Chapter 36 Lost

Chapter 36

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So there was Brendan Roarke, Peter Dooley, and Angel soon learned there as a third king amongst the four and his name was Declan Brogan. Then there were names such as James, Cameron, Edmund, Connor, Peter, Sean, Michael, Luke, Casper, Kellen Ashby aka the Father, and many others that she soon forgot. This was pretty equivalent to having dinner with the damn Russian mafia, she found herself thinking. Each of them wore suits. Some had ties, others didn’t. Such as Galen, leaving his shirt slightly unbuttoned beneath his blazer. Angel assumed he thought it to be sexy, when it only made him look like a douchebag that was trying too hard. Then again, her husband was a ripped god in comparison. The young woman hadn’t realized she was giggling until the others were gazing her direction. She cleared her throat and sipped at her glass of water.

“So easily amused, aren’t we?” Galen pointed out but rather moodily.

Angel shrugged and leaned back in her chair.

“You should eat.”

“I’m sure there are a lot of things you think I should be doing.”

Galen polished off his wine and motioned for it to be refilled.

“I can agree there… Perhaps within time you will see that it is for the best.”

“Mr. O’ Shay…”
“Please, I do believe we’re on a first name basis now, Angel.”

“Oh, and which would you prefer? Pigheaded Idiot or Douchebag From Hell…?”

The others looked on with raised brows and Galen choked back on his wine a bit. He dabbed at his lips with a napkin.

“I could always call you P.I for short…”

“Mrs. Teller, you do realize who you’re dealing with?” The king known as Mr. Roarke questioned.

“Oh, I’m quite aware. And if any of you believe you can back me into a corner and turn me into your personal bitch; you’re in for a very rude awakening. I don’t care how many men or guns you have. You’re no match for the sheer amount of hell coming your way. Each and every one of you is a dead man walking.”
“I sure hope you have the army to back up that ridiculous mouth of yours!” One of the members by the name of James aka Jimmy mouthed.

She narrowed her eyes vaguely remembering the story behind him and Chibs. She cut him a rather demonic smile.

“Jimmy? As in Jimmy O’ Phelan? Am I correct?”

He nodded but with a baffled appearance.

“Well Mr. O’ Phelan, you’re the most clueless of them all…”

Jimmy hopped up from his seat and slammed his napkin down. Galen tilted his head and looked on with mere amusement.

“What is that supposed ta mean?” he asked, eyeing her down.

“There was nothing hidden within the meaning, Mr. O’ Phelan…”

Galen smiled and motioned for Jimmy to have a seat. The man curled his lip but took the hint and did as Galen wished.

“I’m going to offer ye a bit of advice, my dear. Look around ye…” Galen motioned to each and every man within the room.

“You’re going to see these men off and on nearly every day. As this is yer life now… The life ye once knew is over. Think of this as a new beginning. So if I were ye, I’d watch whatever comes out of my mouth next…”

She nodded folded her napkin, placing it into her lap. She took a bite of her food and had this disgusted look about her.

“What is it with you Irish fucks and your meat? Always dry as hell. Who the hell messes up stew of all things?!”

Galen drew back an irritated breath. The youngest IRA member by the name of Edmund however was laughing. He covered his mouth as his father gave him a look of disapproval.

“See? Even he agrees!”

Jax sat in silence as the others left the chapel. With the bridge of his nose pinched, he thought about Bobby Munson. There was a lot of history between the two of them and the club itself. The sheriff had let Jax know that Bobby was tortured and beaten to death. The president suspected foul play. He wouldn’t doubt that the guards were somehow behind it. Just from what little time he was there, he’d seen it all. And the president was amazed he managed to make it as long as he did. The guards were often enough more corrupt than that of the inmates and they loved to fuck with you. He could picture it already. Bobby wasn’t able to seal a deal with anyone there. And the guards naturally had it out for anyone SAMCRO related. So they found a way to lock Bobby in a room, with no supervision and no cameras. They let a few of SAMCRO’s worst enemies into the room and that’s when shit truly hit the fan. Bobby, he was certain fought back, with everything he had. But it was no use as he was outnumbered. Chills ran down the man’s spine. Even through what Bobby had done to Angel, Jax felt a twinge of sympathy for the man.

He lowered his hand and regarded his father’s manuscripts in thought. The president lit a cigarette and took a few moments to collect himself. Before they could even think about leaving, they had to bury Phil and Bobby. And he was contemplating what he was going to tell his son exactly. There was a good chance they would be gone for at least a month, maybe longer. So Lyla and his mother would share the responsibility of watching after Abel. There was no telling what all that would do to him and Abel was already showing signs of anxiety. Especially when it came to his mother, something they had in common. Like that of Angel, he was beginning to wonder if there really was an end to this. Or was it just going to be never ending spiral? What would he do if he couldn’t keep his promise? Did he love his wife and son enough to let go? Could he send them somewhere safe and free from this life of utter hell? The mere idea had his stomach churning and he felt a wave of nausea. He’d fucked hundreds of women in his lifetime but he could never love anyone the way he loved his wife. Something he never believed to be possible after all the damage Tara had done. And the moment he first laid eyes on his son, he was smitten. He couldn’t explain it, even to himself. All those bitter feelings he had about becoming a father came to an immediate halt. But the outlaw also knew he owed Angel and big time.

If it wasn’t for her, he wouldn’t be able to pull of half the things he did. She had his back every step of the way. And he knew that would never change and in return – he’d always have hers, no matter the circumstances. And that there… was all the proof he needed. There was no backing down. He’d fought with Angel about being so quick to give herself up when the IRA first stepped in. And he lit into Chibs for leaving his wife and daughter behind and yet here he was… considering the same alternatives and all in order to keep them safe. Safe, but miserable… and he knew that. Given that scenario… You might as well be dead. This was a war they had to stick together on. And they would be stronger for it in the end. Jax twirled about in his chair. He glanced upon a picture of his father and the original nine. He gave a simple nod.

“I got this…” the president whispered as he came to his feet.

“Hey… take it easy now.”

“I’ve taken it easy long enough…”

Nero chuckled as he escorted Gemma down the hallway.

“Well if they see you falling down, you won’t be going home anytime soon.”


“By the way, I got your pills…” He waved the bag in her face and she rolled her eyes, knocking it out of his hand.

He sighed and bent down to pick them up.

“Think you can play nice now?” He said afterword.

“Sorry. Just getting a little tired of all these therapeutic sessions. I wanna go home and see my grandson.”
“And you will… If you do as the doctor instructed. They gotta see that you’re alright to do that.”

She nodded and Nero leaned in, pecking her on the cheek. He wrapped his arm around her and led her back into the room. Once he got her in the bed and situated, she grabbed ahold of his hand.

“Did you get a chance to talk to Jax?”

Nero nodded.

“And how’d that go?”

He sort of laughed and pulled up a chair.

“Well it was interesting, to say the least…”

“That bad or good?”
“A little of both…” he admitted with a wink and kissed her hand.

Gemma drew back the deepest of breaths and reached to her heart.

“You alright?”
“Just little flutters here and there. I’m perfectly fine…”
“Hmmm… you sure about that?”

“Don’t you start. Jackson’s bad enough.”

Nero smiled.

“Just wanna make sure you’re gonna be okay.”

“I’d be doing a lot better if I was home.”

“And we’ll get you there… gotta be patient, mama.”

“So thoughts?”

He lifted his eyes upon her in wonder.

“What my son told you?!”

“Oh that…”
“Yeah, that…” She replied with slight annoyance.

He gave a bit of a shrug and leaned back in his chair. Nero crossed his arms about his chest.
“Well I’m not quite sure how to think or feel for that matter. All I know is… I lost my wife around that time. Losing my son directly after…”

Gemma rather grimaced.

“So yeah… I suppose it’s true. What they say. The world works in mysterious ways. I would’ve never dreamed the young lady I pulled from that car, was behind my son being alive today.”
“Mysterious is certainly the word…”
He nodded in agreement.

“He told me about the others as well… such as your grandson.”

Gemma cleared her throat and nodded.

“You know he was smitten with her the moment he first saw her.”
“Lucius… You should’ve heard him in the truck that day. His entire face lit up. It was the craziest thing. I just thought it had to do with her being young and pretty. But… there was more behind it. It’s like he sensed something about her. In fact, I think it’s safe to say we all do.”

Gemma tilted her head, with a curious mien about her.

“Ah now… don’t tell me you didn’t feel it…”

She sighed knowing damn well what he meant. Nero smiled.

“Crazy, huh? I knew what could happen. And I remember thinking how foolish it was. No way we would both escape; the gas was so heavy. That car was gonna blow, any second. But that urge… it was so strong. It was as if my body reacted and before I did. Next thing I know I’m hovering over this woman, someone I’ve never met, ready to take the heat of the impact.

“Trust me… I know.”

He sort of laughed and shook his head.


“Annoying if you ask me…”

Nero died of laughter.

“Nah… I could think of worse things. I rather liked the way it felt to be honest.”

Gemma agreed but didn’t dare say a word on it.

Angel sort of laughed as everyone had exited the dining area, leaving just her and Father Ashby.

“So let’s get this over with. What kind of hogwash is about to flee from that hypocritical mouth of yours?”

He reared back, looking offended.

“Just spill it out already. I’m not in the mood for any games.”

He took his glasses off and cleaned them, before placing them back on. Angel raised her brows, growing more and more impatient. They had a maid cleaning off the table and Father Ashby looked over… “Would you mind giving us a few minutes?”

“Yes, of course.”
“Thank you…”

The woman scampered off and Father Ashby rose. He made his way over as he had been sitting across from Angel. He sat in the chair Galen had during supper.

“I know this all must be very confusing and a little frightening, but I assure you… this is all for the best. You’re in very good hands. Galen will do everything within his power to keep you and the child within safe.”

Angel listened to this man go on and on. He was doing everything within his power to get this “sales pitch” of his across. But all it did was piss her off and cause her to lose all respect for a man that claimed he did the bidding of the Lord. All she gathered from his little “service” was that this man clearly had it out for the Sons. He thought they were nothing more than a bunch of lowlife barbarians. Whereas the IRA were nothing but gold in this man’s eyes. He truly believed that if her child were to be raised by Jackson Teller rather than Galen O’ Shay. “He” would turn out as nothing more than a little thug and he’d wind up behind bars by the time he was a teenager or worse. However with Galen’s love and discipline the child would never know of a day of suffering and blah, blah, blah. She started to tune the man out towards the end and was growing somewhat bore with his assumptions. Once he finished, she rubbed her tired face with the palms of her hands.

“Are you done?”

He narrowed his eyes and looked to be somewhat uncomfortable. He nodded.

“First of all, it wasn’t SAMCRO that kidnapped a pregnant woman and all in order to get her to see “THEIR” side of things. This was all on your side of the fence. The so called Lord’s way, which is a bunch of BULLSHIT! I might not be able to quote the bible word for word. Hell in fact, I’ve never even read it all the way through. But I know enough to know that this… right here. It’s not exactly “Christianly”. In fact, it’s pretty damn disturbing that you’re even playing a part in this. You might be wearing that white collar, Father. But beneath that suit is a corrupt man that knows nothing, but lies and betrayal. And newsflash… that isn’t God’s work my friend, but the devil himself, and you’re fooling yourself to believe otherwise.

Taking a man’s wife and child and to another country doesn’t make it right, just because you deem the man unfit as a husband, father, and person in general. If anything, it makes you a motherfucking hypocrite and you’re going to burn in hell, along with the rest of these idiots. I bet you go home every night and choke yourself with that holy rosary of yours.”

Father Ashby just sat there flat footed. She came to her feet and just as she was to exit the room, “goodnight, Father…”

Lyla opened the door and smiled in welcoming. Jax pecked her on the cheek and started to ask where his son was.


He beamed on this and bent down, with open arms.

“Hey, little man.”

“You come pick me up?”
Jax hugged him and kissed the top of his head.

“Not today, buddy.”
Abel frowned and dropped his hold. Jax swallowed back as his son eyed him down.


“I just can’t right now. But soon, I promise.”

Abel folded his arms about his chest.

“Where my mommy?!”

“She’s still in the hospital…” Jax hated the lie the moment it left his lips, but saw no other way around this.

The boy nodded and started to grab his things.

“We go see her.” He said and started on out the door.

“Abel…” Jax called out and his heart had that dropping feeling as Abel stopped in his tracks.

“I’m on the bike. You know the rules.”
He pointed to Aunt Lyla’s car.

“We can go…”
Jax shook his head no. Abel threw his stuff down and stomped his foot.

“I wanna see mommy, NOW!”

His father looked on in utter disbelief. Lyla poked her head out and looked to Jax with concern.

“Can you give us a few…?”
“Thanks, darlin’…”

She nodded and shut the front door. Jax drew back a breath and sat on the porch. He waved his son over. Abel shook his head and his little face was fire engine red.

“I want my mommy!”

“I want her too, son.”
“Then we go see her…”

Jax was damn near losing it. That knot he had going in the back of his throat seemed to double. He swallowed back and hard.

“Abel… We can’t go see her.”
Abel’s bottom lip quivered and the waterworks started.


Jax reared back on his son’s words.

“Mommy one?” he questioned with the hair rising on his arms.

Abel nodded.

“Who told you that?”

“He say it… that real mommy died and I no know her. He say it your fault.”
“Jesus Christ…” Jax whispered as he rubbed his face in misery.

“I no want mommy two be dead, daddy! You say no, remember? I wuv her and baby sis-tor!”

Jax nodded.
“That I did. And I’m keeping my word on that. Your mother is going to be just fine.”
He couldn’t believe they were having this conversation, or just how intuitive and clever his son truly was. And that there… scared the living shit out of Jackson Teller. He was a little TOO intuitive.

“Where?” he questioned as he stood before his father.

Jax drew back a breath and Abel said the one thing that absolutely floored him.

“No lie, daddy!”

His jaw hit the ground and he just sat there for a solid minute, absolutely flabbergasted. This was his wife’s doing. She turned his son into a little damn Einstein!

“The monsters got mommy…” Jax admitted in defeat.

Abel closed his eyes and actually staggered back. Jax hopped to his feet and reached out to his son.

“You say no!”

“I know I did, son. I…”
“The bad man said he kill mommy. BAM!” He made the gun gesture with his hand, putting it to his own forehead like that one day.

Jax grimaced.

“No let him!”

“I won’t! I swear to God! Abel son, I won’t let that happen!”

“You kill the monster!”

“Jesus, Abel… Where are you…”

Jax tilted his head, with narrowed his eyes. He thought back to when his son said “He”.

“Abel, have you seen the bad man again?”

Abel nodded with hatred in his eyes.

“The monster?”

“I no supposed to tell you. It a secret.”

Jax’s entire body heated over and he leaned against the house for support.

“When does he come, Abel?”
“At night… Mommy read me story – then she tired, go bed. He come but I can no can tell you.”

“That’s not true. Abel, you can tell me anything. Me and mommy, always.”
“I can’t!”

“Why, what does he tell you, Abel?”
“BAM! KILL MOMMY! DADDY’S FAULT!” Abel shouted angrily.

Opie had just pulled up on his bike and caught the tail end of this. He saw just how pale his friend was and rushed on over.


“Op…” Jax said in an imploring manner.

“IT ALL YOUR FAULT!” Abel shouted, pointing to his father.


“ABEL!” Opie called out in shock.

“I WON’T LET THAT HAPPEN!” Jax found himself shouting in return.

Abel’s bottom lip quivered. Opie wrapped his arm around Jax.

“Easy, bro…”


Opie rushed Jax into the house.

“Lyla get Abel and bring him inside.”
Lyla nodded upon Opie’s words and headed on out the door.

“That son of a bitch has been visiting Abel off and on!”
“Who?” Opie questioned as he seated Jax down at the dining room table. He grabbed them both a beer.

“Galen! This entire time I thought I had my son protected! But I was wrong. He still found a way. And right under mine and Angel’s noses!”


“You should’ve heard the things he was saying, Op! He even knew about Wendy!”

They turned towards the living room as Lyla and Abel entered the house. She pulled the door to. Abel was crying in her arms, asking for his mother.

“Hey man… You gotta pull yourself together…” Opie whispered.
“I’m trying man. This knocked me for one hell of a motherfuckin’ loop…” Jax whispered as he glanced upon his son.

“He’s gonna be just fine. You just gotta sit him down and talk to him. Only maybe more man to man, rather than father to son.”
“That’s just it, Op. I shouldn’t have to. He’s just a kid! He’s not even a toddler yet and here we are. I don’t even know what the fuck I’m doing. Angel’s better at dealing with these things…”
“Well she isn’t here. At the moment, you’re all he’s got, Jackson. So you need to get your act together and figure out what you’re going to tell him. You gotta undo whatever the hell Galen did.”

“That’s just it. I don’t know how!”
“Well you had better figure it out and before you even think about heading off to find Angel. He needs some sort of security. You leave him like this and he’s gonna be a wreck.”
“You think I don’t know that!”

“Hey man, I’m not the enemy here. I’m just trying to help.”

Jax finished off his beer and smoked a cigarette before deciding to face Abel again. He was tense as hell and didn’t quite understand it. He wished his wife was here more than ever now. She knew how to handle Abel in situations such as these. Jax hadn’t a clue what he was doing, or so he felt…

He cleared his throat and entered the living room. Abel wiped his face with the back of his hand.

Opie nodded upon Lyla and motioned her over. She gathered the hint and they gave Abel and Jax their privacy. Jax thought about his wife and how she might handle the situation. He needed a way to replace that fear Galen had caused. And the only way he could truly think of? Was to let his son know what the “monsters” were dealing with exactly. He wasn’t quite sure if his wife would approve of his methods or not. But he hadn’t anything else to go on. Abel had to know that his father could handle whatever came his way and that he WOULD bring his mother back. He pulled Abel into his lap.

“I’m sorry, about the bad man still scaring you. And for all the things he said. But there are somethings you need to know. For one thing… Angel is and will always be your REAL mother. She didn’t give birth to you, but she loves you and would do anything for you.”
“My real mommy no love me?”

Jax drew back a breath on this.

“I’m sure she did… in her own way. But she wasn’t ready to be a mother, Abel. And that can cloud your senses. She let too many things get in the way of what you truly needed. Whereas Angel – your adoptive mother, has never let anything stop her from giving you everything you need and she never will. I know you won’t understand this just right away and I will have to explain everything again, when you’re older. But I’m doing my best, little man. I never want you to feel as though you can’t talk to me or mommy. And don’t you ever let any bad guys or monsters for that matter- tell you otherwise. They are wrong, son. And as for your mother… I am bringing her back. Things will start to get better. Maybe not right away, but we’re headed there. As of now, I am doing everything within my power to fix everything.”

Abel nodded but didn’t look very convinced. His little body was shaking and he was still a mess.
“If daddy was to show you something… You think you can be a big boy about it and not be scared?”

They locked eyes and Abel nodded.

“I is big, daddy!”

Jax managed to smile.

“Oh there’s no denying that, little man. But I need you to know how I know that mommy that is going to be just fine…”


Jax nodded. His son’s baby blues never left his. He thought about “revealing” himself to his son. But he feared that would do more harm than good. It wasn’t a pretty sight and to someone as young as Abel, especially. He knew now wasn’t the time. But he would one day… So he pushed that idea out the door and decided to go with something more “family” oriented. What better way to gain his son’s trust and faith than to show him what the monsters had coming. So he figured it best to get the club together. Have a little chat. Make Abel feel as if he were part of SAMCRO already. And that right there was all the more reason Jax needed to fix things with the Sons and now. He wouldn’t pass the burden of SAMCRO’s baggage to his son. If Abel were to ever decide to take his father’s footsteps and run this club, he wanted it clean, just as his father had wanted for him. And for all he knew Abel might decide the club life just isn’t for him. And Jax hadn’t any issues with that whatsoever. All he cared about was that Abel was happy and followed whatever dreams he had set out. Anyone that stood against his son on that – was sure to face the wrath of Jackson Teller, whether it was a brother or his own mother.

“Jax!” Angel called out as she shot up in the bed.

Once she remembered where she was exactly, she lay back down. A gloomy sigh escaped her and she rolled over. Her husband’s deep blue eyes came to mind and the way he’d look at her. This only brought on the urge to cry. She buried her face into one of the pillows and let those thoughts of hers linger. Things such as the soothing sound of his voice, the scent of his body, and the way he’d touch her came to mind. She found herself snuggling up against the pillow, imagining that she were in his arms. The sound of Abel giggling at their door would interrupt them. Before long that door would creak open and he’d crawl into the bed, joining them. It was the smallest of things that stood out the most when you feared the worst. Her little piece of heaven was soon disturbed as there was a knock at the door. She groaned amongst herself and threw the covers off her. Something she soon regretted. Pain shot across her chest and spread as far as her arms and neck. So much so, she rolled off the bed, bringing the covers along with her. The door opened and Galen reared back at the sight.

He hurried on over and helped Angel to her feet. He shook his head seeing that a couple of her sutures had popped open and she had a decent gash along that area.

“Where’s that shield of yers now?” He taunted, tapping his finger along the area.

She winced as it was sensitive to the touch. Galen sighed and laid her down. He took his blazer off and unbuttoned the sleeves to his shirt. He rolled his them up and then opened the nightstand drawer. He took out a first aid kit and syringe. Inside the kit was a drug he was filling the syringe with.
“What is that?”

He didn’t answer and went to stick her with the needle. With gritted, she wrapped her and around his wrist, stopping him.

“Answer the question.”
“It’s for the pain…”
“Well I don’t need it. So don’t even think about it.”
“Yer body says differently.”
“Get that fucking needle away from me or I swear to God it’ll end up right where the sun don’t shine.”

He sighed and placed the needle down on the nightstand. He worked on her sutures instead. Normally, she’d argue this, but she knew she’d pass the fuck out if she even attempted to do them on her own. That little stunt she pulled last night had her drained. Galen lowered the sleeve to her shirt and finished the job. He took his kerchief and wiped the milk from her leaking breasts. Her jaw dropped once she realized what he was doing. She smacked his hand away and he chuckled.

“Ah now… They aren’t the first and sure won’t be the last I’ve seen. I will see about getting ye a pump. They are quite full. That has to be somewhat uncomfortable.” He adjusted her shirt and tucked the kerchief back into his pocket.

“You’re quite stunning… for a woman in her third trimester.” He taunted towards the end.
She rolled her eyes on this.

“Ah now, ye should take pride in that. Not many women can say that.”

“So where are we, exactly?”

He cut her a rather amused look.


She shook her head.

“You expect me to believe there’s a blizzard going on, in fucking Ireland of all places? Try again, Mr. O’ Shay.”

He smiled and rather shrugged.

“Where is it you think we are?” He questioned as if to challenge her.

“Still playing games, I see…”

“When ye decide to work with me, rather than against me, that will all come to a halt, I assure ye. But for now it’s what it is.”

“Why should I trust anything that comes from that mouth of yours? It’s been one lie after another.”
“I haven’t lied, Mrs. Teller. It is unfortunate the plans I make ye manage to keep fouling up. I haven’t any control over that, only ye do. The ball is in yer court and it is up to ye on where it lands.”

“Then I wish to go back home to my family.”

“We are yer family now. The sooner ye come into terms with that, the better off ye will be, ye and the child within. I’ve offered ye everything and will only continue to do so. In return, the least ye could do is put yer trust in me…”

She died of laughter.
“You put a gun to my son’s head, you nearly had me run down by a car, and you kidnapped me. Yet I’m supposed to trust you?”

He nodded most assuredly.

“If I wanted the boy dead, he’d be dead. The same goes for ye. And ye will see that once ye let that guard of yours down. I only mean the best for ye and yer child.”

“Correction… you only want what’s best for you and your little Irish mob. So don’t you even put me and my child into this equation. You are the bad guy here, so quit trying to paint another picture. It’s not happening. What’s done is done and the sooner you realize just how bad you’ve managed to royally FUCK yourself, the better of YOU’LL be. I know all about the games. You haven’t met my mother-in-law and believe me when I say I’ve had crash course training in mindfuckery!”

He nodded and put up the first aid kit.

“I admit my intentions were of the profitable sort at first. As anyone elses would’ve been in this given situation. However I am capable of seeing the bigger picture and it’s no longer just about the possibilities. But it’s about the rarity. And ye my dear are that. Ye are probably one that exists in this entire world. Making it all the more important to keep yer secret safe as well as keeping ye and yer child protected and at all cost. Something yer precious SAMCRO failed to do.”
“You don’t know shit!”

“If they had succeeded YE WOULD NOT BE HERE! Just as I was able to put a gun to yer so called “son’s” head. I was in yer house! Tell me again just how protected yer husband manages to keep you?!”

Galen gritted his teeth as decked him across the face and hard. He grabbed her wrist and lowered her hand back down.

“Ye were in the hospital because the SONS FAILED TO KEEP YE SAFE! TELL ME I’M WRONG!”

She shook her head and pried out of his hold.

“If ye had been under my protection. Ye’d have never been shot in the first place. Ye’d have never ended up in that hospital! A woman of your caliber deserves the best and Jackson Teller cannot give ye that! He’s nothing more than a man-child and he’s running that club to the ground. There won’t be a club left by the time he’s done!”

“You have a really bad habit of talking about things you know nothing about!”

“I’ve known that lad since he was a boy. He’s worthless and it’s time for you to see the truth behind that. It should be Clay Morrow running SAMCRO. I haven’t any idea what happened to him. But that was a man that knew what he was doing and how to get the ball rollin’. He saw the future for what it was!”
“A future bloodbath? Because I guarantee keeping the cartel… that’s how that would’ve ended. It always does. Nothing good ever comes from these types of unions. And you were a fool to believe it would be everlasting. Everything dies, Mr. O’ Shay. Even you will… Hopefully, sooner than later. But whatever business you and Clay had going, ended the moment Jackson Teller stepped up to plate. You speak of the future and how it would’ve been with Clay. Well things are about take a complete 180 and I say it’s about GOD DAMN TIME!”

“Because of yer husband… many will die. If Clay were still running the show, that would’ve never been the case!”

“So it really was Clay that ratted me out… It was him that told you of my ability.”

Galen smiled and she recoiled as he went to caress her cheek.

“He only wanted the best for ye. He knew how special ye were…”
“Once again, all lies. Clay Morrow couldn’t stand the very air I breathed!”

“Nay… ye couldn’t be more wrong. Clay made that deal in order to keep ye and his grandson safe. The original plan was to kidnap ye and the wee one by the name of Abel. He made me swear that I’d give my own life in order to protect ye both. He’d plans of coming here once the deed was done and explaining everything to ye after. He spoke often of how special ye were. So perhaps it is ye that needs the awakening.”

“He kidnapped me and scared the living shit out of his own grandson! I was tortured for information pertaining to the Mayans! And he played a part in it all!”
“Now I find that hard ta believe.”
“Clay was playing everyone! He was all about numbero uno – himself. He beat the shit out of his wife, nearly killing her, and was known to kill off his own brothers when need be! He’d lie to God himself if he knew it would save his sorry ass! You were the fool and Clay played you from the very beginning. All he ever cared about was the dollar signs! He saw me as nothing more than a threat! If he showed any affection towards me whatsoever it had to do with his grandson or your friendship in general, NOT ME! He always felt Jax was better off without me in the picture.”
Galen shook his head in disagreement.

“It was ye that were better off and Clay made that clear many times. He was doing whatever he could to get ye out of that situation. He came to me seeking protection for ye and the boy. But after what I witnessed the boy… there be no saving him. So I took matters into my own hands and saved what truly mattered.”

“YOU LIE! THIS IS ABOUT ME PROTECTING YOU AND YOUR GOD DAMN MEN!” Angel shouted with tears streaming down her face.


He grunted out as she sent him flying off the bed.


“Angel…” he softly called as he came to his feet.

He had his hands in the air and started to inch his way back over.

“Ye do what ye want with me. I’m not going to hurt ye. I will keep my word to Clay Morrow.”

She ground her teeth together and tossed a nearby plotted plant at him.


He nodded and took a few steps back towards the door. The moment he left the room, she screamed out and started destroying anything within her path. She went to the closet and grabbed a heavy duty jacket, gloves, a scarf, and some better boots. She bundled up and headed for the window. She glanced upon the room once again and unlocked it. After raising the window she crawled on out. Angel swallowed back however as she had a good four stories to go. Not only that, but there were men keeping guard.

She decided to brave it anyhow, knowing they couldn’t kill her, Galen would have their asses. She took her gloves off and stuffed them back into her jacket, so she could get a better grip. From there, she climbed down from the balcony. She took her time and managed to aim her drops just perfectly, into other balconies. Angel did her best to keep a low profile and would duck down every once in awhile, just in case. The very last balcony was the trickiest as there was a good 10 feet between it and the ground. And the guards were standing right beneath it.

Angel took her jacket and sweater she was wearing beneath off. This left her in just a simple white shirt. Her teeth where chattering in the below freezing temp. She worked fast to tie the sleeve to her jacket to the sweater. The young woman tested it by tugging at it. Once she was satisfied, she tied the other arm to one of the beams of the balcony. She used it to quietly make her way down. Her heart was racing as she was just inches behind one of the guards. Angel snuck up behind him and snatched his gun from right out of the holster. She wasted no time… and fired. Angel turned and swiftly shot the other man as well. She took one of their jackets and put it on. There were other men making their way over. She hauled ass and exited the gates.

This time she kept running and didn’t look back. The wind burned against her flesh. She pulled the hood up over her head and wrapped her scarf around it, leaving just enough uncovered so she could see where she was going. But the wind was strong and the snow was falling so thickly she couldn’t see anything ahead of her. She was going about this blindly. But desperate time called for desperate measures. She had to find out where she was and get the fuck out of there. She couldn’t hear Galen or the others calling to her in warning.

The ground beneath her shifted and she lost her footing. Angel threw her hands out and caught herself but froze as there was a cracking like sound. She watched in horror as the area around her started to split and that’s when she realized… She was standing on ice.

“STAY PUT!” she heard Galen shout once he got close enough for her to hear.

“Don’t move or yer a gonner!”

She nodded knowing he meant business. Angel jumped as the area she was on broke off. Galen cursed under his breath as he was trying to find a way to her. Jimmy tossed over some rope and Angel grabbed it. Galen nodded upon Jimmy as he started to pull her back towards them. Galen carefully approached the area and was reaching out to her. She gasped out as the ice beneath her flipped over and she landed in the water.

“SHITE!” Galen hollered.
He dropped down and the others were holding onto him as he reached into the water and grabbed ahold of her. Once he had a good hold they pulled him back. Just as he got her back to safety, Jimmy rushed on over. He grabbed the collar of the jacket, forcing Angel to her feet and was shaking her. “What the fuck were ye thinkin’?” He shouted just before backhanding her.

Galen hurried over and popped him in return.


He turned back to see one of his men holding Angel. She was white as the snow around them.

“HURRY AND GET HER INSIDE!” He yelled with alarm to his voice.

He turned to Jimmy directly after.

“Ye do something that stupid again and ye be heading right back to Ireland! Ye just worry about yer wife and daughters and let me handle this!”

“Galen… I…”

Galen ignored him and headed on in.

Abel looked upon the MC with curiosity. Opie could see the apprehension all in Jax’s face as they were sitting at the bar. He could see that Jax wasn’t so sure about this. He was second guessing himself. He patted him on the back and gave him an encouraging nod.

“You can do this.”
“He’s just a kid, Op. He should be worrying about making it to the toilet in time and what matchbox car he’s gonna play with next…”
Opie nodded in perfect understanding.

“He shouldn’t have to worry about whether I can keep his mother protected or not. I mean Jesus… What the fuck have I done to my son?!”

“It won’t always be like this. It only gets better from here.” Opie reminded.

“It better… I can’t keep doing this to them, Op…”

“Come on…” Opie encouraged once again as he led the way.

They sat before Abel at the clubhouse couch. Jax drew back a breath and looked to his brothers.

“My son needs a bit of reassurance…”

The Sons narrowed their eyes in question.

“He needs to see that we mean business and that I’m getting his mother back. He needs to know that we’re all in this together. That we’re going to get the job done and that we won’t return until we have Angel with us.”

Chibs raised his brows.

“Ye wanna expose yer son to this, Jackie Boy?”
“He’s already exposed. But all he knows is the bad side of the spectrum. He needs to know the good side of this. He needs to know that there are men like us that fight against the monsters such as Galen.”

Chibs nodded and looked to the others.

“Well lads, let’s show the boy we mean business.”

Happy chuckled and brought his gun out.

“Hey now…” Opie started to scold.

“No… Abel needs to know…” Jax declared.

“Are you sure about this?” Chibs reiterated.

Jax regarded his son in thought and nodded.


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10 thoughts on “Chapter 36 Lost”

  1. OMG it was so good. I just hope Angel is OK. And again she was almost out. And where the he’ll is Rosalie and Jucie they could so be helping right about now. These Irish basterds are really pissing me off right about now. So.done needs to hurry up and save Angel I can’t take it anymore.

  2. I wonder where they are if not in Ireland…Isn’t Jax headed to Ireland? if so their not going to find her there…sigh. Poor Abel, he’s been through so much poor little thing…I love this story and am dying to read more…thanks hon. Huggs

  3. I always love it when you have Abel in your chapters. He makes my heart smile and I just love him to death. I like Jax’s idea of introducing him to the MC and teaching him about SAMCRO. Curious to see what the kiddo’s reaction will be. Hopefully the boys will be able to reassure him that they’ll get Angel back.
    My mind is wonder just where the hell Angel is….No matter, though. .Jax WILL find her! Awesome chapter, Kitten!

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