Chapter 42 The Road To Freedom


I can hear the clock ticking and it feels as though my heart is keeping rhythm. Tick. Tock. Tick . Tock. All I can think about is whose time will it be next? Will I lose another brother, a friend, or the unthinkable? I’m heading down a road I’ve never been down before. It’s up to me to decide which way I turn. Everyone around me is affected by my decisions. Those I love as well as those I hate. And we’re all in for one hell of a ride. What turn do I take first and what will my final destination be? There was a time I feared that being a leader required isolation. I was so tempted to push everyone I loved away. How else do you keep them protected? But it’s down these unfamiliar roads that I realize I don’t have to go about this alone. That was my father’s mistake and I don’t have to take that same path – one of utter destruction. The finish line is there and I can taste it. I just gotta be able to reach it. What my father failed at the most? Thinking he had to do this alone. It did indeed become “HIS”vision. There was a reason I wanted the club to read those manuscripts. That being… so we didn’t make those same mistakes. This is a brotherhood. My father failed to see that, just as Clay had. Every king needs his queen and his knights. Or he will fall, the moment he lets his guard down. You see it’s not about protection. It’s about trust, honor, and pride. Truth of the matter – no one can do this alone. I’m no longer afraid. I can admit that I need them, all of them. That is the way to true freedom. It exists within us, as a whole. But it doesn’t come without sacrifice and pain. And let’s face it… The only freedom anyone truly wants is to be content.

Chapter 42 – The Road To Freedom

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Angel stretched her arms about as the sun cascaded upon her. She hadn’t seen the sun since she’d first arrived in Ireland. After a long chilly night, she lay amongst the ground and was taking pleasure in its warmth. Her hand patted along the hoodie as she searched for her pack of smokes.

She froze however as something along her finger glistened against the sunlight. This had her shooting up and looking about the area, with caution. There was no one about. But she saw an envelope sticking out of the backpack. With a trembling hand, she grabbed ahold of it. Her fingers ran along the all too familiar handwriting. Burn directly after reading… (It read on the front.)

I know I’m breaking the rules. You can yell at me later. But there are something’s you need to know. First of them being… That ring. Don’t you ever take it off again. I don’t care how much of a caveman it makes me sound like – YOU’RE MINE! You will always be mine and I will die in order to prove that. Now I know the risk to you wearing that… Just hear me out, baby.

This is war. And whether or not I like it… You’re in this with me. As of now you might as well be one of us Sons. I’ve always believed that loyalty is deeper than blood. And darlin’… you have more than proved yourself. That’s the reason behind the ring. Galen’s going to eventually realize that you’re alive, it’s unavoidable. And the first thing I want that bastard to see… is that ring. I only hope I’m there to see his reaction. He always was one to underestimate me, a very big mistake. It’s going to cost him, dearly. Now, behind this letter is a list of some very important events that are to take place. But in order to achieve this, we’re going to need our Sister of Anarchy. Do everything exactly as I’ve written. Everything you need is in the backpack. Last night… That was our last to be apart. I’m not going another without you. I know you can do this, baby. Let’s light a match and watch these motherfuckers BURN!

Jax and Happy high fived one another, once Chibs got the tanker perfectly parked. Happy rushed over and was quick to “dump” out the contents. Shit and guns were spilled amongst the property of the IRA. Jax spray painted YOU’VE BEEN DUMPED, IT’S NOT ME, IT’S YOU across the tanker, in crow black. McGee and his boys dropped their bikes off (using an eighteen wheeler) and hauled ass. Chibs, Tig, and Jax ran towards the bikes as Happy took a grenade out from his hoodie. He had a grin going ear to ear as Jax gave him the go-ahead. He pulled the pin with his teeth and sent the grenade rolling, right towards the doors of the IRA’s secret hide out. Happy ran like a bat out of hell, but was laughing like that of a mad man. “I love that crazy ass motherfucker.” Jax expressed, causing the others to laugh.

Happy hit the ground and took cover, just as the grenade went off. Debris was flying everywhere and the front part of the building was up in flames. He chuckled as he came to his feet and hopped onto his bike. The Son’s revved their engines letting the IRA know they meant business. After getting their little message across, they hightailed it on out of there.

Angel hid within the mausoleum of the cemetery. It was there she read the instructions on Jax’s list. She emptied the backpack and went through everything in it. There were a couple of handhelds, shells, a wristwatch, a knife, and tracphone. She grabbed the phone and entered the code, just as Jax had instructed. Just as soon as she got it set up, she pocketed it. One of the guns she hid within the hoodie, the other in the back of her pants. The knife was tucked into her boot. Angel put on the watch and looked to the time. She was quick to pack everything up, everything, but the blanket. Just as Jax had instructed she draped it over her, creating a hood over her head as she did. Using the SAMCRO zippo, she burned the envelope and it’s contents. She stayed behind, just long enough to make certain there was nothing, but ashes left. After exiting the cemetery gates, she drew back a somewhat nervous breath. “And here we go…” she whispered, taking the bourbon out from her hoodie.

Angel took a decent swig and Opie nodded amongst himself. He was looking on from a distance making certain she was on board.

“Thatta girl…” He whispered as he took his phone out and dialed Jax.

“Church let out early…” he coded and hung up.

Jax received the message and put his phone away. He looked to the boys as they were in the process of hunting Jimmy down.

She’s in…” he stated and Chibs nodded.

Happy smiled as he caught on.

“I knew it…” he whispered in return.

Jax sent him a wink.

“Was there ever any doubt, brother?”

Tig reared back, catching on as well.

Wait… You mean…”

Jax cut him a look of warning, but nodded in response, “let’s go.”

Tig closed his eyes as the others sped on ahead. He wasn’t sure what to feel at this point. He hadn’t taken the “news” of Angel’s death very well. Whereas Happy had his doubts and somehow knew, Tig feared the worst and he gave into that fear. Every night he drank himself to sleep, believing Angel to be dead. That picture with the charcoaled body, it broke the man. He did his best to shake it off as he caught up with the others.


“I want the child and ASAP. I don’t care what lengths ye have ta go ta. And yer ta hunt the bastard and his family down. I warned Jimmy what was ta come if anything happened. And he went above and beyond in fuckin’ me over!”

Just as Galen slammed his fist down, there was some sort of an explosion. He and Brendan shot to their feet, whilst the others grabbed their guns and went to check it out.

“SHITE!” Brendan declared once they saw the entire front of the building to be on fire.

“Out the back!” He hollered out and his men took off that direction.

Cameron and Edmond were doing their best to rally everyone out of the area, but a few of them didn’t make it. Edmond cringed as he saw a few of the members running about, set ablaze. Their screams of horror were heard outside the building. Galen made his way around; doing his best to decipher what had taken place. He spotted the tanker with Jax’s message. It was then he took notice of the weapons. Ones they’d sold to not only the Mayans, but SAMCRO. They were on the ground and caked in shit. He threw his hands in the air and cursed Jackson Teller’s very name.

“I’m gotta gut the little bastard and choke him with his own intestines, after I take a bullet ta his wee one’s FUCKIN’ FACE!”

“Ye sure this is the place?” Chibs questioned.

“Aye.” Fiona replied.

“And what is this place exactly?”

“I don’t know. But it was on the list of properties he owns. I’ve never been inside.”

Jax shook his head. He had a very bad feeling about this. This made their third attempt in finding Jimmy O and he was growing concerned, in the sense of not meeting their own deadline. That could put his wife in danger and that wasn’t something he’d stand for. He drew back a breath of unease and regarded the building in thought. This was the ghost side of town, or so it seemed… It was more of a front, set up by yours truly. This area was known for it’s drug dealing and prostitution. Most of the surrounding buildings were boarded up and had do not enter warning signs etc… The windows were tinted, reminding the president of a stripper joint or porn shop even. He drew back yet another breath and nudged Opie.

“You’d better keep an eye on that one.” He whispered with a gesture towards Fiona.

The VP cut him an odd glance, but nodded.

“I don’t like the looks of this place.” He added as he and the boys hopped off their bikes.

Fiona reached out as if expecting Chibs to help her off the back of his. He ignored this and merely walked away. Jax chuckled under his breath and walked on over, offering a hand. Just as she went to accept, he jerked it back and sent her a taunting wink afterward.

“Sorry darlin’, I’m afraid what they say about chivalry is true, at least in your case.”

The guys used caution as they looked about the area. They nodded upon one another and Jax was first to grab his gun. He backed himself up against the wall off the double doors. The others got prepared as well.

“Blazing Saddles, boys…”

Happy nodded gathering the reference and shot at the double doors. Opie and Jax busted on through afterward.

“Everyone hit the floor and NOW!” Jax shouted, feeling as though a bank robber at the moment.

But that silly notion was soon replaced by absolute disgust. He and the boys were taking it all in. Jax’s stomach churned and he couldn’t help, but to stagger back at the sight before them.

“Jesus…” Opie muttered under his breath.

The building was filled with teenage girls and a few of their “clients”. There were a couple of men off in corners, keeping guard. Jax assumed they had a part in running this establishment. They wore suits much like that of Jimmy’s. This was similar to the vision Jax and Nero had for Cara Cara, only theirs was a lot cleaner and with LEGAL aged women. This was beyond sickening. He thought back to his and Angel’s argument over the whole escort idea. He never thought he’d be so thankful to have taken his old lady’s advice. This right here… made him realize how right she was. It was fucked up and all around.

This was an upscale looking place. Some of the girls were dolled up to look older, whereas others were meant to keep their “schoolgirl” appeal. Bile rose in the back of his throat. Something new hit the SAMCRO president and hardcore. His daughter came to mind and he found himself gritting his teeth. Without so much as another thought, he shot one of the bastards (aka clients). It had been one of the ones getting head from what looked to be a 12 to 13 year old girl. The clicking of guns was heard from all around. Jax half laughed and nodded upon the guards. With his gun aimed at one of them…

“My boys against yours… Who do you think will be the last ones standing?”

The man looked about the room with apprehension.

“That’s about what I thought… Now I do believe I told you to hit the fucking floor! And drop your weapons!”

Each of them lowered their guns and the one guard gave the gesture to do as they were told. They lay on the floor and dropped their weapons. The Sons walked about the room, kicking everyone’s gun out of reach.
“Smartest decision you’ve made today. Now it’s time for you to make one more… Jimmy O, where is he?”

The guard lifted his eyes, with a panicked expression.

“Tell me or I’m gonna take out your number one reason for living.”

He pointed towards a hallway where loud music was coming from. The Sons took advantage of the situation and gunned each of the men down. Chibs and Tig headed that direction and were following the music. When they go to the room it was coming from, Chibs kicked the door down. He froze at the scene before him. Tig entered directly after and recoiled. There was Jimmy with a girl, no older than 16.

He was ranting and raving about something she’d done wrong. So he was punishing her by sodomizing her with a sex toy. The young girl was bent over the bed and begging for him to stop. There were marks along her rear and all down her legs, where he’d literally beat her with a belt. Tig and Chibs looked to be in silent conversation. All it took was one simple nod from Tig, and Chibs rushed over and jerked Jimmy back. The look of absolute shock was priceless. Jax would’ve laughed, if it wasn’t for the dire situation. Tig helped the girl to her feet and he gave her a gentle push towards Happy. She screamed out, fearing the worst. Happy cringed and warily wrapped his arms around her.

“Shhhhh…” he whispered, not knowing what else to say or do even.

He wasn’t too comfortable about having a naked 16 year old in his arms. But felt the need to comfort her somehow. Tig and Chibs took Jimmy into the nearest bathroom. Tig locked the door behind him.

“Did ye not learn the first time?! What are ye doin’ back in Ireland, Filip?!” Jimmy shouted.

Chibs smiled and used his knife to point out the scars on his face.

“I’ve come ta return the favor…” He darkly uttered and with a crazed look in his eyes.

Jimmy sort of laughed and popped Chibs across the face. Chibs tilted his head a bit and licked the blood off his bottom lip. With gritted teeth, he brought his blade up against Jimmy’s neck.

“Yer pants… take em off.”

Tig dug through some of the drawers and found a curling iron. He plugged it in.


The flashbacks hit and Chibs found himself pressing that blade in. Jimmy swallowed back and did as he was ordered. He let out a painful yelp as Tig reached over and literally ripped his underwear off. He tilted his head afterward.
“Well that certainly explains why you were using the massive dildo. Not packing much, are we?”

Without warning, Tig grabbed ahold of his cock and balls and squeezed the shit out of them. Jimmy face turned to a nice shade of purple and his knees buckled.

“Ye should’ve known I’d hunt ye down, the minute ye hurt them girls!”

“What are they doing to him?!” Fiona asked in a panic and was pacing the room.

This had Jax seeing red. How could she show any concern for that son of a bitch after what they’d just walked in on? Had it not occurred to her that he was doing this very thing to Kerrianne and Fawn. Fiona covered her face and began to cry. This only added fire to the flame. The president didn’t get this bitch. Was she infuckingsane?! They could hear Jimmy screaming as Chibs and Tig had him bent over the counter. Chibs held him in place as Tig was taking the curling iron to his rectum.

“Please make them stop!” she pleaded.

Jax snapped her a look of sheer disbelief. He reached over and took his fist to the top of her head. Fiona went down like a sack of bricks.

“You just got knocked the fuck out!” Happy said quoting a favorite movie of his. This had Jax and Opie laughing.

“Bitch needs a good ass fucking.” Jax muttered and Happy looked to be in thought.

He grabbed her by the hair and was dragging her out of the room.

“What’s he up to?” Jax questioned Opie and the VP shrugged.
“Hell if I know.”

They reared back as Happy actually left the building.

“… um okay …” Opie murmured, looking just as lost as Jax.

After a few more minutes, the bathroom door flung open. Tig and Chibs were dragging Jimmy’s lifeless out of the room. Opie and Jax wrinkled their noses as he was covered in fecal matter and blood. Jax covered his mouth and nose and gagged a bit.

“Jesus Christ!” He yelled into the sleeve of his shirt.

Jimmy smelled to high heaven. And there was still smoke rising off his ass. Opie pointed to the curling iron in the bathroom.

“Fuck…” Jax alleged with a groan.

He darted outside needing a breath of fresh air. Thanks to his senses it was hitting him stronger than the others. As soon as that fresh air hit, he bent over and upchucked.

“You alright there?”

He lifted his eyes and nodded.

“Where’d you take off to?”

“I did a little pimpin’ of my own.”

Jax reared back as Happy flashed him a good four grand.

“How’d you… Nevermind…” he uttered as he soon had his answer. A group of questionable men were loading Fiona into a nearby van.

“You’re a sick bastard, you know that?”

“Yeah, but I rid of Chibs’s problem and I also made him a couple grand, along de way!”

“Couple grand?”

“Well I’m not about to give him the whole four! It took some convincin’.” He said as he was waving the men off.

“There’s no way that should’ve worked.” Jax remarked looking to be in damn near awe.
“I’ve got my ways, brother.”
“Apparently… But you’re still a sick ass motherfucker.”

“Nah man, I’m just “happy”.”

Jax managed to laugh and Happy smiled as he headed back inside. Jax followed and they looked to the girls in thought. They were scared out of their mind. The Sons were doing their best to be respectful as they hurriedly got dressed.

“So now what?” Opie asked and Jax shrugged as he was trying to come up with some sort of plan.

They couldn’t very well leave them or send them out on the streets. They were too young.
“Call McGee, have him send some of his boys over. We’ll let his old lady take this one. I’m sure she and the other two can get them cleaned up and taken to a local shelter. Op, I need you back on “guard”.”
Opie gathered the hint and was first to take off.

“Where’s Fiona?” Chibs asked and Jax motioned towards Happy.

“Talk to him.”

He looked to Happy. The man took two grand out from his pocket and handed it over. Chibs looked to it in query.

“What’s this?”

“Won the lottery…” Happy smarted.

“That doesn’t explain where Fiona went off ta.”
“Why does it really matter? She’s out of your hair. That’s whatcha wanted. So take the money and celebrate.”

Jax noticed the look of unease on Chibs’s face. He patted him on the back and leaned into his ear.

“Look at it like this, brother. He just did you and Kerrianne a solid. You’ll never have to answer to that bitch again. So let it go.”

“Everything alright?”

Trinity was quick to wipe her eyes, as Jax was making his way over. He narrowed his in question.

“Those poor girls…” she expressed he nodded in understanding.

“Did your mother find them a shelter?”

“Good deal. They’ll have a chance now.”
“Aye, but what they’ve been through… That’ll haunt them for life.”

He swallowed back and lit a smoke. He thought about Kerrianne and Fawn. He wondered how that would turn out in the end. But he knew Chibs and Tig would do whatever they could to help them. He puffed on that cigarette of his and looked to the time. Nevertheless, it hit him once again. He gradually turned Trinity’s direction. That scent… And he wasn’t the only one. He reared back as their eyes simultaneously flickered.

“What the hell?”

“I was just about ta ask ye the same! I knew there was somethin’ off about ye!” She damn near snapped and was backing away from him.

“Ye just stay right there!”

“Me?!” He said with a chuckle.

They were sizing one another up and circling around one another.

“I want the truth and now!” Jax barked in full on predator mode.

He had become desperate in learning the truth. And here it was staring him right in the face. He trembled all over as all he could think about was getting answers.

“TELL ME!” He roared and shoved her back against the clubhouse.

She growled out bearing her own set of fangs.

“I’d watch it if I were ye…” Trinity warned.

“No. You need to watch it. I want to know why you smell like HIM! And I want to know how you became this way!”

“Him?!” she questioned.

“Don’t you play games with me! ANSWER ME GOD DAMMIT! Tell me what the fuck this is!”

She whimpered out as he had his hand wrapped around her throat. He was quick to groan out however as she took her claws and swiped him across the face. Thus led to a full on brawl between the two…

“You hear that?” Cherry asked Maureen as they were going over the shop inventory.

Maureen shot to her feet as they heard what sounded to be growling. She rushed on out the clubhouse doors and her mouth flew open.


She hurried over and went to pry them apart. Maureen was quick to gasp out however as Trinity thrust her back, knocking her to the ground. It was then Jax and Trinity grasped just out of hand things had gotten. They snapped out of it and quickly helped Maureen to her feet.
“Ma, I’m so sorry!” Trinity said with tears in her eyes.

“It’s okay… I know ye didn’t mean ta.”

She dusted herself off and sighed as she gazed upon the two.

“Ye had better follow me, both of ye…”

She headed into the SAMBEL office and shut the door behind her. They regarded her oddly as she paced about the room. She sort of laughed and pinched her eyes shut.

“I knew this day would come. I just…”
“What day and what’s goin’ on, ma?!”

“I’m so sorry, Trinity. I should’ve told ye. A long time ago, I…” Maureen stopped in midstride and drew back a breath.

“Ye remember how I said yer father died?”
“Aye… in a motorcycle accident.”

Jax shook his head and sort of laughed. This was just too surreal. Her mother sighed.

“Well there was a bit more behind it.” Maureen pointed to Jax.

“Trinity… that there is your brother.”

Trinity started laughing.

“Right… Time ta lay off the sauce, ma.”

“Ye remember when ye asked about yer father and what his name was?”

“Aye and ye wouldn’t tell me. Ye said it wasn’t somethin’ I needed ta concern myself with.”

“I was wrong. So very wrong… Only I didn’t realize that until afterIT took it’s course. I’d always hoped it would pass you by. Like I was told it did Jackson, but clearly I was misinformed.”

Trinity reared back on her mother’s words.

“What are ye sayin’ exactly?”

“That ye carry yer father’s gene and apparently so does he. It was unavoidable. When I found out I feared ye’d end up like…” She swallowed back seeing the look on Jackson’s face.

“Like…?” He pressed with a growl.
“Like yer wee brother.”

Jax shook his head in downright incredulity. He ran his fingers through his hair and pointed directly upon Maureen.

“What is this bullshit you’re trying to feed me?! You need to get your facts straight, lady! I never had a sister! And you had better watch whatever you say next… Especially, when it comes to my family!”

Maureen nodded and looked to be in thought.

“Is there any way ye could meet me back at the house? I got something for ye.”
Jax looked to the time and shook his head no.

“I got things to do. I don’t have time to give into your delusional crap! So whatever this is, you had better drop it and ASAP!” he looked to Trinity once again.

“As for you… I’m going to need some answers. So I wouldn’t plan on going anywhere.”
“And what do ye think I’m doin’?!” Maureen interrupted.

“I wouldn’t have a clue. All I know is that I don’t particularly care for what you’re trying to insinuate. You don’t know shit about my family. So back the fuck up!”

Jax pushed his way past them and exited the office.

“Well shite… that didn’t go over so well.” Maureen muttered and her daughter regarded her in marvel.

“Gee, ye think? Now what the hell is goin’ on, ma? I want ta know and NOW!”

Angel wandered about the town with that bottle of bourbon in hand. She giggled as she staggered about in a “drunken” fashion. And just as she assumed no one paid her any attention. It took a couple of hours to get where she needed to be. When she got there, she nodded amongst herself. She poured out the bourbon creating a perfect circle around a set of stairs to an old demolished building.

She took a cigarette from her hoodie pocket and lit it with the SAMCRO zippo. Afterward, she threw the zippo down, igniting the ring she’d created with the bourbon. This was the signal Opie had been waiting for…

Jax nodded once he saw Opie’s text message.

“Give the call… And you had better be very convincing. If he suspects anything, it’s gonna cost you. Do we have an understanding?”

Father Ashby nodded and took out his cellphone. Jax drew back a breath and nodded upon his boys.

“You all know what to do…”

On this note, they headed on out. After the father made his call, he hung up the phone.

“He’s on his way.”

“Good deal. You’re coming with me…”


“I can’t have you ruining our plans, now can I? And I’m gonna need some sort of collateral.”

“All of this goes back to HIM, doesn’t it?! Ye never could stand him and now ye’ve gone and decided ta give his boy hell. Ye haven’t a clue, Kellan. Ye never did. He wasn’t the man ye made him out ta be!”

Jax raised his brows and regarded Maureen in wonder.

“So he didn’t get you pregnant out of wedlock and force this life upon you?! Look at you, Maureen! Even now you’re stuck and you always will be. You could’ve had so much more! You deserved better.”

“Don’t… Just don’t. I knew what I was gettin’ myself inta. This is MY LIFE, Kellan. One ye never approved of. I can’t believe ye’ve gone and sold yer soul ta the god damn devil!”

“I did no such thing. All of this is for the greater good.”
“The greater good…” Maureen hissed.

“Ye wouldn’t know it if it slapped ye in the face. Ye just stick to that black book of yers and…”

She stopped talking when she saw the look on not only Jackson, but her husband’s face. She swore Jackson looked a little green. He just sat there staring them down. McGee cleared his throat.
“Maybe ye should take this conversation elsewhere…” He warned with a curled lip.

“No need.” Jackson said as he came to his feet and bolted on out the door.

“Ye really think this is the moment ta be traveling back in time?!” McGee snapped.

“I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking.”
Clearly… That boy has enough on his shoulders. Ye need ta keep that gob of yers shut, Maureen. Are ye just goin’ out yer way to stir up trouble?!”

“Of course not!”

“Then put an end ta this nonsense. Yer not thinkin’ of the long term effects ta him knowin’ the truth.”
“Actually, yes I am.”
“Dammit, woman. Ye had better hear me out on this and let it go!”

“It’s a bit too late for that.”

Keith reared back on her words.

“Just let me worry on it.”
She jumped as her husband slammed his fist down.
“I took ye and Trinity in as my own and I’ve stood behind ye, always have, but not this time. Jackson needs ta stay focused. He can’t afford ta have his head clouded. Yer gonna get him killed! Is that what ye want? For him ta end up like his old man?! Wake the fuck up, Maureen!”

Opie took his post and kept watch. He leaned against the wall of the abandoned warehouse and lit a smoke. He looked on as Angel lowered the blanket for a brief moment. He shook his head thinking something along the lines of day and night. Something about the homeless front aged her, a good 15 years, or so it seemed. Maybe it was the caked on dirt and knotted up hair. He smoked that cigarette and regarded her in thought. He really hoped they could pull this off. Jax had everything mapped out, just so. There wasn’t any room for mistakes. The VP thought about the picture Brendan had showed them and Jax’s reaction. That alone told him Angel was still alive. If she had been dead, Jax would’ve unleashed the “real beast”. The side Opie had seen. That tidbit that Galen had seen… that was nothing in comparison to Jax’s true potential. Opie had witnessed it firsthand and even now it was enough to give the man chills. Jax was a scary ass son of a bitch that he never wanted to cross.

Before long, the rest of the Sons took their positions. Jax joined him in the warehouse. Chibs had the old building to the teen-prostitution ring. Tig and Happy had the buildings across the way. This was the only means to assure they had all bases covered. There wasn’t much to this area and that’s the way Jax wanted it. If this war was to take place, it needed to be out in the middle of nowhere, with no witnesses. An area just secluded enough that if the cops got called out, Jax could give the heads up, in time to haul ass out of there. Jax looked out the window of the warehouse.
“She doing okay?” He asked with concern.

“So far so good.”

Jax’s eyes were sunken in and he looked just as bad as Angel at this point. Opie knew he hadn’t been sleeping. When Jax wasn’t handling club related issues, he was working out, constantly. And if he wasn’t working out, he’d drink himself silly. That was thanks to his newfound transformation, Jax found it a lot harder to get drunk. His metabolism would burn it up. So he had to down the hard stuff and past the label, before feeling it’s effects. Jax cleared his throat and took his gun out. He checked the chamber over and snapped it shut afterward. Opie nudged him as a few of the IRA members were already pulling into the lot. They kept a watchful eye out as even more showed up, followed by Galen.

“Hella lot of guns…” Opie remarked.

“And that’s what she’s here for.”

Opie drew back a rather tense breath.

“We discussed this already…” Jax reminded.
“Still. How do we know if she can even keep it going that long?”
“We don’t… As to why we gotta work fast.”

“Jesus…” Opie whispered.

Jax patted him on the shoulder.

“You about to shit yourself?”
“I just might…” he admitted and Jax chuckled.

“Deep breaths…”

They looked over as Father Ashby pulled into the lot. He exited the car and made his way to the back, where he took the “infant” out from the car seat. He grabbed the diaper bag and was making his way over. Galen tilted his head and was examining the area around them. Jax thickly swallowed as he took notice.

“Not yet…” He whispered, looking to the time.

“Just hold on…” he added as Father Ashby was walking towards Galen.
Galen held up a hand and started laughing. He made a tsking like sound with his mouth and shook his finger upon the father, as if dealing with a disobedient child.

“You just about had me fooled, father… To think I almost fell for it.”

Kellan reared back, doing his best to seem surprised by Galen’s accusation.

“Fell for what exactly?”

Without so much as a warning, Galen took out his gun and fired. Father Ashby’s eyes widened and he came to his knees. The “infant” rolled out of his hands and Galen nodded as his suspicions were dead on.

“GET DOWN!” The Irish king shouted and his men looked on with confusion.

Galen hit the ground and covered himself, just as the “baby” detonated. Plastic parts scattered about the area. A couple of Galen’s men hollered out as they were hit in the face by the impact.

“Son of a bitch!” Jax uttered, seeing that his plan had gone to shit and fast.

The other Sons caught wind of this as well and were reaching for their weapons. Galen and his men hopped back up and were running towards their vehicles. Just as they reached for the doors, they locked. Galen narrowed his eyes as he was in attempts to get into the limo.

“Open the fuckin’ door!” He shouted at his driver.

“I’m trying!” he yelled in return.

“Now’s our chance. This has Angel written all over it.” Jax hinted.

Opie gave the cue. Jax had that cocky smile about him as he was first to step out. He nodded upon Galen.

“Something the matter?”

Galen sort of laughed and he and his men started shooting. Bullets were flying everywhere and the Son’s just stood there staring them down. Jax raised his brows and spread his cut open, revealing his SAMCRO shirt.

“Try harder!”

The Irish King gritted his teeth and observed the area around them once again.

“Well played, Angelina. Now be a dear and show yourself or I’ll have them gunned down.”

He saw the hooded figure from the corner of his eye. His head snapped that direction and he watched as she made her way down the steps. The sun reflected against her ring, just enough to temporarily blind Galen. Jax smiled, taking notice. That was satisfaction enough. Angel threw the blanket off her and had both guns in hand.

“I’d like to see you try…” she challenged and Galen put a hand over his heart.

“I’m not sure if I should bow before ye or fuckin’ end ye where ye stand.”
Jax cocked a brow on this. Angel merely nodded.

“I’m afraid yer outnumbered. Are ye certain yer on the right side? Do you truly believe that shield is going to protect ye and all yer little friends?”

“Probably not… but I’d rather die than continue with this little mindfuckery we got going.”

Galen smiled and shook his head.

“And ye would know all about the mindfuckery. Now wouldn’t ye? Have ye told him the truth about us?”

“The only truth… is the God awful amount of mouthwash it took to rid of the aftertaste.”

Jax narrowed his eyes and Chibs reared back in disgust.

“Is that the reason ye kissed me in return…?”

Angel swallowed back. The guilt weighed upon her heavily, but she also knew that’s what Galen wanted. He wanted her knocked down a few pegs. So he could throw her off her game. She strutted right on over and his men aimed their guns at her. Jax grew apprehensive, none of this was going according to plan and that had him on edge. The locks to the limo clicked, signifying that they were now unlocked. “Get in…” Angel demanded. Jax shook his head in disapproval, but he hadn’t time to react. Galen kept his eyes locked with Angel’s as he gave his men the signal. Angel gritted her teeth… “IN THE MOTHERFUCKING CAR!” She shouted on top of her lungs and shot three of his men. Galen sighed and opened the door. Once he was inside, she slammed the door shut.

“NO ANGEL!” Jax shouted as he was snapping the neck of an IRA member.

That need for revenge clouded her senses. She ignored her husband’s warning and walked on over to the driver’s side. Angel opened the door, shot the driver, and dragged him out of the limo. After sliding on in, she rolled down the privacy window and adjusted the rearview mirror. She let out a laugh of utter mockery as Galen had his gun aimed her direction.

“That’s adorable…”

“Isn’t it? That shield won’t hold out forever. Yer usin’ up everything ye have just keepin’ the Sons protected. Not leavin’ much for yerself.”

She gave a mere nod and started the limo. After putting it into drive, she hit the gas. She plowed right on through the warehouse. When she did this the guns slid onto the floorboard and she couldn’t get to them as the passenger side was dented in, blocking her path.

“Shit…” Jax hollered, as he and the boys were taking out as many as they could.

But even with Angel’s shield, they were having a hell of a time. There were just too many. Jax swore they somehow doubled in size.

“We gotta figure out another way. Lil Red can’t hold this much longer! Not without getting herself killed!”

“Then we had better work fast!” Jax made clear.

The others nodded in understanding. Happy shook his head and strut right on down the middle, taking out as many as he could. Jax was going for the ones taking cover. He was snapping necks, taking hearts, headshots, whatever it took to get the job done.

Angel pried her door open. She crawled out of the limo and right towards the back, where Galen was locked inside. As soon as she opened the door, she grabbed the Irish King by the collar of his shirt and dragged him out of the limo. She shoved him up against the wall and decked him across the face. He rubbed his jaw and started laughing.

“Feel better, my love?”
“Far from it…” she hissed and went to hit him yet again.

Only he beat her to the punch and socked her a good one. She shook it off and took her knee to his groin. Not once, but twice. He dropped to his knees and covered his package. Tears streamed down her face as she cupped his chin.

“Did I not tell you that you would pay for this? The moment you put a gun to my son’s head you pretty much signed your own death certificate. But you didn’t stop there, now did you? You fucked with the wrong bitch! Forging my name on a marriage and birth documents?! I can’t believe you had the fucking nerve to literally steal me and my daughter and force us into this life. Who the fuck does that? You’re a demented sack of SHIT!” She wiped her face with the back of her hand.

“Ye can’t tell me there wasn’t something there. That kiss…”

“Was nothing more than a promise of Death’s sweet embrace. And you’re looking at her. I know what you did… I know everything… about Declan, Edmond, and I know about the doctor and his family. Father Ashby… I could’ve saved him, but I didn’t. Why save a man that speaks the word of God, but when no one’s looking… he’s choking on the devil’s cock?”

“Ye really think me the devil?”

“Aye…” she mocked in his accent.

Galen nodded and took something out from his blazer pocket.

“Then I suppose I better not disappoint. He aimed the object towards the trunk of the limo. It popped open and Angel staggered back at the sight. She covered her mouth and nose as the scent hit. He smirked and observed her reaction.

“…no…” she whispered, looking frail.

“Hap!” Jax shouted as he hit the ground and hardcore.

“NOOO!” He cried as the IRA gunned him down.

They were relentless and fired round after round.

“NO, JAX!” Opie hollered as he grabbed ahold of their president and was holding him back.

Jax pulled at his hair as he watched the nightmare unfold.

Angel snapped a look the Sons direction and Galen laughed in mockery.

“Uh oh… Looks like someone let her guard down. That’s a very bad shield! Will they be so forgivin’ now?”

Once she truly grasped what she’d done, the area around her spun. She started to take off after Happy and Galen hopped to his feet. He snatched her back and slammed her up against the limo. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and smashed her face through one of the warehouse windows. She brought her leg up and grabbed her knife. He took her wrist and snapped it back. She groaned out and dropped the knife. He spun her back around and forced her towards him.

He roughly kissed her and bit down on her bottom lip, drawing blood. At the moment she had her shield focused on the Sons and not a bit of it was on her. She wouldn’t lose another… She pried him off her and thrust him back.

“I would’ve taken care of ye! Ye and the wee one! I’d have given ye everything! Now look at ye! And where is the wee one now, huh? Just how do ye suppose she’ll grow up? Ye truly believe that Jackson is man enough ta give her everything she needs? Charlene would’ve been better off dyin’ at birth!”

Galen reared back as he noticed his men rising a good foot off the ground. Jax and the others were taking advantage of the situation and were taking out as many as possible. Jax could not only hear, but sense everything that was going on between the two. He knew they didn’t have long; Angel was growing weaker by the moment.

“Stop that…”

Galen demanded as his body lifted off the ground as well. He took a shot at her and his body continued to ascend. Angel braced herself against the wall with one hand and focused with everything she had. The tears were never ending as a pulley made it’s way down. It had a hook at the end of it. His eyes widened as he couldn’t move. Her nose started to bleed and her head swayed back and forth as she too weak for anything else. All she could do was hold him in place.

Jax cut Opie a look of panic, as he was doing his best to get to her.

“Go on… we got you covered!” Opie called out and shot a couple more men.

Jax nodded and took off running as fast as he could.

Galen struggled about as he was desperate to break free. He gritted his teeth as nothing he did seemed to help.

“I’m gonna cut off your tits and staple them to my fuckin’ basement wall. And beat myself off ta them every fuckin’ day, ye fuckin’ cunt!”

She half laughed, but her eyes were rolling back and she was sweating, profusely. Jax scooped her up, and once they locked eyes, she was out. He shook his head, noting the beating her body had taken. He turned to Galen and eyed him down with a growl. As he held her against him the beast Opie had borne witness to was unleashed. Galen’s eyes widened and he went to take off. Jax laid her down and chased after him. As soon as he was within close proximity, he dived after him. The Irish King was eating pavement as Jax had his knee buried into his back. He took a set of handcuffs from his pocket. He cuffed one wrist and Galen hollered out as Jax snapped the other out of place, in order to get the other wrist cuffed. He forced them above his head. The others made their way over and helped Jax to his feet. Opie and Jax dragged Galen towards the hook and got him situated. Chibs pulled the lever for the pulley and lifted him up off the ground. Tig entered the warehouse with Happy in his arms. The Sons looked on with full on remorse. Jax knew without a shadow of a doubt, Angel would blame herself. Thus lead to his own guilt, on having put so much on her. Sure, they’d finally taken down the IRA, but at a price. One they all hoped to avoid. Tig laid Happy down and regarded Angel with a twinge of panic.
“She’s gonna be just fine…” Jax assured as if reading his thoughts.
Tig let out a breath of relief, but wiped his face with the sleeve of his shirt. Jax wiped a few of his own tears away. He grabbed his knife and used it to strip Galen down. He thought about Galen and Angel’s conversation. Once he had the bastard butt-naked, he put his blade to his throat.

“Do you know what happened to the last motherfucker that made attempts in stealing MY WIFE?! Like you… he underestimated me. And the son of a bitch was a vampire… Do you know how that ended? WITH HIM CHOKING ON HIS OWN DICK! IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT?! YOU WANT TO DIE CHOKING ON YOUR OWN COCK?!”

“Let’s just talk this out, surely…”

He groaned out as Jax punched him so hard, everyone in the room heard his ribs crack. “You’re in no position to talk.” Jax drove his claws into his chest. He bit his nose off and spit it back into his face. Galen cried out in horror. The president waved his boys over.

“Have fun, but keep the bastard alive. I’m not quite done.”

They nodded and each took pleasure in beating the shit out of him. Jax disappeared but only for a minute or so. He returned with a cigarette hanging from his mouth and a flamethrower in hand.

“I felt like reminiscing…”

Tig managed to laugh and they all stepped aside.

“Any last words?”

Galen regarded Angel once more. But for once, he had no words. He just dangled about knowing he was fucked. Chibs hummed the jeopardy theme and Jax nodded.

“Ironic… considering we purchased these bad boys from you.” As he said this Jax set him on fire.

The king’s cries were just enough to wake Angel, but only temporarily. Once she had the satisfaction of seeing Galen burn, she passed back out.


The all too familiar voice sounded like a dream. One she never wanted to wake from. So she kept her eyes closed, in hopes that it would linger.

“Come on, darlin’. Let me see those beautiful brown eyes.”

Her heart skipped a beat as she felt the warmth of his hand running along her thigh. She opened her eyes and he smiled. It was then she realized he had her in a bathtub. He had a washcloth in hand and was scrubbing her down.

“There they are…” he uttered softly.

He grabbed the shower head and rinsed her off. There was a line of dirt running down the drain. Angel was so overwhelmed with emotion, she wasn’t sure what to do, or say. Jax swallowed back as she reached out and wrapped her arms around him. He ran a soothing hand along her back and held her in return.

“We did it, baby.” he whispered as she started to cry.

She was getting his white shirt dirty, as she still had some mud caked to her hair and various areas. Angel wasn’t the only one overcome with emotion. The man was having a good cry himself. He kissed the top of her head, repeatedly. And must’ve said I love you a million times. He didn’t care how ridiculous he sounded. He needed her know. When she was finally able to speak words…

“I love you too, Jax.”

He smiled and crawled into the tub, fully clothed. He braced himself against the edges as he kissed her. His clothes were getting soaked as he kissed whatever parts he could reach.

“…fuck…” he whispered as he was getting a little too into it.

He forced himself to stop and chuckled a bit. Jax came to a stand and helped Angel to her feet. Angel watched in admiration as she could see right through his shirt. He took it off and wringed it out, before tossing it onto the floor, along with the rest of his clothes. She giggled a bit as he was rocking a hard on.

“Can’t be helped… It’s been forever and a day…” he hinted, whilst pulling her in close.

They just held one another, letting the nice warm water run down their bodies.

“And you’re just about good enough to eat.” He added with a growl and playfully nipped at her shoulder.

“Close your eyes, baby.” He said as he grabbed the shampoo and started washing her hair.

Once he finished, he rinsed it out. Then he took a few minutes to appreciate the view before him. As much as he wanted to fuck her, right then and there. He knew now wasn’t the time. It wasn’t that long ago she had given birth and he wasn’t sure if she had completely healed from that. And he’d be damned if he hurt her. He’d deal with the pain of having blue balls for now. Having her back, in his arms was all that truly mattered. Nevertheless, he could sense her and knew he wasn’t the only one in “suffering”. But there was more behind the need to wait. Such as Happy and he doubted she even knew about Bobby. They needed to get all that squared away first. Then he could chain her to the bed and have his way with her. And he most certainly would, when the time came. The mere idea had him lightheaded and so aroused, he had a bit of precum dripping from him. He cleared his throat and took a step back. He couldn’t believe the effect she had on him at times. He cleared his throat and with a touch of a wince.

“Sorry…” He said with true meaning.

She sort of laughed.

“Nothing I’m not feeling myself.”

He smiled, but it was soon to fade as it finally hit her. And he didn’t need to ask, he already knew. Jax grabbed ahold of her and let her cry it out.

“I’m so sorry. I let my guard down, Jax. It’s all my fault!”

“Happy lived the life. He knew what could happen, as we all do. Not only did he know the score, but he went the way he would’ve wanted and that’s guns a blazin’, darlin’. I know how he felt about you, and Hap… Well, I know he couldn’t think of a better honor than dying in yours.”

He drew back a quivery breath of his own…

“I really need you to stop blaming yourself for when things go south. You have just as much control as we do. And it’s not even fair to put that on yourself. If we didn’t have your protection, the casualties would’ve worse, by far. There were just too many…”

Angel sighed as if not sure what to think or feel. Jax caressed her cheek.

“And what about the Russians? They know about me, Jax.”

He smiled and put a finger along her lips.

“That’s no longer a concern. I just need you to trust me.”

What he wasn’t telling her… was the Russians had showed up at the aftermath. The Sons just knew they were fucking done for. But when the Russians saw the body count, they truly believed it was all her doing. This had them running for the hills. They didn’t want to so much as hear the word shield ever again. And he found out what his wife had done to their king, the outlaw couldn’t have been prouder.

“Aye and there she is…”

Angel smiled as Chibs made his way over. He kissed her cheek and hugged her.

“Good ta have ye back, lass.”

He planted his hands along her shoulders and had a good look at her.

“Not the same without ye.”

“Likewise…” She regarded the others as well and smiled.

“I need my boys…”

Each of them smiled in response and Opie raised his beer to her.

“And we need you. So get your ass over here.”

Jax chuckled as Opie patted the empty stool beside him. Angel hugged Tig before heading that way. He teared up a bit and cleared his throat.

“Could you like… not die… like ever?” he said with a touch of a smile, but was dead serious.

“I’ll do my best.”

“I’d really appreciate it, doll.”

Tig escorted her over to the bar and pulled out the stool for her. Half Sack greeted Angel with a nod and slid a beer and shot of whiskey over.

“So you’re the one everyone’s making a big fuss about?”

She took a plunge off her beer, before replying.

“And you are?”

“Half Sack…” He answered and she spit her beer all over the place.

She hit at her chest and the guys died of laughter.

“Sorry…” She said as Half Sack grabbed a napkin and wiped his face off.

He sighed and shook his head.

“I take it you already know the story…”
“Oh believe me it’s more than I wish to know.”

He managed to laugh and had himself a shot as well. Opie wrapped his arm around her and kissed the top of her head.

“Glad to have you back.”

She nodded and was doing her best to hold herself together. But that bottom lip quivered and Opie hopped up, offering a hand.

“Let’s go, lil sis.”

Once he had her outside, she breathed in the fresh air.


He nodded. She looked to the sky and sort of laughed.

“This…” she started to say and lit up a smoke.

“I’m honestly wondering when I’m gonna wake the fuck up and realize this was all bs. If it wasn’t for Happy…”

Opie nodded in understanding.

“Nobody was supposed to die.”
“We haven’t any control…unfortunately.”

“But I did…”

“And I’m sure Jax has already gone over this with you…”

She thought about what he said in the shower and nodded.

“Then you should listen to what he said. This wasn’t your fault. Shit happens. And Hap… He’d be pissed if he knew you were taking the blame. So knock that shit off.”

“I thought I lost them…”

He regarded her in wonder.

“Them…?” he probed.

“They had me believing that Jax and Abel were in that clubhouse…”


“Well everyone’s just fine…”

He cleared his throat however and flicked his cigarette bud to the ground.

“Jax tell you about Bobby, yet?”

She narrowed her eyes in question.

“He died in prison…”

She staggered back with a hand clamped over her mouth.

“…oh no…”

“You do realize what that means, don’t you?”

She wasn’t sure what he meant or how to respond. He sort of laughed at the blank expression on her face.

“If you hadn’t gone out your way to make Bobby confess, that would’ve been Jax. Angel… Bobby was beaten to death.”

She swallowed back.

“If nothing else… Jax would’ve exposed himself and we both know the outcome to that.”
“Guess I would’ve offered myself up to Area 51 as well.”

“Couple of freaks, indeed.” He added with a smirk.

“Where is Happy?”

He pointed to a building across the way. She started to head over and he grabbed ahold of her hand, stopping her.

“Are you sure about that? It’s not a pretty sight.”
“I need to see him…”

He sighed and handed her the key.

“Can’t say I didn’t warn you.”

Angel opened the door and recoiled at the sight. Happy was laid out on a wooden table. She could tell the Sons had cleaned him up. But she could see where he’d been shot, several times. They had his cut folded beneath his hands, as they rested about his stomach. A lump formed within the back of her throat as she made her way over. She thought back to the time they first met; when he came on to her and was showing off with the knife throwing. A tearful smile came over her. She placed her hand along his.

“I fucked up… And you paid the price. I’m so sorry.”

She gritted her teeth.

“FUCK!” She yelled and pivoted about punching the wall behind her.

She punched at it until the flesh on her knuckles was raw and bleeding.

“Everyone keeps telling me the same thing, that it’s not my fault. That I hadn’t any control. That these things happen… But that’s just it. I had control! And I fucking lost it, because I freaked the fuck out! I did this…”

She closed her eyes and shook her head.

“I did this…” she whispered once again.

Angel walked back over and kissed his forehead. She gasped back however as a vision hit her. The tree of life… and there were crows flying all around it. Her jaw dropped and she reached to her heart.

“God damn it, Happy. Are you trying to freak me the FUCK out? You scary ass son of a bitch!” But even through the touch of fear there as the awe factor.

Something about that vision had her more at ease and she found herself letting go of that guilt. And she swore she heard Happy laughing.

Asshole…” She scoffed with a tearful smile.

“Damn… if that’s how you say your goodbyes. I’d hate to see what you’d say to me.”

Angel spun around and wiped the tears off her face.

“First of all, you’re not allowed to die. Second, this is between me and Hap. So I’d appreciate if you’d butt out!”

“President. You’ve been vetoed out, considering Hap voted me in.”

She smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck. Jax drew back a breath and caressed her cheek.

“I’m going to prove that his death wasn’t in vain, till my last breath.”

“I know you will.”

Jax looked on as everyone was drinking and socializing. For once, he felt as though this weight had been lifted. He could breathe. He smiled as his old lady and boys were laughing. They put their beers together and each took a shot in Happy’s honor.

“Is there a reason yer actin’ as an observer?”

Jax looked over and McGee handed him a beer.

“Just needed a moment to take it all in.”

The SAMBEL president nodded in understanding.

“Yer free men now…”
“We all are… if we follow the right path.” Jax added.

“Ye make a fine point.”

“So is it true?”
“And what’s that, boy?”

“About my father…”

McGee didn’t answer at first and looked to be in thought.

“That really depends on what truth yer askin’ about.”
“Did he…” Jax gazed upon his wife and shook his head, looking somewhat ashamed.

“Did he really have an affair?”

“Aye… but it’s not quite the way ye think.” McGee sighed.

“Look, if ye really want answers. Ye need ta discuss this with Maureen. She’d come closer to answerin’ yer questions.”

Jax pinched the bridge of his nose.

“I think I may have burned that bridge when I called her a liar.”

McGee had a good laugh at this.

“She’s been called a lot worse. She’s tough as nails, that one. I doubt she even batted an eye on it. In fact, I’m sure she was expectin’ that sort of reaction.”

“All these secrets…” Jax muttered lookin’ ill.

“Aye… they can certainly take their toll. If ye let it… But that’s just it. We have no control over the past. All we can do is move on and work ta keep from makin’ the same mistakes. Like I said… Talk to Maureen. Hear what she has ta say before ye go on judgin’ yer old man. He had his reasons. Not that it makes it any better.”

“That’s an understatement if I ever heard one.”

“Aye now, Jackson… Just hear what she has ta say. Yer father was a good man. But like the rest of us he had his own demons that needed sortin’ out. Now go on… Join yer brothers and that pretty wife of yers. Ye’ve plenty of reason to celebrate. We all do…”

“Tig!” Angel scolded with a giggle.

He had a fistful of Half Sack’s hair and was humping his face.

“You’re such an ass!”

“I agree on that one.”

Angel looked over her shoulder and nodded upon the pretty brunette.

“Cherry…” She said and offered a hand.
“Oh my god… for reals?”
“Umm, last time I checked. Then again, I’ve gone by several names and it’s rather hard to keep count as of late…”

Cherry smiled and plopped down beside her.

“I hear you on that one. I have to apologize for my reaction. Just wasn’t expecting you to be so…”


“Drop dead gorgeous, if I’m to be honest… Jax has had rather questionable tastes…” Cherry hinted as to Wendy and Tara.

“Tell me about it…” Angel said with a smirk, causing Cherry to laugh.

“So which one’s yours?” she asked with curiosity.

“The one being molested.”

Angel’s eyes widened and Tig cleared his throat and let Half Sack up.

“You need to get laid…” Angel taunted.

“Are you offering?”

She covered her mouth in laughter. Jax had just walked up and heard Tig’s little remark. He smacked him on the back of the head.

“Watch it, Trager. Or you’ll be giving me head.”

“Not sure if I’m turned on, or thoroughly disgusted.” Angel murmured and Cherry laughed.

Jax cocked a brow her way.

“I wasn’t aware that did it for you.” He teased with a wink and lit a cigarette.

“Don’t know until we try…”

“And now I’m the one disgusted. Thanks, babe!”

“You’re welcome!”

He sat on the other side of her and pulled her into his lap. The two locked lips and Tig sighed as Jax flipped him off.

“I need to get my dick sucked…” Tig muttered under his breath and waved at one of the SAMBEL club girls.

She smiled and sent him a little wave. He took that as his cue and came to his feet. He handed Half Sack his empty beer bottle and practically skipped away. Half Sack rolled his eyes and tossed the bottle into a nearby bin. Cherry came to her feet as well and took him by the hand. “Let’s dance…” she said with a hinting nod towards Jax and Angel; who were currently lost in one another and paid no attention to their surroundings. His hands were planted along her ass and the kissing only lingered. The others looked on as the two were going at it like a couple of teenagers. Jax leaned into her ear.

“Just you wait… You’re gonna be sore as fuck!”

She giggled and bit down on that lower lip of hers.

“Is that a promise?”

His eyes flickered and a slight growl escaped him. He bucked off the couch and ground her against him.

“That promise enough for you?”

“I’m holding you to it.”
“Can’t say I didn’t warn you…”

“Easy…” Jax said as Angel stumbled about in a drunken manner.

“Think it’s time to call it quits, babe.” He said, taking the whiskey from her hold.

She pouted and he chuckled.

“We got a long day ahead of us tomorrow… It’s time to go home, darlin’.”

She nodded and leaned against the wall of the clubhouse. She looked to the stars.

“So talk to me, Angel. Get it off your chest.”

She closed her eyes and was trying to think of where to even begin. So she did just that… She started from the beginning, when Galen first kidnapped her and went from there. Jax recoiled once it got to the part where she gave birth to CJ.

“I’m sorry I missed it…” He uttered.

She nodded and went on to explain how she faked her death. Just before the limo went up in flames, she’d crawled into a nearby storm drainage. The body that was used in the limo was one of the IRA prostitutes. Edmond and Cameron had picked someone they knew wouldn’t be missed. She got a bit choked up towards the end and Jax looked on with concern.

“It was them. In the trunk, when I let my guard down.”

She was drunk off her ass and Jax was trying to piece it all together.

“Who, baby?”

“Edmond and his father… Galen had chopped them up to practically nothing. And had their heads displayed on top of their remains. Meaning he must’ve got word of their betrayal. But he couldn’t get them to talk or he would’ve known I wasn’t dead…”

There was one thing she hadn’t quite gone over… and he had to ask.
“Did you kiss Galen?”

She lifted her head and Jax flinched like he got socked in the gut.

“I’m so sorry, Jax. You gotta believe me. It was all part of the act. I…”

He reached out and put a finger to her lips.

“I know.” He said as he could sense her and felt terrible for even asking.

The guilt coming off her… it was incredible. He felt his heart sinking, right along with hers. There was nothing to that kiss other than desperation. She was in a bad situation and saw no other way around it. And Jax knew it could’ve ended up much worse. But he couldn’t and wouldn’t go there. His mind just wouldn’t allow it. No matter the claims Galen made, he knew it hadn’t gone any further.

“You’re alive… That’s all I wanted. It doesn’t matter how far you went in order to do so. You’re here and that’s all I need. Fuck the rest.”

Maureen and Trinity had just set breakfast on the table, when the boys and Angel walked in. She smiled and waved her hands about the table.

“Come… There’s plenty.”
“Thank you.” Jax said, but with a touch of unease.

He still couldn’t fathom the truth behind Maureen and his father.

“And ye must be Angel…” Maureen said as she made her way over.

She hugged her and kissed her cheek.

“Yer a beaut, now aren’t ye?”

Angel blushed a bit.

“Told you…” Cherry called out as she was bringing in a batch of pancakes.

“I can see why he was willin’ ta give an arm and leg for ye.”

Jax smiled and cut Angel a wink. He pulled out a chair for her and pecked her on the cheek, as she took her seat. Maureen found herself traveling back in time as she watched the two interacting. The way Jax was with Angel, reminded her of the way JT was with her. This had her on a bit of an emotional roller coaster. To this day, she never loved a man the way she had loved JT. Often enough that had her feeling somewhat guilty, in the sense of Keith. But JT died before they could truly follow their “dreams”. It wasn’t that she didn’t love Keith, she most certainly did. But it just wasn’t the same. When she saw Angel and Jax… She saw herself and JT. It was uncanny…

“What’s with you?” Keith questioned as she took her seat.

“Nothing…” She said with a dismissive shrug.

“Hmm.” He hummed, as he stuffed a forkful of eggs into his mouth.

He chewed and swallowed. And as if reading her mind, he pointed towards Jax with his fork.

“He’s gonna be expectin’ an explanation.”

She regarded her husband with utmost surprise. He sighed and wiped his mouth with a napkin.

“Yer right… It’s not something we can keep hidden. But I won’t lie, I have my doubts on how this will affect things, once he’s back home. Ye know this is gonna open up some wounds. Yer not thinkin’ about Mrs. Morrow.” He whispered, not realizing Jax could pick up everything that was being said.

“And ye think I should give a damn about that wo…”

Keith pointed to her next and shook his head.

Don’t… Ye might not’ve taken a likin’ ta her. But she’s his mother, ye’ve gotta respect that.”
“Mother or not, she treated JT…”
“Maureen…” Keith warned in a hushing matter.

“We can discuss this later.”

“Is something wrong?” Angel asked with a hand over her husband’s.

Jax cleared his throat and shook his head no. He forced a smile and kissed her hand.

“All good, just anxious to get home.”

“You and me both.”

“So it was yer baby we was takin’ care of…” Jax winced on Trinity’s words.

Angel tilted her head and narrowed her eyes.

“Excuse me?”

The Sons froze with the same expression Jax had.

“Aye… the wee one. She looked just like ye!”

Angel looked to Jax and the others in question.

“I’m afraid I don’t understand…” Angel said with a hint of anger to her voice.

“Babe… I haven’t had a chance to discuss this with you…”

Angel held up a hand and stared Trinity down.

“Are you telling me that our baby was here, in this house?”
“Aye…” Trinity said, looking confused.

Jax pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Trinity…” he warned as if in misery.

“Sit down and shut that gob of yers.” Her mother scolded.

“I want to know what the hell is going on and I want to know now!” Angel demanded.

She looked to her husband.

“Was CJ here?!”
He nodded, looking grim.

“WHEN?! Dammit! I told them to be discreet! How is…”

“This was before…” he said and went on to explain what had taken place exactly.

Angel had this look of absolute shock about her.

“So you missed her, by just a couple days?!”

He nodded and she teared up a bit.


Chibs reached over and ran a soothing hand along her back.

“Aye… it’s all over now. Just keep that in mind.”

Angel nodded, but her face was flushed over. Jax could sense her and he completely understood what it was she was feeling. It was the same way he felt, when he first found out.

“I know you wanted to hold her. Just as much as I wish I could’ve been there.”

Maureen covered her mouth as it was all making sense now. And as a mother, she too understood where Angel was coming from. It was a natural reaction.

“Oh my… I’m so sorry, dear. I wasn’t thinking about how it possibly affected ye.”

Angel nodded but looked to her plate.

“Excuse me…” She said, dismissing herself from the table.

Jax sighed as she bolted on out the door.

“I just keep fuckin’ up, don’t I?” Trinity asked with a guilt-ridden expression.

“You’re fine, darlin’. It’s just a sensitive subject, for the both of us.” On this note, he headed on out the door. And the second he stepped out…

“I DIDN’T GET TO SEE OR HOLD HER! THEY JUST TOOK HER AWAY! AND YOU WEREN’T THERE AND…” He rushed over and grabbed ahold of her.

“Shhhhh…” He said as he hugged her.

“You’ve every right to be pissed. I’m right there with you. Believe me, I wanted to be there. You have no idea how much that killed me. But look at me…”

He planted his hands along her cheeks and wiped her tears away with his thumbs. He went on to tell his side of the story and the truth behind Father Ashby, Maureen, and Trinity.

“This is where the healing begins. We’re together now. And there’s not a single thing in this world that could rip us or our family apart. From here on… we’re gonna plow on through those attempts and let nothing stand in our way! I love you, Angel. And believe me when I say. You will NEVER know that kind of pain again. This is OUR beginning. You got me?”

She nodded.

“Galen took something from us that we can never get back. But he failed at the one thing he’d hoped to attempt… And we’re gonna be stronger than ever. I just know it. Some odd years from now, we’re gonna look back on this and to our family. We’re gonna smile like crazy ass sons of bitches because we did it, baby. We’re living the dream! And once we return to Charming, you’re gonna see that. Now I won’t lie, it’s gonna be a bit of a bumpy ride. But the worst is over now. If we can walk through hell and back and live to tell about it, then we’re gonna push right on through the little things. Whatever awaits us at home… We got this.”

“I love you…” she said throwing him off a bit.

He smiled and kissed her forehead.

“I love you too… So whataya say? You wanna let this one be and just move on from here?”

“Fine… I guess…” she uttered, rather childlike.

He chuckled and flipped her over his shoulder. He popped her on the rear and carried her back inside. The others gazed upon him oddly as he planted her back into the chair. He nodded upon Maureen.
“I think it’s time we had that little talk.”

She nodded in full agreement. He regarded his half-sister in thought.

“Think you can watch that mouth of yours…” he teased, causing her to blush a bit.

“There’s not much else I can say.” She said, handing Jax a set of letters.

“It’s all there… Everything you need to know.”

He nodded and ran his fingers along his father’s handwriting.

“He wrote to you?” He asked, looking stunned.

“Aye, all the time… Up until the day he died.”

“Damn…” He uttered with a look of amazement.

“Just keep an open mind when reading those…”

“I’ll do my best, but make no promises. You gotta realize what this looks like to me. All these years… It’s like everything I thought I knew about my old man, was nothing more than lies.”

“Only you can be the judge of that.” she said, tapping her fingers along the envelopes.

“So Kellan…” she hinted.

“Galen…” Jax implied in return.

“I always knew it’d come down ta that. But it doesn’t make it any easier ta deal with.”

“I can imagine so.”

“I tried…”

“It was his decision in the end. There was nothing anyone could’ve done. It just goes to show that any of us are susceptible to a path of self-destruction.”

“Something wrong?”

Chibs lifted his eyes upon Angel and put his phone away. Here they were about to leave and he couldn’t get ahold of Amanda. It shouldn’t bother him. He knew the likelihoods. Though he couldn’t help but to think it rather ironic and that perhaps this was karma at it’s finest. He couldn’t count how many club girls he’d let down, because they’d always hoped for “more”. So he figured this was his punishment. The one woman he didn’t want getting away seemed to have a change of heart. He felt rather bummed out and a little heartbroken. And leave it to Angel to be the first to notice. He laughed in spite of his own misery.

“Nothing I didn’t have comin’ ta me.”

Angel narrowed her eyes in question.

“Don’t ye go worrin’ about me now, lass. I’m just fine. And ye should be on could nine, considerin’ we’re headin’ back. And I’ve got a bit of good news for ye.”


Chibs smiled.

“It seems an old friend of mine has more connections than I ever realized. Ye and Jax will be back in Charming, in no time.”

“What about you and the others?”

“Aye, we got the bikes ta look after. We’ll be right behind ye. Don’t ye worry on it. Ye need ta get back ta the wee ones.”

She smiled and pecked him on the cheek.

“Thank you.”

He gave a simple nod. Angel gestured towards Kerrianne and Fawn.

“Who are they?”

Chibs tilted his head and pointed to Kerrianne with his cigarette.

“That one there is my daughter and the other, is Trager’s.”

Her jaw dropped.

“You’re shitting me…”

He smiled and gave a bit of a shrug.

“That’s awesome! Are they coming back with us?”


“So you really did it…” she whispered as if in awe.

“And where’s your wife?”

He wrinkled his nose on this.

“That’s a story for another day.”

“I see… Damn. So much happened while I was gone.”

“That it did, but you’ll be caught up soon enough.”


“Thank you.”

“Keeping his head straight…” she hinted.

“Hmmm… I believe ye had more ta do with that than anyone else. I’ve a feelin’ if ye weren’t in his life. Things would’ve taken a much more disastrous spin. He was headin’ that way… But ye came inta the picture and he did a complete 180. Ye can’t tell me that wasn’t yer doin’.”

“I believe we all played a part in that. And Jax certainly showed what he was capable of. All he needed was for us to have his back and to believe in him.”

“Exactly… All in which YOU brought out.”

“One of my boys wishes to call forth a meetin’, before ye head out.”

Jax looked to his VP and sergeant they shrugged.
“Up to you, bossman.” Opie said with a smirk.
Jax sort of laughed.

“Sure. But we gotta head out directly after.”
“I hear ye…” McGee waved his boys over.

“I’m gonna need all yers as well; looks like we got a vote ahead of us.”
Jax looked to McGee in question. Each of the Son’s took their seat. Jax tilted his head as Half Sack was last to enter. He had this rather nervous look to him as he kissed his old lady and sent her on out the room.

“Kip’s brought it to my attention that he wants to go back home ta the states. But he wishes ta rejoin his old brothers.”

Jax cocked a brow on this.

“Who’s Kip?” Tig asked Opie.

“I don’t know. He didn’t show up, it’s totally weird.” Opie smarted in return.

“And how do you feel about it?”
“Well I don’t like losing one of my own and Kip’s done more than pulled his weight around here. If he’s voted through ta SAMCRO, he’ll surely be missed. But we’ve a mutual understandin’. Ye’ve lost one ta many brothers and I know ye could use the extra hand. I will say this much. I couldn’t stand the little bastard at first, but he grows on ye…”

Jax sort of laughed.
“That he does…” He said in memory.

Half Sack sighed.

“Thanks. I think.”

“I suppose what we need as a unanimous decision. Let the boys vote on this and if mine are willin’ ta let him switch charters. Then I don’t see the problem with ye votin’ him in, if that’s what ye and yer boys want. So what will it be, boys?”

SAMBEL each agreed to let Half Sack move on with SAMCRO. However when it came to Jax running the SAMCRO vote…

“Nay…” Tig uttered and shook his head, looking pissed.

Half Sack sighed, “And why not…? The others don’t seem to have a problem with it.”

“We don’t accept halfling’s, real men only. Sorry, kid.”
“Bullshit. They let your queer ass in.” He fired back and Tig leaned back in his chair.

He eyed him down as if challenging him.

“Sorry, had to be unanimous. Looks like you’re stuck in Ireland, while your other half is still stuck in Charming.”

“I thought so.”
“Tig’s right. Sorry brother, had to be a unanimous decision. If Trager doesn’t want you back, then you gotta stay here.”

Half Sack sighed but nodded upon Jax, respectfully. Just as he was about to exit the room, Jax smiled and cut McGee a wink.

“On second thought, I’m gonna need that cut.” McGee called out.

Half Sack pivoted about, wide-eyed.
“Take it off…” McGee said looking rather peeved.

He took his cut off and handed it over. McGee took out his knife and cut off the SAMBEL patches. He tossed it over and Jax caught it. He nodded upon Tig and chucked it his direction. Tig took a blue Christmas ball out from his pocket. He hung it on the zipper and came to his feet. He placed the cut back on Half Sack.

“Alright… I suppose we can let you in now that you’re complete, blue balls and all.” He smarted and pawed at the Christmas ball like a cat.

“Are you sayin’ I’m your type.”
“Far from it.”

“Good.” Tig uttered and Half Sack groaned out as he smashed the ball, with the palm of his hand.

Jax covered his mouth in laughter.

“You suck…” Half Sack groaned out.

“So I’m told. Welcome back, brother…”

“And you wanted them to take you back because…” McGee asked with a smirk.

“I’m starting to wonder that myself.”

“Ye must be the one’s Angus was referrin’ ta?”

Chibs smiled as there was another man waiting at the harbor.

“He couldn’t make it. Some sort of family drama. I owe him a favor, so I’ll be yer tour guide for the next few days.”

The man looked towards the others.

“And which ones will be taken’ off with Christopher?” He pointed to another man across the way.

He was kicked back on a bench reading the paper.

“That’ll be these two lovebirds.” Chibs teased and patted Jax on the back.

“Aye… Ye two had better go on and let him know. He’s not a very patient man. He’ll leave ye, if yer not careful.”

Jax nodded and he and Angel hugged the boys goodbye.

“Ye two be careful.” Chibs said as he pecked Angel on the cheek.

“You do the same. See you in a couple weeks.”

The boys loaded the bikes onto the ship and Jax and Angel confronted the pilot. He placed his paper down and nodded upon them.

“And ye are?”
“The Tellers…”
“About time, yer late. Let’s go. I can get ye ta London and ye’ll have ta get on the red eye from there. It’ll take ye straight home.”


The man said nothing and started walking. Angel and Jax followed him into a nearby taxi. Once they got to the private runway, they cringed.

“We’re going to die…” Angel whispered as the plane waiting for them looked like a complete clunker. Jax sighed.
“What was Chibs thinking?”

“Aye now ye two… that’s me pride and joy. It’ll take us anywhere ye want.”

“Thankfully, it’s only to London…” Jax mouthed.

“Ye don’t watch it and ye be findin’ yer own ride ta London.”

Angel raised her brows and Jax shook his head. He said nothing on the matter as he was desperate to get back. But he wanted to pop the living shit out of this asshole. Jax wrapped an arm around his wife and leaned into her ear as they were heading towards the plane.

“Once this thing takes off… You might wanna get that shield of yours going.”

She let out a nervous laugh knowing he was joking, but felt she just might. The entire flight to London was one of the worst they’d had ever experienced. There was constant turbulence and Jax swore the guy was drunk off his ass. He kept his arm around Angel the entire time, fearing they’d crash at any given moment. She looked green the whole flight. In fact, it was so bad the moment she got off the plane, she upchucked. Jax wrinkled his nose and he held her hair back. He shook his head upon the pilot. The pilot pointed out where they needed to go and was quick to haul ass.

When they got to the plane, Jax retrieved the tickets from his pocket. Chibs had given these to him with specific instructions. They went with everything he said to say and do. Thankfully, no questions were raised and they were let aboard, with no issues whatsoever. Jax wondered just how far up this Angus guy really was. It seemed as if he had connections, all around. He wouldn’t doubt if the flight attendant played a part as well. It seemed “too” easy and that had him a little on edge. But that was soon to die down, once they were in flight. Angel leaned against his shoulder and he kissed the top of her head. She was still queasy from the first flight. He took her hand and regarded the King and Queen tattoos Happy had given them. He smiled.

“Something on your mind?” She asked, taking notice.

“Not really… You should get some sleep. We’ve got a long flight ahead of us.”

Before long the sandman paid her a visit. Jax reached into his hoodie and took out the letters. There was a part of him that cringed on the inside. Was this a side of his father he really needed to know? He thought back to Trinity and deep down, he knew it was. But that didn’t stop him from feeling somewhat apprehensive. He went above and beyond to see his father’s vision through. And what if these letters were the truth and the manuscripts were nothing, but lies? His hands trembled in thought. He took out the first letter. And with that pitfall feeling… he began to read.


Not a day goes by where you’re not in my thoughts. I need you to understand why I chose to go back. It’s not that I don’t love you or Trinity. That couldn’t be further from the truth. When I said you were my soul mate… I truly meant it. Even now, I feel you… And every once in a while I pick up your scent and it drives me mad. We discussed the possibilities… and knew. If it wasn’t for Thomas… I’d… Well, dammit Maureen. I don’t even know what to say. I lost my son. Jackson lost his brother and Gem… well, she lost her mind. I can’t do that to Jackson. I’m all he’s got. And he’s needs someone stable. My wife… she’s just not in the right frame of mind. And it only proves that Gem and I were doomed from the start. Between her heart defect and my curse… Without meaning to, we killed our little boy. And I know this, considering Trinity hasn’t had any issues. All the more reason Jackson needs me here. I fear he could be next. I find myself praying every fucking day that it’ll skip him. I can’t bear the thought of losing him. Nor do I wish for him to experience what our daughter has. I know you’re angry with me. And you have every right to be. I know you need me there, just as much as Gemma and Jackson do. But I cannot stand by and merely watch as Jackson’s life destructs. I’m glad to hear you’ve got Trinity’s issue under control. You’re a wonderful mother and I knew if anyone could do it, it’d be you. She will not remember me. But it’s for the best. She will have a better life without me. There are times I feel the same way about Jackson. On the other hand, I picture his mother and Clay raising him and can’t help, but to cringe. That’s the last thing that boy needs!

I’m lost, Maureen baby. I’m heading down a road and with no idea what’s ahead of me. I keep saying that once the smoke clears, I’m coming for you and Trinity. But what if that day never comes? What if I lose everyone I love? I lost Thomas and many others along the way. And as wrong as it is… I’d choose you, any given day over that of my own wife. You see, she’s not the woman I married. I come home to a stranger and the one person I want to be with is miles away. She thinks I don’t know, but she’s the reason I turned to you in the first place. I grew tired of being alone, in a world where I’m surrounded by family, friends, and brothers. But do they really see me? You’re the only one that’s ever made me feel at “home”. With you, I am more myself and I feel at peace. I suppose that’s what heaven truly feels like. I’ve never had that with anyone, not even Gem. Now you know I love her. I always will. It’s a different kind of love. With you there’s the passion and a certain comfort. You get me more than anyone ever has. There was a time I thought that to be Gemma. But she turned around and fucked my best friend and has been doing it for years. And here I am… I play dumb, for the sake of my son and my club. But after losing Thomas, I feel as though my eyes are finally open. But what’s that say about me? When that’s what it takes? All I saw was the digits, nothing else. And I will forever pay the price.

You know I never wanted this for my sons. And now I feel like I owe it to Jackson. It’s my job to clean this shit up. Before he takes the reins and is destined to clean up after me. Clay and I should’ve never agreed to that deal. That was the moment the Sons fell into the fiery pit of hell. And now I gotta drag us back out. Maureen, I’m a broken man, with a broken family, and broken club. And when I say family… that includes you and Trinity. You deserve so much more…

There are times I find myself wanting to hurt her, the way she hurt me. I want her to know that I’m in love with someone else and that I have a beautiful daughter with this amazing person. I want to see the look on her face, when she realizes that she drove me to that point. But I’m sitting here, looking at my boy and I can’t bring myself to do it. He’s been through so much already. Losing Thomas, damn near killed the boy. And I can’t bear to tell him the truth. All he knows is that his brother had a weak heart. I don’t even know how to bring up the curse and what it can do. There are nights he sneaks off to Thomas’s grave. I’ve watched from afar as he talks to him, like he’s right there with him. And it breaks my fucking heart. I wish I knew what to do or say even. How do I help him, Maureen? When I can’t even take care of my club? I feel as though I’m a step closer to the abyss. No matter how much I try to pull myself out. I’m being sucked right back in.

And that’s why I have to do this… For Jackson. It’s time to rebuild. The club needs a rude awakening and at the moment, I’m the only one willing to give it. These boys haven’t any idea what they’re in for. But I’ve grown tired of the lies, the constant betrayal, and if Clay thinks he’s taking my place as president. He’s got another thing coming. I will do whatever it takes to bring back the brotherhood we once had. Even if that means I die in the process…

(Please leave your comment/review. Chapter 43 to be up next week, that will be the last chapter. I hope you all enjoyed. I will be working on Restealing Twilight’s Swan and some of my other works next. Ones such as A Webcatcher’s Dream, Whistling Dixon, and Love Me Till It Hurts. I also have a new Harry Potter story in mind. Yes, I once said I would NEVER write a Harry Potter story. But I clearly lied :p – an idea hit and I can’t break the muse. It will be strictly HP with Harry/OC.)




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    1. I got some editing with other chapters to do. Once I finish that, I will be getting back to updating it. I rather had my muse cut off for a bit due to a harassing reader that was slamming me on every site I had that story on. But it will return. I plan to finish all my stories. At times writers need breaks from certain ones. And it will turn out better in the end, rather than forcing it.

  1. So glad the nightmare with Galen is over & they’re about to go officially meet their babygirl. I wish your stories never ended which is why I keep rereading all of them lol. Poor Jax though his family is all kinds of messed up but his constant will always be Bella/Angel

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