Chapter 35 There Had To Be Truth

Chapter 35

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“Follow me…” Chibs called out as he, Happy, and Opie were stopped at a red light.

They shrugged upon one another, but followed Chibs out of Charming. Both wondered what he was up to as he kept going. They hadn’t been out of jail for more than ten minutes and yet here they were; heading right into Mayan territory. They tagged along but grew to be somewhat apprehensive once they crossed the forbidden boundary. Chibs turned into a gas station and they pulled up behind him. He had this determined look about him as he went to gas up.

“I hear the Mayan’s prez is out of commission…”

Happy raised his brows and reared back in bewilderment.

“Out of commission?”

“Permanent from what I hear… His remains were scattered about his yard.”

“His remains…?” Opie reiterated, “as in body parts?!”

Chibs nodded.

“Now’s the time for retaliation. They’re gonna be a little preoccupied. So I say we find this warehouse of theirs and get the weapons meant for the IRA. That’s twice the middle finger for both parties.”
“What about Jackson?” Opie asked.

“Aye, think of it as a favor ta Jackie… We can handle this.”

“Even after your little miff?” Opie asked with a bit of a smirk.

“There’s a reason he’s the president. The boy knows what he’s doin’. Jackie’s got more balls than the three of us put together. He’s willin’ ta lose everything in order to gain everything and that’s what it takes. Ye gotta face it head on and see who is gonna back down first. And we all know it won’t be him. If I had an ounce of what he had, I’d have my wife and daughter back.”

“Chibs…” Opie countered with a sigh.

Chibs put the nozzle back once he finished pumping the gas. He looked towards Happy as he was on the other side of the pump.

“Ye gonna be stickin’ around Charming for some time?”

Happy regarded him oddly but answered the question.

“Of course.”
“Good… Cause once we get the little lass back. I’m gonna fall back…”

“Whattaya mean by that?” Opie asked as he was filling up his bike as well now.

“I’ll be staying in Ireland. The rude awakening was long since overdo. Leave it to Jackie to be the one to give it. It’s time for me to hunt Jimmy down and do what I should’ve done years ago.”

Happy and Opie shook their heads in disagreement.

“Then we’re gonna be there, right alongside of you. You’re not alone in this, brother. You never will be. This is club business. Your family is our family and I know Jax and Angel will attest to that!”

Chibs gave a hint of a smile and hugged them both. Then he kissed them on the cheek.

“I love you, boys. Now let’s go piss some Mexicans off.”

Happy and Opie had a good laugh at this.

Tig narrowed his eyes in question as Jax hung up the phone. They were in the garage going over things with the prospects, when the sheriff called. He let Jax know about the boys being free to go, but also let him in on the news about his mother.

“Did I hear that right?”

Jax pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Mom’s in the fucking hospital…”

“Jesus… What happened?”

“I’m not sure, but I gotta go.”

“I’ll follow you there.”

Jax nodded and headed on out.

“You wanted to see me?”

Galen nodded and came to his feet. He pulled out a chair and gestured for her to have a seat. She drew back a hesitant breath and reluctantly accepted. He pushed her chair in afterword and sat across from her.

“We’ll be arriving at the docks soon and our travel plans will be changing from there.”
“Those plans being…?”

With a remorseful look about him, he motioned towards one of his men.

“You must understand that you leave me no choice. I will more than make up for this later.”

Angel jumped and as something stung her in the neck. She shot out of her chair and onto her feet.

“WATCH OUT!” Galen warned as she furiously spun around.

She knocked the syringe out of the man’s hand and sent him sailing back against the wall.

“WHAT THE FUCK?!” She shouted and staggered back, with her hand along her neck.

The king rushed over and swiftly braced her against him. He dragged her to the bed and laid her down. He shook his head, whilst brushing her hair away from her face.

“We’ll be home soon…”

“SHIT!” Tig hollered as Jax skidded sideways on his bike and it tipped over landing on top of him.

He hit the brakes and rushed over. Jax was cursing under his breath. His jeans were torn up to his knee where he landed and he busted his arm and the side of his face up. He tossed his sunglasses over as they’d snapped in half.

“Jesus…” Tig murmured after he helped to get him situated.

Jax had this look of downright misery.

“It’s Angel…”

Tig cut him an offbeat look. Jax winced painfully as he back on his bike.

“Something had her startled and I could sense it.”

“You still feel it?” he questioned curiously.

“No… it was brief, but there.”
“And enough to cause this…?”

“It took me by surprise…” Jax admitted as he got his bike to kick back to life.

“You need to get that looked at…” Tig pointed to Jax’s leg with a grimace.

The flesh was peeled back and there was gravel imbedded into it.

“Nah… I’m good.” Jax said with a shrug, knowing he’d heal within time.

Tig raised his brows as Jax took off.

“Crazy ass son of bitch…” The man mumbled as Jax had left of trail of blood behind.

“What the hell happened to you?!”

“Funny, I was just about to ask you the same thing.” Jax replied after kissing his mother’s cheek.

She shook her head and pointed to the heart monitor.

“You’re kidding me…”
“Fraid not…” Gemma stated as she checked his face and leg over.
“Heart attack?”

“No. Just got the old ticker jump started…” She witted.


“Where is she and don’t you fucking tell me she’s dead or I swear to GOD!”

“Jesus!” Jax said in slight panic as the heart monitor started to go off.

His mother reached to her heart and went pasty.

“She’s fine and so are CJ and Abel. I need you to calm the fuck down!”

She closed her eyes and covered her face. Jax swallowed back, wishing he knew what else to say. But at the moment, his brain was fried. It was just too much to take in at once. One of the nurses hurried into the room and checked on her vitals.

“I’ll have to ask you to leave if she can’t calm down.”

Jax nodded in understanding.

“You hear that, mom? You gotta chill.”

She nodded but looked pissed.

“You just need to know that I’m taking care of it.”


He’d this desperate look about him as put he hands together in a prayer like fashion. The look in his eyes said it all.

“…no…” Gemma whispered.

He backed up and leaned against the wall, pinching his eyes shut. His mother’s monitors were going off again. The nurse shook her head, with this agitated look about her.

“Sir, I’m gonna need you to leave.”

“He’s my son and I say whether he stays or not, you bitch!”

Nero entered the room and darted on over.
“Hey, mama… Time to take it easy…” He said as soothingly as possible.

“Then tell this bitch to back off!”

He nodded towards the nurse. The nurse got the message as Nero eyed her down. She backed on out of the room and pulled the door to behind her. Nero nodded upon Jax.

“So what’s going on, mi amigo?”

Jax let out a laugh of utter misery. “Long story…”
“He could help…”
“Mom… This is my problem, not Nero’s.”

“But you two are in business together.”
“That maybe but this is club business.”
“Does he know yet?”

Nero narrowed his eyes wondering what the two of them were going on about.


“The truth behind his son!”


The door swung open once again and the doctor entered the room with a couple other nurses.

“I need everyone to leave…”

Gemma went to argue this, but the doctor gave her something and it was quick to put her out. Nero sighed and he wrapped his arm around Jax’s shoulder as they exited the room. Jax paced the hallway and Nero regarded him in question.

“So is this all about?”

Jax stopped and locked eyes with his partner.

“This thing… with my son? This isn’t the first time, you know. Don’t think I didn’t notice the way you and your old lady were staring at him. You got a problem with disabled children, or somethin’?!”
Jax reared back in disbelief. “What?!”

“I’m just sayin’ you’re not the only ones to look at my son that way.”
“That hasn’t anything to do with it! Jesus, Nero!”

“Then you had better tell me what’s goin’ on, homes! What’s any of this have to do with MY SON?!”

“That’s just it, it doesn’t… Well, not really.”

“Do we need to have us a little heart to heart in the chapel?”

Jax motioned that direction. “Lead the way…”

He followed Nero into the hospital chapel and they took a seat at one of the benches. Jax was rather peeved with his mother however. He wasn’t too keen on Nero knowing about his wife’s ability. One too many knew as it was. But he knew his mother well enough to know she was up to something. She hadn’t any issues in using Nero’s son in order to gain what she wanted. Her son saw right past it. She knew Nero would feel obligated to help, once he knew the truth. And that is where he got it from, his mother. She taught him to never back down. No matter the situation. The harder you’re pushed; the hard you push right back! This seemed to stick with him even more so after losing his baby brother.

Nero waved his hand about suggestively. Jax nodded and drew back a breath. He considered the cross ahead of him. He had a silent prayer going within. That being that he was doing the right thing by trusting Nero with this information. Then again… It was his mother that put her trust into Angel. And now he couldn’t picture life without her, nor did he wish to. All the more reason he had to go about whatever means necessary in order to get her back. If his mother put her trust into Nero as she did with Angel then he figured he should do the same. So the outlaw began his story on how Angel first discovered her abilities and so on and so forth. He needed Nero to have a good understanding of all this. A lot of this touched on what he’d read in her journal. The Latino man sat in total silence and simply listened to everything Jax had to say. However when it got to the part about his son, he had this ghost like appearance to him. The man rubbed his face and said a prayer under his breath, then crossed himself. Jax cleared his throat as Nero was getting rather choked up. He went as far as to admitting that Angel blamed herself for his son’s disability. But just as he assumed, all Nero cared about was that he was alive. Nero wiped his eyes with the back of his hand and nodded upon the cross before them.

“They say he works in mysterious ways…”

Jax nodded in agreement.

“She might’ve saved your son. But you saved my wife… Nero, Angel would’ve have died that day if it wasn’t for you. And I can’t lose her…. I never really believed in things like soul mates. It always seemed pretty bogus. But this woman, I’m telling you… She knocked me for one HELL of a loop and it’s intense. Whatever this is… I gotta get her back.”

Nero nodded in perfect understanding.

“And where is this soul mate of yours now?”

Jax shook his head and leaned back. He told him about the fed shooting her and how she was here recuperating. He explained what he could about the IRA and how it was them that took her. Nero grimaced once he realized who they were dealing with exactly.

“Isn’t she due any day now?”
“Just about… She’s got a month, maybe two.”

“Damn… if she has that baby…” He started to say but Jax was quick to interrupt.
“I know… trust me. It’s gonna to be hell getting her back as it is. As you can see, I need to get to Ireland, ASAP, before my wife goes into labor. It isn’t just about getting them back to the states, but what they’re going to do to my daughter once she’s born. My wife already knows the devastation of losing a child. And I’ll be damned if we lose our little girl.”
“And how can I be of service?”

“I need someone to look after things around here. Keep an eye and ear out and let us know if you hear anything. I’m not just talking Cara Cara. I’m gonna need all my boys. That only leaves just a few of my prospects to watch after the shop and the clubhouse. I need someone level headed enough to keep my boys inline and to keep the business going. Mom will be right there, helping with whatever she can. If you have any questions just go to her. She keeps track of all the records or anything else pertaining to the shop itself.

“You’re trusting me to watch after your boys and business?!”

Jax nodded.

“I’ve seen how you are with your own boys. I know you won’t let mine get off track. If I had any doubts, I wouldn’t have gone into business with you in the first place. The only issue we have is making certain word about my wife doesn’t spread. This stays between the club and us. I mean it, Nero… She’s in enough danger as it is.”

Nero nodded in understanding.

“Hey man, this stays between us.”

Jax tilted his head but regarded the Latino in question.

“You didn’t question it…”
“What’s that exactly?”

“Any of it… Such as my wife and the things she can do…”

Nero smiled and motioned his hand toward the cross.

“I’ve seen enough and know better than to question such things. That and you’ve never given me reason to believe otherwise. Your word is gold as far as I’m concerned.”

“Thanks, brother.”

“Ah, so its brother now?”

Jax smiled and offered his hand.

“Don’t see why not.”

Nero chuckled and shook his hand.

“Do what you gotta do and I’ll take care of things around here.”

Jax nodded.

“So this thing with my mother…”

“What about it?”
“What is it exactly?”

Nero sort of laughed and shook his head.

“Is this man to man or a protective son to man?”
“A little of both if I’m to be honest, let’s just say things didn’t go so well with the last man she was with.”
“So I heard. I also heard he’s missing.”

A dark smile came over Jax and Nero nearly choked back. He muttered something in Latin and sighed.

“She’s my mother…” Jax hinted.

“I can respect that.”
“Good. So whatever this is… Just make sure she’s in the know and isn’t gonna wind up hurt in the end.”
“She’s well aware of where this is going.”
“And where is that exactly?”
“It’s a bit soon to tell. But you should know I wouldn’t do anything to hurt your mother. To be honest, I believe it could be the other way around.”

Jax couldn’t help but to laugh.

“I’m afraid you’re right on that one. In that case, good luck to ya!”

Nero chuckled in response.

“Something tells me I’m gonna need it.”

“This it?” Opie whispered as they were scouting the area.

“Oh yeah…” Happy said as he had pulled back on one of the boarded windows.

They kept an eye out for anyone guarding the place.

“There’s bound to be someone inside.” Opie uttered.

Chibs and Happy nodded in agreement. Happy shrugged and pulled the board back Chibs used his knife to pry the nails back. Once they got it off, they propped it up against the building. Opie put his finger to his lips and pointed to a particular area. There were two Mayan prospects keeping guard inside the building. Happy and Chibs nodded and brought their guns out. Opie was first to crawl in through the window. He ducked down and waited for the other two. They were extra cautious not to make any sound. Opie made the stay put motion and he inched his way towards the corner of table. He poked his head out and quickly darted back. He let the guys know they were heading this way. They got prepared as Opie stayed put and merely waited. He could make out the silhouette of their shadows as they got closer. The VP knew he had to act fast or they’d end up being spotted. He tripped the first one that came around. Chibs and Happy immediately hopped to their feet and Happy shot the gun out of the other one’s hand. Opie had the other pinned down and they were wrestling over the gun. He gave the guy a decent head butt, knocking him out. Happy let out a chuckle of sheer amusement. Just as Opie got to his feet, he high fived him.


“I thought so!” Opie replied with laughter.

Chibs smiled and shook his head.

“Alright boys, let’s get this over with before more arrive.”

“How you wanna go about loading these?” Happy questioned as they looked around.

“How bout the manure tanker outside?” Opie suggested.

This had the guys wrinkling their noses in disgust.

“You’re kidding, right?” Happy asked with a curled lip.

“We just got out of jail. We get caught with these and we’re right back in; only we won’t be getting out anytime soon. And all that work Jax has done to get us out of this situation will be for nothing. No one’s gonna think about looking through a tank filled with shit.”

“And just who do you suppose will clean them after?”

“The prospects…” Opie said with a shrug.

“Oh man, that’s just evil. Yet fucking brilliant.” Happy remarked behind laughter.

“I thought so. They wanna earn their way in. Well they have to go through literal shit!”

The three of them died in laughter.

“We’re assholes, you know that?”

“If you wanna help Chibs, then be my guest.”

“I’d rather be an asshole.” But as he said this, the sergeant had those gears of his going. Another plan was coming to mind. Why give the prospects shit when they could give the IRA shit instead?
“That’s what I thought.”

They laughed once again and used cable ties to bond the two men. They ducked taped them into chairs back to back and taped their mouths shut. Afterward they started loading up whatever weapons they could get. They worked as quickly as possible. When they finished, Happy gathered the keys off one of the guys and went and got the manure truck. From there, they threw everything they could inside. Leaving just a few things here and there, but they managed to get a majority of it taking over half their stock. And that’s what this was more about. A BIG FUCK YOU! Chibs couldn’t wait to let Jax in on his idea. All he had to do was figure out a way of getting this tanker to Ireland. That alone was going to be a nightmare in itself. But he was determined to go through with his plan, one way or another.

“Easy… it won’t be much longer now.”

Angel’s vision was blurry as she fought to come to. She heard O’ Shay sighing with frustration.

“Ye said it would knock her out until we arrived.”

“It should’ve!”

“Well clearly it didn’t! Do ye have any idea what this woman is capable of?”

“Think about it. We’re in midair and if she wakes and just so happens to SNAP, we’re all fucked. Now give her another dose!”

“But the infant…”
“You said that drug wouldn’t harm it…” He replied with impatience.

“There’s always a slight chance of…”

Angel heard what sounded to be a slap.

“Mark my words… if any and I do mean ANY harm comes to that child or the woman, I will hunt down your precious wife and son and END THEM MYSELF! Now do we have an understanding?”

“Ye… Yes sir!”

“Now take heed to my warning and give her something!”

Angel felt as though she were in a dream within a dream. No matter what… her body just wouldn’t budge, as though she were paralyzed. Her vision was clouded, causing her to only pick up bits and pieces here and there. And tried as she might… She couldn’t so much as talk. Her lips just wouldn’t move, such as the rest of her body. A stinging sensation spread across her hip and she felt someone take her by the hand.

“It won’t be long. Now be a dear… Shut your eyes and rest…”

“How you feeling, doll?”
Gemma smiled as she saw Tig leaning against the door. She reached her hand out for him and he made his way over. He took her hand and kissed her cheek.

“I’d feel a lot better if you boys would get to cracking.”

Tig drew back a breath on this and nodded.

“We’re doing what we can, sweetheart.”

She shook her head.

“You’re still here… You should be getting on the first plane heading out!”

“Hey… They’re gonna run everyone off again if you don’t knock that off. Chill out!”

She rolled her eyes.

“You got a smoke?”
He nodded and took a cigarette out from his vest. He placed it in her mouth and lit it with his zippo. She closed her eyes and took a good drag.

“Much better.”

Tig leaned against the wall and crossed his arms.

“We gotta do this Jax’s way or we’ll fuck it all up, you know that.”
“Well he had better hurry the hell up. You boys need to quit concerning yourselves with me. I’m fine. But I won’t be if you don’t get off your asses and do something about this hellfest!”

“Where’d you go anyhow? I mean after the interrogation? I hadn’t seen you in days and you all the sudden wind up here?”

Gemma rolled her eyes.

“Come on now… What are you up to?”

“Why does it mean I have to be up to something?”
Tig cocked a brow and shook his head as if to scold her.

“You’re really going to ask me that? We’ve known each other for how long now?”

She sighed and took another pull off her cigarette. The she flicked the ashes into a nearby hospital cup. She glanced towards the hospital door then back to Tig.

“Did you know Tara was stirring the pot again?”

He reared back at this.

“How so?”

“Well for starters, she worked a shift at Stockton during Jax’s time in prison.”
“You’re kidding!”

She shook her head no.

“Jesus, what’s with this chick?”
“Apparently she was harboring feelings for my baby boy; wanted to boot our girl right out of the picture.”
Tig sort of laughed.

“Well that’s not happening.”

“Not unless she happens to find her way out of hell.”

Tig narrowed his eyes on this.

“No. No, no. Gem baby, tell me you didn’t…”
“Relax, Tigger.”

He sighed in relief.

“Then what did you do?”
“That’s just it… nothing. I didn’t have to.”

“Whattaya mean by that?”

She sort of laughed and went on to explain what all took place. Tig couldn’t get the look of absolute shock off his face. He just stood there doing his best to take it all in.

“Murder, suicide?” He whispered after a good two minutes had passed.

Gemma nodded.

“And you saw the whole thing?”

“Most of it…”

“Damn… I didn’t think the deputy had it in him.”
“Apparently this has been stewing for some time and he finally snapped.”
“Well the doc had that way about her…”

Gemma regarded him in question.
“I’d swear there were times Jax…” he trailed off seeing the look on her face.
The woman sighed on this.
“And you all wondered why I hated the bitch… Believe me, you’re not the only one that saw it. She gave my boy hell! I never understood what he saw in her! Or that druggy two-bit-whore for that matter.”
“Well that’s all ancient history now… He’s got a good thing goin’.”

“Yeah well, if you boys don’t get your shit together, he’s gonna wind ten times worse than anything Tara ever brought on.”
“Look at you… All grown up…” Tig smarted, causing her to cut him dirty go to hell look.

He chuckled.

“You care about her, don’t you?”
Gemma rolled her eyes.

“Don’t be stupid. This is about my baby boys! If they lose Angel, they’ll be devastated!”

“And so will you… Admit it. That’s the reason you’re in here. Your heart gave out because you totally freaked the fuck out!”
“Shut it…”

“I’m right, aren’t I?”

The door opened and they turned that direction. Jax entered the room and Gemma could see it on his face…
“Shit…” She muttered and her son cocked a brow on this.

“I see you’re feeling better… Up to your usual ways.” He taunted with a smirk.

“How much did you hear?”

“You mean about Tara and David, or about how your heart finally grew three sizes?”
“Smartass…” She muttered under her breath.
“I love you too, mom. And as to Angel… I’m merely waiting for the boys to get back and we’re hauling ass, you know that.”
“You should be heading up there NOW!”

“Mom… I gotta think clearly on this. I can’t just go up there guns a blazing. I know what I’m doing and I need you to trust that. I need my boys and so does Angel. You know I’m bringing her back.”

“And if she has that baby?”

“I’m not leaving Ireland without my wife and daughter.”
Gemma nodded as her son hugged her.

“In the meantime, think you can behave and take care of that ticker of yours? I can’t focus on my old lady if my mother’s trying to kill herself.”

“The ticker’s just fine.”
“Are you sure about that? Cause I be damned if I start my way to Ireland and have you kick the bucket on my ass.”

“I’ll behave, you have my word.”
“I’ve heard that before.”
“He’s got you there…” Tig agreed.

“Oh shut it, both of you. Nero’s got it from here, son. So you go and do what you gotta do. I should be home in a couple days or so.”

He nodded.

“So… Tara… All that really happen?”

Tig and Gemma rather grimaced. Gemma nodded in response. Jax nodded as well and closed his eyes for a moment. He thought of the irony as he assumed it would be at his hands, rather than David’s. Not that he ever wanted it to come to that. But he would’ve if he had to. The outlaw wasn’t sure how to feel about this. Part of him felt guilty for being somewhat relieved. How can you feel that way about someone that was your high school sweetheart? But that was just it… all those feelings he once had – The I can’t stand to be away from Tara Knowles or I’ll simply die… It was all directed at Angel now; only it was much more potent and dangerous. Dangerous in the sense of knowing he’d kill anyone that got in his way. With Tara, those feelings were juvenile and fake. Something he hadn’t grown to realize until he was older and they tried dating once again. Now with a clearer head, he knew the difference. This was the real deal and it wasn’t something he could simply walk away from. Now was he so heartless that he didn’t care about his exes meeting their demise? No, that wasn’t really it. He just knew that what’s done was done and he was merely thankful it wasn’t Angel or he’d lose his motherfucking mind. Tig and Gemma were looking upon him peculiarly as he looked like he’d have a meltdown any minute.

“Oh come on!” His mother scolded thinking it had to do with the doc’s passing.

“You’re not even giving that bitch the time of…”
“Mom…” He held up a hand in warning.

She swallowed back as his eyes were glowing and he fought against the change. Reminding her of JT once again.

“I knew it… And over the fucking doc?!”
He lifted his eyes upon his mother.

“I could give a rat’s ass about Tara.” He growled.

“You haven’t any idea what’s going through my mind. So do me a favor mom and shut the fuck up!”

Tig raised his brows on this.


Jax narrowed his eyes.

“Go on, baby boy. You do what you gotta do. I’m not going anywhere. I’ll be right here waiting to piss you off all over again.”

He half laughed and she smiled.
“Come here…”

He sighed but made his way over. She hugged him close and kissed his cheek.

“Now go and don’t come back until you have our girl.”

He nodded.

“I love you, mom…”
“I love you too, baby.”

“Let me guess… You’re still pissed…” Jax sputtered as he went to see Chibs’s “surprise”.

“A tanker of shit?! You’re a god damned asshole, you know that? Get that out of here!”

Happy and Opie were trying not to laugh as Jax was losing it.

“I don’t have time for this. We gotta figure out what we’re gonna do about the IRA and Angel!”

Chibs nodded and gestured towards the tanker parked in across from the garage.

“And there’s your answer. I suppose the gift isn’t really for ye after all.”

Jax cocked a brow at this. Chibs smiled and wrapped his arm around his shoulder. He whispered his plans into Jax’s ear and Jax was blown away.

“I could kiss you, you sexy, sexy beast.”
Chibs nodded.

“Aye, and what would the little lass say?”
“She’d wanna kiss you too.”

“I’ll be sure to keep that in mind… I’d go through ye to get ta her!” Chibs taunted.

Jax wrinkled his nose in disgust and elbowed the hell out of him.

“So you really think we can pull this off?”

Chibs nodded once again.

“Alright then, let’s get the boys together for one last meeting…”

Angel woke to a touch of a chill and absolute darkness. She felt her way around and pulled the covers back that were draped over her. She’d rolled on out of the bed and the icy cold floor came as a surprise against her bare feet. Her legs were unsteady as she felt her way around the room. The young woman’s heart raced as she desperately searched for either a door or a light switch. It didn’t help that she needed to pee, desperately. Something metal hit against her arm and she wrapped her hand around it. She twisted the doorknob and reached into the room. Running her hand along the wall, she searched for a switch. Relief washed over her as she flipped the light on. There was a full bathroom with a Jacuzzi tub and shower. She’d have rolled her eyes, if it weren’t for the need to rush to the toilet.

Once she finished doing her business, she walked over to the sink. She washed her face and hands. The thirsty woman found herself drinking right from the faucet. No matter how much she drank, she couldn’t rid of that cotton mouth and dehydration feeling. She gazed upon her reflection and recoiled. Her hair was a knotted mess and she looked like crap. In fact, she rather resembled the old “gravekeeper”. Angel reentered the room and used the light coming off the bathroom to find the bedroom lamp. She cut it on and froze. She adjusted her gown and made her way to one of the windows. Snow… miles and miles of snow. And she already knew… With a heavy heart, she staggered back “…no…” she whispered.

This undying rage was building within, her entire body heated over. She looked to the clothes that were set out for her on a nearby dresser. With gritted teeth, she put on the blue maternity jeans, red cashmere sweater, and gray insulated socks. She stepped into the black snow boots and headed towards the door. She jumped at first as there were three armed men waiting outside.

They looked on in surprise as she flung her hand out and they were sent flying different directions. She took off like a bat out of hell and started searching for a way out. The place looked to be some sort of manor. There were several rooms and what seemed to be a never ending hallway. She stopped in midstride, spotting a set of stairs from the corner of her eye. She rushed on down the stairs and was met with more armed men. She sort of laughed and shook her head.

“You really want to play this game?!”

Her eyes were lit with fury.

“I’LL TAKE EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU MOTHERFUCKERS DOWN!” She shouted and they started to rise off the ground.

The men looked to one another in alarm. She brought her hand down and they were slammed back down. She didn’t take the time to think about the shock of what she’d just done. Angel headed towards the doors leading out of the manor. She ran right outside and stopped once she got past the iron gates. A scream of absolute misery escaped her. Here she was… out in the middle of nowhere, yet again. And surrounded by snow!

“There’s a blizzard coming…” She heard O’ Shay call out.

She turned with gritted teeth.

“You’re fucking kidding me, right?”

He was leaning against the doorway and wiping his hands with a napkin.

“You’ll freeze out there. Not to mention you’ll get yourself lost. Feel free to look all you want. There’s nothing, not for miles. Dinner’s ready, why don’t you come in and join us?”
“Us?” She hissed.

He nodded with a hint of a smile.

“Come along now… And do keep in mind your weakened state and the child in which you carry, before having another hissy fit.”

“I’m going to rip your balls off and jam them down your throat. I swear to fucking GOD!”

He nodded and that’s when she noticed the abundance of armed men surrounding the place.

“Yes, well in the meantime. You should eat.”

With unwillingness she followed. When she entered the dining area, she started laughing. Tears streamed down her face as she looked into the eyes of the entire IRA and the other two kings. There were even more men within the room itself.

“And you are…” she mocked towards a nearby priest.

“Father Ashby…”

“I take it this is some sort of disguise?”
He cut her a rather puzzled look.

“Surely, a man of God wouldn’t support the kidnapping of a woman and her unborn child.”
The man adjusted his glasses and pulled out a chair for her.

“I’m good…” She voiced as it was right between Galen and another king.

“Don’t be stubborn. Have a seat.” Galen further prompted.

“I gotta say… if this is your idea of a better life. You’re high as a god damned kite.”
“This…” He waved his hand about.

“Is merely for your protection.”
“Oh please… It’s for all of yours and you know it.”
He shook his head in disagreement.

“Then prove it… Have your men put the guns away and step back.”

He raised a brow and one of the other kings chuckled.

“I like her spirit…” the man remarked.

O’ Shay smiled and raised his glass to her.

“You’re gonna fit in just fine…”

“So you want to take our bikes and this tanker on a carrier ship, going from here to fucking Ireland? You are aware of how long that would take?” Opie questioned in disbelief.

“Aye… With the way ole Angus drives we’ll be there in 11 ta 12 days tops.”
The boys reared back on this.

“On a carrier ship, to Ireland?!” Opie reiterated.

Chibs nodded assuredly.

“Wouldn’t that be 14 to 16 days?”

The Irishman smiled on this.

“Ye would think…”

Happy reared back with a shrug. “I’m game.”

Opie sighed with this apprehensive look to him.

“It’s not like we can go by plane…” Chibs hinted.

“Still… How do we even know they’ll let us cross especially with that tanker?!”

“Ye think they’re gonna look through a pile of shit? We switch up the plates and get it set up, like it’s one of theirs. They won’t even question it.”

“I hope you’re right. I don’t particularly care to end up in fucking prison, much less in another god damn country. We’d never see the sun again!”
“Ye just let me worry on it…” Chibs assured as he took something out from beneath his vest. He tossed down JT’s manuscripts and winked upon Jax.

They had a silent exchange as Jax nodded upon him respectfully. That meant everyone within the club knew the truth now. And that’s the way he wanted to keep it from here on. No more lies, betrayals. This was going to be a real brotherhood one way or another.

“We end up getting fucked by a bunch of ginger bastards and I’m gonna add to those scars of yours.”
“Such the love…” Chibs mocked and Opie sort of laughed.
“I won’t lie. This has me on edge. I got a wife and kids to think about as well.”

“And you’ll be returning to them. I give you my word, Op.” But as those words left the outlaw’s lips, there was that guilt lingering within. He shouldn’t be asking this of them. Yet he knew he hadn’t any choice. He needed every man he could get. But Jax was a man of his word. If he said Opie was coming back, he was. He’d put his own life on the line in order to make certain of that.

Opie sighed and ran his hand along his beard.

“Look, we can vote on it…” Jax said and went to slam his gavel down.

“No need… I’m the only one with the issue. I just don’t see how we’re gonna pull this off. There’s a lot of room for mistakes or something just going south and quick. We could lose everything in the process!”

“That’s not going to happen. We got this, brother.”

Jax was just about to dismiss when his cellphone sounded. He had this troubled look about him. The president gave a simple nod, before hanging up.

“Bobby’s dead…”

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12 thoughts on “Chapter 35 There Had To Be Truth”

  1. ok where the hell did they take angel. and her comment to the good father was so well placed. i am very curious about the feeling of this meeting with the ira. it does not feel right. there is so something deeper going on then taking her to protect o’shay.cant wait to see what comes next and i really hope we see juicy and rosie soon too.

  2. OK first off OMG so awesome. Second she was on a roll and almost out damn gate and nowhere for miles. And I love Chins and his tanker of shit. Cant wait to see what you have for us soon. Oh and yes please bring Juice and Rosalie back already. I miss Juice and his witty comebacks. Keep up the great work.

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  4. Love this chapter! I’m on the edge of my seat waiting to see what’s next.
    I know they need to have a plan to get Angel back but it just seems they are taking too darn long.
    Can’t wait for more!

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