Chapter 41 Death Becomes Her


My name is Angel Teller.

I know what it means to go from having absolutely nothing –

To having everything.

I know what it means to have this world move on, as though you never existed –

To knowing I am needed.

I once believed I hadn’t any impact on the lives surrounding me.

I was standing on the outside, looking in.

That was my first mistake.

The second was self-pity.

And last, but not least?

I was wrong, about everything.

You see…

Life is about choices.

Good and bad…

And I can choose who lives and dies.

It’s as simple as that.

I am the wife of an outlaw.

I am the mother of our children.

I am life.

I am death.

I am the Shield of Anarchy…

Chapter 41

I do not own Twilight or SOA. I also do not own The Crow (there is a quote taken from movie). A/N – Keep in mind AU. Also I have purposely switched out Tig Trager’s daughters and their names. Why? Because I can. 🙂

The young woman snatched a bottle of whiskey off the shelf and stashed it into the hoodie he had given her. It was like old times again as she walked about the store. Angel stuffed whatever she could into that hoodie. All whilst making certain she hadn’t any eyes on her. She stopped however as she came across an aisle with stuffed animals. Her daughter came to mind and she picked out a brown horse. She took the ten dollars out from her pocket and walked up to the register. The woman at the register cut her an odd glance, but said nothing as she scanned the horse. The price came out to $9.98. The woman handed over the two cents, along with the horse.

“Have a good night…” the cashier said afterward.

Angel gave a simple nod and headed on out the door. She held that horse, wishing it were the one it was intended for. Sure, she could’ve just as easily stolen the horse. But that wasn’t what she wanted for her daughter. She couldn’t think of anything better for that ten dollars to go to. It was from the heart and something she and Jax had a hand in. It would be much more meaningful this way. She headed into a nearby alleyway and opened the bottle of whiskey. After taking a decent plunge, she sunk to the ground. Her hands shook as she retrieved a cigarette from her pocket and lit it, making her first smoke since she first discovered she was pregnant. The first drag gave her a bit of a lightheaded experience, much like that of a slight buzz. The whiskey only added to the effect. She took another swig and that’s when everything seemed to hit her. She gasped back as this painful lump formed within the back of her throat. With a hand over her heart, there was no holding back the tears. When she first saw Jackson Teller, she first thought he were a figment of her imagination or a ghost. And even though he gathered what needed to take place, it killed her when he walked away. But she knew they hadn’t a choice. It as for the sake of their family and that included the Sons. No more, she told herself. She would go above and beyond, in order to protect everyone. The Irish would never see it coming. Just as long as she kept a low profile and kept her head straight. Otherwise, they’d hunt her down and kill whoever stood in their way. Galen more than proved that already. There were other reasons for the route she was taking. Such as going under cover, in order to find her daughter. She knew she could blend in and no one would pay her any attention. The desperate mother thought back to those three years back in Charming. The things she learned… And that’s what she was aiming for. She was determined. She’d travel all along Belfast, until she got some sort of word as to her daughter’s whereabouts. Another reason? She would come closer to protecting the Sons if no one knew. She’d plans of keeping an eye and ear out for anything SAMCRO related.

It took everything within her, not to run to Jax. She wanted nothing more than to lock her arms around him and never let go. But she refrained and in doing that… it felt as though a part of her had died. But he understood, she could see it in his eyes. They just knew… without words. And that seemed to make this even harder. They’d such a strong connection. And when they were apart… It affected them both and in the worst of ways. It made them more desperate and they found it hard to think clearly. But they hadn’t a choice now. She had to prove that nothing could tear them apart, not in a million years. She had to see this through. No matter how uncomfortable things got. She did this for three years. So what was a few weeks, or so? Nonetheless, it wasn’t being out on the streets that tugged at her heartstrings. No, it was being separated from everyone she loved. She’d just had her daughter ripped away from her and now she had to turn away from her husband. The pain was unbearable and she found it hard to breathe. She choked back on some more of that whiskey and lit another cigarette. The temp was dropping and fast as the day progressed. She zipped that hoodie up and breathed it in. Her eyes closed as she picked up his scent. She imagined that his arms were wrapped around her and that he had his head rested along her shoulder. This was something she craved. Just to have him holding her. When she finished her cigarette, she flicked it about the ground. She put the whiskey away and hid herself within the hoodie. As she cradled that horse, Angel shut her eyes and decided that tomorrow was yet another day…

stuffed horse.png

Chibs punched at a nearby wall, causing Fiona to jump. He gritted his teeth and pointed upon her.

“Tell us everything there is to know about James. We want ta know who he’s in bed with and we want a list of wherever he could be.”

“Ye know I can’t…” Fiona pleaded.

Jax, already knowing the whole story; knocked her up against the wall. With his elbow digging into her sternum, his locked eyes with hers.

“Tell us everything… Or I’ll have a couple of my boys take you to some fine dining, darlin’.” Tig made a cock sucking gesture, whilst staring her down.

She cut him a puzzled look and Jax waved Tig and Happy over. He nodded towards them.

“Take her to the back. Tag team the bitch. No matter how much she begs… neither of you stop.”

It was all a scare tactic and the boys knew that. Even Chibs saw past it, but there was a darker side of him, one that wanted them to follow through with it. He wanted to hear her scream and beg for mercy. Every time he thought about what those girls possibly went through, he found himself wanting to torture and kill Fiona himself. How could it have come to this? This was a woman he’d once swore he’d die a million deaths for. Now he couldn’t stand the sight of her. He wanted to laugh at the irony. This was the very thing Jax had described when it came to the doc. Had Fiona become his Tara? He curled his lip in thought.

“Filip!” she cried out as if expecting him to come to her rescue.

Happy and Tig were dragging her towards the men’s room. Jax was leaning against the wall, with his arms folded about his chest. Fawn and Kerrianne were with Maureen and Trinity at the moment and hadn’t a clue as to what was currently taking place. So it was just SAMCRO and Fiona about the room. SAMBEL was holding a meeting in the chapel. Jax sort of laughed and shook his head.

“You really think he’s going to save you? Hell, he probably wishes he could take part…” Jax cruelly hinted, knowing if he were in Chibs’s situation, he’d feel about the same.

“Mothers. You know… there’s a quote. It happens to be a favorite of mine and it came from a damn good movie. ‘Mother is the name for God on the lips and hearts of all children.’ And that couldn’t be truer… Obviously, not in your case. However there’s this thing about fathers.” Happy and Tig held her in place as Jax made his way over. He cupped her chin and brushed her hair back, placing it behind her ear.

He wiped a stray tear, with his thumb.

“You ever notice how children tend to call upon their fathers when they feel threatened or scared? Well there’s a reason behind that, whereas mother is God… Us fathers are the motherfucking REAPERS!”

Jax took his gun out from his holster. He ran the barrel along her lips, neck, and down to her crotch. He stopped there and kept his eyes on hers.

“I want you to picture your daughter’s face. Think about what she went through when those men had their way with her. Then I want you to think about the fact that you were letting a man that prostituted your daughter out – FUCK YOU! A MOTHERFUCKING PEDOPHILE HAD HIS GOD DAMN DICK IN YOU! WHAT DOES THAT FEEL LIKE?! HUH?!”

Jax spun around as he heard the club doors open and slam shut. This was followed by the revving of Chibs’s bike.


“Keep an eye that one…” he spat towards Fiona.

The president grabbed his keys and took off. Jax hopped onto his bike and followed the trail of burned rubber. He shook his head as Chibs ran right on through a stop sign.

“Are you trying to get yourself killed?!” He shouted directly after.

Jax followed Chibs to a local pub. Chibs sprang off his bike, just as soon as he parked. Jax killed his and left it where it was. He managed to stop Chibs, just as he was about to enter the pub.

“What are you doing?!”

“I’m handling this once and for all.”
“Oh? And just how do you plan on doing that?”
“I’m gonna light a fire up everyone’s arses, until they tell me where the fuck Jimmy is.”

“We have that someone already!”
“Aye, and look at where that’s gettin’ us!”

Jax shook his head and jarred him back as he went to break out of his hold.
“Knock that shit off. I really need you to think. This isn’t Charming and this damn sure isn’t the U.S.”
“I’m well aware…” Chibs uttered as he jerked out of his hold.

Jax blocked his path.

“I can’t let you do this. We gotta do it my way.”

“Nah, man. You’re in hot water as it is and just by being here!” Jax reminded.

“She’s gonna talk and you know it.”
Chibs shook his head.

“If I so much as look at the gash again, I’m gonna take a bullet ta her.”
Jax nodded.

“So that’s why you left, isn’t it? You were about to kill the bitch?!”

“Aye. And can ye really blame me?! She’s my fuckin’ wife fer cryin’ out loud. I married the soulless harpy. A woman that can look her daughter in the eyes and call herself a mother. Ye were right, Jackie. I did this. I should’ve done somethin’ sooner. And I dragged Trager’s wee one right into the mix. He oughta blow my head off and be done, or better yet. Let Kerrianne finish me off!”

Jesus, Chibs…”

“What the hell am I doin’? I mean really? How am I goin’ ta raise Kerrianne?! I’ve managed ta fuck her and Fawn’s lives over and in a big way!

“What other options do you got, brother?”

Chibs sighed and shook his head.

“Jaysus. Jackie, I don’t even know where ta begin. I missed out and damn near half her life! I can barely look her in the eyes! I don’t even deserve…”

Jax covered his mouth and shook his head.

“Nah… Man don’t you do that. It’s gotta be a clean slate, brother. We finish what we started here and worry on that when we get back to the states. In fact… we could all use one. And when it comes to putting your family in danger, hell you’re speaking to the choir! How many times have I been through this with my old lady and son? Hell, I’ve lost count. And you know Angel, she always blames herself. But let’s not kid ourselves. A lot of this is because of the way we live and how the club is being run. It puts us all in danger and makes it hard to settle down and have a family. If you do there’s the fucking guilt that weighs you down. I can’t tell you how many times I look at my wife and son and think… what the fuck am I doing or what have I done? Why am I dragging them along and through all this hell?! But it’s gotta start somewhere, right? This is war, brother and we’re right smack in the middle of it. We knew this was a long time coming. The finish line is there. But we gotta fight in order to get there.” he declared and lowered his hand.

Chibs nodded and they hugged it out.

“As to the old lady…”
Chibs pulled a certain face on this.

“That woman hasn’t been my old lady in years…” the way he said this had Jax smirking.

“I stand corrected.”

“Fiona Larkin was an egg donor, nothing more as far as I’m concerned. She did her part and I’m takin’ over from here.”

Jax patted him on the back.

“Well hell brother, now you’re talkin’. And we got your back, always. So whattaya say? Wanna go back and raise a little more hell?”

“Ye’ve no idea….”

“Then let’s get to it.”

“Come on… Don’t even play us like that. If Jax says you know where the kid is; then that’s exactly what it means…” Juice articulated as he and Rose were sitting directly behind Father Ashby.

The father sighed and came to a stand. He pivoted about and nodded upon them. The father tilted his head however as he gazed into Rose’s eyes. Something about the golden hue in them had him on edge. It seemed strangely familiar. He noticed the same thing in Juice’s as well. Rose smiled and tilted her head, ever so slightly.

“Tell us where the baby is…” she purred somewhat seductively.

That triggered an arched brow from Juice. The father swallowed back rather thickly.

“I already told you, I haven’t any idea where the child is.”

Rose’s lip curled and a low hiss escaped her. Juice sighed and slightly nudged her with his elbow. She cut him a “look” and he shook his head.

“Play nice, chica.”

“But it’s getting us nowhere.” She snapped, whilst eyeing the father down.

“She’s getting that baby back. Through whatever means necessary…”

Juice nodded in agreement.

“That she will, but we’ve to keep in mind what Jax asked of us.”

Rose rolled her eyes. Meanwhile, Half Sack was sitting in the very back, looking bored as hell. He managed to smile however as Cherry had just sent him a text. Just as he went to reply, he heard the father gasp out. His jaw dropped as he looked over seeing that Rose had Father Ashby in a chokehold and lifted up off the ground. Juice pinched the bridge of his nose.

“And you thought I wasn’t ready for the public eye.” He said in a mocking matter.

“Come on, baby. You and that temper, tame it down a bit.”

The father looked on in horror. His hands were wrapped around her icy cold wrists.

“One more chance, tell us where the baby is…”

Half Sack rose with alarm and Juice sort of laughed, “I apologize ahead of time…”

This had Half Sack rearing back. “Shit!” he hollered, the moment Rose sent the father flying back. The impact was just enough to split a couple pews in half. She stepped over the debris. Her red high heels clanking against the marble floor, with each step she took. She picked the father up by the collar of his shirt and brought him up against her.

“Let’s start over… Shall we?”

The father shook his head, looking stunned.

“It’s not possible…” he uttered under his breath.

“Dearg-due…” he added, prompting a puzzled response from Rose.

Dearg-due?” she repeated in question.

The father nodded. He was thinking back to the “supposed” legend of faoladh and how that turned out in the end. Chills crawled up the father’s spine, in memory.

Please… I speak the truth. I wish I knew, but I do not. This was a decision made without me and I hadn’t any say in the matter.”
“Then who did?”
He sighed and explained the situation to the best of his ability. When he was done, Juice nodded upon Rose.

“And we’re just going to leave him? He knows too much…” Juice hinted and she nodded towards Half Sack.

“We’d have to kill them both.” She reminded causing Juice to wince.


Half Sack let out a nervous laugh.

“Nah, man I’m good. Like seriously. I didn’t see shit!” He voiced in a panic, causing Juice to laugh.

“He’s good… brotherhood oath and all.” Juice reassured afterward.

Rose helped the father to his feet. He dusted himself off and adjusted his collar.

“Word of this gets out… and I will personally drain you – to the last fucking drop.” She warned.

Father Ashby nodded and adjusted his glasses.

“And what of the mother?” she asked.

“Back in Russia, last I heard. They should be arriving here soon.”


“She and the new husband.”

Juice had a good laugh at this.
“New husband?”

The father nodded.

“No way…” Juice muttered.

“Not a chance in hell. She loves Jackson. She wouldn’t so much as bat an eye another man’s direction. Believe me, I would know…”

Rose sent him a go to hell look and Juice sort of laughed, whilst rubbing the back of his neck.

“That was before you came along, Supergirl.”
Right…” she murmured, bitterly.
“Come on… You know I have eyes for you, chica; no one else.”
“You had better… if you know what’s good for you.”

Juice nodded, but found himself thinking back to everything that took place, while they were dealing with their own situation. Piney and Bobby… He couldn’t believe they were dead. It just didn’t seem real. And it wasn’t quite setting in. But what had him even more dumbstruck, was the story behind it all. Since when did Bobby have it in him to be a rapist? And Angel already had her baby? Had it really been that long?! He felt so out of the loop. But he’d never been happier and there was a touch of guilt behind that. They’d gone through all this hell. The Sons had needed him and he wasn’t even there to help. When he first woke, he had his doubts on being a vampire. Rose… Well, she didn’t hold back by any means. There were times he envisioned her in a full on dominatrix outfit. With that whip of hers in hand, ready to set his ass straight – if he so much as got out of hand. The training? That was easily the hardest thing he’d ever faced, yet also one of the hottest and most sexual times of his life. With the pleasure, came the pain and Rose knew all about mixing the two. That’s how she kept him grounded often enough. And for the longest time, he hadn’t a clue what they were… She had him so confused. Were they lovers or fuck buddies? There were times he swore she got off to giving him utter hell. Rose loved getting him all riled up and would often enough leave him begging for more. He should be ashamed, right? Here he was a vampire… Still, he found himself succumbing to the beautiful sexy goddess before him. At times, he’d piss her off knowing the sex was twice as hot when she was cross. Rose tilted her head and gazed upon him, in a scolding manner.

“Really?” she hissed and he regarded the hard on he was rocking with a shrug.

“Can’t be helped…”

“We’re in a church…”
Right…” he said, doing his best to talk it down.

He gestured towards the confession booth.

“We could always…”
“Not happening… We’ve more important matters at the moment…”
He let out a miserable groan.

“Focus!” she cracked and Juice sighed.

“I’m trying, babe…” he whimpered in suffering.

Rose paced the area, looking to be in thought. She regarded the father once again.

“Let’s go…”

“I don’t believe I stuttered. Like he said… You know too much already. Besides, you’re going to show us all the possible locations that child could be. And I do mean ALL. We won’t stop until I have that baby in my arms. Looks like you’re in for a very long night, Father.”

Angel woke to find herself in the process of being mugged. The men were mouthing off about her being some deadbeat-drunk and druggy-whore. They figured she had some drugs or money to score. But they were sorely disappointed when all they found were the two pennies, a lighter, the pack of cigarettes, and whiskey. All in which they took from her. One of the three men snatched the horse right out of her hand.

“Yer one of those crazy bitches, aren’t ye? Why do ye need this?”

She gritted her teeth and reached for the horse. One of the other guys shoved her back and they took off running, while laughing. Angel chased them down, wishing she could use her shield to teach them a much needed lesson. A beautiful redhead had just stepped out of a nearby shop. She reared back at the scene before her. And for reasons she didn’t quite understand. She reached out and snatched the horse right out from the man’s hand. The man stopped and cut her a look from hell. In return, she sent him menacing smile and motioned towards a police officer just a block away. This had them hauling ass.

“This belong to you?”
Angel nodded and the woman handed the horse over.

“Are you alright?”

She nodded once again and held that horse as though it were a loved one.

“Thank you…” Angel uttered so softly, the woman barely heard it.

“You’re quite welcome… Why don’t you follow me and I’ll buy you a cup of coffee and some breakfast?”

The woman couldn’t help but to notice the apprehensive look on the homeless girl’s face.

“Just across the street…” she pointed out.

“Come now, have some breakfast and you can be on your way…”

Her stomach growled in thought, but it was too much risk. She had to think and there was no room for mistakes. She gave the woman a mere nod in appreciation and went about her way.

Jax thought about his wife, as the boys went about gathering whatever information they could. He paced the room, with those big brown eyes in mind. And even though he understood it was what needed to be done, he couldn’t help but to feel somewhat bitter. But that bitterness wasn’t so much aimed towards Angel. He knew it was out of her control. If either of them had given into their emotions, everything they worked so hard to build would’ve been erased. He hadn’t any doubt that he and the entire club had watchful eyes upon them. And he couldn’t, nor would he bring that sort of attention onto his wife. She’d been through enough as it was. But even through this knowledge, Jax felt as if there was this hole within him. He wanted to hold her and assure her that all would be alright. That he was going to take care of everything. Nevertheless, he had to push those desires aside and focus on the much bigger picture. And that was keeping her and their daughter alive. No matter how much he hated the idea of his wife being out there alone and back on the streets, he understood her reasoning. She was doing this in order to protect him. Whereas he was doing this in order to protect her. And both were going out their way to keep their family and friends safe, as always. He could sense her at this very moment and his heart ached in response. It killed him, knowing the sheer amount of pain she was in. He wanted to take it all away. Why couldn’t he do that for her? He longed to see her to see her smile and laugh again, for his wife to know the true meaning of happiness. Something they had within one another and Abel. But apart? It was a living nightmare. Jax felt as though he was suffocating and it only grew worse the longer they spent apart. He could sense it coming off her as well, back at the cemetery. When her heart rate spiked, he felt it. It made him lightheaded. This was followed by shock, hope, and happiness. Nonetheless, it was fast to fade and those feelings were replaced by relief, the need for revenge, and this overwhelming sense of despair. But even through all that, the most powerful of them all… Was love. It was overflowing and so much so it choked him up from time to time. It gave him this sense of completion. This only proved that Galen was full of shit. Angel loved him just as much as the day they vowed their love to one another. And that had the outlaw on a natural high. When he focused on that and that alone, he felt as if he could achieve anything. No matter the task. Jax came to a stop. And with a hand over his heart, he kept his senses sharp. It was the only way to assure she was safe and sound. Every now and then, he’d pick up some sort of bad vibes. But just as soon as he was to react to them; they were quick to fade and he knew she was going to be okay. That didn’t make the distance any easier to deal with. But he knew she was alive and that’s all that truly mattered in the end.

He lifted his head, just in time to see Fiona hauled off and slapped Chibs. She went on to tell him how he wasn’t even a man and that was her reason for choosing Jimmy over him. That he’d turned his back to her etc… Chibs just stood there and stared her down, as she continued in her ranting and raving. She had this whole crying act and lovely snot action going. Jax resisted the urge to laugh. He could see it in Chibs’s eyes. He was just about done… Jax couldn’t believe the nerve and sheer stupidity of this woman. She truly thought she could pull the old guilt-trip card on her husband and all in order to get what she wanted. But it wasn’t working, Chibs was numb. The others looked upon Fiona in disbelief. She went as far as to jab her finger against his sternum and yell into his face about how worthless he was. Chibs said nothing and let her finish. Once she was done, he gave a simple nod.

“As supposed ta a mother that let our daughter and a good friend of the family’s be prostituted out and all because ye took that bastard Jimmy’s word-  over that of yer own flesh and blood. Be honest now, ye were more concerned with what would happen ta ye if word of this got out, or of ye actually stood up ta Jimmy. I know I played just as much part in all of this. And aye… I will never forgive myself. I not only lost ye, but our daughter. Or at least that’s how I used ta feel. But ye can’t lose someone ye never had. Ye were Jimmy’s whore from the very beginnin’. I can look back on it now and wonder why ye even married me in the first place. Ye and Jimmy… It was no secret he had his eyes on ye, always had. But like Jackie was sayin’, what’s it like knowin’ that ye were fuckin’ a man that was prostitutin’ children out! What’s it like knowin’ that the cock ye were blowin’ was probably in some 13 to 17 year old girl’s vag, then yers not long after… Do ye see where I’m goin’, Mrs. Mother Of The Motherfuckin’ Year? Ye can go on all ye want about me. I won’t even deny it. I know I fucked up, Fiona. And I will spend the rest of my life payin’ for it. But even on my worst day… I was nowhere near as heartless as ye. So go on… Keep tellin’ me how utterly worthless I am.”

“I wouldn’t. Not unless you want a bullet in-between your eyes.” Jax warned with his gun aimed her direction.

Opie nodded in agreement and before long, each of the Sons had theirs pointed her way. Chibs raised his brows on this.

“Aye… I can’t really control what they do.” He said with a smirk.

She rolled her eyes and Chibs drew back a breath of absolute annoyance.

“Alright… It’s obvious we’re not getting through to you. Happy, Tig, follow through with the original plan.” Jax ordered.

They nodded and dragged her away. Only this time, they didn’t stop. As soon as they had her in the men’s bathroom, Happy knocked her up against the counter. He ripped her blouse open and Tig unfastened his pants. Both men were cringing on the inside. They truly hoped she’d talk and soon. This wasn’t something either of them wished to follow through with. Happy had plans of roughing her up if need be. In fact, the more he thought about Angel and everything she’d gone through. The more of a beating he wanted to give this woman. He knew she hadn’t anything to do with Angel’s situation, but that didn’t change the way he felt. He hated deadbeat mothers and that’s exactly what this one was. She was nothing more than another Wendy. And here they were… having to spend all their time on this bitch. When there was a good mother out there, worried sick about her daughter. He didn’t buy that she was dead. Happy just couldn’t and he wouldn’t allow himself to. He gritted his teeth in thought. There was a difference between women and bitches. The man hadn’t any issues smacking a bitch around, when need be. And in this case… He’d much rather take that route than to stick his dick in something utterly revolting.

Happy grabbed a fistful of her hair and smashed her face up against the counter. He turned on one of the nearby sinks and grabbed a handful of paper towels. He stuffed them down the drain and let the sink fill up. Once it was full, he forced her face into the water. He nodded upon Tig’s reflection. Tig sort of laughed and gave him a thumbs up. Happy nodded in return and pulled her back up. She gasped out and started pleading for her life.

“Then get to talkin’.” He demanded and went to dunk her head in once again.


Tig cocked a brow as she started to spill out all of Jimmy’s possible whereabouts. Happy nodded and shoved her towards Tig.

“Still what your dick sucked?” He taunted and Tig wrinkled his nose.

“I never thought I’d say this. But I think my dick crawled up my ass and died.”

Happy chuckled. “You and me both, brother…”

Happy got in Fiona’s face and gave her a playful slap.

“You know yous a ugly ass bitch when Trager can’t even get it up…”

Half Sack parked outside the building and Rose regarded it in question.

“You sure this is it?”

The father nodded in response. Rose stuffed an Irish flat cap and baby blue shirt into Juice’s hands.

“What’s this?”

“You gotta rid of the cut under that hoodie and put this on.”

He wrinkled his nose.

“Why do I gotta look like the douche with the hot ass wife?”

“Just do it…”
“Whatever…” He bitched as he took his hoodie and cut off.

“Let’s go. You two stay put.” Rose stated once Juice was ready to go.

Father Ashby cut her a rather offbeat glance.

“Can’t have you blowing our cover now… Can we, Father?” She said rather intimidatingly.

He sighed but nodded in understanding.

“Keep an eye on him…” Juice told Half Sack.

“And you… do whatever he tells you to. No fishy business. I mean it…”

Rose smiled upon Juice.

“What?” He asked in wonder.

“I love when you take charge…” She purred in a rather seductive manner.

“Do you now…?” he said as if challenging her.

Oh, yeah…”


Rose grabbed Juice by the collar of his shirt and crawled into his lap. The Father and Half Sack looked back with wrinkled their noses as the two started making out.

Really, bro?” Half Sack whispered harshly.

Juice smiled.

“Yes… really…” He murmured as he had his hands planted along Rose’s ass and the kissing lingered.

She opened the door and stepped on out. Juice had this massive grin about him.

“Let’s go, Juicy!” She ordered and he rushed on out the door.

Damn…” Half Sack expressed, whilst shaking his head.

When they stepped inside, Rose looked around the area and frowned.

“Easy, babe… Just remember what we came here to do.” Juice whispered seeing it written all over her face. Not that he blamed her. He was just as sickened by what they were seeing.

He forced a smile as one of the women made their way over. He wrapped his arm around Rose’s waist and offered his hand. The woman shook it, but cut them both a mistrusting glance.

“Yer hand… it’s freezing.”

“Bad circulation…” he said with a shrug.

“And what brings ye two here today?”

It took everything within Rose to keep cool. But Rose wanted to go ape shit on this woman and the rest of the faculty. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. There was a small room with 11 cribs and all, but one had babies within.

“Actually, we were sent here… We’re looking into adopting.”

The woman smiled, but it seemed forced.

“And who sent ye?”

He cleared his throat remembering to act as “human” as possible.

“Father Ashby… You see, my wife and I are going on our fifth year of marriage and we’re finding it hard to conceive. He assured us that here would be the perfect place to finally build onto our family.”

“And ye are?”

“Sebastian and Daniela Ortiz…” Rose replied with a warm smile.

The woman motioned towards the cribs in the room before them.

“This is our current selection. Were ye lookin’ for a boy or a girl?”

“Girl…” they said simultaneously.

“We have three girls at the moment. A 9 month, 11 month, and 12 month, the rest are boys.”
“And that’s the youngest you have?” Juice inquired with disappointment.

“I’m afraid so. We had one that was just a few days old, but naturally she was adopted out pretty fast.”
“That fast?!”

Juice gave her a slight nudge and shook his head with a touch of laughter.

“As ye can see my wife is pretty eager…”
The woman nodded.

“That I can, but all these children need a good home. Such as our 1 year old… She’s been in here since the day she was first born. And she’s absolutely gorgeous. In fact, she’s got yer shade of hair, Mrs. Ortiz. And naturally these babies don’t have names… Yer free ta look around.”

Rose swallowed back as the child she was referring to was peeking out her crib. She was smiling and gnawing on a stuffed animal. Juice tilted his head, observing her reaction. Rose made her way over and picked the child up. She looked as if she’d break down and cry, at any given moment – if that were possible. He ran a soothing hand along her back and kissed her shoulder.

“Take yer time… If ye’ll excuse me… I’ve some calls ta make. If ye need anything Lucy can assist ye.” She pointed to a younger woman off at another desk.

“Thank you…” Rose replied.

The woman headed back to her desk, but kept a close eye on them.

“This is disgusting. A black market for babies?” Rose whispered softly enough that only Juice could pick it up.

He nodded in full agreement.

“Did you bring the blanket?”

She nodded and discreetly took it out from her jacket. Both of them took a whiff and made their way about the room. Rose felt sick. These children were being treated as though they were nothing more than puppies at a pet store. Juice looked over as Rose was standing by the empty crib. Her eyes said it all and he shook his head.

“You’ve gotta be kidding.”

“Nope… it was her.”

“Jesus Christ… So now what?”

“We get this bitch to start talking…”
“Babe… we gotta be careful on how we go about this…For Angel and Jax’s sake…”

“But what about the others?” she hinted as she put the little girl back in her crib.

Juice swallowed back as Rose kissed her forehead. The little girl smiled and reached for her as she went to walk away.

“There’s not a lot we can do. This happens more than you realize, even back home. We gotta worry about the one baby for now…”

They grew silent as the woman was making her way back. She had this whole other vibe to her now and had a genuine beam about her.

“I just got off the phone with the father and he had nothing but wonderful things to say about ye two.”

Rose smiled.

“He shouldn’t have. He’s such a wonderful man.” She said with bile rising in the back of her throat.
“That he is…” Juice added.

“Why don’t ye two follow me and we’ll discuss what it is ye two are lookin’ for exactly and we’ll go from there?”
“Sounds like a plan…” Rose agreed with plans of her own…

Angel nodded amongst herself, once she spotted the SAMBEL clubhouse. Her heart skipped a beat however as Jackson Teller stepped out of the clubhouse. He’d a cigarette in one hand, phone in the other. The moment he caught wind of her, he froze. They locked eyes for a brief second. She gave a simple nod and went about her way. Jax lit his cigarette, but found himself weak at the knees. He wanted to hop onto that bike of his, grab her, and take the fuck off. He hated every second of this. As for Angel? She forced those tears of hers away and resisted the urge to look back. She wanted to make up some sort of excuse to talk to him. To touch him even. But she knew she’d only wind up blowing her cover. She felt a bit thrown off, as she hadn’t expected to see him. Nevertheless, knowing the Sons whereabouts had her somewhat at ease. As well as knowing that her husband was safe and sound, she somehow knew that meant Abel was as well. She just wasn’t sure why Galen had lied to her. Her hand trembled as she zipped that hoodie up. She was so cold her body was aching all over. To add to her misery she was thirsty, hungry, and absolutely exhausted.

Jax tilted his head as he hung up the phone. He’d just got done checking in with his mother and Abel. He concentrated on his wife and staggered back. He could sense everything. “Angel…” he whispered in agony. He sighed, knowing he had to do something. At the moment, he wasn’t sure how to even go about it. But there wasn’t a chance in hell he’d let her suffer. He had a warm bed, food, etc. It seemed as if his wife always was the one to suffer the most, when shit went down. And he was getting downright fed up with it. It should be him on the streets for once. Not the other way around. He muttered the words fuck it under his breath. He rushed into the clubhouse. He grabbed one of his backpacks and stuffed it with whatever he could get his hands on. The others looked upon him peculiarly, but didn’t dare question it as he had that crazed look in his eyes. Once he finished, he darted on out the door. He hopped onto his bike, put his helmet on and peeled on out of there.

Angel narrowed her eyes as she heard Jax’s bike kicking to life. She was in a nearby alleyway, digging through one of the trashcans – keeping in character. She jumped however as he sped on past, but something landed in the trashcan. The young woman looked about the area, making certain she hadn’t any eyes on her. She grabbed the backpack and hightailed it out of there. Once she found a more secluded area, she opened the backpack. She covered her mouth in surprise as it was filled with sandwiches, chips, water, a couple of beers, and Jax even managed to throw in a bottle of bourbon – something to help keep her warm at night. There was also a carton of smokes, a SAMCRO zippo, fifty bucks, one of his shirts, and a blanket. She grabbed the shirt and held it against her face. She breathed it in and closed her eyes. She leaned against the wall and took his scent in like a drug.

“So we head out first thing tomorrow morning. Catch the bastard flat-footed.” Jax said as he regarded the information Chibs had written down.

“You’re certain this is right?”

“Aye… I checked it out myself.”

“And Fiona?”

“Ye just let me worry on that one…”

Jax smiled, “you got it, brother. What about the tanker?”

The other Sons laughed in response.

“Ready ta go…” Chibs replied with a snide grin.

“Good deal… I say we send the IRA our little message first. Then we go about the manhunt.”

“Hear, hear!” Happy called out and started banging his fists against the table.

The others joined in and Jax chuckled as McGee slammed down the gavel.

It was nice to having a smoke on a full stomach for a change. Angel thought as she took her last drag, before flicking the bud about the ground. She’d spent most of the day walking around Belfast. She kept herself blended in and an eye and ear out – for anything out of the usual. She’d hopes of hearing something about Galen, Jimmy, Father Ashby, or any other member of the IRA. Something that would lead her to her daughter… But as the day progressed, she hadn’t anything to go on. Other than a whole lot of gossip, none in which pertained to her, or the Sons. She was just about to head back to the cemetery, when a couple walked past. They were smiling and the woman was carrying a baby with the most gorgeous blue eyes Angel had ever seen. She found herself in a bit of a trance as she gazed upon the child. There was something about her – she just couldn’t shake. Her heart felt as if it were about to gallop right on out of her chest. She followed the couple throughout town and was doing her best to hear whatever they were saying. All she could make out was their plans to leave town, tonight. The man mentioned needing to pack once they got back to the hotel. But what threw Angel off the most was how they were discussing an adoption that took place recently. Something about that didn’t set right with her. Angel ducked behind one of the buildings as the couple came to a stop at a nearby crosswalk. She waited for them to cross before she followed. Sure enough, they headed inside a nearby hotel. A rather ritzy one at that… Angel drew back a breath and paced about the area. Something within her said to keep an eye on them, but she wasn’t sure how to go about it.

There was just something about that baby… Those eyes… She just knew… She couldn’t very well strut on into the hotel, not looking the way she did. And she had to keep in mind NOT to cause a scene. On the other hand, she couldn’t afford to let them out of her sight. She circled the hotel, doing her best to come up with some sort of plan. But all she could come up with was to merely wait. They had to leave eventually, right? But even then… If it was indeed CJ, how was she going to get her back? There was hell to be raised and it was sure to cause a big scene. She lifted her head as she heard something coming from one of the balconies. It was that same woman. She had the baby in her hold. Angel’s face flushed over and this overwhelming sense of fury hit. The husband stepped out and wrapped his arms around his wife’s waist. He kissed along her shoulders as she was nursing the infant. Not just any infant, but Angel and Jax’s! How was that possible?! She thought through gritted her teeth. This had her strutting right on through the hotel doors. She was heading towards the elevators, when a few of the staff blocked her path.

“And where do ye think yer goin’?” One of the men asked.

The anger within was so great, it overclouded her sense of judgement. The other man reared back as Angel socked him in the face. She shoved another man out of her way and jumped into the nearest elevator. She frantically pushed the button to the third floor. But the men managed to stop the doors and rushed inside. One of them grabbed ahold of her and the other pushed the emergency button to the elevator.

“NO!” Angel shouted as they teamed up in dragging her out of the building.


She hadn’t realized just how insane she truly sounded, nor did she understand just how much attention she was gathering. The hotel staff was calling the police and bystanders were looking on in disbelief. All Angel could think about was that some other couple was caring for THEIR child! She was beyond livid and all sense of control had utterly vanished. By the time she comprehended just how much attention she was getting, it was too late. Officers were making their way over. “No…” she whispered. Without another thought, she took off. The police were yelling at her and chasing her down. She leaped over a few obstacles and was dodging traffic. A taxi seemingly came out of nowhere and damn near hit her. The door to the back flung open and someone grabbed ahold of her. They forced her inside and slammed the door shut.

“GO!” They shouted.

The driver nodded and hit the gas, looking nervous and frightened out of his mind. With the officers currently on foot, they hadn’t any way of tracking them down.

“First of all…What the fuck?! Everyone thinks you’re dead! Secondly, what in the hell were you thinking?!”

Angel clung onto her and lost all composure. The vampire sighed and hugged her in return.

“What happened to you, Bella?”

Rose narrowed her eyes and looked to Juice in question. He shrugged and reached over moving Angel’s hair away from her face.

“Juice?!” she said as if in a state of shock.

He smiled, “hey…”

She reached over, hugging the hell out of them both and cried even harder.

“Easy…” he whispered and patted her on the back.

“Ugh Bella, you smell horrible and you look like shit!” Rose remarked.

“Nice to see you too and it’s Angel, remember?”

Right… Maybe he should’ve rethought that one… Trouble Teller seems more fitting.”

“Rose… Please, I really need you to take me back.”

Rose and Juice sort of laughed.
Um sure…” Rose scoffed.
“I’m serious!”

“So am I. Now do you mind…? This is a bit awkward.”

Angel looked down with a touch of a blush, realizing she had one leg straddled over Juice’s and the other over Rose’s. She crawled off them and sat on the other side of Rose. She put her hand on the door handle and Rose quickly slapped it away.

“Knock that shit off.”
“You don’t understand. I have to go back.”

“What could possibly be worth the risk of you going to prison and here of all places?”

Rose had the driver drop them off. She left him a decent tip, in order to keep his mouth shut. They followed Angel out to the cemetery, where she explained the situation. After she finished, Rose and Juice looked to be in silent conversation.

“Keep an eye on her… I mean it. I’ll be right back.”

Before they could so much as question it, she was gone. Juice brought Angel in for another hug.

“I missed you.” She murmured against his shoulder.
“Missed you too…” He countered and kissed the top of her head.

“Can I ask why…?”

She lifted her head and cut him a curious glance. He dropped his hold and motioned his hands about the cemetery.

“A little dark, don’t you think?”
She regarded the area with a sigh.

“It’s what’s needed.”

“Do the others know?”

“Only Jax…”

“And why is this needed exactly?”

“Galen thinks I’m dead. You do the math…”

He nodded and reached over wiping a tear of her cheek. This caused her a chill.


She managed to smile.

“That’s fine. I’m just glad you’re not dead…”

He chuckled and smiled in return.

“Likewise, from my understanding we’ve had more than our share as of late.”

“So you know…” she hinted as to Piney, not having a clue that Bobby bit the dust as well.

He’d this grave look about him, but nodded in response.

“You really shouldn’t be here…” She said with slight apprehension.

He looked about the area, putting his vampiric senses to use.

“It’s safe…” he assured afterward.

The two clicked just like old times. They talked a bit more about what all took place during their time apart. There as just something about Juice. Angel knew she could always count on him. And the feeling seemed mutual. He went on to talk about Rose’s insane training and how the Volturi gave them a bit of trouble. This was the reason for their delay in returning to Charming. Angel couldn’t believe the sheer amount of hell they’d gone through as well. They were lucky to be alive. Then again… so were she and Jax. Another 40 minutes had passed when heard a cooing like sound. They turned facing the area it came from. Angel’s hand flew over her mouth. Rose smiled and handed the little bundle over. The moment Angel had ahold of the infant, she dropped to her knees. She sobbed uncontrollably and held her close.

“It was her…” Rose proclaimed confidently.

She tossed the blanket Juice’s direction. He breathed it in and picked up the scent of the baby as well. He smiled, “well I’ll be damned. It really is. How’d you know?”
“I just did…” Angel managed to choke out.

“Thank you, both of you.”

She couldn’t believe she was asking this, but had to know.

“And the man and woman?”

“To be discussed another day…” Rose said as she helped Angel to her feet.

Angel lowered the blanket, just enough to make out her daughter’s face.
“She has her father and Abel’s eyes.”
“She has your face and fair skin… She’s beautiful, Angel.” Rose added.

Angel laughed behind tears.

“I wish Jax was here…”

“We can make that happen…” Rose offered.

No… It’s too dangerous. This is risky enough…”

She drew back a breath and shook her head, knowing what had to be done. Angel gazed into her daughter’s eyes once again.

“I want Jax to see her, but be discreet as possible. Then you’re to take our baby and head back to Charming, ASAP. Neither of you leave her side. In fact, I want you to promise me you will watch after mine and Jax’s family as well. Abel and Gemma… They need your protection. So many lives are at stake. And that’s where we could use you the most. Keep our friends and family safe. While Jax and I will finish what was started…”
“You think Jax will agree to this?” Juice asked.

“He will. Trust me. He’s going to see, it’s for the best. Knowing you guys are watching after our loved ones will put us both at ease.”

She hugged her daughter once again, but found it damn near impossible to let go.

“You don’t have to do this…”Rose assured, seeing the pain written all over her face.

“Yes I do. I gotta do whatever it takes to keep my family alive.”

She breathed her daughter in and kissed her cheek.

“I love you, CJ. We’ll be home soon. I promise.” She handed her over, feeling as though her heart was splitting in half. She reached into the backpack and grabbed the horse.

“This is hers…”

“Angel…” Rose muttered looking ill.

Angel forced a smile.

“Just take care of her…”
“I will.”

Angel hugged them both and waved them off. Just as soon as they were gone, she came to her knees once again. She looked to the sky and let out an earth shattering scream.

Whoa!” Opie called out and he braced Jax against him, as they were standing at the bar.

“What is it, brother?” Chibs questioned as Jax had a hand over his heart.

Angel…” He said in a panic.

They hadn’t much time to react as Rose and Juice appeared before them. Rose had CJ in hand and her eyes locked with Jax’s. He looked on in absolute shock.

“Is that…?” he whispered, running his fingers through his hair.

She smiled and handed the child over. The moment he had his daughter in his arms, he got all choked up.

“Thank you…” He said sincerely behind tears.

They nodded and each of the Sons looked to them in wonder.

“You should be thanking someone else…” Rose whispered.

Jax lifted his head and narrowed his eyes in question.

“Call it a mother’s intuition…” she hinted.

Jax motioned for them to follow. He led them to a more private area.

“We don’t call her “angel” for nothing.” He expressed, after pulling the door to.

It was there they explained what Angel had asked of them. He looked upon his daughter.

“I couldn’t agree more. Angel’s right. We got things under control here. But the Mayans are still causing us a bit of an issue back home. At the moment, it’s just Nero and his boys…” he went into further detail and over everything he knew so far.

He kissed his daughter goodbye and handed her over.

“She looks just like her mother…” Jax said, looking to be in awe.

Rose smiled.

“She certainly does.”

Jax smiled in response and pecked Rose on the cheek.
“Take care of her… like she was your own.”

“I give you my word.”
He nodded and hugged Juice.

“Trust no one. Watch each other’s backs. Keep in touch, but be wise about it. And whatever you do… Don’t let anyone know that my wife or daughter is alive. The IRA is sure to keep tabs on whatever happens here or back home. So keep her hidden for the time being. But like Angel said… watch over our family and friends. Make certain they’re all okay. I’m counting on you, Juice. Don’t let me down, brother.”

“You got it…”

“Now go on… Get our little girl out of Ireland and ASAP.”

Once they left, Jax shut the door and he immediately sunk to the floor. He covered his face understanding what it was coming off his wife now.

“I’m so sorry. God, baby. I’m gonna make this all up to you. Everything. Somehow. I love you… So fucking much.” His hands balled up into fists.

“Feel me, Angel. Dammit! I need you to know that you’re not alone. I’m right there. We’re in this together. Always.”

Angel let out a gasp and braced herself against a nearby tombstone. This odd sensation hit and it traveled throughout her entire core.


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