Chapter 1 Bad Moon Rising

Lucille Ball (and Chain)


I do not own Twilight or The Walking Dead or any affiliated characters or familiar quotes. However I do claim the OC’s known as Desiree and Jacoby.  This is AU with a mixture of the TV show and the comics. New Haven is something I merely made up for this particular story.

Rated NC-17 for EXTREME language, violence, sexual content:(involving harem and lesbian you have been warned!)




Bella arched back and was biting down on that lower lip of hers.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum…”  Shane announced behind a moan.

“Damn… you had me in overdrive. I’ll have to make up for that one later.”

She giggled a bit and Shane sent her a wink as he put himself away and fastened his pants.

“You’re still thinking about it, aren’t you?”

“Well of course… He was my only friend. I can’t believe he just up and left.”

Shane rolled his eyes and kissed along her shoulder.

“I’m your ‘friend’.”

“You know what I mean, Shane. And no offense, but it doesn’t feel like it, especially as of late. At least with Daryl I didn’t have to hide anything.”

“And here we go again. I swear you can’t help yourself, can you?! And the difference? The two of you weren’t fucking, at least I hope not.”

“Come on, Shane. We’ve been doing this for how long now? Six? Going on what, seven months now? Still, you insist on keeping it a secret. He’s going to find out, eventually. We need to sit him down and come clean already!”

“And just how do you think Rick’s gonna react when he finds out I’m fucking his niece? You’re what half my age?!”

“Funny. It didn’t matter the day you took my v-card.”

“Yeah well, I just know how Rick’s gonna see it.”

“And he’ll get over it.”

“You don’t know him the way I do.”

“So what are you saying exactly? That this is pretty much it for us? We’re fuck buddies, nothing more?!”

Shane laughed and Bella shook her head in disbelief.

“Just forget it!” She said as she sprang to her feet and was getting dressed.

“Don’t be like that… Come here.” He waved her over as she was stepping into her jeans.

“Why? This is obviously going nowhere. All you keep going on about is how Rick is going to flip. I love you, Shane. But I really wish you’d man the fuck up and grow a pair already. Do you want me or not?!”

He rolled his eyes and sat up from the ground. Then he wrapped his hand around her ankle and jerked her back towards him.

“Shane!” She scolded as he broke her fall.

The man covered her mouth directly after.

“Shhh. Jesus. You’re going to be the reason we get caught, or ambushed by fucking walkers. Now if you’d just hold your horses. I got something for you.”

He dug into his pocket and pulled out a ring.

“Now, just hear me out. This is a promise of sorts. But I just need a little more time. I mean it, Bella. You have to promise that you’ll let me handle this.”

“A promise?” she questioned as he placed the ring into the palm of her hand and closed it shut.

“You can’t wear it until I give you the go ahead. Just hold on to it. And every time you start to doubt us, just know you have that on you.”

“Are you proposing…?” she whispered and looked to be in shock.

He cleared his throat and looked around the area.

“Well… yeah. I guess I am.”

She smiled and let out a small squeal. He chuckled as she wrapped her arms around him and was hugging his neck.

“What’s not to want? You have to be mad, thinkin’ that nonsense.” He uttered as he ran his hands along her ass.

“Can I try it on, at least?!”

“Sure. Just take it off before heading back.”


She slipped the simple gold band onto her finger. Only to her it was so much more. The young woman had it bad and it started around the age of thirteen. They started seeing one another when she was nineteen. And even though it embarrassed her to do so, Bella admitted to Shane just how bad she had it for him and still did, after all these years.

“I love it. It’s perfect!”

“Good deal. Now you’d better head on back before Rick starts making rounds and wonders where the hell you ran off to.”

“You got it.”

She finished getting dressed and was quick to grab her things.

“Really?!” he spat and she reared back in wonder.


“He gave you his fucking knife?!”  Shane pointed to Daryl’s knife as Bella had it clasped into its holster.

“He wanted me to have it.” She said with a shrug.

“I swear the guy had a god damn boner for you.”

“And what if he did?” She teased and he rolled his eyes.

“Then it’s a good thing the bastard left.”

Bella stopped in her tracks and regarded Shane in disbelief.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You know damn well what it means.”

“Don’t call him that, like ever.”

He went to argue this but froze as they heard something heading their way. Bella ducked behind a nearby tree and retrieved her gun.

“Walker…” Shane declared as he tossed her boots over.

“I got it. Just get going already.”

“Gee, I love you too!”


A month later…

“Don’t do this. Please just… hear me out.”

“Oh, I’ve heard plenty!”

“Dammit Bella, just give me a chance to explain.”

“You never planned on telling my uncle about us, did you? Just like you never planned on marrying me. You were using me!”

“Would you keep it down…?” The man hissed with a flushed face.

“Oh you want me to keep it down?” she whispered in response.

Yes… We can discuss this like adults.”

“Adults…” She scoffed.

“That’s right.”

“The hell with you Shane! You think I care what anyone thinks? You’re the only one that ever did. And now I know why.”

“I said to keep it down!”

“Oh I’m sorry. You don’t want everyone to know that you were fucking your best friend’s niece AND the town whore?!”

Shane reached over and jerked her towards him. She let out a gasp as he had his hands around her throat and was backing her up against a tree.

“I said to knock it off, now didn’t I?!”

Tears were streaming down her face and those teeth of hers ground together. Shane was quick to groan out as she kneed him in the crotch and socked him in the face directly after. He dropped down and clamped his hands along his balls. Bella grabbed her knife and brought it to his throat.

“If you ever do that again, I swear to fucking god I will kill you and your walker. In fact, you’re already dead to me!”

He flinched as she drove her blade into the tree afterward. It wasn’t until she walked away that he took notice of the engagement ring stabbed into the tree as well.

Bella pivoted around as she heard what sounded to be someone laughing. Only that someone… became several. Her skin crawled in realization. She grabbed her gun but was feeling pretty foolish in the sense of knowing they were outnumbered. That all too familiar whistling began.

“Fucking Saviors…” she whispered with a scowl.

Bella went to page her uncle on the radio, only to have it shot out of her had.

“Bella?” she heard Shane call out.

Just as she was to respond, something was brought over her face and she felt herself being jerked back. The young woman took her gun and belted the one responsible. She wasted no time in firing shot after shot, even as she was brought to the ground and being dragged away. The determined woman twisted her body about and kicked those feet of hers. She pried the cloth off her face and her jaw dropped once she saw Shane with a bag over his face and he was tossed into a white van. The gun was kicked out of her hand then someone grabbed her by the hair.

“You’ve got spirit…. I’ll give you that much.”

Bella spit in familiar man’s face.

“Dwight…” she hissed subsequently and he smiled.

“So you do remember… I’m touched, truly. Now say goodnight, Bella…”


When Bella came to she was in the van as well. Andrea and Shane were sitting across from her. She shook her head and let out a miserable laugh. Shane narrowed his eyes but he couldn’t say anything as he and Andrea’s mouths were gagged. Bella was doing her best to focus but it wasn’t easy with her head pounding the way it was.

“…fuck…” she muttered when she realized she’d a good gash along the back of it.

Bella wiped the blood from her hand onto her jeans. Then she came to a stand. She was feeling a little dizzy and leaned against the van for support. While gathering whatever energy she could, Bella focused on finding a way out. She decided on testing the back doors. But just as she went to do this, they swung open.

“God Dammit. He told us to make certain everyone was ready to go!”

“This one gave us a bit of trouble and we hadn’t much time.” The man admitted and the other one sighed.

“Just get her ready!’

Bella stepped out of their reach and they sighed in unison. They hopped on in, grabbed ahold of her and dragged her out of the van. It was then she took notice of the others.

“…no…” she whispered as the entire group was lined up, right before an RV.

Like that of Andrea and Shane, they were gagged and bound with rope. Bella was forced to her knees and she too was bound and gagged as well. The young woman was at a complete loss. What now? She found herself thinking. Shane and Andrea where placed right beside her. And for whatever reason… that only made the situation seem ten times worse.

“Is that all of them?” One of the Saviors called out in question.

Dwight did a headcount and nodded.


The other Savior walked on over and knocked on the door to the RV. The moment he stepped out, the young woman was spellbound. They’d spent a little over a month searching for this man. And now here he was… black leather jacket, blood red scarf, and he’d a barbed wire bat in hand. And as he uttered the words… “Hi, I’m Negan” fog escaped his breath and this reminded her of a dragon. But the way he carried himself was more like a lion, a king stalking through his kingdom. The fear was truly sitting in. This was it…. There would be no walking away from this. The guy was pissed and rightfully so. She’d lost count of the men they’d killed and the sheer amount of supplies they’d taken along the way. She cut her uncle a look as if to say “I told you so”. He ignored all her warnings and continued in pushing the limits. That darker side of Rick is what landed them here. Just as she said it would. But like that of her old man… Rick was set in his ways. He truly believed they needed to take this “Negan” and the Saviors down. That it was their only way of survival. But Bella saw the situation for what it truly was… a death sentence. The young woman was so lost in thought she hadn’t taken notice of the man standing before her. He’d that bat of his right in her face.

It wasn’t until Shane nudged her that she finally did. Bella lifted her eyes and they locked with his. The man had this peculiar presence about him. He looked to the others then back to her. “Are you even hearing this? I mean shit lighten up and shed a fucking tear, something.” Bella hadn’t realized he was even talking to begin with. It was like she had spaced out or something. He used the end of that bat to lift her chin. Bella felt shame in the fact that she couldn’t take her eyes off him. There was something about his eyes and the sound of his voice. It was how he presented himself altogether. She found herself somewhat captivated. The mystery of Negan was at its final reveal. It was too bad they were going to die now. How could one man have so much power? Honestly, when she pictured ‘Negan’… the evil sheriff of Nottingham came to mind. But this man… he was nowhere near that. No, this man was most certainly easy on the eyes. And to top it off he had game and knew what he was doing. There wasn’t a doubt in her mind that he’d taken his time, observing from the very beginning. He just had that ‘look’ about him. The one that said I know EVERYTHING and you’re all FUCKED!

“Well hell she’s taking it like a champ!” He leaned into her ear and whispered.

“You’re not all there, now are you?”

She swallowed back and Negan lowered the bat. He nodded Shane’s direction and pointed that bat his direction.

“She do that?” He questioned as Shane’s face was all busted up and his eye was swollen shut.

Negan gazed her way once again.

“No means no!” he teased with a chuckle.

The Savior’s king shook his head and regarded Dwight from a distance. Bella’s heart felt as though it were about to gallop right on out of her chest. She was the one responsible for Dwight’s jacked up face. And it was because of that Dwight knew her by name. She had burned his face his face during a confrontation once.

“Hmmmm.” Negan hummed and went back to pacing the area.

He twirled that bat of his and sighed.

“As I was saying… I do not appreciate you killing my men. And when I sent men to kill your men for killing my fucking men, you killed MORE of my fucking men. So not cool. To top it off you stole some of my supplies. So here’s how it’s going to go. From here on out; you work for me. I’m taking half your shit. And if you so much as stand against me on this, I will kill a member of your group. Comprende? Looks like the word is finally out. You. Are. Not. Safe. Not. By. Any. Means.”

Negan regarded the group in thought and he had his men remove their gags.

“So which one of you leads this circle jerk?”

There was a moment of uncomfortable silence.

“I believe I asked a question. Now I suggest one of you fucking answer it.”

“I do.” Rick called out and Negan tilted his head that direction.

“So you’re the one responsible?”

Negan squatted down before him and he held the bat right before Rick’s face.

“You’ll have to excuse my manners. Allow me to make a proper introduction. This here is Lucille and she is fucking AWESOME! She tends to help keep things in order. Lucille, this is Rick the Dick! Are we pissin’ ourselves yet? If not… I bet we’re gettin’ real fuckin’ close!”

Negan rose and nodded amongst himself.

“You can breathe. You can cry. Hell, a few of you are already doing that. By the time I’m done you will be joining them.”

He looked to Carl then back to Rick.

“That your son?”

Rick didn’t answer at first and Negan sighed with frustration.

“You see this right here is the fucking problem. If I ask you a question you had better fucking answer it and honestly or I’ll take the future serial killer of his misery!”

Rick regarded his son a certain way and nodded. Tears were streaming down the man’s face – as was most of the group.

“Yes, he is my son.”

Negan nodded and pointed the bat towards Bella.

“And fucking sex on legs over there… she your daughter?”

Rick shook his head no and Negan narrowed his eyes. He walked on over and crouched down before her.

“Truth now… is that your old man?”

“Uncle…” she corrected with a quivery voice.

He nodded and looked to be in thought. The man cupped her chin and gawked upon the marks Shane had left behind.

“Your name…”


“And this one?” He pointed to Shane.

“The fiancé… I presume?”

Bella regarded the man in disbelief. How could he of possibly known that?!

“Was…” she replied with bitterness.

Rick’s eyes went wild and he eyed Shane down as he was muttering something into that gag of his. As for Negan? He’d this wide grin about him. He placed the gag back into Bella’s mouth. Then he gave her cheek a playful slap.  When he came back up, he marched about the area and pointed that bat to each and every member of the group. He would taunt them off and on with that seemingly ‘deadly’ blow. The man would laugh when they’d flinch or cry. But when it came to Bella, she wouldn’t give him the satisfaction. No. Her eyes were glued to his and they never wavered. He could see the fear in them. She was scared and shitless, no doubt. But the difference? That girl kept her head up the entire time. The others were slouched over and looking to the ground. Even the boy whose mannerisms were much like hers, wouldn’t make eye contact unless forced. But like she… he had yet to shed a single tear. Negan found that rather amusing. Why the youngest? Shouldn’t they be the ones shitting themselves? He pondered.

“I don’t wanna kill your people. I just wanna get that straight, right now. That wouldn’t be very beneficial to me, now would it? Waste not, want not. But I can’t very well let you walk away from this either. Not without a much needed lesson. It’s gonna be pee-pee pants city here real fucking soon.”

He walked on over and snatched Bella up by the arm. Negan tugged her back towards him. Then he dragged her towards the middle, where she was forced back to her knees. He stood behind her and had her facing the others. Negan brought his bat up but his eyes stayed glued to theirs. Just as he was to bring that bat down, Rick and Shane hollered out and were in attempts to get to her. Negan stopped and lowered the bat back down. He motioned towards his boys and they were quick to get Rick and Shane back to their spots. Negan smiled and brought Bella back to her feet. He placed a strand of hair behind her ear and leaned in.

“Tell me Bella… who dies?!”

And it was just as he’d expected. There it was… it wasn’t about fearing for her life, but theirs. Bella shook her head and looked to be going into hysterics. Negan had her leaning against him.

“Now sweetheart… I’m gonna need you to decide. Or I’m gonna start taking them out one by one until you call out a name.”

He reached around, removing the gag once again. Bella regarded the entire group in a panic. She looked to Shane and Andrea lastly then closed her eyes. Negan swore he heard her laugh.

“Me… Just get it over with.”

He raised his brows but was quick to spin her around.

“Are you hard of hearing or just plain fuckin’ ignorant? That wasn’t an option. Try again.”

“What difference does it make? Someone has to die, right? So it might as well be me! Just fucking DO IT!”

Negan sighed and leaned in once again.

“I can’t…” he whispered as if in agony.

“And why the hell not?!” She spat with desperation.

And there they were… finally, the tears he’d longed for. Negan regarded Shane with a smile.

“Let’s just say I happen to take VERY good care of my possessions.”

Shane gathered the meaning and he’d this look of absolute horror. The man sprang to his feet but the Saviors shoved him back down. Negan sent him a provoking wink.

“You can get mad, that’s fine. But you should keep in mind that I just saved your life. Domestic abuse is no joke. It usually ends on a bad note. And from what I’ve witnessed… We might as well take your dick and give it to this little knockout. That way she can fuck YOU with it.”

The Saviors had a good laugh at this.

“Look… I can be a generous and cum… passionate man. So I’ll make you a deal, gorgeous. If you can’t decide, Lucille will. But in order to do that. I’m going to need something in return.”

“Why does anyone have to die?”

He reared back and shook his head.

“Um hello… how many of my men did you kill?”

When she wouldn’t answer he let out a bit of a growl.

You… I want to know how many YOU personally killed.”

Truth of the matter? She hadn’t a clue. Though most of those kills were in self-defense, others… not so much. But she was following her uncle’s orders. And even if the young woman didn’t quite agree, she did as she was told.

“Ah… I see what you’re doing. You’re stalling. That’s just another way of pissing me the fuck off. Answer the question or there will be consequences.”

Bella drew back a breath and answered as truthfully as possible.

“I don’t know… I lost count.”

He raised his brows and sort of laughed. Negan looked to his boys.

“She lost count!” He mocked with a shrug.

“What is it you want?!” She hissed.

“Well it’s about god damn fucking time someone asked me that! Hell, that just earned you a gold star. Keep it up and we’ll see about making you the teacher’s pet. Now as to your question… YOU!”

Negan observed Shane’s reaction and went on…

“I want you… Body and soul, they now belong to me now. And man, do I gotta say… What a fucking body it is. I can’t WAIT to take it for a test drive. And you won’t believe the mileage when I’m fucking done with you.”

Bella had never been so conflicted. This odd wave of heat coursed throughout her entire body. Her face was flushed over. Yet she was couldn’t believe the nerve of this man. Who was he to go around claiming whoever he damn well pleased?!

“Do what you gotta do. Just leave them out of it and I’ll take whatever punishment you have in mind.”

“Well I wouldn’t so much as call it a punishment. But I suppose you’ll see that soon enough.” He looked to the others.

“I do believe the lady has come to a decision. So… do you prefer to watch, or would you like to go on inside?”

Bella’s heart sank to the pit of her stomach. She gazed upon her uncle and the others once more. Negan opened the door and made the indication for her to head on inside.

“I just offered you whatever you wanted! So why are you still going through with this?!”

“That was to keep me from bashing their skulls in, one by one, until you picked one, remember? Now how can you be the teacher’s pet if you can’t keep up? Now go on and I’ll be there shortly.”

“No. If they have to endure it, then so do I. Just get it over with!”

Negan cut her a rather admirable look and nodded, “as you wish.” Bella cringed as he made his way over. He started to sing  “Eenie, Meenie, Minie, Moe…” Her nerves were getting the best of her. Just as the rhyme was about to come to an end, she rushed over and latched onto his arm. He tilted his head with this unamused countenance.

“You don’t have to do this! Whatever you want, it’s yours!”

He sighed and motioned his men over.

“Take her inside.”

“NO!” Bella shouted as they grabbed ahold of her and were dragging her away.


The man froze at the sound of his name escaping those saccharine lips of hers. He closed his eyes and drew back the deepest of breaths. When he opened them he had this certain beam to him. He said nothing as he went ahead and finished the job. Before long, the gruesome THWACKS sounded and Negan could hear Bella screaming from within the RV.

“Damn, she’s got a set of fucking lungs on her!” he murmured with lust in his eyes.

He ignored their cries however.

“Until next time… Only I truly hope for things to be a bit more civil.”

Negan entered the RV and signaled towards his men.

“Make certain they make it home…” he hinted and they nodded in response.

Once they left, he pulled the door to and locked it behind him. Bella sat on the couch and had her face buried into her hands. Negan said nothing as she cried. He took Lucille over to the sink and got her cleaned up. The sound of the Saviors bikes roaring to life sent her chills. She knew they were escorting her uncle and the others back. Meaning she was officially alone, with the king himself.

“Who…?” he heard her question and he turned the water off.

He looked on over and sat Lucille down. Negan dried his hands off before making his way over. He sat at the coffee table across from her.

“Do you really want to know?”

She shook her head with a touch of a grimace.

“Then there you go… What’s done is done. Now if you just keep up your end of the bargain. No one else has to die. It’s that simple.”

“And what is it I agreed to exactly?”

“Ah now, you should’ve read the fine print.” He taunted with a smirk.

“Not to worry… You’ll learn what’s expected of you soon enough. First thing’s first… Let’s take care of that hideous gash on the back of your head. You’re bleeding all over my upholstery and that’s going to be a real bitch to get out.” He came to his feet and offered his hand.

The young woman reluctantly accepted and he led her into the bathroom. He propped her up on the counter and started to cleanse the wounded area.

“Hmmm, that’s going to require some stitches. I told them to take extra precaution… I don’t appreciate my boys putting a damper on my fucking night.”

“Your what?”

He ignored this and started setting up. After he had everything ready, he shaved the area. But the man frowned when finished.

“That’s fugly as hell. Good thing you have nice long hair.”

This had Bella rolling her eyes.

“Alright, big stick… Not the one that counts but you’ll be riding that bologna pony soon enough.”

He entered the first stitch and Bella twitched a bit.

“None of that now, just fucking relax. Will ya?”

She laughed in a scoffing like matter and this had him raising those brows of his.

“I’m going to have my hands full with you, aren’t I?”

“You have no idea…”

He smiled as if to say…

Challenge accepted.



(A/N: this story is dedicated to my Lil Devil aka Bertie Bott. I loves you and I hope you have a very happy birthday. And there are about 15 more of these coming up! Enjoy! Thank you 4padfoot for your help and amazing teaser aka video)

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19 thoughts on “Chapter 1 Bad Moon Rising”

  1. Duuuuuude! This is gonna be one wild ride! What an excellent pairing – so fit since it’s the bad guys that more often than not intrigue us. And fucking Negan! I must be cracked because he had me giggling. Stupid Shane though – hope he gets his if it wasn’t him Negan beat to death. Though I also like that she’s like besites with Daryl – bad ass!

    “Damn… you had me in overdrive. I’ll have to make up for that one later.”… I get the feeling Shane has to say that a lot 😛

    Best bday gift ever! I’m in love – thank you soooooo much! ❤

    1. ❤ so glad you enjoyed. And there is so much more to come. I've just got some editing to do and well be posting away. You're very welcome. I sort of love you and stuff and things but don't you fucking tell anyone that shit 😉

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