Chapter 40 King VS King

Chapter 40

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Männer mit roten Haaren

The doctor


The Russian King aka Ivanovich




Nero looked about the area, doing a head count. It was then he realized he hadn’t seen Gemma or the boys. He snapped his head the direction of the clubhouse. Without another thought, he took off running.

“HEY!” One of his boys shouted.

The ground beneath them shook, and there was a blinding flash of light, followed by a roar. The impact sent Nero flying back. The others dropped to the ground and were shielding themselves the best they could. When they looked back, the entire clubhouse was on fire and black smoke spread throughout the area. Nero groaned out as he rolled about the pavement. His ears were ringing so he couldn’t hear anything around him. He looked towards the clubhouse and covered his face. Nero screamed into his hands.

“NO!” Lyla yelled as she saw him crawling towards the clubhouse.

She rushed over and grabbed ahold of him.

“What are you doing?!”

“I didn’t get them out!” he replied in a panic.


Lyla swallowed back as the man literally broke down and was hugging her. It hadn’t truly dawned on her until Gemma stepped out of the office, with the boys. Gemma looked upon the clubhouse in absolute horror and was shielding the boys. Lyla cupped Nero’s chin and turned his head their direction.

“You mean them?”

Without another thought, the man jumped to his feet and took off. Gemma gasped back in surprise as Nero grabbed ahold of her and had them in a group hug.

“Oh thank god, mama.” He said and pecked her on the lips.

“Jackie?” Chibs questioned as Jax was white as a ghost and merely staring at the phone in hand.

“Hey!” Opie called out with concern.

Jax staggered back against a nearby building. He covered his face and sunk to the ground.

“What is it, brother?” Tig questioned with unease.

The president lowered his hands, revealing the tears in his eyes. This had the boys looking upon one another with fear.

“The Irish have paid us another visit… We just lost the clubhouse and possibly everyone in it…”


Angel cocked the gun and had her finger along the trigger.

“And what do ye think will happen if ye pull that trigger?” He motioned his hands about the area.

Over half the men had their guns aimed her direction. And the Russians had theirs pointed at Galen.

“Are ye ready ta die?” He questioned with a bit of a smirk.

He made his way over and lowered the gun. He pried it out of her hold and put it away. Galen sighed and scooped her up. A tsk like sound escaped him as he headed up the stairs.

“Ye were supposed ta wait…” he hinted as to Ireland.

“Yes, because I had a choice in the matter!” she snapped in response.

He took her to one of the guest rooms and had one of his men gather the doctor. Angel cried out as another contraction hit. Galen took his blazer off and tossed it into a corner of the room. He unbuttoned the sleeves to his shirt and rolled them up.


He nodded and slammed the door shut. He hurried on over and was straddling her. She spit in his face and he slapped her. Then he covered her mouth and leaned into her ear.

“I’d watch whatever ye say next. Ye and the child within are at my misery. Ye haven’t a leg to stand on and ye know it. So if I were ye, I’d be kissing my fuckin’ arse! If ye start any more trouble or kill me then ye and the baby are as good as dead! I’m what’s keeping ye alive! Ye need me and ye know it. So it’s time ta get off that high horse of yers and realize – I am all ye got!”

She struggled against his hold and his hand clenched about even tighter.

“When I say jump… Ye ask how high… Keep that in mind or it’s gonna literally cost ye everything!”

He grabbed her by the neckline of her dress and got right in her face.

“And the next time ye go and aim a gun my direction; I’ll just go ahead and give my men the order ta take ye down. I haven’t any use for ye if yer gonna continue with this nonsense. They’re dead… nothing ye can do, but get the fuck over it and realize this yer life now. Quit actin’ like a wee one with no common sense. It’s time ye wake the fuck up!”

Another contraction hit and she bit down on her bottom lip. He pinned her wrists down and with that smirk planted along his face.

“Does it hurt?”

When she wouldn’t answer, he roughly cupped her chin.

“I hope it hurts like hell! Ye deserve ta suffer… Ye should’ve known better…”

As he said this, his face was fiery red. He put his forehead to hers.

“Ally or enemy? That is up ta ye, Angelina. Don’t ye think I won’t kill ye. If ye continue ta defy me, I will put an end ta it all.”

One of the other kings entered the room and reared back at the sight. He shook his head as if in disapproval.

“What are ye doin’?” he whispered harshly.

Galen crawled off her and gave a simple nod.

“Just gettin’ my point across…”

“Aye… I believe ye’ve already. Why don’t ye leave the lady be?”

Galen tilted his head upon Declan as if he were being challenged. The other king rolled his eyes.

“Do ye not see the amount of hell ye’ve just unleashed? Ye’ve done exposed the young lady and now she’s gone inta premature labor and we’ve nothing ta provide for her. And we’ve taken a piss with the Russians and they’re there waitin’ for some sort of explanation. We’ve just killed three of their men. And ta top it off, Cameron is lookin’ for his son. I’m guessin’ ye had somethin’ ta do with that as well?”

“Why don’t ye let me worry on it?”

Declan shook his head.

“That’s not how this works. Ye seem ta forget yer not the only king around here. In fact, ye seem ta think ye run the show as of late. We have just as much say in how this plays out…”

“Aye, there’s no denyin’ that. However the young lady is my responsibility.”

Declan sort of laughed as Angel was struggling through another contraction.

“And what a fine job yer doin’ already…” Declan smarted.

“Ye’ve let us know yer plans… and if that still be the case. Then maybe ye should consider tryin’ harder… Ye won’t win her over like this.”

Galen gritted his teeth and made his way over. He signaled for Declan to step outside.

“I know what I’m doin’. Why don’t ye let me worry on it.”

“Do ye? And ye seem ta forget she’s now the property of the entire IRA, ye’ve said so yerself. But now yer actin’ as if she’s all yers and yer running the show.  No one has a say, other than ye. And that’s not how this works. As for the young lady, I had better not see you lay another harmful hand on her. She’s with child and that’s not something I take kindly ta, neither should ye! No need in bein’ crossways with things she cannot control.”

“I beg to differ!” One of the other kings piped in as he was making his way over.

“She’s exposed herself and that puts us all in danger. They won’t leave until they have some sort of explanation. She took out three of their men. Ye think that won’t come at a price? She’s gettin’ out of hand and we’re losin’ control of the situation. And here she is givin’ birth, and here of all places.”

“Peter makes a fine point… Perhaps she’s more trouble than she’s worth?” Brendan added as he had the doctor with him and they were entering the room.

“I’ve got it under control…” Galen practically snapped.

“Do ye?” Brendan questioned.

“Because it looks like we’re in the midst of a war… One we weren’t quite prepared for.”

“Aye, so things didn’t go according to plan, but it’s nothing we can’t handle.”

“We? If I’m not mistakin’ this was yer doing…” Declan fired back.

Peter and Brendan sighed.

“Let’s not fool ourselves… this was clearly her doin’. All the more reason we need to trust Galen and let him fix this – through whatever means necessary. Clearly, she needs the discipline!” Brendan acknowledged.

Declan shook his head in divergence.

“Do ye not hear yerselves? Yer actin’ as if this young lady isn’t even human! What if it were one of our wives or daughters! How can any of ye stand for this! Ye speak of disciplining her as if she is nothing more than a simple minded child! From what I’ve gathered, she’s nothing of the such! In fact, she’s doin’ the best she can, given the situation that WE ourselves put her in and now the Russians know what she’s capable of…”

“Ye wanna be a little louder… Don’t think they heard ye!” Galen witted and Declan rolled his eyes.

“Seems as if nothing’s a secret anymore.”

“Once again, she did that to herself.”

“How? What was she supposed ta do? We didn’t exactly go out our way ta protect her like we promised Mr. Morrow. We all stood there as they dragged her away. What were ye expecting that she’d just stand there and let them shoot her down?! And I saw the look on yer face! Ye couldn’t wait for them ta find out!”

“The look on my face was of mere amusement in knowing they wouldn’t succeed. It had nothing ta do with her exposure I can assure ye! Why would any of us want that gettin’ out? And don’t ye stand there and pretend ta know what was on my mind.”

“Very well, and what are ye ta do about the standoff between theirs and ours?”

“I can’t worry on that at the moment, as ye can see she’s about to give birth. I will deal with the matter afterward.”

“And ye haven’t a clue how long that could take!” Declan snapped.

“Yer right. Why don’t ye go and entertain them for the time being?”

Declan popped Galen across the face. Galen died of laughter as Brendan and Peter held him back.

“That’s enough…” Peter reprimanded.

“How can ye not see where this is goin’?” Declan barked irritably.

They turned as Angel cried out in agony.

“Galen’s right, nothing can be done about it at the moment. Peter and I will handle it. Ye do what ye gotta do.” Brendan motioned towards the guestroom.

Galen nodded and dashed off.

“I take it I don’t have much of a say…” Declan bitterly remarked.

“We can hold a proper meetin’ later on.”

“Of course…” he stated as they were walking away.

“This is goin’ ta end badly… for all of us…” he muttered under his breath.


“Angel…” Jax whispered with a hand over his heart.

The guys looked on with concern.

“Something’s wrong… FUCK… it’s so strong.” He uttered, dropping to his knees.

“What are you feeling, Jackson?”

“She’s in pain and frightened out of her motherfucking mind!”

This had each man sharing the same look of horror.

Oh no…” Tig whispered.

Shit…” Opie added.

Jax gritted his teeth and was doing whatever he could to shake it off, but it was so powerful.

“Come on, baby… I’m on my way. Keep fighting, don’t give in.” he said as if he were right there, alongside of her.

His cellphone rang and he answered it.


“The angels are working overtime tonight, my friend….”

Jax let out a breath of relief. He pinched his eyes shut and took a moment to collect himself.

“Ya alright there?” Nero called out after too long.

“Yeah, man… So everyone’s okay?”

“Yes, but the clubhouse…not so much.”

Jax nodded amongst himself.

“Better the clubhouse than a life.”

“True that… True that…”

“Thank you…”

“I should be the one thanking you…”

“Guess we’ll just call it even on this one.”


“So mom and Abel?”

“Gave me a bit of a scare…” he admitted.

“But they’re good, homes. Everyone’s just fine.”

“Hey… Nero says everyone made it out.” Jax announced and the guys sighed in relief.

Nero sighed on the other end as well.

“Look, I gotta let you go the sheriff and his men just pulled up.”


“None of that now… You just let me worry on it.”

“Nero…” Jax said with a guilt-ridden tenor.

“Hey, man… that’s what partners are for.” And on this, Nero hung up.

Jax took a cigarette from his vest and lit it. He came to his feet after and combed his hair back with his fingers.

“We keep truckin’ until we hit Belfast.”

The guys nodded in agreement and hopped onto their bikes.


Six hours later…

“I need you to push now…” the doctor announced.

Angel nodded and gritted her teeth as she gave a decent push. Galen wiped the sweat off her brow, with his kerchief. He took her hand afterward.

“Wait…” the doctor called out.

“Okay, now you can push again.” She pushed, but was exhausted. The doctor sighed in frustration. “I’m going to need you to put more oomph behind it…”

She nodded and threw her head back against the pillow. Galen kissed her hand.

“You can do this…” he encouraged, lovingly.

                It should be Jax… he should be here. She thought over and over. She cut Galen a look of unreserved hatred. He chose to ignore it and kept up with this loving act of is. Father Ashby was on the other side of her. He had that rosary of his in hand and was praying. That only pissed her off more than that of Galen. It had to do with the fact that Father Ashby was nothing but a con and a fake.

“Alright, think you can give us one more good push?”

She nodded and got herself positioned. The doctor gave her the go ahead and she pushed with everything she had. Her jaw dropped once she heard her baby cry. She covered her mouth and tears formed within her eyes. She held her hands out… “Please, let me see her!”

Angel didn’t notice the cut throat motion Galen gave the doctor. The doctor sighed and clipped the umbilical cord. Galen dropped his hold and made his way over. Angel could hear CJ crying as the doctor got her cleaned up and wrapped her up in a blanket.

“My baby… please. Let me hold her.” She pleaded.

The crying became more distant and Angel rose up in the bed. It was then she realized her daughter wasn’t in the room. She looked to Father Ashby.

“Where are they taking her?!”

Before he could even answer, she was in attempts of getting out of that bed.

“Galen!” She cried with desperation.

Father Ashby’s eyes widened as she came to her feet.  He was quick to catch her as she fell to her knees. She shoved him back and came to a crawl.


“JESUS CHRIST!” The doctor shouted once he reentered the room.

There was a trail of blood leading from the bed to the doorway where Angel was.



“Take the child to the Ashby’s back in Belfast, ASAP. Make no other stops. I’ll have Kellan go with ye.”

Jimmy nodded.

“She’s ta stay there until Angelina and I get there…”

He nodded once again.

“Oh and Jimmy…”

He glanced back just as he was getting into the limo, with the crying child.

“If anything happens ta that baby. Ye and yer family are a good as dead. That baby had better be alive and well, once we arrive.”


Opie looked over as they were stopped at a light.

“Jackson?” he called out as Jax was in literal tears.

“It’s getting worse… I can’t shake it… Op, I’ve got this very bad feeling.”

Opie nodded, wishing he knew what to do or say even. As soon as the coast was clear, Jax hit the gas, taking off.


The sheriff sighed after the firefighters finished putting the fire out.

“I take it the boys have already left…” he hinted and Gemma nodded.

Jesus…” He whispered.

“So you two wanna explain what the hell is going on?”

“I thought you were all knowing…” Gemma witted as she was taking care of a cut on Lucius’s head.

“Better?” She asked the boy afterward and he nodded.

She pecked him on the cheek. Abel reached over and tapped the sheriff on the leg.


“Is my daddy gonna to get in trouble for this?”

Wayne raised his brows and reared back in disbelief.  He wasn’t quite sure how to answer that one. Nero cleared his throat and ran his fingers through the boy’s hair. Gemma smiled and squatted down to his level.

“Daddy’s going to be just fine, sweetheart. He can’t get into trouble over something that wasn’t his fault or his doing in the first place.”

Abel pulled a certain face and glanced towards the clubhouse.

“Mommy and daddy be sad…”

Gemma nodded.

“That they will… But what truly matters is that we’re all safe.”

This was a bit of Déjà vu for Nero as he thought back to his escort service and how he lost damn near everything. If it wasn’t for Jax, he would’ve been royally fucked. Now it was his turn to return the favor…


Angel shot up with a gasp and immediately reached to her stomach. That pitfall feeling hit and she went to rise off the bed.

“Not so fast.”

She looked over, seeing that Galen was sitting beside her.

“Where is she?” she demanded.

“Just hear me out…”

Galen grunted out as he was suddenly on the floor. Angel was straddled above him, with her hands around his throat.


She froze, feeling the stone cold metal against her temple. Galen cocked the gun and tilted his head.

“I highly doubt ye have the energy to use that shield of yers. Even at that, ye haven’t a chance against the men waiting outside this room. Now, as I was sayin’…”

He rolled her off him and pinned her down.

“The child is just fine. She’s on her way to Ireland, where she will be taken care of and treated like family. No harm will come to her.”

“How could you do this to me?! I didn’t even to hold her! OR SEE HER! YOU BASTARD!”

He sighed and shook his head.

“Are you done?”

“Far from it…”she replied through gritted teeth.

“If you play nice, we won’t be far behind. That of course depends on you. Prove to me that ye can handle the life in which I’ve offered. If ye cannot, I have no use for ye. And I certainly haven’t any use for that baby. She’s alive because of ye. Think of the infant as a reward, one ye have ta earn.”

“She’s my daughter! You sick…”

He made that tsking sound and forced her mouth open. He placed the gun inside.

“Yer husband and stepson are no more. Yer daughter is heading off ta Ireland… If ye die, what becomes of her?”

Tears streamed down her face. He removed the gun and sighed.

“I’ve tried going ‘bout this in numerous ways and it seems the only way ta get across ta ye; is lettin’ ye know who’s boss. Ye are IRA family now. And that’s the last we’re goin’ ta discuss this. From here on, we move the fuck on. Ye are Angelina O’ Shay, my wife. Charlene O’ Shay is my daughter. If we do not go about it this way… Ireland will surely boot the both of ye out and it’ll be prison for ye. They will suspect some sort of treason, especially once ye claim ta be American but yer travelin’ from Russia. That’s going to be considered a major red flag. So ye listen ta me, from here out and prove yerself. Then we will be on our way. Charlene awaits you back in Belfast. Think ye can be a good girl now?”

“You said you wouldn’t hurt me!”

“Aye, I did… But that was before ye thought ye could play me. Ye chose ta take things this route, not I. It’s because of ye, the child couldn’t stay and in return we couldn’t accompany her.”

There was a long list of things she wanted to say and do to this man. But she refrained, for the sole sake of her child. So what was this asshole wanting, a good dick sucking? She thought, whilst picturing the various ways she could kill him, ones much worse than that of Agent Stahl. Those gears of hers were turning and Galen reared back as he caught her smiling.

“Dare I ask…?”

“I wouldn’t…” she honestly replied.

Don’t…” He remarked, knowing all-too-well.

She didn’t comment as they heard the door crack open.

“Mr. O’ Shay?”

The doctor called out. Once he took notice of the position they were in, he rushed over in a panic.

“She’s lost quite a bit of blood! She needs to rest!” he ordered and helped her back onto the bed.

“Aye, she’s right as rain…”

The doctor snapped the Irish king a look of sheer disbelief.

“And this is how you treat your wife?!”

Galen had a good laugh as he leaned against the wall. He folded his arms about his chest and gazed upon Angel a certain way.

“Let’s just say she responds better ta tough lovin’.”

“More like abuse…”

Galen cocked a brow at this.

“Perhaps ye should keep yer opinions ta yerself. Do I need ta remind ye of the possible consequences?”

Angel narrowed her eyes wondering what that meant exactly. The doctor cleared his throat.

“My apologies.”

Galen nodded as the doctor examined her.

“You need to rest, I mean it.”

Angel nodded but the tears came and she found it hard to stop. This pissed her off, in the sense of not wanting to give Galen the satisfaction.  The doctor discreetly took her hand and gave it a slight squeeze – as if to let her know he knew. After he finished the examination, he and Galen changed her bedsheets and gown.

“Ye got a bit of a pot belly.” Galen cruelly remarked.

The doctor gritted his teeth on this.

“It takes a bit for the swelling to go down, Mr. O’ Shay. Your wife is a very stunning young lady.”

Angel gasped back as Galen grabbed the doctor by the arm and ushered him towards the door. He opened it and shoved him out of the room. He locked the door afterward and put his forehead against it. Angel rolled over and hugged her pillow. She found herself pretending it were Jax and was letting it all out. Galen made his way over and lay beside her. She jumped as he wrapped an arm around her.

“No harm will come to the infant. I give ye my word.”

She hugged that pillow even tighter as she felt Galen kissing along her shoulder.

“Do you love me?”

This had him stopping in his tracks and he narrowed his eyes.

“Why would ye ask me such a thing?”

Angel winced as she carefully rolled over, facing him. He brushed a strand of hair back behind her ear.

“Because your mood swings are giving me whiplash…” She reared back on her own words. She’d said that very thing to Edward Cullen once before.

Galen drew back a breath before answering.

“I wouldn’t go as far as to call it love. But you certainly have my interest and curiosity. I find you entertaining…”


He caressed her cheek and smiled.

“Never a dull moment, I believe that’s my favorite thing about ye. I never know what’s ta come out of that mouth of yers. But that’s also the very thing that gets ye inta trouble. Ye see it’s a bit of a double standard with ye…Whereas you’re free to express yerself when it’s just the two of us… It’s looked down upon when we’re dealin’ with business.”

“Free to express myself?” she repeated, mockingly.

“Aye, perhaps more than I should allow…”

She rolled her eyes on this.

“What we have is more of a relationship of convenience. Love…? Now, I suppose we’ll just have to wait see about that. For the time being… “

He reached back and grabbed a folder off the nightstand. Inside were several documents. The first one he presented her with was a marriage license with their names on it. The second was CJ’s birth certificate, signed by yours truly. The mere sight had her feeling queasy and even more murderous feeling than before. He was listed as the father and CJ naturally shared his last name. He also had Angel a new social security card, driver’s license, passport, and etc all with her new name…

“I got it all covered. All ye gotta do is go along with whatever’s said.”

She nodded as he closed the folder. He put it back on the nightstand.

“Ye should get some rest.” He said as he rose from the bed.

The second he left the room, Angel screamed into her pillow.


Every man within the room had uncomfortable looks about them. And each was eyeing one another as if merely waiting for someone to fire the first shot. The Russian king cleared his throat and took a drag off his cigar. He eyed Galen down as he was sitting across from him.

“Is there anything else you wish to tell us? Perhaps now would be a good time… Only this time, I’d come clean about everything. This is your last chance…”

Galen and the other kings regarded one another with slight apprehension.

“It wasn’t our intention to keep anything from you.” Brendan declared.

This had the Russian king slamming his fist down.

“ONE MORE LIE, MR. ROARKE. That’s all it takes to ruin what we have. Now, I suggest you try again… We want to know who all you’re in bed with, how much they’re receiving, and tell us everything we need to know about the young lady Mr. O’ Shay claims to be his wife.”

Before the other kings even had a chance, Declan was first to speak. Galen was shooting him daggers as he revealed the truth behind everything. He wasn’t the only one… The other kings regarded Declan with utmost incredulity. But Declan already knew what was to come. There was no escaping this. It was best to rip it off like a Band-Aid and come clean. He knew they were as good as dead anyhow. If it wasn’t at the hands of the Russians, it would be the Sons. They were making way more enemies than allies. Sure they outnumbered the Russians, but only at the moment. The Russians had reinforcements and they were on their turf – making matters much worse. He wasn’t sure if they could make their escape, before they brought in the cavalry. As for the Sons? He knew they wouldn’t go down without a fight, no matter the odds. And something told him that Jackson Teller was going to full on war. He would do whatever it took to get his wife and daughter back. He was too much like his father. He wasn’t about to back down. Declan thought the other kings foolish, in the sense of believing that just because they outnumbered and outgunned the Sons; that Jax hadn’t a leg to stand on and it would be an easy win. He had a feeling they’d be proved otherwise and sooner than later. Galen wasn’t counting the numerous charters and any other alliances Jax possibly had.

Once everything was out in the open, the Russian king nodded.

“Perhaps we should be dealing in more than just guns…”

The way he said this had Galen on edge. He cleared his throat and waited for a further explanation.

“How much for the shield?”

Galen drew back a breath and sort of laughed.

“I’m afraid she’s not for sale.”

“Everything has its price, Mr. O’ Shay. I’m sure we can come up with some sort of agreement…”

Declan shook his head and laughed in mockery. Galen raised his brows, looking somewhat interested.

“I can’t believe we’re even having this discussion.” Declan slammed his fist down on the table and pointed Galen’s direction.

“Ye’ve done killed her family and now ye’ve gone and ripped that baby away from her. If this is what we’ve become… Then I no longer want a part in this. I’m done!”

He rose from his chair and Galen cocked a brow. Declan was about to head on out the door.

“Are ye sure ye want out?”

Declan turned and with a simple nod. Galen nodded in return. Everyone looked on in shock. Declan staggered back, with a look of surprise. Within seconds, he sunk to the floor and with a bullet launched into his skull. Galen put his gun away and spun his chair back around.

“Now where were we…?”

Gemma pinched the bridge of her nose, as she and Nero were doing a walkthrough of the clubhouse and its remains. Nero had his boys loading up a van of whatever was salvageable, which wasn’t much at all. However he came to a complete halt as something caught his unreserved attention.

“What?” Gemma asked, taking notice.

He nodded and pointed towards the motorcycle.

“You’ve got to be shitting me…” Gemma scoffed.

He regarded her with an odd expression.

“That bike have some sort of meaning, mama?”

She rolled her eyes, with a somewhat bitter appearance about her.

“It belonged to Jax’s father…”

He tilted his head, looking to be in thought. Nero made his way over and ran his hand along the seat.



“There’s not so much as a scratch on it. It’s just… here! I’ve never witnessed such a thing.”


“I take it there was some bad blood between you two?”

“You could say that…” She said with a shrug.

“And what would that be exactly?”

“You really want to talk about my dead husband?”

“Why not? If anything, I wish you’d let me in. I’ve told you plenty of things… private things. About me and my son – my life in general. You won’t even budge…”

“Is it really needed?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Is it going to make this big impact on our relationship or something?

Nero sighed and leaned against the wall, beside the bike. He crossed his arms about his chest.

“It might… You never know, unless you take that step.”

“Then thanks, but no thanks. I happen to like things, just the way they are.”

“Come on now… Don’t be like that. Talk to me.”

“And what is it you think you want to know exactly?”

He shook his head, looking rather peeved.

“Look around us… And everything that’s happened within the last few days. I’m here… And you’re somewhere else. Why is that? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Was this not your son’s empire? And how can you just stand there as if this…” He pointed to the bike, in its mint condition.

“Doesn’t have some sort of impact on you. That’s a sign, mama. Like it or not… And I’d like to know what that sign is. So if you wouldn’t mind letting me in, I’d appreciate it.”

“A sign?” She said in mockery.

“You and your… The Lord works in mysterious ways spiel, I’m guessing, right?”

“Whoa now… Are we really going to be like that?”

She shrugged and took a cigarette out from her purse. She lit it up and took a nice long drag. She pointed to the bike with that cigarette.

“The only sign that old clunker is giving – is that JT was and still is a big pain in the god damn ass!”

“Is that so?”

“Oh yeah…”

“And how’s that?”

She took another pull off her cigarette, before answering. Gemma held nothing back as she gave her opinion as to Jax’s father and his “vision”. Nero listened without interruption, but couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Not so much on JT’s behalf, but Gemma’s and how bitter she was coming off as. Sure, she was upset about the reveal behind Clay setting up JT’s murder. But the way Nero understood it, she had one foot out the door from the beginning. She was all about men with digits and power. He hadn’t any idea she could be so incredibly cruel and selfish. And even though he hated to ask, he knew he needed to.

“How did you feel when you got the news of your husband’s demise?”

“There you go again…”


“Asking me things, you really don’t want to know. Don’t think I can’t read that look on your face. I know what you’re thinking.”

“Oh, and what’s that?”

“It doesn’t matter… Look, if it makes you feel better. Karma truly is a bitch and I got mine, so no need to worry on it.”

“And what was this karma?” he asked with curiosity.

“Clay… You know, the other dead husband you asked me about, not long ago.”

He nodded in waiting.

“Let’s just say he returned the favor.”

“How so?”

“By running around on me,  just as I had with JT.”

“You cheated on your husband…?”

“Yep… and with the latest one.”

“Man, oh man…” Nero said, looking a little bleak.

“As I’m sure you know it’s a bit of a rule with the club. It’s not considered cheating, if you’re on the road. Boys will be boys, right?”

“I’m not so sure I agree with that statement, but whatever you say, mama.”

“Yeah, well… that was just Karma numbero uno… I played it off by pretending to have no clue. I scrubbed the sex off his clothes and whatever remains of lipstick, perfume, the works. It became the norm after too long. And I became numb. I’d tell myself things such as… At least he’s not bringing it home. And I’m a big girl I can handle this. I knew what I was getting into.

“Jesus, Gem…” Nero uttered and rubbed his face in disbelief.

Gemma shrugged.

“Comes with the territory, being the Old Lady has it’s sacrifices. It was just sex anyhow. I knew Clay loved me. I never questioned it.”

Nero curled his lip on this.

“That is not love, mama. And that is not the norm…”

“You don’t understand.”

“What’s to understand? It’s a club thing, right?”

She nodded.

“Then why isn’t your boy screwing around on his old lady?”

She pulled a face on this and Nero shook his head.

“Believe me, he’s had his opportunities. And that’s just with a few of my girls… Who knows what all he’s been offered. That’s not to say he hasn’t, but as far as I know… He’s been straight with his old lady. So why shouldn’t the others? Why is one man’s sin another’s? I don’t think it has anything to do with the club life, but more to do with the individual. I’ve seen Angel when she’s cross with Jax, not a pretty sight. I could only imagine what she’d have in store if your son ever took that same route. As much as I respect your son, I know for a fact that his old lady would end him, where he stood, but not before making his life a living hell. She just strikes me as the type. But that’s what confuses me…”

“What?” She practically hissed.

“So do you. So what happened? What makes you think you don’t deserve to be treated with the same respect your son gives his old lady? Why are you giving into playing the victim? That doesn’t set right with me. That’s not the Gemma I met and hooked up with back at that hotel. That Gemma would’ve killed any man that even tried it. So where was that Gemma at during all that mess with Clay Morrow?”

“Back with JT, when that 18 wheeler hit…”

Nero reared back at this.

“That’s right, it still hits every now and then. You think I didn’t love Jax’s father? You’d be wrong. I loved that man more than anyone could possibly imagine.”

“Then why’d you bed with another man and push him right out of the picture?”

Gemma sighed and took a seat on a nearby chunk of wood.

“Part of me hoped it would open his eyes a bit. This whole ordeal of getting out of the gun business… He was losing the respect of the entire club…”

“And his old lady, apparently.”

“You wanna tell the story or should I?”

Nero raised his hands in defense and motioned for her to go on. She sighed and continued…

“Anyhow it all started with me merely hoping to wake him up a bit… I thought that maybe… just maybe if he realized he was about to lose everything, his wife included. That he’d open his eyes and realize that it wasn’t worth it. But he let me and the entire club down. JT was determined in following that fucking idiotic dream of his. Well it got him killed…”

“Sounds like it wasn’t so much the dream as much as it was the backstabbing wife and best friend.”

Gemma had a good laugh at this and Nero shook his head.

“Nah man, I’m not sure how to feel about all that, or us even – if I’m to be honest. I mean what’s to say you won’t feel that way about me one day? What happens when I let you down? When I’m no longer man enough for the job, ya know?”

“Those were different times, Nero. I was a different person.”

“Are you sure about that? Because the way you were lookin’ at that bike stated otherwise.”

“What is it you want me to say exactly?”

“How bout the truth, for starters.”

“I haven’t lied to you about anything.”

“That may be true, but withholding information is just as dangerous, especially considerin’ this isn’t your typical relationship. We both got things we need to come clean about and all in order to keep the other out of trouble. So what’s it gonna be, mama? Do I get to be the one man in your life? The one you’re real with? Or will I meet the same fate as JT or Clay?”

“Why? Do you plan on running around on me, or giving me a good beat down – if I get out of hand?!”


She shook her head and came to her feet. She headed over to the parking lot and Nero followed. He grabbed ahold of her arm and pulled her back towards him.

“Is that what Clay did? He beat on you too, mama? Is that the karma you mentioned?”

The beginning of tears formed within her eyes.

“This was after I called foul on the beating he gave my daughter-in-law…”

Nero regarded her in absolute shock.

Wait… what?”

“That’s right!” She was in literal tears and staggered back against the car.

“He kidnapped her and right in front of my grandson! He had her tortured and beaten. Then he claimed it was all for the club. He wanted to test her and see if she’d rat anyone out.”

Nero shook his head, looking ill.

“I called that girl a liar! I gave her hell! I just couldn’t believe Clay would do something like that.” She half laughed and pinched her eyes shut.

“That’s right… the very man that set up JT’s death. I couldn’t believe that HE would beat on my daughter-in-law!  You see where I’m going with this, baby? LOOK AT ME! THIS IS THE REAL DEAL! THIS IS WHO I AM!”

“And what did you do, once you found out the truth?”

She didn’t comment and he nodded.

“That’s about what I thought. You see I don’t get you. There’s a lot of love in you, Gemma. I’ve seen it, especially when it comes to your son and grandson. But you’ve put up this wall that nobody can get past. And you’re determined that your way is best. If other’s don’t agree, you tend to raise a little hell. Now, I love you. But this Latino, doesn’t play games. So if you have any plans of me becoming your next JT or Clay…  Then I’m gonna kindly tell you to go FUCK yourself, mama.”


“Cherry, be a dear and see who’s at the door.”

The young woman nodded and propped the broom up against the wall. She peeked outside the blinds and looked back with an odd countenance about her.

“Well, who is it?”

“It’s Kellan and Jimmy…”

“Then let them in!”

“They have a baby with them…”

A baby?”

Cherry nodded and unlocked the door. The men stepped inside and the shop owner made her over.

“Kellan! What brings you here?”

He smiled as she hugged him and he pecked her on the cheek.

“We’ve a bit of a favor to ask you, actually.”

“That being…?”

Trinity held her hands out for the infant and Jimmy handed her over.

“Why she looks as if she’s not even a day old!” Trinity remarked.

“That’s because she is.” The father sighed and looked upon his sister with desperation.

“This child is in need of major TLC. We’ve gathered what diapers, formula, and bottles we could. We’ll unload those shortly. But she needs a woman’s touch. I figured between the three of you, she’d get that.”

“Where’s her parents?!” Maureen questioned in wonder.

“That’s something that needs to be discussed with Galen…”

The women pulled a certain face on this.

“What have you boys gotten into now?!” Maureen susurrate as she locked eyes with Jimmy.

“That’s none of your concern. Yer to take care of the child and that’s that. Do we have an understandin’.”

Maureen’s jaw dropped. “How dare you talk to me in such a..”

Her brother sighed and pulled her to the side.

“I’m very sorry about all this. But this child needs you and Trinity’s help. I haven’t the time to explain at the moment, but will once I can. I just need you to trust me on this.”

“You expect us to care for a child we know nothing about?!”

Trinity shook her head and held the baby closer to her. She regarded both men in utter disbelief.

“What are we gonna do, ma?”

Maureen pinched her eyes shut for a moment.

“It won’t be long. Just a few days or so, tops.” Her brother further probed.

“Fine! But for the child’s sake. I can’t believe I’m even agreein’ ta this! This is all just… so random! And if I were ye, I’d let my husband know, before ye leave. He’s gonna have some questions of his own!” She snapped.

“We can certainly do that.” Kellan agreed.

Maureen and Trinity locked eyes with one another. Jimmy exited the shop, briefly. Once he returned, he had the baby’s things.

“Where will she sleep?” Trinity asked.

“I suppose we’ll figure that one out shortly. But that child is hungry and needs a changin’” Maureen held her hands out and Trinity handed the baby over.

“Does she have a name?”

“Aye, but that isn’t ta be discussed until Galen arrives.”

“What are ye gettin’ us into, Kellan?”

Jimmy didn’t give him the time to answer. He steered him on out the door.

“Where’s McGee?” He asked afterward.

“At the pub, with the boys…”

“We’ll head there and be about our way.”

The women looked to one another and back to the door.

“Well shite…”Maureen whispered.

“Well I’ll be damned…” McGee hollered out and came to his feet.

He made his way over and hugged each of the boys.

“Now this is most certainly a surprise. What brings ye?”

Jax patted him on the back and rather sighed.

“I’m afraid this isn’t a visit of pleasure…”


“Is there a way we could talk in private, just us Sons?”

“Of course…”

“Thank you, brother.”

McGee waved his guys over and they followed SAMCRO outside.

“Why don’t ye follow us to the clubhouse? We can talk there.” McGee offered and Jax nodded.

Jimmy’s lip curled as he saw the all too familiar bikes, pulling into the pub. He lay low and stopped Kellan from exiting the car.

“What are you doing?”

“SAMRCO…” he pointed out.

Kellan shook his head with a sigh.

“They’ve beat us ta the punch…”

He waited until they were inside. Jimmy started the car and put it into reverse.

“Maureen asked that we talk to Keith, first.”

“Aye, but do you really wanna deal with Jax and company?”

Father Ashby pulled a certain face on this.

“What are we going to do?”

“Well for starters the child can no longer stay with yer sister.”

“What are you saying exactly?”

“That we have ta get the infant and take her elsewhere for the time bein’.”

“I think it would be wise to call Galen and let him know.”

“I will, once we’ve handled the situation.”

“Perhaps now would be better…”

Jimmy rolled his eyes and took out his phone. He pretended to call and left a voice message – asking that Galen get back to him, ASAP. That seemed to appease the father somewhat.

“Nothing we can do, but take matters into our own hands, for now. Ye know he doesn’t want the wee one there, knowing the off chance of Jackson figuring out that’s his daughter.”

The father nodded in agreement.

“So where are we taking the child?”

“I think ye know where. I’ll drop you off at the church. I got it from here…”

Galen sat in silence, giving thought to everything that was said. He nodded upon the Russian king.

“Why don’t ye give us a few moments to discuss this?”

“We can certainly give you that.” He came to his feet and motioned for his men to follow him out.

Once the Irish kings were alone. Galen pinched the bridge of his nose.

“So where do we go from here?” Peter questioned.

Brendan shook his head as he regarded Declan’s body once again.  Galen took notice and lowered his hand.

“Ye know I hadn’t any choice. He not only exposed us and Angelina, but he wanted out and that’s the only way.”

“And how are we going to handle this exposure?” Brendan asked.

Galen leaned back.

“It might be best to take whatever they offer, be done with it.” Peter remarked.

Brendan shook his head in disagreement.

“They already out weapon us? Ye really want them to have the shield as well?”

Galen tilted his head and merely listened, as the two kings went back and forth on their theories and opinions. Both made valid points and ones he most certainly agreed with. Peter wanted to hand her over, thinking that would win the Russians over and all would be forgiven. Brendan didn’t agree, he thought it would make matters much worse and that they would use her against them. Truth of the matter – Galen had already made up his mind. No amount of money would lure him into handing her over. And it hadn’t anything to do with his concern of them using her against them. No, it went a bit deeper. He didn’t understand it, but he couldn’t bear the thought of handing her off to the Russians. He knew what they were capable of and what they would do to her if she got out of hand. They would beat and torment her, in order to get whatever they wanted out of her. Sure, he’d taken some rather questionable measures, in order to get his point across. But when it came to her, Galen had a softer side. He wouldn’t let anyone so much as touch her. And if anyone wished her harm, they would surely suffer. Anything that was HIS doing, he merely saw as necessary means of discipline. He cleared his throat gathering their attention.

“I believe it would be best if the shield remained with us.”

“I couldn’t agree more.” Brendan added.

Peter sighed and tapped a finger along the table.

“Could you at least get her to act a bit more civilized?”

Galen had a good laugh and this had the other two laughing as well.

“I’ll see what I can do…”

Peter drew back a breath. “Fair enough.” He nodded upon Declan’s body afterward. “Such a shame…”

“Aye, it really is…” Brendan agreed.

“And what do we tell his family?” Peter questioned.

“I’ll handle that part and I’ll make certain they’re taken care of.”

Brendan and Peter raised their brows on this.

“Financially speaking, of course…” Galen added with a smirk and the other two kings let out a breath of relief.

The SAMBEL president briefly thought about Michael McKeavey (an old friend of his and the original nine) and how Galen had made it sound as if Jax’s old lady had killed him. This had him bitter for sometime. That was until Jax assured him it was Galen that shot Michael and all in order to keep Angel’s ability a secret. On this note… Keith motioned for everyone to have a seat. SAMCRO seated amongst SAMBEL and Keith waved his hand towards Jax, giving him the floor. Jax nodded and regarded each member of the Sons with utmost respect, before explaining the situation. Keith shook his head in disbelief.

“Ye got yerselves into quite a mess.”

Jax nodded in agreement.

“All in attempts to get out of the mess…”

“Aye… Yer father made that same mistake and look where it got him.”

“I’m well aware of the outcome, but that won’t be the case this time round.”

“And just how do ye expect the other charters ta join yer cause?”

“I don’t…” Jax admitted with a shrug.

“But I’m hopeful… Gotta start somewhere. Sure beats worrying about things like prison, the safety of your loved ones, and the corruption of your town. I know it’s not as economic, but there are other means of flourishing – such as SAMCRO with the porn business. It’s legal, makes just enough money to keep us all afloat, and I’ve plans of rebuilding the old bar.”

This had every Son’s attention. McGee got this genuine beam about him.

“Ye for reals?”

“Yes, sir…”

The SAMBEL king chuckled in amusement.

“Now that would be something. Ye’d better invite us over for a proper opening.”

“You got it…”

“Ye never told us ye wanted to rebuild, Jackie…” Chibs remarked.

Jax shrugged, looking to be in thought.

“Well if we’re not dealing in guns or drugs… We gotta have other means, if pussy isn’t enough.”

“Pussy is always enough…” Tig threw out there, triggering laughter from the entire group.

“He makes a fine point, son.”

“That he does.” Jax cleared his throat. “I wish to bring everything back… To the way the Sons first where when the Original Nine came together, before they lost their way. I want to gain what they could’ve had – And that’s a real brotherhood; no more backstabbing, no more lies, and when we say the club is family… that’s exactly what it means. It’s time we show what it truly means to be a Son. And the more charters we can get to set this example, the better. It will eventually rub off on the surrounding Sons. It’s going to be a slow process, but well worth it, in the end.”

McGee nodded.

“Thus certainly explains Clay’s absence…” McGee said, looking thoughtful, yet rather gloomy.

The boys looked to Jax and he nodded upon them in response.

“There was more behind it, but I assure you, it had to be done. Things were getting out of hand. If we hadn’t taken measures into our own, my wife and son would be no more, amongst others. Clay Morrow lost his way… Just as the others had.” He pointed Keith’s direction.

“You’re all that’s left, beside Otto, brother. And we both know he’s in for life.”

McGee nodded once again and rubbed his beard with the palm of his hand.

“I won’t lie, kid. I didn’t particularly care for you. In fact, I really didn’t like you.”

“Was that supposed to be a secret?” Jax fired back causing the guys to laugh.

McGee smiled.

“Yer alright, kid. From the sound of things, yer doin’ one hell of a job. I never thought I’d see the day. I cringed when I saw that you had taken the gavel. I just knew you were going to ruin what JT and Clay had fought so hard to keep.”

“Well in a way… I am, if you really think about it, but in a more positive light. My wife and son were nearly killed over that gun cartel. And now my wife is in danger, yet again and with child. I have to find her and ASAP. We all know what could go down if she has that child here in Ireland.”

There wasn’t a single man that didn’t recoil in thought.

“And that’s what brings us here today. I hate to get you all involved, but I haven’t a choice, if I want my family back. I need help gathering whatever information possible on the IRA. As to where they are at this very moment and anything else we can find out. I also need to know what others they might be in bed with. But most importantly, I need to find my wife.”

He drew back a breath and shook his head.

“What is it?”

“Let’s just say I’ve reason to believe my wife has already given birth…” Jax nodded upon his boys.

“We’ve all suspected this much.”

“What makes ye think so?”

“Just call it a hunch, making this all the more urgent.”


McGee looked to his boys then Jax’s.

“I’m guessing ye need more than just information.”

Jax drew back a breath on this.

“If it comes down to that, yes…”

“The fuckin’ IRA… “ Keith murmured, whilst shaking his head.

“Are ye even fully aware of what yer gettin’ into?”

Jax nodded.

“I’m well aware, but that’s my family. I’m not backing down, no matter the case. I will see this through with or without you. I’m just hoping it’s with… for the sake of my family.”

Galen waited until the Russians were seated.

“So have you come to a decision?”

The kings looked to one another and nodded.

“Aye… and we agree that the shield is not for sale.”

The Russian King sighed and leaned back in his chair. He folded his arms about his chest.

“You haven’t been offered a price yet. How do you know she’s not?” He asked in a scoffing matter.

“We’ve made our decision. So there is no sense in taking this further. I suggest we move on to other matters.”

“Such as the three men your lovely shield killed?”

“Aye… in self-defense…” Galen replied with a smirk.

“He’s right. She hadn’t a choice.” Brendan defended.

“Hmmm… We could always suspend our distribution.”

“Aye… and ye wouldn’t see a dime during that time.”

The Russian king chuckled and lit a cigar. He took a minute to savor it, before he spoke again.

“Very well… I was hoping it wouldn’t come down to this… But you leave me no choice.”

He nodded towards a few of his men.

“Gather the shield and bring her here…”

“That isn’t needed.”

He ignored Galen’s response and motioned for his men to go ahead.

“If they so much as touch her… I will personally cut off their hands and shove them where the sun doesn’t shine….” Galen said surprising the other two kings.

The Russian king raised his brows on this.

“Is that so?”

“Aye, without hesitation.”

“Still going with the whole “wife” bit, are we?”

“Make no mistake, Ivanovich. She is my wife.”

“Tell me Mr. O’ Shay, is it an Irish custom to steal another’s wife and make them your own?”

Galen had this certain beam to him and he chuckled.

“Not at the moment, but we could most certainly start one. Perhaps one of you wishes to volunteer one of yours?” he witted and every man in the room cocked their gun and had it aimed at someone.

“What will it be? Do ye wish to lose more men tonight?”

“Do you?” The Russian said with a nod towards Declan’s body.

“Aye, now be fair. Ye can’t take credit for that one.”

“You’re right…”

Galen jumped as Ivanovich gave the order and one of his men shot Peter and a couple other IRA members. The Russian king rose and had his men stop as the Irish were about to fire back. He smiled and sent Galen a wink.

“Now we’re even… Well… For now…”

Galen?” they turned to the feminine voice coming from the doorway.

Galen hopped to his feet and darted on over.

“Ye shouldn’t be in here… Now off with ye!”

He took Angel by the arm and went to escort her on out of the room. He narrowed his eyes as she looked upon him, in a very peculiar way. Her eyes rolled back and her body started to drift. Galen reached out and swiftly caught her. But what happened next had every man swept away. As Galen had Angel cradled in his arms, she managed to snatch his gun, right out from the holster. She twisted about and fired round, after round.

“SHITE!” Galen and Brendan hollered as bullets were flying about the entire room now.

Galen smiled in realization, as none of his men were affected and started laughing. She spun right on out of his arms and hopped onto the table. She landed on her knees and slid right towards Ivanovich. He looked on wide eyed as he held his hand over the area she shot him. She crawled into his lap and leaned into his ear. “Looks like I barely missed your heart. Should I aim lower…?” She questioned as she had the gun against his balls. He shook his head in a panic.

“I’m no one’s property, understood?”

He nodded.

“Are you sure?” She questioned and dug the gun in, even deeper.

He nodded once again.


She rose from his lap and the Russians looked on in utter shock. Galen winced however a she had blood running down her legs. She was growing paler by the moment. But she pushed on and with gritted teeth, she pivoted back around.

“FUCK!” one of the Russians shouted as she shot Ivanovich in the balls.

He hollered out and held a hand over the area.

“I hear there’s a man by the name of Half Sack back in Ireland… I guess that would make you No Sack of Russia! Remember this day if you or your men ever wish to hunt me down. It will come at a price, it always does.”

Brendan and Galen shared the same look of  unease. The Russians rushed over and helped their king out from his chair. They were quick to get him outside. Brendan shook his head once they were outside of the manor.

“What have ye done?!”

“Saved your asses! It’s my job, remember? So you’re welcome, assholes!”

Galen braced her against him and shook his head as her body gave out. He lifted his eyes upon Brendan and the other members.

“Looks like we’d better head back to Ireland, and ASAP…”

“It’s about fucking time!” Jax hollered into the phone.

The guys reared back in wonder as they were kicked back in the SAMBEL clubhouse.

“Juice finally answered his fucking phone.” He called out in explanation.

Yeah man, sorry about that… We ran into a couple obstacles…

Those being…?

It’d be better if I explained it in person. So where are you guys anyhow? I tried calling yours and the old lady’s phone, but no answer. No answer at the clubhouse either…

Long story… truth of the matter is we could use your help. Rose’s too, if she’s available.

Oh? Well we happen to be on our way to Charming at this very moment.

That won’t do. I need you here the moment.

And where is here?

Belfast, Ireland…

WHAT?! Why the fuck would you guys be in Ireland?

Like I said, long story. So, think you can do that for me?

We’ll find a way, brother.

Good deal… Jax said, ending the call.

“She needs to rest! You can’t possibly expect her to travel under these conditions!” The doctor scolded as Galen rushed about the room, packing whatever he could.

“Ye don’t seem to understand… If we stay here we’re all as good as dead.”

“And if you move her, she could very well die! She’s lost a lot of blood. Not to mention her mind and body are reacting to the absence of her child. Have you no soul?! No compassion, whatsoever?!”

Galen gritted his teeth and darted on over. He grabbed the doctor and shoved him up against the wall.

“What did I say about yer opinions?!”

The doctor sighed and shook his head as he gazed upon Angel, with concern. She was passed out on the bed and had been for the last hour. The Irish were doing everything within their power to hightail it out of there. Galen had a private jet coming their way.

“Once we get her onto the jet, she’ll be fine.”

“And what’s to come of me and my family?”

Galen dropped his hold and smiled.

“I’ll make certain yer taken care of, before we leave…”

“Taken care of?” The doctor questioned with unease.

“Aye, yer services are no longer required. She will have all the care she needs back home.”

The doctor let out a laugh of sheer misery.

“You hadn’t any plans of letting us live, from the very beginning.”

“Aye, I can’t have word of this gettin’ out. Surely you understand.”

The doctor pinched his eyes shut and staggered back against the wall.

“Please, do what you want with me… But let my wife and son go!”

“I wish I could… really. But that’s just not an option.”

Galen waved a few of his men over.

“Take the doc and his lovely family to the shed; give them a proper send off. And do be quick, times a factor.”

The doctor continued with his plea, as they dragged him away. Galen sighed once they exited the manor. He tilted his head upon Angel as he finished packing her things. She would whimper out in her sleep off and on and she had her hands along her stomach. He swallowed back and stopped what he was doing. Galen walked over to the bed and sat at the edge. He took her hand and brought it to his lips.

“Yer better off and soon ye will see that…”

He turned as the door flung open. Galen jumped at the sound of a gun firing and just as someone shouted “NO!” He reared back as Edmond had his father up against the wall. He knocked the gun out of his hand.


Galen narrowed his eyes and turned back Angel’s direction. He checked her over, making certain she hadn’t been shot. A breath of relief escaped him as he saw that it hit the headboard, barely missing her head by an inch.

“It’s because of her!”

“Dad!” Edmond reproached.

“That’s enough! I had it coming! I was warned about the consequences.  So please, just let it go.”

Galen cocked a brow at this. Edmond looked upon him with desperation.

“Galen, he’s not in the right frame of mind. He found me and…”

“Leave us…” Galen ordered and Edmond regarded the king with alarm.


Edmond cut his father a look of concern.

“Aye…” Cameron further prompted, with a nod.

Edmond sighed and hesitantly did as told. Galen indicated for Cameron to step inside.

“Shut the door.” He ordered after.

Cameron shut the door and Galen casually walked on over. He gave no warning and socked him in the gut, as hard as he could. He put his gun to his chin and stared him down.

“Do ye want me ta chop him up, limb by limb?”

Cameron shook his head no.

Galen nodded and opened the door.

“Gather yer son and meet me out back in 10.”


“Be there or ye can watch as I skin the boy alive.”

The moment Edmond and Cameron entered the shed, they recoiled at the sight. The doctor and his family were hanging from rafters. The boy looked as if he were no older than 14 if that. Before long, Galen entered the shed. He had some sort of animal trap with him. He eyed Edmond down and reached inside.

“…no…” Edmond whispered as it was Felix.

The fox struggled about.

“It seems I’m having trouble getting my point across. So allow me to demonstrate what will happen if either of you defies me again. Pay close attention. If either of ye turns away I will blow the other one’s brains out.”

The fox cried out as Galen pierced through the flesh, along the back of its neck, with a hook. The fox dangled about and Edmond and Cameron were forced to watch as Galen personally skinned the animal alive. Edmond remembered Galen’s warning and continued to watch, but with tears streaming down his face. Once Galen finished the job, he slit it’s throat and pointed upon Cameron with the bloodied up blade. “Ye ever do anything foolish like that again and it will be him on the hook… Now empty the cans and light her up… The jet’s on it’s way.”

“Baby? What baby?” Keith questioned and his wife sighed and went on to explain what had taken place.

When she finished, Keith looked plum ill.


He shook his head and took a seat.

“Keith?” She called out with concern.

“Yer not gonna believe this, Maureen…” he said and went on to explain his side of things.


Jax just sat there for a solid three minutes. He had no words. If Keith’s assumptions were right, they missed CJ by just a day or so. He rubbed his face and let out a miserable sigh.

“And my wife…?”

“They made no mention of her…” Maureen replied and Jax nodded.

“So it was just the baby?”

“Aye…” she said, whilst cutting him an apologetic look.

“We hadn’t a clue…” she added.

Trinity handed Jax a beer and sat beside him.

“If it makes ye feel better she was well fed and changed before they took her.”

Jax slammed his fist down on the table, causing the women to jump. Chibs sighed and squeezed his shoulder.

“Aye now, Jackie…” he uttered in a soothing voice.

“They’re only tryin’ ta help.”

Jax scooted out of his chair and bolted on out the door. The Sons looked to one another and shook their heads. Each of them was lost on what to do from here. They hadn’t a clue where the baby was taken or if it was even Jax’s. Keith gritted his teeth as he tried getting ahold of Kellan, once again.

“Why do I get the feeling he’s ignoring my calls?” He scoffed upon his wife.

Maureen swallowed back on this and shrugged.

“Why’d ye let them take the baby, Maureen?” Her husband asked with disappointment laced in his voice.

“How was I ta know?! They wouldn’t even give us a name, much less tell us who she belonged ta! Don’t ye go puttin’ this on us now! Ye always said ta do whatever they wanted. That’s exactly what we did.”

“Aye, but this was a baby. Not just any baby, but the fuckin’ child of the SAMCRO president.”

“Now we don’t know that for sure…” she declared.

Chibs narrowed his eyes upon a baby blanket off in the corner of the room.

“Did ye use that for the infant?”

“Aye…” Trinity replied.

Chibs made his way over and picked up.  He said nothing as he headed outside. When he stepped out Jax was pacing the area with a cigarette in his mouth.

“Think ye’d be able to detect if it was yer child, by scent?”

Jax stopped in his tracks and regarded the Irishman as if he’d lost his mind.

“Just give it a try, will ye?” He tossed the blanket over and Jax threw his cigarette down.

He drew back a breath and exhaled before bringing the blanket to his nose. He closed his eyes as he breathed it in. Jax took his time, his nose traveled along the entire surface of the blanket. When he opened his eyes they were glowing and Chibs had a bit of a smirk about him.

“It’s her, isn’t it…?”

Jax nodded and shut his eyes once again. He brought the blanket back to his face.

“She has her mother’s scent with a touch of…” he took another good whiff.

Abel…” he whispered with a touch of a smile.

Chibs nodded.

“Well there ye go. There’s a start.”

Jax opened his eyes and nodded.

“I have a daughter…” he uttered in awareness.


“Angel… she had to go through it all alone…” Jax muttered gravely.

Chibs swallowed back and made his way over. He hugged him close and slapped him on the back.

“I missed it… Chibs, I…”

The sergeant planted his hands along the president’s face and put his forehead to his.

“And ye can more than make up for it later. Ye gotta focus on findin’ them. So put those senses of yers ta use and let’s put an end to this once and for all.”

“I heard the conversation myself, dad. Fuckin’ Jimmy took the baby and now Kellan can’t find it. Galen’s losing his shite! And Mrs. Teller hasn’t a clue about any of this.”

“Are ye sayin’ the child’s already been adopted out?!”

“Hell if I know, but we gotta do something. We can’t just sit back and let all this take place.”

“It’s not our place. We knew what we was gettin’ inta when we joined. This is how things are done, son. If we go and interfere, we’re as good as dead. Ye done lost a hand already. How much are ye willing ta test Galen and Brendan? They’re the only ones left standin’ and for a good damn reason.”

Edmond sighed but with a wince as he accidently banged his arm up against the armrest of the jet. His father started to check on his arm.

“Don’t… I’m fine…”

“I can’t believe he took yer fuckin’ hand.” He whispered, whilst eyeing Galen from afar.

“He’s obsessed… Literally. He won’t let any man touch her, no matter the circumstances and he damn sure won’t let her out of his sight.”

“All the more reason we need ta keep our noses clean on this one. Just let it be, I mean it Edmond.”

“Dad… Please, we gotta do something. There’s a fuckin’ kid involved.”

“And what is it ye suggest we do?!”

“Find that baby and get her back to her mother!”

Cameron sort of laughed and shook his head.

“And then what?”

Edmond sighed looking stumped.

“Exactly…” his father said with a sigh.

“Why are ye so determined in helpin’ this young lady?”

“I don’t know… I just know she doesn’t deserve this. She needs ta be reunited with her daughter and soon. It’s killin’ her. And if ye don’t believe me… look her in the eyes the next time yer around her. Pay attention to her body mannerisms. She’s just about done. She’s lost everything she holds dear ta her. And now she’s gonna find out her baby’s missin’?”

“Look, I’ll see what I can do. But ye need ta keep yer nose clean. Yer already on Galen’s radar. So stay out of trouble and let me handle it.”

Edmond shook his head in disagreement.

“I want ta help.”

“Yer willin’ ta risk yer life, for a woman ye hardly know?”

Edmond shrugged and looked to be in thought.

“I’ve nothin’ better ta do.”

“Jaysus are ye even listenin’ ta yerself! Are ye that eager ta die?”

“We’re already dead… Think about it. We died the very day we agreed ta work for the kings. Look at us… Ye think this is livin’? We’re supportin’ the murder of a doctor and his family, the killing of a Sons’s President and his son, the kidnapping of a pregnant woman, and now we’re aidin’ in the abduction of her child! Don’t ye think for even a moment that one of ours isn’t behind this. Ye know we all have our reasons ta double cross the kings.”

Cameron shook his head and pinched his eyes shut for a few seconds.

“If we’re ta do this, we do it my way and ye gotta listen ta everything I say – word for word. And I need ye ta find a way to get word of this to her. So that she’s prepared. It’s gonna be hell, but I will find a way… Just promise me that ye won’t get caught. If ye do yer dead and so am I.”

“Whatever it takes ta get Mrs. Teller and her child reunited.”

The man looked upon his son in disbelief. He didn’t know whether to be proud or pissed the fuck off. Here he was missing a limb yet he was determined in helping this young lady out. For reasons Cameron didn’t quite understand. But he felt as if he owed him one. After all, if it wasn’t for him, his son would’ve never been put in this position in the first place. He knew this was his doing. It was all about the money at first. But now, he was beginning to see the bigger picture. And he was starting to see things in another light. His son was right… They were dead the moment they joined the IRA’s cause. If they were going to go down, they might as well do it right, with pride.


“Aye… yer awake…” Galen said as Angel came to.

“How ye feeling?”

“Where are we?” She questioned as she looked about the jet.

“We’re on our way home…”

She snapped Galen a hopeful look.

“My baby…?”

He smiled and took her hand, kissing it.

“Aye…” he lied, whilst thinking of what he was going to tell her once they arrived.

                He thought back to his conversation with Kellan before boarding the jet.  He’d let him know that Jimmy and the infant were missing and no one knew where they went. At the very moment, Galen was picturing how he was going to end Jimmy’s life. Nothing was going according to plan and Galen was losing his patience and fast. He was on his last thread and it wouldn’t take much to set him off. For now, he was hoping to distract Angel by having her stay with Fiona and Kerrianne. During that time, he would do whatever it took to gather information as to Jimmy’s whereabouts. If nothing else, he knew Jimmy had to come home eventually. He hoped to find the child before Angel had any idea about her missing. There would be no winning her over otherwise. She drew back a breath of relief. She started to rise and Galen reached over, undoing her seatbelt.

“The bathroom is that way…” he pointed out.

“I’ve ye set of clothes laid out as well. Get yerself cleaned up and changed.”

Angel headed into the bathroom. Cameron took notice from where he was seated. He took his cellphone out from his blazer and sent a text message.

Angel danced about the room and was struggling to get her panties off.


She covered herself and froze with widened eyes. She looked about the small bathroom.

“Can you hear me?”

“Edmond?” she whispered in reply.


“What the hell?” she hissed and plopped herself down on the toilet.

“Relax, I can’t see ye… this was the only way I knew ta get ta ye.”

“Are you hiding in the cabinet?”


She rolled her eyes.

“What the hell, Edmond…?”

“Shhh, yer gonna get me inta trouble. Lower it down, will ye? I really need ye ta listen ta me.” He stopped talking for a brief moment.

“Are ye takin’ a piss?!” he whispered harshly.

“It’s what I came in here to do.”

“That’s so dirty and nasty!”

“Would you prefer it if I took a number two instead?”

“Ye wouldn’t…”

“Oh I so would…”

Edmond chuckled and cleared his throat.

“Yer somethin’ else, ye know that.”

“So I’ve been told…”

He drew back a breath and spoke quickly but did his best to reveal everything she needed to know. Things such as what went down with Declan, Peter, and the meeting in general. During which, she got herself cleaned up and dressed, but continued to listen. Nevertheless, when it got to the part about her daughter, she opened the cabinet.


He sighed and put a finger to his lips.

“Shhh, or ye’ll get us both killed.”

She reached to her heart and took a couple steps back.

“My daughter is missing?”

He nodded. She covered her face and sunk to the floor.

“Ye can’t let Galen know that ye know… Understood? So this is what I need ye ta do. Now I really need ye ta play along or this could go ta shite and fast.”

“Edmond…” she whispered looking to be in shock as she took notice of his “lack” of right hand.

“What happened?”

“It doesn’t matter. Look, we haven’t much time… So I just need ye ta hear me out. Think ye can do that, without getting us into trouble?”

The next day…


Jax rolled over and grabbed a cigarette off the nightstand. He lit it and stared at the ceiling as he had himself a good smoke. He’d a million one things going through his mind and he hadn’t a clue where to start, or which to act on first. From the sounds of things… His wife and daughter had been forced apart. The only reason that came to mind – Was that Galen wanted to use their daughter against his wife, in order to get whatever he wanted. He couldn’t bear to imagine what this was doing to her. Especially, after losing her first child and now here she was – facing those fears, all over again. He wondered if she even got to hold her, or so much as see her, before they ripped CJ away. This lump formed within the back of his throat. Or worse… what if they had her believing that this one had died as well? He cringed in thought and his heart had that sinking feeling. He felt like a failure as a husband, a father, and a president. Every promise he’d made – he’d managed to break, not intentionally of course, but that didn’t make it any better. Jax was never one to take failure well. In fact, he took it personally and he was determined to fix all this one way or another.

He grabbed his phone and looked through his pictures. And even though he wasn’t really in that frame of mind… He watched the private video he had of his wife. Jax found himself aroused, but it just wasn’t the same as having her right there. There was this overwhelming need to smell, taste, and touch her, to hear her calling his name as he fucked her into oblivion. The outlaw gritted his teeth and stopped the video. A growl of sheer misery escaped him and he figured an ice cold shower might be best.

While he showered, he decided on hunting Father Ashby down first. Knowing he would come closer to getting him to talk than that of Jimmy. He’d a feeling they would find him somewhere at the church. Once he finished, he cut off the water and stepped out. He dried off and wrapped a towel around him. Just as he entered the room he heard a woman gasp out. He looked up to see Trinity covering her eyes. This had him chuckling a bit.

“Ma wanted me to invite you and the boys ta breakfast. I knocked, but there wasn’t an answer so…”

“Sounds good… I’ll be down shortly.”


Jax narrowed his eyes however as she went to leave. There was something about the scent he picked up from her… It was strangely familiar and it took him back to when his father was alive. Jax didn’t understand how that was even possible. Trinity stopped at the door and pivoted around.

“Have we met before?”

Jax shook his head no. She had this strange look about her.

“Are ye sure?”


She nodded.

“Ye know… I’ve had some time ta think about what I said yesterday… about yer daughter. It’s a wonder ye didn’t take a bullet ta my head and kick me after.”

Jax cocked a brow on this.

“I imagined how I would feel in yer situation. And aye… I only added fire ta the flame. I wasn’t thinkin’ I was just…”

“Trying to make me feel better about the wellbeing of my daughter…” Jax answered for her with a touch of a smile.

“Aye… that didn’t go over so well.”

“That it didn’t, but I can see what you were attempting and appreciate it. But no, it didn’t make me feel any better. It only pissed me off, knowing that you and your mother got to see and hold my daughter before I even had a chance. And now I haven’t a clue as to where she is.”

“We will help ye and whatever way we can. Just let us know…”


She nodded and exited the room. Jax got dressed and joined the others for breakfast. Everyone shared the same gloomy expression and ate in silence. Keith and Maureen looked over as there was a knock at the door. “I’ll get it…”Trinity offered as she came to her feet.

She opened the door and stepped aside, allowing the two men and woman in. SAMCRO immediately sprang to their feet. They hadn’t a clue who to hug first. Before them stood not only Juice and Rose, but Half Sack – who left SAMCRO a couple years ago and joined SAMBEL – in order to be with his girlfriend Cherry. Jax hugged Juice and kissed him on the cheek.

“Where the hell have you been, you son of a bitch?!”

Juice chuckled and hugged him in return.

“Oh man, you have no idea…”

“That’s an understatement if I ever heard one…” Rose muttered as Chibs was hugging her.

Tig hugged Half Sack and smacked him on the rear.

“Did you become a real man yet?” He taunted.

“Fuck you, dickhead…”

Tig chuckled and tapped him on the balls.

“Yep, still a halfling.”

Half Sack shoved him back and Tig chuckled.

“Shut up…”

Jax shook his head and hugged him as well.

“Good to see you again, brother.”

“Likewise… Man… “ Half Sack looked upon the Sons and nodded upon Jax.

“So what’s going on?” He asked with concern.

“That’s what I’d like to know.” Juice added.

Jax nodded.

“Why don’t we take this to the clubhouse?” Keith offered and Jax nodded in agreement.

“Go on… I’ll be right there.”

Angel nodded as Galen motioned towards the limo they had waiting for them. She headed on out and he went and gathered their bags from the luggage claim. He narrowed his eyes as he heard some sort of explosion, followed by horrific screams. He looked over and saw Cameron holding a frantic Edmond back. Galen looked out to see the limo up in flames.

“NOOO!” he shouted and took off running.

He was heading for the limo when Brendan grabbed hold of him and forced him back. Galen looked on with a panic-stricken presence.

“Tell me she didn’t…” he uttered grimly.

Brendan shook his head with a grave appearance about him. “I’m sorry, Galen…” He gritted his teeth and grabbed Brendan by the collar of his shirt. He slammed him back against the wall of the building. “WHY?!” He shouted frantically.  The king dropped his hold as he heard the sirens from a distance. He pivoted around and ran his hands along the top of his head and paced the area.

“FUUUUCK!” he yelled on top of his lungs.

“Ye know damn well who’s doing this was…” Brendan expressed, looking just as ill.


When no one was looking, Cameron patted his son on the back. Edmond gave a simple nod and grabbed the rest of the luggage.

Juice and Rose shared the same ashen appearance as Jax explained what all had taken place. Rose’s eyes flickered and her hands balled up into fists.

“Not again…”she whispered in this dark, yet eerily calm-like fashion.

This had every man’s attention.

“We’re going to find that little girl. Through whatever means necessary… we will get her back.”

She nodded upon Juice.

“Let’s go.”

“Wait…” Jax tossed the blanket over.

“Just take it… You’ll know what it’s for…”

She nodded, gathering the hint. Even so, she’d this peculiar look about her. There was something off about Jax. He not only looked, but smelled different. She hadn’t the time to question him on the matter and doubt he’d appreciate it, given the present company. There was certainly something “off” about him. She just hadn’t a clue as to what.  All she knew was it had her feeling somewhat on edge and she wasn’t the only one… Juice was picking it up as well.  As for Jax, he’d suspected this much… the scent coming off them reminded him of sulfur.

“Just find Bella and we’ll worry about CJ.” Rose said and Jax nodded.

“Take Half Sack with you. He knows Belfast inside out and can show you where to find Kellan. We’ll work on finding Jimmy. We need them alive so keep that in mind…” he changed his plans, deciding it were best if he personally dealt with Jimmy. And they’d come closer to getting information out of Kellan then they would Jimmy, at least not without it ending in blood.

“Will do…” Juice said as they came to their feet.

“No offense, but won’t he “slow” us down?” Rose hinted in return towards Half Sack.

Jax smiled on this and lit a cigarette.

“You’re a smart girl… I’m sure you can figure that part out on your own, darlin’.”

Rose sighed and shook her head.

“Fine…” she pouted, causing Jax to chuckle.

“Got your hands full with that one…” He said and Juice sort of laughed and rubbed the back of his neck.

“You haven’t any idea…”

“Oh believe me I do…” Jax responded, referring to his wife.


“Go to your room, girls.”

“But mum…” Kerrianne called out with concern, as Galen and his men were welcoming themselves inside.

“Do as yer told. You and Fawn, away with ye and don’t come out until I say.”

“Why don’t ye stay and we’ll all have us a little chat. Perhaps yer mum can make us some coffee?”

Fiona regarded Galen in alarm.

“Please, whatever this is… Just leave them out of it. We can talk this out. Whatever Jimmy’s done…”

The girls screamed as Galen grabbed Fiona by the throat and lifted her up off the floor. Her hands wrapped around his wrists.

“Ye had better act as a proper host and make us that coffee. While yer at it ye can tell us were the fuck Jimmy and Kellan are.”

He dropped his hold and Fiona dashed off to the kitchen. Fawn had Kerrianne in a protective hold and backed into the corner of the living area. Fiona’s hands shook as she started the coffee. She brought enough coffee cups down for Galen and his men. He winked upon the girls and signaled for them to have a seat at the couch. Fawn nodded and kept her hold on Kerrianne as they sat down.

“Aye… we got us a brave one here…” Galen remarked with a smirk upon Fawn.

She rolled her eyes, but made no comment. Once the coffee was done brewing, Fiona handed it out. She handed Galen’s over lastly. Just as she went to walk away, he grabbed ahold of her and emptied the entire contents onto her face. The girls screamed once again and his men had their guns aimed upon them, so they wouldn’t intervene. Fiona covered her face and stumbled about the living room. Galen grabbed a fistful of her hair and smashed her face up against the coffee table.

“Tell me where Jimmy is, NOW!”

“I don’t know!” she cried.

Galen’s teeth ground together as that charcoaled body came to mind. Proof that Angel was indeed inside when that limo went up in flames. Thus made the first, in which he upchucked at the sight of a body. His face flushed over as Angel’s came to mind.

“He took somethin’ away from me… somethin’ that can’t be replaced and I’m here ta return the favor.”

He motioned a few of his men over.

“Take them to the van.”

They nodded and went to grab them. The girls cried out in horror and Galen smiled.

“Please! You can’t do this! We hadn’t any part in whatever he’s done!” Fiona cried.

Galen nodded and taped her mouth shut.

“I want ta watch ye burn just as she had.”

Brendan couldn’t believe what he was witnessing. Had Galen truly fallen for Angel Teller? Did he truly give a damn? He reacted to this more than he had Peter and Declan. Brendan wasn’t sure how to feel about that considering they were family.  But Galen acted as if he were numb about it all. Everything, but her

“I made a promise and because of Jimmy, it was broken and he’s managed ta fuck me over and in every way imaginable!”

He backhanded Fiona and snatched the can of gas from Cameron’s hand. He eyed her down as he soaked her down with it. He took his zippo out and tilted his head.

“Any last words?”

The door was busted down and he turned with slight annoyance. But he hadn’t much time to react as he was taken to the ground and sent several jabs to the face.


He groaned out as he was sent another punch only this time it was to the gut. Galen wanted to laugh at the irony. He’d set up that text message so Angel would believe that he and the wee one were dead. He thought it would help her to “move on” and forget.


SAMCRO and the IRA had guns aimed at one another. Chibs and Tig gathered the girls and placed them behind them. When Galen wouldn’t answer, Jax grabbed him by the collar of his shirt. He was quick to grunt out however as Galen drove a blade into his waist. Jax growled out as Galen reversed the pin and returned a few blows of his own. The two men were in a full on brawl and there wasn’t a soul in the room that would dare to interrupt. This was a long time coming. Galen jerked the blade out from Jax’s waist and held it to his throat. He took Angel’s wedding ring out from his pocket and shoved it in the president’s face.

“She gave me this just after kissing me and telling me she wanted a real man. Did you know she agreed to take my name, her and the child? But they’re dead, THEY’RE BOTH DEAD!”

Chibs recoiled and shook his head upon Fiona as the Déjà vu hit and hardcore. Galen went to slit Jax’s throat, only to find Jax’s hands wrapped around the blade. He overpowered Galen and forced it back. Galen’s looked on in shock as Jax’s transformation was taking it’s course. A low growl escaped Jax and once he had Galen where he wanted, he head-butted him. Then he flung his arms and legs out and sent Galen flying back against the wall. Jax sprang to his feet and sailed right for Galen.

“SHIIIITE! NO, JACKIE!” Chibs hollered once he saw that Jax was about to kill Galen.

He and the boys rushed over and pried him off Galen.

“Ye can’t kill him… not yet.”

“THE HELL I CAN’T!” Jax roared as he was shaking all over.

“We need him…” Chibs reminded.

Jax rolled his eyes and bent down, picking up his wife’s wedding ring. He closed his eyes as he held it in the palm of his hand. If she was dead, why was he able to sense her still? There was sadness, followed by desperation, anger, and determination. All of this was coming off her. His eyes popped open and he rushed back over. He grabbed Galen by the throat and lifted him into the air.

“Where… is… my… wife?” he demanded once again.

Brendan sighed and retrieved a picture from his pocket. Tig had his gun aimed upon him. He took the picture from Brendan’s hold and recoiled.

“No… No, no… this can’t be her…” he gravely remarked as he gazed upon the charcoaled remains from the limo.

Happy glanced over and immediately threw a hand over his mouth. He staggered back, looking nauseous. Jax narrowed his eyes and held his hand out. Tig cut him an apologetic, yet heartbroken glance as he handed the picture over. The president grimaced as he looked at the picture.

“It was the Russians…” Brendan made clear.

“The Russians? What would they have to do with my wife?”

“Ye do the math, Jackson. What do ye think it means?!” Galen snapped in response.

This had Jax rearing back as he was eyeing the bastard down.

“You exposed my wife to the MOTHERFUCKING RUSSIANS?!”

“More like she exposed herself… Not that any of it matters now.”

Jax looked to be in thought.

“GOD DAMMIT! You took her to Russia, didn’t you?! YOU FUCKED UP PIECE OF SHIT!”

Jax looked to his boys and back to the picture. He swallowed back having no clue what to feel or think. He couldn’t shake that feeling. She was out there… He told himself. She and CJ… He just wasn’t sure how to go about it from here. Sure, he was strong enough to take down at least 3 or 4 of their men, maybe more. But it would come at a price, as they were still outnumbered and he wasn’t willing to lose any more brothers. They heard the squealing of wheels, followed by the sound of the living room being driven into. Chibs and Tig shielded Fiona and the girls with their bodies.

“SHIT!” Opie hollered out and took cover as several rounds were fired throughout the house.

The back doors to the van swung open and there were more men inside. They were helping Galen and the others into the back, whilst keeping the Sons at bay. The Sons fired their guns in return. Within the matter of seconds, the back doors were slammed shut and the IRA was hauling ass. Jax ran out in attempts to shoot out their tires, but it was no use. They were long gone.


“Dad?” Fawn called out and Tig nodded.

She was in literal sobs as she shoved him off her.

“Took you long enough, asshole!”

He swallowed back on this.

“Come on, baby. Don’t be like that…”

“I’ve been waiting and waiting!  You just left me! I lost mom and Dawn and you just had me dumped off like I was NOTHING!”

Chibs recoiled on her words and sighed. He noticed that same look within his daughter’s eyes as well, only she kept to herself and had her legs up against her chest.

“Kerri…” he softly called and held his hand out.

Chibs was caught off-guard as Fiona was hugging him and kissed him on the lips. He cut her a puzzled glance.

“How would James fell about that?” He bitterly questioned, but frowned once he realized just how beat up she was.

He sighed and wiped a smudge of blood off her lip. She went to kiss him again and he put a stop to it. She reared back looking offended.

“Filip! What’s come over ye?”

“Funny, I was about ta ask ye the same. Don’t pretend as if yer glad ta see me. We both know the truth behind that.”

“Then why are ye even here?”

“It’s club business… And we can discuss the other half of that later on…”

He made his way over and crouched down before his daughter.

“Ye remember me?”

She coyly nodded.

“Can I at least get a hug?”

She nodded once and hugged her father. Chibs closed his eyes and was taking it in. He hadn’t realized just how much he missed this. But now that he had her in his arms, he never wanted to let go.

As for Fawn? She was eyeing Tig down with utmost hatred.

“I’m so sorry, baby… I…” Tig pinched his eyes shut and shook his head.

“He did what he did in order ta keep ye safe. Ye should know it killed yer father when he made that decision. But if he hadn’t, ye’d have winded up like yer mother and sister. And yer father couldn’t live with that.” Chibs defended.

Fawn narrowed her eyes upon her father.

“That true?”

He nodded and her bottom lip quivered.

“I thought you were done with me once mom and Dawn…”

Tig had this hurtful look about him.

“Not in a million years. Fawn.. Baby… I could never be done…” he swallowed back as she latched onto him and broke into sobs.

“I’m so sorry.”

Tig kissed the top of her head.

“Don’t you do that. Just know I’m not letting go. Not ever, kid.”

This had her crying even harder. Chibs nodded in response as Tig mouthed the words thank you. As for Jax, he was off in another world. He had that wedding ring in hand. He gazed upon it and was focusing with everything he had. He nodded amongst himself and looked to the boys.

“I hate to ruin the moment, but we gotta jet.”

Chibs and Tig nodded in understanding.


“Ye can get cleaned up in there…” Chibs motioned towards the clubhouse ladies room.

Fiona nodded and herded the girls that direction. Maureen gathered some towels and whatever else she figured they might need. Tig and Chibs headed into another room and were discussing the current situation with Fiona and the girls. Jax was at the table and Opie looked over with concern as he was sipping on a beer. He had Angel’s wedding ring on the table and wasn’t so much as blinking.

“You alright there?” Opie called out, after a solid two minute had passed.

Jax nodded and downed the rest of his beer.

“You should get Chibs to look at that.” Opie said, pointing to Jax’s waist.

He was bleeding out and it was running along the side of his pants, all the way down to his shoes, and onto the clubhouse floor. Jax lifted his shirt and recoiled once he realized how bad it was.

“Shit…” he murmured as he leaned back, looking awfully pale.

“Hold on…” Op stated and hopped to his feet.

Jax grabbed a nearby bottle of whiskey and poured it over the area. He gritted his teeth as it stung all to hell. He took that bottle to the label afterward and the room started to spin. He rolled his eyes and with a slight growl… “son of a bitch” he grunted just before he passed out.

“Ye alright there, Jackie boy?” he heard Chibs call out once he came to.

Jax nodded, but had a puzzled look about him as he gathered his surroundings. For some reason he felt as if he were suffocating. He rose from the table they had him on. He looked down seeing that Chibs had stitched him up.


Chibs nodded and patted him on the shoulder.

“Easy now…” He said as Jax hopped off the table.

“I need some air, brother…”

The sergeant nodded in understanding.

“Take yer time…”

Jax grabbed his hoodie and headed out.

Chibs looked over as his wife and daughter seemed to be arguing about something.

“I’m not lying!” he heard Kerrianne snap and her mother hauled off and slapped her.

“Ye’ll say anything, won’t ye?!”

Chibs rushed over and he grabbed Fiona by the arm. He dragged her into the men’s restroom.

“Ye’d better have a good excuse for that one!” He barked, with a pointed finger.

Fiona had this nervous look about her and she backed herself up against the wall.

“What’s goin’ on?!”

“Ye just let me handle it. She’s actin’ a brat, that’s all.”

“Is she now?”

She nodded.

“Ye haven’t a clue! Ye wouldn’t!”

“Aye, ye would go there, wouldn’t ye! Because I had a choice, right?!…” he scoffed.

“So what did she say that earned her a slap?”

“Trust me Filip, ye don’t even want ta know. She’s gone too far this time.”

“Dammit Fiona, just tell me what the fuck is goin’ on! I have the right ta know!”

“The hell ye do! How many years has it been? Jimmy’s been more of a father to our little girl then ye’ve ever been.”

Chibs ground his teeth together.

“Look at my face and ye tell me that again! Do ye not remember?!”

She recoiled and he nodded.

“The hell with ye! I’ll talk ta her myself!”

He went to storm out and Fiona clutched his arm, stopping him.

“Ye can’t believe a word she says.”

He nodded and jerked out of her hold.

“Kerri?” he softly called out and she glanced his direction as she and Fawn were talking.

He motioned her over and opened the door to the SAMBEL chapel. Once she stepped inside, he pulled the door to. There was an awkward moment between the two, as he hadn’t a clue where to even begin. He cleared his throat folded his arms about his chest. She leaned against the table and wiped a few tears with the back of her hand.

“I know I haven’t been around. But ye should know it wasn’t by choice… And ye should also know that ye can tell me anything. No matter what it is…”

Kerrianne sort of laughed and shook her head.

“It doesn’t matter what I say… No one’s going to believe me, or Fawn!”

He reared back at this.

“Whattaya mean, a stór (my treasure)?”

Kerrianne looked upon her father a certain way and managed to smile.

“I remember that…”

Chibs smiled in return and nodded.

“And that hasn’t changed…”

She covered her face and started to cry.

“Don’t make me go back. Please… I wanna go with you!”

The door flung open and Fiona rushed over. She took her daughter by the hand and was dragging her out of the room. Chibs darted on out as well and blocked the path.

“What are ye doin’, Fiona?!”

Before Chibs could so much as think, Tig made his way over and popped Fiona across the face.

“HEY!” Chibs shouted and decked him return.

Tig spat the blood from his mouth onto Fiona’s face and Chibs responded, with a swift jab to the gut.


Tig shook his head and eyed Fiona down with hatred.

“Keep me away from her or I’ll cut her fucking heart out and EAT IT!”

Chibs narrowed his eyes wondering what the fuck was going on. This was certainly odd behavior coming from Trager. He had to have a reason…

“Or better yet…”

Tig grabbed ahold of Fiona and dragged her into the bathroom. Chibs entered the bathroom and Tig had Fiona on her knees. He unfastened his pants and there were tears in his eyes. Trager grabbed a fistful of Fiona’s hair.

“Why don’t you fucking choke on it, like they made my little girl!”

Chibs staggered back on Tig’s words. He thought back to the look on Kerrianne and Fawn’s faces. The way they were acting…

“Trager…” he murmured, looking ill.

Tig looked up and tilted his head.

“Nah…” Chibs whispered, praying to GOD it wasn’t true.

“THEY’RE LYING!” Fiona shouted and Tig backhanded her.

He cupped her chin and forced her back up. He had her whip around so that she was facing Chibs.

“Tell him what Jimmy’s been doing.” Tig demanded.



“His what? Little whores?” Tig spat.

“Leave us…” Chibs uttered so softly, Tig barely heard it.

But he knew that look and wasn’t about to question it. Tig fixed his pants and headed out. Chibs shut the door behind him. His eyes never left Fiona’s. He walked on over and pressed himself against her. She thickly swallowed and was shaking all over. She’d never seen this side of Chibs Telford. He was beyond livid…

“Ye got ten seconds or yer gonna see a side of me, ye’ve never seen…”

She revealed the truth behind Kerrianne’s claims. She had confronted her mother about Jimmy and how he had prostituted not only her, but Fawn out and on more than one occasion. And that this had been going on for the last few months. From Kerrianne’s side of the story – the younger the girl, the more money Jimmy made. And there were occasions where he himself had said something inappropriate or went as far as to touch them in an uncomfortable manner. That’s as far as it went on his side as he was “saving” them for his clients. Fiona didn’t believe a word of it. She truly believed the girls were working as a team. That’s what Jimmy had her believing. He had convinced her that it was all lies.  Fiona found herself in absolute shock as Chibs had his hands wrapped around her throat, tears streamed down the man’s face. He’d never laid a harmful hand on her and now here he was… About to put an end to it all.

“Chibs…” she whimpered out and his hold grew tighter.

“Give me one good reason…”


The moment he heard his daughter’s voice he dropped his hold. He pivoted around with a guilt-ridden expression.

“What are you doing?!” Kerrianne asked, causing him to stagger back.

He looked to his hands and back to his wife. He closed his eyes, trying his best to calm the fuck down.

“Is it true…?”


He opened his eyes and gazed into his daughter’s.

“About Jimmy… Did he…” Chibs couldn’t so much as stomach the words.

But the look on his daughter’s face said it all. He gave a simple nod and pinched his eyes shut. The words what have I done entered his mind, repeatedly. He handed his and Trager’s daughters over to a predator and a delusional bitch. He never dreamed that Fiona had it in her. That was not the woman he married! It was obvious that Fiona was seriously fucked in the head. She’d become so spellbound by Jimmy O’ Phelan that she would believe anything he said and over that of her own flesh and blood.

Chibs opened the door and had his daughter step out. He shut the door and with his back to his wife… he spoke in a very soft, yet eerily calm manner.

“Ye won’t ever see those girls again. And if ye even try to fight me on this, Trager and I make certain ye share the same fate as Jimmy had our girls. I’ll whore ye out to the roughest crowds around, Fiona. Don’t ye even doubt me on that one. I’ll use ye as a fuckin’ human toilet!”

“Ye can’t possibly believe them over me! I’m yer wife!”

On this he spun back around.

“Wife? Ye wouldn’t know the meaning if it hit ye in the face. Yer only concern is yerself, always has been. It just took me a bit to figure ye out. But I’m seein’ things clearer than ever. Ye say yer my wife, but let’s be honest. Ye were only in it for the money. And that’s the only reason ye kept my name… So I’d keep sending it. Otherwise, ye’d have taken Jimmy’s name long ago. And don’t ye think I didn’t notice the change in wedding rings, ye soulless GASH! I oughta put a bullet straight between yer legs! It seems fittin’ considerin’ what ye’ve done!”

“Who is she?”

Chibs reared back with a what the fuck expression. He found that random as fuck.

“The new woman in yer life. Ye think I don’t see past all this? Ye used ta be all about us gettin’ back tagether! That’s all ye ever talked about was the day ye came back and swept me off my feet and took me and Kerrianne with ye! Now yer dead inside. So who is she?!”

Chibs sort of laughed.

“That’s yer go ta? Wonderin’ who I’m fuckin’? Why don’t ye let me worry on that and ye worry about gettin’ yer own shite tagether. And it was when ye admitted ye had yer chance and blew it, all because ye’d rather buckle down and suck good ole Jimmy’s wee dumblin’! And that’s another thing… I’m cuttin’ ye off. Ye won’t see a dime from me from here on out! And I’m gonna kill the only financial source ye got. Maybe ye should think about findin’ a job… Two-bit whore isn’t gonna cover it…”

Jax opened the gates to the cemetery. He stepped inside and popped a cigarette into his mouth. He closed his eyes and took the longest of drags. When he opened them, he froze upon the vision before him… There was someone sitting at one of the tombstones, with a blanket wrapped around them. They were covered from head to toe in soot. Their hair was a knotted mess. Déjà vu slapped the outlaw and right in the face. His heart began to race, his palms became sweaty, and he wanted nothing more than to react to the sight before him, but something within had him refraining. They nodded upon one another and he gradually made his way over. He took his hoodie off and placed a pack of smokes, a ten dollar bill, and a lighter inside one of the pockets. With a trembling hand, he handed it over.

“You remind me of someone…” he said with a shattering heart.

She nodded, with tears in her eyes.

“Likewise… but he died….”

“So did she…”

“That’s a shame…”

“That it is…”

He looked around the area and met her gaze once again. There was so much he wanted to say. So much he wanted to do. But those beautiful brown eyes said it all… He gave a simple nod and his heart sank as he went to walk away.

“If you want a little taste of heaven, you gotta be willing to go through a little hell…”

Jax shut his eyes and managed to smile.

“Truer words have never been spoken, darlin’…” Jax mumbled these words, knowing whatever heaven he had in this world, he was slowly walking away from.

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16 thoughts on “Chapter 40 King VS King”

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