Chapter 38 Shipping Off To Belfast

Chapter 38
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A few days later…

“Ye should be restin’.”
Angel turned as Galen was entering the room.
“Couldn’t sleep…”
He nodded and made his way over. Galen grabbed a robe from the closet. He draped it around her shoulders as she was sitting at the vanity.
“And what are ye writin’?”
“A letter…”
“And to whom, may I ask?”
Angel sighed but kept writing.
“My daughter…”
“The one that died?” he questioned with slight mockery to his voice.
She stopped and sent him a scornful glare.
“And what if I was?”
He placed his hands along her shoulders and leaned in, pecking her on the cheek.
“I’d have a hell of a time findin’ a dispatch rider for that one.”
“I’m glad you find it amusing. Everyone has their own means of communicating with past loves, Mr. O’ Shay.”
He shrugged with a hint of a smile. Angel regarded his reflection in the mirror. He was in attempts to read the letter. “Galen!” She hissed and quickly turned the letter over. The man chuckled and lowered his hands. “CJ?” he questioned with narrowed eyes.
“My daughter’s name.”
He wrinkled his nose on this.
“Surely we can do much better this time round. I shall come up with a list tonight.”
“You’ll do no such thing!”
“Aye… I’m rather fond of Niamh…”
“Well I’m not and the name is Charlene Joann Teller!”
He sneered at the last name, but looked to be in thought.
“The infant ye lost was with the current husband?”
“Then how did she share the name?”
“Perhaps if you paid more attention, you would realize I never actually said that the letter was to the daughter I lost.”
He raised his brows on this.
“Ye mean ta tell me it’s a girl? And ye’ve picked out a name, already?”
“Teller won’t do. Not for ye or the child. I won’t have that name carried out back to Ireland. O’ Shay will suffice.”
She snorted on this and he shook his head.
“Believe me when I say ye don’t want ta be known as a “Teller” around them parts. I’m doin’ ye a favor.”
“I believe you’re the only one with the issue.”
He ignored this and continued on with his little rant.
“Ye and the child will carry my name. That is the only way I can assure yer safety. And I do believe Angelina Marie O’ Shay is a bit more fittin’. Yer no Angel, that’s for certain. As for the child…”
“You haven’t a say in the name.”
He took her by the arm and raised her up off the chair. He eyed her down and spoke more sternly.
“Ye don’t seem ta get that WE haven’t any choice. The both of ye must share my name or there will be no getting through customs. It’s goin’ ta be tricky as it is. And ye won’t be sent back to America if somethin’ went crossways. Nah… ye’d be sent right back here, ta Russia. With no one ta look after ye. Worst case scenario… Ye’d end up in prison. The child would get tossed into the system and we’d never see her again. But I’m willing ta work with ye. Charlene Joann… But she’s ta carry my name and she will go by Charlene, not this hideous CJ business. Do I make myself clear?”
Her blood was boiling and tears were streaming down her face. Galen rolled his eyes as he wiped them away. “One day ye will thank me.” He regarded the letter in thought.
“So ye were writin’ this one…” He questioned, whilst running a hand along her tummy.
It took all will not to smack that hand of his away. But she couldn’t afford to mess up the little mindfuckery she had going. Instead she lowered her head and timidly nodded. He smiled and lifted her chin with his index finger.
“And what were ye writin’?”
“Just something in case I don’t make it.”
He tilted his head ever so slightly.
“And why would ye not make it?”
“Come on… We’re out in the middle of nowhere. You’re only concern is making sure we stay off the grid. So at the moment, you can’t even give me the proper care I need.”
“Hmm… Ye should know I’ve made some arrangements and ye and the child within are going to have all the attention ye need. I give ye my word.”
“Do I even want to know what these “arrangements” are?”
“Ye just let me worry on it. Now I want ye to get showered, get yerself all dolled up and come down for breakfast.”

The boys were in the middle of a poker game when they heard a crashing sound, coming from the kitchen.
They heard a man shout, not long after. There was another “crash” followed by a slap.
“OUT OF THE KITCHEN!” They heard just before a man was shoved out of the swinging double doors.
“You just wait until my father hears about this!”
“He already knows.”
The boys turned towards Angus. He dropped his cards and sighed.
“Lemme guess, ye ran out of pills… again….”
The man lowered his head and nodded.
“Dammit, boy I keep tellin’ ye, I can’t keep ye on if yer gonna be whackin’ it, every time we turn around.”
Amanda had just entered the room and her jaw hit the floor.
“Dad…” she hissed, with a flushed face.
“You mean to say you knew about this?”
Angus nodded as he puffed on that cigar of his.
“He’s the cook!”
Jax narrowed his eyes wondering what they were going on about. But he wanted to laugh seeing as how Chibs hadn’t taken his eyes of her.
“Aye, I’m well aware of that, sweetheart.”
“That’s so gross!” she susurrated.
“He had it under control when I hired him.”
“Well he doesn’t now!”
Angus shrugged and leaned back in his chair.
“And what do ye want? Ta take Chuck’s place?”
The man chuckled and sent his daughter a wink.
“He’s the only cook onboard and he’s a damn good one. So just let it be.”
“I sure as hell won’t! Do the boys know you’re letting some pervert who can’t keep his hands off his junk cook for us?”
Happy wrinkled his nose in disgust as he witnessed what the woman was referring to. He nudged Jax and nodded towards Chuck. He had his hand in his pants and was looking at Amanda, going at it like it was nothing.
“Jesus…” Jax murmured in revulsion.
Chibs hopped to his feet. With gritted teeth, he rushed on over and grabbed the cook by the collar of his shirt. He shoved him back into the kitchen. Angus sighed as if he was merely annoyed. His daughter eyed him down.
“I can’t believe you…” she whispered harshly.
“Aye now… he can’t help it. Ye should try and keep an open mind.”
“Open mind? About a man that touches his penis and then our food?”
This had every man at the table recoiling; other than her father who was dying of laughter.
“Well… I’m glad you think this is so funny, dad.”
“Actually it had more to do with the fact that my little girl said “penis”. I don’t believe I ever heard ye say that.”
“You’re impossible!” She scoffed as she headed back into the kitchen.
The moment she entered the kitchen, she covered her mouth in laughter. Chibs had Chuck up against the wall. He had oven mitts on the guy’s hands and was duct taping them to his hands.
“That oughta put a stop ta it…” he uttered under his breath.
Chuck looked to Amanda apologetically.
“I am so sorry.” He nodded upon Chibs afterword, “thank you.”
Chibs raised his brows in question.
“CM…” Chuck sputtered out.
The man was awfully twitchy as Chibs forced him into a chair.
“CM?” Chibs asked.
“Compulsive Masturbation… That’s what they call it…” the man reached to his crotch once again as he was talking.
Chibs wrinkled his nose and Amanda covered her mouth looking nauseas. The man was rubbing himself even with the oven mitt on. Yet he continued to talk as if nothing were happening.
“Jaysus Christ! Knock that shite off! There’s a lady present, ye gob!”
Chuck’s eyes widened once he realized what he was doing. He cleared his throat and stopped. Chibs shook his head and taped the man’s hands behind his back. The Irishman lifted his eyes towards Amanda however as she was laughing so hard, tears were streaming down her face. He shook his head but was grinning.
“Sorry…” Amanda said trying to gather her wits.
“No need…” he softly replied as he himself was chuckling now.
He thought she had a rather adorable laugh and he liked how her cheeks were all rosy. He cleared his throat, doing his best to knock himself out of that trance..
“So this CM… that a real thing or ye just makin’ it up so ye have a reason ta play with yerself.”
“Trust me it’s real and it makes my life a living hell.”
This had Amanda rolling in hysterics.
Chuck sighed, “well at least she stopped hitting me.”

Angel picked at her breakfast and Galen nudged her.
“Yes, daddy…” she mocked, causing some of the men to laugh.
“I wasn’t aware we had pet names for one another…” he scoffed in return.
“I wasn’t aware you had a ped fetish…”
Galen nodded. He wiped his hands off with a napkin and came to a stand. The man took Angel by the arm and dragged her into the kitchen. Once they were behind closed doors, he hauled off and slapped her. He staggered back as she socked him one in return. With gritted teeth, he wiped the blood from his nose and lip.
“Ye got some mouth on ye. Which I happen ta like about ye! But ye went a bit far taday. And ye know it.”
“You’re the one that insist on treating me like an incompetent child!”
Galen looked over as his men were entering the room and surrounding the area. He shook his head looking rather peeved as they had their guns aimed at her.
“OFF WITH YE! ALL OF YE!” He shouted as he punched at the wall behind Angel, causing her to jump.
“But, sir…” He turned back and eyed the one that spoke out against him.
“I’m well aware of the risk… Now fuck off!”
After they left, O’ Shay shut his eyes for a brief few seconds. He drew back the deepest of breaths, before meeting her angry gaze once again. He shook his head and took his kerchief to her busted lip. She knocked his hand away and he sighed. The man pressed put his forehead to hers and before she realized what was happening, he had his lips planted against hers. Her body tensed up as his tongue parted her lips and slipped on through. She couldn’t so much as move, the shock was so great. If she reacted the way her body wanted… she’d fuck it all up. She imagined what it’d be like to take one of the knives off the kitchen counter and pull a Bobbitt. The tears of utter humiliation, ultimate betrayal, and guilt were begging to make their escape. That was her second time of betraying the two people she loved the most. Her stomach churned in thought. She had to go against those feelings and play along… Galen’s eyes widened as she wrapped her arms around him and was kissing him in return. He moaned against her lips. Angel had to break this off with the perfect finish… She dropped those hands and quickly covered her mouth with a look of downright horror. Only this time it wasn’t so much an act. Galen reached out to her. She shook her head and backed away apologizing, profusely. She took off running and the tears she could no longer hide. She rushed to the bedroom and shut the door behind her. Angel’s heart raced as she leaned against the door.
“Jax…” she cried even through knowing it was all part of the performance and Jax would much rather her stay alive then to give in and die.
Still she couldn’t avoid it… She thought about the shameful look in her husband’s eyes once he found out what she’d done. This had her darting into the bathroom, where she promptly upchucked. How was she going to pull this off? Sure, she could’ve killed Galen and within the bat of an eye. But his men would’ve gunned her down and no amount of shield was going to help her now. She could only hold it for so long and it wasn’t just her life she was responsible for. She vomited once again and hugged the toilet as she started to cry yet again. She hadn’t expected it to hit her so hard. Angel prayed to God that Galen didn’t enter the room or she’d wind up fucking it all up by killing him. If she hadn’t kissed him in return, the plan would’ve gone to shit. She had to play her cards just right. Within time, he’d let his guard down. Such as today when he had his men back down, knowing what she was capable of. So far they’d held hands, hugged, and now they’d kissed. Angel wouldn’t allow things to go any further. And it helped that she had her pregnancy as a valid excuse. She reached to her gut and leaned against the wall. No matter what she did to try and convince herself that Jax would understand, the guilt never let up. Part of her hoped that Jax would smack her one; then proceed in telling her that there was another way and how dare she dishonor him. Chills filled her spine, knowing that could very well be the case. Considering, WHO it was in general. His worst fucking enemy! Desperate times called for desperate measures and she had to make Galen believe that she was falling for him. But make it believable in the sense of her still having feelings for her husband as well.
“Come on, Gemma, send me some sort of push on bitch vibes… Please, I could really use it about now…” she whispered, knowing this was more her area of expertise.

Tig entered Chibs’s room and reared back in surprise. The Irishman had Angus’s daughter up against the wall and in a heated kiss. He raised his brows and had a smug grin about him as Amanda ripped Chibs’s shirt open. Chibs was kissing along her neck, when she let out a gasp. Tig recoiled as she had caught him staring. This had Chibs peering over his shoulder and cutting him a look of utter hell. When he turned back around, Amanda was buttoning her shirt and had a full on blush going. She pecked him on the cheek but was quick to haul ass out of there.
Just as soon as she was out of the room, Chibs walked over to Tig. He punched him right in the jewels. Tig came to his knees and hard. His eyes watered as he covered himself.
Really…?” He murmured once he caught his breath.
Chibs nodded.
“Do ye have any idea how long it’s been? Ye had better PRAY ye never cockblock me again, Trager!”
“Jesus…” Tig groaned once he left the room.

Jax finished his pushups and hopped to his feet. He grabbed a towel off the bed and nodded upon Op as he entered the room.
“Kind of cramped, huh?” Opie commented as to the really small rooms they were staying in.
Jax smiled.
“Having flashbacks?” he taunted as he was hinting back to their prison days.
Opie sort of laughed as Jax was wiping the sweat off his face. Opie kicked back on the bed and was looking to the ceiling.
“So what all was said…?”
Jax regarded his friend in question.
“Between you and Kenny…”
“He just needed a little man to man…” Jax said with a shrug.
He put his shirt on and sat in a chair across from Op.
“I don’t think we’ve had an actual conversation since Donna’s funeral.”
Jax nodded.
“He’s just at that age. He needs you to reach out to him, Op.”
“Yeah well that mouth of his is gonna have me reaching out to him alright.”
“He’s just a kid….” Jax reminded.
“We were that age once, Jackson.”
Jax had a massive grin on his face.
“Yeah and he acts just like you did.”
“Shut up.” Opie said behind laughter.
“Nah, man he does. You were a little shit back in the day. Hell we both were.”
“So you’re saying this is karma?”
“At it’s finest…”
“Great then you’re fucked when it comes to Abel.”
“Tell me about it. That kid…” Jax shook his head looking to be in thought.
“He’s something else. I don’t know what I’m going to do when he hits Kenny’s age.”
“Yeah well, if he acts anything like you did at that age.”
Jax frowned in thought.
“Let’s just hope he’s got more of his mother’s influence on that one.”
“Could you imagine how Angel will react if he pulls half the shit you did? And how old were you when you lost your virginity again?”
“Shut it, Op!”
Opie had a good laugh at this.
“Kenny just needs some reassurance and some one on one with his old man.”
“That kid doesn’t want anything to do with me, Jackson.”
“You’re so wrong it’s not even funny. What do you think that little fit was about?”
Little? Jax, he had everyone’s attention!”
Jax sighed.
“And think about what was taking place. Come on… We just buried two more brothers and were about to haul ass after. Now I’m not defending his actions by any means. But the kid freaked and for a good damn reason.”
“Yeah and what would that be?!”
“He’s afraid of losing you. And do you really believe Lyla was crying just because of Angel? That’s your family, Op. They’re gonna to react when you’re facing something like the fucking IRA. Hell, Op… If anything happens to you…”
“Then it’s by choice… Don’t you go pulling that fucking card. We’ve discussed this before. I told you even before Donna died that I was in and I meant it.”
“Yeah, and look at where it got you – a dead wife, father, and a fucked up teenage son. Jesus… All my life I’ve encouraged you down this path of self-destruction. How do you NOT hate me? I mean really, think about it!”
“Jesus, Jax do you even hear yourself? And FYI, I’m not the Robin to your Batman, asshole!”
Jax reared back with a arched brow.
“As far as I’m concerned, we made those decisions together. I’m no one’s fucking sidekick or bitch. NO matter how much Clay painted me out to be that. Yeah I might’ve pulled out for a bit, but like anyone else – I had some family issues I was dealing with.”
“And who was the one that talked you into coming back? And how long was it after, that Donna died?”
“What the fuck is your problem, man? I thought you were the fucking pres.”
Jax rolled his eyes.
“You sound like a god damn pussy!”
“Shut the fuck up!”
“Nah bro… We can’t have you pulling that second guessing yourself shit. And you gotta quit taking the blame for everything that’s ever taken place. I wasn’t stupid, Jackson. I knew the god damn risks, just as anyone else! It was my decision and mine alone. And despite what you got going on through that head of yours… I haven’t any regrets and even after I lost Donna. I always knew this was where I belonged. I just need my brother to wake me up a bit.”
“Jesus, Op. I’m gonna get you and everyone else killed!”
“See… it’s that shit right there! Knock it off. Seriously, what’s with you? You were fine when we left!”
Jax was sweating profusely, he shook all over, and his eyes were glowing.
“Shit… Come on, Jackson. Don’t you even think about it, not here.”
“I’m trying,” he snarled as he was fighting it.
He was sensing something and it was coming off Angel. He wasn’t sure how he knew that but he did. It was happening more and more lately. He’d have instances of sensing her, even if just briefly. Things such as fear, remorse, and at this very moment ANGER. He couldn’t shake the feeling. All he knew was that he was that he was pissed. The outlaw dropped down and started his pushups once again. That was all he knew to take the edge off. Opie shook his head, wishing he knew what to do. Jax needed some sort of outlet. They couldn’t have him unleashing the beast, on a ship and out in the middle of nowhere. The pushups became faster and more intense. Jax was growled every time he came up. Opie sighed and nudged him with his foot.
“Come on, Jackson.”
Jax looked over but wouldn’t break stride.
Jax hopped up and got right in Opie’s face. Opie was nervous as hell but knew it’s what his friend needed. And like always they were brothers through thick and thin. He took his cut and shirt off. He tossed them onto the bed. Opie waved him over and Jax looked upon him as if he’d lost his mind.
“Don’t be an idiot…” he scoffed and turned his back to him.
Opie tapped him on the shoulder and when he turned that direction Opie punched the shit out of him. Jax’s eyes lit up his fangs made their appearance.
“Bring it, brother!”
“Are you infuckingsane?!”
“It’s what you need and we both know it. So have at it.”
“I could kill you!”
“Exactly! All the more reason you need this! You gotta learn your limits and how will you ever learn unless you have some sort of test dummy!”
“Well it isn’t gonna be you!”
“Oh yeah it is! I’m the only one that can get through to you and you know it! SO BRING IT!”
Jax shook his head and went to argue this, only to have Opie sock him another one. A growl escaped him and he dived after Op. Opie groaned out as he was slammed up against the wall and sent several jabs to the gut. He interlocked his fingers and brought his fists down as hard as he could on Jax’s shoulder. He kneed him in the groin directly after. Sure it was a cheap shot. But Opie had to fight dirty on this one. Jax came to one knee and had that “look” in his eyes.
“OH SHIT!” Opie hollered as he quickly dropped down in order to avoid a hit in the crotch as well.
“Fuck…” he grunted as Jax had him pinned down.
Opie dodged his blows, the best he could but Jax managed to get a few in. A lamp fell off the nightstand and Opie grabbed it. He smashed it against Jax’s head. Jax whimpered out and rolled off Op. There was a shard of glass sticking out of Jax’s head and it triggered a wince from Opie. He hadn’t much time to react as Jax came barreling right for him once again. Opie grabbed the nightstand and hurled it at him. Jax gave it a good thwack in mid-air and Opie’s eyes widened as chunks of wood were sent scattered about the room.
“Ho-ly –fuck!” Opie muttered.
Within the matter of seconds, Jax had Op up against the wall. His hand was clamped around his throat and Opie’s hands were wrapped around his wrists.
“You gotta think, brother…” He grunted.
Jax shook his head, with a touch of a growl. The hold became tighter and Opie winced.
“YOU REALLY WANNA KILL ME, JACKSON?!” He managed to get out but it made him dizzy and the area around him was spinning.
Actual fur was sprouting from Jackson’s body and Opie swore he was even bigger than when his original transformation took it’s course.
“Don’t do it, bro… you gotta tame it!”
His claws were puncturing through Opie’s flesh.
“Jackson…” Opie called out as his eyes started to roll back.
His face was turning a nice shade of bluish-purple. Jax dropped his hold and looked to his hands in shock. Opie sunk to the floor and gasped out, trying to catch his breath. “You suck…”
“Yeah and you swallow, Robin…” Jax fired back, offering him a hand up.

Chibs, Happy, and Tig looked on in wonder. Opie and Jax entered the room they were in. They had their arms wrapped around one another’s shoulders and they were laughing. But the both of them were beat to a pulp. Opie even more so than that of Jax, yet they sat down without mentioning a word on it.
“Do we even want ta know?” Chibs questioned as he tossed his cards Happy’s direction.

“A chapel… In a manor – in Russia, and out in the middle of nowhere. Who’d have thought…” Angel witted, sensing Father Ashby’s presence.
He nodded and merely took a seat behind her.
“Do my eyes deceive me… or are you praying?”
She lifted her eyes upon the crucifix before them.
“And there you go again… You’re awfully judgmental, considering your choice of profession. Let me guess… Since I put you in your place that somehow makes me incapable of Christianity? Or better yet, I’m a Satanist.”
Father Ashby sighed.
“I meant no disrespect nor did I mean to come off as being judgmental, Mrs. Teller.”
“Have you ever met my husband, father?”
“No, I have not.”
“Then how is it you know presume to know him so well? Well enough to assume he’s not father or husband material?”
“In that same respect how can you believe that he is?”
“I believe I asked you first…”
Father Ashby nodded and leaned back in his seat.
“I knew his father… quite well in fact. And from what Galen has told me, the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree.”
“So your issues were with JT, but you’re willing to pass those harsh feelings off to his son? And all because of the words of one man; yet you wonder why I question your ethics. Now if you wouldn’t mind… I prefer my time without the company of others.”
He smiled and leaned into her ear.
“That’s not what I heard…”
Her entire body heated over and she shot up from her seat.
“Excuse me…?”
The two were eyeing one another down, when Galen entered the chapel. He narrowed his eyes in question. “Everything alright?”
“Perhaps you’re conflicted for a reason. But you’re going to have to choose, Mrs. Teller. And if I were you I’d take my time and pick wisely.” He whispered rather harshly.
Angel’s teeth ground together and her eyes never left Father Ashby’s. Galen made his way over. He patted the father on the back.
“Do ye mind?” He gave the hint by motioning his hand towards the exit.
“Not at all… Do have a good night, Mrs. Teller.”
“O’ Shay.” Galen corrected.
It took everything within her, to not react. Angel was biting into her cheek so hard it drew blood. She swallowed down the cooper like taste.
“But of course… My apologies.” Father Ashby said with a smile.
“Yes, we cannot make that mistake come Ireland…”
The father nodded in understanding and exited the chapel.
“Why do I get the feeling you’re avoiding me?”
“Galen…” she said pulling off that shy act of hers.
He tilted his head and reached out, lifting her chin with his fingers.
“It’s been a couple days and ye haven’t so much as said a word, since… I figured ye needed yer space…”
She took a couple steps back and shook her head.
“Ye can’t keep avoiding me.”
“And what is it you want exactly?”
He raised his brows and smirked.
“Now I’d be careful with such questions. I doubt ye wanna hear the truth.”
“Humor me…”
“I’m lookin’ at what I want. But there’s a bit of an obstacle standin’ in my way. Ye see I’ve this issue with sharing. Especially, when it comes ta bedding with the wife of my enemy. Though I must admit, I rather cherish the idea of seeing Jackson’s face when he finds out. I don’t care ta have ye hanging on ta him or that son of his. All of that is ancient history. Ye won’t be seeing either of them again. That part of yer life is over and done and here ye are. And before long we’ll be buildin’ a life back in Ireland.”
“Why did you bring me here first?”
Galen smiled.
“Ye must have me pegged for a fool. Ye think I’d go straight to Belfast, knowing the Sons are gonna be lookin’ there first thing? I only wish I was there ta see the look of disappointment on their faces. Ta watch little Jackson cry like the wee little bitch he truly is.”
He blocked her attempt at smacking him one. He chuckled and pinned her up against one of the pews. Galen forced her hand back down.
“How would he react knowin’ ye kissed me in return? Yer just a step away from committing infidelity, but by all means… Don’t let me stop ye. If ye desire my company so much then ye know where ta find me. That being said, ye should know that I don’t play games, Angelina. Ye take that step and I’m considerin’ the husband obsolete.”
On this note, he left the chapel. Angel reached to her heart and shut her eyes.
“Jesus…” she whimpered as she sunk back into the pew.

“Yer not ta say a word on it. Have yer boy go through with the original plan and tonight. Keep in touch but not if she’s around…” Galen hinted and Jimmy nodded in perfect understanding.
“Now give the call… And Jimmy… this stays between us.”
“Got it…”

Abel giggled as Gemma gave him a raspberry along his belly.
“That tickle, Grandma!”
She smiled and did it once again. He had another giggle fit and hugged his Trixie and Rex. Gemma went to tickle him again but froze. She could’ve sworn she heard someone in the house.
She put her finger to her lips and rose from the bed. Abel looked upon her oddly but nodded in understanding.
“Not a sound and stay put…I mean it.” She whispered as they heard something break.
Gemma exited the room, with caution. She darted into her bedroom and went to grab one of her hidden guns from the top of the closet. A hand wrapped around her mouth and she was being dragged out of the room. The woman thrashed about in attempts to break free. Once they entered the living room, she was lifted into the air and tossed. She hit the entertainment center and it and everything on top came crashing down and right on top of her. Her vision was distorted as she rolled over. She could make out two men within the room and one was kicking the remains about. He grabbed a handful of her hair and brought Gemma back to her feet.
“Word is your son was behind Alvarez’s death…”
She thickly swallowed. The woman’s only concern was Abel. She prayed to God that he stay put and they wouldn’t find him.
“That true?”
When she wouldn’t answer, he socked her in the gut.
“Answer me, you stupid bitch!”
“I wouldn’t have a clue. You think my son discusses club business with me?!”
“You know what I think?”
“No, but I’m sure you’re going to tell me anyhow.”
“I think we got a couple more of our guys over at the Winstons house. Think the boys will get the message if we cut off both your tits and stake you fine ass bitches to the wall? Let you hang around until they get back…”
The world came to a complete halt as she heard Abel’s door crack open. She thought no more on it, just reacted. She kneed the man in the groin and took off like a bat out of hell. They took shots at her as she ran down the hallway and grabbed her grandson. She ran into her bedroom, where she slammed the door shut and locked it. She hurried over to the closet and placed Abel inside. Her hands were shaking as she opened up a crawl space. She picked her grandson up and placed him inside. Gemma thought about her son and how he’d handle the situation.
“If you don’t stay put, mommy’s going to be very sad. Do you want to make her cry?”
He shook his head no and his bottom lip quivered. This was something she’d heard Jax pull, when he really needed his son to listen.
“Then you do as you’re told.”
He nodded as she closed him in there. She grabbed one of her guns and shut the closet door. Within seconds, the bedroom door was busted down. She aimed her gun at two Mayans and they laughed. “You do the math…” one of them taunted.

“Nah man, You do the math…”

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  1. Oh hell…always something…I hope Gemma will be okay, and poor Abel, and I’m not sure what Bella has in store by acting the way she is, but I don’t think it will work…and what the hell is Galen up to, so much happening in this update. I can’t wait to see what happens next…thanks hon…huggs

  2. OK so not cool on how you left thing. Something needs to happen. Where are Rosalie and Jucie. And and I hope everyone is OK. Wouldn’t it be something of Kenny shot one of the guys going to his house. And what is it they are hiding from Bella? Ugh just so many questions, and you are leaving them all unanswered. But that’s what makes you an awesome write. Please update soon.

  3. That was one hell of a chapter! Angel’s situation has me in tears, but I know she’ll pull through. She always does! My favorite scene was Jax and Opie! Great chat between the two! The ending had my heart pounding…Get ’em Gemma!!

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