Chapter 12 Negan’s Wrath

Chapter 12

I do not own Twilight or TWD series or comics. AU.

Back at the Fort…

Negan nodded once he got the play by play of what all took place while he was gone.

“How many?” he questioned.


The man drew back an irritated breath but said nothing on the matter.

“And this is…?” He motioned towards the construction.

“Your wife’s doing.”
“The same one that took out four of my men?”
“That’d be correct, boss.”
“Hmmm. And what is it she has you building?”

“Another Sanctuary.”
Negan reared back with raised brows.

“Does she now?”

The Savior nodded and handed over the blue print.

“Well I’ll be damned…”

“Should I let her know you’ve arrived?”

“Nope. In fact no one’s to utter a word on it. I wish to surprise the little dears…”


“And she’s not to catch wind of our newest guest either.”

“You got it.”

“Oh and Tony?”

“I’m gonna need some walkers.”


“Just gather a few and lock them in the tower for now.”

“Um… okay.”

Negan nodded and headed off. Once he entered the house…”I’m home” he called out. The wives made their way down the stairs and they greeted him with kisses.

He locked eyes with Bella and cupped her chin.



“Did you kill a few of my men while I was away?”

Desiree got this wide eyed look about her as she herself hadn’t a clue.


“Bella…” He scolded with a frown.

“But they had it coming, daddy. They weren’t listening!”

This had Desi covering her mouth as she was doing her best not to laugh.

“They weren’t listening, so you just started shooting?”

“I didn’t kill anyone that didn’t have it coming.”


“Yes daddy?”

“You are so grounded.”

“Grounded?” She questioned with a snort.

He nodded and took her by the hand and placed her into a corner.

“You’re kidding me, right?”

“Stay put until I gather you.”

“Seriously?!” She bitched under her breath.

“Do I look like I’m joking?”

Negan cut Desi a wink and she giggled into her hand.

“This is utter bullshit!”

Negan leaned into Bella’s ear.

“Nose to the wall and shut that trap of yours.”

Bella rolled her eyes but did as she was told. Negan walked on over and whispered something into Desi’s ear. She nodded and he smacked her on the rear after. Desi giggled once again and was quick to take off doing whatever he asked of her. He waited the allotted time then he took Bella by the hand. She’d this odd look about her as they headed on out of the house and into a particular building. It looked to of been an old police station at one time or another. Bella swallowed back as he opened the door to an old interrogation room. There were blankets and pillows spread about the floor. And there were rose petals and candles as well.

“How’d you…” he clamped a hand over her mouth and shook his head.

Negan reached back and shut then locked the door behind him. He unzipped her dress and had it falling to the floor. He used his knife to rid of her bra and panties.

“Now I want you to lie down and spread those sexy legs of yours. Daddy’s very hungry.”

She nodded and did as he wished. Negan got undressed and made his way over. He buried his nose into her pussy and breathed her in.

“Fuck… I can already smell it. You’re so wet for me, aren’t you baby-girl?”

Bella was climbing the walls in lust. It had been awhile and she was desperate for a good fucking. Negan smiled and gave her pussy a good lick.

“Hmmm… So fucking good. Daddy missed this pussy.” He murmured and went back to licking.

Bella was doing her best not to squirm but it wasn’t easy as Negan was going to town.

“Daddy!” She cried and that only triggered that egotistical grin of his.

Negan took his time. So much so that it was driving Bella mad. She had those blankets in her grip and her back arched off the ground.

“Fuck me! Daddy please!”

Negan lifted his eyes and gave her one last thorough lick.

“Is that what you really want?”

Bella nodded. He loved the way her body responded to his. Negan came to his feet and offered his hand. She gazed upon him in wonder. He led her to the table right before the examination window. He bent her over and carefully eased his way in. He wanted to make certain she was good to go first.

“How’s that feeling, Bella baby?”

“So good, daddy.” She purred.

He nodded and gave her ass a firm pop.

“And that?”

He chuckled as she was too busy moaning to give him a proper answer. She frowned as he pulled out and just as she went to complain, he drove his entire length in and this time he thrust like there was no tomorrow.

“Call to me baby-girl and don’t stop!”

As she gave into his demands, the man was gone. His eyes rolled back and he took pleasure in her cries. She was cumming so hard it ran down her legs.

“You’re such a good girl. Daddy’s going to fuck you until you pass the fuck out!”

And he meant it. Negan didn’t stop until those legs of hers were trembling and her eyes were coming to a close. In fact when he pulled out he had to hurry and scoop her up. He carried her to the pallet he had Desi set up. Once he laid her down he kissed her and regarded the window with a smirk. He headed into the room behind the one way window.

“And that’s how you fuck a woman. One of the best ways of destroying a man is taking his pussy and making it yours. So tell me… How does it feel? Knowing the pussy you once had is getting fucked by a real man?”

Negan had Shane bound to a chair, where he had to watch the entire session. His eyes were pried open so he couldn’t look away. Negan leaned into his ear.

“Now I do believe it’s time we had a little man to man talk.”

He took a step back and paced the area.

“You loved her, didn’t you?”

Tears were streaming down the man’s face and Negan gave a simple nod.

“What’s not to love, right? She’s the whole package. And that would certainly explain why you said and did the things you did. You wanted to rip her apart, the way she did you. And even through the knowledge of it being no one’s fault but your own. You know I’m rather curious… When you took that bat and raped her, did you happen to see that thirteen year old girl again? You know… the one who smiled whenever you entered the door. The one who would call out your name ever so sweetly. The one who had your heart all a flutter even at the jailbait age. Did you look into those big brown eyes and do a little reminiscing? Is that what has you sooo fucking angry? Is knowing that she finally saw you for the actual piece of shit you are, instead of the fantasy she’d created in that innocent mind of hers? What’s it like going from a GOD to the SCUM of the earth. I suppose that’s the one area in which I can be somewhat understanding. I mean who wouldn’t be driven to the brink of insanity? I mean you had it all and lost it! That’s enough to send any man to the fucking looney bin.”

Negan marched back over and cupped his chin.

“I want you to look me in the eyes and know that in her eyes I AM GOD. And I will do everything within my power to keep it that way. I rather like the attention and the adorable way she looks at me. And the mere knowledge of taking it all away from you – is just a bonus. But I feel the need to get one thing straight before we begin…” Negan grabbed him by the collar and had the chair lifting up off the ground as he pulled him up towards him.

“She is Negan’s baby-girl. And daddy’s tend to get real bent out of shape when someone fucks with our little girls. You haven’t any idea what you’re in for. But you’re about to find out here real soon.”

Negan called forth one of his men and they entered the room. The man was six foot tall and all muscle. He had a bat in hand and it was bigger than that of the other Saviors, even bigger than that of Lucille. It was wooden and had jagged nails sticking out of it.

“Now I don’t believe in rape, not by any means. In fact I downright despise the mere idea. However… I do believe in an eye for an eye and therefore I truly hope you’re prepared. Anywho… You two have fun now. I’m going to shower and cuddle with the wives for a bit. I’ll see you in the morning. Until then… Bottoms up!”

The following morning:

“Hmmm.” Negan hummed as he woke to find Desi and Bella loving on him.

He wrapped his arms around them and kissed them both.

“Did you two behave while I was gone?”

Desi giggled but nodded.

“Depends on your definition of behaving…” Bella taunted with a wink Desi’s way.

Negan smacked her on the rear.

“I think we all know where I’m going with this. Don’t make me put your ass in the corner again.”

“I don’t know… I rather enjoyed the aftermath.”

Negan chuckled on this.

“Did you now?”

She nodded and he let out a moan as Desi was going down on him. He moved her hair out of the way so he could watch.

“How’d everything else go?” He questioned.

“Well you already know the rest… well almost everything.”

He narrowed his eyes on this but continued to watch as Desi sucked his dick.

Everything…?” He probed.

Bella sighed and ran her hand along his chest.

“My uncle came by.”

Negan chuckled on this.

“I figured he would. Let me guess unarmed… and ready to reason?”

Bella cut him a peculiar glance.

“How’d you…?”

Negan gritted his teeth and bucked off the bed a bit.

“Just did…” he uttered.

“He didn’t hurt you, now did he?”

“No… But he was pretty pissed. He’s not too happy about us taking Carl.”


“He doesn’t deserve him though.” Bella said with a shrug.

Desi went to say something and Bella reached over and had her keep going. Negan cocked a brow on this.

“He doesn’t deserve you either.” He murmured as he anxiously kissed her.

“Hop aboard, Desi!” He called out afterward.

Negan wrinkled his nose the moment he entered the room where Shane was.

“Man, it smells like sweat, shit, and piss.”

He tilted his head seeing the nice puddle of not only bodily fluids but blood beneath Shane.

“I gotta give you props. I’m half expected you to be dead by now. You’re a fighter, I’ll give you that much. But you look like a human piñata.”

“Kill me…”

Negan reared back with raised brows.

“What was that?”

“Just fucking kill me, please.” Shane whimpered with tears streaming down his face.

Negan pressed his lips together and walked a circle around him.

“I’d love to… But I can’t, not yet.”

“Why?” Shane whimpered.

This had Negan gritting his teeth.

“You dare to sit there and ask why I won’t give a pedophile and rapist piece of shit a misery killing?!”

“I’m no such thing!”

“So you never had sexual thoughts about the chief’s thirteen year old daughter?”

Shane wouldn’t answer.

“No. I didn’t!”

“So not cool, you’re lying and right to my fucking face. Truth now… You’d have hit that if given the chance. And every time you jerked off or fucked another woman you were thinking about that sweet thirteen year old pussy!”

Shane closed his eyes and Negan nodded.

“That’s about what I thought. And FYI it was rape… You’d have used your dick if it wasn’t out of order. That bat hadn’t anything to do with her! You used it as a big ole FUCK YOU to me. YOU BEAT AND RAPED MY BABY-GIRL! And yet you have the motherfucking balls to ask me for a misery killing?”

Negan cupped his chin and looked him dead in the eyes.

“You will stay right here until you starve or die of dehydration. And when you’re reborn as a walker I’m letting the boy have a stab at you. How’s that sound?”

(AN: There are TWO alternate endings to this story. Chapter 13 is the HEA ending. Chapter 14 is the not so HEA ending. It is your choice on which to read if not both. Thank you for your support in this story. Remember to leave your comment/review or a simple ‘like’ if you dig the chapter. Thank you.)


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