Chapter 6 Change In Plans

Chapter 6

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“Good morning.”

“May I help you?” Bella asked.

The woman smiled.

“Actually you can… May I come in?” The woman flashed Bella her badge.

“I’m Agent Stahl and I have a few questions I’d like to ask you.”

Bella got Abel as he was in her arms.


The woman nodded and was nosily poking her head in looking around. Bella stepped out and pulled the door shut. The agent went to touch Abel and Bella took a step back. The woman sort of laughed and pulled her hand back.

“We have an appointment so if you wouldn’t mind…”

“Right..” The woman replied, but in a scoffing matter.

“And who am I speaking with?”

“What is this pertaining to exactly?”

“How about you answer my question first then I’ll answer yours?”

“The nanny…”

“Just the nanny?” The agent repeated accusingly.

“That’d be correct.”

“And your name?”

“That’s two questions Agent Stahl.”

“Ah, good with math I see.”

“That’s not going to get you anywhere…”

“My apologies..”


“You’re aware of the case involving the murder of Donna Winston?”

“You mean the one that’s been closed?”

The woman nodded.

“But we’re looking into reopening it.”

Bella smiled.

“Are you now?”

“It would seem so.”

“Well good luck with that.” Bella opened the door and reached in grabbing her purse and Abel’s diaper bag.

“I still have a few questions for you.” Agent Stahl said as she was blocking Bella’s path.

“And I said we had an appointment. So if you would…”

“Of course…” She starkly replied.

“When is a good time to catch you again?”

“Next to never…”Bella called out as she placed Abel into his car seat.

“So tomorrow… say around noon?”

She didn’t answer as she got into the car and pulled out of the driveway.

Jax stepped out of the garage as he saw the Lincoln pulling into the parking lot. He nodded Bella’s direction as he made his way over. Bella rolled her window down and Jax poked his head in. Abel smiled once he saw his father. He made that squeal like sound and Jax chuckled. He opened the backdoor and crawled into the back.

“Tell daddy how you were a big boy. You didn’t even cry when you got your shot.”

“Were you now?”

He did this… She turned back facing Jax and made a quivery lip.

“But that was it… No tears.”

“That’s my little man.” He said as he unbuckled the car seat and took him out.

“Wanna stick around for a bit?”

“Sure… We need to talk anyway.”

She followed Jax into the office where he pulled the door to.

“What’s up?”

“An agent came by the house today. She was extraordinarily nosey and had some questionable methods.”

“You’re kidding me?”

“Nope… Does an Agent Stahl ring a bell?”

“No fucking way. What’s she doing back here?!”

“I take it you two are tight?” Bella sarcastically threw out there.

He shook his head.

“Something like that. What’d she want?”

“She claims she’s here to reopen the case on Donna.”


“My thoughts exactly, which tells me she probably got wind of the new girl in town, and has decided to see what sort of trouble she can get into now.”

He nodded in agreement.

“Sorry about that…”

“She thought I was your old lady… Didn’t quite believe me when I mentioned I was Abel’s nanny.”

Jax smiled as he was feeding Abel.


“Nothing… So what all did she ask you?”

“Not much. I didn’t give her the time…”

“I think you’re onto something. I’m sure she found out about you and hadn’t anywhere else to put that stubby nose of hers.”

Bella had a good laugh at this.

“It is pretty stubby. Like what’s the story with that? It looks like she’s had surgery or something on it – multiple times even.”

“Let’s just say a friend of ours didn’t have any issue teaching her a much needed lesson.”


“I wouldn’t worry about Agent Stahl. The case is closed. She has nothing…”

“I’m not. My father was a cop remember? I know how these things are ran…”

Jax nodded but something else came to mind.

“You still got your ID’s and all right?”

“Well yeah…”

“Just be careful… what you say to her…” he hinted more concerned about her at moment.

“I will be.”

Jax hopped up from the desk as he heard the motorcycles pulling up to the garage.

“What the fuck?” He murmured seeing as how it was the Mayans.

“Stay put…”

She nodded as he handed Abel back and headed out. Bella cautiously looked out the window. Clay and company stepped out and nodded upon the Mayans.

“Wrong side of town…” Clay called out as he made his way over to their president.

The man nodded towards Jax.

“Seems we have issues to discuss vato. I hear your boy attacked a couple of our guys the other night.”

“Shit…” Bella whispered.

“One of them ended up shot in the leg and was found naked in the coffee shop where he was arrested. The other said he was beat down by three of your guys. Something about some blanco bitch that had been stealing from them?”

Bella backed away from the window and closed her eyes feeling ill.

“You mean the guys that were here just a few days ago and beat and nearly raped a woman. Right here on our turf? Those guys?” Jax threw out there.

“That’s not the story I got ese.”

“Of course it isn’t.”

“We were all here when it happened… We’re just calling it like it was.” Clay added.

“Yeah man… we don’t take to that shit lightly.” Juice spat as he was wiping the oil off his hands.

The Mayans Pres and his VP looked to be in some sort of discussion.

“I can respect that…but in the same respect we don’t take lightly to thieves. If mi amigo says the chica owes him then she does.”


“Easy…” Bobby called out holding out a hand as Jax was about to approach them.

Bella covered her mouth as the Mayans brought out their guns and were eyeing Jax down.

“They want some sort of reimbursement for their losses.”

“Well they’re not getting squat. Not after what they pulled.”

“You know this woman on a personal level homie?”

“That’s irrelevant don’t you think?” Clay added.

“Nah man… if you know this woman. That’s treason…”


“You let this woman steal from one of our own! And I thought we had a mutual understanding.”

Bella reached into her purse and brought her gun, she kept her back up against a filing cabinet.

“I’m the one that took care of your boys. So let’s focus on the real issue here. The woman, just forget she even exist. She’s more than paid her dues. And I gotta say… you talk about treason and stealing but don’t bat an eye at a woman getting beaten and nearly raped and by two of your own no doubt? Is that the kind of image you want for your club? Do I need to send you a bunch of wifebeaters?” Jax witted.

“That’s enough!” Clay warned pointing to Jax.

“It seems everyone was at fault and everyone paid the price. So I don’t see any reason why this should go south…” Clay stated.

The leader of the Mayan’s nodded.

“Very well but if your boy or this woman start anymore trouble. We’re gonna have an issue.”

“Won’t be happening brother. I give you my word.”

After they left Clay turned back towards the area Bella was in. Bella backed away from the window as Clay was making his way over. The door flew open and he pointed upon her.

“You see the trouble you caused!”

“CLAY!” Jax shouted.

“You better watch yourself girlie! You could’ve gotten us all killed just now!”

“KNOCK IT OFF!” Jax shoved Clay back as he entered the office.

Bella gasped out and Abel started to cry as Clay grabbed Jax by the vest and jerked him back against the wall.

“Watch yourself son…” Jax’s lip curled on this and he pushed Clay off him.

Juice wrapped his arm around Bella and led her out the other door and into the garage. Opie nodded upon her and offered to take Abel. Bobby shook his head and went back to work on one of the vehicles.

“Stirring up all kinds of trouble…” Bella heard Tig murmur.

Then again, he was still bitter about not getting any the other day.

“You’re one to talk…” She fired back knowing the truth behind Donna Winston.

Tig stopped what he was doing and cut her a look. Juice stepped in front of her and was blocking the way as Tig started towards her. Opie quickly led Bella back to the car.

“Might be best if you and the wee lad went home now lass…” Chibs said as he placed Abel in his car seat.

She jumped as she heard something hit the hood of the car. Tig had his hands on the hood and was eyeing her down. Jax rushed over and pushed him out of the way.

“Leave her be… I mean it!” Jax turned to Bella as Opie grabbed ahold of Tig and was holding him back.

“I’m right behind you…” he called out as he was about to hop on his bike.

She nodded and started the car. As she pulled on out Jax was right behind her.

“Stupid bitch…” Bobby heard Tig grumble once he reentered the garage.

“Funny you were going on and on about her until she turned you down.”

Tig pulled a certain face with this and Bobby chuckled.

Jax hopped off his bike and threw his helmet down as he rushed up to the car. He opened Bella’s door and she stepped out.

“So that was… well… interesting?”

He didn’t comment. But was looking upon her a certain way…

Jax cupped her cheek and kissed her. Not just any kiss. One they soon found themselves lost in.

Bella felt her entire body heat over and she thought she’d literally melt. Jax’s mouth was exploring hers and she could feel him throbbing up against the area of her sex. She’d never experienced anything like this. But this was wrong… or was it? None of that mattered now. She was in… and there was no backing out.

He picked her up and Bella wrapped her legs around him. He was kissing along her neck and moving her about him. All he could think about was how badly he wanted her. Yet he was mad at himself for giving in so quickly. He had this all planned out. He was going to take his time and do this right. The moment he realized he falling for Bella. He decided to test her first and see if she could even handle this sort of life. After the way things ended with Tara – he wanted to make certain that would never happen again. But there was this pull he didn’t quite understand and as even as he was kissing her, he kept telling himself to stop. You’re going to screw it all up again Jax! There’s still so much she needs to know. So much to do…Try as he might – Jackson Teller was gone and there was no stopping it.

“That’s some nanny…”

They froze and turned to see Agent Stahl. Jax’s growled under his breath.

“Get the fuck out of here!” he ordered.

Agent Stahl nodded.

“I was just stopping by to remind your ‘nanny’ about our meeting? Noon still okay with you?”

Jax lowered Bella down and took a step towards the agent. She backed up with both hands in the air and a smug grin.

“Easy… I’m going…”

Jax nodded and kept walking towards her menacingly. Bella got Abel out of the car and headed inside.

Jax entered the room as Bella was rocking Abel. He looked over seeing as how he’d fallen asleep.

“Little man’s all tuckered out…” he murmured.

Bella smiled and came to her feet. She placed Abel in his crib and felt Jax running a hand along the slope of her back.

“Well I’ll be in my bed…” he hinted with hope that she’d accept the invitation.

“Goodnight… See you in the morning…”

He reared back feeling rather disappointed, but he said nothing on it. She heard his bedroom door shut. She turned to Abel.

“What do you think? Should I make him suffer?” she whispered with a smile.

Bella entered the hallway and merely stared at the two doors. She bit her lip in thought and leaned against Jax’s door. Bella stripped down in the hallway and nervously put her hand to the doorknob and slowly turned it. Jax raised his brows as she leaned against the doorway. He was clearly naked as the evidence of his clothes was tossed onto the chair beside his bed.

“You know it’s a little awkward being on the other side of the wall…” she taunted and he smirked.

“Is it?”

She nodded and looked around the room.

“You coming in or just gonna stand there darlin’?”

“I dig the view from here. I’ve a feeling it’s much safer…”

“Safe? Rather boring don’t you think?”

Bella smiled and pulled the door to as she stepped on in. Jax chuckled as she leaped over straddling him. He arched a brow she pinned his wrists down and was kissing him. A moan fled from his lips as she cruelly teased him by rubbing her slit right against his dick. He could feel how wet she was already and it was driving him crazy. He shook his head as she smiled upon him and continued in her taunting. “Something wrong?”

This was pure torture what she was pulling. He’d wanted her for so long it was damn near painful how hard he was at the moment. He went to break out of her hold only to have it tighten.

“Don’t even think about it… If we’re going to do this… it’s going to be me that leaves the first impression. This way if you ever fuck me over … You’ll look back and realize what a fucking idiot you were. Your choice… So what’s it going to be Jax, yay or nay?”

His eyes practically rolled back. It was official. He’d never been this aroused in his entire existence. “Yay baby…”

She smiled on this and positioned herself so that he could enter. He let out another moan as she continued in holding wrists down but was riding that cock of his like there was no tomorrow. She was the perfect fit and he couldn’t get over how fucking good she felt. She was getting wetter by the moment and her scent was maddening. His mouth watered in thought of eating that little pussy of hers out one day. He gritted his teeth knowing he couldn’t sustain much longer. She had him too riled up.

“FUUUCK!” He cried out as he came and thought he’d never stop.

She released his wrists and he just lay there for a moment looking absolutely stunned. Bella ran a hand along his chest and he reached over cupping it with his own. He brought her down against him as she was still overlapping him. The young woman closed her eyes and he ran his hands along her body exploring every inch of it.

Bella looked to the time as she heard Abel crying. She carefully rolled off Jax and put her shirt and panties on as she rushed out the room. Bella yawned as she made her way to the changing table.

She smiled as Abel had to grin of his going.

“You little goober. Talk about a 180.”

He cooed out excitably as she took his diaper off. The little guy kicked his legs about as she got him a new one and placed it on him. She softly laughed as he was already falling back to sleep. She picked him up and rocked him for a little bit before placing him in the crib.

When she was done she went to the kitchen and poured her a glass of water. She put the glass in the sink once she was done. She jumped at first seeing his reflection in the kitchen mirror. His hands ran along her shoulders and arms as he kissed along the crevice of her neck. She felt his hand pressing down between her shoulders as he bent her over the counter. He yanked her panties down and spread her legs with his foot. His name fled from her lips as he drove his entire length in and began thrusting with everything he had. Once he picked up the pace, he grabbed a fistful of her hair and was pulling it ever so slightly. Just enough to give her that animalistic thrill, which seemed to work. Bella was cumming so hard she had it running down her legs. Jax raised his brows in realization. He observed their reflection in the kitchen window. He could make her out perfectly and that only added to the sheer amount of lust he was in.

“Look up baby…”

He sent her a wink once she took notice of it as well. Just the mere vision of Jax fucking the hell out of her had Bella in orgasmic overload. He smirked as if knowing. He reached around and fondled her milky white breasts. Her nipples were nice and erect as he could feel them against the palm of his hand. Just as he felt that urge, he pulled out. He came along her ass and pussy. When he was done he used the tip of his dick to rub the semen in even more as if marking his territory.

Bella rolled over and reached out realizing that the other side of the bed was empty. She groaned out tiredly as she rose up in the bed. She reached over and grabbed one of Jax’s cigarettes. She leaned against the headboard and had her morning smoke. Jax entered the room fully dressed and with Abel in his arms.

“I didn’t even hear him…” she looked to the time and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes.

Jax sat on the bed and laid Abel down.

“That’s because he just lying there looking around…”

She smiled.

“He tends to do that more and more lately.”

Jax nodded and reached over taking a drag off the cigarette before handing it back.

“I gotta get.” He pecked Bella on the lips and took Abel’s tiny hand kissing it.

He rushed on out the door and Bella looked to Abel.

“Well kiddo, you ready for another day?”

Jax felt his phone vibrating in his pocket. He took it out to see a video of Abel being pushed in the baby swing at the park. He smiled as Abel had that grin and squeal going. He could hear Bella in the background telling him to say hi to daddy. When the video was done playing, he put the phone away. But he looked over seeing as how Juice was texting his old lady. He reached over and grabbed the phone he read the message.

Hey babe, you hitting the club anytime soon again? Let me know…

“HEY!” Juice called out as Jax dropped his phone in a mug of beer.

“Why’d you do that?!”

“You remember when I said not this pussy?”

He nodded.

“Well there’s your answer…”

Juice reared back and started cursing in Spanish. Bobby leaned over.

“I thought he was Puerto Rican…”

Jax laughed. “Maybe he’s having some sort of identity crisis.”

Clay entered the room followed by Tig. And just as Jax figured the meeting was about the Mayan’s, the dealing in weapons, and Jax let it known that Agent Stahl was poking her nose in Charming’s business again. After discussing all these matters Clay nodded towards Jax.

“It seems we have one more issue to discuss before I adjourn this meeting. That being a reminder of the club rules. And what are those J.T?”

He lit a cigarette before answering.

“Club members and old ladies only unless it’s a special event and mutually declared otherwise.”

Clay nodded.

“I don’t recall nannies being on the list.”

“Unless… they played a nanny in a porno…” Tig added.

Jax shrugged.

“Old ladies and club members only, gotcha…”

Everyone nodded in agreement. But Juice was cutting Jax an odd look. One that Jax took notice of but chose to ignore. Clay slammed his gavel down dismissing everyone.

Page break

“He’s sure growing…”

Bella turned seeing it was Opie. She smiled and hugged him in greeting. She waved at Kenny and Ellie as they were heading for the slide.

“Taking a day off?”

He nodded.

“Well it’s a good day for it.”

“Yeah nice breeze going to.”

Bella stopped the swing and took Abel out. They sat at one of the park benches and watched the kids as she fed Abel.

“So how’s everything going?”

“Not so bad actually and you?”

He shrugged.

“About so-so…”

“Something on your mind?” She asked out of concern.

He folded his arms about his chest looking to be in thought.

“I’m not sure how to act around you if I’m to be honest.”

She narrowed her eyes in wonder.

“Oh? And why is that?”

“I’m sure you know about my wife.”

She nodded.

“Well if it wasn’t for you. I’d have lost Kenny and Ellie as well. I’m not sure how I’d…” he cleared his throat.

“I guess what I’m trying to say is I feel like I can never fully repay you.”

She smiled.

“Opie, there is no need to act any different around me. Just be yourself.”

“I’m not even sure who if I know what that is anymore.”

“You’re still adjusting. You shouldn’t be so hard on yourself. Give yourself time to grieve and it’ll come to you when the time is right.”

“Still getting that whole grieving part down. Nothing I do feels right. And I’m so…”


He nodded.

“That’s only natural. I imagine it makes it hard with the little ones. You can’t express yourself the way you need.”

“It can be. Certainly feels like that at times. And I feel like a terrible father…”

“Why’s that?”

“Because it hurts sometimes; just being around them… As to why I pushed my own kids away at first. I realized what I was doing, but I couldn’t make myself stop. Not until my mother left and I hadn’t any choice. They just lost their mother… Yet I was nowhere around after it happened. It’s just… well every time I see them… I see her.”

Bella reached over and gave his hand a gentle squeeze.

“You’re a wonderful father. Believe me. You saw what was happening and took care of the situation. That’s what parents do. Even if it hurts… You want the best for them.”

He nodded once again.

“It makes it even harder when I’m struggling to make ends meet. Clay needs me and I need the money. But I can’t leave the kids by themselves and Gemma she can only do so much.”

Bella nodded and looked to the kids in thought.

“Why don’t I help you out from time to time? I got Abel with me anyhow and it’s not like you’d have to pay me. The club is like family right? So just think of it as helping one another out.”

“I can’t put you out like that.”

Bella softly laughed.

“Pfft your kids are awesome. I’d love to watch them. Why don’t you bring them over in the morning? That way you can get some hours in.”

“Are you sure?”

“Absolutely, just swing by the house in the morning. I’ll have them some breakfast ready.”

“I can’t let you do this for free.”

“I’m not taking your money Opie. So deal with it. We’ll be fine. Do what you gotta do.”

Bella came to her feet.

“I better get him out of the sun. It’s his nap time anyhow.”

She pecked Opie on the forehead.

“I’ll be seeing you three in the morning.”

As she was about to walk away Opie reached out and took her by the hand.

“Thank you…”

She smiled.

“Take care, Opie…”

“You too, lil sis…”

Bella’s heart fluttered in joy on hearing him call her this. Having that true sense of family…

Bella approached the porch with a bag of groceries and Abel in her arms.

“You’re late…”

“Jesus lady… What’s your deal?!”

Agent Stahl smiled and came to her feet as she was sitting on the steps.

“Have you been waiting here the entire time?!”

The agent shrugged as Bella unlocked the front door. Bella stepped inside and sat the bag down on the dining room table. She went to place Abel in his playpen only to snap back seeing as how Agent Stahl had a couple bags of groceries and was welcoming herself inside. Bella shook her head.

“Um no… You weren’t invited in. You need to back it up and now… Or things are gonna get real ugly and fast.”

“Just offering a hand, that’s all.”

The woman set the bags of groceries down and put her hands to her hips.

“So it seems you’re a dirty little liar.”

“Excuse me?”

“That whole nanny bit. I was right. You’re Jax’s new old lady. Whatever happened to the doctor?”

“Not sure… What happened to your face?”

“Well you’re certainly feistier than the last one. Prettier even… But you’re not from around here, are you?”

“Look I’m not going to play these games with you. I know you haven’t any real reason to be here other than it being personal. You haven’t a case. You’re here because you haven’t anything better to do other than harass the club and anyone associated. You know damn well that the case with Donna Winston isn’t reopening. You just needed an excuse. And you pegged me for someone that would be foolish enough to fall for it. It was nothing more than a scare tactic. And even if there was the blue moon chance that reopening… What would that have to do with me?”

The agent nodded.

“You’re good… And you’re right. Donna Winston isn’t the real reason for my visit.”

“Then what is?”

She smiled.

“I’d love to tell you. But at the moment, the timing, it just doesn’t’ seem right. I suppose you’ll know when that day comes.”

“Meaning you don’t have shit. So get the fuck out before I call the police. Agent or not this is harassment and I won’t have it.”

“Whatever you say baby…”

“Everything alright?”

Bella jumped putting a hand to her heart.

“Jesus Gem!”

Gemma motioned back to the agent as she was leaving.

“Everything’s fine. She’s just a nosey bitch is all.”

Gemma nodded and took a cigarette out from her purse as Bella was unloading the groceries and putting them away. She welcomed herself to the table and smoked her cigarette.

“Just watch what you say around that one. Don’t ever let your guard down. What’d she want anyhow?”

“At first she claimed that they were reopening Donna’s case. But it was just some bogus story so she could get into Jax’s business.”

Bella stopped for a moment and nodded towards Gemma.

“So what brings you here?”

“What? I can’t just be here to visit my babies?”

Bella smiled on this and Gemma cut her a wink.

“Well that depends is this a bitchfest visit or a motherly one?”

“You’re just waiting for that ass beating aren’t you?”

“Maybe…” Bella taunted in return.

“Hmmm… look I’m taking Abel with me tonight. I’ll bring him back sometime tomorrow.”


Gemma nodded.

“But here’s the thing… that little tramp my son’s been screwing…”

Bella nodded curious as to where this was going.

“That needs to come to an end now, but in order for that to happen. I assume someone needs to fill her place. Someone that’s a bit more fitting to the picture. So if you could come up with a way to make this happen…”

Bella resisted the urge to laugh by pressing her lips together. Sure she could tell Gemma that the spots been filled already. But she decided it might be best if Jax was around when she did.

“Well I’ll most certainly look into that and see what I can do.” she replied rather business like.

Gemma smiled and came to her feet. She kissed Bella on the cheek and took Abel home with her.

Bella opened her eyes as she felt someone kicking at her boot. She stretched her arms out as she came to.

“I’ve been looking for you everywhere. I should’ve known to come here first.”

Jax plopped down beside her and lit one up.

“The bed not comfy enough for you darlin’?”

She smiled and took a drag of his cigarette.

“It was too quiet with Abel gone…”

“Too quiet?”

She softly giggled.


“Funny, I come here for the exact opposite reason.”

“It’s a different kind of quiet around here…”

He nodded.


Jax wrapped his arm around her and kissed her cheek.

“So you ready to roll with me tonight?”

“That depends… Apparently you and I have different definitions in “roll with me”.”

He nodded and took another hit off his cigarette.

“This… what we’re doing right here. Is why I did what I did.”

She cut him a rather puzzled look.

“I needed to see if you could even handle being my old lady. And to be honest… I’m still not 100 percent sure of this.”

“What do you mean?”

“What’s to say you won’t bail on me the moment shit hits the fan?”

“Don’t… You’re not going to start the comparing game with me Jax.”

“This isn’t about comparing. Hell that’s not even where I was going with this. Tara and I… That’s something totally different and it’s all ancient history now – where it belongs. Where it should’ve stayed, after the first time round. There’s nothing to compare to. You’re two different women entirely. And what I felt for Tara was something much different and way more toxic than this.”

He couldn’t help but to notice the way Bella grimaced.

“Toxic as in deadly… Not in the sense you’re thinking. It’s strange… You and I… I knew Tara for years. And I thought what we had was strong, but that last time of getting together…” he shook his head.

“It even felt like a mistake. But I couldn’t bring myself to believe that, because I loved her. And when we were younger it was..” he sort of laughed.

“Let’s just say it was unhealthy. And it took me years to even discover that. When she left me that first time, I truly thought I’d never overcome it, but this time round. Yeah it hurt. Like hell… But I knew it was coming. She’d already mentioned something about moving anyhow. And with all the bullshit that was taking place at that time with my ex-wife, Donna and Opie, Tig and Clay, and everything else around us… it was like a game of Jenga. It was bound to come crashing down. She never was cut out for this life. She’s a doctor. And that was her only real connection to the club and my family. They never truly bonded. And to be honest, I think that’s what hurt the most. She didn’t see the club, my mother, and Abel as her family. Charming is my home it always will be. And the club will always be a part of my life. They are family and I won’t ever turn my back to that. Something she never quite understood. Tara and I are like night and day. We don’t go together and never will. I had to learn that the hard way.”

He finished off his cigarette.

“But now there’s you and I and that is what I mean by no comparison. I see something in you. I’m not sure what it is. I just got this feeling about you. You’re different. At times I wonder if you have a hidden set of balls or something.”

“I think we’ve established that’s not the case.” She hinted with a smile.

He chuckled.

“That we have… I’m trying to think of a way to put this… I suppose what I’m trying to say is when it comes to you… I have much more faith in where this is going, in you, and us.”

“Then why is it you assume I will bail?”

“It’s not so much that I assume you will. It’s more like…” he swallowed back and folded his arms about his chest.


He sort of laughed and shook his head.

“Like that feeling when it comes to my son. Knowing if anything ever happened to him, I’d lose my fucking mind. That’s the way I feel about you. You truly feel like family. That isn’t something I had with Wendy or Tara. I can see and feel the difference. I see how you look at my boy. Abel’s never had that. Not with his mother and not with Tara. My little man is crazy about you and so am I… And I think that’s the part that scares me the most. Just knowing it wouldn’t just affect me, but my son, if you ever decided this isn’t what you wanted or if something happened to you period.”

“Jax, I couldn’t leave even if I wanted to. I’m just as scared by all this and I too have my concerns. And it’s not so much about the club and everything taking place around it. It’s more about not wanting to wind up hurt or losing everything in the end. And when I say everything, I mean you and Abel. That’s why I went all bitch mode on you about Ima. Hell I could see it for what it was. I knew there was nothing there. And it might’ve been something you needed. But it wasn’t something Abel needed. With all the crazy he deserves some sort of stability.”

“And you’re right. You were right and I knew that. Though part of me hoped you were just jealous or some shit – since I wasn’t shagging you instead.”

“Shut up!”

He chuckled.

“Ima’s just pussy. Hell, that’s all she was. You’re the real deal. I’d have dropped her ass in a heartbeat if I knew I had a choice between the two. Now I want to make something clear because I know that’s a concern. And you’ve every right to worry on it considering what you’ve witnessed. And that right there is all on me. I’m not gonna run around on you. Last night… I knew damn well where you were going about with the fucking you over bit. These are things I should’ve discussed before but never did.

But I look at it like this. How I put it before. You’re in the need to know. And when I say that – it means everything. Keeping secrets is a dangerous game yet everyone around here seems to do it. The club, my mother, Clay and Tig, hell even Tara and I pulled that shit. Now I can’t control everyone else. I can’t even control you and the choices you make from here. All I ask is that you trust me enough to let me know when shit’s going down. I’ll be open with you and all I want in return is the same. If we can do that… We’ll be stronger in the end. If not. It’s going to rip us apart from the inside out. Believe me… I’ve been there and seen it. Opie and Donna are a great example. He told her nothing anything when it came to the club. Part of that reason being she always hated it. She wanted him out. But she had no issues in demanding more and more money. But wanted him to have nothing to do with the club. He was supposed to be a mechanic nothing more yet meet her demands when it came to finances. There was just no way that was going to happen. So he went back to work for Clay and never told her… and you know the story from there. But Opie was no rat. You need to know that. That right there was all on that bitch Agent Stahl. She set him up. Clay fucking lied to me and the club. He made it clear that Opie was going to be fine. But he and Tig went behind all our backs. They decided that Opie needed to be taken out of the picture…”

“And they killed Donna by mistake…” Bella said looking grim.

“Yeah… so in a way…. They killed him alright. Just not in the sense they were going for. So this tension between the three of is. It isn’t just about you. That mess was already there. It’s like I said… these secrets. They’re a bad deal. And this is gonna backfire eventually. Opie will find out and when he does. It’s gonna end badly.”

“And you’re his best friend… ”

Jax nodded.

“Yet you’re keeping this from him.”

“That I am… Hypocrite, right?”

“Just a bit.”

“Think about it… What would happen if told Opie the truth?”

He saw the way she cringed and nodded.

“Exactly… this is me keeping the club together and keeping Opie, Clay, and Tig alive. One day… I’m going to give you something. And I want you to read it…”


“You know those manuscripts I brought with me when I would come here?”

She smiled.

“You mean your father’s…”

He shook his head but smiled in return.

“That’s right, grave keeper.”

She softly laughed.

“I’d love to read them.”

“I’m gonna warn you now. It’s not for the faint of heart. But it’s what this club needs. It’s about getting there though and as long as Clay is running things. It won’t be anytime soon.”

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