Chapter 14 (Not so HEA…)

Chapter 14 (Not so HEA)

I do not own Twilight or TWD series or comics. AU. I claim  the OCs known as Jacoby and Desiree.

Four days later:

“Have at it, kid.”

Negan murmured as he handed Carl his very own bat. Carl narrowed his eyes in question. The man gestured towards the area Shane was being kept.

“As promised…”

Carl nodded in understanding and headed that direction.

“Just don’t go and get yourself killed. I’d never hear the end of it.”

“What do I look like, an idiot?”

“Only when you wear that stupid hat…” Negan replied with a smirk.

“It’s my father’s…”

“And ya look just like him when you wear it.”

Carl frowned and took the hat off. He looked to it in thought. Negan nodded amongst himself and walked away. The boy drew back a hesitant breath as he walked over to a nearby dumpster and chucked the hat inside.

“What was that about?” Bella asked as she was making her way over.

Negan smiled and pecked her on the cheek.

“That was your cousin becoming a man.”

Bella went to comment on this only she froze as they heard shouting at the gates followed by gunfire. Within the matter of seconds a blast was heard and the gates were no more. Vehicles charged on through and shots were fired at all directions. Negan snapped his head Bella’s direction as Rick stood in the middle and had his gun aimed right at her. Before Bella could so much as blink Negan knocked her to the ground. He let out a grunt directly after and came to his knees. Blood spilled out of the sides of his mouth. His eyes stayed glued to hers.

“NOOOOOOOOO!” Bella shouted and she crawled towards him.

Bella ignored everything around her and grabbed ahold of Negan. The man laughed and put his hand along her cheek. Another shot was fired and Bella looked to her body wondering where she’d been hit. But when she couldn’t find a bullet hole she lifted her eyes and saw that Rick was on the ground reaching to his leg. Carl was standing behind him gun in hand.

“I fucking told you… Didn’t I?!” Negan gritted his teeth and grabbed her by the collar of her shirt. “You. Are. Negan, you hear me? Grab this world by the balls!”

Were his last words before he died in her arms. Bella closed his eyes and kissed him one last time. Then she grabbed her bat and came to her feet. She ignored everything around her and marched right up to Rick. Jacoby kicked his gun out of reach and held Carl back. Bella didn’t so much as blink as she took that bat and beat her uncle to death. And even as he died she didn’t stop. She didn’t hear Carl’s pleading screams or the war going on around her. She didn’t take notice of the other colonies that had joined her uncle in this battle – that being Hilltop and Alexandria. No. All she could focus on was the anger, pain, and need for revenge. When finished, she looked to the blood on her body. She looked to Jacoby and Carl then back to Negan and Rick. She looked her hands and it was then it truly dawned on her… Negan was dead. So was Rick and at her hands. She was covered in their blood. Her ears were ringing and she just stood there. But as she did she looked to that bat and his last words played in her mind like that of a broken record. She tilted her head upon Negan’s body and gave a simple nod. The old her had died too.

“I am Negan.” As she said this she regarded the bat in hand. Something came over her and it was strong. As she held that bat she felt an all too familiar sense of power. Chills ran up Jacoby’s spine as he heard her whisper.

“We got this… daddy.”

The man continued in holding Carl back but his jaw dropped as she took that bat and took out anyone near her. The remaining Saviors formed a circle around her and were going out their way to keep her protected. Tears were streaming down her face and she let out a painful cry with each hit she gave. The man found himself crying on her behalf. And it was then he swore he’d stand by her side no matter the circumstances. He’d keep her safe and help her carry on the name.

(And that’s it folks! Remember to leave your comment/review or a simple ‘like’ if you dug the chapter. I will be working on my contest piece and other works after. So please be patient. Once I’m a bit more caught up an Harry/OC story is on the way and that will be dedicated to my husband of 15 years as our anniversary is coming up.)

Hope you enjoy your bday story Lil Devil❤ . And I’m so glad I finally got to meet you. Missing you already.



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12 thoughts on “Chapter 14 (Not so HEA…)”

  1. Wow, that was something, I loved the multi chapters. Great story as always, until next time…bigg huggs..

  2. “I fucking told you… Didn’t I?!” Negan gritted his teeth and grabbed her by the collar of her shirt. “You. Are. Negan, you hear me? Grab this world by the balls!” – well shit, this ending is sad but sooo good too! This is the greatest thing ever. Love this story so much and it means the world that you dedicated it to me. Best birthday gift ever. And though life kicked me in the balls and I finished it late, I’m almost glad. I got to savor it this way – draw out the anticipation. Loved every chapter of it.

    And I miss ya too, sweets… Already looking forward to our next adventure ❤

  3. Yeah, preferred the other ending. Also, this story has kept me up all night ’cause I just could not stop reading it. It’s really good and, well, good. I would say more about how I love Desiree (awesome name btw) and how Carl grew up, and Bella’s wicked character, and how whenever I think I’ve read all of your stories, a new one pops up, and blah blah blah… But I’m tired, so I will just say- loved it!

  4. I loved this story!! I especially loved right in the beginning where there was the forewarning, something along the lines of ‘if she had known, she would have called Shane’s name out instead.’ I loved it because, you’re there, you read that, you’re like ‘oooooh Shane’s gonna fuck shit up!’ and then you keep reading, and nothing happens with Shane, and you forget about the forewarning almost completely and then BAM he’s there and not only does he fuck shit up, but he fucks it up in the WORST way. It was excellent. Thank you for a great story. I have to admit I love the HEA much more but I could see a sequel coming from the not so HEA starring Bella, Jacoby, Carl and later Daryl. All in all though, thanks so much!!

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