Chapter 43 I Got This Part II

I Got This Part II

I do not own SOA or Twilight

Jax pov…

So here I am… Sitting at this table, gavel in hand. I hear everyone honoring a lost brother in celebration. I should be there, alongside of them. But I needed just a few minutes to reflect on everything that’s taken place. As well as a moment to think about the future… This gavel feels as though it weighs a ton. Something the others don’t truly seem to grasp. When you’re sitting in this chair… You’re responsible for each and every man sitting at that table. And it isn’t just them, but their families and friends, as well as your own. It can certainly take its toll – if you let it. It’s about having the right frame of mind and doing everything within your power to stay in that frame of mind, no matter what you’re facing. There’s not a doubt in my mind that this will be a constant challenge. But after everything… I know I can do this. And I know I’m not alone. I’m twirling that wedding band around my finger and find myself smiling like a crazy son of a bitch, because I know how lucky I am. I managed to achieve the one thing I thought I never could. I found my soulmate married her and we’re raising a family. I’m the president of SAMCRO and have the support of two brothers, ones I know I can always trust. We’ve gained a couple new members Half Sack and Rat, but we’re losing one as well. It was to be expected. Juice has let us know he won’t be sticking around, not by choice. He will have to go nomad due to his new transformation. This was unavoidable. He was rather bummed out about leaving, but not too much in the sense of having Rose to keep him company. The two seem to have hit it off rather nicely. So good for him. I know I give that boy hell, but he deserves happiness, just as much as anyone else. And after everything I learned… That boy deserves a god damn medal and a good dick sucking – I’m talking on a nightly basis. I’m sure Rose will attest to that. It seems we all underestimated Juice. You see he was the hero in his own story. Something about vampire kings and they wanted to punish Rose. It’s things like that that really make you think. I suppose it’s a good thing… being underestimated. It gives you a chance to prove yourself. I for one know all about that. Seems to be the constant… One can only hope word has gotten out and everyone knows the consequences of fucking with SAMCRO and anyone affiliated. It comes at a price. Much blood has been spilt, in order to prove ourselves and to gain the freedom we’ve so longed for. Through Nero and his boys as well as my own, the Mayans know the meaning of back the fuck up. And they’ve taken that into consideration. We haven’t heard from them since Nero’s boys taught them a much needed lesson.

We covered our tracks back in Ireland. So nothing of the IRA is going to come back to bite us. The Russians have indeed run for the hills and I know without a shadow of a doubt, we will never hear from them again. That’s largely due to my amazing wife. She’s something else… and I couldn’t be fucking prouder. That woman lives and breathes SAMCRO and I truly meant it when I said she might as well be a sister. I can honestly look back and realize that’s exactly what I needed. I was going through these women – lost as fuck. And I can see it for what it was. I was looking for someone to save me. And who’d have thought it would’ve been the homeless girl – hidden within the barriers of Charming. That woman became my personal angel. Piney had her pegged, from the very beginning. Without her, I would’ve lost my way.

I would’ve taken a different route and it would’ve ended in blood. In the end – I would’ve lost everything. Now that scares the shit out of me, but it doesn’t make it any less true. I owe that woman everything, we all do.

It seems the boys had a bit of a side mission on the way home – as to why they were running late. Word had gotten back to Amanda’s husband. He knew she was in Ireland. He put two and two together and knew what she was up to. The son of a bitch didn’t take it so well either. So he decided he was going to lay his hands on her. The daughter went to her mother’s defense and he popped the shit out of her. Angus arrived just in time to catch the aftermath. The ex was long gone by then. But he had Amanda so shaken up; she was convinced that her only alternative was to make it work with him somehow. And this wasn’t your typical battered woman wanting to play the victim. No, Angus knew damn well what that somehow meant… Amanda would’ve ended up killing the bastard and would spend the rest of her life in prison and all in order to keep her daughter safe. This guy was a cop and it wouldn’t matter what she or her daughter claimed. He had friends in high places. The law would’ve taken his side, no matter. That’s just the way of corrupt cops that abuse the badge and take it for granted. This guy knew all about working the system and he was playing his cards, just right. He went as far as to have a detective watching Amanda’s every move. And that was how he found out about Ireland. Long story short – Angus had enough. So he called the boys in – figuring they owed him a favor anyhow. Chibs was all too eager, once he learned the truth. And it was then he understood why Amanda hadn’t answered her phone. She was dealing with her own drama during the time. He seems to be quite taken with her and it looks as if Kerrianne, Fawn, and Miranda are hitting it off as well. I think it’s a good thing, considering they’re all about the same age and will be starting a new life – right here in Charming. And it finally hit Angel as to why she was so familiar. It seems she helped Angel get CJ’s horse back during our time in Ireland. Our family is growing and it will only continue as the years progress. My boys made certain the dreaded ex didn’t live to see another day, but they were smart about it. Chibs was the mastermind behind it all and made it appear as if it were “job” related. There was a call for an officer down that very night…

Everyone has managed to honor Happy in some way. Such as Angel with her newest tat – a tree, with crows flying right above it – one for each of the falling brothers. She said something along the lines of a vision. Whatever that vision was… I dig it. I myself made a patch to be worn on our cuts in his honor. But as I’m sitting here – lost in thought… The lights begin to flicker and the entire building goes pitch black. I’m just about to call out and ask what’s going on, when someone snatches me, right out of my fucking chair. Within the matter of seconds, I find myself bounded to a chair. I’m shaking all over and wondering what the FUCK is going on?! A spotlight hits the stage and I rear back as a god damn stripper is twirling about the pole. Juice… Vampire or not, he’s fucking dead. I know Angel’s around here somewhere and she’s going to neuter my sorry ass. I say that in the sense that it’s been a REALLY  LONG TIME and yeah… I’m hard as hell. If that little disco ball gets me into trouble with the old lady… but just as I’m thinking this, the stripper arcs back. She’s hanging onto that pole, busting out of that little bikini top of hers and I’m about to bust a nut.

“Dammit, Juice…” I mutter in misery as she’s making her way over.

I lean back as far as I can and close my eyes. This bitch is grinding against me like there’s no tomorrow and enjoying what I’m rocking, a little too much. Irony has it the song Crazy Bitch by Buckcherry starts to play and I’m just about to break out of these cable ties and let the bitch have it. You gotta respect the old lady… Despite the presidents before me and how they did things, that’s not who I am… not anymore. That’s about that time I pick up the bitch’s scent and she’s aroused. I’d been holding my breath and for a very good reason. I knew it would only add to it and make matters worse. My mouth begins to water and my eyes roll back. And this bitch’s tits are right in my face. Only she’s no bitch… I shake my head and smirk in realization. The entire building has been cleared out and she leans into my ear.

“I believe you asked for a dance, Mr. Teller.”

Ho-ly sh-it! How the fuck did I score this big? Seriously. The woman’s got a heart of gold, she’s a complete bad ass. Yet I can make her blush like no other. To top everything off she’s a little sex kitten and I just want to eat her up, literally. She crawls out of my lap and goes back to that pole. She’s taking her tongue to it and all I can think about is how I wish that pole was my fucking dick. Lick it up, baby. Her legs wrap around that pole and it’s getting all the pussy I WANT! I can’t control it. I rip out of those stupid cable ties. And before I can so much as think, I have her on the floor. I’m taking my claws to that little red and black string bikini. She’s biting that lower lip of hers, driving me mad! Every now in then her back arches off the floor and she’s in full blown HEAT! There’s no containing the growl that escapes me as I tear the front of my jeans. I whip myself out and within seconds, I got my cock buried in that sweet little pussy. She’s wet as fuck and she feels so good it’s unreal. Just a few strokes in and I’m already pulling out and giving those perfect tits of hers a cum bath. I don’t even give her the time to catch her breath. I’m back inside and far from done. I’ve been craving this. And I’m keeping my word. I’m gonna fuck this lil darlin’ until she can’t walk. I want her throbbing below and her knees shaking.She cries out my name and I can feel the warmth of her sweet nectar along my shaft. I never want it to stop. I could spend the rest of my life buried in her. On another note… I suppose I shouldn’t kill Juice after all…

It was the day after my mother called for a “family” gathering. To our surprise, Nero and his son had arrived as well. It seems as if they’re giving it another shot. But are taking it at a slower pace… or so they claimed. It wasn’t long after this mention, I caught them dry humping one another and sucking face on the patio.

For once, everything is just as it’s supposed to be. We worked hard to get here and that is something I will never forget. I will look upon my son, daughter, wife, and brothers and that is all the reminder I need. From here on… I’m on that road, with my hands spread apart, in celebration of the ultimate victory and that is freedom, baby. I think of my father and there are only three words that come to mind. Only this time – I can say it and truly mean it.

I Got This…”

Tree tattoo angel gets in Happy's honor

happy patch

(And that my friends is the end. Thank you so much for your support and reviews/comments. I loved writing every word of this and I foresee more SOA in the future.)


34 thoughts on “Chapter 43 I Got This Part II”

  1. This was such a great ending. I’m curious though if you plan on a sequel? Because I gotta tell ya, I hope so because I’d love to see Angel run circles around the new cops with the book Wayne gave her.

  2. awesome job, loved this story one crazy ride but loved every minute 🙂 you are an amazing writer you can make me laugh, cry, get mad and even hot. would love to read more SOA stories with Bella maybe even paring her up with others sons maybe? random thought but what ever you write I will be here looking forward to it 🙂 have a great weekend you have started mine on a great note. (HUGS)

  3. aww this is so bittersweet because it’s over but it was such a great ending to an amazing story i look forward to reading more soa from you in the future or anything really 🙂

  4. This was a fantastic chapter (both parts!). Loved, loved, loved that they got home to the kiddos! WTG Jax for letting’ mama have it!! She deserved it!! I got all teary eyed when they scattered Happy’s ashes. Love the tat Angel got to honor him and the others. Good to know that after everything they went through, Jax and Angel get their happy ending. That last scene with them at the club had me a grinnin’..No Jax, don’t be a killin’ Juice, now! I’m so sad to see this story end! It was one hell of a ride!! One of your best stories!! Awesome job!!

    *There needs to be a sequel where they kick the new Sheriff’s ass and Rose & Juice go back to Ireland and adopt some orphans and Angel and Jax raise their kids w/ the “curse” & etc…..;-)

  5. This was an awesome story hon. I think that they will have trouble with that new sheriff though. Leaving it open for a sequel? lol. anyway, I loved the story as I do all of your stories. thank you so much for sharing this one with us. I can’t wait to read more of your work, completely awesome…until next time…bigg huggs.

  6. Amazing amazing job!!!! Now that’s it’s finished I want to read over again and enjoy Bella and Jax’s journey. You are an amazing writer ❤️❤️❤️

  7. Once again you have me addicted to another crossover genre. I honestly haven’t seen SOA but now I’m a bit anxious to watch if. Just wish there was bad ass Bella in it lol. Such an amazing journey, I loved every moment.

      1. On episode 3 now. If the kids weren’t out of school next week I’d have it done then lol. U know of any other good crossovers of this ilk??

  8. This story was awesome thank you so much i wish there were more SOA/twiglight xovers that were as fleshed out,well written and finished

  9. I absolutely loved this story. While it would be nice to see Angel run circles around the cops as another person said , it’s all completely up to you. I thank you for writing a awesome story that completely drew me in and kept me there and you have done the same with the story The Highlander.

  10. I’m done! Lol. It was so good that I kinda want hunt down alll the seasons of SOA and binge watch it.

    I was totally expecting Jax to call in the favor the wolves owed him for help with the IRA, but it’s cool that he didn’t. They’re so badass that they don’t need superpowered wolves.

  11. Oh Wow this was an absolutely amazing story! You had me crying, and close to screaming several times, when Angel and Jax just couldn’t get a break. Thank you for the amazing journey in Angel and Jax’s life.

  12. Just finished this story again, loved it just as much as I did the first time I read it. One of my favourite stories by yourself along with the highlander (Chibs will always be my fav). For sure one of my go to stories when it the mood for a Bella crossover as she is so bad fucking ass in this one. Your just the best. You got this no matter what you do. ❤❤

  13. So…I just read Highlander, then Playing With Fire, and then this all over again. I just… well can’t get enough of them! What can I say, they’re good 🙂 so thank you once again for sharing and I can’t wait to see how Galway Girls turns out!! Love ya!

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