Chapter 33 The Other Side Of Heaven

Chapter 33

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Jax lowered his hands from his face. His eyes were blood shot and the man looked as if he’d been to hell and back. He wiped his face with the back of his hand and came to a stand.

“Any news?”

The president shook his head.

“They’re gonna pull through, Jackson…” The VP did his best to assure as he hugged him.

Opie swallowed back as Jax broke down against his shoulder.

“Abel won’t wake up, so they’re running an ekg and eeg on him. Angel’s in surgery. Bullet barely missed her fucking heart.”

“The bastard would’ve killed them both and taken me out last! And all in order to make sure I suffered first.”

Opie patted him on the back and dropped his hold.

“And the baby?”
“CJ’s fine… They’re keeping her monitored as well.”
The VP nodded and seated his friend back down. Nero was off to a corner doing his best to console Gemma. Before long, the rest of the MC showed up and everyone took part in helping Gemma and Jax the best they could.

“How’d it happen?” Chibs hinted as he sat on the other side of Jax.

“She was too weak…” He replied and went on to explain what took place. He had to leave out the part about him taking out the fed and Renee. He’d let the club know the truth behind that, later on… After the incident, Jax called Wayne to come help. From there, Wayne watched over his wife and son and called for help; while Jax was quick to stage the bodies. It only took the matter of minutes. He’d the perfect set up in which made it look as if Mr. Hunt had flown out of the truck, on impact. Renee suffocated when she hit the airbag, due to having a shard of glass puncture through her lungs. Since the bastard fed was already drinking, it wasn’t hard for the sheriff’s men to buy Jax’s story. Not that he was really exaggerating much to begin with. The restraining order and report his wife filed on the both of them only helped their cause. Once he finished, the entire MC shook their heads. Jax’s hand shook as he pinched the bridge of his nose.

“The son of a bitch told me he’d come after her! And what did I do?! NOTHING!”
“This is all on me, Op! I just shrugged it off! NOW LOOK! My wife and son are hanging on by a thread. And I’m just sitting here waiting to see which one I’m going to lose first! I should’ve ripped that motherfucker’s throat out!”

“Easy, Jackie…” Chibs whispered as they were gathering too much attention.

Jax was shaking all over. Chibs and Opie rushed him to his feet, while the rest of the MC blocked their president from any onlookers. They dragged him outside and he let out a growl.

“Ye need ta calm down.”

His eyes were glowing and his claws had made their appearance. The MC grimaced as his teeth were gritted and his canines were now exposed.

“Jax, bro… you gotta tame it…” Opie whispered.

“I’m trying…” he rumbled and paced around the circle the MC had created around him.

Jax pulled at his hair. Chibs took out a cigarette and got it prepared. He walked on over and stuffed it into Jax’s mouth.

“Just take ye a few minutes.”

“I’m nothing without my family… You take those two out of the picture. And I’m just a worthless outlaw…” Jax declared with this agonizing air about him.

Chibs nodded in complete understanding.

“And they’re gonna be just fine. You’ll see. So quit yer frettin, Jackie boy.”

He closed his eyes and took a few nice long drags off that cigarette.

“There ye go… Now look at me…”

Jax lifted his eyes and Chibs patted him on the shoulder.

“You’re gonna go in there and find out that everything’s alright. Ye hear me?”

The president drew back a breath and nodded.

“Alright, brother. Keep yourself in check…”

“Mr. Teller?”

Jax hopped to his feet as Abel’s doctor entered the waiting room.
“We’ve got his heart rate regulated. However… We ran a CT and it seems your son has suffered a concussion.”
“How bad?”
“There was some minor bruising. There isn’t any reason to believe…”

“Dr. Harper…” A nurse called out from a few feet away.

“Yes, Lucy?”
“He’s awake!”

The doctor smiled upon Jax.

“Well there you go… Follow me, Mr. Teller.”

“Daddy!” Abel called out with open arms.

Jax’s heart literally skipped a beat and he smiled.

“Hey, little man.” He greeted and hugged him.

His head was bandaged up and he had a heart monitor and IV going. Abel tilted his head about.

“Where Mommy?” He asked, raising his hands in wonder.

“Mommy’s in another room. She’s gotta see the doctor too.”
“Mommy hurt?”

“Yeah, buddy. But she’ gonna be alright.”

“Where hurt?”
Jax pointed near his heart. Abel pulled a face.

“I no like mommy being hurt, daddy.”
The doctor regarded Jax a certain way as he checked Abel over.

“Your wife should be out of surgery soon. I don’t see why we can’t arrange for her to be brought here afterward.”
Abel smiled, “Mommy gonna come here?”
The doctor smiled in return, “If that’s what you would like…”
“Yes, peas!”

Jax softly laughed, “He knows what he wants.”
“I believe so.”

“I will let her nurse know.”
“Thank you.” Jax said and offered his hand.

“You’re welcome.” The doctor responded and shook his in return.

“Well Abel, it seems like you’re going to be just fine. I’ll have the nurse go over the orders. We’ll need to keep him for a couple days for mere observation.”
Jax nodded as the doctor went about his way.


“Why do bad guys wanna hurt my mommy?”

His father swallowed back on this and took his hand. It wasn’t just the question that got to him but how grown up Abel sounded at that very moment.

“Because that’s exactly what they are Abel. They’re not even men. They’re monsters.”
“So monsters are real?”
“Unfortunately… But they’re not your typical storybook monsters, Abel. They live amongst us…”

“You kill the monsters, daddy?”

Jax wasn’t sure how to answer that… At times he felt as if he were among the monsters he so described. If it wasn’t for the way he lived his life, Abel and Angel wouldn’t be in this situation. He ran his hand through his son’s blond locks and kissed the top of his head.

“I do whatever it takes to protect you and mommy, son.”

Abel nodded.

“You no let mommy die…” But the way his son said this – it was more like a demand.

“You got it, buddy.”

Jax narrowed his eyes as he backtracked on his son’s words. It was like he knew the car wreck was intentional.

Hey, baby.”

Abel turned and smiled as his grandmother and the MC entered the room. They had balloons and stuffed animals. He giggled as Chibs handed him a stuffed monkey.

“He looks just like ye!” Chibs teased with a wink.

He kissed the boy’s head and nodded upon Jax. Gemma hugged her grandson and started to tear up a bit. Abel patted her on the back.

“No cry, grand-maa. I okay.” He said in such a way. This triggered a sense of pride from his father.

“I know, sweetheart…” She murmured and kissed his cheek.

“Such a big boy you are too. I bet mommy and daddy are proud of you.”

“They are…” Abel replied as if it were a matter of fact.

The guys had a good laugh at this.

“Now Trixie and Rex have a baby!” Abel remarked and waved the little monkey towards his father.

Jax had a good laugh at this.
“So they have a monkey for a son?”

Abel giggled and nodded. He reached to his head however and frowned.

“Is your head hurting?”
The boy nodded and lay back against his pillow. Opie nodded towards the guys.

“We’ll head on out. Give you guys some space. Just call and let us know about Angel.”
“Will do.” Jax said as he pressed the call button for the nurse.

Nero said his goodbyes as well and kissed Gemma on the cheek before he left. Jax regarded his mother in question.

“So how long has THAT been going on?” He asked with a nod.

Gemma rather shrugged and sat in one of the chairs in the room.

“You wanna talk about your mother’s sex life?”
Jax sighed and glanced towards his son.
“Really, mom?”
She tilted her head a bit. Jax covered his son’s ears.

“So is that all it is? Sex?” He whispered.
“Why don’t you let me worry about my personal life?”
“Your personal life usually affects mine. That makes it my business. Considering Nero is my partner, especially.”
“He told me about that…”

Jax rolled his eyes and lowered his hands as the nurse entered the room.

“Is there anything you can give my son? His head is hurting.”
“Oh, we can get right on that!” She said with a smile.
“Thanks, darlin’.”

The nurse checked Abel’s vitals then left the room. Before long, she returned with something to put in his IV for pain.

“Can I has juice?”
“Hmm, how about 7up?” the nurse offered instead.


“I’ll be right back with that. Would you like some graham crackers as well?”
“Yes, peas.”
“Such the gentleman you are! I’ll be right back with your 7up and crackers.”

“Tank you!”

Once the nurse was out of the room, Gemma sort of laughed.

“You do realize he’s going to have better manners than you ever did.”
“That’s a good thing.” Jax admitted.

“True. But he’s going to be a heart breaker on top of that.”
“Nah, this little man knows how to treat a lady. Don’t you, son?”
Abel nodded but his eyes were starting to bat as the meds were kicking in. Jax kissed his forehead and tucked him in. As soon as he was out, his mother pinched her eyes shut and started to cry. Jax made his way over and hugged her.

“I should’ve recognized the son of a bitch…” she muttered behind tears.

Her son tilted his head in question.

“It’s been so long I barely recognized him. That was the same fed that was obsessed with hunting your father down. He spent years stalking his ass and just waiting… He even had the balls to pull me into his car once. Told me what a low life piece of shit JT was and how you were going to end up the same way. The bastard went as far as to say that Thomas’s death was a blessing. And that we had no place in this world. Let me know the first chance he had we were all going down.”
“Jesus…” he uttered and cupped his mother’s chin.
“Why didn’t you tell me about this?”

“You were so young. My job is to protect you, not frighten the living shit out of you. He came close… too close… in taking your father down.”
“Well he’s out of the picture now.”

“I know, baby. I just wish it would’ve dawned on me who he was. If I had known…”
“Mom, this isn’t your fault.”
“He nearly killed my babies!” she sobbed.

He hugged her once again and let her cry it out.

Jax wiped the sleep from his eyes as there was a knock at the door. He rose to his feet and went and answered it. He sighed in relief as they wheeled his wife on in.

“Got yourself a fighter… Not only did she wake in the middle of us preforming the surgery. She flat lined on us… Took us a solid minute to bring her back.”

Jax staggered back on the doctor’s words.

“Her vitals are good and she’s progressing faster than expected… No harm came to the infant…”

“Thank you.” Jax said feeling a bit choked up.

The doctor nodded and went over a few other things, before exiting the room. Gemma drew back a quivery breath. Jax cleared his throat and helped the nurses get the beds situated so Angel and Abel could share the one room. Once they finished, he thanked them. They let Jax know to call if he needed anything. Gemma and Jax grimaced upon the area she was shot.

“Jesus…” Gemma murmured, running her fingers along her own scar.

“We almost lost her…” Jax whispered looking ill.

“No doubt about it… that girl is a certified Teller aka PIA!”

Jax sort of laughed. He took his wife’s hand and held it.

“That she is…” He agreed, looking to be in awe.

His mother kissed his cheek and went and kissed Angel’s as well.

“Look at her…” Gemma said motioning towards her hands. “Even now…”

Jax nodded as his wife’s hands were over her belly, protectively. She meant every word. She’d never let anything happen to CJ or Abel.

“I’m glad you wised the fuck up. I thought you’d never get over the doc and now look at you.”
Jax rolled his eyes, “mom…”
“Come now, think about it. Say the doc never left and Angel was still the deadbeat of Charming…”
“Do we really have to do this?”

“Just hear me out. What if it were Tara in Angel’s place?”

“Tara wouldn’t have made it this far. The moment her loyalty was truly tested, she’d have packed her bags and done whatever she could think of to get me and Abel to come along.”

“Wow… It’s about time you see things for the way they actually were. You never would listen to me.”
He didn’t comment as he checked Angel over. He keyed in on her and CJ’s heart rate. Jax took one of her hands and kissed it.

“You keep fighting, darlin’. We’re right here, waiting…”

Jax lowered the side rails to Abel and Angel’s bed. When Gemma gathered what he was doing she helped to push the beds together. He knew his wife needed to see Abel, first thing. The man thought back to the look on her face. She just knew Abel was a goner. She was weak to begin with and that only added to the stress of the situation. Otherwise, there wouldn’t have been a chance in hell that fed could’ve taken her down.

“Why don’t you go home and get some sleep?”
Gemma raised her brows on this. “You think I’m leaving my babies? Think again…”
He smiled knowing she was referring to his wife as well.

“We’re camping out right here, baby boy. Why don’t I go and get us some coffee?”
“Sounds good.”
She nodded and grabbed her purse.

“Anything else?” She offered before heading out the door.
“Nah, I’m good.”
“Okay then.”

Jax pulled up a chair and looked to his wife and son’s monitors. Hate wasn’t a strong enough word for what he was feeling. To make matters worse, he had Renee Dwyer’s blood on his hands. He knew he hadn’t a choice. She’d seen what he had done and that was that. Despite the bad blood between the two, he knew his wife wouldn’t take the news of her death well. He fought against his inner demons on this one. He wanted to take this secret to the grave, out of fear of what it would do their marriage. Nevertheless, the guilt alone would eat him alive. Jax looked to his wedding ring and twirled it about his finger. The image of his wife’s mother trashing beneath his hold hit and so did the nausea. Jax sprang to his feet and rushed over to the sink. Just as he upchucked, there was a knock at the door. He hurriedly washed the vomit down the sink and rinsed his mouth out.

“Come in…” he called out as he dried his face and hands off with a paper towel. He balled it up and tossed it into a nearby waste basket.

David entered the room and pulled the door shut behind him.

“What are you doing here?”

“Came to ask your wife a few questions.”

“The slaughter of an entire Amish town.”
Jax gritted his teeth and strutted on over. He grabbed David by the collar of his shirt.

“Listen here, you son of a bitch. My wife and son were nearly killed by that numbnut fed whose ass you’ve been sniffing around. And you know this because I saw you at the crime scene with Wayne. Yet you come up here so you can interrogate my old lady? And about something that hasn’t anything to do with what just took place.”
“I’m just doing my job…”
“So your job is to harass my wife?”

David took his gun out and Jax half laughed. He grabbed the barrel of the gun and put it to his own head.

“You willing to shot me a third time? Do it. I dare you.” Jax spat as he stared him down. “You think I don’t know what this is? You’re knee deep in a certain doc’s pussy.”

The deputy narrowed his eyes and lowered his gun.

“I knew it… You are a stupid little bitch, you know that? Can you not see the bigger picture? You always were so ready to please… she’s using you. And when she’s done, she’s gonna dump you like a sack of bricks. And you had better prepare, because by the time she’s gone. She’ll leave you high and dry. And you won’t even have a job to go to. You’re gonna wind up drinking yourself to death at some bar. In some Podunk town, because you’ve done warn out your welcome, when it comes to Charming. Watch yourself deputy… You’re messing with a true black widow. She’ll spit your head out and move on to her next victim. Tara is incapable of putting anyone above herself.”

“You don’t know shit about me and Tara…”
“No, but I know Tara… and your relationship hasn’t anything to do with her being head over heels for you. Did you know she came to see me?”

The deputy reared back at this.

“Twice, in fact! The last time was in Stockton. Did she tell you about that?”

The look on the deputy’s face said it all. He had no idea…

“Time to wake up and realize what is and isn’t. Look, you keep fucking the doc all you want. In the meantime, you leave my wife out of it. I don’t care about the mindfuck Tara is feeding you. You keep targeting my wife and you’re gonna realize Bob Marley had it WRONG all along, fucker.”

“Are you threatening me?”
Jax smiled and patted him on the shoulder. He got a firm hold and squeezed.

“I’m done with threats.”
“You know I have no choice on the matter. Your mother and Tig Trager are next.”
David groaned out as Jax sent him a good jab to the gut. Jax knocked his gun out of his hand and he got him in a chokehold, up against the wall.

“Yet you came after my hospitalized wife, first… My wife goes down for that ordeal with the Amish. I’ll hunt you down and skin you alive. I’ll send Tara the remains.”

Jax dropped his hold and kicked the deputy towards the door. He tossed his gun over afterword.

“Goodnight, deputy…”

Gemma raised her brows upon David as he stumbled on out of the room. His entire face was flushed over and his hand shook as he put his gun back into its holster.

“Bad day?” she taunted and he rolled his eyes.

The deputy scurried off.

“I always knew you were a little bitch…” Gemma muttered under her breath.

“Looks like the doc and I need to have a little chat…” she added in thought.

Jax snapped his head Angel’s direction as he heard her stirring awake. He swallowed back as she was reaching to Abel. He came to his feet and made his way over.

“Hey…” he softly called out.

Angel had Abel’s hand in her own as she looked over.

“Jax?” she called out, looking lost.

“He’s alright, darlin’, just a little bump on the noggin.”

She covered her face and lost all composure. Jax grabbed ahold of her and held her close.

“Shhhh, baby… Our little man is tough as nails, just like his mother.”

Angel nodded but couldn’t control it. Her worst fears came to play, when she saw her husband holding Abel. Gemma nodded towards her son as she came to.

“Everything alright?”
He nodded in return. Jax kissed the top of his wife’s head.

“…fuck…” Angel murmured and lay back in agony.

She put her hand to her chest and looked down. Her jaw dropped once she took notice of the stitches going down her chest.

“What the hell?”

“Easy, darlin’…”
“What happened?” she asked rather startled.

Jax drew back a hesitant breath before explaining. Only, he left out the truth behind her mother and Mr. Hunt’s brutal ending. The time just wasn’t right. All she knew was they were in a car wreck caused by Mr. Hunt and her mother. And that she was shot in the chest. He let her know that was the fed’s doing as well. He said nothing as to the fed or her mother’s condition and he hoped she wouldn’t ask.


They turned towards the tiny voice.

“Hey, baby…” Angel called out with open arms.

Abel scooted over and snuggled up against her. Her arms automatically wrapped around him.

“I okay, mommy.” He assured, hugging her in return.

She nodded but wouldn’t dare drop her hold. She closed her eyes and breathed him in. He still had that slight baby smell; something she found very comforting at the moment.
“I’m hungry.”

She smiled and opened her eyes.

“Then we’ll see what we can do about that.”


Gemma grabbed her purse and came to a stand.

“Let me talk to the nurses and see if he can eat a real meal now. I’ll see about you well as you… if so, then I’ll just grab us something and bring it back.”
“Sounds good.” Jax agreed.

“Alright…” she said as she hugged Angel and Abel. “I’ll be right back.”

“How are you feeling?” Jax asked as he took her hand.

“Like I got shot…”

He nodded and kissed her hand.

“I’m so sorry, baby…”
“We got lucky…” she hinted, running a hand along her belly.

“Trust me, I know…”

“I tried… but I had nothing left…”
He nodded in understanding.

“All that matters is that you three are okay.”

Angel gave his hand a slight squeeze.

“And you…” she reminded and he smiled.


“Jax baby, I’ll be fine. You got club business to take care of. Lyla’s going to look after Abel.”
“I’m not leaving you here alone.”
The man let out a miserable sigh. He rubbed his face with a look of torment about him. The pres knew his wife had a point. He had other things to take care of. And he couldn’t very well be in two places at once.

“I’ll have Phil stay with you for now. But I’m not leaving you overnight. I’m coming back.”
“Jax, you need to get some rest. I’ll be fine.”
“Not happening… I’ll be here every night, until you’re free to go.”

Angel sighed with a guilt ridden look about her.

“We can’t afford to take any chances. We’ve had too many close calls as it is. You should know my mother and Tig have been brought in for questioning.”
His wife grimaced, already knowing the reason.

“It’s just a matter of time before they waltz on through those doors and give you the rundown as well. Hell David’s already tried it.”

She regarded Abel in thought. He was sound asleep with his Trixie and Rex in his hold.

“We know what could come of that.”
“I won’t let it. You just worry about getting better and let me handle the rest, darlin’.”

“Where are my mother and Mr. Hunt now?”
And that’s what he was afraid of… She asked the one question he hoped to avoid, at least until she was out of the hospital. He could flat out lie and play along with what was written in the report. How would she know, right? But Jax couldn’t stomach it. The guilt was too much to bear. If it had been Wendy or Tara the lie would’ve fled from his lips, without another thought. But this time was different. He knew he had no choice… Jax glanced towards his son and the hospital door.

“About that…” He started to say as he pulled up a chair.

It wasn’t easy, but he told her the truth behind everything. She closed her eyes for a moment and turned away from him. A solid three minutes of silence passed.

“Please, babe… Say something. Yell at me even… Just something…” he pleaded.

He closed his eyes as she started to cry. The man came to his feet and paced the room a bit.

“I know it’s the last thing you probably wanna hear, but I’m sorry. Believe me if I had another choice…”

“Tig was right…” she murmured and he tilted his head on this.


“How you would’ve handled the Amish situation. It would’ve been no different. Everyone would’ve died no matter.”

“If I had let her walk away, she’d have…” he trailed off as Angel held up a hand.

“I know you did what you had to do. Granted I couldn’t stand the woman half the time, she was still my mother, Jax. I never dreamed…”

“Neither did I, babe. You think this is what I wanted for you? You think I wanted that on my hands?”

She pinched the bridge of her nose. She’d never felt so conflicted. And even though she understood her husband’s reasoning, it hurt nevertheless. Her mother was dead, and at the hands of her husband? How was she supposed to feel about that? To make matters worse, that was the last of her family, literally. At least in blood… She was the only one left standing.

“You did what you had to do. No matter how much I keep telling myself you could’ve gone about it differently. I know that isn’t true. She was a loose cannon. It wouldn’t have mattered how you tried to get across to her, she’d have never listened. Things would have turned out for the worse. You were looking after our family first.”

Jax started to say something but she interrupted.

“But that doesn’t mean I’m 100 percent okay with this. So I just need you to be understanding about that.”

He nodded wishing he knew what to say or do. But he kept quiet out of fear of making matters worse. He could see the pain written all over her face.

“Does it ever stop?”
The president drew back a breath.

“One day… I give you my word. But in order to get there. We have to get a little dirty, it just comes with the territory, darlin’.”

“More than a little, when we start killing off brothers as well as family…”

Jax shook his head and thought back to his father’s manuscripts. He’d mentioned this very thing as well. “If I was wronged by anyone, in or out of the club. I had to be compensated by money or blood. There was no turning of the other cheek… (Quote taken from SOA)” he recoiled in thought. The only difference was he did what he had in order to protect his family and the club. It wasn’t about money or even about being wronged at this point. If Renee ratted him out, he would’ve ended up back in Stockton. He couldn’t protect Angel and Abel from there. The man would take whatever measures necessary. That’s how deep he was in… He killed a fed in order to keep Tara safe. But when it came to Angel, he’d wipe out anyone that got in his way. And he’d gladly give his own life if that’s what it ever came down to. He was a husband and father first, outlaw second. And he couldn’t afford to let the outlaw side take over. Not if he wanted to see his father’s vision through. There was a time where outlaw was the only thing he knew. But Angel came into the picture and he was bound and determined to fix that. After all, it was her that pointed out the error of his ways when it came to his son and various other situations. And even if he hated it at first, that’s what he needed. He needed someone that wasn’t afraid to put him in his place.

He winced as his wife wiped a few tears away. Part of him wanted her to yell at him or slap him even. She was a bit too calm… and that had him on edge.

“Maybe I should give you some space. Let me call Phil and have him keep watch.”

“You should go…” she agreed, causing him to recoil.

“Because your club needs you.”
“My family needs me more.”
“That we do. And that’s exactly why I’m telling you to go. If we’re to see a change, it’s gotta start somewhere. And that can only happen through you and the club. We need you to fix this, Jax. This can’t continue… This is not the future we want for Abel and CJ. So we clean this shit up and now. We make certain it’s something they never have to face. Abel’s going to take your place one day. And I’ll be damned if he has to make the very decisions you’re making.”

Jax nodded in perfect understanding. This wasn’t what he wanted for them either. As to why he was breaking his back in order to make sure of that. He took his wife’s hand and looked her in the eyes.

“Our children will never carry the baggage of the past. It ends right here with me… I give you my word.”
“I’m holding you to that, Mr. Teller.”

“Yes, mam…” he said and kissed her.

“Jax?” she called out as he was heading for the door.

“Think you can go 48 hours without taking another life?”

He managed to smirk and sort of laughed.

“That all depends…”
“Everyone else…” he said with a wink.

“I’ll do my best…”

“Fair enough… I won’t lie. I don’t really approve of what you did. Yet I understand all the same. I suppose that’s what makes you the king. I wouldn’t have what it takes.”

“And that’s where you’re wrong. It takes far more courage to be the queen.”

She narrowed her eyes in question.

“Angel, you’ve stood by me, no matter the situation. And at times I wonder how the hell you do it. Why do you think I fear you’ll only grow to resent me if not downright hate me? And last night? That was the final nail in the coffin. I knew what would probably come of it. But darlin’, I’d much rather you and Abel hate me than to end up losing you altogether.”

On this he promptly exited the room. The moment he pulled the door to, he put his forehead to it. He closed his eyes as he could hear her crying.

“I’m sorry, baby…” He whispered and turned to the clearing of a throat.

Phil nodded upon him.

“You’re not to leave this room. I mean it. If you need something to eat or drink, you call one of the boys or my mother. ”

“You got it, brother.”

“Lyla is picking Abel up here in a couple of hours.”

Phil nodded. Jax patted him on the back and took off.

SAMCRO Meeting:

Jax slammed the gavel down and got right to business. He talked about what all went down when he was in prison and in return they shed some light as well. Once they finished exchanging information, he brought up the whole ordeal with the fed and Angel’s mother. The guys cringed when he got to the part about Renee. But like that of Angel, they knew Jax hadn’t much choice.

“How’s the old lady taking that?” Happy questioned curiously.

Jax cleared his throat and lit a cigarette before answering.

“Better than I assumed…” he admitted.

“Damn…” Opie murmured and rubbed his face.

Chibs sighed and leaned back in his chair. They turned however as the door cracked open. Jax nodded upon Tig.

“Sorry, boss.”
“All good… How’d it go?”
Tig got this egotistical grin about him.

“You should all get down on your knees and blow me.”
Jax cocked a brow at this.

“I’ll let Happy take care of that for me.”
Tig sent Happy a wink and Happy tossed over a knife barely missing his face.

“Jesus Christ!” Tig snapped causing the guys to laugh.

“And why is it you think you deserve oral services?” Jax questioned curiously.
“Because I talked to the hotel… The one your lovely wife just so happened to dump us off at that night. They’re an alibi – showing that Gemma, Angel, and myself were there at the time of the attack. So there’s no way it could’ve been us.”
“Well hell, brother… that’s the best news I’ve heard in a while. Happy, suck his dick!”

Happy shrugged, “I’ll find my tweezers.”

Tig reared back looking offended. He whipped himself out and damn near shoved his cock in Happy’s face.

“This look small to you?”
Every man in the room answered simultaneously. “It’s smaller than mine.”

Each of them looked to one another and died in laughter.

“Assholes…” Tig muttered as he tucked himself away.

Happy delivered a nice kidney shot afterward.

“Ya ever do that shit again and I’ll have your ass caught in a dog knot!”

Tig choked back and fought to catch his breath. He said nothing as he took his seat. What he didn’t tell them, was he had to spend a good amount of his savings in order to get that alibi. But he meant it when he said he’d get Gemma and Angel out of this mess. He was glad Angel paid cash in the hotel she checked in at. And that she was smart enough to use an alias name with a counterfeit credit card Gemma had given her for such emergencies. So he hadn’t any concern of this backfiring. For once, Tig covered all bases and used his head. He’d have never forgiven himself if he got Angel or Gemma arrested – over pussy, nonetheless. The look on Angel’s face… that was enough to destroy even the strongest of men. Even now it caused him that heart sinking feeling. He hoped to never be on the receiving end of disappointing her like that again.

Jax went over a few things pertaining to Cara Cara. Naturally, the guys were stunned when he told them about the deal his wife made with the New Yorker.

“Hell, you got yourself a madam!” Happy said with a chuckle.

“Yeah, she’s a little pimpstress!” Tig added.

Jax had a good laugh at this.

“She’s somethin’ alright?” He uttered with a look of pride.

He raised his brows and leaned back in his chair. He ran his fingers about his beard, looking to be elsewhere at the moment.

“Ye alright there, Jackie boy?” Chibs questioned with a massive grin.

“Oh yeah…” Jax said with a smirk.

“Do ye need a few moments to yerself?”

The guys chuckled.

“I just might!” he fired back.

He flicked his ashes into the tray and licked his lips.

“Alright, boys back to business…”

He took one more drag off his cigarette and dropped the butt into the ashtray. He revealed the truth behind Bobby and how it all went from there. Once again the guys were impressed as it was Angel that got him to confess. He moved on to Piney and Jax made it clear he wanted a day dedicated to him, bearing in mind he missed his funeral. But he knew they couldn’t do anything at this very moment. Not until things died down a bit. He cleared his throat…

“It’s clear the IRA isn’t going to let up. So we need to come up with some sort of plan to end this once and for all. Before they take things even further than they have already. They’ve gotten away with too much as it is and we continue to sit here with our thumbs up our asses. Well no more, boys. I need everyone to put on their thinking caps on. Let’s come up with something and fast. I want these sons of bitches to suffer. We need to hit them so hard they’re nothing more than two-bit whores down on their knees.” The guys laughed.

“Laugh all you want, boys. But I’m not fucking around. These motherfuckers are going to know the true meaning of pussy whipped. By the time we’re done… We say jump they ask how high. ” He motioned towards Tig. “Or in your case, suck it and they drop to their knees.”

“Sounds good to me.” Tig replied with a shrug.

“And just how are we going to go about that?” Opie questioned.

“That’s what we gotta figure out. There’s gotta be something we can do from here; something to destroy that fucking pedestal of theirs.

Chibs narrowed his eyes in thought.

“Why don’t ye let me do some calling about? I’m sure there’s somethin’.”
“Good enough for now. In the meantime, we watch our backs. That goes double for Angel and Abel. They’ve been targeted the most so far. And I’ll be damned if O’ Shay gets away with this. He’s got another thing coming if he thinks he can call all the shots. He’s nothing more than a spoiled little bitch that expects everything to go his way. So do we need a vote?”

The guys looked to one another and shook their heads no.

“I think we’re good, brother.” Happy tossed out there.

“Good deal… Then meeting adjourned, for now…”

“Ye heard from Juicy?” Chibs asked.
“Not for sometime. I tried calling him the other day and got no reply, went straight to his voicemail in fact.”

“Huh… That’s strange.”

“Yeah for Juice, especially.”
“Hope all is well.”
“Me too, considering his old lady isn’t picking up either. Angel gave it a whirl as well, nothing…”

“You really think that’s his old lady now?” Tig questioned.

“Seems like they hit it off to me…” Jax replied with a shrug as they were heading out of the chapel.

“Lucky bastard…” Tig bitched.

“Maybe if you quit talking about guys sucking your junk, you’d find yourself a nice bitch to settle down with.” Opie threw out there.

Jax chuckled. “Let’s face it, Tig can pop a boner no matter, as long as they have a pulse.”

“Thank you, Lyla.”

“Oh no problem! We’re going to have a blast! Won’t we Abel?”

He nodded as Ellie picked him up. She kissed his forehead and Abel looked to his mother.

“You pick me up soon?”
“Yes, baby.”
“Okay.” He said and blew her a kiss.

His mother smiled and caught it, putting it to her cheek.

“I love you.”
“Wuv you too, mommy!”

“You be good for Aunt Lyla.”

“I will.”

Kenny tilted his head upon the stitches as they were poking out of Angel’s gown.

“What’s it like?”

She looked to the teenage boy in question.

“Getting shot…?”

“It’s like being set on fire…” She answered honestly as a twinge of pain surged through her.

“What do you think my mother felt?” He said, looking to be in thought.

Lyla and Angel exchanged glances on this.

“I doubt she felt anything. It was a swift blow…”

He nodded.

“Are you gonna end up like her?”
“Kenny!” Lyla scolded.

Angel held up a hand.

“It’s okay, Lyla. And no…”
“How can you be so sure?”
“I just know…”

Kenny shook his head.

“I hope you’re right.” He pointed to Abel. “For his sake.”
Lyla’s jaw dropped in disbelief.

“My mom should’ve left my dad awhile back.”

“Give us a few…” Angel hinted and Lyla nodded.

The ex porn star was caught flatfooted. She hadn’t a clue what to say or how to react. Lyla led Ellie and Abel out of the room and pulled the door to.

“So what’s really going on here?”

“Why don’t you just leave him already?! Everyone knows he’s gonna get you killed!”

The boy gritted his teeth and pointed upon her irately.

“First it was mom and then gramps! It’ll be my dad and you next!”

Angel swallowed back as Kenny wiped a few tears with the back of his hand.

“And we both know my father doesn’t have long.”
“We don’t know that for sure…”
“The fuck we don’t! We’re gonna end up being raised by my grandmother or a damn porn star.”

“She’s more than just some porn star.”
“That isn’t the point!”

The boy was shaking all over and pacing the room. Angel drew back a breath and rose in the bed. She waved him over.

“What?!” He bitterly spat.

“Just get your ass over here…”
He rolled his eyes but made his way over.


He sighed and got a tad closer.

His eyes widened and he blushed as she hugged the hell out of him.

“What are you doing?”
“It’s called a hug, Kenny.”
“Well it’s weird and you’re like leaking or something. That’s gross…”

Angel looked down and sighed as her gown was soaked.

“Stop staring!” She snapped as he was gawking.

He sort of laughed and turned his head.

“Sorry… How’d they get that big, anyhow?”
“It just comes with the territory…”

“So getting knocked up gives you big boobs?!”

“You really want to discuss my breasts?!”

Kenny snorted and she pulled the blankets up over her.

“You can turn around now. If I didn’t know any better I’d swear you were taking lessons from Tig Trager.”
The boy wrinkled his nose on this.

“That dude freaks me out!”

“Between you and me?”



Kenny had a good laugh at this.

“Going off on you.”
“All good… We all have our moments.”
“I guess I better get.”
Angel nodded and Phil stepped out of the bathroom.

“I’d give it about half an hour before I go in there…” He warned.

Kenny and Angel’s lips curled in disgust.

“Really, bro?” Kenny questioned in disbelief.

“Can’t say I didn’t warn you.”

“Nice ride…”

Jax looked over as he was gassing up the bike.

“Thanks…” he replied.

A tall and rather voluptuous blonde stood on the other side of the pump. She had on the shortest blue denim shorts known to mankind. Her breasts were about to pop out of that white tank top of hers. The hood of her car was propped open and she was looking awfully lost.

“You know anything about cars?” She called out.

Jax finished filling up and made his way over. He laughed in spite himself as she was bent over and just right – looking like one of the models from a motorcycle magazine of his.

“What’s it doing?”
“It won’t start just keeps clicking. And before you ask… Yes, it’s got gas.”

He chuckled a bit and looked everything over.
“Could be your starter or battery… Key’s in the ignition?”
The woman nodded.

“Let me check it out.”
“Thanks, sweetie.”

He smiled and gave it a whirl. He nodded as it merely clicked. Jax looked over a few other things but figured it was her battery the way it was acting. He hadn’t a way to jump it on the bike.

“Look, we have a shop just a few blocks ahead. Why don’t I give you a ride and we’ll see about getting you jumped?”

“Me and my boys.”

“Are they as smoking hot as you are?”

He got that smirk about him.
“Only in their wildest dreams…”
She ran a hand along his bike.

“You know I could lock everything up… We could worry about that jump later… Maybe head to my place?”

Jax ran his fingers through his hair and gave her the once over.

“If I was a different man and it was a different time. I’d be all aboard, darlin’…” He flashed the blonde his wedding ring.

“You could always take it off… For just a night…”
“That’s true… ”
The woman got this hopeful look about her and climbed onto his Harley. He laughed as she patted the driver’s area. He placed his helmet on her and hopped on. The bike revved to life and he hauled ass out of there. The woman frowned however as he pulled into the shop parking lot. He parked the bike and motioned towards the boys.

“They’ll take care of you from here, darlin’.”

She had this wounded look about her as she climbed off the bike. Jax remained seated and cut her a wink as he took off.

Phil looked up from the magazine he was reading. A couple of nurses and a doctor entered the room without so much as knocking. They cut him a rather surprised look as if not expecting him to be there. It was 11:35 pm and Angel was sound asleep. The doctor nodded upon Phil. But he glanced upon them peculiarly as they were all in surgical wear. They said nothing to him as they made their way over. One of the nurses took a syringe out of her pocket and used it in Angel’s IV.

“What’s going on?” He questioned.

Angel shot awake at the sound of Phil’s voice. She was quick to gasp out however as she locked eyes with the doctor. His eyes were awfully familiar and before she could get a word out, he clamped a hand over her mouth. Whatever the nurse had given her was kicking in and she fought in order to stay alert.

“HEY!” Phil shouted once he noticed the doctor’s hand around Angel’s mouth.

He jumped to his feet and went for his gun; only to have one of the ‘nurses’ fire first. Angel trashed about and went to scream as the bullet went right through his head. They used a silencer so the actual hospital staff hadn’t a clue what was going on.

“Shhhh… Just close your eyes. We’ll be home soon…” the doctor alleged.

Angel shook her head and used what little energy she had left. The ‘doctor’ and ‘nurses’ were sent flying back. Angel continued in her struggle to stay awake. She ripped the IV out and blood gushed everywhere. She rolled out of the bed and started towards the door. The doctor rushed over, blocking her attempt. She turned back as the nurses were closing in on her. They gained up on her and forced her back into the bed. The doctor wrapped something around her arm to stop the bleeding. He motioned towards the door and one of the nurses opened it.
“Hurry it up…” he spat beneath his surgical mask.

They nodded and followed close as he started wheeling her out. He headed towards the elevator.

Jax had just made his way into the hallway. He had a dozen red roses in hand and a bag of burgers and fries. He reared back as the first thing he spotted was the blood on the floor. As he lifted his head, the president took notice of the open door. He dropped the flowers and food and took off.
“NO!” He shouted as he saw Phil lying up against the counter.

Jax took notice of the missing bed. It was then it dawned on him… Just before entering the room, he’d seen someone being wheeled into the elevator. It was through the corner of his eye and he didn’t think much on it until now. He took off that direction and whoever it was – was already gone. Jax didn’t bother pushing the button for the elevator. He took the staircase and ran like a bat out of hell. Just as he got to the first floor, he saw his wife being wheeled right on out the door.

“HEY!” He shouted.

The doctor looked back as the nurses were loading Angel into an ambulance.

“What are you doing?!”

The doctor ignored him and leaped into the ambulance. The ambulance doors came to a close. Just as Jax exited the hospital, they took off. Jax rushed over and grabbed his bike. It roared to life and he tossed his helmet onto the street. He chased that ambulance all throughout town; dodging vehicles and pedestrians along the way. No matter what he did, they managed to stay a good twenty yards ahead of him.

“SON OF A BITCH!” He shouted as a truck nearly hit the ambulance head on.

They managed to swerve into another lane, barely escaping a deadly hit. He gritted his teeth as they turned a corner. This caused him to lose sight for a brief moment. He took the dirt road they went down. They made another sharp turn before long and dirt hit Jax right in the face – making it hard to see. His bike skidded a bit as he turned and he fought to keep it from tipping over on him. He lost visual once again, but saw the fresh tread marks heading towards the harbor. The ambulance was parked and the back doors were open but there was no one inside. He parked right behind the ambulance and hopped off the bike. He headed towards the dock, leaping over a few obstacles along the way. The sound of a boat motor caught his attention. He lifted his head that direction.

“NOOO!” Jax shouted as he gave it his all.

They dumped the now empty hospital bed into the water and the boat pulled away from the dock. By the time he got there, it was too late. The boat was heading out to sea. Jax dropped to his knees. A growl traveled up along his throat and once it made its escape, it was followed by a painful whimper. His eyes flickered as he looked towards the full blood moon. This earth-shattering howl escaped him and his body took its course. “ANNNNGGGGEELLLL!” he roared, whilst punching several holes through the wood beneath him.

That morning…

“You heard from Jackson?” Opie questioned as Chibs entered the garage.

The Irishman shook his head and Opie sighed.

“I got a call from the hospital asking if I knew where Angel was.”
“You’re kidding me…”
“Not even… They couldn’t get ahold of Jax or Gemma. Apparently, Angel has me down as one of her emergency contacts. I tried getting ahold of them myself and no answer…”

“Oh for fuck’s sake! Now what?” Chibs scoffed as the sheriff was pulling into the parking lot.

The boys stepped out of the garage and greeted him with a nod. The sheriff sighed as he exited the car and made his way over.

“You guys seen Jax anywhere?”
“Funny ye should ask…”
Wayne nodded and had this ill look about him. Just as he was to tell them about Phil and Angel, Jax pulled up on his bike. The guys looked to one another in question. Their president’s clothes were torn and frayed in certain areas. He was covered in blood and his hair was a knotted mess. His eyes were wild as he made his way over. The man was breathing so hard, he was literally panting.

“Jax…” Opie warned as he was revealing himself.

Wayne’s jaw was dropped and he staggered back in disbelief. Jax didn’t give a shit at this point. “Church time, boys. That includes you, sheriff…”

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