Chapter 4 Rollin’

Chapter 4

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“Where are we going?”

“You’ll see…” he said as he handed the helmet over.

She cringed as he pulled into the parking lot of the garage.

“You really think these guys want me around…” she hinted once he killed the engine.

He smiled but didn’t comment. He took her hand as he helped her off the bike. She looked upon wide-eyed as he placed a gun in her hand.

“You know how to shoot?”

She nodded.

“Can you actually shoot a target?”

Bella shrugged and he nodded in return.

“Guess we’re about to find out.”

He took her to the truck that was left by the shop owner. She laughed once she recognized it. He sent her a wink.

“There’s your target practice. But first I wanna see you unload that gun then reload. Take the safety off and put it back on.”

She nodded and proved herself in that area.

“Good deal…”

He walked over to the back of the truck and took out a bullet proof vest. When he made his way back over he placed it on her.

“You never know when one might ricochet.” He hinted.

“Where’s yours?”

“You’ve seen my scars right? Not much you can do to me that hasn’t been done already.”

Once he had her ready to go…

“Alright, safety off I want to see you take out that left tire.”

She sighed, but took the safety off and aimed. He raised his brows as she hit the hubcab.

“Close, but I want you to hit the tire. Try again.”

She tried again but missed the tire completely and hit the ground.

“Keep going you got four more tries.”

She nodded and drew back a breath.

“Wait…” He put his hand to the gun and lowered it.

“Are you nervous?”

Bella wasn’t sure how to answer that.

“Don’t be… Seriously, just have fun with it. If you tense up too much you’re gonna miss. So don’t… just relax.”

She missed the first shot but got it on the second.

“There you go. Finish that tire off!”

Yet again, she missed, but got it on the very last try.

“Two out of six – not bad for a first timer.”

He handed her some more shells.

“You know the drill… take out the others.”

Her jaw dropped as she got four out of six in the right tire.

“Now we’re talking!” He high fived her had her reload yet again.

“Let’s go for something a bit more challenging… You see the GMC logo in the middle of the hubcabs?”

She nodded.

“Take those out…”

Bella gazed upon him as if he were nuts.

“I can’t hit a target that small!”

“Sure you can…” he said with a shrug.

“Um I’m pretty sure I can’t.”

“Nah, you got this. Just remember to relax.”

“Jax seriously, I…”

“Bella darlin’ ” he whispered…

“If you’re gonna take care of my boy… I need to know you can hold your own. And it’s not just about his protection, but yours. You haven’t any idea what you’re getting yourself into. Judging by what I saw yesterday you need this whether you decide to stick around or not.”

“I know more than you think…”

“Do you now?” He asked with a smirk.

She met his gaze and nodded with utmost assurance. He leaned into her ear.

“And what is it you think you know?”

“You sure you want me to answer that?”

“Tell me one thing you know…”

Bella lowered her gun and put the safety back on.

“Jax..” she said with hesitance.

“Come on now… Spit it out…”

She handed the gun back and took a cigarette out from her over shirt pocket. She lit it up and took a couple hits off it before answering.

“One thing?”

“Just one…”

Bella nodded.

“And you promise to keep it between us?”


“I mean it Jax…”

“You have my word.” He crossed the area of his heart as he said this.

She took another drag off her smoke.

“I know that your friend. The sheriff…”


Bella nodded.

“He’s currently battling stage three cancer.”

Jax narrowed his eyes and staggered back.

“You telling me the truth now, sweetheart?”

“Unfortunately… But please Jax… don’t say anything. People come to the cemetery to express themselves to their loved ones. That’s how I learn so much.”

“Well shit…”


He drew back a breath.

“I won’t say anything. But man…”

She nodded sadly.

“I sure hate to hear that. I can’t imagine. Poor bastard… facing that shit on his own.”

She cleared her throat.

“He’s scared Jax and he’s in pain…”

“Have you ever talked to the guy?” he asked curiously.

She smiled.

“Wayne used to bring me coffee and a donut in the morning. Never discussed anything private, but he was always very sweet. He never treated me any different from anyone else.”

Jax smiled.

“Sounds like Wayne.”

“The only thing we ever talked about was the weather. But it didn’t feel that way to me.”

“Tell me something about me…”

She glanced back towards the garage where Clay and the others were working.

“You said one thing…”

“Just the one more and I’ll leave it be… I’m just curious. That’s all.”

“I know you question the way things are being ran. You think that your father maybe onto something Clay isn’t. But at the same time you wish to keep the club, your family, and this city safe. So you’re currently at a fork in the road and you’re not sure which road to take. But you know in the end there is only one way. You’re just not sure if the others are ready to be on board or not. As it is now… you’re leaning more towards your father’s side of things. But Donna’s death has left you conflicted… Because of the truth behind it. Bella nodded towards Tig.”

“Some dangerous stuff there, sweetheart. You be careful with that information…”

“Is that a threat?”

He narrowed his eyes on this.

“No. Just a concern… that’s all. All I mean is be careful who you reveal these sorts of things to.”

“You think I’m going to go around talking about this stuff?” she sort of laughed.

“And how would I prove anything I have to say even if I wanted to rat others out, which is not my style.”

“I should hope not.”

“I’m well aware of what happens to the rats of Charming.”

“Extermination…” He murmured and she nodded in reply.

“But that’s just it… Who would come to me of all people for information? Besides you and your mother are the only ones that even know this about me. And I’ve already told you more than I’ve told her.”

“What is it with you and my mother by the way?”

Bella shrugged.

“To be honest… I’m still trying to figure that one out.”

“She likes you, which is strange. I mean for her…”

“I’m not so sure about that.”

“Trust me she does… Not a chance in hell she’d want you around her grandson otherwise.”

He handed the gun back once she finished her cigarette.

“Now shoot…”

He chuckled as she missed all six tries.

“Shut up…”

“You were close… sort of…” he said as he eyed the hubcab.

Bella rolled her eyes. He took the gun and loaded it up and handed it back.

“Stay still.”

He walked up behind her and positioned her legs further apart. Jax fixed her posture and move his hands along her arms. Bella felt her entire body flush over and she prayed to god he wasn’t picking up on this or the erratic way she was breathing now. She felt entirely foolish. This is a man that’s currently shagging porn stars and strippers. Something she would’ve found disgusting in another day and time. But things were different now. At times Jax Teller was the only one she understood the most. Everything as of late was a mask… he wanted to do whatever he could to kill the pain. So if fucking porn stars made him feel better or temporarily forget, then so be it. All she hoped is that it didn’t end up backfiring on him one day and fuck up his and Abel’s life in the process. The mere idea of that Ima chick becoming Jax’s old lady had her cringing. And it wasn’t so much that she was a porn star. It had more to do with the fact that Ima was so wrong for someone like Jax. But what bothered her the most…? Was how this would end up effecting Abel in the end.

“You’re thinking too much. Look at you… You’re tense as hell right now. Loosen up… damn.”

She lowered her arms back down and shut her eyes for a moment. When she opened them she drew back a breath and brought her arms back up.

“Not so high…” he lowered them a bit.

“Right there…” she could feel the warmth of his breath against her ear and his body was pressed up against hers.

How in the fuck does he expect me to concentrate? She thought as her mind and body was all over the place now. A loud noise back at the garage startled her and she let out a small gasp and fired.

“Shit!” he hollered out as she shot one of the windows out.

For some reason she started laughing and couldn’t stop.

“You’re crazy you know that?” He said with a smile and was shaking his head.

“This coming from Charming’s most wanted…”

“Not yet darlin’ just give it sometime…” he taunted.

“Could’ve fooled me,” she murmured as she fired once again and was dead on this time.

“And how much would you say I’m worth?” And there it was again that flirtatious pitch.

She fired again and he reared back truly amazed as she took the other one out as well.

“Maybe a carton of smokes and an oil change?”

He smiled.

“Easy now…” he put a hand to his heart mockingly.

“You should roll with me tonight.”

“Roll with you?”

Jax nodded and took the gun out from her hold. He checked the chamber and loaded it up. He put it back on safety before handing it over.

“This is yours. Keep it somewhere on you at all times.”

“And a license to carry it?”

“Follow me…”

She followed him to the office and he picked up a yellow package from the desk.

“Mom dropped this off earlier. It has everything you need and I do mean everything.”

She opened the yellow envelope and peeked inside. She hurriedly shut it and looked around.

“Something wrong?”

“These are like…” she pulled the office to as Jax was leaning against the desk.

“Fake ID’s and shit.”

He nodded.

“Think of it as a new start Angie. This stays between the three of us. Always. I assure you no one will ever know.”

“Why are you doing this? Both of you… I don’t understand.”

“If it weren’t for you… My son and Opie’s kids wouldn’t be here.”

“I did what anyone else would’ve done in that situation.”

“Only if it had been anyone else they’d have died along with those kids. I saw what that room looked like after the fire. Hell, everyone did. Like I said before… I don’t know how you did it. But I’m thankful you did.”

“What?” He questioned as he went to help her off the bike.

“You took me to the club… at night?”

He smiled.

“You claim to know everything… So let’s just see about that… Whole different ball game behind these walls darlin’.”

Jax took her by the hand and led her inside. Bella froze as she took in the scene before her. Meanwhile, he was observing her every move. There was drinking, rough housing, pool, poker, and lots of sex.

“What in the hell are you thinking, son?”

He sighed and turned to face Clay. He nodded upon Bella but roughly grabbed Jax by the arm and pulled him into a corner.

“Get her out of here. She doesn’t belong here. She’s Abel’s nanny not pussy!”

“I know what I’m doing.”

“Running her off from the looks of things.”

Jax shook his head.

“I need you to trust me.”

Clay reared back with narrowed eyes.

“Trust you? About what? What does she have to do with this club?”

“Like you said… She’s Abel’s nanny. She’s currently in the need to know.”

“No she isn’t. Take her ass home. I mean it son. I don’t know what’s up with you lately. But you need to…” Clay trailed off as they heard Bella laughing.

Clay and Jax reared back as she was sitting between Tig and Juice at the bar. She was taking a shot with them and chasing it with a beer. Jax smiled on this. He gave a simple nod and patted Clay on the back.

“You’ll see…”

“What are you up to J.T?” Clay muttered under his breath as Jax wandered off.

Jax spent the rest of the night letting her spread her wings. But he never truly lost sight of her.

He nodded upon Ima as she welcomed herself to his lap and ran her hand along his chest.

“You gonna give me that ride tonight?”

“We’ll see…” he said throwing her off.

“We’ll see?”

He nodded and slightly moved her out of his way so he could keep a better eye on Bella. Ima rolled her eyes once she took notice.

“What’s she doing here?”

Jax didn’t answer. He wasn’t too thrilled at the moment seeing as how Tig and Juice were flirting with Bella – ignoring his warning. But he smiled amongst himself as he witnessed Bella turning Tig’s advances down. He was coming off a bit too strong whereas Juice was seemingly playing it cool. Then again, that was just the Tig way of doing things. He shook his head as the truth hit him in the face once again. Donna and Opie entered his mind and this wave of nausea came over him. He swallowed it back and went back to focusing on Bella.

“Idiot…” Jax muttered as Tig backed Bella up against a pool table. They were hip to hip as he swooped in for a kiss.

A breath of relief escaped Jax as she blocked the attempt and gave him a slight push. Tig’s looked pissed and Jax was about to hop up and intervene, but he refrained seeing as how Juice was already handling it. Tig stormed off looking pissed and started flirting with one of the club girls. He was so focused on Bella and how she was handling everything; he hadn’t noticed that Ima had his pants undone. It wasn’t until he felt her hand around his dick that he realized she was about to start sucking him off, right there. And before he could even put a stop to it Bella and Juice were facing his direction now. He swallowed back looking like a deer caught in headlights as Ima was stroking his cock. Bella quickly turned her head and he just knew she was about to walk out that door.

He sighed and gently moved Ima over and looked her in the eyes.

“Not tonight. Find someone else to entertain.”

“You want me to go entertain someone else?” she questioned sounding somewhere between offended and pissed.

But he didn’t care. She was getting on his nerves lately. She knew what this was. He made it clear from the beginning, but lately, she was determined to make this more than what it actually was.

“Yes. Please. I don’t even care who. Just find someone.”

She hauled off and slapped him. Jax gritted his teeth but said nothing as she walked away.

Page break

Bella did her best to ignore Jax and his porn star girlfriend; in order to do that she focused on Juice instead. Her reasoning for turning Tig down? She knew entirely too much and wanted no part in that. She wasn’t about to put her trust into Tig or Clay anytime soon. She hadn’t any issues with Juice. He seemed nice enough even if he was a bit quirky and unbalanced. But that was just part of his charm.

“You wanna break first or you want me to?” Juice questioned.

Bella sipped at her beer before answering.

“You can go first.”

He nodded.

“So…” he said after taking his shot and getting a couple in.

“No offense, but this doesn’t seem like your scene…”

Bella smiled.

“Jax thought it might be good if I roll with him?”

“He said that, huh?”

She nodded.

“Well he’s doing a terrible job.”

Bella laughed.

“Yeah well, he’s rather busy at the moment.”

“I noticed.”

Juice looked around as he took a plunge off his beer.

“So you’re like… okay with this? Not ready to run?”

Bella looked around as well.

“Well I won’t lie it’s a bit intimidating when you first walk in.”

“But…” he prompted.

“Let’s just say I’m not exactly clueless. Besides, it’s not like I’m one of your old ladies… isn’t that how you put it?” She inquired with a smile and took her shot.

He chuckled, “You’d be correct.” Juice tilted his head on this.

“And let’s say you were. Would that change your frame of mind?”

“You’re wanting to know how I’d feel if one of you were my man and I walked in on this for the first time?”

Juice nodded.

“It goes one of two ways either you tell each other everything or nothing… So that would depend really. Did I already know about this when I first walked in? Or was my man hiding all of this? See there’s a lot of what if’s to that scenario.”

Juice reared back on this and glanced Jax’s direction. Only to realize he wasn’t there and that Ima was currently sucking Tig off.


“Jax has said something along those lines before.”


Juice nodded.

“Yeah… he said there’s only one way to make sure your old lady survives. Either you tell her nothing… Or you tell her everything. There is no in-between.”

Bella smiled.

“Well for he’s pretty smart for such a little manwhore.”

Juice choked back in laughter.

“He wasn’t always like that…” he defended.

Bella nodded in understanding.

“He’s had a rough time of it as of late. As you can see” He pointed towards Ima with his cue stick.

Jesus…” Bella murmured.

“What? You think they’re like together-together?” Juice asked.

“No… I mean. I know she and Jax aren’t really an item…”

She sort of laughed and polished off her beer.

“That’s just weird… to look over one moment and she’s jerking Jax off. And now she’s got her oral exercises down with Tig.”

“It’s how things roll around here baby. You gotta learn to roll with it. These are the club girls. It’s their job to entertain us, as to why I’m not about to leave you hanging. I guarantee the moment I leave. These guys will flock to you like a moth to a flame. You’re fresh meat… And easily one of the hottest women here, as to why it was rather a low ball move of Jax’s. There should only be two kinds of women in here. Old ladies or club girls and you’re neither. You’re in the hot seat I’m afraid.”

Bella’s face flushed over. She found it hard to breathe and felt hot all of a sudden.

“Think we could get some fresh air?”

He nodded and escorted her on out. Bella lit another smoke and leaned against the wall with one hand.

“You alright there?” Juice questioned as she put her head up against the wall.

“Yeah, just give me a minute…”

“Sorry… I shouldn’t have said what I said back there…”

“You were just being honest. A quality many seem to lack around this town. I’m just confused. Why would he bring me here if all that’s true?”

Juice shrugged wondering that himself.

“Maybe he just wants you prepared…”

“For what exactly? I’m no one’s old lady and I’m no fucking SAMCRO groupie.”

“Nice… I like that. I’ll have to remember that one.”

Bella softly laughed and Juice smiled.

“It’s not so bad baby. You’ll get used to it.”

“You think this is about what’s going on behind these walls?”

“Well isn’t it? It’s a bit much for a girl like you?”

“What the fuck does that mean exactly? A girl like me? I wasn’t aware that you all knew me so well. Like that shit Clay’s always pulling when he sees me – calling me girlie. What the fuck do I look like some fragile porcelain doll?” she thought back to her husband and his family and felt herself growing madder by the second.

“Whoa now…”

Bella drew back a breath.

“This…” She waved her hands about the area.

“Let’s just say I’m no stranger to batshit crazy. I’ve seen things none of you could ever imagine. It’s going to take a lot more than a bunch of thrusting cocks and bouncing tits to frighten me,” she swallowed back and trailed off.

“And when it comes to bullets flying, car chases, interrogations, hospitals, prison time, and death? How do you feel about those things? Do you see where I’m going with all this? That’s what I meant but this isn’t your scene. You’re…” Juice sighed.

“I’m what?”

He sort of laughed.

Different… Which is refreshing, but I gotta admit. You scare the shit out of me.”

Bella smiled and kissed Juice’s cheek.

Death huh? Isn’t that just another adventure?”

“Where are you going?” He called out as she started walking away.

“Easy now, you’re starting to sound like we’re an item or something…” She called back and waved Juice off.

“So that’s a no to a nightcap?” he called and heard her laughing.

“Maybe some other time.”

“… fuck man I wish…” Juice murmured under his breath.

Bella took her cellphone out and was about to call for a cab. Juice’s eye widened as Jax stepped out of a corner not even a foot from the area they were in. He put a finger to his lips and patted Juice on the back. He said nothing as he got on his bike and it kicked to life.

“Let’s go…”

Bella stopped in her tracks as Jax pulled up beside her.

“And where would that be exactly?”


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  1. I really, really liked this chapter. She’s right, when you’re invisible, you’re invisible. I also liked her chat with Juice.

  2. Well that there was a test if I ever seen one, lol. Jax isn’t too subtle about that but we can forgive Bella for not noticing right away – the club is mighty intimidating for reals, lol.

  3. Oh Jax you big loveable dumb idiot… I will say Bella has a bigger set of balls than I would in that situation. Then again she has been through a lot. Nothing fazes the poor girl.

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