Chapter 7 Heaven Sent

Chapter 7

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“I thought I made myself clear at the meeting…” Clay warned as he approached Bella and Jax the moment they entered the club.

Jax nodded and went to take another step. Clay put a hand up against his chest.

“Take her home.”

“You said club members and old ladies only…”

Clay nodded as he was smoking his cigar.

“Then we’re good.” He smiled and wrapped his arm around Bella.

The older man shook his head looking irritated as Jax led Bella to the bar. Tig made his way over to Clay he nodded towards them.

“I thought she wasn’t allowed here.”

Clay didn’t comment as he walked away. Tig rolled his eyes bitterly seeing as how cozy Bella and Jax were being with one another.

“I knew it…” Juice murmured, whilst shaking his head.

“Man you said she wasn’t pussy!”

Bella reared back on Juice’s words. And Jax made a tame it down motion towards Juice.

“So not cool! So is that what it takes? I had to play hard to get like blondie over here?” Juice continued to bitch as sat on the other side of Bella.

“I’m still stuck on the whole I’m not pussy bit.”

Jax sighed and rolled his eyes upon Juice.

“It means that he’s a selfish little bitch and wanted you all to himself.”

Jax shrugged and tipped his beer towards Juice.

“All true except for the little bitch part.”

Juice shook his head.

“Come on… you sure that’s what you want?” Juice taunted with a snarky grin towards Jax.

“You know about us Puerto Ricans right? We’re all about the romance.”

Bella laughed.

“Is that true?”

He nodded confidently.

“I could romance you all night baby.”

“Watch yourself Carlos…”

“See that right there proves my case… He’s worried now. See him sweatin’ over there?”

Jax waved towards the bartender and ordered them each a couple shots and a beer.

“I bet you’re a light weight…” Juice teased.

Bella raised her brows on this.

“Oh do you now?”

“Guess we’re about to find out.” Jax said as he slid her first shot over.

“Think she’s one of those women that projectile vomits?” Juice added.

Jax had a good laugh at this and Bella elbowed him.

“And for your sake you had better hope I’m not.”

Jax wrinkled his nose on this and they both laughed.

“If that’s the case, I won’t envy him so much.”

Juice’s eyes widened all a sudden and Bella turned to see what it was about. Ima was had welcomed herself to Jax’s lap. He was whispering something in her ear and gently pushing her off him.

Whatever he whispered had her snapping Bella a look of utter hell.

“You’re kidding me…” Ima hissed.

“Is that what you meant by finding someone else to entertain? You’re done with me?”

Jax hopped up as everyone’s eyes were on them now. Something he was trying to prevent. He took Ima by the arm and led her into a corner. Juice ordered Bella another shot.

“Something tells me you’re gonna need this.”

“You’re gonna pull that shit with me?” Jax said as he pointed upon Ima irately.

“I made it clear from the beginning. Did I not?!”

Ima lowered her head and Jax cupped her chin lifting her head back up.

“I’m sorry you got hurt. But I didn’t lead you on. We both knew where this was going.”

He looked over to Bella and nodded in gesture.

“It’s done… understood?”

He sighed as she had tears streaming down her face and stormed off. Jax pinched the bridge of his nose and shook his head.

“Fuck…” he murmured.

To make things worse he looked up to see Tig was in his spot now. He made his way over and took Bella by the hand. Jax led her to one of the pool tables and began setting up.

“Are you okay?”

Jax nodded and pulled her in for a kiss as he handed her a cue stick.

“All good…” he assured knowing this was just going to take some time.

Bella did her best to ignore the eating out session that was going on at the other table as she took her shot. She covered her mouth in a giggle however once she realized who it was. Jax already knew and cut her wink as he took his shot. Afterward he passed by and leaned into her ear.

“Bobby loves that shit.” He teased and popped her on the butt.

“I can tell. Going at it like a buffet line…”

Jax had a good laugh at this. Bella was sipping from her beer when…

“Is that something you’d like to try sometime?”

She did a spit take and hit at her chest. Jax staggered back in laughter.

“You ass…” she muttered but was laughing.

Jax grabbed a napkin. Then he made his way over and wiped the beer off her blouse. Bella laughed as he was paying extra attention to the area of her breasts.

“I don’t believe that’s where the beer went.”

“Oh…” he said with a shrug and tossed the napkin into a nearby trash can.

He cupped her cheek as he kissed her. Afterward he leaned into her ear once again.

“Your turn to break…”

She raised her brows on the seductive tenor he used.

After a couple games and few more beers…

“Where you off to?”

“I feel the need to release bodily fluids for some odd reason.”

He laughed and pointed to the ladies room with his beer.

Bella did her business and stepped out. As she was washing her hands another woman stepped out from one of the stalls. But she didn’t look to see who it was.

“You don’t belong here. And there’s not a chance in hell you can keep up with Jackson Teller!”

Bella lifted her eyes catching Ima’s reflection in the mirror.

“I believe I’ll be the judge on that one.”

“He needs a real woman. You can dress the part all you want. But you’re nothing more than a washed up wanna be. You hate it, don’t you? Knowing what really goes on behind these walls once the sun goes down. Knowing you can’t always be here. There will be times he’s all alone..” Ima smiled.

“And who do you think is going to take care of him when he feels the need for a little entertainment? Cause I assure you… these boys… they don’t wait. You heard the saying… A man’s only as faithful as his options. Well look around you hunny.”

Bella nodded.

“Proud of yourself?”

Ima narrowed her eyes as Bella was headed on out. She gritted her teeth and followed her out.

The porn star bolted over and shoved Bella onto one of the pool tables where there was currently some sort of threesome going. Jax caught wind of this and went to intervene only have Tig grab ahold of him and slam him back against the wall.

“Let the ladies fight it out. ”

“You wanna join, baby?” The guy asked as he currently had two women going down on him.

“I’m good…” Bella murmured and rolled off the pool table.

Ima was walking off with this smug grin about her. Bella nodded to herself and walked right up behind her. She grabbed Ima by the hair and leaned into her ear.

“Let’s take this outside.”

Bella dragged the porn star to the front door and shoved her down. She walked over and forcing her back to her feet. Bella jerked the girl right up to her chest.

“You think I don’t see what you’re trying to pull here? And how stupid are you? Do you not realize the potential grave you’re digging? But it’s not going to be mine. It’s funny if you think about it. All that fucking… Ended up fucking you over in the end.”

Bella dropped her hold and shoved the woman back.

“I’m right here. If you wanna do this, then let’s go. And I hope you don’t have a shooting anytime soon. I’d sure hate for you to lose your spot because I fucked up that pretty face of yours.”

Ima gritted her teeth and rushed over and socked Bella in the face. Bella nodded and rubbed her jaw. Jax rushed out and was just about to snatch Bella back, only to have Tigs intervene once again. Jax lost his cool this time and punched him in the face.

Bella returned the blow and with one hit – Ima went down and hard.

“Can’t say I didn’t warn you…”

Bella turned back and rushed over as Tig and Jax were brawling a couple feet away. Chibs hurriedly grabbed ahold of Bella. “No lass, better let this one play out…” She grimaced as Tig sent a couple jabs to Jax’s stomach. Jax came at him like a bull and drove him up against the wall. He was just about to sock him another one when Juice and Bobby grabbed ahold of him and forced him back.

The other club members dragged Tig back inside. Chibs escorted Bella back in as well. Jax straightened out his vest and wiped the blood from his nose and lip.

“You were so proud to be a club girl. Well guess what? Now that’s all you’re ever going to be.” Jax coldly spat as he turned his back to Ima. She was currently lying on the ground, tending to her jacked up face.

“You ready to call it a night?” Jax questioned as he made his way over.

Bella turned back as she was talking to Chibs. She went to remark on Jax’s busted lip, but something else caught her attention. Her head snapped towards the direction of the front door. For reasons she couldn’t explain she hopped off the bar stool and was heading that direction. Chibs and Jax reared back in wonder. The door flew open and Piney entered the room. He regarded the room as if he were looking for someone. No one noticed the gun in his hand until they heard the gunfire. Bella shot her hand out the direction of the bullet. She put up another hand and aimed it towards Piney. A couple more was heard and everyone witnessed the way the bullets hit the ground.

ENOUGH!” Bella shouted Clay’s direction as he was about to shoot yet again.

Clay tilted his head and regarded the young woman in marvel. He bent down picking up the bullet that could’ve ended his life. Piney staggered back and reached to his heart. Bella darted that direction and hurriedly braced him back against the wall.

“It’s you…” Piney said as if in shock.

Bella smiled and put her hand to the man’s cheek.

“Yeah… it’s me.”

Jax swallowed back as Piney grabbed ahold of Bella and started to tear up as he hugged her close.

“What are you doing here?”

“Long story… But I do believe we had a deal…”

Piney sighed “I’m sorry…” and looked towards Clay and Tig.

“But they murdered my daughter-in-law.”

The other club members glanced towards Clay and Tig, but they were still in shock over what they’d just witnessed.

Bella nodded and took him by the hand and led him outside. She saw Opie pulling up on his bike and ran up to him. He hopped off his bike and as about to storm into the building. She put a hand stopping him.

“You talk to Jax before you even think about going in there.

“I told you I was handling this!” Opie pointed upon his father.

Piney shook his head but wasn’t looking so great.

“Let me get Jax and we’ll discuss this elsewhere…” Bella said.

Bella turned back taking notice of the way Piney was sweating profusely. He was holding his left arm. “OPIE!” Bella shouted as Piney’s eyes rolls back and he was swaying about. They rushed over barely managing to get him on the ground.

Opie took his phone out and called for an ambulance. Bella took his father’s hand and dropped to her knees beside him.

Bella and Jax came to their feet as Opie entered the waiting room. He nodded.

“It was a minor heart attack. He’s going to be okay though.”

They sighed in relief. The rest of the club was there too but were in another waiting room. Jax figured it best if he and Bella were in another area. Jax hugged Opie and patted him on the back. Bella hugged him as well. Opie cupped her chin afterward and looked her in the eyes.

“He told me… Apparently, this makes twice now or should I say three?”

Bella drew back a breath on this. Opie hugged her once again.

“Thank you…”

She nodded but noticed the peculiar look Jax was giving her. When Opie left the room, Jax tiredly rubbed his face.

“You wanna explain what’s going on darlin’?”

She sort of laughed and leaned back against the wall. Her eyes shut for a brief moment as she was thinking on where to even begin.

“What was that Matrix shit you pulled back at the club? And how do you know Piney? And I don’t wanna hear how you know everyone. I need something a little deeper than that. Like the truth for starters.”

“I was going to tell you.”

“Are you sure about that?”

She narrowed her eyes on this.

“It was just today I spilled out my damn heart. I told you things I’ve never told anyone. Yet, you didn’t think it was the right time to let me in?”


He shook his head looking pissed.

“And what would’ve you said if I told you I can somehow shield myself and others. That I can also deflect bullets or anything flying at me? I can sense certain things such as Piney before he even entered that club… I tend to have a higher tolerance for pain and heal faster than most…” she sort of laughed.

“You’d have probably thought I was full of shit or batshit crazy. It’s not something I can just tell you. I knew it would be something you needed to see rather than hear. I wasn’t going to keep this from you. That was never my intention. There’s so much I need to tell you. I knew I couldn’t do it all in one setting.

Just as you can’t… We have a lot of ground to cover and that’s going to take some time.”

Jax paced the room and was shaking his head.

“And Piney…?” he questioned softly.

“He attempted to take his own life after Donna was killed. I just happened to be there and shield him just in time to keep the bullet from launching into his head.”

“Jesus!” he uttered and staggered back.

Bella nodded and wiped a few tears from her face. She sat down and rested her elbows about her knees, looking to the floor.

“You haven’t any idea… The things I’ve seen and heard. This town… So many secrets…” she shook her head.

“I remember hating it when I first came here. I thought something along the lines of … man, everyone around here is FUCKED up! It’s the things you hear when they assume they’re alone and speaking with their loved ones. But there was this guy… The way he spoke of his loved ones and Charming itself… And then there was the way he’d act as if his father was right there with him. He’d sit there for hours on end as if carrying on a conversation. Well it got me thinking… And it was through that man I learned to not only appreciate, but love this town. It was like seeing through a new set of eyes or something. So that’s when I decided. That the least I could do is my best to protect it… I hadn’t anything else to do. And for once I wanted to feel as though I truly a part of something. It didn’t matter if the things I did went unnoticed. That’s not why I did them in the first place. The way I saw it? I have this ability that no one else has. The least I could do is make something of it. So if that keeps a man from shooting himself, and talking some sense into him afterward. Then that’s all I needed to feel…” she drew back a breath and lifted her head.

“To feel as though I at least existed…”

Jax took her by the hand and brought her to her feet.

“Just give me sometime… I promise to tell you everything. It’s just a lot to cover…”

He nodded and pulled her in for a hug.

“I’ll give you the time you need darlin’…”

“It should be me getting you flowers…” Piney said as Bella entered the room with a vase of them.

She smiled as she made her way over and kissed his cheek.

“How are you feeling?”

“Alive… thanks to you. What are you my guardian angel?”

Bella sort of laughed.

“Far from it I’m afraid.”

She glanced towards Opie as he was sitting in a chair across the way.

“And you?” she questioned as she made her way over.


Bella nodded.

“Have the others been in here yet?”

“Chibs, Juice, Bobby so far…”

She nodded once again and sat in the empty chair beside him.

“Think we’ll be canceling our plans…” Opie hinted seeing as how it was already five in the morning.

“They’re with Gemma anyhow.”

“Well whenever you need me just holler.”

“Will do…”

“Have you talked to Jax yet?”

“Not yet…”

They lifted their heads just as Jax entered the room. He nodded their way as he pulled the door too.

“Ears must’ve been burning.” Opie muttered under his breath.

Bella smiled on this.


Jax made his way over to Piney and hugged him.

“How you holding up old man?”

“Through that angel over there…” he pointed to Bella and she blushed.

“That she is…” Jax agreed and sent her a wink.

He leaned against the wall and folded his arms about his chest.

“We need to talk…”

Bella came to her feet. She went to exit the room in order to give them their privacy.

“Stick around… you need to hear this as well.”

Bella removed her hand from the door handle.

“Have a seat Angel… A bit more fitting than Angie don’t you think?” Jax hinted with a smirk.

Once she seated. Jax began his story. The truth behind Donna Winston’s murder – and the involvement of Clay, Tig, and Agent Stahl. He explained how Agent Stahl set Opie up as a rat. And even though Jax defended Opie and the club made a mutual decision on declaring Opie’s innocence. Clay and Tig went behind their backs and decided Opie was indeed a rat that needed to be dealt with. So when Donna drove home in Opie’s truck that night. Clay had ordered Tig to take care of Opie. He never looked to see who was actually behind the wheel. He just assumed it was Opie since it was his truck. He shot Donna in the back of the head. It wasn’t until he drove around that he realized his mistake. This was what Agent Stahl wanted all along – to break them. To make the club turn on one another and see who would rat the other out first. When Clay and Tig found out the truth and what they’d done they tried making amends by offering to help Opie in any way they could. That included offering him more jobs and part of a cut in what they earned. That was their way of dealing with the guilt on what they’d done. Jax explained as he continued.

“So this was all on that bitch agent?” Opie murmured.

Jax nodded in return. His gaze met Bella’s.

“She’s been poking her nose around town again as well.”

“But the case is closed.”

“Exactly… which means she’s working on digging something else up. We all need to watch our backs. She’s determined to take SAMCRO down one way or another. All the more reason you both need to figure out how to make this work with Clay and Tig. If not… the bitch wins and we’re giving her everything she ever hoped for.”

Opie and his father eyed one another as if in silent conversation.

SOA meeting with Piney on speaker phone…

“So if we could just sum this up to a moment of insanity…” Opie said in a finish once the club was done discussing the truth behind his wife.

“Something any of us would feel given the circumstances…” Jax added with a nod towards Opie.

He nodded in return. Clay drew back a breath and he looked to the phone.

“And you and I Piney?”

Piney thickly swallowed before answering.

“We’re good…” He said but hated the very words as they left his mouth.

But Jax was right… If they fought this – they’d be joining Donna soon enough. So for now, they followed Jax’s lead on this and did as he saw fit. When finished Clay had the club vote on whether Piney and Opie could stay. To their and Jax’s relief everyone was in favor.

Then came the subject of Bella… something Jax knew was coming. He merely sat back and listened as the others discussed what all took place.

“That’s some crazy ass voodoo shit…” Tig uttered.

“Well whatever it is… it’s saved numerous lives. If it wasn’t for that girl, you’d be having an entirely different meeting and arranging two funerals.” Piney threw out there.

“More than two… We understand how she was able to save the kids now.” Opie added.

“And what’s to say she won’t use that to turn against us all one day?”

Jax eyed Tig down as he said this. Clay sighed and lit up one of his cigars. After taking a long drag he leaned back in his chair.

“I see both points.”

Jax shook his head on this.

“She wouldn’t do that.”

“And you know this how?” Tig challenged.

“I just do…”

“We’re gonna need a little more proof than that.”

“Are we really going to do this? Again? Did we not just have a meeting over something that happened because the two of you decided to handle something behind the club’s back! We all had a mutual understanding and agreement.”

“Watch yourself son…” Clay warned.

His hand balled up into a fist as he tried pushing all that anger back.

“So what is it you’re saying exactly…” Jax questioned Tig through gritted teeth.

“That we test the little lady. See what she’s capable of. How this all works. Maybe go as far as testing her loyalty as well.”

Jax shot up at this knowing damn well what that meant.

“You’re not touching her!”

“I’m sorry son… But he’s right. She’s got something we don’t truly understand. We need to see what it’s all about. And considering what she’s capable of… That gives us even more reason to test where her loyalties lie. Especially considering the obvious…”

“And what would that be?” He practically hissed.

“Well, is she your old lady or not son?”

“Yeah, she’s my old lady! All the more reason we’re not pulling this shit! She’s family! We’re meant to protect the ones we love.”

“As to why this is needed…”

“It’s not.”

“And if she proves to be otherwise?”

“Then you can be the one that puts a motherfucking bullet to my head!”

His lip curled as he sent an ash tray flying across the room. He stormed out slamming the door behind him.

“Let’s go…” Jax said as he met Bella outside the club.

Clay sighed and twirled around in his chair.

“All in favor of testing the young lady?”

Opie reared back on this.

“You can’t be serious… Jax isn’t here to vote. And he made it clear how he felt.”

“We don’t need him in order to vote. We already know what his is… But we’re doing this. We have to go about this like this woman was any member’s old lady. Not even Jax gets special treatment on that one. So I’m gonna need some yay and nays…”

Each member looked to one another as if lost on what to do. Clay nodded towards Chibs. The Irish man drew back a breath before answering.


Opie shook his head on this.

“Nay…” Juice.

“Yay…” Bobby said but looked ill as he said this.

“Nay!” Opie spat.

“And you Piney?”

“Nay.” Piney.

“Yay for me. Nay for J.T.” Clay said as he slammed his clever down; looking displeased with the outcome.

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11 thoughts on “Chapter 7 Heaven Sent”

  1. okay. i am taking deep breathes because this is intense. so good!!! i meant to leave a comment every chapter but i was so eager to go to the next chapter. i am so dead curious of what the test is gonna be. 😀
    i like how Jax described Bella’s power….Matrix shit. Classic!

  2. Oh wow. Bella really put herself on the ledge for them. I worry about what’s to come but at the same time I know it’ll all be alright in the end. I kinda worry they’re gonna somehow bring the Cullens into the mix though. Anyway, awesome chapter!

  3. wow just wow. i seriously hope the cullens stay away hate them bitches. and i wonder how jax is gonna take the news of supernatural. i really really wonder. will he freak out or just get some crazy ass ideas. and yay she is jax old lady! nifty!

  4. Oh man. So much tension and drama – this shit is intense but I’m loving every minute of it. Clay is gonna get his ass handed to him and boy, I think it may be Bella that does it, not Jax. I feel like some shit is about to go down soon and Bella will prove herself – not that she should have to considering all that she’s done for the club already, just saying.

  5. Is Happy going to be in this story? Is it too early for him yet? Where is Half Sac?
    Clay needs to die. Like right now. I don’t care who does it just kill him.
    This story is addicting and I truly feel like I’m watching it all unfold as I read. Just amazing job doc.

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