. Angel went to wipe the table off, only to have Jax take the washcloth from her hold. He tossed it onto one of the counters. Then he pulled her into his lap. As he took a moment to breathe her in, his mouth watered and that heady feeling returned. If it weren’t for Abel being in the room, he’d have taken her right there. Abel blushed and giggled a bit as his parents were in a heated kiss. Jax chuckled as Abel covered his eyes and shook his head.

“You don’t like me kissing mommy?”
Abel shook his head no. Jax pecked her on the neck and observed his son’s reaction.

“That my mommy!” he said pointing to himself.

Angel and Jax laughed.

“No kiss my mommy, daddy!”

“But she’s my wife.”

“My mommy!” Abel scolded as his daddy kissed her on the cheek.

“No do that, daddy!” he said with a giggle.

“But she’s so tasty!”

“No eat my mommy!” he reproached once again as Jax nipped at her neck.

“Once the little man goes to bed there’s no stopping me…” he whispered in her ear.

She blushed with a touch of laughter.

“I done now, mommy. I get Trixie?”
“After you wash your hands. Like mommy showed you…”
“Okay!” Abel climbed on out of his seat and took off.

“Trixie?” Jax questioned.

“Rex’s new ‘friend’.”

“Ah…” he replied and spun her around so that she was facing him.

He wiggled his brows as her cleavage was pressed up against him.

“Damn…” he murmured as her breasts were swollen.

“Yeah, that started a couple days ago, which rather surprised me. I mean, don’t you normally start that a few days before the baby’s born? Seems a bit soon… We’re what seven months in now? If that?”

He shrugged as he was honestly too distracted to think at the moment. A low grow escaped him as he continued to stare.

“You alright there?” she cruelly teased.

He was so hard she could literally feel him throbbing against her. She thought he’d rip through those jeans of his. He let out another growl as she grinded herself against him.

“You won’t be able to walk by the time I’m done with you…” he cleared his throat and had her stop as his son entered the room.

Abel showed him his new green and grey triceratops.

“Ah, so that’s Trixie?”

Abel nodded, “Rex’s fwiend!”

“Well she looks like a good friend for Rex.”

“You Rex and mommy Trixie!
Jax smiled on this.

“Are they going to have a little Abel?”

He nodded and pointed to the freezer.

“Can I has a pop ik cal?”

Abel nodded.

“What color would you like?”

“Red, peas!”

Angel rose from Jax’s lap and opened the fridge.

“Would daddy like one?”

“What color, daddy?”

“Green, please!”

Angel laughed as she grabbed their popsicles.

“What color, mommy?” Abel asked as she had one too.

“Mine’s blue. Like yours and daddy’s eyes!”
“You hear that, Abel? She wants to eat our eyes!”

“EWWWWW! Dat gross!”

Angel looked over and smiled as Abel had fallen asleep in his father’s arms. She turned off the Charlie Brown special they were watching. Jax handed him over and she carried him to his room. Once she got him changed, she put him to bed. As his wife was kissing Abel goodnight, Jax entered the room.

“He’s getting so big…” he remarked in awe.
“He sure is…”
Jax placed his Rex and Trixie in the bed and tucked him in afterward. He ran his fingers through his son’s hair and kissed his forehead. They exited the room and Jax pulled his door to.

The moment their eyes met, Jax was gone and the beast within had awakened. A small gasp escaped her as he suddenly had her up against the wall. His eyes lit up with that familiar beam as he breathed her in. That growl returned as he ripped her dress right down the middle. He tilted his head and used his claws to rid of her bra and panties. A bit of a yelp fled from her lips as he scooped her up immediately after. He carried her into the bedroom and laid her down on the bed. Jax stripped down and sauntered on over. Once he had her spread apart, he buried his face within her and took another good whiff. He licked his lips and swallowed back in longing. She clamped a hand over her mouth as he dived on in. His moans alone had her arching back in sheer bliss. She grabbed a fistful of his hair and practically humped his face. That only egged him on more. When he had her nice and riled up, he rose. Precum was oozing out of his cock and onto her pussy, he was so backed up. Jax closed his eyes and threw his head back. She was using the precum as lubricant and stroking his cock. “…fuck…” he uttered as she placed him inside that warm and very welcoming slit of hers. He’d been in that prison for a little over two months. And considering how they fucked like rabbits – when given the chance. It only took a few strokes and the man went off like a geyser. He sort of laughed and cut her a wink.

“Nowhere near done, darlin’.” He made clear as he thrust about her even harder and faster.

Jax ran his hand along his wife’s belly as she slept. He smiled as he could feel his daughter moving about.

“How are you doing in there, lil darlin’?” he whispered.

His wife whimpered out in her sleep and her heart rate was picking up. She’d been tossing and turning most of the night. He regarded her with unease as she shot awake. Beads of sweat had formed along her face. She trolled on out of the bed and rushed into the bathroom. He heard the faucet running and decided to check on her. When he entered the bathroom, she was splashing cold water along her face and neck.

“Nightmare?” he asked.

Angel shrugged as she observed him in the mirror. He wrapped his arms around her and rested his head on her shoulder.

“I guess. It’s hard to tell them apart from reality lately.”

Jax nodded in understanding, “I hear you on that one.”

He left a trail of kisses along her shoulder and neck.

“We’re going to make those nightmares disappear… It might take some time. But we’ll get there. I give you my word. It won’t always be like this, darlin’. Hell, you’ll grow bored is how much things are gonna quiet down.”

She snorted on this.

“I highly doubt that. Something tells me that Jackson Teller and boredom don’t go together in the same sentence.”

He smiled. “Maybe we’ll be one of those old couples… You know the ones that freak out the entire staff at the nursing home.”

“Nursing home?”
“Yep, the one Abel and CJ send us to.”

“And you’ll become one of those old dirty bastards that grabs the nurses’ asses and tells tall tales.”

“Hmm… Ever think that maybe you’re the one grabbing their asses. I’d be the one trying to fuck you no matter the time and place. As for the tall tells? Who needs ’em?” We’re Tellers. Damn near everything we say is pretty legit. That’s just how crazy our lives get.”

“Yes, baby?”

“I hate to be a buzzkill…”
He sighed, “but you’re gonna…”

“We didn’t get to the bodies in time… So it could be any day now…”

He rather grimaced and shook his head.

“I was rather afraid of that. But we won’t let that happen. I’ll send you and my mother…”

“Send us where? Mexico? Or to some random Podunk town? Jax… We gotta be reasonable. This isn’t something that’s just going away. And running? That’s never the answer, even you know that. If anything, that would only stack on more prison time, if we’re found guilty. And you know David would love nothing more than to be the one busting down the door. He’s had it out for me from the very beginning. I mean seriously, what’s his deal?”

“I think he feels threatened by you.”
“How so?”
“You remember what Wayne said about David having boner for Tara?”

She nodded, but was thinking something along the lines of how funny it would be if Wayne had actually said that, word for word.

“Well babe, you’re anti-Tara. Everything you stand for and believe in – is the exact opposite. You’re also brutally honest. And that can make others uncomfortable. Whereas Tara… let’s just say it her first concern was protecting herself and her career. So it became one lie after another. She wasn’t always like that. You however… are completely selfless and you tend to put everyone else’s needs above your own.”

“But what does any of this have to do with me and David?”

Jax sort of sighed and shook his head.

“I’ve reasons to believe that David and Tara are dating.”

He nodded looking ill.

“In that sick and delusional mind of his… He’s doing all this for Tara. She wants to cause some trouble between the two of us and since she can’t do it herself. She’s doing it through him. The Tara Knowles I fell in love with isn’t the one you met, babe. You wouldn’t think it, but she can be quite malicious when she sees fit. Now I could be wrong about her and David. But that’s the only reason I can come up with as to why David is teaming up with this fed. He wants to give us hell and as if late it seems to be more directed at you, personally. That to me… screams of Tara and not so much David. And he wouldn’t even question it. The guy is so hung up on her, he’ll do whatever she asked of him. He was always ready to please. And I doubt that’s changed.”
“Tara?” she questioned as she studied her husband’s odd mannerisms.

“What is it you’re not telling me?”
Jax kissed her forehead and dropped his hold. He cleared his throat as he leaned against the wall. With his hands pressed together, he brought them against his lips.

“A Dr. Knowles signed off on one of my medical files; when I was in the infirmary at the prison. And I seriously doubt there’s another Dr. Knowles around.”
“Wait, you were in the infirmary?!”

“It was just a little altercation. I’m fine. So don’t you go worrying about that.”

“Jesus, Jax…” She said and staggered back against the counter, looking to be in thought.

“And what business does she have signing off on your medical files?”

“That’s just it. She doesn’t…”

“Was she even your doctor?”

“Honestly babe, I was so out of it I wouldn’t have a clue.”

“I thought she wasn’t to be anywhere near Charming!”

“Just Charming itself, and I stand by that. Tara knows better than to take my warnings lightly. She’s seen firsthand what I’m capable of. That being said, if she’s desperate enough, she’ll find a way. Tara didn’t break any demands by being in Stockton. But think about it, babe. How else would she even know I was there? The bitch must have some source of connection. And we know it’s not Wendy… She’s nowhere near as innocent as she perceives. If anything, I learned that the hard way. I hadn’t any idea. She’s good with the mind games.”
“Well she’s obviously not near as smart as she thinks she is either. I mean really… The doc thinks she could get one past you? She must have a fucking death wish. What’s in it for her?”

“That’s what I’ve been trying to figure out.”
“She’s acting as if she wants you back…”

Jax wrinkled his nose as if disgusted by the mere idea.

“It wouldn’t matter either way. She’s dead to me.”
“Maybe that’s the problem…”

“What’s that?”
“She doesn’t want the responsibilities of being your ‘old lady’. Yet she doesn’t seem to like the idea of you being with anyone else! It’s like she’d much rather you spend the rest of your life pining for her.”

“Angel, that bitch hasn’t felt anything for me since high school. That’s what I meant by the mindfuckery. And that couldn’t have been more obvious towards the end.”
“The end?”

Jax sighed and motioned towards his journal as it was laying on her nightstand.

“You should know the truth already…”

“About the abusive ex?”
He nodded.

“So Dr. Knowles only reason for returning to Charming in the first place, was for protection? She was using you and the MC?”

“I’m willing to bet everything I own on it.”
“So you think she stuck around because she owed you one?”

He nodded once again.
“Angel, I even called her on it… She assumed it was just my mother talking. Sure, it was my mother that pointed it out. But even then, I had my doubts. It just seemed so random and out of place. Nothing about us seemed right. I felt nowhere near the connection I did back in the day. But I kept it up, in mere hopes of bringing back the girl I once loved. She was long gone though.”

“I should’ve gutted the bitch when I had the chance.”
“Tara isn’t worth your time. She’s just in for a rude awakening. Nothing’s prying us apart. She can try all she wants.”

“So David and Tara…?”

Jax nodded.

“That’s so gross…”

He had a good laugh at this.
“So there is no real connection between David and Mr. Hunt, other than the two of them being complete and utter douchebags?”

“Precisely. I think the only real connection they share is their genuine hatred for us Tellers.”
“Oh joy!”
“Right?” he said as he pulled her into his chest.

“I tell you what? I’m gonna step outside and have a smoke. We still have a couple hours. Why don’t you see about getting some more sleep?” She nodded as he grabbed his cigarettes off the nightstand and headed out. Angel went into the kitchen and poured herself a glass of water. As she sipped at the water, something else grabbed her attention. It was the mail Jax had brought in earlier today. She picked up a particular green envelope with her name on it. But there wasn’t a return address. Using Jax’s letter opener, she retrieved what was inside. It was an airplane ticket. One way, no stops – to Belfast, Ireland… The flight was for set for Wednesday night at 7 pm. The flight itself would take nearly 16 hours. She swallowed back as there was nothing else in the envelope. Her heart galloped within her chest and her hand shook as she’d the ticket in hand. The gun to Abel’s head came to mind and the brutal massacre of the Amish. It was so tempting… not because she wanted to leave. But she felt everyone would be better off. The IRA would back off if they had her in their custody. Jax and Abel would be free to live their lives, so would the MC. This would be THEIR ticket out. She was lost in thought as Jax made his way back inside. He tilted his head in wonder. Her husband picked up on her peculiar heart rate as she was leaning against the kitchen counter and eyeing whatever she had in her hand.

“Something wrong?”

She jumped like she’d been caught with her hand in the cookie jar. His wife shook her head no and swiftly stuffed the ticket into her purse. Jax reared back as he caught wind of what it was. He reached over and snatched it out of her purse.

“What the hell is this?!” he snapped and waved the ticket in her face.

“Jax… it’s not what you think!”
“Then you had better tell me what this is! Because it looks like you bought yourself a one way ticket to fucking Belfast!”
She shook her head and showed him the envelope it came in.

“It was mailed here…”

Jesus…” He muttered under his breath and cut her an apologetic glance.

“This is just like O’ Shay – the son of a bitch! And don’t you even consider it. I know how your mind works, babe. And you’re not doing it. Look, if this thing with the IRA and the Amish happens to go south and falls back on you and my mother. I will do whatever it takes to get you out. Just as you did for me! You’re not going to prison and you sure as HELL aren’t going to Ireland! Over my dead body!”

“Don’t say that…” she rebuked.

He narrowed his eyes on this but didn’t comment. For one thing – he meant it. Jax wasn’t about to let his old lady go to prison and over something that was his and the MC’s doing. Angel blamed herself, but Jax knew the truth. All of this went back to his father! The IRA would’ve come after her, shield or not. That’s just the way they worked. But her ability was just the icing on the cake. And what O’ Shay wouldn’t give to stick it to him. Taking his wife? That would be the biggest FUCK YOU the Irish King could come up with. And history would repeat itself… He thought about Chibs and Jimmy O’Phelan. This had the president cringing in thought. He hadn’t any doubts on O’ Shay’s plans for Angel. He wouldn’t let her out of his sight. O’ Shay would do whatever it took to get Angel to see HIS side of things. And through whatever means necessary, which is why the story of Chibs and his wife and daughter came to mind. The only difference? Unlike Chibs, Jax would fight to the ends of this earth in order to get his wife and daughter back. No matter the circumstances!

“You gotta promise me, babe. Don’t you give into the IRA! You let me and the boys handle this. In fact…” He cut on the gas oven and put the ticket to the flames. Jax tossed it into the sink afterward.

“I need you hear you say it, Angel. And mean it this time. This isn’t like the chat we had about your shield. You gotta keep your promise this time. You went against my wishes on that and I know you’re still using it from time to time. I mean hell I was right there when you showed off to Wayne! You acted as if everything we talked about was nothing! Well not this time. I really need you to hear me out. So look me in the eyes and tell me you won’t give in.”

Angel drew back a hesitant breath and pinched the bridge of her nose. Her husband brought her hand back down and cupped her chin. His baby blues locked with her honey browns.

“If you go about this the way O’ Shay wants. It’s going to be LITERAL HELL getting you back. And don’t you even think for a second that I’d merely move on. You end up in Ireland and I won’t be far behind you. I’ll be doing whatever it takes to get you back home! So don’t even bother. You’d be wasting your time and everyone else’s. Now is not the time to be playing hero, Angel. This here?! This is just the beginning. O’ Shay declared war the second he put that gun to Abel’s head. And now he wants my fucking wife?! Your little piss ant of a husband had to learn the hard way and so did that numbnut wolf! O’ Shay? He hasn’t a god damn clue! I’ll rip his motherfucking heart out and eat it once I’m done! And the others?! Hell, I’ll take them out just for sport! There’s only room for one king, baby, and he’s standing right here. Fuck those Irish pussies!”

He raised his brows in surprise as his wife shoved him into one of the chairs. His eyes rolled back as he not only picked up the scent of her arousal, but he could sense it. She had his immediate attention. The man ‘sprang’ right out of his boxers. Angel climbed aboard and started riding him like there was no tomorrow. He opened her robe and welcomed himself to her engorged breasts. His cock grew even harder the moment he realized they were filled with milk. He was teasing her that one day about the fetish. This was actually new to him. He and Wendy weren’t together at this point of the pregnancy. And the man found his ex-wife’s junkie phases somewhat revolting. Something about Angel was strangely arousing. He loved the taste and what man doesn’t like sucking on a nice pair of tits – big swollen ones at that? If given the chance he’d worship her body day and night. The man took his time licking up whatever leaked out. And it was obvious she needed the release. He had her cumming nonstop. A firm smack on the ass spurred her on even more. Something came over him as he gazed into her eyes.
“Promise me…” he demanded with a dominating growl.

She narrowed her eyes and went to slow down. He bucked off the chair a bit and grabbed ahold of her waist. He gritted his teeth and rocked her about him even harder and faster.

“Come on, Angel!”

“I promise.”

He nodded and leaned into her ear.

“On your knees, baby…”

She crawled out of his lap.

“Suck it… to the last drop.”

The moment her mouth came into contact with his cock. It throbbed intensely and with just a few strokes of her mouth – he was gone. She smiled and licked him clean after. Jax shook his head and brushed her hair out from her face.

“Now you care to explain? You damn near raped me!” He asked with a smirk.

“Can’t rape the willing, Jax.”

“Ba-bee sis tor, daddy!”

“That’s right!”

Abel smiled and kissed his mommy’s tummy.

“When she come out?” He asked as he raised his hands in the air.

Jax laughed. “She’ll be here before you know it. You ready to be a big bro?!”

“I is!”

“Good deal, little man. You’re gonna have this big brother thing nailed down!”

“I wuv her!” he said and hugged his mommy’s belly.

Jax smiled and kissed Angel’s hand as she had that – I’m gonna start bawling at any minute look.

“That’s so sweet, Abel.”

“Why sad?”
“I’m not sad, baby.”
“But you cwy…” Abel said with confusion.

“It’s a happy cry, little man. You make mommy very happy.”

“I no cry when I happy.” He said as he made his way off the couch.

Jax looked to the time.

“Guess we better drop him off at the shop if we’re heading to Cara Cara.”
She nodded in agreement.

“Grab Rex and Trixie so we can go bye-bye.” Angel called out.

“Okay, mommy!”

“Really?” Angel complained as she came to her feet and was leaking milk through her dress.

Jax regarded her with raised brows.

“I could help with that…” he offered with a wink.
Angel laughed, “I’d take you up on that offer, if we weren’t running late as it is.”

Jax handed her the hoodie he’d given her. She smiled in memory and put it on.

He nodded, “we’ll get you something to help with that in town…”

“Thank God…” Gemma murmured as she hugged and kissed her son on the cheek.

“So everything went according to plan?” she hinted in question.

“Yeah, mom. Everything’s fine, thanks to Angel.”

Gemma nodded and pulled the door shut. Angel was talking to Op and Lyla as she pushed Abel on the swing set.

“About that… Have you talked to Tig, yet?”
“No, I haven’t talked to anyone other than Op.”
His mother nodded and took off her reading glasses.

“You might wanna set down, son…”
Jax rather reared back, but took a seat. He listened as his mother revealed everything that took place with the Amish. Things he mostly knew about through his old lady. When she got to the part about the bodies lifting off the ground and a good foot, he got chills.

“And you’re certain Angel hadn’t any idea?”
“Oh yeah. She was gone. You should’ve seen her. She was talking crazy shit too. Like how she was ‘Death’, things like that.”
“What the fuck?!”
“I’ve a feeling she’s capable of far more than we ever realized. And as much as I hate to admit it, I hope to never be on the receiving end of it. Baby boy, she’s gonna snap one day. And everyone around her had better watch it.”
He sighed and rubbed his face then proceeded in running his fingers through his hair.

“How do I help her, mom? I can barely keep myself in check.”

His mother cut him a peculiar glance.

“In check?”
He sort of laughed, “come on, mom. When were you going to tell me?”

“Tell you what?”

He rolled his eyes, hating when she pulled that aloof act of hers. She knew damn well what he was referring to.

“See?! It’s that! That right there, is why I don’t run off to tell you everything about me and my old lady and the club! Where the hell do you think I learned it from?!”
“What the hell are you ramblin’ on about?”
He ground his teeth together and came to a stand.

“Nothing. I’ll figure it out. I always do.”

His mother grimaced as he came to his feet and slammed the door on the way out. She sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose. The woman couldn’t help herself. She felt this need to protect her son, at all cost. After all, she had failed in protecting Thomas. Jax was all she had. Revealing the truth behind his father, would only open up a can of worms. And that wasn’t something she could have. Gemma would take those ugly truths to the grave, where they belonged.

“Is something wrong?” Angel questioned as Jax made his way over from the office.

“I’m good, darlin’.” He replied and popped a cigarette into his mouth.

They turned as Nero pulled into the parking lot. He parked beside Jax’s truck and walked over to the passenger side. Angel froze the moment she saw ‘him’.

“Hey…” Jax called out with concern.

He narrowed his eyes as he followed her gaze. Jax staggered back in disbelief understanding her reasoning now. He’d never met the boy but needed no introductions. The boy was wearing an orthopedic leg and hip brace. Nero’s smile faded as he took notice of the awkward looks Jax and Abel were giving his son.

“Is there a problem?”
Jax managed to snap out of it and shook his head no.

“He’s… I mean… is this your son?” Angel questioned looking rather pale.

“Yes… this is Lucius. Lucius, say hello to the lovely lady. Her name is Angel.”

The boy smiled, “like in heaven?”
Nero’s smile returned and he laughed.

“When she wants to be…” he said with a wink her way.

Angel squatted down and offered her hand.

“Hello!” he said, and shook her hand.

“Hello, Lucius. You haven’t any idea how wonderful it is to meet you.”

The boy rather blushed and nudged his father. Nero bent down and laughed on what his son had whispered into his ear. Jax however picked it up through his senses and chuckled as well. Lucius thought Angel looked like an “angel”. The boy told his father.

“That she does…” Nero agreed with a nod.

“Do angels have babies, papa?” the boy asked as he stared upon her tummy.

“This one does!”

The boy giggled on this.

“What brings you to the shop?” Jax asked as he shook Nero’s hand.

“Eh, the truck’s been giving me a bit of trouble. Thought your boys could look at it. I was about to take the boy home but didn’t wanna chance it.”
“I’ll have them get right on it. We’ll give you and Lucius a ride home. We were heading that direction anyhow.”

“You’re sure it wouldn’t be too much trouble, homes?”
“Not at all. Let me get the truck in the garage and we’ll get going. Angel you wanna let my mother know we’re about to take off?”

She nodded and took Abel by the hand.

As Jax parked the truck in the garage, he thought about the story in Angel’s journal. Of the boy that fell through the ice… The story Wayne was referring to. The boy nearly lost his leg. But his leg was going one direction his body the other. It not only caused him permanent leg damage, but it caused him to have a crooked spine. And even though she saved his life; she felt guilty on what had happened. But she hadn’t a clue the boy belonged to Nero. The only reason she knew anything at all – was due to her sneaking into the hospital the next day, where she quickly read over the boy’s file. But all she checked on the condition he was in. It saddened her to know he had permanent damage. And that was her doing. She wasn’t aware that his leg had fallen through. All she saw was the truck heading his way. She questioned why he wasn’t moving. It wasn’t until she decided to go after the truck instead; that the realization hit. The boy was stuck. There was no moving him, at least not then. She didn’t know much about her shield at the time. In fact it scared her. Every time she used it… So she was extra cautious.

“Hey… are you alright?!” Gemma called out as Angel entered the office with Abel.

She was still pale looking and appeared somewhat frazzled.

“Easy!” Gemma said as Angel grabbed ahold of the filing cabinet, in order to keep from passing out.

Her mother-in-law rushed over and got her seated into a nearby chair.

“Mommy?” Abel called out with worry.

“Mommy’s gonna be just fine. Why don’t you grab one of your coloring books and sit at my desk. You can make her some pretty art for the fridge.”
Gemma cupped her daughter-in-law’s face. “Jesus, you’re clammy as hell and sweating up a storm.”

“It was him…”
“Him who, sweetheart?”

“Nero… it was his son. It was my fault. He’s that way because of me.”

“And there you go again. Is there ever a time you don’t put the blame on yourself? And what in the hell are you going on about?”

“Lucius, his spine and leg are that way because of me. I didn’t know his leg was caught and I kept using my shield in order to move him. And I didn’t realize what I was doing, until it was too late.”
“I’m lost as hell.”
They turned to the clearing of a throat. Jax shook his head.

“Knock that off. I mean it, babe. You saved that boy’s life. And if Nero knew, he’d be hugging the hell out of you. You think he cares that his son’s disabled? What he cares about is that he’s alive and happy. You saw that yourself. You gotta stop doing this.”
“If I was paying attention…” she stopped as Nero was making his way over with Lucius.

“He wanted to say goodbye. He seems to be rather taken by you.”
Angel put that smile on and the boy made his way over.

“It was very nice meeting you, Lucius.”
He smiled and blushed a bit.

“You too.”
“How old are you?”

“Well Lucius, you’re a very handsome boy. We’ll be seeing a lot of each other. I’m certain.”
He nodded and went back to his father. Jax nodded upon Nero.

“Thought we were taking you home.”

“Got ahold of one of my boys. So we got a ride. Thanks though.”
“Anytime. I’ll let you know about your truck soon.”

Once they left, Jax looked to his wife.

“See, babe? All good. That boy is just fine. If it wasn’t for you, Nero wouldn’t have his son.” Jax regarded his mother in thought.

“And Piney… He had it right from the very beginning. So you can stop with that whole ‘Death’ nonsense.”

Gemma sighed as Angel cut her a ‘look’.

“Oh, pish posh… He needed to know. You’re getting out of hand, baby. And he’s the only one you’re going to listen to. You end up getting that baby killed, then what? You’ll slit your god damn wrists, is what!”

“MOM!” Jax scolded.

“Oh please. We both know it.”

“I won’t let anything happen to this baby…” Angel said through gritted teeth.

“But you two got another thing coming if you think I’m just gonna sit around and do nothing!”

“It’s not your responsibility!” Jax spat.
“The hell it isn’t! A gun was put to Abel’s head and an entire community was wiped out because of me turning down O’ Shay’s little invitation. And it’ll only get worse from here. You don’t want me giving myself up. Then you tell me, Jax. What other options are there?”
“You just let me handle it!”
“O’ Shay knows the one way for me to avoid possible prison time – is to take his offer! Why do you think he set us up in the first place? This was nothing more than a lure… It’s either prison or Ireland.”
“Neither of those are options!”

“Well as of now. It’s all we got.”
Jax shook his head, “not happening.”
“Then he comes after the MC, if that doesn’t work. He’ll come after you and Abel next. This guy is going to do whatever it takes! He’s not backing down.”
“WELL NEITHER AM I!” Jax roared.




And there it was… The fucking gavel again. Every now and then it would creep up on him. That surge of power. It was like he towered over everyone, even that of his own wife. And that there – scared the piss out of him. Whereas other men would take pride in the way that felt, Jax loathed its very presence. But like always… there she was. Reminding him and putting him right back into play. He meant it when he said he’d be lost without her. They turned to a tiny knock at the door. Jax winced, already knowing… He sighed and opened the door. Abel had this frown about him and he shook his head upon his parents, in a scolding matter, “no fight!”

Angel flinched on their sons words.

“Abel…” his father softly called out as he scooped him up.

Gemma nodded and walked over pulling the door to.
“Deep breaths… All of you. You three have been through the ringer lately… Look, why don’t I get everyone together? Say tomorrow night, my place? You boys can grill something up, while Angel and I get things going in the kitchen. Let’s put this b.s behind us, even if it’s just for one night. Let’s focus on being a family.”

Angel and Jax nodded in agreement.

“You’re gonna be just fine. Each of you…” Gemma said assuredly.

Jax pulled into the Cara Cara parking lot. He ran his hand along the steering wheel, in thought.
“I’m sorry…” they said in unison, causing the both of them to laugh a little.

He stepped out of the truck and met her on the other side.

“You know I didn’t mean that, babe. I just…”
“I know… I think we’ve both hit our limit.”

He nodded in full agreement.

“I love you…” he said, caressing the apple of her cheek.

The president had a lot on his mind. Such as Cara Cara and he’d yet to set up a meeting with the boys. Along with everything else that was going on. Their lives were pretty much like the game of Jenga. And if he didn’t do something, quick; the pieces were sure to come tumbling down. Angel wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. “I love you too.” He smiled and brushed her hair back. He gazed into her big brown eyes.

“Next time I say something stupid like that. Deck me across the face. I mean it.”
She snorted on this, “oh I will.”

“I’m holding you to that…” he said with a chuckle.

Jax took her by the hand and headed inside.

“Damn…” he muttered, the moment he walked in.

Angel smiled as she gave him the tour.

He could tell that Nero and the girls put their brains together and went with an escort/porn feel. There were a few couches here and there – for viewing purposes, and seven different filming rooms. To add to that, they had a couple rooms for the high priced stuff. Typically, where the threesomes or orgies would be filmed. It made the old set up look lame in comparison.
“Who picked the colors?” Jax questioned curiously as each room was done differently, but the building interior itself was done in red and gold.
“I picked the colors for the establishment itself. Nero could care less, so Lyla and I divided up the rest. The purple, white, blue and faux rooms are mine.” She blushed a bit as she pointed across the way.

“So is that one.”

Jax laughed as it was a room set up like a classroom.
“Nice… I gotta admit. You have a good eye for this stuff.”
And that she did. He was hard as hell and it hadn’t anything to do with the porn. It was the way she took control and the things she picked out – had his imagination running wild. He couldn’t wait to see how all this turned out on film. Even more so knowing it turned his old lady on just as much. He foresaw some fun times ahead.

“So we did good?”
“Absolutely, darlin’. You guys did a terrific job.”

She smiled and leaned against the Jacuzzi tub.

“I told you we didn’t need escorts.”
“That you did, baby.”

“No, I mean we really don’t need them…”
He narrowed his eyes on this.

“Follow me, Mr. Teller…”

His dick reacted to the rather flirtatious flare she had going. He followed her into the Cara Cara office.

“I wanted to surprise you. So I had Nero and Lyla promise to keep it hush-hush.”

She opened the safe and handed him a check. The man staggered back in absolute shock.

“You’re kidding me.”
“Jax, we haven’t even got this into full production yet. The guy saw fifteen minutes of the film and lost his shit. And this guy comes all the way from New York.”
“How the fuck did you manage that?”
“I’ve got my ways. Just did some researching on the internet. Put my persuasion cap on and BAM. There you go half a fucking mill!”

“Of course some of that will go to the production cost, etc… but even at that. We’re golden, Jax! And this guy could become a regular in who we deal with. Could you imagine?”

“I can’t believe this…”
“Well believe it. First production. First check!”

“What’s the line up?”

“Actually, I just buzzed them. I wanted you to meet the cast and we got some shiny new faces.”
“Well you just got this shit all figured out, don’t you, darlin’?”
“With Nero and Lyla’s help of course.”
He nodded and took a seat. Jax pulled her into his lap as they waited…

Before long, the room was filled with Nero’s and Jax’s girls. Only there were more men added into the mix. Ones that Lyla and Angel personally picked out. The outlaw raised his brows as a couple of them were giving his old lady the once over. Then again, he noticed some of the women doing so as well. He sent one of them a wink – letting her know she got caught. She blushed a bit and focused on something else within the room. It rather turned him on seeing another woman scoping out his old lady. It just went to show how sexy his wife truly was. Here she was about 7 months along and she still managed to turn heads. Then you had a few of the girls zoning in on Jax. That was certainly nothing new. But Jax and Angel were secure in their marriage, knowing they hadn’t anything to worry about.

“Ladies and gents, this is Jackson Teller. He prefers to go by Jax.”
“The other boss man?” One of the guys questioned.

“You’d be correct.”

The tall and rather muscular man winked Jax’s way.

“Oh hunny, he should be on our side of the fence. He’s sex on legs.”
“That he is… You should see him without his clothes.”
Jax raised his brows on this and Angel smiled his way.

“Can we?” One of the girls asked.

“If you want a nice pistol whipping, be my guest.” She replied, whilst keeping up the friendly vibe.
Jax had a good laugh at this.

“Alright ladies first… This is Denise, Tracy, and Morgan, Nero’s ladies. Ashley and Rebecca are mine and Lyla’s girls. And of course you know the others.”
Jax nodded towards the pretty brunette and blonde they’d picked out. He was thinking something along the lines of his old lady having good taste. These girls had killer bodies. The brunette – Ashley was the one that asked to see him naked.

“And now the men… This is Mark, Demetri, John, and Eric.”

The tall black man that went by the name Demetri hadn’t taken his eyes off his old lady. In fact, he looked as if he were off in LaLa Land somewhere, eye fucking her. John, the blond one was clearly bi or gay. He was the one that hit on Jax. Eric was Latino had an athletic build and five foot nothing. Mark wasn’t as muscled; he looked like the one that would be playing the roles of teacher or CEO even. He even had that cold/sex stare going. Jax shook their hands and got to know each of them a bit. He went over some of the rules, merely reiterating them and went over some of his own concerns. Everyone seemed to be in agreement to everything discussed. When he was done going over everything he could think of, he gestured towards his wife.

“I’m pretty much giving her the reins on this one. So what she says goes. To disrespect her is to disrespect me. So let’s make certain that’s never an issue.”

They each nodded in understanding. Once they finished, Angel thanked them for their time and dismissed them. Jax cleared his throat afterward.

“So which ones were in the lineup for the half a mill?”
Angel laughed. “Mark, Tracy, Ashley and John in the first act. Demetri, Rebecca, Morgan in the other.”
He nodded in approval.

“So did you test the merchandise before you purchased?”
“Are you asking if I tested out Mark, Demetri, and John?” She cruelly taunted in return.
“Do I need to bend you over this desk?”
“That could be fun.”
Jax shook his head and chuckled.

“So do you approve?”
“You did good, babe. I mean it. Everything looks great.”

“I won’t lie. When I saw Nero bringing in the Jacuzzi and silk sheets, I damn near shit myself. We were way over budget, or so I thought. Until he let me know those were originally his. He ordered them just before his place got burned down. So it all worked out rather nicely. Some of the ladies though weren’t too fond about going from an escort to a porn star and walked out on him. Lyla and I managed to talk the others into staying.”

“How’d Nero take that?”

“It was funny actually. I was pretty sure he’d be pissed, but he shrugged it off and said they were easily replaceable. The next day he shows up with three stand-ins.”

“I thought so too. He’s got this director stuff nailed down.”

“I’ll say…” he said, but looked as if his mind were elsewhere at the moment.

“Something on your mind?”
“I thought we’d visit Piney before heading back.”
She smiled, “He’d like that. We’ll get him some more sunflowers.”
“Yes. They were his favorite.”

Jax regarded her in marvel.

“And what’s my favorite flower?” he asked but it was meant to be sarcasm. Even though she got the indication, she answered anyhow.

“Blue and yellow morning glories…”
Jax staggered back on this.

“I never told anyone that. And I know for a fact I didn’t write that down in my journal.”

“You didn’t have to… You brought them for Thomas, specifically. You would stay and watch as they bloomed. And you looked as if you were in another place. I imagine they were his favorite too?”

“We used to watch them bloom in the mornings, in the front yard. He got a kick out of it, every time.”

She smiled and took his hand.

“It’s like they say… actions speak louder than words. I just knew…”

“You knew because you do more than listen… Let’s lock up and get going. Nice security system by the way.”
“All Nero there.”
“That’s a good idea, considering…”

Angel pecked her husband on the cheek and decided to give him his privacy. This way he could properly say his goodbyes. So she decided to visit JT. As Jax said his goodbyes, he regarded his wife from afar. She was kicked back against his father’s tombstone. He narrowed his eyes, remembering the ‘grave keeper’. Her hair was a mess; she was covered in dirt from head to toe. But even then… those beautiful brown eyes of hers had him in a trance. And that hadn’t changed. If anything it was more potent. Jax sighed in thought. He nodded upon Piney’s grave as he squatted down.

“Yeah, I know… I don’t deserve her. I don’t deserve a lot of things.” He pinched the bridge of his nose.

“You knew what he did, didn’t you? That’s why you were there. You were going to kill Bobby.” Jax lifted his head and stole another glance upon his wife. He nodded once again.

“Guess we were there for the same reason… So I can’t even be mad at you. You were the last tie I had to my father… Otto’s doing life and Keith, well hell, he’s in Belfast. From what I gather, dad had some trust issues when it came to McGee. I’m sorry… It should’ve been me. Not you.” Jax laid the sunflowers down. He kissed his hand and put it to Piney’s tombstone.

“I love you, old man. Never forget that.”

“So you’ll be here tomorrow?”

“After the meeting, mom.”
She nodded and kissed Jax and Angel on the cheek.

“Alright then.”
“Say goodbye, Abel.” Angel said as she was showing him how to wave bye-bye.

He smiled and chewed on the tail of his Rex.

“Bye, grand-maaa!”

Gemma smiled.

“Bye, baby. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Angel got Abel into his car seat and buckled him up.

“Look, mommy!” Abel pointed to the moon.

“Yep in a couple days it’ll be full!”
Jax rather grimaced in thought but said nothing. He had hell keeping that a secret in the big house. He was thankful no one came to check on him during those nights.

“You wanna get some ice cream, before we go home?” Jax offered as he hit the highway.
“Yes peas!”

“You got it, little man.”

Abel giggled as his mother was acting silly with the songs that were playing on the radio. Without any warning whatsoever… someone’s high beams came on. Jax turned that direction. He reached out and did his best to brace his wife against her seat. The truck hit and they were sent flying off the road. When the truck landed it started rolling. Chills ran down his spine as he heard his son screaming in terror. Jax held on best he could as the truck continued to roll. Once it finally came to a stop. He checked on his wife and son. Both looked to be unconscious. He shook his head and fear struck his heart. He reached out and began shaking his wife.

“Angel…” He called out.

“Come on, baby…” He said as he put more force behind it.

Her eyes batted about as she came to. He drew back a breath of relief.

“Shield yourself and our son.”

She nodded but had a puzzled expression about her. Her head swayed about as she did her best to focus.

“Stay with me, Angel.” He called out as he trying to open the driver’s side door.

When it wouldn’t budge, he let the beast within take over. He undid his seatbelt and growled out as he punched through the glass and reached around. Jax ripped the door handle off and kicked at it. The door cracked open but there wasn’t enough space to squeeze through. He flung his arm and leg out and gave it all he had. The door bent in half and Jax managed to crawl on through. Once he was fully out of the vehicle, he came to his feet. He rushed over desperate to get to his son. His heart sank to the pit of his stomach as a tree branch had gone right through the window.

“ABEL!” He shouted in a panic.

He heard his wife’s door open and she literally tumbled out, landing on her hands and knees.

“Jax?” she whispered.
“It’s Abel…”
She came to her feet but her vision was doubled as she took a step towards Jax. She saw the branch through the window, but it wasn’t truly processing at first. Angel made her way over. The young woman fought in order to stay conscious and keep that shield of hers going. Jax climbed into the cab of the truck and punched through the glass. He crawled into the backseat where his son was. He sighed in relief seeing as how the branch just managed to graze the side of his face.

“Hey…” He called out as he tapped Abel on the leg.

Jax got his son out of the car seat and carefully picked him up. He crawled back out the cab window and leaped out of the back of the truck. He laid Abel down and put his head to his chest and listened. His heart rate was irregular. Jax sighed in relief. His son had merely fainted do to his inherited heart condition.

“Hold on, little man.” He said as he picked him back up.

Jax looked over to see Angel walking towards them. The look on her face told him that she thought the worst. Before he even had the chance to explain that Abel would be alright, they heard a gunshot.

“NOOOOOOOOOOO!” Jax shouted as Angel hit the ground, directly after.

The man aimed his gun Abel’s direction, next. Jax gritted his teeth and spun around. He quickly rolled his son towards his wife and growled out as a bullet grazed his shoulder. A deep growl echoed within the area. Jax sprang off the ground and leaped towards the man shooting at them. They locked eyes, just before he snapped his neck.

“What have you done?!”

Jax turned his towards the woman making her way over. He shook his head and glanced back towards his wife. He darted over and knocked the woman to the ground. He wrapped his hand around her mouth and nose. The woman kicked about and hit at his chest as she struggled to break free. He put his forehead to hers. “I’m sorry…” he said, only it wasn’t intended for her, but his wife…

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