Chapter 34 Sail

Chapter 34

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Angel blinked a few times as she came to. It took her a moment to process what had truly taken place. A soft whimper escaped her as she sat up in the bed they had her in. The young woman looked around, realizing she was inside the cabin of a boat. The panic didn’t truly set in until she looked out one of the cylinder windows within. With a hand over her heart, she shot out of bed. That intense burning sensation hit and it was enough to bring Angel to her knees. The room was spinning and she swayed back and forth, doing her best to keep from passing out. The cabin door was just a few feet away. She came to a crawl and headed that direction. Once she managed to get to the door, she stretched her arm out and wiggled her fingers about, desperately. She was an inch shy of reaching the handle. After lowering her hand in defeat, she leaned against the door and closed her eyes. The young woman focused on gaining whatever strength she could. Before long, she braced herself against the wall and used it to come to a stand. With utmost caution, she opened the door and climbed the steps leading to the deck.

“…no…” she whispered as there was no land about whatsoever.

This had her staggering back with a hand clamped over her mouth. This isn’t happening… She told herself over and over. Jax and Abel entered her thoughts as she ran a hand along her tummy. Angel thought back to the hospital and everything that took place. She recognized the “doctor’, the instant his eyes met hers; only he was no doctor. He was Galen O’ Shay – the ruthless-son-of-a-bitch-IRA-king himself. She rolled her eyes after hearing the cocking of a gun. Angel turned the direction it came from and sort of laughed. There were two men with .45 Glocks eyeing her down. One of them nodded upon her.

“Galen wishes to see you…”

“I bet he does…”

They grabbed ahold of her and escorted her to where O’ Shay was. He was currently driving the boat. “Ah, she’s awake!” The Irishman announced with a snide look about him. There was a woman sitting beside him. Angel recognized her to be one of the “nurses”. She’d dark hair and looked to be in her late forties.

He motioned for the men to lower their guns.

“Would ye like something to drink?” he offered.

“I’m good…”Angel snapped in response.

He laughed and gestured for her to have a seat. Angel bitterly took her seat at the marine couch. The men kept their guns aimed her direction. She sort of laughed and crossed her legs.

“Are you afraid of me, Mr. O’ Shay?”

He smiled on this.
“It’s a mere precaution, that’s all.”
“Oh, I’m sure.” She sarcastically remarked.

He made a tsk like sound and shook his finger upon her.

“Play nice now… We’re in the middle of nowhere at this point. Something you should take into consideration, should you wish to be foolish and misbehave.”

“Oh, there’s a fool amongst us alright. I’m looking right at him…. You haven’t any idea the amount of hell you’ve unleashed. This is going to end badly…”

He nodded with a rather amused look about him.

“And just who do ye assume this will badly for? Us, or your betrothed’s precious club?”
“Husband…” she corrected. “And I believe we both know the answer to that one.”

He licked his lips and nodded once again.

“I see you have us underestimated.”

She smiled.

“You seem to have it backwards, Mr. O’ Shay. It is you that has the Sons underestimated.”

“We shall see about that. For now, we’ve other matters to discuss… As of now, the Sons are of no concern to you. You see I’ve created a world of opportunity for you. And one day you will thank me. There is a bright future ahead of you now, Mrs. Teller.”

“Well you’ve done an exceptional job so far.”

“Hm. I tried going about this in a more civil manner, but you declined my offer. So I took matters into my own hands. But rests assure from here, you’ll be treated like royalty. All you have to do… is quit fighting it. I offer you and your child unceasing protection. You will be taken care of and set for life.”

“In the absence of my husband and son of course.”

“I’ve done my homework. It seems the boy is not your biological son. As for the husband, he’s easily replaceable. You haven’t any idea what Ireland has to offer. And you deserve so much more than what Jackson Teller has to offer. I will prove this soon enough.”

“Make no mistake Mr. O’ Shay, blood or not… that boy is MY SON! And there isn’t a soul on earth that could replace my husband.”

“We’ll just see about that… only time will tell.”

“What’s that?”
“Well Mr. O’ Shay, you assume you’re going to live through this…”

The Irishman raised his brows on this, but didn’t comment.

“Leave us…” he ordered and the men took off.

“You’re being awfully brave.” She witted with a snarky grin.
“That may be true… But I happen to know certain things as well.”
“Do you now?”
He nodded assuredly and gestured towards her chest.

“For one thing – you’re in no shape to be challenging anyone. And even at that… You’re not about to put your unborn child at risk. And soon enough, none of this will matter. You see… I am not the enemy here.”

“And just how do you presume that?”

“Easy now…” he uttered as she was growing slightly pale.

He came to a stand and offered his hand. She recoiled and he sighed.
“You need me… and the faster you come into terms with that, the better off you will be.” he scoffed as she lay down.

Angel ignored him and covered her eyes with her forearm. There was a slight breeze in the air. Something she found to be soothing at the moment. Deep down? Angel was freaking the fuck out. How was she going to get out of this one? Her heart sank as she thought about Abel and Jax’s reaction to this. As if they hadn’t been through enough. She wanted nothing more than to take O’ Shay and everyone on this boat down. But knew she couldn’t risk it. Not without putting her and CJ in danger. And at the moment, she hadn’t the strength needed in order to do so. She was at their mercy. Angel loathed the very idea. A gasp escaped her as Galen scooped her up. Her teeth were gritted as he started towards the cabin.

“Easy now…” he uttered as she squirmed about.

“You don’t want me to toss ye overboard, do ye?”

“Such the gentleman… I take it this was the royal treatment you were referring to?”

He chuckled and opened the cabin door. The Irishman laid her down and pulled the covers up over her. After he got her tucked in, he went to check on her wound. Angel slapped his hand away.

“Don’t touch me!”

“Your wound needs tending to.”
“Then I’ll fucking tend to it!”

He raised his hands and took a step back.

“Very well…” He mumbled and gathered the supplies needed.

She was quick to interrupt him as he started to go over the procedure.

“I know what I’m doing, asshole.”

This had him chuckling in mere amusement. The man didn’t utter another word on it. He exited the cabin and left her to it. Angel flung the covers off her and carefully untied her gown. Lowering it, just enough to do what she needed. She doctored the area up and redid some of the sutures. This had her rather pasty all over again. The area was very tender and just the slightest touch sent her into orbit. She took breaks off and on to keep from blacking out from the pain alone. When she finished, she grabbed the syringe filled with antibiotics and stuck it into her arm. She grunted out as this burning sensation hit and spread across her arm. Angel lay down and removed the needle. After tossing the syringe into a nearby wastebasket, she shut her eyes. She took a few minutes to regain her strength.

It was then it hit… Phil came to mind and she covered her face. The bullet going through his head… That image came to play over and over and the guilt weighed upon her heavily.

“I’m so sorry…” she cried.

Angel found herself crying harder on Phil’s behalf than that of her own mother. So there it was… her daughter, Charlie, Jasper, her mother, Piney, and now Phil. Would it ever end? And who would be the last ones standing, if any?

Gemma lowered her shades as Dr. Knowles stepped out of the hospital. She watched as Tara got into her car. Gemma kept a safe distance as she followed the doctor home. Once Tara pulled into the drive, she parked a few houses down. She kept a low profile and waited until the doc was inside. From there, she retrieved her gun from her purse and tucked it into the back of her pants. She exited the car and quietly pushed the door to. After Gemma was certain she hadn’t any witnesses, she walked on over to the house. She’d plans of simply scaring the doctor straight. If she had to… She’d take things a step further, but hoped it wouldn’t come to that. What she hadn’t expected is what she heard, just before she went to knock on the door…

David?! How’d you get in here?”
“I’ve my ways…”

So you broke into my house?”

I wanted to surprise you…”
“Surprise me?”
“Yes, you know… that’s what boyfriend’s do.”

So you think its normal behavior to break into a significant others house and make yourself at home?”

You ignore the candlelight dinner I have set up and the roses I got you and go straight to the accusations?! Thanks, Tara!”

It was a very “Tara” thing to do, the woman found herself thinking. She pressed her ear up against the door so she could hear better.

Tara sighed, “David please, it’s been a really long day. I just want to take a bath and call it a night.”

So you want me to go?”

Yes… I’m sorry. We can do this another night.”
“And when would that be exactly? A week from now? Two? A month even?”

Oh come on, Tara. You’ve canceled on me the last three times already. I’m right here, right now. I busted my ass setting this up and you’re completely disregarding it. In fact, you’re pissed that I’m even here!”

That’s not true! I pulled a 16 hour shift and all I want to do is go to bed.”
“Then let’s eat and we can do that together.”

David…” She murmured with hesitation.

He let out a laugh of sheer misery.

Gemma jumped as she heard something hit up against a wall of the house. “Jesus, David!” She heard Tara rebuke. With squinted eyes, she peeked through the window and between the blinds. Only able to make out bits and pieces of what was taking place. Tara was picking something up off the floor and David had his hands about his waist and was pacing about the room.

You’re blowing me off, aren’t you?!”

That’s not it! I already told you! I had a long day and just…”


Who was right?!” Tara questioned as she dumped some broken glass into a nearby trash bin.

David sort of laughed and ran his fingers through his hair.

You do realize in the entire four or five months of dating, we’ve had sex a total of maybe three times?! And each time it’s after I’ve agreed to some sort of favor you’ve asked of me! Each of those pertaining to a certain ex of yours!”

That is not true!”

Oh come on! You know it is! Everything has to be on YOUR terms, always has. You jump and I’m the idiot that keeps asking how high. Dammit Tara, just how blind do you think I am?”
“And what are you accusing me of exactly?”

You’re using me and have been from the very beginning. The only reason you agreed to dating me in the first place was because of the deal we had going. You know… about keeping an eye on Jax’s old lady!”

“The little bitch…” Gemma whispered.

And I explained my reasoning!”
“Yeah, yeah you don’t trust her and so on and so forth. You still care about Jax because he’s a friend yadda fucking yadda!”

Have you been drinking?!”

Why does it matter to you if I have or haven’t been? You don’t give a shit about me! All you can think about is controlling this situation with the Tellers. You just can’t stand the fact that he’s moved on, Tara! He’s married and she’s carrying his child! Jesus Christ. I’M RIGHT HERE! LOOK AT ME, GOD DAMMIT!”

Gemma’s jaw dropped as he had his gun aimed at Tara.



He paced about some more but kept his eyes fixated on her.

Do you love me?” He questioned in a softer tone.

Tara staggered back and cut him a look of disbelief.


Yes… of course I do!”
“Then why is it you only come to me when you want something?! And why does our ENTIRE relationship seem to be based around the Tellers?!”

You know Jax and I have history. We were friends long before we even dated!”

So were we! AGAIN! You seem to forget I went to high school with you as well! All that tells me is that you still have feelings for Jackson Teller!”
“And what if I did? What are you going to do? Shoot me, David?!”

The way she said this even had Gemma rolling her eyes..

The deputy stopped in his tracks and tilted his head upon the doc. Tara half laughed and shook her head.

You’re drunk… Go home and sleep it off!”

When were you going to tell me about your little visit to Stockton?”

Where’d you hear that?”
“Answer the question…”

The man had tears streaming down his face.

I was going to tell you. I just…”

LIES! NOTHING BUT LIIIIIIIIIIIIIESSSSSSSSSS!” he roared and his hand shook as he had his gun aimed her direction one again.
“He was right all along. I can’t believe I let you play me like this, Tara! I love you, god dammit! I’ve loved you since fucking high school. And you know this because I told you. And yet you go and use that knowledge and in order to get what you want from me! So what was the plan? To have me sabotage Angel and Jax’s relationship, in hopes that you could once again take her place?”

Her bottom lip quivered but she didn’t comment.

I thought you were happy with the way things are now! You’re always going on about how relieved you are to be out of the club life and free of Jackson! And yet here you are… using me! So you can crawl right into the very pit in which you escaped!”

Let me explain…”
He shook his head.

Why? So you can fill my head with more lies?”
“David, please baby… Let’s lower the gun and we’ll talk this through.”

Baby?” He scoffed.

Since when do you EVER call me baby? There was only one man I ever heard you refer to as such and it damn sure wasn’t me! Tell me you love me, Tara…”

The way he said this was enough to send chills up not only Tara’s, but Gemma’s spine.

I want … to hear… you… say it…”

You already know I do…’

Tara nodded, but was frightened out of her mind.

I love you, David.”

The deputy nodded but the tears seemed to come down even harder. He came to his knees and ran the bridge of his gun through his hair. Tara took a couple steps towards him. “Hand me the gun, David…” she pleaded and held her hand out. David wiped his face with the sleeve of his shirt. He nodded and started to hand it over. Just as Tara went to seize it, he grabbed ahold of her, forcing the doc towards him. He held the gun to her chin and roughly kissed her. Tara was doing her best to squirm out of his hold, only to have him grasp a fistful of her hair.

I would do anything for you. You know that, right?” he asked, looking her dead in the eyes.

David, please…” she sobbed.

He dropped his hold and brushed her hair back.

Do you remember what you asked of me? Not even a week after we started dating?”

She shook her head no. David had this crazed look in his eyes.

You asked me to take you out of your misery; if you should ever think about going back to Jax or Charming.”

The gun went off and Gemma gasped back in shock. Her hand flew over her mouth as the gun with off yet again. She looked back seeing not only Tara, but the deputy lying on the living room floor…

“And is it you want me to do? Turn my back to them?!”

“Now Jackie, that’s not what I’m sayin’. Ye remember what I told ye about Jimmy…”

Jax nodded and took a nice long drag off his cigarette.

“That I do… And that’s not happening to my family. Unlike you, I won’t ever give up. I will get my wife and daughter BACK!”

Chibs reared back. He was completely blown away and offended by Jax’s remark. The Sons had uncomfortable looks about them.

“Ye think that’s what I did?!” Chibs slammed his hand down on the table and came to a stand.

“I hadn’t any choice!” He pointed to the scars on his face.

“The bastard cut me up like a jack-o-lantern and threatened ta do the same with my family! I was run out of Ireland and told ta never come back! If I go back there and Jimmy gets word of it. They’re as good as dead!”

“So you never had any intentions of getting your wife and daughter back?! Is that what you’re telling me?!”

“Ye fuckin’ little shite! You haven’t any idea what all we’ve been through. I did what I did in order to keep them alive! Don’t ye even sit there and pretend ta know what all went down! Ye weren’t there!”
“I didn’t need to be in order to know you gave up!”

The Irishman darted over and jerked Jax right of his seat. Jax groaned out as his sergeant sent him a nice jab to the gut. He slammed him up against the wall.
“Easy, boys…” Opie called out.

They eyed one another down as Chibs had him by the collar of his shirt.

“Not a day goes by that I don’t think about my wife and daughter. That bastard took my wife and made her his. He fucks her and raises MY DAUGHTER as his own. He pushed me right out of the picture and took over! My daughter believes that I walked out on them ta this very day, because that’s the story he feeds her and my wife plays along! I do the things I do in order ta keep them safe!”

Tig swallowed back on this. His daughter was right along with them… But at the time, he hadn’t much choice. If Fawn had stayed in America, Kozik would’ve hunted her down. But his skin crawled once he realized he sent her off to another butcher. And like that of Chibs… He too gave up, figuring it were best.

“That isn’t enough! You don’t ever turn your back to family! NO MATTER THE CASE! YOU FIGHT ! YOU SHOULD’VE DONE WHATEVER IT TOOK TO GET THEM BACK!”

“Even if it means we all die?” Chibs snapped in return.

“YES, YOU FUCKING PUSSY! YOU TOOK THE EASY WAY OUT! AND ALL BECAUSE YOU GOT SCARED! You’ve been with us Sons for years now and if you truly wanted; you could’ve called forth a meeting! You know we would’ve done whatever it took to get your wife and daughter back. With the other charter in Belfast, we would’ve found a way. This was Jimmy! Hell Chibs, I’m dealing with the entire fucking IRA! You think I don’t know the god damned consequences? Then the hell with you, you Irish prick! I know I could lose them both. But I also know my wife! And she would rather DIE fighting, than to coward down to these assholes. If I was to back down as you did. Then my old lady faces the same situation yours did! And I’ll be damned if Angel’s stuck doing whatever she can to protect our daughter, while letting some other asshole play house! If that means I die in the process. THEN SO BE IT!”

Each of them jumped and turned as the Chapel doors were busted down. They looked on in unreserved surprise as an entire SWAT team entered the room.

“Hands up! Everyone against the wall!”

The Sons looked to one another in alarm.

“You too, Sheriff!”

“What’s going on here?” Wayne ordered.

The tall African American man didn’t answer as he forced the sheriff up against the wall. The other officers disarming the entire MC. Once they finished, the main officer took the table the Sons gathered at and flipped it over.

“ON THE GROUND!” He shouted afterword.

Jax cocked a brow his direction.

“You wanna explain yourself first?!”

“Don’t get cute with me wiseass, on the ground, now! Each and every one of you! Hands behind your back.”

Jax sighed and dropped down alongside of Chibs and Opie. For reasons he didn’t understand, the president found himself laughing at the situation. Opie and Chibs gazed his direction in wonder. The officers were tearing up the place and destroying whatever they could get their hands on.

“You wanna fill us in, Jackie boy?”

“Well at least one of them thinks you’re cute…” Opie taunted with a grin of his own.

Chibs chuckled and the three of them were laughing uncontrollably now. This had Happy, Tig, and Wayne looking upon them with curiosity. The laughter however was contagious enough that they were laughing as well.

“You think this is funny, boys?”
“Oh believe me, it’s pretty fucking hilarious!” Jax countered.


The sergeant walked about the room, kicking at the guys feet every once awhile.

“And what about you, Sheriff? Why are you here?”

Wayne rolled his eyes. “I sure hope you have a warrant…”

The officer nodded at Wayne’s comment. He made his way over and practically shoved the warrant in Jax’s face. The president spit on it and the officer grabbed him by the hair.

“Looks like I’m here to search the premises and to gather a few of your boys.” He dropped his hold and did another walk about.

“Opie Winston, Chibs Telford, Juice Ortez, and Happy Lowman… We have warrants for your arrests. You and Mr. Trager lucked out today.”

Jax rolled his eyes and went to smart off about this, but took notice of the look of warning Wayne was cutting him. He drew back a hesitant breath and kept his mouth shut, which wasn’t easy. Here he was, needing to get to Ireland, ASAP, and his boys were getting arrested? What were the fucking odds? There was no way he was getting his wife and daughter back, not without the help of his brothers. And now there was no telling how long he’d have to wait…

“And where is Mr. Ortez?”
“He isn’t here! He hasn’t been in Charming for months!” Jax growled.

“Jackson…” Opie whispered in caution.

“Don’t do it, bro. Not here… They got nothing on us. It’s just a scare tactic, we’ll be back.”

He nodded and closed his eyes doing his best to keep it under control.

“Watch yourself, Sheriff. You’re hanging around the wrong crowd. You might find yourself without a badge if word gets around.”

Jax kept his eyes shut even as the officers cuffed his boys and dragged them on out of the clubhouse. The sergeant made his way over and undid Jax and Tig’s cuffs. Jax remained perfectly still until the sergeant exited the room.

“They’re gone, boss.”

Jax nodded and opened his eyes. Tig helped the president to his feet, but swallowed back rather nervously as his eyes were vibrantly glowing. Wayne sighed and came to his feet. He braced himself up against the wall, feeling a little dizzy. He hadn’t told anyone that he’d started his chemo treatments. He knew he’d be forced into early retirement. That, and well he didn’t want everyone fretting over him.

“You alright there?” Tig questioned with concern.

The Sheriff nodded but Jax caught wind of this. He thought about what his wife had said.

“Can we get you something?” He offered.

Wayne shook his head no and sat in one of the chairs.

“Eh, just low sugar… I didn’t eat breakfast…” He lied with a shrug.

Jax saw right past it. The sheriff cleared his throat and came to his feet.

“I’ll head to the station and see what’s going on. I’ll call and let you know just as soon as I find out.”

Tig and Jax nodded in response and escorted the sheriff back to his car. Once he left, they regarded one another in question.

“Now what?” Tig asked.

Jax drew back the deepest of breaths.

“Guess it’s just you and I. We gotta figure this shit out and let the boys in on what’s going on once they get back. We haven’t much choice. Angel’s going into labor any day now…”

Tig recoiled in thought.

“You should eat…” Galen said, motioning towards Angel’s untouched plate of food.

“I’m good…”
“What is it they say? Eating for two?” he murmured, stuffing a forkful into his mouth.

He chewed and swallowed, before sipping at his glass of red wine. Angel leaned back in her chair and crossed her legs. She crossed her arms about her chest and merely observed as he ate. His men were keeping guard as she and Galen sat at the table for two. When he finished his plate, he dabbed at his mouth with a napkin.

“Not a fan of lamb?”

“Lamb’s just fine. It’s the present company – a little dry if you ask me. I’m having a hard time swallowing all this…”

“You do realize you’re setting yourself up?” Galen taunted with a smirk.

“Fire away, if you feel so inclined…” She came to her feet and started to exit the cabin of the boat.

Angel leaned into his ear along the way.

“I’d much rather choke on the entire MC’s jizz, than to eat your dry as fuck lamb.”

He raised his brows and watched as she exited the cabin.

“And what is it you expect to get out of us exactly?”

“The truth…”

Opie nodded and lit one of his cigarettes. He took the longest of drags.

“We already told you… None of us were there. We haven’t a clue what took place with the Amish that day.”

“You say that… yet one of your members just happened to have his semen in one of the young women.”

Opie shrugged and flicked his cinders into an ashtray.

“Since when is fucking a crime?”

“Rape and murder are.”
The biker had a good laugh at this.

“So she was Amish, that makes it rape? I know what you’re trying to pull here… Tig Trager was cleared of all charges. You can’t pull a double jeopardy.”

The sergeant nodded and tapped his fingers along the interrogation table.

“You’re wasting your time and ours. You’ve nothing to go on and you know it. We were right here in Charming when this whole ordeal with the Amish went down!”

“That’s not to say you didn’t set this up somehow.”

Opie sort of laughed and shook his head in mere amusement.

“And what beef would we have with an entire Amish town?” he scoffed, putting his cigarette out.

The sergeant nodded.
“You are aware of what will happen if this vote goes through?”

Opie cocked a brow and simply waited for an explanation.

“Well, let’s just say you’re going to see a lot of me. And things are going to change here in Charming. For instance… anything ‘biker gang’ related will be forbidden.”

The outlaw nodded.

“Well it’s a good thing we’re running a club instead.” He witted in return.

Opie brushed a strand of hair behind his ear and leaned back in his chair. He folded his arms about his chest. The sergeant went over things such as the disappearance of Clay Morrow and Agent Stahl. It was all a mere scare tactic. He’d hopes of Opie slipping up somehow, but the VP wouldn’t budge. They even went as far as to try and make the Sons believe that a few of the members were ratting one another out, etc… They wanted SAMCRO sweating up a storm, but not a one of them caved. Then again, this wasn’t their first rodeo. They weren’t biting…

Before long, the sheriff had pulled the sergeant aside and had some questions of his own; such as why they were in Charming in the first place and harassing the Sons. From the sounds of things, they hadn’t anyone pin the blame on. Everything pointed back to SAMCRO. Yet they hadn’t any real evidence and therefore, they hadn’t a choice. They had to let the boys go.

“I’m onto you, Sheriff. You best watch yourself…”
Wayne regarded the officer with a hint of a smirk.

“Onto me, huh?”

The officer nodded.

“I hear you’re close to retirement. It’d be a shame, having all that hard work go to waste. And all on account of the company you’ve decided to keep. It doesn’t look so good.”
Wayne shrugged and sort of laughed.

“You seem to have me mistaken for someone that gives a shit.” He spat as he headed into his office and slammed the door behind him.

Jax scrubbed his face down and patted it dry afterword. He gazed into the mirror and ran his fingers along his “Angel” tattoo. He shook his head, with a sigh. Tried as he might, the outlaw couldn’t control the horrific images that came to mind. He was picturing the worst of scenarios. The worst being that his wife would go into labor and everything would go wrong from there. His worst fears were coming to play as he couldn’t protect her or CJ at the moment. As for Abel, Jax knew he was in good hands with the Winstons. Besides, the IRA got what they wanted, meaning Abel was in the clear. Jax hadn’t the heart to tell his son. And he wasn’t about to either. He knew Abel could go into cardiac arrhythmia or worse, from the stress alone. And after that car wreck, his father wasn’t about to take any chances. He went as far as to make Opie and Lyla promise to keep their mouths shut. Abel believed his mother was still in the hospital..

Jax grabbed his white crew t-shirt and put it on. The more he thought about O’ Shay taking his wife, the angrier he grew. That anger however, wasn’t all directed at the Irish prick, but himself. He saw all this coming. Just as he had with Edward Cullen and the jackass fed. This seemed to be a continuous thing. And he was just waiting for the day he got his wife or son killed. He knew better. Yet he was repeating the same old mistakes. Jax gritted his teeth and looked upon the reflection in the mirror once again. He’d grown to HATE the man before him. All he did was fuck everything up! No matter how hard he tried. It was one thing after another and he was breaking every promise he ever made. Ones he’d made to his wife, son, and the MC. Everyone was counting on him. The more he tried to dig his way out. The deeper the grave he found himself in. And his family… they were right alongside of him. He was burying them ALIVE!

A growl escaped him and he swung his fist at the mirror. With gritted teeth, he punched at the remains over and over and over. The beast was taking over. Jax tore at his shirt and staggered back. Flashes of what he did the night O’ Shay took his wife hit. He gasped back in memory… Blood… He’d never seen so much blood. Jax remembered the uncontrollable rage he felt. His entire body had heated over and he was in tremendous pain. All he could think about was revenge and since he couldn’t take it out on the Irish Kings. He took it out on next best thing – the backstabbing Mayans. Jax had thought about Alvarez’s reaction to his old lady nearly getting raped. How acted as if it were no big deal. Then to find out he swapped out the gun cartel, like it was nothing, and then accepted the extra ten percent offered. On top of that, he agreed to have his men kidnap his wife?! The Irish hated the Mexicans and vice versa and that only had the president’s blood boiling even more. All of this was one big FUCK YOU! And it was coming from both sides of the spectrum. Before he even realized it, he was at Alvarez’s front door; banging the living shit out of it. The moment the Mayan’s pres stepped out, Jax snatched him right out from the doorway and literally ripped the Mayan’s leader apart, leaving portions of him here and there.

“SHIT!” Jax hollered out in a panic.

He must’ve blacked out that night. He hadn’t remembered any of this until now. This was bound to come back and bit him in the ass! The remaining Mayans would want to know how their president died and at who’s hands. It was a literal massacre and Jax simply left the remains. At the time, he wanted to leave one hell of a message. NO ONE FUCKS WITH HIS FAMILY OR HIS CLUB! He was done with the games. If any harm came to his wife or daughter, the entire IRA would meet the same fate as Alvarez. Only he’d plans of making O’ Shay suffer the most.

He lifted his eyes towards the mirror once again and a dark smile prevailed. The mere idea of torturing the son of a bitch had him on a high and he couldn’t wait to get his hands on him…

Gemma’s hands shook as she entered Charming city limits. She couldn’t fathom everything she’d heard and witnessed. She rolled her window down and grabbed a cigarette. She lit it and decided to hit the hospital, figuring Angel was still there. And due to recent events, she just needed that peace of mind. She needed to know her baby-girls were okay. Gemma was a woman of complexity, but when she considered you family. You were gold in her eyes and she would vow to love you unconditionally. And at this very moment, that’s how she felt about her daughter-in-law. Only she was more than that. She was the daughter she always wanted but never had. And now that Gemma had her; she’d put her life on the line in order to protect her; just as she would Abel and Jax. This was something that came as a shock even to her. She never felt that way about any of the women her son had been with. But from the moment she first laid eyes on that homeless girl outside the store that day, she just knew there was something… Something she couldn’t quite put her finger on. And she fought it tooth and nail often enough. But here she was. In damn near hysterics trying to get to her, she couldn’t shake that pitfall feeling in her gut. The closer she came to the hospital, the worse it got. Gemma felt like she were about to have a full blown panic attack. She kept telling herself it was what she’d just witnessed with David and Tara. But deep down she knew that wasn’t the case. Her mother’s intuition was telling her that something was wrong. She floored it the rest of the way. The second she parked the car, she hopped out and ran towards the hospital. She ran right on through the double doors and entered the elevator, leading to the area of Angel’s room.

The woman hit the button to the correct floor. When the elevator doors opened, she darted on out, and headed right for the room. She didn’t bother knocking and entered. The room was empty and her jaw dropped. She rushed back out and grabbed the nearest nurse.


“She?” The nurse questioned in a panic.

Gemma had her by the collar of her scrub shirt and was shaking her.


“I’m so sorry, ma…”

The woman’s ears started to ring and she staggered back. Her body turned ghostly white.

“…no…” she murmured, with a hand over her heart and tears in her eyes.

“Not my babies…”

Gemma’s eyes rolled to the back of her head and she hit the floor.


“Boat’s a bit crowded… don’t you think?”

Before Angel even had time to respond, the king took his gun out and shot the remaining women. He motioned for his men to throw the bodies overboard.

“Much better…” he said as took a kerchief from his sports coat and used it to clean his gun.

“I bet that makes ye feel better…” he witted with a smirk.

“And just how do you presume that?” She asked with her hands over her belly.

“I rid of the competition!”

“What competition?!”


“If that was meant to impress me, you got another thing coming.”
“Impress ye?” He muttered in a mocking manner.

“If I was going out my way to impress you, ye’d know firsthand. I just wanted to rid the extra weight. It’s not needed.”
“Aren’t those the bitches that helped you in my abduction?”

He nodded.

“Here’s the way I see it. The view is so much better now. They were blocking the gorgeous sunset and I’m no longer under obligation to pay them for their services.”

Angel sort of laughed and shook her head in disbelief.

“This amuses you?”

“I get what you’re doing… And you’re going to have to try a lot harder than that. I’ve seen it all.”
“And what is it you assume I’m doing?!”

“Would you like me to explain this in caveman terms?”

He arched a brow and tilted his head in curiosity. He waved her on.

“Next time, just whip your dick out and mark the area around you.”
The armed men chuckled, but were quick to clear their throats as Galen was eyeing them down.

“You believe that was me marking my territory?”

She shrugged and he cleared his throat a bit. A solid thirty seconds went by…

“If I was to mark my territory… I’d do it by taking you to the cabin, ripping your clothes off, and fucking you until you were filled to the brim with my cum. Then I’d send your husband the pictures of the aftermath. However, I’m above such…”

“Are you now?”

He nodded assuredly.

“There is no need for such acts. My game as you Americans say – is just fine, Mrs. Teller. In fact, women such as yourself usually beg for MY attention. Not the other way around.”

Angel snorted on this and he reared back in wonder.

“Something else amuses you?”
“It’s just…”

“You’re so old… And I hadn’t any idea Irish women were that sad.”

Galen shook his head and laughed.

“I see I’m going to have my hands full with you.”
“You haven’t any idea, Mr. O’ Shay…” She alleged, ominously.

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