Chapter 10 The Rebuild Part II

Chapter 10

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“One more time…”

Bella was sweating profusely and awfully pale.

“I barely made it through that one!”

Negan nodded and motioned her over.

“And you can make it through one more.” He said as he handed her a towel.

Bella looked to the path once again and cringed. She was hurting all over and dying of thirst. But Negan wouldn’t let her have that drink until she earned it. Jacoby sat the bottle of water at the end of the trail they had her walking and nodded.

“Get to it…” Negan said as he smacked her on the rear.

He did this by habit and wasn’t thinking until she reached back in agony.

Shit… Sorry…” he uttered and quickly braced her against him.

“Dammit…” the man said as he was angry with himself.

“Are you alright?”

“Do I look alright to you?”

He sighed and put his forehead to hers.

“Look, just finish this up and you can take it easy for the rest of the day.”

“Fine…” She replied with a growl.

Negan nodded upon Jacoby and he merely waited. Bella took a few steps but had to break here and there. Each one caused her tremendous pain. But her eyes were locked onto that water. She licked her lips and took a few more steps.

Rick and a few of the others watched from a distance.

“He’s pushing her too far…” Rick whispered towards Michonne.

“Look at her…”

Michonne shook her head and wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. Bella had a good five feet to go. Her knees were trembling and that head of hers was swayed back and forth. She looked like a drunk trying to pass a sobriety test.

“Don’t you even think about it!” Negan scolded as she was about to give up and come to her knees.

“Do it and you’re starting over!”

“Jesus…” Rick muttered and shook his head.

Bella gritted her teeth and forced herself back up.

“Keep going!” Negan called out.

Bella’s legs were shaking unmercifully as she took a few more steps. Jacoby gave her a wave of encouragement. Bella took the remaining steps and Jacoby was quick to brace her against him as her eyes were rolling back.

“Good job…” he declared and poured some of the water into her mouth.

She choked back a bit and he patted her back.

“More…” she pleaded and he smiled, pouring more into her mouth.

Bella took the bottle from his hold and poured the entire contents onto her face. He chuckled and handed her another bottle.


She nodded and downed the water.


“You did a lot better today.”



“Hands off…” Negan warned.

Jacoby’s eyes widened and he was quick to hand her over.

“Can I have that bath you promised now?”

Negan got this mischievous look about him and his eyes locked with Rick’s.

“Would you like daddy to bathe you?”

Bella nodded and Rick snapped to attention. Michonne was quick to grab him and hold him back.

“Not worth it…” She whispered.

Negan sent him a wink as he scooped Bella up and carried her away.

Bella whimpered out as Negan placed her into the tub. He had her abdomen wrapped so that it wouldn’t get wet.

“Still tender…” he hinted with a gesture towards her privates.

She nodded and bit down on her lower lip.

“Just lay back and let it soak…”

He went to step out.

“Please don’t…”

He stopped in his tracks and spun back around.

“I know I can’t…” She sighed looking somewhat embarrassed.

“Can’t…” he probed already knowing but was curious as to how she’d put it.

“Satisfy you…”

Negan rolled his eyes and walked back over.

“Some man shoved a god damn bat up your anal cavity and you’re concerned about satisfying me?”

“Negan…” she uttered with a quivery lip.

“Let’s face it… We know what happens to the wives that…”

She jumped as Negan leaped into the tub. He had his hands planted along the edges and he hovered over her, eyeing her down.

“And what is going to happen…?” He demanded with a sneer.

She swallowed back and softly answered.


He nodded.

“What the fuck do I look like? A giant dildo with arms and legs? First the doc and now you! If I fucking feel the need, I’ll rub one out. Between the two of us… My dick is having a hard time processing all this. He’s deader than a god damn doornail. And if you ever say that shit to me again, it’ll earn you a slap. You know I’m not one to hit my wives. But baby-girl you’re crossing a line. I get that you’ve been through a great deal. And I’m doing my damnest to help you through it. However… I will NOT have you questioning where you and I stand again. I have more than fucking proved myself and I’m soooo done with these games. I’m not about to coddle you like some god damn insecure teenage brat. For one thing… You’re entirely too bad ass for that shit. And only fugly little insecure bitches pull that lame ass shit and you’re a fucking knock out! So knock that shit off!”

He reared back however as she had this peculiar look about her and was biting down on that bottom lip of hers.

“What?!” He spat.

“I fucking hate you!”

But the way she said this had him chuckling..

“Well I fucking hate you too, you crazy bitch.”

Bella swallowed back gathering the true meaning behind that. Though they’d never say the actual words, they felt them all the same. Both had been burned and neither cared to ever hear ‘those’ words ever again. This was just their way of doing things. Negan lowered himself into the tub and kissed her.

“And he’s back…” he murmured hintingly and Bella giggled, but that giggle turned into tears.

“What is it?” Negan questioned with a frustrated sigh.

“Desi…” She whimpered and he reared back.

“What about her?”

“The fire…” She said with a grimace.

“She and Tracy…”

“Tracy… But not Desi.” He murmured.

“Wait… what?”

“Desi’s just fine… Tracy – fucking charcoal.”

Bella clamped a hand over her mouth and cried on Tracy’s behalf; yet she felt a sense of relief that it wasn’t Desiree.

“I’m so sorry about Tracy…”

He nodded and kissed her on the forehead.

“Me too, but I think we both stand on the same page when it comes to our Desi.” He uttered with sincerity.

“And the feeling is most certainly mutual…” He hinted as to how Desi reacted when she thought Bella met her demise.

He cleared his throat and climbed on out of the tub. Negan dried himself off and glanced into the mirror.

“Damn, I’m a sexy fucking beast!”

Bella laughed and drained the water from the tub. She came to a stand and Negan helped her out of the tub. He lifted her onto the counter and was drying her off.

“You should know that Sherry and Dwight have been taken care of. Mark… I’ll be dealing with later.”

“Taken care of?”

“Not to worry… Their end was rather Shakespearian.”

Negan wrapped the towel around her and paced the area before her.

“So here’s the deal… I want to know what took place, word for word.”


“Call me Negan one more time, baby-girl.” He challenged causing her to blush.

He raised his brows in waiting.

“Daddy…” She corrected and he nodded.

“That’s the last time you call me Negan, understood? We’ve been through this shit already and I’m a little tired of repeating myself.”

She nodded.

“Now I need you to think back to the attack and tell me everything that was said and done… Leave nothing out.”

She recoiled and looked as though she’d be sick. Negan took notice of this and marched on over. He lifted her chin with his index finger.

“I want to know everything and now.”

With much reluctance, Bella revealed the truth. When finished… Negan was shaking all over and his hands were balled up into fists. Shane had more or less admitted that he had sexual desires for her and at just the age of 13! And she hadn’t a clue; Negan could see it written all over her face. Just as innocent as can be… and that only added to his fury. This sick bastard wanted to fuck her when she was nothing more than a child and he was obviously bitter about having to wait. Negan knew he was a lot of things… but even he wasn’t that much of a monster. Rape itself was a peeve of his…fucking children? The mere idea had him absolutely livid. So Shane didn’t fuck her thirteen year old ass… it’s the mere knowledge behind it all. Bella had fallen for a predator. And Rick that piece of shit just let this man waltz right into his home and he called him ‘friend’; a man that went home and jerked off to thoughts of his little niece.

Daddy… Sure it sounded just as bad. But it was nowhere near the same. Negan’s reasons behind that were different in the sense of a master to his slave… but it was a little more than kink. Bella was his baby-girl, in the sense of there being that overwhelming need to protect her and yes… there was some bias in the sense that Bella was his favorite person in this entire fucking world. That included his wives (past and present) and the Saviors. He truly meant it when he said she was the only one he’d ever broken the rules for. The only one that would ever come in close in comparison… was his precious Lucille.

“You and your men are eating up all our supplies.”

“I fail to see where this is a ME problem. It sounds like a Rick the Dick problem.”

“I’m serious…”

“So am I. After all, if you had taken better care of my girl; we wouldn’t be here, now would we? Better yet, if you wouldn’t have stabbed me in the back and took her right out from under my nose, you fucking prick.”

Rick rolled his eyes.

“Just how long do you think you’ll be staying here?”

“That all depends…”


“Are you by chance rushing your niece’s healing process? Tsk, tsk… you really are a dick, aren’t you Ricky Boy?!”

They turned as there was a metallic groan and the walls to Safe Haven came crashing down.

“What in the…” Negan murmured taking notice of the eight wheeler that caused it.

“Jesus…” Rick uttered as a slew of walkers were following right behind.

“SHIT!” Jacoby hollered once he took notice.

Negan bitched under his breath and looked towards the area Bella currently was. She was a good six blocks away and it was just her and the doc. She was in no shape to be dealing with this mass of walkers. He shook his head and got a firmer hold on Lucille.

“One of yours?” Rick spat and Negan raised his brows.

“Actually he’s one of yours, remember? You swore to keep his sorry ass protected. I bet you’re eating them words now,asshole.”

“Something wrong?” Bella questioned as the doc was looking out the window.

Bella was lacing up her boots and getting ready for her next therapy session. She knew Negan would be arriving any minute and he’d expect her to be up and ready to go. She narrowed her eyes however as the doc looked back with this rather ill expression.


“The walls…”

“What about them?”

“They’re not there…” she murmured as if in a daze.

Bella sort of laughed and came to a stand. She put her hair into a ponytail and looked out the window.

“What the…” She mumbled and reared back.

She jumped as a walker lost its footing and hit the window.

“Holy shit!” Bella called out and looked to Denise in shock.

“What in the hell is going on?” She spat and the doc reared back.

“Please tell me you got some sort of weapons in here.”

The doctor let out a nervous laugh and Bella rolled her eyes.

Great… just fucking GREAT!” She spat and looked around the room for something, anything.

She dug through the drawers and grabbed a scalpel and a pair of surgical scissors. Bella tossed the scissors over and shook her head.

“Well, you ready?”

“Maybe it’s best if we just stay put.”

Bella had a good laugh at this.

“If you want to stay back and coward down like a little bitch, then be my guest. I’m gonna help clean house.”

“You’re in no shape to…”

“Exactly… But you are, yet you prefer to hide behind these walls. Where’s that going to get us? You want these walkers gone?”

The doctor nodded.

“Then we have to help these guys out, plain and simple.”

“You can barely walk!”

“Well I suppose that means the walkers and I have something in common now, doesn’t it?! This ought to even out the score.”

Bella headed out the back door.

“You comin’, doc?”

She hollered back as she plunged the scalpel into a nearby walker. She jerked it back and was quick to dodge another and pluck out it’s eye. Bella gritted her teeth and shoved another walker back as it was about to take a bite out of the doc.

“PAY ATTENTION!” Bella shouted.

“I’m the wounded one, remember?!”

The doctor nodded and Bella sighed as the doctor took out the walker, but with a grimace.

“Are you fucking kidding me? Where the hell are you from?!”


Bella reared back and laughed.

“That explains a lot…”

The woman looked offended but hadn’t the time to react as Bella shoved her out of the way of another walker.

“God dammit! You’re going to get us both killed! Wake the fuck up or I’m gonna leave your ass behind!”

The doc nodded and did her best as she followed Bella to the armory.

“Do you need like an inhaler or something?”

“No… why?”

“You’re sure panting like you’re in need of one!” Bella called out once she got to the door.

She shook her head seeing as how it was locked.

“Jesus Rick… When did you turn into Alexandria?!” Bella voiced she tilted her head and took a few steps back.

She nodded amongst herself and took her blue tank off. The doc watches as she wrapped it around her arm and used it to bust the glass to a nearby window.

“You gonna fucking cover me, or not?!” Bella spat as more walkers were coming their way.

Bella could see her uncle and Negan’s men off to the distance. She couldn’t believe the amount of walkers surrounding the place. The doc kept her covered as Bella rushed in and grabbed a couple of guns, grenades, and a bat. Bella tossed one of the guns over.

“Please tell me you…”

Bella raised her brows as the doc was quick to turn the safety off and fire.

“Good girl…” She murmured with a smirk.

She darted on over and took the doc by the hand.

“We need to get up high… I have an idea.”

The doc grimaced as Bella was bleeding through her tank top.

“Bella!” She hollered out but Bella ignored her and was heading towards one of the buildings she knew had an entry to the roof.

“Keep up!” Bella shouted as she shot a nearby walker.

“Again… I’m the handicap! Work with me here, doc!”

The doctor nodded and covered her as Bella fired at the lock to the old store. She dashed on in and headed for the entryway. Bella lifted the platform and covered the doc’s back as she climbed on up. Once they were on the roof. Bella closed the platform and walked over to the edge. Once she had a good idea of what they were facing, she sighed.

“Jesus fucking Christ…” the doc heard her mutter.

Bella squatted down and caught her breath.

“You need to take care of that…” The doctor motioned towards Bella’s abdomen.

“That’s the least of my concerns at the moment.”

“If those stitches rip…”

“I’m well aware of the possibilities, doc. Thank you.”

Bella paced the area a bit and took notice of the Saviors and New Haven teaming up against the walkers. But something else dawned on her. She motioned towards the doc.

“Think you could make that jump?”

The doctor looked over to see what she was referring to.

“You mean to the other building?!”


“No! Of course not.”

“Come on now… If one of us could get over there and use one of those grenades, we could take out over half of those walkers.”

“Look at me, I’m a fat ass!”

Bella raised her brows on this.

“What’s that have to do with anything?”

“You honestly think I can jump from building to building?!”

“Well yeah… if I didn’t, I sure as hell wouldn’t ask. Besides you’re a little curvy, you’re not fat by any means.” Bella said with a shrug.

The doc blushed a bit.

“Um thanks… I think.”

Bella nodded.

“So what do you say? You wanna go Bruce Willis on this bitch and play the hero, doc?”

The doctor drew back a hesitant breath and regarded the area in question once again.

“Times a factor…”


Bella smiled.

“Awesome.” She tossed one of the grenades over.

“You know how these work, right?”

“Take the pin out and toss?”

“You got it.” Bella assured as she was still out of breath and had a hand clamped over her stomach.

“Go on now. You got this, Denise.”

Bella braced herself against a nearby drainage pipe and observed as the doctor made a run and dash across. She let out a sigh of relief as the doc actually made it. Just as she was about to call out something encouragingly, Bella was knocked for one hell of a loop. The bat was knocked out of her hand and she staggered back as her ears started ringing. Bella reached to her head and quickly spun around.

“You stupid bitch…” Bella murmured with her vision blurred.

Maggie gritted her teeth and with determination, she swung that lead pipe towards Bella yet again. Bella dodged the attempt.

Now? You think NOW is the time for this?” Bella spat and Maggie swung yet again.

“We both know that only one of us is walking away from this and it’s better me than you. You caused all this mess! This is all on YOU!”

“The hell it is!”

“He didn’t have to die. Negan told you to make a decision. You could’ve picked someone anyone but HIM! I lost my husband and my baby because of you, you selfish bitch!”

“Me? I’m selfish? If I wouldn’t have given myself to Negan a majority of you would’ve died that night.”

“And look at you… I can’t believe you actually let that man touch you and even worse, you’ve fallen for him.”

“Would’ve you been happier to find I was being raped and beat on a daily basis? Would that suffice? Because obviously what Shane did was a motherfucking cakewalk, YOU FUCKING CUNT!”

Bella blocked another hit and dived on after her. The two of them rolled about the rooftop taking jabs at one another. Negan shook his head once he caught wind of this. But he was nowhere near close enough to come to Bella’s aid. He only hoped she could hold her own until he got there. He nodded upon Rick as they were taking out nearby walkers.

“Should’ve put that bitch on a leash, she gets my girl killed and I will find one and choke her with it.”

Rick reared back wondering what he was referring to. He grimaced once he took notice of the two on the roof. He thought about his niece’s threat and shook his head with disappointment. Rick truly believed this to be her doing and he felt shame in that. After all, he’d taught her better than that! Now was not the time to be worrying about personal grudges. This only proved his assumptions correct – she was becoming too much like HIM!

Bella let out a growl as Maggie had her by the hair and smashed her face first into the tarmac. The young woman swung her head back and as hard as she could. Maggie let out a groan as Bella managed to bust her mouth and nose open. She reached for the bat. Maggie was quick to her feet and Bella hollered out as she stomped on her hand. She’d the perfect shot however and took it. Maggie let out a cry as Bella took the tip of her boot to Maggie’s crotch and hard. She used her feet to fling Maggie back. Maggie landed on her ass and Bella shot to her feet. She had that bat in hand and Maggie inched back in a crabwalk fashion.

“NO!” Rick cried out and Negan looked over with raised brows.

Bella had that bat raised and Maggie cornered. With nowhere to go Maggie pleaded for her life. It was take the beating of a lifetime from the likes of Bella or meet her demise with the walkers below. Negan got this shitass grin on his face as Bella swung that bat. Rick recoiled as she took it across Maggie’s face. She grabbed her by the collar of her shirt afterward and brought her up against her chest.

“You stupid, stupid bitch… You should’ve known better than to cross me!”

Maggie’s eyes rolled back tears were streaming down her face.

“LOOK AT ME!” Bella roared and Negan let out a growl of his own.

“Fuck… I’m so hard I could wrap barbed wire around my dick and call him Lucille II!”

Rick curled his lip in disgust and Negan chuckled.

“She’s a pistol, isn’t she?!” He said as he bashed a nearby walker’s head in.

The aftermath hit Rick right in the face and Negan laughed.

“My bad…”

“You think I wanted him to die? Think again. This is just how things are. We can’t kill and not expect it to backfire. We got what was coming to us. It’s just unfortunate we lost some good ones along the way. Now you can hold on to the past and continue to cry like a little bitch. Or you can learn from it and move THE FUCK ON. Build on from there, it’s your choice. But either way, I will not back down. Keep coming at me and see where it lands you!” Bella forced Maggie’s head towards the walkers below.

“It’s tempting – I gotta admit. I could shove you right off this building and no one would ever know. I get it… Trust me I do. You’re pissed the fuck off. Why wouldn’t you be? You lost your husband and I’m guessing you miscarried. So it was just as Negan assumed – a walker baby, wasn’t it?”

Maggie recoiled and Bella nodded.

“I’m sorry Mag’s. I truly am. You’ve been through a great deal. But then again, you’re not the only one. Each of us has walked through the gates of hell. We all have a story and have lost loved ones along the way. But we’re here to tell about it and that right there is what truly matters. Now are you done with the crying games? If not, I need to know. That way I can take care of business and put you out of your misery, once and for all.”

Maggie nodded and Bella sighed as she brought her back towards safety. Bella went to check on the doctor afterward.

“WATCH OUT!” Negan shouted on top of his lungs.

Maggie grabbed Bella and shoved her towards the edge of the roof. Bella looked to Negan in a panic and went to back up but lost her footing.

“NOOO!” Rick and Negan yelled as Bella fell and was dangling off the edge.

Bella hollered out as she was in absolute agony. She felt as though she were being ripped in half.

To make matters worse, walkers surrounded her and were reaching for her.

“FUCCCCK!” Bella growled as she hung on for dear life.

Maggie made her way over and went to put an end to it once and for all. Bella grabbed her ankle and with gritted teeth, she flung Maggie off the roof and into the pool of walkers below. With the walkers distracted Bella flung her body towards a nearby dumpster, where she landed. She was quick to close the doors and held them in place. The young woman cringed as she could hear Maggie being devoured by the walkers.

As for Negan? He was losing his shit. He hadn’t seen Bella land in the trash can. From where he and Rick stood it looked as if she and Maggie fell into that same pool. He swung his bat like that of a mad man. He was doing everything within his ability to get where she was. But like that of Rick, he feared the outcome. Negan just knew he was going to walk up and find her guts spread about the area.

Bella froze as she swore she not only heard but felt something moving around. Once the realization hit she was quick to fling her body over and slammed the walker’s head up against the dumpster she did this repeatedly. But in doing this… she had the attention of the surrounding walkers. Bella backed herself into the very back of the dumpster as she could hear them scratching against the surface, in attempts to get to her. There were so many the weight alone had the dumpster tilting onto it’s side.

“Bella?!” She heard Negan holler.

“Here!” She called out and that only added to the walkers hunger.

Bella let out a yelp as the dumpster tipped over.

Negan snapped a look that direction and recoiled. The walkers had the dumpster surrounded and he could see Bella frantically kicking and doing everything within her power to keep the walkers out. He rushed on over and took out walker after walker and he didn’t stop until he had every last one. Once he finished, Negan peeked into the dumpster. Bella reached out and latched onto him.

“I got you…” he assured as he lifted her on out.

The man jumped however as Bella fired the gun he had hidden in his leather jacket. He peered back as a walker hit the ground. Negan sighed.

“This is my favorite jacket, you know.”

“Hmmm…” he hummed as she kissed him.

He grabbed a handful of her ass and leaned into her ear.

“I’m about to burst through these fucking jeans I wanna fuck you so god damn bad.”

She smiled but with a hint of a grimace. He looked down and reared back.

Shit…” he murmured as he lifted her tank.

“We gotta get that taken care of.”

The stitches had ripped and the area had reopened. It looked even worse than it originally was. There wasn’t much time as walkers were making their way over. They stood back to back and teamed up in taking them out. Once they made a clear path, Bella went to take care of a straggler. Only to have someone grab her and they slammed her back against one of the buildings.

“What in the fuck were you thinking?”

Bella gritted her teeth and shoved him back.

“I saw what you did! I can’t believe you killed Mags!”

“Is that what you saw, just me killing Maggie?”

He nodded and grabbed her by the collar of her shirt.

“I don’t even know who you are anymore!”

“That’s the fucking problem, Rick. You’re blind to everything around you. You hadn’t a clue about me and Shane and even now… you keep those blinders of yours on. I swear to god you only see whatever it is you want to see. You’re such a god damn hypocrite!”

“I saw you kill Maggie in cold blood.”

“If that’s what you saw… then I suppose that’s what happened, now isn’t it?”

Her jaw dropped as Rick hauled off and slapped her.

“NO!” She hollered as Negan grabbed him and jerked him back.

He went to end it all and Bella grabbed Negan’s arm. She pulled back with everything she had.

“Go on, you think I fucking care?!” Rick hollered as Negan held that bat over his head.

“You did worse than take my niece. You turned her into you!”

Rick pointed to Bella afterward.

“You wanna be a Savior? Done! But so are we…”

Bella staggered back and watched as Rick stormed off. Negan cupped her chin and shook his head. As if she wasn’t beat up enough… he thought with scowl.

“You should’ve let me bash his fucking head in.”

She said nothing but Negan could see it written all over her face. The girl was crushed.

“Fuck those pussies. You got us…”

She nodded and he pulled her into his chest.

“He’s right…” Jacoby added as he had caught wind of this as well.

Negan sent him a nod of respect and Jacoby nodded in return.

“You might be the ‘road wife’ but you’re the sister to our brotherhood. We’re one fucked up family… but it’s better than what these guys have to offer. Blood…” Jacoby muttered and shook his head.

“That only goes so far.”

Bella swallowed back as the Saviors surrounded them. Word had spread like wildfire. Negan smiled and his eyes locked with hers.

“Well I do believe you just got yourself knighted in. And believe me when I say that has NEVER happened. Not like this.”
Negan regarded his men in thought.

“I say we teach these guys what happens when they mess with Negan’s baby-girl.”

Jacoby smiled on Negan’s words.

“Absolutely.” He agreed.

“But first off… let’s get you patched up.”

“Hmmm… I need you to get better so I can wreck that tight little pussy.” Negan murmured as he had Bella sitting on the bathroom counter and was helping her get dressed.

At the moment, Bella was off in Lala land. The doc had stitched her back up and given her a nice dose of meds. Negan loved every minute of it. She was giggly and completely spaced out, which was right where he wanted her. This was going to be a long ass night. But Negan had to stand his ground and get his point across. Bella wasn’t going to like it, not one bit. She ran a hand along his chest and had her legs wrapped around him.

“You keep that up and I’m gonna have no choice but to hit that fucking release valve and spray those perfect titties of yours.” He murmured knowing she was in no shape for a good fucking, not just yet.

She frowned and that bottom lip of hers puckered out. He grazed it teasingly with his teeth then let out a miserable growl.

“Daddy’s got business to take care of.”

He brought her back down and took her by the hand. Negan grabbed Lucille on the way out.

The Saviors already had Rick and company lined up and down on their knees. Bella swallowed back and regarded Negan with unease. He cut her a wink but didn’t utter a word.

Negan paced the area and looked to the damage done to Rick’s precious New Haven. He shook his head and let out a bit of a chuckle.

“Boy, I sure would hate to be you right about now. And I’m not just talking about pissing yourselves, which seems to be the constant between us. I can’t even imagine how long it’s going to take to clean this shit up. Not to mention the stink that’s spreading and I’m not just talkin’ walker bodies. It’s going to take you folks sometime to rebuild. So much for your little ‘Haven’…”

Negan stopped and cleared his throat.

“Now… I feel the need to get some things straight. First off… This…” he pointed Lucille towards Rick.

All his doing. You can point the finger all you fucking want, but deep down each and every one of you know the truth. You got eyes, ears, and fucking minds of your own. Do the math and figure it out. Bottom line? You got a pussy for a leader and he’s not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed but he is a tool, nevertheless. After what I’ve witnessed… Honestly, the man doesn’t deserve another breath of air. I know that. You know that. And so does Lucille. But killing him, that’s the easy way out.”

Negan motioned Bella over and he had her standing before him.

“Déjà vu, huh?” He said with a smirk.

He brushed her hair away from her neck and kissed it. He breathed her in and closed his eyes momentarily.

“Hmmm… so glad I decided against killing this one. She’s made a fine addition to the Saviors and as one of my wives. Speaking of which… You not only killed more of my men, but you killed one of my wives. That little fire… turned one of them into charcoal. So not fucking cool! Her name was Tracy and it just so happens that she was innocent in all this. I picked her up a couple years ago. She sought protection and in return, I received the benefits. Never gave me a bit of trouble that one. She was merely thankful for whatever I had to offer. Sad ordeal how that turned out. I really liked Tracy. But then you go and do the unforgiveable…” he uttered with a sneer.

“You see every man has his favorites, whether they be a particular gun or knife, or in my case…” he waved Lucille about and smiled.

“And when someone fucks with our favorite things, we tend to get bent out of shape and at times it can drive us a little insane. Or in my case MAD! Now as to the little blame game you all wish to play…”

Negan twirled Bella about and she gasped out as he stripped her down. He cut her an apologetic glance afterward and whispered just so she could hear.

“I’m sorry… But Daddy has his reasons.”

She closed her eyes once he had her facing them.

“I want each and every one of you to take a good fucking look. You want to point the finger HER direction?! Just be sure to look her in the eyes when you do. And follow it with a good explanation as to how it is. As he did this, Negan pointed to every mark along her body.” He nodded upon Jacoby and he tossed over the bat Shane had used in order to sodomize her. Negan caught it and dropped it at Rick’s feet.

“This man…” He pointed to Rick.

“Let one of your own do this to his own niece. Not only that but he fucking betrayed you, by letting a few of my betrayers behind these walls. He entrusted them with not only hers, but your lives. Yet each of you want to get down on your knees and suck his motherfucking DICK! Why is that? Why the fuck would you wanna suck the dick of a man that locked his niece away like that of a criminal and handed the key over to someone HE KNEW had a personal vendetta against her. To top it off, he pretty much calls her a murderer to her face.”

Negan regarded Rick with a tsking sound.

“Just how many times have you let me slip my god damn dick down your throat and thanked me for it afterward? Just as my baby-girl so eloquently put, all true.”

Negan drew back a breath and took off his leather jacket. He draped it over Bella and had Jacoby gather her. Jacoby hugged her close as she started to cry.

“Not to worry she’s out of your hands now, which could prove to be VERY dangerous. You should’ve never turned your back to one of your smartest and strongest. That’s going to bite you in the ass one day. And I’m sure you’d be more than willing to blame me when that day comes. But the truth of the matter is you created this mess. Each and every one of you played a part in the destruction of this community. All you had to do was play by the rules and since you didn’t do that, well things are about to become far more difficult. You no longer work for me. Nope. As of now you’re my fucking slaves. You will do whatever I say and right when I say it. Starting tonight… I’m taking EVERYTHING you own: food, meds, weapons, and I will rip up that precious garden of yours and personally piss on whatever produce we don’t take. My men are going to burn down your clinic… but first of all. I’m gonna need that doc of yours and bring me the boy.”

Once they were brought forth, he paced the area yet again. He signaled for Jacoby to bring Mark over as well. Negan forced him to his knees. And as he took Lucille and beat the man to a bloody pulp, he was eyeing Rick down. The entire group was covered in blood by the time Negan finished. One of the Saviors tossed Negan a towel and he wiped his face down. He tossed it towards Rick.

“You got a little…” He pointed at a good chunk on the top of Rick’s head.

Rick rolled his eyes and Negan shrugged.

“Suit yourself.”

Negan made his way to the doctor afterward.

“Nothing personal… I hope you understand that.”

Bella let out a gasp and Jacoby was quick to cover her mouth as Negan bashed the doc’s head in. Negan used his boot to pry Lucille free. When he finished , he pointed the bat Rick’s direction.

“I figure an eye for an eye. You made my baby-girl suffer. So I will make each and every one of you suffer. There will be no clinic, no meds, no doc! You’re fucking FUCKED!”

Rick let out a miserable laugh and Negan nodded. He made his way over and leaned into his ear.

“Were you aware that your BFF was fantasizing about your 13 year old niece?” He whispered with a sneer.

“How’s that make you feel? I’m guessing the two of you went on fishing trips, would shoot the shit, have a few drinks from time to time? To think… Every time you looked the other way, his eyes were on her. And just like now… you’re fucking clueless. She was the victim in all this. You and I both know that. Think of me what you will… but I guarenfuckingtee he was just sitting there waiting… And your entire friendship was based off his lust for her. You idiotic prick! So here’s the thing. I’m going to let the rest of you live. You’re going to need all the help you can get. As for your son, he’s coming with us.”

Rick’s eyes went wild and he charged right for Negan. Jacoby got a tighter hold on Bella as Negan responded. He took his knee to his face and Lucille to his back. He shoved him to the ground directly after.

“Think of it like this… We’re doing the kid a fucking favor.”

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11 thoughts on “Chapter 10 The Rebuild Part II”

  1. Wow…I’m just catching up with this story and man, it surely is something else…You’re always keeping us on the edge of our chair wondering what will come next…lol…I love it and can’t wait to read more…thanks, huggs.

  2. “Fuck… I’m so hard I could wrap barbed wire around my dick and call him Lucille II!” – Fucking Negan! Lol!

    And Carl… I like where you’re going with him. Hope he continues to man up.

    Glad Mags is dead but Shane still needs to burn…

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