Chapter 2 The Others?

Chapter 2

I do not own Twilight or TWD. Just like I mentioned with New Haven – The Fort is also something I made up. They were needed for this particular story.  Please keep in mind that this is an AU story! Thank you! 

“Good morning…”

The sound of his voice had her startled and Bella was doing her best to gather her surroundings. She looked over seeing the king himself lying right beside her. He had his head propped up about the palm of his hand and his arm was wrapped around her waist.

“You’re cute as fuck when you’re all tuckered out. Did you know you talk in your sleep?”

She could hear the Saviors outside the RV. They were being awfully rowdy and were shooting at something. This had her sitting up in alarm.

“What’s going on?!”

“Just the boys having a little fun… Speaking of fun…”

He reached over and lowered the strap to her black tank top. Just as he was about to expose her breast, she hopped up and adjusted the strap.

“Really?!” She hissed and he nodded.

“You do recall what I said about fine print and all, right?”

“I wasn’t aware that rape was on that agenda.”

He curled that lip of his and sat up in the bed.

“Don’t you think I’ve had plenty of opportunity?”

She narrowed her eyes in confusion.

“Think about it… If I was the raping type I’d have fuckin’ done it already.”

“No. You’re just the take whatever I want and the hell with everyone else type.”

Negan smiled on this.

“See?! There you go! We’re going to get along just fine. Now c’mere…”

“I think I’m good.”

Bella peeked out the blinds of the RV window and let out a sigh of relief – seeing as how they were messing with a group of walkers.  Negan caught this and crawled on out of the bed.

“And what is it you presumed was going on?” He asked with curiosity.

When she wouldn’t respond he drew back an irritated breath.  She stepped into her black Harley’s and tied the laces.

“This right here… isn’t gonna work. You see when someone asks you a question the respectful thing to do, is to answer it.”

“And you would know all about respect, right?”

“Actually, yes.”

She laughed and headed into the bathroom to freshen up.

“Not a good start… You cock blocked me and now you’re smarting off?!”

“What are you going to do about it? Spank me? You’re old enough to be my father!” She called back behind the bathroom door. But the moment the words left her mouth she looked in the mirror in disbelief.

“…really…?” she hissed amongst herself.

“What’s wrong with you?!” she whispered with a scowl.

Meanwhile, Negan just stared at the bathroom door in utter astonishment. Did she really just say that shit? “…fuck…” he expressed while ‘adjusting’ himself.  He heard the shower start and the bewildered man shook his head.

“You want a daddy then I’ll fucking give you one.” He alleged as he grabbed Lucille and headed on out.

Negan gathered his boys and was just about to make the announcement that they were heading back. But he turned as he heard the door to the RV swing open. He reared back as Bella stepped on out. She was soaking wet and in nothing but a towel. She ignored everyone around her and marched around the back of the RV and was on a mission. Negan held up a hand and followed. When he witnessed what the issue was… this low growl traveled up along his throat. Bella had one of his men by the roots of his hair. His dick was out, a clear indication of what had taken place.

“Did you enjoy the little show?” Negan heard her hiss.

She slammed the Savior up against the RV.

“I don’t care who you are. I catch you doing something like that again and I’m going to cut your dick off and feed it to a walker. Do we have an understanding?”

Negan was somewhere between pissed and hard as hell. He never wanted to fuck someone this bad. Then again, he’d never met a woman quite like her. He’d been watching her for quite some time. She never seized to amaze him. That’s how he knew he couldn’t kill her. He thought it a waste… someone like her. If anything… THIS only further proved his assumptions. She belonged to HIM!

“Look lady, it’s not what you think… I was taking a piss!”

“Were you now?” Negan questioned.

The man nodded and Negan walked on over. He tapped his boot along the ground.

“Then you had better see a doctor because that’s some thick ass piss.”

Bella looked down as well and her entire face flushed over. Before she even had the chance to react, the man let out an agonizing cry. Bella let out a gasp and covered her mouth. Negan had the man’s dick in his hold. He had literally ripped it off. He threw it down and stomped on it afterward. The man was going into shock as Negan dragged him towards the others.

“Here’s a little reminder of what happens when you so much as look or touch what’s MINE!”

The Saviors grimaced and shook their heads. Negan shoved the man towards them.

“I say we make him fate’s bitch. See if he bleeds out before making it to the doc.”

They nodded and got the man situated. Negan went ahead and made the announcement. When he spun back around Bella was just standing there, gawking at him.

“What’s with you?”

She batted those lashes as if she were snapping out of something. She said nothing on it and darted back inside. The moment that RV door shut, Negan let out a chuckle of mere amusement.

“Damn you smell good.” Negan remarked as he helped Bella into the passenger seat of the RV.

“A shower wouldn’t hurt …” she taunted in return and he arched a brow.

“Maybe a shave too…”

He rubbed his hand along his beard.

“You think?”

She nodded.

“Hmmmm…” the man hummed as he shut her door.

“Speaking of shave…” he murmured once he hopped into the driver’s seat.

“What’s the downstairs looking like?”

Her jaw dropped and he chuckled.

“Just a simple question… I mean I’d like to know what I could be diving into later. Are we talking 70s or perhaps something a bit more modern?”

“Oh my god. Could you just stop talking now?!”

“I could but don’t really want to. Maybe if you show me…”

“I’m not going to show you anything!”

That bottom lip of hers started to quiver and he sighed.

“You don’t have to get all fucking sensitive about it.”

She gritted her teeth and snapped him a look.

“You honestly think this is about how much hair is on my god damn pussy?!”

Just hearing her say the word pussy was doing things to him. He licked his lips and turned down a nearby dirt road.

“Was it my uncle?”

“I thought we agreed to let that one go. You’re gonna find out on our next run anyhow.”


“Well yeah. The trade starts in just a few days. So you’d better hope your little friends are ready.”

“That doesn’t give them near enough time.”

“If they value their lives, they’ll figure it out.”

“You’re not being fair.”

Negan slammed on the brakes and put the RV into park. He spun around and shot to his feet. She swallowed back as he had a hand along her seat and towered over her.

Fair? Don’t you even get me started on what’s fair… It was your uncle that started this war. It didn’t have to come down to that, but he chose for it to go that way. Fair would’ve been me fucking you right in front of the entire group and killing them once I was done. That way it’s the last image they have.”

“You pigheaded sexist bastard!”

“Go on now… do tell me more…” He uttered in a seductive manner.

“You’re sick!”

“Am I? Tell me you wouldn’t get some sort of sick thrill out of having the ex-fiancé watch as I fuck the living daylights out of you.”

She recoiled and he nodded. Negan leaned into her ear.

“I didn’t kill your uncle or little cousin. That’s not to say I won’t if they happen to double cross me. Now as for you… You need to come in terms with the facts. That part of your life is over. You made that decision yourself. And I can’t have you going back on your word. Doing that will only make matters worse for everyone involved. You wanted to play the fucking hero. Well there you go. But it’s time to fess up and own up!” He lifted her chin and had her facing him.

“Just because I don’t go and force myself on you, doesn’t change the fact that you belong to me. That was the deal! And no one double crosses, Negan.”

He lowered his hand and wiped a tear off her cheek.

“Why would you wanna go back anyhow…? There’s nothing there… The best friend is gone. You’re left with nothing more than piece of shit fiancé, a bunch of pansy ass fuckers, and a god damn retard for an uncle.”

Bella’s jaw dropped in realization. This went back to when Daryl was in town. How would he even know about that? Just how long had she been under his radar?! The young woman opened the door and hopped on out of the RV. She struggled just in order to catch her breath. This was too much to take in. She hadn’t the time to even grasp what had taken place between her and Shane. And now here she was… Thrown into his whole other world – or so that’s how it felt. This man wanted Bella to play ‘house’ and yet she knew nothing about him. To top it all off – she hadn’t any idea who made the chopping block last night. For all she knew… it could’ve been Shane. She found herself somewhat relieved that Daryl had taken off. She couldn’t bear to think of the consequences otherwise. Still, she thought about Daryl often and wondered how he was doing.

Negan had exited the RV and was making his way around.

“There was a knife… Please tell me you have it.”

He regarded her in question but gave a simple nod.

“I have your belongings put away for now. But yes… there was a knife.”

“Leather casing?”

“That’d be the one.”

She closed her eyes looking somewhat relieved. And the more she thought on it… the more she was beginning to see. Maybe this was the distraction she truly needed. Truth of the matter? She didn’t want to think about Shane or Andrea. Or the fact that her uncle just didn’t listen and this is where it got them. The more she thought on everything. The mere idea of going back… had her feeling slightly deranged. Last night, she’d come awfully close to calling out Shane or Andrea. But there was history – her and Shane. They went back and that’s what hurt the most about all this. She put all her trust in him and gave that man her all. And all he did was take it for granted.

“I get that you’re having some sort of moment, but think you can move it along? We gotta hit the fucking road.”

She nodded and Negan opened the door, motioning for her to step on in. If only she had an inkling of what’s to come… She might’ve never agreed to Negan’s terms and called upon Shane herself.

When Negan pulled up to the The Fort (as he called it), this nervous laugh escaped her. This had him cranking his head her direction. She cleared her throat and did her best to ignore the odd look he was giving her. But she remembered this particular gate, all too well. It was she that tossed the head of one of their own over the gate that one night. A message Rick wanted to send out after the Saviors killed their doc. That made one of the rare moments Bella actually agreed with her uncle. Rick was known for sending Daryl and Bella out the most. That’s why the two clicked. In fact it was instant. They had a lot in common and handled things about the same. They also learned a lot from one another. It got to the point where they didn’t need words … they just knew. Rick could always count on them to get the job done. After all, Bella was trained by not only Rick, but Shane. Both were cops before shit hit the fan. So no one ever questioned whether Bella could handle herself. She had more than proved herself and even through the direst of situations. At times she found herself pondering just how in the hell she made it this far. She’d lost count of how many times she should’ve met Death’s sweet embrace. As the gates opened, Bella absentmindedly ran her finger along a particular scar. One that told the most haunting of stories and even to this day it gave her chills.

“Now how’d you get that?!”

Negan questioned, taking notice. He reached over and ran his finger along it.

“Damn that’s kind of gnarly…”

She swallowed back and nodded.

“Gross!” He announced with a chuckle.

Bella had good indention in her wrist. A constant reminder of what could’ve been. If she ever doubted herself, she’d look at that scar and know she could face whatever came her way.

“You gonna answer the question or not?”

She drew back a breath and was eyeing the sheer amount of men with bats and guns.

“Walker…” the young woman replied as men surrounded the RV.

“No shit?!”

“Fraid not…”

Huh… Well I’ll be god damned you were almost one of them!”

She nodded and her door opened. The Savior that opened it regarded Negan in wonder. Negan gave a simple nod indicating that she was with them. The man nodded and offered Bella his hand. She couldn’t believe the welcoming this man received. Everyone wanted to know what had taken place and looked upon Negan as though he were a god. These men feared him, yet respected him all the same. Bella didn’t get it. They could just as easily band together and gun his ass down if they so desired.

Negan explained the situation with New Haven and what was to come of it. He made a few other announcements then he took Bella by the hand and made his way about socializing off and on.

“Alright, I suppose it’s time you met the others.”

Others…?” she questioned.

He nodded and led her to what looked to be an old factory of some sort.

“This here is our Sanctuary…” he said with a look of pride.

There were walkers on pikes (live ones) surrounding the area. And there were a couple men keeping guard as well. It seemed as if Negan had a plan for everything. And even though she loved and respected her uncle. She was beginning to realize that he hadn’t anywhere near the wits this man had. Not when it came to self-defense, nor manpower in general.

Negan helped her along the path of walkers.

“Just keep in mind these are here if you ever decide on taking a midnight stroll.” He said with a chuckle.

“Noted…” she replied with sarcasm as one of the walkers growled with hunger and was reaching for them.

Negan opened the door to the sanctuary and had her step on in. Once he pulled the door too, he locked it. He wrapped his arm around her shoulder and led her further inside. She couldn’t help but to notice that Negan had this place decorated like a god damn brothel.

“I’m home!” He called out with a grin.

Bella cut him a rather peculiar look as women exited various areas. Each of them greeted the man with hugs and kisses. A few of them weren’t even fully dressed. Bella slipped out from underneath his arm and backed herself up against the wall.  She regarded Negan with absolute disbelief. Four… She counted four women as they loved all over him. She ticked them off with each finger, including that of herself. “Are. You. Fucking. Kidding. Me?!”

He peered over his shoulder and nodded her direction. Her jaw dropped as these women were undressing him.

“You just gonna stand there or join?”

She shook her head and curled her lip with a sneer.

“That’s a god damn joke, right?!”

The man let out a moan and he threw his head back as two of the women were going down on him.

“Unfuckingbelievable… and you thought my ex was a piece of shit!”

Bella rushed on out the door and dodged the walkers along the way.

“She looks young…”

Negan shrugged and ran his hand along the woman’s ass.

“What’s her name?”


“And how old is Bella?”

“Why does it matter, Sherry?”

“I’m just curious, that’s all.”

“Hmmm… Why don’t you finish cleaning me off and let me worry on it.”

Sherry nodded and licked the semen off his dick.

“Help her out, Amber…”

The red head smiled and joined in as the other two were passed out around them.

“Fuck… keep going…” He uttered as he was growing hard all over again.

Negan closed his eyes and she came to mind. He pictured that sexy little mouth wrapped around his big cock and before long he had Sherry and Amber (his favorites) choking on that cock of his. He gritted his teeth as he envisioned blowing a massive load into Bella’s mouth. She swallowed it down, thanked him then called him ‘daddy’.

Bella wandered about the colony, having no clue where to go. All she knew was she couldn’t go back there. She decided it may be best to get to know the place anyhow. The first thing she took notice of was the lack of children and women. She figured most of the women were back with Negan at the Sanctuary. But everything was hitting her at once. She found it hard – keeping her shit together. The last thing she needed was for Negan’s men to witness her having a complete meltdown. She was right on the verge and felt like a ticking time bomb. Just the littlest thing was sure to set her off. Bella leaned against a nearby tree and closed her eyes. She focused on deep breaths… nice and slow. She was doing everything within her power to clear that head of hers. A muffled yelp escaped her however as someone grabbed her. They had their hand wrapped around her mouth. When she opened her eyes she saw a group of men with bats. They were following the one that had her into an alleyway. The man shoved her up against a building and without warning he took the bat across her face. The three men standing before her became six as her vision blurred and her ears were ringing. One of the others had a cigarette in his hand. He walked on over and covered her mouth as he used her belly button to put it out.  The man unfastened his pants and the others worked to get her pants down.

“We hear you’re the reason George lost his dick and died on the way over…” He spat and Bella whimpered out as she felt the tip of his dick against her.

“So here’s the deal… we each get a hit. One with the bat and with our dicks in that fucking cunt.”

These idiots hadn’t a clue… and they were about to find out, in a bad way. The man pulled her panties to the side and went to spread her legs apart. A gunshot was heard and the man turned to see his buddies down on their knees. Negan and company were standing behind them. He put his gun away and gave a simple nod.

“Now Russell, do my eyes deceive me… or were you about to fuck one of my wives?!”

The man got this wide-eyed look about him. Negan nodded and one of his men handed Lucille over.

“Negan… I’m so sorry. If I had known, I’d have never touched her!”

Negan forced the man to his knees.

“Please! I had no idea! No one told us!” The man pleaded.

“Oh I believe you… But you see… I gathered Saviors not Monsters. And I won’t condone a mixture of the two.”

Bella jumped as Negan took the bat to the man’s head. He then proceeded in beating him to death. When finished, he used his boot to pry Lucille free from the man’s skull. But the entire time… his eyes were locked onto hers. He made his way over and helped Bella up off the ground. Negan braced her against him and was checking her over. This made one of the few times Negan actually felt a twinge of guilt. Here she was about to be gang raped and he had just come from the Sanctuary – where he had the time of his life. He hadn’t a clue what to do with the amount of anger coursing through him at this very moment. She hadn’t been here for more than an hour or so and yet he was just minutes away from finding her violated corpse! The man took off his leather jacket and draped it over her. He scooped her up and his boys were quick to get out of his way as he rushed her back to the Sanctuary.

“SHERRY!” he called out with a touch of desperation.

The woman darted out from the bedroom and looked on with utter surprise.

“Run her a bath and get the first aid kit!”

The blonde nodded and took off.

Negan laid Bella on the couch and gave her a more thorough check over.

“Hey… none of that now…” He scolded as her eyes were rolling into the back of her head.


The ‘wives’ (as he called them) weren’t sure what to make of this. Sure Negan doted on them from time to time. But there was something different about this one.  The man was shaking all over and he was a complete mess. He stripped down and lifted her back up. He darted into the bathroom and with her in his hold he stepped into the tub. Negan lowered her down and dunked her entire body. She shot up with a gasp.

“Now you stay awake! You fucking hear me?!”

She nodded and her body was covered in goosebumps. Negan sighed and looked to the wives.


Amber grabbed a towel and Sherry rushed over and tended to Bella’s wounds.  Tracy and Desiree helped in getting a room ready. Once they finished, Amber grabbed Bella a nightgown. Negan frowned when he saw what she’d picked out. He looked to Bella then back to the gown.

“Where’s that pink babydoll nightie?”

Sherry reared back on this.

“You said you hated that one.”

“Just find the fucking nightie. She isn’t wearing that.” He muttered something about Bella not being an ‘old woman’ under his breath.

This caused Amber to snap him a look as it was one she always wore.

“Much better!” Negan announced once she returned with the pink nightie.

He handed Bella off and the wives worked to get her dried off and dressed. Bella was trying her damnest to keep her head up and stay awake. But those ears continued to ring and her head was pounding. She felt as though she were having the worst hangover known to mankind. Once the wives finished getting her ready, Negan picked her up. He headed into the room they’d set up for her. The wives waited outside. But they ended up waiting and waiting… “Do you think he’s… you know? Already?!!” The youngest of the four questioned. The others cut her a look and Sherry (the oldest) rolled her eyes. “We’re going to miss out!” the young blonde complained and Sherry waved her and the other’s off. She and Amber shared a ‘look’.

“We better watch our backs. We’re going to have trouble with this one.” Sherry whispered and Amber nodded in full agreement.

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