Chapter 39 The Road To Hell

Chapter 39

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“Nah man, you do the math…”

Gemma’s jaw dropped a gun sounded. Before she could so much as blink, it was fired once again and there were two dead Mayans lying on her bedroom floor.

“Nero…?” she whispered, looking to be in shock.

He nodded but paced the area a bit, eyeing the bodies.

“You alright?” he asked but had this frantic appearance about him.

She nodded in response but hurriedly gathered her grandson from the crawlspace. Nero winced once he realized he was there. “Man, oh man…” the Latino whispered as Gemma broke down, hugging Abel close. He put his gun away and Gemma regarded him in alarm. “We gotta head to the Winston’s place and now!”


Lyla screamed as one of the men grabbed Ellie and was dragging her into one of the back bedrooms. Ellie was reaching out to her with tears in her eyes. “DON’T YOU FUCKING TOUCH HER!” Lyla shouted as the other man was holding her back. The door slammed shut and Lyla went into full blown panic. She flung her head back and as hard as she could. “YOU BITCH!” The man shouted as he dropped his hold and had his hand over his nose. Lyla threw whatever she could get her hands on and was running towards Ellie’s bedroom. The man grabbed her and jerked her back towards him. He shoved her face into the nearby fish tank. She grasped the edges of the tank and fought to catch her breath. But the man had his entire weight pressed up against her tiny frame. She wasn’t going anywhere. A gunshot was heard and the glass to the tank shattered. Fish, gravel, and water were scattered about the living room. Lyla lost her footing and fell back, with the man landing on top of her. She screamed out however as he had a bullet hole going right through his neck. It was the one wielding the gun however that caught her completely off-guard. She looked on with widened eyes as Kenny gave her a simple nod. He had one of his father’s in hand. At that very moment, she saw a younger version of Opie Winston. He even had that same “look” in his eyes. The one his father got when he was pushed past his limits. There was no exchange of words as he took off. He was on a mission and headed right for his sister’s room. The moment, he opened the door the boy’s entire face heated over. This man was on top of his little sister and she was kicking and screaming, begging for her life. Kenny saw red as the man ripped her shirt open. The boy didn’t bat an eye as he fired that gun once again. The Mayan jumped off the bed, but laughed in mockery once he saw who it was holding the gun.
“You missed.”

Kenny sneered at this.

Cute… You really think you’re gonna kill me kid? Before or after I fuck your little sister?!”

Kenny went to fire that gun once again. Only to have his sister screaming in horror as it was shot out of his hand. The Mayan dived after Kenny and slammed him up against the wall. Kenny pivoted about and rushed at him like a bull. The gun was knocked out of the Mayan’s hand. Kenny groaned out as the man forced him up against the desk.

“KENNNY!!!” Ellie shrieked out as the man started waylaying the living shit out of him.

She rolled out of the bed and rushed over in attempts to defend her brother. The Mayan spun around and backhanded her. He was jerked back as Kenny managed to wrap an extension cord around his throat. Everyone jumped as another shot was heard. They turned to see Lyla at the doorway.

“BACK THE FUCK UP!” Lyla shouted as she had the gun aimed at the Mayan. The man raised his hands and Kenny tightened his grip on that cord.


Lyla sighed in relief as she heard Gemma’s voice.

“We’re back here – in Ellie’s room.” She called in return.

Nero entered the room gun already in hand. He shook his head and muttered something in Latin. The man crossed himself. “Everyone alright?” He asked afterword. Lyla nodded and was hugging the hell out of Kenny. “Thanks to him…” She said genuinely.

“Is that so?” Nero said with a touch of a smile.

Angel gathered a handful of snow and balled it up in her hand. She tossed the snowball towards one of the trees.

“Now what did that tree do to ye?”

She turned the direction of the voice. It belonged to Edmond – the youngest IRA member. He was leaning against the manor. He had his hands crossed about his chest. She shrugged and bent down, making another snowball. He chuckled and made his way over. Edmond made one himself and tossed it on over. He shrugged, looking bored.

“Kind of lame if ye as me…”

“Well I didn’t…” she uttered, tossing her next one at him, instead of the tree.

He raised his brows and wiped the snow off his jacket.

“Ah I see… We’re playing that game, huh?”

He balled one up and pegged her in the leg. Edmond held his hand out after. This had her regarding him in question.

“Aye now… I just want ta show ye something…”

“And that requires handholding?”

The young man made a gesture towards the frozen area up ahead.

“A bit slippery…”

Angel drew back an uneasy breath but accepted. The second her foot hit that patch of ice she started to slip. Edmond reacted quickly and wrapped his arm around her for a firmer hold.

“Told ye… Don’t ye go fallin’ on me now. Galen would have my arse.”

They ventured out a bit further and he opened the back gates. She regarded him apprehensively. “Ye think I’m brave enough ta take ye on?” he hinted with a smile. She didn’t comment and followed him out to the woods. He made an odd clicking sound with his tongue and her jaw dropped as a beautiful artic fox ran right up to him.

“There ye are! I told ye I was gonna bring a friend next time.”

Angel genuinely smiled. The fox reacted much like that of a dog. It was hopping around, begging for attention. Edmond scooped him up and brought him over.

“Would ye like ta hold him?”

She nodded and took the fox into her arms. She giggled as the fox licked her cheek.

“How’d you get him so tame?”

“Aye, he’s not very old. His ma died and I took him in.”

He pointed to a shed near the manor.

“Kept him in there for some time.”
“So you visit this place often?”

“When dealin’ with business…” he said with a shrug.

The fox squirmed out of her hold and ran a circle around the two of them.

“But you live in in Ireland?”

“I take it there’s a lot of traveling involved?”

He raised his brows on this.
“Are ye tryin’ ta get me in trouble now?”

She sort of laughed and crouched down as the fox brought a stick over.

“He plays fetch?!”


“Awesome.” She said, tossing the stick over.

The fox brought it and she petted the top of his head.

“Does he have a name?”

Edmond nodded and brought some treats out from his jacket. He hunkered down and the fox ate from the palm of his hand.

“That is so cool.”

“I believe that’s the first I’ve ever seen ye smile. It suits ye…”

“Yeah well considering the situation…”

He glanced towards the manor and nodded.
“I hear ye… But before long we’ll be like family ta ye. You’ll see…”

“I don’t get how that’s possible. Each of you played a part in taking me away from the two people I loved most in this entire world. Do you truly believe you can replace that? That I will one day call you family?”

“Be fair now… Not all of us had a say…”

“Fair?” she scoffed and sort of laughed.

“So even you agree that it’s somewhat barbaric?” she said, taking notice of the look on his face.

The young man let out a nervous laugh.

“I believe it might be best if we head back now…”

Angel sighed and petted the fox once again.

“Is it okay if came visit him from time to time?”

Edmond shrugged.

“I don’t see why not. Just be careful. If ye want I can go with ye. I’m just a couple doors down from ye. So feel free, anytime…”



“Ye asked his name… It’s Felix.”
“Well Felix… I’ll see you later.”

Like before, Edmond took her by the hand as they crossed the icy area. Only this time they both ended up slipping and fell on their rear ends. Angel laughed as they were in attempts to get back up but fell once again. Edmond chuckled as he finally got to his feet. “Hold up…” he called out and offered his hand once again. He dragged her across and then pulled her up after he got her near the snow.


He chuckled, “I figured it was for the best.”

When they got to the manor, Galen was already waiting for them at the door. Edmond was quick to drop her hand and step away. Galen smiled upon Angel and took her hand, kissing it.

“I see ye ventured out a bit.”

She nodded.

“Did you have a good time?”

“Yes, actually.” Making the first since she’d been here.

Galen nodded.

“And where did the two of ye run off ta?”

“I just took the lady on a bit of a stroll…”

Galen opened the door for her.

“Dinner’s about ready. Get yerself cleaned up and I’ll be there shortly.”

She nodded and headed inside. Once he had the door closed, Galen grabbed Edmond by the collar of his jacket. He thrust him up against the manor walls.
“Watch yerself, boy. Ye think I don’t know what yer up ta?”
Edmond’s eyes widened and Galen got right in his face.

“Hands off or I’ll be helping ye with that myself.”

Galen sighed and dropped his hold.”

“Now off with ye…”

Edmond nodded and was quick to disappear.

Chibs rolled over and grabbed a cigarette off the nightstand. He chuckled as Amanda was out of breath. He offered her a cigarette and she respectfully declined. “Not my thing…” He shrugged and popped it into his mouth. Chibs closed his eyes as he took a nice long drag.

“Better?” Amanda teased and he cocked an eye open.

The Irishman chuckled a bit and nodded, “and ye?”
“Oh yeah…” she said with a hint of a blush.

She ran a hand along his chest, something he found to be rather soothing. This wasn’t something he was used to. He was more accustomed to the club girls. They usually passed out directly after. It was rather nice – fucking while sober, for once. At least he’d have full recollection of how it went. And with this one, that was certainly a bonus. He hadn’t had a woman strike him that way in quite some time, which also was a bit of a bother; in the sense that they’d be arriving in Ireland tomorrow. And he hadn’t a clue which way she’d be going. He wasn’t quite ready to call it quits with this one. She certainly had his curiosity. She was different and he found that refreshing. He’d grown tired of the usual… But on the other hand, he didn’t wish to drag her into the drama that was about to unfold with his current wife and daughter. He narrowed his eyes and kissed the top of her head in thought.

“So ye have a daughter?”

Amanda nodded as she was lying on his chest.

“How old?”


He chuckled on this.

“Got yer hands full…”
“You haven’t any idea…”
“Kerrianne is 16…”


“Aye… my daughter.”

She rose from his chest and sat up. He caressed her cheek and put his cigarette out.

“Please tell me you’re not married…”

He didn’t comment at first just lay there.

“Chibs… tell me you’re NOT married!”

When he wouldn’t answer she took her pillow and hit him with it.

“I swear to GOD I have the worst luck! I should’ve known! Great! Just great!”

She went to rise off the bed and he gently grabbed ahold of her and brought her back towards him.

“Would ye give me a moment to think on this and how I’m gonna answer that one?!”

He drew back a breath told her the truth behind the situation. He hadn’t a clue why he was being so upfront with her, but felt it was needed. Once he finished explaining the situation, Amanda just sat there for a moment. She shook her head and regarded him a certain way.
“Do want you her back?”

“The wife?”
He wrinkled his nose on this.

“I’ve pretty much written her off. I just want my daughter back, if she’ll even have me.”

Amanda nodded.

“Have you talked to your daughter?”
“Nah, I need ta get her one on one…”
She climbed off the bed and retrieved a business card from her purse.

“You might have more of a reason to keep me around.”

He looked to the card in question.

“It doesn’t say what ye do.”

She smiled.

“And for a very good reason… Let’s just say can I hack into damn near any system out there…”

“For instance… If you need a divorce, I can find a way. And if your wife still shares your name… I can have everything in her account wired to yours. Then I can put a block on it so she hasn’t a clue where it went or that you were involved. She can’t so much as touch it once I’m done. As to the daughter situation, I’m afraid that’s all on you. That has to be on your daughter’s turf, considering her age. She has the right in deciding who she wants to live with. Now if she agrees on going back to the states with you, then I can help you there. Considering the situation, there’s not a chance in hell the IRA wants this brought to the public eye. They’re going to want to keep their personal affairs on the down-low. At least that’s what I’m assuming… This Jimmy won’t have a leg to stand on once I’m done and neither will your wife.”

Chibs found himself rather impressed, yet he couldn’t help but to question it.

“Hmm, with all due respect. If ye can do all these things, why haven’t ye for yerself, Amanda?”

The look on her face said it all.

“Are ye in some kind of trouble?”

“Nothing I can’t handle…”

“Yer divorced though, right?”

She nodded but had this troubled look about her. Something Chibs knew all too well. He cleared his throat, “what’s he got on ye?” She forced a smile and trolled on out of the bed. He looked on admirably as she got dressed.

“Aye now… I told ye my story…”

Amanda sighed and stepped into her shoes.

“Let’s just say my sole reason for being on this trip is to look into getting a job and place to live.”

Chibs narrowed his eyes and thought back to the conversation he’d overheard on the phone.

“Ye mean Ireland?”

She nodded and Chibs sighed with disappointment. Of course Ireland, he thought to himself, bitterly.

“And why there?”

“Because it’s the only way I can assure mine and my daughter’s safety. He’s got too many ties back in the states, as to why I can’t hack my way out of this one. That and well…”
“He’s a cop.”
“Yer fuckin’ shiten me!”

“Afraid not…”

“Why would ye marry a pig?”

“Trust me, I’ve been wondering that myself.”
“So where is yer daughter now?”

“With him…”

Chibs cringed.

“Exactly… As you can see I’m at my wits end and doing my damnest to fix this. We have joint custody at the moment.”
“But what about what ye said…”

“It being the daughter’s choice? She’s about the same age…”

“I wish it were that easy… It’s complicated.”

“Ye mean she wants to see him?””


He shook his head knowing she was about to stir him away from the topic.

“What’s he holdin’ over ye and yer daughter?”

“He’s a cop. He doesn’t have to have anything… he…”
“He?” Chibs prompted.

“He has his ways and he’s not afraid to use that badge in order to get what he wants. He’s got everyone fooled with that charm of his. But it’s all an act. Only Miranda and I know the real Oliver. He’s gone as far as to threaten to set me up.”
“As in what? A crime?!”

She sort of laughed.

“Think bigger… He’s desperate. If I don’t give in and go back to him. He’ll do whatever it takes to rip my daughter away from me. He abuses that badge of his, always has.”

“One of those…” Chibs muttered with a sneer.

“Oh yeah… He truly believes he’s entitled to whatever’s around him. That he’s somehow earned it and he hasn’t any issue in letting me or Miranda know that. The world owes him, for whatever reason.”

“Perhaps I should be handing ye a business card as well.” He teased but it wasn’t really a joke. If she was in trouble, he wanted to help whatever way he could.

“Is yer daughter in danger?”

She drew back a breath, before answering.

“Let’s just say I’m not willing to find out. She’s the reason I’m willing to leave it all behind and start over…”

And by it all… That meant her family, friends, and job. The only one to know about this besides Chibs, was her father. And at the moment, Angus had a few of his buddies keeping an eye on things while Miranda was under his care. Ones that hadn’t any problem taking Oliver down – if he laid one harmful hand on his granddaughter.

“A meeting, here?”

Galen nodded.

“With whom exactly?”
“Just a few of our colleagues…”

She sighed, knowing damn well what that meant. It was time to put this whole IRA’s bodyguard business into effect.

“Meaning business associates?”

He smiled and brushed a strand of hair behind her ear.

“Aye, so do be on yer best behavior and remember our little deal.”
“I don’t believe we ever truly made a “deal”.”

“Not so much in words but I do believe we had a mutual understandin’. Believe me when I say ye don’t wish ta be in the company of this particular group without our presence. Ye’d do good ta keep that in mind. Keep close and on yer toes. Do nothing without my say.”

Angel looked to Galen in wonder as these rather questionable women entered the manor. A few of them were accompanied by men with suits, much like the IRA. Most of the women were wearing cocktail dresses.

“Was this the meeting you were referring to?”

Galen smiled as one of the women made their way over and pecked him on the cheek.

“Someone’s looking awfully handsome.” She remarked, whilst adjusting the collar to his shirt.

Angel refrained from laughing and merely raised her brows. He motioned for the woman to be about her way. But she’d this rather wounded expression once she took the hint.

“The actual meeting takes place tomorrow. This is a bit of a gathering…”

“Are these the so called associates?”
“A few of them, aye…”

“Even the women…?”

“Now why would it matter ta ye if they were, or not?”

She rolled her eyes.

“I’ve got ye somethin’ laid out already. Head on upstairs and get yerself dolled up. Ye will be joining us tonight.”

“And doing what exactly?”

“I’ve yet ta figure that out…” he admitted with a smirk.
“Now off with ye.”

She sighed but went about her way. Once she entered the bedroom, she glowered upon the red dress he’d laid out for her on the bed. It was strapless, shimmery red, and short.

“Great… I’m a pregnant hooker tonight. This just gets better and better.” She muttered.

She held it up to her, wondering if it would even fit her. To her surprise it did, but it was awfully snug. She frowned as she gazed upon her reflection in the vanity mirror. At the moment, her looks were the least of her concerns. Or so she thought… Just as she was about to head on out the door, Angel thought back to the other women and how they looked. She remembered what Galen had said… On how he had them begging at his feet. And he didn’t seem to be exaggerating. In fact that was the one thing he had in common with Jackson Teller. Women loved men with power… She sighed and threw her hands up in defeat. “Fine…” she hissed.

Angel fixed her hair, put on a touch of makeup, and a dash of perfume. She stepped into the red heels Galen had set out for her.

Whoa now… Easy.” Edmond called out as she nearly tripped making her way down the stairs.

“Fucking heels…” She muttered, causing him to laugh.

“Well if it makes ye feel better, ye look stunning.” He remarked and escorted her on down.

“Thank you…”

He nodded and led her into the area this “gathering’ was taking place. It looked as if it were an old library at one point. But it had been altered into a ballroom or something much like one. She couldn’t get over just how ridiculous this manor truly was. There was classic Irish music playing in the background. Men smoked their cigars as the women mingled. Damn near everyone had a drink in their hand. This was one of the most sophisticated gatherings she’d ever bared witness to. She found herself desiring the rock music, the roughhousing men, the half-naked women, and the roaring of Harleys in comparison. She couldn’t believe the amount of wine, champagne, and whiskey being served. But at the moment… something else had her attention. Through the corner of her eye, she saw Galen. He was sitting at one of the tables and he had the woman from earlier in his lap. She was tall and redheaded with the body of a supermodel. The woman ran her fingers through what little hair he had and sipped on a glass of red wine. Angel wanted to laugh, knowing damn well what he was up to. She’d nearly forgotten about Edmond. He dropped his hold and was practically tripping over himself. He couldn’t get away from her fast enough. This had the young woman rearing back in question.

“Um, okay…” she whispered.

Galen’s eyes were fixated on her as the woman was kissing him. Angel rolled her eyes and shook her head. This was what she’d hoped for anyhow… A reason to excuse herself for the night. She darted on out of the room. Once she got to the stairs, she took her heels off and started on up.

“And where do ye think yer runnin’ off ta?”

She froze, doing her best to come up with some sort of waterworks and fast. That didn’t take her long as Abel and Jax came to mind. She pivoted about and pointed at him with one of her high heels.

“Is that why you wanted me there? So you could shove that in my fucking face?!”

He laughed and leaned against the staircase.

“Is that what ye think I was doin’?”

She nodded most assuredly.

“And why would ye care?”

He looked around and whispered…
“Yer married, remember?”

She wiped her cheeks with the back of her hand and nodded.

“You’re right… I shouldn’t! Goodnight, Galen.”

“I don’t believe I dismissed ye…”

“I wasn’t aware I needed your permission. From the looks of things, your night is pretty booked.”

He held his hand out and gave a simple nod.

“Dance with me…”

“You’re kidding, right?”

He shook his head.

“You just had your tongue down another woman’s throat and you want me to dance with you?”
He nodded most assuredly. She sort of laughed and shook her head.

“As I said… Goodnight.”

She spun around.

“Just beware that tonight wouldn’t be the best of nights ta visit, if ye just so happen ta feel inclined…”

She pivoted back around.

“Are you truly insinuating what I think you are?”

“No need for insinuations. I’ve made myself perfectly clear. The choice is yers…”
“I’m with child!”

“And what is it ye think we’d be doing, Angelina? My night could go one of two ways… And that is entirely up to ye, but if ye turn in for the night. I won’t waste my time waitin’ around. I got better things ta do and like I said before. I don’t play games. So ye need ta decide… What is it you want?” He offered his hand once again.

“Why don’t you take that hand and shove it up the little slut’s twat for all I care.”

He lowered his hand and observed as she dashed off. As soon as he heard her bedroom door shut, he nodded amongst himself. He made his way back and wrapped his arm around Edmond’s shoulder.

“Let’s have us a little chat…” he whispered.

Edmond glanced towards his father. He was on the other side of the room talking to a couple of the Russians. Galen motioned a few of his men over and had them follow as he led Edmond outside the manor. They followed him into the shed. Once everyone was inside, Galen pulled the door shut. He reached over and cut on the light.

“I believe it was… that…” He pointed to Edmond’s right. “hand…”

His men looked to Galen puzzled at first.

“I want it off. I’ll go and fetch the doctor…”

Edmond staggered back in a panic.

“I was just helping her down the stairs! Please! Galen, I swear ta God it won’t happen again!”

“Well I should hope not… At least for yer sake. You’ll be down to one hand as it is!”

Galen waved them on and exited the shed.

“You boys wanted to get the band back together, right?”
“Well yeah man… but…”

“But what?”

“You think you can just waltz on in here and announce yourself king? I mean it’s been awhile, ya know?”

Nero raised his brows and reared back on the young man’s words. He sort of laughed. The others looked to the one that spoke out against him and had the cut throat motion going. This was one of the newer guys and he hadn’t a clue who he was dealing with. The young man rolled his eyes and went back to smoking his pot and playing his video game. Nero nodded and casually made his way over. He ripped the cords from the wall. He grabbed the TV and slammed it through the glass coffee table that consisted of various drugs and whiskey.

“What the fuck, man?!”

Nero leaped over the remains and jerked the young man right off the couch. He knocked him up against the wall.
“Allow me to reintroduce myself… I’m Nero Padilla and if I say I’m the king of all Latinos then you had better believe it. You wish to challenge me? Then you go right ahead. See where it gets you! But I’m taking over from here. Get this shit cleaned up, flush whatever’s left, and meet me at the SAMCRO clubhouse in 30. Make sure everyone’s there…”

Wayne sighed once he finished taking pictures of the crime scene at Gemma’s place.

“You know we can’t hide this one…” He murmured as Gemma paced about the room.

She nodded in understanding.

“But considering they attacked not only you but the Winstons, I don’t think you have anything to worry about. That being said… I really need you to tell me what’s going on, sweetheart.”
“What is it you want to know exactly?”
“Well for starters what was their motive and did they say anything, during? I need to know these things. How else am I going to go about cleaning this shit up and knowing what I’m going to tell the others back at the department?”

Gemma narrowed her eyes, seeing the look on the sheriff’s face.

“What is it?”

He sighed and shook his head as he regarded the house and all the damage that was done.

“You guys need to get this shit sorted out by next month. The vote’s gone through and the sheriff’s office will be no more in 30 days.”

“Jesus Christ!”

Wayne nodded.

“This town isn’t so little anymore. Things are changing and they continue to change. I can’t have your backs once the blue coats arrive. So let’s hope your son is on the right direction of cleaning up the Sons. If not… this is going to end very badly.”

“How’d you know about that?” She questioned with a hint of accusation.

Wayne smiled.

“You think you’re the only one I talk to?”

Smartass…” she muttered under her breath.

“I love you too, Gem…”

She sort of laughed and shook her head as she was lighting up a cigarette.
“You and Abel got some place to stay tonight?” he asked out of concern.

She took a long drag before answering.

“Nero’s gathering everyone. We’re putting the entire family on lockdown at the clubhouse.”

“Might be best.” He said as he gathered an ice pack from the freezer.

He made his way over and put it to her swollen eye.

“I got it…” he nodded as she took over holding it in place.

“I take it you’ve heard about David and Tara?” He questioned.

“I’ve heard the rumors…” She replied with caution.

“You wanna talk about it?”


He nodded.

“Good… me neither…”

“So you and this Nero… Becoming a bit of thing, huh?

She smiled on this.

“Are you jealous?”

The sheriff chuckled and bit and leaned against the counter. He decided it best to wait for his men in silence. He wasn’t about to dive into that mess…

Angel gazed upon her reflection in the mirror. In just a few minutes, Galen would collect her for the meeting. She thought about last night, knowing she probably fucked everything up. But she couldn’t control that mouth of hers. She pinched the bridge of her nose. The young woman was at her wits end and it was becoming increasingly hard to concentrate. What Galen said last night replayed in that head of hers and she grew angry all over again. It most certainly hadn’t anything to do with jealousy. She could care less if he fucked every woman at that “gathering” as he called it. It had more to do with him being so fucking disrespectful. He truly acted as if she should play dumb and simply go with whatever he wished. And the more she thought about it, the more she felt if she had given in – he’d have seen right past it. Surely, he knew her well enough to know she wouldn’t put up with his childish tantrums.

That knock she’d been expecting was heard. She closed her eyes for a brief moment. The door opened and she regarded Galen’s egotistical grin in the mirror. She wondered what was up with that ridiculous pink tie of his. It clashed against the smoky gray suit he wore. He made his way over and offered his hand. She hesitantly accepted. Once he had her about her feet, he ran his fingers through her long brunette locks.


She nodded.

“Stay close and not a word… Ye let me handle everything.”

She nodded once again and Galen drew back the deepest of breaths. It was a bit unsettling to see this man like this. They were dealing with something big when Galen O’ Shay of all people seemed on edge. This was a man that was super chill and in any given situation.

“I really need ye to listen ta me on this… Ye haven’t any idea what that mouth of yers could do and I mean ta us all…”

“Are these the Russians from last night?”

He cocked a brow on this.

“How’d ye knew they were Russian?”
“The woman’s accent, a bit of a giveaway… That and the suits… Not exactly Irish…”

“Hmmm… I must admit I was somewhat disappointed.”

“Why? Did she lack, where it truly mattered?”

He gave a hint of smile and shook his head no.

“I was expecting ye to show up and raise some hell as ye American’s say.”

“I don’t grovel, Mr. O’ Shay. So if that’s what you were expecting, then I’m sure you were disappointed. If that’s what you want in a woman… then you can keep your groupie of beggars and leave me be.”

He closed his eyes and this odd sound reverberated along the back of his throat. She gasped out as he grabbed a fistful of her hair and was kissing her, yet again. He let out a slight growl as she put a stop to it.

“You just let me know in a roundabout way that you fucked that woman last night. And now you’re ramming your tongue down my throat? I haven’t any idea where that mouth has been and I don’t particularly care to know.”

She went to shove him back only to have him pulling at her hair.

“Let go of me…” he hissed.

He shook his head and backed her into a corner of the room.

“Ye don’t want me fuckin’ other women. Then tell me yer over that ne’er-do-well husband of yers and that pathetic brat of his!”

The words were there… But she couldn’t bring herself to do so. In fact she recoiled, causing Galen to grit his teeth.

“Just what do ye think yer playin’ here? Ye can’t expect me ta wait around while yer hopin’ for that husband of yers to come play hero and rescue ye. Ye wanna peg me as the bad guy. Then ye just go right ahead. But ye need ta take a long hard look in the mirror. Who is the villain in this scenario? Me? Jackson? Or is it the married woman playin’ two men for their affections. Ye speak against that harlot from last night but what makes ye any better! Yer playin’ a dangerous game, my love. Ye might’ve fooled that husband of yers. But do ye really expect me ta believe ye’ve fallin’ for me, when yer still wearin’ his ring?”

She swallowed back and he laughed.

“That’s right… I know. I was just hopin’ ta get a good fuckin’ out of ye by now.”

Her heart raced with a touch of fear. Galen sent her a wink and leaned into her ear.

“Ye should’ve played nice, my dear… Never play with the heart of an Irishman… So what do ye say? Ye willin’ ta start over now? Or do ye insist on playin’ this childish game?”

He held his hand out and nodded upon her wedding ring. Déjà vu hit and hard… Edward’s face entered her mind and her heart sank to the pit of her stomach. She twirled that ring about wanting to feel its presence one last time… With a trembling hand, she took the ring off and handed it over. He nodded and reached into his pocket. He had another one in hand and placed it onto her finger.

“As far as the Russians are concerned… We’re married and with child. Do we have an understanding?”

She nodded once again and he wiped the tears from her eyes with his thumbs.

“Ye should’ve known better. If nothing else that husband of yers should’ve warned ye… Ye can’t beat the master at his own game.”

He did a slight bow and her jaw dropped as he lifted his eyes, with a grin going ear to ear.

“Ah… yes… There ye go… Now ye seem ta get it.”

He tapped his finger along his temple.

“We’re going ta get along just perfectly!” He announced rather exuberantly.

And it was then she realized… It wasn’t Clay Morrow that played Galen O’ Shay… It was Galen that played Clay! Angel’s mind couldn’t fathom what was said or what was taking place exactly. At the moment it was as if she were off in a trance. She was panic-stricken and at a loss for words. The king knocked her for one hell of a loop and off her game. The young woman hadn’t a clue how she was going to get out of this one. It was rare for anyone to get a one up on Angel Teller. But she was gone… even as he led her out of the room, down the stairs, and seated her down at the table. She hadn’t noticed the strange looks coming from the Russians, or how were whispering amongst one another. It just wasn’t heard of – bringing a woman into a meeting. Yet Galen just plopped her into that chair, with no real explanation, and like it was nothing. He went as far as to peck her on the lips. He had a genuine beam about him as he motioned towards the other kings and they began the meeting.

“So how does it play out from here?” Amanda questioned as they pulled in to port and were anchoring at the dock.

Chibs had his arms wrapped around her waist and his head was rested about her shoulder.

“Ye gonna be in Ireland for a bit?”

She nodded.
“Ye got a number where I can reach ye?”

She smiled and handed him her cellphone.

“Will it work here?

“That one does…”she said a certain way, one that had him smiling.

He nodded and entered his name and number and took hers down as well.

“I’ll get back ta ye on that one…” he whispered in her ear.

Jax made his way over and nodded upon Amanda, respectfully. He wasn’t used to seeing this side of Chibs. He wasn’t sure what to make of it at the moment. The outlaw had too much on his mind at the moment. It took all will for him not to jump ship once he saw land. He somehow felt it would be faster to swim the rest of the way. All he could think about was getting to Belfast and ASAP. He offered Amanda a hand.

“It was a pleasure, darlin’. But something tells me this isn’t the last we’ll see of you.”

She smiled and glanced upon Chibs a certain way.

“That’s all up to him.”

Jax smiled in return but didn’t comment. It wasn’t his place to. He knew Chibs still had a lot on his plate and he wasn’t about to add to it by saying the wrong thing. Yet he also wanted him to be happy, through whatever means necessary. So if this Amanda did it for him. Then Jax was most certainly in support of the relationship.

The boys let Chibs and Angus handle the situation with crossing the boundary. But once the questions popped up as to the bikes and tanker, Amanda stepped in, like a boss. She asked to speak to the one higher up. She took him to the side and they seemed to be in deep conversation. Towards the end they looked to be cutting up with one another. He looked to be radioing something afterword. Chibs was taken back and regarded her father in question. Angus patted Chibs on the back and simply laughed.

“My daughter’s got her ways.” He cleared his throat however and grew serious.

The most serious Chibs had ever seen this man.

“Aye, and I got mine…” He said with a darkened tone.

Chibs narrowed his eyes up on the somewhat threatening manner.

“Ye haven’t any idea what my daughter’s been through… And she’s got a lot goin’ for her. Don’t ye get in her way and don’t ye break her heart. I don’t care who ye are… Now I’ve known ye for sometime, but I also knew the other lad. Quite well in fact. He had us both fooled. And if it wasn’t for his occupation, I’d have crippled the bastard by now. He ripped my little girl’s heart out and he continues to stomp on it. The man just never eases up and they’ve been divorced for a nearly a year now.”

Chibs nodded in perfect understanding.

“Ta be honest… I’m doing whatever I can to “rid” of the problem…” He hinted.

“Aye…” Chibs replied not sure what else to say, he didn’t blame Angus one bit.

It was only natural for Angus to react the way he was. Any father would, given the circumstances. Before long, Amanda was making her way back. She gave the boys a simple nod.

“You’re in the clear. Good luck…”

“Thank you…” Jax responded with utmost sincerity and pecked her on the cheek.

“Anytime…” she said behind a hint of a blush.

“Don’t be a stranger now…” she said as she kissed Chibs goodbye.


Once the boys were in town, they bought a couple of Tracfones (aka prepaid cellphones) and called home. Jax was on the phone with Nero and Opie was on the phone with Lyla. Both shared the same what the fuck expression as they were discussing what all had taken place back in Charming.

But it really hit home for Opie, when Lyla revealed what Kenny had done. The man was damn near teary eyed as he asked to speak with his son. Opie could tell by the tone in his son’s voice that he was expecting a good ass-ringing. Opie Winston not only shocked his son but himself, as he went on to tell Kenny – just how proud of him he was. He went as far as to let him know that if it hadn’t been for him – Lyla and Ellie would be dead. And that wasn’t a lie… It was the damn truth and things for his daughter would’ve turned out much like it had with Lyla when she was dealing with Georgie. This had Opie nauseas in thought. She was just a kid! What kind of a sick motherfucker gets off to a child! But this right here… was what he and Kenny needed. It was the first heart to heart they’d had since his mother died.

“You’re kidding me…” Opie heard Jax utter as he was wrapping up his phone call.

“I have everyone on lockdown here at the clubhouse. I figured that was the step you would’ve taken.” Nero started to name names, making certain he and Gemma hadn’t left anyone out.

“Are mom and Abel okay?”

“Yeah… they’re good. Just startled, but I won’t lie… They did a real number on your mother…”

“Jesus…” Jax muttered, looking ill.

“She’ll be okay. Just glad I got there in time.”

The way Nero said this had Jax stopping in his tracks. He could hear it in his voice. Gemma wasn’t just some piece of tail. He truly gave a damn, which seemed to put Jax more at ease. It was hard to tell at times when it came to the two of them.

“Thank you… I mean it, Nero. I owe you big time. I can’t apologize enough for all the shit went down.”

“Nah… none of that’s needed. Just take care of yourself and worry about your old lady. Everything’s good here. Huh… that’s strange…”

“What is?”

“Eh, there’s a four leaf clover on the island of the bar.”

Jax’s heart came to a complete stop and he looked to others in full blown panic.


Angel just numbly sat there, as the meeting went on. She hadn’t heard much of anything that was being said. In fact, she as hearing everything as if she were submerged in water. Everything was muffled as all she could think about was how much she fucked herself over. How could she let Galen knock her off her game like that? Why wasn’t she fighting back? The light coming of Galen’s cellphone caught her attention. She looked over and saw it to be Jimmy. It was a text stating that the job was done. Galen swiftly replied and Jimmy responded with…

The Tellers have been taken care of… They were inside.

The room started spinning. She was so focused on Galen’s phone, she hadn’t heard the Russians questioning Galen as to the reason for her presence. Her ears were ringing and she felt hot all of a sudden. She reached over and picked up the phone. His eyes locked with hers…

Taken care of?” She questioned.

Galen smiled upon their guests and put up a finger.

“Please excuse us…”

He adjusted his tie and rose from his seat. He escorted her out of the room.

“You weren’t supposed to see that…” he whispered once they were outside the boardroom.
“See what exactly?” She asked with unease and she was shaking all over.

“What did you do…?!”

“What had to be done. You’re free now. You can thank me later. But at the moment, we’ve more important matters ta deal with.”

He started to head back inside, only the doors slammed shut. He raised his brows and spun around, looking rather impatient.

“Behave now.”
“Tell me what you did…” she demanded.

He rolled his eyes and sighed.

“There might’ve been a little explosion back at the clubhouse.”

“What?!” she hissed.

“I’m sorry ta say but yer husband and stepson were inside when it took place, amongst others…”

She couldn’t so much as move or  even blink. She just stood there.

“It was for yer own good. And one day ye will see that.”

A few of the Russians exited the boardroom and were eyeing her down. The head honcho casually retrieved a cigar from his blazer. He stood before Angel and blew the smoke from his cigar into her face.

“Pretty wife you go there… It’s a shame you won’t experience the joy of being a father as well. Think of this as a much needed lesson. This is what happens when you con us Russians. You see a little blue bird told us about the extra percentage you were offering. Yet we haven’t seen a cent more on our end. Do you care to explain why that is?”

Galen went to intervene, only to have a few of the Russians grab ahold of him. They had him pinned up against the wall. Every man within the hallway had a gun aimed at one another. Galen swallowed back as the Russian king motioned three of his men Angel’s direction. They grabbed ahold of her and were dragging her outside of the manor. The other kings regarded Galen with puzzled expressions as he had this peculiar look about him. He motioned for his men to lower their guns and stay put.

“There’s no need for things ta get ugly…”

“You’re right. So we’ll just take care of the little wife and be about our way. Perhaps you’ll remember this the next time you wish to fuck over.”

Once they had Angel outside, a smile formed along Galen’s face and he sent his men a wink.

“Wait for it…” he whispered, looking like a kid on Christmas morning.

The remaining Russians, regarded Galen as if he’d lost his mind.

Everyone, but Galen jumped as several shots were fired. He tilted his head and merely gawked upon the door. Within a matter of minutes, it opened. Angel stepped inside, with this crazed look in her eyes. She was dragging one of the Russians along with her. She stood before the man that made the order to have her killed. Galen handed his gun over. Angel forced the gun into the mouth of the one she had and fired. The Russian king just stood there in downright shock. Angel dropped her hold and the man fell to the ground. Galen chuckled in mere amusement and started a golf clap. He took the cigar from the Russian king’s mouth and light it. He placed it back into his mouth and gave the Russian a playful slap on the cheek.

“Aye… now where were we?”

Angel aimed the gun Galen’s direction… He sighed in mere annoyance and as if  he were already expecting it. Galen went to comment on this but looked down as he heard a dripping sound. His eyes widened as he saw the liquid substance running down her legs and onto the floor. Angel staggered back and reached to her stomach in a panic.

“…no…” she whispered as the contractions followed.

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  2. Please don’t tell me she’s gonna have the baby in Russia ?!!! Without jax anywhere near her!! And what’s going on with juice and Rosalie you haven’t mentioned them in so long they have to be involved in this current situation somehow 😦 with that said and done. Here I will be waiting impatiently for your next chapter.
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